BBC Two: Day 7: 18.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 7: 18.00-19.00

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at's! Here they come, up to the line! Are, look at the time! It is


a new world record! And Great Britain have won the gold medal! A


faultless display there. They have beaten the Australians emphatically.


Australia get the silver, and already, the celebrations are


beginning to unfold. What a rider that was. Not a lot more you can


ask. A gold medal and a world record, in the final in London. But


today we are going to remember for that was something special.


they have taken almost a second off the previous mark. Staggering.


did rejig the tactics after the first round. AA great job. We have


to protect Peter a bit more. Super, super strong in this competition.


Darren Thomas, given the option in the last kilometre or -- deride it


Thomas. Lagat the celebrations. -- looked at the celebrations. Look at


the applause a growing around here, or round the arena. Thomas was in


the team in Beijing, now he wins the Gold Medal again. Ed Clancy was


also in the squad. They also are members of the winning team. That


may once again confirm, Great Britain have won the gold medal,


they are Olympic champions. As the Australians looked dejected,


it is pure delight and relief for Great Britain. I would expect it


they might have heard that roar in Manchester at the British Cycling


Centre! That was incredible. It was the most incredible noise I have


heard. They broke her own world record, they are dominant, they are


the 2012 Olympic champions, and did you join us on BBC2 shortly, they


will get there will earn two gold medals. Congratulations to the


We have got to get our breath back after that. I knew it was going to


be something special. But here is a chance to look at a few images of


the British quartet. Such a well- drilled unit, all the numbers have


been crunched in the dunes, all the technique perfected, and the final


training in in Newport, it has all come to fruition. Also, there have


got to be no egos, I said that several times, it is not about


doing equal terms, licking the strongest, it takes a lot of


courage to back off, very important that they do all that they can, not


the same as everybody else. Thomas missed out on a spot, it could have


been guaranteed in that Tour de France team, just to concentrate on


that event. Fantastic to see him get this reward. This possibly


going to be his last appearance, he wants to concentrate on the road.


What a way to go out. The Australians have to be happy,


because they couldn't have done any more today, they rode their hearts


out. They certainly did. Joanna Rowsell, she is the leader her


rider as we look at all the biter of a competition, and that is


You are going off to your medal ceremony, but congratulations, how


does it feel? Absolutely amazing, it is a team event, but we have to


take our hats off, they read absolutely amazing. Congratulations,


a double Olympic champion, I know you are under pressure to go and


collect a gold, we don't want you to miss that, but tell us about


that performance? That has been a lot of hard work. Yes, the amount


of work we have had to put in. In November, we all at the track at


7:30am, they stopped us going to a concert in November, they have been


on our backs since then, it has been full on, to finish it off has


been amazing. I was ill last week, mentally it has been really hard,


without these boys, we couldn't have done it. The crowds, it was


just unbelievable. My ears are ringing, it is too loud! Go and


I think that is the only man in the hall of the Velodrome is thought


that was too loud. What a remarkable moment for British


cycling. I am lost for words. to it. You have got to rewind the


clock, 2003, 2005, I'm talking today Brailsford every year, and


every year it gets better. Four years ago I thought we would get


some golds, he is amazing, whatever he is doing, it is just amazing. He


is producing and producing. Once you create that momentum and that


belief within the team, they have got the support staff around them,


the management around it, even the young kids, we had two beginners in


there, feeding off the senior guys in that team with that belief a. It


You have got people on the track feeding from what you are doing on


the road, and people on the road like you are feeding off from what


people like Chris Hoy and Ed Clancy are doing on the track, it is like


British cycling is so buoyant! Absolutely. It is just a knock on,


not on, not on, you keep having to raise the bar, you cannot sit on


one level. You have to keep pushing, keep pushing, keep getting the


standards higher. You have both been involved in British Cycling in


the Dave Brailsford era. These kinds of performances are not by


luck. No, it is not, it is a lot of hard work. That is where I got my


biggest improvements, at the end of my career. You break down the nuts


and bolts of your life, you look at nutrition and dressed and every


ounce of training and you try to improve all of those little


elements -- nutrition and sleep. Everyone is perfecting everything.


