BBC One: Day 5: 16.00-18.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 5: 16.00-18.00

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the gold rush going to continue in the velodrome? I have my fingers


crossed. We will have Chris Boardman with us, and he is clearly


a lucky charm. Over the next few hours, gymnastics will be our main


feature. Coming up in just a few moments will be the men's all-round


final. We have got Kristian Thomas and Daniel Purvis going for Great


Britain. We have then got women's volleyball. Then we will have all


the latest from Weymouth. And They are leading 1-0 at the moment.


Plenty of options on the red button as well. Now it is gymnastics.


Wonderful scenes two days ago when Great Britain picked up that


unexpected bronze medal. Christine Thomas and Daniel Purvis are back


today. Kristin qualified 5th and Dan 10th, so there is an outside


chance of a medal. The man they all have to beat his Co hate what she


Mora of Japan. -- Kohei Uchimura. He is a man on a mission here.


Listen to their reaction of the crowd when they hear his name. He


is a superstar. He is on form here. A touch of class. Absolutely


extraordinary. What a joy. Here That will do very nicely. Genius


and that his wife. He is the best in the world. They have not been


beaten for the last three years. The competition is just getting


under way, so let's join our commentators, Mitch Fenner,


individual final. Christine Thomas has been so consistent throughout.


Let's hope that consistency continues. This is not the place


for it to end. There we can see him. He will be the first gymnast to go


in this competition on the floor, the piece of apparatus that sealed


the bronze. Daniel Purvis will start over on pommel horse.


Interestingly, the man with a towel around his shoulders, there are six


gymnasts in with a really good chance here and amongst them are


two British. Absolutely amazing. They have earned the right to be


ranked in that top six in terms of scores. Christine Thomas --


Kristian Thomas is Nistor consistency. He has been injured


for some time and this is his comeback. He is an extraordinary


gymnast. He sometimes it loses a bit of execution on pommel horse.


Kohei Uchimura has been a little bit rusty whilst he has been here.


The question is, will they get the Polish out? I have a feeling they


will be much better. How much has winning that bronze medal taken out


of the British couple? They have done a lot of media work and


interviews. I hope they can keep calm and he concentrated on the job


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


at hand. They have done an awful controlled. Very clean, very


stylish at the moment. The final double Arabian. That will do very


nicely indeed. What a star if indeed with five pieces to go. He


will move on to pommel horse. impressive. He has done a lot of


media work and two competitions already and he just looked as fresh


as he could be. That was the big, double, pike, Arabian. He kicked


out at the perfect time. He meets the floor into the fault Western


Front. There is a philosophy to say that when you are tired you go into


auto drive and that looked a bit but not the most difficult we will


his appalled in the team championship which brought an end


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


to the hopes of the USA, so he has is going to be a cracker of a


competition. Come on, Dan. Gosh, he is still on the pommel horse. We


might have taken a break, but he did not. He is winning dutifully


now. Just lost forms slightly, but this is big difficulty, this


routine. He looks totally determined. Well done. Well done


indeed. Massive difficulty in there and he made a good recovery. That


would do a great deal for his confidence that he overcame the


difficulties. That is a good, safe start. It gave us a few


palpitations, but he is focused. Into the very difficult rushing


combination at the end. He got himself together. A very good


recovery and then the dismount was fluid. This is the thing, it is


that interesting combination between the difficulty and the


executions. If you let the form go a little bit, if you have a high


difficult to value, it is not too dangerous or damaging. You cannot


compromise, you have to make the equation, go for a difficulty and


focus to go through it. There is no compromise. He looks very anxious


waiting for the score. He struggled a bit on pommel horse in


qualification. He was much better in team final. He will be pleased


to have it over with. That is all right. Indeed it is. Here he is, a


legend. He has won the last three titles at the World all-around


final. Has he got his individual head on? It was not there for the


team. That is a good start. He lost the shape a little bit, but did


very well to get it back. This is good start. That was the dismount


that caused the judges' dispute. It downgraded Great Britain's silver


to a bronze. He is very happy with that performance. He struggled on


pommel horse the whole time throughout the competition. He is


not usually very demonstrative, but you can see he was definitely


thrilled to land that dismount in one piece. It was in the Olympic


final where he fell off twice in the pommel horse that stopped him


getting the gold. Yes, he got the is very quiet, but he will approach.


