BBC Two: Day 6: 18.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 6: 18.00-19.00

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What come back to Olympic Park, the immigrants are normally behind me


all stock -- welcome back to Olympic Park. It is another busy


day on basics and Britain has four medals, two gold medals and two


silver has already today. Go we have seen Victoria Pendleton and


the Jess Varnish disqualified from the women's team sprint but it is


We have had the excitement of the setting what records and the


despair of seeing an elimination from the winning team's sprint --


the excitement of setting world records. Mark Cavendish has been


busy watching the action unfold and there is more action to come in the


men's team sprint. If you were with us on BBC One, we were not able to


bring you the Australian effort in the men's team sprint. The time to


beat his impressive. Australia were looking to topple Great Britain,


who have set the fastest time so arena, the countdown. Bobridge is


the world record holder. It looks like he's going to go two today.


The second position is the most difficult of the entire race, they


get no aerodynamic assistance, there is no slipstream until at


least half a lap. Then the first Mans wins out of the way and you


have to raise the speed. I think they have put him go in second


position, Bobridge will do the lion's work today. We will see


whether that news is correct. The moment, they do tend to back in in


the closing stages. Bobridge has already gone into doing massive


turns from the start, taking on the second man job of raising the pace


and starting with big turns, they are confident in his form. The


coach at the side of the track showing them they are well up on


the schedule and they are going to use at least the time of the


British Board. It is not as quick as Great Britain. He -- the British


squad. There is still a long way to go. It's certainly is, there may


have chosen a different strategy, which is to do it enough to qualify


in the place that they want to. top eight teams go through to round


one tomorrow. We will go right through tomorrow to the crowning of


the Olympic champion. Nice, smooth style by the Australians.


slightly different pacing strategy, rather than choosing the time for


each lap. The coach is showing them the cumulative amount by are up or


down on their schedule. -- amount they are art. Just stepped back a


champions and world champions on five occasions. They have not got


the answer to Great Britain here. Not at the moment, it is all about


the final. You have to be in the final first. The coaches were


saying they felt they were over a second off the pace of Great


Britain. That is the way it is It is, he has dropped out. How


costly is that going to be? It is disastrous, they have over it, two


to go. It looks like to protect O'Shea... He is going to struggle.


They are not having a good time and a real surprise from the Australian


team. They are aiming to but the time of New Zealand under pressure,


and they are ragged, this is not fluid. They are not coping well at


all. A real surprise. We expected they would be the big threat, they


are going to struggle to get into the final at this rate. They are


very close to the time of New Zealand. Who went 3:57.Six. Clearly


they are not happy. They are at the end of the race and this cannot


happen quickly enough. He they have got to keep it together, nearly 3.5


seconds in arrears. They are going to be pretty close to New Zealand


who went 3:57.6. They are second. Australia, they are just coming up


to complete the a slap. -- it is China versus Australia,, they are


coming up to complete the first going to be closed. Australia take


it. -- they come up to the line, it is going to be close. It was a


sharp right from the Australian three. They are going to be happy,


they got out of the box well. -- sharp ride. They got out of the


blocks well. There were no problems. Technically an excellent race.


thousandth of a second quicker than the time they posted in Melbourne


when they won the gold medal. He really does fight his bike around


the concluding 250, a former junior world champion. This is a great


champions many times, they have versus New Zealand. Bauge will lead


off for France, Sydow will do the sprint title, that takes place


later. New Zealand won and sells a bronze medal in the world


championships begin it. -- themselves a bronze medal. There is


no change to either squad from the previous round. On a book, -- on


round one of the men's team sprint. Electric start from Bauge of France.


