BBC One: Day 5: 13.45-16.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 5: 13.45-16.00

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The crowd on both sides now have just going mad. They can't smile as


they come up to the line. They are allowing themselves to think, we


are Olympic champions! Great Britain into the record books.


Great Britain are the Olympic champions and it could not go to


more worthy winners. Helen Glover and Heather Stanning, we stand up


and so Luke shook for the British rowing team and for the country.


The dead - salute you. Wasn't that just remarkable?


We may have had to wait until day 5 but that was well worth the wait.


Not just a gold medal but a victory of breathtaking dominance. And now


we're off the mark let us hope that a gold medals are like London buses.


He is the master of the time trial. The master of the Tour de France.


Bradley Wiggins rides into the record books!


We have waited a long time for this one up and the sad to note it could


easily be two. I hope you have got you're Golden sideburns ready.


Back to the road now and the women's time-trial has just


finished. The great hope for Great Britain was Emma Pooley. She is so


talented on the road and actually has a P.H. D in soil Engineering!


She was silver medallist in 2008 in Beijing. She really is a crime.


This does not play to her strength. -- a climber. Sadly she was just in


second place in this stage. It has been a dramatic road race. We can't


explain what else will be going on there a little later on. -- we can.


Lizzie Armitstead was also competing for Great Britain and


would have been desperate to follow up her silver medal from the road


race. Kirsten Armstrong was the real star as far as the United


States was concerned. She put in an absolutely stunning performance.


That was how things got going as far as the women were concerned.


Let us hear from bezique arms debt. -- from Lizzie Armitstead.


This was not your preferred event. How was it for you as much it was


really awful. The time trial rests on my team, their mentality and the


way they train, you have to put yourself through some dark places


in your mind to get through that. I saw that it was 10 kilometres to go


and I could not believe it. I have never felt such pain. It is very


competitive at the moment, very close. It does not look as though


Emma Pooley has been able to crack this one. It was not really suited


for her. She was fantastic in the road race


and played a big difference such it would have been good to see her on


the podium. But the level at the moment is just incredible. To be


successful on a course not suited to you was always going to be a


Challenge. Well congratulations and a sterling


effort. She was never really expected to excel in that time


trial. But could Emma Pooley hang on in their? This is what happened


on in their? This is what happened in the concluding part of the race.


31 seconds off the pace of the Russian. That is an incredible ride.


She is going to be really happy with that.


We wait now Villumsen. She was silver medallist in Copenhagen 12


months ago. She drives on for the line. The Russian it is still going


to beat in the gold medal position. It is going to be close but I


reckon if she is going to go silver at this stage. Second for Villumsen.


What a finish we are in for it here. She is going to be very nervous now.


It is a would say the best performance of her career. Is she


going to get a medal? Look at this very narrow section of the course.


The crowds massive as they wait for the arrival of the two serious


medal contenders still out on the course. Judith's aunt, a top podium


finisher - Arndt. She is so versatile.


Armstrong just has a handful of minutes to get the last bit of


effort out. I think that is Marianne Vos. What


an incentive that would be to try to pull out pure speed. Armstrong


is going to catch the world champion. I'm waiting to see that.


I think it was Marianne Vos. Of course she was caught by Arndt.


So the Russian leading, New Zealand in second place. And this is


Armstrong sweeping past Marianne Vos. Marianne Vos has been caught


with three minutes via Armstrong were just squeezes through. She is


just going to take the shortest line around this course. That was a


great incentive for her in the closing stages. And it is a quick


time for Judith Arndt. Here it comes. She goes into the lead. She


has taken at seven seconds off the time. And now the defending


champion, Kristen Armstrong. can see the experience now. She has


time to pace beautifully over the distance.


And we confirm the medal positions. Villumsen in bronze and must be


biting her nails now. She is a fighter and desperately


wants this. She looked solid in the road race at the weekend. And it is


very good. It looks as if Christen Armstrong is going to maintain her


title. And retain the crown as the Olympic champion and win her second


Olympic gold medal. Coming up to the line now. Armstrong at of the


United States wins the Gold Medal digging 15 seconds off the time of


the German Judith Arndt. Villumsen pushed down to fourth.


What a ride. Celebrations beginning to unfold.


Your face says it all, a bitter disappointment for you there.


We always knew the course was never going to be necessarily suited to


you. You prefer something with more climbing in it. How hard was it?


You always have to push hard. I did that. I do not think I could have


gone any faster. In the time-trial you cannot affect


anyone else. You just write your best. I'm disappointed. But if


someone else is better, good on them and they deserved to win.


Lizzie Armitstead was St UWE Road so well for her in a road race. It


is difficult to back it up when you put in that kind of effort.


I was pleased to be able to help Lizzie Armitstead get the medal and


she fully deserves silver. The time-trial on Box Hill would


have been better for me. But the support out there is fantastic. I


support out there is fantastic. I have never heard so much noise!


really feel for her there. She would have been desperate to match


or to better that silver from Beijing. But in the end she


finished 6th which she was clearly disappointed about. Christopher


Armstrong from the United States managed to pull it out when it


mattered. Emma Pooley disappointed there.


Nicole Cooke is with me. You'll have grabbed a few minutes. A


fantastic win by Armstrong. It is very hard for Emma Pooley, she gave


it her absolute everything. It is just one of the worst moments in


sport when that happens. But it was Kristin Armstrong. She started fast,


steady through the second section and finished strongly. It was an


incredible ride and a great continuation of her career. She is


now a double Olympic champion. And a thrilling finale for the podium


as well. Looking forward to the men's race,


and Bradley Wiggins goes in it as the favourite. He is the favourite.


He is probably thinking he just cannot wait to get started. He


really has a serious chance of getting a gold medal in the time-


trial. And Chris Froome may even have snatched an adult as well. It


will be interesting to see how they both get on. It is important to


mention it Chris Froome because he did come second in the Tour de


France. Looking up the other rivals, of Fabien Cancellara from


Switzerland, he broke his collarbone earlier in the year. He


went down in the road race and we thought he may have damaged his


collarbone again. How strong is he looking? Physically he is probably,


he's got the legs but it just depends how he can hold it together


and get through the pain. I am sure he will give it absolutely


everything. You would not want to count him out but it is not an


ideal man up into one of the biggest races. Tony Martin Laird


from Germany, he helped the team a little in the road race but he


broke his wrist earlier and says he is still in pain. Will he provide a


particular Challenge? He is the reigning world champion. And again


he is the rider who has not had an amazing season this year. So a


little bit of an outsider. But he is a champion and perhaps cannot


raise his game on the day. Well we Now hopes are high for British


boxing at the games not least because Great Britain can call on


the power and presence of Antony Joshua. It is a traditionally sport


for Ireland too. We will see one of their rising stars but first here


is what it is all about. Boxing. Only amateur boxers and boxers


competing in the world series can compete at the Olympic Games. And


for the first time in Olympic history, London 2012, we will see


female boxers competing. Olympic boxers wear red or blue, all wear a


head-guard and vest and use ten ounce gloves. Men's bouts are


fought over three, 3 minute rounds while the women's will be over four


two minute rounds. One referee will control the bout inside the ring


and five judge also score outside the ring. Using an electronic


scoring system. To score a point the knuckle area of a glove has to


hit the for get area. The person with the most points at the end of


the bout wins. If a boxer is knocked down and fails to get up


within a ten second count, they automatically loose. If a coach


feels their boxer should not continue, they will concede defeat


by throwing in the towel at any point except during a count. If you


would like to get involved in Olympic sports go to the website.


Here with go. Time for live boxing, always one of the most popular


sport of the popular questions I have had on Twitter for the past


couple of weeks is why are the scores no longer displayed on


screen? I do understand it makes it hard to follow the fight, it is


just to keep the judging fair and impartial which is something that


we all want to see. So let us head to the ExCel centre, we are live,


if you look, we are about to see one of the Irish superstars,


bantamweight fighter John Joe a preliminary contest. And for both


of these men it is the second Olympic Games. Youngest Irish boxer


in Beijing four years ago. He qualified for London through the


contest. In the boxing tournament in the Olympic Games. And this is


going to be a tough one for Ireland. The 23-year-old in his second


Olympic Games and he has had two world bronze medals in 2009 and the


one last year, from Baku earned him the right to be here. His opponent


qualified through the world series of boxing division, which is a


hybrid division, a kind of hybrid tournament set up by the amateur


international boxing association, nine male boxer, two women, Ireland


with five male boxers and the four time woman's champion Katie Taylor.


Even in, hands low, economical style. Came comfortableibly against


the Danish boxer in his opening contest, 21-6 and his opponent got


rid of his man 15-7. Even in can't afford to fall short. This Kazakh,


he is a counter puncher, southpaw, a nightmare opponent to be honest,


if you fall short with your attack here, he comes back his counter. He


is skilful this Kazakh boxer. He will feint. He wants you to lead


wauf the jab and he will counter you with the right hook. It is


important that even in is accurate, fast with the feet, gets in with


the shots like that one and can't afford to fall short here. In his


opening contest even in, the Irishman dominated the centre of


the ring. He now is being forced to move round and his opponent is


taking centre ring. A different tactic from even in. Fast feet from


the Kazakh. Lost in his opening contest four years to a Cuban,


whereas even in beat an Algerian boxer and went on to be defeated


only by 9-2. The closest contest. It's the right tactic what even in


is doing. He is not lunging in and being careless. That was not a bad


counter. What he has to do more of is edge closer and feint with his


jab, he has to draw the lead of the Kazakh and throw down the pipe. He


must draw the opponent on to the shot. Like most southpaws the boxer


from Caz -- Kazakhstan is waiting for him to come to him. He is


hoping to get that left counter across. Even in has sin ter ring.


Even in. Not much in this Not at all. The Kazakh nearly lost his


balance. Even in has moved away and is that going to make a difference


he has won it by 5-2, the Irishman. Even he will be delighted with that


in the corner with Billy wash, they will be chuffed about that. What a


good opening round. -- Billy Walsh: That is a great score for Nevin.


Now tactics will change from the Kazakh, he may come on his front


foot more. That may suit Nevin. He has to stay nice and tight. But to


be three points up, you don't see that very often in this tournament


so far, so they will be really advantage at the start of this


second round, in favour of the man in red, the Irishman John Joe Nevin.


