BBC One: Day 6: 19.00-22.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 6: 19.00-22.00

Another chance to see Gary Lineker and Clare Balding present swimming coverage, including the finals of the women's 200m breaststroke and men's 200m backstroke.

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Good evening. If you have just been watching on BBC2, you will know


that the day has continued to be an extraordinary one. We will try and


tell you the whole story. As is customary during the first week,


the swimming finals dominate our coverage tonight. One country is


dominating the gold rush down at This gentleman is going to become


the new Olympic champion. Ryan Lochte wins the 400 medley.


She has done it with a terrible finish as well. A terrible finish!


The gold has gone to the USA, a new Olympic medal -- record.


Franklin gets the gold. Franklin has just done a semi-final of the


200 freestyle and she has just won in 58.33.


This is a massive victory. He led that relay in a brilliance


when. Look at that. He was so tough. The USA win gold in the women's 400


freestyle relay. The crowd are starting to stand up


Eight gold medals already for the USA and all the big names are in


action tonight. All-American hero Ryan Lochte already has two gold


medals at these Games and he can double his tally tonight. Michael


Phelps tries to win at three successive Olympics.


Rebecca Soni reclaimed the world record yesterday. She goes for gold


tonight. Great Britain's women's hockey team


are bidding for a third straight win.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


Scotsman Josh Taylor will need to David Florent and Richard Hounslow


qualified as the fastest pair but Britain's other pairing of Tim


Baillie and Etienne Stott were the slowest of the finalists so they


were first to go in the final. -- competing so well over the last


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


is one of the trickiest parts of the course. Upstream they go. This


is looking good for Great Britain. seen so far. Absolutely brilliant.


Amazingly, Baillie and Stott led the competition. A great Slovakian


medallist. -- David Florence. They are chasing the time by their


friends and training partners. are setting up the line. There have


du Duc. They will have to maintain this through the most difficult


parts of the course. Etienne and 10 just went brilliantly. They lost a


bit of time there. This is where Baillie and Stott really won it, I


think. They set the fastest time so far. They will have lost a lot of


time, Florence and Hounslow but possibly not enough to push them


below the Hochschorner brothers. Florence and Hounslow have got to


keep it together. They are working hard on the exit of Gate 16 and 17.


They are up on the split. The this would be an incredible performance.


They have shown immense promise so far. Everybody in the stadium is


cheering. Everybody in the commentary area is screening here


for David Florence and Richard Hounslow. They are out in the


middle of the course. Two to go. This could be gold and silver for


Great Britain. Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott lead. Oh, my


goodness! They have got a silver medal. They are the Olympic


What an incredible achievement. The first ever gold medal in this


Olympic sport but also a silver medal as well. It was a gold medal


for Baillie and Stott, a magnificent performance. Afterwards,


all four of them spoke to Jonathan Edwards. We will come to that in a


minute because these were the celebrations. And well might they


celebrate. Brilliant stuff from Baillie and Stott. They receive


their gold medals in front of a huge crowd. Vet's hear from them.


I can hardly put into words what this atmosphere is like. Tell us


what that means to you? It was the most difficult start line we have


ever sat on. We knew the Times had gone really well but we had to try


and really focused on our own run. We put when -- put in a good run.


To win an Olympic medal, we are certainly not disappointed. It was


fantastic. Sitting on the start- line we knew that Britain had got a


gold medal, basically, which on its own was fantastic. We are one team.


It is all about Team GB. But we wanted to put a result in. We


attacked it hard all the way down. It was probably the sprint to the


finish. That was the difference between a Olympic champions and


silver medallists. But it is fantastic. You talk about Olympic


champions, next bring them in. I am sorry to shuffle you out of the way.


This is amazing, Tim Baillie, Etienne Stott, you were the Olympic


champions. It is weird. It does not seem quite like that is what is


happening. This morning, we did not know what could happen, it could


have been a disaster but now it is a complete dream. I do not think so


real covers it. It is incredible. I was really happy that we would be


in the top six at least and made the final. I thought if we finished


4th, that would be a great result, the same as our coach got in Sydney.


For these boys to finish second and for us to win, I don't know. It has


made up for it. There has been huge pressure on the team. The first


couple of days did not go very well so to come out and do this shows


huge heart. We did all feel the pressure. I felt we needed


something to go right. We needed to get boats in the finals. These guys


and thus, in our sport, there is nothing taken for granted. To get


into the final, that was amazing. Just over a year ago I had surgery


on my shoulder and I thought, could that be? That path from then to now,


I cannot get round it. Tim, when you finished that run, you look at


that time, up what did you think that was good enough for? We had no


idea what the Times were on the first runs because we only look at


how far off we were from Dave and Richard when we finished. We asked


if it was a decent time or not. I was hoping it would be good enough


for a medal. You can never tell. It was such a high-quality final. All


the boats were really good. The sport is ins -- inconsistent, hard


to be consistent. I did not expect that. Two little bits of history.


First ever Olympic gold medal for clue -- canoe slalom and you beat


the Hochschorners. They are great champions, amazing athlete. They


are our models. We watch them in the canoe slalom. To beat them,


they had a record to beat today and they are amazing athlete. We have


managed to beat them but it has taken nothing of their achievements.


They are a fantastic crew. They are still the best C2 crew in history.


But you are the best C2 Crewe today. Yes, exactly. I am happy about that.


We all are. We hope to hear from them. They are coming to the studio,


paddling hard. At the same time as that drama was


happening at Lee Valley, Richard Wilson was going for gold in the


shooting event. Richard led by three shots going into the final


round. Could he win the first shooting medal since Sydney in


Peter Wilson started the day well, qualifying with a higher score of


143. His nearest rivals, await's Aldeehani, and Russia's and Vassily


Mosin got off to good start in the final, but Wilson was right up


there with them -- await's lead as the final progressed --


Mosin started to call back the lead is a fine of progress, but Wilson


stayed ahead. We have 20 shots to go in the men's double trap final.


So, Peter Wilson has a one-shot lead. A narrowest of leads Paul


Wilson but his Kuwaiti and Russian opponents were still keeping the


Dahlby got to within two shots of Wilson, who could not afford to


miss with his final effort. And he does it! Peter Wilson has done it.


He has won gold. He sinks to his knees. He has won gold for Great


Britain, the third gold of the game for the host nations. He held his


nerve brilliantly, Peter Wilson, and the crowd here at the Royal


Artillery Barracks rise to salute this 25-year-old from Dorset. A


Olympic gold in the Men's Double And here he is. Peter Wilson.


Congratulations. A remarkable performance and you seem so called.


Well done. The us what everyone said, but I was a bag of nerves.


But it was a great a -- that is what everyone said. I never would


have thought your sport would be brilliant to watch, but I sat there


this afternoon and it was enthralling. Such drama. I tried


missing just to the end to worry everybody. You must Toulon the


bounce and we thought it was all going wrong. -- you missed macro


tutu on the bounce. A I thought I would add a bit of spice of life. -


- two on the bounce. It went down to one shot for the lead when he


went down, so how could you stay that calm under that kind of


pressure? It must be going through your head, gold, gold. I tried not


put too much emphasis on it. I tried to play it as a standard


final. The crowd were amazing and I never experienced anything like it


before but I tried to play down as best I could and try to enjoy it


and enjoy the moment. If you can't enjoy this moment, why are you


doing it? I noticed that you had a line of shooters there, and a few


seconds before every time you lined up, I saw you putting your hand up.


Can you tell me what you doing? the side of my left index finger


and I have marks, just ridges on my hand, but it tells me how high I


can hold the gun from the trap house, which is the concrete pad in


front of me. I have a mark where I hold my hand and I can take a


measure. It means where a borrower underworld, in Dorset or Timbuktu,


I have a point of reference where I hold my gun -- whenever I am in the


world. You can move across and track -- attack the second.


lost your funding four years ago, so a remarkable story behind every


medal. It was tough. It is never easy for anyone who comes out there


that -- to win a gold, but it's very hard to win your -- after you


lose your support. I was able to get back on funding shortly after


the support and got the support of British shooting and the management


and coaches. When you say you had a man became help you, not just a man,


it was an Arab sheikh. Yes, some friends from Dubai. He was a bit


random. He was a friend, so it sounds more crazy then it is, but


we compete together and constantly talk about squash. He was an


international squash player. We became friends over the years of


competing with him and in Beijing I was sent out as part of Ambition


2012, which was a phenomenal thing and the great thing to experience.


I got the opportunity to speak to Ahmed, One 2 One and said it was


guaranteed a would lose my funding and would he consider helping me. I


said I would quit after Beijing and that was enough. He said he would


be delighted to have a chat with me. A few months later I was in Dubai,


sitting in his palace, and we were sitting on some coffee and we did


some deals over a coffee and a handshake. I saw a lovely embrace


with your father to stop you got a medal. He is joining us now, little


surprise, from the headquarters of Team GB. Charles, I believe! How


emotional was that for you? can't hear anything! He is half


death! Let's try and sort that out over the next few seconds. Coming


back T U, Peter. -- coming back to you, Peter, you got snowboarding


injury and then you went into shooting from that. A friend of


mine, who is almost my little brother, he hates it when I said I


was a decent cricketer or squads I, and he's called Humphrey Gibbs, but


I wasn't very good like him. But I love playing squash and cricket,


and that is why I love sport and I love the Olympics because it is a


great place to be. I dislocated the nerves in my shoulder and it meant


I was out of playing any sort of games for about a year and I was no


good at chess or tiddlywinks, so sitting down doing nothing was not


an option. I began to shoot one handed with my arm in a sling. Then


I went from strength to strength, came back to sport and realised I


was worse at cricket and squash than I was to begin with and had a


go at shooting full-time. I was lucky. I went to Millfield School


in Somerset and they have a wide and diverse sports curriculum and I


was given the opportunity to shoot there and went from strength to


strength. Can you hear us now, Charles? Good news. How emotional


was that? It was absolute torture until the point where he won. I


would love an explanation as to why he missed that pair. He has already


told us that he did it on purpose to keep everyone interested. Well,


next time let us know. It must be an unbelievable thrill to wash --


watch your son winning an Olympic gold medal. It is exactly that.


Something you are never ready for, especially in his first Olympics,


to go into the final with what was only a small advantage and to


actually lose the advantage in one pair and then fight back which


showed enormous character. I am very, very impressed by what he has


done. You can tell him to a man. How proud are you? I am proud


enough! No, I am absolutely thrilled. Not just for him, but for


all the people who shoot in Great Britain and all the club shooters


and up to international level. What he has done is shone a light for


all of us, which is invaluable. Thank you for joining us. That is


what is about, the great emotion. It is a wonderful sport. I think


the most important thing I could have done by winning is that it


brings more attention to shooting, and it is a wonderful sport. I was


saying earlier today that I would encourage anyone to take it up.


People were asking when when I would stop? I could go until I was


50, dad's age. Grey and gold. of you, thanks very much for


joining us. Well done again, just a brilliantly thrilling afternoon.


