BBC One: Day 5: 19.00-22.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 5: 19.00-22.00

Another chance to see coverage of finals in the men's 200m breaststroke, women's 200m butterfly, men's 100m freestyle and women's 4 x 200m freestyle relay events.

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Good evening. We will see Michael Jamieson and Andrew Willis going


for gold in less than half an hour. They are first in the pool tonight.


Jamieson qualified fastest in the final. Willis was third quickest.


Jennison and Willis are aiming to emulate the great David Wilkie, who


won 200m breaststroke gold 36 years ago.


Staying in the pool, Jemma Lowe goes for Great Britain in the final


of the women's 200m butterfly. And rivals Michael Phelps and Ryan


Lochte to go head-to-head in the semi-finals of the men's 200m


individual medley. World championship silver medallist


Luke Campbell makes his first appearance in an Olympic boxing


ring. Team GB's men's football team at 10


to book their place in the quarter- finals. A draw against Uruguay will


do the job. And they have already got a team


medal in the bag. Now British gymnasts Kristian Thomas and Dan


Purvis are aiming for individual glory.


Over the first 20 minutes, we will look back over the events of the


If you would prefer to see Great Britain take on Uruguay in the


football, join Jake on BBC Three. Kick-off is at 7:45pm. We start now


with rowing, and a genuine British gold medal chance in the finals at


Eton Dorney. Heather Stanning and Helen Glover went for Team GB in


Stanning and Helen Glover could be booking a place on the front page


of every paper in the country. final chapter of a remarkable story


is now under way. They are minutes from Olympic history. Already now,


Great Britain have absolutely jumped out of the starting gate. It


is game on. Great Britain looking fine. They are settling into their


rhythm. Helen Glover and Heather Stanning are storming away. Two and


a half years ago, they were the spares in the British team. Here,


it is a fantastic fairy tale story. 1200 metres to go to they become


the first British winners ever to win an Olympic gold in rowing. We


are right on the edge of our seats. Look at that, it is simply stunning


from Helen Glover and Heather Stanning. They are moving away with


power and grace. The grandstands are on their feet. The flags are


going absolutely mad. It is Great Britain's first Olympic gold medal


at the 2012 games, and they are doing it in style. They are making


history here at Eton Dorney. Great Britain go into the record books.


Great Britain are Olympic champions! Helen Glover and Heather


Stanning, we stand up and salute you for the British rowing team and


for the country, as a whole. I am shattered and ecstatic at the same


time. What a triumph for them. It is Great Britain's first gold medal


What they are wonderful effort, Britain's first gold of the Games.


I am joined by Sir Steve Redgrave. In 1976, women's rowing first came


in. 10 Olympics later, a first gold. Didn't they do it in style? They


always could do it in style. They have shown over the last two


seasons that they had the potential to do that. Their first


championship together was in New Zealand two years ago, and they


burst onto the scene. I thought they were spares for the women's


eight. They made the final, and I was quoted in a New Zealand paper


saying they had done well to make the final, but maybe 5th, 4th at


best, and they won a silver medal. Last season, they dominated the


whole of the season and lost the World Championships by a couple of


inches. This year, they have been dominating races like that. I used


to be an athlete. You never know what will happen. But they blew my


expectations away. They both have incredible stories. They are on


their way. They are stuck in traffic, but they will come into


the studio this evening. So are we, you got me instead. No, you were


coming anyway. You are foremost expert on all things rolling. But


they have great stories. One of them took up rowing four years ago.


One of them is a soldier. Helen watched the Olympics on TV four


years ago. Always loved sport. She has done various other sports at


different levels and thought, I fancy doing some of that. Five


years ago, I launched the sporting giants programme, which is trying


to find ladies of 5 ft 11 and guise of 6 ft 3 plus for rowing,


volleyball and handball. And she put herself forward and made it


through the selection. Four years!? How can you go from four years ago,


not having sat in a boat, to winning a gold medal? It is about


getting the right size and the right engines in the white sports.


It makes a huge amount of difference. And obviously great


coaching. But you need a great athlete as well. And Heather goes


to Afghanistan in a few months' time. It is nice that we were able


to play her a clip of some of the forces who are out there in the


battalion, washing her luck as she got off the water. There were some


great emotions after the race. You spend time chatting to them, and


that was the moment I realised they had gone seven minutes without


pausing for breath. I do not know them that well. Helen sort of dive


into my arms and was blubbing in my ear. And I was thinking, control


yourself. If Catherine gets anywhere near winning a gold medal


on Friday, I will really be struggling. I will need the tissues.


I look forward to seeing that. Pen to Nora Owen to come, with nine


other boats already guaranteed a final spot. Team GB has plenty of


other opportunities on the water at Eton Dorney. One of those was in


the men's final eight, including Greg Searle, gold medal winner of


20 years ago in Barcelona, which leads me to my faith -- favourite


statistics are far. Greg's lucky socks are older than some of his


team-mates. But tough competition have never been put under this much


pressure. We are moving towards the line. The British are coming!


is a fairy-tale. Great Britain, up there, against Germany, the world


champions. They were unbeaten last year and a year before. Great


Britain are pushing on. Guys, now it is all about you. It is all


about the team. It is all about sheer determination. But the


Germans have responded. We are into the last 500m. There is nothing in


it! Germany, Great Britain, Canada. This is coming down to the wire.


Like 20 years ago, Greg Searle, if not now, when? This is your time.


Drive it to the line at! Germany have all that flexibility and


experience, but now they are beginning to edge away. Great


Britain have to put it all into the last 400m. The world champions are


leading now. The Germans responded well. Watch out for Canada, the


defending Olympic champions. One last chance for Great Britain. You


have got to claw your way to the line. Great Britain are slipping


back. Canada just slipped past Great Britain. Great Britain are


hanging on to that bronze medal. is Germany that will be the Olympic


champions. Canada coming through in silver, and Great Britain into


bronze medal position. Great Britain get the bronze, but what a


challenge they gave for a 1500m. Germany were so grateful to have


got home. They have maintained their unbroken record, and I are


Olympic champions. Grey Britain had us on the edge of our seats, but it


is a bronze medal for today for the It was quite a race. They put up a


great effort, the eight. At halfway, you start to think, gold again?


They could have played it safe and won a silver, even though that


field is quite tight. But they were determined. There are a number of


athletes there who have won Olympic silvers. All of them have the world


championship silver medals, but they thought that was not good


enough. They gave it everything they had got to win a gold. You


have to admire them. A do you applaud that? I do, because we did


not know. The Germans have not been pushed. As I said to the guise as


they came off the water, especially Greg, obviously they were very


depressed. But I am immensely proud of what they did, because they made


the Germans win it. We didn't lose. The Germans were favourite. They


have not lost an international regatta in the last three years, so


we had to do something special. They did everything they wanted to


do. At the end of the day, the Germans were better. Is it a sign


of how far rowing has come, in the sense that bronze is not good


enough? It is likely. We have three more boats in semi-finals tomorrow.


All 13 boats which have qualified will realistically be racing in


finals. The three tomorrow have great chances of metals. 13 boats


qualified out of 14 events, and they are all in finals. In finals,


you have chances of winning medals. A lot more medals will come in the


next few days in Reading. Why are we so good at rowing? I think


success breeds success. For eight Olympic Games running, we have now


won gold medals at Olympic level. So people think, they have done it


before, so I can do that. And the coaching team are second to none.


The team manager has been involved in international rowing and British


rowing since the '70s. The chief coaches for the men's and women's


team have been in those roles for a long time. There's a lot of


expertise being handed down. Our under 23 team is pretty good. If a


number of these athletes give up, we will still have a good team in


four years' time. Here are their other headlines from


Eton Dorney. Favourites Ukraine won gold in the


women's quadruple sculls final. Great Britain's Quartet came home


six. A Northern Ireland's Alan Campbell


made it through to Friday's men's single sculls final after coming


second in his semi-. And rising young British stars


George Nash and Will Satch storm to victory in their men's pairs semi-


final. Another of Great Britain's biggest


gold medal hopes was Bradley Wiggins in the men's time-trial.


The Tour de France winner was a a time trial this year. What an


opportunity for him. A Londoner at heart. Lives in the north-west now,


but he considers these home-grown it's a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime


of La sat at the minute. Tony Martin, he knows how to write a


time-trial. This is Bradley Wiggins, a nice, compact style. Chris Froome


is on a ride. 12 seconds quicker than Chris Froome, Tony Martin the


world champion. There is that time to beat. Bradley Wiggins is going


to go into the lead. 11 seconds faster than Martin, he is the


leader. Fabian Cancellara is out of this. It is only Wiggins who can


pressurise Martin. This is impressive stuff. 22 seconds the


difference between Bradley Wiggins and Martin. He is leading by 22


seconds. This is Chris Froome and the crowd are roaring him on. The


runner up in the Tour de France goes into the lead. He has not lost


any fluidity at all, Bradley Wiggins. He is absolute poetry in


motion. Here comes Tony Martin driving for the line. A good ride


by Martin. He is in the gold medal position. Here comes Bradley


Wiggins now, the winner of that third of France, the holder of


three gold medals in the Olympic Games. He has got six medals to his


credit in the Olympics. Here comes Bradley Wiggins up to the line.


Bradley Wiggins is the Olympic champion. It is gold and gold for


Bradley Wiggins, his 4th gold medal and the 7th medal in the Olympic


Games. He is the greatest British achiever of all time. Just going


through Kingston at the end of the noise was amazing. I do not think


my sporting career whatever top that. What a month it has been.