A very good all-rounder. I think that step was out of the floor area.


It will be a deduction. But you need every point at this level.


Lovely technique. Half in, double front, half out. Really versatile


in his technique. Very speedy with his performance. He zips through


the floor routine. They have to show all areas, balance, control.


Power as well. That was the power. Lovely control on the landings. A


triple twist, but he was a little bit short. They will give it to him


it with a deduction, but that was nicely constructed routine. Just a


few tiny execution errors. A little on, how costly will those mistakes


have been? CHRISTINE STILL: Quite costly. And


of course, the Russian team must have been very disappointed with


their final position in the team final. Well, Team USA had an


absolute disaster in the team competition. Danell Leyva was their


highest qualifier. This, a real chance for gold. I hope he can hold


his focus, he is a very elegant the difficult lift from that


position, beautifully performed. He very unusual, absolutely pencil


straight. No wonder you're celebrating. The celebration will


continue, when he meets up with his stepfather. But yes, Danell Leyva


looks like the one to beat. I will tell you more about his stepfather


in a while. But first, we can join Capelli on the rings. A 25-year-old


swish -- Swiss gymnast. Not sure how much he will threaten for the


podium places. He has been a stalwart for Switzerland in the


World Championships. He is a strong shaky at the top. Into the


dismount... I will tell you what, he did well to get through that


routine, because he got a swing on right at the start, and he never


really cancelled it out. And you will remember that from your days,


Matt, once you get a swing on, it from the Ukrainian. They are


building a reputation these days. Japanese handstand. That's the


second link influenced by the pommel horse, and he did it very


well. This is a good start. Good because it was a clean routine.


MATT BAKER: That's it for the first rotation.


We will be back live at the gymnastics shortly, but a short


time ago, you may have seen Bradley Wiggins taking a Olympic gold in


the Time Trial. What a month it has been for him. His fourth gold, his


seventh Olympic medal in total, making him the most decorated


British Olympian ever. He has been speaking to Jill Douglas. Bradley,


a nation toasts you. What does this mean to you? I cannot put it into


words, I cannot do it justice. It was incredible. To win an and


Olympic gold in your home city, in the velodrome, would have been


incredible, with 4,000 people cheering you on, but to do it


around the streets of wherever we are, it was phenomenal. Just going


through Kingston at the end, the noise was amazing. I don't think my


sporting career will over top that. What a month it has been, winning


the Tour the France, and the Time Trial at the Olympic Games, that's


it now, it is never going to get any better than that.


incredibly, so many of these people are wearing sideburns. It is mad,


isn't it? Now, that medal, seven Olympic medals, Britain's most


decorated Olympian - what does that mean? Well, this morning, I kept


seeing these reports on the television, saying that it had to


be gold or nothing today. What's the point in having seven medals if


they have to be one colour? But the main thing is that it is number


four. So, I have got to go on to Rio now, to get number five. But


just a word for Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Steve Redgrave, to be up there


with those guys, it is very special. You looked a bit thoughtful on the


top step of that podium, what was going on in your mind? I was trying


to soak it in, because I had no memories of the other terms, it


happened so quick. To be here in front of, wherever we are, that


castle over there, it is just so British. The sun came out


eventually, and it has topped it Rio, that's great news. And that


followed on from the gold medal earlier at Eton Dorney. Anyway, now,


the first gymnast up on to the rings, but these are the standings


have vaulted to be higher up the standings. Until they have all gone


on that piece of apparatus, you really have no idea. This is just a


warm-up, do not worry about this! But so far, so very good, for


Kristian Thomas. CHRISTINE STILL: Very much so. He


really gave an almost faultless routine. Probably the best floor


routine we have seen him do. We have seen him do it twice in the


team competition, and today, as an individual. We were thinking, can


he do it all over again? But certainly, from his first piece, it


looks like he can. This is just the warm-up, as you say, they are not


doing a full routine. Dan will be the first one up on to the rings,


and Kristian will be the last one, so he will have quite a long wait.


