BBC Two: Day 5: 18.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 5: 18.00-19.00

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Welcome to Olympic Park. We will be heading back to the gymnastics. The


news today is Britain has one two gold medals. Helen Glover and


Heather Stanning won gold in rowing. Bradley Wiggins has won the Olympic


gold in the time trial, cheered on by over 300,000 people on the


streets of south-west London. Gymnastics on BBC Two, but plenty


of Sport happening elsewhere. On BBC Three they are concentrating on


the tennis. Andy Murray lost the opening set. It is now in the third


set in the match against Marcos Baghdatis. Over the next hour we


will enjoy the battle for the gold medal in the men's all-around final.


Kristian Thomas and Daniel Purvis performing well. We can now go back


difficulty here. So Ertel has into a beautiful handstand. He let his


legs drop. He let an angle come in his shoulders. What a shame for


Daniel Purvis. It is tough skill, and you have to have it spot on.


struggled a bit in training at the start of the week. Performed it


well in the team competition. All this work is lovely, but when you


have already given away a mark to the judges, it is difficult to


build a big score. He is certainly showing his class. Very nice


dismount. -- dismount. He did the most incredible job for the men in


the team final. It just makes you wonder how all of that euphoria can


affect. It is, you need to be clean and straight in that arm. It wasn't


locked out. You cannot push back from there. It just drag you off


line and then you are standing on the 4th. He did well after that. --


standing on the floor. Such a disappointment for him. They have


had a busy time of it. Indeed they have. Since their bronze medal they


have had press conferences galore. It takes their toll because they


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


young man is on song. Brilliant performance. He can sniff the gold


medal, I think. If he carries on like this and wins the gold medal,


which would be great to see, it really will be quite a triumph.


Because he is not at his best. To be able to pull yourself together


when you are not at your best and do this well, then you are a pretty


impressive character. Look at his toe point, every double it is


perfect. Natural style. Natural exactly. I was watching footage of


him at when he was about three or four years old and he was bouncing


down this track somersaulting time after time, time after time. It is


a natural talent out. Along with a lot of training and good coaching,


but what he brings to it is a little bit something special of his


own. The first group including Kristian Thomas, John Orozco, and


lots of unhappy faces. We have to say this. Lots of gymnasts having a


difficult time. Third day of competition. They have done team


qualifier, which they had to do to be here. The team final, individual


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


final. Since it started it has been field. We did not expect this.


Japanese. His high iBar has not looked as sharp as it does normally.


He has just come off preparation. wonder if he will cut back a little


bit. He has absolutely bags of difficulty. Possibly a little bit


more than he can do easily. I am sure he can cut back a bit and be


successful. He is not that far ahead of his team mate. Not that


much room to play with. When you look at first and second, you


wonder how they did not managed to rotation. Showing every bit of


class there. Not a flashy gymnast. I was going to say very efficient,


and then he comes in efficient by a sliding out of the area. They do


there will be small deductions for seen a few come to grief on that.


Well performed. Over half way through. It is incredible the


number of mistakes that have occurred out there. Lots of


pressure. Marcel Nguyen is in third. He has developed into a very good


all round gymnast. His coach must be very proud of this young man,


the progress he has made. Clean and and he is up on his feet. What a


cracker. What a connection before the code badge. That it was


something. He was flying. He came with full twist. A bit all over the


place, but he rode on his luck. Marcel Nguyen is going after the


silver now. Danell Leyva, so much was expected of him. He looks heavy


hearted. This is his best piece, this and high bar. Up into a very


nice handstand. He is another very stylish gymnast. Legs always locked


together. Foyer told gymnast, that is very nice parallel bar work. He


will be very happy with that. knew he had to do the performance


of his life. He is the world champion on the parallel bars. He


is trying everything he can to get into the medals. He has high bar to


come. He swings so well. That was a giant with 1.5 turns. Amazing work.


