BBC One: Day 6: 13.45-16.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 6: 13.45-16.00

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Good afternoon. The sluice gates have opened and the medals are


flowing for the British team. There has been claimed in the water, on


bikes, boats and horses. So far none standing up! We will be


keeping an eye on Peter Wilson in the double trap shooting to see if


he can be first to do so this afternoon. The main headlines so


far today. The Lightweight Men's Four have won silver in a nail-


biting finish, South Africa just pipped them for the gold.


Rebecca Adlington is on course to defend her 800m freestyle final


tomorrow night. Can't the British Double Trap shooter Peter Wilson


has his sights set on gold after finishing top in qualifying in the


final this afternoon. He is the world record holder and I have got


world record holder and I have got a good feeling about this afternoon.


Crane fleet China are top at -- currently China are top of the


medal table. South Korea at not doing badly either. France having


an excellent games. This afternoon we will have more medal chances,


especially in the men's double trap final. Peter Wilson is the Dorset


marks man who recently set a world record in this event. In this event


Richard Faulds got a gold medal 12 years ago in Sydney. These are the


standings as we head into the final this afternoon. That final will be


at 3 o'clock. If the scores are tied there is a sudden death shoot


off. Peter Wilson in a very good position right now. I am not sure


how much work is being done around the country at the moment, many of


you keeping tabs on the Games anyway you can. Perhaps taking a


sneaky peek in your office right now! Millions of you are enjoying


the light streams on the red button. This afternoon we have Serena


Williams in action against Caroline Wosniacki of Denmark. Andy Murray


came through his quarter-final and is in the mixed doubles action


later this afternoon. The men's lightweights in the ring, Anthony


Ogogo in action later on today for Team GB against the Ukrainian


competitor. And the dressage, individual and team competitions.


Decent hopes for a first ever Olympic medal for Great Britain in


this event. You can watch that on the red button or by the website.


Now before today it had been a pretty disappointing games for an


judo. Today James Austin lost his first-round match against a former


world champion from Japan, Takamasa Anai. But German Gibbons has been


battling through her division today. The 24 year-old who got the British


Open earlier this year has won two fights against Portuguese and


Mongolian opponents today. Including that dramatic last-minute


effort. In the quarter-final, if she wins she has a good shot at the


she wins she has a good shot at the medals. Let us see how she does.


Only the second British fighter to appear in a judo quarter-final this


week. Colin Oates the other, sitting watching and hoping now.


Gibbons in the blue. Gemma is capable of winning. She will be


fighting out of her skin today. Of the Dutch woman the 10th best


player in the world today. That dramatic second round win in the


final second against the Mongolian. For Gemma the thicker the CV, the


seconds of this fight. A brilliant attack! Hooks a leg in. Her


opponent just managing to step back and get out of that. Gemma has


being doing judo since she was six. Both fighters looking to get a grip


on the jacket. She knows this area up well. Her


Greenwich home just on the other side of the River Thames. Another


strong attack from the Dutch woman. You only have a split second to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


attack once you have got a grip. have hurt herself and that exchange.


Did she have a finger pooled? magic is going to come on. -- Madoc.


The referee just checking she is OK to go on and she shakes her head,


she is OK. Approaching the halfway point of this contest. Gemma


looking for her attack now. Those Dutch razor blades coming off the


left foot. Gemma looking for her own grips on the jacket. She has


lost her belt. This was just about the most open division coming into


these games. Gemma has forced her way into contention h ere.


would not have been thought to be one of the favourites but here she


is, doing really well. Trying to hook her leg in.


It really is all to play for. all about the checks and balances.


You need to be careful you're not off balance and susceptible to


something from the opponent. have to wait for the right moment.


It is a matter of trying to find a weakness, trying to push until you


get that in balance. A great attack, Gemma almost scored. It is like an


imaginary spirit level hovering over the head of the opponent.


you just have a split second and then you just have to go for it,


100%. Approaching the final minute of regulation time. Gemma Gibbons,


the Londoner, in the blue. Against Verkerk in white. A warning for the


Dutch fighter for stepping out. It has been wiped off for now.


51 seconds left and still level. There will be three minutes of gold


and scorer if these two cannot sort out their conversation during what


is left of this one. Gemma continuing to push forward.


What is causing the most pain? At the moment, you will be tired. But


as soon as you start again, you are just in to the fight again.


It is all the years of training. She has done it! She has gone and


booked a place in at the semi- final! With an ippon. Has it been


confirmed? With six seconds left on the clock. The television judges


are taking a look at the replay and they are just checking. If she has


slammed her opponent flat on her back then it will be confirmed as


an ippon. If not then she still has six seconds to survive. And it has.


judo campaign in the ExCel will scarcely be able to believe this.


Gemma Gibbons from Britain, into the Olympic semifinals of the judo!


The girls did it in a boat yesterday. They have been doing it


on the bike, and now one of them is doing it on the mat. What more can


you say about Gemma Gibbons. She is an Olympic semifinalist and she


gets the embrace from Britain's last winner of an Olympic medal. Is


the woman on the left about to be supplanted by the woman on the


right. She fought so well there, Kate pointing to the mat, saying


this is your next fight on. The next will be of course Gemma's


semifinal fight. Ippon wazari, it Well done Gemma Gibbons. It is the


late, late show with Gemma, sensational victory from her, she


is into the semifinal. She will be fighting within the next 20 minutes.


Her opponent is Tcheumeo. We will get to that one live as soon as we


can. The reaction round Olympic Park and from British judo ka has


been wonderful. Colin oaths who got to the quarterfinal, amazing she


has done it into the semi. We have European Burton, Gemma is his


girlfriend. Ewe on the Burton of course had that heartbreaking


defeat. Euan says get some throat sweets, rest the voices and get


ready to go mental for Gemma, she is our hero, great to see you and


smiling again after giving his all the other day. He makes a cogent


point here she has beaten the European bronze medallist, a world


number seven and a former World Champion to get into this semifinal.


We will be be back live for that. If she wins that it's a guaranteed


silver. If not she will go into a fight against the winner of the


representative charge. So it is all happening. Between now and then,


this is the last day of action at the Lee Valley Whitewater Centre,


about 30 miles north. Two more events to come there, the women's


single kayak and the men's double canoe. What is the difference I


hear you cry? Well, beneath that closed in skirt or deck, a kayaker


is sitting down, and using a two bladed paddle. But the canoeists


are kneeling up and they are using a single bladed paddle. So now you


eknow. Today is when the whole of Slovakia will grind to a halt as


they watch the most famous double act. They will be going for an


unprecedented fourth consecutive gold. We will be seeing them later,


but Great Britain has medal ambitions too. Two pairs going in


this. Tim Baillie and etyeb Scot but it is Florence and houns blow


are the stronger pair after winning a World Cup event. Fastest six from


the semis go through to the final Both disappointed with their


results in the C1 and the K1. So out here to make am mends, and so


far, so good for the Great Britain crew. Keeping it tidy and tight.


Richard is steering the canoe and David in the power down through the


front. They will want to drive the lines as straight as possible.


