BBC One: Day 4: 16.00-18.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 4: 16.00-18.00

Sue Barker and Matt Baker present live coverage from the women's team gymnastics final, with commentary by Matt Baker, Christine Still and Mitch Fenner.

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were lucky if somebody was competing in the final. To stand on


the podium is fantastic. We have got the ladies today. This is what


we can look forward to in the next surprise us all? At Horse Guards


they have another popular game. Great Britain face Italy. And we


will have more from Weymouth. The reigning Olympic champions are


going well and Ben Ainslie is having to play catch-up. The


gymnastics promises to be spectacular. They may overrun, so


today, he came through that. It is Novak Djokovic up against Andy


Roddick. There are many other options available on the red button,


the choice depends on your supplier. After a string of disappointing


results at the archery Larry Godfrey had the crowd on its feet


at Lord's as he won two matches to keep hopes of a medal alive. He


Naomi Folkard went through her first round match to meet Mexico.


Naomi Folkard, she was out here 20 minutes ago, conditions have


changed a bit. The cars have lifted, a breeze has picked up. -- the


clouds. It is brighter here at Lord's. The Mexican, 18 years old,


she has Olympic experience already, 14 in Beijing, the youngest Archer


there. Naomi Folkard at her third shoots first. She is ranked 10th


out of 64. Naomi Folkard is ranked 42nd. If it touches the line he


will go up until 10. Nice, smooth Naomi Folkard is that her third a


Naomi Folkard cannot win the set but it will have to be a sector.


She is ranked world No. 14 at the moment. It is a nine. The scores


for the moment our level. They will do a check on that first arrow, if


Naomi Folkard is upgraded to a 10 that she will have two points.


Otherwise it will be one point each. Both of these are quite well


matched in the World Cup this year both of them, their highest placing


his 9th. Naomi Folkard won a silver medal in the European Championships,


her third international medal this She has been working really hard on


her status of feeling comfortable in the stadium since Beijing. She


certainly looks comfortable there today. There is a big difference in


the appearance of Naomi Folkard. She is lapping up the support at


Lord's. Her first arrow remained nine. It is one point each. The


first to six points goes through to the last 16. Fantastic core muscles


going on in her body, supports the Naomi Naomi was supported by her


coaches from such a young age. second 10 from the Mexican. 310 ats


in for Arrows. Her shoulders are so balanced on release. It is a nine.


The we can have a second time. -- tie. The Mexican takes the two


points and Leeds 3-1. They are shooting at 17 metres, a target 122


centimetres. They turn is about the size of a smart phone, a little


shorter than a CD. They make it That has set a bit of a standard.


Clearing the target, 70 metres away in front of the Lord's pavilion. It


is cold up here. Grey skies, a little bit of breeze. Nothing


compared to what we have been having in the first few days. And


now trailing, Naomi Folkard to In at seven arrays the Mexican has


only dropped three points. Naomi he's used to this sort of


competition. -- Naomi is used to. Her Harrow's by just slightly lower


than way she would want them to be. The first time the Mexican has gone


into the red. It is only an aid. -- 8. She takes a big step towards the


six points she needs. It is a nine. The Mexican up to five points, just


one away from the six, she can afford to draw the next set and she


is through. Naomi Folkard stock on one of point. She is certainly not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


This is the nine that won the set Almost identical places on the


target from both of them. Strong on her bank. It is OK, it is nine.


has gone just above the 10th. She will be frustrated with that.


On the line. It has gone down as an eight but I think it will be nine.


Another eight to end the SEC. -- It is settled with nine. They will


not have to check down at the target end, she has done enough to


beat Naomi Folkard of Britain and the Mexican goes through to the


Disappointment for Naomi Folkard and Alison Williamson who lost her


opening round. Our sole survivor in the archery is Larry Godfrey he


will be back at Lord's on Friday. We saw a short time ago in the


Badminton Rajiv Ouseph going out to the Guatemala. He has been talking


to us. Agonising in that final game.


I had my chance at 19-18 but didn't manage to take it. Everything was


going along, it was whoever was good at the net and at the end it


was him. I know you really wanted to win it in front of the home


crowd. How much were they willing you one? I think I was exciting to


down and I could really help them - - are really hear them and that


helped me come back. They have been great the whole tournament and it


would have been nice to finish it for them.


You with the sole competitor on the court there, the centre of


attention from the GB crack, added pressure?


