BBC One: Day 5: 09.00-11.30 Olympics

BBC One: Day 5: 09.00-11.30

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Another silver lining for Great Britain. I just had my own chance


to congratulate the event is as they left the studio after their


appearance this morning. Good morning to you all. Surely today


rowing finals at Eton Dorney. Helen Glover and Heather Stanning are


looking good. Could it be Bradley Wiggins's


Wednesday? The Tour de France champion goes in the time-trial


with medal chances in the women's event, too.


More work to do in Weymouth. Britain's sailors need to bounce


back after a tough day on the coast. No such medal worries for Michael


Phelps. 19 Olympic medals and counting. So this is the plan for


today. We will be looking ahead to the rowing finals in a moment and


talking about Michael Phelps. We will have the swimming heats at 10


o'clock before we go live to Eton Dorney as the tension builds. Try


an early lunch, then you can see the women's pair had fully deliver


at Hampton Court at 2:30pm this afternoon. Plenty to look forward


to and plenty to get stuck into straight away, including live beach


volleyball on BBC Three right now. There are six matches today, men


and women playing. It is China against Greece on court at the


moment. Also, live badminton at Wembley. There has been a shortage


of controversy there from last night. We will be talking to Gail


Emms about what happens. And at the Olympic Park there is basketball


with Canada's women taking on France. Later on we will be talking


swimming with Ian Thorpe and hearing all about Michael Phelps's


amazing performance in the pool last night, going into the Olympic


record books in any way. But first the running, and it is the women's


power that hold our chance of a gold medal today. Helen Glover's


story is remarkable because she has only been growing for four years.


She started because of a special scouting programme that set out to


find a Olympic athletes the 2012. She is from Cornwall and if she


gets the gold medal it will be the climax of a relatively short but


Some days it is hard to get my head around the fact that four years ago


I was not rowing, I was not going to the Olympics, I was not


competing. And here I am. It has happened through hard work with the


help of brilliant coaches. It is just exciting, it is a dream that I


have had since I was tiny. I wanted to be an Olympic athlete and I


wanted to compete in the greatest sporting arena. My mother saw an


advert in a newspaper. It was looking for tall people. Steve


Redgrave had spearheaded something called Sporting Giants. It was


looking at women over five at nine to try different sports that you


need long levers for. -- 5 ft 9. I was one of them. I was training to


be a be teacher. For the first six months I carried on my training but


I do not know how I did it, looking back. I was teaching all day but I


had to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning to do my first training


session. After school I did my second session late into the night


and it was really tough. I have got a really supportive family. They


are brilliant. My mum and my dad, and two Brothers and two sisters. I


grandmother is 92 and she lives at home with us. She is probably the


most excited out of every one. My boyfriend is a canoeist and he


trains in Nottingham. He trained really hard, but not as hard as the


rowers! A very competitive family. My husband is the sportsman, but a


better to do, but he brings it out in all of us. -- a competitor.


Everything was a competition when I was little. I run international


cross-country, played hockey for my county. I did everything, every


sport I did I did to be the best that I could be. When I first


watched the Olympics, I had not really taken much interest until


then. It was a wake-up call because I realised that I had four years to


beat those people and be as good as them. Heather Stanning and myself,


we were invited on to the team in 2010. It was two years after I


started rowing. She is brilliant to row with because she is strong and


fit and she has got a racing had. We have to live in each other's


pockets so it is important that we get on. But I am messy, and she is


in the army so she is very tidy. Everybody is going for the same


thing, the dream, Olympic gold. If we keep progressing, then we are


going to be in a brilliant place on the start-line. If we put together


a good race, then we have got to be pleased with that. Helen Glover. I


like the idea of entering an advert looking for tall people! This is


the day that all British rowing fans have been looking forward to.


The regatta has gone well for Britain, so will we see the front


of that Labour? John Inverdale, we will be with you threw out. Some


brilliant heat and the last few days but now the first finals. --


brilliant heats in the last few days. Yes, you have made the point


that this is the moment that the insatiable appetite of the British


sporting public for the gold medal has got to be satisfied. Everybody


is closing in on Eton Dorney and the army officer and the PE teacher.


They will be very aware of that. They will but we spoke to them and


they are so laid back and relaxed. They are taking it in their stride.


The finishing line that we did at our last interview, how are you


going to go about your next race, the biggest of the season? They


said it was just the biggest of the season but I knew it was the


biggest of their life. They are relaxed, they are wrong form, and I


hate to say it but I can see nothing other than a win. -- they


are on form. It is a defining moment because winning an Olympic


medal can change your life, in any shape or form. Maybe jobs and


opportunities. They will always be known as an Olympic gold medallist.


That thought could be the only thing that derailed them. I hope


they are not watching hour broadcast. Yes, it is. When I


crossed the line in 84, our previous Olympic gold medallist


from 1940 it came up to me and said that you are World Champion for one


year, and a bit champion for life. -- 1948. You are Olympic champion


for life. That really sums it up. This will happen to them. They are


real contenders for the gold medal. As far as the men's eight, we will


talk about their prospects in the second. They are genuine medal


hopes but outside medal contenders. Our obsession with age in this


country, because there is a 40 year-old in the bird, gold-


medallist 20 years ago, all of their lines are being made by Greg


Searle. In 1992 he won the gold medal with his brother Johny Searle


and with our inestimable commentator. We thought it would be


nice to get the three of them together to talk about now and then.


We always knew that we could get to the final and we always believed


that we could win. For a period of time I was the best in the world at


the sport that I loved. It all came together on that morning. I would


imagine they were not looking at us as a major competitor. It was David


and Goliath, literally. I remember the night before the race, sitting


down and having an earnest conversation. We said that we were


good enough to win this thing and if we go in any position other than


first then it counts as losing. What does it make you feel like to


watch it now? I remember thinking about now, as we came forward, this


is the Olympic final, maybe we are going to win the gold medal. And


then thinking that is not a good thing to be thinking! They went


away. I was thinking, OK, we planned this, we planned this for


the halfway mark and they are doing it straight away. Naughty Italians.


Not only do they go up to the length of clear water, then we


carried on going. Even here it does not seem too bad, one length behind.


It is just that it never stopped. The question is can anybody real in


the Italians? Now I am thinking, right. Olympic final, but it is my


job now have to make sure that we race the race of our lives. Does


that shock you to look at it now? remember watching it a day or two


later in the Olympic village and I could not believe it was our race.


I thought we were really in touch. I might have been liberal in what I


was telling you. And I believe you! There needs to be fireworks now.


Here we go. We are about to push on. Make them hard and go. They are


going for a change of gear. This is when Gary did his big thing. He


continued to call us off. I cannot remember the words that he said,


but I do remember this unshakeable belief in his voice. It was going


to be a push like they had never pushed before. We had only ever


practised it once or twice. What can they do? They are certainly


making the effort and certainly closing the gap. And 17.50 we came


into silver medal and I thought, gosh, we are going to win the


Olympic silver. I remember throwing that thought away and saying that


we were there to win. If as I close my eyes, I can remember that last


bit coming in, but it was not a matter of 15 strokes and Olympic


champions, it was 15 strokes to get to the Italians. They are coming


and coming again. They are going to go through them! I think they can


do it! There was a point when we were rolling and I could see their


bow. I opposite man, coming up and up, and he just stopped rowing. He


was done. They are there! The brothers have beaten the Italians


and that is a great achievement. What a fantastic race! This is one


I always say, that is how you are meant to celebrate! You cannot


describe it. When you are on the medal podium and you are having the


ultimate accolade, there is nothing better. Being at the Olympic Games,


representing your country, winning, the flag going up, the national


anthem, it does not get any better than that. Your main contribution


is coming now. Making sure that everybody remembers as. From the


brothers, it was sheer guts and courage and it all got to Garry


Initially, I was a bit jealous, I thought, I like winning the Ellen


Booth gold medal, I would like to do that. But joined what to do the


training? Could I do it? Would I like to be 22 again winning the


gold medal in Barcelona? Yes, I enjoyed that a lot, it was a


fantastic moment. Would I want to do it now? I am not sure. As a


whole career, I am already proud of what I have done, but going into


the Olympic Games is the same mentality as it always was. I will


only be totally happy if I win, and anything else will feel like losing.


What a great piece of television, both brothers have aged really well.


They have done very well, I'm not quite sure about Gary, he has aged


a little bit too much! How much of an achievement would it be? He is


one of nine, he is not doing it on his own, but how much of an


achievement in terms of walking away from a sport and coming back


with a decade later? How big a deal would be if Greg Searle were to get


another medal? Immense. In this sport, it is about consistency of


training, getting the miles in on a consistent basis. I was 38, I was


able to do it because I trained day-in, day-out. To disappear for


10 years and come back... Almost on a whim! Very much and a whim. He


had done some Americas Cup sailing, he has been doing a bit of rowing,


but maybe four times a week maximum in the middle of the season. Most


of the time it was just Saturday morning, so to come back from that


and get into the team, his plan was paid to be built up, first to get


back onto the team then one a world silver medal. He has not done that


in the last couple of years, his proper rowing in that sense. The


next year, he repeated that. They were a little bit disappointed next


time around. If they could cross that line first, and it is not out


of the question, it would be immense for Great Britain, and for


the guise it is there for the taking. It is worth saying it is a


very competitive race, especially the German boat. They have been so


consistent, they did not win the last Olympics, but they have won


every race in between. They are certainly up for the challenge.


What impresses me most about the Germans is that whatever tactics


you have, they seem to have the answer already. There is no way of


surprising then, but can they cope with the pressure of doing it


today? That is the big question. On paper, Germany first, GB second,


America or Canada, but you cannot rule out Australia or the Dutch


either. They are all hunting for medals. It could beat a sort of nip


and tuck all away. I think the Germans will try to get out into an


early lead. Our guys, I think, are gone to try to stay with them. Will


they put everything on the line and come away with nothing or take


gold? I know what Greg will do, only one medal counts, and there


are a lot of silver medals in that team, but only one medal that they


want. You can see the crowd building behind us, they will make


such a difference, they would give it everything for the first 5,000


and then allow this lot to carry them over the last 500. -- 1,500.


We have got Alan Campbell going in the men's single sculls, but it is


hard to explain how the first few days is almost an unreal battle


before the war, the sparring, but now the knockout punches are going


to be landed, and there is a real free sun in the air, a real sense


of expectation, everybody oping and anticipating the first gold medal.