Winning the Tour de France and the time trial in London. It will never


get any better than that. And if these people are wearing sideburns


cheering you on. Now that medal and another 4th gold, Britain's most


decorated Olympian. What does that mean? This morning I kept seeing


these reports on the television and to be honest it had to be gold


today or nothing. What is the point of having seven medals if they are


not the right colour? I have to carry on to Rio de Janeiro and go


for a number five. Just to be mentioned in the same breath as


Steve Redgrave and Sir Chris Hoy, it is an honour. To be up there


with those guys is very special. tops and very elite table. He has


just taken over from Sir Steve Redgrave. That really is quite


something. You have been usurped. I watched him four years ago in the


team pursuit. It was absolutely fantastic, smashing the world


record. A cycling journalist walked past and said, it Bradley can win a


medal of any colour, he is going to go past your record. I thought what


record is that? I did not realise I had that record and tell four years


ago. At least I have had four years of knowing I have had that honour.


But he is a great guy. I know him reasonably well and I cannot think


of a better guide to go past me. Chris will go past me in a couple


of days as well. We have got another Chris, Chris Boardman. The


Tour de France winner of the back of an Olympic win, what a sporting


hero? A week ago I was working on the Tour de France and I watched


Bradley Wiggins, a Brit in the yellow jersey leading out Mark


Cavendish the world champion to win the final stage and then come here


to win the Olympic gold medal. It is an unprecedented time in British


cycling. He owns the word unprecedented at the moment. Only


Miguel Indurain has achieved a similar fate? The fact we are


talking about Bradley Wiggins alongside him and cycling's


absolute greats is fantastic. It is going to take as a long time to


work out what has happened. He is not an archetypal Brit, he is quite


confident. Before the race he said, I am going to win this, he is not


typically British. He will take responsibility for it and he knows


he is the favourite, but it has taken him many years to deal with


that kind of pressure. We saw at his acceptance speech at the Tour


de France he stands up with a microphone and says, we are going


to draw the raffle in a minute. He is a character, an individual and


fascinating to watch. He is a winner, isn't he? I have seen him


perform many times and when I was still racing on training camps the


tour de France would be on and we used to watch it a great deal. We


thought a Brit would never win it, not in my lifetime anyway. Just


literally what they have done is immense. Den Mark Cavendish gave it


a fantastic crack in the road race. Is it right Bradley Wiggins has not


lost a time-trial this year? That is right. We have not talked about


Chris Froome. We must talk about him. He could end at being Bradley


Wiggins' biggest challenger in a few years to come. At the moment it


is just incredible. We are also hoping Bradley Wiggins will be


coming in. He is on his way. We have a proud tradition of


breaststroke swimming in the Games. Can Michael Jamieson and Andrew


Willis adds to it tonight? That is David Wilkie, Duncan


Goodhew. Duncan Goodhew had the best start. David Wilkie is going


to turn first. Adrian Moorhouse in 6th position. We have a gold


medallist and a world record. are only 10m to go. It is a gold


medal for Duncan Goodhew. Adrian Moorhouse has got it. Olympic gold


medallist. Gold to Britain. Let's get over to the Aquatics Centre and


it is straight in at the deep end with Michael Jamieson and Andrew


Willis going in the first final. Ian Thorpe has deserted me. What is


going on? What are you going to do without me? I am quite happy to be


here. You are glad to be here. quite excited about the swimming


tonight. And we have got a special friend. We have got two Betty


Suarez in our very first final at 7:30pm, the 200m breaststroke. This


Jemma Lowe is in the 200m butterfly Ryan Lochte is in two lots of semi-


finals. USA are hot favourites to win the women's 4 x 400 metres


freestyle relay. Let's find out more about Michael Jamieson. This


is your time, isn't it? Yes, I certainly hope so. I have got the


experience now of competing at this level. It is my first Olympic Games,


but I have been to the Commonwealth Games and the world championships


go I have got enough experience to rely on high pressure situations.


Listen to this, the adrenalin has gone racing around his body.


Do you see that 200 as the strongest events? Yes, definitely,


it is the one I feel most comfortable with. My stroke suits


that event, but the 100 has had more of a focus. I am trying to


develop that front end speed to help me go out fast in this


tournament. Everybody says the breaststroke is difficult. This


could be a fantastic opportunity. Yes, that is the way I am looking


at it. We do not have an event where we have an American like


Michael Phelps. The chasing pack consists of six to eight swimmers


who have done under a two. 10th. think he is undoubtedly the best


breast Roca of all time, but I am thoroughly looking forward to


getting into the swimming pool with them. The semi-final and Jamieson


looking pretty good. I am coming into my peak. Another massive


British record. It is so exciting to be a part of it. The next medal


can come from this man. It is exciting times. Michael Jamieson is


23 and Andrew wears his 21. They train together in Bath. How much


does it help them to know each other so well? A huge amount. They


are good friends and they are going to be in an environment which is


tense, but they will be there to get that. They have been at the


National Championships, the training group and they are always


together. You have got two of the greatest breaststroke as in the


world at the moment training together and pushing each other on.


As soon as they walk out being a little bit relaxed is a good thing


for them. They will come out, here the crowds and hear all the energy


from the crowd and to be able to chill out and put your thoughts


together is very important. Also in the race is Kosuke Kitajima from


Japan. He only finished 5th in the 100m breaststroke, so he has got a


lot to prove. He really does and he has been an incredible swim her


over a long period of time. He retired from swimming and decided


to return. The only question that comes around that is did he give


himself enough time? If he is on his game, this will be a tougher


race. Hill is favourite for this? There are a lot of it finalists in


this race from the championships. We could get one and to all we


could get four and five, but I have got a feeling one of our boys is


going to do it tonight. Really? is a delight to see you, goodbye.


Michael Jamieson's father was a professional footballer in Scotland.


Mike Dunn junior was a brilliant junior footballer, but he chose


swimming at the age of 13. He would be the first Scot to win gold in


the swimming pools since David Wilkie in Montreal in 1976, and the


first British man since Adrian Moorhouse. Let's join Adrian


for the final of the 200m breaststroke. It looks absolutely


beautiful, inviting for breaststroke. We are a bit hyped up,


but this is very exciting. The two boys are very capable. You have got


two Japanese in one and two. Then you have got Daniel Gyurta, the


and the double Olympic champion is in line two. This man could create


history. The 29-year-old Japanese man won gold in the 100 and 200


breaststroke in Athens. Did it again in Beijing. Can he become the


first man ever to do three in a row? Massive ovation for the first


of the two Brits. The first of the two Bath swimmers. Listen to this


crowd. The roar just carried on. But it did not throw them. They


seemed calm. They will have to watch out for Gyurta. He is very


strong. Mrs Scott Weltz's to complete the line-up, the


slowest qualifier until two days ago, world record holder in the


100m breaststroke at, this is the weakest in the field. In theory,


but watch him in the first 100. I think we will not worry about him


until 150. The race for medals will come from lanes 1-5. Jamieson needs


to go half a second quicker in the first 100, because this guy will be


coming back like a train. It is going to be a roller-coaster.


Jamieson, in the red hat of Great Britain, in the centre. And Andrew


Willis also has a red hat in lane breaststroke. Some very good starts.


The Brits have done well. In lane three, Andrew Willis from Bath. And


also from Bath, Michael Jamieson in four. They are cruising down the


first 25 metres, but Kosuke Kitajima looks like he is going


very early. With intent. He is the defending champion. He is already a


legend at breaststroke. He has two gold medals at two Olympic Games.


If he does this, it will be historic. This is good for the


Brits, because Kosuke Kitajima is not on form at these Olympics. If


they can stay with him, they will be in good shape. Gyurta in lane


five, a bit ominous. He is very good in the second 100. Jamieson


and Willis need to stay with his pace. The Olympic champion is


leading this race. First to turn is Kosuke Kitajima, the double Olympic


champion in this a breaststroke event. He is starting to go already.


This is a bit frightening. The Brits are going with him. Ricard in


lane eight is starting to fade. It looks like it is Gyurta from


Hungary in the centre. Gyurta is going to break the world record if


he keeps going. He was a danger man from the beginning. The only hope


is that he went too early. It is not over. If Dennis and his coming


back. So it is Kitajima. Jamieson is starting to catch Gyurta. Gyurta


is starting to fade a bit. There are 20 metres to go. Michael


Jamieson from Glasgow is coming back. Gyurta in five of. Gyurta


wins the gold. It is a fantastic silver medal for Great Britain.


Michael Jamieson, what a brilliant swim that was. And his time is


another massive British record. Oh, my goodness. That is utterly


brilliant. A new world record for Daniel Gyurta of Hungary. The time


was utterly brilliant. Jamieson was 0.12 off the old world record. That


guy deserves a massive round of applause. The crowd are standing


and cheering for that silver medal. That first 100, I thought Gyurta


would sit back, but he went for it and held on. But Jamieson was


pushing him all the way. He would have felt his breath on his


shoulder during the last bit. And Kitajima really did fade badly, and


Dennis and caught up. Willis faded in the background. He came 8th in


the end, sadly. That is the difference between gold and silver.


Jamieson will have an awesome future. He is only 23. What a


wonderful swim. Olympic champion, Daniel Gyurta of Hungary, but


Michael Jamieson swam unbelievably well. A massive British record. I


bet even in his wildest dreams, he did not think he would go that


quickly. He has a silver medal at Michael, congratulations. That was


extraordinary. We were screaming our heads off. I loved it. I knew I


had a bit more to give after last night. As I said yesterday, it is


so much easier to swim with a bit of confidence behind you, as I did


after the 100. I have had so many messages, it has been unbelievable.


I was desperate to get on the podium tonight to repay the faith


we have had. Did you think you would go that fast? To be honest, I


kinda forgot about the time tonight. It was more tactical. I know how


strong Gyurta's last 50 is. He is the fastest in the world, without a


doubt. So I tried to stay on his shoulder for the first 100, and the


idea was to make a move during the second 25 and have everything on


the line in the last 50. You were very controlled. I would be jumping


up and down by now. Are you jumping up and down inside? Well, I planned


for this night, and that helped with the nerves beforehand. For so


many years, I have gone over this in my head and how I was going to


be there for it. I can't believe it. I am so delighted. It was a tough


race, Andrew. You get everything you had as well. I gave it my all.


I am really happy. Michael deserves it. It goes to show that Bath have


great coaches and great support staff. Michael deserves it 100%.