A long way round when you what all. But it can pay off because you can


look so elegant. Look at the consistency, other than the pommel


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


years old. He is chasing down his roll-out. He has extra bounce and


out then? Getting on with it. Beautifully done. How unfortunate.


What a shame, that penultimate tumble. I think he was a bit


tentative. Maybe he didn't attack it enough. Look at the Scott for


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


Danell Leyva. That is why he is the Difficult to land, you do not see


the floor. His competition isn't over yet. He was a bit ragged at


the beginning of that exercise, but tightened up as he went on. I think


he sat right down. I think it will deduction. Yes, a hallmark has been


given. The thing about six pieces of apparatus, you cannot make


predictions. Tanaka, still ahead of Danell Leyva, and Marcel Nguyen.


The Ukrainians wing on the parallel bars so well. -- swing on. Every


nation has a favourite apparatus. That is a tough one. The double


front, very difficult. It puts him into third, what a performance from


Kuksenkov. Third behind and giant, Uchimura still to come. -- third


behind Nguyen. Kristian Thomas on his penultimate piece of apparatus.


Huge support here for him. This is an interesting start to the routine.


The nicely done, a quarter turn in, bent arms, but that is OK, tiny


deductions. He just need to keep the swing. Very unusual technique.


the somersault, and he is going the cut to handstand. Standing up.


about his composure so much over the last few days, and how he


managed to achieve what he did. It was the same with this lad, Dan


Purvis. Doing wonders for British very nicely with full turn, a up


across the bar, a lovely catch on straight arms. -- a hop across the


bar, a cop with the full term. And that was very nicely done, he


caught beautifully high. The in out with a hope that, one and a half-


turn again, he is very efficient on these poets -- with a hop for it.


disappointing parallel bars. British gymnasts are really proving


they are amongst the best in the world. They have earned their place


in the top class, they are at Uchimura. He raises his arm, he


the competition that this is the big test for them. He has been off


rescue it, big release, is he going to full turn? Yes he does. The


straight body Kovac with full twist. One and a half-turn. Very wise


decision from Uchimura. Double, double. He is on his feet and that


is a champion's performance if ever I have seen one. Fantastic.


very first time we have seen him play safe. The first time we have


seen him want to win enough to hold back and go for the safe routine.


He will have seen what happened to his team-mate, Tanaka, one floor.


He sat that out and lost a whole mark. Uchimura, no need to squeeze


in the extra difficulty. Mind you, he had plenty of difficulty in


the straight back somersault all over the bar with faults and --


with full turn. He it is in a class of his own. Lots of flight. He and


there, the double double opens out at the top of the twist. And float


down. Beautifully done. He did play safe but it was a very clever


decision. 15.6, it is going to be over one mark ahead of his team


mate. He is well in the lead now. Some more scores for you. Kristian


Thomas Court 14.733. Daniel Purvis, 14.5 -- Kristian Thomas scored


sat down on his vault, who he will want to show of the showman side.


That puts it into perspective. Every one of these guys is


susceptible to a mistake. Six routines have to be done well and


he has missed two of them. He can swing this piece, and he can


routine. -- pirouette to start the routine. He shows his control into


the somersault. He is another really classy gymnast. He keeps


those legs locked together, he difficulty after another. Really


classy work -- efficient routine. He has finally turned up to the


eighth. This is good work, he has kept his brokers through a very


difficult competition, to produce more like he is capable of -- he


has kept his focus. A nice double tuck from support, keeping his


swing. And the double pike with a Marcel Nguyen is in second -- in


hamstrings, ready for floor. And Bastien, 15.4 -- ham Buchan, --


good on this piece of apparatus. would have tipped to this young man


to be higher than he is. It is lovely work, a good opener. Two


very clean skills. Into the tip out, a standard school these days. --


skill. A little dip in the arms. Difficult to get the straight arms


to get the swing from it. That is nice and easy, a swinging Healy to


He is bang centre in the middle of the bars. The double pike dismount,


he needed to be there to get maximum reaction from the rails,


parallel bar work. It looks more like high bar every day. Here we go,


it's lovely double pike front somersault. Very spatially aware.


