BBC Two: Day 6: 13.00-13.45 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 6: 13.00-13.45

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Thank you for joining us on BBC Two. We are off to the south-east coast


for some sailing. Shirley Robertson is down at Weymouth for us. If


you'd like to watch Andy marrow macro against Nicolas Almagro, you


can do on BBC Three. -- Andy Murray. Shirley, good afternoon to you. Ben


Ainslie is going for this fourth Olympic gold medal. You are bobbing


around, I didn't realise you were actually out on the water - that's


quite impressive! How is Ben going? It is big Thursday in Weymouth,


there are huge waves four miles out to sea and there's a lot of wind.


Conditions have changed. For Ben Ainslie, today was pivotal. If he


was going to win that gold, he had to win today. They came out, he


looked like a different sailor. He absolutely owned the start line. He


got the one place where you had to start. He was. The first leg and


extended on the next one. The Danish, well, he had a terrible


start and he capsized on the downwind leg. Nervous, perhaps.


It's a big days so anything could happen throughout the race. Our


commentators, they will take us through the last 15 minutes of


increased. From a British perspective, the news is still good


for Ben Ainslie. Hogh-Christensen is leading overall. Ben Ainslie is


to the right of picture. That Orange boy is what they are


rounding next. They have to go down wind. The Danish sailor capsized in


these conditions. We don't want to see that from Ben Ainslie at all.


As the Dana heads to the left hand side of the course. Ben Ainslie is


now in a real duelled with a man from the Netherlands at the front


you have to choose your side, left or right. But it is Postma from the


mark. But the wind coming from his right, standing behind the boat


looking forward. But it is Postma who announced the top mark and lets


his sail out. A bit of rock-and- roll there. Ainslie now on the


attack. These are difficult conditions. You have to be careful,


too. You have to be very careful in these conditions. You can see how


much the boat can Rock Around, very easy to capsize. Ben is very good


in these conditions, very good at sailing downwind as well. We expect


him to go very fast and start reeling in the Dutch guy on this


leg. You will see him jump into action and pumping the boat. He


stands up, leans back, pumps the mainsail. Every time he does that


the boat gets a surge of speed. You try and time that with the wave as


well. A combination of those factors at the same time and the


boat absolutely flies. Ainslie is on the attack now. Denmark in 6th


place at the moment. Ainslie has and he's gaining, he is impressing.


Three big errors he's come back from. He was last in one race and


then he went on to beat Ainsley Waugh. He thought he was over the


line in another race, then he went on to beat Ainslie. Then he


capsized, got himself upright, looked absolutely exhausted - can


he beat Ainslie? Surely the British sailor is far enough ahead in this


race. This is the chase from Hogh- Christensen, the man who spent his


full-time occupation inside the music business, and gave up last


November to spend his full-time attention that is Ben Ainslie wins


gold here, he will become the greatest ever sailing Olympian. He


has 10 races. You count nine of his results in those 10 races. He can


discard his worst score. This is absolutely his best score at the


moment. On Sunday, Ainslie will go into a metal race. Must count his.


Spare. He has to count points in the -- 10 of the 11 races. It's a


long way to win gold, a lot of time on the water. The picture clearly


shows that Ainslie is sailing faster than the Dutch sailor.


Rocking that boat downwind. One rock too many and you are swimming.


It's a fine line you have to play. You have to push hard because it


induces more speed. This is largely about speed, tactics as well,


getting the wind right. But you need to be fast to be competitive.


It's a fine line to play. You push it too hard and you can capsize. We


have seen Ben, he's extended fantastically well. We said he was


fast downwind and he is absolutely flying down his last downwind leg.


The sum much talk about what has happened to Ben, we are seeing that


little has happened to Ben Ainslie. He can halve the lead that the


Danish sailor has. He has always appeared to be slightly cornered,


but if you corner Ben Ainslie, he normally turns his frustration in


to speed. In these wild winds out in Weymouth Bay, he is rock and


roll in his way down towards the mark. Ben Ainslie goes faster than


Australia, the Danish boat just getting the advantage. Those speeds


on a little bit misleading because you get a burst of speed, it's the


consistency. The Spanish sailor, you can see that there has been


some gear failure. He may be out of this race. That will give the


Danish sailor, Hogh-Christensen, Brazilian and Danish sailor.


