BBC One: Day 7: 19.00-22.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 7: 19.00-22.00

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Welcome to the �93 million Olympic velodrome here on the Olympic Park.


It may have cost a lot to build, but the memories it is creating are


priceless. Last night, Sir Chris Hoy was crowned our greatest


Olympian ever after picking up yet another gold medal, and the anthems


have continued to flow, the goals have continued to be won by Great


Britain. On BBC Two moments ago, the men picked up the team's sprint


gold medal. Congratulations to them. Meanwhile, on BBC One, the build-up


to Victoria Pendleton. She now wants her chance to grab that gold


She has been a fantastic ambassador for British cycling, but she has


her work cut out. It is important to point out that the keirin is not


Victoria and that an's specialist subject, but after the


disappointment of last night, it has taken on huge importance.


sure she was counting on a medal last night. That chance got taken


away. She has a chance to win this today. The keirin is more of a


lottery. There are many other riders in the race and some things


are out of your control, so it is not all down to her, but she has


the legs to win. It is one of the things we have spoken about. There


are no variables in something like the team's sprint other than human


nature, whereas in the keirin, your performance depends on what others


do. That is the thing. You can predict your result before you


going. But there are so many infinite variables for things that


can happen. It is not just one person versus six. It is one to the


power of six. It is one versus one versus one... There is a maths


lesson for you! A maths genius as well as a cycling genius. Behind us,


they are working out who will be placing 7th to 12th in the keirin.


For people who are new to this, explain what they are about to see?


It is going to be tactics. Some people like to take it on. Some


riders like to take it from the front and move straight to the


front. Some people will look like they are boxed in, but they can


come round later. They can leave it and save their energies and then


use that explosive effort to come round. The two should longest girls


were both in the semi-finals, and a mayors and Pendleton. The women


usually go when there is a lap to go. It shows their class. We can


see that Mike loves his cycling, it can't take his eyes off the track.


Date does inside the mind of Victoria Pendleton. You know her


and the way she writes. What will she be looking to do? In depends


what day it is. That is an important point. This is the key in


the centre. I have not spoken to her personally on this trip so far,


but I have spoken to the coaches, and they say she is in the right


place, which is a good sign. She is highly emotional. The Olympics


makes you emotional, but she is eager. She has waited four years


for this opportunity. In Beijing, she did not have the option of


doing the keirin or the team sprint. So she is eager to win this metal.


There are a lot of deep thoughts going on, talking with the coach,


talking about tactics. You have about five laps behind the


motorbike before it pulls off, and that is a long time to be thinking.


There was a remarkable documentary about Vicky recently which explain


to us exactly what she's like as a rider. We hope she can pull out the


performance we would all love to see, but it is not only did you


riding for gold. Let's hear from We have another gold medal around


your neck, a very special moment, Brian Thomas. How did it feel?


is unbelievable, the sacrifices, it is unbelievable, the bond between


the four. Tennant had to sit on the side and watch, he could have


ridden. The unity of the team, I would miss the two any day to feel


like that. The crowd were immense. I really struggled a after getting


a bit ill. Mentally it has been really hard for me, without these


boys and him picking me up and keeping me confident and stuff, I


would not be stood here now. It is unbelievable, really. Ed Clancy, an


official team captain of this pursuit team to set the world


record and to win in this manner must be hugely satisfying for you?


I just can't explain it. We had good vibes in the training camp


through your four weeks ago, talking about the times we thought


we could do if things happened well. Then Graham Thomas got food


poisoning and we took a step backwards. By have spent so many


years thinking about this moment. It is a mad explosion of emotion.


It is out of this world. I can't say anything else. Peter Kennaugh,


they must have been a time when you would if you would get here after


injuring yourself? Yes, there were a few scary moments a couple of


months back but I never stopped believing and all the support I


have had has incredible. On my Twitter feed, my mates on Facebook,


getting behind me 100%. That means the world to me. We have been


talking about it since November. It feels like we have talked this to


death and now it is done and we have one, it is this a real feeling.


One that we will only come to terms with in time. It is incredible.


Your friend Mark Cavendish is up there ran very pleased. Stephen, a


gold medal to add to that bronze in Beijing. Back then, four years ago,


this must have been your target? Definitely. It was four years ago.


I was the Fifth man there and it was unfortunate but that is what


spurred me on for the next four years. The last Vorm years have


been hard for us and it has come together. -- the last four years


have been hard for us. She will be inspired by those team


pursued has and the crowd of 6,000 COMMENTATOR: They are away. This is


the final of the women's Keirin. It is Guo Shuang of China who tucks in.


We have Anna Meares, the current world champion, near the back and


Victoria Pendleton's nemesis. Sullivan is in it for Canada. Twice


the world champion, the French, and Lee of Hong Kong. This is the gold


medal contest. This is one that Pendleton has said she would dearly


love to win. Well, after the problems of yesterday she death --


desperately would like to get a win here. She has two opportunities for


a gold medal before she retires. She needs to take one. It would be


a fantastic way to finish, in third position, happy to sit there.


Everybody is waiting as the speed lifts. There is some talent in this


line-up, Sanchez, Guo Shuang has been the world champion and


Pendleton has pulled on the rainbow jersey for this as well. There is a


clear gap in my mind. I think it is Anna Meares, Pendleton and Guo


Shuang. Dust -- they are the ones on form. Lee had a fast time in


qualification with possibly a chance but for me it is between


those three. Well, the build up, it makes the hairs stand on the back


of your neck because the tempo lifts and the derny bike gets


louder. It will achieve the pace of 45 kilometres an hour. We are


looking at Guo Shuang of China, who was relegated into silver medal


position last night, having finished first in the team spent.


That is history now. The coaches gesticulating to Pendleton, his


arms were flailing away, saying late of the wheel to give yourself


space to work in. Three more laps to go. That is what they do, they


lay off. They have to stay within ten metres of the derny bike and


ten metres of each other until the bike swings out of the way. We are


getting towards the sharp end of business. Into the track goes the


derny bike and the crowd are waiting for the first strike and it


is Anna Meares, the defending, the world champion, I should say. She


is looking to try to win the Keirin. It is the first time the Keirin has


been in the Olympic Games for the women and she has gone to the front.


There is work for Pendleton, here comes Pendleton and Anna Meares is


looking for the challenge as they go into the finishing straight. It


will be the bell, Victoria Pendleton has ignited the burners


and she has gone ahead. Ana Mears it -- Anna Meares has washed away.


Guo Shuang is trying. They are coming down the finishing straight.


Oh, Victoria Pendleton takes the gold medal. She is the Olympic


Keirin champion! Guo Shuang got the silver. The world champion, Anna


Meares, was washed away. Well, I was really surprised to see her get


swamped. Pendleton, had jumped to the front was incredible. I thought


that Guo Shuang might challenge around the outside but no, Victoria


Pendleton held her off. She has got a gold medal to finish her career.


What a way to go out. What kind of bonus will that before her morale,


for the competition still to come, Chris? It is a bonus. She has got


one in the back. She has got what she has worked so hard to get. A


personal best in training. judges are checking but Victoria


Pendleton, no infringements, she was on the front. She is


celebrating, she has the Union flag in her hand. That is her second


Olympic gold medal. She won the gold in the sprint in Beijing, now


the gold for the Keirin and the flags are waving here. That was a


genius, a master class by Pendleton. We know she is in the form of her


life and that reflected strongly. She hit the front and nobody would


deny her. Guo Shuang of China gets silver, and Lee, Hong Kong, bronze.


She posted a fast time in training. It should have been between Guo


Shuang, Anna Meares and Pendleton, Butleigh has excelled and people do


that at the Olympic Games, don't they? They do, it is the first


medal I can recall going to a woman bike rider from Hong Kong.


Fantastic, getting a bronze. There is the victor and she is putting


her arms around the coach. Here is a chance to look at some images


again. Well, Guo Shuang was first onto the motorbike there but she


would be stinging after yesterday, being relegated to the silver medal


position after she got a gold medal. It was not enough. Victoria


Pendleton is so sharp. When Anna Meares made this move I thought it


was massive. Victoria Pendleton tried to get on the wheel and


missed it and went into 4th position and I thought it was a


long way to come around but look at the acceleration, right around the


outside, came the long way. That helped her out because they came


into the straight and she was able to run down on to the line and


nobody could come around. I tell you what, that turn of speed has


made a statement of huge, huge proportions to the rest of the


opposition ready for the sprint. Guo Shuang was coming back at home


in the closing stages but it was all about Victoria Pinnow --


Victoria Pendleton. Phenomenal, unbelievable. So, she has landed


the gold medal for the women's's killing. It was interesting when


they were lining -- for the women's Keirin. When they were lining up,


Pendleton was focused. I think what she thought was OK, don't enter my


territory, or, and at your own peril but she did enter and she


watched the Australian away. Anna Meares ended up in 5th position, a


real surprise. It certainly is. So, we will have another medal


presentation and here the national anthem again but there is nobody


more happy than that lady, there, Lee of Hong Kong, to take the


bronze. Look at that for a smile. It is nice to see surprises like


that at the Olympic Games. Pendleton celebrating here at the


trackside. Look at the smile, a fantastic performance. You run out


of superlatives. It is such an amazing time. You do, actually. The


words have been used so often they have been diluted. An unprecedented


time for British cycling. They don't jar, you have to Kuyt -- you


have to keep using them. Queen Victoria, you have carried on again.


You carried on where you left off in Beijing. I tell you what, she is


back, molten hot. Well, she is not back for long, a few more days and


she will have retired from the world of cycling and what a way to


go out. Certainly, at the pinnacle of her career and it looks like


with that kind of performance that she could end up with a brace of


gold medals. No pressure, but that was very impressive. Guo Shuang may


have to deal with a challenge when it comes to the sprint. She was no


slouch. She came back twice during the Keirin to challenge tries. She


tried to hold Victoria Pendleton up to to stop her coming around the


outside and was only half a wheel down. We will see more of her run


the sprint competition. meritorious performance by Victoria


Pendleton. There she is, Stella in her delivery and no -- nobody had


an answer. They tried to challenge celebrations keep going on and on.


Everybody in the British camp, the mechanics are coming up. There is


Paul Manning, who has had success with the women. I think we can join


Many congratulations. What a what roller-coaster of emotions in 24


hours. I can barely believe it right now. It was really hard, the


excitement, what a great job the girls did in a world record and the


guys won a world record and gold medal. I was just like, focus,


focus. You still have a race to do. It was so hard. I can't believe it.


Thank you so much to everybody who has helped me get here. The crowd


has been fantastic and they really helped me today. Now a double


Olympic champion. From a tactical point of the Duke you could not


have ridden a more perfect race. think my coach might have something


to say about that. He said to me, don't look for their race, just


make your own. When it is your moment, go. My legs were good from


last night. I wanted to really show what I have got. We worked out, --


it worked out OK, I guess. It is not over yet. We can see the form


you are in. I am looking forward to the sprint. I hope my time trial


will be a little bit more special than it has been over the past


couple of years. I have been working on it a lot and I am hoping


to spend, I have a good chance there. -- I in the sprint I have a


good chance. I want to come back with a vengeance. It is lovely to


see you wrap yourself in there Union Jack. And to see your fiancee.


I was searching and the crowd. Congratulations, enjoy the podium.


Bengt you very much. Well, at -- I bet at home you have a sore throat


but you can try your eyes. Congratulations, Victoria Pendleton.


