BBC One: Day 4: 19.00-22.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 4: 19.00-22.00

The swimming competition reaches the halfway stage, with four more finals. Plus updates on a big night for Britain's women footballers, with a quarter-final place at stake.

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Good evening. In the swimming pool this evening we could well witness


the most staggering achievement in Olympic history, Michael Phelps is


on the brink of breaking the record which tested for almost half a


century, agree to more medals this evening and the Baltimore bullet


will have more in a bid medals than any other athlete in history of the


Games. -- will have more Olympic 34 years of age, mother to a six


year-old daughter and performing If you dream as big as you dream,


I must say, pictures have improved a bit over the years. We will be


live to watch his attempt to achieve this extraordinary feat. It


is one of the highlights of our again takes centre stage at 7:30pm.


After that it is really Women's hour, Stella McCartney is coming in,


special guest, designed the athletes outfits for all the sport


at both the Olympics and Paralympics. After that team


gymnastics, women's hockey, and women's football. Great Britain


We start with three-day eventing going into the showjumping phase on


the final day, Great Britain were in the silver-medal position. It


was always going to be a tense morning in Greenwich, and so it


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


yesterday on High Kingdom. 46.1, it will get a time fault. There is the


discussion. But it is game on. disappointed for the team. But I am


Great Britain in that silver-medal round in her career for Mary King,


both team and individual. That is that one out of the way. She is


doing a very good job, she rode Just the last. Needs to clear this


to keep silver in touch. Yes! And inside the time. And with in


defence of the lead for the individual gold. Right now the


temperature suddenly rises, and the royal party enjoyed that moment as


20,000 people do here in Greenwich. Listen to the crowd.


Fantastic, it you seem to beat in Super sink today. He did feel quite


tense, not quite like I am used to, his head was a bit higher, he was


jumping a little bit flatter but he jumped high enough to clear them.


It clear round, not only will win it for Germany, with one rider


still to come, but it will also put him in touching distance of all


three titles, world, European, and Olympic. That has never been done


before. 4th individually, at 40.6 clear to win it all with a time


fault, just one, for Germany. This is a man who jumps 1.425, 1.58


regularly. The tightest we have seen all day. A little bit least in


front, the horse. He has toecap one into the air. Giving the next one a


lot more air. Just needs to touch one a little harder for the Brits.


Sorry, did I say that? What a pace. He is certainly very well aware of


the last. It could be Germany's gold. It is Germany's gold. They


bronze, less than seven will get the silver. Tina won bronze herself


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


in Hong Kong. It is in your hands, And now the combination. Time looks


a bit uptight. She nearly lost the European title three times. Move on,


Tina. Move on. Just get one time fault, it is silver for Great


Britain, and she is still in there for an individual medal as well, it


finishes on 43. Everybody loved that. Well done, Tina Cook.


team have done so well, it was so close, we could have got silver or


nothing. That would have been awful. Gold would have been brilliant,


silver is fantastic. So, it was silver for Team GB. Handing out


those medals, the Princess Royal, or mummy as Zara Phillips calls her,


no doubt. Quite an occasion. The combined age of the team, 201,


compared to the young gymnasts last night of 105. Twice they raged. A


supreme effort from the equestrian picture of the horse on the front


page with Zara Phillips on it. Selling the programmes, out in the


park, a lot of people milling around, ready for sport all over


Brilliant, silver medal in the team competition but more medals


available in the individual event with Mary King and Tina Cook who


won bronze four years ago, very much in contention, back to


Less than one mile behind Mary King. it has gone. And another one. Sadly


she will not repeat the bronze individual medal of the last


tremendous job, she would have loved a medal. Waving to the crowd,


listened to the response. What About Mary King? She has put up a


great performance, can she finish it off. Bronze medal position at


Mary King is going to drop down the leaderboard. The same defences have


gone. For both the British riders. Dashed the same alacrity fences. --


a fantastic job. The team, just disappointment. It would have been


nice to have finished in style, it is not to be. She jumps the last,


50.1. Can history be made here with the last two riders? Michael Jung,


quite relaxed. He is on a score of 40.6. If he jumps clear he would


put himself in with the chance of being the first man ever to hold


the world, the European, and the Olympic title at the same time,


afternoon that it did this morning. It rattled a few off the rails this


Fantastic. Brilliant! It means it is all on. Here is the one back in


for gold. Could she be the first lady rider to win an Olympic


eventing title? Just one time fault could be afforded, but no more.


Jumped a brilliant round this morning. You would have to say on


that performance putting your money on it, another clear round. But the


pressure is phenomenal. I think it is allergic to these jumps at the


moment! You can hear a pin drop here. It is going to be history


whichever way this happens. Down the final line. Yes! It has gone!


Their very last fence has gone. She will stay with the silver. It is


not going to be the first lady ever to win gold. But it is the first


time that anyone has held the world, the European and the Olympic title.


That is Michael Jung. Teams silver medallists, sadly no medals in the


individual competition. There is obviously disappointment for both


of you afterwards, but performances to be proud dove. First, Mary, you


6th Olympics. This actually was my first clear round Atlanta Olympic


Games and I have done five of them already. Obviously disappointed


with I two down. I made a mistake because there is a big lion in the


middle of the arena and I went near it and scared him and because of


that he was a bit strange and the first part of the cause, but in the


second party jumped beautifully. You had the same fences down. I saw


the look on your face when you pulled up and I wanted to say, you


have done OK. It has gone really well, but there is a disappointment.


I will get over it. I was just a bit flat at the first fence. You


want to be there going for goal, so I am disappointed, but I am


thrilled for the team. Gold would have been amazing, but silver is


We are very much hoping the team it will be joining as here in the


studio at some stage. From equestrian to rowing and a man made


2.2 K limiter perfectly straight lake. Eton Dorney took two years to


build and a mother to fell. I The British crew ready to jump


through the 1,500m mark and start to press on for the line, which is


only just from Switzerland who had led them right from the off. The


crowd have been fantastic for Team GB. The British are slicing through


the water. A fabulous job. But Switzerland are responding. Closest


to asked Germany cannot live with it. Look at this, Switzerland


pounding Great Britain all the way. Great work from Great Britain, they


moved when they want to. They have got control of this race will stop


they are up to 38 strokes a minute. They have got the crowd behind them


and they have moved right through. It is a wave of Union Jacks on the


far side. They are waving them to the line. Great Britain he's out to


a quarter of a length. The speed is coming naturally. They are working


at this time. It is a third of a length over Switzerland on the


other side. Four boats for three places. The first one going to


Great Britain. Germany pushed out. Germany pushed out into the B final.


A fabulous friend for the line and well executed Great Britain. Great


Britain are looking very good. I look forward to the finals over the


next few days. These are the scenes inside the park. That is us up


there where the lights are run. We It is a brilliant spot to be. I am


joined by Ian Thorpe and we have a special night to look forward to in


the swimming pool with Michael Phelps going for that Olympic


record of 19 medals. It is a tough challenge for him to get 19. It


will happen, whether it is tonight or another night. Do you sense it


will be tonight? Yes, I think it will be. I consider him the


greatest Olympic champion already, but this is one of those things


that officiates what he has accomplished. It means he has won


the most medals out of any other athlete. What about the first


swimmer to win the same event three Olympics in a row. I think that one


is harder. In the fly he is defending Olympic champion, but he


also won it previously. He is going for three consecutive gold medals


in the same event. I think this is the one out of all of them that he


is going to be chasing the most. I have watched his form and it will


be tough for him to get this one. But I think he wants it more than


anything else. Also swimming is at Shiwen Ye. She is dominating the


headlines. Anything that is unbelievable generally is as


somebody said. Where do you stand on that? I look at her and we have


to consider she is 16. She is an age group swimmer. We look at age


group results in GB, Australia, wherever else. We see these kinds


of improvements weather are seconds. These do not happen when it hits


you in your professional career when you are in your early twenties.


I say we applaud the performance first. But sport needs to get to a


place where people are confident in the anti-doping system and the


measures that are taken that when somebody has an unbelievable


performance that we a plaudit first. We do not say all the athletes must


be on drugs. I think at her age she can make that kind of up --


improvement. When I went from 15 to 16 I dropped five seconds. There


have been some other unbelievable performances as well where


questions have not been raised. think we have to remove


nationalities from this. When we talk about issues of drugs we have


to remove individual names and where they come from and talk about


it openly and honestly and in an intelligent way so we get to the


bottom of this. It has to be left to the authorities. They are pretty


good at finding cheats nowadays. have to assure everyone these are


the best procedures we have ever had in place to catch cheats,


simple as that. It has never be more strict. We will catch more


athletes. When we catch one, let's applaud the authorities rather than


saying all of the athletes are on drugs. Let's say this is the


minority, and it is that minority, and applaud the authorities. It is


time to go over to the Aquatics Centre where Clare Balding and Mark


Foster are waiting for a terrific night's swimming.


There are a lot of news people here tonight and they are looking at


various women as. A couple of responses that have come through


already. The Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said we have put in


place the most stringent anti- doping procedures ever. We are very


confident we can make this the cleanest Olympics ever. They will


do 6000 random drugs tests here, compared to 2000 in Sydney.


always get tested out of competitions as well. Every


medallist here has been tested. They are making it as clean as


possible. I am listening to what Ian Thorpe is saying and the bottom


line is she may be a new Michael Phelps. Why can't she do these


performances? She could easily when another gold medal tonight. This is


the line-up for tonight's files. -- Michael Phelps is in the men's 200m


butterfly final. In the butterfly semi-finals women's 200m, Jemma


Lowe is in that. Let's tell you a I think being competitive is


definitely part of who I am. I always try and keep it more fun


competitive and try not to keep it so serious, but I am a very


competitive. I love to race, I love getting out there with all these


incredible swimmers and racing and pushing each other to see what we


can do. There is always that moment where I make sure I am really


focused on what I am doing. I always try to take risks because


even if it is not always worth it, the times and that it is, it is so


rewarding. Missy Franklin going for her first individual Olympic medal.


