BBC One: Day 6: 16.00-18.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 6: 16.00-18.00

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All yours. Well, Passing the baton. There could be more gold to come.


Yes, Gemma Gibbons charged into the final after a stunk victory over


the World Champion, she is guaranteed Britain's first judo


medal for 12 year, will it be gold or silver? In the velodrome Chris


Hoy sets the wheels turning in the hunt for more cycling gold medals


in the company of Jason Kenny and Philip hiens in the team sprint. In


the women's equivalent Victoria Pendleton and Jess Varnish have


their sights on gold in what promises to be one of the most


fiercely competitive events on the track. And we will have the latest


sailing news. Ben Ainslie is back on the water trying to find the way


past the Great Dane who is dominating the Finn class. Time is


running out for the Olympic champion. So to tell you what time


you can see this, we are going to the ExCel arena for that final.


This is wa you can see on BBC Three These are the pictures, this is


where we are going live and that Kayla Harrison, the World Champion


of two years ago, from the United States, they haven't won a medal,


gold medal in judo either, but there is Gemma Gibbons, 7,000


people have been chanting her name. A stunning victory in the semifinal.


There is Kate Howey who won 12 years ago. She will be cheering.


Let us go live and see if it is never won this Olympic gold medal,


so she has her own reasons, lots of them. Who doesn't want to make


history, she said in the build-up to this. Who doesn't? Gemma Gibbons


certainly does. Gibbons, who was introduced to the squad by her


mother at the Judo Club when she was just six. As long as she can


remember she has always wanted to be an Olympian. Her mother who was


her biggest fan and inspiration died aged years ago. Gemma got onto


the mat after winning her semi- final and said, I love you. This


might be for her mum. The Olympic final. The American, Kayla Harrison


and the Londoner, Gemma Gibbons, in blue. We just hope she comes out in


the same form she has been in all day. She improvises so well. She


has not let the pressure get out -- get to her. She has been going out


want to stop her getting her arms and hit a cross. That is the danger.


That is the strong attack from the periods. The darkest imaginable


after her coach was sent to jail for 10 years and she did


contemplate suicide, but she was rescued from that by the USA coach


who looks after her now, Jimmy Pedro. And she has just notched up


the first point. Up that was the danger from the American. She gets


her hips under, but it is only a yuko. A lot of time left on the


behind because of the first score of the final. Jenner just touching


down on her side -- Gemma Gibbons just touching down on her side. She


will be needing a waza-ari to be round the back of the American.


American coach, Jimmy Pedro, who Kayla Harrison says saved her life.


Gibbons has already beaten 3 of the world top 10 to get this far. She


house of pain as we look at the last Olympic medallist a Briton,


Kate Howey. It was almost written that she should be the coach


sitting at this side on the day somebody tried to emulate her, and


that somebody is Gemma Gibbons. is going over the top now. Looking


for the counter. Did that score? so close, but the Americans stayed


on her front. You get the feeling that that throw could work. There


has been nobody prouder of Gemma Gibbons than her partner, who has


been busy geeing her up in the build-up to this final. He suffered


his own Olympic Payne, and he knows the harsh edges of this game. But


he is right behind his goal now, as is the nation. -- behind his girl.


The referee bringing them back to the start position. 2.38 on the


clock, and Gemma Gibbons is pushing forward. She needs to get her hips


in at first. Halfway through this see off her French semi-final


opponent. And she has conceded another a yuko, but Kate how we is


raising her hand above her head to suggest it did not count. A long


break between the first and second techniques there. You can see the


referee is looking up towards the television officials to see if that


should have counted. You cannot tell from that replay. It is the


gap between the two attacks. debate is whether there was too


long daybreak. And Kayla Harrison was on her knees as she tried the


chair umpire has conversed with the referee and decided that the point


did not count. The American is still ahead by one of solitary yuko.


Into the final two minutes of this final. A good attack from Gemma


Gibbons, on the grip, and with the morning she was expecting to be


playing judo in front of David Cameron and Vladimir Putin, but


they are here today. Vladimir Putin is a black belt, and I don't know


about David Cameron, but he is rooting for his girl now. 90


falling to her knees. This is the frustrating part of the game. She


wants to press the pace and get a move on, but the American is not


really letting her do that. American is very good at moving her


hips in first. She has a split second to attack and in that moment


Harrison has pinned her first, and she has done it again. Another yuko


scored, so the American leading by two yuko. We know that Gemma


Gibbons can come up with the most spectacular, as she threw the most


golden of gold and scores in the semi-finals and she will need


something similar now. -- of gold and scores. Less than 60 seconds to


go, she is sure of silver and a place in the history of British


judo. For she will be thinking that she has one minute to go, and what


can she do to change it around? And she changed direction or take the


fight in another direction or go to the same area of the mat? Can she


champion in 2010, the first from the US in over a decade. She is a


top level fighter. Of course she is, because she's fighting in an


Olympic final, but Gemma Gibbons is up there now and what she has done


for her career over the last couple of hours, whatever happens here,


life will never be the same for Gemma Gibbons. She has 30 seconds


left, and these last few seconds are crucial. 30 seconds left to get


a gold. Just trying to get round the back. Force Kayla Harrison to


her the gold medal. "You are the Olympic champion if you fight


smart". One big attack, come on, one more. She will get one more go


to try and rest the Olympic title from Kayla Harrison. This is it.


Gemma Gibbons has got to do something now. And it's not going


to be gold. That is going to go to the USA for the first time in the


history of their women's judo team. Spare a thought for Kayla Harrison,


for so many reasons, goodness knows how she has managed to get herself


into this position. Her life has featured some of the darkest


moments anyone could imagine, and she points towards Jimmy Pedro, the


coach who got her through those dark periods. So, she gets the gold,


but Gemma Gibbons from Great Britain, the 25-year-old from south


London, from just across the river, gets an Olympic silver medal.


safe to say she has deserved a silver. She may have lost a goal,


but she has won a silver medal. -- lost a gold. The smiles from the


American. But the cheers are largely for Gemma Gibbons as she


leaves the mat with her hands high above her head. You are the best! I


am so proud. Another Olympic judo medal for Great Britain, but a


first in 12 years since the coach, Kate how we did her job. There are


not many British women who can say they have once judo medals. The


lady sitting next to me, Nicola Fairbrother, you have someone else


in your exclusive club, and her name is Gemma Gibbons. And a big


welcome to the club. I can imagine how she is feeling walking off the


mat. She has had a fantastic day, but she had come so close to the


gold and you wish he was just a little bit more. Well, it is silver,


and she will be sold with that. Because, for the first time in a


dozen year, Britain's Great Britain judo team can make a contribution


to the Team GB medal table all If can regulations to Kayla


Harrison. Another gold for the United States. -- congratulations


to Kayla Harrison. What Fiat Gemma Gibbons Azad, shoulder surgery,


moving up -- what a year for Gemma Gibbons, having sold a servery and


had. Two gold medals and two silvers, and we will see two more


decided on the track in cycling. Let's go and join Jake at the


Velodrome. Probably the hottest ticket in town after the success in


Beijing, not to mention Bradley Wiggins's success yesterday. Can


any team be facing higher We can't exist without the right


blood pressure. Day by day, cycle by cycle, the rhythm of your heart


pumps the blood that keeps your life and make you feel alive.


Too little... Too much... Just Pressure can also produce magic.