What are right, she has hide highs and lows emotionally and physically


but she has told us she is an amazing form. She was right. It is


a matter of if she could get her head together, lots of stuff going


through her mind but she composed herself and performed the most


perfect race. Respect, it was amazing. In 2004, you were the


world champion. How impressed were you with that right, tactically and


physically? Her coach said the perfect thing, do your right. Quite


often in the Keirin you react to what others are doing in that race


and you have to take it by the straps and get on with it and make


it with your race. Perfect words. She did that. Yeah, I am speechless,


emotional. It is great, I know Vicky -- Victoria well. I am happy


for her. I had the feeling came across to you at home, it felt like


60,000, not 6,000. Marc Mac -- a mark, you concentrated on the road


because these guys are put through the mill so hard for the track team.


What will it have been like for Victoria? Can you imagine, one


thing on the horizon you are working towards? It is one thing.


There is a lot of hours, just in dark rooms and gymnasiums and the


track. There is no real sunshine -- there is no real sunlight. It can


get quite depressing at times. You have that one goal, to lift the


gold medal and that is what she has done out there. OK, they may not


have been some light recently but now she is walking on cloud nine.


She will feel on top of world, and she rides in the women's team


sprint before long. The other headlines in the Velodrome, the


women's team pursuit has went for gold and broke the world record,


they will ride tomorrow. Jason Kenny has been chosen in the


individual sprint. We will find out if that was a good decision by the


selectors. Another special evening in the Velodrome. It has been hot


but we don't mind. Gary, you have to get yourself down here if you


As much as we would love to go to Gary Lineker, we couldn't. But it


has been a special evening. Not just but -- not just for Victoria


Pendleton, but it moves us up in the medal table. As well as the


action in the velodrome tomorrow, we have the men's on the and, which


is six disciplines over two days. Make sure you book a date with the


velodrome. 6,000 people did that today and they weren't disappointed.


That was immense. Quite something. Victoria Pendleton you are a star.


If day six was a great one, the 7th day promised even more and it has


and failed to deliver. We still have Rebecca Adlington's bid to


There she is, double Olympic champion four years ago. This home


crowd have all come to see her swim. I hope you can failed the


atmosphere. It is extraordinary. It is a heat and the crowd is going


absolutely not so. -- knots. Rebecca is really putting the


She is there really are making the water boil behind her. 75 metres to


go. She is looking very good indeed. Very good swimming indeed from


Rebecca Adlington. Where ever you are, make sure you tune into the


After all 4992 hours of training and what she describes as count the


sick bucket sessions, her big moment as almost a ride. A


successful defence of her 800m freestyle title would make her the


most excessive female Olympian of all time. Michael Phelps goes for


his third straight 100m butterfly title and 17th Olympic gold medal.


Jessica Ennis around the fastest ever hurdles time by a heptathlete


this morning and leads at the two events. She has the shot put and


200m tonight. Vivien Cherry it is in arresting form as she faces


competition in the 10,000m. Great Britain's women's footballers have


won every game without conceding a goal. Hope Powell's team face


Canada for a place in the semi- final. Flyweight, Andrew Selby once


the world silver last year, he is hoping to go one better tonight.


Swimming commences at 7:30pm. We have Michael Phelps at 7:40pm and


Rebecca Adlington in the next race. We will be switching between tennis


and swimming. We will move over to BBC Two at 10pm. Then we have a few


rounds of boxing with Andrew Selby. On BBC Three, Andy Murray is live


in the semi-final with Novak Djokovic. Great Britain women's


football team face Canada in their quarter-final and that is life on


Freeview. -- live. The football is about to start. We will go to Eton


Dorney were great Britain were targeting medals. Among stamp was


Katherine Grainger who won silver in the previous three-game has.


Could she finally get the gold medal? She was in the double sculls


final with Anna Watkins. We got it! Katherine Grainger adds another


silver medal to her collection. a disappointment for Great Britain


and for Katherine Grainger. I would dearly love an Olympic gold medal.


If you could pick one boat out of the whole Great Britain regatta as


to which one would win it would be this one. What if it all goes


wrong? The us is the race we have spoken to -- this is the race we


have spoken about so much. Now, Katherine Grainger it is over to


It is a steely look of determination. Surely now we are


down to two boats in this final chasing the gold medal. We won't


dismount Australia. -- dismount. We are through the halfway mark in the


final of the women's double sculls. If they can break free now, they


are away. Imagine what is going through their minds? The adrenalin


must be coming through their bodies. OK guys, let's do this, let's


finish the story! The crowd are going absolutely wild. And they are


chanting. This is probably the most important final of this whole


Olympic regatta. It has taken 12, long years, a ton of support and


the crowd are on their feet. There is a cacophony of noise around her.


We are applauding you Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins. What we


are seeing right now is that dreams do come true! At long last,


Katherine Grainger is the Olympic champion. Was it worth it? It was


worth the wait. They are tears of I am delighted to say Katherine


Grainger and Anna Watkins joined us alongside Sir Steve Redgrave. Three


silver medals, you must be thrilled, you have finally done it?


Absolutely. I am still trying to find the words. It is the most


incredible feeling. Describe your emotions when you finally crossed


the line and you you're going to win the gold medal? Ana was happy


halfway through the race that we were going to win. It wasn't until


we cross the line we were definitely Olympic champions. It


has been a long wait and an incredible journey. The moment when


it definitely happens, it is indescribable. It is pretty good to


win 3 difference silver medals in three Olympics. But they must have


been a moment in the race when you finally thought it was going to


happen? Early at the start it was going how we wanted to go. When the


boat feels like it is moving at its best, we knew early on that was


happening. You do not know until you cross the finish line. There


was not counting any chickens until the buzzer went. Anna Watkins, you


were more confident? Did you have the inner belief all way you as


equally as nervous? We were both very confident and said we can beat


anybody. But you don't equate that to winning the Olympics. You don't


dare make those two things the same. From a rational point of view in


the race, before halfway I thought, we had a good start and we were


moving away and I thought, there is no way they are going to beat us


now. I did not dare to think about what it would be like crossing the


line first. I still don't know where I am or what has happened to


me today! You have won a gold medal and it is brilliant! Katherine


Grainger gets more of the focus because it is an amazing story, but


did you feel more pressure because he wanted it so much for her as


well as yourself? I knew it was focused on us as a crew and her


story. The pressure we were aware of came from ourselves. We knew


from the first day we rode together it was special, and we should be


able to win an Olympics. That was our motivation, the pressure. It


has been nice for me because, Catherine has done most of the


talking and I am happy with that. She is a superstar and a good role


model for the sport. What was it about the crowd, did they get you


home? The crowd were phenomenal. The atmosphere! The only


disappointments is we don't get to do it again. We have never raced in


anything like that, we never will again. It was like having an extra


person in the boat. The tunnel of noise when we entered the last 500m,


we knew it was for us. We knew it was a special, special day so many


people wanted to be part of. We did have a strong finish anyway, but


nobody was going to beat us with that support on a side. Steve, I


saw from your reaction, you were hugging Catherine and I did not


think you are going to let her go! What was going on with your


emotions? No words were said. Both of us were trying to hold it


together. Catherine is very special and there is a lot of emotion


between us. I had more tears in my eyes hugging Anna Watkins than I


did with Catherine. I made sure I wasn't blubbing when the cameras


came back on to me. A word on their achievement? Outstanding. For the


last three years we have dominated the whole circuit, nobody has come


close to them. It is a fairy-tale story in some ways for Catherine.


Ana has been an Olympic podium before. A great achievement by both


of them. What is special about them is, they are very equal in their


ability. Catherine is getting the attention, and rightly so. When


they are racing in singles, it is very competitive. We never know


which one wins, they take it in turns. You were both studying PhDs,


one is in law, the other is in mathematics. How do you fit it in.


We haven't done a lot of PhD work in recent weeks. We have wanted to


do something alongside the rowing. It can become a unhealthily


obsessive. Right now, it is all about this moment. Thanks for


coming, we are so thrilled if for you. Congratulations. It is not


just a gold medal here, it is another gold medal we can celebrate.


The gold medal ceremony of gold medal number eight, Victoria


Pendleton. What a brilliant effort from her. Great Britain are up to


third place on the leaderboard behind China and the United States.


We will be hoping for another one shortly been swimming. Now we had


to the swimming pool to join Claire and Markov which will be hopefully


an historic night for British swimming.


I cried like a baby went Steve Redgrave was holding Katherine


Grainger. What a fabulous day for sports women, Rebecca Adlington


could and the cherry on top of the icing that we have on top of the


kick already. Excitement has been building. I am nervous as if I am


getting in there. There is so much expectation, this is the race we


have been waiting for. It is a real gold medal opportunity. I don't


know what is going through her mind at the moment. She would be the


first British swimmer to successfully defend an Olympic


title and the first British woman to win three gold medals. We have


Lizzie Simmonds coming up in the Lizzie Simmonds coming up in the


200m backstroke final. The men's 100m butterfly final. Here comes


but she takes a positive from a negative, saying everybody


struggles the sleeper before the final. She is worried if she gets


her playlist the wrong way round, she will come out dozy. She is out


in lane one, she will be out of the way. The action will be in the


middle of the ball with Elizabeth Beisel and Missy Franklin, in four


and five. -- in the Ball. Let's hand you over to Adrian Moorhouse


and Andy Jameson. This is Elizabeth Beisel, of the


USA, 19 years of age and fastest qualifier for the final of the


Olympic Games. She has won silver on the 400m medley but he is the


danger, the 17-year-old giant of a woman, six ft one, the world


champion who won the 100 metres backstroke and she is going to be


frightening. She has a great stroke, backstroke is her stride. Elizabeth


Beisel coming down from the 400m to the 200m and Missy Franklin, she is


a good 200m freestyle, so she is going up a bit. That is Anastasia


Zueva of Russia, the European record holder. In seven, well, what


a career she has had. She is now 28. I think this may be her swansong.


The world champion from way back, way, way back, defending Olympic


champion, the world record holder she is. In lane eight, Sinead


Russell of Canada. A 19-year-old, 9th at the world, nine that the


Commonwealth. Kirsty Coventry, having won in two dozen and four


and 2008, it could be a step too far. -- in 2004. With Missy


Franklin, I think it may be too much. There is Kirsty, 28 years of


age. She trains in the States. She has gone back to her original


training coach, and had injuries earlier in the year. Lizzie


Simmonds is up there at the top for Great Britain, in lane one. She has


improved through the rounds. She had an average heat and a good


metres backstroke and a good start at the top from Lizzie Simmonds of


Great Britain. The best start, very good indeed. Also going well, Missy


Franklin. Lizzie Simmonds needs to control this first 50 metres and


then why did it. She did this in the third -- in the semi-finals.


She is in the same lane in the semi-finals, against the green. It


is as if she is swimming her own race. A great start. Let's hope she


has more to hold on. Missy Franklin turns first, going for the world


record, I think. A very good turn from Missy Franklin, a super turn.


Lizzie Simmonds turned second. She has been excitable at these Games,


gone out quite quickly. The wheels have fallen off a little bit. Look


at this for Missy Franklin, impressive. Right on the world


record pace. It is Kirsty Coventry's record, from lane seven.


Missy Franklin is going to turn under the world record pace. 60.5,


over half a second underneath. In second place is limit -- is a


Lizzie Simmonds, another great turn. A great turn, I wonder if she has


gone quickly. The rest of the field, particularly in four and three,


coming back on her. Missy Franklin, what are you doing? She is way


ahead of the world record pace. It will be awesome if she can hold on


to this. Lizzie Simmonds is in the medal hunt, let's see what she has


got. She has to dig deep. It is over half a second under the world


record. Lizzie Simmonds is in third place. The field is starting to


come back at her. She has had a decent turn, but it looks like in


lane six, Anastasia Zueva of Russia, is in a silver medal position. This


is all about the gold and Missy Franklin, the 17-year-old from


Colorado and surely she is going to break the world record. She is


almost half a body length inside it. The world record is two minutes,


4.81. It was Kirsty Coventry's, now it is Missy Franklin. The new


Olympic champion is Missy Franklin of the USA. The silver, Anastasia


Zueva of Russia. The bronze, Elizabeth Beisel of the USA. Lizzie


Simmonds was in 4th. What a great win from out there in lane one.