And here comes Missy Franklin in lane five. This is her first


individual medal. Smashers that American record. You have to put in


the effort individually every day to make you sup better, you have to


push you survive past your limits and you have to get out there and


give it your all. Bear in mind Michael Phelps won his first gold


medal at 19, Mark Spitz at 22 and Missy Franklin has won at the age


of 17. The same as Ian Thorpe. Their new Michael Phelps is a big


label, but she is the real deal. She will be in the first final


tonight. She will be swimming Nistor Caitlin McClatchey. Now it


Nistor Caitlin McClatchey. Now it is the men's 100m freestyle final.


James Magnusson is in lane five. The world record holder is only in


closest but he has only got 48 here. Cesar Cielo was taking it a bit


easy this morning. We haven't seen what he was capable of. A gold-


medallist so far in the relay, the tremendous the French swimmer. He


Riaz, a world record holder, world champion on the 50m freestyle. An


Olympic gold-medallist on the 50, only bronze in the 100. Brett


Fraser of the Cayman Islands. brother is in lane eight. Lane of


three and 80. The South African. Here he is, the fastest man in the


world, James Magnussen of Australia but he had a very average lead-off


leg in the final of the Relate. Australia, big favourites, they


came 4th. The 23-year-old Russian in a number six. The second fastest


man in the world, James Roberts from the Australia, not a great


relay. He is only young. I think the pressure got to the Australians.


Big rivalry with the Americans. James Magnussen, only 21. Lots of


time for them. James Magnussen, just a little strip taken off, the


boy is very confident, looked a bit more humble. Look at those red


marks, he has basically slapped himself on the chest. That has got


to hurt. It does but it really 100m freestyle. Lane four, Gideon


Louw, seemed to fall off the blocks, very poor start from him. Good


start at the dog from Cesar Cielo. -- at the top. Looking fantastic on


the first 50. Fabian she low in the Magnussen doing what he should have


done of the relay. Let's check the world record. 46.91. That is better.


Much better. Still half a second outside the time he set to win the


Australian Olympic trials. That is much better. 48.12 lead-off, half a


second faster, what a shame he didn't do that for his team-mates


in the relay. I am kind of pleased for him, he is only young. He has


got that confidence, and that will have done him the power of good.


Beating Cesar Cielo in lane two, both coming out of the 10 together.


Cesar Cielo looked a little bit ragged. He is looking to see how


much he beat him by. That was really obvious, straight over, left


untouched, the first thing he did was look over. Pretty quick.


Wouldn't be surprised if that is the fastest of the final. James


Magnussen wins the first semi-final, the world record holder in second


and six was just 40.57. Surely the guys in the second semi-final know


and the two, Yannick Agnel in La number one. What a great 200m


freestyle that was. A was good to see, he really destroyed the field,


it was a great win. Just down on You are brothers committee you


fight over breakfast? It is competitive but we make it fun. He


has been my biggest supporter from day one. It is about sharing days


like this with him. Dr you follow him? He has forged his own path


along the way. Nice to have him out there competing with me. There are


four sets of siblings in the British team. Is it a great way to


be able to train, or do you make sure you which came with each


other? We swim swimmer or -- similar events so our training is


pretty similar. We get to share almost every moment. Pretty nice.


Your parents must get extremely nervous. They are proud and we have


worked hard to get here, and we are really excited to be in the semi-


the Cayman Island at the last Olympics. Not seen too many


Belgians in the semi-finals. Up a sea of Cuba, an ex water polo


player. The technical piece is not so good. Brian Hayden, the Canadian,


looking mean, former world champion. Nathan Adrian, the fastest


qualifier after the heats. Be careful of the first four lanes.


think the race is at the top. The second semi-final of the men's one


and a metre freestyle and Cullen Jones at the top. An excellent 50m


freestyle. He did this in the heats this morning, this will play right


in the hands of Yannick Agnel. He will try to stay with him in the


outside lane. Nothing a dream doing what he did in the relay. He has


got form in this neat already. Yannick Agnel in second, that is


quite ominous. I thought the race would be on the right hand side.


Nathan Adrian looking good. His lifetime best, 47.8. Look at the


bottom as well. Garcia of Cuba, goodness me, he got it, second.


47.97, no Finnegan, a much slower semi-final. It will be so close.


Adrian's start, a big leap, epic look. Big fly kick, had a quick


look over the left, checked out where he was in the field. He is


top of your picture. And Hanser Garcia, the water polo player he


almost needed a ball in front of him. He has come third. Those wide


eyes. It hurts so much. It looks like five qualify from a semi-final,


made in 18 wins it, Garcia second. Yannick Agnel I think is in. Look


how close it was, really close. Only three from the last semi-final.


Confirmation of those going through to the final, James Magnussen


fastest, world record holder is only in 5th place, that will be an


absolute flyer tomorrow night. will see a few of them in the big


really at the end of tonight because Yannick Agnel is on the


anchor leg for fans. They won the first big men's relay of the week


beating America and it will be felt and Agnel, it will be amazing.


There is Michael Phelps. He will be coming out later. The race after


this, to defend the double title he has won in the 200m butterfly. He


has won it for the last two Olympic Games and he is trying to become


the man to do that. We have the women's two rigid metre freestyle,


this latest Camille Muffat from France, Pellegrini, the defending


champion, Cailtin McClatchey who very nearly gave us make but is


back in the form of her life. After 2000 the 10th Commonwealth


Games she Mail -- failed to make the final, she was going to walk


away, changed her coach, and in March she didn't qualify, went to


the second trials in June and she has qualified. We call them the


posh and Becks of swimming but she is going out with Liam Tancock. In


2006 Commonwealth Games she won, she has got the form, it will be a


hard task. Between Pellegrini and Missy


Franklin, who played either feature on earlier, she has already got a


gold in the 100m backstroke. Cup -- it is very where to combine


freestyle and backstroke. Backstroke is rather different.


Freeze out your arms go forward, but a similar sort of movement.


Lochte is a backstroke specialist because the style as well. She is


out in lane eight which means she has qualified in 8th place. I am


thinking Missy Franklin kids need in on the outside. Caitlin is in a


great position if you can hang on. The bronze medal place could be a


scrap. Missy Franklin, not just comes from Colorado, but trained in


a Rohrer, the place were 12 people were killed in the cinema sheeting


and she is very much trying to do some thing here at these Olympic


Games to make the people of Colorado's smile again, that is


what she says. The 200m freestyle, Let's join Andy.


A hot race it will certainly be. Where the gold is going to go, I


don't know. This in lady, Allison Schmitt got the silver and looked


really good in the heats. The next to her, in lane six, Federica


Pellegrini, the defending champion, at the world champion, world record


holder. She could do it, she isn't consistent at the Olympic Games but


seems to be pretty good on this 200. Listen to this. It is just amazing,


it is enormously out. Cailtin McClatchey from Loughborough


University. Missy Franklin, she qualified for this final of the


200m freestyle than 20 minutes later got back in the water and won


the 100m backstroke. It was a real fine line but she knew she did get


Pellegrini, the Olympic defending champion. After she was beaten by


Adlington she came back and won this one. Allison Schmitt will be


strong. Caitlin is in lane seven. freestyle. A very good start for


Allison Schmitt of the UK, there she is, one lane down from her,


Bronte Barratt, Commonwealth champion in the 200 and 400, wonder


if she can break the Commonwealth record? Look at Camille Muffat in


late number three, Allison Schmitt Popova or in a number to. -- lay


number two. Camille Muffat was going to try to take the field out,


but she has eased back. Allison Schmitt looks dangerous. She trains


with Michael Phelps, took a year of university to go to his coach,


great lead out. Allison Schmitt over first, 0.85 of a second ahead


of Missy Franklin, one for second behind, now she is working. She is


working so hard, has she got it? She is a strong girl, Camille


Muffat does not know how to react. Missy Franklin at the bottom, this


is amazing. You want to know what she has got left. That is pretty


good, the fact she could stay in the water, the rest of the field


trying to get back. Fascinated to see if she would do any kicks under


water. A fantastic turn. Allison Schmitt won a silver medal in the


400, she will not tire out, a massive victory, he tore clear


water from Yannick Agnel, Allison Schmitt has just done the same.


Gold to Allison Schmitt of the USA, silver, it lay number three,


Camille Muffat of France, and a bronze has gone to Bronte Barratt


of Australia, it very good from her, Cailtin McClatchey finishing in 7th


water between her and the rest of the field. Just dominant. Bronte


Barratt could not live with it. She must have looked around and thought,


well, this is mine. And she had the energy. Camille Muffat could not


live with them, the 400m gold medallist. Allison Schmitt is


already punching the air and they still have got to finish. That was


absolutely brilliant, look at her face. The silver went to Camille


Moffat, the bronze to Bronte Barratt by one one-hundredth of a


second. Missy Franklin was 4th. Frederica Pellegrini, the world


record defending champion was only 5th. I am very pleased for Caitlin,


she is such a lovely lady. To come back and make the Olympic final,


really well than, Caitlin, that was excellent. -- and really well done.