Sneaking under the pole and they are up on the split 1.50.


stadium has come to life, now, that they have seen that split time. If


they can hold it together. That is a good spin round, just finding a


bit of difficulty, getting the momentum going, once more. Lift the


bow over the stopper, they are slipping across into 13 and tight


round the poles. David driving the bow of the canoe back out as they


lift it over the stopper ahead of gate 14. No penalties at tall for


David Florence or David houns loi so far. -- Richard Hounslow. Across


17. We talk about them working well. These guys are working like a dream


at the moment. Still ahead of the leaders. And tight in the spin, and


back out across that wave as you see them keeping their nose high.


The power gets laid down by David in the front as they steer the boat


round and into the last up stream gate. 21. Two strokes and they are


back out into the flow. The corrode are going mental here. -- crowd. A


superb performance, Florence and Hounslow, going like trains, and in


the lead. That surely is a place in the final. A wonderful performance.


And far more confident. It looks than they were when they contested


their individual events. One of the highly ranked pairs of course in


the world, of C2 paddling. But that was just brilliant. A superb


performance, a different focus to what we saw in the singles. It


worked hard, their lines were precise and they seemed to know


exactly where they were heading that boat towards. Tight under the


up stream gate here as gate nine. That is 3.29 seconds ahead of


anybody. Florence and Hounslow have showed them what a classy pair they


really are. Wonderful moment to join their team-mates, at the top


of the table. Let us wish them well. Tim Baillie at the front. Etienne


Stott in the centre, they were bronze medallist at the European


Championships and fourth at the worlds. They have been consistent


over the last 12 months. They are ranked six in the world, so they


deserve their place in this semifinal. So far looking smooth as


they work together through the first section of the course. We


want to see them roll their boat on the wave at gate seven and keep as


direct line as possible into eight. It is looking good so far. They are


up on David and Richard's split. Dropped a bit low into gate nine.


They will push hard to keep as tight as spin as possible, as


little time is spend there, they are paddling hard to get across the


river and get the momentum going, they have found themselves stuck


sideways, this is costing them precious bits of time. That was


very skilful, wasn't it, to keep their cool, and reverse through


that gate. How much difference has that made to their progress down


the court course,? They they might be guaranteed a place in the final


if they beat another pair. There was the split time of Florence and


Hounslow. They have lost time, how much? It is not too bad. The


difference between the others was only 0.8 of a second. A nice spin


on 18. They are tight into 19 too. They have to make sure they hold on,


keep their composure after the last few gates on the course, they set


the angle on the canoe as they come into gate 21. They are back out.


Two more gates to go. Will the London factor, the home crowd make


a difference? The poles were flying at this -- Poles were flying at


this point. They are in third place. My goodness, well, that does


confirm them with a place in the final. So can you believe it? We


are going to have plenty to cheer here in a couple of hours time. Two


C2 crews from Great Britain, in the Olympic final. It demonstrates such


maturity when that mistake happened when they found themselves going


backwards, they kept their cool and made sure they got themselves back


on track because mistakes happen here in canoe slalom. It is about


how you deal with them. Can you deal with them in a way you can


keep your moment up the and get back into a qualifying run.


three crews to go, but it does not make any difference to Tim Baillie


and Etienne Stott, they are safely in the final. So, both British


crews into the final, but what about those fun loving boys from


Bratislava, the 32-year-old twins? They have won almost half of their


country's gold medal haul since Slovakia gained independence, 5.5


million people expect a fourth gold. No pressure, this was a good run


and this pair were the the quickest of all, but, two penalty, after


touching a gate. Not sure whether it was up stream or downstream. We


will be able to see. Crossing the line, so they qualified second


behind Florence and Hounslow, so this is how it looked. The top six


go through to that final which takes place about 3.15 and it is


great to see the Britons at the top of the pile. A great crowd at the


LeeValley centre will be delighted with that. As I say, 3.15 roughly


is when we will go back to that. We are building up to the Judo shortly


but before we go there let us get a quick catch up with events in


Weymouth. Shirley, it has been a Weymouth. Shirley, it has been a


very eventful down there. Not least in the fin class. Ben Ainslie, has


the tide turned we wonder? She is having a few problems hearing us.


great start for Big Ben, the first race of the day, he dominated it.


He led from the start, he controlled it all the way round and


won the race. Perhaps also, more interestingly, the Danish sailor,


the big Danish sailor that has been ahead of him for all six races,


capsized. So, great news for Ben Ainslie, he is in his second race.


A win in the first race today for the star sailor, they are behind me.


Good news in the 470 men. It is their opening day and they finished


with two seconds. In the 49er class, they had a second and a first, so a


great day for British supporters. Yes, I think you must be sponsored


by a leading brand of seasickness pills. It looks very choppy. What


for you has been the stand out performance this morning?


obviously have a few problems with Shirley. I am not surprised he has


been on the water for hours and hours, rather her than me! It is


going down well in Weymouth. I am sure someone who can hear sus on


dry land. Jonathan Edwards is at the Lee Valley Whitewater Centre


and I am sure great reaction to that semifinal down there Jonathan?


David Florence and Richard Hounslow alongside me after that brilliant


run. David, let me dom you first. What is the main emotion, relief,


excitement? Almost neither, just yet. We are pleased to be through,


but just staying focused. All we were doing was focusing on our run,


either way, we didn't want to treat it like that, what we had to beat,


we had to put in a good run for u and you know, things didn't go


perfectly but we kept focused and we pushed on and tried to get back


on line the whole way and we are pleased with that, and looking to


do the same again. In is only half a job done. Yes, not even half a


job. Once you get into the final, it is back to zero, so, yeah, like


David said we will go back, there is a few bits we need to work on, a


bit sketchy off the start, but you know, we held it together, any time


we were tight on things, we just were composed, and sorted ourselves


out and put in a nice solid run to get through the finals. Sound good.


Immense courage, strength of character, go away and get ready


for the final. Thank you very much. Great stuff. Saz u -- as you say it


is about 3.15. Jonathan can join us live. I am sure great excitement.


The reaction from some of the Slovakian fan, it is a shock to the


system to see the boys beaten there. Certainly was, you know, three


Olympic titles in a row, going for their fourth. They did have an


early penalty. Nonetheless, you wouldn't bet against them when it


comes to the final. But David Florence and Richard Hounslow have


shown incredible strength of character. I interviewed them after


the semifinals of the K1 and C1. They were devastated. They didn't


know what to say or do. It wasn't what they dreamed of. They had been


training here for the last 18 months so to turn it round in the


way they did, they deserve immense praise, they are right in there


with a chance. They R just explain to us what happens now, I believe


the slate is wiped clean and we start again for the final. That is


right. They go in reverse order, depending on how fast or slow they


went in that semifinal. So David Florence and Richard Hounslow will


go off last. Etienne Stott and Tim Baillie will go off first. It is


hard to tpwhee the most favourable draw is. They probably prefer not


to go last, but any way, the guys can take the confidence from the


fact they are the fastest in the semifinals but they start from


scratch. Looking forward to it. Thank you. We are billing up to the


judo, with Gemma Gibbons going in the semifinal of her division, 78


kilos shortly. Before we do, if you haven't seen this, certainly worth


watching again. Without question, the best race of the rowing regatta


so far. It is the lightweight men's four and our four, reminding us the


Great Britain team is Great Britain and Northern Ireland team. The


Chambers brothers from Coleraine are prominent members of the team.