Seeded number five, world rated number four in the most recent


rankings. Certainly because of that, would have been favourite for this


contest, but the man he is up against has been round the block a


time or two and he knows he's will have to put the foot on the gas and


force the pace. That means will come forward and Nevin, he is a


good counter puncture, that might suit him. Great right hand by the


Irishman. It will suit him more, what he has to do is keep, just


that is good. I was going to say kept the left hooks go, he has to


keep his nerve. It will be a test of character. Hold his nerve, bring


him on to the shots. The Kazakh is going to come forward, which he is


doing. He is confident. He should walk on to the punches. They have


anticipated and Nevin is moving away and getting that right hand


across into the middle. This is good work by the Irishman, lovely


change of direction. He is boxing especially Nevin at the moment.


key to his timing, he is starting to counter attack and as his


opponent is coming forward Nevin is starting to beat him to the punch.


A good tactic. The, I don't agree with that, Nevin is boxing on the


back foot and the referee says you have to come forward, I don't agree.


I think he is boxing the perfect fight, the Irishman. If you go


beyond a certain period of time without trying to throw a punch the


referee can have a word with you, for passivety. I didn't think he


was going to be passive. That wasn't passive. That was on the


squashed nose of the Kazakh. Coming up to the end of two minute, the


second round, if anything, I reconNevin has extended this lead.


He has boxed cleverly, single qal - - quality shots the Jungs can't


miss. Five with a key pad with red and blue button, if they press


three within a minute, or a second I should say, sometimes we think it


looks like a minute! Press the button and the score is reported.


No running score up the top left hand corner any more. At the moment,


the hand that will be raised and the name that will be read out is


that of John Joe Nevin from Ireland. He has outworked his opponent in


this second round. He has turned the tables. Normally this Kazakh


boxer aims to frustrate the opponents what is happening is


Nevin is doing that, he is bringing him on to shots. The Kazakh cannot


close the gap down and he is walking on to punches. Right hand


is crucial and the timing with that punch almost also. But the Kazakh


has to get Klose to Nevin but the Irishman is not letting him do that.


referee. 10-5 to Ireland with three minutes to go. 5-2, 5-3. We thought


the second round was more in favour than Nevin's favour but he is five


points up and surely he is not going to lose this one. Good shot


by the Kazakh but a great shot to the body be the Irishman. He is box


especially, brings him on the a short right upper cut. Beat on to


the punch. That was a typical counter attack. Nevin quickened the


feet up and beat him to the punch. There is that right hand again


there. Similar tactic, his timing is perfect up to now, Nevin.


Difficult to pull that back for the attention to the coaches in the


corner. Four years ago in Beijing, the man in red representing Ireland


here in London 2012. He is under three minutes away from going one


better. Got here because the, got to the semifinals of the World


Championships last year, and went out very very narrowly to England's


Luke Campbell. It was 12-12. Very close round and as it turned out


Campbell through a greater volume of punches. --. Threw. Nevin has to


be content with a second world bronze. Under pressure but he is a


good man at finding distance when he has to find that reverse gear.


He has turned into the outout-and- out counter puncher. He is bringing


his opponent on to the shots. It is important he stays concentrated and


his Rigg ring position is so important. He doesn't need to be on


the rope, if he is, that will allow the Kazakh to land come pi basing


mun -- punches. Got stay centre, keep calm, keep a cool head and


keep bringing him on the that right hand. Good boxing. The stkpwhrvings


Again he gets on with the right hand. The referee has been harsh on


Nevin, he is getting out of the way and the referee has been


interpreting that as a lack of willingness to box, but that is not


the case, he has been clever. the one who is winning the contest,


so I haven't agreed with the referee when he has stopped him


from moving back. I know you can't run away, but you certainly, he


certainly has been landing the better shot. Look at that. He is


moving away and then sneaks the shot there. The Kazakh was not


aware of that. It is very good boxing on the back foot from this


Irishman. Just about a minute remaining, can the Kazakh, he has


been outworked and outpunched and outthought by the Irishman, the man.


They will be devastated the Kazakhs because they really rate this fella.


I have seen him train and spar many times, this Kazakh, and he is very


good indeed. But, Ireland's Nevin here has his number. Less than a


minute. Oh. Lovely switch of direction by nevirpbgs just threw


out that right hand and flicked in a left. He has been frustrating


since about the start of the second round, he has been frustrating the


Kazakh all the way through. I think he was hurt with a shot there.


There was no need to stand as long combinations off. Nevin got in with


a good right hand. Abutalipov should have been able to step back


but he hasn't done it. Just a few seconds to go. Nevin hanging on.


The referee said no to that one. An odd decision.


And look at that, he knows he has won it. That is a tremendous


performance from Nevin. Abutalipov would have been favourite to win


this. He brought him on to the shops. He was caught at time of 2


in that last round. But he has box like a veteran. He frustrated his


opponent, a tremendous display. The movement from the waist and was


superb. There is that a sharp jab. Well here we go. The winner by a


score of 15 points to 10 is the red corner, representing Ireland.


John Joe Nevin There he has won it comfortably against a Bury good


comfortably against a Bury good opponent. -- very good.


What a fantastic performance. He only made it through to this stage


in Beijing before being knocked out. He is getting closer to a medal for


it Ireland. In just about half-an- hour we have the men's time trial.


But before that time for some canoe slalom. Richard Hounslow could have


been working at these Games as a security guard as part of the


British military. He had applied to join the armed forces but the last


change of mind saw him become a change of mind saw him become a


He and David Florence will be riding in a the C2 final later in


the week. He really has been coming on strong. His best run came on the


second run in the heats. That was good enough for 11th place. Now he


is aiming to make the final for the first time. A little bit wide in


the spin gate. He pushes the boat back out towards Gate 14. Richard


Hounslow being roared on by this massive crowd. He knows the course


quite well. He has not experienced this actual course before but he


knows the way the water reactor. That was a mile -- a remarkable run


it earlier. He has to maintain his concentration. He has to pick up


the speed on this last section and give nothing away.


Push hard all the way to the finish. The crowd is enough to push him all


the way to the down in fourth place. It looks as if he was questioning


something there. I am not quite sure I saw the two second penalty


sure I saw the two second penalty either.


Such a difficult looking sport. You could see the confusion on his face.


Not agreeing with what the judges saw. But that left him sitting in


10th position with two to go. Clinging on to a chance to make it


Clinging on to a chance to make it into the final.


There will be his own determination in the Spanish team to try to make


amends and bring a muddle home. Hernanz's job now to make it


through to the final. At the moment he is going well. No penalties so


far for at the Spaniard. He is looking lively but just dropped a


little bit on gate number nine. He wants to jump over at the little


stopper on the way. He is back out into the flow. Just got down to 13.


He is looking stronger and technically very good at the moment.


This is a very good performance from the Spaniard.


He just rides across and does not get stuck in the stopper. This is


bad news for British supporters because it will mean the


elimination of Richard Hounslow. He flies through the finish but lost


some time in the last couple of gates.


I wonder if he was just using it off a little so he can't really


attack it in the final. -- he can. It was a well executed run. Kept


himself as tight to the poles as he could. Just making sure it kept


running, not taking too big a hit. We should Hounslow will feel


disappointment I am sure. -- the third round. What will the


different Configuration mean this time to the German?


So far, so good. He is putting in at a strong


performance. A little bit of lost time there are around 89.


-- gate nine. Aigner's concentration is A1 at the moment.


He is totally alert. This is a similar situation to the he the


other day. A modest start but blasting the rest of the course.


Does he want to finish as number one? This is a superb performance


from the German. He will be outside the time set by Kauzer. You have to


question his commitment in the last question his commitment in the last


four or five gates. Richard, you did not make it. Just


sum up how you're feeling? Very disappointed. I did not even


realise I had hit the gate but even without that her loyalty I would


not have got through. It feels like an opportunity missed. I have not


put down at the performance that I know I can. Looking back at the


results, it was not difficult to make the finals. I am just gutted.


Genuinely heartbreaking to have to speak to you in the circumstances.


It was the same width David Florence yesterday. Any sense of


the pressure of the home crowd, it has been a pressure cooker and


perhaps too much? It is difficult to say. It is hard to put your


finger on it. The nature of the sport is unpredictable. The top


guys put it in time and time again. When you are on the start blocks


and you hear the crowd cheering it is pretty intense. But I was


enjoying it. Making the finals, it was there for me but anything can


happen at once you reach the finals. You have the chance to redeem


yourself tomorrow. Definitely. You do not want to be relying on


another category. This whole doubling up thing that day that and


I do, it is great that if you do not do well in once you can do well


in the other but still it is hard to come away from the competition


feeling fully satisfied. It is something that very few people have


done. David and I have put everything into it in the past four


years. Like you say, we still have the C2. Jonathan Edwards is still


there. I would not like to say you are a bad luck charm! It has been


horrible. As said it today that yesterday and to Richard today,


this is where they have trained and to see their hopes and dreams


shattered in front of their eyes and then to speak to them and see


that look in their eyes of just how disappointed they are, without any


answers to where it went wrong, it has been horrible. So where has it


gone wrong? Was that the pressure from the crowd? The whole home


advantage for home disadvantage is an interesting debate. It is


interesting that the venues where you would expect to have a home


advantage, here at the Lee Valley and white water centre and also


down in Weymouth where Ben Ainslie is struggling, you would think it


would give the British competitors an advantage but it seems to have


almost gone the other way. I think it is that expectation. And that


whole other dynamic of funding. Everything that has gone in to make


these Attlee's success what may also play on their mind. --


Training these guys and guilting this place worthy for a World


Championship, which is what it will hope host, and I guess that does


play on their minds? It must. The important thing to mention about


the money spent here, I think �13 million is it will be a legacy


venue and regardless, I guess or not of the success of the paddlers


here, this will continue and do very very well indeed. Nonetheless,


this idea of creating a kind of participation legacy from the game,


this will sit heavily on the shoulders of the pad lefrs,


obviously their funding for the following year, going to Rio, rests


on the performances here, so there is lots of different factors, it is


not just the hopes and dreams of individual involved. Having spoke


to David and Richard, are you confident that tomorrow n the C2


you won't make it a hat-trick of negative interviews? I wouldn't say


I was hugely confident. I don't think either of them have responded


brilliantly to the pressure. On a positive note Lizzie Neave


qualified second a couple of days ago, and I think the opposite thing


happened for her, I think she, she improved her performance level. She


rose to the occasion, so high hopes for her. Fingers crossed for her


and the men. Thank you for joining us and if you would like to


continue seeing the final in the men's K1 you can see that on the


red button. That goes about 3.05. There is plenty of sport happening


today. On BBC Three right now you can see live table tennis. China so


dominant in this sport, over the years. You can press the red button


for different sporting venues, and sports as well. Last night wasn't


it fantastic. Great Britain's women up against Brazil. Brazil of course


have never won a gold at the Olympic Games. Here they are taking


on New Zealand. They the are at St James's Park at the moment. You can


press the red button, and at Wembley it has been difficult, for


the badminton, plenty of disqualifications after that


controversy. A difficult 24-hours for the sport, all four pairs


disqal past couple of hours who were involved in the controversial


attempt to lose the match yesterday. You can see China and Korea taking


each other on. One all and four all so it is looking exciting. At the


start of the show we saw them cross the line but in is just how


dominant a display the British women delivered earlier in the


women's pair. The commentary comes a remarkable story is now under way.