That was a gutsy swim from Lizzie Simmonds. I could not believe she


would take it out in the same pace as she did in the semi-finals, but


she hung on. She should be proud of herself with that. What we have


seen here from Missy Franklin, Elizabeth Beisel is saying, I


cannot believe what you just did. 17 years of age and she has wiped


over half a second off a world record that was set three years ago.


Missy Franklin, fulfilling the promise everyone has been talking


about. Everyone has been thinking it is going to happen and it did.


The first time she swam rested, look what happens. You wonder what


would happen... Go on, Missy Franklin! It is great to see.


as traumatic as a close race for the parents. I have seen parents


worse than that, I tell you. You are right. A lot of Americans do


multi- events, like Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps. Phelps started a


trend. Maybe it is too much. Well, a wonderful new world record and


gold for Missy Franklin. Anastasia Zueva, the silver for Russia.


Elizabeth Beisel got the bronze. It Lizzie Simmonds got 4th. Super.


Kirsty Coventry congratulating Missy Franklin, the former world


record holder. I think she will be retiring now. She has done great


service to sport. There is the new generation, saluting the crowd. A


great night of finals. We have Phelps next and then Rebecca.


Rebecca has just watched that and Lizzie Simmonds have a fantastic


swim and I bet she is pumped, sitting there, ready to go. One


more race before her and of course a little issue of the men's 100m


Congratulations, a world record. You must be pleased? I am so happy.


I will remember this moment the whole of my life. A fantastic week,


particularly on back straight. have been working hard on my back


straight. I am happy to come out and get the result I did. What


about what this means to everybody at home? It has been a terrible


time for everybody at home and you wanted to dedicate this to your


home town? I didn't I do, I dedicate everything I have done to


them. I have had so many supportive tweets and on Facebook, it means


the word -- the world to me. Well metre butterfly final. There is a


big chap. Verlinden of Holland, the world championship finalist last


year. He works in Shanghai. In the next lane, it is USA, USA, then


South Africa, then the Serb. The first of the Americans, McGill, a


bronze medallist at the world's last year and I could see this guy


pushing Phelps pretty hard here. think you are right. Look at


Michael Phelps coming out now, almost as though the weight of the


world has fallen off his shoulders since he got that multimodal record.


He was devastating in that semi- final last night. Le Clos beat him


marginally in the 200. He can't sprint, he leads the field go a bit,


Le Clos. It will be fascinating to see how this pans out. He beat his


superhero. Speaking of superheroes, here is a fascinating chap, Cavic,


the European record holder. He lost the last Olympic Games by 11


hundredth of a second, only to find that he touched the wall first, but


he did not touch it hard enough. Michael Phelps did come as though


he got the official result. Germany, day seven, no medals at all. 80


years since they had a total shut- out in the swimming-pools at the


Olympic Games. They have had a stinker. Korotyshkin of Russia, in


eight. Michael Phelps, when he lost the one he sought -- we thought he


would win, the butterfly, he lost the medley, came 4th, Le Clos has


beaten him, McGill took him close that the file -- at the qualifying.


He is rested. When he looks mean, I think he has got enough in him to


get this medal, this gold medal. Le Clos will push him but he will not


push him on the first 50. He will go out slow but come back like a


train. Cavic will be fast. Le Clos will be slower but coming back. I


think Phelps will try and Naila to the first 50m. -- will try to nail


it in the first 50m. A very good start from McGill, quick off the


box. A good one tenth of a second faster than everybody else. McGill,


he looks good down this first 50. Cavic of Serbia has gone off like a


shot. Phelps was behind at the moment. He is a bit behind, both


him and Le Clos are strong finishers. A poor a turn for Phelps.


He is coming through now. Lane seven, Deibler, did it in the semi-


finals. Michael Phelps is coming strongly. He is coming back


strongly but he needs to because he is not winning by about half a


metre. Michael Phelps in lane four has a lot of work to do. His Cavic


going to get it? Phelps has got it, he has won -- he has won. The gold


medal goes to Michael Phelps of the USA. The silver, Korotyshkin Russia.


Oh my goodness, it is all over the place here. Michael Phelps wins the


gold and a tie for silver. Le Clos and Korotyshkin of Russia. What a


meat Le Clos is having. That was so hard, the last 25 metres. Here is


the start. I did not think Phelps look would let them go that far.


That is surprising. Le Clos with him, that two at the back, 7th


eight, and then first and second. There is Cavic with the pink suit.


Phelps came out of the term. What happened there was the outside


lanes was smoking, going really quickly, and Phelps came through. I


thought Le Clos was out of it. How did he get the silver? His last


five metres is incredible. His mum again. Don't put us through it.


Kids put their parents through all sorts of grief, don't they? He has


finished with his fingers up as well. I bet his head was going nuts.


You are kidding me!, Michael Phelps has won his 17th gold medal at the


Olympics Games. 21 in total. Michael Phelps, three-times in a


row 100 metres medley champion at the Olympic Games. Le Clos


Korotyshkin tied for silver and there was a tie for 4th as well.


salutes the crowd. That is his third gold medal. You can't bet


against them, he will get four gold medals this Games. Chad le plus has


his goggles around his neck still. -- Le Clos. Phelps was relaxed,


Michael, your poor pop Sharmila Kamaleswaran -- your poor mother's


fingers must be chewed to bits. has come I did not have a good


finish or a good turn, but I am not going to nitpick my race right now.


I am happy to be able to defend that title. All of my 100-metre


butterflies have been within ten -- within two tenths of a second, so


it is a good way to finish my last individuals win ever. To be able to


win it is pretty special. 17 gold medals, you have not enough yet?


One more tomorrow, hopefully. you are basketball fan? The NBA


guys are in tonight? Yes, a couple of them sent be text messages last


night. They said they were coming in. They were going to come and


supporters. It is good to have those guys here, supporting as


watching us do what we do. special might, thank you. Thanks.


As Michael Phelps alluded to, that is the last time we will see him


swim in an individual race. He has one more to come, the relay, and he


goes out on a gold. You can't give him enough credit, can you? No, you


can't describe it. I saw him at the age of 15 at the Sydney Olympics,


12 years ago and he keeps performing but that is the end of


it. His last swim. Everybody appreciated seeing the greatest


swimmer ever to grace the poor. Britain has been waiting for this


race, the final of the women's 800 metres and the defending champion


Lauren Boyle of New Zealand set alight time best to qualify for


this. This could be a threat. She is only 15 and I am not sure she


will know what she is doing yet. Her international debut. Katie


Ledecky of the USA. they are going mad as well. Rebecca


Adlington is about to create history, I am sure a bit. She looks


so good. Lotte Friis of Denmark is another big threat. Thigh she


already has her stuff of ready for the race. It is almost like she is


setting herself up. There are routines at this point. You start


to think of the next thing you can do, which will be a dive. She will


be ignoring what is going on around her. She just been asked by the


judge asking her which side she would like the marker indicating


how many events she has left. The Hungarian is the European champion.


Don't expect Coralie Balmy to be amongst the medals.


I think it will be head-to-head between these two. It could be a


quick race. Rebecca Adlington just fiddling around with her goggles.


The crowd get quiet. Rebecca, it is time to create some serious history.


What we have been waiting for, the final of the women's 800m freestyle.


Rebecca Adlington has had a decent start. Control the first 50m, then


her coach has a clear strategy. Absolutely, get this first 100, get


into the rhythm. She has been doing some really good pacing work. When


she set the world record in Beijing and broke the fantastic record, she


was around 62, 62.5. But Katie Ledecky, the 15-year-old, playing


the place we expected. I think Katie Ledecky in the black hat of


the USA and Lotte Friis from Denmark have to force the pace. It


is the only way they will win anything here. And Katie Ledecky is


starting to go. She is under the world record pace. We talked about


her being a danger, and if you are a British fan, Katie Ledecky has


not got the pacing quite right and will be punished later on. Lotte


Friis and Rebecca Adlington are just ahead of the world record. You


are seeing the fastest 80 metres freestyle races. Katie Ledecky has


gone off like a shot. -- 800m. Katie Ledecky, Rebecca Adlington is


on her feet at the moment. Katie Ledecky is way out there. I don't


think she can hold on but at 15 years of age, who knows what she


can do? We have had 15 and 16-year- old spoilers in the women's events


before now. Rebecca cannot be thrown by this. It is important


that she keeps and maintains her own pace and strategies. If she


ignores Katie Ledecky, she is right where she needs to be with Lotte


Friis. If she goes off and catches up with Katie Ledecky, it might


throw the race with Lotte Friis. This is interesting, Rebecca


Adlington has made her move. I think she has decided that is


enough and doesn't wants Katie Ledecky to far ahead. Look how much


she has taken out of Lotte Friis from Denmark. It is very


interesting. Katie Ledecky leading for the USA. Lotte Friis is trying


to get back on terms. Rebecca knew this. Your strategy is one thing,


but you need to be flexible. She cannot let Katie Ledecky get away


too far. It is like all sports where tactics are involved and then


its unfolds in a different way. She must have known a bit about Katie


Ledecky, but not much because this is the first time she has raced for


her country. Right now, there are 18,000 people in this particular


building waiting for Rebecca Adlington and hoping she will keep


going. At the halfway turn in this final of the women's 800m freestyle.


And Katie Ledecky, the 15-year-old from the USA has gone up very fast


indeed. Rebecca Adlington is second, right on her own world records.


Lotte Friis of Denmark, just on the shoulder of Rebecca. I expected it


did it -- expected it to be the other way around with those two.


Rebecca has to start moving now. is not easy to do. Katie Ledecky is


probably 0.2 other second faster than Becky and Lotte Friis. In the


Beijing race we remember so well, the next two, 100 so Rebecca slowed


down a little bit. The pace is punishing for her even. Just six


lands the left and if they are going to start moving they will


have to go now because Katie Ledecky is getting away. She is


maybe about three metres ahead of Rebecca Adlington and Lotte Friis.


They will have to move together. Maybe they will work together to


catch up with Katie Ledecky. Rebecca is starting to move back in


the field a bit. I am starting to get worried. Come a long, use the


five metres underwater and go. think Rebecca Love de bit sluggish


in that last 100m. -- looked a bit. The pace Katie Ledecky is swimming


after is faster than it Rebecca Adlington and Lotte Friis.


loans to go. Katie Ledecky still on record beating pace. -- four


lengths to go. Coming back now is Belmont see. She has already won


the 200m at but to my -- butterfly silver medal. She is moving. This


is dangerous. Rebecca might slip into a different medal colour and


position. Rebecca is looking at the Ford and knows where Katie Ledecky


is. I think the dream might be over. Nearly three seconds down, she is


now scrapping for silver. Belmont the is on fire. This race it may


not be over. The pace she is going is extraordinary. 100m to go. Two


lends left in the final of this 800m freestyle for women at the


Olympic games and London. Come on Rebecca Adlington. The stroke rate


between Belmont and Adlington is different. I think they will finish


in this position. The question is whether Katie Ledecky can hold on.


