BBC One: Day 8: 17.15-18.50 Olympics

BBC One: Day 8: 17.15-18.50

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A welcome back, it has been another successful day for the British team,


three medals won at the rolling, two gold medals and one silver


medal, Britain have moved up to third on the medal table. They


could be more to come at the Velodrome and later on in the


Olympic Stadium. You can see thousands of people in the Olympic


Park, and 80,000 lucky ticket holders will be inside the stadium


to see Jessica Ennis win the gold medal. She is the overwhelming


favourite tough to win it later on this evening. Also there Farah will


be going for gold in the 10,000m. We will be heading back to the


Velodrome in just a moment to see if the women's team pursuit can be


won by 8 GB. Then it is athletics all the way and Dai Greene is in


action, also the defending champion, Christine Ohuruogu will be going at


8:05pm and maybe medals also in the men's long jump final with Chris


Tomlinson and Greg Rutherford doing well. Then it is the heptathlon


surely after 8:30pm and Jessica Ennis will be in the final of the


three heat and Mo Farah at 9:15pm. So much to look forward to. A lot


to enjoy right now over on BBC Three. At 7:30pm the men's football


quarter-finals, Great Britain trying to get through to the semi-


finals against South Korea. That will be live from the the 11th it.


If this foul of the PC three at the moment that the mixed doubles semi-


finals up live on BBC through. It is one set all. They did lead 3-1


in the tie-break but it is one set all. Andy Murray and Laura Robson


tried to go through to that all middle final tomorrow. -- gold-


medal. Women's hockey, Great Britain a China. Lucy 2-0, they


needed a point to guarantee a place in the semi-finals, not good news


for Great Britain at the them. We are heading back to the Velodrome


at 5:50pm it could be a gold medal for Britain.


Welcome back from the Velodrome where the action is getting


exciting in the omnium and later tonight the women's team pursuit.


Neither the event unfolding here all the women's team pursuit


actually happened in Beijing because since the last Olympic


Games they have been huge changes to the Olympic cycling programme.


event at three women's event. Cycling's governing body chose to


give clarity to the men's and women's events such out have gone


the individual pursuit, the points race, and income women's versions


of the team sprint, team pursuit and the new event, the omnium.


There is also no chance for so Kris Boyd to repeat his three goals as


another new will to limit dominance was to limit it to one competitor -


Cycling have just got 14 events, 42 events in the swimming pool, it


seems a big disparity. That is the way it is. You think it


is fair enough to bring clarity between the men and women, but cut


prices back, it is not nice for the riders. I don't know why it is. It


does seem unfair. You have circled on the track for


years, and I guess it is a fair comparison to say the individual


pursuit is light afforded metres in the athletics, you will not take


that out of the Olympics but they took it out of the cycling.


The pursuit is a Blue Riband event of the Velodrome, it is what


everybody watches. It seems such a shame it has been taken out, and


the omnium, the new race, it is to replace a bunch of good races to


watch. I am sure the omnium is exciting


but you're not too sure about having this in the Olympics.


To be honest, when I grow up, it is what you write as a kid, -- or ride.


You learn how to sprint, pursuit, racing in budgies, there is an


elimination race. It is exciting, a great spectator sport.


Imagine losing an Olympic medal on an elimination race. It will be


exciting for the fans but the races we are seeing, would be nice to


have a medal for each discipline. You get to see the best person


overall in the Velodrome but the Olympics is about faster, Higher,


stronger. You can probably hear from behind us, it is getting the


crowd on their feet because there is a British competitor, Ed Clancy.


Began watch it uninterrupted on the red button. The fact is, it is here,


whether it is here to stay we will point out. It is in the Olympics


and this is what it is all about. Individual riders will be going


head-to-head in six different The writers must complete every


event to continue in the competition. The lowest total after


six events wins gold. In the flying lap riders are racing against the


clock over 250 metres, the fastest time wins. The points race is an


endurance event where they accumulate. By lapping the field.


There are opportunities for further points in the sprints. The winner


is the rider he gains the most points. In elimination after a mass


start the last rider over the line is eliminated every two laps. The


two final riders will battle it out in a sprint finish. Individual


pursuit involves two riders on the track at one time, the men


competing over 4,000m, the women over 3,000 metres. Dividers -- the


writers start on opposite sides of the track and try to catch each


other. In the scratch race date start in a mass ride. Men cover


15,000 metres, and women 10,000m. The first to cross the line is the


winner. The time trial is an individual race against the clock,


and then cover one dozen metres and women 500m, the fastest time wins.


If you are right to get involved in a Olympics sports go to the website.


Years ago that is exactly what Mark Cavendish was doing. If this has


inspired you go on to the website and perhaps you can go from


competing in these kind of events to representing your country at the


Olympics. So far today we are in the middle of the points raised, we


had the flying lap earlier row, there are six events culminating


with a time trial tomorrow. Ed Clancy is an endurance racer, and


pulled this out in his flying lap. His body type, he is more of a


sprinter. He is super-fast. He got a flying lap this morning, 12.5 in


a flying lap. Sprinters do do that, he is half the second quicker than


second place, incredible. If you take his boat for the last 200m he


would have qualified in the top five. Their shows how fast he is.