Seven minutes away from Olympic history. We have Great Britain's


Helen Glover, Stan in lane three, alongside them -- Heather Stanning,


Australia, Kate Hornsey. They are in five. Already now, Great Britain


have jumped out of the starting gate, Romania in one, Romania are


the defending Olympic champions, we have five time Olympic champion in


the bow seat. Great Britain, they mean business. It is game on.


Germans have gone out fast as well. Closest to us in lane six. They


have the early lead but I don't expect them to hold that. Look out,


they are already stretching out, Great Britain, looking fine. They


have settling into a rhythm. Middle of the race rhythm. Quick look


across there and already they have moved out in front. They have the


Olympic, twice Olympic champions from Romania up in lane one, who


are now back in fourth place. But Great Britain doing what they have


done for the last two years, just looking fantastic, what they have


done, look at that, already a length. What they do so well and


what they have learned in the last winter was to be flexible. To be


able to respond to the attack that comes at the end and which caught


them out last year at the World Championships, when New Zealand


attacked them at the end. But in is fantastic. Look at them. -- but


this is fantastic. An exceptional start from Helen Glover and Heather


Stanning. Helen Glover from Minerva Bath rowing club. They are storming


away in the first quarter, it is absolutely wonderful to see. So 500,


the crowd down here have gone mad. They are now clear, there is clear


water on Great Britain as they head towards the record book, but right


now they will be, that will all be irrelevant to them. It is about


dictating and executing their plan. We thought it was important to show


you the way that the women started their race, incredibly dominant.


And the pattern continued. A length clear by 500 metres but being


chased by Australia and New Zealand. However the pace from the British


woman was relentless. Being spurred on by the crowd. Heather and Helen


entered the final 250 metre, the Grandstand erupted. At one point it


looked like they were trying to muster a smile, as was predictable


by this point, the gold was theirs. Look at the emotion. Let us flare


the first gold medallists after they finally recovered, and managed


they finally recovered, and managed to get out of the boat.. Helen,


Heather, well done. Thank you. Fantastic performance. You know...


I don't need to ask you any questions. Tell us, tell us what is


happening in that body of yours at the moment? I don't know. It wants


to go into shut down but it can't. It is too excited. I am shattered


and ecstatic at the same time. I want to collapse but I am so


overjoyed. I want to jump round. I don't know. Probably talking


rubbish. Matthew and Steve are watching on the screen, and you


smiled, with 250 to go. They were saying "Don't smile, you haven't


won it yet.". That is probably a grimace. I remember thinking never


think we have got this. Then we got through the orange buoys and I


thought we have got this. A serious rowing question to start with, you


decided if we get out early nobody is going to catch us, that is what


you did. Yes we could see from the race we have done this season, we


got ahead and pushed on the margin and that is what we wanted to do.


We didn't want to give anything back. We wanted to keep the same


margin in all the World Cup up to now. Had Helen keep going in my ear,


she was going go on, give us more. I can see them, they are behind us.


We have a message from you from some of your colleagues from


Afghanistan. If you put the head phones on. Here is what they have


Brilliant. Brief and to the point. What is your message to them?


Thanks very much guys, for all the support. I know you a long way away,


but you have been supporting me and it means so much. I am proud to be


associated with you, and well done keep doing what you are doing and I


will see you soon. Four years ago you watched the agents in Beijing,


you could never imagine four years on you would be in this position,


who knows how many people are watching you who have never rowed


and thinking that could be me in Rio. If I can do it take the chance,


not just in rowing, if you work hard and try your best, anyone can


do anything. Enjoy the anthem. will do. Congratulations to our


first gold medallist in rowing and our first medallists here at London


2012. Wasn't that wonderfulful what you didn't hear but a lovely


message from her colleagues who are working away in the armed forces,


she has take an career break to purr pursue her rogue, she is now


an Olympic gold medallist, wasn't it lovely seeing Helen's reaction,


he kept rile -- realising that she really was an Olympic champion.


Remarkable reactions, then you heard John say enjoy the National


Anthem and they did get the chance to pick up their medals. Please


stand for the National Anthem of NATIONAL AB THEM OF GREAT BRITAIN -


30,000 people here at Dorronsoro joining in with the National Anthem.


As the whole country is on its feet. Eton dorn you we salute you Helen


Glover and Heather Stanning, Olympic champions here at Eton


Dorney. And yes, the tears continued to flow. How wonderful to


see that flag. How great to hear that anthem. This is what it means


for the medal table. China and the It puts us 14th at the moment.


There you go. The moment it happened. The medals going round


the neck, the smiles on the faces and I wouldn't be surprised if the


tears continue to flow. There are a few celebrations down at Eton


Dorney for the next little while. Now, to the moment that we have


been waiting for this afternoon. A chance for Bradley Wiggins to


achieve more than just an Olympic medal. Success would see him not


only top off the greatest sporting year of his life he would become


Great Britain's most decorated athlete.. Excuse me I will speak in


English for a bit. We are just going to draw the raffle numbers


now! I didn't even have a drink inside me with when I did that.


is so formal that stuff, you have the President of France with me. It


wasn't about that, really, that is why I turned to the fan, all those


people had come and it is about them. They are the ones that


support you. I would love to have bought them all a drink. It was


brilliant. That is what it is about. So, yeah, maybe as disrespectful as


it was to the sponsors and all the prawn sandwiches in front of me, I


felt it was much more appropriate to give time to them. Country has


gone Wigtastic, people are sporting sideburns, mod T-shirt, riding


Vespas. It is good it has that effect. A bit strange for me, but,


you know, I do it to be individual, and so, but it is good. The biggest


name in cycling, you are the winner of the Tour de France? Am I


officially bigger than Cav now? I haven't done a Head and Shoulders


ad though. Just the scale of the win, and the reaction in this


country, do you pinch yourself? was a bit overwhelming. I was used


to seeing that happen to Open other people, Chris, Chris Hoy, when he


came back from Beijing. I don't think any of us appreciate what


cycling is going through at the moment. You so concentrate on


performance, we are down-to-earth by the nature of the sport. We


don't fully appreciate what it is doing for the profile of the sport.


To win the Tour de France takes an incredible effort. What sacrifices


do you have to make to get where you are? A lot. I mean, apart from


the training, physical side that everyone does, six tweefbs year I


have to live on a mountain in Tenerife, miss children's birthday,


kids break up for the Easter holidays and you are leaving that


day and they don't know where you are for two week, sleep in the


spare bedroom in a tent for weeks on end. Having a family and being a


father and husband, and all that isn't conducive to trying to win


the Tour de France. The two just don't go together, but, you know,


if you have a supportive family like I have you can do. I don't


know how long I can do it for. I couldn't do six like Lance did.


This is your fourth Olympic, you have won six medals. You are


steeped in Olympic history, what do they mean "no" you? It is like


something you come back to, you don't miss them, so to come back


here, same people, same staff, you know and it is good that, every


four years I get a bit older and more successful, so from this 19-


year-old lad in Sydney, right through, you haven't changed a bit.


I am looking forward to going out there and trying to win my fourth


gold in the time trials, so it is going to be amazing. Someone


mentioned to me the other day, which I didn't give a thought to, I


am unbeaten in time trials this year, soy thought, well, I never


give it a thought, you know, so that is quite nice statistic to


have going into the Olympic time trial. Each one brings the best


adds you have to be at your best, I think I'm at the best at the moment.


Well I just won the Tour so I must be. Have a safe journey home and


don't get too drunk. He might do that tonight if he manages to pick


up the gold today. What a year, today is his big moment in the


Olympic game, come on Britain. A. Not the only one that should be


wearing these, my only piece of advice, don't use super glue. He


was thank to the team's evident to achieve his dreams and win that


yellow jersey three weeks' ago, despite his own best efforts as


part of the team he waipblz to launch Mark Cavendish to gold.


Today the man with the sideburn, it It is across this the 44 kilometre


course that Bradley Wiggins will look to push him self quicker than


anyone else. It starts off at Hampton Court and looks back


towards Kingston. It is fast, flat and Bradley Wiggins is unbeaten in


this discipline in the past year. He has demolished all challengers.


Chris Froome is less suited to this course. But he is still in with the


chance of a muddle. Fabien Cancellara of Switzerland and Tony


Martin of Germany the other chances of medal places. But they are both


carrying injuries. Bradley Wiggins, the man with the sideburns, have


now it is his chance to manage to secure a gold medal on that course.


Over to Hampton Court Palace for Over to Hampton Court Palace for


Bradley Wiggins's big moment. Edvald Boason-Hagen of Norway


stance. And still all the big favourites to come. From the early


starters, the fastest time is the Brazilian rider. In fact that has


just been beaten by the Japanese Norwegian now, Edvald Boason-Hagen.


Such a talented rider. He supported Bradley Wiggins this year in the


rider from Lithuania. The quickest time we have had at the first stage


Jack Bauer, who may just have settled down after that near miss


with the fence! This is Denis Menchov. He has always been there


for at thereabouts. He slowly slipped backwards this year at the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds


year, finishing second overall in the Paris to Nice.


That is the face of a man who is here to suffer. Very focused on the


into a southerly direction. Most of this course is well sheltered and


should not cause too much of a problem for them.


The bend in the first 300 metres of the race is probably the most


difficult. A good start by the Dane, going to


the top of the leader board. all-rounders. There is a lot of


road there and I'm surprised that they are not using it all.


The conditions now are improving. There is a winter getting a but it


is a warm and the sun is out. Chris Froome just warming up. He was


recently second in the Tour de France. And had a very good time


trial as well. Gustave Larsson had been one of these strange helmets.


He got the silver medal in the time-trials in Beijing. So he is


very good against the clock. I'm struggling to see what the


bridge through that corridor of faces. He has been a bit quiet. He


had a superb performance in China but not much sense.


He won the national championships. And a stage back in Paris-Nice.