11:50pm, that is when we hope for the first British gold mettle when


the women's take to the water. -- medal. We will be back to Eton


Dorney as the live rowing gets under way, but now swimming, a


remarkable 15 golds in Michael Phelps' and in the career and a


record total of 19 medals overall. -- a Olympic career. He has


surpassed a 48 year record. The achievement was tinged with


international -- individual disappointment but Team USA helped


Michael Phelps is going to win, is he going to create history by


winning it for the third time in a Chad Le Clos won the gold, silver


for Michael Phelps, look what that means! Oh, my goodness me! He got


that by two 100 sold a second. Michael Hulse has got a silver


medal, and he is tied for the most medals won by any athlete in


history. -- Michael Phelps. He is going to have 15 golds, two Sukkur


and two bronze. If this is his last Olympics, what a civil hero. --


Ben Wright relations, the most decorated and then being ever, an


extraordinary evening, I thought you were extremely gracious. --


congratulations. I was, the butterfly did not go the way I


wanted, but the most important thing was coming back with his


group of guys. We did it, first gold medal of the meat, I am very


happy. I do not know about you, but I could watch that action over and


over again over the course of the day. This is our chance, Ian Thorpe,


to relive the moment with you. You were here with Gary on the sofa, a


fantastic night. It was an extraordinary night of swimming


overall, but what really was extraordinary was Michael Phelps.


His 200m butterfly, he would have been disappointed, but he was


gracious in defeat. To the young South African. Chad Le Clos, who


said his idol was Michael Phelps. He had a brilliant swim. Then he


went on to the four vital hundred metres relay, and the Americans


dominated this race. -- or by 200m relay. I thought Michael Phelps was


the greatest Olympian, but it has now been officiated at every


different point. He was your rival and also your friend. Yes. He comes


across as laid-back, will he have been really driven to get to this


new record? Yes! I think you can worry about those that are calm and


relaxed. He does come across as laid back. As soon as he walks out,


the tens it on. The athletes that has the ability to not get


overwhelmed by the circumstances, what they are going up against,


having that kind of attitude works, rather than those that try and


build it up and get all this angst and anger inside before they race.


This was a very special record for Michael. I think the other one that


he would have wanted was to have won the 200 butterfly, so he has


won the same event in three successive Olympics, which would


make him the first male to ever do that. Still incredibly impressive,


gold medals at three successive Olympic Games, a long time to be at


the top of your game. It is a huge stretch, and very few people do it,


and very few people do it and win in multiple events as well.


Michaelis them to come away from this competition with another bag


of medals. -- Michael is. It becomes quite staggering, because


we are talking about 19 medals. It is a lot! And for Team GB, we are


wanting just one gold at the moment, Michael UBS has 15. That puts it in


perspective! It is an enormous achievement. What is he like?


quite funny. Look, is just... He is what you see, he is that laid-back


guy, he jumps around, he messes around, you know. He is quite quiet


and I think, unless you know him, you would not understand him to


start off with. Every one kind of tends to warm to him. In the


swimming fraternity, you do not last long, you know, if you get a


bad reputation, if you are not liked. The moment that I thought


reflected so well on him was despite the disappointment he must


have had at ended up in second place, the way that the show Chad


Le Clos around the Aquatics Centre. This is where you hold up your


medal, this is where you smile. Smile here, do this, do that. It


was nice, the gesture. It was kind of like the master and the


Apprentice, taking someone through what is the procedure around, what


do you do, who you look at in the crowd, when you have to look at the


Anne Begg family, all of these things that you are learning on the


job, really. -- the Olympic family. We should point out that he is


still in competition, so we are going to see him again in their


pool, impressive semi-finals as well last night. Let's re-join


Clare Balding at the Aquatics Centre. We have seen you morning


and night down there, some people will think you are camping down


there! We could if there was somewhere


comfortable. So much action, heats and semi-finals in the mornings,


finals in the evening, one more thing on Michael Phelps. He tweeted


this morning, thanks to the team for giving me the lead they did


going into the last 200, very much giving them credit for making sure


he came home. Absolutely, and he was very aware that Daniel was


there for France, but it was a big enough lead. He wanted that bit of


a lead, he already had the 200 butterfly, and that event is tiring.


Full credit to his team, he is always about the team. As amazing


as his achievements are, it is all about the team for him. We have an


extra person with us to give extra power to the two swimmers who could


both win medals, Michael Jamieson, who qualified fastest, and Andrew


Willis, who qualified third fastest. up for this one. The medals are not


tonight, Michael, they are pace swim. This is very fast indeed,


we will keep a little eye on the world record, if you don't mind.


The rest of the field is starting to come back at him. The crowd is


going absolutely nuts, listen to this when Jamieson touches first!


Oh! Another massive British record! Really happy with the time and I am


Willis 10 faster with 50m to go, the whole field coming back at him.


-- tend first. You are only about one metre behind the world record!


The rest are coming through, but it looks like it will be a stretch.


Willis was second, but I can tell you that his time, well, that is a


massive lifetime best, a new English record, and it is only just


outside the new British record that was set in the first semi-final by


Michael Jamieson. That is unbelievable, I was not quite as


nervous as this morning, more excited. Just the crowd really


helped me at there, it is unbelievable. I knew Michael was


capable of a great time, I am really happy for him, amazing we


are both doing so well, both in The extra-special thing for them


and the whole crowd that will be here tonight is that they will be


next to each other. Adrian Moorhouse is an Olympic gold-


medallists over 100 breaststroke, you also swam 200, tell us what


they will have been going through I am hoping that they slept because


that is important. Why he'd swung one day and the finals were the day


after and I found it really difficult to sleep. -- my heats


were on one day. It goes through your mind on a loop and you cannot


sleep. If they set, then they can get up and get fresh air, then


maybe swim a bit this morning. they be down here? I doubt it.


There are three Olympic pools near the Olympic village, and they will


be training there. Keep it as normal as possible. What would you


advise be to them, looking at a qualification times? -- what would


your advice be? He must be confident knowing that he is the


fastest man in the pool. I think the confidence will come with that.


Michael Jamieson will be in their own four and it is great to have


Andrew Willis next to them. -- in lane four. He is the real threat


and it is good that he is next to him. We cannot write off Andrew


Willis because something sneaky could happen. They train together


so they are used to each other and they feed off each other and they


have pushed each other to career bests. Absolutely. They will push


each other but the Olympic final will push it anyway. I think it


will take off the edge to have a friend in the room with you. There


will be a reassurance that comes with that to calm them down. That


is enough. Then they can use the crowd. It is like the national


championships and staff. They are so used to racing against each


other so there is a comfort blanket. You do not want to feel isolated in


a room like that. It is a massive thing that you are doing by


yourself, you can do it but it is nice to have your friends there.


the closing stages of a race, Mo Farah says that it is counter-


intuitive but you have got to relax to get the most out of yourself.


What you want to do is go, quick, quick, quick, but particularly with


breaststroke you have to keep the strokes long. Absolutely. Like a


lot of strokes, you have to be long in the water. It is about getting


as much water as you can and pulling yourself through. Relaxing


is one thing but having fun is another. It bugs me when they say


they are here to have fun. They want to enjoy themselves. No, they


don't, they want to win. You cannot snatch, as you call it. Yes, it is


about not snatching. If you do not told the water, you go quickly


through it. I know why they say they want to enjoy it, but it is a


very serious thing. If you were swimming in London, were to come


out with the headphones on? I would take them off, all the time.


would you come out with the headphones on? They did not have


had phones in our day. Cassette tapes! You could come out with a


ghetto-blaster on your shoulder! We have discussed Michael Phelps and


his achievements from last night and we have looked ahead to the two


British swimmers in the final tonight, a real medal prospects.


What about the emotional story of last night? It was not Michael


Phelps winning, but getting beaten by Chad Le Clos. Afterwards, Mark


Foster managed to grab his father to chat. Tell us a little bit about


Chad Le Clos and when he committed his life to swimming and how he has


got this good. He is unbelievable. He committed like you cannot


believe. He is the most down-to- earth beautiful boy you will ever


meet in your life. Look at him. He is like me! I love you. Is this


life? Yes. Sorry! How many family members have you got here? My other


son is here, someone up there. I can't find him. We had to get


tickets all over the place. It is not easy to get tickets. I know!


You were here at the most perfect moment of your son's life and the


most perfect of yours. Unbelievable. Thanks, Great Britain. I love that


moment. I could watch that all the time! That video is going viral on


YouTube right now. Sir why here! I wish I had worn a better to show


it! -- that is what I hear! Lily Allen was sitting here, and she


said it was amazing and everybody went bonkers and everybody was in


tears. Chad Le Clos is now a big star and he is in action again this


morning. Yes. What also made it special was after the presentation,


the parents crying their eyes out, and Princess Charleen, the South


African swimmer, she was standing with them and she was bawling as


well. It was a special moment for the country and it is every


swimmer's dream. Top marks for them for getting the father to come and


talk to us because it was great. Nifty footwork. You were talking


last night about the changing of the Guard in swimming. That stuck


in my mind. Michael Phelps is 27 and Chad Le Clos is 20, I think.


Yes. It is quite strange for me. I know how long Michael has been


around and I know that he says that he is going to retire after this


competition. I just have this funny feeling that he might stick around.


He might not retire? I don't know. I just have a strange feeling about


it. You can see how much enjoyment Michael gets from the relays. I


think he would still be of huge value to those teams. Maybe I am


putting the challenge out there to run. Stick around for a few more


years, we want to see you continuing to swim! Maybe we make a


big deal about age and swimming. You competed in London and you are


just a couple of years older. are some swimmers now that are


older than me and they will win medals here. I am confident of that.


We see 15 year-old winning gold medals at the Olympics. We


associate them with being young. As we learn more, there is no physical


reason. It all has to do with your own personal head space, how you


feel about the sport. Michael in that victory, that you know how he


almost chaperone Chad Le Clos around the port to show him what to


do. -- the pool. But swimming has changed and there is a new


generation of swimmers that has been inspired by the stars of the


past. They have used a similar training methods and they are now


beating them. And perhaps performance is raised by being in


the same pool. But you would say do not write off the older swimmers?