Remarkable for Foreman's. He didn't get to celebrate his gold medal.


Geraint is going to join us from the team PCT. Ed Clancy celebrated


by winning the first event. The aim in the omnium is to get to the end


of the six events with the fewest points possible and as you can see


Ed with just one point. Behind us the points race is unfolding. To


the untrained eye it is incredibly confusing but all about winning


sprints as the race unfolds. It is consistency. There is a sprint


every 10 laps. It is the first four cross the line. They simply add up


the points at the end of the race. It is not at the end of the 120


laps the first rider, it is being consistent. There is a little rule


that people might lap the field, in the olden days it didn't matter how


many points you had, if you Laverty went into the lead, so you could be


plus one lap without any points. But now they have changed that, you


get 20 bonus points if you lap the field. 5, 3, 2 and 1, if you lap


the field you get 20 bonus point. That is described by a nanny was


the European champion, a Clancy is doing well. This is what we are


expecting from him, use your endurance and printing. He has once


breathe rents already -- he has won three sprints already. Where a does


fail his endurance, it is about keeping it going. There are other


sprint races to come in this omnium. That is the moment he crossed the


line in front to pick up the points. Ed Clancy representing Great


Britain in the Omnium. There are 22 laps to go and we can join Chris


Boardman and Sue Porter. This is a great one to watch as it gets hot


tip towards the end. It is one of the most exciting disciplines on


the track. There are three more sprints to go. Bobby Lee of the USA


comes up to the line. The race is being dominated by a group that


gave the field a slip and gained a lap. You get a 20 point bonus. At


the moment Ed Clancy is lying 10th. He has picked off three sprints


quite cutely. If he finishes 10th in the end in this points raised,


his tally will be 11, so it is not a bad start in the opening two


events, in six events in all. Lee is also off the front. They are


looking to get another lap. This is not a problem for Ed Clancy. What I


can tell you and Creswell agree with me, it is a pretty hard Points


Race. They have still got the elimination race to come. It is at


very demanding discipline, the Omnium. The United States are


starting to die. He has been out there for a long time on his own. I


do not think he is going to bridge that gap, so he will not gain those


That is their head of the race coming through over the line and it


is still Bobby Lee. Bobby Lee has not figured in many springs. He is


below Ed Clancy. But his legs are buckled. He is being overtaken.


Clancy is now down into 11th place. The first two points have been


claimed on the line. Archibald of New Zealand just about beating


We have got one more sprint to go. These two are persisting, but they


are starting to accelerate with the finish inside. Just eight laps


Terror well of Spain is very Norman Hansen is also there. Ed


Clancy vanishes five points in the concluding sprint. If he could get


another five points, it would help him ease his way up. He has read


that moved well. He is certainly the strongest sprinter in the group


he is in now. Fired more laps to go and one sprint remaining. People


find it hard to take on board that he cannot win the race, but it is


where he is placed. The final sprint is almost certainly going to


The Danish rider is very strong and very deceptive, Norman Hansen.


Clancy needs to take a sprint. The final lap. It is Norman Hansen of


Denmark who has ridden sensationally in this event. He is


looking to nail five points and he did that. He is the leader of the


We will have to go to countback to decide the overall positions. That


has taken Ed Clancy's tally to 18, which will keep him in 11th


position. His tally is now 12. We are going to count back now. I


think he is still in the lead after two events. Although Norman Hansen


with consistency is likely to be challenging as well. He has just


won the points raised with 59 points. He was 4th in the time-


trials. That makes his tally five. He has got to be the leader. We


Unofficially Norman Hansen with a win in the points raised and a very


good ride in the time-trial, his tally of points will go up to five.


Unofficially it looks like Norman Hansen could have elevated himself


into the lead in the competition. The German is the winner of the


Points Race. It is all about the six events and sheer consistency.


Two of the six completed and one of the least favourite for Ed Clancy.


He is not so keen on the distance races. If it comes down to the


single sprint, he has got a good It is looking like the young Dane,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 41 seconds


the former world junior champion, Ed Clancy is 5th with 12 points


after two events. Apologies for the incorrect graphics. He goes in the


elimination race at 6:30pm and all this after winning gold in the team


pursuit yesterday. He has to get back on the track and ride. You had


a lovely night out last night to celebrate the gold medal. How are


you feeling? It is still a bit surreal. It is something we have


been building up for the last year and all we have been thinking about.


To finally get here and do it is a great feeling. I do not know what


to do now, apart from celebrate. Chat to ours and hang out in here.


