BBC Two: Day 5: 13.00-13.45 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 5: 13.00-13.45

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Welcome back to an Kerkow action on day five. It has been an incredible


morning. -- Olympic action. We have They are both trying to lose and


The crowd starting to stand up and salute the greatest Olympian in


history. Standing ovation for Britain's finest. This is


incredible. What an Olympic Games It is silver for Great Britain.


They gave it everything and were so close. Great Britain into the


bronze medal position. We are no big champions! Great Britain! They


punched the air. -- we are Olympic champions. It is really getting


going at the London 2012. These are the headlines from this morning.


Helen Glover and Heather Stanning are the history girls. They won


Team GB's first gold medal of London 2012, the first British


women to win an Olympic rowing title.


Greg Searle and Great Britain's men's eight powered into the lead


in their final but they had to settle for bronze as world


champions Germany had to take gold. Fran Halsall made it through to the


semi-final in the 100m freestyle, finishing second in her heat. She


will be joined in the last 16 by to make in this mess. -- team mate


Smith. Ryan Lochte looked good this


morning, easing through to the semi-finals of the 200m backstroke.


Let's go back to the medals of the we are just watching the British


crew collect their thoughts at the end of the model pontoon. -- metal


pontoon. Their final words together before they disband forever. Bronze


medallists, representing Great Britain. The crowd on the far side


of the lake on their feet. The crew turn around and they acknowledge


the support that they gave them in the final 300 metres of that race.


That epic, epic race. Each and every one of these guys are heroes.


Listen to the noise. The acknowledgement. Alex Partridge.


James Foad fought his way into this crew. The real unsung hero of this


boat. Tom Ransley, 26 years of age. We feel for him. The face says it


all. Richard Egington, who sat motionless for minutes after the


line, he could not move. Moe Sbihi. A moment that they allow us into


such disappointment. And there he is, Greg Searle, the hero 20 years


on. Speechless. There is nothing I can say. Matthew Langridge did a


fantastic job in a sense the seat. And bars and in the -- in the 7th


seed. Constantine Louloulis, what Well, we bring you news that all


four of the badminton players involved in that match basically


trying to lose have been disqualified. We will bring you


more news on that in just a while. First, to the time trial to see how


things are going for Emma Pooley the first time check in this


women's 29 kilometre test against the clock. It comes at 9.1


kilometres. You can see the leg speed and a businesslike approach.


She is in good form. The lead at the 20 kilometres point was from


Finland. 28 minutes and 51 seconds. They are all four out on the road


in this Test against the clock. They start at 1.5 minute intervals


and the rules are very simple. Cover the course in the quickest


time possible. This is Emma Vandyke from the Netherlands, who rode very


well in the road race. -- Ellen Van quarters behind because they are


not allowed to go past the rider for fear of giving them shelter


from the motorbikes in these southerly winds. Lizzie Armitstead


is coming up to that checkpoint, outside the first best time but


still respectable. She is not a time trial specialist but she will


try as hard as she can to post a top 10 time. The crowd giving her


tremendous support. Lizzie Armitstead 9th at that time split


of 9.1 kilometres. Look at the crowd at the British flags. She


must be enjoying this. She has already got a silver medal in her


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


She is the current World Champion. She has got medals in their pocket


from the Olympic Games in previous years. Silver at Athens. She is a


polished performer. The Olympic road race champion, Marianne Vos.


She started like a rocket from the starting house. But she is settling


down a bit now. Both those riders on the road for less than 10


minutes now, and you could not see a more contrasting style. Judith


Arndt sat down, pacing her effort, Marianne Vos in and out of the


saddle. She is very much a sprinter. She likes to see her competitors.


Respectable in the time trial and certainly on form but I would be


surprised if she is in the medals today. Approaching the next time


split here, Johansson from Sweden. The silver medal winner for the


road in Beijing. She is not going have still got the big guns to


smooth style. Keep an eye on this split time, because this is the


former World Champion. She is not as quick as Olga Zabelinskaya. In


fact, that is quite modest from the USA. I am surprised. She is still


settling into the race. She worked hard in the road race at the


weekend. I would have thought she would be quicker than Olga


Zabelinskaya, but there we are. Over the rest of the course she


could deliver. We get back to the defending champion, Kristin


Armstrong. She looks to be using a low gear. That is evidence of


somebody in good form, pedalling at that time cadence rate. -- high


cadence rate. Emma Pooley, what is she going to do? The fastest time


at the first split has been 13.14. 13.46, we are under 14 minutes.