Yeah. Tonight is really big for Britain in a swimming pool. We have


only had one bronze one it so far in the pool. Michael Jamieson and


Andrew Willis did fantastically well. They really did. What is good


is that there is a great history of breaststroke swimming in Britain.


To be able to bring this back, and to be able to have two swimmers


qualifying in the best lanes for the finals, we could be looking at


some medals. And that is plural. Michael Jamieson's time has put him


into the top 10 of all time to swim in that particular event. That is


right. When we look at all-time best times, top 10, there are a


couple of others in the final but are also in the top 10. But looking


at form, these guys are in with a really good shot. Thank you very


much indeed. That is how it is looking on the swimming front.


There is a lot of support available right now. -- sport. China are


playing Greece in the beach volleyball right now on BBC Three.


The judo is also under way through the red button. Two gold medals up


for grabs later on tonight. As the handball has just started. That is


one of the live export at Olympic Park. Norway's women taking on


Korea this morning. There is plenty to see. If you are heading to work,


you do not have to miss anything. This is an Olympics like no other


and we want to make sure that you get the most out of this once-in-a-


lifetime event. We have created a live, interactive video player that


allows you to watch every moment of the Games. This is how it works.


Imagine you are watching the 5,000m live and you decide you want to see


the triple jump that was on earlier. All you do is click, and you


instantly rewind back to the moment that you want to watch. When you


have caught up, Jubber back to the here and now by clicking on the


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is the extras button. Click on this and you will find lots of great


information. If you are watching the track cycling wondering what


the different events are, the sport guide will tell you. Olympics live,


turn that on, and it will alert you to the key moments around the Games


so you will not miss anything that matters. If you are watching the


rowing and you want in-depth information about one of the row


was, then the athletes panel is here to help. -- the rowers. 25


live events can take place or at once, so we have arranged


everything to make it easy to find the best action. In short, we are


giving you complete control of what There is plenty to watch. If you


were watching on our dedicated badminton strewn late last night,


you will know that there were dramatic scenes. The crowd became


incensed with what they were watching on court. This is what


China were playing South Korea. It was the women's doubles. The game


descended into farce at their accusations that both players were


trying to lose the match. They made a string of errors including


serving into the match and no rally lasted more than four shots. Both


players have qualified for the next stage, and they are accused of


trying to lose the game to avoid playing Chinese players in the


quarter-finals. The badminton Federation has charged both pairs


of players, the Koreans and the Indonesians, with not using one's


best efforts to win the match. It has been very controversial and


dramatic at the badminton. Let's hear from Gail Emms, the former


Olympic medallist in badminton. You will have to explain it to us. Was


it clear that there was something Very clear indeed. It was


embarrassing. There were 6000 people that paid good money to


watch top-level elite badminton. I think my toddler could have won one


of those matches. It was shocking. These girls were serving so far out


it was embarrassing. It all started because of yesterday. In the


morning session there was a shock upset with the No. 2 seed, Chinese


ladies double pack, not coming top in their group. They ended up


runners up, meaning they are in a certain position in the draw. That


stirred up everything. It was put to the tournament referee that


there could be some suspect matches later. The referee ignored the


warning signs. What happened was just truly disgraceful. The Chinese


and Korean pair both wanted to be runners up in the grip, so they


avoided the Chinese in their half of the draw. -- in the group. It


was not one of power, it was both. The Chinese pair were more stubborn


than the Koreans. The referee told them to play but they were having


none of it. They wanted to get the best route for the Olympic medal.


They were not trying to win. The Chinese last, the Koreans won when


they did not really want to. That has had a domino effect on the next


match. The next match was another Korean group playing against


Indonesia, and they wanted to avoid the group that had just lost, so


they were trying to lose. It was not just one match trying to lose,


but two. Bear in mind this is the Olympic Games, it is not in the


Olympic spirit. Incredible but not in the right way. This happened


because the rules have been changed. These are not knockout stages of


the competition. Exactly. Every badminton tournament that has ever


been played is usually knockout. If you win, you are still in the


competition and if you lose, you go home. The idea was to have group


stages to show more badminton on the television. To show that other


countries can have a chance to play in the Olympic environment. It


really backfired. When I heard it was going to be group stages, six


or seven months ago, I instantly said but that can fix the way you


go in your drawer. I knew this was going to happen. It has been put to


the Federation many times. They ignored the warning signs thinking


that it would be fine but it has shown that it can happen. There has


never been a group stayed in badminton and now than ever will be


again. -- group stage. They have been charged with not using their


best efforts to win the match. What will happen next? They are having a


massive meeting right now. Lots of coaches, managers, officials, all


in that meeting. There will be a press conference at 10 o'clock, but


I think it will end up being later. Probably 90% of the people in the


badminton environment at Wembley Arena, they are calling for them to


be disqualified completely. I have seen people crying because they


could not believe this was happening in the Olympic Games.


They have been working so hard to get this competition perfect and


they have just seen four women's double pairs not living up to what


they believe in. It has been really hard for them. They have been lots


of strong words going about. I just do not know if the federation are


going to disqualify them. I do not know if they will have the guts to


do that. We will be looking out for that press conference later. For


anybody that has not been following the badminton, how have the British


Unfortunately we did not have anyone in the women's doubles, we


had a pair in the mixed doubles, we had a male singles player and a


female singles player, but they did not make it out of the group stage.


It was not the best for Great Britain badminton and it does not


look the best for world badminton either. We will be keeping a close


eye on Wembley Arena later. So badminton will not be providing


any British medals, but we are hoping that cycling will. The track


events start in the Velodrome tomorrow but today is all that the


time-trial on the road. Emma Pooley has medal chances, along with


Lizzie Armitstead. On the men's side, lookout for Chris Froome and


a certain Bradley Wiggins, who will be at Hampton court later, his


latest step on the road to a gold 2012. If you can just excuse me, I


will speak in English for a moment. We're just going to draw the raffle


numbers now. I did not even have a drink inside


me when I did that! It is so formal, or that sort of stuff, you have got


the day the President of France at there with me. It was not about


that, really, and that is why I tend to the fans. It is all about


them, really, they are the ones that come out and support. It was


just brilliant, that is what it is all about. And so yeah, maybe it is


disrespectful to the sponsors were and all the prawn sandwiches in


front of me, but I felt it was more appropriate to give time to them.


The country has gone wigginstastic, people are sporting sideburns.


is brilliant, that is what it is all about. It is good that it has


that effect, a bit strange for me but, you know, ultimately I only do


it to the individual! But it is good. The biggest name in cycling,


the winner of the Tour de France. Officially bigger than Cavendish?!


I have not done the head and shoulders at 30th. The scale of the


win and the reaction in this country, do you pinch yourself.


was a bit overwhelming, you know. I am used to see it happening to


Chris Hoy, and I guess I do not think... None of us really


appreciate what cycling is going through at the moment, because you


are concentrating on your performances. I think we are all


pretty down-to-earth guys, by the nature of our sport. We do not


fully appreciate what it is doing for the profile of the sport.


win the Tour de France takes an incredible effort, what kind of


sacrifice is do you have to make? Oh, a lot. Here, apart from the


training, the physical side that everyone does, six weeks of the


year living on top of a mountain in Tenerife, I miss the children's


birthdays, the kids break-up for the Easter holidays, you are


leaving. Sleeping in a spare bedroom, in a tent. Having a family


and being a father and husband and all that is not conducive to try to


win the Tour de France. The two to not go together. But you know, if


you have got a supportive family, as I have, then you can do it, but


I do not know how long you can do it for. I will certainly not do


another six of them, like Lance This is your 4th Olympics, you have


won 6 medals, Steve Austin and Industry, what does it mean to you?


-- Steve Finn the Olympic history. It is something you come back to,


because to come back here with the same people, at the same staff, it


is good, every four years you get a bit older and a bit more successful.


From this 19-year-old lad in Sydney, who have not changed a bit! I am


looking forward to going out there and trying to win in the time-trial.


It is going to be amazing. Someone mentioned to me something I had not


given any thought to, but I am unbeaten in time trials this year.


So I never gave it a thought, you know, so that is quite a nice


statistic to have going into the Olympics time-trial, but everyone


brings their best, and you have got to be at John Best, and I think I'm


at the best. I have just one the Tour, so I must be! -- won.


So far Bradley Wiggins has three gold medals, one silver and two


bronze, so any appearance on the podium with making the most


decorated British Olympian ever, it could be an historic day.


You can follow both the men's and women's time-trials all afternoon,


the key moment is from 12:30pm onwards. There is live swimming


coming up shortly, but first sailing, traditionally one of Great


Britain's strongest sports, but it has been a mixed first few days at


Ben Ainslie came into day three of his historic Olympic title defence


with one aim, to close the gap army so part flawless Jonas Hogh-


Christensen, with Ainslie not spectacular behind him. The Dane


cast Ainslie adrift in the second race of the day, but gold is


definitely still up for grabs. will keep going until the end,


whatever happens, so that will not change. And you know, hopefully


Jonas has had it all his way so far this week, and hopefully he has a


few tough races, and we will see. It is never over until the fat lady


sings. While Ainslie is the figurehead for the British team,


the Laser Radial took place today, and Alison Young, who one an event


here in June continued her good form on home waters with two second


place finishes between the Irish leader. She now lies both overall,


the medal credentials and confidence growing by the day. If


the news coming back from the Laser Radial course was warmly


encouraging for British medal hopes, it was blistering from the big


hitters on the stark course. Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson passed the


halfway mark in the regatta with second place, just behind their


arrival. That finish at the end of the day puts them four points clear.