We can have a look back at the moment you crossed the line and the


celebrations. An amazing atmosphere, how much did the crowd help? It was


unbelievable and when you walked into the stadium, you could feel


the buzz of the crowd. Vicky was racing before us and there was an


incredible buzz. During the race I could not notice it too much, it


was more in the background, we have to focus on what we had to do. It


was incredible to cross the line with another world record and it


was an unbelievable feeling. long did it take you to realise you


picked up the world record? We kind of knew because we were going so


fast and we had the coach on the line because he notes the pace. It


was like Beijing. We went out and it flowed and it was so fast. I


needed a bigger dear, I just could not keep up. You mentioned Beijing


and this is your second gold medal in the team pursuit. It is a huge,


big medal. How does it compare with the one in Beijing? Definitely the


pressure and the expectation around cycling as a whole, it has taken


off since Beijing with the likes of Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins.


Cycling is so big these days and living up to that was the biggest


challenge. To come here and deliver was great. We want full analysis


and in-depth discussions about the celebrations last night. How were


they? I do not remember much past 1 o'clock. I were Cup in the hotel


with my girlfriend and I could not remember how I got there!


cannot remember anything past 1 o'clock, but you will probably


remember this moment. Was this you in a kebab shop in London last


night feeling hungry? I cannot say more than that, can I? I did not


take a bag out with me. Maybe you've found one. I hope it was you


because you deserve to celebrate like that. What? With a kebab?


After the Olympics in Beijing the whole world looked at British


cycling and said, we need to take the fight to these guys and


Australia are starting to do that. They have brought their form in.


Last year the Australians won the World Championships, but this is


about the Olympics. It is a four- year cycle and these guys have been


working strongly together. Geraint has been working on that and


finally putting bat to good use and changing back to speed on the track


and you can see what they have done. And have you spoken to everybody


back in Wales? They were here yesterday and it was nice and we


were all out last night as well and it was good to celebrate with them.


You know the photograph opportunity that awaits you when you get back


to Cardiff? What is that? You will have your very own golden post box.


I did not know that. That is it being painted especially for you.


That is quite surreal, but it is nice. If ever there was a reason to


post a letter, that is it. Will you stay with us, because we have got


the women's pursuit? Of course. There have been fantastic.


Unbelievable. They have been doing some good times. Paul Manning is


their coach and he seems pretty relaxed and topping them up a bit


and we can expect good things. have already seen a couple of world


records from them. Do you think we will see another one? It is


difficult with the two rides close to each other, but I would put some


money on it. I am about to hand you back to suit. We want a photograph


with that gold medal. We were had the team pursuit in a few minutes.


Hopefully another gold medal. I can tell you there is some terrific


news from Wimbledon because Andy Murray, he will be facing Roger


Federer tomorrow for the gold medal, he will be in the mixed doubles


final as well. Laura Robson serves at match point. It was a terrific


rally to end on and Laura Robson They are pretty the final of the


mixed doubles tomorrow. Gold or silver in the singles, her gold in


the mixed doubles, what a performance, what seems at


Wimbledon, such an enthusiastic crowd on Centre Court cheering


another British victory. What a day to look forward to. That is


tomorrow. Terrific news. If you want to watch on BBC Three you can


watch the Badminton, the women's singles final. That is the singles


final, live on BBC Three. Terrific news at Wimbledon. There may be a


couple of gold medals for Andy Murray and Laura Robson tomorrow at


Wimbledon but we are heading back to the Velodrome. Have you had your


picture taken? I can confirm I have. We will


hopefully increase the atmosphere in the Velodrome. The women's team


pursuit, a brand new event to the Olympics, and tonight the world


record breaking, ground-breaking trio are going to go for something


We are all from different backgrounds, it Laura has been


cycling since the age of eight, myself, for the last six years


professionally. There is just a real variation in backgrounds, age,


life experience. We get on really well. It is more of a family vanity.


Dani King is more of a sister to me. Lorette is just crazy, we are


sharing a room together -- Laura. We have such a laugh, constant chat,


never a moment of silence, having fun, absolutely great, she is


fantastic. Laura is probably the loudest. Dani King is bubbly, if


you are having a bad day she is the best person to have around. Joe is


absolutely amazing, a bit shy compared to Laura. We get on so


well, she is always there for support. The same with Wendy. She


brings experience, nice to have that as well. We are all pretty


There is a great psychological boost to be the his radiance on our


home soil. Great Britain, a new world record. We rode it really


well, that is how we got such a great time. I think the world


record will be broken, it will have to be. I am so excited. My team-


mates are so good, and as a unit we are going to do really well, it


just remains to be seen how well. We have got so much trust in each


other it just works. We all have to perform at our best on the day and


if we went, hats off to us, but if somebody else beats us, has off to


them, congratulations. -- hats off. We're just minutes away from seeing


Great Britain against the USA in the women's to pursue final, 24


hours ago Geraint Thomas was out there. Jo Rowsell is making sure


she is physically ready for this as well as mentally. You are pretty


much thinking about the race, thinking about each turn, you


breaking down in two stages, each turn you think about delivering it


well and worry about your own job and heads the league the other


girls do theirs. This there anything left to be discussed?


don't think so, all the hard work, the training, has been done.