Let us show you how this one ended strokes remain. Denmark, Australia


and Great Britain. The Danes have led right from the first stroke. We


are now in danger zone. Chris Bartley brings his meant right up


on to the boil. There will be met by a wall of noise from the British


crowd. South Africa coming up as well. This is a tough event. That


wall of sound has got to drive them on. Can they make it?


Surely there are now looking for stronger. One big push. The crowd


are on their feet. They are just into second place. They are moving.


As the Danes have responded well DUP --. It is going to the wire.


They're not going to make it. Denmark had moved out again. South


Africa sneaking ahead of the Danes. Here come the British, they are not


going to do it. South Africa are the Olympic champions. And we have


to wait for the confirmation. Great Britain get the silver and Denmark


get the bronze. It was a valiant effort. It is jubilation in of the


South African boat. And a little bit of disappointment for the


silver medal. A worthy silver medal for Great Britain. They gave


absolutely everything to date for themselves, for the team and for


themselves, for the team and for Great Britain.


Da UN on water's edge, what are we thinking? That was brutal, really


brutal. We were just fighting through the whole lot. Just to get


ourselves back in contention. We did a cracking job would just not


good enough to get the gold. To even get as Silva was impressive


from where we came from. We were just struggling to keep pace. We


just dug our heels in and fought really hard. Tell us about the


first 500m or so? I think we did a reasonable job, we


were bounced around quite a lot. It is a tough event. We wanted to


win. As silver is fantastic, it is a medal at the Olympics. And you


have seen the event. In terms of the race, as a dramatic spectacle,


it is the best we have seen so far at this regatta. We you drinking in


the last July 0150 or so, if we can get past the Danes we can do it,


almost as if you're blind decided by the South Africans? Not really.


It was just about putting their head down and going for it.


It was just trying to get the blade in it and get on with it. I'm sure


everyone in Northern Ireland and Coleraine Road will be unbelievably


proud of you. We will be speaking about this at length. How do you


feel about silver medal he now? We wanted to win, but we have to be


happy to get a medal. It is a home Olympic Games and we're silver


medallists, it is not terrible. It is a shame we did not win but we


did everything we could and these things happen. Thank you very much


and many congratulations. Absolutely sterling effort and


congratulations from all of us. There are so many ways to watch


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London 2012 on the BBC. We've got the Olympic Games covered.


Not long before the 20 from it -- the 24 year-old Gemma Gibbons plays


in the judo final. Let us take a look at this pretty difficult sport


look at this pretty difficult sport The playing area is a foam covered


mat. The referee remains in the combat area throughout the contest.


To external judges stay outside to come from the decisions of the


referee if necessary. A variety of techniques are used. Including


ippon and yuko. An ippon secures immediate victory. Waza-ari


culminates in an opponent being thrown on their back. A yuko is


when an opponent does not land on their back. Gemma Gibbons just


getting prepared now. The last Olympic medal for judo gained 12


years ago for Kate Howey. This is an absolutely supreme effort to


have got this far. Our fingers are crossed as she takes on her French


opponent. Her mother played handball from


Cameroon, a very sporting family her opponent comes from. And we


her opponent comes from. And we features a Brazilian and an


American. The Brazilian came into the Games as the world number one.


The American, Kayla Harrison, 22 years of age.


The Brazilian it is the top seed, having won the last Grand Prix


before these games. The Paris Grand Slam.


She also beat Kayla Harrison that day. And the American is now on the


gold. She goes to sleep every night apparently imagined that it might


be her. She is a fantastic fighter, so powerful. She has great hip


throws. These are two of the best are names in the semi-final you


for it. The prison in blocking. Harrison is two times national


years for the way he treated her. She apparently contemplated suicide.


She claims her current coach came in and saved her life. And looking


to do the greatest thing possible if you're an athlete, potentially


to win an Olympic gold medal. Kerridge both on and off the mat. -


it their instructions during those great names. The Brazilian coach


probably does not need a mobile phone to contact her friends back


home! The winner will be in the Olympic


watch, she is fast and light on her feet.


Locked into this one-handed grip again.


Looking for the sleeve and at the same time looking to see what your


opponent's hand is up to as well. That was close for the American.


It really is a battle for the grip. It you feel you're at a


disadvantage then you have got to break out.


David Cameron is one of the spectators today as his Vladimir


Putin, who is a black belts. A big risk getting countered. Every seat


has been sold out here, every session. This vast exhibition and


Conference Centre. Five different halls, hosting all those different


sports. One of them judo. A big o goshi and Harrison turns it back.


Takes her down for the yuko so she is ahead by the smallest score, a


yuko. Now she is on the arm. She won with this technique earlier


today. She is looking to get the roll and roll her on to the back.


The referee calling mate. Brilliant timing, catches the leg, drives the


Brazilian back. The 22-year-old American who has gone through some


of the most unimaginable things that life can offer her so far,.


Again on the ground, looking for the arm. The referee will give them


time on the ground, while the action is going on. The Brazilian


looking up, trying to get the break. 25 seconds to go. I am not sure


where you go if you are in sixth gear as the coach. The Brazilian is


trying to find it. Her charge needs to as well. Aguiar, she came in as


the top seed. Unless she gets her skates on she is losing, she has


lost. American judo, whatever happens in the final, will be able


to celebrate just its second ever medal in the women's division, and


Kayla Harrison who when she comes to write the book will have some


story to tell, will go for gold in American, from first thing this


morning, jemmy Pedro the coach saying to her, there is nobody here


can beet you. -- Jimi. The girl from New York will very shortly be


going for Olympic Gold. Jimmy Pedro, such a great motivator, Americans


chance of shooting for a bronze medal. Let us hope if she does, she


doesn't drop it in the shower did like another athlete did. He


cracked his. Aguiar will have a go for bronze shortly. We know one of


the finalist, it is the American Kayla Harrison. Jimmy Pedro does


his nut and she does likewise. But it is time now, for the ExCel


centre. It has been buesmly supported by judo enthusiasts from


all over the world. But for once and for the first time this week,


it is largely about Britain. Sport. Sports have headlines over the last


24-hour, that if they could have rubbed out they would have done.