You have to take your hat off to her. No reputation is sacred. This


teenager has taking it to them. I think she will hold the world


record. Rebecca Adlington came fast when she set the world record.


Katie Ledecky looks like she is on its at the moment, she is kicking


hard. She still has a long way to go to catch up and I think it will


be bronze for Rebecca Adlington, her second bronze medal. Katie


Ledecky, a big shock will win the gold medal in the women's 800m


freestyle. It isn't a world record but it is a very good swim. Rebecca


Adlington, her second bronze. A bit of a shock. She worked very hard. I


do feel for her. Magnanimous in defeat, Rebecca Adlington. She is


giving a big hug to Katie Ledecky of the USA. A worthy champion and


very rarely a world record. Look at Rebecca. Bit a bit shocked face,


bit of a smile. She is a great person, a great competitor and this


will hurt. Her swim wasn't even on her own best times. She cannot


control Katie Ledecky, she was out so quickly. Lotte Friis, she burned


out and came in 5th. Once Lotte Friis let go of Rebecca Adlington,


it was all over. Maybe a bit too much concentration from Rebecca are


Lotte Friis, and Lotte Friis on Rebecca. Let's not take anything


away from this young lady. She very nearly broke the world world --


world records. The new Olympic champion of the women's 800m


You gave it everything you possibly could question mark it was so


painful. More painful the older I get. She is incredible, I think she


is only young like 15. Well done. It is one of those things, the 800


was my event. The pressure and everything, expectation going into


this neat, has been a battle. I am so pleased, I would have liked the


time to be better. I have been that time all year and I don't know what


happened. Everything has caught up on me but I gave it my absolute all,


I'm sorry I did not get the gold medal everybody was expecting. I


hate it when people say that silver or bronze is losing, you have not


done my sport! I hope the public realise this week and they are


proud of me forget in the bronze. It -- proud of me for getting the


bronze. Paul Rebecca Adlington, I think it hurt from the first land?


Victories always heard more when you lose. She has been all over the


papers, everybody expected. She likes to dictate the race and Katie


Ledecky took it out. She nearly broke the world record. On that


through Rebecca off her pace. I am gutted, it really hurts her. We


thought it would be Rebecca Adlington and Lotte Friis, and it


shows how wrong we can be. I am sure a lot of people around the


country will be shocked. But we have a number of very young


swimmers, Shiwen Ye being one of them, and Katie Ledecky another.


Let's hear from Katie Ledecky now. Congratulations. He just went for


I went out, controlled, tried to get out there. You did a huge PB at


the American trials, another huge PB. How much time have you knocked


off this year? I think at the end of last August I was 8.35, so I


have said some good short-term and long-term goals and have been


putting in a lot in training. I have learned had to train hard and


trained fast. It has paid off, incredibly. Age means that you come


in with these big guys and they do not faze you, you have nothing to


lose? This crowd was incredible here for Rebecca. I tried to calm


myself. I was let's -- a lot less nervous for this race than previous


ones. Being in a race with those great goals was incredible. Well


done. Thank you. It is the first major championship


that Katie Ledecky has this one, pool. The United States with ten


more gold than China. This time, it is two bronzes for Becky Adlington


We feel like our balloons have been popped, don't we? That is what the


Olympics are about, new names, new stars. The young ones have made bit


upset. It is another glory of victory and admitting that


sometimes you are just not good enough. It is the contrast between


victory and failure and it is only a bronze that we can offer you from


Rebecca Adlington, but Supreme offer -- at that nonetheless. We


will be back, we have more to come this evening.


Thanks, it is not too bad. Two bronzes, a bit of perspective. I am


joined by Ian Thorpe and Denise Lewis. A word on Rebecca Adlington.


She was never really in it, was she? Ledecky Swan so well. The we


all feel a bit deflated after that. We wanted to see the gold medal


especially force British swimming in the pool. Rebecca swang -- swam


well at the start of the race but the unpredictable factor was


Ledecky from America. We did not know much about her coming into


this competition. That speed at the front may have shocked Rebekka,


knowing that her regular competitor Lotte Friis is on the other side,


in control of that position but not in control of the American.


couple of young swimmers, we saw the Chinese come we saw questions


about her, I don't suppose the same questions will be asked about


Ledecky? In a year she has dropped 20 seconds. Let's do it as a ten


second drop and a comparison, it is a bigger improvement. This is why I


do not think it is beneficial when we talk about people using their


names or their nationality because we start doing and us and them


think, it removes all points of perspective and we can't have an


intelligent conversation about it. These are age groups winners that


are making each group type improvement. The track and field


events got under way this morning. The scene of the opening ceremony


was clear and all set for a magnificent week of athletics. Out


in front of a packed house was Jessica Ennis. The first two events


in the heptathlon other 100 metres hurdles and the high jump. This is


shoulders of Jessica Ennis. Jessica Ennis has got the potential to set


this stadium alight. This is one of her favourite events. Jessica got


away to a good start. Jessica Ennis is being closed down but she is


beginning to pull away on the inside. This is a tremendous run.


Oh, my goodness! Wow! The fastest time ever by a heptathlete any more


tea event of. What a star of the British team. I am speechless, when


I crossed the line I had to double- check. I could not believe it was


that time. A temporary shower, don't worry. The sun is shining


that the Olympics still. This would be a fantastic


achievement for Jessica Ennis. 1.86. Her first attempt, listen to the


crowd. She missed the take-off all my goodness. Well, within a split


second the whole crowd thought she had cleared it and then a massive


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE. Jessica Ennis leads the heptathlon


competition by 25 points. 8.16 is not bad, it is not too bad, and I


think I am a few points up so it is A terrific start, particularly in


the hurdles. She would have dreamt of that. It was an incredible


performance, just electrifying. Not only the crowd but her on the track,


has start was sensational. She annihilated the field, basically. I


don't think she would have imagined that she could run quite so fast,


but the conditions were very favourable. The track is quick. She


just put everything together. It was a dream start for her. The high


jump, how would you evaluate that? Par for the cause? I am sure she


would have liked to have done 1.8 denied but 1.86 is OK, it is steady.


It is where she would like to be, going into the next event. It is


where does that sit with that with her other competitors, that is the


danger. The Lithuanian had a good high jump this morning, setting a


new personal best at one point 92 and that is way you start to get a


bit nervous and wonder what the future and the next few events hold.


You mentioned the next event, let's get to it. The third of the seven


disciplines is the shot put, currently taking place in the


Olympic Stadium. Let's catch up She has thrown a couple of lifetime


bests this year, so she should be confident of repeating that


performance. She hits it. It certainly is a longer, that is


thumbs up from everybody in the commentary box and the crowd like


it as well. Toni Minichiello trying to get instant feedback. She sits


low and drives up with her legs. She does not look strong, but I


tell you what, she really packs a punch on that for guilt -- on that


for kg shot. She has to stay as close as she can to the leaders in


the shot put and she has done that, 14.28 is much better from Jessica.


At crucial throw for Nataliya Dobrynska, the defending champion


in danger of being eliminated. Oh, yes, it is, but far less distance


than she would have hoped for. Nataliya Dobrynska, having problems


with her shot. She is not driving her hit -- hip through or hitting


it straight. She is slicing it to the right hand side. That is one of


her strongest events and she has not performed well, 15.05 for


round but had a long throw in the first round. She loses her balance.


A composure at the back of the circle. A big effort. Oh, my


goodness. She is a tall Lithuanian. Her coach likes that one. She did


very well in the high jump this morning. She put everything into


that and that is certainly going to close the gap on everybody,


including Jessica Ennis. That is one of the longest throws I have


ever seen in heptathlon. For me, she looks as though she has lost a


bit of weight from previous years. Her high jump showed that. 17.31,


it is coming at -- coming up as a world best. Chernova wants to win


the Olympic title, she is going to have to blast this one out. 218


points behind Jessica Ennis before this event and Jessica Ennis has


extended the difference between herself and the big Russian. That


there. That was a far better throws and the last one we saw, much


better than her first two. As an indication of how this might go,


our statistician added up their personal bests and Chernova was


only 30 points behind, an improvement. Don't write the


heptathlon, Scope what of Lithuania. -- Skujyte. Jessica Ennis is in the


second place, for the first time in the heptathlon. Schwarzkopf has


risen up the table, as has Well, Jessica Ennis has lost her


lead. This is the moment you tell us, don't panic. Don't panic, it is


expected. That was her best shot put ever? We expect her to throw


big, the Lithuanian -- Lithuanian is a big girl, she in has a shot


put background. What I wanted to see what does was Jessica Ennis


clapped throw close to her personal best. It is damage limitation. She


was down on what I expected. But fear not, her 200 metres is to come.


Expect Jessica to court -- to claw that deficit back. But Skujyte


looks in good shape. Just Jess Ennis need to lead overnight, if


she is to win gold? Her best events are on the first day. I would


prefer to see her leading. She needs that buffer. She may not,


that is the danger. Her second day is inconsistent. She has been


working on the javelin, but the long jump is the event that will


really set this competition alight and we will know more tomorrow.


need a good 200 metres. We do. let's go back inside the athletics


stadium and join John Inverdale. He is hovering over my shoulder.


Absolutely, beautiful blue sky, a packed house, an amazing others


fear for the first night of athletics and over the next couple


of hours we will round up what you have missed over the last hour or


so. Whatever is happening in the pool and at Eton today, for a lot


of people the abiding memories of Olympics past are of track and


field events. What will happen in this stadium over the next nine


nights that will find its way into effortless ease. It is a second


gold. What a performance. History is being made. Carl Lewis, on his


way to four gold medals. Sebastian Coe, back at his best, the Olympic


champion away. Never stopping, coming up on the inside. Christine


Ohuruogu takes the gold medal. Daley Thompson, the greatest all-


round athlete in the world. I have got the big chief. -- the big gold.


He wins it. Denise Lewis is the Olympic champion. El Guerrouj is


going to get there, come on! He has got it! He has got it! It is


Linford Christie! Good gracious me. Gold for freeman. The nation


expected. Mark Lewis-Francis gets it, I think. I said, anything could


happen. Tessa Sanderson, she knows, we know it, the gold medal is hers.


And the world record has gone. This man surely is not a human! Good


speed, good rhythm, and it is long, it is long. Edwards is number one.


Great moments from Olympics past and with as is Colin Jackson and


Michael Johnson, as ever, the single greatest moment in athletics


Olympic history for you is? Beamon in the long jump, still the


Olympic record, set in 1968. That is tough to beat. Jesse Owens.


Hitler's Olympics, incredible pressure. Because of the pressure.


He came through in four events, threw it into Hitler's face,


incredible. I wasn't there! wasn't there either. We have seen


it often enough. Let's move on, lots has happened here this evening.


They had the preliminaries of the women's 100 metres this morning,


which allowed a lot of people from the smaller nations to have their


moment of fame in this fantastic stadium, but it got serious tonight.


These are the heats of the women's 100 metres which began about seven


round proper of the women's 100m. We have the preliminary is this


The Trinidadian just eases away. That is a good start, it is the


first round. 10.96, winning time the Kelly-Ann Baptiste. A quick


start to this Round 1 in the women's 100.


powering away. 10.83, for the American. Just outside of her best


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 110 seconds


time this year. This is only a heat. the semi-finals tomorrow. Look at


Never have so many heats in 100m being crime's -- crammed into such


a brief time scale. Colin, from a British perspective, one through


and one out? The good thing is to see Abi get through. We know she


struggled through the trials with injury and we were wondering if she


would get through these races. She has arrived here in very good shape.


Laura is just off her a season's best. So that is a fair result.