Really happy for him and it was great for me to experience as well.


Our your family here? Yes, and I have a few friends here as well. It


is great to have their support. This guy will be tough to beat in


the next couple of years. The improvement he has had has been


unbelievable. After seeing what he does in training, it is pretty


frightening. In a couple of years' time, he will be the man to beat.


Enjoy your moment. Or you can ask of any athlete at


these games is to come out with the performance of their life. It did a


world record to beat Michael Jamieson, and that is some


achievement. Phenomenal. What an amazing swim. It took a world


record to beat him. Kitajima did not even get a medal in the end.


we look at the last length, he came back half a second quicker than


Gyurta. Was it the crowd cheering, or was it you in my here? I did get


excited. This was a fantastic swim. I think he is a little shocked at


how well he went. I don't think he could have anticipated this, coming


into the final. If you look at the ages of Andrew Willis and Michael


Jamieson, 21 and 23. They will continue. They have a great


competitor in Daniel Gyurta from Hungary, though. How impressed were


you with what he said in the interview afterwards about the way


he had mentally prepared for tonight? It is one of those things.


How much can you prepare mentally for an Olympic final? We will see


Fran Halsall and Amy Smith in the second semi-final of this. This is


in years. Daniela Schreiber. She just stuck her arms back. What did


she do? Anyway, first semi-final of the women's 100m freestyle, with


Daniela Schreiber actually going Twywell down the first 50. The


world-record holder is at the top. The German is not having a good


meat at all. She is way behind. In lane six, Jessica Hardy of the USA.


She is proving that best strikers can turn to freestyle. Big,


straight arms, digging in deep, stretching ahead as far as she can.


These women have got to go quick. The fourth fastest was 53.9, so it


looks like a sub 54 to make the final. Melanie Schlanger brought


their relay team home for gold. She is on form. But she will have to


find a bit more, I think. This second semi-final has a few good


swimmers in it. They all looked left to see who was coming in, then


look at the clock to see the time. She won by 0.4 of a second, which


is a long way in this race. It is a nice feeling to look to your left


or right and see people still but the second semi-final really is


stacked. I could argue for all eight of these women making the


final. It is going to be really fast. You have got the two Dutch


the heats. She did in the relay. But let's talk about the British


Women. Amy Smith in lane one, and Fran Halsall. She got a silver


medal at the World Championships in 2009, and was fourth at the worlds,


but that merely won the race. Listen to this for Amy Smith, a


massive ovation yet again. It sends shivers up my smile -- spine. It


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 86 seconds


She is really a 200m freestyle Chinese girl, Yi Tang. She has been


improving every year. She has shown see what happens after that. A very


deep dive in line number five the Jeanette Ottesen Gray. She has come


up first from Denmark. A Mr Padraig decent start -- Amy Smith had a


good start. In the 100m, it is important that if you have got


speed, you use as much as you can without leaving much in the tank


for the last 20 metres. Francesca Halsall girl is going well. She has


a lot of work to do. This finish will be so important. Amy Smith


just getting a bit behind at the top. Come on, Fran Halsall, get the


touch. It was very close. She got 4th, equal with 53.77. That should


be fine. I think she found that tough, though. A new Olympic record


for Ranomi Kromowidjojo. I have seen from look more sparkly on her


races. Maybe digging in more. -- I have seen Francesca Halsall look


more sparky. She is really tough. Lovely, bubbly character, and she


is in the final of the Olympic Games. So the fastest woman in the


There she is, Ranomi Kromowidjojo. She will go in as the fastest


Fran Halsall is very much capable of that. That was a tough race,


maybe not a place in the final, but the 50 to come. Yes, I am


disappointed with that, but I have got to take away the positives and


put that into that safety will stop it will be great to watch Frant in


the final. Our team is so tight, you all swim for each other. It is


amazing because a while ago it would just be me, that's here are


asked two command our size when everybody is 6 ft tall. It will


take a 52 to win it. Definitely. I felt awful this morning. But I


think I need to get it out of my system. Tonight I felt very smooth


and easy, so anything can happen AA an Olympic final, so I'll be in


there looking to win it. Everybody wants to get these medals and it is


contagious and when somebody does that it helps you believe in


yourself. Yes, it is, but they were amazing for a Missy Franklin as


well, so tomorrow we want them to speak louder than ours. She is so


cool in interviews, she has got bags of confidence. She is telling


the crowd what to do. Stop cheering for everyone else. How she got a


shot? Yes, definitely. Kromowidjojo is that Marjah head of everybody


else. But if Fran has as when I see can, and she has got 24 hours' rest,


it she pulls one out of the bag, she could make it, and she has done


it before. This is a busy night for Ryan Lochte. This is the 200


Ryan Lochte of the USA. He has already won two golds. Fascinating


different styles of starting. Some of their heads are closer to the


block and some our way back, but the best start was from Ryan Lochte.


It will be interesting how he swims this, given that he has got another


semi-final to come. Ryan Lochte is capable of it, he is a very fit guy.


He is very laid back. He treats it like a local pool meat. That is the


way to do it. For his said this morning, yeah, two semi-finals, it


is going to be brittle. He is talking about the pain, not whether


it will be pressurised. But he has trained for it very well indeed. At


the top the European champion is very quick indeed and it was a very


good turn. He may be took about half a metre off most of the rest


of the field. Ryan Lochte has got some work to do. Yes, he is doing


enough. He is aware. He can see what is going on. He will have a


quick scan now. He does not need to look, he is going to do a big turn


and come up in the lead. He is actually brilliance and now he is


starting to go. He is defending champion on those 200m backstroke.


He has done three lengths a reasonably comfortably. Also going


with them is the Japanese. That was interesting. That was fascinating.


He is two seconds outside his best time, so I think he has done enough,


but he does not want to risk it. He knows he had to conserve energy.


All the trainers say he trains like an animal. He is known for being


able to cope with the pain. This is not hard for him. That one was not,


but the next one will be very interesting because he is in the


final of that tour hundred medley NT is against Michael Phelps. He


has got the monkey off his back, the 19 medals, and now he is ready


to go up. They are talking about Ryan


Lochte's training and he has been pictured doing serious physical


work. What is your take on that? He polls tyres around. Whatever


tickles your fancy. But it is a good idea and if that is what you


want to do in the gym, you have got to build up the muscle mass that


By him it seems to be working. know you have a strong belief that


the race is not over when you touch the wall, not even when you get out


of the swimming pool. No, it is over when you walk off behind the


set. So you get out of the water and confidently and the competitors


know that. Then next time they race they know you got out of the


swimming-pool easily. They do not see you collapse behind the stage.


That is the impression you want to leave for your competitors. The way


you carry yourself around the pool is important. When people come they


are very cool and effect. That is why he used to walk around with no


clothes on. He used to take his suit off when he gave an interview.


It did not work, it was a little bit too late. Now it is the second


semi-final. It is the fastest eight times. Not the first four from each


semi-final. The file is tomorrow night. It is four lengths of the


the 200 medley is tomorrow. I said it was tonight. This is Cleary. He


is a really good backstroke swimmer. He did very well in the heats up


this morning. He is sensing an opportunity to get on the podium.


He is the world championship bronze We have got a Japanese in lane one,


then two Hungarians. Then Tyler Clary in four. We have just seen a


very interesting first semi-final working reasonably hard, but taking


the Japanese with him. He knows what he has to do. The rest of them


have to get a sub 1.57 to get to does he not cut off the string on


his goggles, that always bothers me. A as long as it doesn't get in his


way, it is fine. A reasonably even start. Maybe Tyler Clary of the USA


having the best one in four. But the Hungarian in lane three with


the bright pink suit is going well to go to the European Championships


because it did not fit in with people's workouts. Tyler Clary


having a good turn. He has gone very deep. It was a good turn, but


he took a big old breath as soon as he came up. He is working


reasonably hard and looking pretty good. He will be on the left when


you go back and look at the overhead shot because the cameras


are not working like we usually have them. Apologies, that is not


our camera, but international television. I think he is trying to


show Ryan Lochte he has got something. People believe that Ryan


Lochte is a shoo-in for this. Tyler Clary said, no, he is not, I want


this as well. Pumping the air, he uses that nose clip so he does not


get water in his nose when he is under water. Lane six was


completely out of the water. It is important to get out of the water.


Great streamlining. The fastest part of the race under water,


streamline, for every stroke. Tyler Clary easing back a bit. I think he


realised it was a great time anti- stall has got something in him.


That is an interesting reaction. He is actually delighted with that


swim. We saw Ryan Lochte go reasonably easy. Tyler Clary has


worked hard. He will qualify fastest for the final. Very


We are fascinated by the strain on his goggles. We have got your


goggles on the lion. When did lions become extinct in the UK? If you


shave and take the trouble to shave your body because of how it goes


through the water, why would you have a piece of string dangling


down your nose? I think it is the cool thing at the moment. Anyway,


it did not seem to stop him. We have had as silver-medal in the


swimming pool, but back in the Helen Glover and Heather Stanning


have joined us. Have you any idea how you have lifted the mood of the


nation? In the papers, it kept saying, still no gold. You were the


first to have done it. Maybe there will be another gold since we have


won ours. It is exciting. It is a good bit of payback, because we had


amazing support. At Dorney Lake, the crowds were brilliant. Everyone


we passed on the streets has been so good. And it is our Olympics, so


it is great. Can you attempt to describe the emotions you went


through? I don't think I can. It is the most phenomenal feeling. We


were both exhausted after the race, but couldn't stand still, just


wanted to jump around. The crowds have been fantastic. There are


those shots. You seem to be talking to each other. Who was saying what?