That cannot help, which? MITCH FENNER: It is difficult to


keep your focus, but these guys are used to it. It evens out as the


have struggled on, really. Looking at their team score, they could do


with an extra mark on this one. I always used to find this one a very


difficult piece of apparatus. demands, in terms of physical


preparation, the strength you need, we have got a young team, but we do


need to address it. We have got youngsters coming through, some


very good people coming through, so we can make right the problem on


highest scores in the all-round competition in the world this year.


Straight into a very impressive strength element, held easily. He


secure. Lovely technique in the hamster and shape. Forward, into


the somersault. He has got great control at the top of his swing.


Double twister! He squeezed in the extra half. That was good work.


crammed in the difficulty, and I have to say, that is probably one


of the best routines I have seen him do on the rings. Yes, his


strength work is coming along nicely. It was very well put


together. He swings like a dream on this apparatus. He knows where to


put the Rings, very disciplined. know the British lads have made


such an impact at these Olympics, and to be talking about them up in


the top five in the world, it is really quite extraordinary. Well,


because we will have to get used to it, because this is going to be


around for a long time, I'm sure, tentative on the pommel horse. He


just does not look comfortable this year, somehow. He looks just a


little bit slim. I just wonder whether he has got the strength on


this apparatus. Technically, he is Yes, you need to show those


strength positions for long enough. That's good. He has got the time on


ride today, he is looking the best we have seen him. John Orozco, he


looks stressed. Oh, my word. Well, he is out of the running, and he


was a potential medallist. So, what does that mean for Kristian Thomas


and Daniel Purvis, and for this man? Well, my word! That was a


disastrous start, he will not get the value for that. He has been


suffering with ankle injuries, and obviously, while that has been


happening, he has spent a lot of time on the support phases, he is


swinging much better, and he kicked off up into that dismount there. I


would say that was not without very well. It wasn't fluid, you are


quite right. He missed the hands stand so he will be down on


difficulty. Lots of skewing going on. A clever little dismount, but


there wasn't a lot in it before then. He played a little bit to


save. He is not convinced with that school you were expecting to see


the Hambuchen, Mitch? He will be lucky if he is in Heidi 13. This


man looks like the one to beat. So incredibly focused. -- high 13.


There is a bit of deliberation over this score. I was hoping he was


going to make his mark here. This is his weakest piece. He is very


solid on the rest. His difficulty score will be down a little. It was


a very quick at routine and he made some technical errors. Just wait


until you see him on high bar. absolutely. Deliberation. It looks


like they have made a decision, they are punching the score in. It


should be with us in just a few moments. Kristian Thomas in this


same group, so he will be watching this. Hopefully it will be building


his confidence. It can have that affect can't it? Is it a good day


or a bad day for the pommel horse? He is probably not Kristian


Thomas's strongest piece. The British team did not use him on the


pommel horse in the team final when you only use three people. It will


be a PC will be happy to get out of the way. Already starting his


preparation for the Rings. -- a piece. You may remember seeing his


team mate go out of the arena. He is here, because he is resting his


fault. -- feet. He was pretty much dead centre. What are you want in


an all-around competition. Good bit of judging. No 13. This is a vital


piece of apparatus the David Belyavskiy. Stretching the body out.


He worked fast and managed to keep the momentum going. Well lifted


above the handle. You have to keep your whole body above the handle


and not touch it. Every time you touch the handle for the horse the


there are deductions. He ended of battling through to the dismount.