His two team-mates... New Zealand are going to be on the rack, it


will be interesting to see if they are OK and that they haven't broken


any of the rules. It was a terrific start. It put them in front of


France. We are on to the closing stages and France have settled down


to the task in hand and they come back to the line. Here come France,


up to the line. 42.991, a cracking time. It makes France the quickest


so far in the contest. Mitchell started at 4 Australia, for New


Zealand, rather -- Mitchell started world. Go -- fastest starter in the


world. Go it is but Strinic quickly between Great Britain and Japan


record that was posted in the 19 years of age. The noise is


deafening. Then it will be jays and and Hoy are in fantastic form. It's


not busts in training, it is bound Japan, what an opening lapped.


they are already well ahead. Kenny releases Chris Hoy it. This is


staggering. Japan are completely blown away. Here comes the big


banner, up to the line. -- the big fellow, up to the line. A world


record! There are celebrating trackside, the crowd cannot believe


it. They are all standing up and waving the Union flag, what a ride.


It was all set up by the staggering opening 250 by Hindes. Talk us


through this. It is phenomenal. took zero. Sue of a second off his


personal best, what a time to do it. best. It was a different man who


came out of the blocks, a blistering start and what the other


Dott did. It justified that form at the moment. -- what the other two


did. If he can do that in the final, surely they are going to get a gold


medal. Even the French team are not going to touch that. What it means


now, it is the old battle, Great Britain versus bronze or the wide


off for gold and silver. Look at the opening times. Go -- Great


Britain versus France for the ride said, maybe 17.3. But is a long


shot. He has gone and eclipsed that with his 17.2. A fantastic time. We


just need him to do it again. pressure! That is what this event


is all about. It certainly is. Well, track now. This is going to be the


ride off for bronze in the women's team sprint. It is going to be


between Australia and Ukraine. This could be a one-sided affair. Great


Britain has been disqualified from the competition, sad little


Australia will be starting in the home straight, they have been the


world champions. On several occasions. The experienced pair of


Anna Meares. Being held back as they repaired the finishing line


taped. Not ideal in this event. Caley McCulloch, getting yourself


it comes to completing the first 250. The Olympic champion from


Athens or the 500 metres. The event that no longer takes place in the


winners in the world championships in Melbourne, beaten by Germany,


the world championships in 2011, 2010 and they are going to be the


side to lookout for here, in this clash for the bronze medal. To the


left of hours Greene is Australia, the right, starting in the back


go to Australia, who were clearly quicker than Ukraine in the


a second, country mile clear off Ukraine. The dust -- the bronze


medal is destined to go to Australia because Ukraine will


never catch 0. 7th of second. Australia up to the line, the


Anna Meares, a great, strong opening lap, slightly lower -- slow


on this occasion but it was enough to do the job. Kaarle McCulloch,


she is not in the best form we have ever seen her but enough to secure


a medal. It was not the medal they were here for. No, they were hoping


to be in the final, that is for certain. Well, this is the first


time this event has been held in the Olympic Games and it appeared


in the world championships in 2007. China have never won a world We


Shall Overcome but they have won bronze medals and silvers and their


opponents here, Germany, are the current world champions and they


were the world record holders. China now have set that new world


record as we confirm the teams in the gold and silver medal Clash,


China versus Germany and it will be China in the home straight and


Germany, the world champions, in the back straight. It is close to


call, this? Well, China have really got their act together. They have


been scoring their way forwards. It is good to see her in this position.


She has worked hard, she has been second many, many times. Now they


have a great possibility here. They have their team to the right form


the world record again? They stopped the clock twice inside the


mark, 32.47 is the world record they have set. They raised to that


something here because they are 0.3 of a second slower than China and


it is all down to the first lap. China were not 0.3 faster than


Germany. Germany have to try to hold China in the first 250m. The


final of the women's team spent gets under way, the contest for


gold and silver medals. The first split is 125 metres, you can see


who comes come out of the gate better. China have gone quicker,


five at one hundredths of a second. China are leading but it is very


close. Here they come back to their starting station. China take the


gold medal here, 32.619 and Germany get the silver. What a contest,


very hot indeed. You could see from the instant the Chinese took the


front, she was the better of the two. A very low gear she chose. It


is good acceleration off that. The coach is delighted. They deserved


that medal. It was a great ride by them. A polished performance by


China, two world records and a gold medal. They have come through since


the World Championships that took place in Melbourne earlier this


year, when they ended the competition with the bronze medal.