You have laid down a marker, that you're here with intent to defend


your title in style. We are definitely here to defend our title,


but we have not got on top of them, four points behind, mortal


medallists between them, they are not go to stand by and let us have


this one. It is going to be a fight to the end. And things started well


for Ben Rhodes and Stevie Morrison when they began the day with third,


but a capsize ruined their chances later, the only good news was a


capsize from their big rivals from Australia. The Australians are


over! In the earlier match racing, the British trio had a ding-dong


battle with the French medal hope, and it went their way, they now lie


joint 4th in their group. But in the men's Laser, a story that


started badly for Paul Goodison yesterday when he could not get


into the top 10 got even worse today when he posted 16th. He


rallied to finish the last race of the day with second place, but the


Olympic champion emerged on the slipway almost in tears following


the recurrence of a back injury, not the way that Tom Slingsby wants


to take the gold 4 star I know he has had problems with his back in


I hope he gets some good physio tonight and is feeling better


tomorrow. One thing is for certain, the drama here at Weymouth and


Portland looks set to continue. It's certainly well, looking


absolutely beautiful down there at the sailing venue. -- it certainly


will. We very much hope that Britain's first gold of the Games


could come from the rowing, so we will return to Eton Dorney just


under half an hour before the semi- finals get under way. John


Inverdale, how is the atmosphere? There is a tension in the air,


because it is the Thursday of the finals, as I mentioned earlier. It


is like anything, like athletic meetings, although sometimes you


have finals on the first day, it is like the heats, the quarter-finals,


the semi-finals, and this is the Thursday that medals will be handed


out, so it adds an extra freeze on in the air. Someone has just


whispered in my year, 20 years ago today... Cumin, Mr Redgrave!


years ago today what? That is the question I am asking you. I do not


know what the answer is! Have a guess. There was probably an


Olympic Games going on and I was probably involved. You won gold 20


years ago today. That is news to me, I do not watch history back that


much! That is in the background, Matt is saying, I knew! He is doing


that very thing, look! I am more interested in what is going to


happen today than what old codgers used to do a long time ago. It is


an unforgettable day, none the less. In terms of Helen and Heather, who


would he have been talking about a lot today, we are still a few hours


away from their final. What will they be doing? They will be in the


boat house over there, up in the rest area, which is taking over the


gym area in the top of the boat house. I do not know quite how they


conduct themselves. People like doing different things, but they


will be very quiet, concentrating on what they are doing, just making


sure that everything mentally is in tune for what they are going to go


out and do. Two people in a boat, but there is huge support staff.


What is the core of individuals around them, helping to make them


realistic gold medal contenders? When they came on the scene, at two


and a half years ago, they were what I thought the spares to the


women's eight. They went to the world championships, I thought they


did fantastically, making the final, and I was quoted on New Zealand


radio and papers that they had done fantastic but don't expect anything


else. And then they won a fantastic silver medal. The Kiwis were a long


way in front, but it was an amazing result, and then the next season


they dominated everything, last year. They came across the New


Zealanders at the last World Cup race, A470 behind them and then put


them on the post, beat them at the last World Cup. New Zealand pipped


them at the post. They have dominated the second, no-one has


come close to them. Everybody on a team is now expecting... I am the


only one saying, they are definitely going to win gold, I


will say that, I think they definitely will. That is 11:50am,


mark your card. There is a huge clock on the boathouse,, so I can


tell you that is one hour away. There is the men's eight, the


showpiece event of any regatta, six boats of nine men surging down the


course, always a spectacular spectacle. The men do have an


opportunity to win a gold medal, but realistically they are talking


about finishing on the podium in some shape or form. A really


interesting mish-mash of individuals in that team, all sorts


of characters that go together to make that crew, and a key member is


Constantine Louloudis, very raw and inexperienced, but a phenomenal


athlete, he learned to row on this stretch of water, and today he has


an opportunity to win a gold medal just a couple of years after


leaving school here. Interesting hearing Bradley Wiggins talking


about the pressure of having a family, 20 years old, single, the


pressure is reversed, it is not on my wife and children, it is on the


parents, and I think his mum has been talking to Matthew Pinsent.


The morning of an Olympic final is never easy for the parents, and I'm


joined by Constantine Louloudis's mother, who is stroking the British


aid. We hope to a medal! How has he been? Fantastic, very relaxed. I


have seen him before other races, he is relaxed and cool. Constantine


is Constantine, he takes everything in his stride. I can normally tell


if things are good or not, and he's very cheerful and relaxed. Let's be


honest, this is his first big race. He has rode juniors, once under-23s,


but not all season. This is the deepest of deepest sense that he is


being thrown into, isn't it? doubt about that, but he is a man


with a mission. He knew what he was letting himself in for. He has got


here, you know. He is cool, his... He is just relaxed about it. I am


saying he is relaxed, God knows what is going on behind the scenes,


but he knows where he is, he is And how are you going to spend the


next few hours and minutes? Getting over my hangover! Likewise, I do


not want to go on about recent weeks, but if you had asked me six


weeks ago I would have been very sad. But he is here and on the


starting line. He has done it. Let us just focus on this. What a


cherub! Aged nine. There are mothers and fathers and


all kinds of supporters of the Great Britain team here today.


30,000 people in all. And the royal visitor. And just a final word


about other races going on today. We have some semi-finals as well


which are the precursors to the finals later on. We have three


semi-finals. The men's quad and the Men's Pair. We're on for all of the


boats to be in the finals at the moment. They have a tough task


ahead of them. Everyone is still on target to get a gold medal. So I'm


hoping that the semi-finals will go well. And then we have Alan


Campbell as well in the single. Well it is a big day for rowing and


for the Olympics generally from a British perspective. Hopefully we


will have our first gold medal within the next couple of hours.


We will of course be back at Eton Dorney later on just before the


first finals of the day. But there was disappointment for Britain in


the judo and yesterday. Especially for a tearful Euan Burton. Sally


Conway and Winston Gordon are in Conway and Winston Gordon are in


action today. Judo. The playing area is a foam


covered Matt. It has a 10 metre square contest area surrounded by


the safety area. The referee will stay in the contact area throughout


the contest. Outside line judges can confirm that referee's


decisions if necessary. A variety of techniques are used. The


ultimate aim is to execute the ippon. That secures immediate


victory. It can be achieved by throwing your opponent down with an


armlock or stronghold. Waza-ari Involves an opponent being thrown


on their back. A yuko is when the opponent is not


A yuko is when the opponent is not thrown on their back.


Let us crossed to the ExCel Arena. It is the largest and this year's


competition venue of will stop seven sports occur here including


judo Wednesday aged is set for local boy Winston Gordon. -- where


local boy Winston Gordon. -- where the stage is set.


A rise in The Levels of expectation. British judo the needs to pick me


up. The Canadian competitor is the opponent for Winston Gordon. The


London there is now a veteran of three Olympics. Is he about to give


British judo something to smile about? He has got the experience


and he knows how to fight in these high-pressure situations. We have


seen eight British fighters have come and go, seven of them have all


lost their opening contest. Winston Gordon grew up a few miles


away from this XL arena. On the ground, at looking for the armlock.


Looking to straighten the arm. He needs to secure the top half of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


body. A good start from Winston collar. He has got the sleeve. The


Canadian drops to his knees. Winston dominating that exchange.


He has done it! What a way to start! That is the way to start the


boy gives a little bow. He ought to be enormously satisfied with that


performance. It is precisely what the sport needed to this moment.


went out and took the fight to the Canadian. Now he needs to keep his


concentration and think about the next round. Fantastic judo. He is


so explosive when he goes in for the attack. Just spins in there so


quickly. What an ippon. Brilliant quickly. What an ippon. Brilliant


judo. Winston is a winner and in the grandest of fashions. So a very


good result there for Winston Gordon who has gone through into


the next stage of the competition. If you want to carry on watching


the judo it is on the red button. But next week take due shortly to


go swimming. A lot of heats this morning. Fran Halsall and Amy Smith


will go for Britain later today. We have the men's 200m individual


medley and the women's four by 8200 medleys.


Then we have the men's breaststroke final this evening. Also gold


medals up for grabs in the women's butterfly final and relay.


Clearly plenty to keep you busy today. What are you looking forward


to? I am looking forward to the men's 100m freestyle this evening


and the men's 200m breaststroke of course. The two British swimmers


who have done it really good times will start they have. And when we


talk about this competition and how people have been performing, the


British swimmers in this race have shown a high standard. So the level


of expectation actually goes up. We can secured some medals here in


those events. And they get a good Lane tonight. Absolutely. I think


they will swim off into other this evening. And the crowd will help.


And Missy Franklin is back in the pool? She is back and it could be


very exciting for her. She has been called the female Michael Phelps in


America. I'm not sure that I like that phrase. He called her one of


the best of the male swimmers he had ever seen. And for Michael


Phelps that is an enormous compliment. So much to look forward


to. We go to the Aquatics Centre centre now. Always standing by it!


Missy Franklin finished 4th yesterday so she cannot get the


seven medals she was trying for. It is not all working out for the big


American guns. It just shows you how difficult it is to win these


championships. That is why the achievement of Michael Phelps is so


astounding. It is so difficult in this level to got consistently.


Ryan Lochte will be swimming twice today in heaps. What will he do in


between? I think between the thieves, you have to be registered


for your race around 10 minutes before. He will be straight out and


spend probably about 15 minutes in between. But in the finals he will


have no time. The 100m freestyle is in action now and we will join that


soon to see Fran Halsall. Ruta Meilutyte he swam in an unseeded


heat and she is in play No. 7. We do not think she will qualify. An


example here of the multi- events taking their toll. Breaststroke is


so different from the other's jokes. So it technically you can tell that


she is not a free Styler. -- the other strokes. I am learning so


much! We will take you through to this heat with a NICE Smith in


this heat with a NICE Smith in plain number of tool. -- Amy Smith.


She has had a couple of days arrests since her disappointing


butterfly. There is Fran Halsall in the 100m three.


withdrawn. Fran Halsall has had a very good start. Amy Smith also


going well. We have some really good sprinters


in this race but Fran Halsall is moment. Amy Smith just needs to get


a touch ahead of those surrounding it might be 54.5. Let us hope it is.


If it is 54.5 she is in. That is a good swim from Fran. Spot on.


Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace showing great technique on the start. She


went out for it. Taking up victory. A quarter of a second ahead of


Halsall: So Arianna Vanderpool- Wallace wing it. Halsall second.