Michael Rogers, a really good time trial there. 32 years of age. From


Australia. He completed the Tour de France in the 23rd place. He was a


time-trial specialist but then he started to climb mountains. He has


got fantastic form. He has been very much in support of his team


for the past month so it will be interesting to see what he can do


now he is off the leash in a discipline that he knows well. He


is in great shape but just has not had a chance yet of this year to


use it for himself. He is one of several racing brothers. This is


going to be his last Olympic Games so he will be keen to make the most


of that opportunity. He is the youngest of three brothers. His


older brother represented the Australia many times as well. So he


would like to go out on a high is possible. Bak has still posted the


quickest time. Grabsch, 37 years of age. Second in their national


Championship this year. No mean as quickly as you can on a normal


road bike. He is an experienced man in his discipline. He knows there


is 50 minutes of racing ahead. Energy is expensive.


Eight more competitors to take the start. Sylvain Chavanel is the next


of those. Sylvain Chavanel posted some


fantastic time trials this year. Third in the opening prologue of


the Tour de France. 5th in the final time-trial. So you would


expect to see him in the top eight or the top five today. But he is


against some serious specialists. Brajkovic coming up now. He goes


ahead, slicing 2.56 seconds off from Great Britain. We first saw


him riding in the Commonwealth Games in Australia. He is a good


rider. Second last year in the Tour of Spain. I think he could win the


the professional teams in cycling can be signed for the first time


today. So well -- there will be lots coming out on the news wires


tonight. His form is such that you cannot discount him. Here's the man,


the man of the moment, Bradley Wiggins, the winner of the Tour de


France, in the form of his life. He is poised to move into sporting


immortality. If he wins a medal today, no matter what colour, he


will have got more medals in the Olympic Games than at any other


British competitor. But that will not be on his mind, it will be all


about trying to win. We had a glimpse of the sports scientist who


has been instrumental with Team Sky and the success of Brad Wiggins.


Next to go, the national champion of Italy. He used to be on the same


end of the contest. Five more to go after this. He beat Geraint Thomas


into second place in the Shearer did earlier this year. -- Giro


d'Italia. He will be happy with that time. Great ride by Gilbert.


Same time as Brajkovic. Now, a man in form, Sanchez, from Spain. He


won a stage in the Tour de France, stage 14, and he got third in the


final Time Trial in the Tour the France. I feel he has a possibility


of a podium position. Yes, I think so, and so does he. Oh, he has had


a problem, something has broken! He is looking down. He has just broken


his chain! Can he get another bike? They are getting it off the roof.


But starting your day by losing what will be 25 seconds. He has


hurt his knee as well. He will get a lot of support from the crowd,


but doing that at the start, for somebody who's potentially going to


get a medal, what a devastating start. I reckon he lost between 20


and 25 seconds, not to mention the effect on his morale. Well,


desperately bad luck for Sanchez. You cannot believe it, can you?


caught the team out as well, you do not expect mechanical failure


within the first two metres of the race. We will keep an eye on that,


see whether he is within 30 seconds of a muddle. Here's a man who we


have been talking about as a possible dark horse today, 22-year-


old Taylor Phinney. He is so talented. He rode on the track


actually in Beijing. He earned prologue in Italy, but he has not


raced since. He went back to Colorado to put the final


preparations to his fall. He is a former world Time Trial champion.


It comes from a great pedigree. His mother was the Olympic gold medal-


winner in Los Angeles on the road. His father also has a great


pedigree. He could be a dark horse. Yes, he has been out of sight for


quite a few months, since Italy. We have not got much information about


him since then, but we do know that he has been preparing specifically


for this. He likes the flatter courses, as this man does not,


Chris Froome. He would much prefer the mountains. But his form is such


at the moment that he may be able to overcome that problem. He has


got one of the asymmetric bar chain rings, favoured by Bradley Wiggins.


Now, the world champion, Tony Martin. A 27-year-old German. He


had a crash on the first stage of the Tour de France, which


eventually forced him to retire. He will be wearing a brace on his arm


under his top there. You can never discount this talented German.


CHRIS BOARDMAN: Having those problems in the Tour de France, and


earlier in the year as well, we have got to put him down as unknown.


The pedigree is there, the background is there, but we do not


know what to expect. He certainly looks in good shape to me. In the


Time Trial, if you have a wrist injury, most of your weight is


taken on the elbow, so you can train quite effectively for this,


and some riders have even done so with a broken collarbone, as


demonstrated by Armstrong just a few hours ago.


HUGH PORTER: now, we are waiting for Bradley Wiggins, the man of the


moment, to come into the starting house. Here comes Castroviejo, from


Spain. His time at that point makes him the quickest, he has gone 20


seconds faster than Brajkovic. Now, then, a face of concentration,


Bradley Wiggins, the man who has just won the Tour de France. He is


teeing himself up for a tilt at the gold medal here. As I said earlier,


if he wins a medal of any colour, he will become the most decorated


British Olympian of all time, with seven medals to his credit. Wiggins


gets under way! Unbeaten in the Time Trial this year, that's not


counting prologues, the short ones. But Bradley Wiggins is on his way.


What an opportunity for him. London at heart, although he lives in the


north-west now. But he considers this to be a once-in-a-lifetime


opportunity. There is plenty of pressure for him to perform, both


for himself, and for the thousands and thousands of people lining the


route today. But if anybody can deal with pressure, it is Brad


Wiggins. He certainly can. Second in the World Championships last


Chris Froome is settling down to the challenge ahead. It is a great


course for those that can concentrate. It is a very internal


race. We saw him just going through the checkpoint. I think I saw it


flashing up as five seconds ahead. One man to go, and here he is,


Fabien Cancellara, the defending champion. He is a sensational time-


trialler. He won the Olympic title in Beijing, beating Larsson by 33


seconds. There was some speculation about him not riding today. He has


got heavy bruising on his shoulder having come off during the road


race a few days ago. We will see whether it has affected him. But on


his day, almost unbeatable. It is a fantastic course for him as well.


He likes a flat course. No problem for him at all. It was very much


out of character, that crash at the weekend, he simply miscalculated


the corner, locked up his wheels, and went down hard into that


barrier. But just like Tony Martin, he is an unknown today. You would


say he would be one of the two favourites, but very much unknown,


after that crash. Personally, I think if he is here, he will be one


of the main contenders. He would not have started if he was not


confident he could do it. There is Brad Wiggins, the man who has won


three gold medals in a Olympic Games on the track. Two British


riders who really performed magnificently in the recent Tour de


France, finishing first and second in the end. Chris Froome, looking


good, holding that nice, compact style. This is Tony Martin. It is


all about these final six competitors.


CHRIS BOARDMAN: These first checkpoints are going to be


fascinating to see. Some of them might have gone off too quickly,


especially the early riders, but these latter riders are all much


more experienced. The first split will give us a very good idea of


who will be in contention for a medal. As we come back to Chris


Froome, originally from Kenya, now, of course, part of the British set-


up. It will be interesting to see whether he does consider a transfer


between teams in the professional game, with that deadline for


transfers being today, as we were saying. Coming up to the checkpoint


here, Boasson Hagen, and he is 17 seconds shy of the time of the


leader, Castroviejo. It is Chris Froome who leads at the first split,


actually. He is six seconds ahead of Larsson at the moment. But now,


we will start to get the times of Sanchez and Phinney, those will be


the next interesting ones. We can just keep a look out here for the


late starters, at the 7.3 kilometres point. We are very keen


to see how evenly matched people like the man we are looking at now,


Cancellara, Wiggins and Martin are. The early splits will I feel give


us an idea of the kind of ride after a week, but he pulled out


because his wife gave birth to their second daughter. As the next


finisher comes in, Lahsaini, from Morocco. He is one of the early


starters, but that time of course is going to crumble. That's the


first rider in. So, Castroviejo has caught Hesjedal. That is a surprise.


I thought Hesjedal would perform better than that at this Olympic


Time Trial. Look at the crouching style of the Spaniard, really low


down, turning a very big gear as he waiting for his time split. Let me


just tell you, Taylor Phinney has gone through one second faster than


Chris Froome at 7.3 kilometres. So, the man we said could be a dark


horse, Phinney, has not disappointed at this early stage.


He is the fastest at 7.3 kilometres. That's a good ride by the man from


Venezuela, coming in now. I think the winning time might be inside


the 50 three-minute mark today. We're still looking at Chris Froome,


but of course, behind him, we have got Sanchez. Sanchez will be out of


it, because he had that disastrous start with the broken chain. We're


waiting for the times now of Martin, Wiggins and Cancellara. Look at the


crowd. What a fantastic experience to have, to ride on British roads


with that many Union Jacks flying in front of you. It is quite


fantastic. Time coming in for Tony Martin, the world champion, he has


gone through 7.3 kilometres in 8.22, nine seconds faster than Phinney.


And we have got Wiggins and Cancellara still to go through that


first split. Martin, the world champion, my goodness me, he looks


good. It was a puncture in the opening prologue which stopped him


contesting back, but apart from that, he was on a par with Fabian


Cancellara. Martin is a prodigious talent, we saw that when he won the


world title in Copenhagen last year. He came home with a brilliant


victory, one minute 15 seconds faster than Wiggins. But he has had


his problems, as I said, breaking that bone in the wrist, but for the


moment, for me, he is looking very and Cancellara. The latest time by


the Venezuelan. Confirmed for you. No, it was 57.41. As go back to


Froome. Such a fantastic climber is Chris Froome, and future Tour de


France winner, we think. Sweeping down here, Western Green Road. The


smooth surface, he is happy with that. It has come through Bradley


Wiggins at the 7.3 kilometre split as gone through five secondss off


the pace of Tony Martin, so five seconds shy of the World Champions


time. Only one more rider to come through that and that of course is


Fabian Cancellara, it is early days they are early indication. I think


Bradley Wiggins is going to be OK with that, he is very much in touch


at seven kilometre, everybody is panning out the starting style.


Depend whether they are starting to come out carefully and pace it over


the distance, Wiggins has start ed too fast in Spain, he paid the


price, he learned you have to be careful at the start, so we will


get a better indication when they get to the 18 kilometre mark.


are waiting for Cancellara's split time. So, this is Bradley Wiggins,


nice compact style, a man of course, that can ride 4.15 for 4,000 metres


in the individual pursuit. He was a member of that well drill yued nit


that clinched the medal in Beijing, don't go too far over Bradley! We


almost saw the American crash there. He is not taking any chances there


at all. There is something of an ungainly style, a bit, well just a


slight frame, struggles to get all the power down on to the road. As


we switch back to Bradley Wiggins, doesn't look in any kind of


difficulty at the moment, that smooth style, karktris --


characteristic of Bradley Wiggins. Confirm the time at the first split


of Cancellara, it is eight minutes 28 seconds which is one second


slower than Wiggins but six seconds slower than Tony Martin of Germany.