British judo has not known anything like this for 12 years. There is


her opponent Audrey Tcheumeo. The World Champion from France. The 21-


year-old, one of the most exciting talents in judo. 12 years since


Kate Howey fought in her semifinal in Sydney and she walks out behind


the girl who is looking to supersede her now. She will be mat


side and Gemma Gibbons attempts to bridge that gab of a dozen years, -


- gap, somebody who lives on the other side of the Thames from here


at the ExCel. The other side of the Blackwall Tunnel, or the other side


of the cable car, if you want to do it with a bit of a view. But it is


hard to imagine how much tougher it could be for Gibbons. Let us hear


the roar. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Tcheumeo the World Champion after


winling gold on her home mat. She has come to London as the third


seed. She ended the raid of the defending champion Zhang Li. She is


all that stands between Gemma Gibbons and a place in Olympic


history. The women's semifinal. Audrey Tcheumeo in blue. Gemma


Gibbons, the 25yeerl from Greenwich, in white. Gemma has been brilliant


today, but now she has to put all those rounds behind her, this is


the fight that matters. Se has been fighting brilliantly. Lovely


attacking style of Judo. She is minute. Gemma will want to slow her


of a medal. She will fight for gold or silver. If she loses she still


might end up with a bronze. She These two fought earlier this year,


and it just ended on one to two so it is possible. It is conceiveable


the area. The referee calling mate. I know there are fabulous personal


stories all over, but Gemma Gibbons introduced to the sport when her


mum took her along to the local metro Judo club when she was just


six, for as long as she can remember, her mum was there, her


biggest fan and inspiration, it is all she wanted to be, was be this,


an Olympian, her mum sadly isn't here to see itment she died a few


years ago. But her daughter is now an Olympian. I wonder if her mum


ever thought she would be fighting for a place in the Olympic final.


She is now. Getting her leg in. Tcheumeo gets the hips in. You are


a split second, when you land your grip, you have to the attack


instinctively. That is that fear some thing, you can seem to be on


the attack, the one hunting for glory and suddenly you are on your


own backside. It can turn in an instant, with the counters. It is


all about a waiting game. Waiting for the moment. Getting it right.


Gemma, she has the sleeve now. Tcheumeo gets the first attack in.


French have had a long love affair with this sport. Major stars back


home, over 500,000 French play regular alreadyly, most of more and


will be on the edge of their seats right now. They have had five judo


medals to cheer this week. Have they not had enough? Can they not


give Great Britain a chance? Five for goodness sake! Gemma needs to


get that grip off her head. Does well there getting the hips in.


you are uncomfortable in the grip, you need to break out quickly,


otherwise you risk getting thrown. She did a good job there, getting


the hips across and breaking the Howey saying that, as soon as you


get on the grip, attack. You can't wait, she is saying as soon as you


get hole of the sleeve, throw your leg in at the same time. -- hold.


Fvingsfrpblgts you wait you give your opponent time to defend.


wonder which was tougher, the Olympic semifinal she fought 12


years ago on or the one she is involved in sitting on her chair?


Yeah. Very little she can do the eaffect this one. Tcheumeo in the


blue, Gemma Gibbons in the white as we approach the half way point of


first. Right on the edge of the area. She is waiting. Tcheumeo


dropping down to her knees to get out of trouble. One of the issues


for Gibbons is when she gets in that position, you can see that she


is afraid of what the French woman might throw at her as she tries to


dislodge. There is only a split second in it, and it is, waiting


for the right moment. But again, Tcheumeo dropping down. You have to


move your opponent, with the attack, if you drop to your knees that is a


penalty. Referee might be giving that serious thought. Not on this


occasion, but the French woman, the World Champion, let us not forget,


is treading a fine line here. last minute and Gemma pushing


forward. She has a bit round the waist. She goes for the take back.


And this is good. The last two strongly. But hen she will fade


into the last part of the fight. Gemma knows that and she will be


while since a nation was so concerned about the right leg of a


French woman but every time Gemma Gibbons goes forward you are aware


that is spitting out with poison. On the end of it. Gibbons is doing


so well. She is trying to dictate the fight again. And again, again


the French fighter dropping down without moving her opponent. Gemma


Gibbons needing to make sure she gets her own attacks in. That is


really important that Gibbons does regulation time in this semifinal.


Mate called as the fight goes medal since Barcelona 1992. That is


how long it is. Kate Howey's silver. One in 20 years. It is not being


greedy to ask for another. Fighting off a bit of French pressure for


once and did well to make sure she lan on her front rather than


anywhere that might concede a point. Avoided the yuko but it is


important that Gemma does get an attack in. Coming forward but she


needs to get the attack in for the world World Champion is sucking up


vai -- vapours as well this is how well Gemma Gibbons is doing, they


are both exhausted. They both face the biggest 40 seconds of their


life so far. Vingsfrpblg Gibbon looking for the technique, he has


gone round the waist again. -- she has gone round the waist again. A


hint of fear perhaps in those French eyes. Oh. Good attempt


though. Gemma Gibbons really fighting this well. Up against the


World Champion, the current World Champion here. Doing so well. 20


seconds left. Are we going to need a golden score, to sort out this


just turning out. The throw started within the area, it would have


counted. The French fighter managing to turn out on to her


most encouraged? I think Gemma Gibbons and did that so well with


that last attack. The French woman starting to job to


description. The first person to make the decisive move will be an


the pressure. What do your lungs feel like at this stage? They are


burning now. Muscles burning, fingers burning. Absolutely. And


you have to keep thinking even though you're so tired. So close!


Just abrading the clutches of the Britain.


She is taking the risk, she went Gemma Gibbons. She is Euan Burton's


partner. Resolve how he reacted to the bruises the Olympics can


inflict. To concede the ippon you the French woman does not have a


lot left in the tank. -- telling bridge has been broken in glorious


fashion! It has been a dozen years since a British judo player has


been able to do that. She is into the final. She has just


beaten the world champion. The British women continued to


provide brilliant medal moments at these Olympics. And there is still


one more fight to go but she deserves to enjoy this moment.


has just had the victory of her career. Fantastic judo, spectacular.


She goes for it. She gets in front and what a brilliant throw. An


ippon. An emphatic ippon. British judo has travelled all around the


world, to Athens, to Beijing, looking for somebody to succeed


Kate Howey way. The girl they needed to find was living on the


other side of the Thames from where she has just secured her place in


the Olympic final. After all the headlines, the squad being


criticised so publicly, just put that into perspective? I think that


has put it into perspective. Gemma Gibbons has just done that. That


was the best performance of the tournament. British judo has an


tournament. British judo has an Olympic finalist!


It is as silver for now but of course Gemma Gibbons gets the


chance to fight for the gold medal against Kayla Harrison of the


United States. We are not quite sure when that will be exactly. But


fantastic scenes down there and it has been along time coming. British


judo has been in the doldrums. It was only one medal before that


and a huge relief for all judo players in the country. Peter


Wilson going in about seven or eight minutes time in the double


traps shooting. But just time to drop in now to another part of the


ExCel Arena. Great British boxers brought home one medal in Beijing.


The gold for James DeGale. Today Anthony Ogogo starts his bid to


succeed James DeGale. He has had an huge leap up time just to be here


after shoulder surgery. But he is a big time performer and he will have


to be because he finds himself up against the reigning world champion


against the reigning world champion from the Ukraine.


The only person that matters here is Anthony Ogogo. Can he would


stand what will be the three most torrid moments of his boxing


career? A good left hand from Anthony Ogogo.


He has to keep his opponent off balance. Just counter attack and


try to push him back a little bit. How is his stamina going to last?


Good right hand from Anthony Ogogo. And he has got him again.


The lovely left hook round the corner. The judges could not have


missed that one. Two and three shots, then moved the feet.


