BBC One: Day 6: 09.00-11.30 Olympics

BBC One: Day 6: 09.00-11.30

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Good morning, welcome to our continuing Olympics coverage on BBC


One. It is basics of the Games, and they fight was really want to


remember and safer. Wiggins gets under way. Unbeaten in a time trial


this year. Here we go. Seven minutes away from a Olympic history.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


absolute Trooper. Go on, son! Here comes Bradley winds up to the


line. -- Bradley Wiggins. Wigan's goes into the lead. Helen Glover


and Heather Stanning, we stand up and we salute you. I think it


should be a rise, Sir Brad. finally the gold arrived, two ended


up coming at once. Congratulations to Helen Glover, Heather Stanning


and Bradley Wiggins for clinching chance in the lightweight men's


four final. Great Britain to face tough competition from Denmark and


Australia. In the pool, Rebecca Adlington starts her defence of her


Olympic gold in the 800m freestyle. And there are hopes for another


cycling gold as Sir Chris Hoy helps get the track cycling under way in


the velodrome with the team sprint. Here is the Olympic flame burning


brightly in the cauldron inside the stadium at the Olympic Park. As


always, there are plenty of ways to what the BBC coverage. By the red


button you can see live badminton at Wembley with the men's doubles


quarter-finals, it's an old China affair. Beach volleyball has drawn


the crowds in at the Horse Guards Parade so far. Today it is the


defending champions from the Netherlands in action. Fencing is


the first port of call for BBC Three this morning. It's the


In that stunning day yesterday, it was great Britain's rowers who made


Olympic history. Helen Glover and Heather Stanning did it in style.


Not just leaving their competition far behind in the water, but also


becoming the first British women and Heather Stanning could be


booking a front-page on every single newspaper in the country.


is now, it's not going to be any other time, we've got to produce it


now. A final chapter of what has been a remarkable story is now


under way. Seven minutes away from a Olympic history. Already now


Great Britain have absolutely jumped out of the starting gate. It


is game on. Great Britain looking fine. They are settling into their


rhythm. It's an exceptional start from Helen Glover and Heather


Stanning, they are just storming away. Two-and-a-half years ago,


they were the spares and the British team. Here, they are on


track to ground that fantastic fairy-tale story. 1200 metres to go


up to become the first British women ever to win an Olympic


British gold in rowing. Look at that, it is simply stunning from


Helen Glover and Heather Stanning. They move away and they move away


with such power and grace. Everybody across the way in the


stadium is on their feet. The flags Olympic gold medal of the 2012


games. They are making history at Eton Dorney! The last five strokes.


Great Britain into the record champions. Helen Glover and Heather


Stanning, we stand up and we salute you. For the British rowing team


and for the country as a whole. shattered and ecstatic at the same


time. What a triumph for them. It is Great Britain's first gold medal


What a fantastic moment. I've just met them earlier, they are very


lovely. John Inverdale mentioned at the start of that that they'd be on


the front page of every newspaper and a pretty much are today. John


didn't know at that point mackerel they'd be sharing the front pages


with Bradley Wiggins, but there they are together. We are back at


Eton Dorney today. There are more races to come, but we can also save


of that golden moment with John Inverdale and Sir Steve Redgrave.


Steve was sounding so confident about the women's pair yesterday,


but I did get a bit nervous through the course of the day. You did know


what you were talking about, Steve. It was never in doubt. Sir Steve


alongside the year. Is that a good look? I don't know. They were such


hot favourites. In a sense, all they had to do was to road to their


potential and they were going to win. Over the last couple of months


coming up to it, they were the favourites. It was really for them


to lose it. I just couldn't see them doing it. They had so much in


hand. The way they did the race blew me away because I thought it


would be a bit more nervous and not as fluid as it was. The struggling


with the pressure that was put on them, but they lapped it up and


blew the opposition away. It was nice and relaxing from our point of


view, even though we weren't that relaxed watching it. Our boat which


had stood the best chance of winning gold. After we left here


and we went off to the barbecue for the friends and family, it was


interesting how for the eight and also for Helen and Heather, all the


conversations were about, what now, what now? He retires and he carries


on? Heather is in the army, I'm sure the army will have a


considerable say about whether they wanted to go back on active service


or whether she should carry on growing. It's decision time for a


lot of people. I suppose what they have to do is walk away for a few


weeks and then decide whether they are prepared to actually make that


commitment, because it is monumental. It is. They shouldn't


have been any thought going into it. Everything is about your final race,


getting your best performance. That is all that counts. If you can get


your best performance and you've got a gold medal round your neck,


those decisions, bit easier. But if you start thinking too early about,


what is going to happen after the Olympics, am I going to follow my


career, Wilhite try and do It Again? That is taking away from


what you are trying to do here and now. That is why it was so apparent


yesterday, because those athletes probably haven't given it a second


thought as to what will happen next. Now it is over, I can remember


after my first Olympic gold medal in Los Angeles, we raced early in


the morning and were back in the village by 1pm. You think, yes, I'm


Olympic champion, fantastic! Well, so what, what am I going to do now?


No, I'm Olympic champion! Your emotions are changing. So today. We


have genuine gold-medal opportunity at around midday today when the


men's lightweight four are favourites to secure our second


gold medal on the water. But who I am Chris Bartley. I struck the


boat. My job is to get out at the start and do the steering. I'm Rob


Williams, I sit in the two seed, my job is to keep the peace. Richard


Chambers, my job is to pour on it. My job is to sit on the ball


Staying up to watch Steve Redgrave in 2000 at about midnight. It was a


big deal I could stay up that late. Watching him come away with his


fifth gold medal was exciting. Michael Johnson with his golden


shoes down the back straight in 96. 2000 with the Sydney men's, the way


they rowed that race and the way they performed was outstanding. It


set the benchmark for British rowing in years to come. It's got


to be big Steve. He's done so much for the sport. To come off our


races and then be interviewed by him is a pretty big deal. Steve,


you were very impressed. I was very impressed. My grandad got me into


sport. He was a boxer and they'd be a competitive person. At the


Olympics, it's different from any other event I've been to. And a


British one is different to any other Olympics. Before the first


rays, pretty nervous, shaking, felt like I wanted to throw up. Pretty


awful. I didn't believe I'd be an Olympian. I thought I'd get ill and


injure myself. But to be sitting on the start line for the heat, do I


get down to the finish line? I am an Olympian. The negatives are you


don't mind what you say to each other but at the end of the day you


are brothers and to love each other. Our relationship is better out of


the boat and in the boat until the very last moment. They will try to


get me across that finish line first, I would do the same for them.


We are friends, I reckon. I will wait for their answers! Out of boat,


grade, in the boat, 90 % of the time is great. Rowing is a bit like


water torture, every now and again it gets to you. I probably have the


reputation for being the norm in one. I'm not afraid to speak my


mind and I don't really care how they feel after arrived on that.


get on great of the water. We spend so much time together and the party


had any arguments, even the brothers. When we are on the water


we have a job to do but we are great mates, I'm sure we will still


keep up and go out for a drink with each other. Those are the four men


in the boat. While you were watching that, this was going on


here. A dramatic reconstruction. The super slow-motion of our five-


times Olympic champion removing his sideboards. A pain! You are used


pain. Bradley has taken my record and caused any pain with the


sideburns as well. A great performance by Bradley. Amazing.


I'm sure he is going to get well decorated over the coming months.


Nothing original to say, but the support on the streets was amazing.


Now to these guys. The dynamic in the boat is very interesting.


Having one person, the elder Chambers brother, who is the


firebrand, the guy who is shouting and screaming the whole time. Did


you have one like that? Yes. James. James was the one that was never


satisfied with the way the training was going. Everything was never


good enough. But you have to have bat balance. I think between matter


and I it when we were in the pair, Matthew was the slightly positive


one, I was the slightly negative one. When we went to the four we


were still pretty similar. James was very negative. Tim was very


positive. We came off the water every training session, it would be


all doom and gloom, we are not going fast enough, how can we beat


the Aussies? Tim would say, actually, some bits were quite good.


Even if we did have a bad session, we would finish on a positive stage.


You need that balance. If it's all never do all the time, the positive


ones and the boat, it grind them down after a while. Do you think


they will win today? I think they will. They conducted themselves


fantastically. They've looked the part by the way through. Even


though the lightweight fours are very close, the game to semi-finals


is tough. Getting through to the semi-finals is even tougher. Then


the final, any one of those boats know if they have their day they


could win. But I don't think that anybody is going to beat our guys.


I can't be as positive as I was yesterday about the girls pair, a


very different situation, but I think they're class will show. I


The women's eight, chances minimal? Bronze-medallists from last year, I


cannot see them pulling at off this year. 5th or 6th, sad to say, I


hope I am wrong on that. From what they have shown this season, I


don't think so. And Lucas and Tomkins? That could be a really


interesting one. I think they could win it, they could come last. I


think they will get a medal, probably around bronze. Any race


where somebody could win it for comes last, that promises to be the


best contests today. A quick word about Chris Hoy, another gold medal


prospect. Another one to go past my record, slipping down the list! I


know him really well, he is a great guy, not doing the three events as


he did four years ago, but he has got great chances in two, hopefully


he will win two gold medals. One of the most remarkable things from


Eton Dorney is that we have three semi-finals today, including the


men's coxless four, going against their great rivals, the Australians,


that is our first live race at 10:10am. If the three British boats


going in the semi-finals today or managed to qualify for the finals,


or 13 British boats who have taken part in the regatta will have made


it through to the finals. There are only 14 categories, 13 qualified,


and that would be a huge achievement.