So the three big players are already dualling out there on the


road and Phinney in touch on 8.31 and Froome is there on 8.32. As our


next fin esh -- fin Iisher Beppu, an average speed of 47.4. We can


see that creep up towards possibly surface the 50 kilometres an hour


mark before we get to the end of this event. Look at Wiggins, he


will be wear of what is going on throughout with his main opponent


and the Tour de France winner really has enjoy add euphoric


greeting into the start area. But those times in that first split,


7.3 kilometres, very interesting. What a compact punchy style here of


Castroviejo of Spain. He is having a great ride. As he takes a drink,


he really has started the race incredibly fast. As we go back to


Michael Rogers here, as he approached the checkpoint. We were


unsure of what he was going to do, well, it is certainly respectable.


At best here he will post the fastest time by far. He is going to


go quicker than Castroviejo. So, the triple World Champion Rogers,


faithful servant to Wiggins in the Tour de France, she going to go to


the top of the leaderboard. Lots more big names still to come. But


Rogers still looking good. Let us look at the split. It is 24.02.


Takes 18 seconds off the time of Castroviejo. Technical first


section is be lying of the average speeds. Very fast run in today.


lean is Bradley Wiggins. He has lost a lot of weight which has


enabled him to be able to climb the mountains well, and he has had


bootcamps over there on the vom can nick mountain in Tenerife where he


has been doing has training, continually powering away up that


steep mountain. You get fairly lean in the month of July when you are


using up thousands of calories. There is an aerodynamic component


because your sill weth is reduced by a few millimetres all the way


round, not to mention the weight as well, which is beneficial. Hampton


Court roadway now. The next split time will be interesting. The next


is Grabsch, a former World Champion, as the next finish coming in, this


is Basayev. He is a minute slow of the leader at this stage, which is


still Beppu, the Japanese rider, so Beppu still leading. It looks like


the people who came in are the favourites, are delivering. That


cans lar, Wiggins, Martin the people we thought would be in play.


Here comes Grabsch, the 37-year-old German. 24.09 so the time of


Michael Rogers is out of reach here. Let us see how far shy he is of the


Australian at this point. There it s14 seconds fob Grabsch. Second at


this point then. For the former World Champion from Germany. So


Beppu still leading, 55.40. And second at 55.50 is Nazaret from


Brazil. Third from Kazakhstan, his time will be, how long will it be


up there, we will have to see. That is Basayev. This is Cancellara, he


is rolling on that saddle. For wand on the peak as we confirm the


position after 7.3 kilometres. Tight. Just under five seconds.


Wiggins trails with Cancellara third, just under six. What a


contest we have got here. It is going to go all the way, this one.


Five seconds, everybody is still in touch. Taylor Phinney nine second,


it is stretching out, a lot to give away on a flat course but still


possible for him to nudge on the the podium from that distance away,


from the top three. After that, well, I don't think they are going


to be able to make up that distance unless somebody has an issue as we


switch back to Michael Rogers. Looking good, isn't he, Michael


Rogers, as I said earlier, came from a track background, and one


medals at the Commonwealth games in 1998, but he was a member as well


of the well drilled team pursuit squad of Australia. He has got some


superb road wins to his credit, he won the tour of California, tour of


Germany, he has been right up there, superb man to have has a domestic


in the team. I think he has enjoyed the lesser responsibility, as we


get our first shot coming up to the necks check with Froome. The man


that started ahead of him, Chavanel was the man who started a minute-


and-a-half ahead of Froome. Let us look at the split. Very very quick.


It is going to go inside the time of Rogers. You can see the time


confirmed. Here comes Froome. Let us have a look. He is on form,


isn't he, this man. The runner up in the Tour de France, Chris Froome


looking very very good indeed. Softly spoken, it be lies his


athletic delivery on that bike. Is he going to be half a minute


quicker? He is not going to be far off it. Here he comes, 24 seconds


faster than Rogers. At the second point of 18 com ters. He is on a


ride. That is a huge chunk of time so we can expect the main riders to


come through, perhaps another kilometre an hour faster than that


as we see the style of Froome, coming round this corner, he


settled into this race now. This is the interesting checkpoint for me


this is the one we are interest interested in. The first one you


need to stay in touch but the 18 kilometre mark will define who it


is who is vying for a podium place. Young Phinney, even if he doesn't


medal today, he has a tremendous future ahead of him, has Phinney,


and he looks good on the bike. has his work to do here, nine


seconds down at that first check, it is quite a chunk on this flat


course but he is only a couple of seconds away from getting on to the


podium. Well, that is an interesting thing, I didn't think


there was any descent on this course that warranted tucking down


to make himself as small as possible. Is this Sanchez again?


Looks like he has had more trouble? We were talking about him as being


a possible contender. Yes, there he is delayed and stopped again. He


has had a puncture. Is it a back wheel change It's a rear wheel


change. I think the day over for him. What turbl luck. He has come


with great form after that Tour de France. That is a disaster. It must


be hard to keep the motorration to keep going. We had him flagged up a


as medal contender and he would have been had he not had these


problems. Pinotti, another brilliant season time trialler, but


his time of 23.55 is not going to put Froome under any pressure at


all here comes Pinotti. That underlines the quality of the ride


by Froome. 26 seconds slower Chris, in 18 kilometre, you can analyse


from that, that Froome is on a flyer. Well, he is certainly


setting the the mark, isn't he. Taylor Phinney, we are waiting to


see what he is going to do, Because he will be next. He has prepared


for this vent for the past few months. We haven't seen anything of


him in competition, it has been all about this Olympic time trial.


did all that preparation as we come back now to Bradley Wiggins. Such


an official style. I doesn't look like he is trying hard. His muscles


are contracting in equality. There is no movement in his back pocket


he was carrying a radio, so he is getting time checks all the way


round. The British team has set up time checks on route. Even though


he is in front of Cancellara his time checks won't be any more than


that minute-and-a-half difference. You see how cautiously he went


round that turn, Cancellara playing on his mind, the crash from the


road race, as we look at the running time here of Bak of Denmark.


Who is going to be the next to finish. The leading time, sorry Bak,


you can see the leading time. This is Boom coming in and Boom's time,


56.53 so it hasn't disturbed the leading poss, they are still intact.


-- positions we are waiting to see whether yun Phinney can challenge


for the top position at the 18 kilometre point. -- young Phinney.


Well, it is all about that check, and for me, as I pensioned, it does


define who is going to be challenging for a medal. Two or


three minutes from now we will see Tony Martin coming through that


checkpoint. He clearly is, you can see by the muscle definition, it


all ind case he is on form, he has got over the cashes and focused on


this opportunity, this Olympic time trial and on a course that suits


him very well. Martin motoring along as we get back to Phinney,


who is just ploughing this furrow down the middle of the road. He has


his own private carpet of Tarmac ahead of him. The open clear road.


It's the race of truth. That call it that in France. It is you versus


the distance, the one-and-a-half minute window between yourself and


your opponents, so you can be cheated or knocked off or


outsprinted. Here comes Phinney, up to the 18.4 kilometre point. Now


the quickest time we have had so far there, is Froome on 23.38,


shown on the screen. And he is not going the beat Froome. So fin qi


knows he is in a battle -- Phinney knows he is in a battle. So Phinney


is there in 23.59. That is 21.5 seconds Chloe slower than the


British rider. Well, you will notice with the camera shots we


only get front shots, because none of these vehicles are allowed to go


in front of the riders because that gives them an unfair advantage,


they can slip stream. Even the motorbike cameras have to be at


least half a length behind the riders. There has been another


catch here, another catch has taken place. Sanchez. Sanchez who


suffered the problems. There has been another catch. I think it's


going to happen now. Sanchez is going to get picked up. Martin is


going to go faster. Sorry Chris, that is the carrot he want, he can


see Sanchez ahead of him. Let us look at the split time. Here it


come, so fastest now, 12 seconds quicker than Froome. Is Tony Martin,


the World Champion, he splits there on 18.4 kilometre, 23.25. He has


only taken two sofrpbdz the distance. That is, shows that


Froome has got the distance, because of that Tour de France


endurance, the extra ground work he has put in there, he is going very


well, so has Martin gone off a little bit quickly here? Jack Bauer


coming in for New Zealand. He had some good splits earlier on, so let


us confirm his finishing position, Bauer. Just come in, and he is


third at the moment. With a time of 54 minutes 54 seconds. So, he


hasn't taken the lead away from the previous pacesetter. Which is


at the time on the right! Wiggins looks to me as though he has done a


lot of good work in this second section. There's the time to beat...


Here comes Bradley Wiggins! Wiggins is going to go into the lead. Look


at that! 11 seconds faster than Martin. He is the leader.


CHRIS BOARDMAN: We did say that after his experiences of last year


in the Tour of Spain, he does not start too quickly. He knows that


this race is only about getting over the finishing line. He has got


the courage of his convictions, to start steady and to measure his


efforts across the whole distance. So, at the 18.4 kilometre point,


Wiggins is leading. 11 seconds back, in silver medal position, is Tony


Martin. Third at the moment is Froome. We are still awaiting the


arrival of Fabien Cancellara. But Cancellara was down at the first


split, at 7.3 kilometres. Wiggins, at the moment, is on track


to deliver that gold medal. He is riding incredibly well. Fabien


Cancellara, I think, is the only person who can upset this now, and


he was already on the back foot after that first check. We look now


at Martyn. Actually it is not, it is Sanchez. Yes, Sanchez of Spain,


who has had a shocking day, breaking his chain, and it looked


like a puncher as well. As Froome continues the good work. The


British riders at the moment in first and third, with the world


champion between them. Here comes Cancellara, Spartacus himself, four


times the world champion, defending Olympic champion. He is away, he is


out to be! He is not going to threaten Wiggins Jiyai Shin that


underlines the sheer class and talent of the Tour the France


winner. Cancellara is not going to be in the medals with this, I don't


think. Coming up to the line now... Here is the split... Fourth at the


moment, 30 seconds slower than Brad Wiggins. Well, we said this was the


time check which was going to define who was fighting for the


podium positions. And it has turned out to be the case, Fabien


Cancellara would appear to be out of it now. So, really, it is Froome,


Wiggins and Martin. This is Rodgers, and he has certainly got his race


face on. As we go back to the silky smooth style of Bradley Wiggins.