We play like this all the time to. Sometimes we are on our own in the


hall. I was trying not to think about it too much. When it was


getting close to the end I think I made a few silly choices and got


punished. There is another chance of playing


in front of the home crowd at the Commonwealth Games.


I'm only 25 so heavily I can keep playing well. Playing in Glasgow


would be a dream. You did us proud and your family


are here, you did them proud. Well done.


Bad luck and that means all British interest in the badminton is over


here at the Olympics. Moving on, women's gymnastics is coming up.


First let's briefly take you back to yesterday, it was exciting,


amazing, incredible and totally unexpected as Britain's men won


their first team event medal for 100 years. The colour of the medal


may have been in doubt, first it was silver then it was bronze, but


it is an Olympic medal and it was a magnificent team performance, let's


Britain can get a medal. Terrific from Louis Smith. That was good


work, under enormous pressure. door is open, at Great Britain are


in third. Can they just hang on? Thank you, very much. Terrific for


Kristian Thomas. A everybody here literally on the edge of their


seats. Wow! Fantastic work from Dan Purvis. Bring it all home, a young


man. This is down to you. Kristian a special moment. A protest has


gone in from the Japanese. Great Britain, after that enquiry from


Japan get bronze. What a shame. People in the North Greenwich Arena


are not happy. We did not expect pressure, a controversy and it had


it all. After those dramatic scenes, are we in for more debate? While


the women's team led by Beth Tweddle be inspired by the men's


success? On paper it looks out of reach, but after what we saw


What a story that was. I remember her as a little lad watching


gymnastics at the Olympics and that is what did it for me. I am sure


there will be lots of little boys who want to become the next members


of the men's Olympics team. This arena yesterday was absolutely


packed. Princes William and Harry were here. I am joined now by


gymnastics royalty in the form of all the core but. We will talk


about the women's gymnastics in a moment, but what do you make of


what the British men achieved yesterday? It was incredible. They


were unknown and they won a bronze. Hello, this is the first step and


today will be the second. In 1972 that was your Olympics debut. The


equalise amongst you may have noticed I have a gold medal. -- the


eagle eyes. This is you. Absolutely beautiful. And the elegance, the


grace and the execution is mesmerising to watch. These days


gymnastics is quite different. Those looking to get medals at the


Olympics have to go all out for difficult it. This is the gold


medal from the 1972 Munich Olympics. I cannot believe I am holding this


false start thank you so much for allowing me to look after it for


five minutes. Going back to the point about how gymnastics has


changed. What do you make of the current style of gymnastics?


years ago the equipment was different. Now the beam is bringing,


the floor is springing and the bars are very soft. Of course they can


do it with more difficult it, but I would like to see more a grace and


I hope we will see tonight or in the final competition the grace.


Would you like to have a go on the bouncy floor? This is why I am here


in London. I would like to feel like I felt 40 years ago. A you


never lose that feeling. Oh, no. For you it was a magical time. Does


it feel like it was yesterday? me, yes. I remember everything,


everything. What emotions does it bring back? First of all, I would


like to see another All Go on the floor routine with a smile. Event I


did a difficult element and I had a smile at the finish. That's why it


is iconic and you have not lost it. It is still there. I have not lost


it, I'm still alive. Obviously a lot of gymnasts and under extreme


pressure and a lot of the smiles are fake and forced, but your eyes


was real. Because it was from my heart. I was born a gymnast and


this is my life. We have a Beth Tweddle who is leading the British


team. The youngest member is Rebecca Tanni. We caught up with


her earlier on. The youngest member of all of Team GB. She is


performing like a very experienced gymnast. This is Rebecca Tanni from


Manchester. She is still at school and started fretting about her


exams in May, but was also competing in the European


Championships in Belgium. Now she is living out her Olympic dream and


it began taking shape in Liverpool. I spend a lot of time here, more


time than at home. Calling the shots as is her coach Claire Duffy.


She is a very keen, energetic gymnast. You could see she was keen


to get in there and give it a go. This team is packed with pop,


British talent. Elizabeth Tweddle, Hannah Whelan and Jennifer Pinches.


I stood looking around the whole gym at once I saw them. I wanted to


know what Elizabeth was doing all the time. This year it has been


non-stop. I had to train through Christmas, but it was definitely


worth it. 4 ft 10 and five-and-a- half stone, her nickname is tiny.


guess it helps being skinny because I have a lot of power. Because I am


skinny my shapes show a bit more. But I have rather a big kneecaps.