The spectacular Velodrome made its Olympic debut today with


aspirations for Team GB extremely high. Seven goals came away in


Beijing or limiting each nation to one rider per event and a change in


disciplines were certain to make that achievement difficult to match.


We will start with the women's team sprint. Going for Great Britain,


Victoria Pendleton and Jess Varnish who set a new record but saw him


beaten by the Chinese pair minutes later. They were up against Ukraine,


to be one of the two fastest teams Jayesh varnish and Victoria Ben


Watson. -- Jayesh varnish and Victoria Pendleton. -- Jess Varnish.


There they go. Britain hoping to replicate their ride in the first


round and a great start. Varnish is on fire. She will release Victoria


and awesome. 18.954. -- she will release of Victoria Pendleton. This


is Victoria Pendleton, back to her imperious best. 32.5674 Great


Britain. Only just a tad slower than the ride in the first round,


so it does show that Great Britain are backing this up. It is looking


very much like it could be China versus Great Britain in the clash


for gold. What is happening here? The commisaire are looking at the


change windows? I was watching the British pair and looking at the


changeover and Victoria Pendleton was coming through fast and I think


they are not allowed to overtake before the first rider completes


the lap. They are having a strong discussion in the centre. Dave


Brailsford not looking happy. means that Great Britain are


relegated, as they were clearly in for a ride for the gold and silver


We did not changeover in the right zone on the track. When you are


going that speed and Diane Wright on her wheel it is so easy if she


moves up slightly, I move but -- and I moved up to her will. We have


never had an illegal change before and I've never been concerned about


it in the past. It's just one of those things that happens. It is


not my fault or her fault, we are both partly to blame. We were


probably just a bit too overwhelmed by the excitement and a bit too


eager. We should have kept a lid on it a bit more. Such a shame, but


putting a brave face on. Now to the men's team sprint final, and four-


time gold medal winner Sir Chris Hoy went with Jason Kenny and the


new lean of man, Philip Hindes were in sensational form to reach the


And Great Britain in at the ride off went very quick to record a


world record of 42.9. Listen to the raw -- the roar of the crowd, and


they are standing up as they greet Philip Hindes, who blazed his rate


round in a 17.2 in the previous round and there is Chris Hoy


preparing, and in the middle is Jason Kenny. Kenny and Chris Hoy


with medals in their pockets from four years ago and it will be the


formidable trio of France against world, and on the other side of the


track is Philip Hindes -- the fastest starter. He has to produce


a personal best again if they will stay in contention. This will be a


thriller. Away we go. The final of the men's team's brand. And Philip


Hindes leads off and has to post another 17.2. France are already


behind, and Philip Hindes is really rising to the challenge. Let's have


a look. Great Britain are leading. Another 17.2 by Philip Hindes.


Jason Kenny, can he storm around on the second lap? France on the back


foot. And 0.2 behind. France will never pull his back. Here comes


Chris Hoy to the final turn. And the crowd are going absolutely mad.


Gold medal for Great Britain and the new world record! 42.6. I don't


believe what I have seen here. They are going quicker and quicker, and


That will be the British team then. The the applause is that allowed


Philip Hindes, Jason Kearney and Philip Hindes, what an occasion, an


Olympic champion. Kenny gets his second Olympic gold medal, he was


in the team that won in Beijing, and Sir Chris Hoy gets his 5th


Olympic gold medal. His voracious appetite for winning a gold medals


continues. And at the silver that he won in 2000 in Sydney and he has


not quite a record, but a haul of medals from the Olympic Games of


six, just one shot of the record by Bradley Wiggins. Great Britain are


the Olympic gold medal winners for Please stand for the national


anthem of Great Britain. # God save our gracious Queen.


# Long live our noble Queen. # God save the Queen.


# Send her victorious. # Happy and glorious.


# Long to reign over us. What a fantastic night. Are we


going to replicate our achievements in Beijing? We have certainly


started off right. World records falling all over the place. A


sensational atmosphere. And the crowd are really pleased to be here.


What a fantastic performance from the three British men, Chris Hoy,


Philip Hindes and Jason Kenny. Chris Hoy is led up the constantly


changing leader board of most successful British athletes. If you


do it in this way where gold medals come first, Chris Hoy edges out


Steve Redgrave by virtue of the fact he has a silver whereas Steve


Redgrave has a bronze. Bradley Wiggins has the most medals of all.


That could change as well. Let's hear from the victorious trio. They


are with Jill Douglas. Massive congratulations. What an amazing


moment here in the velodrome. Philip, your first Olympics, you


have been on this team for a couple of years, what a time to smash your


personal best? I cannot believe it. I still cannot believe I am an


Olympic champion. It is a dream come true. Especially after what


happened with the first race? it to get a restart. My first start


was not the greatest. I thought to get a restart. So there was a bit


of, you were trying to pull a fast one? Yes, I was trying to get the


fastest time and get everything perfect. Well done, amazing to see


with that gold medal. Jason, your second gold medal. I suppose you


were very careful with that changeover? Yes, after the World


Championships went disastrously wrong, it was something we wanted


to get absolutely spot on. It was devastating to see it happen to the


girls as well. Especially after that we kept everything really


tight. We went through the motions, unbelievable. Double Olympic


champion. I know, it is frightening. I cannot believe how quick we have


gone here today. Phil just went like an absolute rocket and we were


trying to keep up with him. It is unbelievable. Just found that half


a second in the space of a year and delivered it perfectly. It looks


good for the individual sprint. I know the French will be looking at


the very carefully. Yes, there are a few guys here, the Germans,


French and Aussies who are absolutely flying. It was the


quickest competition I have ever seen. There is no reason to believe


the sprint will be anything else. And finally to the anchorman, Sir


Chris Hoy, I'm not sure what they will do to now, that does your 5th


gold medal, the most successful ever British Olympian, there seemed


to be some emotion there on the podium there. It was quite


overwhelming. We knew it was possible but this did not come out


of the blue. We knew we could put together the best possible race on


the day but it is easier said than done. We timed it perfectly, we had


an excellent training camp and we had the full support behind us. We


nailed it. The real question for me was the three rides so close


together. I dug deeper than I have ever done before. I knew the


importance of what it was. I did not want to let the boys down. It


was just immense pride to be able to do it in front of our home crowd


here in the UK. It was phenomenal. You can not overstate what it means


to us in front of a home crowd. This is a once-in-a-lifetime


opportunity. We have enjoyed it and given it our all. You certainly


delivered. Let's have a quick look at your gold medal. Thank you very


much! I had better let you go. We will see you later in the week.


Thanks to everyone back home and all the supporters on Twitter. It


has been incredible. Welt said. From one that sports


Personality of the Year to the reigning sports Personality of the


Year, Mark Cavendish. 8 phenomenal effort. -- a phenomenal effort. I


think it bodes well. Yes, the records were going by the teams


before and then Britain was beating them. It was incredible. It was


unfortunate with the girls getting relegated. Was that the right


decision, do you feel? It is hard. It is like offside in football.


There is a line. It can be close but it is or it isn't, that is how


it works unfortunately. With the Olympic Games, nerves can come into


play. It should have been worked with before that but they have got


other events. Jess does not so she will be bitterly disappointed. We


are off to a great start. brilliant performance from the guys.


That was incredible. To do it in a world record time. Young Philip, it


is his first Olympics, he was not part of it a few months ago. It


would have been so easy to step up and be overwhelmed by it but he


stepped up and delivered a blistering first lap. Jason to


Cover, Christa Kovac and they were going faster and faster. -- Jason


took over and Chris took over. Jason got a gold four years ago and


then Sir Chris Hoy or Lord Hoyle whatever he will be called in


future. I think they will have to think of more words for him. He is


incredible. He is the most successful Olympian we have ever


had now, six gold medals and a silver. More to come? Yes, there is


his preferred event, the Kieran sprint and I think he will get a


6th gold medal. What is it like in the velodrome? It is incredible.


The velodrome is a closed roof and the theatre. There are only 6,000


spectators but the noise it generates gives you goose bumps.


Especially today, it was something I do not think I will ever feel


again. At one stage where you think of entering this side of things?


was. It is quite annoying. I had a look at going on the track but you


had to win a World Cup in the last two years to do it. I had not


because I was concentrating on the road. I was lining up on the road


race and one of the French sprinters was on the start line up


with us. He could enter the road race to ride the track and the


Germans have got someone in the mountain bike. They found a


loophole that we missed? It is quite frustrating. But the team


today smashed the world record. time to head off to the swimming


pool and due to the amount going on at the Olympics, Ian Thorpe will be


at the Aquatics Centre with Clare Balding and Mark Foster.


We will take good care of him, he will be fine with us. We have a few


bricks in action, Fran Halsall is coming up in the final of the 100m


freestyle. We will see Michael Phelps twice, Ryan Lochte twice and


we will see Chad le Clos in the 100m semi-final. The first event is


the 280 breaststroke where we have the defending champion Rebecca Soni.


I thought you made a mistake but you did not. We will see Rebecca


Soni try to become the first swimmer to successfully defend her


title? It is surprising. We are already getting to the end of the


meat and no one has been out to defend their Olympic title. If she


does not do it, next is Ryan Lochte and then Phelps. Ryan Lochte and


Michael Phelps have such a busy night. They will not have a lot of


time to recover. South Africa have had a fantastic week already.


Chad's dad is a new hero. He is our hero anyway. Interestingly, Chad le


Clos has pulled out of I am to concentrate on this. -- the


individual medley. There is Rebecca Soni. What I did forget to say it


is we will see James Goddard in the final of the 200m individual medley.


I apologised to James for that. How would you read this final? It is


one of those things, I think it will be very difficult for anyone.


I don't know how to pronounce Rebecca Soni's main. It is like a


song. She is the defending Olympic champion. There is very little


Olympic experience in this field because she is the only one who has


won a medal. She will win, it will be a question of how quick she goes


and whether she beat the record. have an age range between 20-27.


The 27-year-old is Sally Foster from Australia. I think she might


be related to mark! And Adrian Moorhouse and Andy Jamieson are the


ones trying to make themselves heard above this huge and roaring


crowd here. Let's join them for the final of the 200m women's


ready to go. That is Rebecca Soni. I thought she was going to be the


first woman in history to go under two minutes 20 in the semi-final,


six. The defending Olympic champion and world record holder, Rebecca


start. On the 100m she lost on the start. It amazes me because she


loses maybe half a second on the start. To give away that sort of


time, not against the rest of the field but against the world record,


here she goes. She is starting to move through the field. The rest of


bronze medals. The silver is up for pacing of her own time from last


Dragging along his Suzuki in lane she is really swimming well. That


line is her in the semi-final. rest of the field are having


balsams wins. They are not intimidated at all. -- they are


having awesome swimmers. I do not know what will happen down here.


The Russian swimmer is coming back like a train. It looks like Rebecca


Soni in the centre will take the world record. She is just ahead of


that world record. See if we can see the first woman under two


brilliant swim. That was definitely her target in the semi-final and


she missed it by 1,100 the second. We have never seen that before. The


first woman under 2.20 and second and third both went out to 0.20.