We will be waiting for your own Bradley Wiggins tribute later today,


you never know, John, if you follow in his footsteps. His contribution


and performance of a successive Olympics means he will be a very


special analytic person to Great Britain. Back to Eton Dorney in the


run-up to those finals, and we will be showing you pictures of Bradley


Wiggins' amazing win yesterday. The beach volleyball is under way at


Horse Guards Parade. Reinder Nummerdor and Richard Schuil are in


action, taking on the unbeaten Latvians, Martins Plavins and Janis


Smedins in Group A of the tournament. The top teams progress


along with the three ranked he will have to win a lucky loser matches


to progress to the last 16. That is how it works, and at Horse Guards


The Latvians took the first set very convincingly. Nummerdor and


Schuil, one of the teams that works so well together. They displayed it


in at point. Schuil is 6 ft 8, a massive presence at the knight, the


Latvians are only 6 ft 3, but he would not know that on the way they


The Latvians have been dealing with that speed, and again Plavins with


a perfectly placed attack. He left Nummerdor stranded at the back of


the Dutch defence. The Latvians trying to stretch out a comfortable


Smedins drives the ball into the back of the Dutch court. And the


frustration between Nummerdor and Schuil of Holland is palpable as


they called a time-out to try to The Latvians are immaculate at the


weaknesses, both teams and defeated up to this point. While this match


will only decide first and second in the groove, it will give them


their seeding for the round of 60 in. -- Group. There is a real sense


that the Dutch are having some of their weaknesses exposed. At the


start of his game, I would have said the Dutch were one of the most


well-rounded sights. Nummerdor and Schuil complement each other very


well in terms of flair and technical ability. But the Latvians,


like modest stonemasons, just get on with their task. They chipped


They called the time-out in the hope that it would upset the rhythm


Dutch. They are at sixes and sevens A cuts shot from Nummerdor. The


Dutch regain their composure and a A stinging spike from Nummerdor.


You can see how much that means to him. Interesting talking to


Nummerdor yesterday, he said that despite the phenomenal atmosphere


Downey at Horse Guards Parade, unless it is a really long rally,


you do not hear the crowd noise, Ba, a perfectly placed spike from


Smedins right into the corner. And every time the Dutch try to get


back on top, they find a Latvian They're lovely spite to finish, not


too much power, just well placed at the back of the court. -- a lovely


Page versus experience here, 74 is the combined age of the Dutch. --


page. Just 67, 62, sorry, 52, 52 is the combined age of the Latvians,


so a huge difference there. But certainly it is the Latvians


dishing out the bigger volleyball lessons at the moment. That was out,


The Nummerdor was just long on his attack, and the Dutch are really


struggling to create the form that we saw in their first two match is.


Not the way they will want to end the round robin stage of the beach


volleyball. The Latvians, however, looking very polished. Great block


And the Dutch digging out every But Latvian weights and measures


have done their homework, and they seem to have sized up the Dutch


very well. Detach from Smedins means that the Dutch will take the


point. -- the touch. But it is six- 11, this is a carbon copy of the


first set, the Dutch picking off a point or two here and there, the


Latvians seem to find their tax largely unanswered. -- their


Plavins again finding room around the block of Richard Schuil at the


net. Taking a look at the statistics, phenomenal 22 successes


60% success rate! Schuil with the Maybe the Dutch are not feeling the


pressure this morning, knowing that Smedins with a lovely cut Shard.


The set from Plavins put him right in the corner there and gave him


the angle, and that makes it very Schuil, having recycled the ball,


sends it back into Plavins, who cannot get anything on it. 8-13 as


So the Dutch working hard but seen very little on the scoreboard for


their tiles. The Latvians, however, very, very comfortable, 13-8 in


this second set, they took the first set 21-14. Neither team


really working at hard at the net. They seem to be pulling away from


the net and opting to try and dig these attacks away, just three


blocks from the Latvians, one from the Dutch, which when you consider


that Schuil is 6 ft 8, he should be getting to do more work at the net


there. 10 days from the Dutch, though, and they have all come from


Reinder Nummerdor, the number one in the Dutch team. That is Schuil,


the number two. He needs to up his work rate at the net, I feel. The


After the time out, though, the Dutch will open this. Oh, a massive


smash from Smedins, burying that ball like a turtle burying its


eggs! They are not going to find that for three months. And it will


only be when a lot of little turtles crawl out of the sand here


Somehow, Plavins gets down to that. Saying that the ball had grounded


before Plavins got under that. Fantastic acrobatic day. So Schuil


finally making some headway with the block. Apparently the ball had


hit the sand first. From the angle I was watching, I could not see it.


Greece tried to send him back with interest, but he overcooked it


slightly and it went along. -- A lovely attack from Nummerdor. The


Flag stays down. The Dutch finally getting their teeth into this


second set. The deficit down to just three, and the Latvians called


a time-out. They sense a growing The Latvians have been together


The Latvians have been together since 2009. They were the surprise


package of the 2011 World Champs, when they made it all the way


through to the semis. It says a lot about the fact they like this


tournament play. They are playing week-in, week-out. On a bad week


they can put it down to experience and start again the next week. But


when you have these big tournaments, they proved they mean business.


They have only ever managed a second on the world tour. Whether


they can make the podium here at London 2012 is debatable. But right


now, in the pool status, they've Plavins. He again exercises the no


Obviously Nummerdor didn't have a That is right on the line for


Shaul finally gets a block on up there. -- Schuil. He just hasn't


His Richard Schuil just a late Did it come off the Net? It doesn't


matter. The line judge has called Plavins did not move a. The Dutch


meteorite. Blazing its way into the Shaw has finally found his form. --


show. He's finding some credit at the net against Plavins. The Dutch


back within a point, just when they the ball was clean. It looked as


though Richard Schuil was trying to kiss the referee's ft. There! I


think he's given the point to the Dutch. No. It is a letter being


frustration into that serve, but Plavins takes advantage. -- Richard


attack there. But again, the Latvians have shown this patience


tidy shot was sent to the back of the Latvian court. Not too late by


delicate little shot into the corner there. The beach volleyball


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


point. The Dutch are under the the Earth every second - you just


the angle he wanted. It bounced off the net. The Dutch live to fight


Latvians have put this into bed in two sets. A fantastic statement of


intent from Smedins and Plavins that has exposed the weakness in an


otherwise, up to this point, A win from Latvia over the


Netherlands. Both of these teams have done very well in this


tournament. They have been going into this match both unbeaten. This


is still the pool stage of the If you want to carry on watching


the beach volleyball, press your red button now. Next on court will


be the Brazilian men. Later today, Shauna Mullin and Zara Dampney will


be playing their decisive match for Team GB. On BBC Three, the live at


fencing continues with Britain's trio in action against the lowly


ranked Egypt, for a place in the Let's bring you a chance to relive


the second of Britain's golden moments of these Games. It came


courtesy of a man who'd already had a stunning win this summer at the


Tour de France. At the time trial yesterday he stormed to a new


time-trial. Can Team GB get gold? compact style. There's the time to


left-hander, the crowd are roaring him on. Here comes from. The run up


in the Tour de France goes into the lead. The man hasn't lost any


fluidity at all, Bradley Wiggins. He is poetry in motion. Here comes


Tony Martin now, driving for the line. 51.21, he's in the gold medal


position. Here comes Wiggins now. Bradley Wiggins, the winner of the


Tour de France, the holder of three gold medals in the Olympic Games -


he's got six medals to his credit in the Olympics and it's looking


like it's going to be gold today. Bradley Wiggins up to the line.


Bradley Wiggins is the Olympic champion! It is gold for Bradley


Wiggins. His fourth gold medal and the 7th medal won in the Olympic


Games. He is the greatest British will ever top that now. What a


month it has been, I've won the Tour de France and the time trial


at the Olympic Games. It's never going to get any better than that.


It had to be gold today or nothing. What's the point in having seven


medals if they are not the right colour? The main one is No. Four,


I've got to carry on to Rio now and go for number five. Just to be


mentioned in the same breath as people like Steve Redgrave, it is


an absolute owner, Sir Chris Hoy and that. To be up there with those


guys as a British Olympian, it is It is very special for us all. With


me now was Chris Boardman. One of the lovely moments yesterday was


Bradley Wiggins saying watching you in Barcelona was one of his


inspirations. Very nice. It was him who got me back into Pro Cycling. I


was asked to come and have a chat with this young lad who was going


in the wrong direction to see if I could do anything about it. When


you're watching yesterday, a lot was expected of Bradley Wiggins,


but the scale of his victory was incredibly impressive. It's been


that way for the last five weeks, the Tour de France and then on to


the Olympic Games. I'm sick of saying the word unprecedented but


it is unprecedented, this period but cycling. We'll never see their


like again. Really? Well, just the odds of having all this come


together at one time is so hard. Him winning by 42 seconds, you know


this board Inside Out, that is a big margin. A very healthy margin.


But he has indicated he hasn't lost a long time trial at all this year.