Again Anthony Ogogo in first with that right hand. His opponent


getting a little bit frustrated. That will give him just a few


seconds rest and he needed that. Into the last half of what has been


a pulsating contest. One of the best contests we have seen it so


far. Anthony Ogogo must run. His opponent is not burn to let him of


the book. He is caught again. One minute to go. Come on, Anthony,


do not let this one slip. He is tiring and this machines from


the Ukraine is coming storming forward.


Keep him at bay. Keep him at bay and then it moved.


What a racket, what a performance from Anthony Ogogo.


And what has since agent this would be if he could hang on to win this.


It is so close. -- sensation. He needs to score with a couple of


shots. The Ukrainian coming forward. Good food work from Anthony Ogogo.


And stabbing laughter from the Ukrainian. -- stabbing foot work.


There is not very much in this. What a task for the judges. What a


performance from Anthony Ogogo. Whatever happens, he has raised his


status in world amateur boxing by leaked and bronze. -- leaps and


bounds. His coaches very proud of their man.


He put in a fantastic display against the best middleweight in


the world. This Ukrainian boxer was relentless.


This is where he just let himself down a little bit, staying on at


the ropes for a split second too long. But a tremendous display of


guts and courage. What a contest! What a performance


from Anthony Ogogo. The crowd gathering their breath. Gathering


their hopes. The Ukrainian reckons he has done enough in the last


round. They've really are taking their time. I would not be


surprised if this was scored level. They'd take the scores from all


five judges and add them up. I think that is what the delay is


going to be. It is a little bit frustrating for everyone. It is


literally either way. It is so close. If he beats this fellow you


would fancy Anthony Ogogo to go on and do what James DeGale did.


I think it is going to go to cut back. -- count back. This is the


most extraordinary drama that we have seen here in terms of waiting


for the scorers. Has Anthony Ogogo been good enough


to upset the world number one? Ladies and gentlemen, the judges


have scored level and we go to count down.


He has got it! He has beaten the world number one! They went to


count back. The five judges are asked to dress either of the Red or


the blue button and they have come out in favour of Anthony Ogogo!


That is the upset of this tournament so far. That was for his


dear mother. He has beaten the world champion. Anthony Ogogo, a


What an afternoon for Anthony Ogogo and British sport. Eight a huge


upset in the middleweight division. A fantastic effort from the man


from Norfolk. Look at the seams down here. Six out of six for the


British boxers so far -- look at the seams. As I has -- had said,


I've got a good feeling. We have a guaranteed silver from a German


Gibbons in the judo mat - Germaine Gibbons. And we might upgrade that


because we are heading for the double trap shooting for the men.


It was a goal for Richard Faulds, but all eyes are on Pippa Wilson.


He qualified in -- on Pippa Wilson. qualification. -- Wilson. He is


three shots clear of the field. The trio who took the gold, silver and


bronze in Beijing have all failed to reach this final. They were


expected to provide the sternest opposition, along with the world No.


1 from the USA, but he also failed in the qualification, finishing in


16th position. This is possibly, despite the fact he qualified in


4th, probably the main danger to Wilson. But he has missed the


target, one of these two targets early on. He shot impeccably this


morning, certainly in the last stage against the Russian. Good


shooting at from the Kuwaiti clay used -- the clays are


travelling at 100 mph. There is a roar of approval from the crowd at


the Royal Artillery Barracks because that was to out of two from


Wilson with his first two targets. for him. Pippa Wilson is a great


story. His UK funding was cut in 2009. He was working as a waiter in


a pub before he was picked up a member -- by a member of the Royal


Saudi Arabian family. After that he was looking to start a coaching


career. But then at the two men combined, and they hope that the


right, ends up on the left-hand side after falling on -- falling


finalist here is by 13 years. Aside from the two Russians, the other


competitors are old enough to be his father. He has missed both of


them there, I think. A double red flag for the Kuwaiti shooter. So


that is one of their closest But Peter Wilson is still in pole


His score is now 149. If he gets 48 out of 50, he is certain of the


gold, no matter what anyone else does in this final. And so far he


qualification, a long way behind Peter Wilson. Almost uncatchable by


Now up to 148. But providing he can keep making two out of two, Peter


Wilson is keeping the other at arm's length. The man from


Dorchester or, his first Olympics, but his world ranking is number two.


He has really come to prominence in the last 12 months or so. He set a


new Finals world record of 198 in Arizona at a World Cup event this


year. He is one of the favourites coming into the competition. But he


must have been surprised and delighted to see those that he


probably thought were his main competitors for by the wayside in


qualification. -- fall by the say I thought the Russian would be


the main challenger to Peter Wilson but he has already missed a couple


of targets in the opening two sets. The Kuwaiti has recovered his


composure. That was after missing both targets a couple of rounds ago.


A 100% record so far for the Russian, and that continues. So he


is the man at the moment he was keeping up the pressure on Great


missed one. He has missed one of the two there, so his lead is cut.


Cut down to two points, although at the moment the computer is saying


he has a three-shot lead. The main scoreboard says he has a two-shot


lead. But I am pretty certain that by 13 years. He got into


competitive shooting almost by accident, really. Although he did


shoot from the age of eight, and really focused on it properly. When


he was 13 he had a serious snowboarding injury which prevented


him playing his two main lovers of cricket and squash. But he found


himself to be a dab hand at shooting. He definitely did not hit


the target with one of those previous two, so he's lead is cut


has missed one. That opens the door for Peter Wilson to regain his


three points advantage, and he does just that. 154 is the score for


Peter Wilson. 151 for the Russian. 150 for the Kuwaiti. 149 for the


Swede. The rest on one for eight. - of the two targets, so his court


the men closest to Wilson that he must be wary of. Again, the Russian


has missed the target and his score moves just on to the mark of 150.


And his challenge is just petering within one of Wilson, but Wilson


score. Four ahead of the Kuwaiti. At this stage, he is virtually


guaranteed a medal, but he wants gold. So, of course, do the home


nation, Great Britain, looking for a third gold medal of the Olympic


Games. Restart the round again with the Hungarian. -- we start the


round. He was a surprise qualifier in his first Olympics, at the age


shot a maximum in the finals, but neither will do so today. Although


he probably needed to if he was going to get into the gold medal


position. The total needed for Wilson will have diminished now,


because all the athletes have threat to Peter Wilson, who steps


up to the centre point of the range. Excellent shooting again from


Wilson, taking him to 158. And he is closing in, slowly but surely,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


particularly at the speeds they are is the Kuwaiti, shooting now, he


was the chief -- who is the chief threat. The Russian her shot very


well. And indeed throughout the competition. He continues out there.


They were all for him, and an arm in the air, but Peter Russell


Wilson takes his total up to 160, striking the targets twice.