Emma Pooley as the quickest at this point. Diminutive inside, she flies


along, but quickest at this first split. She will be pacing her ride


correctly. That is the split time and she is quickest by seven


seconds. That is a significant margin at this point. Fastest and


benign, to split. Good riding by an appalling. -- fastest at the nine


kilometres split. Good writing by disappointed if she comes away


next point. She is shifting around in the shadow, not quite as


comfortable as in the opening few road as well. Looks to be in a much


lower beer than the other minutes and one second. Of course


they are the current leaders of the competition, going first. Olga


Zabelinskaya is getting towards the check is around 40 kilometres an


hour. So faster coming back. Amber Neben at the next check. She is


being chased by Emma Pooley. Good seeding in the closing stages of


the time trial. Marianne Vos is yet to arrive at the first split at


bit of Judith Arndt, which is what we are interested in. -- time at


Split. We hope it will be close to Emma Pooley, still in with a shot


Hughes has gone through in 14.05. At the line, to point, the first


speech check on the court, Emma Pooley is in third. Perhaps not the


best start for Emma Pooley but very much in contention. I do not see


Marianne Vos going quicker than those times. I'm looking at Judith


Arndt and Armstrong, the last two on the road, to put Emma Pooley


under pressure. Good riding from Hughes, she won the gold in the


5,000m. Very strong in the road race. This is a great course for


her. She likes the Flat courses. Powerful. Very pleased with that.


Concentrating on Olga Zabelinskaya. Two finishes in, at the moment. At


9.1 kilometres, the splits confirmed for us. Hughes's second,


Emma Pooley in 14.06. That is very you do not get to stop and recover.


He carried fatty through the whole race. -- You carry fatigue through


the whole race. Marianne Vos is not going to threaten the three medal


positions here at the first time a split. Three have completed the


course, and still leading his Sundstedt. Liesbet de Vocht of


Belgium is third. The right by Marianne Vos is not going to be a


right that is going to give her a medal, but she will enjoy the


occasion, having already won gold in the road race. She lost a


massive amount of time Judy the enthusiastic start that she made,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


almost like a sprint finish the. happy with that. One more to come


through the first time split, and that is going to be Kristin


Armstrong, waiting for the defending champion now. We can show


you the effort here, the finishing effort of Pia Sundstedt of Finland,


here she comes. She is coming up to the line, and that is Tatiana


Antoshina, who goes second, 11 seconds slower than the time of Pia


Sundstedt. Here is Arndt, the German, going well. She is riding


well, and she was tipped as favourite, but at the top of the


show we were talking about how her time-trial form is not as good as


it has been in the past. The time for Arndt at that 9.1 kilometre


point was the same as Pooley, as we look for the arrival of the


defending champion, Kristin Armstrong, going well. She has made


a very positive start, Armstrong coming in with an impressive time.


Well, just one seconds clear, so all to play for there. Villumsen is


so close behind, and the next split will be so telling. Some riders go


too quickly, some take a while to get into the race, so this is a


first indication of who is in the game, but the next cheque will tell


us who is playing for the medals. All the riders are on the rowed now,


9.1 kilometres, Armstrong went game in the second section of the


time-trial, 4th at the moment, 14.06. Well, she is just one second,


Pooley, off being on the podium, so it is all to play for. This course


is not ideal for her, but she is a fighter, and she wants to use this


opportunity to ride on British roads in Olympic Games, a once-in-


a-lifetime opportunity for all of these competitors. She will make


the most of it. I will tell you what, there is a real battle


beginning to unfold on the road. The crowds are way too close. She


is getting a significant benefit from that car, I cannot believe it


is being allowed. That will massively affect results here.


is almost tucked in behind it! is very unusual in a time-trial.