Suzuki second, so the Japanese getting the silver. And Rebecca


Soni, this is just stunning. A wonderful swim. Pumping the air,


and that is brilliant. I never thought I would see a woman go


below 2.20. Fantastic swimming. You know what, because the rest of the


field were so close I wasn't sure she was swimming that well, but she


was winning incredibly well. But the rest of them wrote to the


challenge. You have to give Suzuki big applause for the guts she


showed. So historic barrier goes, the first woman ever. And Suzuki


and Efimova, brilliant. I didn't think I would see three making that


sort of time. Efimova in the pink cow passed be pleased. Utterly


brilliant. -- in the pink cap has to be pleased. She had really lost


the 100 metres, but that has surely made up for it. A wonderful gold


medal. Rebecca Soni with a new You are the first Olympian to


actually defend your title at the Games. I wasn't thinking about any


of that. I kept that all out of my mind and just stuck to the race.


I'm so excited. You said yesterday you wanted to get under 20, and you


did it. I did it. I have been chasing that for years and years.


Back when I was in high school, the coach told me I would make 2.18 and


I had been keeping that myself as a secret goals, but now I've done


that great time. Trying to inspire young people at a home Olympics is


one of those things, but even now you are saying your first coach is


important to you. Absolutely. He believed in me more than any coach


I have ever known. I have had tons of great coaches along the way, but


he was someone I looked up to and he really pushed me to keep working


harder. Than she very much. Well What a fantastic way to start the


evening. That is Rebecca Soni's second world record of the games


and she defends her title, going under 2.20 and we move straight on


to the of Men's backstroke final. Tyler Clary and Ryan Lochte of the


US, Lochte already a winner of the 400 metres individual melody. --


medley. What does he do in terms of this race? Can he devoted all --


give it his all and the same again later? That is a tough question. I


would be saying that you have trained to be able to swing


multiple races and events, and when you compare the races to what the


guys do in training, he should be able to back it up in time. If he


gets in a good swim here he will be hyped and ready to go. He comes,


the defending champion in the event. Having had no one successfully


defend an Olympic title, we could have two one after the other. Teen


USA on their feet already. I think the thing is here, it is a case of


that Lochte should win the race. If he goes fall out, he will win the


race, but how much does he's back and save it for the individual


medley. I think you'll do what is needed to win. I think the big race,


the 200, later, he will need everything. Will we do lactate


testing in training, and you give yourself 30 minutes, even 10


minutes and go again and you did that - learn to deal with the pain.


This is one of the most fatiguing races. Use -- used big muscles in


your legs that produced the lactic acid. He will be tired, the one she


start recovering from that, your body knows how to process it.


lens of the pool -- four lengths. How many strokes to they know they


have got coming? Everybody has their own stroke break. All eyes on


Irie. At the big boys in lane four and five and difficult to see past


them. The defending champion is Ryan Lochte, the world champion as


well, but not the world record qualifier, but Ryan Lochte, we have


not seen him at full bore. We wonder how he will swim this


because he has the massive 200 medley came to head with the


Michael Phelps threat shortly. think Lochte has to put everything


into the race and swimmers if it is his only final tonight. We saw him


in the heats and the semis playing around and then he blasted in the


last length. But here he should be leading all the way. He will not


give Tyler Clary a sniff, to be frank. Clary cannot have the


confidence to be on his shoulder, but this is a race for Lochte to


lose. Beautiful technique and Kawecki going well in lane number


two. Lochte first to the turn. Ryosuke Irie quick to the turn and


he has not destroyed the field like he has done on the turns, and Tyler


Clary is starting to attack him. This is not over. It is not over


and he is looking a bit groggy. He is holding the water well, but


coming into the turn he will need a massive one. He has lost a bit of


his lead and they will turn close together. Lochte stays and a longer


than the rest and comes up and this is going to be very big. I wonder


if he can hold this. He did not have the best turn at all. Tyler


Clary with a better one of the three. Tyler Clary looking good.


Ryosuke Irie coming back. This is going to be really tight. It looks


like it will be Tyler Clary or maybe even Ryosuke Irie. I my


goodness me, it is Clary, a new Olympic record, and he wins gold,


the silver goes to Ryosuke Irie of Japan, and Lochte gets the bronze.


Well, Ryan Lochte is not superhuman after all, again. He has won more


to recover and it is something that has shaken him. Clary cannot


believe it, I think. He was behind on the first hundred. He was on


Lochte shoulder and on the last term I thought Lochte looked tired.


I am surprised he did not make the big difference there. He will go


away, trying have a rest down for the 200 medley and Michael Phelps


might be thinking, that is interesting. This is just


extraordinary. Don't bet on swimming. It's not a good idea.


Unbelievable. Look at that. He did not have the best turn with 25 to


go. He was not leading and got caught up. In the end it wasn't


actually that close. 53.41 it. 53.9 made by Ryan Lochte E. He lost by


half a second. That is huge. will have to regroup. You said it


would have to be brutal to win boast finals, but take nothing away


from Clary, he paced it fantastically well and not


intimidated at all. The thing about the backstroke easy finish and you


can see the scoreboard straight If I need to say thank-you to NBC


because they are giving me the great American's first. You looked


a little surprised at the end. is not really how I planned on the


race panning out, but I stuck to my game plan and it worked out this


time. I don't even really know what to say right now. You always think


about having a result like that, but the first time it happens it is


pretty incredible. You can wake me up now! Is your family in the


audience? Have they been able to come over? My whole family is here


and I imagine there are a lot of tears flowing. I love all of them


and I am so happy they are here. Tell us about the nose clip. How


important is it you? Everybody else blows air out through their nose,


but I find it is it easier to do it under water with this. I am not


able to keep water out of my nose as much as everyone else, so that


is why I use it. Well good for you, and now you are an Olympic champion.


so. He upset stockholder -- and he sets an Olympic record in doing so


and he upsets Ryan Lochte. Ryan Lochte made the mistake of saying


that Michael Phelps had got there on talent alone. A big cheer behind


us, because Lizzie Simmons is coming out for the semi-final of


the 200 metres backstroke. She has got her big ear defenders on. But


how surprised I either with Tyler Clary and all the talk before and


has delivered? It was a different event about Michael. But around the


hype, it was around another race, but he does fall into a very elite


club where some of the things he can say now people will take more


notice of. So well done to him. He surprised us. We thought it was all


Lochte. I was going to say it is a good job we do not bet, because we


would have lost a lot on that. You peg down some of the swimmers,


thinking, they will win that one, they will win that one, but it


shows that anything can happen and to retain your title he's really


difficult. So when these guys are going for three in a row, it shows


Good on Tyler Clary, and now he can savour that. Yeah, the right


headlines now. He will be happy he is in the newspapers. Elizabeth


diesel will be pretty hot favourite. The top eight times will go through


to the final tomorrow. It is not about way you finish in the heat,


it is about the time that she said. Let's rejoin Andy. -- the time that


of the picture. A great silver medal for her on the medley. The


Chinese just flew pastor to take gold. On the left-hand side of the


shot, she will be at the top of the needs to control her nerves and


control the first 25 metres and pick it up from there. Right at the


normally, and a very good start there. And look at that red hat at


the top. She needs control it. perfect start from Lizzie. She is


leading all the way through now. overwhelmed there, but the crowds


are now starting to shout for Lizzie. Great first 50 metres.


Great use of the wall and she is outside the rest of the field. She


is right on the Green Lane line, almost like she doesn't want to be


in the same race. The rest are starting to come back a bit, and


she has gone out pretty quick. The first 25 was just under the British


record pace set by Gemma Spofforth. It looks like she will be in the


hunt. Turning in third, but the top four are close. Great turn again.


Very deep, though. Coming up again, same sort of angle. She is right on


the line again. It is fascinating to watch, actually, almost like she


doesn't want to be in the same race. for the last 50. If you can hold


what will now be 4th, or third place just, she will be fined. She


is still under water. These terms are fantastic quality. She came out


back in third place. Let's see what she has got left in her legs.


field are coming back at Lizzie. She needs to get going. She is 4th,


but may be starting to fall into semi-final heat. Mega in was second.


I can only maybe C3 people that will go faster than that. As you


have said before, the form book is out of the window. Elizabeth Beisel


was very strong, finishing on the wall. Looking at the clock as she


finishes, obviously happy with that. That was the best time for her,


2.618. The reaction says she has is it fast enough? The guys are


just saying, is a fast enough? a little bit disappointed. It was


better than this morning. I would have liked a little bit better.


Still a decent swim. Experiencing this and being with the crowd,


thank you to everyone who came to light. Don't count yourself out


next -- yet. I will definitely be watching the next one. It could be


very good to sneak in tomorrow night but I think I could miss out.


We will keep our fingers crossed for you.


I hope she does make it. The swimmers coming out now are for the


second semi-final and includes Missy Franklin and Kirsty Coventry.


She is 11 years older than Mr Franklin. It is amazing the age


range. Something about Lizzie Simmonds, she is an insomniac, she


reads a lot at night because she struggles to sleep. So swimming at


night could be better? Yes, I have mentioned this before. In a country


which does not have such strength and depth like America, she is not


used to be shown herself in the morning. If you are an insomniac


and not sleeping in the evening, she will probably have arrested


during the day. A huge reception for Missy Franklin. And Kirsty


Coventry who has been such a star over so many years. What


consistency. The consistency as well and for a long time was the


bridesmaid. She never won the gold at the Olympics but she has done


that now and I was very glad to see that. With Kirsty Coventry, she is


also the one going for three in a row. She won in 2004 and 2008.


Stephanie Proud has got and handing -- a standing ovation. The home


crowd is very much behind Turtle Stott she was a European junior


championship. -- the home crowd is Missy Franklin of the USA. Kirsty


Coventry, great to see her back. Olympic champion in 2004 and 2008.


Coventry is in lane five, Franklin in lane four. Steph Proud will be


Franklin. Not so good for staff proud. She trains with Gemma


Spofforth at the University of Florida. Write off the pace in


Coventry could repeat from 2004 and Andy's microphone has gone so why


will keep going. Missy Franklin in the centre already has two gold


medals and a bronze. Coventry is slipping back. Sinead Russell is


fantastic here. Stephanie Proud is working hard to get back into the


wonder if she's going for the world record. She is really working hard.


Stephanie Proud is in the hunt. She is starting to catch up with Sinead


rustle of Canada. This is great from Steph Proud. She gets the


touch in 4th. I think she is out and Lizzie Simmonds is in with that.


I think she did. Simmons is in 7th and Steph prowled is a night. Not


in, she is out. Lizzie Simmonds talked about thinking that it was


not enough, she was not going to make it. Missy Franklin, a good


swim but Elizabeth Beisel did a faster time in the first semi.


