BBC Two: Day 4: 18.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 4: 18.00-19.00

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Welcome to Olympic Park. We have beach volleyball, the British women


in action and the latest from the sailing. If you're looking for the


women's team event gymnastics it is now on BBC Three for the final


rotation. But these are the headlines from today. Great Britain


land a brilliant silver medal in the team eventing competition but


it missed out on the individual medals. Good form at Eton Dorney


continues. There is disappointment for Beijing's silver-medallist,


David Florence two exits the Kanu slalom at the semi-final stage. No


stopping Andy Murray as he reaches the last 16 of the men's tennis


the last 16 of the men's tennis with another straight sets win. So,


this is what we have coming up. Next is Great Britain against Italy


at the beach volleyball. Then the latest news at 6:30pm it with


Just a reminder on BBC Three, the women's team final with the final


rotation and Beth Tweddle on the uneven bars. Plenty of options on


the red button as well, including tennis. We are now off to the beach


volleyball. We are fans of this. Are you ready for the music,


Mexican waves and the sport. Not what you would expect in the back


garden of Number Ten Downing Street. The British women kicked off their


campaign with an outstanding win against Canada. Zara Dampney and


Shauna Mullin face the European champions of Italy. We can join it


in the first set. 11-10 and It is an ace! Great start for Great


Britain. It refers ace for the British pair. Forcing the Italian


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


Wonderful! Great pick up from Zara Dampney. That was the pick up, out


stretch right arm and that was the Well left! That was quite generous.


I think they were relieved to sue see it drop behind the back line.


They are in front for the first time since the start of the match


Shauna Mullin tried to go it alone. The Italian Red this mood. She


Both British players were somewhat stuck in the mid- court. Wasn't


much they could do. Italy now back A gap of two has opened up. That is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


the cue for a time-out called by Italy in the driving seat, but they


They were in the driving seat. But So close to being amazed, were left,


Well left, that was long. Union Jacks everywhere in Horseguards


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


The Italian was wise to the block. Zara Dampney ran out of sand. Now


Italy have a very decent lead. 18- Zara Dampney goes it alone and


finds the sideline. Just did enough to keep it in. Very close, but good


Sprinting towards the net and taking off and producing a decent


Now Italy are at the Downing Street The clock is out. Gap is back down


to two. -- the block. What the crowd would give to a couple of big


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


threatening Serbs from Zara Dampney. Unlucky. Zara Dampney annoyed with


herself because possibly the ball Shauna Mullin let it go and that it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


was a mistake. It to retake the It was pretty evenly matched for


most of the 20 minutes of play. That is a great block from Shauna


The Italians saying was that really necessary, as Shauna Mullin waved


That was a poor set. A catalogue of errors. Shauna Mullin was late in


deciding to take the serve and they never improve their position after


That was left and that it was an ace. Shauna Mullin's judgment is


Malin makes Dampney work. -- Mullin. That was always going to be Italy's


An early time-out called to try and limit the damage here by the


Italy off to a good start in the second set. They took the first


But was an ace. Italy are beginning to run away with this second set


now. A change of ends after seven points have been played. Dampney


and Mullin in all sorts of trouble That was more promising. They


cannot afford any mistakes. Every Serb has to count. -- every server


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


Mullin's confidence appears to be A second service fault from Marta


Menegatti. She has also serve but Great Britain are five points


Shauna Mullin's Serb has been trouble son. That is her third


fault. Italy are in double figures, 10-four. Right now, Italy are in


total command of this contest on Mullin has really struggled since


the start of the second set. The crowd have gone eerily quiet as


They need a lot of things happen here, they need the Italians to


start missing and their own attacks And the blocks from the Italians


have been working. It is turning into a bit of a thumping here in


the second set for the British pair. They still have a match to come on


Thursday at 3:30pm in the afternoon, against the Russian pair. They have


won their first. Are winning their first-round gives them still a


pretty good chance of going through to the knockout stages which is


still happen here. Who knows, they Two touches called against Zara


Dampney. 21 points in the second set have been and gone, it is the


After the drama of Sunday afternoon, a nail-biting victory over the


Canadians, the crowds have come in expecting more of the same. It was


always going to be a tall order against the highly rated Italian


pair and so it has proved. Great Britain had them in check in the


first set but it has been a one- sided second. Menegatti serving.