We have yet to see a smooth the pommel horse routine. He exploded


once, but did very well to hang on. At this stage ahead of his team


is leading this competition is because he put in a massive vault


and scored 16. Easy start. He bent his arms, these days you expect


Dismount was cleanly done. We are seeing some enormous scores on the


vault. Don't be do -- two surprised when you see the British boys drop


down the standings. Nice, clean work. Look at the tightness of that.


You don't really see the parallel bars until you land on them when


you catch like that. Able to open routine? Smoothly into the first


handstand and down from the second. A good start. Building his


difficulty, moving quickly along, his hands are very good and


That was definite strength. You should swing straight up into the


hands stand because it was a good routine until then. There is a


question whether he gets a dismount because he did it with strength.


You need to swing all the way through. They could argue it was


done with strength, but they could competition. He will have drawn on


every ounce of experience those the swing. -- handstand. He became


world champion at 16. Very nicely done. He put in a very good Scott


on the vault. He is in with a shout with four pieces to go. Good style


school because he is under his apparatus for the Ukrainian team.


Turning all the time he is travelling and that makes the


elements all the more difficult. A bit untidy with his feet. He missed


the pirouette. I'm not sure what happened at the end, that it wasn't


the plan. It is all happening on the pommel horse. The next gymnasts


is Kristian Thomas. A real test of focus and nerve. Just about rescued


appeal against his pommel horse Gore. We will bring you news on


that as it happens. -- pommel horse worth Malone 13. -- low 13. Quite


uncharacteristic, that dismount. He is a reserve for the pommel horse


final. There will be a small delay while they discuss what they will


get the dismount. But it is clear hoping to squeeze into 15 if he can


false start he has made a real name for himself over the past few days.


Keep it going. Triple Russian between the handles. A very


difficult. Very nicely done. Into a triple Russian on the end. This is


nice, keep it going. He is really working. He has made the difficult


this amount. that so well. He is going round


like an absolute trooper. Can see the strain the pommel horse puts on


the wrists. Big skill that one. Huge. He is no tiny gymnast either.


He has a lot of length to move around. He really went for broke


and made does pirouettes. Absolutely thrilled. I just hope as


he goes round he can just hold it together. Because the pressure will


build as he moves around the six pieces of apparatus. He has four


left, just got to remain calm. This is Joshua Jeffries, just chalking


up the parallel bars. This is one of his strongest pieces. He is in


medal contention after the last rotation. The 26-year-old will be


hoping to keep up his consistency. Joshua Jeffries, the only gymnast,


male gymnast from Australia in the competition. Just a splits of his


legs on the half turn. Lovely way up to the handstand. Into this


amount. A little step back but that was a good performance. That is how


you want to go round the six pieces. pommel horse inquiry has been


rejected. It is good work from Judge Jefferies. He is quite a


compact figure. -- from Joshua Jefferis. They tend to work the


power bars quite well. He did difficult work, and very easily.


The man who is aiming for Olympic gold, Kohei Uchimura, a gold to add


to the 3 all round world championship titles that he has won.


expect him to shoot up the standings. 25 years old. He was 9th


in the World Championships in the all-around. A rangy figure, that is


a nice bold. 15.358. -- that is a Expect him to impress, with a seven


at difficulty. Watch him fight, up with the half turn, really cleanly


out. -- watch him fly. That was an enormous score. Eight teen years


he must have got a reasonable boost there. All of the gymnasts who have


vaulted are the highest up there, Thomas, considering he has not


vaulted yet. Tommasone has faltered, as we have seen. I thought Garibov


would be higher. Daniel Purvis in 17s, ahead of Marcel and goyim. --


Purvis in 17th. Ahead of Marcel Greenwich Arena, there are choices


on the BBC. Great Britain are expected to win this hockey match.


Plenty of options on the red button, including tennis. Andy Murray is in


trouble, up against the dangerous Cypriot, Marcos Baghdatis. He has


dropped the opening set on Centre Court. That match is available on


the red button on all platforms. Plenty happening. Let's go back to


the gymnastics. It is the start of the first piece of apparatus. If


Kristian Thomas can put in a vault like he did in the team final, you


would expect him to be right up there in the medals. It makes such


a difference. The leaders are there with the 16 voters. -- 16 vaulters.