Franklin dominating this particular final but apart from her, it was


second semi-final has been won by Mrs Franklin. The double champion


from the last two Olympic Games did you break your leg or


something? I dislocated my knee cap at the end of March and then I got


pneumonia in May. Guy I am really happy with that and making finals,


I am pretty excited. It would be so lovely seeing you defend a title.


am still going to try my best. I think it will be a lot harder than


I wanted it to be. Life throws challenges that he and it is my 4th


Olympics so I am enjoying being here and swimming with these


awesome ladies. You are an amazing athlete, it is tough when they are


11 years older. Yes, I think they recover a little quicker than I did


but it is still really good! They it may bring Steph in. It was


almost either you or Lizzie to get into the final spot. It is great


that you are here. This is your chance to be in a home Olympics.


Yes, I have just got to put everything into perspective. It is


so hard. 4th is probably worst. least I can come back tomorrow and


cheer on everybody. Thank you to talk to us and I am really glad to


Oh, poor Stephane proud, that is awful. Unless somebody pulls out,


she will not make it into I would not mind seeing the


qualifiers for the 200m breaststroke final. Kirsty Coventry,


one of the rare things she does is go to the opening ceremony which is


very rare for swimmers and she carried the flag for Zimbabwe here.


What we saw here, none of the swimmers from the British team went.


On the first couple of days they generally say do not go. Sometimes


it is sensible. Kirsty Coventry in 2008 carried the flag round. I


remember I carried the flag. I said, what are you doing here, at the


Games begin tomorrow and she said the games do not begin until I walk.


She loves the Olympic Games. Don't rule Kirsty commentary out of a


medal. Elizabeth Beisel will be fastest but Paul Stephanie Proud


start. The white hat of Brazil, the defending champion going well.


Colin James, the 6 ft 5 giant of an freestyle. George Bovell of


Trinidad, a giant 6 ft 5, fastest 58 swimmers started out in that and


it has the broadest range of countries represented as well. It


was your event, Mark, can you pick a winner? It is a blanket. Carwyn


Jones, it is one of those events where the stroke, event and finish.


That was about the speed and Ryan log to is about recovery. There he


is in the diving pool gently warming down. -- and Ryan Lochte.


He will be back shortly for the final of the men's 200m individual


medley. A lovely shot. We have not seen that, seeing somebody do extra


laps to get the recovery. Ryan Lochte is doing it in the diving


pool. Absolutely. We will be back here later.


Thank you. I have canoe slalom heroes with us, Etienne Stott and


Tim Baillie, many congratulations, a brilliant performance. Can you


believe it has happened? No. Saying it is unbelievable a hundred times


will not do it justice. It is just a dream. What can you say? Tim,


describe your emotions to us? totally surreal, really. I'm just


basking in the glow a little bit. It is really nice. It has not


really sunk in yet. It is Britain's first ever gold medal in canoeing,


you are proudly showing them off, quite right, too. You were not even


be fancied pairing because the other guys qualified fastest, David


Florence and Richard Hounslow. You went first because you wear the


slowest qualifiers? Yes, we had not had the best run in the semi-final


but we managed to get in and spent time looking at the video to see


where we wanted to improve our time and we just got out there and had a


go at it. It is an incredible event, isn't it? When you are going


upstream, it looks incredibly tough. This, the upstream gates are in the


slack water so some people feel you are paddling against the water, you


actually trying to paddle with the water. You are harnessing the power


of the river at all points and it Is it a contrast in workload from


the front and the back? You get a different view from the front, but


from the back you get more control, say you have to do the same thing


at the same time. Are you shouting at each other at that stage? A we


don't communicate in the run. The reason we trained together is so we


have the same way of looking at everything. We plan very carefully


before we start, and once we are going we haven't got the spare air


to be talking. If we have a big mistake, then we might say


something to switch to the other plan, but normally it is just all


guns blazing. And they're all sorts of people watching. Great crowds


there as well. Could you hear them as you were going? Yes, he was


amazing. Whenever there was a British boat on the Starline you


could hear it from miles away. -- the start line. Lots of support


from people, friends and family, and it was great so many people


were there to share it. It is an achievement for the sport as a


whole. So, you set the time at the start, going first, and you must


have felt you had done well. Then you sit back and have to watch the


other five teams going. I know it is not very sporting, but you must


hope they make some mistakes. People say that, and there is a


part of the that does that, but the way we set the race up was to go


out and give it our best. To absolutely hit the run as hard as


we could. In the end the run started to look as though it was


the 6th best, then the 5th, then the 4th and by the end it was the


best, and how did that happen? We were really very happy to be in


that place and raced so hard. of messages of support and


congratulations. David Florence They were the last team to go, and


it must be slightly mixed emotions for all four of you. I think so. We


would prefer to win, but the chance of us getting first and second was


amazing, and we had done our best, and if they did better than they


deserved to win and it would have been fair enough and we would have


been happy with the silver. When we made it to the final, we thought we


would be at least six, and we just kept ticking our way up. Because it


is not a head to head, as such, the rivalries is more like a


camaraderie because it is every one against the course. You also be the


twins who have been invincible in this Olympic event. 4th they are


the model crew. We watched them all the time, they are the reference


point of our sport. It was a great shot they were going for to get


another title, but somehow we managed to get in the way. You said


your greatest achievement was being Bedfordshire Sports personality of


the year it before now, and I think you might have matched it. It is


one of the achievements I put on my CV! It is a crazy things we have


done today. It is a massive thing for our sport and for ourselves,


and hopefully we have helped Great Britain out a little bit. One of


you said that you came out as the same guys going into the event, but


a few hours after, are you? For a exactly. The things I do for the


next couple of days are a bit different, but the stuff we are


looking forward to doing, and getting into over the next few


weeks is the same. With your gold medals are sure you'll be a


contender for the team award for Sports personality of the year.


Thanks for coming. Brilliant stuff. Back to Clare, Mark and Ian at the


To congratulate shins to the guys, but we were discussing the quick


turnaround for the guys. Ryan Lochte got straight into the diving


Lochte got straight into the diving pool because he is in the final of


this and so is James Goddard of Great Britain, he will be the first


to walk out in a second or two, trying to win his first medal at a


world or Olympic event. A huge noise for James. And he is really


enjoying this. 29 years old now. A Commonwealth Games double gold


medallist in Delhi. You are making fun of his rucksack. I just thought


it looked like he was going to school! He finished 4th in the 2004


Olympic Games and six in 2008 and it would be amazing if he could win


a medal in this race because it is packed full of superstars. And you


dinner with last night. He now has 19 Olympic medals to his name, 15


of them gold and he is trying to win this 200 metres individual


medley for the third time in a row. Ryan Lochte coming out still wet,


you can see it through his T-shirt, because he has had not time to dry


off. What was your quickest turnaround between finals? Eight


minutes. He has had nearly 28. is saying he has had it easy.


not say that at all. But have you got enough time to get your head


right? It is telling yourself to calm down but you have to be up for


the final. This guy could be a danger, Tiago Ferreira. -- Thiago


Pereira. The field is stacked. I would say that these guys are going


in fresh and I might give it to Lochte, with the disappointment of


the 200 backstroke, Michael Phelps will have been sat there thinking


they are rested and ready. If they are going to get in, they will get


him now. This guy, Markus Deibler get Sir -- Markus Deibler gets a


place in the final. One qualifier decided to focus on the 200


butterfly, which could be bad news for Michael Phelps because he has


already beaten him in the 100 butterfly. Now he is taking him on.


But can Michael Phelps win this for his third Olympic Games in a row?


Can Ryan Lochte get a goal? Can James Goddard get a medal? All


questions that will be answered in absolute shocker on his 400 medley.


He raced Michael Phelps and they went a bit too slow. Phelps just


made the finals and Laszlo jaded not. He should be an angry man here.


-- Laszlo Cseh 8 did not. This is his last chance. He is in No. 5. He


could be dangerous. Lochte Int four, the double defending champion,


metres individual medley and a good start from Michael Phelps. Tactics


will be interesting because Phelps has the fastest flight but after


that it is interesting. Lochte has the best backed strike. Goddard are


doing quite well on the fly. And usually he has a blue cap rather


than the red ones the British have been wearing. I think he is a


Manchester City fan. Lochte needs to make a move on the back straight.


There has been a lot of analysis of the splits from the coaches and


Lochte looking to make a move, but he is not. Phelps is very, very


determined here. Look at that. Big, strong arm course. Gone are not out


of it but Lochte the best breaststroke a -- Goddard not out


of it. Michael Phelps has worked his legs massively hard. First on


the turn, then second was Thiago Pereira. But if Lochte is going to


get this he has to go now. He needs to make a big move. Goddard right


at the top and he is in 4th or 5th. The rest of the field in the centre


coming back at Phelps. But look at Phelps go. If I cannot see him


losing this. Phelps is really, really determined. Just off world


record pace. Lochte had a good. I wonder if he has enough energy.


Surely he will go for the gold. Phelps has to hang on. Lochte looks


like he's coming back. He is right on the world record. This is an


awesome final. Michael Phelps may get it back, but Lochte are not


giving up. He is coming back, but I think it will be Phelps. It is


Lochte's world record, and it still is, but gold to Phelps. Finally he


wins gold. Three in a row. Well, we spent a long time talking about it,


but the great Michael Phelps has just won his 20th Olympic medal.


And finally he has won it, and individual gold medal, and look at


his face. The relief after he won Finally he has won an individual


one, three titles in a row. Athens, gold, Beijing, gold, and the way he


attacked the he did not want to give it up. He said after his last


leg in the McFly, once he had broken through most of the medals


ever it was like the weight of the world was off his shoulders and


this was the race he desperately wanted to win. He looks like he


committed everything he had got. That is a big gold medal for


Michael Phelps, showing the class that he has. Committed, determined.


He is not finished there, but he is now. To get three gold medals like


this, and other historical landmark. individual gold at London 2012.


it is goals to Michael Phelps in very nearly world record pace. --


If I am so pleased. He is utterly James, you had to go for that, boom


or bust? Yes, I did have to go for it. I paid for it down the back 100


metres. A fantastic experience and to be at this Olympic Games is a


treat. Not the most perfect of preparations. A bit of a tough year


with the training and all sorts of situations at home. But this is


hopefully not the end of you, James. You been around a long time. I just


need to go back and evaluate. not know it Eike -- how I have not


gone as quick. I have been training great, but I just don't know why.


Do you wish you had Swanage differently? A no, I had to go for


it. It was kind of the only way. I spoke to my coach and we said,


let's just go for it, and that is what I did. EV will always be proud


A shame for Goddard. We may see him at the Commonwealth Games in


Glasgow. Reaction from you, Ian, to Michael Phelps winning his 16th


gold medal and his 20th in total. It is extraordinary. The first man


in the world to be able to defend his Olympic title twice, so the


three consecutive Olympic golds in this event for Michael Phelps.