Moments of sheer brilliance. Pressure pays off, or produce his


# "Welcome to The Pleasuredome" - And it may be more complicated than


blowing up a balloon, but if you deal with the pressure, the rewards


are great, as British Cycling found in Beijing in 2008, and this is


where the pressure comes from today, the expectant crowd at this


wonderful Velodrome and after the amazing scenes in the last couple


of hours for Team GB, now it is the time for cycling to live up to the


expectation it has not had to live with for decades. They have got


their sideburns on, the flags are flying and it is time for the


cyclists to deliver and this is where they will get the chance to


do that, this inspiring, �93 million Velodrome where we hope to


continue the British medal rush because it has been an amazing


afternoon for British success. Alongside me, two men who know


about the golden generation of British cycling. Before we go any


further, let's just reflect on that road race from a few days ago. How


It is OK. Obviously, it was bitterly disappointing. We could


have not done anything different. We went in with a plan. On another


day it would have worked out. We count on things which were out of


our control. That is how it is, that is cycling. It is the most


complicated part of cycling, the road race and that is what happens


when you go for it. I love the fact when I asked for Mark, what did you


do next, he said he got back on the bike and won some races. What about


2016? I think there will be the road race but still a while to go.


There are some things before that. There is the Tour de France to come.


And alongside you, Jamie, you know what it feels like to come inside


the velodrome, put on side -- put on the G B T shirt and walk away


with a medal. What are your thoughts? I play a coaching role


and that was a decision I made about 2.5 years ago. I had to look


into the future. I would be 39 if I was here competing and I thought I


would have my work cut-out so I decided to retire and take up


coaching. Mixed emotions. I live in America now with my wife and kids.


It is great being back here now, near enough my home town Olympics.


I'm excited to be here. It will be an amazing atmosphere and I am glad


to be part of it. I am amazed will land you in here now that you a


coaching the Americans! It will be a special afternoon for British


Gold for Sir Chris Hoy today and he is officially our greatest ever


Olympian. His team will defend the sprint title they won in Beijing.


Victoria Pendleton is the most successful British female track


cyclist of all time and alongside Jess varnishes and action later on.


And it is also the start of the team pursuit. Once again, Great


Britain defending champions but incredible competition from the


Australian Quartet. These are the live races we will be


Just a reminder that you can follow all the cycling action on the red


button. Let's just have a chat about the two women going for


action in the team sprints. You are busy writing things down. With the


knowledge you have of cycling, Jess Varnish and Victoria Pendleton,


what are their chances? They work well together. Vicky is so fast.


Jess has been working solidly on her starts. Everything she has been


doing in training has been out of the starting gate which you


typically do not do. She is going after perfection. Some of the


training, not necessarily on the track, she does a lot of the track,


they have put a lot of work in. They have some secret up their


sleeve so we hope they will be in fighting fawn. I know you have


spent many hours on the track, Mark, and a lot of those hours Vicky


would have been on the track with you, what would her mindset be? She


said this is her last Olympic Games and she would love to go out on a


high. The thing about sprint cycling on the track is the


fraction of the second, the time difference is so minimal. Every


little thing is about perfection. And every single start they do,


every training effort they do is like an Olympic final. Jamie can


talk more about it and made. I can ride for hours on the back. Every


single time these athletes are coming to the velodrome, their


training and they have to prepare like an Olympic final. It is not


even hundredths of a second, it is thousands of a second which


separate them. We will find out exactly what happens because the


racing has already happened here as far as the qualifying is concerned.


Jess Varnish is one of the newcomers to cycling as far as the


Olympics is concerned. Half of them have never ridden at an Olympic


Games before so plenty of pressure on plenty of riders. The British


pair going the 4th heat. We will join it in the third. We can hand


over to Hugh Porter and Chris the Netherlands. They are racing


against France. At the moment, the competition is being led by eight


Ukraine. France with the quickest start look for the change. Here it


comes. Now the Netherlands have gone ahead. It is not quick enough


to be in medal contention but it will be the Netherlands which will


polish France of here. They come back to the line and there it is,


the Netherlands take it. They go into the lead in the competition


ahead of France. That two countries in that heat our first and second.


I like the look of the Netherlands. We have to take into account that


was from a standing start. They are travelling at over 60 kilometres


per hour once up to speed. A great the Dutch pairing. We wait for the


arrival on the track of the next pair. There will be an eruption of


applause. I hope the roof is secure because the applause will resonate


in the arena. You can hear the applause starting. They have not


come on the track. They have caught a glimpse of them down in the


middle. We will have some atmosphere here, I can tell you.


The British record is 32.75 for so it is well within Great Britain's


compass to take the lead in the competition here with one more heat


to go. The union flags are waving everywhere. I can hardly hear


myself speak! Just Varnish could hardly wait to get on to the bike.


-- Jess Varnish. She wants to get this under way as quickly as


possible. This is the biggest responsibility she has that ever


had as an athlete. Victoria Pendleton is in fantastic form but


it is all down to Jess now. will try and match the fastest


starter in the business. Jess's personal best -- best is a 37.54.


She is composing herself. Australia versus Great Britain in the


penultimate heat. Australia have a personal best of 37.597. This will


arena is absolutely deafening. This is only the qualification round as


well. The first 125 metres it is Australia leading. Australia are


still ahead. Come on, Victoria. Victoria Pendleton trying to get


back. As they come back to the finishing line, there it is, Great


Britain, look at the time! It is a new world record for Jessica


Varnish and Victoria Pendleton. The crowd are going ballistic and that


his only qualification. A fantastic ride by a Jessica Varnish. She


needed to do something special. You could see Victoria Pendleton


waiting to get through. She could not hold herself, she came forwards.


You could see her gripping the bars and grimacing. That was the most


important start she had ever done in her life and she delivered.


the end of the first lap, they were trailing by 0.3 of a second.


Pendleton, look at the form, she wiped away the deficit, brought


them home and we have a new world record. It was absolutely fantastic.


They could not have hoped for more. They will be really pleased with


that. This is Victoria Pendleton's last competition before she retires.


She is finishing after these Games. She has certainly come here in good


shape and she will do it justice. new world record. It was 35.549,


held by Germany. Now the competitors are preparing


for the next heat here. This will be China versus Germany. Germany


are the current world champions and they were the world record holders


until Great Britain just blazed their way around the board in heat


four. You have got to come out onto the track now having seen your


world record taken away so that could force you under pressure, to


say the least. It is a high pressure event. Imagine being one


of the starters in this event. You have a single lap of the track to


get it right in four years. final heat of the women's team


gone away quicker. They are coached by a Frenchman. That was a very


quick start. China are holding off the challenge of the world


champions, Germany. Look at this, improving all the time, they got


the bronze medal in Melbourne but once again, very impressive. The


opening lap was the catalyst for setting the new world record.


have talked about them being the dark horse. Is the first time where


they have brought everything altogether. They must have seen at


the World Championships that the potential was there to pull this


together and get themselves a world title. They are on track at the


moment. Two world records in the space of five minutes. That is


staggering. The result of the qualification round, China quickest.


They are not 0.7 slower, Great Great Britain certainly were not in


the back foot in that qualifier there. The noise went right three


when we broke the world record but that is the way it goes in track


cycling. You do something amazing but then another teen pop up and


break it. China is a dark horse. Yes, definitely a surprise. They


look a bit off at the World Championships so definitely a


surprise. They have had a good chunk of time where they can work.


There has been a good preparation phase, basically. They have


obviously been doing their work very well. Team GB will be happy.


Especially Victoria Pendleton. She managed to bridge the gap. Yes,


Jess had a good start but it was not the fastest. I think to be able


to bring it back like that, it shows the details that have put


into it. Every little better of second counts. That was wicked.


are talking of 32.5 compared to 32.4, compared to 32.64 Germany who


were the world champions and record-holders. Australia will be


looking at that now. Germany, that was a surprise. They are hot and


cold. They have not seemed to be able to perfect their timings for


these championships. They have had some great performances this year.