Everybody knows how to ride it, it is just a matter of staying focused


and delivering. The techniques, the tactics, you think the coach is


saying every lap is one-tenth of a second every lap feedback so you


have to know it down to a tenth of a second how you will ride the 16


laps, or in the case of the women, 12 laps. We can see them gearing up


for this. It is worth mentioning Wendy, she was a silver medallists


in Beijing. Such is the ferocious power of these three she doesn't


get a look-in. It is similar to Andy Tennant as far as the men's


team pursuit team, very much part of the team, and imported Kohl but


they don't get the chance to ride when it matters. It was unfortunate


that he missed out but that is the way it goes. He was a key member,


for morale, the training sessions. When I was a bit ill last week I


set out and he stepped in and did a great job. It is definitely a whole


squad of people, not just those racing on the track. Four years ago


in Beijing there wasn't even this event, when they brought this team


together and they started training and working towards Olympic glory,


how involved were you? With women? Did they can see for support and


advice -- do they come to you? talked to us quite a bit, but they


have got one of the best coaches, he only won four years ago, still


fresh, he knows what to do. Dull staff, the whole system has looked


after them really well. All they have got to worry about is getting


on the bike and pedalling. Paul has done a great job with the team.


Lots of questions coming in on Twitter, asking why one rider start


in the gate and the other two don't. Another one of my fact files. The


person on the lowest part of the track starts, the other riders


cannot start until they do. It is the start gate and automatically


releases the bike. If a rider tries to go before that it is detrimental,


it will affect them. If they go after, they will fall off, and it


means they cannot jump the start. It is not so important for the guys


above because they cannot start to will the person on the bottom


starts. You could have a gate, you could have four days but to get


that off the track in time before the other team has got round would


be complicated. Perfect for, another wonderful explanation. What


of people looking for? What is the perfect race? Pretty much getting


up to their speed you can sustain for the 12 laps, 16 laps, and flat


lining it. It is all about keeping that speed as high as possible.


This house without possible. That is what Marquez been explaining,


one writer starting in the gate, two of them starting further up the


New Zealand. The team of New Zealand is Laura Ellis, Jamie


Neilsen and Alison Jacques. For the Netherlands it is Vera Koedooder,


Amy Pieters and Ellen Van Dyke. In the previous round the New


Zealand's, 3.18 0.514. The Netherlands will have to find


somebody here if they are going to challenge to New Zealand team.


Alison shanks got them off to a solid start, already in the lead.


Moving away. Benevolence settling down to the task in hand, -- the


Netherlands. Alison shanks is a powerful rider. She could play


quite a significant part in this contest. They are already one


second in the lead. You can see a little bit of daylight, it has cost


them. The first two kilometres bit, New Zealand are there. -- kilometre


split. Ever-so-slightly faster than their opening kilometre in the last


round. They are going ahead of their schedule. Slightly quicker


than they were perhaps expecting to go. Let's hope they haven't gone


out too fast. Nearly two seconds in the lead now. Pretty soon they will


be able to see the back of the team from the Netherlands, that is a


great incentive. They will start to get some assistance. The contest


continues here. It is New Zealand profiting from a good start and


they certainly have got the Netherlands now. At I cannot see


them pegging them back. kilometre remaining in this race.


They are pretty much in the same straight, disaster for New Zealand


to lose this, they have got to keep it together. They have got room to


spare. 2:16 we five. The perfect spur for the three from New Zealand


to try and raise their game in the closing stages. A lot of this about


backing up, it being able to ride as fast again in the next race. The


Netherlands haven't managed to do that. We are really into the final


stages now. New Zealand are going to win this. It means they will


finish 5th overall in the competition. Here they come. New


Zealand coming up to the line now, let's have a look at the time. That


brings them the clash against the Netherlands. The New Zealanders


finished 5th overall in this Olympic Games team pursuit


images of the starting effort of the Dutch. The bike securely


clamped, only releases when the time on the clock runs out. A false


start if a right to start before this. -- rider. Two more rides to


go. The bronze and the contest for the Olympic title. The Australia


just preparing. Getting shots of the British riders. Dani King who


is just circus in -- circling in the middle. Joanna Rowsell up there


as well. They were just relax before they get called to the line.


This is to ride off for the bronze medal, in Australia starting in the


home straight. Edmondson, Melissa Hoskins, Josephine Tomich. The


opponents in the back straight will be the team from Canada, they have


been riding very well, the Canadian trio. There will be Tara Whitton,


Gillian Carleton, and Jasmin Glaesser. Australia in the previous


round went three with 16 with nine, starting in the home straight. On


the right of a screen starting in the back straight, the team from


Canada. This is the ride for the bronze medal. The riders but all


their weight back and they get the timing exactly right. If you get


that wrong it can cost you a lot. It is worth all the training to get


it right. You have your momentum moving forward when the gate opens.