Amy Smith in fifth. She is lying in eighth with one heat to go. She is


definitely in. And the final heat. And Kromowidjojo of Holland, the


fastest woman of the year. There is Ranomi Kromowidjojo. She had


meningitis a couple of years ago and nearly died. Recovered from


that wonderfully well. There is Missy Franklin. Yes, viral


meningitis, this was during her swimming career and had a real


scare. Herasimenia, we can't write her off. Equal World Champion.


the final heat of the women's 100m Freestyle. Very good start indeed


in lane four. Ranomi Kromowidjojo of Holland, the fastest woman in


the world. One lane close we are that black hat, is Aliaksandra


Herasimenia of Belarus. She has gone out really quick. She has


picked up on the second 25. The first was Kromowidjojo's and then,


well, that was fantastic of Herasimenia. Good turn as well this


is the World Champion, there has been a lot of talk round the pool


side during the warm up sessions and the training pool about


Kromowidjojo taking the gold medal easily, well, this is a rusty swim


for her, coming back now, there is Herasimenia. So Herasimenia is


going to win it. Well, maybe coming through in six is Schlanger. That


is incredible That looked like almost a dead heat. Races have been


won by one and two and three 100s. It was a fast one. That group of


swimmers having a really good race. Missy Franklin coming fourth in


lane three. So that was a quick one. They have been talking about


preserving energy, emotional and physical and Missy Franklin, so


bubbly all the time. She just needs to learn at 17, learn to calm down,


but that is a good energy conservation swim. Absolutely, that


fourth place is good. A good fast one. Herasimenia doing enough.


Schlanger wins it. Herasimenia second, so very fast heat that,


they will be threw. I can tell you that both the British women have


made it through to the final,, the semifinal I should say. So


confirmation of the semifinalists in the one hundredm Freestyle.


Francesca Halsall in seventh. That is just loaded. Look at the names


there. All the big names are in. There we go. Amy Smith 13th, with


54.3. She has a great chance of making the final. And Britta


Steffen 14th. In the morning it is about making it through to the next


round. I think Fran looked better there, on the butterfly it is about


your timing. It is one of the things in training, if you


concentrate on one more than the other and Herbert chances have been


on the 50 and the 100 freestyle. For the two of them to get through,


Amy had a great swim. On paper Fran has been the second fastest, she


has got more and she will get faster in the next rounds. If Amy


can make it through it will be just under 54. But to get up early in


the morning as the meet goes on some swimmers get more tired, so


great result. We think of swimmers as being big strong broad shoulders


people like you, but Fran is tiny, she cuts through the water doesn't


she. She cuts through the water, swims on top. If you watch her she


swims crab like, what you want to do, this is where the leg kick


comes in you want to lift yourself like a powerboat. The fastest the


energy goes the more it lifts itself out. If you are swimming


there is no resistance in air. In water you have the resistance.


Which is true of rowing as well. You want to be on top of the water.


We will be back here later, we have backstroke heats. Let us first hear


from Fran and Amy. Nice to see you back in the water. What have you


been doing? Nothing. I just relaxed put my feet up and just tried to


take my mind off things and not get too involved. Because it has been


so exciting, I have to keep relaxed. You have family here. Who was that


you were waving to? My auntie from Australia. She is here with her new


baby Sam. He is cute. Great support from the crowd Amy. Even has been


saying you do hear it in the water: Yes, it is harder on freestyle but


you can still hear it, and coming out, even for the heats it is


amazing, so, I mean, all the people back home, we know they are are


supporting so it is great. It has been great. Are you getting hungry


for medals now? Definitely. Good to see you. Well done ladies. One of


the key things about competing at an Olympic games is dealing with


the waiting time. That is true of swimmer, athletes, whoever, giving


yourself enough to do but not expending emotional energy. There


is a lot to do and a lot of time during the day. You come into the


village, you eat, maybe have a swim during the day, depending on on


what sport you do, the rest of the time you have to manage your time.


At home you have distractions, you have lots of other things to do.


Washing, Hoovering, ironing, all the things you do Now they have


room service. I would like to say, I don't do any ironing ever, or


much Hoovering! They have a lot of nervous energy and Francombeing in,


she has the expectation of three possible medals, in her mind she


has believed it but there is pressure to her performance so she


is always smiling. She will be more comfortable doing the freestyle


events. We will see her let rip tonight. She will have to be in the


eighth fastest. We hope Amy can do eighth fastest. We hope Amy can do


it as well. What stood out for you Ian? What surprised me in the heats


was there was a couple of top swimmers that were missing, Cate


Campbell of Australia, who, you know potentially we thought could


win a medal and she didn't swim. don't know why. We don't know why I


assume it is an illness. Especially for Cate Campbell, she would not


withdraw from this event. This was her race. I was surprised with that.


Good to see the British girls have gone through there, and I think it


looks good for them, into this final, getting into the final I


should say. One of the things that has I intrigued me, is that lots of


the swimmers, although they are rivals across the team, they seem


to congratulate each other in the pool. They reach across the lane,


reach out and touch each other. It seemed to be -- seems to be


relatively fendly. I think it is. We talk about rivalry, and, you


know some time its sit back and I I go is it rivalry? We are very


competitive. You turn it on when you walk out in front of the crowd


and it is all about the performance, and, it is not so much about


beating that experience it is about... Come on!. There is more in


formering, if you only rye to beat someone you won't reach your best.


Behind the the scenes we are friends, there is an etiquette to


warm up. We Sahel low. If we see something that is incredible,


everyone applauds it, even if they from another team. They will go


down to that other pool and when they have their cool down. They


swim down, cool down, after you watch people swim and exhaust


themselves we go off and swim even more, which makes no sense to


people, but you know, it is to remove lactic acid to help start


that recovery process and then, back to the village, have something


to eat, sleep, come back and do it again. Lots of focus on the Aquatic


Centre for very good reason. We will let you go off to BBC Three to


talk more swimming, so there is no rest for you. Now, we are going, we


are keeping a close eye on the rowing because it is a big day with


the rowing finals. The kind of day you would hope for perfects can be


at Eton Dorney. Let us rejoin John. How is it looking? We are watching


flag, there are huge number of flag, the competing countries along the


top of the grand stands, and we are doing nothing but watching the


flags. Trying to identify one of two, but also because if the flags


are going straight down the course, either way, that is fine. Because


it means that the water, that the stillness of the water not an issue,


the problem is the wind. If there is a cross wind, the conditions are


said to be slightly unfair, because they favour one side of the course


more than the other, and what point is it decided that we might have


postpone racing for a period, because the advantage is so


profound? The international federation of sport have a


committee that is watching it all the time. They will have people


monitoring all down the course and they take it very seriously. People


think, it is not rough, why aren't they race something but it can make


a big difference. Across head as it is at the moment the people on this


side get more shelter from that point of view, but... What whanches


is the tipping point? Is there a a Richter Scale of cross wind that


once you go beyond a certain point that is when it is unfair? It is


not done on wind speed, it is done on what it looks like. They will be


looking at each lane. When you have six racing lanes it is not just


about a matter of one lane to the next. It is from lane one to lane


six, and I did notice yesterday, but didn't mention it, they had


moved the racing over, because there is eight racing lanes, and


they moved them across, and they moved them away from the sheltered,


so everyone is going to be fair. It is not the wind speed is this, it


stops it is done on judgment. you are rowing, whether you are a


single scull other in an eight. If you have a side wind buffeting you,


how does that impact on how you row and the issues of getting a decent


rhythm in the boat? It can, in the small boat, throw things off kilter


in some ways. But again, you practise in all sorts of different


conditions. With the bank, they are sham fered away, the water


dissipated and doesn't come through. Some of the international courses,


I remember racing in a dock, where there is concrete walls so it


bounces round, Egg is all over the place, that is horrible. If you are


in a pair or single that is not very nice. There was a huge cheer


will for a race that didn't involve a British crew. But that was an


indication the December blelve was such for a couple of crews I think


looking round, one from New Zealand, and one from Denmark I think, it


gives you an indication of what the atmosphere is like, it is going to


be fantastic. There was a great shot of the flags. Flags give away


what the wind is doing, and it gives them more of a judgment from


our point of view. When you have the flag, I think everyone knows


which way is wind is blowing. Croatia, South Africa, Norway?


Sweden. Switzerland. That one? have no idea. Thailand? The red one


with the curly bit? I missed that one. You know, by the end of the


regatta I think we will have to test you all, and I can't help you


out with that one. But again, I will be brushing up on my flag


knowledge. We will be back with the rowing, the key time to set your


watch for is 11.50 this morning. That is when the first of the


finals takes place, involves the women's pair, Helen Glover, Heather


Stanning, British roars women have never won an Olympic Gold. --


rowers. Let us talk about basketball, because it doesn't


offer much in terms of medal hopes. If it is stardust you are after the


. There is the good and the bad. The good part is playing basketball


at the highest level. I am not going to lie to you, I don't like


sitting with the media. I would rather go out and no-one recognise


me, the guy in the back, with the hat on and just chilling and no-one


coming up to me. In a similar manner deng sums up life as an NBA


superstar. Perhaps we should leave But his life has been anything but


simple. He is a superstar in the United States with the Chicago


Bulls, the team made famous by Michael Jordan. President Obama


calls him an inspiration. It is incredible what he does.


His weekly wage eclipses even that of David Beckham. When he walks


down his local High Street in Brixton he is barely recognised.


know my way around everywhere in London. His journey to the top


began in the toughest way possible. He was born during the civil war in


Sudan and his family fled the country. I lived for four or five


years without my parents while they were asking for political asylum.


He was never likely to go off the rails. Professional football was


his first sport. I'm not someone to talk about themselves. I do not do


that. But with football I will admit I was pretty good at it.


You get a flashback and you just wonder. But football was not his


destiny, especially not once he met Jimmie Rodgers, that irresistible


force. Grab the ball. You need to be


hostile, agile and mobile. I feel I worked very hard. I went


to practise and studied playing with all the guys. Then Jimmy


Rogers came over and he told me I had a chance to beat something


special. What is it about him that Major got


all the way to the end be? -- made you go. He is intellectually sharp.


He told me after at one success, now it is when the hard work starts.


I never worked as hard as I did in Brixton. Does he still scare you a


little bit! Oh, man! I am who I am because that was a part of me.


People let you down all the time and then get a phone call from


someone in the United States. It gives you a grounding for life.


They may not all be great Basketball Arena players but they


turned out to be great human beings. I would never take advantage, I


know where I came from. It has always been about giving


back. He has never been flash. It has always been about so much more.


I have seen both sides of the world and I have been on both sides. I


was a refugee and a had nothing. Now I have a lot of money and I am


known. It makes you think the balance is not fair. Giving back to


south Sudan, the place of his birth, the youngest country in the world


struggling to emerge from the brutal war of independence.