He's been on this kind of form. But to deliberate when it is expected


is something else again. He can clearly deal with pressure. He says


he doesn't think it will be this good again, but he also says he's


going to carry on to Rio. Do you think he can maintain this level of


performance? We have to cut him some slack, in the heat of battle


he said that. I think he's capable of doing it if he wants to, but


Ball Year's is a long time for any athlete. Bradley, as we've seen


with seven medals, has been around an awfully long time in this sport,


but if he wants to do it then there is no reason why not. It depends on


the level of commitment he has because it takes a lot out a view


to compete at this level. Yes, I think you will do well to take


stock, and ensure he well, back off after this and I just what's


happened this summer. And also what he wants to do next. One of the


challenges of being be successful is how you stay that hungry when


you've achieved everything that you set out to. What about Chris


Froome? It's been a great summer for him and success for him


yesterday. Second in the Tour de France. Imagine if there was no


Bradley Wiggins, he'd be one of the greatest British sports people that


we've ever seen, certainly this year. Second on the podium for the


time trial as well. Fantastic performance. But he will get his


An amazing, historic moment for Bradley Wiggins, 7 Olympic medals,


one more than Sir Steve Redgrave, who still tops the table in terms


of gold medals. Sir Chris Hoy as four, but that could change this


evening as he defend the men's team We are finally here, you know, it


seems like a long time coming, we have been talking about it for so


long, it is great to be here. going to take something special to


be the French, the Germans, the Australians. The standard is high,


it is very close. If you look at the World Championships, the


Aussies were not expected to win, but they beat the French. It is a


different competition, very short recovery between the rides.


Obviously, you have to get to the final, so you cannot hold anything


back, but it is about who can hang on to that. The final may be slower


than the second ride, so it is about recovery, about the gap in


between. We will celebrate any medal, it would be a significant


achievement, but if you are able to medal, you are able to win. So this


is the start of the track cycling with all the focus on the Velodrome


in the Olympic Park, how do you rates Chris Hoy's chances? Good,


but it is so close, he is right. We saw that at the World Championships


where they medalled in five of the Alan egg events, so they are in the


hand, but it is so close. The debt in competition has really come on,


Australia have come into the fold along with France and Germany, so


it is going to be very close. is one of these teams from which


much is expected because of their performance in Beijing. Very macho,


and a lot has happened since then. -- very much so. A lot will depend


on it Philip Hindes to get the team off to a good start. It will come


down to him. A 6:20pm this evening, that is the key moment, the men's


final. Jess Varnish and Victoria Pendleton won the World Cup inside


the Velodrome last February, and today they renew their rivalry with


the Australians. Can they triumph We are in a great place at the


moment, and when we got our strengths together, it can be


fantastic. It is just going to be really exciting to see what we can


pull together, we are both going faster than ever in our lives.


at last, a fantastic contest, and the result goes to Great Britain!


That is a new world record! We have got such fond memories of the World


Cup, we did such a great performance there and really


stepped up our team performance. It is going to be so exciting. Well,


in Melbourne, I got a virus, which no athlete wants to get sick a week


before their events. Varnish has not backed that ride up, and it


looks like Pendleton is under pressure to get the bronze. China


take bronze. The team sprint, my position, you know exactly what you


have to do, there is a countdown, it is always exactly the same, you


do it in training every week, 12 or 14 times, so you know what to


expect, so you have just got to get out of the gate well, have a decent


start and deliver at high speed. am so pleased to have chess as my


team-mate, because she is going so well, better than she was at the


worlds, so we have moved on. It has my dream to be in the Olympics, and


now I want to do my job, I am really excited about it. The crowd


is hopefully going to get behind us and give us an extra boost. It is


really good times, my face will be aching because I have been smiling


so much. Let's hope she carries on smiling. How tough is it going to


be for Victoria Pendleton? She has not had the easiest of roads since


Beijing. No, and her performances have varied. The test event he was


fantastic, and they broke the world record. Then we heard that Jess


Varnish got slightly ill, below par for the World Championships. It is


so close in that event. I think the Germans are the favourite pairing.


I think we can expect more records here. When you look at Jess Varnish,


how much potential has she got? She is a relatively new face to people.


She has come on in leaps and bounds, and she will have to be the best


she has ever been. If she is, they could take the gold medal here. She


has coped with the pressure incredibly well, to know that your


Olympic eventer is one lap of the track in a four years, it is a lot


of pressure. It is incredibly intense now, they go from one race


to another. Yes, it is a packed schedule once they start. The whole


team sprint event will be over tonight, and it is what they


trained for, it is the same for all the teams, they have to learn to


back up. There is a particular rivalry between Victoria Pendleton,


Jess Varnish and the Australians, but you say the Germans also.


the German team were particularly good at the World Championship, and


that will bolster their confidence coming into the Olympic Games.


is all going to be happening tonight from six o'clock, you will


be any velodrome. Qualification as well, we could see a world record


go there. Lots to look out for at the rowing, so let's get back to


Eton Dorney and John Inverdale. The sun is beating down, we have


been so lucky, there has been some bad weather for the road races, but


we have not seen it here. We have seen dark clouds but they have


skirted around us, which is just as well, because I'm sure you are


aware of the whole expanse of the course, there is no coverage for


anybody under any of the grandstands, so the only concern is


sunstroke more than the rain. What is the time now? 15 minutes before


the big race today from a British perspective, away from the men's


lightweight, the duel, if in advance of these games you were


looking up at one or duel that was the real battle of the giants, the


rumble in the jungle, it is the men's coxless four, Britain against


Australia, and they have been drawn against each other in a semi-final,


which some people were disappointed about, because they did not want


them to meet until a final, but it throws up fascinating tactical


issues about two tries and he does not. We are not talking about


Korean badminton players, but keeping your powder dry before the


event itself. What will happen? do not know, but but boats will


want to win, put a marker on to show that they will win the gold


medal in two days' time. But you do not want to hurt yourself doing


that. Getting into race pace, that is OK, that is what you train for,


but when you have to push really hard in the last 500 to secure a


victory, that is what you do not want to do. I have been in this


situation a couple of times, and if you make a marker early in the race,


the other ones will say, we will save it for the final. But if you


do that, it is throwing the momentum right the way across to


the crew that wins, so both of them will want to win, and it will be


interesting, really interesting if one of them does not bother at all,


just goes off 10 or 15 strokes, make sure they qualify. It would be


interesting, but no, it could be a very big could be, whoever wins


this race could be the one to take the gold medal on Saturday.


intriguing prospect coming up in less than 15 minutes' time. We will


leave our little bandage point by the finish line and find Matt


Pinsent somewhere around the lake here. -- the vantage point.


I have been joined by two nervous fathers, Dave Page and John


Townsend. Your daughter is rowing in the women's eight and your son


is in the men's double. Let's just start with how you are feeling this


morning. How are the nerves? Jangling a bit but quite positive.


The women's eight have got a good chance, I think Natasha will be


very nervous about Sam going out first, because his race his first.


Tell us why it is important that I brought you two together. Well, it


will determine the nature of my speech! I am writing a speech for


their wedding on 22nd September, which is the event of the year, you


know. We are very much looking forward to that, get this out of


the way first, that is the main thing. This is a big combination


for Sam, Olympics and wedding, whose idea was to combine the two


into one easy to digest the weeks?! I think it was their idea, to be


honest. My other son was married earlier in the year, so two


weddings and the Olympics, a bit of an ordeal all told! Sam's chances,


the double is going really well at the moment. Yes, Sams said before


the Olympics started, and so it proved in the heats and the semis,


there was 10 boats that could get a medal, and I was more nervous in


the semis, I just wanted him to get to the final, and so it proved.


There was some very good boats what got knocked out in the semis, and I


just looked at the B final and it is worthy of an A final, so I am


just happy he is in the A final. Good luck, James, and good luck to


you, are you paying the bill? have shared it out, actually, we


got on very well indeed! Very democratic to share the bill at a


wedding. We will be keeping an eye on Eton Dorney, because the men's


four semi-final happens at 10:10am, a very famous boat for Great


Britain which has delivered at successive Olympics.


Now to the judo, and the judoka has over at the XL have a VIP in the


crowd, Russian President Vladimir Putin will be there. Apparently


this is his favourite sport, so we are going to see how they are


getting on right now. James Austin of Great Britain has had a very


tough draw, because he is up levels around the ExCeL. The


arrival of the 28-year-old from Staffordshire, James Austin, up


against that man, the Japanese, Takamasa Anai. The 2010 world


champion. James Austin first started to formulate the dream of


representing his country at the Olympics when he watched the


Atlanta Games on television. Now we are watching him in London, and he


is an Olympian. Another of the British fighters with a really


tough draw here. The Japanese is a top technical fighter. James Austin


for his mum had to call himself an Olympian. For those wondering why


so many British players have got so many of the top seeds, it is


because none of the Britons have been seeded coming into this. They


have been exposed to the best players from the start. None of the


Brits manage to get the top eight seeding, so it is the lack of the


draw, or the bad luck of the draw, you just get thrown in anywhere.


Yeah, up against a former world at the Jubilee World Cup. He has


strong arm, and again. -- there egos. Austin does not quite match


up to the biggest hitters, top of the list is the bronze medal at the


World Cup event in Liverpool last year. His parents first took him to


his local judo club, a famous club in Benylin -- in Birmingham, to


toughen him up. He was seven and by his own admission a bit of a softie,


quite quiet. I defy anyone to call in a bit of a softie these days,


they might come off second best. James Austin in blue. A good start


from James Austin, the Japanese has taken a penalty for being passive.


James has managed to wrap at the arm and get the attacks in first. -


keep doing 40 has been doing for the first couple of minutes. It is


an enormously competitive division. We already saw the top seed from


Kazakhstan being dumped out in the first round. The rankings are not


in favour of Great Britain but if an opportunity comes along, the


Japanese can find himself on his back just as quickly.


He needs to keep doing what he was doing in the first couple of


minutes of the fight. Into the second half of the fight.


Both with the penalty warning have seen here this week. Only


three have managed to win their contest. And James has gone down.