Bravo. The first one to defend a title was Rebecca Sony, but to do


it twice is an incredible achievement -- Rebecca Soni. I am


glad that he has swam well and it is now that Michael Fox can relax a


bit. And this is the last time we will see Michael Phelps swimming


competitively. He was heaving at the end. He had put everything his


body had been to the race and it paid off. With every race, his


favourite event, he didn't win it. And coming into this, if Lochte had


been fresh, who knows? The answer is Phelps, and he still has his


semi-final to come and there will be more from the guys. If you would


like to watch basketball on BBC Three, the British men are in


action, playing Spain. And for or Dr Who fans, you will be looking


So how much trouble are we in? You've got me. What are you waiting


We are very cross with you! Masters, the Daleks, all the people


died because of my mercy. This is what happens when you travel alone


for too long. Don't be scared. Who killed all of the Daleks?


Let go back in time. In judo it had been a disappointing week for Team


GB with no one progressing beyond the quarter-finals until today. The


pressure was on for Gemma Gibbons, 25-year-old local London and


girlfriend of Euan Burton who was so disappointed after his defeat


yesterday. Could Gemma deliver a second judo medal since her coach


Kate Howey 12 years ago? She won a smashed the Portuguese to the floor


with an ippon. And she has brought the ExCel centre alive. All she has


ever wanted to be is an Olympian. She never dreamt she would mark her


debut with an ippon against one of the better players in the world.


Gemma Gibbons. The mountain has just got a bit steeper. The


Mongolian mountain might be a tougher one to Crest. She has


turned it. And German Gibbons is ahead with the yuko. She has done


it -- Gemma Gibbons. She has only gone and booked a place in the


semi-final. She is nearly there. mum is her biggest inspiration. She


died eight years ago. Some way she is watching her daughter fight at


the London Olympics. -- somewhere. year bridge has been bridged in


glorious fashion. The tears of an Olympic finalist. Gemma Gibbons


will win a medal. The Olympic final. The American Kayla Harrison, the


Londoner Gemma Gibbons. She has just notched up the first point.


She has a split second to attack. Another yuko scored. The American


is now a leading by two yukos. Gemma Gibbons has got to do


something now. And it is not going to be gold. That will go to the USA.


For the first time in the history of their women's judo team.


still hasn't sunk in. It feels a bit like a dream but amazing at the


And here she is. You were ranked 42 in the world, you were injured for


six months, you could not have dreamt of doing that. Kate Howey is


alongside you. Were you surprised by your achievements? They


obviously thought I could do something which is why I carried on


training full-time but I am pretty surprised at how well I have done


today. I was hoping obviously to win a couple of matches and get in


the top seven but I have exceeded all my own expectations today.


crowd really got behind you, the atmosphere seemed amazing, even on


television. Yes, the crowd were phenomenal, each and every fight


they got behind me and kept me going. There were some pretty tough


fights out there and hearing them in the background spurred me on.


Kate, you were the last woman to win a medal 12 years ago, are you


proud? Unbelievably proud. I wanted to get help when -- help people win


Olympic medals. To sit here 12 years on with somebody who I have


been with since they were 16 or 17 years old is phenomenal. It is such


an immense emotion. That is why I started to cry. Is it nerve-


racking? Yes, terrible. I said, at least when you worry fighter, you


were in control. When you're on the side watching, I want to jump out


and help but full credit to Gemma. Absolutely fantastic. There are a


couple of special messages and tweets which are coming through all


the time. Lots of goodwill messages. This was early on. Some great


moments, this was the only round. You turned things around. Yes, I


managed with the support of the crowd to turn a contest which


wasn't going my way around. when you won that semi-final, you


looked up to the sky, was that a message to your mum? I said, I love


you, mum. She did everything tell me succeed in judo and I do not


good chance to say thank you so that was mine away. An amazing


emotion. You did yourself proud and everybody proud. A thanks. When you


were in there and you have got to the final, it is such a massive


advantage because they can hang on, you were desperately trying to get


another ippon like you had got in the semi-finals. I gave it


everything and unfortunately it was not enough this time. I tried my


best and a good day all round. you look at the screen you will see


lots of different messages going through from athletes at the


Olympics. Zoe Smith, the weightlifter says you are


incredible. I was sat in the BBC room, there were 100 people


absolutely glued to the TV and cheering the one. There was no


bigger cheer than when you got the ippon in the semi-final, it was a


magical moment. We were all on our feet for a throw in judo. Who would


have thought?! That is the thing. Judo is not a big sport in Britain


and I hope this metal today can change that. That message is from


your boyfriend. He says, I am so proud of my girl. You were watching


him in the first round. He broke down in the interview after he lost


because he was so upset. Yes, obviously really hard for him. It


is probably one of his last Olympic Games and he is one of the best


people out there. Going out and not realising his dream, it was really


disappointing for him and everyone who loves him. That was pretty hard.


It is brutal, Sport. Four years is the big moment and it can turn,


especially in judo, one little flip and it is all over. One minute you


can be in the lead and then something has happened under a flat


on your back and you have lost it. Sometimes it can be four years of


work for ten seconds on a judo mat. What does this mean for British


judo? I think for the next generation that is coming through,


it is a massive boost for British judo. There has been a 12 year wait


for a metal so to get the youngsters in and for an idle to be


looked at, just to get everybody engrossed in it. She has done the


job. The whole thing has lifted the mood, the team is starting to win


medals, is that noticeable within the village? I have not been there


at all today. I have not been back. When GB got their first gold, I


think the mood did lift a little and everyone thinks, we can do this


now and everyone is getting behind each other. You are a London girl


so an Olympics in your home town and a silver medal does not get


much better? Only one better and it is pretty fantastic. It was totally


impressive and you did your country proud, you really did. Well done.


Thank you. We can go back to the swimming. Fran Halsall is coming up.


We can join Clare Balding, Ian and Mark.


Lots of people are asking what is the temperature of the swimming


pool and is it heated? 25.7 to 26 degrees. They have a swimming --


they have the public pool warmer because people swim slower so they


have that at 30 degrees. If you were a public swimmer, you would


think that Paul was cold. -- that swimming pool.


The only unheated swimming is in the open-water swimming which will


be next week. That will beat in the Serpentine. I would not be able to


do that because I would not know where to go. We have seen Ryan


Lochte twice, it did not pay off for him, only a bronze and silver


where he expected to win two golds. Is that bad luck or bad planning?


What we do not know is how strong the races will be. Ryan Lochte


would have thought he could come into this, recover from the semi-


finals and do all of these things and have good shots that all of


these races. It may have been a mistake. Having hindsight on your


side, to be spread across so many races. But it also could be the


fact that he knew Michael Phelps was the main one, he might have


concentrated more on the medley than his backstroke. Lochte's loss


was Tyler Clary's game. He has just picked up his metal. And also


Michael Phelps' game. He keeps extending his record-breaking


achievements. He has gone far beyond what anyone has done before


and what anyone is likely to do again. It has been phenomenal


watching Michael Phelps at his last Olympic Games. We move on to the


100m freestyle. We have the 6 ft 1 metre tall Missy Franklin. She has


a wingspan bigger than her height. Is your wingspan bigger than your


height? I have arms, not wings! You-know-what I mean. She is only


17, she has been lovely through these games. It may be taking its


toll. The smile when she walks out but it drops quite quickly. A


little bit different when we first saw her. Ranomi Kromowidjojo has a


good chance for the Netherlands. This is the event in which Dawn


Fraser won back to back medals in 1956, 1960 and 1964, one of the


After Yi Tang you will see Fran Halsall who says her disadvantage


in this is she is very slight. There is not a lot of her. She is


no where near the others in height. But she is pretty laid back and


pretty cool and she will enjoy this. The beauty of Fran is she loves the


crowd, she loves the noise. She is a showgirl. She is crab-like across


the surface of the water. Are it is at skimming a rock across the pond.


But very fast turnover. She is very three for the USA. They are the


fastest women in the world. Ranomi Kromowidjojo has recovered from


viral meningitis. Fran Halsall has looked very good. Used the crowd,


Fran, use the crowd. The medals could come from either side. Fran


and just occur in 7 and 8 are strong. It is one of those final


switch is too tough to call. She could get a medal. She will need


middle by Ranomi Kromowidjojo. But also very quick, Jeanette Ottesen


Gray from Denmark. It is a good position for Halsall. She needs to


but she is in a decent place at the moment. She could win this. The


fastest woman in the world is Ranomi Kromowidjojo from the


Netherlands in the centre. Come on, Adrian. I didn't know she could get


through it. At 75 metres she had put herself in a great position,


but Kromowidjojo still too strong. A very strong girl. He the two


world champions we saw at the top of the race, they took out the race.


Kromowidjojo coming out of the Turn second, breathing over to the left,


but she would have known where they were. A good, straight arm. Taking


the extra stroke. The favourite takes the gold. At the top of your


picture, Kromowidjojo. That was bizarre. She got there and stopped


and just touched them. Well, that is what it means. The Olympic


champion, Ranomi Kromowidjojo. Herasimenia in silver. Yi Tang in


bronze. And in 6th, Fran Halsall. great silver in a lane one for


Herasimenia. She used to speed, she has great speed. Kromowidjojo and


coping with the pressure. A pretty partisan crowd. But she managed to


I know you gave that everything you have got, and it is also close.


Like you say, just didn't have it today. One of those things, isn't


it? Can't change it now, but I gave it my best shot. That's all I can


do. Quite a lot of races at the Olympics that don't go to form.


Look at the guys racing, Lochte and Phelps, just racing. It is just


racing. I knew I needed to put in a good race tonight and the time just


was not there. Not really much more right can say. Police I still have


the 50 metres to come. -- at least I still have the 50 metres to come.


For you go and get your swim down, Paul Fran Halsall. Anything you


could say to her that would make her feel better? She sounds so


broken. It is devastating. World silver medallist last year, and


that was not fast. 53.0 was not that tough, but she knows she could


have come away with a medal at 53.3 and it shows how disappointing it


is. It is one of those things. You have to get it right at the right


time. Michael Jamieson is the only swimmer who has set a new personal


before as a member of Team GB. We will be back in the Paul it later,


but that was the first non-American gold medal, so the Dutch have a


chance to celebrate -- back in the swimming pool. The athletics *


tomorrow and every Olympic Games tends to have one athlete above all


of us who becomes the focus of the host nation's hoax. -- hopes.


the opportunity of a lifetime. To compete at a home Olympics should


be an experience to enjoy, to treasure. Book for just a handful


of athletes the honour has been accompanied by an indescribable


burden, because they are the face of the Games. This phenomenon is


about timing and a talent burning at its brightest, fuelled by craft


and dedication. The embers of expectations stoked by the public


hopes and dreams become a roaring inferno fed by the media consumed


worldwide. Everywhere you look, every way you turn, you will see


the face of the Games. The first Olympian subjected to such scrutiny


was Carl Lewis in Los Angeles in 1984. Equalling Jesse Owens's four


gold medals and a games catapult at him to a sporting great. -- at


eight games catapulted him to a sporting great. At Atlanta, he was


me. Could I be the first man to win both the 204 hundred at an


Olympics? People predict, they assume, of course he will do it --


the 204 hundred metres. But those guys at the start line are not


making up the numbers. No one else is going to run it for you. People


talk about getting into the zone, tunnel vision. You are out of that


finish line, crystal-clear, surroundings irrelevant. The crowd


may scream and sheer, but we hear nothing but the Bank of the gun. --


the band of the gun. In Sydney 12 years ago, Cathy Freeman was


representing the past, present and future. Lighting the flame in the


opening ceremony was an ordeal in itself. It took guts to step away


from those vital preparations just days before the competition started.