Yes, the referees will have something to say about that, I feel


sure, as we get back to Armstrong, but all the stars of his time-trial


have already shown the form they are in, and the riders we expected


to challenge our or figuring strongly. -- are all figuring


5th for her. And here is the cash, so Judith Arndt has caught Marianne


Vos for one and a half minutes, and ahead of her there will be clear


road. She will have to set about chasing the next Ryder, whom she is


not going to catch, because that will be Villumsen of New Zealand.


Marianne Vos is obliged to believe over 10m, so there is no potential


for taking assistance, as we switch back to Emma Pooley on one of the


downhill sections. She has chosen to use the same training as Bradley


Wiggins. -- Jane Eyre reign. Russian is the new leader. She has


had a good steady ride throughout. She will be pleased with that, a


good ride by her after that time- trial performance. The time for


Zabelinskaya, the first ride and a 40 minutes, so pretty consistent.


46 kph average, slightly faster than I predicted. This is going to


be a fast race. The men's event style boards at the side of the


road to give the riders information at certain points on the course. So


they will be looking out for them, they will know where they are going


to show them. Pooley wants to try and eradicate the deficit, it was


pretty slight from the previous Czechs, but it would be nice to


assert her authority here. -- Check. Here comes Amber Neben, overhauling


the rider who started ahead of her, Emma Johansson. Let's have a look


at the splits time for Amber Neben, showing second. We can see the


Canadian coming in to finish, the young Canadian, Ramsden. A bat is a


British crowd, applauding everybody. the UK, almost a separate sport in


trialling circuit. Strong time trialling background, my first race


aged 13 was a 10 mile ride against the clock. So Judith Arndt, well,


with the bit between her teeth, she has already overhauled Marianne Vos


and has one minute back to Armstrong. The difference in styles


between those two, Arndt is very still, whereas Armstrong seems to


roll a lot. The British team are set up at five kilometres, giving


Emma Pooley her first track. She is well past that now. The next


timecheck for Pooley. 27 minutes and 47 seconds, the second quickest


split of the day at the 20km point. The deficit is not what she will


want. It is quite significant at his point. We will see where she


gets to as we get a shot of the leaders in the race, they have to


go and sit on those thrones that they have got set out until they


Hampton Court. Trixie Worrack coming in now. Good time. She is


just within the 40 minute mark, easily, in fact. She goes second at


this stage. Zabelinskaya is riding exceptionally well there to post


that strong time early on, up 46 kph average as we go back to Clara


Hughes. Let's see what kind of time she is going to record, gulping in


the air, gritting her teeth, she has certainly got the race fees are


and, fastest at that point is Zabelinskaya, who went 27.26,


pretty impressive, 17 seconds faster than he used. Now Pooley,


27.47, four seconds short of the Canadian's time. Well, the second


timecheck is always telling, because the first one, if you do


not know whether somebody is pacing themselves, they are all in the


next after 10 or 15 minutes of racing, but when you get to 20


kilometres, it is starting to sort itself out. But this lady, Kristin


Armstrong, she knows how to pace a race, and we can expect a


consistent performance from her all the way through. And from villains


and as well, so Zabelinskaya, the bronze medal-winner in the road


race, has not disappointed. -- Villumsen. We await the arrival of


the top seeded riders. That is Zabelinskaya's time at 20


kilometres, and Linda Villumsen cars 6.7 seconds off it, quickest


at this point. A great ride by her, she will be happy with that, she is


on track for a medal here if she can keep the pressure on.


seconds faster than Pooley, Villumsen. Emma Pooley is going to


have to find something in the closing stages if she wants to hit


a podium. The next one coming in, from Sweden, a sprint for the line,


and that was Emilia Fahlin, 6th in the competition. It is all about


the top riders in the closing stages here, and the one to shoot


down his Zabelinskaya of Russia, who picked her pace up. She was


sixth in the first split, then she posted the second-fastest time.


