BBC Two: Day 6: 22.00-22.40 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 6: 22.00-22.40

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Welcome back. It has been another exhilarating day at the London


Olympics with Team GB winning medals all over the place.


Sir Chris Hoy has clinched a British record equalling 5th gold


medal winning the team's sprint alongside Philip Hindes and Jason


Kenny. They beat France in a world- record time.


Great Britain won a first ever gold as weather -- as well as silver in


the canoe slalom. She did Peter Wilson kept his nerve


to win gold in the double strap. The 25-year-old farmer's son from


Dorset was ahead throughout the final and won by two shots.


Local girl Gemma Gibbons earned Britain's first judo medal for 12


years beating the world champion on her way to a brilliant silver medal.


Great Britain's lightweight men's four won Silva. South Africa beat


them to gold by just quarter of a second at Eton Dorney.


Andy Murray is through to the semi- finals of the men's singles. He now


plays Djokovic. We are going to gymnastics. It was


the women's all around individual final tonight. This is an event


which always captures the imagination of the public from the


days of Olga call but and Nadia Comaneci. This was expected to be


an old style battle between the USA the individual all-around final.


That means the gymnasts will work their way around four pieces of


apparatus. Christine, your predictions? Well, if Victoria


Komova can work faultlessly, she probably has the most firepower.


The best bet if I was betting would be Gabby Douglas from the USA. She


has really wowed the crowds here. Listen to the roar for Great


Britain's Hannah Whelan. And Rebecca Tami. 15 years old. --


Rebecca Tunney. Gabrielle Douglas will start this competition. She


scored 15.9 in qualification. could be out of 16.5 if it is


perfect. There was a little hop into the red. She will not be


unhappy with that. It is a good score. The pressure is on for


good flight but a little deep on landing. Way to the slide. That


will be very expensive. You could see from her face it did not go as


round champion. A very big test for her here. She is the youngest


a back flip, a big pike somersault. That was beautifully landed with


her body nice and upright. It is another skills you have to include,


the full spin. She was not quite so poised as that. She is definitely


of an era where the acrobatic skills you learn first. You can see


the concentration on her face. She has to focus and she needs a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


difficult dismount. Well done, going beautifully. A very good


dismount. Now the battle is on. has put the upset behind her but


she had on vault. Really pleased to see Victoria, over come out


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


fighting. She is fabulous on the That was another great landing. She


is really sticking to the floor jump. Well done, Becky. That was


brilliant, wasn't it? She is loving it. She is having a wonderful time


Lovely handstand shapes. The full two pieces to go. If she can keep


that up, she could well be Olympic champion. They have had one strong


piece each, Christine, the Americans on vault and the Russians


on bars. Aliya Mustafina has scored a 16.1. Now Gebbie Douglas. This is


why she is called the flying down to the low bar. That was a


very nice half-term and lovely height on the transfer up to the


high bar. That was excellent work. What about that?! She is happy. She


certainly in the right frame of Russian to win this competition?


And Nice, measured start. That was but so impressive, that skill. She


has done almost waif-like elegance about her. It belies the power she


can generate. But somersault was very high. Lovely, launching into


was super! That was the best I have seen her do this beam routine.


There was no doubt that she touched her head. A good set of scores


there. Now Hannah Whelan with a 5.8 difficulty. This is a big vault for


for the difficulty. She landed beautifully in the team competition


but that was not to be. They have given it a zero because her feet


did not land first. What a shame for Hannon Whelan. -- for Hannah


Whelan. How well Aliya Mustafina difficult skill, a standing Arabian.


It looked like she might be able to rescue it. Speaking of scores,


Douglas needs 15.175 to go ahead of Victoria, over who leads. Coria,


so easily. Nice and light of touch. There was a tiny flicker to the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


performance. She just cruises round Gabrielle Douglas has to go into


the lead after that? Yes, that was a really good performance because


she is a young gymnast. A tiny, tiny bit of direction but really


strong work. You can see she is thoroughly delighted. A huge score


and she goes into the lead. Now going into the last piece of


major deductions, it will be difficult to catch her. One and a


half twists into a nice triple. This has been a little bit out of


control on a couple of occasions. Let's hope not today. She keeps it


style, but full of bounce and entertainment. You can see the


serious focus, she knows she has to lift, double tuck, into the jump!