Canada have started quicker, work for Australia to close the Dow.


Still a long way to go. Waiting for the first kilometre at Split. The


time doesn't matter, it is all about beating your opponent. It is


still cannot get looking good at this stage. The Australians very


technically good on the track, great changes, plenty of height,


takes a lot of confidence to do that. They look like a well-drilled


unit. The Canadians not bad. and went ahead. Canada, 0.18 behind.


These are the team as the British thought would be a threat coming


into the competition. Australia will be looking to salvage


something. They hope to be vying for a gold medal. It is very close


between these two teams. As we expected. We knew it was going to


be a good fight and that is exactly how it is proving to be. Now Canada


are beginning to turn the screw again. They have gone ahead. They


are neck and neck at the moment. Australia took the steadier start,


that will help them in the latter stages. Canada just trailing.


second kilometres split coming up. They are leading by a 0.01. They


have just done a monster upturn. It has given Canada the advantage, but


it is not over. Australia are not lying down. Just one mistake and it


could all be over. It is going to come down to a sprint finish.


coach for the Australians is urging his riders to find a little more.


We are into the closing laps. It is an nail-biter. It looks like Canada


well when the bronze medal. It was so close, on the line. Canada get


the bronze medal. What a scrap. They pulled back three-tenths of a


second in the final lap. The team from Canada are delighted with that


performance. Another 3.17 ride by Canada. Sheer consistency it. The


coach for the Canadian team is delighted by that. Australia were


the silver medal winners in the world championships earlier in the


year. But to come away with a medal you have to put the disappointments


behind you and focus with what you have to do. A very good ride by


Canada. Australia just a little bit up and down in their pacemaking. A


fantastic surge for the line, just left a little bit too late. Nice


finishing technique as well. Just listen to the noise here. It is


building and building because Great Britain are coming out onto the


track. People are on their feet and the flowers are waving and we have


not even started. That was the result of the bronze medal right.


We now set up the final for the gold and the silver medals. The


team is Dani Kane, Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell. Joanna Rowsell will


get them under way. It would appear to me that they are recognising the


situation, cosmetic the, as you set another world record of 3.1


4.682. The Canadians are certainly on form as well. This is the final


of the women's 3000 metres team pursuit. The USA have got a good


formula. But they are two seconds in areas of the British on paper.


Already they have lost 0.7 of a second. An incredible start by


Joanna Rowsell. What could happen is if the USA start to fall behind,


the Individual Pursuit champion could go to the front and assert


her power and it could break up their formation. She is using that


power. They are spreading the work. The British squad are ahead and the


United States are holding them. Great Britain are not as quick as


their world record, but they have put the United States 0.78 behind.


Paul Manning is calling them the same schedule, so they are not


after a world record. They are going to go just to try and get the


gold medal. They really are moving. Little Laura Trott swings up to


allow her team-mates to go through. This is a phenomenal ride by Great


Britain. They have got a solid lead of two seconds. They do not need to


do anything clever. They have spread it more evenly between them.


They can almost see the tail end of the American team. They are flying.


They have got 2.3 seconds advantage over the USA. What a fantastic


sensation this must be in London in front of a home crowd. They can see


the opposition in front of them. They are so close to getting a


medal. Now they have got the ideal scenario because they can see the


Americans. There are now pursuing their quarry. This is the ideal


weight to tidy up the team pursuit. They could set another world record.


They are absolutely flyer and the crowd are getting behind them. You


can see the gap. The final 250 metres and Great Britain are the


world champions and they are now going to become the Olympic


champions or stop they are on fire. Here they come, take a look at


their finishing time. Great Britain when the Olympic title and the gold


medal and another world record. That means they have ridden the


last six events and consecutive league they have posted six world


records or stop Dani Kane, Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell are the


Olympic champions. They have done exactly what the men did. If they


go any faster they will need parachutes to show -- slowed down.


To break a world record after such a short gap between the rounds is


incredible. There we are, the celebrations. That is Laura Trott's


Sestak. I remember where the little kids used to ride around the cones


to see if they had talent. This little last came from that. She is


the Omnium world champion. She will be riding in back later. It is a


privilege to be in an arena like this. There is Dani Kane. They are


loving it. Milk the moment. What a fantastic experience to have. They


have worked so hard for this. They have been so strong. The tears are


beginning to appear now, it tears of celebration. Yes, you are an


Olympic champion and a world champion as well. You would not bet


against a Laura Trott winning two gold medals at these championships.


There is Mark Cavendish, a very sportingly acknowledging the


performance. And also Geraint Thomas. I wondered where Joanna


Rowsell was. Enjoy the moment. What a ride. Analytically, assess it.


They're really pressurised the world record and they went under it.