A little bit off the boil. second-fastest for the British


women in the women's team sprint. I think we would call that so far, so


good. How will the men fare? We sprint getting under way. Use


Zealand against Russia. We have a problem fraught New Zealand. Laying


off the wheel on purpose, and that has been dropped. They are only


allowed to drop back by 15 metres and they are right on the cusp of


that. Any more than 15 metres, they are taken out of the race. They


might get disqualified here, New Zealand. Let's have a look at the


split. Russia leading on 30.24. I must admit the Russians are looking


pretty powerful, and they will take this. Here come Russia, and the


time is 43.68. That means that Russia are leading the competition,


head of China, and New Zealand go third after that right. That was


disappointing for the New Zealand 3. They posted 17.5 for the opening


lap, and that is world class, so they will be disappointed there.


The difficulty with the team sprint event is you need three guys are


able to look fill the roles, and possibly the hardest is the second


man, because you get no shelter from the start. You are not going


fast enough to get the slipstream, but you have to keep up, then they


swing away and you have to do the turn. The third man is out there


the longest. They have do not let the pace drop off. I am confused


why they keep showing this as an Olympic record. Germany set the


world record in Colombia in the World Cup to shave the time of


Great Britain, and it was faster. don't think we were really


expecting the Russians to a format well in this competition. -- to


perform that well. We were expecting competition from Germany


and France. New Zealand are strong, out onto the track, the world


champions ready to start their qualification round in the men's


team sprint and they are racing against France. This is a revenge


match because this was the final earlier this year in Melbourne, and


France were pipped to the gold medal by a blistering concluding


250. That pushed up the French nose out of joint to claim the gold


medal. The leading time is currently held by Russia on 43.681.


China on 43.7, so it will be really interesting this clash. Olympic


bronze medal winners in 2000, Australia. But we are looking at a


powerful squad from France. They have been world champions 10 times,


France, and have won a medal of any colour in it every Olympics. Left


Look at this. Australia at the moment just ahead of France in the


early stages and that is not the quickest opening 125. Frances Head


now -- France have just gone ahead. Can Australia comeback on the final


lap? At the final lap has been surrendered, and he is flying down


the back straight. Coming back to the line, let's have a look at the


time. France take it. 43.097. A very good time by France, as


expected, and the time for Australia, 43.377. Well, we


expected nothing less from the French trio. An incredibly fast


starter, consistent as well. 17.3, a phenomenal opening lap. A team


with a lot of experience as well. Disappointed after the World


Championships. So some revenge there. Slight revenge, yes. The


fast opening lap underpins that victory. That is the quickest


opening 250 we have had, and then the good work is carried on and


that man who has won silver medals in the world championships carries


it on. He is the man with all that energy. This will be a real crunch


match, Germany, the world record holders, versus Great Britain, the


Olympic champions. We can show you the standings. We are really hoping


PS. Philip Hindes has been boasting 17.5 in training. -- we are really


hoping here. It is asking a lot of them. A massive responsibility


resting on the shoulders of this young man. He has to get them off


to a good start or they will not be in the competition. 19 years of age,


Philip Hindes. Following the boots of Jamie stat. What a noise in the


arena. Deafening as the Great Britain team line-up in the back


straight. We were expecting world records to fall in the event. It is


a little bit colder in the arena than it was three-quarters of an


hour ago. The air-conditioning kicking in. Nicer for us but it


does not the edge of the time. Reports from the camp are that the


chasing Kenny is in fantastic form. Germany not using their strongest


man to do the third lap. That is interesting, because the man came


in this competition from been ended -- entered in the mountain bike


race. Philip Hindes leading us off, then Jason Kearney and Chris Hoy.


Two survivors from Beijing -- Jason Kearney. So the final heat, Germany


in the phone straight, the world record holders -- the home straight.


And Britain, the Olympic champions. A problem for the British team.


Well, it look like a problem with the steering. He went off the track,


Philip Hindes. He took no pressure off the pedals, but the front wheel


was slipping. It was Philip Hindes, I think. My goodness me. We will


have to find out what the problem is. Certainly not the kind of start


Great Britain wanted. Let's have a look. Hopefully we can see a replay


and maybe get an idea. There was the problem, problem with steering,


it looks like. So, we are not sure what has happened there. Dear, oh


dear. It looked to me like a failure of the steering. Something


restart. Nothing he could do about that. They will find out what the


problem was. It is a mechanical problem. Certainly not the start


and 19-year-old will be wanting. did snap out of the gate very


quickly. He is straight on to the spare bike. Ian Dyer, the British


coach, running back to the centre, trying to sort things out. He is


not panicking. Straight on to the spare bike to roll around. There is


Ian Dyer, trying to find something in there. It looks like another


going for a restart. Normally when there is a problem with the start


they are often put straight back on the bikes, but with a mechanical


issue like that they would be put into the last heat, but it's not


possible in this case. But they will give them a little time. The


track is being inspected. Doesn't seem to be a problem. The fastest


time we have had 43.097. That time posted by France. Let's hope that


as us. They cannot quite work it out. From the shots we got, he did


very well not to come down heavily. Well, we will have to wait for the


autopsy. Let's hope there isn't one! There was clearly a mechanical


problem. Spare bikes in the middle for just this eventuality. They are


still rolling around, so we will find out what they are actually


going to do there. They got out of the gate really nicely. Always some


drama in the track racing. They will start to pull the gate to back


raced in Germany at junior level. He has aged your passport as his


father was a soldier. -- he had a dual passport. He was eligible to


Well, a dramatic entrance to British Cycling for Philip Hindes.


He made his debut just a few months ago, and making his way back onto


the bike. Jamie is alongside me and he has performed the exact role


here, the man leading out the team. We will have a look back at what


happened, but now it looks like they are gearing up to go again.


Real drama in the Velodrome to kick-start the track cycling. Here


again, and the good news is that young Philip Hindes, the 19-year-


old, that has not fazed him a tall. fastest time, 43.097. Looking for a


far staff. The Germans come out of the gate here. Look for the leading


time after the opening 125. Here they come. A good start from


Germany and they are the fastest, but we will see after the first 250.


17.227 for the Germans, and that is unreal. What can the two


experienced riders do. The crowd are really getting behind them here


and Germany have been pushed back. Terrific riding by Kenny. And now


it is all about the treble Olympic gold medallist to put the fastest


time down. Here they come. Oh, great Britain are the quickest.


43.065. The fastest of the qualifiers and the big man clenches


his fist and says, anything you can do, we can do better. What a ride,


Chris Hoy! That was incredible. To watch them have problems. I saw


this as few years back when we were held in the gate and it destroyed


the chances of a medal and my heart was in my mouth watching that.


Philip Hindes has posted 17.5 seconds and delivered again. His


first time at an event of this magnitude, the most important


moment on the track of his young life and he delivered a solid time


to get the other two into the race. That was a fantastic piece of


riding. And what a tonic for the British team. The women have set a


world record and now we have great Britain has the fastest in the


men's competition. They will be so pleased with that. They did not


know if this would be a medal shot, but look how pleased they are.


Fantastic, there. Chris Whalley is delighted with that. -- Chris


Gohouri is delighted with that. Look at the muscle development of


phenomenal. I reckon that is the 4th fastest time ever, so we have a


got a good standard up here. have heard world records are


expected to go, but maybe not in the final because they are so close


together. Let's confirm the qualifiers. Eight will go through


into the first round with Great Britain sitting right there at the


top of the qualifiers with a very There is a huge screen here in the


arena. It says, make some noise. There was plenty of noise but it


was not cheers, it was gasps when this happened for Great Britain.