It is what makes me. What do you think you bring to the British team


in terms of the pieces that you do? Generally I always do a good flawed.


That is always a good one. I have a good vault, so hopefully that can


be good in the team. With Rebecca being 15 she can be either totally


overwhelmed by this system -- situation, and there will be an


error. Or at she can be oblivious and had a storming competition not


knowing what is around her. fired Team GB's youngest athlete


seems totally unfazed by life in the Olympic spotlight. What a


fabulous routine! For the record, we think you have got lovely


kneecaps, Rebecca. You were telling me is interesting fact that when


you get a feeling for something off for a certain gymnast, they can win


under your power. If I will watch. So you are here, which is great


news for Great Britain. They are lying in 5th. As we saw yesterday,


anything can happen with the leaders. We never know, but I will


keep I ISA and my fingers crossed for Great Britain. That is so good,


we are so delighted to hear that. And a word on Beth Tweddle and Will


You Be There? Yes, I am going to be there and she will be in that final


and she will win. You have heard it there. This is her routine, but


obviously very different to your routine. But a word on the


difficulty. What do you make of her difficult routine? Now with the bar


as it is different and you can do a lot from the bars. You can do it


like the men do it on the high bars. Actually, it is not very difficult.


But this is very good to see. Indeed, while today is all about


difficulty. You have got three scores and they will all count. I


am sure all there will be keeping an eye on that extra little


execution score. To give you an idea of what is going to be


happening over the course of the next two hours. Although core but,


thank you so much by joining us. Thank you so much. Here is your


mettle. I almost forgot. dimensions demand accuracy as well


as artistry from competitors. It has a sprung surfers to eight


acrobatic skills, but as it is the narrowest of all Olympic platforms,


attention to detail is a must. Gymnasts have 90 seconds to perform


a variety of moves that connect one skill to the next. They will use


the whole length of the beam to display steps, jumps, acrobatic


element and turns. Poor technique and fighting a losing battle


against balance will lead to points of deductions. Every routine


requires dance elements including a jump with legs in a 180 degree


split. There must be acrobatic moves, one of which must be a


somersault. And a perfectly formed dismount. Any and planned all to


the floor leaves the gymnast with 10 seconds to mount. If you would


like to get involved in Olympic sports, go to the website. You join


us as Canada entered the arena. Great Britain have just come in.


What an expectant crowd in the North Greenwich Arena. Sitting


alongside me is Christel and Mitch Fenner. Can Great Britain repeat


the performance of yesterday? think they can give as good a fight


as amended yesterday. I think the girls will fight just as hard.


Whether the other teams will crumble as much, I do not know.


they have to do is try and keep the consistency and the performance


level and that is what the men did. Yes, exactly. I think a top-six


finish will be fantastic. It is all credit to them for getting here in


this company, it is tough competition. But they look great


and I have never seen them look better. They are in train a


condition, they are a unit and they are determined. They are a unit and


there are wonderful characters in the team. We have got a very


experienced Beth Tweddle who we believe is going to go on the floor


are. They are going for a big all round score and mean business.


exactly, there had been some thought that she would not work the


floor, but she feels good and strong. A potential star is Gabby


Douglas. Kyla Ross, such a strong team the Americans. We are


expecting great things from them as Doria commode is such a beautiful


gymnast. We are in for such a treat. And Russia looked so good in


qualifying. They have determination and strength and resolve. That is


going to be against the elegance and the accuracy of the Russians.


Those top four countries are very strong. China were also much more


powerful than we expected. They had problems in training, but they came


through strongly in competition. talk about the Romanians. It would


be special to see them make their She is carrying a little bit of an


injury. That caused a few problems. If she made a couple of mistakes,


but a bit of pressure on the others. CHEERING. I was purposely quiet


they do so you could hear that. How difficult is it to perform


against that? It was seething yesterday, it will again today.


What a beast it is, for the Brits, in front of his home crowd. Chris,


your husband is down there as well. What is the inside information?


think the inside information is that neither Hannah Whelan nor a


Becky Tunney will do it every piece, they have qualified for the


individual all-around final in today's soap they have decided to


give them an easier day. But I think everybody is happy. Everybody


feels they want to come and really enjoyed the experience. That is the


thing, we have seen some at these crumble under the pressure. There


is something in this place, it is hard to describe it, it feels cosy.