It was Germany, the world champions on that occasion, who are settling


for silver here. It was Australia men's team sprint to look forward


arena, the result, as the Chinese Olympic champions celebrate. You


will hear more about these, they will ride well in the Keirin and


the sprint. That is often the way, in these events, when you get form


they will take it all the way The German team looking slightly


rueful. They came in as the world champions and world record holders,


that has been smashed by China. China have Olympic gold,


congratulations to them. As soon as the race finished you said there


was something may be slightly suspect about the Chinese?


looked like one of the riders, behind ride at two, she had so much


speed out of the last term, from our perspective it looked like she


overlapped the rider in front. It definitely looked like it. He it is


difficult. It is out of the picture, to be honest come on the left. From


my perspective it looked like the pursuit line on the Medway, they


were neck and neck but even at that point rider one is still a good


point ahead of rider two, so I don't know. I'd -- it does not look


like they is too much activity from the commissaire. Not too much fear


from the Chinese riders. We can see the impromptu Mexican wave in the


Valegro. They are still celebrating that stunning performance, not only


by the Chinese women, who it has to be said people described them as a


dark horse, you would not have said they were favourites for gold?


I did not have them down as the gold medal contenders. They have


their sums right and they have done well today. Perhaps part of the


reason for the atmosphere in here and we will get into the specifics


of the men's team sprint, but we have seen three performance from


the freed British teams and all those China has obscured one of the


world records, we have seen three world records broken by Team GB.


is a fast track, first and foremost, but you need the legs and the


desire to go fast. We saw in the World Championships how strong we


are as a nation so to come to a home Games with technological


advances, it was always going to be the case that it would be fast for


tonight and for the rest of the track cycling. I imagine Chris Hoy


and the boys are thinking, excellent, now we can go faster.


This team is not just about Chris Get ready for this, there is going


to be some fireworks. Beijing feels like a long time ago now.


COMMENTATOR: They are away, Kenny has released Hoy. Great Britain are


the Olympic team sprint champions. I could not be looking forward to


it any more than I am. It is very exciting, great to be 36 years of


age and feel full of the enthusiasm and the joys of the sport. We have


not really hit the heights in the team spent since Beijing and part


of that has been Jamie retiring, big shoes to fill, literate --


literally and figuratively. He was a star and held the world record.


We have been trying different people, Ross and go, that Crampton,


but we find a settled on Philip Hindes. COMMENTATOR: Philip Hindes,


19 years of age. A good start by young Philip Hindes. His age, he is


making improvements all the time. We see him potentially pulling out


something very special on the day. COMMENTATOR: A lifetime best.


a great guy, he fits in, he has a great sense of humour. For a kid of


his age, he is almost half my age, he is sitting in really well.


a really good feeling, the sprint at the minute, the team spent.


Everyone is pitching to go quicker. It is a race to get Chris across


the line as quick as possible. There is no point being a hero.


There is a good team spirit, keeping our fingers crossed it goes


well. He is great, Jason Kenny, such a


quiet guy but phenomenally talented. All the talk there was about the


team spirit amongst these three guys. Give us an idea of what is


going through their minds as they sit down and keep warm and go for


gold again? As we saw, most of them have their heads bones on,


listening to their favourite music. -- headphones. At this point four


years ago after the second rider I got anxious, this is it, the gold


medal, I had a quick chat with the psychologist who calmed me down and


I was like, right, let's do it. I said, you had better be behind me,


I am going. Hopefully Philip has the same attitude. That was an


astonishing opening lap, 17.2, at far better than anything he has


ever done. Where he got that from, I am not sure, probably the crowd.


Chris Hoy dominates the headlines. What is he like as a team mate? Is


he a man motivator? Does he bring guys with him? He is extremely


funny. He is one of the most down to earth guys, a gentleman, but he


will ever meet. He is a true gentleman. He is funny. He likes


being centre-stage when you are training and warming up and stuff,


he is putting out jokes. He is a good lad. I am so happy for what he


has accomplished. He deserves every ounce of it. He works so hard. He


used to blow my mind when I was training with him, how much he puts


into every single effort. We're talking thousands of laps over four


years. I hope he walks away from these events with medals, basically.