Alongside me is Jamie Staff. Just explain what you think happened


here too young Philip Heinz. basically is slightly waited to one


side. It is like a domino effect. He did the perfect thing there. As


a bike ride that he might have been able to get back on the bike and


start writing again that he would have been so far behind Jason and


Chris. He did the right thing. He fell off so he got a restart. It


was probably part nerves so I am sure. If it probably was, he is


only a teenager and has only been involved in the British set-up for


a few months. Mark, you have ridden in the team pursuit for years. What


with the feeling have been like from Jason Kenny and Chris Hoy when


they were looking at Philip? It is all about trust, isn't it? It is


all about believing in yourself. You can do everything to get your


fitness up but you have to have the trust in the other guys. It is


about trusting everyone else. Those four getting everything right on


the day. It is a big thing and big pressure. It is not just yourself


you are worrying about, it is everyone else. To then turn that


round against a German team who have said the team at the sprint is


our priority and to allow that time, or to performance from Team GB?


was amazing. He did a 17.5 which is on par. Anything above that would


have been fantastic. I know Jason is in the form of his life will


Stott they clawed back into second place I believe after that lap. It


was an amazing ride. We are not counting any chickens but it has


been an incredible day so far. You can see the action continues thick


and fast and it it is time for the first round in the women's sprint.


The aim is that the two fastest make it through to the gold medal


race, the second two fastest will world record set by Great Britain.


The Tube teams settle down to the challenge. At the moment, Australia


have the quickest start -- the two teams settled down. And Nurburg


trademark start by Anna Mears. -- another trademark start. It is


an event which lasts just two laps of the track.


This brings onto the track the team of France. They will be racing


against Germany who why the current record taken away from them by


Great Britain. In the back straight it is the team of France. France


have got some work to do here because Germany where the third


quickest in the time-trial round. Germany have got away more sweetly


with good style away from the starting blocks. France will never


pull that back now. So Germany blazing their way round here to


assure victory. They will wait and see who they ride against in the


and France is one second, that is a massive window of advantage in two


lapse. The French pair will be very disappointed with that right. They


expected to be challenging hard in this event. It shows how closely


fought it is between four different countries here. The Germans are


world champions. They are very heat. This is going to be between


Great Britain who are already out here against Ukraine. The world


record was set by China. Two world the right that they did in the


first round. It was a quick start. Jessie varnish is on fire here. --


just varnish is on fire here. They are beating Ukraine at the moment


for a start this is Victoria Pendleton back to her imperious


last dried. They are coming thick and fast. This one is about


advancing in the competition. World records are nice to have but most


important is getting through to the final. A sterling effort here from


Jessica Varnish. She is a member of the Halesowen cycling club and I


know they have a big screen rig up there in the clubhouse and it will


be full to capacity as they roar to race for gold. We just wait for


official confirmation of that. nearest to them is Australia. We


have China in the next heat. Venezuela are a country mile Shier


of the time of Great Britain. It looks like it could be China versus


Great Britain in the class for gold. We will see that in a moment. We


can guarantee that the British team will be in the final. What is


happening here? I actually was looking at the British pair and


watching the changeover. Vicky Pendleton was coming through very


fast. They are not allowed to overtake the for the first rider


has completed the lap. They are having a strong discussion in the


centre. There is David Brailsford. I sincerely hope they will not


disqualified somebody for not being in the window of change. They did


this in the world championships and it ruined the competition. They are


trying to make it fair for everybody but the rules are the


riders know where the points of change are. It is a very difficult


thing to do at high speed. Dave Brailsford is not looking very


happy there. He is not looking happy. They are going away for a


discussion. You can see clearly with hand gestures in the middle.


Would it be a disqualification Corey relegation? Have to wait and


see. Dave Brailsford has been asked to back off and let them have a


discussion. Everybody in the arena here is wondering what is going on.


Next move the competition on. We are 15 seconds away from the final


heat. This is between China who why the new world record holders


against Venezuela. They are almost two seconds slower than China. We


1.1 second up. China are blazing their way around the boards here


where they will be riding against Great Britain if they are not


disqualified. Chris, that is a another new world record by China.


That is is amazing. They are unbelievable. I think that goes


down to the fantastic start. We did say they were the dark horse. They


have really managed to put it together. A fantastic start out of


the gate. It is a fantastic pairing. They have been around for a while.


They were third in the world championships earlier this year and


the year before. They have always been knocking on the door and we


both had a discussion in the hotel the other day to say, let's watch


China, they are improving all the time. That is the coach of the


Chinese. He must be elated with the performances. And subject to no


relegation here for the British, the final for the gold and silver


should be between China and Great Britain. There is no announcement


yet. Days Brailsford is still down there having discussions. What will


happen in the arena if they are disqualified? I am just listening


to the announcers as well. Dave Brailsford has planted himself in


the judge's compound waiting to see what the outcome is. It will be


such a shame if the British pair did not get to ride in this final.


Something is being announced but I cannot quite catch what the message


is. We will be issued with a -- an official communique if they are


taken out of the competition. It would be nice if we could see some


images of the incident that they are discussing. Still deliberating.


We know there is still a possibility here. Looking at the


body language in the centre, it does not look to be good --


necessarily going the British team's way. He looks to be trying


to gently influence the outcome. That is his job to look after his


own troops, to fight for them. The discussion looks like an


explanation to me. We remember this, Sir from New Delhi. He was a pretty


sharp with some of his decisions. They did say when they took out the


British trio for an infringement in the changeovers then that they were


not going to do anything. They are saying gold medal final, that


cannot possibly be right. Unless more than one squad has been


disqualified? It is getting very complicated here. Our scoreboards


are not Updating at the moment. They are showing but everybody


qualified. We have Australia, Germany, Great Britain and China


and subject to that gentleman there if deciding there was an


irregularity with a ride by the British, it should be Australia


Germany for bronze and Great Britain versus Trina for gold. --


verses China. We go back now to the the British cycling team at the


moment, Dave Brailsford, he is having in-depth discussions. Behind


having in-depth discussions. Behind us, the racing continues. Give us


an idea of what may have been the issue. We saw an issue in the


changeover in the world championship with Philip Hindes,


how hard is it to get it right? don't know in the team sprint, I


have never done it. We don't actually know what is going on


right now. It is such a fine line. You are talking about these minute


metres and seconds. James will explain it better. There is 15


metres its side of the pursuit line. The rider behind the front of his


will, that cannot pass the guy in front. -- of his wheel. At the


World Championships there were a number of disqualifications. We are


assuming it may be that at the moment. It could be an equipment


issue, I really don't know, I don't want to speculate too much. The


fact we saw some of those graphics on the screen, it is not instilling


us with confidence at the moment. Very little clarity at the moment.