Nothing is going right for Mullin This looks better. It was well


picked up. Menegatti was right there and she came sprinting


Menegatti has been to the bench to sort herself out. We can now


continue, 7-16. I think it is damage limitation for Great Britain.


That was a very solid block from Shauna Mullin. Her second block of


Mullin came charging in and lifted it over the top. A plucky shot from


the Italians. They really had to dig that one out from the top


service of the court here. It ended up with a mighty hit, a wonderful


pick up. Cicolari and loaded. -- unloaded. This is just a stay of


execution, this match cannot be won now for Mullin in Dampney. The


Italians are simply in a different Menegatti was able to produce even


when she was out of shape and out of position. It really need two


points for victory over the host Mullin was considering letting it


go but she recovered. Great Britain Water shot. -- what a shot. It was


called out by the chair referee. He saw it differently to the line


A bit more noise about Horse Guards Good positional play from the


British. Desperate stuff. That was a great rally. It brings up match


Grether Cicolari. The Germans save 10 match points earlier. Britain


will need to do the same. Shauna Mullin finds the line. They have


It is over. Great Britain have played two, one won and lost one,


but they are still in the Olympic tournament. It is not the end of


the Olympic dreams of Shauna Mullin and Zara Dampney at the Grether


Cicolari and Marta Menegatti out classed the British players. There


are a few Italians around Horseguards Parade this afternoon.


Horseguards Parade this afternoon. They have enjoyed the occasion.


Lots of noise and as ever a fabulous atmosphere. The Italians


have won in straight sets. What happened, you got off to an


absolute flyer? The crowd were amazing. The Italians played very


well. We needed to push further in the second set. We are disappointed,


but we need to pick ourselves up. It was an extremely tight first


set? We played well, but the second set, I could not hold up to the


pressure. You have played the Italians four times and you have


not beaten them. But you came out looking like you fancied it today?


We have usually had very good matches. We need to do what we did


in the first set a little bit more. If you had beaten the Italians, you


would have gone top of the group, are you confident you can get to


the final stage? We have Russia next on Thursday. We are going to


go home and watch the video, and work on it and come back fighting


on Thursday. This is my 8th venue of the London 2012 experience and


this is the best. This place rocks. The atmosphere is amazing. It is


amazing to have the home support, we don't have it very often and we


love it. We met this time last year for a test event, this place has


changed? 10 times more people. You get a great atmosphere on the court.


It is an amazing atmosphere and we have the best venue. Best of luck


on Thursday. Victory on Thursday will ensure


they go through to the knockout stage and even if they lose they


could go through as one of the 4th lucky losers. Another four gold


medals to be decided at the aquatic centre. Now the latest news from


the sailing. Defending Olympic champions, Andrew "Bart" Simpson


and Iain Percy were the only British sailors to shine.


We are in the heart of the competition and all three of our


Olympic defending gold-medallist are in action. Alison Young, 24


years old, one of the last to be picked for Team GB, had a day she


Young. Annelise Murphy from Ireland who has won every race so far won


first place and Alison Young was second. Ireland led around the top


and Annelise Murphy is going to lead around the bottom mark. About


to make it a number three, is she? Along way to go. As Great Britain


come round, Alison Young from Great Britain heart on her heels. Mexico


round at the same time. On the second downwind leg Alison Young


was feeling the pressure from behind. She held her nerve. Alison


Young, downwind and she was gaining. She is on a chase to the finish.


Annalisa Murphy fire and, when number three. The British sailor


his second in the Laser radial. Four Radio race was almost a carbon


copy of the third. The Irish sailor managed to sail away from the fleet


with Alison Young in the chasing pack. Alison Young needing all of


her tactical nous to see off her rival. Alison Young is in the


leading pack. Talking to Ben Ainslie and he has huge respect.


She is battling in the front of this fleet with the wind behind.


One boat to making the move, Spain is on the attack, forcing her to


swerve. Very aggressive sailing from the Spaniard. Other sailors in


this fleet are seeing the new girl as a real threat. Alison Young is


making her mark. The Irish sailor maintain her unblemished record in


Weymouth, taking her 4th win in a row. Alison Young, took another


second place, launching her up the overall standings to 4th. Many


people's favourite from the Netherlands inferred. Total


domination for Ireland. Alison Young had a fantastic day. -- in


It has been a tough day, but you were flying? Great day out there,


two seconds, and a great place to build the rest of the regatta from.