They changed the length of that turns and spread the workload


around a bit differently. This time they had the advantage of being


able to see the team and get some advantage from the slipstream. That


visual incentive is what made the difference. 5.67 seconds is the


winning margin. These celebrations could go on for a long time. The


crowd love it. Look who is there. They are all here watching it. The


popularity of cycling is staggering. The number of cyclists is edging up


to 55,000. Paul McCartney enjoying the moment with the British flag.


We have had royalty, pop stars, politicians, everybody wants to be


in the Velodrome. They all want to be part of the cycling action. That


was an enthralling event. That transcends the previous calls I


have made on these three and that is some statement. Consistent every


time. They were nearly three- quarters of a second in the league


with en two laps and that must be devastating for the other team.


Once they have established that, that is it. That is a huge margin.


Forget the schedule, go on, girls, just chase them down. It would be


nice to hear what the winning side has to say. They are going towards


at Jill Douglas. That is Laura Trott. Many congratulations. The


first words used said where, we did it. How do you like the sound of


that? World and now Olympic champions? It is mad, I cannot


believe it. It has been my dream since I was eight and we have just


gone and done it. You said before this was not 18, it is a family.


is, we are like sisters and I could not have done it without them. It


is amazing. A you talked about getting up to speed and you


experienced the wall of noise and it was better than that. He it


really was. They were just shirting so loud it spurred us on the last


kilometre it will stop six world records in the last six competitive


riots. Really amazing. I do not think we expected it. I think we


expected it here in one of the rounds, but not in every single


ride. Go and collect your medals, I imagine the smiles and the


giggles will last for an off a long time. The Fab Three. A remarkable


performance. Your thoughts? Incredible, it is the first team


pursuit I have watched in a long time. It was just amazing to see it


unfold. The atmosphere again is crazy, it is doing my head in, to


be honest. Unbelievable, over the Three kilometres, only 12 laps of


the trap, they went out, they went the fastest ever the first, to but


they kept building. It was incredible. Once you get the other


team in sight you will gain more and more. To back that up, it was


fantastic. What a start from Jo Rowsell. To go a second quicker


your -- then your opponent, that is laying down a marker. A big


advantage. Having somebody that can start that fast and be able to soak


it up, and keep going all the way to the end, is a massive advantage.


She set the goals it really well. - - girls. It is about making sure


the tactics work. We saw quite a big change compared to the last


round where they were doing much shorter terms. The women do one, to


less but they have won riderless. For the many star with four, the


women only start with three. You cannot sacrifice somebody, they


simply get harder for a shot a rout of time. They have to analyse and


set out the tactics. He won the gold medal last night, how good


does it feel when it is working like this? It is just a unit.


Everybody is thinking the same, you are all on the same page and it


just flows. The faster you go, sometimes the easier it gets,


smooth things out, an incredible feeling. Paul Wood walking a month,


they were on schedule all the way. They have a schedule am not sure


what lap splits they would be doing, and he will walk one step away so


they know they are a 10th up on schedule. It is pretty precise.


That is what all hard work and ours goes to. You can see how much they


work together. When they have seen the families they get together,


they want to celebrate, it is beautiful. I was nearly crying,


good job the camera wasn't on me. There is Paul who knows what it


takes to win an Olympic medal and there is Dani King, fist in the air,


a huge smile. Is that the moment when it starts to sink in, when you


get the chance to celebrate with your parents? It is great having


your family there, especially the girls, they are emotional


characters. That support for them is amazing, as it is for us. You


cross the line, it is strange, it is euphoria, you are happy and


excited but at the same time it is weird, is still hasn't sunk in now,


to be honest. All the year has been building to that one day and


suddenly it is so that you have achieved it, but it takes a while


to sink in. You'd better watch out because they are getting quicker


and quicker, they will start being the start of the track before long.


Ingesting this dynamic and folding. It is not just in here where people


are on their feet, there are two and this remarkable new world


record and outside. The action is unfolding in the main Olympic


Stadium. Hundreds of thousands of people out there. This is what


happened to them that the girls crossed the line, picked up the


gold medal, broke the world record, you can see the fans watching the


big screen, flags in the air. When these Olympic Games for one in 2005


these were shot we dreamt about. were sat in our hotel, we all


crowded round a little TV, and to imagine this, imagine our country


hosting the Olympics, it is not even once in a lifetime, once in


many generations, to bring it to the city, this country, see the him


out of people supporting it, it is just beautiful. -- it see the


amount of people. Every athlete wants to represent this country,


Dick Brown. We will see the medals being awarded in just a moment.