Just to be totally clear, we are expecting Great Britain against


China to ride for the gold medal, and Australia and Germany to ride


for the bronze. Can you shed any more light on it? They've


Brailsford is talking to be, says. The, CS said they would use


discretion when it came to issues like this. It seems to be that Jess


Varnish pulled off outside of the box, and Victoria Pendleton went


through. Similar to what happened to Philip Hindes in Melbourne. That


is the understanding of the British team and David Brailsford is


explaining that there should be some discretion, but rules are


rules and if they have taken over at the wrong point, there is little


they can do. At the moment, they are hoping that the judges might


use their discretion -- discretion in favour of Great Britain.


fact they have discretion to use is probably good news at this point. I


think we can have a look at the changeover and maybe you can talk


changeover and maybe you can talk changeover and maybe you can talk


us through it and explain if you see any issues, from your knowledge


of riding and coaching. Unfortunately, the shot is not that


wide. Victoria was well under Jess which leads me to think she was


already passed her back wheel prior to the past point. We are still


really speculating. We would need some still photography. I am sure


somebody got the shot we are somebody got the shot we are


looking for, give me an idea of the protocol, is it and -- down to Dave


Brailsford to fight for Team GB? is a tough call, normally what the


judges say will stick, I have had my fair argument and they don't


budge. If this is the case and someone has made that call, it is


up to the judge and normally that stance. There is not normally... I


was the victim of that in 2000 done for, disqualified by the judges'


decision and there it is no recall, unfortunately. Let's focus on what


was good about that race. It was an impressive start from Jess Varnish,


but Victoria Pendleton go much going even quicker. She was a


little bit slow on the first lap, Victoria picked up a speed. It was


a solid ride, a very good ride. I thought technically it looked very


smooth and very fast. As things pan out, it will put them up to the


gold medal, so fingers crossed. There is some breaking news, I


think, can you explain what you know? No, doesn't seem that we can


hear from jail at the moment. -- from the jail at the moment. But it


does seem that we are not getting disqualified. We would try to shed


some light as things progress. I am being told that she is there, what


do you know? Sorry. Initially, we did think that Great Britain were


going to be allowed to ride. I have just looked across at Dave


Brailsford and set up or down, and this is what he did. We haven't had


the official disqualification, but that suggests we will not see


Jessica or Victoria ride in the final. We are given use they are in,


then that they are out. I think it conveys how confusing it is up here


in the Velodrome at the moment. It is difficult, there is not much


news coming through. Sue, we are going to try to get the bottom of


what is going on, all of us have our fingers crossed that Victoria


Pendleton and Jess Varnish get to race for the gold medal. As soon as


that is clarified, we will be right but.


Thank you very much. I think it probably isn't going to be great


news. Britain's men will hopefully be going for a gold later on.


Elsewhere as far as the Olympics is concerned, there has been so much


to celebrate as far as the British team is concerned.


Dorset marksman Pippa Wilson held his nerve to take gold for Britain


in the men's double trap. -- Peter. It was a British one-two for David


Florence and Richard Hounslow getting silver. There was another


medal on the water when Britain's lightweight men's four own silver


with a thrilling final at Eton Dorney. And Gemma Gibbons landed a


superb silver in judo, it is men's first medal for 12 years. --


Britain's first medal. Commiserations, but you are an


Olympic silver medallist, how does that sound? It doesn't really seem


real at the minute, but amazing. could see in your face you really


wanted to go for the gold, this crowd wanted to help you over the


line, where did you find the strength? The crowd were amazing, I


couldn't have done it without them. I wish I could have got the gold


but unfortunately it was not to be. What has it taken for you to get


here? A lot of hard work. Dedication. Surrey... Don't be


sorry. You have done your mum proud and this country proud. What do you


think this does for GB Judea, you have been a hero to these guys?


hope it does a lot for Great Britain judo. We have not had a


medal until today but are great -- guys are training so hard. We'll


deserve medals and they were unlucky to have a horrible draws


first time around. The whole of the Scott -- what are training so hard


and the other guys deserve more than what they got. I hope we can


get more and more great results because the team are worthy of it.


You are an Olympic silver medallist, congratulations. Tears of


disappointment but she has so much to be proud of. 7,000 people on


their feet, chanting, Gemma, Gemma. Britain's first medal for 12 years.


She has done her mother and herself proud. This is a moment that I hope


she will appreciate far more when she realises what she has achieved.


An Olympic silver medal to add to Britain's tally, well done to Gemma


Gibbons at the XL centre. -- ExCel centre. It is not the only medal


that Britain has received this afternoon. We are going to head


about 30 miles north and joined Paul Dickenson for a gold and


To achieve their medals here today, they had to be the very best in the


world, not just this year but in any year. Pavel and Peter


Hochschorner from Slovakia, it three times in the past they have


come away with the Olympic gold medal. This time, their only win a


bronze. They certainly are the best the world has ever seen. But on


this occasion, they were beaten not just by one British crew, but by


They certainly will go down in the history books as the greatest sea


to perform as ever. But what about the performances over the last few


days of David Florence on the left- hand side and Richard Hounslow. A


wonderful moment for these two young men. What a comeback after a


disappointing first half of the week, to come back and get this all


the medals. They were absolutely delighted when they cross the


finish line, and so they should be. We had gold and bronze in the men's


cycling time trial yesterday. The canoe slalom team have gone one


better. We have got Cilla, but we have got gold as well. -- we have


On the right hand side, Etienne Stott, along with Tim Bayley. The B


two Olympic champions in canoe slalom -- the C two Olympic


champions. 12,000 people going wild in celebration, a double


celebration of British expertise in this remarkable sport. A magical


moment for the sport, and fought these young men. Absolutely. Our


first gold medal. They missed out four years ago, to be on the top of


the podium at the Olympic Games, I don't think they can quite believe


it and we are so excited to have Please stand for the national


# God save our gracious Queen # Long live our noble Queen


# God save the Queen # Send her victorious


# Happy and glorious # Long to reign over us


# God save the Queen. The greatest moment in British


canoe slalom history, the moment when two crews climbed the medal


rostrum in the Olympic Games. Silver going to David Florence and


Richard Hounslow. The champions, the gold medallists, Etienne Stott


and Tim Bayley, brilliant. SUE BARKER: They really were


brilliant, amazing scenes at Lee Valley. It is nice to hear the


national anthem, so why don't we hear it one more time, as we had


over to the shooting, where Peter held his nerve to win Britain


It is gold for will some of Great Britain, qualified with hundred and


43, shot 45 in the finals, he won by two, the father son from Dorset,


winning gold for Great Britain, following -- farmer's son from


Dorset. He will hope to have his funding restored. The funding for


shooting was slashed in Great Britain for after Beijing, even


though Wilson was too young. The youngest finalist by 13 years, six


feet seven inches tall. The farmer's son from Dorset. He has


taken the gold medal for Great Britain. A triumph for him and his


coach, Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum. He has been with him since the funding


was removed, and now we will have the national anthem of Great


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 69 seconds


Pippa Wilson her, the farmer's son from Dorset, has one gold.


Britain now has four gold medals, six silver and four bronze and we


are at 5th place in the medal table. We were hoping to add to that tally


at the Velodrome but it is not good news from the Valegro. What is the


latest? Thank you very much and what have -


- and what after what has been a good day for Team GB, the good news


does not continue. Jess Varnish and Vicky Pendleton posted a stunning


time, that would have put them through to raise for the gold medal


against China but then questions were being asked and we saw days


Brailsford in the centre discussing what was happening and what could


potentially see them not race in that final and I am afraid to say


they will not be riding for a gold medal. Victoria Pendleton has been


speaking to Jill Douglas to explain why.


Victoria, one minute, elation, the next minute, despair. What


happened? Well, it was just we did not change over in the right zone


on the track. It is really hard at that speed and I am focusing on


Jess Varnish's wheel. It is so we see if she moves up slightly, I


just go, that is what happened. We never really had any legal change


before so it is not something we have been too concerned about in


the past but it is one of those things that happens. It is not


Jessica Varnish's fault, it is not my fault, it is both of us partly


to blame. We were overwhelmed and excited and to and bit too eager.


We should have kept a lid on it a bit more, I think. I can't imagine


how many times you have rehearsed for this moment hands the number of


times you have trained for this. For this to happen, how can it be


explained? It is just one of those things, really. Now and again,


rubbish things happen and this is one of those days. On the whole we


have had an excellent run. We were pleased with our time. We hoped to


go about faster, with a gear change in the final, we wanted a gold and


silver ride. The only positive I can take is that my form is really


good. That is my fastest lap, I backed it up with a second ride.


All I can do is keep my head down, focus on tomorrow and the sprint


competition the day after that and give it everything I have got.