He needs to defend the arm. The referee brings of fighters back to


their start position. The world champion from Japan, Takamasa Anai,


round match. Austin needs to get his grip. Doing really well to stay


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


nothing to lose in his last 30 he had to go for it. He took one


last deep breath before he pulled himself back up there. But the


problem has just become a double problem. He now needs a significant


many of the British judo players this week has come and gone. In


fairly rapid fashion. James Austen adds his claim to a list of British


adds his claim to a list of British fighters beaten in the first round.


Very disappointing therefore James Austen, his first match of the


competition and he ended up against the world champion from Japan. So a


very tough talk indeed and he ended up being defeated there. It is


tradition that by this stage in the morning we have to check in on the


aquatic centre. Clare Balding and Mark Foster are there. I was


speaking to Ryan Lochte's Mother this morning and both his parents


are swimming coaches. It is not surprising. He is gifted by his


physique and also by parents who were willing to get up so early in


the morning. There's so much energy in this place. Even if you wake up


feeling a little jaded you come here and there is music and you


feel great again. And we had a great British performance last


night from Michael Jamieson. It was an amazing race. He was just coming


back and coming back. You can see the world record line there. Daniel


Gyurta or in lane number four. It was just amazing. He took that


opportunity and swam the race of his life to take silver. We're all


realistic about her chances of a gold but Rebecca Adlington is the


one most likely to do that. She has been in great form and she is


coming up to her main event. The 400 is not her race. But this is


the one that she trains for. She each mashed everybody in this event


four years ago. She is the girl, the one we are counting on. It will


be interesting to see what kind of form she is in. We will bring you


all that swimming over on BBC Three. So if you want to see Michael


Phelps and Lizzie Simmonds, that will be on BBC Three.


The rowing semi-finals are almost upon us so we head back now to Eton


thorny. Great Britain's Men's Four are in it semi-final action very


are in it semi-final action very shortly.


In your capacity as flag supremo, we have been discussing the third


along on the right. It is read up with a yellow star. We do not know


what it is. Can you help us out? Well, I was thinking East Asia and


I'm guessing perhaps Vietnam. But is that a rowing nation?


I do not know, we will find out. There is a lot of money riding on


this! But not as much as there is on the coxless four. We discussed


the tactics at play a few moments ago. That will have been discussed


last night by the different crews. But in terms of the British war,


but they're coming in as underdogs but none the less they are


conscious that this is the boat that the British public at large,


this is the boat that Britain expects. And that does add to the


pressure. They come in almost as co-


favourites. The Australians won the last World Cup. The way that they


rode in their heats and semi-finals, most people are saying there is


nothing between them. These conditions, people are saying it


better suits Australia than Great Britain. This will be a fascinating


battle of cat and mouse. Dan Topolski and Garry Herbert take


over now. Under starter's orders. The bones


are a way. -- boats are away. All the talk is about Australia and


Great Britain. I was talking this morning to an Australian


commentator and they are going to go flat out to win this race.


Alongside that the British will also be going all out to win this


race. They have been trying to smooth out


the way that they ral, more relaxation, more flow. What is


great about the Australians is that they have that flow. Great Britain


is trying to do that. So they do not force the catch before the boat


has had its full time to run. It will be difficult for Great Britain


to keep their nerve. No panic at the moment, they are just thinking


about rhythm as they go through. In the last 100 I would say that


the British have contained a Australia. The Australians have


moved into a very efficient with them. We go now into the second 500.


This is where the crews will be looking to get real efficiency.


Great Britain easing away from the Netherlands.


The Australians just easing out to half a length. Great Britain just


taking a couple more strokes per minute than that Australia. The


Australia are very disciplined. And they're pretty strong and snooze.


Great Britain just need to be relaxed and do not rush the front


part of the stroke. A big push now from Andy Hodge. They're on their


feet, pushing through the finishers. No response from the Australia,


semi-final of the Men's Coxless Four. The strain the out half a


length over Great Britain. -- per minute. Great Britain at the 36.


This looks quite ominous because the Australians are really


stretching out and relaxing. Great Britain are looking good, of moving


well. They must not get into a mindset where they have a sense of


having to beat Australia. They have never been top of the podium.


have not won and it is difficult to get them to change their minds set


and feel that you're absolutely the top dog. Feeling, I can see their


wash and I'm not comfortable and O'Dea, it is almost one length.


Three-quarters of the way through. We have not really seemed any


fireworks. The British have just squeezed through the mark. The


crowd almost like the 5th person aboard this crew. The British now


starting to mount a charge. Australia have not responding.


is a very good move from Great Britain. They are beginning to pile


on the pressure. They feel that cauldron of sound and there are now


making a big push. The strategy for both of them is that they really


want to win is to put them in pole Britain and Australia. Getting up


to maximum speed. 150 from the line and finally now, the Australians


are pushed in, to forced to respond, but Great Britain are rowing


through, Australia and they are doing it in the semifinal. We have


remaining 50 metres and that has been a sensational sprint for the


line, Australia not responding, Great Britain through in first


place, they have taken a very important psychological step


forward, for the Olympic final there, but Australia will come back


strong. But a fantastic push in, well executed, it was called from


the 1500 mark by Peter Reid in the two seat. Andy Hodge respond and


they drove on to the line. Not a bad go there. Gary, I have to take


back what I said. That was a fantastic attack. You say Australia


didn't respond. They were up at 38 strokes a minute. They were


responding and there was not much they could do. Maybe they have more


in the tank. Maybe they can push on further. But this was a a great,


relaxed and powerful surge from the British four as they pushed on past.


Well judged, they didn't lose their heads, their rhythm in that middle


1,000 metres. They pushed right back. Very proud of them. Very


proud of them and I have just been having my worries and doubts, but


they have gone away for six weeks to altitude and come back with


enormous confidence there. That will be a tremor ral booster for


them. -- tremendous morale booster for them. A bit of relief, allows


himself a boit a smile. As we wait for the full confirmation what a


way to go into the final. Great Britain over Australia, and


Netherlands third. What a final that promises to be. Fascinatingly,


it is all mind game, it is all cat- and-mouse but who is the cat and


who is the mouse? Both crew trust line and sailing off for their warm


down, nop looking at anyone, they are giving the impression we are


coasting, we are fine, we still coasting, we are fine, we still


have a lot left in the tank. Are we any the wiser? No. I just don't


know, both boats did turn, paddled away, I think, in their hearts they


were pumping, they were gaspling for breath but not showing it. Both


looked very relaxed. What your gut feel, that the Australians not let


them through, but said, listen, fine, you go on, you give it all


you've got but we are saving somethingsome. That is the


impression that I did get. But, looking at the pictures, is that


both boats were trying really hard. The Australians a bit more relaxed


at trying hard than our guys at trying hard. Both boats have more


to give in the middle heart -- half of the race, it was a battle of


Wills, we are going to cross the line first. Has that result changed


the balance of power for Saturday? I don't think it has. I don't think


it has. It is giving both boats a lot to think about, but I would


still put them at joint favourites. I don't think that has split them


at all. In terms of the British approach, you know, the Australians


went out quickly, they had half a length at one point, the British


crew had the option then, didn't they, of taking the foot off the


throttle and saying, fine, you carry on and we will come second,


but they chose to go with it and they chose to groant them and go


through them that. Was a declaration of intent. Would that


have been preplanned, or was that on the hoof almost? I think it is


preplanned. It was actually very, almost doing the opposite race


plans,, it is normally the Brits that blast out, get a lead, the


Australians push it through the middle and then hold on to the


power that our guys have at the end. The whole process is turned on its


head, because the Australians, are the ones that went off first, and


our guys, were much less through the middle and our guys went, "We


are going to win this" and they went for it. Is there anything in


for the green light and we are away now in the second semifinal of the


men's coxless fours. Really there is nothing in this semifinal that


would bother either Australia, or indeed Great Britain. You have to


say who is going to challenge those two leading crews, and no-one,


really. Greece are good. Greece were second last year or the USA.


That is the American's top boat. But, the race is going to be


between the two. That was a fascinating race. We are a bit


subdued because we are a bit surprised as how fantastically


effective was the British push through, Australia were certainly


up at 38 strokes a minute. They weren't just letting them through,


I thought that was a great fillip for the British four. They looked


good. They didn't lose their heads. There is all to play for. Steve is


right. Joint there, two very different approaches to rowing and


racing, but it will be intriguing for the last, on the last day of


racing, here is Germany out in front. Germany who were fifth last


year, heading Greece, who were second. Canada at the top of the


picture, Romania and the United States. 500 down. Germany out.


German crew. In lane number, Germany in lane number four, they


were fifth last year. A moment there to reflect also the Bowman in


this German four, he won a gold medal in the German eight last year


and did not make the eight this year. Interesting his thoughts


really, watching his fellow countrymen win the Olympic gold


medal yesterday. He was not good enough to get into the eight this


time round. This is the British event. This is what we have been


winning since back in 2000, and grab her has made it his own. We --


grab her. We had a different four representing Great Britain last


year. Grobler. He believes the crew he has got now is faster than last


year. Two of them went into the British eight, they got a bronze


medal yesterday, but here Germany, out in front, fifth last year,


being pegged now by the US, the United States, they are rowing


rather well, they have a good Longwell connected stroke. They are


not hur rid, they are moving well and they could move out in front


they are going through Germany now, into the lead. It is America's top


boat. So we are going through the 1,000 mark. Coming up to the 1,000


that second 5 hundred. The Greeks too, in lane five, silver medallist


from the World Championships last year. They too, will be quick in


the closing stages, we have five boats all starting to converge


together, six boats in this line up. Canada in one, Romania two, United


States three. Germany four, New Zealand six. First three to qualify


for the A final. We know that Greece have lots of flexibility.