The gymnasts feel at home. It is only 16,000 people, why shouldn't


they feel at home? So on times gymnastics is such a solitary sport,


the amount of time you put in in the Jim on your own, working, and


at some competitions, it has to be said, it is hard to get your cousin


there. The crowds are tiny. You are right. It is a big arena but the


floor area is quite small. The sides are steeper so you have got a


real concentration of sound. It is not a vast. We will have a three-


minute warm-up. The first set of gymnasts in each group. USA and


Russia together, China and Romania, Great Britain are with Japan. Italy


are with Canada. Is that a good match for Great Britain with Japan


or would they want the competition of the Russians all Americans?


think they probably would have enjoyed that but to be honest I


think they are pretty focused on that wasn't a great piece for them,


they didn't do their best in qualification. They will be wanting


to show everybody they can do quite a bit better than they did in


qualifying. Is that good they are starting on it, get it out the way


instead of it being on their mind? Yes, I think it is quite good.


Because they knew in qualifying they would start on it that is the


way they have been practising for the last month also. It is quite


helpful it is the same again. I know it Amanda Reading, on the


floor with them, personal coach of Bath and Hannah and Jenny was


disappointed with their beam performance. Hannah hasn't fallen


off the entire time we have been here, and she was disappointed they


didn't have a better time. She will be keen. That is Vanessa Ferrari


warming up on the floor. Coming on a beam. Great Britain and Italians.


We start on the vault and the Americans, first up is Jordyn


Wieber who controversially didn't qualify in the top 20 for the all-


around competition. That was because three gymnasts from America


qualified in the top 20 and she was the third, just two gymnasts per


country allowed. Really important for her. 6.5 difficulty. She will


be very keen to prove to everybody that she is the best gymnast in the


USA. That was significantly better than qualifying. The Americans off


to a great start. Just three vaults If, and this piece of apparatus is


over so quickly so a huge potential for error. Ferlito from Italy, 17


years old. She was 5th in this arena at the Olympics tester bed. -


- test event. You can hear the buzz through every performance. Good


choreography side of the routine, impressive and under control, it is


doing a great job out there. The done. Good effort for Italy.


reason there was a huge cheer is because Imogen Cairns landed the


been routine. A little bit of a wobble in the middle. -- the beam


steady opener for Italy. And so far to gymnast from America have


vaulted. -- two gymnasts. This, at the third vaulter, Mikaela Maroney.


-- McKayla Maroney. She lands perfectly. That was fantastic. Legs


glued together, it rockets into the air. They are on fire. A I think it


is safe to say it America couldn't have done much better than that on


the vault. She just drifted down to the ground, high in the air,


Chinese gymnast, she took Olympic gold in Beijing. She has a


beautiful style on this apparatus, spectacular in the release


combination. She is back into this lovely work she does. Superb. Kexin


He sharing great class on the uneven bars. Beautiful work, full


twist in the .. To finish. It is good at her team-mate it did not


give much away for. That was really and recovered well. A large wobble


but she is still on target. Kexin He. Beautiful. Front somersault,


straight into another front somersault, that is the original


combination that lifts her routine so high. Straight front somersault,


immediately down to the load bar, a bit of loss of Look form but very


impressive. Full twisting it double back. Delighted, you can see. Two


days in a row she has made that routine. She has grown such a lot


in these last four years and struggled to maintain the work.


Mikaela Maroney -- McKayla Maroney, Chinese gymnasts up on to the bars.


Tiny gymnast swings from the lay-by to the high bar so well and then


back down. And here we see again this time with half turn, beautiful


flight. And now the trademark for turns we see from the Chinese


gymnast, so efficient with the extra half turn. That is the


release and recapture, all gymnasts must include one of those in their


routine. Into the dismount, beautiful double straight. They


team effort on uneven bars, China. Well-controlled a walkover. She is


so fast. She has to fight hard, keeps her eyes on the beam, does


very well indeed three up. That was a shame. That was a relatively


simple move. She will have been doing that for the last 10 years at


least. It just shows you how easy it is for areas to creep in, even


on simple moves. She has got all the difficult stuff still to go.


She has done the difficult somersaults. Here we go. Just a bit


jittery now. Lost a little bit of composure. Now the site somersault.


Spot it well. This is much better. Moves smoothly along. Big does not


coming up. First of all Philippe, the change lead. With a half-turn.