Jess Varnish, but his herd Games over. You can at least get back on


the bike. It is not quite per Games over, she has many more Olympic


Games to go to. It is an amazing opportunity for her, and experience


of the Games environment. I am sure she will go into Rio and smash it.


I hope so, thank you, Victoria. Thank you.


I imagine Rio feels a long wait a weight for Jess Varnish. Full


credit to Victoria Pendleton for being honest and saying it may have


been my fault and she is the senior member of that team. Yes, the way


she said you get carried away in the moment and you are focusing on


your lap. You have to have perspective. You are travelling at


close to 50 miles an hour on a track coming out of the turn, you


cannot see the markers on the floor. You are looking at the Ryder in


front of you. I have had this argument before. It is hard to see


that and judge it. By the nature of turns and the centre of gravity,


you gain speed going through the turn. She has come out of that last


turn being Capita -- being catapulted out of the turn and it


can be hard to control. Having said that, this is why they are here.


They should be perfection at the Olympic Games. We can make excuses,


but I feel for Jessica Varnish. This was her only event here. There


is another four years, a long time to wait. Mark, despite it being


different circumstances, I am sure you can relate to how Jessica is


stealing because four years ago in Beijing every cyclist on the track


left for the medal apart from yourself. What would your message


be to her? To focus on Rio? said it there, she will have to


question, she will feel left out. But you come back and make it right.


She will not come back and right this time but yes, it is a shame.


She is a great goal. How hard did you find it? It was pretty hard.


I've found it hard, the questions getting asked. Every single person,


what is it like to be on the track side without a medal? That was the


continual reminder, I would probably have forgotten about it.


It is the Olympic Games, the biggest thing. It it is the biggest


thing in the world, to aspire to, four years of work, to be lost in a


fraction of a second. The real frustration here is they had the


speed, they made it through to the gold Red Bull -- the gold medal


race. Victoria was looking on gold medal for. She is going to race in


the women's sprint and the Keirin as well. They need to stay strong.


Yes, she looked emotional on the screen. I am sure she will leave


here and be disappointed, in herself, and there will be a bunch


of emotions going through. Hopefully she can pick herself up.


She has other events. I think she will be fine. There is a team


around her to pick her up. She knows how to do this now. It is a


process we go through. Being a sportsman. Real frustration in the


Velodrome. The men's team spent, they put in a fantastic performance.


We will see how they fare later. The men's team pursuit, qualifying


today, you can keep across the cycling live by pressing the red


button and you can crossed -- you can watch race after race with


commentary. It is not just about having the best equipment in the


world, it is making sure that when you get to a major competition,


mentally, you are right. As far as the bike is concerned, it helps to


have decent technology it under 20 years ago a bloke from the rural


was busy revolutionising the world of cycling. Bolstering formidable


athletic talent with technology. Olympic gold and yellow jerseys


followed, before turning his attention to designing equipment


for the next generation. They were the secret squirrel Club.


Lovely to see Chris Boardman. This is the modern version of his helmet,


this is the key Pendleton's for this Olympic Games. I know about


aerodynamics. It is back-to-front! How much of a real effect does this


kind of thing had. Surprisingly, 80% of the energy that are right


expense is simply pushing air out of the way, so aerodynamics is


massive in the sport, particularly on track. Riders are totally


involved in the process. They understand the value of


aerodynamics and they all have been to the wind tunnel, they have


looked and tweaked their position. A tiny change to their elbow can


mean more than changing the entire bike. We are having an incredible


small head -- I have an incredibly small head. I can fit into a bitter


Pendleton's helmet. I will be mobbed for autograph. It is like?


Yes, the shape is really important because of aerodynamics. The inside


is called. Rather than using foam, it is hard to take you seriously


with that helmet on. Rather than you used foam -- rather than use


them, they use aluminium honeycomb. It is good at absorbing the impact


and deceleration and it is Super light. This is Pendleton's sprint


bike. What gets you particularly shapes and it has the right shapes


with tubes and handlebars. It gets aerodynamic. One of the new bits on


this year's bike is these cracks, these carbon-fibre cranks. They are


made with 180 separate pieces of carbon fibre, laid it on to a


special metal. The whole thing goes into the mauled. It turned to


liquid at 50 degrees, runs out and they are hollow. They took one side


and hung the equivalent of a lift full of people on it and it still


did not break. Let's talk materials and fabric. There is still in the


tyres? Yes. Why? It holds a lot of pressure. There are three


atmospheres, these hold 14, even more for race days. What about the


riders and what they wear. It did look like they were wearing rubber


in Beijing, then there was a rumour that after the Games the suits were


banned and they were shredded by They were using a rubberised


material, in Beijing, they did not want people to change shape with


materials. They were not shredded. They were not shredded, they are


sitting in a box in a store room somewhere. This time around, they


are made of more conventional micro material. There is another group of


British cycling called the marginals Games team headed by Matt


Parker, looking at the physiological side of it. One of


the things they have come up with, I can't believe people have not


done it before, is hot pants. We are seeing people warming up, the


gay they get the pumps on them, it keeps muscles warmed and told the


moment that they get onto the track. The UCI, the governing body, were


hacked off after Beijing? There was a lot of press about the technology


and because of the medals, people thought they have won nearly


everything, so the you see I is seeing everything we I using. All


this work at the Secret squirrel Club, they have been involved in


the development sand they are happy now. This stuff none must now be


for sale. You can go to the UK Sport website can purchase more of


these if you wanted to. What would it cost me? Less than �20,000 for


that piece of hi-tech kit. exactly this, Victoria Pendleton's


sprint bike, �20,000. And your consultancy, around a hundred


grand? We can talk about it later. Chris Boardman is very expensive to


hire. We can talk about what it is like to have that equipment and you.


You can't talk about the specifics but we know you had a special bike


for the road race here at these Games. How much added confidence do


you get on the start line, when you know about the thought that has


gone and you regret that? further the race, the more Games


you will get. It is as easier -- as easy as that. If you can see the


numbers on a spreadsheet, you can multiply it by to run 50 kilometres,


it is incredible to see. It is not just about aerodynamics. I put out


not as much as the track sprinters, but I have a lot of power. The bike


can be lighter and aerodynamic but you need to have confidence in it.


Did you can have aerodynamics and stiffness and wait, it gives you


massive confidence that you are not wasting energy on every little bit.


Is it something you used to enjoy? Chris clearly loves the science of


cycling. He says the riders are so involved, he said remarkably that


if the Ryder does not like a certain think they have designed,


it does not go on the bike because you guys make that final decision?


You have to believe it what you are using. I had faith in the frames


and the parts and to this day that frame, quite a few years old now,


no one has come close to replicating that, or anything of


that quality. Like Mark said, it is pretty light and so stiff and you


do notice the level, I do put out more power than you. You are


putting out so much power. That is the equivalent of a high-


performance race car, a lot of force on the bottom bracket ten did


it is swaying, it is lost energy. As we saw, thousandth of a second,


so marginal Games. They nickname themselves the Secret squirrel Club.


Do you get excited when the guys from the high Performance team say


they have something to discuss, do you think this could be it? They


were promising these tricks four years ago, I am glad to see them


here but it has taken quite a while. It is exciting, as a mature athlete


I was pretty interested in it. I would like to learn more about it


and take it back to the US, give them tips here and there. No one


can come close to what they are manufacturing. What they have done


is got this equipment to rule it out for these Olympic Games, no one


knows what they have at their disposal? You saw the controversy


in Beijing, from the rumours from the press, the teams, the UCI,


wanted to say what they want. That is why things have been said, so we


they can make this from the Olympics and on the nearside, the


UCI will Bennett, so it is a good thing to keep it out and it gives


you an added incentive. If these guys are winning and second at the


World Championships, they know they have the extra few seconds for the


Olympic Games, it is confidence and hopefully faster times. OK, it is


nice to know the Beijing since were not shredded afterwards come as


though you might get yours back one day. We have spoken about the


sprinters and the endurance riders are getting the same equipment are


these Olympic Games. Before long, you will see the team pursuit has a


contract as they start their bid for glory at these Games. There


have been changes to the team but they are still confident they have


Pursuit, there is something about it, you are in it together, there


are four of you together, training, you have been living out of it


other's pockets since November. We have been with each other more than


our own girlfriends. You go through so much together. The whole journey,


all the way to that one day where you have got to perform at your


best. All of you getting to your physical peak, it is a big ask.