I definitely said, I can't believe it, we did it! I knew not only got


the first gold medal for Great Britain, but you are also the first


female British rowers ever to win a gold medal. You must be so proud of


yourselves. It is definitely still sinking in. We have had some


brilliant trail blazers in terms of women's rowing. We have brilliant


women on our team and to be the first women to do it, fingers


crossed it will be the first of many. I am sure there will be more


to come this Olympics. And once again, a soldier comes to the


rescue of the Olympics, Heather. A brilliant effort from you. We go


back now to being a soldier again, with the possibility of going to


Afghanistan? The plan was always to go back to work in September. And


that is still the plan. I am proud to be associated with the military,


and they have done a fantastic job with these games. You have had at


tweets from all sorts of athletes everywhere, messages of support and


congratulations. It must be great that you have given everyone a lift.


Laura Robson says, first gold medal for GB! We are so attached. We are


kind of blown away by it. We just went to do what we do. We have


worked hard for this, but so have a lot of other people in our team.


Our coach, parents and families have supported us the whole way.


The fact that everyone has responded like this is so touching.


Thank you. Helen, your story was remarkable. Four years ago, you had


never sat in a boat. No. I watched the Beijing Olympics on TV you and


I had been rowing for about two months. I picked it up because my


mum saw an article that said Sir Steve Redgrave was trawling through


rowers. You had to be tall and athletic, and I thought it sounded


like me. Such an inspiring story. You are certainly a sporting giant


now. What are your family saying? Had he managed to spend any time


with them? Had briefly. Both our families were down at the course


and we had a few minutes with them, but they are over the moon for us.


Our families have been our biggest supporters from the word go. They


are enjoying it as much as we are. They are out tonight together.


you meet up with them later? hope to. They might have burnt


themselves out by then. You do know you will be going down in history


for the first gold medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games? It is


still sinking in. It is crazy. will be the answer to a pub quiz


question for the rest of your lives. What about the rest of the team? It


is such a strong team. What about Katherine Grainger? We are so


excited for them. We have loved being part of the GB rowing team.


The athletes have trained so if -- so hard. All the noise from the


crowds, they will get to do that over the next three days and they


will do brilliantly. Helen, I read that you were the bossy One in the


boat. And I get that sense now. Is she the leader? For I would not so


the leader. She is definitely the more vocal of the two of us. They


as she tried you on? Definitely. I was not allowed to sit back once in


that race. I tell her what to do. That is the drive you need if you


have only been doing it for four years. But you are the experienced


one, so your experience must help. Only by a couple of years, but I


don't know what I bring. Helen is fantastic at what she does in the


bow seat. She is such a great athlete. For any sport, for someone


to come in within such a short time and do what she has done is


fantastic. For people, young girls or even people in their early


twenties, they should give it a go. Helen has shown it is not


impossible. It Heather goes back to the army, what will you do? I will


have to keep rolling. I am voting for her to keep rowing. I have


something for you, the gold medal winners at the Olympic Games for


Great Britain are going to get a special stamp from the Royal Mile.


That is amazing! My grandad would love that. He collects them. I will


give it to you. Thank you so much. Be it has been a delight to have


you in the studio. On behalf of the whole of Great Britain, many


congratulations. You have done us all proud. Then we won another gold,


and it has started things. The momentum is running.


We will go back to Clare, Mark and Ian.


In the intervening period, while we were talking to our new Olympic


champions, we have an Olympic silver medallists here. Michael


Jamieson, 23, sets a new British record, beaten only by a world


record from Daniel Gyurta of Hungary. This was the moment the


silver medal was placed around his neck. He swam the race of his life


at the moment he needed to most. It is a terrific achievement. And I


think today, after seeing the girls do so well, bringing home at the


first Olympic gold medal for Team GB, it really has spurred on this


team. He got very close to winning it. Gyurta won the last two world


championships. He always delivers at the right time, and he did do


that again, unfortunately. But it was an amazing final. The crowd


were phenomenal. And as Jamieson was coming back at Gyurta on that


last length, the crowd were lifting him. Gyurta did extremely well to


hang on. The gold goes to Gyurta in a new world record. Now, the


national anthem of Hungary. Therein lies because of flowers all the


medallists get as well. -- very Ladies and gentlemen, the national


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 86 seconds


anthem of Hungary. Congratulations to Hungary and to


Daniel Gyurta, and he gives Michael Jamieson a very warm hand slap


there. That all took place a few moments ago. Those swimmers are now


making their way around the pool and heading out. We have another


final coming up, the women's 200m butterfly, which is incredibly


close. It features Jemma Lowe. Jamieson there, showing off his


silver medal. A terrific swim from him. We had a brief conversation


about how he had mentally prepared for this, and he said he had spent


years just thinking of this moment. I suppose sometimes you can


overthink it, but he got it spot on. You prepare yourself for what it


will sound like, how the water will feel. Is the competitor here, is


the compared to there? You start to practise, and when training at high


speed, you feel as if you are in a race. This is how you mentally


prepare, so that it becomes familiar when you come to rest day.


Looking ahead at the final for the women's 200m butterfly, do you give


Jemma Lowe a shot? In terms of qualification, she was the slowest


one in, but she said that was deliberate. The field is open in a


sense. When she did her interview, she was not putting a lot. I am not


saying she has saved a lot, I was puffing after 50m. But she has been


there and done it. She just has to pull it out at this evening. The


team alongside her will be shouting her on. She just has to do her own


race. There will be a fight in the middle. She could come away with a


medal. Jemma Lowe is 22 years old. She is trained in Swansea, and her


coach said he did not want her in the middle lane for this. So it is


difficult to make sure you are fast enough to get in, but slow enough


to be in the outside lane. We will see how it pans out. She said, I


will give it everything and see what it brings. She will be roared


home. She planned to swim the 100 and 200m butterfly, but from Hansel


qualified ahead of her. So this is has got a super player. If she


actually tried to achieve that, that is outstanding. It is risky as


heck. In her interview, she did say she has more in her, and she was


very composed. Dodgy tactics, but it paid off. So she is worth


watching in lane eight. We have just seen a medal that Japan from


lane 1, so there is no reason why we can't get another one. Wouldn't


that be something special? She is certainly capable of it. She looks


like someone who can cope with the pressure as well. She is kind of


matter-of-fact, like Jamieson. I in Texas. She has a super


experienced coach. The fastest qualifier. This is interesting. In


lanes are fired and seven Jiao Liuyang. In seven the defending


Olympic champion. Beware of the Chinese. We have got the 21 year-


old Spanish girl in between them. Mireia Garcia is very diverse. This


is Zige Liu. They dominated the 200 fly in Beijing. But I think the


rest of them can attack them. Listen to this. Pumping the air.


Come on, Jemma Lowe. Great support and lots of Union Jacks. Doesn't


she look calm? Yes, very calm. If her interview was anything to go by,


she wanted an outside lane. She got one and she is into the final of


the Olympics. Kathleen Hersey is going to be four lanes away from


her. This is the time to deliver with every ounce of energy she has


got. Those are great cockles. Orange accentuates the light. She


wants to get light stimulation, and orange goggles are very good colour.


Jemma Lowe at the bottom for Great Britain. Training in Swansea. The


Olympic final of the women's 200m butterfly. Jemma Lowe got the best


start and we have not said that so far at the Olympic Games for a


British swimmer. It is a good lane for her, she is next to the world


record holder from China. The Chinese will be going for gold in


this race. That is where she needs to be. Kathleen Hersey is the


fastest qualifier in lane four. A good place to be. Kathleen Hersey


is coming through now. This is going to be interesting because


Jemma Lowe will not be able to see past Zige Liu of China, the


defending champion. She is not going to see pastor, so she will


think the race is right there. That was a very good turn. La Collette


Mireia Garcia, the Spanish girl in lane six or Stopsley is coming


through very strongly for a start Kathleen Hersey is now starting to


show, but Zige Liu is struggling. The Spanish girl Mireia Garcia is


surprisingly. She can sneak this one. Jemma Lowe was turning in six.


She has got some work to do. But the rest of the field is coming


back strong. She is possibly in bronze position. China and Spain


are leading at the moment, but Jemma Lowe has got a chance. Spain


get a surprising solver. The bronze has gone to Japan. Jemma Lowe just


faded at the end. She really went for it. A new Olympic record for


the champion from China. That is Zige Liu, the world record-holder,


and she faded. But Jiao Liuyang converts to gold. That is the


Spaniard, Mireia Garcia. tactics, I suppose why not?


deserves that silver. And nice conversion. Has been around but


quite a while on the international scene even though she is only 20


years of age. Very happy that she has gone from silver in Beijing to


the gold here. We expected it to be Chinese, but maybe not this one. A


really big surprise was the silver going to Spain. Jemma Lowe swam


well and committed really well, but she finished 6th in the end. You


gave it everything you have. Yes, I did. It is an Olympic final and I


was happy to get into it last night. I get everything I had, but it was


not my database. Maybe you were aware from the mix a little bit?


The crowd were fantastic and I was a bit nervous coming out, but I


have had a good time in my second Olympics will stop they have been


brilliant. It is not to be your last? Yes, definitely. I feel like


I'm still young and I am looking forward to having more races in the


There is so much energy coming from the British camp and all of them


are desperate to improve on whatever they have done. Even


Jamieson what the silver Medal wants to improve on that will start


we have got a very interesting men's 100m freestyle. Already out


his Yannick Agnel, already a winner of two gold medals. James Magnusson


is coming out and he is the fastest qualifier for theirs. Australia are


having a shocker. They think you have put it nicely. I have put it


more nicely than the Australian press. We expect it to do a lot


better than we have been at this stage. James Magnusson is one of


those swimmers we expected to see swim a lot faster than he has done.


In the 4 x 100 relaid Australia were expected to win. This has been


a huge challenge for him, because he has to recover from a


disappointing performance and get himself back up tonight. Coming


into this competition so much was expected of him. He has talked the


talk, so he has to walk the walk this evening. Will he? He better.


That is the word from Ian Thorpe, the greatest Australian swimmer. He


says to James Magnusson, now is your time. Would you making your


favourite? I have to say yes. But it should be a much better time


than 47.6. You would not put your house on him? I would not put my


house on him. I would have before this competition, and that is what


world record holder. There is Magnusson. In lane one is Yannick


Agnel. That was Nathan Adrian. I am concerned that lane one and lane


two are going to go absolutely nuts. On the fall by 100 relay Yannick


Agnel split the fastest split by miles. Magnusson is in lane four


Forestry year. -- for Australia. A very good start in a number two.