This is just having a snapshot into your lives, where all the effort,


all the hard work peeks at this moment. Give us an insight into the


effort for the past few years and the girls as well, this remarkable


effort to achieve the greatest thing. November we were in a hotel


in Manchester, A&E live half-an- hour down the road but we all had


to go there, I spent nine months on the road. We were not allowed to go


to a Ariana concert. It has been a long year. It was intense. They


were on our backs all the way through. To sit here now with this


around my neck makes it all worthwhile. We were up at eight in


the morning, two or three times a week, training in the cold and rain


in Manchester. Definitely a lot of hard work and easy to forget all


that and look at the here and now and when we are going fast but it


is good to look back and realise what we have gone through, it has


been a long journey. It is worth it though. Definitely. What an amazing


day, four gold medals won in this Velodrome. The British love affair


with cycling continues. The love affair of this venue, the


Velodrome, if you have got a ticket you're in for an absolute treat.


Still two days to go and surely more gold medals to come. You can


see there are loads of people at the Olympic Park heading into the


stadium, many in front of the big screen because Jessica Ennis and Mo


Farah are both going for gold later this evening. We are guaranteed


medals tomorrow at Wimbledon with Andy Murray facing Roger Federer in


the men's singles final and Andy Murray back on court with Flora


Robson for the mixed doubles final, because earlier Laura Robson


finished it off in style, defeating Sabine Lisicki and Christopher Kas


to go through to the mixed doubles final, wonderful scenes at


Wimbledon. They will face Azarenka and Max Mirnyi or Lisa Raymond and


Mike O'Brien of the United States. Andy Murray was in tears yesterday


when he beat Novak Djokovic. He is into the final of the men's singles


and now the mixed doubles final, wonderful scenes on Centre Court


today. And after the match they spoke to Jonathan Leverenz. -- over


end. What a day. Well done, fantastic. I don't think I have


ever been that nervous here at Wimbledon before. Are you feeling


that? You are probably not nervous. It is just different. Playing


doubles. It is a different sort of pressure but we played really well


when it mattered, at the end of the tie-breaks, those nerves there, but


we played really good stuff at the end, we deserved to win the match


and I am happy we did because if it had gone the other way it would


have been really disappointing. person who did pay particularly


well is next tee -- play. This must feel, he has already got his medal,


he has got everything, but for you this is fantastic. It has been


incredible. Just to be playing the singles I was pretty happy with


that, and before that I thought I was playing doubles and now I am in


all three. We are guaranteed a medal, I couldn't ask for anything


else. What a feeling to be able to serve it out and hold those big


service points at the end of both matches. Yes, for once my serve


went in when it mattered. I went for it and we played really well at


the end of the tie-break in both matches. What were you saying to


calm the nerves that Laura understandably must have been


feeling. I was just trying to tell her to take her time, when we won


the points, says some words she has probably not heard before, but that


may be settled us down, relax this. I just really wanted to win, both


of us did. A very emotional end to the match but she said great on the


last two point and gave me a chance to try to take control and that is


what we needed to do. Not your average day preparing for a five-


set final against Roger Federer. will see, it has been different to


what I would usually do but I enjoyed today, I have enjoyed the


whole event and tomorrow is pretty much the perfect end to the


tournament for me. Try and win both. Fantastic. From your point of view


I sense really into the whole Olympic fever, how inspired have


you been with everything going on the last few days? You have got


there just to add to that. I have been watching everything, just


before we went on this morning I watched the guys win the rolling.


Have elite we will be able to add to that tomorrow. -- rolling. --


rowing. Busy day tomorrow. We are about to hear the national anthem


for the 4th time. Let's go back to Hugh Porter.


We are looking at the Teme of Canada here. That is Jasmin


Glaesser, Gillian Carleton and Carole Whitty and who wrote


courageously to win the bronze They beat a Australia, they got the


better of them in the closing stages. Winners of the bronze medal,


the team from Canada. That bronze- medal ride off was so fast it was


quicker than the United States who got the silver. That just


underlines what a fierce contest it was. The winners of the silver-


medal art USA and first to get a medal is Sarah Hammer, a four-times


world individual pursuit champion, and go into his dog see which --


They have got to be happy with that right. With everything they could,


there was no way they were going to be the Brits today. The Olympic


champions and gold medal winners are the team from Great Britain. In


a new world record. They have broken the world record in the last


six races that they have taken place in. Dani King first to get


her gold medal. And now Laura Trott. And Joanna Rowsell. She plays her


way out of the gate, but in the Great Britain team ahead. The world


champions and now they are the Ladies and gentlemen, we deeply


stand for the national anthem of Great Britain. -- would you please


stand. # God save our gracious Queen!


# Long live our noble Queen! # God save the Queen!


# Send her victorious. # Happy and glorious.


# Long to reign over us. CHEERING. Ladies and gentlemen, the


Olympic medallists. Wonderful moments, these. The crowd are


energised by these performances. There are five more gold medals to


be decided. Great Britain are in with a serious chance in all five.


We have been looking at that while the presentation has been going on.