It required an appreciation of the bigger picture, of what hosting the


Olympics meant for the nation. Right now I want to go home and


have a cry, to be honest. In the face of the Games does not


guarantee triumph. Four years ago in Beijing the greatest withdrew


after aggravating an old injury. is almost in tears. Why see even


fit to compete? You cannot underestimate the pressure that


comes with 1 billion fans urging you to race for them. So who is the


face of London 2012? Step forward Jessica Ennis. Hopes of home gold


are higher than we have ever known. It is a lot to take. The pressure


cooker of expectation. Her talent is burning bright, fuelled by hard


graft and dedication. The embers of expectation, stoked by the British


public's hopes and dreams, have become a roaring inferno fanned by


the media consumed world wide. This quiet girl from Sheffield has it


all, except one thing. Her dream, her nation's dream, home and


This is where it all unfold over the next week or so. The nation's


expectations or on the shoulders of a young girl. Someone who knows


what that pressure is like is Denise Lewis, who won this event,


Jessica Ennis's event 12 years ago. You know exactly what it takes,


Denise. Has she got what it takes? I know what it takes to win and


Jessica absolutely has that. But can she cope with the pressure? I


think she can. I really do. I think she brings a unique quality to the


event. She is calm, she has focused, she is driven and I think one of


the prerequisites for a great games is a healthy body, and she has that


as well. I hope she wasn't watching it because it put goose bumps down


the back of my neck, but that might be Michael Johnson's voice. But the


expectancy is large and the nation is willing her to do well, and


sometimes that can be a hard thing to handle. As I said, Jessica has a


great team around her. She is very focused, driven and has been away


preparing in Portugal, so she has removed herself from this pressure


cooker. She is back now, she flew in yesterday. Judging from the


people I have spoken to they said she seems really relaxed. And I


think that in itself says a lot about her. She missed Beijing and


that hurt her badly, so she knows what it means, to be at the Olympic


Games and be in with a shot of delivering her best performance. I


feel confident, based on what I've seen. She has been in good form.


She broke your record, quite recently. She broke the British


record in May and what pleased me about that record was that the


events that caused her the most problems like the javelin, which


was a tricky event for her, which cost her the gold medal last year


in Daegu, she got a personal best. The long jumper can be inconsistent


but she got a personal best as well, 6.51, which puts their right up


there. Her second day was always a bit dodgy, but now she is in with a


shot. She will certainly have the nation's support and we wish her


well. She starts tomorrow morning Olympics here in London to the


undoubted international face of these games and the games before


and the one before, Michael Phelps, collecting his gold medal for the


His body was heaving after that. He gave everything, and this is the


16th time he has stood on a podium with a gold medal around his neck


and heard the American national anthem played in his honour. At the


Aquatics Centre here in London are on their feet to salute the


greatest Olympian ever, 20 medals in all, 16 of them gold, and he


still looks as though he cannot quite believe it. 27 years old, his


final ever competition. And the final attempts he has to extend his


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


And the question every swimmer, every Olympian, will ask themselves,


is how does he do that? Ian Thorpe, you know him well. You can


appreciate the achievement more than anyone. How does he do it?


is not an easy question. It's a really difficult question and I


cannot wrap it up. He simply does it by being better than everyone


else. If anyone knows how to back up from a race, it is Michael


Phelps. He knew what Lochte was coming up against him, but he


wanted this from the first day. In the shorter events, he will be


stronger and he's on form. I would love to back him on his humour in


the press conference, and also his generosity, and also showing Chad


le Clos round, and seeing his historical understanding of what


he's doing. You saw the human side. With Chad le Clos you saw the human


side of Michael Phelps. When he won eight everybody saw the amazing man,


but like a robot, the then you saw that human side. That touched


everybody. I think Michael has prepared in this games to show


another side of himself. He may have felt it was some sort of four


before this competition and it was the sort of facade coming up, but


it was a different Michael Phelps. He could have made his programme


easier and he has taken out one event, but he is about to come and


swim the semi-final of the 100 metre butterfly. The fact you have


said it, it is his last race. Does he appreciate it more question


whereas in Beijing he knew he was going to London. The last hundred


metres ever, he has ticked the box. He never has the opportunity to do


it again. It is pretty incredible to think about it that way. Knowing


what he has coming up, he will be a enjoying this. You had dinner with


his mother last night. Do they have any idea about what he might do in


that life after swimming? A I do not know if I should be talking


about dear old Mrs Phelps. Michael has a great family around him. They


are great supporters, and I think his mother is his biggest supporter


out of everyone. She is really his litmus test to see what it is for


him. Michael has established a charity and then a number of


different things, so he knows how to transition away from the sport.


I do not know if the sport is ready to transition away from Michael


Phelps. You have gone away from the sport and comeback, so could you


see any thing? Would you give him If he asks for advice, you keep


straining straight after this competition for about three months.


Settle into what is going to be a normal exercise routine, rather


than just stopping. Because your body goes through changes from


being an elite athlete that has processing different things and


knowing its adrenalin, all of these things, and it changes into a more


normal body. It is important to get some training in at that stage as


that trade -- us that change goes through. It is good for your mind


to think about the next phase. feel watching Phelps that he is


still a child. I mean it in a complementary way. He is 27, but he


stands there and you can see the teenager in her. He looks like a


boy. There is an element of that. Any athlete, when you come to


retire, it is like you are too old to do it any more. Is he a young


because he is in a sport and childlike in that sport? When you


come out of the sport, you go into the real world. What will he do


next? Who knows, it is a new chapter. We see the 15-year-old, I


think it was come from the Sydney Games. That is why we see him as a


child. When he is up there, he we have witnessed this, the great


American swimmer. He delivered more than we expected. What is that


child Magnus, the competitive person in you. You want to keep


going, having fun. He is about to walk out, now, and he has the big


ear defenders on. He is covering his face because you said he was a


child! Do you know what music he listens to? He is into classical


music. It isn't, it is hip hop! Imagine, it is really funny. Adrian


Moorhouse and ended -- and Andy Jameson have been enjoying that


action. You wonder what Phelps can do now. He has to qualify and he


probably will. I think you are right, he just has


to qualify and I think he probably will. He is utterly stunning. He


has gone 49.84 or 100m Butterfly and that would have made hour


freestyle metre dash relay team. It would have beaten one of the guys


in the freestyle relay here. It is incredible. He has a job to do.


This might be one of the slower off the semi-finals. That is that a


record set in Rome. He has a job to do. He cannot be sluggish down the


first 50 metres. They will leave him behind. It is not 200 metres.


There are not four lengths to make it through the field. If you


remember how he has won his heat. Last after the first legs? Last


after 50 metres and first after 100 metres. Extraordinary. Sirnak in


five -- Czerniak in five. 20 medals at the Olympics. You would not bet


him past getting another one in this and in the medley relay, so we


are may be looking at 22 medals for him. A very good start in three.


Phelps is going quicker than the first 50 metres but he did in the


heat. That is good for 50 metres. Set a personal best time in the


heats to qualify for these semi- finals. He is on form, turning


first by half a second. Starke, his compatriot, in lane eight. This is


strong, really good. Phelps is not messing around at all. He knows he


is going to sleep tonight. He is going to give it everything.


looks like he is working very hard indeed. It is fascinating. He went


for it at the turn. 50.86. That is fast. The first guy to hit 50 and


that is pretty impressive, pretty impressive from Michael Phelps, to


win the first semi-final of the men's 100m fly. He is shaking his


head a little bit, that will do. See you later. That is outstanding!


Off the back of that 200m medley. Crikey. Impressive. Tonight, he


swam like the old Michael Phelps, he has committed himself. He let


Deibler take it out. I think he got a shock when he looked hundred saw


Deibler way ahead. I know, but Phelps dug in.


Michael Phelps wins the first semi- You have had a pretty good night,


haven't you? Tired. I bet you are. You can come here with a number of


things you wanted to achieve, but one of them you did tonight, the


triple? That was called. I knew that beating Ryan would be tough


and coming of the 200 metres back, it is a hard double. I wanted to


try to force it as much as I could. It is a gold medal. Pretty pleased.


Someone special menu, yesterday, didn't they? Yes, the President


called me yesterday. It was pretty cool. Somebody called and asked for


me and they said, hold, please, for the President of the United States.


I was like, OK! It was kind of cool. He said everyone is supporting me


and everyone at home was rooting for me, so that was very special.


He wanted me to say hi to his -- to my mum. And he tweeted you? Yes,


Brian and I have been treating. It has been fun. -- tweeting.


That is one of the reasons we persuaded you to join Twitter so


you can get tweets from cool people. He gets the call from a Obama and


it is Hull, please. He had to hold, I don't understand? Was Obama was


put on hold for Michael Phelps. they understand it. The big


question is in this race, could we the BBC, because's dad. His son.


Chad, 20, he will want to book down a marker in this. He could be the


nuclear -- the new kid on the block. You would expect this semi-final,


would you not, to be between Cavic and Le Clos. It will be between


those. Cavic goes out fast on the first length. The beauty of this,


when you walk out for final, when you stand behind the blog can see


you would read -- your world record on the screen at the end and


everyone knows you have done it, it gives you confident. It is when


they announced, that is the big deal. And world record-holder,


defending Olympic champion. Michael Phelps has that a lot of the time.


The last race of the night is the second men's 100-metre butterfly.


Here is the green hat off chad a class of South Africa, the gold


medallist of the 200 metres flight -- Le Clos. What a fantastic


swimmer that was. Dunford is closest to us, the Commonwealth


champion on 50m life. Cavic, in third, he touched the wall but did


not stop the clock and Dodds got it. -- Phelps got it. The Green Hat in


the centre is chad Le Clos of South Africa and the pink suit is Cavic


off Sobir. A similar thing happened in the heats. Cavic is on world


will come through. He is out, just outside world record pace. I am not


sure he has done enough to come back quick enough. Cavic has some


work to do if he is going to make the final. The rest of the field


will come back at him. Le Clos gets it. He gets a touch and wins the


second semi-final. Second, McGill, third, Cavic. That was mightily


close. It was close, slower than the first semi-final. Le Clos is a


great 200 metres champion but he is going to have to work harder and I


am not sure he has enough sprint in it. I don't think swimming like


that will get him to beat Michael Phelps in the 100 metres. Cavic


went out for it and did not hold on, so he is struggling. It is a bit


like Liam Tancock, a brilliant 50 metres, but can't hold on at the


end. The rest of the field just eating away, eating up the water,


who ring him in. Cavic, or the finish, look at that. Actually make


-- lane six, McGill, went in first. Le Clos takes an extra stroke and


gets the race. Good swimmers. You would just just road so that when


your hands come, it is possible to do -- you adjust your stroke. Le


Clos is happy and wins the second semi-final of the men's 100m five.