Having stepped away from the trackside and focused on your road


Korea, do you miss the camaraderie and training every day, being in


developed Rome? To tell you the truth I don't mistake training. It


is monotonous, compared to the road. I definitely miss that bonds with


the guys. Whether it is the endurance guys, the spin guys, the


women, everyone together has a good time. It is a good atmosphere. You


need that to get through. You push yourself and I really do miss that.


OK, while we are sitting here having this conversation there are


discussions going on in the middle because they run doubt now about


the Chinese performance as they fought for the gold medal. The


question is whether that is going to stand. As we came into this


tournament we know the sports governing body were trying to clamp


down on this. GB had an issue with this in the World Championships.


Explain what they are looking out for and why it is such a hot issue?


It is in the rule book. You are not allowed to travel past the rider in


front of you. They are looking at the rules, not being any stricter


than they should have been. There is a new commissaire, hop on it.


Three or four team has got disqualified at the World


Championships. Everyone should be let's do this perfectly so there is


no question. It is a mistake from GB. Let's go live to Jill Douglas.


What is the latest down there? was one of the most bizarre moments


of these Games. The German team were waiting to go to the medal


ceremony, where they thought they would receive a silver medal and I


said, did you know you have won the gold? They did not know. I showed


them on the computer, the Chinese team has been relegated. It was


amazing. They have skipped down there as high as kites, thrilled to


have won the gold medal. Huge disappointment for China, your


heart goes out to them. Germany are now the gold medallists. Breaking


news are plenty of drama here this evening. Well done, Germany. Not


only are you the world champions but the Olympic champions as well


but not the way you want to win an Olympic We Shall Overcome, is it?


It is not but how they made that mistake, I really don't know. It is


hard technically from the perspective of the rider coming


around the turn, when to change, it is extremely hard. There are so


many things going through your mind. It was to accelerate as hard as she


could and she looked a bit of balance to be honest. We have a


good you here, she looked off- balance. She might have tried to


back-pedal, who knows. Until we look at some slow-motion video, we


will not know. A big mistake. That is the way it goes. Hopefully at


super slow speed this will help you If you're up at the back wheel of


the front rider and -- if you look at the back wheel of the front


rider and different will of the back rider, they pass each other.


She had -- and the front wheel of the back rider. But whether that is


a genuine mistake, a technical error, or they are not aware of the


rules... This is the pursuit line, the middle part of the track. You


can be where they want at this point. It was 50 metres prior to


Is this indicative of what happens in competition? Jess Varnish has


gone out of the gates thousands of times, is gearing up for a big


competition, so how do they make these mistakes? A lot of it can be


nerves, we will deal with nerves in a different way. Jess is an


extremely young athlete, even though it wasn't really her fault.


These mistakes happen, it is the Olympic Games. That is why it is so


hard and everyone is so anxious. is the same with the French. It


looks like there is some conversation with the French, I


don't know what that is about. made a comment to one of the, CS at


the World Championships -- one of the commissaires at the World


Championships, they said they need to mark that point more clearly.


There needs to be a cone or something. They have put pats them


out, I am not sure they were there early on. -- they have put pads


down there. It was a clear error, whether she was not aware of the


Rolls, she should have been after the fiasco of the world


championships. -- aware of the rules. I'm sure the riders would


let it stand but the commissaires are strict. It is a strange


atmosphere at the moment. At the moment you could hear a pin drop,


everybody focused on those two Chinese riders in the centre. Chris


Boardman has been calling the racing for us. What is your take?


Myself and Sue Porter were watching that and we did think, we said in


commentary that Guo went through very quickly, but I thought it


might have been just in. We have seen the photo and it is marginal


at best. It could have been either way. But too little, too late.


There is no right of appeal, the commissar's word is final and they


won't go back on a decision. -- the commissaire's word is final. They


said at the World Championships they would be very strict on the


rules. The British team fell foul of it in Melbourne and here as well


with Victoria Pendleton and Jess Varnish. We see the rather dejected


Chinese riders and you have to feel for them. Years of hard effort and


it has shown that what they have been doing is the right thing to do.


