BBC Two: Day 5: 22.00-22.40 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 5: 22.00-22.40

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Welcome back. The long wait for British gold is over. Day five has


given us much to cheer. Bradley Wiggins struck gold in the time-


trial to become Britain's most decorated Olympia with seven medals.


Chris Froome won bronze. But his gold was not the first of the Games,


that came courtesy of Helen Glover and Heather Stanning who won the


women's pair in the rowing. GB's men's eight were also amongst the


medals at Eton Dorney, they took bronze behind Germany and Canada.


Scott Michael Jamieson claimed a superb silver in the men's 200m


breaststroke. It took a world record from Daniel Gyurta to beat


him. The gymnastics has kept us thoroughly entertained. Today was


the men's all-around final. Observe thing for us were Matt Baker, Mitch


Senna and Christine Still. Welcome to the North Greenwich Arena for


the men's individual all-around final which involves two British


gymnasts. Let's listen to the roar of. The first of his six pieces of


apparatus. Consistency is the key the Arabian, very light of touch on


the landing. Two-and-a-half twists, into the full twist, very nicely


done. This is crucial. Very nicely moment. Then the final double


Arabia. That will do very nicely indeed. Kristian Thomas, what a


start, terrific. What a start with five pieces to go. It is a big


score. Daniel Purvis with his first piece. A tiny bit of bent knees,


but he is swinging beautifully now. Keep your feet together. He lost


form slightly, but this routine is big difficulty. He looks totally


determined. Well done. Well done in did. That was a good, battling


performance. He will be pleased to have it over with. This is after


the first piece of apparatus. This man has made her real name for


himself over the past few days. Keep it going. Very difficult


triple Russian between the handles. Into triple Russian on the end.


This is nice, just keep it going. That was really nice work from


something approaching 16. Absolutely precise. Not a step


wrong. I think he means business today. He is fed up with feeling


sorry for himself. A huge score. Two-and-a-half twists, but a little


bit off direction. Having such a great competition so far. This is a


big routine for him. It is indeed. His physique is not enormously


suited to rings, but he held that with utter determination. No


They arrest and rise into the Swinging moods. That is what he is


good at. He must control the dismount as well. Well done, that


family. He has a sister in the Japanese women's team. His full


turn was late, but he did very well. He had to struggle to get the


the double pike and a little skip backwards. Some lovely, light,


swinging touches. That is a good score. We are half way round. He


got Great Britain that bronze. Hoping for something very similar


here. I am glad it is you commentating on this one. What a


shame! He just squeezed into hard. That is his first mistake in the


whole competition. Can he keep his composure? So much at stake. Two


pieces after this one. Usually a very solid high bar worker. That


was a very nice out into handstand. The back somersault with full twist.


Worked really well. Now that close elements in the turns. He needs to


That will be very costly. He will struggle now. This is the current


something to date. That was the combination. Just a little hop


forward. There is that pencil sharp shape that we have come to love. A


brilliant performance. He can sniff gold. Without surprise he is in


gold medal position ahead of his all-around gymnast. His coach must


be very proud of this young man. Luckily, clean, crisp openers. A


the catch, but, my goodness me, he is going. What a cracker. Look at


the smile. My word! That was something. He was flying.


certainly was. So much was expected of him and he looks quite heavy


hearted. But this is his real strong peace, this and high bar.


Just look at the time he has on the apparatus. He generates height from


it. He is another very stylish gymnast. Legs always locked


together. For a tour gymnast this is very nice. He will be very happy


with that. That looks more like it. He knew he had to do the


performance of his life. He is the world champion on parallel bars. He


is desperately trying to do everything he can to get into the


medals. That is why he is the world champion. Extra bounce and extra


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


unfortunate. With that penultimate double, I think he was just a bit


tentative. A fault was given. Uchimura has been off his game.


Straight body Kovac, with full feet, and that is a champion's


performance, if ever I have seen one. Fantastic. He is going to be


over a marker head of his team-mate. -- over a mark ahead of his team-


mate. Wraps up this competition. What's in store for him? He has got


good extension forward on their hips. He swings forward with the


hits extended fully. Very nice technique. Light work. Ooh! But, my


goodness me. How easy to let a medal slip away. The medal has gone.


That was his brother. Japan had a nightmare in a team final on this


piece of apparatus, and it is exactly what happened last time.


looked like he was nowhere near. One disappointment. So the door is


open. Kohei Uchimura, for Olympic gold. Superb. Three and a half


twists, did you count them? Now he Very quick. He has got a shop must


now which, even after the four point landing, is impressive. Now,


the shrug of the shoulders and the composure he needs. It is a triple


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


twist. That is solid gold. Well just a pace back. You have shown


you can cope with pressure. At he needs a 15 Winfrey for three to go


pacy routine, not lots of hanging about. He is not puffin. Can he


make it to the finish? That was a big challenge for a medal. Lovely


work. A but there is your leader, and he will not be taught. The


German has gone into second! That gives him a silver medal in the


Olympic all-round final. What a Those gymnasts are something else.