Confirmation that true J-Lo has youngster, he has coached as a


friend since he was 10 or 11 years old. Just look at the trial, the


yellow dots behind Ainslie. That shows the way he's weaving his way


down the course. When he finds a wave, like a surfer, he steers the


heavyweight faint -- Finn and catches the waiver. You can tell


when he gets that speed because you can see more white water at the


front of the boat, like a speedboat. Ainslie now leading. He has yet to


win a race here on the waters of Weymouth and Portland. He came into


this Olympic Games as he generally does, as the favourite. The burden


of expectation on him. Unlike almost any other athlete in the


British team in London 2012. But he's now got a 90-metre lead over


the man from the Netherlands, literally just a few feet away from


the crowds. Look at the extra distance Ainslie is sailing by


making those giant curves and difference. Denmark currently lead


this ft by 10 points. Ainslie is hot on his heels. But two racers


like this, if it stays like this, could see normal service resumed


for the man who won the World Championships in Cornwall so


convincingly, and he did that the day before he carried the Olympic


torch, the first man to do it. It looks like it's getting a little


closer but these long lenses compress the distance. Ainslie


started this race in very different fashion, a very different approach.


Conservative sailor's hang back and wait for their slot, but that


wasn't the way Ben started today. No, he really was aggressive on the


start-line. He decided that he wanted to get to the left-hand side


of the track as you look up wind. To do that, and to fight off all


the other teams is really high risk because if you get it wrong you can


get wrapped up on the mark at the start. You end up with a penalty in


that situation. Ainslie rock and roll in. He has to be careful. We


saw one sailor capsize earlier on. That Sala was Hogh-Christensen. You


can hear the cheers of the crowd. This race is not over. Ainslie has


the advantage, gets away there. A little tweak and turn as he heads


down wind. Not looking back, not looking concerned. Italy and China


are a long way behind. Now leaning the boat over on towards him.


Squeezing their. There is the Danish sailor on the attack behind.


Can the Danish sailor attack, has left it too late? We have France in


there as well. For the first time in London 2012, Ben Ainslie,


Britain's ever -- greatest ever Olympic sailor, has the rest of the


world in his wake. This is what we expected of Ben Ainslie. Out there,


big waves, enjoying it, dominating the fleet. And now using every


single wave, an example of the technique. Every wave he gets right


polls at it again, but get a few wrong and the catching pack will be


right up with him. Such a fine line. He is lying down the waves and is


constantly changing direction. That's so he can stay on the wave


for longer. The longer you can stay on, the faster and further you


travel down wind. He's done an excellent job, having pulled in big


distances against the feet behind him. Sometimes Ben Ainslie get it


so right on a wave that he is serving and overtakes the wind. At


that moment you see the sails flap. This is classic Ainslie technique.


He is supremely fit. He is 36 years old. An Olympic athlete. The Danish


sailor is now down to 9th place. All Ainslie can do is stay there.