Knows exactly when the floor is 15th can make a lot of difference


in the rankings. -- a score in the 15s. Belyavskiy is into 4th. Purvis


is down in 14th. Kristian Thomas is sort of lead has intimated -- one


apparatus to go, what sort of lead has Uchimura got? Kohei Uchimura,


well ahead of Tanaka in second, with Marcel and I am clinging on in


there for bronze. -- Marcel Nguyen little bit higher, as well as


Tommasone. There are some big names down the order. We can't stress


enough how well those British guys have done. Big names down into 20th,


18th. There is not much room between Tanaka and Nguyen, either.


But if Uchimura can go without major deductions, he has got it.


Not the dominant see we have seen - - not the dominance we have seen


but I would be pleased if he can get the reward for the work he has


done. I think every gymnast would think like you, he is the gymnasts


gymnast. He really does exemplified all that is best about the sport.


He is clean, hard working, and his style is from a different planet.


When he is on song. Kristian Thomas, warming up on the high bar, you can


see how tall he is, they have to move the mats so that he can swing


without kicking them. Kristian Thomas is 1.3 to five outside the


medals. And he lost at least one mark on the vault landing. His


vaults score was 1.5 marks less than he scored in the team final.


Go you are saying if he did what he did in qualification, he would be


has done a great job, they both have. It's not over yet. There is


still an awful lot that can happen. As we have seen, in the blink of an


eye. It is always a good piece of apparatus to finish on, the high


bar. That is why the high as qualifiers are in this first group.


They start on the floor and then finish on the high bar. I think


there is a good chance we won't see the winner coming from this group


and it will be on the floor, the winner finishes. Combe Hay Itchen


Laura finish so poorly, he wasn't in the top six. Marcel Nguyen, who


is in bronze medal position at the moment, will be the last gymnast on


the floor. I like him, he has come up steadily. He has been the unsung


hero in the German team. Hambuchen has always been the star. When


Hambuchen was out, Philipp Boy took the limelight. Marcel Nguyen has


been hidden away behind the per of them. As far as the Olympics is


concerned, Germany have only had one silver, one gold medal and one


bronze medal. He is joining a very exclusive club. If he goes through.


There is quite a lot of work to be done for everyone. I would rather


finish on the floor than the high bar. The margin for error!


Definitely. I don't know why, maybe it is psychological. You seemed


closest to the floor. In the women's, you do finish on the floor.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


It is the PC practice the most Later again but he is going well. -


- very late. Just a little Hopp forward. He is through. Still in


the top 10. Marcel Nguyen eager to get on the floor. He has a bit of a


because he is in the third group. What is in store for him as he


wraps up his competition. Is the pommel horse going to be kind?


Probably the hardest to finish on. But that was very smooth. He has


good extension forwards on his hips. Very nice technique. But, my


goodness me. How easy to let a medal slip away. The medal has gone.


Japan had a nightmare in the team final on this piece of apparatus.


It is exactly what happened last time. It looked like he was nowhere


near. There is nothing you can do. When the spring breaks down, there


is little you can do to rescue it. But the crowd are behind him.


do not start again, you carry on from way you finished. You have to


be better than before to make up for everything. Working his way


through into the dismount, seeing if he can still be a top 10 gymnast.


What a disappointment. Hugely disappointing for him. The door is


opened. Kristian Thomas the Great Britain, his last piece of


apparatus in his all-around final. His performance in the Europeans


are rescued Britain's team hopes to get them the gold. And can he do


the same here? Very high and very clean. He is going very well. This


Kristian Thomas. Nailing his dismount is becoming his trademark.


What a job from him. A fantastic performance again from Kristian


Thomas. He will be so disappointed his favourite piece really let him


down today. He has qualified for vault final and knows he can do one


of the best in the world. And the other five apparatus have been


immaculate. He has worked better than I have seen him perform on the


other five. Very strong. His feet The last release, he catches with a


mixed grip. 15 scored. As such a shame for his fault. Daniel Purvis


good combination, twisting his way through and steady on his feet.