This is another stellar performance from him. This year, he has won the


Paris-Nice, the Tour de France, amongst others. It is just


unbelievable. Every time he turns out, he is a winner.


CHRIS BOARDMAN: He has got a pedigree which says he will always


be podium competitive. Fabien Cancellara is still in contention


for a medal, but I feel that the gold medal will be contested


between Tony Martin and Brad Wiggins. So, 11 seconds between the


two of them at the 18.4 kilometre point. So, they are through a


halfway point. It is the world champion, Tony Martin, versus the


winner of the Tour de France, Bradley Wiggins. They were first


and second in the World Championships last year in


Copenhagen, when Tony Martin beat Wiggins by one minute 15 seconds.


That's not going to be the case today. Here's Vinokurov, who earned


road race just a few days ago. And it is sixth position for him.


think he can be relatively happy, already having a gold medal in his


pocket. As we go back to Froome. The high street here absolutely


packed to capacity. This is where he actually pulled up on the road


race, so he will have memories of this. Well, he is not pulling up


now. He certainly isn't. Brad Wiggins, in that aerodynamic


position, the legs pumping so efficiently. That caption is wrong,


I think that is actually Froome. They both have similar styles.


are very gangly, Chris Froome walking a bit more from side to


side, to get that effort alt. He prefers the mountains, but I tell


you what, he is making a good job of discourse, considering it is not


ideal for him. We are waiting anxiously for the third time split,


which will be so important, that comes at 29.9 kilometres. After


that, they will be on the run to the finish. That's Wiggins. He has


got his main competitors in front of him now. He had Cancellara


behind him, of course, but I think to all intents and purposes, he is


out of it now, so Brad Wiggins has got everybody in front of him,


which gives him the ability to measure his effort, by getting lots


Denmark. As we go back to the world champion, Tony Martin, with his


silky smooth style. Very, very good style, for people who are watching


these fellas, they can learn a lot from the way they sit on the bike.


The next split will be at 29.9 kilometres. The fastest we have had


through their at the moment is Froome has registered a 35.25.


That's at the 29.9 kilometre point. So, Froome, no indication of


fatigue, he continues to power his weigh. He dearly wants an Olympic


medal, and the way he is going, he is going to get one. All of the


winners in this race are going to come from the Tour de France, that


is the best possible preparation specialist from Italy, Pinotti. He


is a faithful contender when he comes to this, 36 years of age.


Good style from him, but I have to say, he has been outclassed today


by these riders. Can we make it two British medals on the podium? That


really would be something. I think they are capable of doing it. As we


so which back to Tony Martin. the guy that can split them up.


are still waiting for the arrival of Phinney. Cancellara does not


look as though he has got it today. Here comes the next rider into the


finish, Oliveira, from Portugal. He is not going to threaten the top


four. Here he comes, and that puts split time for the serious


contenders. Bradley Wiggins continues, in his wonderful style.


He has been in imperious form. CHRIS BOARDMAN: He will know that


he has just got to keep on top of it now. Once you get this far in,


in the Time Trial, it becomes all about your aerobic efficiency. He


will be getting constant time checks, so all he has got to do is


to keep it going, do not take any unnecessary risks, do not push it


too hard. And he knows how to control himself. He is on course


for a gold medal. Now, what has the young American done during the last


section? We wait to see. Phinney comes through on 36.13. He is 48


seconds off the pace, so he is losing time. Here's a man who is


not. That's right. It is Tony Martin, the world champion. It is


almost feasible here for him to close down on Phinney. If he sees


him in front of him, that would help him. 19 seconds faster. So, at


29.9 kilometres, Chris Froome is in second. We are still waiting for


Wiggins and Cancellara. Cancellara, I feel, is out of this. It is only


Wiggins who can pressurise Tony Martin. I think we are looking at


the final podium places here, Bradley Wiggins heading for gold,


Tony Martin splitting the two British riders, and Chris Froome


and the first of the two will be Brad Wiggins. We are waiting to see


his time at 29.9 kilometres... At the previous time split, he was


ahead of Tony Martin. What will he be here? This is impressive, Chris


Boardman... He is quick, but not really pushing it out that much. 22


seconds, the difference, between Wiggins and Tony Martin. He has got


that lead, but it is certainly not a comfortable buffer. He cannot


afford to make any mistakes on this final leg. So, Bradley Wiggins is


leading Tony Martin by 22 seconds at that final split. Is that window


of advantage going to be enough to give Wiggins his fourth gold medal


and his seventh Olympic medal? Remember, whatever middle he wins


today will make him the greatest British Olympian ever. It would


take his tally up to seven. He looks like a man who's really going


about the job with clinical efficiency. What an incredible


experience, to be riding on the roads of London, surrounded by


hundreds of thousands of British fans. It is the opportunity of a


lifetime, and he is making the most of it. Under the trees he comes,


Bradley Wiggins, just eating away the final kilometres. This is


Cancellara. We wait to see how his time will be shaping up. We are not


seeing him on our long shot yet, so he is still a fair way from that


time check. I don't think Cancellara is going to upset things


here. It is Chris Froome we want to see? Can he disturbed that position


for bronze medal? Back to Chris Froome now, eating up the


concluding kilometres of this Time Trial. And this is Bradley Wiggins,


coming up to Sanchez, of Spain. It has been a disastrous day for


censures, breaking his chain, then having a puncture. Bradley Wiggins


sweeps past him. A little bonus there for Bradley Wiggins. Sanchez


just riding back to the changing rooms, I think, that must be so


disarming, breaking his chain, then certainly gone off the boil.


seemed to fade during the Tour de France as well. He has certainly


not been in good form. Fabien Cancellara there, I don't think he


is going to disturb the podium. He will not dislodge anybody ahead of


him, with 14 kilometres to go. So, Bradley Wiggins is quickest at that


final checkpoint. Second, Tony Martin, the world champion. Third,


Wiggins has tad to deal with the pressure of being the favourite in


this event. But Chris Froome he wants to get himself on the podium.


At the moment I think he has a significant buffer there, he is


going to manage that, so the medals will be decided among the three and


at the moment, it looks like a distinct and sizeable gap between


them. That is likely to be the order we see them come across the


finish line and stand on the podium. The nearest challenge to Froome


Chavanel, and he was 18 seconds slower, and then Cancellara was a


bit slower than that, so it looks as though it will be Chavanel that


could be the nearest challenger to him. Chavanel was 20 seconds at the


last time check. He has come back massively, massively through this


last ten kilometre mark. Chavanel then, we still with still


power in the tank. Froome will have to be on his best. I am not sure we


need to check that. He has gone from being two-and-a-half minute


back, to one minute back, he is coming forward at a tremendous rate,


if that is the case. I think that could be a technical error. Let us


hope Froome has something in the tank. This man looks as though he


is full to the top. That is Wiggins. He doesn't need to dig feep for


anything more. He is fluid. So impressive. Flying along here, he


has wings on his wheels has Bradley Wiggins as he knows he has this


gold medal now, in front of him, waiting for him. Kingston ahead of


him and the River Thames on the left. He hasn't got time to admire


this scenic location, he just has one thing on his mind, and that is


of course to be on the top position of the podium. You have the


positions confirmed there then, through that 30 kilometre split. It


was Wiggins leading by 22 seconds from Tony Martin and bronze medal


being held by Chris Froome on 35 minutes, 25 seconds. We missed a


shot of Martin, he was driving it through the corner, pushing it


right to the edge of the barriers, and, well, he needs do that if he


wants to catch Bradley Wiggins. Wiggins has enough room to not take


desperate risks, he has to stay safe. Don't overcook it, we have


that gold medal within his sights. This is Michael Rogers of Australia.


Rogers now, with a finishing line in his sights, it will be a


respectable time for Roger, the leader is still Castroviejo of


Spain, on 53.29. He will go ahead of him. 50 metres to go. He will be


the new leader. Good ride then by Michael Rogers the triple World


Champion. Rogers goes into the lead. 52 minutes 51. Castroviejo slips


down into second on 53.29. These the men we are waiting for and


particularly Bradley Wiggins. Just coming up to Kingston bridge here,


Bradley Wiggins out of the saddle momentarily, just stretching a bit,


when you are locked into that position, the fatigue in the bottom


of the back builds up. He has done a lot of training to,cope with that.


Showing he can do it, state stay in that position, just a few weeks ago


in the Tour de France, to where he effectively won that race in the


final time trial. It was his last test as we come back to Chris


Froome, the second best rider on that occasion, who is also heading


for a podium spot here if he keeps it together. The man splitting them


apart, Tony Martin of Germany, the classy time triallist, the world


time trial champion at the moment. She powering his way to the finish.


So Tony Martin, a World Champion from Copenhagen last year, as I


mentionederier in commentary, had a very big winning cushion of 1


minute 15 seconds over Wiggins. Cancellara third on that occasion.


There is the confirmation of that position at 29.9 kilometres,


comfortably in the lead is Bradley Wiggins, but it is all about his


concluding 14 kilometres now. Back to Wiggins as we previously saw


Froome. Bradley Wiggins eating up the kilometres now, moving closer


and closer to that Olympic gold medal, in his home town of London.


Moving into sporting immortality as we see the finishing effort here of


Bert Grabsch. This is Grabsch coming in. The 37-year-old German,


a former World Champion, not going to beat Michael Rogers, he goes


second at the moment. The first four are Rogers, from Grabsch, from


Castroviejo and Brajkovic of Slovenia, as we come back again to


Bradley Wiggins, the crowd giving him tremendous support here. Look


at this, lined all the way. Absolutely all the way two or three


deep over the whole of this circuit. Flags waving, he has tremendous


support as we come back again to the World Champion Tony Martin.


Strange style he looks perched almost on that saddle. It is


curious, it has changed a little since the World Championship as


well. Cancellara carrying the injuries, had to abandon the Tour


de France half way through, decided to go home and see the birth of his


child there. 500 meeters to go then for Chris Froome. The leading time


is 52 metre -- my opinions. As Froome takes the right-hander.