But from a British perspective, the Danish flag and its position on


that leaderboard is crucial. If he falls back a couple more, we can


see the overall lead changed. Ben Ainslie round the final mark at


heads towards the finish. Ainslie now has established a comfortable


lead, but just where is the Danish sailor going to finish? That could


be critical in the overall standings. One place here


difference could mean the difference between gold and silver


come the final on Sunday. It is going to be extraordinary down here


on Sunday. Here is Ben Ainslie now, coming in on the final leg of a day


that surely he must have felt the pressure. You heard the weather


forecast this morning, Weymouth, Brough, windy. He went out here at


the start line, pretty patchy, went for a tiny gap and there it is, Ben


Ainslie has beaten the Danish. Come on, come on! You can see him, he


believes it. The last race he finished he hammered his hand on


the deck, frustrated, brutal. That is Ben Ainslie talking to himself,


come on, I've done it! We saw huge emotion from Ben across the line


there. We've seen him so frustrated when he crossed that line every


time so far. Here is the Dutch sailor. We are going to get


confirmation. Denmark are in eighth. That would be a seven. Macro


clawback or Ben Ainslie, three points between them. Can the Danish


sailor, Hogh-Christensen, the man who went for an unscheduled swim


during this race, he was on the attack or Ben Ainslie. There was


some concern from a British perspective, he had such superior


speed. But he didn't get a chance to find out. He pulled himself


upright, got back into action, but Denmark has an eighth. There he is


just crossing the line. A very different body language to that of


Ben Ainslie. He shakes his head. He breathes out. He will be absolutely


physically exhausted. But mentally, that has shown the first chink in


the armour of the Danish sailor. that Ben Ainslie has beaten Jonas


Hogh-Christensen on the water. Are we about to see a swing in fortunes


for Great Britain? Well, we have seen something pretty special, we


have seen Ben Ainslie back on the attack. Advantage Ben Ainslie? We


Hopefully, Shirley has not capsized, I used there? Your heart, good! --


are you there? You are, good! Is it right that you can lose the worst


of the 11 races? Yes, before going into the medal race, but you carry


your cumulative points from the series, so it is about being


consistent, keeping the points difference to a minimum. There was


a huge sigh of relief from Ben Ainslie, and he was a different


sailor in that race, not letting anyone away with anything, and that


is more like what we are used to seeing. Exactly that, we are used


to see him winning, why has he not been having such a hold on the rest


of the world? Well, I think the speed of the great Dane was a


surprise. It was a surprise to the Great Dane, but also to all the


sailors and coaches, and they were not expecting that. At the World


Championships, Ben won convincingly with a string of firsts, and Jonas


was third, so it's definitely came out of the blue. It was like he had


a slightly bigger engine, and it was hard for him to counter that.


Ben was playing a safe game, playing the percentages, and we


have seen in start badly in the Olympic Games before, but I feel


good about that race, he seems to have found his feet. Still plenty


of time left for him? Another race today, two tomorrow, and then the


final on Sunday. Thank you so much. You can't go back to shore now.


You're not staying out until the next race, are you? Matt, This Is


hardcore, there is a lot more racing going on, the double Olympic


medleys from Beijing are leading, they have just had a second and are


looking pretty good. The 470 men came out for the first time today,


they have had a second that -- and are in second overall. The 49s are


leaving the race after the Finnish boat in front of them capsized.


Plenty of reason to stay out, not of great British success. Super job,


well done, keep going! If you have missed any of the last 24 hours of


Olympic action, and you are allowed to go to sleep, if you have a 60


seconds to spare, here is your They are making history here at


Eton Dorney, Great Britain into the record books, Helen Glover and


Heather Stanning, we stand up and we salute you! And Great Britain


into bronze-medal position! Double double, a champion's performance if


ever I have seen one. It is a fantastic silver medal 4 Great


Britain, Michael Jamieson, what a brilliant swim that was. And he


gets it, we have a new world record His medal hopes are alive, and he


once one! 1-0! Great Britain are through to the quarter-finals.


Great Britain get the silver, a valiant effort from the British


boys. Here comes Bradley Wiggins, after the line, look at the time...


Here he comes, Wiggins goes into the lead! I think it should be


arise Sir Brad. Indeed, on that note, I have just


found these behind the table. I do not know if they were Mishal's or


Sharon's. Everyone is still celebrating the epic victory of


Bradley Wiggins. Just looking down a few tweets, Jamie Murray says his


congratulations to the men's lightweight four, sorry it was not


gold. I can tell you that your brother has beaten Nicolas Almagro


6-4, 6-1. He is into the semi- finals. Earlier, we saw Gemma


Gibbons win her opening bout by ippon, effectively the judo version


of a knockout. Much to the delight of the crowd at the ExCeL arena.