That is the challenge and what makes it so unique and so great to


be a part of. When you have a right, like at the worlds, or you get the


Rock were caught, it is almost effortless. -- or you get the world


record. You are in this zone. You can hear the noise around two but


you're looking at the wheel and just thinking about turning added


almost happens in slow motion. -- and it almost happens. You feel the


crowd, what is going on around you, it is a strange feeling, you have


to give it everything. Here come Great Britain! Great Britain are


the world champions. A new world Training has been going well and we


are all buzzing. I really want to win gold. It is all about the team


pursuit. I want to come away with a gold medal and I think the best


chance is with the team pursuit, I am going to focus on that. The Home


Olympics is massive, I think a world record will go, and we are


capable of it. It is going to be Jamie is continuing to study the


form. Team GB are on fire in this event. You can talk about this now.


No more saying that Jamie is the expert, what do you expect from the


British boys? I am expecting them to smash it. Four of the strongest


guys in the world, the best team pursuit in the world, Ed Clancy


with Darren Thomas. They are going to come here, they are on form. --


Geraint Thomas. I really think they're going to break the world


record. Australia will be something of a wounded animal, because GB


went to their backyard and grab themselves a gold medal and the


Aussies describe that as a serious kick in the teeth. It might make it


a bit tasty. Fingers crossed that GB go out there and win, I have all


faith in the boys, I have seen them myself, they are in good form and


ready to go. With this equipment, it adds the extra bit of confidence,


getting on the line with the bikes, knowing that the bikes and


equipment is the best in the world. They will go out and fly. Two of


them cried for professional teams. That -- ride for professional teams.


That is their day job and they have been missing that to concentrate on


this. Being in a professional team gives you a massive boost. Talking


of a boost, how much will they have been inspired by what they saw of


Bradley Wiggins. He is a former team-mate of two of these guys.


think every athlete would be. In the team pursuit, he is


concentrating on the road. These guys have grown, they have bonded.


They have been growing up since Athens, really. They will go out


and hopefully do the business. you find that in 2008, as soon as


something incredible happened out of the village, it feeds back into


the village and the athletes feed off that. Absolutely. I remember


when Nicole won, even commented to someone that the floodgates have


opened. Even though I never see the road racing, it is the confidence


that we are on form and the coaches have got it right, and here we go.


It didn't work for me! Poor old Mark Cavendish! We tried not to


remind you of it. It Spain and Denmark are going wheel to wheel,


the qualification round. Here comes buying. That puts Spain into the


second position. Still leading the competition, Denmark. A nice ride


by Denmark, they got the silver Zealand will be next and then it


will be Great Britain. We are moving towards the serious end of


the competition. New Zealand is expected to post a strong time now


come out, New Zealand. New Zealand rode very well in Beijing, got


themselves a bronze medal. They stopped the clock on 3.50 7.776 so


they have the ability to go quicker so was Ryan. And Bewley, so just


one change, Gough has come in to replace Rolston. We are expecting


the next four teams to become the fastest in this competition. It is


only a question of what order. New Zealand have a strong pedigree in


this event. We are expecting four sub four minute rides in the next


few minutes. New Zealand were third in the world championships earlier


this year. They are going to go quicker than Denmark, who are


fellow leaders. The way the competition is beginning to unfold,


it is looking very much like we could end up with the medal


contenders as Australia, Denmark, New Zealand and Great Britain. And


of course, we have also got Russia in there as well. Ryan got them off


to a good start, or a lap and a quarter turn to get it up to speed.


He Bewley has taken on the speed. He will be injecting more space


into the foursome. A good start. The Kiwis, with the bit between


their teeth in the opening four laps. Just look at the quality of


the team pursuit. They always hold the black line, as though they are


on a rail, then they swing high to drop back into the pace of the rest


of the team. That is the fastest first four laps we have had. They


are riding harder now, we can see they know how important the opening


kilometre was. They have got themselves up to speed. Now they


will start to possibly write some longer turns. Bewley swings of the


front. The national record is 55.2, they are right on that. The way


they are going, they could beat it, they said that when they won the


oceanic Games in 2011. They trained at the only indoor track in New


Zealand, right on the southern tip of the law island. The -- Block


turn, stir it -- Gough just put in a single lap turn. I think he is


going to do a two lap turn here, that is a big turn at these speeds.


Sergent rides on the professional scene. He wasn't at the World


Championships but he is here now and it has made a big difference.


They are looking good at the moment. The 4th man is losing the pace


slightly. I don't think Ryan is having a good ride, he has just


done half a lap in this competition, that is not good at all. It will


cost you nearly a tenth of a second every time you make a change. You


will want to make as few as you possibly can. We have seen them


post brilliant rides in the three, as before. And then they have just


disintegrated. High if they can maintain this, it could be


something like 3.56. They are pushing themselves very hard. They


have to do that. There is some real disparity between the abilities in


here and you have to be careful. You can use that to help or it can


do a lot of damage to the weaker members of the team, when you need


three to finish. Getting towards the closing stages of the


qualification round. 3.58 0.2 is There will be looking to try to


eclipse the time of Denmark. I think they could just about shade


it. Coming up to the line. 3.57 0.6. Nearly three-quarters of a second


than Denmark. That cost them a lot. The problems they had, about a


kilometre and a half to go. Just about held it together, a fantastic


ride by Sergent. He is clearly on form. A huge chunk of the


pacemaking, and saw them to the finish, as well. In terms of


technique, very well drilled. About the team pursuit, it is learning to


live on the edge and manage the problems as you go along. They did


that well. It takes a lot of courage to throw in a half a lap


turn and not do what is written down on a piece of paper, do what


is best for the team. The noise is building in the arena. That is


because the British quartet are now coming out onto the track, to


settle on their bikes, ready for the qualification round. This is


going to be something special. Ed Clancy will lead off, Steven Burke,


Peter Kenny at third wheel and 4th could the Geraint Thomas. He has


been a little off-colour on the final build up. I am told he is


back to something like his best. Great Britain will be the next


champions. They will be led away by Ed Clancy, the fastest data in the


world. He is their secret weapon, not very it secret -- fastest


starter in the world. There he is, from Huddersfield original. The


Yorkshireman gets the team under way. They hold the world record.


There has been a lot of talk about them lowering that world record


today. This is a very nice start. The polished unit of Great Britain,


coming around to complete the first lap. The already well up on


schedule. He we can watch him stepping along the line, to


indicate. He did say they wanted to be 0.1 of a second up on the


schedule all the way through, which would put them on world record pace.


He has stepped three times, they are well on course for a fast time.


Almost a second up on Denmark, this is going to be some ride. Let's


formidable here, as the first kilometre or is almost completed.


Watch the clock for the split up. They are well inside the world


record pace. Kennaugh and Thomas are expected to do one-and-a-half


laps all the way through this race now and it is going to be down to


them. Ed Clancy has done his part, put them on a fantastic start.