That is the world record holder, Cesar Cielo. Experience counts and


Cesar Cielo is in the lead. Also Nathan Adrian. A Nathan Adrian is


absolutely throwing himself at it, but James Magnusson is hauling him


in. Nathan Adrian is still going with him. Nathan Adrian has won it


by one one-hundredth of a second. He led off the relay in a brilliant


swimmer. Look at that. That last 25 he came back and back and he has


won the gold. That was fascinating to watch. Those last 10m were


riveting. I thought James Magners and have come through. The words of


Ian Thorpe were in my ears. You better when it. Adrian must have


been in so much pain that he sat down. Magnusson is thinking about


what his career stands for now. He was talking about being the fastest


in the world, missile Magnusson. But Nathan Adrian was strong here.


You can see it's just about. You cannot call it. You cannot see 100


with an naked eye. He fought so hard and he could smell it with


about 15 to go. Magnusson overhauled him. He was a bit ahead


and then he dug in so it's half. Soaked up. There he is, Olympic


champion, Nathan Adrien of the USA. What a brilliant swim. Well done,


that was fantastic. You just had a rocket. Yes, I know, this comes


every four years. How do you get to celebrate on this? Get ready for


the 400 medley relay. They have put a pretty great team together and


I'm excited to see what we can do. You trials were really late, which


works for sprinters, but not for a distance people. Yes, it does. With


a little more rest I got a little bit faster, so it is a tougher


He won by the minimum distance. Top us through the finish and the


technique of finishing. It is a very similar finish from birth


swimmers. There is no difference in terms of technique. It is better


from the underneath shot. But both finished with her hands going up.


You finish with your fingers and you finish with your body it.


gives you more for us. Let that fingers rolled into your hand up


rather than going up. Rather than finishing like that, you have to


finish a bit further forward. That could have been the difference.


if you break a finger, you have won a gold models -- medals are it does


not matter. You flag that up beforehand. Mackeson is short on


confidence and that helps other swimmers take him on. Still how


much of a shock is that? It is shocking, but it is not as shocking


as it would have been if you had told me this result two weeks ago.


The up full credit to Nathan Adrian because that is his first major


individual title. He has never won anything at the World Championships,


and you could see how thrilled and shops he was about it. The other


thing is Adrian did everything right. You want to come to the


Olympic Games and do your best time. Terms Magnusson did not do his best


in lane five. Rebecca Soni is the defending Olympic champion. She


goes in the second semi-final. The European short-course champion,


Rick Pedersen of Denmark, looked very good in the semi-final.


Beautiful stroke from Micah Lawrence of the USA in lane five.


All soap came out high out of the water, which is important, to use


their hips. Use the momentum. If you get high, you can push yourself


forward, arch your back. I am interested to see what happens,


whether they go really quickly. Paul the arms in, arch your back a


bit, flex your hips. I saw people in the warm-up this morning with a


pair of flippers on, just using the dolphin kick in the warm-up to arch


the back, get used to flicking your legs. Micah Lawrence leading by a


good distance. Could turn from Rikke Pedersen of Denmark. It is


Lawrence leading for the USA. Second is Pedersen. Going well is


the Swedish swimmer in the yellow hat. I am surprised that Iuliia


Efimova was only in lane one. had an interesting heat. She went


very slowly. She has improved on her first 100. She has got quality,


in the pink hat at the top of the picture. I think we will see her


qualified to make the final. I am not surprised that Pedersen has


come back on Lawrence. Pedersen is very strong in the last 50.


first semi-final of the women's 200m breaststroke will be won by


Rikke Pedersen of Denmark. Interesting tactics. UDF the nova


keeps going out very slowly -- Iuliia Efimova keeps going out very


slowly. She needs to get out a bit quicker. But she is playing with


tactics. She could be a surprise for the final. She was only 7th on


a hundred, so I wonder if she has got the stamina. She has got a best


class of this second semi-final, world champion, Olympic record


holder. But only got a silver on the 100. That was a brilliant


swimmer for the and 15-year-old and collected in the press


conference that the Americans had. I was very impressed. But she did


not quite do the job on the 100, not fast enough. She said she had


trained mainly for the 200, and taught about not being able to


control a reel out liar. A 15-year- old can come in and blow you away.


She could not have counted on that. But she did say the 200 is her big


event. The interesting thing for me was that the time was slower than I


expected. If you don't swim quite as quick, somebody can nip in and


beat you, and that is what happened. She needed a best time, and


couldn't deliver it, which made her realise that maybe the 200 is the


event for her. I would not bet and get out quickly on this one.


The world record is held by a Canadian who never really delivered,


women's 200m breaststroke, and interestingly, none of the women in


this semi-final set a lifetime best to qualify. Which is unusual. You


normally have two or three personal best times to qualify. So most of


this field are capable of more. Rebecca Soni slow off the block,


but now she is coming through. Suzuki has a big gold glide. She


builds her pace up. But then she will droplet. A bit like rowing,


strode grades. Looks like Rebecca Soni is going for it. She worked


that last 25 metres pretty hard. Liping Ji of China is starting to


come through in lane six. First to turn the halfway mark, Rebecca Soni.


That is really quick. It is not a world record time. That was said


when they were allowed to wear suits, which has since been banned.


The South African is going very well. She made the finals in 2005,


and is now coming back from that. She was an outstanding talent, went


quiet for a bit, and is coming back. Rebecca Soni is reasserting herself.


Right on world record. She has picked that up. She could get the


world record. It is currently held by Anna Mae peers of Canada. The


time is 21.2. -- two minutes, 21.2. Ro! She did not go under two


minutes 20, but she has broken the world record. What a great swim,


and a fascinating way to do it as well. Really comfortable down the


first 50, worked really hard during the second half of the race. Very


impressive. Fantastic. I thought she would go for it tonight. She


talked about being ready for the 200, not the 100. She has a very


strong last 100m. Very wide arms. Look how wide her elbows off. You


might think she was doing the butterfly. She has a great arm ball.


She is going to go into the final way ahead of the rest. Two seconds


ahead, world record-holder. It is hers to lose now. Great swim. A bit


of emotion there in the end. The semi-finals is the time to break a


record. You have swum in the Impressive pace and tactics as well


as the time. She will certainly be fastest into the final, no doubt


Well done, Rebecca. The crowd love you. A oh, my gosh, I couldn't


believe it. He said this morning you were in great shape and had


been working for the 200. Definitely. This time, I worked for


the last 50. Will you be the first lady in history to go under 20?


almost got it! So hopefully, but in a way, I am ecstatic. Well done.


What a night in the pool. We have seen a minimum distance win beaten


by Nathan Adrian. We have seen a silver for Great Britain and a


world record. Going back to James Maya Pedersen, what would your


advice be to him now, having come here as the big hope? He will be


absolutely shattered at this stage. It is not at the time for him to


have a break. He needs to get back into training. It is not that he


has not been training well in the lead-up to this, but he needs to go


out there and compete and have a great result. I brought that up


again because in wanted to make about point. Listen to the roar for


three of this first semi-final for the men's 200m individual medley.


He is such a talented swimmer, but no doubt the strength he is up


against, because next day Henin Lane four is Ryan Lochte, and next


to locks to his Michael Phelps. This is some race. He comes fops,


with his big headphones on. He wants to block out the noise of the


crowd. He yesterday made history, taking his medal total to a new


record of Olympic total medals, and beating Larisa Latynina, the


gymnast, taking it to 19 total medals, 15 of them gold. He did


that in the relay. James Goddard has huge talent, but he has


sometimes struggled with his work ethic. And he admitted as much,


saying, I have tried to become more consistent in training. A few years


ago, he used to train with a group of guys in Stockport, and they all


gave up and I think he lost his motivation. In Athens in 2004, he


came fourth and was devastated. He thought this was his best


opportunity. He knows Lochte and Phelps will probably come one and


two, but third is up for grabs. He has put all his eggs in his basket.


Unlike the other swimmers wearing red caps, James is in blue.


I think the reason he is wearing a blue cap is because apparently, the


red ones don't fit very well. He is in lame number three, James Goddard.


So the first semi-final of the men's 200 medley. James Goddard of


Great Britain goes in lane three, next to Ryan Lochte ear for USA N


Lane four and the great Michael Phelps, in lane five. If you had a


ticket for tonight's session, this would be worth the price. You have


Ryan Lochte, and Michael Phelps with the Brits. Ryan Lochte will do


just enough here to get a top eight time. I think Lochte will have to


break a world record to beat Phelps tomorrow night. Phelps stuck his


head away up after the turned to look at his time. The wit of the


world is off Phelps' shoulders. But I think he really felt it, that 19


target. He has got it now. Goddard is right with them. Just


behind the two Americans. But they got better terms than him. About


this. -- look at this. Goddard has Michael Phelps having a really be


look at Ryan Lochte. I think Michael Phelps is trying to go with


them. Actually, he is just staying relatively comfortable. James


Goddard is going well and I would like to see him get a touch for


third. Excellent. That is an important touch. That means five


people from the second semi-final can beat him and he is still


through. He is shaking his head slightly. I think he was looking


for a faster time. James, you are in the final, tomorrow is another


day. I am in awe of Ryan Lochte. He is one of the best swimmers we are


watching him at the moment. This generation is fantastic. I think


the final might go the same way. I'm not sure what Michael Phelps


can do about that. Ryan Lochte is better at breaststroke than Michael


Phelps. But Michael Phelps beat him at the trials. There is nothing


else Michael Phelps can do but adopt the same tactics. He did not


raise the last 15 on three-star, he did not use all his energy. Ryan


Lochte is on form and on fire. I cannot bet against him not winning


this one. He might need to get the world record to do it. He is the


world record holder, Ryan Lochte. A great swim from James Goddard and


that will put him through to the final I am sure. No spitting on the


floor! You have but a position in the final tomorrow. It should get


in. It was a fascinating semi-final as well. I am satisfied I suppose.