Sharon is talking to her now. You have not stopped smiling since you


came out of that door. The crowd was so amazing tonight. I want to


thank everyone for their support. I have had such a great time really


enjoyed it. A good time, but more importantly we have got the relay


coming up and we have got lots of hopes. We have got a strong relay


coming up tomorrow and I'm really excited and looking forward to it


and I will recharge my batteries mouthful stop do we know if Rebecca


is going to be swimming? It is a secret. Great to see her regaining


her enthusiasm. But that when, a new Olympic record, so impressive.


She trains with Michael Phelps. Yes, you can choose to watch it or


not to what it, there is a television. But he listens to music


before every race and it is the same music. What is it? Do you


know? Something loud. Yes, he has got big your fangs. How do you win


this race? This is is Number One event. In this event he is not


beaten for 11 years and is going for three Olympics in one row which


has never been done. I would not bet against him, but the form he


has been in, he has not looked his best, he has been a bit heavy. If I


was to put my money on him, I would still pick him. Everybody here is


hoping that we see another gold medal because Allison Schmitt has


just won the gold. Can Michael medallist, the third fastest in


history and the fly. I bet all these guys are standing up going,


what a chance I have got to win gold. This is the Commonwealth


champion and he has got a chance. All of them it will be thinking.


Takeshi Matsuda especially. listen to this. He looks worried,


he does not look his normal, cool, calm, collected self. That is a


particularly worried face will stop. His mother is a good quality


Warrior. Having said that he has not got a bad conversion rate.


Dinko Jukic took in seven. Stjepanovic H of Serbia in lane


eight. No love lost between Tyler Clary and Phelps. I think he has to


go out fast. I watched him in the heats and the semis and he seemed


to be a bit sluggish. That has got to convert into commitments in the


first 100. He has got to go out and make his move. He is certainly not


good at swimming slow and he has been trying to conserve his energy.


But when he goes low, his timing goes off and he does not look great.


I hope that was the reason. He did not have the best semi. Off to a


very clean start in the men's 200m butterfly final in the Olympic


Games. Chad Le Clos off very quickly in that green hat of South


Africa. There is Michael Phelps, a very strange style. He looks OK at


the moment. He is not too bad. He normally comes back in the second


half. His first term was not bad. am not sure if this is enough for


Michael Phelps. If Chad Le Clos sees or feels on his shoulder that


he is slowing down, he will go for it. Michael Phelps is looking good


still. Down at the bottom Stjepanovic she is doing well.


did not spot the turn as well has he normally does. Takeshi Matsuda


is starting to move, I think he's smells blood. Chad Le Clos is still


in there. I really hope Michael Phelps does this. He is looking


tired. Takeshi Matsuda is starting to come through. He is still first


to turn. He had a quick look around the field. The question is, has he


got the fitness and the energy to close it out. He is gritting his


teeth and he is starting to look a bit shaky. They are coming back at


10, but Michael Phelps is going to win. Is he going to create history?


He did not get it! Oh, my goodness me. Chad Le Clos won the gold. Look


what that means. Oh, my goodness me, he was there and he'd just collided


it. Chad Le Clos is Olympic champion on the men's 200m


butterfly. Oh, my goodness me. one hundredths. You can watch the


last 10m in that race and you can see the whole range of human


emotion. They were gritting their teeth, it was getting really ropey.


It was down to who could get to the wall first. None of them had the


energy, it was killing them, all three of them. People who have


followed swimming all over the years will have seen him as a young


cave. Look at Chad Le Clos, the effort. That is a great shot.


was hanging in there at all that time. Watch this. That is exactly


what happened to Michael Phelps on the 100 fly in Beijing. There is


his dad. Well done, sir. Your son. I think he said goodness me! I am


sure it was goodness me or heavens above, something like that! What a


swim. Michael Phelps has got a silver medal and in when that


silver medal he has now tied for the most Olympic medals ever won in


Olympic history, tied at 18. He has got 14 golds, two silvers. Is that


your dad up there? You will set me off. Do not walk off, that was


extraordinary. I know that is what you were hoping to do. Did you


think you're going to do it? I was dreaming about this since I was a


little boy. Michael is my hero. I cannot believe it. You have just


beaten the greatest swimmer ever in history. This is a truly momentous


moment. Everyone will be proud, your dad is very proud. I really


Full credit to Ian Thorpe because he called it and he said that might


not hat that -- that might happen. I do not think Chad Le Clos


believes it. When Michael Phelps went for his 8th in Beijing in the


100 butterfly, it was the opposite to tonight. But what a moment. I


would have loved to see him wear It is to do with for us as well as


timing. He attaches first and with more force. When you want to hit


the pad, you want to hit it with force. It has got metal on the back


of it. The harder you hit it, the quicker it stops the clock. This is


the classic example of asking your body questions and can it answered.


Chad Le Clos answered the urgings. He knew where Michael Phelps was.


It was like Michael Phelps did not have the last stroke. You could see


it on the last turn. It is amazing, absolutely phenomenal. He was at a


youth Olympic Games a few years ago, never been to an Olympics before a.


The second gold medal for South Africa. He is only 20 and the


people in South Africa will be going mad for that. But Michael


Phelps has made history equalling the record of all time medals won


in Olympic history. He still has got to do the relay and if he wins


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


another medal, he will set the all- these swimmers are probably


got a final. She needs to put her legs together. She doesn't really


kick at all. Semi-final of a 200 butterfly, fairly shortly


thereafter going to have to do the 200 individual medley final, seems


most unfair. Hoshi from Japan second. Hoshi is strong, 21 years


of age. She was in the Beijing Olympic Games. She would like to


get through to the final. The black cap on Japan. Elaine number five,


she might as well not have done it, her final is coming up. If she is


not careful she will not make the final of the 200 fly. Why has she


done it to herself? She is tough at the back end of her races but has


got some work to do. Starting to move a little bit but she is out of


the shot. She went off like a shot, the Chinese swimmer. Hoshi of Japan


are coming through. Yes, they are, Adams in third. She came back well,


quite impressive. Very impressive, she put the effort in the last 20


metres. She has done a Missy Franklin type thing, tried to get


in in the top four from this semi-, it is not position, it is the


fastest eight times. She is gambling slightly. Look how close


to the water has chin is when she breeds. -- breeds. No effort to go


up and down. Just stick your chin on the water, used all your efforts


to go forwards, beautiful cake and pushed together. Fabulous. -- cake.


position to be in. She will have to wait. A few good swimmers in the


next semi-final, they are just about to walk out. It will be


interesting. Some of those personal best times are quite a way down,


you never know. Jemma Lowe of Great Britain does in a number five,


Kathleen Hersey, the past -- the fastest qualifier in a number four.


Looking forward to seeing Jemma Lowe in lane five, one of the Brits


that did make it. We were hoping Ellen Gandy would be in here, but


she bombed out in the heat, unfortunately. I don't know if it


was the pressure that got to her. Jemma Lowe looked really good.


Third fastest into the semi-finals after the heats was very good


indeed. Belmonte Garcia, the distance freestyle specialist in


lane two. Jemma Lowe went to 07 0.64. ":07.64. If Tim a repeat what


she did in that heat she has got a good chance. Choi has got a best


walking out. A massive cheer for Jemma Lowe in a number five. The


woman she has wanted to go better, wanted to place higher, 9th in


Beijing. Just make sure we don't do that again. The semi-final job is


very simple, make the final. Ignacio Sorribes of Spain in lane


six. The defending champion, from China, in lane seven. She has


watched her compatriot when the previous semi-final. Jemma Lowe,


interesting, next to the American in a number four. The Chinese were


met in a number seven. A good position to be in next to her she.


-- Kathleen Hersey. Let's see what comfortably in the first half then


picked it up in the second half in their heats. The world record


holder in lane seven. The second semi-final of the women's 200m


butterfly, Jemma Lowe getting a decent start with a red hat in the


centre. Very good from Zige Liu from China. Both of them have no


bids, gold and silver-medallists from Beijing in their own country,


trying to replicated here. Jemma Lowe, a bit off the pace, that is


OK for now. It is the semi-final. Zige Liu going over first. That was


an amazing world record she did in 2009, Kathleen Hersey in a number


four, top left of your shot. Jemma Lowe just needs to get back on the


solders -- shoulders. I would like her to be a metre or so ahead, she


is in six or seven position at the moment. Certainly first U-turn will


be Zige Liu of China. She is first, then Jakabos, Ben Jemma Lowe in 7th


place. She has got to start moving. She had a very good return. There


she is, quite near the back of the field but hoping to come through.


Needs to get top four. Sigley it is looking a bit ropey. She is a large


girl. But sometimes doesn't help on 200m, lad did acid builds up, it is


harder to get you on Sat. She is struggling. Kathleen Hersey has


taken the lead. Yakir bars in a number three. The crowd starting to


come into this and trying to drag Jemma Lowe home. 10m underwater,


starting to come through. I would like to see her get third or 4th if


she can. It looks like it will be Kathleen Hersey winning it. Jemma


Lowe has got some work to do. Second was Belmonte Garcia, third


was Jakabos. Jemma Lowe was in 5th place with two 07 0.3. 2:07.03. I


think she is OK. Look at those terms, great coaching job. You keep


your head down, keep tight, spin round as quick as you can. Kathleen


Hersey coming through quickly towards the end. Zige Liu not on


form, I don't think. Kathleen Hersey is the one to watch for the


final. The American coaches believe this girl has got are three good


swims in her. A you can hear the crowd in the background, they have


gone nuts because they have seen Jemma Lowe coming 5th in that semi-


final and has qualified into the final, a massive geer, never heard


that before. Well done. Until Jemma Lowe looks at the scoreboard she


will not know that either. The news get broken to her. She might have


heard the news from the crowd first they looked at the scoreboard.