Now the dismount. A little pause. One back-flip, or two, up into the


double pike, well held. A bit of a disappointment for Jenny.


disappointing score. 11.833. A lot of work to be done now. But it is


the first piece of apparatus. Not much time with three to go. Just


have to wait and see what happens. Can Hannah Whelan from Great


Britain do it? She will focus, she is good on this apparatus. A good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


through. The layout quite nicely all the way through. Double pike,


but just about rescue deck. Signs of nerves right at the end of that


routine. But the good news is the beam is out of the way. Just move


on, girls, keep motoring. A bit of a shaky start for Great Britain.


Three pieces remain. Yes, the men had six chances. A little bit of a


disappointing start for the girls. You have just got to put that out


of your mind and move on to the next piece of apparatus. Absolutely


and they will do that perfectly well. It is difficult starting on


the beam and it is difficult finishing on the beam. That is much


better than her score in qualification. Like you say, they


need to regroup now. It will be on to the floor for them. Very similar


to their score in qualification. Talking about that mentality of


putting it out of your mind and moving on. Look at that flight. It


is just remarkable. It really is remarkable, all of these gymnasts


are dynamic and very good, but she is noticeably better than any of


the others. And it is a natural gift. You would analyse that as a


coach and say, how do we get that out of all our athletes. She is a


launch pad. That has been banned over and over. Our trainers laid at


one video over her video, but she is just so fast. She is a really


strong athlete. The gymnasts from each countries have now gone, so we


now move on to the second group. This is Allya Mustafina. She is 17.


It will be interesting to see how she competes at the Olympics


because she has had injuries, and she is almost back on track. It was


very good to see her work well in the qualification. That was really


very good. She hit it perfectly and launched up well. Very pleased to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


keeping them the lead well up. -- attack it. She has to settle down


moments. The Japanese qualified behind Great Britain. We were


impressed by them and they looked really solid. There was good


quality and they have been very successful these last four years.


That is a good score for that double twist. Although there were


some wobbles, she fought well. You can see why she is saying. That was


That was a big step to the side, but she landed. Give us an idea of


the production because it looked huge. About 0.5 because it was a


apparatus. A good start, a little bit short after the pair are wet.


They have done some work on this apparatus. That was a nice


difficulty, but she went through very well. Her team-mate before her


scored 14.066. Great Britain can close in on them in bars. That was


a marked down on her qualifying scorer, reflecting the errors. A


nice clear circle with Polperro wet. They have to include a full


pirouette of some description in their routine if they want to be


marked out of full difficulty. The coach gets so close with his hand.


If he were to touch her, that would be a 0.5 deduction. The this meant


was efficient. A little hop to the side, just. Certainly not one of


the highest scorers in the world, but this little gymnast may have


something to say about that. This is her first Olympic Games, just 16


years old. Very nicely done full She generates swing very nicely. It


is a packed routine with a few empty swings. A big improvement on


the other routines from Romania, but not one to challenge the very


top. They have got to keep Romania in contention of a medal. I think


Russia were relying on that that could have threatened the USA score.


effectively. A lovely twisting run, finishing under control. Clean


touches to her work. Very confident in all the gymnastic leaps and


links. Beautifully choreographed. Two-and-a-half twists. The double


tuck wrapped it up very nicely indeed. She was well in control,


beautifully done. The third of the moment, the first time they have


qualified for the team final for a long while. They are highly


delighted to be here. So far the beam has proved a little bit tricky


for the gymnasts. A few wobbles from the Japanese. A steady start


for Romania. A storming start for the USA. Plenty of little


deductions. Her execution score was down in the Sevens. They have never


been strong on asymmetric bars, the double tuck. She does that


beautifully, very nice indeed. Lovely height on the leaks. She


lifts up high before she makes the upturn or at the Shay in the air. A


relatively simple double tuck to finish. On we go to the second


piece of apparatus. Great Britain bulls we did not save. I cannot


think of any team starting more emphatically than these American


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


very good score. The USA each China by quite a hefty margin. -- lead


Three pieces to go up and Great Britain have Beth Tweddle to go on


two pieces of apparatus, the floor and the bars. The teams now all


move on. Two teams on to each piece. The Russian team warming up on the


bars. Every gymnast gets there few seconds to warm up. Every gymnasts


allowed to get the bars just as they like them. This is the


Canadian team on the vault. If a team works first on a piece, they


were second on the next. Which means the gymnasts rush from the


floor to the vault. You can see the Canadians early finishing the floor


and this is Romania warming up on the beam. They will be looking for


a greet -- great piece here won't they, Chris? They will. Japan start


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


gymnasts in qualification all round. good connection into the pipe. Two


stoops. Could transfer to the lower bar. Plenty of flight back to the


high bar. Plenty of time and into for fall twisting double that it


was sharp, quick. And very nice indeed. I Aliya Mustafina will


follow. And and Victoria, over. -- good vaulting past. Got into the


final in 2009 in this arena. She has qualified this year, Canada


looking to build on that score. Very nicely, that double twist.