They can move their rate up if they need to, gear change, it will be


interesting to see if the US can do that too. They have a steady middle


of the race rhythm there. It is looking good. They are watching the


field. Will they be able to respond when the attacks come from Greece?


Germany probably a bit of spent force now, Canada top of the


picture, looking to Troy and make one of those qualifying places.


see the crews bunched up here, a wonderful array of technique and


the stroke rates at various parts of the course, United States


stretching out. 1500. 500 to go, in the second semifinal of the men's


coxless four. Dan in one, Romania two, off the pace. In lane three


the United States, led through the middle one thousand here, Germany


in four, Greece in five. New Zealand in six. Your comment about


stroke rate, and the number of strokes per minute, the United


States were at a steady 35. Greece were at 40. So now let us see what


the flexibility is. They have made a move. They can see Greece's


attack. Greece will have gone early. That will be tough for them. Now


the United States have gone up. 37 strokes a minute. They have moved


up. They should be able to hold Greece off. 250 out. What the white


boat at the top. Canada they are renowned for their sprint finish.


At the moment it is looking like United States from Greece, Canada


in fourth, they need to move up to qualify for the A final. We now


have 200 left, 20 strokes, and still the Greeks come and they


charge hard. We are 175 from the line. Those three crews are clear.


United States, Greece and Germany, clear from Canada. As we come to


the 100. It has gone up to 44 strokes a minute, they saw Greece


were still coming, they have changed gear, that is effective,


they have gone back out to about a third of a length. The crews coming


to the line in this second semifinal of the men heeves I have


four United States from Greece and Germany. Those three crews safely


through to the A final, but it has to be said, with all due respect to


those grews -- crews, nothing there Dan, would have any challenge worry


for both Great Britain and Australia. I think that is right.


But that was an impressive row from the United States. Charlie Cole has


been in the American squad here n the eight last year, in the pair as


well. He rode for Oxford in the boat race about five years ago, six


years ago but he has been in the American squad since then he has


just developed as one of America's leading rowers. Looking round in


the boats there, I am just looking at Rommel in the two seat. It is


not his yob to look round, Unless he is making the calls. They are a


quiet boat for an American boat. Usually you would hear some


whooping and hollering. It's a semifinal, so they want to keep


their focus very clear. Not get overexcited. But that was a good


win for them. They went up to 44. 44 strokes a minute, to finish


making sure they were clear. A bit nervous, they weren't expecting


that, they were well in front. About 500 metres to go. There was


Greece mounting that big attack. the final three boats to the A


final, USA. Greece and Germany but it still remains Australia and


Great Britain as an Ashes showdown. You suspect that everybody else is


fighting for bronze and that race is on Saturday morning, obviously


see it here live on BBC One. Out and about for us all week here at


dorn has been Matt Pinsent. Wonder where he is now. We will hear a lot


about lightweight rowing today and it means the crew has to average


beneath 70 Kyle lows a man. The maximum any individual can be is 72.


Two hours before race time they come in here, and weigh in and our


British guys giving it they are coming straight out means they have


cleared the weigh up. You man the difficulty, you have to dip down


your weight three hours before the race. Sweat down out on the lake in


a paddle, and you come in, and you step on the scales, the official


marks you off, works out the average and providing you are clear,


you have two hours to refuel, puts some fluids and food back in and


you go out and race your final. Lightweight rowing is not for the


fainthearted. It is lightweight. We are on. I am here. Lightweight


are on. I am here. Lightweight rowing we will talk about now.


There is the cheer for them in their semifinal and the point we


made at the start was that all 13 boats of the British team are


hoping to get them through to the final and this is perhaps one of


the ones you might have a question mark over. They rowed earlier this


week and they should make it through. They looked good in the


heat. Very laid back, very confident, Greece is the


outstanding performer, but Greece didn't look as good in their heats


so it will be interesting to see how they fare here. The lightweight


double here, change of cue, this one is supposed to be stroner they


didn't show it earlier in the season, but certainly, I think that


they will get a medal, and but they to get under way. New Zealand in


one, Germany two, Great Britain in three. Listen to that. Greece in


final World Cup reGA gat ta Great Britain finished fou in that,


impressive fourth but since thens Sophie Hosking moved into the


stroke seat. Kath Copeland moved as well. This change of combination


has worked for the favour of Great Britain, so New Zealand in lane one,


Germany in two Great Britain in three, Greece are the World


Champions, they are in lane four, the USA fourth, at the world last


year, they sit in five, Cuba, a new boat, for this Olympic Games, in


lane six. There is Kath Copeland coming through the middle and


Sophie Hosking. Maximum crew year that came third. Kat Copeland


then came in. It is difficult with the new crew. They've put her in


the stroke seat, there were trying to forge her relationship. And


since they raced in Munich and did not win there, their coach moved


Sophie Hosking, who is such a dynamic athlete, into the stroke


seat. And they have really turned their speed around and are really


definite contenders. Great Britain currently in 4th


position, that is OK. Now in the second five they will look to just


get into that rhythm. We expect one push as a consolidator. And that


prepares them then to step through the halfway mark. There is not a


lot in it. This is the semi- final so it is quite a fine balance,


doing as much as you can but without really exposing yourself.


You do not need to do that at this stage. Greece other world champions,


they have been together for a while and they really are affected as a


double. -- effective. They are punchy and aggressive. They like to


get out at the front of the field. Now the great British double just


trying to push into second place. I would expect a very good second


half from them. There were quite slow taking off. They have given


themselves quite a lot of work to do. But perhaps they just have a


different race planned for this semi-final. I like the way they are


sculling. Great Britain just looking as if they're putting in


another push at 900. Greece, the world champions, it clear by one


length. Great Britain going through in its third place. The German


group finished third at Munich. Greece did not race at that time.


They finished third at Lausanne with Great Britain finishing in 5th.


A New Zealand at the top of the picture, there were first in Munich


but they're just not in the hunt today. I'm surprised because the


hold of the world's best time. We do have a cross tailwind. Great


Britain now in second place. But the United States of America also


coming up. More dynamic from the Great Britain Double Scull. Sophie


Hosking just jumps on it, it is quick and dynamic. She just picks


it up and transferers it really well. And there are showing Greece


a real race for this semi-final. Coming through the 1,500m mark.


Great Britain had a sensational ferric 500. -- third. The 5th


present debtors the third person in Katherine Copeland and Sophie


Hosking, this is at sensational spell. What a well timed race. Even


with that slow start their able to force their way right through the


world champions. This is terrific. Catt Copeland is in her first big


senior event. And there they are in front of their home ground.


year-old Katherine Copeland just backing up her partner, Sophie


Hosking, 26. Doing a fabulous job. They can just enjoy and executed


plan right down to the line. Greece now bet they know they are well


defeated. And after what was a slow start art


on the starting gate, Great Britain putting a mark on his Olympic Games.


And there throw by clear water. -- they are through. I had a hunch


when I saw them racing in the opening heat and they just looked


fantastic. And the change in order just made such an impression. Look


at them, and no histrionics, job done, could spell. And now at last


that smile. They were just warm down now, just focus for the final.


That was splendid. It is a wonderful partnership that is


coming up to the boil here. From the timing point of view it could


not get any better than this. that be another potential gold


medal for Great Britain? Great Britain first, Greece second and


Germany there it. Well that was tremendous. It was


unbelievable. Greece were dominating the circuit last year. I


heard on the commentary in their heats that they did not look as


comfortable. But when they got out of the start the way they did, but


our girls just stuck to their tactics, it looked relaxed and cool,


just squeezed through. Obviously the extra man in the boat on the


other side. They put themselves in contention for perhaps a gold medal.


Catt Copeland by the way, she is very proud of being from the North


East. We will hopefully have a word with her shortly. But where will we


with her shortly. But where will we find Matthew Pinsent now?


brilliant performance from the women there in their semi-final.


I'm back in the boating area. These are the women's eights laid out for


the final in a couple of hours' time. The Australian boat there,


this attachment giving them some feedback for the coach in terms of


speed and pace. A lot of these boats travel by road. You can see


this split here, this will divide into two sections. This is the


American boat and it can go in to a shipping container and come across


the Atlantic. Over here is the British boat. We hope it is going


to do really well in a couple of hours' time.


I would like to ask a question, why is every boat the same colour?


I can answer that, all the yellow boats are built by a German


manufacturer. You can have different colours but you have to


pay a little extra. The Italian boats tend to be. But again you can


have them in a different colour. You see them every now and again


but most people go for the German standard. It is what is in the boat


not the colour of the boat. Talking of colours, to return to our


ongoing debate about the flags. We were incorrect about that being the


Greek flag. But of course it is the Uruguay flag. The debate began on


the flag to the right to that one, with the yellow star. Michelle, you


thought it was Vietnam? I am correct and Twitter has confirmed


that. I'm hesitant to say too much about flags! But it is interesting


to see them all up. It shows which has the nations are in that


particular sport. You have actually got something enemies rowers down


there somewhere. -- Vietnamese. When you come back to us in a few


minutes we will have spotted the Nigerian flag.


A lot more rowing action coming up. Just a quick word on the other


sporting action under way it right now. Five swimming heats taking


place and if you what to watch them go over to BBC Three at about 11


o'clock where we will be seeing Rebecca Adlington in her heat. Also


the beach volleyball, it is the Brazilians now on the court. They


are leading in the game, up one set. They're playing Italy. And also


table tennis is under way. The men's singles semi-finals. China's


world number one is in action. Justin Timberlake has just treated


saying this is his favourite sport! Now has straight back to Eton


Dorney and a very busy morning in all those rowing races.