Did it feel as though a few nerves had settled down? I started better


today and made life a bit easier. How surprised are you by the Irish


girl? You don't expect someone to come to an Olympic regatta and win


the first four races on the bounce? She is quick in the breeze is, she


has proved that. Could you have envisaged before the regatta began


he would be in this position coming up to the halfway point? Definitely


not. There are so many good competitors. I have been trying to


take it race by race, not make many mistakes and keep it simple. We are


talking about how many British fans there are, but we saw quite a few


Irish fans, could you hear them? Yes, it was my family and any other


Irish people they could gather together.


Great excitement for Britain would Alison Young on the cusp of the top


three. Eight out of 10 of classes whether gold medal could be one


were in action. There is a lot to Alison Young was good news, Iain


Percy and Andrew Simpson past the halfway mark in the regatta in


second place. With a day after Myra, Bayley the Star class by four


points. You have laid down a marker you are here with intent to defend


your title? We are definitely here to defend our title. They are only


four points behind and they won't stand by to let us have this one,


it will be a fight to the end. Things started well, but a capsize


ruin their chances later in the day. The only good news came in the form


of a capsize from their rivals, Australia. They ended up taking our


win, and we were not locked into the boat because we were coming out


of a manoeuvre. Basically made a mistake. The British trio had a


battle with the French medal hope. That went their way and they lie


joint 4th in their group. In the men's Laser, a story that started


badly for Paul Goodison yesterday when he could not get into the top


10, got even worse today when he came 16th. He rallied to post a


second place, but he emerged on the slipway almost in tears following


the reoccurrence of a back injury. Not the way his rival wants to take


the gold? I know he has had problems in the past with his back.


I want him to do well and I hope he gets some good physiotherapy


tonight and is feeling better tomorrow. We have had our


differences but you don't want to see anyone in pain. You probably


noticed that there is one sailor we have not told you about. Ben


Ainslie was back in action and he's has spent the last four races


behind the day in this -- Danish sailor. He was looking to


comfortable in the gold medal position and Ben Ainslie went out


to change that today. Head ing out to the Racecourse and


before the start Ben Ainslie had the Danish sailor in his sights.


Denmark look to be in clear wind at the bottom of your picture. It


wasn't a perfect start for Ben Ainslie. He is heading a way to the


other side of the course. Whilst he was struggling in 21st, the Danish


way in the leading pack. At the second mark, the great Dane was


leading, but Ben Ainslie had made ground. The Danish sailor rounds


the top mark. Ben Ainslie coming round. He will be in third place.


His see inside the Spanish solar? He is. He is a two-second and


chasing the man from Denmark. What can he do now. And what the wind


behind, Ben Ainslie is often in a class of his own. But at London


2012 he has met his match. Downwind with the wind behind, Ben Ainslie


is in a different league to everyone else. That is what we said


on the first day, but I don't think we are saying it now because the


Danish sailor is looking very slippery. The Danish sailor is


looking good upwind and down wind, it is troubling. Ben Ainslie


finished 4th. Denmark is about to finish. Race 5, then Mark when and


Ben Ainslie is inside the top five. It is a good result by any


standards, except the standards he set himself today. Today was about


going out to try and beat the Danish sailor who is getting a grip


on a class Ben Ainslie has dominated for so many years. The


Danish sailor has beaten Ben Ainslie in every single race.


the final race, things were much closer. 200m from the finish. Ben


Ainslie is in third. Can he get past the Danish sailor for the


first time? He is trying. He is not going to do it. Six races, Ainslie


beaten in every single one. That was better than yesterday. But this


Dame is proving elusive? He is sailing really well. He is on fire


at the moment. Where ever he goes on the course pays off. Credit to


him. I can only do the best I can do. I gave it everything today. It


was better, but it needs to be better for the remaining races.


is a strange position for you to be, because if you dismount your 12th


place, it is a good card? It is not bad, but it is about winning. In


most events, if you want to win you have to win a few races. I need to


pick the game up and hopefully get some better races. Be honest, have


you surprised yourself so far in this a Olympic regatta? Yes, for


sure. Coming in and after six races having won three of them and two


seconds, you could not ask for any more. I'm very happy and very


pleased and a little bit surprised. You have got a twinkle in your eye,


do you believe you can win this regatta? Yes, I do believe. I think


we talked before the regatta and I said I believe I could win it back


then as well. Now it is looking a bit better. They are still four


races to go, Ben Ainslie is not that far behind. It is still open.