Everyone of you is capable of being somebody special. Whatever you


dream in your head, up whatever you want to be, one day you can lead us


and we will be a great country. And right now, and giving back to


British Basketball Arena. It is a special time for us and all the


kids who love Basketball Arena. What feeling when you have when he


goes out of the Olympics? I will be very proud for him and the Olympic


team. The guys on the team at the same


guys I grew up with. One day we always said we would put British


Basketball Arena on the map. The story of Luol Deng. Probably


one of the most internationally famous at Leeds on the British


Olympic team. Well we have live women's


Basketball Arena on at the minute. That is Canada playing France. That


is on the red button. Also taking place now, more of the


swimming heats which are continuing on BBC Three.


And elsewhere the judo continues. There down to the last 32 of the


women's categories. Sally Conway in action for Great Britain. And I


treat is continuing over at Lord's. Amy Oliver of will be up against


India's teenage sensation, Deepika Kumari. The next couple of bars are


all about the rowing. Tension building up towards the finals just


before midday. So we can join John Inverdale. There's a lot of


pressure on these two women. In the last couple of the Olympics


we expected Katherine Grainger to be the first recipient of a gold


medal. But she has always got silver medals. But she could


actually be trumped by Helen Glover and Heather Stanning. We could hear


at 30,000 people down by the water swimming. That was the flag of


Chinese Taipei. I'm sure all of you at home were saying that as well.


We have three semi-finals to comfort are all hugely competitive.


First we have the men's quad. Then George Nash and Will Satch. Then


Alan Campbell in the single sculls. All hoping to beat in the finals


later in the week. What are their chances? A few months ago you would


have said the men's quad, no way of making the final. There were not


performing well. But the double and the men's quad have come back into


this regatta and had a good chance. The weakest chance probably of all


the boats. But Alan Campbell should have no problems. High for the pair


to make the finals would be a fantastic achievement.


It is the first time this week we have been allowed a live television


camera in the boat house. Let me give you an idea of the geography.


That is the racing lake. It is fantastic, a great atmosphere.


Follow me over here and I will show you where the guys are warming up,


the land warm-up on rowing machines. We're not allowed in there. Once


there done it is over to boat, onto the water and out to race. We will


be here at all morning giving you Updates.


We were incorrect about the flag. The capital is tied pay but the


flag is actually the capital, Taiwan.


Well we will test you later on on the other flags. But if we go down


to the start we can see the first cruise -- crews, going through


those nervous moments. Listen to the crowd! That noise must somehow


have got down to them. And for them this is really a tight race. It


could be the moment when they find themselves in the final. But also


it would be a terrible blow to them as individuals if they were to let


the side down. There is a team spirit and everyone will be urging


these guys on. They believe they can do it. I know it will be touch


and go but I'm hopeful that they can do it.


A Dan Topolski and Garry Herbert A Dan Topolski and Garry Herbert


are here as ever. We are off. Switzerland in lane


number one. Great Britain, a new line-up this year, in five.


Great Britain have it all to race for. They finished 4th at Munich


and that gave them all the belief. These guys can't really do it here


today. There are strong athletes. The head wind is good for that.


That could really work well for them. But Russia have gone out in


front. Matt Wells in and the stroke seat for Great Britain. Tom


Solesbury up there and Stephen Rowbotham in the bow seat.


Approaching the first quarter mark. And Russia have taken on Croatia.


Australia in third position. Great Britain in 4th. That is OK. Now


they need to start pressure on the boats ahead of them. The first


three go through to the final. The coach is such an inspirational


coach when it comes to the big races like this. They have to


believe in him and his leadership. A few weeks ago there were saying


that Russia was a wild card in this event. They knew they would be a


threat. Russia now leading and looking very smooth indeed. Very


quick on the beginning of the stroke, well-connected, well


drilled. Daniel Noonan the stroke man for


Australia. The winds dropping which is a good thing here in the middle


part so great Britain can establish their rhythm. They are tracking of


the world champions. What a result if the British can turn over


Australia, the world champions. Russia continued to lead at the


halfway mark. But Great Britain continue to be in


a good position. I do feel they are a bit slow on


the beginning of the stroke. It is as if they were just finding it a


bit laboured. I hope they will be able to turn it on the pressure a


little more effectively in the last 750 metres. It is a little bit slow


on the catch. Whereas the Russians are much quicker on to the front


end of the stroke. It is a bit ponderous. Croatia were the


undefeated boat, the world bronze medalists. They take the lead on


and bring with them Great Britain. Now the race is starting to develop.


It is very much between Australia and Great Britain for that the


third place. Australia coming back hard on


Russia. Croatia have now starting to open it up.


And here come Great Britain, at tracking the Australia. It is so


close in the closing stages. If they want to book their place in


the final... New Zealand in 6th place. Great Britain will need


every single person to stand up and almost lifted that boat. I think


they can do it. The Russians are the stroke. They are coming into


second place. If they can get the Australian, what a fillip for them.


Rowing into the final, first time for a British quad in an Olympic


final. Great performance. 200 out and the British are rowing for


pride. Tay are in third place. Let us get on to the Australian, lay


down a mark forefinal. Croatia out front. Croatia are leading in style,


and the British want the Aussie scalp and they are going to get it


here. 100 out from the line. Great move for Britain. Last 250 metres.


That is Matt wells in the stroke seat. He knows how to lift a crew


in the last 200 metres and here they come. Up to the line, Croatia


in first place and it will be close because the Aussies have come back,


one last time, Australia into second and Great Britain and third,


but the most important thing here is that the British have made a


little bit of Olympic history, because this is the first time we


have had a British quad, contending in an Olympic final. We salute the


guys for that. But what a race we are going to have in the Olympic


final. This is the first semifinal, it is all building up. I was really


worryed in the middle. They were with just a bit slugy and --


sluggish, I needed them to sharpen up and move they left it late and


they would have got the Australian, I think they can get them in the


final. I am going to take a breath. That was a semifinal. It is all so


exciting, because it is getting towards the business end of it all


here, right. This is what everybody has worked for, and these crews,


and the Croatians, it has to be said, they look pretty good. They


were unfazed. They are good. They know what they are doing and they


made their move and moved right through. That is what it mean, they


have come through, this will be the crew to beat. Solid, right to the


line, they picked it up hard, they have laid down an impressive marker


in the head wind here, but Great Britain will be highly satisfied


with that result there, they know they have a big race ahead of them.


As we wait for the results caption. Croatia, Australia and Great


Britain join them in the A final P final. I am joined here in the


boating area by the coach of the boating area by the coach of the


Dutch men's eight. You spent the last half hour poll loishing the


living daylights out of that Hull, how much hard work has it been?


is a bit of effort but it relaxes the coaches and the boats have to


be perfect for this occasion, I think. Now, tell us how difficult


is it for you on Olympic final day, we can imagine what it must be like


for on a athlete, but for a coach, how much can you say? It is, in the


end it is out of control. Anything you do, which of course the whole


pathway and the road until this day and the last few words, but I think


they are ready. As Britons we are getting excited because the British


A. We think the German A is good, tell us what you hope for your


Dutch eight? Everyone knows that the Germans are the favourite but


they can be under pressure as well, and, actually I think it will be


quite a close race and open race, and we will see what happens.


you, good luck. We will see you later. Back to you, Gary. So we are


on the start line now for the on the start line now for the


second semifinal. That is Poland, in lane number four. The defending


Olympic champion, what a journey they have had over the last four


year, struggled to get back on the the medal podium since that


magnificent day in Beijing. Ukraine in lane five, alongside them. The


Italians. Ranieri in the stroke seat. Multi-medallist over the


years. Second in Beijing, but with a different line up. They can be


strong in the sculling event. We have France at the top and Estonia


and Germany in one, two and three. Wonderful shot there. Look at the


water, how it moves round. That is why we have starting gates, keep


the boats dead straight, particularly now into the cross


breeze. Coming under starters in lane three. Poland seem to be on


a rip through this regatta. In lane number four. So France, from the


top. They have qualified for the Olympics via the Olympic qualify


kaiing kaition regatta earlier this year, so they have had to fight and


earn their place in among it all. We have Estonia, 16th in the kwham


ships last year. Had a very good World Cup campaign through 2012.


Germany, the world silver medallist, three in. Poland, the Olympic


champion, Ukraine in five. 11th last year in the worlds. Italian,


silver medallists, two years ago, 2010. O a good array and mix in


among it all, of experience, of medallists and of those that are


fighting up behind. Germany looking very strong and they have a


powerful crew. They get the blades in well. They are not elegant, they


are not pretty but they are powerful and accurate. Poland would


usually be out there leading this, leading the field so they have been


suffering for the last couple of years from injury. They have their


full line up back, they have crept along, just qualifying, just


getting into finals, but now this is, this is crunch time for them.


They have to start to show what they are capable of. They are


Olympic champions after all. Germany through 500 fist, good


start from the German, into the breeze. Estonia, Ukraine, Poland


languishing in fourth. Of the six boats only three slots available


for the A final. Great Britain safely through already. I would


expect Poland to get past Ukraine. They were the second fastest


qualifier here, one second behind Germany. They are good in the


middle. The middle of the stroke seat, he depends on -- they he gets


up a night rhythm. They have been at that two crews up, three crews


up. They look a bit heavy in lane four. But they will turn it on and


start to move. Through Ukraine into third place, that is where they are


hoping to finish in third. Top of the picture going out, disappointed


to see France come in towards the back end of this. The stroke man of


the French quadruple scull. Olympic champion in the double sculls back


in 2004. Great experience in that many this second semifinal of the


men's quadruple sculls. Germany Estonia and Poland having moved


for the A final, expect though, the Italians to come on. The Italians


are great sprinters towards the end, in any race. They will prevent well


but I don't think they are going to be up there with these leaders.


Estonia are doing well. A new crew here, they weren't at the World


Championships last year, they were ninth four years ago with a


different crew. They scull well. They were taught to scull very well


by a former rower. Here is Germany very strong, powerful, leading this


field. Estonia sitting pretty, in second place, and Poland, just


happy to qualify, glad to be through there and they will hold


off anybody else. Only Italy will try and sprint up, but I think they


are coming from too far back. sun is desperate to breakthrough


what is a bit 06 of after overcast here at Eton Dorney of on day five


of the Olympic Games. Look at the crowds that have come down here,


they are enjoying absolutely everything they see. Germany,


through 1500 by about a canvas. Over Estonia, Poland in third. The


Olympic champion, those three boats have gone free. It is very unlikely


for the others, France, Ukraine, Italy to come back, they are away.