These gymnasts so efficient with the flip action onto the platform.


They have had a good start. Halfway through their competition already,


the way this format is. wouldn't believe it, would you?


really did attack it. Good repulsion upwards. Keeps the twist


efficient. Just a tiny adjustment. Judges don't have the benefit as we


do of seeing it in slow-motion. Unless a stewards inquiry goes in,


like we saw last night. Canada are shoulders, at 16. She is the


Canadian vault champion. 6.3 difficulty. She went back on her


heels to ensure a good approach. That it really was a good team


effort from Canada. It is good to see two of the Canadian gymnasts


like we were joined the Japanese on control of the pictures he was


seeing. It is the Japanese company doing the coverage. Maybe that is


why they are going to favour the floor exercise. There is the


Olympic champion from 1980. Canada going very well. Canada has the


third highest vaulting score in this competition so far with the


USA the highest and Russia second. They seem to be struggling to make


their minds up of work to go next. If I were them, I would go with the


European champion on the bars. Yes, they agree with us. They have been


listening to you. Victoria needs to do everything she can. Look at the


wonderfully at the moment. Pirouettes. She knows how to work


this apparatus. Just little Benn's legs on the down swings. That was a


huge dismount. It was a big routine all the way through. Russia chasing


the USA and that will inch them close-up. This is Russia's


apparatus aware as the vault is the Americans will stop works with


apparent ease. Takes everything a little bit further. Super dismount.


Olympic champion. Such experience. Double spin, beautifully executed.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


joined element. Beautifully Indeed. The 24-year-old European


USA but some very good bar workers in the USA? They are not so


renowned, really just the one good worker on the bars. But from


Catalina Ponor, that was a special been routine. She hardly faltered.


This one the youngest, 16. A lot of 16 year-olds here. 2.5 twists into


the straight front somersault. They are really going for simple work,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


but done very well. No execution But not very sophisticated, the


actual dance. As you said, a young gymnast needs to do a good tumble.


So accurate. If you were wondering, what has happened to the British


girls. They are in this same group and they will be going next on the


floor. Warm-up time will start a very shortly. Russia has finished


as well. There is there score. consistent scoring. When you look


at them on the asymmetric bars, come Byrd to Romania, a huge


difference. -- compared to Romania. Victoria Komova, top qualifier all


round. Those little button earrings she had in will be all the fashion


now. Would you have expected a higher score than that, Chris?


is their top piece. They are not judging particularly highly on the


beam. Romania have three gold medals, three silver medals and


four bronze medals. Last of the Japanese gymnasts. That means it is


warm-up time for Great Britain. Important for the first gymnasts to


be quicker and off. 14.166. What kind great Britain go on the floor?


In qualifying we went with 42.5, we are hoping they can do as well.


Hoping Jennifer pinches doesn't have any hangover from the beam.


She was so steady in qualification. -- jenny pinches. We have the first


of the Italian the vaulters. This wasn't a good piece for them in


qualification. They really struggled. Looking for a nice clean


twist opener. Plenty of acceleration. She did 1.5 twists.


5.3 difficulty, very nice and sharp to open. So, Jennifer's on the


floor. Her opening tumble. super double tuck, straight into


able to leap and tumble. Over the years, she has had to fight hard to


control landings. She has met the challenge wonderfully. Just


brilliant! Great Britain's Jennifer Pinches. What awaited comeback


after a disappointing first piece. That is the way to do it. She was


really great there. I think she was saying she could not hear the music.


Now Jordyn Wieber, can they keep this momentum going? A very


difficult skill. She did that well the double strength. She needed to


hop forward. 14.666 given to Jordyn Wieber. A steadier performance than


we saw during the qualification. are waiting for Jenny Pinches'


score. She is a lot happier now. She likes this floor routine. She


enjoys the performance of it. the other gymnasts. Yes, there is


always a great appreciation among other gymnasts for their work.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


right behind the music. Come on, Hanna! Well done, Hannah Whelan. I


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


am sure you were all bopping along momentum going. Next up will be


Beth Tweddle. Even under pressure, they do seem as if they are


enjoying a bad experience and that is the key for the home Olympics.