They are coming up with advances and technology as well, advances in


coaching techniques which is moving us along. It was not that many


years ago you would have gone below four in a pursuit, and look at it


now, 3.5! I am not going to guess how it will be in the future, let's


just keep getting better. If you were watching it and thinking, I


was excited but surely Mark Cavendish, Sports Personality of


the Year, who has won stages from the Tour de France, surely he did


not get excited. Trust me, he was on his feet and shouting at the top


of his voice. You were so impressed with Ed Clancy. Incredible, in the


last kilometre. Like Peter Kennaugh said before, Steven Burke and Ed


Clancy, they were all there to the last 500m. They were so it drilled


tonight, they looked release moves. Ed Clancy is the most experienced,


probably the best in the team pursuit in the world. Steven Burke


missed out in Beijing and it is an incredible ride and I am super,


super proud of them. Australia obviously lost a man at this point,


but Great Britain making it look easy. Take us inside the body of a


rider. Explain how much it would have been hurting. The first time


it feels kind of easy. It is an event where you don't look for the


effort, the effort comes to you and it can continue in a moment or


gradually eased into you. You feel it in the last kilometres. I am


sure with the crowd, you will feel that a lot less today because they


were incredible. They only lost a man in the last 500m and held it,


they held the world record the whole way through, bang on. It


shows how a dedicated they have been this year. It shows had


dedicated the coach has been. They have got it absolutely spot on


perfect. As you walk into this corner of the velodrome, there is a


huge banner that says "inspired a generation" and it is these


performances that are doing just that. Absolutely. When I was


grubbing up looking at Steve Reed Drake and Daley Thompson -- Steve


Redgrave. And now it is cycling. I never would have thought that. I


hope it produces more cyclists in the future. At home, you might see


these guys are achieving this excess but we still need in flux


and people coming in. Get on your bike, basically! You could be


Britain's future hopes! Give Mark a couple of more years though! Don't


worry, you are fast enough! It is not just about inspiring a


generation and people at home, it is about inspiring the rest of


British sport. We have spoken about marginal gains. They have the


secret squirrel Club working on every tiny thing to do with the


technology on the bike and the helmet and the outfits and that is


it really important part of this excess. Yes, it is structured


almost like a business. Every detail is seen to. A lot of the


other performers directors in other sports come to see Dave, he is


probably the most in-demand performance director in the country.


He is a great motivational talk of. I was speaking to Chris Boardman


before, he spent so much time away from his family working with his


bikes, the guys he was working with, the mechanics learning how to fix


them and put them together. The staff are incredible. They work so


hard. I imagine Chris Boardman was a rather emotional man during that.


He knows what it is like to write during this sort of thing. Special


scenes. As emotional as it was for Chris Hoy last night, but we are


not done for the evening. We still have got Victoria Pendleton to come


in the keirin. It keeps on rolling. It does. Hopefully Victoria can


keep the wheels rolling and we can bring another medal home. She will


take them energy from what these guys have just done. It will instil


a bit of extra belief in Victoria. I am sure she is super-confident


right now. The coaches will have reflected on her last performance.


They will let her know that she is on form and ready to go, and bring


it on. At this point you just want to keep it over and get it over.


The carpenters have banked 300,000 nails into the floorboards to build


this, and they did a good job. Congratulations once again to Team


GB. We are about to stand for the national anthem. The medals will be


presented by his Royal Highness, crowns Prince Frederik of Denmark.


We are almost ready to have the medals presented. Prince Frederik


of Denmark will be giving the medals. The flowers will be


presented by the vice-president. Of The winners of the bronze medal of


a team of New Zealand. They replicate their finishing position


Their winning time of for the bronze medal, a 3.50 9.52. They


also third in the world championships earlier this year in


Melbourne. It was a very, very good contest indeed between New Zealand


and Russia for that third place on So New Zealander are crowned the


The winners of the silver medal of a team of Australia. -- are the


Try as they might, they had no answer to the flying British team.


In the World Cup earlier this year on the boards, they beat Great


Britain, we went to the World Championships in Melbourne in April,


and Great Britain turned the tables to win at the Crown. 0.1 of a


second separated them. And now Australia have been beaten again


into the silver medal position. The margin of difference here is much


Australia, winners of the silver The gold medal winners and Olympic


champions are the team of Great Britain! Ed Clancy, Steven Burke,


Geraint Thomas and Peter Kennaugh. And the first man to receive his


gold medal is Ed Clancy, the start off Rider, second time he has


received two the gold medal for this event and the second time for


Geraint Thomas as well, they are the surviving two from the squad


from Beijing. Steven Burke got a bronze in Beijing, now he gets a


cold to the team pursuit, and finally, the Manx man, Peter


Kennaugh, get his gold as well. Let me remind you, it was a world


record, astonishing time. Three minutes, 51.59 seconds. Now the


flowers being presented to conclude the official part of the


Great Britain, gold medal winners Ladies and gentlemen, please stand


for the national anthem of Great British National Anthem - "God Save


Ladies and gentlemen, the Olympic medallists! So great Britain


conquer the opposition it in a riveting contest. They personifies


the ultimate class throughout all three rounds. Stellar performance,


well done, boys. Ed Clancy, Geraint Thomas, Steven Burke and Peter


Kennaugh. So Britain's fruit Paul Hall continues. Just wondering how


many gold medals we are finally A full house, and we have still got


another final to go, where Victoria Pendleton will be out to try and


achieve the same podium position as these four lads. Come on, lads,


give us a smile! The Aussies are trying to give us a smile. What a


pity the individual pursuit was taken out, the blue Riband event


So they leave the podium, the Kiwis leading off it. The gold medal


winners, Great Britain, in the middle, I'm sure there might be a


slight celebration tonight. Australia with the silver. The


enthralling contest lived up to its reputation, and it was the Great


Britain with its emphatic display that won the gold medal in a new


Well done indeed, they should be proud indeed of those gold medals,


which I am sure will be put somewhere very special.


Congratulations to Australia, really bring the fight to Great


Britain, but just falling short. Once again the Velodrome a


reverberating to the national anthem. We have asked a question,


how much faster can you go? They will be saying, I want to go faster,


harder why do that? Are it is a very good question. I think it is


just beliefs. If you believe you can go faster, you work hard enough,


you will do it. Obviously, with advances in technology and training,


but you have got to believe in it, too. Give us your thoughts, if you


were to return to the track and return to the Olympics in Rio, team


pursuit would be the events you have to ride in. Is this not


persuading you? Absolutely, it is an incredible thing on the track, a


great family, to be part of that, we just inspire each other, build


on the confidence. I thought maybe we would see a sub 3.50 ride it


this games, but I guess we will have to wait for Rio! Will not have


to wait too much longer, will we? Let's just take a look at these


scenes, I have to let you know we are about to be joined by viewers


on BBC One, they will be joining us to see a Victoria Pendleton ride


for gold in the keirin final against her long term it nemesis,


Anna Meares. Please do tune across now and join us on BBC One, where


Welcome to the Olympic Velodrome here, you may have -- it may have


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