Germany looking very solid. Once Poland got through Ukraine there,


they just settled into a nice powerful rhythm they are very good


at. I think we will see something a little bit different, a bit special


from them in the final. But Germany, very strong, very powerful. Estonia


staying in there, sculling well. Not really overextending themselves


they have qualified so they are not too fussed there. You see Estonia


coming back at them. They have done enough. They are coming to the last


125 of this course, into a breeze. The yob is well done, Poland, the


world and, Poland the Olympic champions will be in third, they


are out of your picture right now, but they are safely in third. On


the far side those the French are pushing on hard, they believe they


might get it. It is going to be too much but too late. Up to the line.


Here come Germany. Putting the second -- winning the second


semifinal. Safely through to the A final. As Estonia and Poland, the


Olympic champions, through to the A final. The remaining crews all go


to final B. Our big disappointment for France and a big disappointment


for Italy who have put out some very big crews over the years and


at different Olympic game, they were second in Beijing, a different


crew this time round. Germany,, they look good. They do, they were


two seconds slower than the other heat. It bodes well for a


scintillating final. Great Britain in the middle with an outside


chance of a bronze medal. There is two outstanding crew, Germany and


Croatia. Then for Great Britain, it is all about getting in the mix


they have to, we say it time and again and they do try, believe you


me, I know we bang on about it, it essential in the first 500 metres


to be up there. Get out and get into the race, that gives you the


confidence to allow the rhythm to develop. That is what these guys do


very well indeed. So waiting now for the confirmation there. Germany,


Estonia and Poland safely through Estonia and Poland safely through


to the A final. And as you can tell, we have relocated to our position


on the finish line which means we are able to able to hear the noise


much more than from the boat house T cheer for the Quad as they


qualified was almost deafening. Fantastic, fantastic performance,


as I said just before, they were going to find it tough to get


through, and that was in fine style. As Dan said, they have a chance of


maybe pinching a medal. That is how much they have improved from the


last World Cup to here, so in the last five or six weeks they have


come on tremendously, we know the double is doing really well as well.


And Alan is coming down in fourth. Their reaction when they crossed


the line and they put their arms in the air almost as if they had won a


medal. But there is work toeb done. Many moons ago, we have the pairs


coming up, I met a gentleman yesterday who is a big man, and he


put his arms round me and said do you remember. Me? I said terribly


sorry, I don't. He said I am Will Satch's dad. We sat on the river


bang at Henley and I told you my son just started rowing and one day


he will be in the Olympics and you went "Of course." Because you get


lots of people saying that. And he is here now. They could go further.


Yes, coming into the regatta you would have said, young guy, huge


potential for the, for the future, but there is no way they are going


to get any further than making a B final but they have a great


opportunity, they had a storming heat, went faster in a pair than I


have gone in pair. I know that was a long time ago when I was in a


boat, but that was pretty fantastic, and now they have a great


opportunity. In their semifinal, it is difficult to pick out the class


boat within that, they all have a good chance, so it could be tight,


probably the Greeks probably have got the most history within the


event, but, it could be a very very good six-and-a-half minutes. We saw


an Argentine duo yesterday come from nowhere to pring a surprise,


men's coxless pairs. Many famous names over the years has been in


his event. The event today New Zealand qualifying through to


this semi-final with the new Olympic best time. They took the


record by six seconds. It was extraordinary. They are the class


crew of the whole regatta. They came 7th in Beijing but since then,


no one has come here. -- near. New Zealand making it look easy.


Eric Murray, Hamish Bond. Looking for a little more steadiness now


they know they have got it under control. They are going into a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


headwind today so we do not expect You have got Oxford and Cambridge


in the stroke seats. They have driven it everybody out of this


event. Canada still believe they can do something, but this is


outstanding. We're at the halfway mark. New Zealand are simply


outstanding. Great Britain coming down. They


just want to beat all dominating in this event. They are hungry for


speed. They want to build that gap on every single stroke.


Their steady but very accurate, there is nothing complicated about


what they are doing. And they have now opened up for work lengths. --


far side. The crowds supporting the rowers at Eton Dorney. Olympic


history will be made today. Coming up towards the 1500 mark.


500 remaining. Eric Murray, 30 years of age, lives in Cambridge.


Hamish Bond in the stroke seat. behind them for at the two


of this race to get the final qualification slots. But New


Zealand, a flowing, the stylish strokes. They now have only one


race left, the Olympic final. It will be a project that has been


seen through with such magnificence. They continued their undefeated


winning run through this Olympiad. They came the 7th in Beijing in the


coxless four. They came out of that, they joined together and what an


impressive partnership they have formed. There has been put under


pressure by Great Britain but all that came to an end earlier this


year. The Italians coming up hard now and getting the second slot.


There are through safely as our Canada. The remaining crews going


through to the B final. Well it was almost certain that New


Zealand would win that race. Matt, we could tell from your reaction


how much that meant to you. This event was tight and were you


qualifying is different race to race. So to finish anywhere between


first and third is brilliant. We're in the final and we can start to


look for it now. How conscious way you that if you did not make the


final, you could be the only boat that did not? That was not


something we were thinking about. The race plan was crystal clear and


we executed it well. In terms of how the race panned out, you must


have been feeling confident by the halfway mark? It was a good head


wind and we like those kind of conditions. Everyone just stayed


cool and kept plugging away. We had a brilliant rhythm. Steve had it


all under control. We had a solid rhythm and re wrote really moving


and confident we could coming in a qualifying position. Well we felt


coming here today that the atmosphere had up a bit. Did you


feel that in the latter stages? talked in the heat about that noise.


It is quite hard format to hear me. -- for Matt. I can hardly hear


myself now and I just had to ramp up how much I was shouting.


could get the crowd to do that calls for you! You just had to


listen to those guys. We made a couple of mistakes in that race. We


definitely have something to step on now and come Friday, those boys


and girls are really going to give us the extra boost that we need.


Congratulations to the man squad. Great Britain actually getting off


quite slowly, a bit lazy coming out of the starting blocks. They will


now have to chase it a little bit to get back in line will stop -- in


line. The crowd a really like the third


person in all of these British crews! They have been so impressive


all the way through this regatta. Great Britain is settling into a


years of age. And they have been a good find coming up through the


ranks. -- George Nash and Will France leading. Great Britain in


4th position. They had a slow start. A bit of a surprise because they


are normally fast starters. It is imperative that they get a good


long flowing rhythm. They are sprinters in the end, they will


sprint through. I suspect that Poland will just


slip back again over the middle part of the race. The Great Britain,


everything has gone well for them in training. And they just have


looked the part. They were the fastest of all the crews to


qualifying. So they do have the pedigree. They're just going


through the Australian now. They do not have to do too much, just stay


there for the next 400 for 500m. France definitely being put under


everything asked of them. There doing it with rhythm and efficiency.


And Great Britain have hit the lead. The crowd going absolutely mad.


They are taking this semi-final by the scruff of the neck and moving


on. Greece also coming hard. The Kontoulis brothers. But this is


simply outstanding from Great Britain. It is spectacular. These


are to look younger eyes. Look at them at stretching out. Such


confident rowing from the very young guys.


And here they are just stretching out. There in with a very good


chance of a medal come the final. These are the new kids on the block


and they are making an announcement. Coming up towards the 1,500m mark


now. Nash and Satch moving out to France by a length. They have just


got clear water, France led them out to the half way mark and Great


Britain then pulled it out, they have moved on and still they look


as though they have loads left in the tank. The engines haven't


really been put on to all fire, they don't need to be at this stage.


It is cool, calm clebg tive minds from George Nash and Will Satch. --


collective. 22 years of age on the Olympic stage here and the hairs


will be up on the back of their necks because now they will start


to hear the roars coming on. This is only a semifinal. This is a


cauldron of noise, this fantastic sense of another man in the boat.


Forcing them on. Here come France again. But Great Britain really


flying, what a credit to the British organisation and training,


what great preparation they have had coming in this last six weeks.


They are flying, they were the boys on the back of the men's group and


here they are, two youngsters and they are leading the semifinal


through definite finalist, definite medal potential. 200 out from the


line. There are only 20 strokes remaining and this young crew will


be in an Olympic final whasm a momentous occasion, the French are


driving on hard, the Great Britain crew have to keep the length. They


have to keep the power, the French don't want to come back. They are


in lane five. And Great Britain just squeeze it out. Not today


thank you very much France, it is our race, it is our semifinal, and


Great Britain now can enjoy the last five stroke, up to the line


they are into an Olympic final what a day for these two young former


under 23 guy, Great Britain are into an Olympic final, and France


float over the line, and they look behind them in utter awe and


wonderment. Australia came through in that race, but every step of the


way, and I have to say at 1,000 metres I thought they had gone too


lirl but they kept their cool and collective minds in that third 500.


Two strong boys. They responded well to France's counter attack.


France thought they would be able to get past, they spended well and


they stormed away again. That was stupendous, such maturity, and they


are only 23, 24. The heads go down and that is what it is, it is


almost reminiscent of the Cox pair as they drive through this regatta.


So confirmation, Great Britain first, France second, Australia


third, those three boats off to the A final. Raise We have been up beat


about everybody but that is a surprise, the manner of it at least.


They surprised ne the heat of, three boat goes through to the


semifinal, you can get some strange results, but the way they rowed


results, but the way they rowed there, relaxed and smooth, and in


my wildest dreams, I wouldn't have thought they would win a semifinal.


And they are going to be in one of the middle lanes in an Olympic


final. They will have the New Zealanders next to them, but that


is just fantastic. Well, Will Satch's dad said he will kiss both


of us on the lips if his son wins a medal! I am not sure if we want


them to get a medal or not. But he is a big man so I said yes, please,


feel free. I would like to see that happen to you, I hope they will win


a medal! I think we will hand you back, sorry I was being distracted


by the start of the men's semifinal there. We are all distracted by the


thought of you being kissed on the lip, we will have to make sure that


is on camera I want to mention do you about this flag business that


we mentioned. I don't want you to think I am sad about this flag


business, but I found out we are all correct. It's the republic of


China Taiwan but they compete in the Olympics as Chinese Taipei.