14.2, the cheers go up for Great Britain's Beth Tweddle, who was


crowned floor world champion in absolutely silent arena. This


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


job. Absolutely, a little shake of the head there, I think she was


peeved she got her tear out on the first tumble but she has got the


difficulty just outside of the top eight for the qualification for the


floor final. That says everything about Beth. Just two steps and she


is disappointed with herself. That is why she is such a great


competitor. So much power and so much great difficulty. She is a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


us, the Chinese. Their leaps and routine develops. And as I speak, a


were uncharacteristically some hesitations and that routine.


first Chinese gymnast scored 13.766. A bit of a shaky start. Beth


Tweddle scores 14.166. That is a good set of scores for Great


Flying squirrel, this is Gabby Douglas. She is the really good bar


worker in this US team. A nice pirouette we have seen already an


look at a height as she flies up in involved in it. That was a super


straight dismount. The men had a disastrous team final yesterday so


the US they are absolutely determined to make amends for that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


difficult element and she was Very, very impressive dismount.


European silver medallist on been scores 15.34 Romania. China warm-up


on floor. It sounds like most gymnasts are having a bit of a


see if the beam will be kind. not think it is kind to anyone. It


is a very tough piece of apparatus. vaulter. It is her power that got


her on to this team, Chris? indeed. Not going for such a


difficult vaults, with just a little step backwards. Job done.


The she open for Great Britain on the beam, very steadily. Those are


her two pieces. Solid performance from Imogen Cairns. This is good


team craft. Send up someone you know is not going to miss. Does not


go for broke or difficulty, but technically, she does it with


consumer to ease. Nice, clean form in the air. Want 0.5 twists.


couple of years ago she got into the final at the European


Championships? Absolutely, if she did the second one, there would be


for Great Britain. Worked every piece, 5.8 difficulty. Big posh.


That double twist. A little adjustment at the end to disguise


any hint of of big pace. What a comeback and she is loving it in


the North Greenwich Arena. She is loving every moment. She hits the


top, lifts high. A bit off direction. She was and into the red


zone. So the deductions will be limited. A very clean, a very round.


Love that little touch at the end. To she is a character, isn't she?


She is a character. She has lovely energy in the team. Two down.


is happy with that. Gives herself a round of applause. Onto the


charismatic little Twiggy. The youngest member of Team GB. This is


her opening apparatus in this final. Lots of power, lots of height.


Really clean. She has bags of energy. Well done, it Rebecca.


Great Britain are on the way back. They are having a bit of a party at


birth. To -- their having a bit of a party out there. Great team unity


and big smiles. First chance to see what the beam has in store for the


USA. We saw her on the bars performing so beautifully. She can


be a little bit uncertain on the beam. But so far it is perfect.


There is nothing uncertain about this. So emphatic in the way she


approaches this apparatus. It has given had problems, but not today.


Mary King, very precise. -- very She has an elegance and style.


Today the Beamon went a very well for her. -- the been went at the


very well for her. She follows her team mate, Kyla Ross. She is


growing in confidence as she is working in this arena. Relatively


inexperience gymnast. She has such power. You usually see the gymnasts


with their heads on their knees to get it round. Could she windy all


round level? She could do. She is in the same club as Shawn Johnson.


When she saw him competing at the Olympics, she said, that is the


coach I want. They have to move home to change clubs. Have we got a


score for Rebecca Tunney? It was a 14.866. Nicely back on course.


There is confirmation. Good execution as well. They have


vaulted very well indeed. It will be Russia's turn next on the beam.


But first, Lu Sui. She is very majestic. A very expressive. That


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


was Sue Bird into the triple twist. gymnasts are beautifully supple.


They always show of their wonderful spin as well. Now, she has to do a


double somersault. Double rotation. She needed an extraordinary


performance because she follows a team mate who scored a 12.5 on the


floor. The previous gymnasts to her scored 13.7 33. It was very close


between the USA and China going work the beam. They are going


around with the USA and they will have watched the USA perform on the


beam. Even though there is a new- found energy within the Russian


team, it is still a contrast to the Americans. It is quite a mismatch,


that pairing. They look like the weight of the world is on their


shoulders. It is a punchy determination of the United States


against the grace and elegance of the Russians - it will always be so.