Britain's men's hockey team got off to a flying start when they


comfortably beat Argentina in the opening game of Group A. Today they


face South Africa, and were watched by our commentators Sean Curly and


red, with white collars, for the second match. South Africa are in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


their usual gold and green. This is pace. Good save. But a penalty


corner comes from it because the ball came up high from the


clearance. It is 1-0 to Great Britain! Great quality from Jackson.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


This is bread-and-butter to him. He South Africa. Two bits of magic by


Matt Bailey, first with that lovely little ball here. And secondly, on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


his knees, still manages to get a do you see that? Rub more was


expecting the attacker to control it, but he missed it and


subsequently hit him on the leg. This could be serious Now the Great


Britain's chances. Austin Smith, the likely striker, the number two.


It is a goal! Austin Smith, coming in from behind. It is 1-1.


often do you see that? South Africa thoroughly deserved this. They have


put pressure on Great Britain all day, and a beautifully executed


corner swatted away. South Africa lead by 2-0! How good was that?


Superb finish. No chance for the goalkeeper. That was an accurate


strike, right in the far post. minutes and three quarters now to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Or at least saved the day. One point could make such a difference.


They have called for a referral. Please check if it was a deflection,


if it was a clear goal or not. will see that here. It looks like


one. Did Jackson get hold of that? It was not James Tindall, as we


thought originally. It is not easy for the officials. So my decision


stands. Thank you very much. goal is given! The umpire's


decision stands. The score is 2-2. Penalty corner. One drama at the


finish. Just looking out that we play... -- just looking at that we


disappointment. But it could have been labelled a disaster if the


A tough game for you? We knew it would be. We knew they would


compete with us if we did turn up. As it was, we let them into the


game and they punished us for being a bit of pace. A bit disappointing.


We probably got what we deserved. We will take it as it comes and


move on to the next match. Incredible atmosphere, wasn't it?


It was. I feel bad that we have not delivered when people have done so


Still very much in the thick of things. Let's turn our attention to


water polo and Team GB against Australia. If you see a player with


bloodshot eyes, it is not from the chlorine, it is because this is the


only sport where the players give motivation against Australia


tonight, she was born in New Zealand. We have seen a few too


many of those. Maybe it is nervous. Some mist passes. Just silly missed


an exclusion is coming as well. That was a good save in the end.


get the impression they are a bit too keen. That was a lovely shot.


Francesca Snell scored a beautiful goal against Russia. Just not there.


They have drawn the exclusion. The fowls are beginning to rack up now


She had quite a quiet game. What a lovely shot. She is one of the


players that Great Britain women will have to watch. They will have


to find a way to nullify her threat. She was not too good against


Australia, did not put too many in. But she is on form tonight. GB need


a goal before the end of the first quarter to give them a foothold and


give them some confidence in this game. They get another 30 seconds,


She scored the other night and so she has this evening to get Great


Britain on the scoresheet. That is the first goal they have scored in


four power plays and their efficiency needs to be better than


that. But at least they have scored a goal before the end of the first


get going. But Chloe Wilcox with the goal just before the end of the


first quarter. Asli southern with Not a bad first quarter, but the


Australians won in the end by 16-3. A second consecutive defeat. But


all the teams will go through to the quarter-finals. But the less


well they do, the less favourable their draw will be. It is a lovely,


clear evening. And you are in the studio. I just crept in again.


can we look forward to. The big successes of the day and I have


James Cracknell and Matthew Pinsent and Denise Lewis in tonight.


Everyone was so willing Kristian Thomas on today and he went for it.


You have got to go for the difficulty, which he did, and


unfortunately in the vault it did not come off for him. Had he got


the same score is that he caught in the preliminaries comet he would


have got the bronze. They just go for it. It is the biggest stage.


Especially if you have already got a bronze, you want to go for it. It


is the Olympic spirit. It has been an amazing day and at last we have


won a couple of gold medals. changes everything. It certainly


does. Make sure you join Gabby on BBC One after a brilliant day from


Team GB. Bradley Wiggins is unbeaten in a time-trial this year.


Seven minutes away from Olympic history. The Brits have done well.


# I will be kink and you'll be Queen.


# And nothing will drive us away. He is going around like an absolute


trooper. And Great Britain is coming back. Gold medal! Great


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