Well, there you are, vindicated. I never doubted you for a minute.


knew my flag, we used to go round many championships and testing each


other on flags. Let us nip off to the boat house where Matt is


waiting for us. Let me say, there was a huge round of applause for


that performance from the men's pair, winning their semifinal from


the volunteers, of course we are impartial but it was great to see


them win that semi final. But attention changes to the women's


pair, women's quad too, but women's pair in the final. They are boating


behind me. Very difficult to describe what they are going


through now, this is always, I have to talk a bit quietly, I don't want


to disrupt them as they go down to the water, with their coach there,


Robin Williams behind them they are four years into their rowing career,


especially for glofr, she has never touch add boat four years ago. --


Helen Glover. If I was going to race a coxless pair four years


after starting, I would be worried about falling in. Amazing


performance, and you can see them putting their boat in the water


there. They will do a bit of scrutineering from the official,


they go, paddle out into the warm up area and we will expect to see


them race for their Olympic gold medal very soon. 11.50 this morning


is when you will be able to see that race. The coaches will be


setting off the rowers on the way, they can't do anything more for


them. They the ones you will see cycling alongside the race. A an


update on the judo, we showed you a bit earlier on. Unfortunately


Winston Gordon of Great Britain was knocked out of the judo by the


Russian Denisov, but Sally Conway of Great Britain has won her bout


and she will be in the last 16. So well done Sally Conway. Quick


chance to talk about cycling, that is because the men's and women's


time trials are happening. Any medal for Bradley Wiggins will make


him Britain's most decorated Olympian so it could be a historic


day down at Hampton Court. Let us join Tanni Grey-Thompson alongside


Nicole Cooke. The crowds are gathering and we are by the final


bike check and the tension is starting to build. Nicole, Beijing


gold medallist, fresh from the road race on Sunday. It looked brutalful


what was it like? It was, it was a killer of a day in terms of the


conditions, we had the rain and hail coming down, it was a very


hard day, but in terms of the actual racing, you forget about


that and concentrate on the racing, we had an amazing race as a team.


We were supported by so many people on the course, it was a very very


special day. We have had a couple of great years for British cycling,


you have been winning medals for a decade. We have two realistic


chances. Both riders are, in with a good chance. Emma is the silver


medallist from Beijing, she was World Champion two years ago,


Wiggins has been undefeated in time trials, the long time trials this


year, so both will be up there, it is just exactly where they finish.


For the women it is 29 kilometre, for men it is 44. It is considered


sort of a flat course. How will the guys do it Will Emma prefer


something Hillier? Emma is great on the mountains and the climbs, but


the course today has lots of long straight sections in it, so when


Emma gets up to speed, she can hold that top speed really well. She is


small and aerodynamic, for a flat course, I think it is one she can


perform well on, and Brad, who has come are the track, he knows all


about -- come from the track, he knows about racing at top speed, so


I think he also will be loving this course. So, you know, if you were a


betting woman, what are your expectations? I think on the men's


side, Brad should be on for the gold and I think Chris Froome can't


be ruled out for a medal, if he has a great ride. I think he could


medalful on the women's side, I really want to see Emma on the


podium. It is going to be hard to know what colour, and Lizzie, she


has no pressure today. I think she will be on a massive positive from


the road race, she has no pressure, just get out there and ride, and


she might surprise us. I saw her say she was going to enjoy today.


Is it possible to jien time trial? No, but you do get a lot of


enjoyment knowing that you have done a great ride. And that is the


strange way that athletes work, it might be horrible on the outside,


but deep down you just love it. Emma goes at 12.56. Brad goes at


13.07. What is going through their mind right now. Are they sitting


and waiting? Yes, they are. Just trying to stay relaxed. The


preparation is done. They have their ree routines, they know what


is in store, it is about staying focused and calm, and when they get


to the start line, and the clock counts down, they are ready to


explode from the start line and give it their all. And go for it.


Fantastic, thank you very much. That is fantastic. Thank you. What


is going through the minds of the cyclist, what is going through the


minds of the rowers ahead of that crucial race. We will be back at


dorn in a moment, but before that we want to update you on the


archery, there has been a fantastic bit of news for Great Britain at


Lords. Archer Amy Oliver has ended up knocking out the world number


one archer. So fantastic performance there by Amy Oliver.


The home crowd delighted. There she is, having knocked out the world


number one. Well, Matt Baker will be here shortly, he is here,


getting ready. I am in position. exciting moment in the rowing so


let us return to John, again a big gold medal hope, I hardly want to


think about it but the expectation is there. It is. Before we talk


about Helen Glover and Heather Stanning. Drysdale from New Zealand


is a dominant figure in the sport. He is in the last 100 metres. Alan


Campbell in the second race, but he Campbell in the second race, but he


has been given a run for his money. The Swedish guy has led most of the


way down. Because of the big entry they have to go through


quarterfinal, semifinals and then they get a day off and then the


finals, so they are pacing themselves in some way, so we know


he is one of the class acts and I was, I thought he was going to be


settling for second but he decided he wants to win it and is looking


strong and comfortable. So they are about 20, 30 yards or so from the


finish so the last few strokes, paddling in, in the safe knowledge


they are through to the final. As you can see, the clock ticking on


to 7.20 or thereabouts and Alan Campbell from Coleraine is heading


your way shortly. He will be down at the start at the moment. Those


last few nervous moments before you get under way. Michelle was talking


about Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, they are out on the water


as well, warming up for their moment, their date with destiny and


I think we have some pictures, there they are. Not much talking


going on there, just thinking and focusing. There isn't a lot of


talking that goes on. You are runs on almost automatic, you are


nervous, nervous, actually once you sit in that boat, that you feel a


little bit more relaxed. You are aware of what is going on round you,


but at least they know what they are doing now. The last two, three


hours have been sheer hell for them, I am sure, but this is the bit they


will be confident and know what they are doing. OK, let us hand


they are doing. OK, let us hand over to Matt. I am in the bike tent.


Lots of people have been asking me on my Twitter feed, what are the


the bikes in the back of a rowing race? When you see it on TV there


will be a peleton, not quite goodbye cycling, Bradley Wiggins


style but there is a huge peleton of coaches all on the far side in


TV pictures that you can see. These lovely volunteer, are in charge of


handing out the bikes to the coaches, they take one of these,


and they cycle along the tow path. The rules are you allowed no


electronic communication between the bank and a crew. You can't have


a radio, you can't have a loud hailer, you couldn't have any sort


of communication, other than shouting, and boy, do the coaches


shout! And scream, all the way down the race.. They think it makes a


lot of difference when you are rowing. I actually doesn't! See you


Campbell from Northern Ireland. He has popped into our commentary


position a lot. He could talk for Britain, never mind row for Britain.


But he is a great guy. An engaging personality. And I am sure


everybody would love him to make it qualify, the way he has been


forming over the Olympic regatta. His confidence was a flowing


yesterday. But if you're not in a final, you cannot win it. So the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


next six or seven minutes are He really does jump out of a start.


But he is still quite unpredictable as to whether he will go too fast


or just get into the right rhythm of this early stage. His coach has


been trying to get him to focus on the middle 1,000m. So he has


supreme technician. Every stroke is a perfect illustration of the sport.


But Alan Campbell from Coleraine is leading this field and really


pretty well. A quarter of the race down. The


competition will it really have to start thinking about their


prospects. Do they just focused now Olympic final. He is not really


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 45 seconds


second semi-final of the men's single sculls. The Belgian it


slipping back into fourth place. There is a guy running alongside,


running down with the flag. He has chased them the whole way down. It


looks as though he is running in with the Czech Republic flag. Hats


off to him. Everyone knows that Alan Campbell


goes out quickly. Remember that all he needs to do his qualifying.


is so competitive, he will probably want to get into the lead. But it


is not necessary. He needs to conserve energy for the final.


Alan starting to stretch out. This is now a matter of pride.


These are Gladiators out there. They are friends and training


partners. But when it comes down to the business, they are serious


rivals. Alan just starting to move up on the rate. It is an impressive


sight. Azerbaijan complete in the third qualification spot. The crowd


now just take Alan on to the line. There goes Synek now looking very


strong. He just has that ability. Alan Campbell will have to let him


go. He does not want to spoil his chances in the final by making a


last ditch attempt now for something that does not really


matter. He is in the final. He is just staying at 35 strokes per


minute. Letting Synek do what he has to do. It is an elegant and


snows scull from the world several -- silver medallist back in Beijing,


Andre Synek. He knows that he has this semi-final in the bag. As does


Alan Campbell. Wonderful support here. There


safely through. Great Britain at last won a medal


in the Olympic Games in the single sculls back in 1928. So a big


chance here for Alan Campbell. Azerbaijan gets the third


qualification spot. Well he looked absolutely graceful.


He was not too concerned about Alan going out took a length in that


early 500. He just kept his race plan. He is the coolest customer.


He's just very relaxed. He will be the big Challenge I think for Mahe


Drysdale to win his first Olympic gold. So what are your thoughts now


after two semi-finals? I think Alan Campbell is in amongst the medals.


My hunch is it will probably be bronze. I think the big battle will


be between Mahe Drysdale and Andre Synek. But you never know, Alan has


such racing courage. He was very sick last year before he came into


the final and he came 5th. But he has always been amongst the medals.


So the Czech Republic, and Great Britain and Northern Ireland and


Azerbaijan through to the final. What is your assessment? What you


think the best he can hope for is a bronze medal? If everything goes to


form, yes. You have got to guys who will be out there racing for the


gold medal. Things can go right or wrong. There are a lot of variables.


And if Alan it is around to pick up the pieces of someone having a bad


race, he will do that. I would say a bronze medal but perhaps better.


Coverage from day five of the Games, the first of four days of rowing finals. Meanwhile, Fran Halsall hopes to qualify for the semi-finals of the women's 100m freestyle.

Swimming: 10.00 Women's 100m freestyle heats

Swimming commentators: Andy Jameson Adrian Moorhouse Sharron Davies

Rowing: 10.40 Men's quadruple sculls semi-finals 11.00 Men's pair semi-finals 11.20 Men's single sculls semi-finals

Rowing commentators: Garry Herbert Dan Topolski.

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