After the second semi-final of the After the second semi-final of the


women's lightweight double. Into the second 500m now coming up


to the halfway mark in his second semi-final of the women's


lightweight double sculls. Canada and now the closest to us. The


Canadians other world silver three regattas in the World Cup


series this year. So there on form. Australia are doing well, putting


China under pressure. Denmark, China and Canada are the ones you


would expect to be up in front. Basle woman of the Chinese crew,


she was 5th in the world championships in 2009. We have not


really eats seen her since but she has come back strongly this year in


his new combination. Looking pretty impressive. She is looking across


at Denmark as if just by looking at them she can't slow them down. But


all she is doing is slowing herself down. She has that the tendency to


glance across. And she is going to miss what is happening with the


Australia coming up on the other back, three boats to go through the


A final. You are looking at the race leader. The main three boats


are clear, but Australia, closest to us does have to work. That angle


will be deceptive. Never the less, Netherlands in lane two. Watch out


for them. In the closing stages some of the crews may falter.


Denmark if three. Eighth at the World Championship last year and


they have had to work very very hard, just to keep up with China.


Sneaking along in lane five, here come the Australian, the angle from


Netherlands was deceptive. The boats out clear. 250, 25 strokes


remain. It looks like, it is probably not going to change,


because the Chinese have reacted well to the challenge from either


side of them. And they all know if the wind does kick up it will


become more unfair, they need to be in the best to, get the best lane


they need to be a winner of this varying cross heads down the main


part of the course. They come into the wind tunnel of the grand stands.


Sheltered quite nicely. China now with the last five or six strokes


as they head towards the line, holding off a very strong charge


from Denmark, the Danes can not get through China. Chosest to us


Australia. They are getting third place. China is in first, Denmark


second. Australia third. Those three crews safely through to the A


final. Don't see anything, I mean China looked good, there, but I


love the gutsyness of the British double sculls as well. They have


flexibility. They can cruise at a very good speed without taking a


huge amount of themselves, in the middle part of the race and they


have that flexibility to change gear, in the last 500. I just think


they have a lot of, a lot of ability to play a very good


strategic race in the final. Good start by the Chinese double scull.


Just loving it. Loving being here, performing on the Olympic stage.


Wait for the confirmation there. China, Denmark and Australia safely


through, looking like a Great through, looking like a Great


Britain China showdown in the final. There were three second


differential in those two semifinal, but in a sense, you know, you are


not racing against the clock, you are racing, so don't read too much.


The wind is not consistent. Sometimes it is carrying straight


behind and sometimes it is coming across, you will get a big


difference, you can't read very much into the times from heat the


heat. Before we round up our little flag debate and move on, we can see


the flags that, it is blowing across the course quite


substantially, so just explain, you know, again, we are conscious most


people have probably never been in a boat or rowed, why does that give


such an advantage to the boats on the far side? If the wind is


blowing as a cross tail, the more wind you have got, the more quicker


you are going to go. If it was a cross head you would want to be on


this side, on the sheltered side. You want to be in the windy


condition, or in the non-windy conditions if it is not helping,


simple as that. To finish off the flag thing, one thing we didn't


realise, if we move our cam row show you the flags above that --


camera, is we hadn't realised of course all the flags are in


alphabet order, so even if you don't, even you don't know what the


flag is you work it out by working out that A is in one end and Z is


the other. That is the flag of New Zealand, so NE, goes to NE, Niger,


Niger is to the right. So we are not 100% certain but I am guessing


it so to the right of that. By process of elimination that is what


we think. Here we go with the first semifinal of the men's lightweight


double and Zac Purchase and Mark double and Zac Purchase and Mark


Turner. We are way in the first fb Italy in three, Denmark in four,


Germany in five. Japan in lane six, Great Britain come down in the next


semifinal. The middle three boats, New Zealand, Italy and Denmark are


the crews to watch. They are the ones who should move out and


qualify here. Denmark, just dominant four or five years ago,


round the last time, didn't end up with the gold medal in the third of


the Olympics but they dominated up until then. Italy there, as you are


seeing, the stroke rower has a new here. New Zealand beaten by Great


Britain to the gold, they were second. So New Zealand's pair in


lane two, the world silver medallist behind Great Britain,


Great Britain have beaten them in the early stages. Important


psychological scalp there. 500 -- 500 down. Italy, only just, this is


a category where the average crew weight cannot exceed 70 kilograms.


In the early stages we would see not much in it between the six


boats. So a level playing field. Weight plays no impact, everybody


the same weight. It is just down to sheer ability and talent. Do you


know, I get the foaling that New Zealand has had a surprise return


to form for Great Britain. We have had a terrible season. They were


just expecting, yes, that is the end of the British, we can focus on


winning a gold medal, and they are sculling well, they are in third


place, moved into third. They, they would normally blast out, and be


leading the field by now. I just feel they, you know, they just


haven't quite got back to their quickly Italy slipped back there.


That was unexpected. They were right up there with Denmark, I


expected them to mount quite a challenge, but they have slipped


back the a point where it is going to be hard for them to get back


into the medals. They were third last year. You would expect them to


be up there with this leading group. Denmark coming through the half way


mark in this first semifinal, the men's lightweight double scull,


coming back to form, they were fifth last year at the World


Championship, third in Lucerne, the middle of three regattas, this year


they have beaten Great Britain but not at this regatta. Looking pretty


strong. These guys running into Beijing four years a -- years ago,


they were unbeaten. They had a fantastic run in the last two years


into Beijing, and then in the final, that Olympic final, Mark Hunter,


Zac Purchase, just stormed there in a way, really knocked them for six.


It has taken a while for them to come back. Here they are in this


semifinal. Four years on, leading it. But hard to say whether they


are going to be... My feel is New Zealand, their traditional sprint


and, they don't look pretty but they are fast. That I say as a


compliment. Denmark, New Zealand and Germany, closest to us. Looking


at the German boat, the German Bowman going in half ap blade early


on his stroke there so that is again a disconnect which is


unsettling to the crew, he takes a lot of the work on himself, and it


mean Thrace not absolutely together, so it means that they aren't


getting the best speed they could out of the boat. They are going OK,


closest to us, look how early the Bowman is. He is just not following


his stroke man, that means the boat is not travelling as well as it


could. It is going all right. They will qualify but it is not as good


as it could be. 1500 Denmark now. Eased out a bit more, three-


quarters of a length over New Zealand and Germany. New Zealand,


Germany still not overly safe. Greece in one, eighth last year in


the World Championships. Greece have a good history of putting out


fast boats for Olympic Games. Greece came second last year.


Different boat this time round. -- 2008. Denmark looking pretty


impressive. The stroke rower is a funny shape. He sits low in the


boat and he looks almost disproportionate, got good legs,


standing up, he is fierpbgs but sitting in his boat he looks very


short in the stroke seat, but they do move their boat very well and


they are right back to form, because there are the world soement


list, New Zealand in third place, and Germany, probably going to hold


on to that second place. Wonderful scull now from Denmark. Came under


pressure in the middle one thousand, but they were able to deal with it


as New Zealand mounted the charge, as did Germany, to no avail. Very


experienced boat, upping the rate a bit. Going away, something for the


crowd. A bit of a crowd pleaser here, rightly so. Again, full


Grandstand here at Eton Dorney. Great support here, so Denmark,


coming up to the line, they are safely through, one more race now


for them. Over the line in second the soement list from New Zealand.


Germany get the third qualification spot. That took a bit of puff to go.


Over the line, Japan lane any more ber sick. It looks good Dan but


breathing heavily. They went up to 40 strokes a minute. They didn't


need to. They were well in front. I thought they dominated that race


very well. Back to the sort of form they remember, four or five years


ago, they did take some time off, and they take have taken a while to


get back into shape. Look at that, that is a lovely picture of


technique and of a crew moving together. Just flowing, hands


Look at the wild eyes there. They are great racers, so, just waiting


for the final confirmation there, these crew also go round and wind


down. These crews will go round and Just to say some of the camera work


here over the last few days, and I am sure over the next few days to


come will be magnificent. It gives you not just a flavour of the


racing and a flavour of the event but it gives you a genuine insight


into the rhythm of the boats and the skills, and also, of course,


the huge amount of power that is required to propel these boats down


the course, so I hope it is giving a complete new dimension to the way


we have covered rowing in days gone by. So, that was the first


semifinal, and here is the second semifinal. We have spoken about


these guys a lot over the year, Zac Purchase and Mark Hunter, who are


the Olympic champions from Beijing, and there they are, and here is the


cheer. Interesting on the last heat, is that thinking that Zac and Mark


are on form because they meet the New Zealand in their heat, is that


New Zealand came second in that and didn't look comfortable. It maybe


the danger, that Zac and Mark are on better form than they were


racing last two World Cup races, it will be interesting to see how they


perform in their semifinal compared to the Danes. Someday have been


hugely erratic during the course of this season, let us hope they are


on a positive upward curve this is the second semifinal and it is Dan


and Gary once more. All the coaches, poised ready to go. Following the


second semifinal of the men's lightweight double sculls. Norway


in two, Great Britain if three, France in lane four. We have Cuba


on the outside, on the flanks in lane one and Portugal and Hungary.


Former World Champions the Hungarians in lane six. They are


under starters order, sebld second Purchase and Mark Hunter lead out


of the gates in his second semi- final of the men's lightweight


double sculls. They really have found some form now in this regatta.