There is a confirmation of the finalists. Kathleen Hersey goes in


the fastest. There are two Chinese swimmers. Jemma Lowe qualifies in


8th place. Her best time is 2.53. You're a tough and you get in, you


must have heard the crash out when you realised you were in.


For I didn't know I was going to be in there when I finished 5th, I was


a bit worried. Should have tried a bit harder. But that is perfect.


Mike Hitch didn't want me to get in the middle and in the final, I am


really lucky, it was meant to be. Ready for tomorrow. That is the


plan, to be in the outside? It is really hard to get an outside lane


when it is so fast to get into the finals, you have to give everything


you have got or try to save their bit for the final. There was


perfect. We know you are capable, it will probably not be a lot


quicker tomorrow night. What do you reckon? It is hard to say. The


finals on normally not quite as fast as the semi-finals, but you


never know. I will give it absolutely everything tomorrow. See


what it brings. Good luck. Thank you. I get out of breath just


watching it. I can never make for loans. She is fine, she can talk.


When you got out for your interview, I did many with Sharron Davies, did


one length and I was puffing. The fact she jokingly said about making


late and reserving something, maybe she did because she was speaking


normally. Eyesores and images last night of the relay. This morning. I


saw somebody leaning over being sick, you try so much, the acid


builds up. We have still got to come here Michael Jamieson and


Andrew Willis for Great Britain swimming in the semi-finals of the


200m breaststroke and Hannah Miley going in the individual medley. If


you want to watch Great Britain's footballers inaction the women are


playing Brazil right now on BBC Three, both of those unbeaten in


their two matches so far. Highlights will be here on BBC One


later. There is plenty of excitement still to come and I wish


I could be in two places a lot of the time. I have spent most of


today wishing I could be in Greenwich and here and now I wish I


could be in this year because they They are imminent, trust me. We


have seen history equalled but not history made, sort of, tonight.


Michael Phelps, he didn't quite manage. An extraordinary race.


It really was. Of all of the races for Michael Phelps, I wanted him to


win this one. It was tough watching that. He lost the race on the


finish, not a fault of his own, it was a fantastic finish for Chad le


Clos of South Africa, I tipped into do well in this race. I wanted this


for Michael. He looked like he had got it one. The whole way through


it looked like he had won it for the whole way through. The final


stroke that just comes over, bang, he has got it. Similar thing


happened in Beijing, the reverse order. Michael Phelps won the 100


butterfly. This is 51 hundreds of a second stop if you see how close


this is here, imagine in Beijing when they had to look back and look


back again to see one. It was incredible, still equals the all-


time record of 18 medals, one more, the replay later, he does will make


history. He has got the relay, the Americans will get a medal, I think


they will win. Simple as that. Tonight is a history-making event


for Michael Phelps. And officially on every different level of judging


he becomes the greatest Olympian ever. We will talk about that later.


Earlier today in Greenwich Park Britain's three-day event team won


a silver medal and we can speak to the triumphant five. Many


congratulations. You must be delighted. Mary, described on


missions. I am absolutely over the moon, we all are, it is so


wonderful to get a medal in front of whole -- home crowd. We have --


we would have loved to get gold but silver is fantastic, they are great


medals, a really heavy. You're sick Olympics, how old is this when


different being in home territory at Greenwich? Definitely the best.


In front of all the home crowd, just extraordinary. Yesterday,


galloping across the country galloping on our horses, so loud,


you couldn't hear the stopwatches we were meant to be listening to to


make sure we were keeping up. you had the vital aid to go, you


had to get a clear round, it was silver or nothing, what was on your


mind? I was trying not to think about it, to be honest. Really just


focusing on jumping a clear round, it really didn't want to find out


what was going on with the other teams because the important thing


was to go fast and clear. I got one time fault but left the fences up,


thank goodness. It has been a tough year, you lost your father, famous


trainer, the horse has been ill as well, you have been through a lot.


Yes, I know, it has all been happening this year. But we have


had a fabulous week and a great team and we have been taking it


incredibly seriously but had a bit of a laugh as well, it has been


amazing. Your mother never managed to win a medal, your dad won gold,


you have got silver, not a bad effort. My dad's score wasn't


counting which mum told me to date so I have got one up on him and


they are massively proud, it is just an awesome place to be, the


whole experience has been unbelievable. We have had a great


time, great team effort. Made it all worth it. Although we wanted


the gold it is still worth it. jumped clear in the individual, as


You did wonderfully well in the other parts of the event. The horse


was awesome and stepped up to the mark. He is only going to get


better. If I had done what I did in the second bit in the first bit,


but, you know, we all make mistakes. We managed to stay with our silver


and we will catch the Germans one day. It is a mixture of this sport


because you go from the real style and elegance of dressage to the


hurly burly of cross country. I suppose the horses have to be as


gifted as your selves. One pity's sake Western art I was too busy


laughing. I have had a fantastic course with Opposition Buzz. His


strongest phase was always the cross country and it was a dream to


ride him around Greenwich Park today. He was perfect from start to


finish and it was a pleasure to be part of a fantastic team. It was


really very special. I cannot ignore the big man at the back.


William Fox-Pitt, your 4th Olympics, Your third medal. How does this one


compare? This one is particularly special because none of us will


ever experience the crowds of Greenwich again. They literally


carried you around the course with screams and raw as and you felt so


proud and lucky to be competing. It was particularly special and it is


very sad it is all over. I know Clare Balding desperately wants to


say a few words to your. I want to say well done and how proud


everyone is of view and how brilliantly you held your heads and


when there was so much noise around. What an incredibly strong team you


are and everybody brings something to the party. All five of you,


absolutely superb. Well said, we are all incredibly proud of all of


you. Congratulations, enjoy your evening. We will go straight back


to Clare Balding. It's lucky I was not there because


I would have got very emotional. Few know how much work is put into


it and the same is for every Olympic sport. With swimming the


training is so intense and it is very lonely. You cannot talk to


anybody. That's why I was doing sprinting, because after every


event I could stop. Somebody like Rebecca Adlington is doing 80 up to


1,000m in the water every week. You push your bodies to the extreme.


Lots of going to bed early at night and giving up your weekends. You do


not have a life and you have to give up an awful lot. The benefit


is in terms of fitness, I mean you are very fit, but I might be mis-


read! You go to the gym and work out very lot -- long times. I know


a lot of them are based together. How much does it help to have a


group around you to spur each other on? It makes a huge difference. In


America with the collegiate system a lot of the best swimmers go to


American universities. You have got a situation where you are training


and racing every day with some of the best athletes in the world.


Michael Jamieson and Andrew Willis are two of the best swimmers in the


world. Kris Gilchrist trained with them and he was hour record holder


until this morning. Every session they are going attic and a race


each other because they do not want to give each other an inch. When it


comes to this competition they are British record this morning, is


going to be in lane four. He will be desperate to get it right in


this one. Adrian Moorhouse, I would love to hear your thoughts on the


difference between sprinters and distance swimmers in breaststroke.


Technically is the stroke longer? You do not have to answer it now,


maybe later. I will pick up on that for sure. This is his friend from


the desert. Listen to this. Look at his face. He is loving it. Blowing


out some air. The adrenalin has just gone racing around his body.


He set a new British record to qualify second fastest. What a


great swim it was. He really pasty a beautifully. -- he replaced it


beautifully. He is based in Loughborough. Michael Jamieson is a


great proponent of that 200m breaststroke stroke, but also had a


very good 100m individual. I will be very interested to see how he


does. It is a great position to be in lane four. The medals are not


tonight, they are tomorrow. But do a great job here tonight and make


sure you stay ahead of this lot. I am thinking a sub 2.10 to make the


little bit of time to get quiet for the start. Jamieson is in the


centre for Great Britain. Four lengths of the breaststroke.


Jamieson is looking pretty good. A nice, long reach and very high.


Look at lane five, the Japanese Clyde. Good underwater technique.


Keep an eye on him. That is very different from the hundred


breaststroke. Here it is legs and good and starting to come through.


And he is picking the stroke up. The first 100 was all about keeping


the length of the stroke and now it is all about accelerating. You can


see the Japanese guy doing that as well. The Brazilian in lane one is


doing very well as well. He is up first and the crowd are going to


take him home. He is going away, fantastic. He is inside the record


he set this morning. The rest of the field are starting to come back


at him. The crowd are going absolutely nuts. Another massive


British record. Listen to that. He has done the job. Two hats on. A


wonderful British record. And a slow reaction to the gun. He was


the last in the water on the dive. He accelerated his stroke counts.


He was so controlled. These guys will be worried by that, I am


telling you. There is only one man between him and the gold medal.


Maybe Kitajima. Here is where the next medal could come from for


Great Britain. That was good. It was only the semi-final. He has


improved his lifetime best by almost one second today. The guys


in Bath, Dave McNulty, the coaches, what a job they have done. The


crowd are getting behind Michael Jamieson and his team-mate is in


the second semi-final. You are loving this. Yes, it is


amazing. Every time I come out here I get goose bumps walking behind


the block. It is something special and it has really helped me this


week. I am really happy with the time and I'm excited for tomorrow


night. Will you be going to bed tonight dreaming of gold medals?


all dream. Who knows? There is a long way to go and there are some


big guys in this semi-final. I am sure I will make the final, but


there are a few big guns still to come. Dave has done a great job


preparing both the pupils stop it would be lovely if both of you


could get in. I am sure he will. He has been on form as well. It would


be good to have both of us in the final. I can only thank everyone in


Bath, although support staff, Mark and Andy, the fizz Co, their


coaches and all my team-mates. This has been a huge team effort. Myself


and anger are swimming for the rest of the squad as well. Good luck.