Christian is capable, he has done it twice. What did he get in the


team, 16.55? The higher score of anyone in the competition and the


highest score we have seen on the bulk ever in a major competition, I


something approaching 16. -- Kohei Uchimura will be looking for.


Hoping to fault his way to the top of the standings and into the


position for Olympic gold. He lines up. Everything on target. He will


spin like nothing else. Absolutely precise! I think he means business


today. He is fed up with feeling sorry for himself. Wow! He didn't


give anything away there. We'll have a look in slow motion, see


what you can take off here. Two- and-a-half twists, he plonked his


feet down. Stuck to the ground. It is just incredible, how he can put


it out. Line it up, get it out. don't think he will miss out on


lack of height. His legs were jammed together, he plonked flat


landing. It has got to be a 9.6. I would give it a 9.9, but I am very


generous. You will see when the scoreboard comes up, the difficulty


in execution. It is a huge score. It was a 6.6 difficulty. So that is


9.5? That is a shame, every other day we have at the two cause. --


known for his all-around ability. He looks a bit uncomfortable, the


strapped ankle, he does not look a happy chap. Because this is such a


high-scoring piece, you have to try to use every single 10th available.


He doesn't hardly get anything on it. This is a very stylish bold but


not down the middle and without a good landing. -- stylish vaults. It


that will be a mark of, eventually. A deep landing, up to the side. --


toll. We have had a lot of gymnastics over the last few days.


There are a few gymnasts out there who will want to settle a few


scores, and here is one of them. very nice, but a little bit of


direction. The aim for the gymnasts is to land one foot either side of


the red centre line. He was a little offline. There will be


deductions for that. The more twists you do, the more chance you


will move to one side or the other, bit of high bar, Soo Myun Kim,


leading after the first rotation. The idea here is to swing around,


let go, catch it, do a few more swings, and then nail your dismount.


Have you thought of coaching as a turn. Again, that measured approach,


and a little bit flat, and the half-turn squat, here comes the


dismount. Very nicely done. Good swinging routine. He took his time


on some elements, he was well in control. Marcel Nguyen, that will


push him up into second. Now Leyva. He needs to bring the shoulders


down a little further. Every time the gymnasts do one of the strength


holds, they want shoulders in line with the rings. But one is better.


Must hold for two. It was a bit Harrad. Now they have to show up


swing and strength -- it was a bit hurried. Really nice, he lifts into


position to finish it off. He is a little jittery. I don't think you


could say that was a static cold. This is better. The handstands with


control. The forward swing to handstand. Suing to handstand. --


backward swing to handstand. Excellent landing. That will do his


challenge no harm at all. He had some tough moments in there. Yeah,


but he had some beautiful shape. Lovely awareness on his dismal. He


Yes, let's say experienced. It comes with age, experience. He is


brilliant on this piece of apparatus. Pozzo is a stalwart, the


nice. He has got himself a skilled to start. Exploded in the legs.


That is nice and leisurely, 1.5 turns. The same with the full term.


Very nicely done. A little bar, here is his dismount. He lost


his focus a little way through. case you are wondering, you don't


get extra marks for longer routines. Danell Leyva, 14.733. A chance to


see Daniel Purvis on his vault, expecting to climb after this.


is usually very precise. And he is today as well. A lovely left off


the top of the platform. Two-and-a- half twists. Really well controlled.


It is a score of 16, which puts him into third. Well... That is very


good work. But no surprise. He has a vaulted like that a whole time we


have been here. He has got natural style. Very good in the air, look


at that. Two-and-a-half twists, a skip to the side. He well deserves


his 16, he held his form and his nerve and he finds himself in third


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Championships in the all round. in there. He rescued it, almost. He


needed a couple of paces to get his composure back. That is a pity


because it it was going very well. Next to salute the judges. Kristian


Thomas the Great Britain Bostock it has been a great competition so far.