Wow!. I will be surprised if that smile is not gold. Superb


performances and just the power, nothing held back. Walking out


beautifully from one and a half twists, launches up, makes it were


all dressed -- makes the triple twist, that was phenomenal. It is


going to be interesting! If Komova wants gold, she needs over 15.359.


It is an extremely tall order. tall. 1.5 into double Arabian and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


expressive arms and hands. -- the tumbled beautifully so far. She has


to keep fighting right to the end. The double pike, she does! Clean,


beautiful work. What a joy to see her fight for a muddle like this.


That was the performance of her life. It was incredible. -- for a


medal like this. The difficulty, the grace and execution. Super it.


One-and-a-half turns, well under control, lots of power, launching


high into the double tuck Arabian - - superb. She really did get hold


of this routine. Nobody is celebrating yet. You can read it


there. It is not enough. The score is in. It is 15.1. There is your


Olympic champion. What a performance. From Gabby Douglas. In


her first year of senior competition. To go and win an


Olympic gold in the all round. Amazing! There is confirmation of


and Hannah Whelan, after a disaster All of the hard work and dedication


has paid off. I performed my routines as best as I could and I


kept on top and I am so excited. What happened? I think I ran too


fast into it, I had too much adrenalin and I didn't have


anything off the top. It is a shame because I have been working so hard


but the support from the British public has been fantastic. How far


do you think you can go now? never know what is going to happen.


I will go back to the gym and keep working hard and hopefully that can


pay off again and hopefully I can get to Rio. Well done, and an


amazing performance from Gabby Douglas who becomes the first


African-American to win all-around gold. Britain struck gold in the


men's team sprint and than delighted to be joined by Sir Chris


Hoy and Philip Hindes as well as David Brailsford. Very well done, a


magnificent performance, you have struck gold again, Chris. Yes, it


is a cliche but it is still sinking in. An amazing day. I have had some


amazing experiences in my career so far but that tops the lot. To go in


there and experience that noise and that atmosphere, and to deal with


it, and for Jason and fail to do so well and for me to hang on the back


of them, it is incredible -- Jason You have been staked in front of


Sir Steve Redgrave. -- you have sneak in front of Sir Steve


Redgrave. I still remember how I felt in Athens coped happily


retired at a point. I think that Steve's achievement will never be


beaten -- in Athens I would have happily retired at that point.


Describe the feeling and the meaning of winning one at London.


came here for the opening ceremony, I went into the village by myself,


the guys were still in Wales at the training camp. It was emotional


arriving at the village and carrying the flag, was fighting


back the tears then. Today, you keep getting these rushes of


adrenalin. You have to contain it and keep your emotions in check.


When I was standing on the podium, I was fighting to keep the tears


back. An amazing experience, so proud to do it for the home crowd.


Everybody has said, I have watched all week and everybody said the


same thing but the home crowd have made the difference. Philip, he has


won loads of gold medals. Your first time, you're relatively new


to this team, it must be an amazing experience. So amazing, to win the


gold medal. I came to Britain two years ago, started cycling four


years ago. Just to win the gold medal, it is amazing. David, you


are in charge, you must be proud. I think all three teams broke world


records. They did. I think a mention to Vicky and Jess, it is


always nervy, they smashed the world record and that set the


momentum. Just mention why you have mentioned them. It was a big


disappointment. They were one of the two fastest teams there, it


would have been gold or silver. arguments with the decision?