Michael, for the big guns it is sparring but nobody landing a


knockout blow? They run incredibly fast for the first round. I'm not


big on the fast track, slow track thing, but this track is obviously


pretty quick. So many of them under 11 seconds, we are set up to a very


fast final and semi-final. Carl Lewis was a guest a couple of


nights ago saying, he is missing the fast track, slow track thing.


He said there are fast athletes and slow athletes, we did dispute that?


There are fast athletes on slow tracks. This is a minimal, what you


would call a fast track and a slow track. Maybe the weather is helping


because it is perfect condition tonight. We have the heats of the


men's 1,500m. This is what happened Rosemarie step up to the plate? He


has shown great composure. That -- Ross Murray. They are settling and


there is a bit of pace early on, Brendan? They are going to slowly.


They are concentrated in such a small area it is difficult. Kick


proper is giving himself a clear run by going on the outside. If the


pace keeps lifting, it is better. It is much better for these


athletes when they are running closer to some 60 seconds.


Russian lead them out. Then the youngster from Qatar following him.


Ross Murray in a decent position. Don't be too put off if you think


he is struggling a little bit. He cannot uncomfortable, but when he


unleashes a bit of speed in the One of two tailing off. Then they


are bunching, Brendan and this is a dangerous time because at Murray


needs to get into a position to strike? MORI from Gateshead


Harriers is finding himself in the middle of a pack of athletes. --


Ross Murray. He has a dozen athletes in front of him at the


moment and needs to find a way through. He is next to Gregson on


the inside. He is making it harder for himself. He hasn't got to panic.


He has to try and get as close as he can and be strong on the last


lap. He is in a good position now so he can strike from there. First


six to qualify. Ross Anne Murray He has got to be strong. Ross and


will qualify. It is the Algerian who wins it. Rosemarie goes through.


-- Ross Murray. He didn't panic, things looked a bit messy in the


middle of the race. He got himself into a couple of difficult


positions, but he has so much pace and ability he got himself out of


Overall, where does that rate? was up with the best. When I came


out, everyone was cheering. I didn't know what to do, I didn't


know whether to waive. I didn't do anything, I thought I would just


embrace it. I was overwhelmed. Words cannot explain. How much did


it inspires you in the race? When I went past someone, the crowd went


mad. And I thought, this is a heat! It is the best I have ran. It felt


good. There was a bit of bunching and barging? I clipped someone a


few times. It is part of Championship racing. I bet that you


are glad your mum persuaded to to carry on rather than be a holiday


rep? Absolutely, nothing to stop me going off on holiday after the


Olympics and enjoying myself. From one happy man, to Andy Murray.


An extraordinary day at Wimbledon and semi-finals day in the Olympic


tennis. Andy Murray has won the first set 7-5, and leads the second


set for the right to play Roger Federer in the final after his


unbelievable victory against Del Potro. 19-17 in the third set. The


belonged best ever three-set tennis match of the Open era. -- de


longest ever three-set match. If you want to watch the quarter-final


of the women's football against Canada it is on for review. We have


seen the first heat of the men's goes in this heat. There is also a


magnificent que Tahri athlete, 17 moment in red. Andrew Baddeley


running for Great Britain. He was an Olympic finalist last time


around. Had an indifferent year but I think he is ready for this one.


We had just heard from Ross married that day's -- how exciting it is


for these athletes to be cheered all the way around by this


wonderful crowd of 80,000 people in the stadium. One thing is, they are


all giving their best. It is a good steady opening. He has put himself


there, keeping an eye on the other athletes. He just has to position


himself, work out his position between now and the bell. Silas


Kiplagat had a Tripp, but was fortunate. He has decided he wants


to be away from it. And he is not happy with too many athletes around


him. He has been outstanding this year. Andy Baddeley still not


responding. Two laps to go in this second heat of the men's 1,500m.


Silas Kiplagat, the Kenyan has ran the second-fastest time in the


world in 2012. Looking dangerous and just on the soldier -- shoulder


up the other young athlete from Qatar. The Oldfield is ahead of


Andy Baddeley. He has to work his way now. He has to be careful he


doesn't give them too much start when the bell sounds. The pace is


quite strong but not strong enough yet. It is gathering now. The


Ethiopian is running strongly. Silas Kiplagat coming up in third


place. Andy Baddeley is on the outside and has a clear view ahead


of him. When he gets going, he can Andrew Baddeley has seven athletes


ahead of him. He needs to finish inside the first six. There he goes,


moving up the outside. He needs to keep that move going. The Turkish


athlete, we haven't mentioned him. He is getting ahead of everybody


including Silas Kiplagat. Andrew Baddeley moving into 4th place.


There is a fantastic teenager challenging false start he does not


know how to lose at junior level. Will it be the same at senior


level? Andrew Baddeley in 6th place. He will qualify automatically for


the semi-finals. 3.39, slower than the first heat but Andrew Baddeley


Impressions, the Olympic champion and world champion, what did you


make of could prop? He is the champion. It will be easy to get


through these first round sand into the final. He did not have any


problems today. He will be the favoured going into the final and


he will probably win it. It is not a really tough field for him,


honestly. From a British perspective, postman safely


through? That is the most important thing for us. -- both men safely


through. A great run by Murray. Really passionate with the crowd,


pushing as the past to prop of. The crowd are behind our team members


and it is making a difference. Both are boys are through. We are


looking forward to finding out what is happening with the other Murray


in a minute. Here at the Olympic Stadium we have the women's 10,000-


metre final coming up at the end of the evening, at 9:25pm. Jo Pavey


and Bleasdale is in bad. You can watch the shot put Channel, any


single final in the field, you can watch a big throw or jump during


the course of these Games. The men's shot put is that traditional


first gold medal awarded and you could watch that on one of our


channels that you know all about. That is it from us for the moment.


Back here in the stadium in a It has been a spectacular day for


Team GB, with three more gold medal successes. One at Eton Dorney and


two at the Velodrome. Andy Murray could win a gold medal as well.


Because he has reached the final. He has beaten Novak Djokovic in two


straight sets, 7-5 in the second, that was the Match Point and now he


faces Roger Federer, a repeat of the Wimbledon final. A different


result, I hope. The final will be over five sets. Every other game at


the Olympics is over three. The best of three. The final is five


sets. They are going to do it all again. Will it be a different


result this time? Federer went through earlier, winning his final


set by 19-17. Against Juan Martin Del Potro. It is Federer against


Murray again, the sequel. Great scenes and emotion. That customary


look up at this guy from Andy Team GB are up to 4th place. Things


are going remarkably well. China are within hours sights and so are


We were not able to see Victoria Pendleton's medal ceremony in its


entirety earlier, but we can now. The Olympic champion and a gold


medal winnowing representing Great Britain, Victoria Pendleton. --


gold medal winner. The second medal for her in the Olympic Games, the


first coming four years ago in Beijing, which she won the gold for


the sprint. Now, with that sensational display of power and


speed, she wins the first ever women's Keirin in the Olympic Games.


One competition to go for Pendleton before she retires. You could not


retire at a higher point. Than being an Olympic champion. Ladies


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 110 seconds


and gentlemen, please stand for the GARY LINEKAR: And astonishingly


impressive performance from Victoria Pendleton earlier. She


took the lead early, kept it going and held on for dear life. She


wanted it so badly. Great emotion there, lovely to see her singing


the national anthem. A triumph of Victoria Pendleton, yet again. More


to come, maybe, we shall see. Lovely scenes there. Inside the


Velodrome. A great atmosphere, one of the places to be, I think, in


this fantastic Olympic Village that we have got here. Also we have seen


some terrific races in the Aquatics Centre. Let's see 4-2 more with


Clare Balding. I have to be sorry if I sounded


negative about Rebekka's achievement, of course a bronze


medal it fabulous and she is the most successful British swimmer


ever with two golds in Beijing at two bronzes here in Britain. We


felt disappointed for her because we hope to... We hoped for her.


That was the thing. There was so much pressure on her. The fact it


was down to Lotte Friis and herself, we were nervous. We were


disappointed for her. If that had been two bronzes in Beijing the


would have been over the moon. Let's put in reality. It is our


expectation, that is what she said she had been battling with, the


pressure coming from us coping and thinking, so I am sorry if it came


from us. It was not intended. The race was on to be the fastest man


in the Paul, the 50m freestyle. It is your event. It was. It is about


getting the start right, the entry, getting into your stride properly


and he to the finish. It will be fractions of seconds from the top


to the bottom. There is a lot of world record holders and x world


record holders. -- and ex-world record holders. There will be


fractions separating the guys. water. The final of the men's 50-


metre freestyle. I like the look of them go. I don't know what you do


there, because he is not meant to bang the gun and tell everybody is


still. Jones looking good, going well in seven. -- going well in


seven is Manaudou in France. I think it is going to be Manaudou.


By getting there, he has got it! The Olympic champion, Manaudou, in


his first senior final and he has won it. Look! Oh my goodness me. Oh,


my goodness me. You just would never have thought that. 21.34. You


would never have thought that. Tell me? Oh, man, how did he win that?


Well, he was winning pretty much all the way. Near the bottom of the


picture, he stayed down longer than the rest of them, came up in the


lead at 15 metres and never loses the race. He was in the lead all


the way. That has stunned me, I am stunned. I am absolutely stunned.


He has won by 0.2 of a second. Look at that. Not 0.2. That is huge.


This is just amazing, the silver going to Jones of the USA and the


world record holder only getting What a reaction from the big man,


Manaudou. I know his coach quite well and he said he was on form.


When you go through the heats and semis, you give it everything. He


is the fastest man on the planet. What about the fastest woman on the


planet? We have two semi-finals for the 50-metre freestyle. The first


featured Great Britain's Amy Smith her, who got in after a swim off


of that one, the first semi-final of the women's and 50-metre


freestyle. Amy Smith on the left Thameside. She started well. She is


leading with 25 metres to go. Amy Smith is leading. Come on, Amy


Smith, wind it up. Wouldn't it be something she could make the final?


Come on, a business. Everyone is coming back. -- come on, Amy Smith.


Smith, I'm afraid to tell you, I think six, even though it would


close, will not be enough. Well, about more 0.6 of a second


separating that all those women. -- about 0.6 of a second separating


all those women. Less than a second, very good heat this morning. Let's


repeated. It would be good to see her go 24.5 or lower, just to be


women's 50-metre freestyle at the Olympic Games and friend hands --


and Fran Halsall had a good start. And really fast turnover. Ranomi


Kromowidjojo is going well in four. Lane six is going fast. Ranomi


Kromowidjojo looks good. Powering away. This looks very good indeed.


24.0, Ranomi Kromowidjojo wins it. Second is the Belarus swimmer. Fran


Halsall, third. 24.83, or set 24.63 -- or is that 24.63? That is as low


a semi-final. It is a bit -- it is a bit slower. We have the


aggravated -- the aggregated scores of both semi-finals. Ranomi


Kromowidjojo is dominant. She is going to go into the final ahead of


the field. Down at the bottom, lane she is into the final -- Fran


Halsall. Really close. Amy Smith may have missed out. I think she


has missed out by it 161 hundredth of a second. Imogen on the 100


freestyle, the women going that fast as well, on the turn, the wave


is there and it hits you. result of the second semi-final,


Ranomi Kromowidjojo winning it. Fran Halsall was third. A solid


swim. To get a medal, she will have to go 24.3, or 24.2, something like


That final is going to be a blink between second and third? Yes, it


is all to play for. I got in, I did that. I will rest and see what


happens tomorrow. We need a big one. It would be fantastic. Rebecca has


given as much as she can. She will be disappointed, won't she? I don't


know what she will be disappointed about, she is the most successful


swimmer of all time. I would two of my arm to get a bronze medal. She


is inspirational. The rest of the team think she is inspirational.