Cautious Chris. He is cautious and he lines up now for the run, a bit


of a sprint, as he can see the line ahead. He knows he's is in with a


serious chance of a medal. This is Chris Froome, now taking the left-


hander, and the crowd are roaring him on, the line is getting ever


nearer, the time the beat, 52 minutes 51. Here comes Froome. The


runner up in the Tour de France goes into the lead. His finishing


team 51.57. Chris Froome is leading the time trial. An average speed of


nearly 51 kilometres an hour, that is incredibly fast on these London


roads. 12 technical bends to negotiate, a rolling course, that


really is a strong time. I think only Martin and Wiggins are going


to top it today. You are right. Here is Fabian Cancellara and we


switch back to the World Champion Tony Martin. Eating up the


concludingkphs of the this test against the clock. We can't match


the rung time against wi, but Martin was trailing Wiggins by 22


second, at the 29 kilometre point. There we are. It is all over for


Chris Froome. He just needs to look at the big screen now, and he


wonders if it is going to be silver or bronze for Martin. For Chris


Froome I should say. This is the only person that can deprive him on


that podium spot. Him and Chavanel if the checks prove to be correct,


but I think Cancellara is going to have to fight another day. Hasn't


had the ideal build up to this race, and I think he is out of the


running and it is very rare we see that for the Swiss rider. I don't


think the crash helped him in the road race, overrunning that corner


and colliding with the barrier, but his hasn't been quite the time


trialler he used to be since last year when he was forced down into


third spot. He had a crash there but he lost that fluid style. A man


who hasn't lost any fluidity at all is wigs which, look at this. He is


poetry in potion. -- motion, he sits there and spins that gear


effortlessly. Of all the riders we have seen, nobody is as smooth as


Bradley Wiggins, his body hardly move, his style is so efficient. I


must admit I am stood next to him when he has been warming up and you


here the noise change as he starts to accelerate to do a sprint for


warm up and you can, you can't see any change in his body movement at


all. So, you can see Wiggins is coming in fantastically quickly to


this finish. Tony Martin, Tony Martin is doing a solid ride here,


he was unknown coming into this race, Michael Rogers takes his


place in the holding pen there, on those fantastic seats. Billy No


Mates at the moment! He will get some company. Here is Pinotti. He


comes in and goes second in 52.69. Just over a minute shy of Froome.


He has pushed Rogers down into third. We are waiting for the


arrival now of Phinney, Martin, Wiggins and Cancellara. Phinney


hasn't delivered the way we thought he would, but this man certainly


has. Well, Chavanel has just come in with a finishing time of 56, so


I think we can confirm that was a problem with timing, two ride irs


cross the timing strip at the same time sometimes it confuses the


Copts, that makes more sense to me. Cancellara is up there, as the top


four on this, in this race at the moment. Is that Phinney ahead if it


is it means that Tony Martin is going to catch Phinney for one-and-


a-half minutes and that could help him in the closing stages here,


because that could make him go even quicker in the approach to the line,


and we are not far away from the finish now. We can see it is a head


wind down here, we can see from the flag, Tony Martin choosing to go


down the middle of the road here, just locked in concentration,


Phinney fantastic motivation for him, the American went out very


quick at the start, and thought he was in contention, what he has done


is drive too quickly at as Bradley Wiggins turns into the park.


kilometres to go for Bradley Wiggins. Is it going to be gold


four for Wiggins and is it going to be the seventh medal for him?


think he can see Tony Martin down the road what a massive incentive.


It would be. One-and-a-half minutes Martin start ahead of wigs. Here is


Cancellara, not his day today. Cancellara has had a sensational


career as a time trialler, as we come back to Tony Martin. Look at


the crowd. I thought he was going to go on the grass there for a


moment. Martin goes well, these are the concluding stages of the men's


time trial. Froome is leading. 51.47. Pinotti second, Michael


Rogers third. But that is all going to change, believe me. Froome is


going to get squeezed down, but he could still hang on to the bronze


medal position. The finish is nearly here for Bradley Wiggins,


the winner of the Tour de France, as he ploughs his way through, the


corridor of faces here, to the cacophony of applause, Wiggins on a


gold medal winning ride here as we come back to Tony Martin as he


takes the right-hander and he is now almost at the end of his test


against the clock. 300 metres to gore Martin. We saw Bradley Wiggins


coming under the kilometre mark which means he's is 700 metres


behind the German, 700 metres away from the man who is he is going to


take the gold medal from. Good finish from Phinney. Here comes


Tony Martin now, driving for the line. Martin Finnishs now, and let


us have a look at thatment good ride by Martin, 51.21. He is in the


gold medal position, Chris Froome is in silver, and Taylor Phinney is


lying in the third position, on 52.38. Which are waiting for the


arrival of Bradley Wiggins, who comes up to take the right-hander


now. And it is looking very much to me as though Taylor Phinney is


going to get pushed down to fourth. That would be the same finishing


position as he achieved in the road race, here comes Wiggins now,


Bradley Wiggins, the winner of the Tour de France, the holder of three


gold medals, in the Olympic Games, he has got six medals to his credit


and it is looking like it is going to be gold today. Here comes


Bradley Wiggins up to the line. Have a look at the time. Here he


comes, Wiggins goes into the lead. 50 mince and 39. This is going to


be a golden gold ride for Wiggins. Cancellara cannot deny Wiggins the


Vicly the and the crowd are already going ballistic. Bradley Wiggins


has crossed the line to go into the lead, 50 minutes and 39 seconds,


Martins second. 51 minutes 21 and Chris Froome lying third. 51 and 47.


One more man to come in. Fabian Cancellara the defending Olympic


champion, as they circle and wind down at the back. Martin, Phinney


and Wiggins, what a ride that has been. I am not sure that Bradley


Wiggins has achieved here. He knows Cancellara has still to come in. We


know that nobody is going to topple him here has taken that Olympic


title in London. He is free- wheeling back, we wait for the


arrival of dance ar -- Cancellara. He doesn't look out of breath. He


is going to take a drink, a a couple of quick comments as we wait


for the arrival of Cancellara. And Wiggins now can rest, and that gold


medal is his, well, there is Tony Martin, that is the effort that has


been taken out of the German, who is going to get the Silver Medal.


Chris Froome the bronze, and we are waiting for news on Fabian


Cancellara. He is more than two kilometres, remember, behind


Bradley Wiggins, because he started one-and-a-half minutes behind him,


and he is also lost time. There is Chris Froome, at the moment,


sitting in the bronze medal position, Bradley Wiggins hasn't


joined him, and neither has Tony Martin, they are just here relaxing,


and getting their energy back. So, Cancellara will be just taking the


turns now, to line up for the run to the line, as Wiggins is glailted.


It was an incredible ride -- congratulated, it was an incredible


ride by Wiggins and three gold medals to his credit, three in the


pursuit and one in the team pursuit. He doesn't look out of breath to me


moment by something. It is a very emotional time. He has given up an


awful lot for this and he does not want to take any chances. He just


does not dare believe it until everybody is over the line. He has


not started celebrating, but he made do when this man crosses the


line. I think he said, have I got the best time? He is not sure. He


is going to go ballistic with celebration. There he is relaxing,


leaning against the fence, waiting for their news. This is Fabian


Cancellara, but it is all in vain. Here he comes. You can see his


running time. It will be a huge ovation because he is such a


popular athlete. There it is, the final run to the line. He is the


concluding athlete in the time- trial. He is getting an ovation,


but he could be three minutes off the pace. He is sprinting for the


line-out. He finishes the day in 7th position. Bradley Wiggins is


the Olympic champion. It is his 4th gold medal and the 7th medal in the


Olympic Games will stop he is the greatest British achieve for of all


times when it comes to medals won by a Olympians. He embraces Tony


Martin the world champion. Bradley Wiggins, the gold medal, Tony


Martin gets the silver and Christopher Froome gets the bronze.


What a polished performance by a man who is in the form of his life.


Yes. There is Christopher Froome all on his own. And that is the


effort. He is clutching that injured shoulder. He has obviously


been in a lot of pain. He wanted to write this, it was an opportunity


and a great course for him. But his build up was not that great and it


was topped off by that uncharacteristic crash.


trademark sideburns as he gives a wave to the crowd. His Olympic


tally now becomes 7th. He has won more medals than any other British


competitor in the history of the Olympic Games. Four gold medals,


one silver and two bronze. It all started off in 2000 when he won a


bronze in the team pursuit. He has had a silver in the team pursuit


and four gold medals. I would like to say he becomes the second man to


win a medal in this individual time-trial. Chris Boardman got a


bronze back in 1996 in Atlanta. There we are, Bradley, it is made


for you. Unprecedented, the greatest British cyclist ever. I


have no hesitation in saying that. Definitely one of the greatest


British sports people ever. could not agree more a. He has won


the ultimate challenge on the planet, the Tour de France. Is


there anything he cannot win? He surely must be given every accolade


in the book. This year has been the year for Bradley Wiggins. Look at


the crowd and they love it. And what a character. What about his


speech when he won the Tour de France. I am going to draw the


raffle ticket now! Tim Kerrison is one of the instrumental coaches who


helped him. He is taking time to say hello to everybody, enjoying


this moment. Yes, wonderful scenes and he looks so relax. Who is he


looking for? His wife could be here and his children. 50 minutes and 39


seconds, a winning margin of 42 seconds. Let's listen to the roar


of the fans. He is still searching for somebody. Is it his family?


They are all coming up to the podium area to received this man.


Has he found them? Who is he looking for? They are all autograph


hunting. He is looking for his family. What a ride, fantastic,


unbelievable stuff. He runs races on the track. He won the European


Championship, he was a world junior champion in the 90s. We go back to


Fabian Cancellara who is clearly in a lot of distress. But, Bradley,


what a rider you are. You have given us some moments and you have


added another memorable occasion to them here. He arrives back to where


he started from originally 44 kilometres ago. And in this


glorious setting here. I am pleased to say that the weather is shining


brightly and that is exactly what we want for the medal presentation.


Is this is why? Yes, it is. At least I hope so. His children are


there as well. A terrific family moment for him. It is a very


emotional time for the children as well. They are not quite sure what


is going on. In a few years' time they will look back on this. There


is Chris Froome. Let's not forget Chris Froome. He is like a nearly


man. But what a rider. I am sure he will get his day. With that quality


he will have the opportunity in the future. But not this year. This


year belongs to Bradley Wiggins. Those are tell-tale signs of the


crash of Fabian Cancellara. I think I want to grow my serve up --


sideburns again. Some people have stick-on sideburns, actually. I


hope he has patented them! Luckily they fit underneath the Helmut! I


think it is going to take us a long time in the sport of cycling to


realise what exactly has happened over the past month with the Tour


de France and the multiple stage wins and to win the Olympic gold


medal in the time-trial as well. All of these things together are


going to change the face of the sport in this country and hopefully


popularise it as a simple mode of transport as well. Already it is


being reflected with over 50,000... Here are a few images for you of


Bradley Wiggins. Look at these wonderful scenes.