-- butterflies. The first three are through to the semi-final. It looks


like Michael Phelps will go in half You are slimmer than you were four


years ago. Slimmer? Yes, slimmer. don't know, maybe it is possible.


Without the suits we needed to make some changes. I will never be as


good looking as this guy, for example, but everybody has got


there could... Still a comedian, that is good. Tell me about your


back. You had a bad back injury. Is it sorted out? I have to deal with


it every single day of my life. I have to do call work every day to


keep it going. I am lucky to be here. This is something that has


never been done before. Literally never been done before. Hopefully,


if I achieve a medal tomorrow, I will be the first guide to win an


Olympic medal after such an operation. -- the first person to


win an Olympic medal. I feel like I have had a second chance, here I am.


That will be good for me, the end of my career after 19 years. It has


been a good run. A hell of a career. Have you grown your fingernails?


am going to let them go until tomorrow but just to be here, it


has not been done before and I am happy to be here. We keep talking


about a rematch against Phelps but it seems like he is out of my


league and I am just hoping for any medal. It does not matter, any


medal will be good enough. Good luck to you. Thank you.


Cavic, good fun to hear from him but he will be up against it was Le


Clos as well. He really was. Did you saw Le Clos, the same thing in


the two would have metres butterfly. He looked to the side and head down


the middle. Looked to you, looked to you, thank you to you both.


Another stunning night in the pool. Phelps was unbelievable, taking the


200-metre individual medley for the third time to with his 16th gold


Adlington defence her 800 metres title at 7:45pm. You might have to


forgive mark and I have you get It Adlington gets it, it will be


great for team beat a cheat -- Great but Team GB. Be as excited as


you like. You should see what happened earlier. He tried to knock


him off. A divided, I did not mean to. He has he read he is going to


help. He will help Rebecca to defend her title. We will bring it


to you like. Cent you for your insights and humour. We are having


a ball. We hope we will be back for more a bit tomorrow night.


Having a ball everywhere. What a phenomenal athlete, Michael Phelps.


Isn't he something else? It has been a busy night so a couple of


changes to our schedule. The women's gymnastics will be on BBC


Two at 10pm. Before then, boxing with Josh Taylor in action. First,


another of Britain's great hopes for the Games, Mo Farah. His first


finalists the 10,000 metres on His mission, should he choose to


excepted, is to complete the five and 10 golden double. In an age of


African domination he has seen what seemed improbable probable. Be


under no illusion about the enormity of his mission. African


nations have swept the medals in the last five Olympics over 10,000


metres, taking gold in the last six. Over 5,000 metres, the African


countries have swept the medals table and the last four games. The


training came with the assignment, know the enemy, follow their ways.


We know this guy's a world record holder. But if he can do it, why


can't I do it? Reaching such a realisation, finding that the lead,


was used in the making. It began with the 2006 failure against a


European. Mo Farah or just run out of it, takes the silver. Just to


get the goal snatched off you're the last moment is hard to take,


but to give you a determination to train hard and get ready for next


year. The next harsh life election in the mission came at the Beijing


Olympics. He was not the easiest time in my life. As an athlete, you


know you can do better but you just didn't. It is hard to deal with


yourself, let alone what everyone else thinks. Something you work so


hard for, or you didn't do it. I learnt a lot from it and came back


stronger. Mo Farah takes the gold for Great Britain for the first


Lessons learned, it clicked at the European Championships with a


double gold. Look at this from Mo Farah, he's destroying them. We


witnessed the wide-eyed wonder. country fell for his charm, honesty,


and that smile. Did you dream of these kind of moments? All more


dreaming of being at home playing Arsenal? For I dreamt of that a lot


playing football as a youngster but you learn to make decisions and


know what you are capable of. Football was just not my thing.


Even though I thought I was the best that football I didn't have


enough to back it up. Behind the winning smile, he knew it was not


mission accomplished. So here routed his family to live in the


user -- the United States. -- he uprooted his family. You want to


hit over a hundred miles per week, so you are stiff, you ache, but


what drives me in the morning is thinking about the positions and


training twice as hard. If I am going to have any chance of beating


them, I must train. The impact was seismic at the World Championships


in South Korea. He was on a double mission there as well and was


chased down in the 10,000 metres but rebounded superbly for gold in


the 5,000 metres. It gave me good confident. I was disappointed in


the 10,000, but I had to take that to the 5,000 and get ready. I


wanted to win more than anybody else. It is gold this time for Mo


Farah! This time he got it right. This time he found the strength to


hold on. What a performance. just shows if you really focus and


work for it, you can do it. With that attitude ditties Olympic


Commission accepted. Mo Farah is quite something, and here is Steve


Cram with us. He is a wonderful athlete. What do you think his


chances are? He has a great chance that the 10,000. I think that is


his best chance. I think he has a good chance in bows, but the 10th,


the straight final, that is the race he should have won last year


and did it the other way round. The Ethiopian who beat him is not there,


but the Kenyan is there to try and win his third 10,000 metre title.


But it is a different one to the one who won in 2008, but he is the


boss man. Even the Kenyans and Ethiopians look to him. If the race


goes in the wake in which Olympic finals and World Championship


finals have gone recently, he can win. The only issue is whether or


not the Kenyans and Ethiopians kind of get together and decide to make


it hard for him at the beginning. Like we saw in the cycling. We know


he can handle the pressure, we saw him in a Cube, and he beat that,


but this is really something to handle. Finding out if athletes can


cope in front of the home crowd. has been waiting for this. Jessica


Eneas is the face of the Games, and I think those two, people in the


team have looked up to them -- Jessica Eneas. He has been around


the team for a long time. It is his moment. He is more than ready for


this. He has been quietly training away, coming in pretty late into


this. He is not staying in the village and staying near by. His


preparations have been quiet but absolutely nailed on, which is why


I think you will do well. This place will come alive on Saturday.


My research tells me it is 90 now wait since a British man won a


longer distance gold, it was a vegetarian Jonas -- 90 now wait


since a British man won. -- 1908. The stadium looks a real picture.


They have cleared it inside. We now know that all of that amazing


opening ceremony equipment is gone. It is looking great. I was in there


today, Denise and I was saying how jealous we are. When you walk out


there you will have nearly 80,000 people there and it will be such an


uplifting experience. It is a great venue and we will see some


fantastic athletics. Yes, Usain Bolt will be the big star there,


but I think Great Britain are going to have a fantastic game. There has


been a target of eight medals. Is that realistic? We did brilliantly


in Beijing, but not necessarily in athletics. We did have Christine as


an individual this time. You have GS, Mo Farah, Dai Greene may be


Phillips, we are not sure, and then behind them you have other


experience athletes like Christine Aldama, and the new kids on the


blocks, Greg Rutherford in the long jump, lots of people in the top two


or three or four, and those on medal chances, not even talking


about the relays. I think Charles can say eight medals can say is


realistic. A we will leave it on that confident note. We have boxing


now, and a tough challenge for Josh Taylor. He faced Valentino, a


bronze medallist from the world three-minute rounds in the


lightweight division between the man representing Italy, wearing red,


Domenico Valentino, competing in his third Olympics as Josh Taylor


gets through with a left hand to the body. His opponent, wearing


blue, representing Great Britain. Josh Taylor, competing in his


second contest in the 2012 Olympic Games. He boxed superbly well to


It is the first contest the No. 3 seed Valentino has fought. Josh is


up against it tonight, but there is nothing he cannot handle here.


Scotland have produced some great light weights at the Olympic Games.


The last one was charlie Kane in my Olympics in 1988, and in 1984 there


was Alex Dickson, and the great Dick MacTaggart to one gold in 1956


in Albert and then got a bronze in Rome four years later. A trout --


crowd tradition for Olympic boxers -- a proud tradition. Josh Taylor


entered the contest with Dick Terry Spinks doubling up with


MacTaggart to take Olympic gold as well. He repeated that return to


the podium in 60 in Rome. And then in Tokyo in 1964, a three-time


Olympian, no hardware that time, but terrific representation for the


man who stayed amateur throughout his terrific career. He endorses


Josh Taylor and Sears -- says he sees traces of himself. Valentino


with a hard left to the body and the combination to the head. That


is high praise, and huge encouragement for Taylor, who has


been studying a library of Dick MacTaggart contests in an effort to


reach the same lofty heights as the legendary Scotsman. Taylor not


doing too bad. That was OK. He is not lunging in, which is good.


Valentino was sitting back a bit. He is doing this because if he


leads and falls short, Taylor will come back, as a southpaw and catch


him on the counter. Valentino can switch to orthodox, but his best


position is as a southpaw. He sits back well. He has to draw the man


on to him, but the Italian is cagey. Very experienced, he disability,


allied with that experience as well. -- keeps of ability. As we approach


the Bell, a competitive round in the light-welterweight division. It


is really, -- it is really close. But Taylor finds himself trailing


by just one. It is 4-3 in favour of Meet him as he comes. Two straight


shots. Good coaching, or telling to hit him as he comes. Punch down the


middle. He will also have to lead off in terms of a faint to draw his


opponent on to him. Josh Taylor going forward with the jab. What I


would like to see him to his maybe Fein to the attack, draw in the


Italian, and go back to the counter. He does not need to go on the front


court -- front foot, he has to draw The bell sounds to begin the second


round, in the round of 16 in the light weight division. Josh Taylor


just been instructed to listen for instructions when the referee


issues his instructions. They will be communicated by way of


gesticulation. Taylor guilty of hitting after instruction on that


occasion. But the boxers have settled back to the business and


after 32nd. A little mistake from Valentino, but he got away with it.


Taylor should have been quicker going back at him. If the Italian


is going to come forward to have to meet him with a fast counter.


Taylor just failing to hit the target. Taylor, Scotland's sole


representative on his British boxing team, comprised of seven men


and three women. They are chanting Taylor's name around the arena. And


the man in red, Domenico Valentino, he knows what it is like to stand


on top of the podium in front of your home town fans, because he won


the World Championship in Milan in 2009 when marvelous Marvin handler


was in attendance, and he boxed brilliantly after coming up with a


silver medal losing to Frankie Gavin in 2007 when Gavin from


Birmingham made history by becoming the first Englishman to win, indeed


the first Briton to win a world amateur boxing title. What is


really important for Taylor is the jab, the leading hand. He has to


work with it and bring him on. If the Italian does not come forward,


then beat him to the punch with a straight jab, nice and long range.


Then adjust the feat when the Italian comes three. He has to


bring him back to the shops. He can do it as long as he adjusts the FT


-- bring him back to the shops. of the shots. Into the final minute.


Valentino, a strong blow to the sternum. That left hook was a


clumsy effort from Valentino. The referee is separating the two


boxers before instructing them. Worth pointing out that Taylor


secured his Olympic qualification by finishing in third place in the


European qualification tournament in Turkey. It was just the top four


making it through to the Olympics, where as Valentino secured it at


the first time of asking. A low blow, but Taylor does not complain.