Amazing. A fantastic example, I know she has personal standards


that are high, does she? Amy Smith, you have been unlucky today.


don't know what it is, the 50 freestyle does not like be much. No


swim off unfortunately this time. It is a good time, similar to what


I did this morning. I can't complain. It is the right place,


close to my best. What do you think is it going to take -- what do you


think it is going to take? His time irrelevant? Is it just a race?


is irrelevant. I saw in the 100, I thought it would be quicker. I know


I can hopefully go back down and do it again. It is going to be quick.


All eight girls are capable of swimming 24. Close your eyes and


hope for the best on the finish. I will be pumped up for it tomorrow.


It has to be my turn at some point. It must be your turn, I hope


Fans saying the right thing about Rebecca Adlington. The medal


ceremony has just happened and this was her reaction as she stepped up


to receive her bronze medal and this reaction from the crowd.


She is overcome with the emotion of it all. The pressure was so much


and it is all coming out now. That support has meant so much. There is


her mum and dad. She is so amazing. It is just awful to see her that


upset and we feel for her. Michael Phelps extended his own extended --


extraordinary record by winning the 100m butterfly. He becomes the


first man to win two difference events in the pool, three Olympics


running. And also on that podium was Chad le Clos. His dad has


become a bit of a hit. You are almost as well-known, welcome back.


Thanks very much. Your son, is the star of the Olympic games? It is


unbelievable. How have you found London 20 told? British are the


best. They are the best supporters, they are gentlemen. I have been


around the world and I have never seen people like this in my life.


It is unbelievable. The people who talk to you in the streets,


unbelievable. That they are brilliant. I had a woman who said


to me, can I have a photograph with you and my baby. I pick the baby up


and I said your baby won't like my big phase. And the baby cried.


is it from the swimming pool tonight. Congratulations to Missy


Franklin and Michael Phelps and congratulations to Rebecca


Adlington. Two bronze medals to add to her tally.


He is brilliant isn't the. We seek Debbie Phelps, and Chad le Clos.


Watching his reaction to his son winning the race. He was pipped


again by Michael Phelps. We were talking, early on in the swimming


he did not look at his best and we were worried we had seen the best


of Michael Phelps. He has won more medals than any other man? We were


stunned the first night when he came 4th. Everyone was in shock. He


has been stronger over the shorter differences. His 200 was great and


it set him up nicely for this final. He is the most successful this


winner at this meat itself. It is still the best in the swimming pool,


even though he has had a disappointing time. And also


Manaudou, he won the freestyle? was out there. His sister was also


an Olympic champion over longer distances. That was a great


performance in front of the world record holder. The French have done


well over all in the swimming pool. Let's go back to John Inverdale at


the athletics. It is the 200m 4th discipline of the heptathlon.


Denise Lewis has joined us in the studio here. This is the second of


these heats. Jessica Ennis will be going in the last. You were talking


about how confident you were, but do you have reservations of where


she sits, second after three disciplines? The problem is, we


have underestimated the opposition. We thought the danger women wells


were. We just have to keep an eye on her. -- danger women were


elsewhere. We are seeing Louise haver in the shot. How important is


it, psychological for Jessica Ennis to lead going into Myra? She needs


it, she absolutely does. She doesn't want to have to force


yourself in the long jump. It is critical at the moment. The next 15


minutes could be crucial for Jessica Ennis's gold medal


ambitions. She is not running in result. But the leader, Austra


Skujyte Sir, has a 64 point lead over Jessica Ennis. And scorch pop


-- Lily score spot. There she is, Austra Skujyte sake, she finds


herself in the second race. Jessica Ennis is in the final race. There


is Louise hazel. Receiving rapturous applause. In 37th place,


only one athlete behind her in the competition. She will want to hold


her head up high in this 200m. But Austra Skujyte to an Natalia


Dobrynska or in this heat. Athletes in contention for the medals in


this race. Austra Skujyte To has a out of the blocks. This is a good


performance from a British athlete. Natalia Dobrynska trying to get


into second. It is all about Louise, this will give her a lift. Just


outside her a season's best. That is better, it has been a


disappointing first day but at least it finishes on a high. And


Astra's Goethe, her time is not that impressive. Not building on


the brilliant shot put from the Lithuanian. Louise hazel, it has


been a difficult day, but that is a great way to finish it off. It will


give her huge confidence going into the first event tomorrow. You have


the defending champion, Natalia Dobrynska in there as well. Louise


hazel absolutely blasted the first 100m. 24.4 th is not a bad time.


Natalia Dobrynska or really gritting her teeth. Louise hazel,


the Birchfield Harrier, fighting her way across the line. You cannot


ask for more than that. Watch Natalia Dobrynska on the left hand


side. Louise hazel looking comfortable. Just about at this


point, then she began to tire a little bit. Three events tomorrow,


long jump, javelin and 800m at the end. Total concentration and great


focus from Louise hazel. Certainly looked a lot more comfortable in


this event than she did in the shot put about an hour and a half ago.


pace. She will fall a way after men's shot put final. This will be


the first gold medal awarded in the track and field at London 2012. He


started great are the German. A new personal best. It will take some


beating. He responded brilliantly, and the Polish athlete in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 110 seconds


metres and a team in the first 200m heat. Looking far more


comfortable. Better than she has looked all they've. It was a great


Paul Dickenson St that is the best you looked all day in that race,


and it is glad to finish a disappointing day and a high?


always nice to go out and beat the reigning Olympic champion. Assess


your day, it did not go as well as you wanted? I wanted to run a bit


faster, but not a problem. My high jump was a disaster. Time to redeem


myself and came out in the shot put. My coach was happy and smiling. And


then a decent run in the 200. I wanted to show I am a fighter and I


can come back from setbacks. It is the Olympic games so you always


want to do well. But sometimes it is not always the way it goes, but


we do have some more events. What is your sense of the overall


competition and the kind of pressure Jessica is under? Everyone


is doing great performances. You cannot tell who will pop up on the


day, who will be in form and who will be off. It is still all to


play for. Jessica has a really good medal hope. Especially the gold.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 110 seconds


Louise hazel ran earlier. Of course, we will have to wait until heat


five before we can give you the overall situation, once all the


points have been tallied up. The athlete and in lane eight, the


fastest time this year is the Latvian. 24.36, compared with that


Jessica Ennis's best time and it shows the difference in class. Bits


of a wobble at the start by the standings, she needed a good time.


That is a massive, massive lifetime What a way to finish the first day


of Olympic competition, absolutely spot on. And doing it the hard way,


out there in lane nine, and nobody in eight. Just had to concentrate


on her own efforts. Well done to her. Er so got third in the end,


she was fighting to get through. Third round of this man's shot put.


David store, just improved his lead by a couple of centimetres. Well,


that is peppering the the D-Mark of at the end of the third round. 12


go to eight, then they throw in reverse order. There is a great


psychological advantage in being able to throw when someone else has


finished. The Olympic champion is in the lead by one centimetre! So,


Reese Hoffa, in bronze medal position at the moment. But still


early days. At his best, 22.43. Oh the 21 metres for the first time in


this competition, it won't is the world champion, one


centimetre behind the Olympic champion. And of course he has


already improved his personal best in this competition, with a 21.86.


If he wants to become Olympic champion he has to do it again.


Majewski went through a series of major championships, at every one


he always through a personal best. If he does become the Olympic


champion, I think he will become one of the youngest Olympic


the men's long jump qualification. This is Greg Rutherford in the


well behind the board, but really encouraging from the core British


record holder. -- equalled British record holder. Tomlinson put


himself under a bit of pressure, the athlete suffering from a


swirling wind. 8.06, that put him safely through to the final, in 4th


place. A little prayer. It is the defending Olympic champion,


defending champion is out. A very, A little grin. What does the


Olympic champion make of that? But good news for Britain, we will have


two in the final, both, I think, with the chance of a medal. Only


two athlete made that automatic qualification. Only six athletes


went over eight metres, but the the outside in this 4th heat of the


200 metres of the heptathlon. A good 200 he could push her right up


to rankings, in fact it could push just seen the Swiss athlete in the


Fountain is setting the pace. The Ukrainian, just putting some


pressure on Fountain. The two of them, having a right battle. She


might just win it, she would visit in 23.64, that is a season's best.


A slide following wind, that will be enough to put her, temporarily,


in the lead in this heptathlon. But of course, Jessica Ennis and others


to come in the last 200 metres heat. A good run from the American,


though. Another 1000 points score. This time from the American, 1016


points. Fountain really afford for this one, because she was under a


lot of that pressure. We have still got the fastest athlete to come,


and the fastest of the more is still Jessica Ennis on paper. I


have got the feeling she might fly round this track and produce


something pretty special, in the same way she did in the hurdles


this morning. Fountain, totally focused on the track in front of


How would you assess the day it overall? Are started off really


well, the hurdles and the high jump went pretty decent for me. I had a


personal best in the hurdles. But the shock it always gets me. I am


not a young cookie any more! I'm actually feeling it. But I've got


tomorrow, so it two of my favourite events. What has it been like being


part of this seething cauldron, everybody focused on Jessica Ennis?


This is always an amazing experience, not many people can say


they have hinted at two Olympics, and I'm just happy to be where I am.


Do you think you can be in the mix of Tamara? Definitely. You never


know what is going to happen. It is anyone's day. All the very best.


focusing on in just a few moments time -- the athlete. Jessica Ennis


Get Set. Her last event on day one of this enthralling heptathlon


competition. On paper, she has the fastest time. But it is. That she


will want added to her total, and she has already achieved 3062


points, if she whizzes around the track fleet-footed, who knows how


many points she could accumulate. If she can get under 23 seconds,


she would get a massive 1079 points, learning curve of her life here, in


front of so many people. She had a magnificent high jump early on


of the best in the Commonwealth. Listen to the roar for Jessica


finally, Johnson - Thompson of and such a talented all-around


the Canadian. Jessica Ennis will want to finish on top of the table


Belgian. Pretty nifty, 23.4 39 in this year, that was a lifetime best.


heat. The world champion, inside and out, beat Jessica Ennis on both


occasions. If she can run quickly, she will set up the perfect


platform for a very strong second day. And the fastest woman in the


field is this athlete in Elaine two, from the Netherlands. She actually


beat Jessica Ennis went Jessica Ennis broker Denise Lewis's British


superlative fashion. The fastest ever 100 metres hurdles in a


naughty event competition by this woman. -- multi- event. Can she


finish off in the same rich vein of form? Two British athletes in this


driving around the bend. She is flying. The Canadian next to her is


having a good run. Right on the inside, there Dutch athlete is


flying as well. Jessica Ennis is closing it down, it is going to be


a tiny gap. Jessica Ennis may have just nicked it on the line to make


his past, as well. -- it is fast, as well. And the crowd carried her


home. Pretty 2.83 is a fabulous time in the heptathlon. It could


bring her, if she is confirmed as the winner, 1096 points. And that


would be a marvellous, marvellous finish at today one, and it would


be another lifetime best. You have to hand it to her, there was a bit


of cut from her, it may be a personal best, it may be -- the


Dutch after it wasn't too far away from the individual medals in the


200 metre. But Jessica Ennis, storming down the home straight,


with every metre, eating up into that lead, and right on the line,


just about get there. They have been given the same time. It


doesn't really matter, it is about the time, and it is a personal best.