Remember, these targets are moving away all of the time, so only a


limited time in double trap outdoor range. Parts of which in


terms of the press areas is are Flooded because of the rains we had


earlier. Turned into sunny afternoon. Wind speed fairly light,


so good conditions for the men's double trap final here at the Royal


Artillery Barracks. Aldeehani to 159. Wilson, 160. With these two


targets still to come. He has missed one! He has missed the


second there. So he moves on the 161 but his lead now has been cut,


from three, to two. Over Mosin. And They were Firth and sixth plate


qualifiers. They have been shooting pretty well. Dahlby is the only


chuter with a 100 percent record in this final so far. Consequently, he


is starting to move up the rankings in terms of the outsiders. Too far


here, he ties with Peter Wilson. He is urging the crowd to give him a


bit of support, but that is for long hope, because 90% of the


audyns are rooting for Peter Wilson, who nervously hits both targets to


continue with his two shot lead. who has lost his way just a little


bit in the final. And he has missed another target there, missed the


two clays as well. Just wondering if the pressure is getting to all


the shooters. Not just the gold medal position of course, the


medals up for grabs, the Russian again Mosin asking for the crowd


support. Peter Wilson, you will hear the roar there, 165 now, for


Peter Wilson. 163 for Mosin. And Aldeehani 161. Along with Dahlby.


So Peter Wilson of Great Britain has a two shot lead, as we enter


the closing stages now, of the men's double trap here at the Royal


Artillery Barracks. Two shot lead over Mosin, and a four shot lead


over Aldeehani and Dahlby, who is with two out of two. Aldeehani. --


Fokeev. Split second between the two shots. Moss listen want to keep


up the pressure here, on Peter Wilson of Great Britain. And his


missed the second of the two clays there. So his lead now is cut to


just the one point. Wilson on 166. Mosin on 165. Aldeehani 163 and


Dahlby 162. Just a pause while we order of shoots never changes in


the trap final. Bognar will always start. Dahlby even though he has


moved up the order a bit. He will go second. Having qualified second


Britain's gold medal him pick hopes. Mosin with two out of two. He keeps


appealing for support. I think he is wasting his time! This is man


that virtually everybody wants to win, he shoots two out of two to


maintain his advantage, so Wilson with 168. Mosin of Russia with 167.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


Aldeehani of Kuwait, 165 and Dahlby takes his score on to 167. Which is


where Mosin starts. Just the first position right of centre. Two out


of to for him. Momentarily. He goes into the lead with 169. Peter


Wilson though, with two out of two. And he is now back in the lead, on


170. We have 20 shots to go, in the men's double trap final. So Peter


Wilson has a one shot lead, over Vasily Mosin, and a three shot lead


over Aldeehani of queue wait. -- shooters but Aldeehani missed the


second target there. This is Mosin. In second place, only a point


behind Great Britain's Peter Wilson now. And he has missed. He has


missed, with his second shot there, missed the second clay. And this


gives Peter Wilson a chance to open up the lead again to two points and


that is an opportunity that he has not wasted. So it's a two point


lead again for Peter Wilson at the end of that round. 18 shots


remaining. 172 to Wilson, 170 now to Mosin. Third, joint third


Aldeehani and Dahlby, on 168. Bognar was one behind, hits two out


certainly bronze, possibly silver, the Kuwaiti, now it is Mosin, still


the closest challenger to Wilson, and he has missed again. He missed


with the first shot there. And Wilson makes his pay, because


Wilson has got his lead back out to three again, we are back where we


started. After qualification. Peter Wilson of Great Britain leads by


three. But of course we are much closer now to the end of the men's


double trap competition. Just 16 shots to go, and a three point lead


for the home favourite Peter Wilson score up to 172. Mosin has missed


with two of his last three shots. to feel the pressure too. A bit of


only one behind, but Peter Wilson had the two shots in hand, two out


of two, 14 shots to go. He is 14 shots from a gold medal, or


Bognar once more. Hungarian makes Fokeev of Russia now, shoots two


out of two. And they will keep going like this, until they get to


the 50 clays, only 14 shots to go. 12 om of them and Peter Wilson,


just needs to keep hitting one both targets. One missed there by Mosin.


And this could let him in again. And it has. He has opened up a four


point lead now. Peter Wilson, 178, and Vasily Mosin one 17 -- 174, the


same as Aldeehani of Kuwait. So it's a pour point lead for Peter


Wilson and the shots are running out, and at the moment, it looks


like Great Britain are going to win their third gold medal of the


London 2012 Olympics. Bognar of Hungary shoots two out of two.


Peter Wilson has just missed three so far, in this final. 48 would


have guaranteed him gold. Just a maximum he the he can get is 47 but


it doesn't matter as other people have missed as well. Aldeehani has


missed four times. That is two out his score up to 176. He is two


behind Wilson but Wilson has the two shots in hand and it is two out


of two for Wilson, he is a maximum of ten shots away from the gold


medal. Peter Wilson. He won the 2006 European junior Championships,


having only started shooting competitively four months


previously. Since then the last six years have been a tale of success


for Peter Wilson but this would cap everything. Bognar has missed the


second of the two targets there, very well in this final. The best


shooter in the final, just missing one target, which might get him a


monks below a ranking of medals but it will not get in the gold. But it


will not get him the gold, because it has the name of Peter Robert


Russell Wilson of Great Britain on it. 10 shots are left for Mosin of


Russia and Wilson of Great Britain. And a four shot lead. Cut down to


two, but they are in hand for Wilson. And he has missed them


both! He has missed them both! Absolutely incredible. His lead has


been cut from four to two, half in jest that set of shops. -- in just


that set of shots. He must be feeling the pressure. Most


uncharacteristic. A wry shake of the head of a camera from Pippa


Wilson. Bognar has missed the trying to chase Peter Wilson. He is


level with him now. Wilson has two shots in hand. That is after Mosin


and Wilson have shot here. Then it will just be six shots remaining.


And Mosin has missed one. Vassily Mosin has missed. This is where he


needs to step up to the plate, and he has done! Peter Wilson, two out


of two. It is spectacular when you hit the middle. All of the powder


coming out of the clay, and the expectant galleries now know he is


closing in on a gold medal for Great Britain. It is Aldeehani of


Kuwait in second position. He is ranked No. 12 and the world. -- in


the world. I am sure he is pleased to just reach the final, but now he


is the man, the main man, in terms of chasing down Peter Wilson. Only


six shots remaining. And his lead over Aldeehani is two, the lead


been excellent in this final, by the way. Just one target missed.


Fokeev, two out of two for the Russian. The Kuwaiti, Aldeehani, is


Peter Wilson's closest challenger, just two behind him. He takes a


these are the first two. And he has missed! He has missed with the


first one. That helps Peter Wilson's caused no end. Vassily


Mosin, on at 179. He hits both and is up to 181, but as it is,


Aldeehani, can Peter Wilson open up an advantage? 184. He is three in


the lead over those two, but only two in the lead over Dahlby. But


very few shops remaining. -- shots. Just four to go. Peter Wilson's


His total is 180 with two to go. This man is now the main threat to


Peter Wilson. Dahlby of Sweden. He has missed just once in the final.


