BBC Two: Day 4: 22.00-22.40 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 4: 22.00-22.40

There are still two hours of world-class competition left to enjoy across some of the 26 sports that make up the Summer Olympics.

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I just thought you might fancy the longer version of that. Good


evening. Let's see what has been happening on day four of London


Michael Phelps was denied a third Michael Phelps was denied a third


straight gold in the butterfly, Chad le Clos beat him in a stunning


finish. That silver plus gold in the freestyle relay it made him the


most successful Olympian of all time with 19 medals. Team GB's


Michael Jamieson stormed into the 200m breaststroke final in a new


British record time. Andrew Willis also qualified. Great Britain's


eventing team including Zara Phillips won a Super absinthe --


silver medal behind Germany at Greenwich Park. Tina Cook and Mary


King just missed out on a second medal in the individual equestrian


event as Michael Jung made it a double gold for Germany.


World number one David Florence was knocked out in the semi-finals as


Tony Estanguet won gold in the We start with basketball. Before we


see Team GB's men in action let's meet their star man. He plays in


the NBA for the Chicago Bulls and made history by becoming the first


Briton to be selected for the There is the good and the bad, a


good part is definitely playing basketball at the highest level. I


don't like sitting with the media. I would rather go out and nobody


recognise me, the guide at the back with a heart on, nobody coming up


to me. In a simple manner he sums up life as an NBA superstar.


But his life has been anything but simple. He is a superstar in the


United States with the Chicago Bulls, the team made famous by


Michael Jordan. An all-star of the NBA. President Obama calls him an


inspiration. It is incredible what he has done. He is British, the


highest paid British oarsmen in the world and a weekly wage if eclipses


that off David Beckham. management two years ago, they said


have you got any more like him. When he walks down the high street


in Brixton he is barely recognised. If you were to drop me in London


and a my way around every were. journey to the top began in the


toughest way possible, he was born during the civil war in Sudan as


soon after his family fled the country. I lived in Egypt for five


years without a carrot. -- without my parents. If they were in England


asking for asylum. Everything we made we shared. He was never likely


to go off the rails. Professional football was his first green.


not the guy who sits there and talks about himself, I don't do


that. When it comes to football, I would admit I am pretty good. I was


just watching the England Italy match. There is a flashback that


comes through, and you wonder, if there. Football wasn't his destiny.


Certainly not once he met the irresistible force that is Jimmy


ruptures -- Rogers. Your job is to grab babble. Grab the ball. Aware


he to be hostile, agile, mobile. When I was at Brixton I felt I


worked very hard, went to practise. I started playing with the older


guys into a Jimmy Rogers came over. He said you have a chance to be


something special. He left his sprint -- you have to spring.


has made him go all the way? Very intellectually shop. When he went


to the NBA he told me about Madison Square Gardens and said, now the


hard work starts. Babette be -- I bet that is the only guy in the MBA


you as that. Does he still scare you? I don't want to talk about


that. I am who I am because I it was a part of that. Kids let you


down, then you get a phone call, from somebody in the States, he has


graduated. A telegram. It gives you the grounding for life. A lot of


these people come through Brixton, they are great human beings. I have


been very poor the -- I have been very blessed. I would never take


advantage of it, that is where I It has always been about giving


back. He has never been flash. It has always been about so much more.


I have seen both sides of the world. I have been on bedside. I was a


refugee and had nothing. I ate no - - I own a lot of money and I am


known, the balance is not fair. Giving back to south Sudan, the


place of his birth. The world's youngest country, struggling to


emerge from the brutal war of independence. Everyone of you guys


is capable of being somebody special, what ever you dream in


your head, whatever you want to be, maybe you will be the president of


this country, and one day you will lead us, be the leader of a great


country. And right now giving back to British basketball. It is a


special time for us, all the kids that love basketball can stand out


and say that is their team. What feeling when you have when he runs


out for Team GB? I will be very proud, something I never thought I


would see in my lifetime. The guys on the team are the same guys I


grew up with, they all we said one day we will put British basketball


Let's see how he got on with Great Britain in their first game, the


opposition was provided by Brazil, the commentary, John Amaechi and


Mike Carlton. We joined it in the final quarter with Britain in white


onto for Great Britain. A good recovery by Brazil. The isolation


they could get in that position, away because of the clock. Deng


hits. Great Britain in the lead by There is you're all staff. As long


as you don't have to make your key player be spectacular on every


single played during the game, you can give them the opportunity to be


spat -- spectacular at the most important times. This is the


difference. Taking hits, recreating a tough job. Concentrating on him,


he will not have this energy left. Great Britain up by one, did


defence did it. -- good defence did We see it time and time again,


players don't think it is important Four minutes to play. Great Britain


Sell imported, maintain composure, Brazil will attack. You want to


know how important this would be. Great Britain beating Brazil in


football and multiply it by 50. far more unexpected outcome.


Chris Finch was talking about that Garcia gets the rebound. He runs


down the lane. In from the corner. Dougie Duke some perspective their


third three-point shot. The lead Again, tough defence all weight to


that last second, the hands go on, it will be a foul -- all the way.


Garcia just manhandling him, pushing him out the attack said.