Congratulations, Bradley Wiggins, Olympic champion in the men's time


trial. We asked the question if a gold medal would be like a London


bus. And so it proved, you get two at once. A gold medal in the rowing


this morning. What an apt time for that time trial to finish. Bradley


Wiggins is truly a part of Olympic royalty now. Tony Martin is the


world time-trial champion. It was only last year that Tony Martin


beat Bradley Wiggins. We must say congratulations to Chris Froome,


his first Olympic Games. A bronze medal in the time-trial. This is


what it means as far as the most successful British athletes are


concerned. Steve is there because he has won the most number of gold


medals, but Bradley Wiggins is in second. Two medals in 2008 and


three in 2004. Also a bronze medal in the year 2000 as well. Keep your


eyes on Christopher Hoy. He could Truly remarkable scenes. It was


also pretty special at the Olympic Park as well. This is what happens


when the victory was confirmed for Bradley Wiggins. This is it, it is


official. He has won himself a gold and everybody here is having the


time of their lives. Everybody has been waiting to see Bradley


confirmed as that gold winner. Did you see that? Yes, we did. Are you


big fans? Very much so. What did you think of that? Absolutely


fantastic, it will be good for British cycling. Did you think this


many people would come to see cycling? No, not at all, but I am


glad they have come. Have you come to see many things? Will have got


tickets for the swimming tonight. Everybody says I should grow


sideburns. Is that a good idea? think they will suit you. Some nice


red ones will suit you. Like Phillips Idowu were. I think it is


best that we leave it there. Stop it. Everybody is having a fantastic


time. More medals for Team GB. I think that sums up the incredible


atmosphere in the Olympic Park as news about these gold medals


filters through. It may have been away from the park, but it does not


mean that people here are unaware of what is happening. Joe Douglas


is at Hampton court now. You have followed Bradley's Korea for so


many years, and what a special day for you. It is a special day for


everybody, but particularly for everybody on the course. Obviously


it is a privilege to ask the questions, but for the fans on the


road, this is for them and for that team and for all the people who


have worked so hard. And he was here at the finish to see his


children and his wife and to see them celebrating with Ms is


remarkable. He has built up through the spring all those wonderful


successes in the lead-up to the Tour de France. 10 days ago he it


was on the top step off the podium in Paris and here he is 10 days


later, one of our most decorated athletes in the Olympics. It is


also worth mentioning the bridesmaid. Chris Froome has been


the bridesmaid for most of the summer, but this has been a


fantastic Olympic experience for him. Of course and he is a man we


will see a lot of in the coming years. Also at Tony Martin coming


here off the back of injuries and he has come away with a silver


medal. And Fabian Cancellara, what a champion. He is just rolling in.


He has come here to defend his Olympic title despite a huge crash


in the spring. He broke his collarbone. He came back and


crashed here during the Olympic road race. Now he has come back to


defend that. He is a wonderful champion. Well done Fabian


Cancellara. Enjoy the sunshine and the moment. This is what it means


for the medal table as part as Great Britain are concerned. It has


In 1996 a certain man won a bronze medal in the time-trial and that


was Chris Boardman. Chris, your emotions watching. Something of a


continuation from the Tour de France. A certain amount of stunned


shock. It is so big what is happening now. It would take us a


long time to realise the implications and what it means. It


was a sight I thought I would never see, a British rider winning the


Tour de France and then riding in the streets of London to win a gold


At the end, that wonderful shot of him almost not out of breath, he


makes it look so easy. Style, yes, but easy, no. What you see is an


incredibly efficient athlete. Endurance athletes have always been


the same, in a sense, in so far as they recover incredibly quickly.


Sprinters, just coming off the track, they will still be breathing


hard for 10 minutes. But Bradley has just done more than 3,000


kilometres in France, so riding around London for an hour, he can


cope with that. You have followed Froome all over the place as well,


what about him? He is a man for the future, a contender for the Tour


the France, no doubt about it. This is not used to rain, he would much


prefer Healy course. But he is so strong at the moment, they finished


in a deserving order, I would say. I have no doubt that Chris Froome


will have his day. Poor old Sanchez, it goes to show how much are these


guys are on the edge all the time, with all the problems that he had.


These things do happen, and it is a technical sport, as we were talking


about yesterday. But what a shame. This guy was in superb form, and to


break your chain - it happens very rarely, I think it happened to me


once in my entire career. For that to happen on the start line of the


Tour de France, and even then, he tried to get on with it. It took


his team by surprise as well, you do not expect mechanical problems


in the first two metres. After that puncture as well, it was all over.


From this beautiful picture, tomorrow, you're going to be in an


equally lovely place, in the velodrome, and of course, this man,


Bradley Wiggins, has moved away from the velodrome to focus on the


road, but we could be talking about more cycling history there, could


we not? To see Chris Hoy, if he could get another gold medal, that


would be fantastic. But we have got both men's and women's team sprint


tomorrow, which will be fantastic, and also the start of the team


pursuit, where I think possibly, we might see a world record.


remember cycling up Box Hill with you before the Games even started,


and I ask you how it compared with days gone by, and you said, in the


early 1990s, you were just about it this far was cycling was concerned


- how does it compare these days? The scale of it has increased


dramatically. It was just a small group of people, including myself,


at UK Sport. But now, the strength in depth of UK cycling is


incredible. There is a huge fight just to get into one of the teams


for the Olympic Games, which shows it is not just the talent that we


have already got, there's more behind it as well. Some clever a


member of the crowd had a very clever sign there. Very sharp


indeed. We will be back for the medal ceremony. Now, time to join


Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson, who is also down at Hampton court. She is


with Nicole Cooke, who picked up a medal in Beijing four years ago.


What a moment... It has been amazing. As the guys went through


the time checks there was a huge cheer, but nothing compared to what


it was like when Brad Wiggins crossed the finishing line. It has


been an amazing day. Yes, the Men's Time Trial had everything. There


was the drama at the start, Sanchez breaking his chain, then the


tension just went through the roof, as we were going through the time


checks, and it looked like there was a serious chance of both Chris


Froome and Bradley getting into the top three. And then when it


actually happened, it was incredible. I think the atmosphere


here has just been incredible, and for me, it just that sets the team


off - what do you think the atmosphere will be like back in the


village? Oh, everyone has been waiting for a day like today. There


has been a lot of anticipation. Yesterday, everyone was talking


about what might happen. I'm sure from now on, it will just take off.


You have been on the podium, in Beijing, at the Olympics - what


will mean the most to Brad Wiggins, winning the gold medal, or becoming


the best Olympian ever? I think the way he won this muddle today, it


was an individual gold, he did it by himself, on the bike, I think


that will mean a lot to him. But when he reflects on everything he


has achieved, I'm sure he will be very proud of all of those medals,


and everyone will have its own story. Thank you very much. We will


let you go and congratulate the boys. And you can see here, Bradley


Wiggins, lining up to go and collect that gold medal. Just


behind him, Chris Froome, with a well-earned bottle of water. We can


hand you back to Chris Boardman and Sue Porter, for the medal ceremony.


HUGH PORTER: What a moment this is going to be, the medal ceremony,


here at Hampton Court Palace, for the Men's Time Trial. It is going


to be a very British affair, with two men standing on the podium to


collect their medals. The Mancini going to present the gold medal


will be the vice-president of the International Olympic Committee. He


was a member of the fencing team in 1976, and he was also a member of a


World Championship winning team in the same year, as well as the


following year. Bradley Wiggins' voracious appetite for winning


medals in the Olympic Games continues. That is his seventh


medal, and his fourth gold medal. No other British Olympian has ever


won seven medals. He is the ultimate achiever.


CHRIS BOARDMAN: It is a real contrast, looking at the scene now,


after we have just seen hundreds of thousands of people on the streets.


It is difficult to believe that they are going to present the gold


medal, and there's nobody there. Well, at the moment, everybody is


lining up for the ceremony. It is what we have been talking about for


quite some time. We almost feel like we're urging sing everybody.


Everybody was saying, barring incident, it was going to be


Bradley Wiggins' gold medal. will be back in a few moments, when


the medal ceremony is actually about to take place.


Let's summarise what has been Bradley Wiggins' stellar year just


gets better and better. He wins his seventh Olympic medal. Helen Glover


and Heather Stanning created history by winning the first gold


medal for the team at London 2012. And Great Britain also took bronze


in the Men's Eight in a thrilling race at Eton Dorney. At one point


it looked like they might have upset the favourites, Germany. And


eight badminton players have been disqualified from the Games fraud


not using their best efforts to win. News on that appeal coming up


shortly. But right a now, as you can see, the medal ceremony is


about to happen. HUGH PORTER: It is a moment to


savour. There is the vice-president of the International Olympic


Committee. Himself, an achiever, in his time, in fencing, in 1976.


Bradley Wiggins, who has once again delivered. The man who will deliver


the flowers, the president of the governing body for cycling. It is a


glorious setting here, at Hampton court. Magnificent weather for the


presentation. The winner of the bronze medal, representing Great


Britain, is Chris Froome. Another superb performance by him, the man


who was a runner-up in the Tour de France. A tremendous ovation he is


receiving. A man I feel sure will be standing on the top spot of the


podium within the next few seasons. And the winner of the silver medal,


it is the current world champion, Tony Martin, representing Germany.


CHRIS BOARDMAN: He looked happy with his performance today. I don't


think he thought he was in with a chance of a victory. He was happy


with the silver medal, I think, on this occasion, after the issues he


has had with broken bones. He rode courageously, but the window of


advantage for Wiggins was 42 seconds, and Tony Martin just did


The Olympic champion and gold medal-winner, representing Great


Britain, Bradley Wiggins! His voracious appetite for Olympic


medals continues, and this gold medal is his seventh in the Olympic


competition. Nobody in the history of the Olympic Games from Great


Britain has earners many medals as Brad Wiggins. Sheer class, Brad


Wiggins. Masterclass, the personification of dominance,


nobody could compete with him. The crowd chant, Wiggo, and he is


conducting them! What a character! Please stand for the national


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 95 seconds




Brad Wiggins and Chris Froome, two tremendous performances from them,


and Tony Martin, the world Time Trial champion, also amongst the


medals. Sue Barker joins me now. The cheer in the studio here was


quite something, wasn't it? It was absolutely fantastic. Great for


Brad Wiggins, he is so calm under pressure. Looking at those


fantastic scenes, those crowds did not have to buy a ticket for that,


but they were part of this whole the Olympic experience. The sun


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