Tomorrow if you came third behind those boys, would you take that?


would take that. There is the Japanese lad and I need to go a lot


quicker than that. We saw you shaking your head at the end, I


presume that was about the time? Now, I was satisfied to be in the


top three. You have changed your work ethic fairly recently. What


have you done? I have worked on my freestyle quite a lot because it is


the weakest part of mine met little stock I'm not swimming as fast as I


would like at the minute. I have to sit down with my coach and look and


see what I can do to beat faster. I knew going to be here tomorrow? You


Boys, sorry, looking at James he has got no careful start he grows


hair really quickly. The best thing I sort is that he finished the race


and he was disappointed with that time, that is a good sign up for


tomorrow night. But it will be hard to win a medal because we have also


bought Thiago Pereira of Brazil. is a bit more as a sprinter and


that is him coming out now. He could challenge for the silver. I


cannot see anybody getting near Ryan Lochte. James Goddard has done


his race now, but this second heat is the stronger heat. He is on a


knife-edge at the moment. That was Laszlo Cseh with the nose clip.


not so cool. I had to because I was allergic to chlorine. Chad Le Clos


is also in the semi-final and also champion on the 200m butterfly and


he did that by beating the great Michael Phelps. Joe Roebuck getting


a massive ovation. He is a lovely guy. I spent a day at Loughborough


University and he was charming. The second semi-final of the men's 200


medley. If they can go below 1.58, they will make the final. Laszlo


Cseh in four. Thiago Pereira got the silver in the 400. But Laszlo


has got the strength on the butterfly. What has happened to


Kosuke Kitajima? He has got a good backstroke, so expect him to come


back pretty quickly. Laszlo Cseh has not had a good time. Joe


Roebuck is at the bottom of the shot and he is going OK at the


moment, but he needs to pick it up and work is breaststroke. I think


he is off the pace. We are looking for the final spots in the middle.


There are some good breaststroke swimmers free and -- here. Joe


robe's breaststroke is not bad. I think he will struggle. He is in


the bottom left of the shot. first two our way out in front. But


the others are lining up. Finally we are seeing a decent swim out of


Laszlo Cseh from Hungary, but it is a little bit late. That was very


close indeed. I think James Goddard was third with one. Orate 0.9. I


are equal, so they are both in the final. Just to be clear they are


equal 7th. Laszlo Cseh having a decent swim, but this is a semi, a


reminder. I think Kosuke Kitajima and James Goddard will be on the


outside. So will Chad Le Clos. is going to be a good one. I think


Ryan Lochte has got 53 in him. But he has got a backstroke final in


the same session tomorrow night. But he is capable.


It has been a mixed week for you, hasn't it? Yes, it has. It was a


better swim this morning bulls star I have got to be happy with that, I


gave everything I had got. It is the first time I have got through


to that final. It does not always work out, so you have to go and


regroup. You can learn from it. really enjoyed this week and it has


been fantastic coming here. I wanted to get a second swim, which


I did. Obviously, I wanted a third Campbell began his Olympic campaign.


The men's hockey team were looking to build on their winning start and


were up against South Africa. In football Team GB's men were hoping


to book a place in the quarter- finals. They met Uruguay at the


Millennium Stadium. If you want to watch the football live it is over


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 86 seconds


on BBC Three. Drama everywhere on We are going to show you look


Campbell in a little while, another British boxer. But Anthony Joshua


has got great hopes and many people think he could be the real deal.


Anthony Josh Hanna, 22, 91 plus and I am from London. I can punch, but


at the same time at my weight I am a slick fighter because I have got


to have a good defence. You do not want to take silly shots. It is


like a tree, somebody will be chopping you down. You have got to


take the shots and come back and be very natural and be quick and


speedy. Do not let the Crown to dictate your site, you are in


control of your situation. You have to stay in control of your


atmosphere. Bowing to the Olympic Games I know it is going to be an


amazing atmosphere. Maybe when they see two 6 ft 8, 6 ft 6, massive


guys walking in, they will be excited. But I have to stick to my


game plan and at the end of the day as long as I am winning, that is


I don't want to get too cocky and play to the crowd. I want them to


get behind us because we will put our hearts on the line for this. It


is work, it is a job. I am not there to party with everyone. I


have got to keep it low-key and get the job done. We are not just doing


it for ourselves, but doing it for the country as well. It is another


day in the office and you have to go out and be to your opponent. It


is just business. Things are livening up, medal prospects


everywhere. We have won a couple of gold medals today. One was Bradley


Wiggins and he is making his way across the park. Let's see if we


can find him. There is the flame. He took part in the Opening


Ceremony when he rang in the bell. That is worth the scene is now. If


you see anyone on a bike, that it will be him. I am told his arrival


is imminent. Things are happening all over London and all over the


park. Great sport going on in all of the venues this evening. Now we


can go back to the aquatic centre. I love that few of Tower Bridge and


the only one out of the three of us who has seen a bit of London is


used. I have been getting out a little bit. How do you find London?


It is great. There is a buzz about London, I think because of the


Olympic games. In winning those medals, it was a great thing


because it would be good to host a successful Olympics. Two gold


medals in the rowing and road race and a silver medal in the pole from


Michael Jamieson. He wanted to make a point about the crowds? I know


people have said, don't cheer for everyone else, just cheer for us.


We look at the Olympics being in London, everyone loves their sport.


They cheer on the champions and it is an you get the applause and


recognition you deserve. Michael Phelps and the swimmers they have


read about in the papers, when they come round the crowd feel they know


them. People asked me what was my favourite Games, it was Sydney,


Australia. People are knowledgeable about their sport and the crowd got


into it too much. And then I came here, but I am not swimming any


more. In terms of watching the Games in London, where would you


recommend people go? If you haven't got tickets, and I know people have


missed out on to get, get down to Hyde Park and Victoria parks.


Completely free, big-screen has. You'll get a feeling of what the


Olympics has got to offer. They will be popular next week, because


of the open-water swimming? He has, Keri-Anne Payne will be in there,


Daniel Fogg for the men. When they are doing a race that last two


hours, and if they can get any enthusiasm from the crowd, they are


the guys who will need it. It will be fantastic. Do you fancy that?


Not at all. He means that I would go and get out of the shallow end


and not go any further. We have already seen a world record from


Rebecca Soni, also James Magnussen been beaten by the American. And we


have seen a British silver medal, now we have the women's relay. The


Americans are the hot favourites for this. You said your favourite


to was winning the relay in Australia? It is. I go from either


the first day at the Sydney Olympics, or defending my title in


Athens. It is emotional because someone gave up their spot to let


me swim in this race. My best performance is in the relay. If


only I could come -- produce the equivalent times in my own race has


come I would have been much faster. It is amazing what you can do when


you have a great group of people around you. You're not just winning


for yourself. We don't want to let anybody down. My favour relay was


the men's 4x100 in Sydney. You guys came out, stood up in front of your


home crowd. We saw France beaten in Beijing by the UN day -- USA. It


can happen. The USA will be the favourites going in. I wouldn't


rule out China. They are always strong. A France in lane two next


to Britain. And then you have Australia. I won't rule out


Australia but the USA have to be the favourites. Great Britain have


done great to make this final. If you are listening this morning, Jo


Jackson has had the most extraordinary time since winning


the bronze medal behind Becky Adlington in Beijing. She suffered


a badly from asthma. In training she was struggling to breathe and


put so much pressure on her ribs, they were popping out. I did not


know this. I heard that because you had asthma you started slimming?


Not true. A lot of champion swimmers that do start swimming


swimmers that do start swimming because they have asthma problems.


It is controlling your breathing. Here is the line-up. Great Britain


will be coming out first. On the subject of asthma, Adrian


Moorhouse, you had asthma? I did. I remember seeing a specialist,


having problems running. He told me to stick to swimming. Here is the


British team. Caitlin McClatchey, Rebecca turner, Hannah Miley and Jo


Jackson. Caitlin McClatchey leading them out. She made the final of the


4x200 metres relay in Athens. Finalist in the individual 200m


freestyle at the last two Olympics. That is three Olympic games are


making finals, very impressive from Caitlin McClatchey. Here is France,


Adrian? Yes, they want to get a monks the race. Canada in 3?


they can hold that position it will be a bronze medal. But they might


struggle. Beware of the Australian women's relay team. The 4x100 was


stunning. I love watching a team that stands up, is counted and


fights. They did exactly that. They stole a gold medal that they did


nothing would be theirs. This is an interesting team. Missy Franklin


led off on the 4x100 freestyle relay. Only 4th in the 200. She was


swinging her arms then and almost hit a Allison Schmitt on their head


you can have a bit of fun with your team mates. The Chinese coming out


in lane seven. Little bit on the outside, if they can get ahead of


the Japanese on the outside of them, they will have clean water. The


Japanese having a fabulous Olympics. Another bronze from the outside.


Great Britain in lane one. If you get in the centre and big swimmers


dived in, the waves are very big. Then you get a massive The Wash.


The gold is not going anywhere between America Australia is it?


Can you see beyond that? I can see be on them for the first leg.


Expect team fans to go very quickly. -- team France. Great Britain at


the top. The final of the women's 4x200 metres freestyle relay.


Caitlin McClatchey ingoing first the Great Britain. As expected, in


lane two going pretty fast is Camille Moffatt of France? Terrific


first leg from Camille Muffat. A very strong stop Missy Franklin


swim. This will be interesting to see what time they do. Missy


Franklin has gone out very fast. Bronte Barratt of Australia is


catching up a little bit. This last 50m is going to hurt for Missy


Franklin. Right on the records. The three of the teams on the world


record. The next Australian has well for Great Britain is Rebecca


turner. She may have brought us up were doing 1.55. I think the world


record might go way from these teams, actually. They are just


still on it. In for the USA is Tom Vollmar. Breaking the world record


in the individual 100m butterfly. She is the world record holder on


the 100m butterfly but only uses one butterfly kick. Ryan Lochte and


Michael Phelps stay underwater for quite a while. Coming back on the


world record time, this is interesting. I think this for --


the French might struggle on the third leg. The third leg far


this at the moment. I thought Missy Franklin and Dana Vollmer would


beat way ahead, and they are not. It is Australia leading. USA second,


then France. Great Britain are in 6th position. Hannah Miley has


taken over from Rebecca turner. Hannah Miley has been wrested from


this morning. Melanie Strang there heard in this. This is very tight.