Those are the hot seats of the first three in the competition,


they look comfortable. They are the most grandiose of seats I have ever


seen, it must be quite uncomfortable to sit there! Linda


Villumsen of New Zealand, second in the world championships in


Copenhagen last year, beaten by Arndt. 29 seconds is the difference


between them, and she is going well, looking very strong. She does, and


she is well suited to this course as well, good cadence there, she


has settled in position, and I have no doubt that they will have time


checks on root as well to let them know how they are doing, and that


has to give you confidence to let you know that you are posting a


time like that. Waiting for the arrival of Judith Arndt and Kristin


Armstrong. It is really hotting up, this time trial, and it is going to


go right down to the wire, very interesting indeed. Linda Villumsen


was quickest at the second point, 20.4 kilometres, and Zabelinskaya


was second, third was used, 4 fours Pooley. Back to Armstrong on the


course, she has settled into this race now. A good cadence there as


well. Look at this, a cluster of riders or bunching up, because they


have been caught or they have caught the riders ahead of them.


The Australian in the next, and that is Shara Gillow. Leading to


the line is the Italian, coming to record their times, 38.53, Van Dijk


is in second position behind Zabelinskaya. Well, the crowd know,


that is the latest finisher coming in, Shara Gillow. We are looking


back to the New Zealander, and this of course is Linda Villumsen.


Judith Arndt coming around to. We are flicking around the picture is


a little bit now. She was 27.21, just two seconds down, so she is


going to be happy with that. place at the moment. Second, in


fact, moving up. Fears that the first time split, so a steady ride


by her. -- 5th at the first split. Back to Villumsen, still on a nice


smooth style. The best riders almost never get out of the saddle,


smooth and efficient. It is more of an internal battle, the time-trial.


Armstrong. Very, very smooth indeed, just a little bit of a wave of the


shoulders, can she beat the time of Villumsen, 27.18? Arndt, 27.21 at


the 20 kilometres point. That is the time they are aiming at if they


want to move into the lead with the concluding kilometres to wipe away.


Lizzie Armitstead getting in the end of her time trial, getting a


huge ovation here. Armitstead Zabelinskaya the lead. Well, she


did say coming into this that it was an opportunity to ride on home


roads without pressure. Armstrong is ahead, 4.8 seconds sliced up the


time of the previous leader, Villumsen. She comes to the line,


the closing time for Armitstead, 4th at the moment. We are into the


concluding stages of his time trial now, let me tell you, at the 20km


point, the defending champion from America, Kristin Armstrong, 27.13.


The New Zealander is second, Villumsen. Clara Hughes was there


in 4th position on 27.43, four seconds short of use. Pooley one


27.47, she is actually six because Zabelinskaya is in the next as well.


It is going to be a tough job for Emma Pooley to get herself back


into a podium position now. She is well over 20 seconds down on third


place, so she is really going to have been put in a finish if she


wants to get a medal out of this one. I think she will be


disappointed, she has worked hard looking as though she is going to


win. Do give aren't riding smoothly along these roads. -- Judith Arndt.


She is trailing Armstrong and they moment in 6th place. Some rain on


the course. These showers were predicted. They will make the final


turns quite treacherous and they will have to be careful. Is anybody


going to gamble to move up the podium? Emma Pooley will know that


she has got to raise their game in the closing stages. Amber Neben


moves into the finishing Funnell, the sea of faces with the applause


ringing out. Olga Zabelinskaya set a fantastic mark earlier on. Amber


Neben inspired by the bronze medal in the road race. That is all going


to change because the big guns are still going to come. Emma Pooley


should be the next to arrive at the medal position at the moment, and a


Van Dijk. 9th 4 Johansson of Sweden. -- for Johansson. It is because of


that spaceship Helmut! We come back to Armstrong, the Olympic champion


of four years ago. The closing stages of this race now, riding


incredibly well in consideration of that difficult season and that


broken collarbone. Emma Pooley now. You can see the time of Olga


Zabelinskaya is out of reach. She is still leading in this


competition. Come on, and a poorly, what have you got? Try and raise


your game. -- Emma Pooley. The last Olga Zabelinskaya. 38.37. Second at


the moment but for how long? Next to come in will be Clara Hughes,


from Canada. That was solid but not great from Emma Pooley, even though


she gave it everything that she had. She played it professionally,


visiting the course and doing everything she could to post that


good performance. At the end of the day, she is a very slight rider


suited to going up hills and this those times get Riddick. Fair play


to Olga Zabelinskaya, the Russian, 32. Inspired by the bronze medal in


the road race. That crouching, businesslike style. Judith Arndt


getting to the closing stages. Clara Hughes gulping in the air,


coming up to the turn. Trying to replicate the position of 96 in


Atlanta when she got the bronze Zabelinskaya totally out of reach.