There is his team-mate. I wonder what he is thinking right now. Oh,


my goodness me. Andrew Willis has just seen Michael Jamieson destroy


the new record. He is saying, it is my turn now. They will have trained


together in this team, preparing for this. He said he was on form.


There is Kitajima. The defending champion. He has won the last two


Olympics, Athens and Beijing. He could be the only man to do three


lane four and Andrew Willis is in lane five. A nice big butterfly


cake and beautifully streamlined. A very good start indeed. Another


similar kind of stroke. That breaststroke from Bath. David


McNulty has prepared these guys rest of them. In second place be


behind Kitajima, he has something to prove. Having that result in the


100m, can he have the fitness and strength and to make the 200?


Swimmers normally come down in speed. Andrew Willis has just seen


his team-mate destroyed the British record in the first semi-final and


he was 0.7 of a second inside his own personal best. He looks really


good. The rest of the field will start coming back. Look at David


Gyurta. He is for from the left. Willis is strong, Sinkevich of


Russia in a number two. Down in lane eight, Brenton Rickard, not


giving up. The world record holder didn't enter for Australia. Brenton


Rickard really having a go. They may not have seen him but the crowd


reacting, Andrew Willis turned first with 50m to go. Look at this,


this is amazing. He is only one metre behind the world record.


David Gyurta coming through, it looks like it may be David Gyurta.


David Gyurta gets it, second was a polis. -- second was an Willis, a


new English record, only just outside the new British record set


in the first semi-final by Michael Jamieson. That would have been a


British record before Michael Jamieson did that one before. What


a fantastic job they have done. David Gyurta is dangerous. He comes


back very strongly. Here we have got Kitajima to the left, he is


have got to have a look, I think it is important to look way you are,


race them. You are not going to be on your own all the time. David


Gyurta are just getting a touch, the threat to our boys. That was


enormously impressive from Great Britain. It looks like we are back,


this sheet before us, the first and third qualifiers. You must be so


pleased. It was unbelievable. I wasn't quite as nervous as this


morning, but the crowd really helped me out there, unbelievable.


You kept it beautiful control of the stroke all way through. The


training is really paying off. is about what working every day to


hit the times we want to hit. Michael is capable of great time,


really happy for him, amazing we're both doing so well and both in the


final. You will be in that cold room together, a good thing to have.


Just knowing your mate is there, it is great, and great for the coach


as well. Imagine how noisy this place is going to be. Tonight was


crazy. Getting these bumps just sitting on the bus thinking about


it. It is an amazing feeling, at the spot has been unbelievable.


British breaststroke coming back to where it was a few years ago. A


kind of went off the boil, it looks like it is back. All along I wanted


to be in the final and I have done that, I would just enjoy yet now,


be up there in the middle lane, it will be an awesome experience.


Probably the best I will ever have. A lot of history in breaststroke.


Back in 76, Wilkie was Olympic champion, and then Moscow Olympics,


Adrian Moorhouse, 1988, and then Nick Gillingham in 92 on the 200


breaststroke. Ian Edmond the world silver-medallists, James Gibson, a


world champion on breaststroke. Kris Gilchrist has picked up medals


as well. We have got a huge history. No one better than Adrian Moorhouse.


What would your advice be to Andrew and Michael in terms of what they


do to prepare themselves not so much physically but mentally


between now add the final tomorrow night and what chance do you think


they have? In Seoul for my race we only had


heats and finals, but I had to have a sleep and I didn't get a wink of


sleep. All I could do was we play the race. My advice is do what ever


you can teach a lout, relax, try and take it off, do what ever you


can that is normal, watch a film, told your mates, play a game of


cards. You have just got to relax. The pressure will be enough


tomorrow. Take it easy. The we wish them luck and we will be bringing


you a final. Meanwhile, Michael Phelps was beetle in the final of


the 200m butterfly but there was a silver lining. The medal he is


about to pick uptakes in to 18 m Olympic medals and that brings him


a level with the Soviet gymnast who won her medals between 1956 and


1964. There, Michael Phelps, looking a little sheepish, perhaps


not surprising. We will see Chad le Clos he will be really emotional.


Phelps almost looking embarrassed then gets the huge applause so it


is OK. That was his mother. Do you celebrate his of a medal at the


Olympic Games? He is such a superstar. He is so calm, so


generous in his media presentation, he was brilliant in front of the


world's media a couple of days ago. He is showing us his second Olympic


silver medal, his 18th Olympic medal. He has picked up two here,


both silver. Here has got his goggles around his neck again, like


a teenage women. -- teenage swimmer. He was 5th at the World


Championships one year ago and he has just beaten the great Michael


Phelps, Chad le Clos of South Africa. It was one of the most


amazing swims I have ever seen. His mother in tears, his father in


tears. We are not far off that in the commentary box. What a great


swim, what a proud moment, lifetime superhero, there his mother and


father, Michael felt on the left- hand side. -- Michael Phelps.


Olympic champion, get used to it, it will last forever. He will not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


Chad le Clos of South Africa, and a silver medal to Michael Phelps of


Sometimes pictures just say so much more than words ever could, Chad le


Clos during the South African national anthem, the bottom lip was


wobbling, his first Olympic Games, Michael Phelps is incredibly


gracious making sure he is smiling, enjoying the moment as well. And


Chad's parents, on the balcony just behind us, his father is bowing


down. Look at him there. Fabulous. We will see if we can grab him,


Mark is in there. He is saying, come and have a chat. Michael


Phelps is making part of history, his 18th her Olympic medal. Until


this week at the London Olympic Games he had never won Olympic


silver, he had won 14 gold medals and two bronze medals. Chad le Clos


saying Michael Phelps was his hero, the man who he looked up to, and


cannot believe he has managed to The flowers getting thrown all over


the place, here we go. In the centre we have got one unbelievably


happy chap, great emotions on a medal ceremony, Chad le Clos of


South Africa. He beat Michael Phelps on the 200 flights. Michael


Phelps has set that world record He has got his emotions back in


check. Michael Phelps is enormously gracious. He is a superstar. He


will know he has given everything he can, he will not change the


record, the record books say Michael Phelps is the greatest


swimmer of this particular era, of any era, and I have been proud to


witness all his medals. But here is perhaps the new generation.


And here is his father, Bert. What a performance.


Unbelievable. I have never been so happy in my life, something and


ascribable. It is like I have gone to heaven. Whatever happened in my


life now, it is plain sailing. And there is your boy down there, I


think he could hardly believe it, not just he has won a gold medal


but beaten Michael Phelps. This is unbelievable. Look at this!


What a beautiful boy for a sorry, son. Tell us a bit about him and


when he committed his life to swimming.


He has committed light you cannot believe. He is the most down-to-


earth, beautiful boy you ever meet in your life. Look at him, he is


crying like me. Every time I see myself! This is live. His mother is


here as well, how many more family members? My other son is here, I


couldn't find him, we have got it all over the place, not easy to get


tickets. We are aware. But you we here at the most perfect moment in


your son's life and the most private moments in your life.


Unbelievable. Facts, Great Britain. Thank you and congratulations. That


is the father of this man, Chad le Clos, the new Olympic champion. He


has beaten the defending champion, the man who has won the 200m


butterfly for the last two Olympic Games if, and Michael Phelps, in


doing so, wins the silver medal, and his 18th medal at comes level.


Chad le Clos wins his first Olympic medal, and it is cold. What is


rather sweet here, Michael Phelps is showing him how did it and say


come this way, this is where we need to go, that is what happens.


But the them will be in action straight away again because they


will be in the freestyle relay. Chad le Clos was that Africa at


Michael Phelps on the anchor leg for the USA and that will be


interesting because he is against Yannick Agnel of France. Ian Thorpe,


what was your reaction? Wasn't his moments in sport that you get to


witness. Men do not cry, but it is Not only was Chad emotional, but


his father was emotional. He had so much respect for Michael Phelps and


he aspired to be like Michael Phelps and he has just beaten his


Olympic hero. It is quite extraordinary. I am very proud of


right next to Katinka Hosszu. tried to conserve energy in this.


Caitlin Leverenz of the USA. A better 200m women. 5th at the world


championships last year. This is an interesting young lady. Ye Shiwen.


Totally destroyed the 400 medley at world record. Caused a bit of a


stir with how good her freestyle leg was. Alicia Coutts of Australia,


five times Commonwealth gold medallist, goes in lane five.


Ariana Kukors is the world record holder at the moment. She dropped


seven seconds herself to break that world record in the year. Stephanie


Rice, the previous world record holder. She has had a lot of


injuries and it has been quite tough for her. It is good to see


Kirsty con-trick coming back. She got a silver medal in Beijing and


she is back again. It would be lovely for her if she could


complete the full set. Bronze in Athens and silver in Beijing, but I


cannot see a gold in London, I am afraid. Not with Ye Shiwen. She set


an Olympic records to qualify for this final. Ariana Kukors has not


got near her world record. Let's not forget Hannah Miley at the top


of the pool in lane one. She is not really a 200 medley swimmer, she


should just throw herself into this. The final of the women's 200m


individual medley. A good start for Alicia Coutts. Lane five, lane


seven, Stephanie Rice. You cannot doubt Stephanie Rice's commitment


to defending these titles. She found it difficult in the 400. It


may be a little easier to get nearer in this one. Stephanie Rice


has got a good backstroke. You have also got Alicia Coutts. Ye Shiwen


is just building through the field. The breaststroke is where it makes


a difference. Caitlin Leverenz is also good at breaststroke. It is Ye


Shiwen of China. But Caitlin Leverenz is looking good. She is in


lane three with the black hat. This is great from Caitlin Leverenz.