And big routine for him, Chris? is indeed. Not a physique


enormously suited two rings. But he holds that with determination. And


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


beautiful. He did a complex salto position. He is fall of


determination. Just a word on his timing. It is very cleverly put


together this routine. Don't try anything fancy. He can swing and he


is getting better with his strength. Beautifully constructed. He


squeezed everything possible out of into 4th. That is a good school the


Rings, the vault is his next piece. All will be sorted after that.


has improved his score on each of the three pieces since qualifying.


John Orozco, out of medal contention. You have to feel for


him. We Four pieces to go, to keep your focus and knowing you have


thrown it away is very difficult. Feet a little bit low. I had such


high hopes for him in these Olympics. He will come back, he is


only 19. He won't be able to mask the disappointment. Rings is one of


himself. Good effort to come back from that low score on the pommel


horse. The three pieces down, and three left. He will move to vault,


with Kristian Thomas. Let's keep everything crossed he can nail his


landing. You can see the muscle definition in his arms, shoulders.


The ultimate test of strength. Power to weight ratio. Not only


after all that strength zapping work, you have to control it with


this bounds like that. -- dismount. gymnastics family. He has a brother


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


and a sister in the team as well. lovely light, swinging touches.


John Orozco, 15.2, if only it was on the pommel horse. He didn't need


to look so sad after the Rings. didn't. That is the thing would be


all round, one slip up. Absolutely. You can see the deviation from this


overhead camera. How he rattle from side to side as he caught the


somersault. That was a better one, much more central. You can see why


the bandages round the arms to make sure you do not wear your skin a


way as you catch. A very nice dismount. One more gymnasts to go


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


in this rotation. That is the on the turn. Very nice handstand


shape. Just stalled a little there. Going into the somersaults. That


was a clean, Central somersault. Not the most flamboyant struggle.


This is nice swinging and that is much more flighty and flamboyant.


Stalled in rotation and the big step forward was the result. That


is it, the gymnasts will as it up there sports bags and move on. --


zip-up. Time goes quickly when you are enjoying yourself. Knees locked


for the last three. As soon as Kristian Thomas has bolted, we will


know exactly where he is. Great Britain at the moment lying in 5th


and 6th. Daniel Purvis in 5th, Kristian Thomas in 6th. Will have


to wait and see when the parallel bar score comes in. Very stylish


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


Fabulous. Absolutely controlled. 16.1, that will put him in 9th.


When the vault comes into the equation it is very interesting how


it all levels out. It is amazing the difference the table has made.


It is a launch pad now, the table? It is at. I say particularly and


the men's side, but that the women as well. We are seeing them hit the


platform and rockets off it. Daniel Purvis have been split. Gomez has


gone into 6th. Halfway round, two yet to vault. And there is the man.


There is the order, Kristian Thomas will go forth. Hambuchen will wrap


it up. Only three chances for those gymnasts and that have struggled so


far to put everything right. Daniel Purvis will be Fifth on parallel


bars. Not a bad piece of apparatus for him, Chris? No, but he has


struggled a bit on its this week, but in the past he has been very


strong on it. He got through in the team final not badly, but wasn't


his usual, smooth and confident self. He must take quite a bit of


confidence through from the vault Championships but South Korea did


not have much fun in team qualification. We were expecting


them to challenge. He has had a quietly impressive competition. He


has done be really good job. It everything. The qualification just


seemed one of those days when nothing could go right. They were


carrying a couple of injuries and they seemed to struggle with it,


in the one and a half twist. Oh, one and a half twists, very


to be consistent on the six performances. This is the first


break of form we have seen in him. He needs to recover it now. It has


been very expensive so far. He is in 4th, coming into this. One and a


half twists, into one and three- out. -- the triple twist went


really out. Too much being and as a result, he just lost it. It is as


the pressure builds, as you start to think, hang on, I am in 4th and


if I do this one, I will be in the top three. Absolutely, and it flies


away from you at that point. Danell Leyva, further down the leaderboard


and he would like to be but he is a straight line, not the highest


difficulty. We are seeing vaults that are out of seven, that is only


out of 6.2. He is given a 0.82 to his competitors. -- he is giving.