Real frustration for them, to leave without the gold medal. Absolutely.


When you look at how they have ridden the whole competition, they


have broken the world record on two occasions. It is a huge improvement


from the world championships. To be so marginal, it is very difficult


to see the infringement. The commissaires are very strict. They


have seen it, they have looked on the camera. As Chris rightly said,


years ago you could appeal, now you can't, it has been wiped away.


Germany won the world championships earlier India, they are now the


Olympic champions. It is great disappointment for the Chinese.


High -- earlier in the year. Everyone is smiling and cheering


because they have gone all-American are at last, they have the kiss


camera on the big screen. -- American on us. Not the way that


Germany wanted to win the gold medal but they are what champions,


they will be delighted. They will, imagine being Jill Douglas and


getting to tell them as well, that was quite funny. I am going to


focus on the Chinese. Imagine being told you are Olympic champion, and


then you're not. It is desperately sad. The flipside is for the German


team. They were great competitors, they would have been disappointed


and then they got the bonus of a lifetime to say that it is a gold


medal for your troubles. They have to put it behind them, ahead are


five more days of competition. Guo, it looks like she is walking off,


she is not going to do the medal STUDIO: It looks like she might be


It is looking like one of the Chinese riders is leaving the


Velodrome. Dejection for China, delight for Germany. This was the


moment that Jill Douglas got the privilege of breaking the news that


Apologies for any bad language but given the circumstances, we can


forgive them. I think she said, we can't believe it, in German.


drama of the Velodrome and the emotion, it is incredible. We have


a British men's team pushing forward, going for a gold medal


this evening. It has taken the British Cycling to four years to


find a first manned hi-hat who they It I kept telling them to give me


an offer to come back, I think I did do right thing four years ago.


I was going to be 39 here. They have done the job by producing a


replacement. Just explain what Philip did so well. We are not


seeing Team GB here. Japan was why slower. He has gone up well over


two tents. The blink of an eye is about three tenths of a second. On


a track it is happening so fast. Whether he got out of the gate a


bit better, he is able to compose himself, it is reassuring. Once you


have the first ride out of the way, it is a huge relief, you know what


you're capable of and he has shown the coaches and his team-mates what


he is capable of. I feel calm. I feel I made the right decision, I


am happy to stand down. Every time I see these coaches, they say, do


you want to come back? Philip has been described as the find of the


century. He wasn't involved in British cycling at the team level


like this just months ago, here he is competing at the Olympics, it


tells you about his mental strength, to pull out a personal best when


the team have the chance to ride for a gold medal. At such a young


age, to be in his first Olympic Games, he could have easily thought,


what if I let these guys down? It is incredible, to do that. It is a


true show of what he is worth and why he will hopefully get a medal.


Explain why it has been so hard for Britain to find a new man to fill


your boots. It is kind of a unique position, the first rider needs a


lot of strength. I was a big fellow, I did a lot of weight training, up


from my background in BMX. When I was first started doing track, I


was a man two. I thought I was wasting my time trying to compete


these guys and I needed to focus on the number one spot. There is a lot


of dedicated training, a lot of starts and accelerations. He is


still young and I have no doubt that in four years, if he is still


interested in riding the bike, he will be going sub 17. It just takes


a lot of strength, that was my strength. I was able to produce a


lot of talk off the line, so just brute strength. He has the biggest


calves of anyone you will ever see! This is going to be dramatic.


I am excited. Gold or silver, hopefully they are calm or


collected her and hopefully they can do the same again. They had a


decent gap on France. The total time at the end of the three laps.


They have a bit of give. I think they need to go out and do a good


ride, they have to try nothing special, just go out and repeat.


had the beating of the four years ago. We will bring you the men's


team sprint riding for gold very shortly. After the discussion and


conversation about China and whether they should get the right


to pick up a gold medal, it seems it is not to bid. Germany have been


promoted to a gold medal in the marching out, and ready for the


medal ceremony. I am pleased that the riders from China are there. It


appeared that Guo -- Gong was marching out of the arena, but they


are back and present. It is a moment that my co-commentator


alongside Mick has been a part of, he knows what it is like --


commentator alongside me. I know what it is like to have it all


going well. I feel sorry for the Chinese. Desperately sad, but the


rules are the rules, they knew them when they came in, as did every


other competitor. The IOC vice- president of Germany will present


The flowers will be presented by In third place, and winners of the


bronze medal, the team of Australia. Anna Meares and Kaarle McCulloch.