And he maintains the pressure on Wilson, because he goes to 184, the


same as Wilson. But Wilson has two shots in hand. Dahlby with just two


is Mosin of Russia. But the bottom line is that if Peter Wilson hits


both here, he cannot lose in this final. And that he's an almighty


roar going up! He hasn't won it yet, not quite, because macro darts --


Dahlby hits both targets, and Wilson misses both, it would go to


a shoot off. This is the last round of the men's double trap as the


sunshine breaks out at the Royal Artillery Barracks and Great


Britain stand on the edge of a gold medal at their home Olympics. This


is Dahlby. If he misses either of these... But he hasn't. He is up to


186, the same score as Wilson. Now it is a Fokeev of Russia, he is too


far behind. What he does here does up to 185. Mosin, two would take


him up to 185, and he has got them, but Peter Wilson needs these


targets to win gold for Great Britain. And he does it! Peter


Wilson has done it! He has won gold. He sinks to his knees. He has won


gold for Great Britain, the third gold medal of the game for the host


nation. He held his nerve brilliantly, Peter Wilson, and the


crowd here at the Royal Artillery Barracks rise to salute this 25-


year-old from Dorset. Olympic gold in the men's double trap at the age


of just 25. He is a giant of a man, six foot six inches tall. You


almost feel at times he could touch out and reached the clays. He has


such a height advantage. Delight for Great Britain. Another gold,


and well done to Peter Wilson. His full name is up there, Peter Robert,


Dahlby, and Vassily Mosin will go into weight shoot-out with


Aldeehani of Kuwait -- into a shoot-out. So there will still be


some more drama to come here at the Royal Artillery Barracks. Peter


Wilson has won gold for Great 5th sensational victory for Peter


Wilson, and the final was full of suspense. The 25-year-old son of a


Dorset farmer. He is trained by a Saudi prince who put all of his


face and training in our shooter. An extraordinary story. We will get


more reaction from Peter in a moment, but what her afternoon for


British sport. We will be fighting for gold in the judo around 2pm,


but there are two British pairs in the canoe slalom, very good medal


chances. They were the 6th fastest of the qualifiers, and we will


enjoy the final in the company of Bailey and Etty and start getting


bronze medallist in the European Championships a couple of years ago.


Ranked sixth in the world, coming into the the Olympic Games, they


were always going to challenge, but this could be a medal run for Great


Britain, just looking a bit slow there, getting through 13. Making


it OK, without penalties, through 2 .14 and beyond, and Helen Reeves,


you have joined me, this is an encouraging run from Baillie and


stot. They will want to make sure they can maintain their speed. If


they pick up any penalties. That is a fastest split, the second split


they have had as they spin away from 18. This is one of the


trickiest parts of the course. Up stream they go, through 19. Helen


Reeves is nodding her approval. This is looking good for Great


Britain. One up stream gate to go. Tight in and you see Etienne


putting the power down as they turn about, back down, one gate to go.


Great Britain are flying here, no penalties whatsoever. Bailey and


stoth through the finish line -- Etienne Stott and that is the


fastest time we have seen thon Olympic course so far in the C2


Olympic course so far in the C2 competition. Absolutely brilliant.


Fantastic start for the British pair, now the Chinese and the


Polish pair who went next were slower, both incurred penaltys so


three pairs remaining and among them David Florence and Richard


Hounslow they qualified fastest, they will be going last. It is


they will be going last. It is building up beautifully. Back we go.


France have been talking about this pair for a long, long time. They


were the fastest in the heat, still not as fast as Bailey and Etienne


Stott. Nevertheless an accomplished pair indeed. They have got away to


a start. They see them putting the power down, where they can, lifting


the nose over the wave before gate eight. They rup on the split. As we


know, and we have said so many times there is a lot of time to be


lost in that middle section. They are going well for France, they are


a bit stuck there, Helen. And the man at the front there, he is


driving that boat forward. Good steering from Peche. The second


split time will give us a good idea as to what is happening. Excellent


execution of the last gate. Can they do the same on gate 16? They


are in tight and they are away again. We are heading to the second


be watching carefully. The French are 1.63 seconds ahead, but they


did get stuck there. They were all over the place. They lost a bit of


time, but still, the Frenchman at the front driving them forward.


this is going to be tight. They need to keep this. The last part,


because they have 82nd penalty. big cheer goes up from the


grandstand, and you can blame them. This is all about Great Britain


hanging on in their -- who can blame them? Tim Baillie and Etienne


Stott have a medal for Great Britain. They are in second place,


and they do not know whether they have won a medal. But Tim Baillie


and Etienne Stott have won at least a bronze medal for the British team,


their first medal. It might not be their last, you know, because we


still have Richard Hounslow and David France at the start life. --


start line. That was a nerve tingling moment as the two guys


threatened the British all the way down, and in just the last few


gates they picked up at two second penalty and it was all gone.


course is relentless. There is moving all the way to the finish,


and you have to make sure you get through every single one of the


gates, the 23 gates on the course and the British pairing were the


only ones to go down cleanly. you think it was an advantage with


them going down first? Well, I think they had their eyes on


something special either way. two guys, the two men in the boat,


the Slovakian twins. The best paddlers, not just of their


generation, but of any generation. They are going for a 4th


only in gate three as they drop into four. There is a better start


than they had in the semifinal where they had a two second penalty.


They will look to drive the boat between seven and eight before they


drop down. They are off on the split so far. Almost a second. 0.93.


Well, I am not saying it is effortless but they are so well


tuned in together, in terms of technique. Coming out of ten.


Across the Edy, and this is looking very good for the Hochschorner


brother, they are a bit stuck there on the stopper. They might have


lost a bit of time. They are tight in and out of gate 13. They look to


lift the nose through the wave before 14 which was done very well.


Drop down the wave in 15 and now drive into the up stream gate.


Tight on the pole. Driving those blades into the water. They never


seem to get anxious, they have picked up a two second penalty. And


they are behind Bailey an -- Bailey and Stott. The Hochschorner twins


are never been beaten, in an Olympic final. They are losing time


there. Having to drive back up stream, up through 19, now can they


pick up that lost time? On Baillie and Stott of Great Britain? They


are still looking cool. They are having to chase the time of Baillie


and Stott. There is two gates the go. They punch through the wave at


22. It is is going to be close. It is not. Bale laind Stott have a


Silver Medal. -- Baillie and Stott have a silver medal. The stadium is


going potty here. Etienne Stott and Tim Baillie probably can't believe


what has happened here. If anybody was going to beat them, it was


going to be the Hochschorner brothers, going for a fourth gold


medal in a row. To set themselves up as the greatest paddling pair in


history. One of the great Olympian teams in history as well, but it


didn't happen, and that means the there is only one pair now can


prevent Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott from winning the gold medal.


Guess what, they are British. this now means this is going to be


our first Olympic Gold, because in canoe slalom Great Britain have


never won an Olympic Gold, so the question is will it be Baillie and


Stott or Florence and Hounslow. nay can reproduce the performance


they set in the semifinals, it was a beautiful performance, it wasn't


as fast as Baillie and Stott but it was clean. So here we go, this


could be real British history here. David Florence already a silver


medallist from four years ago in Beijing in the C1 event and Richard


Hounslow. And they are chasing the time by their friends and training


partners, Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott who currently lead this C2


final. Keeping it tight round the poles there, David Leaning off gate


four. Setting up the line from seven to eight. Richard having to


duck off gate eight. They are up 1.01 on the split. But they will


have to maintain it through the most difficult parts of the course.