Stephanie Rice is still hanging on in there. Alicia Coutts is still in


there. It is going to come down to the freestyle. It is going to come


down to the freestyle. Alicia Coutts has come up in the league.


That was a great turn from her. Ye Shiwen and Alicia Coutts fighting


it out, but Alicia Coutts is still looking good. She is closest to us


and she is digging in very hard. It is the 16 year-old. It is another


new Olympic record, but it is not a world record and not by quite a


wave. But it is goal to China and her second gold in the


championships. That was another impressive medley swimmer. She has


ended two races and done it, you cannot ask for more. But the rest


of the field were not intimidated by that 400 medley. You would have


thought that maybe they would have been affected. But they are all


taking a turn. Ariana Kukors is not giving up her record. Alicia Coutts


had a quick look at Ariana Kukors and then at Ye Shiwen. But she was


too strong in the end. The gold medal again going to China in the


medley at the Olympic Games in London, this time the 200 medley.


Hannah Miley is in 7th. Another really solid swim, another Olympic


final, we could not ask any more from you in there. I am so happy I


was able to make that final. Last time I came away I was 11th in the


world and so now I'm 7th in the world, so I cannot knock that. It


is fine, I am really happy with how this meat has gone. It is so much


better than it was in Beijing and the atmosphere has been absolutely


great, I know I keep saying that, but it really is. I have loved


every moment of it. A big thank you to everybody who has been asserted


that the TV ad in the crowds. What next for you? Just be in training


again. After this I will have a break and then after that I would


discuss with my dad what to do next. I'm looking forward to it. Thank


you very much for all your hard work. Well, the big boys getting


ready for the men's 4 x 200 relay. We are not even halfway yet. Great


Britain had a fantastically to qualify for this final. -- a


the 200m butterfly. Here is the British team. My goodness me, they


are getting fantastic ovations, the British team. Robbie Renwick


leading them off, that is an interesting decision. He was an


anchor this morning and he was very good. So, they are putting their


fastest guy first. It is an interesting order. Yes, it is


because Robbie said he liked going last, the battle and the fight.


Maybe the coach said, you might like it, but you do not come first.


Michael Phelps on the right hand side. Those headphones on at the


back. Ryan Lochte on the right-hand side. I think the French will be


fancying themselves after the 4 x 100 to get the victory in this as


well. Maybe Australia in there? What do you think? Yes, it could be


these guys. It is very difficult to see past the USA. What is


interesting that everyone who swam in the heats will get a medal if


the team gets a medal in the final. All seven American guys will get


medals. There is the Olympic champion in the 400m with the


headphones on. China are in seven and Hungary are in eight. Great


Britain are in lane two. We have changed our team and we have got a


fast a guide in first. There will be all sorts of bombing going on


when the big guys start diving in. Maybe that will put the guys off


and maybe Great Britain can sneak in and do a bit better. Who set it


was bombing? They are going to be smashing through the water and


creating waves. Watch the waves when these guys dive end, they are


not small. The Brits do not want to get behind because the waves will


be awful. Michael Phelps, here you go, here is your gold medal. They


are putting Ryan Lochte on the first leg as well. He is their


second fastest. They are putting their second first-Test -- second-


Great Britain in the red hat. But a really good start for France. I


wonder if they can upset the applecart again. If momentum has


anything to do with it, then the momentum of the French team is


absolutely on a high. Michael Phelps will want a few seconds lead.


He has got Yannick Agnel. I do not think he wants to get him anything.


Could you imagine if it was head- to-head, Michael Phelps with


Yannick Agnel. Look at that turn, he has taken a whole metre off the


rest of that field. That is so impressive. Look at his legs, it is


like a speedboat. France has got to be careful, they are going to get


big waves. I wonder if he has gone too quick too soon. What they us.


He is brilliant under water. Utterly stunning. He has got clear


water just like Yannick Agnel did. He is a full body length ahead of


the world record holder. Australia are second, Germany are three.


Great Britain are 1.4 th 0.9 in 5th. Sorry, 1.46 0.9 by the Great


medal. They have not had much of a meat so far. All that work by Ryan


Lochte might be to no avail. The Brits are getting into a decent


position. Ieuan Lloyd is swimming quite well and he is moving away


from the Germans. That is a good idea, so he does not get as many


waves. Well done. He is 6th at the moment. But wait out in the league


is the USA. He has now extended the lead. There is nothing worse in the


relay and shooting it all and the first 100m and having nothing left


at the end. A very tight takeover. USA's leading, second is Germany at


the moment. Third in lane six it maybe Australia. Ieuan Lloyd bore


Great Britain piercing in 6th. have still got American domination.


It looks as if there is only one place this gold medal is going to


go. And Michael Phelps.... He will have a whole body lay ahead of the


rest of the field to get a gold medal to make him the greatest


Olympian ever. Eight goals in Beijing in eight days, and seven


world records, they could be no better than that. Australia may be


just about in second place now. Maybe it is Germany in lane three.


Britain are still hanging in there. Robert Bear of Great Britain going


and having a go, but he is taking the waves of the Germans.


battle is by second. Robert Bale of Great Britain. They should be on


their feet cheering his whole 200m. France are in second. Third is


Germany, four of his Australian and Great Britain are now in 7th


position. The final swimmer for Great Britain is Ross Davenport,


but this is going to be a wonderful demonstration of 200m freestyle


swimming. Watched the great Michael Phelps winning his 90th Olympic


catch him. 100m to go, two lengths to go, over. The world record does


not matter. What matters is Team America and Michael Phelps. He has


caught him up by seven-tenths of a second. Michael Phelps is


definitely not going to give this up. He is unbelievable. Look at


that. 18 medals at the Olympic Games. He has 14 golds at the


moment. He will get another one in a second. The crowd are standing up


and saluting the greatest Olympian in history. This is something to


watch. 19 medals. He will have 15 God -- 15 gold medals. What a super


hero. The gold medal goes to the USA and Michael Phelps becomes the


greatest Olympian in history with 19 medals. The silver medal to


France, the bronze medal to China and Great Britain finishing in a


credible 6th position. Look at that. He is having a tough time here in


London but he has finally won a gold medal and what a super hero.


Look at that. Ryan Lochte saluting the greatest Olympian in history.


have never seen 18,000 people stand before but you have the whole


audience acknowledging. There is his mum. His mum and his sister in


floods of tears. I am really pleased that this event was this


evening. Chad le Clos is now there, Phelps' star is waning but to


finish tonight's session with this relay is the best end for him. He


could still get more gold medals but I am pleased that was tonight.


Ryan Lochte, the first split, doing a great job. I know they caught up


on the second leg at Ryan Lochte was -- his lead would have made a


difference and helped a lot. There and an epic evening to be involved.


Definitely. The atmosphere is absolutely buzzing tonight. The


race was OK for us. That time was pretty good. It is just great


having their home support here and thank you to everyone in the crowd.


The support has been fantastic. was your first Olympic final?


was amazing. It was everything but I thought it would be. As I walked


out I got hit by the noise and it was really special and it really


pushed me. Nice to be part of history, even though it is not


necessarily winning the race? good to be part of this team. We


have swum together as a team for a couple of years now. Adding Ieuan


Lloyd has paid off. How was it for you, Rob? It is such an honour to


anchor your country in a relay like that again some of the world's


greatest swimmers, not just today but the whole swimming world. It is


absolutely fantastic to be a part of. I would have loved to have been


standing on a podium tonight. This team is very young apart from


myself, there are three guys who will hopefully go on to Rio. We


have been close since 2000 and getting better. Hopefully, in 2016,


these guys will be on the podium. Right over your shoulder we have


the Americans who are going to Jack the NBC, can you imagine the


pressure the guy behind you is under? When he goes home and counts


his medals he will be all right. He has missed out on a couple of goals


but I will take one of those. thank you very much, guys.


The American team will talk to NBC and we may yet hear from them.


Everybody stood, everybody all around this Aquatics Centre stood


to applaud this achievement and how appropriate that Michael Phelps


does it with a gold medal. He is an immense when a. An immense MP in.


When you think his first Olympic Games in Sydney, we are talking 12


years ago and now winning all these spoke to have her and she said I am


delighted that somebody will overhaul my record. That someone is


called Michael Phelps. You saw his mum, Debbie who has been by his


side. She has had to give him a kick up the backside a couple of


times. I think the other thing is, she is the driving force behind it.


I remember looking back to my mum when I was younger, she was the one


who drove you to the swimming pool, Freddie and unless you have that


person who is willing to sacrifice so much for you, those achievements


do not happen -- are they fed you. You need a committed mum.


retires at the Olympic Games -- at the end of the Olympic Games. He


said I am never going to do this but now I can relax and have fun


because it is about how many toppings do I want on my ice-cream


Sunday. That was an unbelievable topping. We are still waiting to


see if we can talk to Michael Phelps but I tell you what will


happen here tomorrow because we have seen two fabulous performances


by Michael Jamieson setting a new British record and Andrew Willis. A


qualified first and third for the final. You will see the


breaststroke final at 7:30pm tomorrow night. The Women's


butterfly final features Jemma Lowe. We have lots of swimmers involved


tomorrow. The exciting thing, especially for the crowd here, we


have had a lot of people every night. It is not just one person


saying, where is the Brit, they have been here every night. I will


hand back to you Gary and if we see Michael Phelps we will give you a


An unbelievable night. Wasn't it? I think for Michael Phelps... I am


going to entrap D because we can hear from Michael Phelps.