This is what is needed for a last piece. He can get it 15 on this


apparatus, he has done it so many times are. Steady in the Japanese a


handstand. Trademark combination. It was so easily done. Daniel


Purvis finishing on his strongest piece of apparatus. Daniel Purvis


it brings the curtain down on an interesting all round competitions.


He has done a good job to rescue that on the last piece of apparatus.


Impressive gymnastics from Great Britain. Even when the chips were


down and it did not go right. They don't throw the towel in, they


fight on and see the day-out. Performing their best work. Even


when it has not gone quite so exciting on the high bar. He


might not have been at his best elsewhere. But here we go. Hall


straight into the front somersault, but it it was wild. He didn't even


get a momentary hang. He just slapped the bar and down he went.


He did not hold on for any amount of time. He was too low and his


body weight it was under the bar. Talking of falling. The Japanese


Scots 14.433 on the pommel horse He touches out on the floor. He has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


a cushion of nearly two marks. That gold and he knows it. All the needs


is 12.842, to go ahead of Mykola Kuksenkov, who has moved into first.


The smile on his face as he landed said it all. We do have some other


gymnasts to go who could go ahead of Mykola Kuksenkov. I think we


could safely say we are looking at the Olympic champion. It is good


for men's gymnastics. Three-times world champion, he deserves the


Olympic title. It wasn't a faultless performance. David Bayley


well as back. Lots of energy. Every element is performed really well in


this routine. Gaines energy as it goes along. Bit late in shooting


out on that occasion. Not a huge difficulty but great style.


needs 14.901, to be Mykola can also score high on the high bar.


He could get up there. He has done a 16 in the past. 16th the Danell


Leyva would be very interesting lovely were, but looks to be


carrying a knee injury at the moment. Although he landed that a


extended. A lovely whip to the Arabian summer sold, not quite as


much difficulty as some gymnasts that we see -- Arabian somersaults.


tumble, two-and-a-half twists, very good landing, not quite as


difficult or as exciting as some of the top ratings. -- the top


routines. The high-flyer, Danell Leyva. If nothing else, he will


while the crowd -- he will wow the crowd. He needs all of that


difficulty and the style to go with it, for the execution score, and he


A big wind up. Lovely touch, arms at the side in the straight Kovac


sh, -- Kovacs, quality touches. There is the 1.5 turns. He is long


and he is clean. Clear of the bar. A little turn over the top, a big


wind up, a change of body shape, here it comes, double double, and


Mr Leyva, you have shown you can cope with some pressure. A great


finish from him. It is very good. He needs a 15.433 to go into second.


He has got that. Belyavskiy, third at the moment. Leyva's score is not


in. There is is that bad. He was bouncing around on the floor. --


there is his step dad. His step dad chance, he needs to stay clean.


He looks like you would not have any power but he is really strong.


He twists beautifully, lots of power, an excellent second pass. A


little bounce across his back. He has to control, hold. He shows lots


of confidence. There is a lot of noise in the arena, he is holding


his focus. The whip been to the one he make it to the finish? That was


a big challenge for a medal. Lovely work from it and I am, he is a


cracking gymnast, he is coming into maturity -- lovely work from and I


That is some score. If Marcel Nguyen were can get over 14.967, he


will go ahead of Leyva. That would be very interesting, to have


different countries. There is your breath. Marcel Nguyen, the last


gymnast on floor. What colour medal would he have? Tanaka or saw silver,


seen from Uchimura all week. Marcel Nguyen has worked brilliantly.