Steven Burke has got them off to a flying first kilometre. A terrific


piece of riding here. Three of this squad were members of, two of this


squad, I should say, were riding in the Beijing team that won the gold


medal, Graham Thomas and Ed Clancy. They are coming back to their


starting station and there is no hint of fatigue year. A brilliant


display of effort as the squad come down towards the line again for the


midway split. Let's look at this, very, very quick indeed. They are


0.2 inside the world record. It is going to be close. They have


settled now, slightly ahead of their own schedule. Still stepping


up to indicate they are ahead of the schedule they have set and that


schedule was for a world record. 2.1 seconds faster than the


competition leaders, New Zealand, who went 3.57. They come through


the finishing straight. The crowd are loving it. Five laps to go the


next time they come around. Thomas putting in a massive turn. It is so


important that everyone does their separate part in this race. Thomas


still on the French now. They have so much horsepower. Thomas has


completed the four -- the Tour de France, former national road


champion, he is so versatile. They are just off world record pace, but


they are easily the quickest. Clancy taking them to do a lap and


have turned there, that is his last big turn of the race. It is down to


Stephen ten -- down to Steven Burke, to do his final turn, be -- before


handing over to Peter Kennaugh. had problems but he has dismissed


them. They are loving it, the crowd! Look at this, 4.6 seconds


faster than the leaders, New Zealand. This is sending a serious


message to Australia, who are still to come. 250m to go. What are they


going to stop the clock at? It is down to the three survivors. Here


they come. Lining up for the blanket finish, what will they


record? Look at this, a new world record! Great Britain have shown


the rest of the opposition that they mean business. What a terrific


piece of team pursuit think! -- a terrific team pursuit! A world


record, what a display of clinical efficiency. It is more amazing, I


had a discussion with Dan Hunt. He said, here is the schedule, wrote


it on a piece of paper the length of turn that each rider would do


and I said, had they done terms of that length before? He said, no,


not when it has worked. This is a massive, massive gamble from them.


They really wanted to go out there and break the world record. They


have done it, they can't ask for more. Eight tensed sliced off the


world record. A huge margin. This is one team on the track. When


there is another team on the track, they do get an aerodynamic benefits,


so we could expect in a match situation to see the time come down


further. A hugely impressive performance and the alarm bells are


ringing for the final two teams to go, Russia and Australia. I do not


think they will make any changes. If they are so confident and they


can ride like that, they will keep the same squad. That was another


part of the discussion of I was having. I said, will you put Andy


Tennant into the team? He is on fantastic form. He said, I will


wait to see how it goes in the opening round, so it was that fluid.


I can't see a reason to change the team, which is desperately sad for


Andy Tennant. That is the worst scenario, to be the 5th man. We


will have to wait and see if there are any changes, we will let you


It is going to be... Away we go, the penultimate country starting


are just seen a team post a world record of that significance. Russia


were 4th in the world championships earlier this year in Melbourne,


under four minutes, but they are not in the class of the British.


a test event here they did not bring their best team and they are


the dark horse in this competition. A lot of it is expected of Russia.


I will be interested to see what they can post. We don't have a lot


of information. They are nearly a second down on the British four at


the moment but it is early stages the world, got the British team off


to a fantastic start. The Russians are holding the British team, they


are making inroads, starting to come back on that time. It is 0.7.


Rumours were correct, Russia have come here with at crack squad.


have a very good coach, a world famous coach. He formerly worked


with the British team, so he knows how they will prepare. He will have


brought this team on. Only the second team to have posted this


sort of time. They are nibbling away, 0.5 of a second behind,


swinging between 0.5 and 0.7. There is a disparity within their team,


that shows. Good riding by the Russian quartet. Years ago, they


were the team to beat. The Olympics in 1988, they won the gold medal,


they lost the way. They have a weak man in their team. They lost a huge


chunk of time. They lost 1.77 seconds, in a single term. They are


slower than Great Britain. They were quicker than New Zealand at


the 2,000-metre mark. A respectable ride by the Russians, the final


team to go. You have to take risks in this competition if you want to


medal. There is no possibility of easing your way in. The first


kilometre is crucial. Now is the time you start paying the price.


Nowhere to hide, you have to get it spot-on. One rider has dropped


already. He has dropped off. Very early to drop out of the


competition. A lot of work left for the three. They will see four laps


to go, one kilometre remaining and that could cost them dearly. Such a


promising start, as fast as the British team once they had got up


to pace but really started to pay the price admit distance, nearly


four seconds in arrears now. So the promising good start is beginning


to evaporate, although they are only just slower than New Zealand.


Maybe they will pressurise Denmark. It is going to be between Denmark


and Russia for the third quickest time. Two laps to go. I don't think


they will go quick enough for these three. It is a terrible sound do


here, when you hear somebody shout three and you are suffering. I have


been in teams when I wanted to bail out and somebody bailed out first.


The third man is struggling to stay in contention. The times taken on


the third rider to finish and that gap could be costly. He could make


a tremendous difference with the time. Here they come, back up to


the line. Let's look at the finishing time for Russia. Inside


Sport minutes. -- four minutes. They are the 4th quickest --


quickest squad at the moment. One more heat to go. That will bring


onto the track the team of Australia. The bikes are appearing


at the start of the track, the starting game -- gate is out while


we watch some replace. We watch images of the technique of the


Russian quartet. They are the 4th For the first time at these Olympic


Games, the roof is lifted off the Velodrome. There were a few empty


seats when we turned up, which we was slightly concerned about, but


they have been filled and all 6,000 people were on their feet for the


men's team pursuit, they broke the world record. What an incredible


performance? Incredible, they looked so smooth. We saw Ed Clancy.


That is crazy, his opening lap. I did not do anything like that. An


incredible feat to be able to do that. They stayed so smooth,


consistently kept going at the time and you knew it was going to be


there and I think they have more to come. I truly believe they have


more to come. They really have to keep a little back but I believe


they can go quicker. They are asking for silence in the Velodrome.


There was not silence five minutes ago when GB were on the track and


Mark says there is more to come. They are five seconds ahead of the


nearest challengers, New Zealand. Remarkable? Yes, we will see


Australia here soon. They will be the closest competitors. In about


four minutes we will know. They looked sharp, super-smooth, they


went out there and executed extremely well. They get plenty of


rest in between rides. There could be more to come. Please don't throw


cushions at your television, you will see the Australian attempt in


fall in a few moments on BBC Two. We have to leave the action on BBC


One in a moment before the news. Four people who do not join us on


BBC Two, our first afternoon in the Velodrome has been mixed. Really


disappointing for the women in the team spent. As far as the men are


concerned, they are on form. think it will be good, a lot of


medals will be seen. We are pushing the Australians. I think we will


see a lot of medals today. those people thinking about going


to BBC Two, come on, it is the men's team sprint final and we hope


GB have has shout at the gold medal. I am printer -- pretty confident.


They are going to put on a good show for stab all smiles here,


plenty of confidence as well. can press the red button to see as


much cycling as you like, otherwise we will be on BBC Two in a few


moments and trust me, you will not miss a thing as the men's team


sprinters go looking for gold. Seat you shortly.


We will catch up with anything, I promise. We have to make way on BBC


One for the Six O'Clock News come as though we are moving to BBC Two.


They are confident the men will bring another medal but they have


been many medals for Britain today. held his nerve to win the men's


double trap. -- Pippa Wilson. Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott won the


gold in the canoe double slalom, British want to who with David


Florence and Hounslow getting silver. There was another medal on


the water when the lightweight men's four and silver after a


thrilling fight lap Eton Dorney. It was so close. And Gemma Gibbons


landed a superb silver in the women's half heavyweight event.


Britain's first judo medal for 12 That is it. Coming upon one, Gary


will be here at 7pm. Another four gold medals decided in the pool.


Fran Halsall will be going in the women's 100 freestyle. She


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