And the worst fall a on Aliya Mustafina's face. -- West forelock.


It was a very charming routine. Look at that for a total. Compare


that with the joined scores America are putting in, over 45 and that


move properly. Shoulders up on the back somersaults. So far she has


managed to get all of the connections. Just OPs for the


simple spin. Bit of a wobble on the side somersault. A difficult move


because you cannot see the beam as somersault so well. They are also


powerful. Same wit that this amounts. Everything looks easy.


Kyla Ross so keen to show what she can do on the beam. She did not


make the beam final simply because of the rule of three. Two gymnasts


spectacular height look good, clean and technically very efficient. --


very nicely done. Stand by for the classical Romanian floor routine.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


Super, super double straight. They Enormously difficult tumbles and


finishes with that one that was sky-high. I think I would have to


say that is my favourite routine so far in this competition. Beautiful


tumbling and presented so well. Has a great time out there and carries


the audience along with her. did get a silver at the Youth


Olympics. You can see why. So much acceleration. Look at that double


straight, absolutely marvellous. The second somersault almost goes


higher than the first on that. Incredible technique. Everything


she did had so much vitality. Romanians were the highest


qualifiers on the floor as a team. She is the first of three four-star


and that was with a mistake. One of noticed but they used the other


pieces to edge back into contention. They will be creeping up quietly,


you can be sure of that. Russia are yet have a massive mistake on beam.


The eagle-eyed may have spotted a small wobble from Aliya Mustafina


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


deceptive. She is a tiny gymnast gymnasts on beam. She can be


wonderful on the beam, she has got fantastically pointed, fingers


Russian style but then equally there would be a silly mistake like


that. She has done super work so far. And a bit of a hop to the side.


That really is a big dismount. She should not be too dejected, I have


seen her do a lot worse. Russia where in second ahead of China


after the last rotation. Aliya Mustafina, the gymnast before so


between the colour of a medal at the end of this. Some touches were


brilliant but there were errors. Yes, towards the end of the routine.


Almost as if her concentration went a bit. I think it is unbelievable


how high she was on that. That that relatively simple move and she has


a big wobble on that. Yet another example of going for broke on


difficulty and taking the risk. Big, big scale. -- skill. It still had a


lot of good work. I have seen her in the past when something has gone


wrong like that, just give up and fall over. If I was her coaches, I


got an approach which is amazing. A bit of aggression but a lovely


style to go with it, of course. Russians and USA will move round to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


all with core stability. Good body little dip of the leg but I thought


that was a lovely routine, beautiful. Russia doing all they


can to stay ahead of China. I would agree. That was a really classy


routine. She barely had a wobble. Everything very precise. They are


always very good. They put their arms in exactly the right places,


it is never left to chance. All perfectly choreographed. The


technique was great. Difficult jumps she did as well. Super over


splits. Pointed toes. A half turn into walkover. She gets a bonus


point for joining back into the side somersault.


This will be something, let me tell you. She is the second highest


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


qualifier for floor and the current twist front. The smile says it all.


A great performance. Absolutely wonderful. And worth every 10th of


the 15.2. A perfect marriage of haunting music and lovely


choreography. Will that score be Great Britain are still down there


in 7th. Canada are being inched away. The United States have a good


lead. Russia is climbing. BUSA finish on the floor which was the


one apparatus they faltered slightly on. -- and the USA. Great


Britain are finishing on their favoured apparatus, the asymmetric


bars in qualification. Is a great piece for them. As it stands, Great


Britain are in 7th and the USA lead this competition by some margin,


ahead of Russia in second and Romania now win third. -- now in


vault, Japan and Great Britain will be on bars, Russia and the USA on


floor, you can see the Russians warming up. My guess is it will be


Alexandra -- Alexandra Raisman last. awhile before they can hop up on to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


the top. She is a very athletic having to leave the gymnastics here


on BBC One. We have to make way for been used. To allow you to


encourage -- to allow you to continue enjoying the gymnastics


coverage continues on the HD Channel and on BBC Three. So switch


over now. Be good news here today is that Britain does have another


medal. It is a silver medal by the eventing team. You can see them


Sue Barker and Matt Baker present live coverage from the women's team gymnastics final. Great Britain managed a creditable fifth place in the 2011 world championships. China are the reigning Olympic champions, however, having beaten the USA in a hard-fought contest in Beijing in 2008.

Gymnastics commentators: Matt Baker Christine Still Mitch Fenner.

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