Anna Meares won the gold in Athens in the 500 metres. She gets a


bronze medal in the first ever women's team sprint being held in


the Olympic Games. Now Kaarle The flowers, being handed out now,


which is always the tradition. We are going to hear a lot more of


Anna Meares during rest of this track cycling competitions. She


will be one to look out for in the of the silver medal are the team of


Gong, receiving her silver-medal And now Guo, who will be one of to


be competitors in the women's sprint and the women's keirin. --


Smiling, but there must be a great deal of disappointment underneath


those smiles. The Olympic champions and the winners of the gold medal


They at the Olympic We Shall Overcome to the world We Shall


The first Olympic champions to be crowned here the Velodrome in


Very, very happy indeed, Germany. The look on their faces when Jill


Douglas actually broke the news to them that they had been promoted to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


the number-one spot, well, all Two very, very happy ladies. They


are the Olympic champions for the team spent. -- sprint. We have got


one more team sprint final to go tonight and that of course is the


contest for the gold and silver for the men. Great Britain versus


France. If Chris Hoy can win the gold medal in that team sprint he


will equal the record of Sir Steve Redgrave, five golds. At the moment


he has four golds and one silver. The first silver Caimin the team


spent in Sydney in 2000. I have already seen Bradley Wiggins set


the unprecedented record of more medals in the Olympic Games


competitions by a British competitor come when he won the


gold in the time-trial the other day, raising his number to seven.


It is astonishing. Running just a little late because we have had


drama in the arena with relegations and false starts. Two more races


here to tidy up day one. First on the track will be the team's of


sprints we will see them riding for gold, silver and bronze but before


we get into that, we will look at Twitter and everybody is saying,


why would Great Britain thrown out of the competition completely


because of the infringement that they incurred, however, China pick


up a silver medal. Can you explain that? I am not able to quote the


rule book. It is within the realm you are in. If you are within the


realm of 14 you are relegated to the bottom of that role. If you are


in the realm for one and two, you are relegated to two. That is what


I make of it. I thought that for a second earlier on, wondering what


would happen, but they get put down, that race, and the race was the


gold and silver. China had earned the right have either a gold or


silver. Sadly, for Great Britain, it put them race at the bottom of


the time sheet, so they did not get a chance to write for a medal. Now,


you can see Germany gearing up. They described this as their first


priority at these Games. Do they have what it takes to beat the


Australians? Now back issue Porter and Chris Boardman.


Right on time, looking at Australia preparing for the contest against


their opponents, Germany. This is the right off for the bronze medal.


On the left, Germany, on the right, starting in the back straight, the


team of Australia. I wake we go. Australia are the current world


champions. These are the early stages, so important to get out of


the gate and post at quick time for the first lap. Already Germany are


ahead by 0.24 of a second. There is the first it's late, Australia are


not 0.3 back. A staggering opening lap. Germany in charge of this


contest. It is all the bronze medal. Germany are not 0.23 ahead.


Australia have not got an answer to get back on terms and Australia,


try as they might, with so last man, can he get back on terms? It is


close. 0.14 is the difference. Germany take the bronze medal.


was all about the first lap. 17.1 seconds. A fantastic opening lap.


Australia were a couple of bike lengths down, too much to make up


in a competition of three laps. were right, Chris. Getting out of


that gate is so important. When you have a man like they do, who


composed 17.136, it is almost impossible to peg back -- who can


post. They have worked so hard for this event. It is almost a form of


weight lifting, to drive out of the gate like this. You almost don't


need to breeze for an effort of less than 20 seconds. A lot of


muscle definition there. They release the final rider. Now, the


raw is beginning to resonate around the arena because we are getting


ready for the final of the men's team sprint. This is going to be an


absolute cracker. It is Great Britain versus France. Great


Britain in the right off that they just recorded went very quick


indeed, to set a world record of 40 tip -- 47.... Listen to the raw.