It is cat-and-mouse. The individual winner of the 200m freestyle,


Alison's and it is going on the final leg that the USA. Australia


do need a massive lead. Alicia Coutts is going to need a bigger


of the rest of the field. Look at this, Palmer must know this,


digging in. She is going to need a bit more. The only job for America


now is to stay close. She is really digging in. The last leg will be


Alicia Coutts of Australia going in first. Alison Schmitt in for the


Isa. Great Britain have just moved up to 4th position. Hannah Miley, a


very good the lake. The -- a very good leg. Canada are battling for


the 4th position. Australia are still in the lead. Alison's Schmitt


is tracking her. Coutts has got good experience. She had a 0.6


league. I don't think it is good enough. Schmitt is just hunting her


down. -- a 0.6 lead. Let's see what happens on this term. I would


imagine Schmitt is going to kick off the wall and tried to get a


body length, and that will open up a gap that I don't think Coutts can


catch. Four butterfly cakes underwater, unbelievable from


Alison Schmitt. It was in month -- butterfly kicks under water. It was


immense. Coutts is a really good freestyler. The tactics for


Australia are interesting. They sent off their fastest 200 metres


freestyle at first. Alicia Coutts has not been dropped yet, let's not


give this to the Americans quite yet. France are in the bronze-medal


position. I think the half a second extra that she has added, there is


no way that Schmid will give this up. The Americans and Australians


in your picture, that is how dominant this race has been.


Schmitz got a 400 medal and it is another gold for her. The silver


goes Australia. I wonderful bronze medal for France. Great Britain


finishing in 5th position. A very good swim form them. A solid swim


from the British. An Olympic record from the Americans, they were not


far off the world record. Schmitt having the swim of her life.


got out of the pool very fast. You're not allowed to get out of


the pool until the rest of the swimmers are finished. That will be


STUDIO: They were disqualified them for getting out of the pool, will


they -- they went disqualified them? I don't think so. They did


not disrupt the race. I strongly doubt it. Australia gave it a


really good shot, particularly on the third leg. I am really proud of


a silver medal for Australia. We thought the American team would


dominate this race. There was a point, I did get goose bumps, I


thought we were in for a shot. This is a very good silver for us.


see how much it matters to Missy Franklin and Vollmer next to her.


The team coming next -- coming together. They are the dominant


You can see the American girl celebrating, they came in as hot


favourites, they were pushed by Australia. Great Britain have


finished 5th and that is as good as Tomorrow, we are going to have


Tomorrow, we are going to have great interest, Fran Halsall be


going in the final of the 100 metres freestyle. Brian Lochte has


two gold medals in his sights. -- Ryan Lochte. Tomorrow morning we


will see Becky Adlington swing in will see Becky Adlington swing in


her heats, the final is not until Friday and that is our best chance


of a British gold medal in the pool. Thanks to Mark Foster and insult,


and Gary, thanks for letting us borrow him. -- thanks to Mark


Foster and Ian Thorpe. Look who is with us, the gold


medallist himself, Bradley Wiggins. Oh wonderful effort, a true hero of


the public. They are all waving achoo, there you go. They know you


What a month you have had. The Tour de France and now an Olympic gold


medal. Sensational stuff. It has been mad, to be honest. From the


moment I got back from France, it has been massively over warming. To


come to London and top it off with another gold medal, it hasn't


really sunk in -- overwhelming. For the last nine days I have been


trying to take in everything from the tour. The realisation that I


have won the Tour de France. To come to a home Olympic Games, to


have to go out there and perform and put everything together again,


it has not been easy. At the same time, it has been enjoyable. To


finish it off today, in front of that many people... It was an


unbelievable turn out, there seemed to be millions of people. It was


incredible. I remember going through Kingston with about 10 K to


go and the noise from one of the roundabouts, it is something I'll


never forget. I said at the finish, I don't think I will top that in my


sporting career. I'll never get that opportunity again, a home


Olympics in front of that many people, it was really special.


you have broken so Steve Redgrave's record, you now hold more medals


than any other British athlete in any sport. To be mentioned in the


same breath as Steve, and so Chris Hoy and the others, it is a bit of


an honour. A few decent names on their, and you are the top, and you


might be a so very shortly! gold medals are the only one that


matter in Olympic sport. Once you have had one, you just want to


accumulate more. To be in that company is phenomenal. Tell me


about the time trial. You were supremely confident, it seemed,


going into the race, did you almost know you're going to win? Time


trialing, they call it the race of truth. It is just a physical test


over 55 minutes, as fast as you can go. It is pretty much the physical


effort you can sustain for that length of time. 10 days ago I won


the last time trial stage of the Tour de France by a considerable


margin. Physically, nothing is going to change in nine days, if


anything you get better because you have time to rest and freshen up.


It was just managing everything else, coming back from the talk and


going straight into the holding camp in Surrey, and concentrating


on the road race for Mark Cavendish. That was it really. I was confident


that not a lot would change from a performance. One thing does change,


the pressure of expectation and athletes can deal with that in


different ways. Yeah, I thrive off that, I really get into my thing. I


knew it was there physically, I wanted to go out there and make


those people happy. When you are out there you are conscious of the


noise. It was phenomenal. You have all sorts of goodwill messages,


this from Chris Foy. And Chris Froome, we should mention him as


well. He has kind of got overshadowed perhaps by my


performance in the last six weeks. Himself, second in the Tour de


France, Olympic medallist, phenomenal, really. I have a lot of


the accolades but we shouldn't forget that what he has achieved in


the last couple of weeks. During the race, you must have felt you


were going well. You get lots of information as you are going along.


Because you start at minute and a half intervals, you must need to


know what the time is. We carry radios, I am getting the feedback


all the time. There are some quite long stretches, I could see the


vehicles behind, Tony Martin in front of me, he was the main


challenger. Once I got in sight I was up on him, plus you were


getting the time checks. Can I ask you who gives you that information?


Sean Yates was behind me in the car, he has been with me in all the


races I have won this year. He came in and did that job. You won by 42


seconds, it sounds a hell of a lot to me. In time trialing terms, it


is. You only have to win by a second. For every five, six seconds,


it equates to a power of measured in Watts. A bit like the 100 metres


sprint in the athletics. The one hundredth of a second equates to so


many metres. Every three, four seconds on the road equates to


however many metres. 42 seconds, it is the best part of 500 metres, it


is a lot over that distance that you are taking. It only had to be


one second. 42 is nice. You are still unaware, coming into the


finish and I couldn't take my foot off the gas. It only takes one


punter at the wrong time and it was all over. It -- want puncture. It


is a precarious business. It is so different to the road race which is


so tactical. It is an out and out physical challenge, the road race


has a lot more tactics, plus 200 other guys who didn't want Mark


Cavendish to win. This is the race of truth, really. There is no


hiding, when you are good, there is nowhere to hide, and when you are


bad. I think Indurain is the only person to duplicate your


achievement of winning the Tour de France and the Olympics in this


area, good company. He didn't win the Tour de France in 1996. He won


the Olympics but not the Tour de France. Yeah, a different here.


Lance Armstrong got third in Sydney and won the Tour de France. To come


off the Tour de France and when that come on home ground, and have


all that going on out there... It is mad, it really is. It hasn't


really sunk in. I left home six weeks ago to go to the Tour de


France, relatively unknown. Known in cycling circles. I come back and


have this overwhelming adulation, it is great. At the end of the day,


cycling is a minority sport and the profile is raising every year with


Chris Foy and Mark Cavendish. Each year we have been putting this


performance together and inspiring the next generation. I am sure in


the Velodrome, they also come away with quite a few. The interest in


cycling has grown dramatically, if you just have to be on the streets


of London. Lee Dixon and those boys, they are mad for it. Jonathan


Edwards. They are loving it. It is a bit strange, for a sport like


ours. I had a message from Robbie Fowler, Joey Barton, they are


loving it. You are a Liverpool fan? Yes. Alan Hansen is a few yards


away, he sent his congratulations. It is reaching out and it is


fantastic. The sideburns thing, I know it is going to set a trend. It


annoys me a bit because I can't grow them. You can get stuck on


ones, or you could have cut them out of the Mirror. That is another


thing that has caught on. certainly will now. Congratulations.


We have one little thing for you what I have given are the gold


medallists today, a special edition stamp -- our other gold medallists.


It is actually going out. You can keep that. Not as good as the gold


medal. Where is it? Show everyone at home. Another one for the


cabinet. Those folk out there would like to see it. How about that?


know how The Beatles felt now! can't sing as well, can you?


Definitely not. Thanks so much for coming in, the nation loved it. A


brilliant Olympic moment. Thank you. Let's go to the boxing ring. We are


going to see the odd spot, Luke Campbell, the world championship


again. Luke Campbell having awaited five days has found himself level


pegging with the man from Italy. That was good from Luke Campbell.


His opponent just hesitated not quite land. A apologies from


the Italian for hitting after the hand side of the screen do not


happen at London 2012. The scores will be announced at the end.


Campbell cannot let this man get too close to him, he is dangerous


with the right hand. I think the Italian was trying to put Luke


Campbell out of that relax style. He tries to swing him round and


annoy him ever-so-slightly. A little bit messy again. Neither


boxer behaving themselves on the command break. Not getting things


his own way, Luke Campbell. That his jab. Italian is not letting him


off the hook. He is coming after Luke Campbell all of the time.