And straight back under the towel. I hope it is a different owl, he


has had it every day! A good vault. He was dead centre, he is not


giving much away and he can't afford to with a vault of that


difficulty. The higher parts are to come for him, and he can't half


swing those. -- the high bars are this piece. Positive thinking!


just informing everyone! Of the release, that is nice. Separating


his releases. A change of grip. A little bit of a bent arm. A full


double with a little hop to the side. Well, he is the gymnast to


catch for four off. -- for 4th. That is disastrous for the South


impressive bowled in the team final. -- impressive vault in the team


final. He is hoping for something have to go for it. What a shame. He


just squeezed in to heart, it is his first mistake over the whole


competition and he will be so just needed to poke it up from the


top of the course. It is a good contact from there. He worked very


hard on the double pike, he squeezed it in just a little bit


too hard. He could have done with a bit more air and to take the pike


slightly easier. It will be expensive, and it was crucial at


this stage of the competition. won't be a 16.5, I am afraid to say,


but he fought hard for it. It is so much a 100% vaults, you can't play


safe, you can't change your mind. - - a 100% vault. Marcel Nguyen is


the European champion on this piece in the double releases. This is


strong from Nguyen. Plenty of time, To me, that is miraculous, the way


he clears the bar. He Verniaiev, it exercise from him. Here's one of


the real class performers on parallel bars. Look at the height


he generates off the bar. Just getting ready for the double


somersault. That is one of the best we have seen, not too much of a


Scrabble. If you go high, you could see where you are and be ready for


A real mark of his own gymnastics, we don't see anyone else perform


he will struggle to get up into the rotation. The next to swing the


higher bar. Can he keep his composure? So much at stake. Two


worker, that was very nice, out into handstand. Winding up now for


something big, over the bar he goes, the back somersault with a twist.


And now the close elements and the turns. Penises to try to make the


turns sharp, just like that -- he needs to try to make the turns


sharp. Good control handstand, that Turner was quite good. They close


element, coming in close to the bar. The gymnast has to show that. He


changes the body up into the air, or is going to set a big challenge,


it could be Japan 1 and 2 today. Considering he is only in the


competition because of the injury to his team-mates. Marcel Nguyen


will move up. I expect so, it was a brilliant routine and from him.


Still a lot of gymnasts to come. anarcha really produced a good bar.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


style. He flies through the double self. He doesn't. He is half a


degree under, good business thought he would do if he was half a degree


over. He is a phenomenal character. We have seen him be so dominant


over these last few years that he could easily make a couple of


mistakes and still win. He has had the same quality of work, but not


the same dynamic, really. You see it on the high bar. He is usually


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 59 seconds


high and clean. I noticed this week difficult as it looks but it is a


nice little touch. The straddle Front, he is clean on his releases,


he is keeping the swing, this is a good gymnast and a lovely double


pike. What a dismount! He skips off and makes way for Dan Purvis.


Definitely building confidence as somersault, a good high front


somersault brings the shoulders and the eyes through, so that he can


see the bar. Catch efficiently. Work out of the next move. That is


the way he can finish. Very good lift on the dismount, his chest is


right up. No deductions for chest competition, apologies, we have to


leave the live coverage on BBC One, we are going to move over to BBC


Two in just a moment. If you are just joining us, the news here


just joining us, the news here today is that Bradley Wiggins has


won a gold medal out on the time trial, on the streets of south west


By the end of this afternoon, the world's leading male individual gymnast will have been crowned.

Gymnastics: 16.30 Men's individual all-around final

Gymnastics commentators: Matt Baker Mitch Fenner Christine Still.

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