Next, she is to face the Mongolian world number 7 for a place in the


quarter-finals. Earlier the girls were out on the mat, Nicola


Fairbrother and Nick Mullins can year-old Londoner called Gemma


Gibbons against the Mongolian 7th Portuguese girl who was ahead of


care in the rankings with a spectacular first round it on -- it


on. The mountain has just got a little bit steeper, the Mongolian


mountain may be a tough one to Crest, we will see. She was


mightily impressive, the Mongolian judo squad, she was desperately


close to winning and Olympic medal herself, which bring back such warm


memories for her countryfolk, won their first gold medal in any sport


four years ago, and she is one of the likely candidates here. Gemma


was brilliant and at first match. She kept her cool throughout and


waited for the moment, and she will need to do the same here. This


Mongolian is very physical, and she does not want to do any weak


attacks. She has to wait for the moment to be right. The winner of


turnover on the ground, Chennai needs to stay on her stomach. --


Gemma. Nothing doing, she was clamped like one of the then puts


on the riverbank, on the Thames that separates her from her home in


Greenwich. She is a local girl, and Euan Burton's partner, she has


experience of how bruising mentally the Olympics can be. She will have


been as moved as we all were by his defeat a couple of days ago, and


the magnificent way he reacted to it during his interview with the


Britain had to celebrate at these Games. It is a record she is not


particularly proud of, she would rather she was not the last British


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


champions turning themselves into a penalty, though. Rolling hands from


the referee to indicate that he does not think she is doing enough


work. The Mongolian getting the initiative again, Gemma Gibbons


needs to get her hips in the first, lest we forget. Once again, a


British fighter coming up against one of the best early on, because


they themselves are not seeded. There has been a British fighter in


every way it on every day, but they have been scattered to the winds


because they have been drawn against the world's very best. They


have not been protected themselves of the match, she will have more


time to get their attack in. -- Gemma. I was reading, by the way,


that the gold used to plate the champions' medals in London has


been mined from underneath Mongolia and its vast grasslands and deserts,


that is where they got it from. Lkhamdegd Purevjargal is trying to


win something that strictly right arm, keeping her awake. She


has turned it! And she gets the score! Gemma Gibbons is ahead.


took the risk and it has paid off, she moves into the lead, 1.38, now


she has got to keep control, and she has got to keep strong as the


pressure comes on in this last part of the fight. Lovely switch of


direction, yuko, brilliant judo. What she is doing brilliantly here


is taking her time. She has been told to tighten their belts,


physically, and she is doing just that, but she is taking a breather,


not rushing this. 98 seconds away from the biggest win of her career.


The Mongolian is going to come on really strong, it is important that


Gemma Gibbons keeps her posture, Valentine! There is a danger that


she cannot become too defensive. -- and hell of a long time. She is


ahead, but only by the smallest was doing at the beginning, not let


the Mongolian get the grip over the 60 seconds away from an Olympic


really taking its toll on Givens. She is breathing heavily.


cannot afford the second penalty. She needs to make these attacks


good. That was a good one, moved the Mongolian. She has been playing


the sport since she was six, ever since Fairmont took her along to


the local judo club not far from here today. -- her mum. She died


eight years ago. It has all led to this kind of moment. Can she hold


on for another 30 seconds? A great attack! She was doing more than


just hanging on there. She is playing it right, just getting


these attacks in, keeping control, avoiding a second penalty. More


advice on the way up from Kate as well. You can see her shouting from


the side, telling her to stand strong, keep the posture. Really


crucial now, these last 30 seconds, longer to tie a belter in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


given. Jemma went for an attack, Mongolian turned it. -- Gemma. What


will he now smile on British judo. The umpires have talked to the


referee. What is the decision? final second. And by a considerable


distance. The biggest moment for don't lack heart. They don't know


what it takes to succeed at the Olympics. Don't tell that to Gemma


Gibbons. She's just beaten one of the world's best in her manner. She


it right at the end to get that all-important yuko. That is a good


Tremendous. That puts her into the quarter-finals. We will keep you


updated as the day progresses. It's the semi-final stages of men's


table tennis. This has nothing to do with the Olympics at all, but


what do you think the world record is of hitting table tennis ball


between two players over the net in one minute? 173 times. It is


astonishing. It is the most poss -- popular racket sport in the world.


popular racket sport in the world. You are about to see why. We have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


the world number one, Zhang, The white card is raised to


indicate the time out. That is a more friendly card. The yellow card


is a warning. If yellow and red come together, there's the loss of


a point. I'm sure we will not get Losing that last point at 11-9 in


the previous game, where he played extremely well. His forehand top-


spin clipped the top and went along. This is basics. These crowds have


been absolutely top-class. This is the best table tennis tournament I


have ever been to in terms of have ever been to in terms of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


A weak return. Zhang rather missed Superb backhand top-spin from


Ovtcharov. Very much his strength. That time-out so far has worked


back level at 3-3. Ovtcharov has So far, so good. That's four points


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Beforehand flies long from Zhang. He is absolutely on his feet in


adulation. Look to the extent with which Zhang users those powerful


A somewhat strange game, Zhang having gone 3-0 ahead, 6-3 down and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


Now the momentum switches to The pictures say it will. -- says


Very safe, very sure. Zhang leads 10-8. He has two game points.


Moreover, he has two match points. The crowd is responding as well.


The return of serve from Zhang, the forehand from Ovtcharov lies long.


Zhang, the world number one, the world champion, the World Cup


winner. He is through to the final, through to the gold medal match


later today. He takes that vital This is what you can watch this


OK, later on Pippa Wilson is going in the final of the double trap. He


celebrated another gold medal this afternoon with Pippa Wilson in the


double trap. The world record That has put him in gold medal


position. The final starts at 3pm. What about this? Becky Adlington


through to the final tonight. The first British woman to defend an


Olympic medal. She was looking so relaxed this morning after her


qualifier. On BBC Three, you can see canoeing, Richard Hounslow and


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