Etienne and Tim went brilliantly from this point forward and they


have certainly lost a bit of time there. Coming out of ten. This is


where Baillie and Stott really won it, I think. Set the fastest time


so far, Florence and Hounslow a bit untidy, would have lost a lot of


time but not enough to push them below the Hochschorners at the


moment. We see the next split time. What shape are the British pair in?


Florence and Hounslow have got to keep it together. Working hard


together on the exit of gate 16 and 17, they will be tight to the split


of Bailey and Stott and they are. They rup on the split. This would


be an incredible performance, they have shown immense promise all year,


that was brilliant coming up to the gate. Everybody is cheering,


everybody in the commentary area is screaming here. For David Florence


and Richard Hounslow. Going up through 21. One stroke, two stroke,


out into the middle of the course. Two to go. No fault. This could be


gold and silver for Great Britain. Can David Florence and Richard


Hounslow win it? Oh, my goodness, they have got a Silver Medal. There


are the Olympic champions. A last medallist. In the last event. A


first medallist in the last event. What am I talking about? We don't


just get one, we get two medals. Absolutely incredible, and in the


process, they have beaten the greatest competitors of all time in


this event. The Hochschorner twins, from Slovakia, who would have


believed it before today. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. That is a real


shot in the arm, not just for these gentlemen but for the whole of


British canoeing, the British canoeing union will be totally


delighted, what a lovely moment as well, for the men who just finished


there. David Florence of course didn't make the final of his event.


Neither did Richard Hounslow but they have picked up a Silver Medal


here and we can celebrate a gold and silver and our latest Olympic


champions, Tim Baillie and Stott Stott. Wonderful, wonderful stuff


here. -- Etienne Stott. Wonderful stuff here Attlee valley. I am


speechless. I can't believe what has happened out there. Canoe


slalom's first ever gold medal and the first medal for canoe for the


C2 category, and two gold medals, we, sorry, two medal, we always


knew with two boats in this final, the odds were good, but the odds


have proven to be very very good. We are fumbling over our words


because it is sum a fabulous moment. -- such. I think the whole of the


coach coaching team will be in the LeeValley arena before too long.


This is what dreams are made of, and this is what makes Olympic


competition very special indeed. Absolutely. Raise astonishing. I


mentioned the sluice gates opening, well, a trickle of medals is now a


raging torrent, look at this. Great Britain catapulting themselves up


to fifth place, on the medal table, four golds, four silver, four


bronze medal so far. What an afternoon at the Lee Valley


Whitewater Centre. Let us get the reaction with Jonathan Edwards, an


amazing hour there. I have David and Richard alongside me. Olympic


silver medallist, I can hardly put into word what is this is like?


That was the most difficult start line we have sat on. Going off last,


it wasn't easy, we knew the times were going well, but we had to try


and focus on our own run, we did it. We put in a good run. We were


pleased. We were on the wrong side. But you know, to win an Olympic


medal, we are certainly not disappointed. It is fantastic, you


know, sitting on the start line there, we knew that Great Britain


had a gold medal, basically, which on its own was fantastick, we are,


you know, one team, it is all about Team GB but we wanted to put a


result in, and we attacked it hard all the way down, it was probably


just a sprint to the finish, just a bit there, and then, you know, that


is the difference between Olympic champions and silver medallist, but


you know, it is fantastick. Brilliant. You talk about Olympic


champion, let us bring them in. Sorry to shuffle you out of the way.


Keep closer. This is amazing. You are the Olympic champions. It is


weird. It doesn't seem quite like that is what could be happening,


but this morning, we did known what could happen. It could have been a


disaster and now it's a dream, and, oh, I don't know... I don't think


surreal covers it. It is incredible. I was really happy, we are going to


be in the top six when we made the final and then thought if we could


finish fourth that could be cool, we could have the result as Nick


our coach got in Sydney. To win is mad, and for these boys to finish


second, I don't know. Slalom race, and that has made up for it. There


has been huge pressure on the team, the first few days didn't go so


bell, to come out and do this shows huge heart. We did feel the


pressure. I am not sure what these guys felt. I felt we needed snog go


right today. We needed to get boats in the finals and we have strong


boats. These guys and us, we in our sport there is nothing taken for


granted. To get into the final, that was amazing, and you know, you


know, over a year ago my should ir, I had surgery on my shoulder, I


thought, you know, could that be, that path along from there to now.


that path along from there to now. It is like it. I can't get round it.


It... When you finished that run, you looked at your time. You were


paddling in front of me. What did you think that was good enough for?


We didn't remember. We had no idea what the times were. We only looked


how far we were off Dave and Rich. We were asking Nick if it was a


decent time. The run we had, I was hoping it might be good enough for


a medal. You can never time. It was a high quality final. The boats are


good and our sport is so... Inconsistent I guess you could say,


hard to be consistent. You never know, I didn't expect that, but...


Two bits of history, first ever Olympic gold medal, for canoe


slalom and the you beat the Hochschorners. They are great


champion, they are amazing athlete, and they are our models and when we


watch, they are our reference point, and to beet them, it is tough, they


had a record to beat today and they have just, they are an amazing


athlete, we have managed to beat them but it takes nothing off their


achievements. They are a fantastic crew: They are still the best crew


in history, and you know, well, it is good we... You are the best C2


crew today. Yes, exactly. I mean, that, I am am happy about that.


Both of them 32. Tim from Aberdeen and Etienne from Manchester. His


much mum is French Canadian. Just before we saw that we saw Peter


Wilson landing his gold in the double trap shooting, the first


gold medal, indeed the first med offal any kind in the shooting


events since 2000.. Medal of any kind. Let us get his reaction tho


that tense Vic from. You could sew what that meant to you. It meant a


huge amount. It is really difficult. I watched the games and I watched


us win a couple of gold medals and you watch the guys talking and they


say, it is just impossible to talk about it and it really is. It, it


was an emotional rollercoaster, but there are a few people I have to


thank. There are a lot. I won't say it now because I will go on forever,


but mainly obviously the Britishing shooting management National


Lottery and without a shadow of a doubt my coach. There is no doubt I


would not be here today if it wasn't for him. So a massive thank


you. And mum and dad and my girlfriend, a huge thanks. You were


looking up to the crowd to see if you can find them. I don't know


where they are. Dad is probably hiding miles away. But what a


feeling! What a rush! When it went down to one point, that lead your


heart must have been pounding? thought I will allow myself to look


back at the board on the fourth pair and I missed the pair and I


thought, I kept going, I thought you know what I came in wa lead, a


possibility, got to peg three, had a look, realised I needed to shoot


the rest. What a feeling. It, I really don't know what to say.


Olympic gold medallist. I am. That is weird to say that. I am an


Olympic gold medallist. Congratulations. Well done. Well


done! Well done. An amazing victory there, at the Royal Artillery


barrack, I tell you what, two gold medals a silver and a guaranteed


silver with Gemma's turn to come. I have to say that is probably one of


the most envaiting hour-and-a-halfs I have spent. It is sports you


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