unfortunately. It is a tough decision but I think fought Vicky,


there are a lot of positives. She was so quick in that second lap


that she goes into tomorrow in great shape. Talk us through the


race. It is brilliant to watch, the way that you do one that reached,


it must take so much training. -- It is a very controlled event, I am


just trying to focus on the back wheel of Jason, stay as, as


possible. Here I am getting ready to unleash everything. I was


already puffing a bit before I had started the final because it was a


short period of time before the first and second ride. I had lactic


acid and a lot of pain. Could you feel you were going well? You can't


really tell. All I was focused was keeping on the black line and


driving as hard as I could. As soon as I crossed the line I heard the


roar. It was some raw. Unbelievable, It Philip, you lead off as quickly


as that and then leave them to it. I have probably got the easiest


job! I don't know about that! is good. Great scenes. David, it is


so important for the team to get off to a great start. It is. The


guys on the road have done us proud. They had a really good start. Today


it was all about the Velodrome and getting off to a good start. You


have two generations here, one of the youngest guy on the team and


one of the oldest guys and it is brilliant to see them in the same


team. Secondly, the coaches deserve a mention. British cycling have hit


peak form on the day that it really matters and they do a brilliant job


and they deserve a lot of credit. The Royal Family cheering you on,


everybody is getting behind these Olympics, it is amazing, the


atmosphere. It is a privilege to experience this. I remember being


in Trafalgar Square when they announced the Games would be in


London and that was my target, as soon as I had that I wanted to make


it to these Games. -- as soon as I heard that. Philip, you got off to


a start anew stumbled. You intimated -- and you stumble. Be


intimated that you might have done it deliberately, but you didn't?


I came out of the gate when my back wheel slip. You lose the control. -


Can I ask probably a ridiculous question, why are you allowed to do


it again? If there is a mechanical failure or an accident, you get a


second go. You would not be doing that as an advantage or helping


yourself to advance. I am impressed that he was able to bounce back,


literally, from that. That kind of composure for someone so young who


hasn't experienced this before, it was fantastic. Lucky he didn't get


hurt. I did get hurt. I have a few bruises on my hip. And a gold medal


in the middle, it is probably worth it! You have got the keirin, that


is the only other event. You are getting a bit bold now, 36? Yeah,


got my feet up! -- getting a bit old. That is your key event. I have


probably had by MOTs success but it is a different event to team


sprinting, -- probably had my most success. With the morale, carrying


through to the rest of the team, they are doing incredibly well and


hopefully we can continue that. target? We don't do targets, just


Before I say farewell, can you do me a favour, a lot of people would


like to see your medals. They have been waiting for ages. He that is


Terrific support. They have waited Great scenes, many congratulations,


a phenomenal achievement. Both of you, and you in charge. Keep it


going. We will finish the show with more


basketball and the latest version of the US Dream Team. We can go


live to see LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and cope with our


of bounds. That is the kind of defence that you need. That


isolation will be trouble for Nigeria. They will have to force


Kobe Bryant give it up and make the Defence rotate. Nigeria work the


something different than what they are comfortable with. Making the


uncontested. Listen to the crowd. Look how quickly the US they are


back on a fence. Kobe Bryant falling into the Nigerian bench.


demoralising as it may be to see him driving three defence, I think


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


it is more so to see him shooting Stratford. Yes. What has been hurt


in Nigeria is the wide-open jumpers from the outside. We said earlier


on the shots needed to be something different. Chandler was


the only player who did not get a chance to get going. That was


because of the physical play from the interior players from Nigeria.


There are some changes for the USA his own. -- Lizo and. Or we have


seen from this USA team is they do not react well to the zone but then


they respond really well. That was one way to respond, to shoot over


it. They look a bit unsteady but makes a shot he looks at the USA


bench, inadvisable, I would say. He is having a storming game. Doing a


fantastic job offensive Labour hubris has been the downfall of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 49 seconds


forward playing centre and hitting from the outside. Another three-


pointer. The coach wants a time-out for Nigeria with two minutes


remaining in the first quarter. They are trailing the US 38-15.


the shot that we are watching in the video here, just too easy for


any team. Of Great Britain had those kind of opportunities, they


would also be bombing the likes coach. It is hard to be critical of


his team right now. It is hard to know what a coach does say. Coaches


like it when a little something is going wrong. In it gives them


something to do! Perhaps you could shoot it from further out. I like


the idea of playing zone but if you do you have to spread out a bit


more and play it a bit tighter. you have to be willing to commit to


the man with the ball. You see these massive gaps that the USA are


They are not too bad, the USA when it comes to basketball. It is good


to see the dream team live. If you want to continue watching them,


they are on the red button. Over on BBC Three now, Britain's men's


volleyball team are in action against Italy. That is it from me.


Newsnight will follow here on BBC Two. On BBC when you can join Gabby.


I do not know who her guests are but I know John McEnroe was on


because he is standing at the back A disappointed champion. One


opportunity taken away from her. has beaten the world number one!


Income be British, the crowd want to lift you up over the line. Great


Britain get a silver, a valiant effort. Oh, my goodness! We do not


just get one, we get two medals. The great Michael Phelps has just


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