More points than she has ever had before in this event. That is what


she needed. A little bit of a head wind in the home straight, but none


the less, this is a good end to what has been a pretty good first


spot, but it will be interesting to know if she thought she could go a


bit quicker. You can never be disappointed with a personal best


but she has been in such fine form. The time is exactly the same as


Dafne Schippers, worth 1096 points. A personal best for her, and a


personal best also for Katarina INAUDIBLE. Microphone problem...


Wait a second. APPLAUSE. Let's start again! They are cheering


because they have just seen that Jessica has gone into the lead, a


tremendous day, and you finished with a personal best. I am so


pleased to end the day with that, knowing it was a fast track with


the hurdles, and running with Dafne Schippers, she is an amazing


sprinter, so I am made up to get a personal best of stock and the


date? I am still in shock about the hurdles. The high jump was a little


bit disappointing, the shot put a bit disappointed, but solid


performances and two personal bests is brilliant. And what do you think


of this lady? She is amazing. I will have to retire before she gets


really, really good! Jess Ennis is under so much pressure. I am so


happy to be part of this alongside her because she has an amazing


score and I am loving every second of it. You have done yourself proud.


Tomorrow, all three events to come. Long jump, javelin, 800m. Give me


your assessment. I will have to have a really strong day tomorrow


and make sure I have strong performances, Follett. I am glad I


have got a good score under my belt but I have a lot to do tomorrow. It


has been amazing. I know it sounds really cheesy but the crowd really


lift you, when you are running around the bend and you can hear


them, it makes a difference. Sorry for the microphone problems but it


was worth the wait. Congratulations, and all were best for tomorrow.


crossing the line in perfect unison. Big points for both of them.


Katarina Johnson-Thompson, what a way to finish. Let's not forget


Tatyana Chernova finishing in fourth, a good school for the


Russian. The overall position will be fascinating -- a good score. No


doubt, Jessica Ennis from Great Britain, with 4158 points. If my


arithmetic is right, that is 45 points higher than at the same


stage at the meeting earlier this year, where she smashed the British


third place, with 3903 points. Hyleas Fountain is in 5th place. I


think Dobrynska is intent. Tatyana Chernova has moved up a long wait


in fourth place. -- Dobrynska is in It is the most fantastic atmosphere


tonight. They have a really good stadium announcer, keeping


everybody in touch. There was a massive cheer about Victoria


Pendleton and Andy Murray, but the biggest cheer of the night was four


when the scoreboard went up to show that Jess Ennis was top of the


leaderboard -- was four when. You are smiling, Denise! Yes. It is


perfect. Just what she needed. It was really tense. You have to


remember, these girls are very tired. The track is quick, and Jess


Ennis knew exactly what she needed to do and she did it. Michael?


is a little scary because she started out so well and at the end


of the day, she is getting a personal best in the events that


she is good at but she is a little bit inconsistent in the other


events, so tomorrow, two that she is a bit inconsistent in, and


another that she is good at, 800m, so it is a little bit scary. She


finished where she needed to today but I am a little concerned about


tomorrow. I don't think tomorrow is scary, by the way. You are here to


talk about the 10,000m, but what about Jessica? It has been


fantastic. This morning, unbelievable. To have 80,000 people


in this stadium, and the cheering has been astounding. We should be


proud of us. Seb Coe was a runner and we are claiming him back now.


He has done a hell of a job. Two of the great women distance runners of


all time in the 10,000m. Certainly, and she could be part of real


history. Only six women have ever one three Olympic gold medals and


tonight she could join that. Tirunesh Dibaba is the Jessica


Ennis of Ethiopia, even though they do not have celebrities like we do


in this country. Tirunesh Dibaba and Vivien Cherry yet. The latter


is the world champion at 5,000m, 10,000m and Cross Country, and


Tirunesh Dibaba is the reigning champion at the 5,000m and 10,000m


in the Olympics. Vivian Cheruiyot qualified for the World Cross


Country Championships at 13 and was not allowed to compete because she


was too young, and then completed when she was 17 in Sydney. Is that


innate talent? She has huge talent. The thing about distance runner,


the distance running in Kenya, it is a factory. Thousands of them are


training and the athletes are getting more and more refined, and


it is a route to success. I think tonight will be a real classic.


Tirunesh Dibaba is a fantastic lady. She has not won a championship race


in four years, so let's see. McColgan one a silver medal in 1988


in Seoul. -- Liz McColgan won. Pavey has done very well to get


here. Not many distance runners do, so well done to Jo. Let's join the


line with all of the other athletes waiting to get under way. Mouth-


out on a medal in Helsinki. It is great to see Jo here. I was in


Portugal for a few days with the British team, and I was chatting to


Jo, and she says she has been waiting for this or quite a while


of course. At one time she was hoping to come and run the marathon


at the Olympic Games but it did not work out. She has been one of our


most talented athletes, running everything from the 1,500m up to


the marathon. She will be hoping to run the 5,000m as well, as well


Julia Bleasdale. 25 laps. I have heard people on occasion say, you


might get bored watching that. We won't and we hope you won't either.


Even in the early laps, whether they are quick or slow, it can


determine what happens in the end. Julia Bleasdale is having the


Ethiopia, and that will be replicated tomorrow night for


Bekele. I think Tirunesh Dibaba is in the same position as Bekele. If


she wants to run the fastest, she might have to win this. She is only


the reserves for the 5,000m, would you believe it! The real head to


head, classic head-to-head, but with two women who, whatever


happens tonight, will go down as a couple of the all-time greats, but


particularly Tirunesh Dibaba. Four gold medals at this distance, world


championships and Olympic Games. These last few nervous moments,


even though it is 25 laps. They will be nervous and they were just


want to get on with it now. -- and they will just want. Cool


conditions, probably perfect running 10,000m. I wonder whether


the injury it will have any plan in her mind -- whether Vivienne


Cheruiyot will have any plans in her mind. She will hope she has a


good sprint finish to beat Tirunesh Dibaba. We haven't seen Tirunesh


Dibaba win in a few years, so this is an intriguing race in prospect


for me. The supporting cast opposite of those athletes, perhaps


not as strong as it has been in the past -- the supporting cast for


both of those athletes. Brendan, we were chatting upstairs about those


two. I was going to ask where your money lies but is it too close?


would love to see Tirunesh Dibaba win this one. She has been a great


and has had some injury troubles since then, but we have seen some


signs this year that she is back to her best. She got married in 2008.


He is the silver 2000 medallist in the 10,000m! 30,000 people arrived


at the National Stadium in Addis Ababa were in Ethiopia to watch


them being driven around in an open-top car! There is Cheruiyot.


She has been unbeatable in the years since Tirunesh Dibaba's


danger, too. She has a quick finish. She is coached by Mark Rowland in


Oregon. I was on about the kind of support cast. Not one of the


runner, 30 years of age, good on the track. Her best goes all the


way back to 2003, 30 minutes and seven seconds. And there is Jo


Pavey! She had Gavin, her husband, and young Jacob out with her in


Portugal. Nice and relaxed and to get some more room! I am not


sure that was necessary. The first track final of these Olympic Games.


I am pleased to say that it is pretty much still a full house. I


am sure they are going to be treated to a cracking race. I am


sure. When these athletes get together and run on the circuit and


come to run the big 10,000m, they are usually with pacemakers. No


pacemakers declared before the race, but the Japanese have decided that


since it was going to be an opportunity for them with these


conditions, they are not going to hang around. They know about the


finish of the African athletes, and the two stars, so they are seen


what they can do, if they can get a decent time. You were talking about


1988, the first four editions of these women's 10,000m finals, and


there were fairly even races, but it was even paced all the way


through until the last lap, but in the last couple of editions, people


have been prepared not to wait until the last lap. It has been


more like the men's races, where it is a slow first 5,000m but a much


quicker second part, much like the men's. Yes, it is on a wing of the


way, steady early pace, building and building -- it is following the


from Ireland is following the Japanese athletes, quickly joining


the group of the Japanese trio. But the talent is in the second group.


I noticed Jo Pavey is making her way through to the front of the


second group. These athletes don't get many chances to run top-class


10,000 metres races, and Jo Pavey has decided, if I am going to go my


way, I will finish as high as I possibly can, the best way to do it


is to have a strong race. The three Kenyans are moving up alongside her,


the race is starting to unfold and the tactics are being revealed. But


the two stars of this event are both fantastic finishers, Tirunesh


Dibaba are and Vivian Cheruiyot. Look, it has spread out very


quickly now. Interesting, isn't it. Chepkurui, just putting her foot


down a little bit. It is almost like the Kenyans are how riders for


the Ethiopian sometimes. -- the Ethiopians. The whole field is now


in touch with the leading grid. The first couple of laps were run at a


pace of 31 minutes. That will be interesting, whether they keep


running at this 31 minute pace for a couple of laps, or whether the


second half will really speed up. Very early stages, just all running


single file now, but interesting of the three Japanese athletes have


come with a bit of a game plan. think their game plan is obvious,


to run and get a decent time. At Leeds measured their performances


in two factors, if they don't finish in the first three or four,


you might at least get a decent time out of bed. -- out of it. The


athletes are getting going, the pace is just beginning to lift a


little. Now we go to the shot put. Just four athlete left to throw,


this is the leader, the leading -- displaced Reese Hoffa from the


bronze medal position? Whatever happens, Reese Hoffa has the chance


to respond. So much St still leads. for the world No. 1. The only two


men to be under -- over 22 metres pace, 3.06 per the first 1000


metres. Still running just inside her 31 minute pace, and still we


have the three Japanese after Leeds at the front. -- Japanese athletes


Just one try stands between Tomasz Majewski retaining his Olympic


title, and it is David store, his final throw. It is not good enough.


He has got a silver medal. This man has retained his Olympic title. It


has been quite a couple of years. He will have another go in Rio,


without any question. Majewski is up. But still not much change in


this 10,000 metres final. Tirunesh Dibaba has kept itself well away


from the lead, which has been held right from the start by these three.


It has been impressive, the fact that they have kicked on for about


six laps, almost identical times. We said there were no pacemakers,


they are doing a pretty good job of being pacemakers. It is good pace,


season of transition, Finola a real go of this. Settling in


nicely there. I can see the great Tirunesh Dibaba moving up,


following her instantly. There she is, in the strip of Ethiopia, and


inches behind her, Vivian Cheruiyot moves up. Dibaba, looking up at the


big screen. At the moment she sees some Polish flags, but she hopes by


the time she gets further round, the big screen will be revealing


what is happening further down the field. That is important these days,


the athletes can use the big screen to their advantage. Another 1000


metres completed in three minutes and six seconds, the pace has been


metronomic. That is why there has been no change it so far in this


lovely feeling, he knows he has retained his Olympic title. -- the


last throw. With a bit of a flourish, it measured at 21.89


Olympic shot-put title. What a moment for the big man from Poland.


This will be some lap of honour, I would imagine. I hope he doesn't


run into any of the 10,000 metres runners! It would be like tenpin


bowling. When he set off on his lap of honour, I was looking around to


see where run the track he was, because the 10,000 metres runners


were coming habit close to him! Jonathan is right, that isn't a


collision that would have come off well for the distance runners!


starts to drop off a little bed. -- a little bit. Chepkurui is moving


up, we have got Dibaba on the outside, anywhere that she goes,


Vivian Cheruiyot follows. Vivian Cheruiyot, never been more than two


strides away, they are great rivals. I think this is warming up now, we


can see one of the Japanese at Leeds now struggling to stay with


this. A lot of these athletes, sub 31 is a bit of a push. The other


Ethiopian athlete, the more experienced Ethiopian athlete, 30


years of age, she has won 21 medals at the World cross-country


Championships, she has been outstanding, moving through into


third place. It is a bit like the cycling, when they look to see who


it is at that is moving through, they decide whether to go with them.