It was erratic, their 2012 World Cup campaign. It started off in


Belgrade but there were six in Lucerne. Everyone was starting to


think the magic had gone but it just could be coming back. I asked


Mark about it and he said it was lack of sickness, they just have


not done the proper training. They had had some illness during the


winter. But I asked Zak Purchase and he said it was lack of timing


and that they would pull it together in the last six weeks. But


there is a magic in double sculls and they have been able to find it


in the last six weeks. They did not have a good season last year but


they were able to pull it together in the last race against New


Zealand and it looks as if they have done the same thing here. I


hope there's not a cumulative effect of them just losing a little


bit of overall fitness to deal with the Challenge in the last 500m of


the final. Due the first, France second. Great


Britain in his third place right now. There will be happy with that


start. As they get further down the course their rhythm gets stronger


and stronger and with that the conference just flows. They're


going into this regatta knowing that they are defending Olympic


champions. That just allows you to walk around with your head just a


little bit higher. These guys are exceptional athletes. They are in


third place. There are going to come through and it is going to be


smooth. We cannot discount nor way, they are on their tails. -- Norway.


France also a good boat. The French bow man, that was a look of


surprise! I think the British double are back on form. Just


beautifully connected, tremendous talent in that boat. The French


have a very nice technique, good accurate pick up of the stroke.


the halfway mark in this second semi- final. The crowd appreciated


the fact that Great Britain have now moved to the front by a matter


of inches. Just executing each and every 500. They are now starting to


push. They can now start to move a little bit now. France going with


them. The Cuba hanging on. Norway are good sprint finishers as well.


The maximum crew average cannot exceed 70 kg. It is now down to


pure talent. Both France and Hungary beat Great Britain in


Munich. Friends expected to put them under pressure, make them work


very hard. -- France. They can see everybody coming back


at them. That the Olympic champions are not getting too flustered.


is the mark of a very good British team, just fantastically well


prepared athletes. Great Britain and now out half a length. Into the


last 500m. Mark Hunter closest to impressive. Still the French come


at them. Of France attacking them hard. It is very hard to defend a


world title, and the Olympic title. The motivation that you need, just


that improvement in performance. This is tough territory. You can


see the pain now on Mark Hunter's face. A little bit of holding on


going on now. The blades are coming up a little bit. They are going to


go into the Olympic final. The final that they are one of four


years ago. -- they won. It is the desperate stages. The gritting of


the teeth. Coming through to an Olympic final, Great Britain now up


to the line, safely into the Olympic final. Followed by France


and in third place, of Portugal. And Norway squeezed out. Well they


did enough in that middle 1000 to get themselves over the line. But


that will have hurt. But the pain will go away some because they know


they have the final ahead of them. France really testing them there.


Pushing to see what they had in the last 250 metres. Well they have a


response, they went up to 40 strokes per minute. That was a real


battle, strategic, tactical, planning the final. A look of


relief now given the year that they have had. One remaining race left.


It is an Olympic final, it does not get any better than that. Mark's


contention about fitness, that will contention about fitness, that will


be important. Barely a second between the first three crews


there's it promises to be a very tight final. You're trying to cross


the line without trying to burn more energy than you need to come


out so the semi-final can be very tight. I thought they were pushing


quite hard. I think they reasonably comfortable during the middle part


of it. I do not think they liked the pressure they were put under in


the closing stages. But they crossed the line first, they are


meant Lane on Saturday. And the Olympic gold that they want to


retain, they are still in with the chance of doing that. They know


what it is like to win on the big occasion so that can make a


difference. It can make a difference in a field as tight as


this. But seeing them catch their breath, you do not normally see


that. Plenty more to come at Eton Dorney today including three finals.


The men's lightweight four are favourites to beat gold medallists


so. Let's go to Matthew Pinsent once again. Well a lot of them vet


goes into the whole of the boat and the finish. This is the Dutch crew


preparing for their race and some special kind of lotion for


pollution. Derek Wood, basically! - - Fairy Liquid. A lot of people


have been asking why do some crews alternate. This is what the Dutch


have got here. Two rowers. That is called in tandem. The boat will go


straighter if you have that. And also it gives them better rhythm to


have two guys rowing next door to each other. It is very strong


rhythm and that is what they will need to win that gold medal.


why does the vote goes straighter if the rowers are growling in


tandem? You have got two pairs, and putting them in the same order,


that is very strong. Eat your reverse one of them, it is not as


strong. Why does the boat go and less


straight in certain combinations? The present in the bow seat has the


advantage. So the boat will slightly go away from him at each


stroke. So if you swap them around and do the opposite, you are giving


it more equal power throughout the two pairs that you have put


together. So why would every boat not be crude in tandem? It depends


on the strength of the -- be crewed. Our boat, we had the speed but you


want the boat to go straighter and smoother for longer.


Well back now to Mishal Husain in the studio.


They are more rowing semi-finals available on the red button. But


the women's Single Scull is up next and there is no British interest so


we take a moment to catch up with that swimming. And it is Rebecca


Adlington defending her 800m freestyle title. She had France in


the 400m but there are high hopes in this 800m which is her


specialist event. The eight quickest times progress to the


quickest times progress to the final on Saturday.


Four lengths to go. The crowd going absolutely nuts. Every time she


pushes off they cheer. First a little surprised at how hard she is


working. She is a good five or six metres ahead of the New Zealand


swimmer. Rebecca Adlington getting away bit


by bit all the way through to the end. A very strong swim. She has 36


hours' rest before the final. I think she's pretty sure it will be


Adlington looking very good indeed. And she is working pretty hard, it


still using her legs. Really making the water boil behind her. To use


the phrase crowd pleaser, that is exactly what she is doing. I think


it could be another gold medal for Rebecca Adlington tomorrow night.


This is really strong. This is a very good swim indeed. Oh my


goodness me. 111 hundredths of a second splitting Rebecca Adlington


the final. It is going to be like two heavyweights. They, their


pacing is similar, Becky will node to get down to world record. She is.


She will have to get down to 8.14,, 8.13. Very solid swim. Becky add


Linton winning that heat. 11 one hundredth of a second ahead of


Lotte Friis. Eight minutes and 2 is seconds. That sends her into


fastest qualifier and a very big smile. You are waving at your


boyfriend. I have not seen him in so long, it is so nice. That was


planned? It is so bizarre you don't know what time you are going and I


could see I was ahead, I would like, come on, post a quick time. I was


ahead in the 400 and the heat and I only scraped in eighth. I thought I


am not taking any chances, I have to give it all I've got. I have a


day rest. I have to rest up as much as I K I am really pleased with


that. I didn't know what to expect after the heat and the 400.


looked like an exhibition swim. They cheered every time you turned


Oh, it is so nice. I can't make out what they are saying but I can hear


the buzz, the atmosphere and it really does encourage us, this is


the first time I have been in such a big crowd and it is hopefully


going to help me tomorrow. You and Lottie have the most amazing


rivalry and friendship. She is lovely. We have been racing each


other since our European juniors in 2004, so which have been through


that scene together. One year I will win, next she will win. I hope


it doesn't mean I lose this year. I won last year. I will give it my


off. I don't know what she has been doing, she works hard, so do I. It


will be about who can get that finish. Finally, what are you going


to be doing between now, you have 36 hours to rest up, does that mean


put your feet up oriental swims? Gentle swim. I will go in tonight.


Have a paddle. I loved coming down last night and sees MJ get his


medal. It inspired me seeing him do that, so rest up tomorrow, and then,


it is all about tomorrow night. Moment to make history think.


Hopefully. Our love is with you and we will swim every length with you.


Can't be easy to have that expectation upon her but she did


very well and she ended up having the fastest qualifying time to take


her into that final for the women's 800m freestyle. That is how it is


shaping up for that final tomorrow shaping up for that final tomorrow


night. Now, you know, you have been familiar with each Thorpe. We have


had a five time Olympic champion but today we thought, no offence we


thought one wasn't enough so we decided to bring in another five


time him ping champion. Welcome to you both. Aaron, how you enjoying


it? Fantastically. This is a very unique experience. I mean, I am


like a kid again. Because you get to join the Olympic, you don't have


to get in the pool. You enjoy it when you are an athlete but in a


different way, you try to tell yourself, you are soaking it all in


but it is hard to, the emotions are so dynamic, and, so being here, as


somebody who knows at least what people on the deck are going


through, but being able to see once again, you know, the fervour of all


this what the Olympics is on the grand scale of it, it is beautiful.


You still hold records in the 100m backstroke. How do you feel? That


could be broken tonight by loctty. Ian has had that experience already


in the course of the games. I lost. There is nothing we can do about it.


You can go back in the pool and start swimming again? Tempted?


Really, it is, I would rather be there and watch it, I think, and,


when I moved on from the sport, I mean, I forego my, that record any


way, it stopped being mine, it is only a matter of time. It must hurt


a bit. No, it doesn't. Really, I don't think it does. Some people


get caught up and they get a bit of ego in these thing, I take the


opinion that you are the koes toadian of this record until


someone else breaks it. -- custodian. It is going to happen.