Michael, first of all, congratulations, the most decorated


Olympian ever, I have to say I thought you were unbelievably


gracious this evening, a tough night. I was. Have the 200 not


really go the way I wanted, Chad, we raced together last year and we


have done some shoots and stuff together. He is a hard worker and


he is a very talented kid. I was on the other end of that finish four


years ago and he got me here. I cannot be too upset. I had a decent


time. But the most important thing was coming back together with this


relay and this group of guys. After the previous relay we wanted to tie


something together and now we did it. Our first gold medal of the


meat so I am happy. extraordinary athlete, it has been


a real honour watching you. Thank you very much.


The great Michael Phelps, I love that, he cannot be too disappointed.


He has won two Silva's, gold and broken the all-time Olympic medal


record. What I have loved watching Michael do at this competition is


the very frank and honest. With all the comments he has made, he has


had some swims which he felt was not a good, he said that. But


tonight, I have always felt after the Beijing Olympic Games that


Michael Phelps was the greatest Olympian of all time. Now it has


been officiated. It is sort of confirmed. Swimming is one of those


things where you can do multi- events whereas in athletics and


other things you cannot say it does not compare but 15 gold medals is


unbelievable. It is tough in swimming. If you are a freestyle


swimmer, maybe you can do one or two possibly three. Once you get


into the form strokes, it is the difference between track and field.


It separates itself. Michael Phelps, dominant in the medley swimming so


he has been able to get himself around all of the different


disciplines of this sport and then goes and performs in some of the


most hotly contested races like the 200m freestyle. It was brilliant to


see him race and he has a gold medal round his neck. And not just


that, he is a wonderful ambassador for sport. He is. Especially at


this competition, people have wanted to see Michael Phelps win.


It is nice that he has such a positive response from the crowd


here. Team GB obviously has the support of the crowd, so does


Michael Phelps. Arrests on what he has achieved and what people want


to see him doing here. mentioned Team GB, I must talk that


the two rest strikers, it looks quite promising for us? It does and


I am pleasantly surprised. A results going through to the final,


we had the athletes who were up I will have to look at this a bit


more. There could be a medal. Michael Jenson first, Andrew Willis


third, there are some big swimmers in their -- Michael Jenson.


Unfortunately, there are some big swimmers which are just behind. We


have to look at this positively. In for a medal shot. Looking at the


results it would be great to see if the team comes home with a gold


medal. I do not know if it is in this event. I hope so. Make sure


you watch it. That is at 7:30pm tomorrow.


That concludes things in the swimming pool but there is plenty


more sport coming up for you. We will evaluate the chances of


Bradley Wiggins in tomorrow's time trial. We will watch Britain's


women hockey players take on South Korea. And we have also got


football action from Britain's This is the scene outside. A lovely


evening. It has being a pretty wet day at the Olympic Park. There is


the stadium. The flame is still burning inside, I promise you. Our


studio just there. Lots of people coming out of the aquatic centre


now. It will fill up for the next few moments also. Different styles


of dress. Out and about in the park. This is the launch of the British


team kit which of course was designed by our very own, Stella


McCartney. I am delighted to say she joins us now. Thanks for coming


on. I am a little bit nervous, it took me ages to decide what to work.


As I walked into the studio big button fell off my jacket. I did


not make it. When did they ask you to design ticket? I was asked about


3 1/2 years ago. It took about three years to do. It is not just


the Olympics but also the Paralympics. A 590 different


outfits, it must have taken a long time? Overset -- over 26


disciplines. It is the first time a designer has a worked with a sports


brand over the entire kit. It has been amazing. Way you're allowed to


let your imagination wonder? There are so many rules and regulations,


I have no idea. There is the home kit, the going away kit, gymnastics


has to be symmetrical and you cannot show flesh on flesh


otherwise you get marks taken off. A lot of information to take in.


The clothing is quite scientific as well? If his led by technology.


Speaking to the athletes, I have got to get the technology there and


Adidas are the leaders in that. Also trying to get the team to look


and feel as one. Which bought was the most challenging? Tom Daley's


little thing. There there was not a lot of space to work on them to


apply the print. So many different shapes of bodies and different


sizes. The gymnastics or was hard work. You are dealing with a sport


that is not just about going out and scoring goals. It is judged on


people's preferences, I guess. difficult was it to strike the


balance between style and practicality - something I wrestle


with all of the time? I didn't want to say anything. Practicality comes


Firth -- first. Then I wanted to represent the nation, make it look


recognisable and account for the women team members. That had not


been done in previous Games. Also, were you involved in the Opening


Ceremony? I did not do the Opening Ceremony. You're not to blame but


those strange tracksuits? I felt like Elvis. You were not


responsible question mark Chris looks good. I did not do the


Opening Ceremony. Your dad sang at the Opening Ceremony, it must have


been extremely proud? We were watching it and then halfway


through the beginning I was thinking, Dad the you will be down


there in a moment. He was as cool as a cucumber. It was an amazing


moment. This is hymn-singing at the finale. About 24 million watching


at that stage. All in a day's work. He did the family proud. Was he


nervous? I don't think he gets nervous. He just deals with it. I


feel like I am going to feint. knew he was going to play a few


weeks and advance, because it's slipped out. I think he told


everyone. I had to tell him to shut up. What about the Olympics, have


you watched any sport so far? this has made me really interested.


I have always been an avid fan, but a working with the athletes, I


admire them. I was poking Victoria Pendleton's stomach and saying,


really?! Is that really your stomach? Being vault at this level


with this event has brought me, I am so interested in it now. --


being involved. Now I am obsessed. Which sport in particular? I cannot


say just one, I have been to the swimming, the diving and I have


loved watching it on telly. You're doing a great job. Thanks for


coming in. He might fancy sitting there a little while longer. We


have the women's team competition team. Two gymnasts from America


fantastic. The best of vaulting I have ever seen. Legs glued together,


rocketed into the air. And they are may remember she took the silver at


Beijing. Spectacular in the race bars. Beautiful were. The fight is


vault of. They are expecting a lot from her. A big step to the side


when she landed. Just give us an idea of the deduction, because it


looked here among us. It was a very big step to the side. It is a big


score still come about Russia were relying on back to be something


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


moment. She really knows how to work this apparatus. That was a


huge dismount. And very good work. It was a big routine all the way


through. Russia chasing the USA and that will inch them closer. What


can Great Britain do here? Qualifying we went a whiff 42.5, so


we are hoping they can do as well. The cheering is for Beth Tweddle


and all eyes are focused on her. The arena is absolutely silent now.


This tumble is so complex. 1.5, into double Arabian. Just poked her


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


toe out. This tumble needs all her best. -- really worked hard. Up


into that 2.5 twists. Great performance. Little shake of the


head, I think she is a bit annoyed she put her toe out on the first


tumble. So, be prepared to be introduced to the flying squirrel.


This is Gabriel Douglas. She is a really good bar worker in the US


straight dismount. Great swinging. That is a good set of scores for


Great Britain. The standings then after that rotation. Great Britain


have moved up a place. Jennifer Pinches. Double twist, nicely done.


What a comeback. This is a big vault. She hits the top, lips high.


Very clean. She is happy with that. This will be something. Sandro


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


Raluca Izbasa, she is the current says it all. A great performance.


Absolutely wonderful. The youngest It's the United States lead Russia.


Romania are a third with China pushed out of the medals. Great


Britain are down in 7th. Russia are locked in this battle with the


deductions for that malt. That was team final. But tears are because


she landed on her forearm. That into the medals. They may well have


done enough. That was a super double straight. That was really


been to an Olympics before and she is showing them the way. A super-


well. And a very final bit, she falls away. I AM amazed that that.


She looked so confident, so determined and just did not get off


the floor. Now the tears are flowing. What has happened to


Russia on floor? It is really surprising because these girls do


these routines all the time. She collapsed. Could not get the


shoulders up quick enough. This is so upsetting DC. All that effort,


all that preparation. A question is, will Russia be ahead of Romania


after this piece of apparatus? It may be enough, 14.333. It shows you


the quality of the rest of the work. It is all on this vault. She has


got all the experience. That was a very good vault. She held her nerve.


So Russia are ahead of Romania. All lies now turn to the uneven bars.


Great Britain's Beth Tweddle, can she worked her magic here?


bounced off the top of the bar, a Just the big this Matt ago. That


was tremendous. Hugely confident, massively difficult. She just did


it with consummate ease. That was incredible. Stand by for a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


competition, you have to finish in performance. The crowd are right


beautifully controlled. The motion on her face, you can see it. She is


just about holding it together, fantastic! It is unsurprising when


you consider she has just sealed a gold medal for the USA in this


women aged -- women's team championship. What are her final it


has been. Confirmation of the women's team final. The United


States lead Russia, ahead of Romania who take bronze. British


Look what Stella McCartney gave me, a present, it is my very own Team


GB kit with my name on the back. I'm glad it was not a gymnastics


pit. Cycling returns to the Olympics agenda tomorrow and all


eyes will be on tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins. None of the


complexities of the road race, this is just fastest man wins and he


tends to be pretty fast. If you just excuse me, I will speak in


English for it. We will draw the raffle numbers now.