You say, OK, I'm not letting her get away with it. And here comes


Tirunesh Dibaba, moving up, sees the gap opening, look at them, they


are scampering behind her to get exactly 31 minute pace. And I know


they will finish faster than that, because they are going to be racing


in the second half of this race, building up nicely. Some of the


athletes are tiring, I am delighted to see Jo Pavey down the back


straight, Julia Bleasdale is running very, very well. I know Jo


Pavey is following it Julia Bleasdale, she has progressed so


much this season, she is in her element with world class athletes


all around her, she is in the right place mentally. It looks as though


she is going to a bit of a bad patch, the Irish runner. -- going


through. Jo Pavey moves towards the taking away from Japan, and passes


to Kenya. It was yet another 74 second lap. Now they are wanting to


start to control things a bit. It is interesting that Cheruiyot has


gone past Dibaba for the first time as well. I think many think her


tactic would have been just to watch and wait and let the youth


Europeans try and make something happen, it may well be -- led the


Ethiopians are trying make something happen. They can be in a


position to try and force it, Chepkurui is leading, they are


starting to bunch again. Dibaba, not fazed by any of that. Just


sitting comfortably in 6th place now. But there is nothing that has


really happened yet, no change of pace, this might be a bit of a


slower lap. I think the Kenyans are just trying to control this Addis


point. I think that is exactly what they are doing. Divya Cheruiyot is


looking for any evidence of tiredness, they conceded close-ups


on that board, but at the end of the day, that was 76 seconds, we


write, that was a slower lap. Here comes Kipyego, the other Kenyan,


moving through. It is starting to become a familiar sight, three


Kenyans at the front of the women's 10,000 metres. A race they have


never won before, one of the few distance races the Kenyans have


never won. At this time, I was talking to dip came out, there Bath,


-- their boss, and he says he wants them to win more medals than they


have ever won before. Maybe they are going to do that. Is this race


Kenyan athlete who certainly hasn't been as part of the system, I


hesitate to call it a system, Sally, coached by a Mark Rowland. A great


British steeplechaser and, 1988. She is the first to put has it down.


Kidane in second. Then Dibaba, then not far away Cheruiyot. That was


the quickest lap by a good three seconds but it was five seconds


quicker than the previous lap. An injection of pace. Jo Pavey is


still there. Julie Ian Bleasdale having a cracking race in the


Olympic final. -- Julia Bleasdale. They are in single file now. The


last time I saw Dibaba, it is a memory they will be aware of, in


New York earlier this season, Dibaba ran for minutes, 4.5 in the


last 1,500m, and that is something you have to be scared of. It is not


just the last lap, it is what she can do in the last three laps that


is significant. A 71-second lap there. Three Kenyans in the leading


group, three Ethiopians in the leading group, and the 7th athlete


is from Bahrain, formerly an Ethiopian athlete as well, so the


first seven are from that part of Africa. Julia Bleasdale is close-up


behind, she is running well. The pace at the moment is strong but it


is not too much for these athletes. For Julia and Jo, this is good for


them, this pace, if they can live with it. It is not excessive. They


have done really well to stay with it. When they come down the


finishing straight, they are starting to look at a lap number


that is more comfortable on the mind. When you see it 10 laps to go,


you think, that is OK. It starts to feel as though you are in some sort


of territory. The first seven athletes are breaking away from the


Japanese athletes, who did so well in the early stages. That was the


quickest kilometre of the race so far. Three minutes. 30 minutes, 55,


that sort of pace. The pressure continues to be applied. Cheruiyot


has a look to see who is behind her. His Dibaba there? And yes, she is.


But so off three Kenyan athletes. - - but so of three. For the first


time, the big gaps start to appear. Jo Pavey and Julie Ian Bleasdale, I


am sure, will have their own British battle after this -- Julia


Bleasdale. They will want to try to keep this pace but as it goes up


and down and up and down, this is when it starts to get tough. Jo is


working hard to stay with her team- mate. Jo working hard and running


well, Julia has prepared for this brilliantly. She has come on


strongly this year. She is in contention in the Olympic final and


that is almost a dream that she is having come to realisation, and it


is a really good position she has worked to. Can she get in amongst


the athletes in front of her? She is leading the European challenge,


as is Jo Pavey, but the Africans, the Kenyans are moving to the front.


Cheruiyot is there. When you prepare for a race like this,


Cheruiyot, a world champion at 10,000m and 5,000m and world cross


country champion, and when she looks at Dibaba, coming back from


injury, wondering whether she has any weakness, is there a chink in


the armour? At this point, that is when you will be asking these


prepared to do the same as Tirunesh Dibaba. They are beginning to run


steadily. It is not given too quickly. That was a 76-second lap,


and that is why she took over, Kidane. I think that is what she is


there to do. I think Dibaba is probably a bit frightened about


being slow in the latter stages, and Cheruiyot being able to unleash


what is still a very good kick. They have not really been tested


against each other in recent times so I think Dibaba wants to keep up


a hard place. Cheruiyot for me is looking a bit more as though she is


under pressure. But that is because we had everything from 71-76, and


Kidane is really putting her foot down here. Yes, she is stretching


them now. Tirunesh Dibaba is the first to respond. Cheruiyot


responds very quickly. The 68- second lap, that is whether damages


coming from. Julia Bleasdale is running a great race, in eighth


place. Jo Pavey in 9th race. The two British athletes are having a


fantastic run. The Kenyan athlete, Chebkerue, standing on the inside


of the track. This is a real baptism now because the race is


starting to motor and gaps are opening. The medals are being


shaken down. There is a group of four athletes. Three of those are


the ones we would have expected. She has had a great career, Kdane,


and is working hard. Tirunesh Dibaba in fourth place. Is the


pressure beginning to tell on her? This is really interesting. You


feel as though Cheruiyot does not know whether to latch on the back


of their leader. She is wondering where Dibaba is. I think Dibaba


would have wanted to be a little closer. This is boiling up into


exactly the final that we hoped to see. Kidane, with every metre, is


turning the screws, and not allowing them to settle. All of the


years of the cross country running we spoke about, that strength is


beginning to tell. She does not have the pace of Cheruiyot or


Dibaba. This is the battle for 5th and 6th place. Further back, Julia


Bleasdale trying to contest 7th place and Jo Pavey, not too far


behind. But it is about these four now. Kidane, looking under a little


bit of pressure now, with five laps to go, 2,000m. This is tough


territory. 20 laps behind, five laps ahead. 71-second lap again,


she has slowed a little bit. That is why they are catching her and


that is why Cheruiyot finds herself in second place. Now it is decision


time. Five laps. Do you press on? Or do you wait? Two Ethiopians, two


Kenyans, the tradition of world distance running is being presented


before us, and who will win it? The world champion, Vivienne Cheruiyot?


The silver medallist from the world championships last year, Sally? The


reigning Olympic championship who has not won since she won in


Beijing four years ago, Dibaba? Or Kdiane, who one in Birmingham, --


who won in Birmingham with the 10,000m? If Dibaba has any weakness,


you would expect it to show itself over the next two laps, because


when she gets within 800m of the gold, her fearsome finish will


probably be the top of her mind. At the back. Is it between the front


two or de back two? Everybody says it was between Cheruiyot and Dibaba,


but they have got company here! Dibaba still looks comfortable, but


so does Cheruiyot. Dibaba is sensing it is the time to move to


the front. This is the closest the four of them have been for a few


laps. Dibaba does not know what it is like to lose at 10,000m. Three


laps to go. It is hard now. Kidane Has put them all under pressure.


Who will have the pace at the end? Kipyego, she is doing her best but


is it enough to put them under pressure? She is trying to win this


one, I am pretty sure. Tirunesh Dibaba is too stabbing her way from


fourth place into second place. Cheruiyot now, in the position.


Kidane, who do that hard work, is still trying. The champion from


four years ago is in a good position. The world champion behind


her is in a good position. Sally Kipyego is making them both work


for this one. Two laps to go in the women's 10,000m. Tirunesh Dibaba,


who has been injured for the last couple of years and we have not


seen her outstanding since Beijing, the world champion, in third place,


Cheruiyot, and Kidane, still in contention, and Kipyego, who trains


in America. Jo and Juliet are running well in this Olympic final.


Four becomes three. Dibaba, Cheruiyot and Kipyego. Cheruiyot


and Dibaba have raced each other since they were teenagers, since


they were 15, and now for the first time, Dibaba decides the time is


right to strike. Is it too early? This reminds me of the great race


in Sydney between the great Haile Gebrselassie and Paul Tergat, and


this time the champion, Tirunesh Dibaba, has stolen a few yards! She


has put Cheruiyot under pressure, the first time we have seen Vivian


under pressure for a long time! And now the great Tirunesh Dibaba looks


to be on her way to another Olympic gold medal! The great athlete,


alongside Haile Gebrselassie! She is on her way to a third gold


medal! Looking fantastic! Kipyego, moving to a third place position,


behind a disconsolate and Cheruiyot, who can do nothing about the power,


the speed, the talent of Tirunesh Dibaba! She won the double in 2008,


she has been missing from these championships for the last three


years, but now she is back! She will retain her title in the most


splendid style! Tirunesh Dibaba of Ethiopia is the Olympic champion


again! Eight gold-medal run of epic proportion in the end, 62 second


62-second last lap! The statistics are not important. What is


important is there could never have been any doubt that this woman


would come and pick this title again! It has been a battle between


the two British athletes! And Jo Pavey still has the pace at the end.


It has been a good race for her and her and Juliet will be very proud


of their performances. -- Julia. that you are in the presence of


greatness. She already was, coming into this, an all-time great, but


she has just underlined that even has every reason to celebrate.


Kipyego ran a great light race -- race, but Tirunesh Dibaba, the 7th


Attlee to win three Olympic gold medals individually, on her way to


a third Olympic gold medal. A fantastic performance, a brilliant


run. She steps ahead of the great Haile Gebrselassie, ahead of me


read you do, and a baby Bikila, to take three Olympic medals -- gold


medals, and joined Kenenisa Bekele as the only other if European to


win three Olympic gold medals, and she might even add another one in a


few days' time! This is the great A great champion to grace the first


track title to be decided at London 2012. I'm sure it is a great source


of joy to Sebastian Coe. How proud are you of this? Incredibly proud.


All avenues are rocking, but this one for me is clearly personal. I


could almost hear the crowd this morning from the sailing. People


were just a stunned to walk into the first morning of track and


field and not see as seat in the house. Athletics is obviously your


first love it, did you imagine the first night a of athletic in the


Olympic stadium in London? Yes, we get track and field in this country,


we have an unbelievable tradition, we get grade, grade crowds. I think


there are a number of things that really stand out for me, one is the


extraordinary respect and affection that a British athletics crowd has


for Great performers from overseas. But the noise here has just been


unbelievable. I'm sure we will talk once more before the end of play,


Michael and Denise, a quick word on what we might see tomorrow? What


position... Are you happy with Jessica Ennis's lead? I am, but she


still needs to do a lot of work, the long jump as a crucial event.


It could be a turning point. But perfect start for her, what we


expected. As a veteran of many Olympic Games and Michael, what has


been your overall impression? has been phenomenal. This crowd has


been great. We see that the track is fast, regardless of what Carl


Lewis says, I'm convinced this is a fast track. The women were


phenomenal today, I am sure Jessica Ennis will continue tomorrow, it is


going to be another great day. it a fast track? Don't worry about


it! Just say yes! Yet! Has it is very loud in here. You may have


gathered that. Victories, disappointments, lobster round-up


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