Even when they say they will never break it, it gets broken. For ho


many times I heard that, it is the stuep -- stupidest thing you can


say. It will be broken. I once thought I owned a race and I got


humbled and -- humbled. Dramatically. All parts of the


highs and lows of the experience. We have been talking a lot about


your former team-mates, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and we will see


them both in the pool. Particularly Michael Phelps who you know really


well having swum and trained together. Ryan my age, we went


through college together. All of these, they, their experience, this


is not their first time round, by any means. They are tough. Both


will be there tonight. Both are not, they are not going to concede to


the other person, it will be a race, Ryan is coming off the 200


backstroke but hasn't, I mean, he is just so tough. Have you spoken


to either of them? Yeah, last night. How are they sounding? Great.


you speak to both of them? Ryan was about to go down into swim his race


and I was like, have a nice night and he went urgh, I know. He has


two race on, so he is like.... much contact do they have with


family and friends. I was talking to Ryan Lochte mother, I said you


chatted to him, or have you seen him? She said no, I have only


waived to him, that is what happens? It vary, people send my


text messages. Most of my family and friends know not to call


because I rarely respond. If I want to speak to people I go out of my


way to speak, my friends and family, but when, once you are in the team,


like, you are kind of surround by your friends and family. But you


wouldn't be popping out to see them for a coffee. No. It is like you


are in this... You are in your zone kind of thing. It is one of those


things you can't wait to see them after it or you may, when all the


crowds disappeared, you may go and see your mum to give her a hug,


that is kind of how it is. There is very little contact. The time with


them is the reward from when it is over. Not everyone has had


individual success in all their events. Overall the team has won


more medals in that pool, twice as many, medals as everyone else. As


any other country. That is an interest statistic. One thing, our


team is consistently strong. I think there are a few arguments for


that. But there is also a lot of opportunities in swimming to win


medals, and our men's team is very experienced, they have been round,


and they, they have, it's a better dynamic on that team, I will say,


and they have said, they have had in so long, and the women's team is


the best team. And the dynamic across the team, you guy, you are


friends? Yes. You know each other pretty well. I considered, I felt


like the Americans and the Aussies got along. We Our teams probably


get along better than the other teams. Because you know, we are big


teams, like we have to be careful to not be too loud and joking and


laughing, because when we do laugh all together, it is like, it is


loud and even is "Oh, the stalians are being rude." That is the


traditional rivalry but the field is broader. Ian vvings and I have


been talking about swimming going more global. How do you feel about


that? I believe it has, just with what, I think some of the


performances of the last eight years have brought. I think Phelps


has had a big hand in that. A spotlight has been pushs on the


sport and it has made people more aware of what it is and then you


get the stories and the people in it, and it becomes something that


people have some kind of emotional investment. I am encouraged you are


dressing so positively for the British summer we have here. Before


we go to the studio. I was like, I am not sure what is going to happen.


You have learned you can't be that risky. Quickly want to ask you


about remember re, because you were watching that heat with us, how did


she look to you? Happy. I am happy with her swim. I want to see her


win tomorrow night when the final is on. Good signs. Post race


interview, she said I wanted to go out, have a fast swim, you know


didn't want to be in an outlied -- outside lane, she said I gave it my


all, that is not really true, she wasn't puffing when she did the


interview and she wasn't red. If she was red when she did the


interview, all the blood has come to the surface, it is, your body is


showing signs you are fatigued. of these clues. She was speaking


and, all of the sentences made sense, which means you still have a


bit of energy left. Which is a good place to be in terms of the fact


she has her final. That was a great heat swim for her and be


comfortable going into the final. And it, and have some confidence


that she knows what she is doing here. Thank you both here. Let us


see what the Aquatic Centre made of that swim. Claire. Fascinating.


Becky would be a very good poker player, not in your stoney-face


gives away nothing but in terms of looking bright and bubbly and under


playing everything almost. knows she is in good form because


the 4 hundred was good. We saw a confident swim in the morning, in a


case of Ian saying put her in the middle lane, we have said and known


it is about Lottie and Rebecca. They are going to go five, six


seven seconds faster. She did want to show everything. One thoifpbgs


she can do different is instead of swimming round the lane which sup


one and down the other, like we down in training because you are


following peep. She can go straight up and down the pool. That will


shave hundreds. If you could get a message to her that is what you


would say, swim up the middle. Follow the black line. We are


talking fractions but we have seen races won and lost by fractions, I


think these two will be hammer and tongs all the way through to the


last 50 metre, they will be there side by side. I might send a tweet


out. But if Lotte Friis follows me, which I don't think she does, she


will see it. She looks great. If you see her in action, you love


you see her in action, you love this hand shot. Yes. You can see


the hands caressing the surface of the water. She gets the catch under


the water. She has looked great. She has performed well, performed


the best all year, she has been swimming in a few European races


and trials and other competition, she has been the constant performer,


this her main event. This is the one she sees herself as an 800


swimmer, not a 400. But Lotte Friis, world silver medallist, Becky has


everything to lose and Lottie has everything to gain in a sense but


in is Becky's event, we know it, and she loves this event. She loves


that pain at the end. That is why I think you hear her saying things


that almost just take the attention away from what you have said from


this being the big deal, because of course it s but she is going to


come to the pool, support the other swimmer, she will distract herself


from her own task. She will go back to the village, she will have a


swim downstairs, she will have a bite to eat. Chill out, come down


and support her team-mates, because she loves supporting them. She gets


a huge lift off that. Get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow she will


stay in her bed all day. Watch a bit of TV, watch other sport, maybe


an an easy swim in the village before the final. She has 36 hours,


she has a lot of time to gain that extra energy needed tomorrow, that


was comfortable, she has to try. Eight minutes of swimming is hard,


but she has a lot left in the bag. A bit left in the Tang. It will be


a great Duel between her and Lotte Friis. We have more from here


including Michael Phelps, but that you will see on BBC Three,


including Elizabeth Simmonds in the backstroke. We will take you ban to


Eton Dorney because there is rowing under way in a moment. But before


we do that, some judo to catch up on, that is because Gemma Gibbons


is up against Ramires of Portugal. This is all happening. So let us


25-year-old Londoner, Gemma Gibbons. Moved up to a new weight division


at the start of the year. Has joined the than situation. She won


a World Cup silver medal in Romania. She is up against a handy


Portuguese. Ramires, 22nd in the world. Higher up the tree. Gemma is


capable of winning this. They haven't fought before, but they


have trained together on training camps, and I am sure Gemma will


have studied her and will have a game plan here of what she has to


do. Ramires in the blue, Gibbons in the white. She is from these parts


she calls Greenwich home, just the other side of the Thames under the


black wall tum or maybe over the river on the new flash cable car.


She makes her Olympic debut in her Olympic debut. She had a very good


Olympic Championship. She came 7th in Russia earlier in the year.


Gemma has to watch the Portuguese dominating from that high grip.


Gemma Hope was introduced to the to the Judo Club. She has always


wanted to beat an Olympian. Ramirez is just beating her to the punch at


the minute. Her mother was consistently her biggest fan and


inspiration but she died eight years ago now. Maybe some work she


is watching her daughter Chamakh fighting at the London Olympics. --


Gemma. Jemma Lowe Gibbons from London, from this neck of the woods.


A great attempt to get a grip around the waist. Forces Ramirez


outside the area. Really taking the fight to the Portuguese fighter.


Now she wants to get her hips in front. Excellent! She has done it!


She smashed the Portuguese to the floor with an ippon. All she has


ever wanted to be is an Olympian. She never dreamed she would mark


her debut with an ippon. fantastic way to start you're


Olympic campaign. That is how she means to continue. No room for a


smiling yet. There is still business to be done. But this will


do. She gets that leg across. And there is the turn.


Into the red zone. And the red light for the Portuguese. Green


light for the Portuguese. Green light for Great Britain.


So she goes through it now to the last 16 in judo competition.


Earlier we saw James Austen being knocked out. And jemmied Gibbons is


continuing in the competition and we will show you that Leger Ron on


BBC One. Back at Eton Dorney we are building up to the next lot of


races happening in around 20 minutes. John Inverdale has been


speaking to the man's four after they won their semi-final. For a


change let's start with an X. What were the tactics? The plan was to


go out and do our own race and concentrate on what we have been


working on and improving from the heat. I think we did that and we


had a really good race, we did what we had to do which is to make the


final. It is my first Olympic final so I'm pleased with that. Did it


matter that he won that he'd? Certainly. I think it did matter.


It puts us in a better lane for the final. I'm pleased that we drew


Australia. They think it was important for us. It is not done


yet and we need to concentrate on what we're doing. Almost the same


question again to Tom. We were discussing earlier what the tactics


would be and if there would be a lot of cat and mouse and people


just trying to keep something in reserve. When the race finished,


you rode off as quickly as you could. How much did any of us learn


about what could happen on Saturday from today?


Well we did the race and it was always going to be tough. Any group


for says it was easy would be lying. But we were confident, we held it


together from the first minute. But were under no illusions that the


hardest job is still to come. I'm sure that people will appreciate


that as well. And it is not just a straight left. Strange things can


happen in finals. We need to make sure that we focus. We do have room


for improvement. But hopefully we will put that right tomorrow and


the day after. No matter how confident you were before the semi-


final, are you more con finished now? Absolutely. -- more confident


now. It was a great semi-final. To date was a great crowd pleaser. The


crowds were amazing. And if there's anything that we will meet in the


final, that will help get that last inch out of us. So really proud to


be British and looking forward to Saturday.


You're all been cagey and we would expect that because it is the big


showdown on Saturday. Recovered know what you're saying but we're


not saying it. So just a last question, it is your first Olympics,


Europe in the final. Your first Olympic Games. What does that mean


to you? It is the only race that matters now. Everything we have


done previously, the slate is wiped clean for this next race. You see a


unexpected results in the Olympic finals was that so we have to make


sure that in two days' time we are totally focused on what we're doing.


We will give it our best shot. You cannot say more than that. It is


very exciting. And that final takes place on


Saturday. It is a boat with so much history for Great Britain. So it


has been an action-packed morning. We also had the swimming heats


including a great performance from Rebecca Adlington as she gears up


for her final. A will lead you in the safe hands of Matt Baker as our


coverage continues. It was such a shame for Kristian Thomas yesterday.


If he had nailed that and done exactly the same as he has done and


qualification, he would have got silver. Well he already made us


proud. And I'm sure a lot of children are watching the gymnasts


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