We will take it will one day at a time, have a nice rest tomorrow and


be back on Thursday. You so often demonstrate an iron will to win, do


you believe you can still produce this magic moments we are so


craving on Sunday? I will keep going until the end, what ever


happens. It won't change. Hopefully he has had it all his way so far


this week, hopefully he has if you tough races. It is never over until


the fat lady sings. Let's hope the fat lady sings. Far Olympic knew, -


- new,, Alison Young a fantastic start. Concerned that Beijing gold-


medallist, Paul Goodison with his back injury. We wish him all the


best. For Ben Ainslie, he has passed the halfway stage and is yet


to beat his Danish rival. He has the day after Myra, so plenty of


time for contemplation. I don't know if you have seen the weather


forecast but it looks pretty windy in Weymouth and Portland. Whatever


happens, there will be plenty of We will be back with all of the


latest tomorrow and hopefully Britain were playing hockey but


without Kate Walsh who was hit-in overhead. We are all set for Great


Britain against South Korea. They are captained by Helen Richardson


in the absence of Kate Walsh. They are playing in their white strip


It has gone right through the team well but frankly, as you say...


That can only be put down as an absolute goalkeeping shocker. She's


probably aiming for the far side where Helen Richardson was waiting.


The goalkeeper did not know whether to go with her -- de Gea with her


pad or her blood and she did first goal against Beth Storry in


the tournament. That was fantastic by the Korean captain.


Unfortunately for Great Britain, I think Beth Storry had the shot


covered and Clary Rogers has Rogers. I think the Koreans are


feelings if Christa: Could push this home. She answers in the


affirmative. -- Christian Cullen. It flew like a bullet. The ball


went between the two players. That was a brilliant goal by Christian


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


by Great Britain. It was started by Danson. These girls would spend


hours on the training field on these kind of corners and that was


a brilliant routine for a start excellent, absolutely excellent.


opportunity for Korea. Grey it build-up play by the Koreans --


of worry. A great corner by Korea. The Player was unmarked at the far


post. Questions need to be asked about defensive play. Beth Storry


in goal needs to demand more of her players. Whether they cannot hear


her call what the situation has. penalty corner has been won. I


think that is the appropriate word. Hanham a cloud lifts the ball over


the first defender's stick -- Richardson, she missed trapped the


ball on top of the circle but managed to work her way round and


great composure by Georgie Twigg. I thought she was going to take the


shot on the reverse-stick but she rolled back inside. Well played by


Thomas. The goalkeeper mystic and mental approach of this British


side, they have let go a two goal lead to 3-3 and then come back to


lead. The goalkeeper flapped at that and Chloe Rogers probably has


scored the easiest goal of her caught. That is not good news.


is her ankle. Let's hope this is not as bad as potentially it looks


and that Alex Danson comes back and plays.


SUE BARKER:. Injuries are another blow but the British team won. We


are going to take you to Wimbledon because a marathon has been taking


part on court number one between two man mountains. We can join it


in the third set. Commentary from want to know how they both still


have challenges remaining. They get three more each so they get back up


to three and when they get to 9-9, every six games, they revert back


to three. You are wise in the ways of the world. If this goes to 24-24,


they will both go back up to three song go with the net cord. -- Jo-


Wilfried Tsonga. Excellent finesse Tsonga. Suddenly, at 23-24, finds


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


Wilfried Tsonga leaps into the air. He wins this epic match. Epic it


was. The longest ever match in Olympic tennis. Smiles and slaps as


they embrace. What a match, what entertainment. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga


is through and still has energy to spin. It is fitting that it had a


point like that to end it. absolutely phenomenal point with


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or slipping behind the baseline. A huge round


of applause for Raonic. He deserves it. Great sportsmanship. He


represented Canada beautifully. will be Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, listen


to the score again, 25-23 in the final set. Truly a marathon for


these Olympics. SUE BARKER: A great match and


tremendous scenes at Wimbledon. You can watch the next match on Court


One on the red button. That is it from me. Gary Lineker will be


continuing over on BBC One with the four gold medals decided in the


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