Valentino made it at the first time of asking but lost to the eventual


gold medallist in the semis. Taylor has to do better. He has two *


leading off the right jab and bringing him on to the shops --


start pleading not. The Italian will not feel that good. He will


feel nervous and he is walking in recklessly and he should be


It remains just the one point advantage. And even round of boxing,


but it is still Valentino with his nose in front. The score is eight-


seven in favour of the man from Italy. Taylor getting caught, but


so much in the contest. Only a point in this. Only beaten to the


punch, but you can see Valentina This is his first contest. He will


feel a bit nervous. He is scoring well here. Josh Taylor could win


this contest. He could beat the world number one here, it is there


for the taking. Lee Pullan will be A rousing reception given to both


boxers for the third and final three-minute round in the men's --


in the men's 60 kg category. It is Josh Taylor, first as Domenico


Valentino, the world champion from Milan, 2009. The crowd are


beginning to encourage and inspire Josh Taylor. He was attacked with a


sharp combination there. Valentino upped the tempo. He knows there is


only a point in it. It is too close for comfort for the Italian. Josh


Taylor, this is better, keeping it in range. Keeping the lid man on


the back foot, good stuff. Josh Taylor has enjoyed success at this


arena when he won the Olympic test event at the back end of last year.


That was at 64 kg. Such was his dominant performance that his coach


convinced him to drop down to 60. He scores with a good left hand. He


took the qualification place available. It is important that


Josh up the tempo because Valentino will feel the pace more than Josh


Taylor. This is his first contest. What he has got to do now, Josh, he


has to up the tempo, go through the gears. Believe you me, he could win


the contest. An effective right hand from Valentino on that


occasion. Look at that for a rapier-like jab from Valentino. A


one-two combination got through. As we approach the second half, it


brings about a good response from Taylor, who got through with a


decent left cross. The Valentino is hanging on on the inside. He is


counting down the clock. Clever tactics from the world number one


there. Hugely experienced as he got through with a good right cross


once again which followed a left jab, Valentino. He is using the


ring effectively. Taylor is dominating the centre ring. It is


an untidy tangle of the two boxers tumble to the canvas. We need a


straight 1-2 down the middle. That is the order of the day. That was


better. He has beaten his opponent to the punch there with a straight


shot. Inside the final minute. These final seconds are going to be


absolutely crucial for both boxers. Using off a experience acquired


through so many international tournaments over the years, the


final -- the five time Italian champion giving his experience. He


senses he has in front. He was leading by one point by eight-seven


and he was hanging on where possible just to use the tactics


again. That his experience. Taylor will have to work hard. Come on,


referee, you must break these boxers up. That is what he is doing,


Valentino. He is ticking down the clock. The Italian is tired. Taylor


is going to have to continue to press and use effective,


intelligent aggression to land some significant scoring blows as the


clock is counting down. He will have to box until the final bell.


Valentino initiates another clinch in the closing seconds. So, the


bell sounds to signal the end. Taylor feels he has done enough. He


raises his fist in celebration, but Valentino does the same thing as he


returns to the Olympic several medallist in the super-heavyweight


division, who is coaching the Italians out -- the Italian side.


Some good work hear from Valentino. Long-range shots, a clever man has


the last -- as the lamps the shot. He creates the gap again. A


straight one to down the middle. Valentino, good performance in the


last round, the corner getting very excited about there one-twos here's


throwing. It is close. UMPIRE: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by


a score of 15-ten in the red corner, representing Italy, Domenico


Valentino. So in his third Olympic Games, Domenico Valentino is


through to the quarter-finals, but what a spirited effort from Great


A shame for Josh Taylor come our first boxer to lose at this


Olympics. You can see how Anthony Ogogo FED later here on BBC One.


Team GB's women's hockey team have made a promising start. They won


their first two matches. They are now up against Belgium, watched


here in the Olympic Park by Mel the crucial match. The balance will


change by the end of play today. We will have a pretty good idea who is


later on. It is good to get an early shot in there by Alex Thomson.


The goalkeeper has been one of the outstanding performance in the


got her head up and made the past. The goalkeeper was out very fast to


smother any opportunity for Nicola go right, which was the correct


decision because most of the Belgian players went with the


runners. She jabbed the ball away, as she was winding up to take a


It is Ashleigh Ball, who breaks the deadlock. Great play by Sarah


Thomas initially. Good to see the GB forwards trying to get in there,


clearly Rogers picks up a rebound at stays very cool, car and plays


the ball back at a 90 degree angle on to Ashleigh Ball's forehand. 1-0,


Laura Bartlett. She makes it 2-0. A number of different story it --


there were a number of difference Corus for Great Britain, it is


growing. Great skill, she drove into the circle, due in the two


Belgian defenders. I thought Laura Bartlett might have turned the


wrong way. She went on to her reverse stick but she proved me


wrong. The goalkeeper will be slightly disappointed, very


disappointed I would imagine come on the basis of how she is playing


in this tournament. It is good to see the pressure count for


something and Great Britain have fascinating, going back on that


goal, when the play in position looks as if she has pushed it too


far. She drew the goalkeeper and as a result the goalkeeper was to


close on the post and was not able great piece of skill, out wide, to


set up that opportunity. She did the right thing in firing the ball


It is a great pass up by Christa Cullen. Alex dance and make the


right decision. She wound up for the reversing shot and realised the


defender was closing her down. The speed to she went from that to


lifting the ball over the defender's stick, drew the foul and


Twigg which meant that Laura Unsworth could not make a clean


trapped on top of the circle for Christa Cullen to come in and flick


the shot. She had to stop it and at the back, pounced upon very


quickly by Belgium. -- Laura the ball peels away from the first


defendant tries to take the shot, what she is saying is the No. Seven


reaction of the crowd. They are getting a lot of delight out of


this. That is -- that has had flown by Christa Cullen. Her first


movement is to take the ball into her body and create the space and


the angle. To be able to open up that bottom left-hand corner of the


goalkeeper, so the right hand side A terrific effort. Let's bring you


up to speed on a terrific day for British record 5th gold medal,


winning the men's team sprint with Philip Hindes Sant Jason Kenny. It


was a world record time. Great Britain were the first ever goal as


well as silver in canoe slalom, with Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott


finishing ahead of their team-mates, David Florence and Richard Hounslow,


in the canoe double. Shooter Peter Wilson kept his nerve to win gold


in the double trap. The 25-year-old from Dorset was ahead throughout


the final and won by two shots. Local gold Gemma Gibbons and


Britain's first judo medal for 12 years, beating the world champion


on her way to a brilliant silver medal. Great Britain's lightweight


men's 41 a rowing silver as South Africa beat them to gold by a


quarter of a second at Eton Dorney. And Andy Murray is through to the


semi-finals of the men's singles. He beat Nicolas Almagro and now


plays Djokovic. He wants to win with Laura Webb -- with Laura


But we join it with Spain leading in the final quarter in the


to play, and Great Britain down by eight and shooting from the foul


line. Great Britain have been in this situation before. They have


been here with five minutes left, just about, in the game, in a


winnable circumstance. The last three or four times we have seen


them, they have lost their focus giving their game away to the


opponent, and Oakley that experience is singing in. --


hopefully that experience is just can't be as intense as he


needs to be, because he knows he only has one foul to play with, and


he is then it out. Going to the hook, and getting it in. He did not


want to come out. A great move, feigning a way, then spinning away


can do about it. Spins around, put it away behind his head, that is


hard to block. Freeland for the three. He hits it! 68-63. He has


hit some big shots in the game. Now it is a question of Team GB playing


the kind of defence to take them home. You see how much she was


giving him, and he is trying to pump him -- he was giving him.


is interesting. The referee having a word on the baseline saying, that


is close to being a foul. Just picking up an off-the-ball foul,


Freeland. Archibald replaces him. Chris think it is a afraid to be


able to play the kind of defence he needs to. You see a different kind


Mrs. -- Calderon from the foul line. He misses. The crowd roaring as the


knocked down. But he will be called for the foul. That will be four on


A good call. A little confusion on wrapper when you are putting at the


Ryder Cup, but she can make Court of the noise you like when it is a


foul shot. -- you can make all the exactly three minutes in the game.


A huge offensive set. Let's see if it is another isolation. They ran a


double pink to get the ball. That was the shot they wanted. It went


through Archibald's hands. Spain ran at two players, so he had no


choice but to pass a top. A smart decision and that was the shot he


had been hitting all day. against 65. Spain have the ball in


the hands of their best player. Nearly went out of bounds.


to replace him with Archibald, because that would have been the


earn that foul. Spain just wanting to slow the game down at this point.


Get those points while the clock is stopped. Each defensive set for GB


is so important. But, clearly, not able to stop Spain at crunch time.


Each time they have come back. A bigamist there. Spain have opted


Freeland on the baseline. Hits! That is a big shot. That is a big


shot at this stage. Especially coming off the last to miss. Great


confidence, and again, and dengue for three. Freeland with the


Interestingly, Spain, stain in the game. No time out. -- staying in


break down the we have been talking about from the Team GB, at crucial


moments. They bring themselves to the brink of success, and at


crucial moments, just absent minded, but also the past was low, one


handed, leisurely. That was going After a number of time-outs we can


Freeland got the past. Rankin commits a foul. They didn't have a


choice. In previous games we had seen Britain allowed massive


amounts of time and at this stage of the game that could be 10


Calderon is out on the line to try free-throw percentage down the line.


All of the other quarters shooting 63%. But in this one, 80% from the


line. You have to like that crunch will be talking on the Spanish side


about how they box out and wrap the basketball up for a three? That is


leave him standing there longer than he is accustomed to. In the


end Johnson came in for Calderon to they expected to be this nervous.


That is a huge shot because he makes it 79-75. Back to a two


possession game again. They have to three is good! 79-78. What are they


doing? He gets the pass away. Did only chance they had was to seal


the ball or get a foul, and they could and foul. Once again the


story is they are doing so much right, but at this level, 95%, 98%,


99%, is not good enough, including executing at the last second.


the world's number three team has fallen just short, losing to the


Number Two team in the world, 79-78. A tough way to lose, and at some


point you have to overcome the disappointment at a loss and


getting frustrated and start working together -- win these games.


It has to become good enough or not A big round of applause for the


Great Britain team from this packed house here at the Olympic


in the unforced errors early on, the mist free throws early on, and


the inability to make those solid decisions down the end. Everybody


needs to know and be on the same So close for the men's basketball


team, and it really was a major have it all to do. As for the


overall medals table, we are the way alongside the United States,


Over on BBC Three you can see the live men's volleyball, Great


Swimming coverage, including the latest instalment of the battle between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. Hoping to make the podium in the women's 100m freestyle is Britain's Fran Halsall.

Swimming: 19.30 Men's 50m freestyle semi-finals 19.38 Women's 200m breaststroke final 19.46 Men's 200m backstroke final 19.54 Women's 200m backstroke semi-finals 20.16 Men's 200m individual medley final 20.34 Women's 100m freestyle final 20.51 Men's 100m butterfly semi-finals

Swimming commentators: Andy Jameson Adrian Moorhouse Sharron Davies.

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