The crowd are standing up as they welcome the three representatives


of Great Britain, Philip Hindes, the 19-year-old will lead-off. He


blazed his way around the boards in 17.2 in the previous round. There


is Chris Hoy, just preparing. In the middle, Jason Kenny. Kenny and


Hoy have gold medals from four years ago. It will be a formidable


trio of France in the back straight, led off by Gregory Bauge. Well,


Gregory Bauge is the fastest starter in the world. The next


fastest starter in the world is on the other side of the track, young


Philip Hindes. He has to produce a personal best again here, if they


are going to stay in contention. is going to be a thriller. Away we


go! The final of the men's team sprint. Philip Hindes leads off, he


has to post a 17.2 to contain the efforts of Gregory Bauge. France


are behind already. Hines is rising to the challenge. Yes, Great


Britain are leading. It is another 17.2 by Philip Hindes. Now it is


Jason Kenny. Storming around the track. France are on the back but.


It is not 0.2 behind. France are never going to Paul this back. Here


comes Chris Hoy. Hoy is coming to the final turn, lining up. The


crowd are going mad! Gold medal for Great Britain. The new world record,


42.6. I don't believe what I am seeing here! They are going quicker


and quicker and Great Britain have won the gold for the team sprint.


Jason Hinds, -- Philip Hindes, Jason Kenny, Chris Hoy, the 5th


gold medal for Sir Chris Hoy, equalling the record for Sir Steve


Redgrave. Talk us through that, Chris. What a ride x to measure --


what are right! Exciting, Philip Hindes had to do the right of his


life there. He has been put in a high-pressure positions. To coming


to a race like this, never been in a situation like this before,


posted another 17.2 second lap. They desperately-needed that if


they were going to defeat the might of France and it they did it, all


three of them all the form of their lives. The coach there with days


Brailsford, they can be rightly proud of themselves -- with dace


Brailsford. A fantastic job, well done. What a performance. There is


a VIPs, you won't get anybody more important than the assembled the


the I P heirs. That tears are pouring down Jason Kenny, his


second gold medal. He was in the team that won the gold medal in


Beijing. Looking at the form he has got, he has a good chance of


beating Gregory Bauge in the sprint later in these championships. The


celebration is now beginning to unfold. Philip Hindes grabs the


Union flag to do a lap of honour. When you think he had to dismiss


the fall early on, Chris? It is dodgy, giving him the flab -- the


flag. He was wobbly with both hands on the bars. They should pass it on


to somebody more experienced. There is someone who is. Sir Chris Hoy,


equal to so Steve Redgrave, five gold medals. He has a silver, six.


You could get another one and you could be equal to Bradley Wiggins!


He could be Sir, in a few months' time. Look at this, it isn't on up


and a privilege to sit here in this fellow drome. You could cut the


atmosphere with a knife and form. - - with a knife and fork. What a


responsibility for Philip Hindes. He delivered everything he needed


to. Sir Chris Hoy knows what this feels like. He can enjoy this


experience. Young Philip Hindes has never been here before. He looks


shocked at the moment. He has not sure what to do. To deliver that


performance, to know it is down to you. The team behind you is lined


up but you have to put them into the race at the right speed and he


did it. All that hard work has paid off and Great Britain have won the


gold medal here, successfully defending the We Shall Overcome


break won four years ago in Beijing. France and Gregory Bauge, but like


four years ago, Team GB pick up the medal. These are the scenes the


people of this country were dreaming about. Sir Chris Hoy, the


greatest Olympian, and winning goal. Jamie, you picked up the gold four


years ago. How do you feel? I want to cry, it is awesome. Feel free to


cry. Unbelievable. I am so happy, speechless. It is worth remembering


this man is the elder statesman of the team. Young Philip Hindes, 19


years old, kept his head and delivered the gold. It is


incredible to see, every lap got faster. To hear the noise from the


crowd and see Sir Chris Hoy going round, beautiful. I would not be


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