They are trying to push him further. Garcia has been doing a fantastic


job. For Brazil he has been named defensive player of the Year four


Didn't see that expire, at their home -- they thought maybe it had


hit the rim. Let's see if it did, 2.5 minutes to play. Brazil up by


four. The ball comes loose, picked up by a Splitter. That back for it


turned the corner, talk about fundamentals, -- back for it. --


foot. Turnover at a crucial time. He wants to go on his own, he loses


the ball, down the line. It was a good move, at the right move at the


right time. He was going to go up for that. Brazil have taken another


We have got to stop here. Let's go red. What do you guys want? Do you


The coach is an Argentine, but You heard Christopher Finch talking


about denying the ball and laying Again the hand goes in and the foul


gets called. The next one will put Brazil in the penalty zone. At the


moment two players are sandwiched together and you know there is


What a Caleb that is. That is a dagger because the rest of the


Defence for GB did not get back and that is fundamental. -- What a


killer at that is. Nene was bothered by a foot injury, but he


is not bothered there. Brazil will get another possession with a


minute and a half to play. rebounds are a nightmare, they take


the wind out of a team. It is out of bounds. A break for GB. Time Out


called. Christopher Finch tried to cancel that time-out called.


might have been an idea. We have to make plays now. You here and you


You see that foul at a crucial time of the game. You cannot afford to


give away any extra points. That led directly to another opportunity


on fence. Extra possessions at this They had a quiet 19 points done in


the most boring ways. They did everything that had to be done.


That was knocked away. The basket No want went with him. They went


patiently with the pick and the role. Garcia again knocks it away.


That is a foolish foul. Fouling Luol Deng. He knows he has got to


get the shot off. It is too important to have car seal on the


bench at this crucial time. -- Andrew Sullivan comes in, he has


been a very good defender. A lot of strategy going on. Brazil putting


in fence at players. -- defensive Three for 7. Neither team has shot


well from the free-throw line. GB have got eight from 14. He makes


the third of the three. 60-65. Many Sullivan tied him up. You see how


Brazil spread the floor and forced the defenders to stay at the very


They want to keep the ball in the hands of the player who is the best


They will need a quick three and the ball back. It is going to be


important with 11 seconds left. Whatever is on Christopher Finch's


11 seconds and a seven-point lead. You heard Christopher Finch talking


about the flair screen. Maybe a quick kick back to Luol Deng.


Luol Deng wanted the ball and he did not get it. Another


heartbreaking defeat for Great They face Spain on Thursday. Great


Britain's women's hockey team performed well in the opening game


at beating Japan 4-0. That put them at the top. In today's early match


of the Netherlands moved clear, thanks to a win over Japan. Kate


Walsh suffered a fractured his jaw in the match when she was struck in


the face. She bravely intends to return when she can. We will see


how Team GB got on against South goalkeeper. An early gift. The


goalkeeper has not served her team well. That is an absolute


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 57 seconds


in the tournament. The shot was Rogers. It is great to see. This is


what she is very good at. bullet. The goalkeeper has been


Great Britain. The started by Thomas, finished by her inner


of the goalkeeper. They would have spent hours on the training field


during these kind of corners, that is a brilliant routine. Excellent,


for Korea from a penalty corner. They moved to a pitch, using the


full length. Good save. It couldn't stop the second one. It is 3-2,


good strike. Disappointment now would turn into a bit of worry.


Unmarked at the far post. Questions need to be asked of the defensive


think that is the appropriate word. Hannah MacLeod lifts the ball over


the first defenders Dick, it is in the air, didn't make contact with


situation. It was Georgie Twigg. Helen Richardson, she managed to


work her way around, great composure by Georgie Twigg. I


thought initially she would take the shot on the reverse stick but


goalkeeper missed it, and she scores. They have come back to 5-3.


that is not good news. The that his her ankle. Let's hope this isn't as


bad as potentially it looks and she I am proud of the goals. We got on


it and put the two goals away, very proud. Fair play to Korea, they


didn't give up, when are we to 3-3, you heard the crowd, they lifted


everybody and gave us that extra buzz, that was the advantage of


being at home. We kept going, we didn't doubt that we could win this


game and we played them until the end. That injury did not look good,


10 -- can you tell us much more? don't know much, I have come from


the game to the press conference. I saw her out on the crutches


afterwards, at think it is an ankle twist, that is all I know. The


crowd of brilliant. Great to see the support. The second game in,


loud and better than ever. All the cheering, it really spurs us on.


Great game. Great Britain reclaim Great game. Great Britain reclaim


top spot ahead of the Dutch on goal difference. The next match is then


faced Belgium at 7pm on Thursday. You can watch that rival BBC Three.


The Olympic flame burns. Verities. And you are on BBC One very shortly.


Another stellar line-up. I had Stella! John McEnroe, Michael


Johnson,. You are you know he should get, or boat, Chad le Clos's


father. We put the request in. He is going


through drug testing at the moment. I hope you get them on, his dad was


sensational. The moment of the day, that will


raise was fantastic, a brilliant night in the pool.


One silver today. The gold rush starts tomorrow.


We hope so. No pressure, Bradley Wiggins.


It is how it is, not too many finals in the early stages, things


are going through heats and semi- finals.


And the sport we tend to do better at, a little bit later on. She says,


hopefully. It is a question of we do not want


to peak too soon. Build it up, a nice crescendo.


We will build it up towards your show.


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