I did not even have a drink in me when I did that. It is so formal,


the dippy President of France who is up there with me. It was not


about that which is why I turned to the fans. Are all these people had


come, they were the people who had come and supported me. I would love


to have brought them a drink. That is what it is all about. Maybe it


was disrespectful to the sponsors and all the prawn sandwiches in


front of me, I felt it was much more appropriate to give time to


them. The country has gone up we go past it. People are sporting


sideburns. It has that effect. A bit strange for me but ultimately,


I only do it to be individual. It is good. The biggest name in


cycling, you are the winner of the Tour de France. Am I bigger than


Cavendish? I have not done a head- and-shoulders advert. The scale of


the win and the reaction in this country, do you pinch yourself?


was a bit overwhelming. I was so used to seeing that happen to other


people like Chris Hoy when he came back from Beijing. I did not think


any of us really appreciate what cycling is going through at the


moment because we concentrate on our performances. I think we are


all pretty down-to-earth guys anyway. We do not fully appreciate


what it is doing to the profile of the sport. To win the Tour de


France takes an incredible effort, what kind of sacrifice is do have


to make to get to where you are? lot. Apart from the training


physical side which everyone does, six weeks you go and live on top of


a mountain in Tenerife. I miss children's birthdays, the kids


break-up for their Easter holidays and you were leaving. They do not


know where you are fitted. You sleep in the spare bedroom, in a


tent. Being a father and husband and all that is not conducive to


trying to win the Tour de France. The two do not go together but, you


know, if you have got a supportive family as I have, you can do it.


But I do not know how long you can do it for. I would not do six of


them like Lance did. This is Your 4th Olympics, you have won six


medals and you are steeped in Olympic history, what do the


Olympics mean to you? This is something you come back to four --


every four years. Because they are not every year, you do not really


miss them. To come back here, the same people, the same staff, every


four years I get a bit older and more successful. From this 19-year-


old lad in Sydney right through. I am looking forward to going out


there and trying to win my 4th gold in the time-trial. It will be


amazing. Someone mentioned to me the other day it had not given a


thought to, I am unbeaten in time trials this year. I never give it a


thought. That is quite a nice statistic going into the Olympics,


I am sure, but the Olympics, you have got to be at your best. I


think I am at my best at the moment. I have just won the Tour de France,


so I must be! How a safe journey and do not get


too drunk. Bradley Wiggins there with Jill


Douglas. Our other cycling expert has joined me, Chris Boardman. We


have seen Michael Phelps beat a particularly difficult record,


Bradley Wiggins can overtake Steve Redgrave's remarkable record of


most medals for a brick. He will get another record during a raffle


for 30 million people. It is suddenly, a bit like Steve, you get


a lot of medals build up and no one notices until you get a certain


record level and then they realised the record behind it. That would


certainly be something. I think barring accident, illness tomorrow,


he has got light going. A lot of commentators are saying this course


is made for Bradley, why? It is slightly biased but it is in London,


his home town. Round here, there are not many hills, there is an


undulating course which is perfect for him. He would have taken on no


matter what. Tired after Sunday's road race. He worked really hard


for Mark Cavendish but so did everyone else. How do you ride at a


time trial, it is not as intricate as the other one, is it? Is this


just hell for their third -- hell- for-leather, head down? If you go


off too hard, too early, you will pay a price and that price will


affect the rest of the race. It is a very fine art. He is very good at


it. I do not think he has lost a long time trial this year. The last


one, he was devastated in the Tour de France. Apart from the fact he's


very fast, what makes him so good? I think his ability to learn. He


has made mistakes in the past and Bradley will say that himself, but


he has got the courage to look in the mirror and learn from those


areas. This year, particularly, in the Tour de France, tactically,


technically, physically, everything was bang on. It is very impressive


to watch. I read this morning he has reduced his paddle speed. I am


no expert but I wonder how that can be an advantage in cycling? --


pedal speed. It is about getting the power out. There is a trend


towards very height pedalling rate to reduce stress on muscles but


this is less than an hour of racing, it is all about power so he is


focused on that. In the women's, we have already had a silver from live


the -- Lizzie Armistead, has Emma Pooley got a chance? She is in form


at the moment. Favourites are Armstrong of the USA and Judith


Arndt of Germany. Emma Pooley has got a good shot at a medal. Let's


hope so. Chris, thank you very much indeed. Both the men and women's


time-trials are tomorrow starting at 12:30pm and 2:15pm respectively.


Here is the confirmation of those If you have come in late, here are


the headlines. Michael Phelps was denied a third


strike gold in the men's 200m butterfly. South Africa's Chad le


Clos beat him in a stunning finish. However, that silver, plus gold in


the freestyle relay made Phelps the most successful Olympian of all


time with 19 medals. Team GB's Michael Jamieson stormed into the


200m breaststroke final in a new record time. Andrew Willis also


qualified. Great Britain's eventing team, including Zara Phillips, won


a superb silver medal behind Germany at Greenwich Park. Tina


Cook and Mary King just missed out on a second medal in the individual


equestrian event as Michael Jung made it double gold for Germany.


World number one David Florent was knocked out in the semi-finals as


France's Tony Estanguet won gold in add to the tally previously. Things


will start to change. -- Team GB. Things will start to change because


we have rowing and cycling this week. Women's football has been


impressive so far with Team GB winning their first two games. They


were already through to the quarter-finals regardless of how


they get on with Brazil. But this was sure to be a test?


As Wembley has failed up, the excitement has grown. The Great


Britain players a well-remembered the moment they walked onto the


hallowed turf for the rest of their lives. A tremendous burst of


cheering to put more pride and fire into their hearts. If this does not


lift them to an even greater level of performance we have already seen,


then nothing well. Ife Dieke suffered Croatia at limit --


ligaments injury. Sophie Bradley will start her for the first time.


Casey Stoney in defence. The Brazilian side is different from


to Alex Scott. In typical fashion getting forward down the right hand


side. Great Britain will fancy their chances from set-pieces.


Brazil have shown themselves to look a bit frail at times in


incredible. What an Olympic moment Steph Haughton is having a false


start she has now scored in every game she has played. Great Britain


have the lead at less than two minutes in. Steph Haughton is


having the time of her life. The ball came out from the corner.


Landed at the feet of Karen Carney who did well to turn into a little


bit of space. I think Brazil were trying to play the offside. She got


it in from such a tight angle. You can sense they have more condoms


from their wins. Steph Haughton could have gone down there, but she


wanted to score. What a great ball created a bit of an opportunity.


Put her in space, and she will players, they have a lot of


It was a nothing ball into the box and it wasn't dealt with between


Alex got. In the end it could have ended up in the gold. I think that


could have been the goalkeeper's fault. -- Alex Scott. Kelley Smith!


Just didn't quite catch it with the outside of her boot. It was a great


ball by Steph Haughton. Kelley Smith's left but is unbelievable.


Just not enough slice. What great the goalkeeper, Suntaque. A grade


cross by Eni Aluko. Team GB have just got to soaks this up. There


will be pressure and determination. If you decisions going Brazil's way,


Bardsley has been tested. It is a solid save. Karen Kelley just did


touch and one-touch passing. And Eni Aluko needed to keep her head.


Can she do it this time? The penalty has been given for GB. Team


GB have the chance to go 2-0 up. you get behind the defender, they


have the balance to stop you. doubt about the decision. Blatant


penalty. This is what Kelley Smith was born to do. But it is a great


save by the goalkeeper. Kelley Smith has missed her moment, will


it come back to haunt the British team? She has obviously been


watching how Kelley Smith does it. You can see it in her face. The


First touch by Miraildes Maciel Mota, but she is equal to it, Karen


super match. She has needed to be Brazil's best player. Physically


Bardsley, that it was like plucking apples off a treat. She shoved off


a couple of challenges and set herself up nicely. The women's


football tournament is hotting up. Great Britain had secured a


magnificent win at Wembley. The scenes will tell you what it means


because they have come through top of the group with a 100% record.


Wins against New Zealand, Cameron and get this - against Brazil at


Wembley. What an effort. A perfect record for the women. Brazil and


New Zealand also go through to the quarter-finals. Team GB's next


Fay White, what a performance? occasion in itself, but the women's


team to play at the new Wembley in front of a massive crowd, but beat


Brazil, one of the favourites and finished top of the group is


unbelievable. They will be so delighted with their performance


and so they should be. They play the third team from the other group,


which is Canada and gives them a better chance of getting into the


semi-final? Yes, I am sure Brazil not be relishing their draw, but to


play Canada gives us an opportunity. Steph Hatton has scored again,


full-back scored in every game? don't think she could have dreamt


to perform better. -- Steph Haughton. She is a young player who


they tipped as an all round, versatile player with so many


attributes. Heading, she is quick and one of the fittest in the team.


She is a great free kick taker. Kelley Smith missed a penalty, but


there is no shame in missing a penalty against Brazil at Wembley?


I have missed a penalty, but not against Brazil at Wembley. Michael


Phelps has broken the Olympic record by collecting his 19th medal.


Plenty going on on BBC Three. You can see Australia against Brazil in


volleyball. And via the red button, you can watch what you like. Gabby


Logan it will be back after the news. We are switching to BBC Two.


The swimming competition reaches the halfway stage, with four more finals. Is Michael Phelps shaping up to be the star of the Games, or will that honour go elsewhere?

Plus updates and reaction on a big night for Britain's women footballers, with a place in the quarter-finals at stake in their final preliminary match.

Swimming: 19.30 Men's 100m freestyle semi-final 1 19.39 Women's 200m freestyle final 19.47 Men's 200m butterfly final 19.55 Women's 200m butterfly semi-final 1 20.17 Men's 200m breaststroke semi-final 1 20.39 Women's 200m individual medley final 20.47 Men's 4 x 200m freestyle relay final

Swimming commentators: Andy Jameson Adrian Moorhouse Sharron Davies.

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