Maybe being a little bit too aggressive. If he keeps that up he


might find himself on the wrong end of a public warning which will cost


working with his jab and frustrates his opponent. You need him to come


on to Campbell and then he will use his counterpunching ability he has


thought it would be relatively easy for Luke Campbell. He has to get


past this one. Yes he has had a bye, but now he is boxing again someone


through by the Italian. Good covering by Campbell. Campbell has


one man round. -- won that round. Better by Campbell? Much better,


here just did his feet a lot better. A corner will be pleased. There


will be a change of tactics by the Italian, he will come out for Luke


Campbell at the beginning of this round. He needs to keep his chin


tucked in down a bit lower and his South Paul representing Great


thought it was a good shot. The problem the Italian has got his he


has to be close to Campbell and he knows that. He is careful about


walking in and landing on the long- range shot. He has got to close the


gap down. This will suit Campbell. he does not need to do that. Still


too close for comfort the Campbell. He needs a couple of insurance


points. The Italian employed in some rough-house tactics. It is


tiny issued a final caution to him. Keeping him at bay now, he has


done from a good position. This Italian will be more desperate and


start throwing some right hands and trying to get through the middle.


It is all about Campbell keeping pushing the Italian's head down.


Beautiful. Sweet. Showed him the right, popped him with the left.


The accuracy and quality from Campbell was very good. The timing


was perfect. It has taken him quite a while to warm up. But he did have


to wait five days before his first contest. He has to keep


concentrating and making the weight. He should be winning this third


round. Once again, the Italian in the left certainly scored. I think


he is home and dry now. Coming into the last can't -- seconds of the


Italian at the end. A little touch of gloves and Campbell gives a


little shrug. As if to say I wasn't that my best, but good enough to


win. This is his first contest. 10,000 people, he will be nervous.


He boxed well in the last round, very intelligent, long range. Got


caught with the odd shot but his timing was better. And that left


hand of his was the best shots for Campbell in the last round. Just


brings his opponent on to it. Super, well-timed punch and he is a wave.


-- away. Not wasting any time, the judges' scores have been brought a


cross to the man on the PA system. I think Campbell has got this one.


Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by a score of 11 points to nine in the


red corner... The representing Great Britain, Luke Campbell!


will be happy enough with that. Maybe not happy enough about the


performance, but it is about the victory. Luke Campbell has got the


My first fight, nerves are more than anything false start bit is


getting in the ring and getting your first fight. Hopefully I will


get better as I go along. You were 86 up, and he was coming back, what


were your thoughts on that? Just keep it tidy and popping them down


the middle. He is a good fighter, and has beaten some top oppositions.


I have to stay focused and stick to the game than four-star you had


some great support in here tonight? The fans in here, I have never seen


anything like it in my life. Fantastic. As a silver-medallist,


how does competing at the Olympic games differ? It's is the biggest


occasion of my life, boxing in the Olympic games. I have worked all my


life to get here and perform the Great Britain. Now I have won my


first fight and I cannot believe it. Keep going and well done.


Let's bring you up-to-date with events from the day.


Great Britain has won its first gold of these Games will stop Helen


Glover and Heather Stanning, a Olympic champions in the women's


pair. GB's men's eight were among the


medals at the Eton Dorney rowing lake. They took bronze behind


Germany and Canada. Bradley Wiggins struck gold in the


time trial to become Britain's most decorated Olympian, with seven


medals. Chris Froome won bronze. Scott Michael Jamieson claimed a


superb silver in the men's 200m breaststroke. It took a world


record from Daniel Gyurta to beat record from Daniel Gyurta to beat


him. The medal table is considerably more attractive this


evening. Britain is just outside the top 10 now. China well ahead


We have some distressing news now. A cyclist has been killed near the


Olympic Park tonight after being hit by what Scotland Yard described


as an Olympic bus. The man, who is believed to be aged around 30, was


struck by a vehicle in Hackney, east London at around 7:40pm. A


police spokesman announced he was pronounced dead at the scene. A


very sad. For the remainder of our time on


BBC One we will concentrate on BBC One we will concentrate on


football. Team she be needed a draw for a place in the quarter-finals.


Jonathan Pearce and Mark Lawrenson watching for us at the Millennium


Welsh boys. For so long they have been denied a place on football's


world stage. If they finished behind Senegal, they will face next


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 86 seconds


ago. Uruguay cannot rely on the pitch is beginning to cut up in


certain sections. It is a unique picture system. 7,400 pilots, which


can be removed to transform the value. That cross was dangerous


towards the far post. A good intervention by Taylor, it put the


Uruguay it plough under all sorts of pressure. -- the Uruguay player


under all sorts of pressure. score from there, wouldn't it?


your instep. -- it would have been but he lunged in. Suarez has a run


on Joe Allen. In towards Coates, he got the header away. It was a


little bit strange. 6 ft 6 ins centre-back, you think somebody


four for Uruguay today. There was a gap for Aaron Ramsey! He wants a


corner but the goal-kick is given. Great play. A clever ball from


Bellamy to Ramsey. A very clever ball. A supergrass. It --


supergrass, it just says, get on has gone down. Great play from


Uruguay. Butland was out quickly to Suarez. The ball has got too much


got the header, Uruguay appeal for a penalty against Joe Allen, the


referee says it hits him on the chest. Coates has stayed for. In


the end, Sturridge can relieve the pressure. Uruguay have a player


down. The referee made a call very early on, thinking it hit some


run by its Joe Allen, he checks back, 1-0! Sturridge. Joe Allen was


brilliant. Could play by Sinclair. I think Uruguay are saying they


think Sturridge is offside. Much better from a Team GB. The first


time Sinclair had committed I think he is on. What a turn that


have a man over, Sinclair back across goal, how did he miss?


Offside anyway. How did Sturridge miss from a yard out? I think he


took his eye off it. He picked him out at the far post, a lovely head


through the U20 side from 2009. Here is Suarez, this is urgent.


Good save from Butland. They smothered it and got it away. A big


moment that has come and gone for Luis Suarez and Uruguay, well done


Jack Butland. Another important score. Coates, of Scottish roots.


Is he? Yes, Kenny Dalglish said... with a Spanish accent. A chance,


shot away, a good save, it can save by Butland. Two, now, second


half. Fell asleep originally with Suarez. Very tight for Edinson


line on the far side of the pitch. Joe Allen, Taylor, it into the near


the Swansea City player, to wrap up a victory for Team GB in Cardiff.


We were right behind this, it never really looked like it was going in,


it didn't finish too far away. beat a goalkeeper of Butland's


quality. Away by Cleverley, enough. Under pressure again. A


free header. Was Suarez fouled? is going to get booked for handball.


was knocked back, I think the referee has got a point. In towards


Coates. Now it is cleared away, keeper pushed it around the post.


The goalkeeper did well because he read it. He had a little step over,


back inside, you know where it is going to go, bend it around the


Ramirez. Poked away by Caulker, it has hit the bar. A brilliant effort.


GB, riding their luck right at the end. Uruguay, unlucky not to


Suarez. How about that for goalkeeping? Not only did he


savoured, he caught it, he held it. He has held his nerve, so have


Great Britain -- not only did he saved it? It was a confident save.


A lovely last moment of the game for the big goalkeeper, and Great


Britain and Stuart Pearce are through to the quarter-finals. They


have won the group and they will face south Korea in Cardiff on


Two times Olympic champions, Uruguay, are out. We can hear from


Stuart Pearce. At times, the second half wasn't pretty but you have got


the job done, you must be delighted. When you play anyone in a situation


when it is them or us, a last group game, to all intents and purposes


it was a knockout, I thought we played some outstanding football.


Especially in the first half. In the second half we tired, they came


into the game, that is to be expected. I am delighted, we have


beaten a very good Uruguay side, they have some outstanding players,


especially offensively, we kept a clean sheet. We will have to check


everyone is OK and prepare them for the next game. You have got your


reward by finishing top, you remain in Cardiff, how helpful will that


be? We were organised either way. Our recovery would have been done


tomorrow if we -- and we would have travelled to the Reading area if we


moved to Wembley. It may be a good thing, one or two of the players,


we can take them to training tomorrow. They have looked after as


fantastically well in Cardiff, inside the stadium and outside. We


are pleased to be staying here. Alan Hansen joins me, let us know


how Team GB plate. They played all right, it wasn't a great game but


there were so many positives, undefeated in the group, first


clean sheet, got the job done. The togetherness and understanding was


there. Uruguay came back into the second half, Butland made two great


saves. They cruised to victory and I thought the last half-hour showed


how professional they have become, they have come a long way in the


four games they have played. Anything can happen. Thank you very


much. Our time on BBC One is almost up but Gabby will be back with


Olympics Tonight after the news. We are about to switch to BBC Two. You


can watch what ever you want, such as the unprecedented coverage --


such is the unprecedented coverage of these games on the BBC. Live at


the moment is the boxing, it is a difficult to decide what to watch.


I hope you come over to BBC Two as we continue our coverage of Golden


Wednesday. Wiggins gets under way, unbeaten in a time-trial this year.


Here we go, seven minutes away from Olympic history. The Brits have


done well. Oh, sensational! # I will be king.


# You, you will be Queen. # Nothing.


# Will tear them away. He is going around like an absolute trouper.


Great Britain is coming back at the world champion, Gyurta, in five.


Once again, the focus is on the Aquatics Centre. Much is expected of Britain's Ellen Gandy, world silver medallist in the women's 200m butterfly final.

Plus regular reports on Britain's final men's preliminary football match, taking place at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Swimming: 19.30 Men's 200m breaststroke final 19.38 Women's 100m freestyle semi-finals 19.47 Men's 200m backstroke semi-finals 20.09 Women's 200m butterfly final 20.17 Men's 100m freestyle final 20.24 Women's 200m breaststroke semi-finals 20.36 Men's 200m individual medley semi-finals 20.57 Women's 4 x 200m freestyle relay final

Swimming commentators: Andy Jameson Adrian Moorhouse Sharron Davies.

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