Clara Hughes in second. 31 seconds off the pace of the Russian. That


was an incredible ride by Olga Zabelinskaya. I have just looked


through and she has not won a time trial this year. I beg your pardon,


apart from the national championships! She has not been


winning recently in the time-trials. She will be happy with that,


inspired by her bronze medal ride. No international time trial victory.


Just the one at home, the domestic clash. We await the arrival of


Linda Villumsen. She was the silver medal at the World Championships in


Copenhagen 12 months ago. The big effort, driving for the line. She


is not going to beat 37.57. The Russian is still in that gold medal


position. It is close but I think she will go silver. Up to the line,


the Sprint, the raising of the tempo, and second by Linda


Villumsen. Only 1.83 seconds shy of Olga Zabelinskaya. That at this,


she cannot believe it, still in the gold medal position and has just


two be contenders to come in. big contenders. She will be very


nervous. The right of her career. Linda Villumsen, is she going to


get a medal? It will be difficult. Look at this narrow section of the


course. The crowd is massive, waiting for the arrival of the two


serious medal contenders still on the course. This is the first of


them, Judith Arndt, the current World Champion. So experienced. The


top podium finish in the individual pursuit, the road race and the time


trial. She is so versatile. We wait for the 38 year-old, Armstrong, as


well, one and a half minutes behind Judith Arndt. A handful of minutes


to get the last bit of effort out. Is that Marianne Vos? It could be.


Marianne Vos faded badly even at the first time check. What an


incentive that would be to pull your speed out. Judith Arndt


closing down on Armstrong? Has she been delayed? The defending Olympic


champion is going to catch the World Champion for one and a half


minutes. I am waiting to see that. That would be quite a surprise. I


think it was Marianne Vos. Yes, I think it was. She was caught by


Judith Arndt. That would be three minutes, about right. With these


serious medal contenders out there still, Olga Zabelinskaya leading.


Linda Villumsen of New Zealand in second. Yes, here comes the cat. It


is Judith Arndt sweeping past Marianne Vos. We were right the


first time. Marianne Vos has been caught for three minutes. Judith


Arndt squeezing through. She is taking the shortest possible line.


That was a great visual carrot in front of her. Judith Arndt coming


into the finish now. It is quick. Threatening the time of Olga


Zabelinskaya. She sat there for a long time as the leader of the


contest. Olga Zabelinskaya was the 10th competitor of the 24 to start,


but she must be watching it now and realising that she could be


squeezed out of the gold medal position. Judith Arndt goes into


the lead. She has taken seven seconds off the time only. One more


competitive to come own who could deny Judith Arndt the gold medal,


and that his Christian Armstrong, the defending champion. -- that is


Kristin Armstrong. The only time check that matters is the one at


the finishing line. Armstrong is at the top of Powerscreen. Linda


Villumsen is sitting in the bronze medal position. She must be biting


her nails because the defending a champion is still to come in and


she could be denied the medal. has had injury and not an ideal


build up, but she is a fighter and she desperately wants this. She was


solid in a road race this weekend. She is very good. The 38 year-old


mother is going to maintain her title here and retain at the --


retain her crown as Olympic champion. Look at the running time!


Yes, Armstrong of the USA wins the Gold Medal, taking 15 seconds of


the time of Joda -- off Judith Arndt. Olga Zabelinskaya get bronze,


her second of these Olympics. Villumsen is pushed into 4th. Emma


Pooley completes the course in Essex. Celebrations here. -- Emma


Pooley complete the course in 6th place.


That is a good result from Emma Pooley. Phenomenal from the


trial. Of course Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome in action. Can


Bradley Wiggins achieve absolute greatness? All will be revealed


very shortly. Plus this afternoon, action from the North Greenwich


Arena. The men's gymnastics. It is the individual all-around


competition. Dan Purvis and This morning was all about Helen


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