could be silver if he gets over The German has a silver medal in


the Olympic all-around final. What a brilliant performance. Leyva, he


thought for a moment it was silver. He is down in bronze. Uchimura,


straight over to congratulate. is interesting is the way that all


of the gymnasts are congratulating each other. It is a great


atmosphere down there. Leyva came through. Marcel Nguyen came through


as well. What a thriller, what a finale. Three super gymnasts, with


different strengths. Wonderful to see Uchimura on the top of the pile,


where he deserves to be. He it is Uchimura, yet to be beaten


internationally. What a gymnast yet to be beaten in four years. He had


to come back strong and he showed what a champion he is. He had us on


the edge of our seats, up until today. You wouldn't have put your


house on it, he came through an really showed us what he is capable


of. What a thrilling finale. All of the places jumbled about, before we


could talk about silver and bronze. That is the way it a competition


should be. Because so many of the men have real strengths, it is a


bit of a jumble until the end. Going into the end, Marcel Nguyen


could never have wished of a silver going up against those gymnasts.


The USA have two goals and a silver in this event, Danell Leyva made a


bit of a history for the first from the ISA to get a bronze in the all-


around -- the USA have got two We all questions and coming into


this competition, could he possibly win gold. -- we all questioned


Uchimura coming into this competition. He has come through


and has deserve to be Olympic champion. Daniel Purvis finished in


13th, Kristian Thomas finished in 7th. That is a very impressive


result, top 10. Our best ever previous to this has been 20th. One


in the top 10, 7th and 13th, it is history for Great Britain as well.


Apart from 90 night, when we got a silver! -- apart from 1908, when we


on the vaults, he would have been up there in the medals -- had not


SUE BARKER: Great scenes at the SUE BARKER: Great scenes at the


North Greenwich Arena and well done to Daniel and Kristian. It is such


a boost for British gymnastics. What a great champion Kohei


What a great champion Kohei Uchimura is. He is three times


world champion and now the Olympic champion. I have made way for Gary


Lineker on BBC One, they will be starting in a little moment. There


is a great atmosphere out here, take a look at all of these people.


There are thousands of people here at Olympic Park. Many of them will


be heading over there to the Aquatics Centre. If you had asked


us at the beginning of the Olympic Games wear a gold medal would come


from, you would think it would come from one of the women's team. In


actual fact, they are at 7:30pm. Michael Jamieson is the fastest


qualifier in the breaststroke. Thank you for the tune, I am just


getting into this feature! Michael Jamieson could win another gold


This is your time, isn't it? certainly hope so. I have got the


experience. I think I am competing at this level, it is my first


Olympic Games but I have been two Olympic Games, what's duped -- been


to World Student Games and World Championships. I can rely on that


in high-pressure situations. COMMENTATOR: The adrenalin has gone


racing through his body. DC the 200 as your strongest event? -- do you


see the 200? Definitely. It has always been my best ever. The 100


has probably been more of I focus because I am trying to develop the


front end speed which will help me go up faster over the first half.


Every race at the Olympics is difficult but the breaststroke is


quite open. It could be a fantastic opportunity. Definitely. That is


the way I am looking at it. We don't have an event where we have a


Michael Phelps, there is no doubt about favourite for the event. One


or two guys have got a bit of daylight between me and the chasing


pack. That consists of 68 swimmers just under 2.10. Kitajima is going


for a special record. It will be great to race him, he is the best


breaststroker of all time but someone has got to beat him and


there will be a few guys gunning for him. I am thoroughly looking


forward to getting in the pool with him.


COMMENTATOR: The first semi-final and Jamieson, looking good. I am


coming into my peak. COMMENTATOR: Jamieson touches first,


another massive British record. exciting, to be a part of it.


COMMENTATOR: Here is where the next Make sure you tune in at 7:30pm.


Four gold medals decided in the pool tonight. It has been quite a


day, Britain has won two gold medals, Helen Glover and Heather


Stanning became the first British women to win a rowing gold medal,


they will be joining Gary Lineker in a moment on BBC One. And Bradley


Wiggins. If winning the Tour de France wasn't enough, he has made


history here again today, winning the gold medal outside Hampton


Court in the time-trial. His 4th gold medal, his 7th Olympic medal


overall, becoming the most decorated British Olympian of all


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