Five gold medals so far, five more possible, everybody said Beijing, a


gold medals, not possible. There is an outside chance, there would be


unbelievable. The mud of conversations I have had, people


are saying make the most of it. There are still other disciplines


as well. We have got Shanaze Reade in the BMX who is one of the


greatest BMX riders in the world. Play a Beatles song and having one


of the Beatles hear singing it to you, you cannot get any better it


than that! Three very, very happily -- happy ladies. Wonderful Saints


in the Velodrome. Eight British singing star and three British


Cycling stars. Congratulated us to all of them up from us. Danielle


King, Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell. It is important for these


three ladies to savour this moment. Building up to the Olympics for


four years and they have been working. They have spent so much


time away from their families. It has paid off. Laura Trott has still


got one more event, she is the world champion in the Omnium.


McCartney is enjoying it. You have got your hands on your


gold medals and we could say what that meant to you. Absolutely


everything. I am just ecstatic it feels amazing, I cannot believe we


have done it. And the crowd joining in and Sir Paul McCartney leading


the crowd, singing, but he is not the start of the show, your girls


have had the stadium rocking like a football stadium. Yes, look at us.


I cannot believe we did it. You can believe it because you have been


dreaming about this. When did you realise it had become a reality?


The last couple of laps we saw them, but you cannot believe it and tell


you here began at the end. But I believed in us from the start. I


knew we could do it will start just 12 laps of the track as fast as we


could. It is all about this gold medal. We know how deep you have to


go to get a performance like this. Often you are unwell after you come


off the bike, but no problems today. It was the last thing I was


thinking about, that was it, we just celebrated, I could not think


about anything else. Can you even begin to think about the Omnium at


this stage? Now, I'd just keep thinking I am an Olympic champion.


How wonderful, such joy. Mark and diet are struggling not to make use


of these. The atmosphere it is special. You have trained for this


event and you have been an endurance rider and you know the


effort that has gone into this and you know why they are so happy and


so proud of themselves. It is hours and hours of drills in a Velodrome


and a gymnasium from seven in the morning until 10 o'clock at night.


Just hours and hours and hours and the same thing getting it


repetitively perfect and right and exactly how you want it to go on


the day. But making sure that when you get into that one day you put


everything you have learnt into practice. They did that and that is


why they can be so happy. A It is amazing just to watch it. It really


is, I had goose bumps. We have almost forgotten the cycling


continues. We heard Laura talking about the fact she has to go


straight into the Omnium and that continues today for Ed Clancy. The


cycling keeps on coming. The at is what is so nice about track racing


will stop it is like being in the stadium for the track and field.


You have had 1 million people out on the roads on Saturday, but this


is more like a gladiatorial sport, at where you can see the athletes


in every single part of the race and that is why the big crowds are


here. The if you have got a bike and a helmet, grab them and go out


for a ride. You will see the continuation of the Omnium on BBC


Three. It is one of the most dramatic and spectator friendly


sports. I am going to hand back to you. It was a wonderful evening


last night with Victoria Pendleton, but the mention here today might


have just topped off the lot. What a lovely interview. Danielle


King, Laura Trott, and Joanna Rowsell, the world champions and


the Olympic gold. We are hoping for more success down


at Weymouth with Ben Ainslie and Andrew Simpson. They had a day off


today, but it has still been very busy doubt at Weymouth. Iain Percy


and Anders Hansen are in the Star class and Ben Ainslie in the end of


last had a day off. Time to think about their strategy before they


battle for gold tomorrow. The FA when seven men and women are hotly


tipped to win a medal next week. The windsurfers were also out. Paul


Goodison has been struggling and today it was make or break. If he


was going to keep his medal hopes alive, today he had to deliver.


Today was the last day for the Laser sailors to make their mark in


qualifying for the all-important medal races. Some sailors will be


packing their bags and heading home, but the rest will be continuing on


their quest for a podium position. Beijing gold medallist Paul


Goodison has been rest -- wrestling with a back injury. Today he


qualified for the medal race final, but he will not be on the podium.


The Australians are already guaranteed a silver, but for him it


has not been his wake. Alison Young has plenty to be proud about with a


string of second places and a good medal race could see her inside the


top five. But she has too many points for a podium finish. Today


the women's match-racing team secured their place in the quarter-


finals. Britain so nearly beat the Americans, but it does not matter


because they are in the quarter- finals and it is a knockout


competitions. Is it a relief to get through the round-robin stage?


there is a massive relief and we are all feeling it now. But we


start again on Tuesday and today it is a rest day. We have got to move


forward. In the women's windsurfing Bryony Shaw is currently 7th


overall. A Spanish sailor Leeds. In the men's division there is a


runaway leader. He is from the Netherlands and is looking hard to


catch. But Nick Dempsey is looking good to finish on the podium.


Great news for Britain, Nick Dempsey has finished in third place.


I am still in it and I'm sailing well. It is good to be up there,


but that gold medal is getting further and further away. I need a


special day tomorrow or we will be racing for second. British sailors


in two other classes are also in silver medal position. There is


something going on in the boat. It is a worry. They have not been able


to go full speed. They have not been able to trim the spinnaker.


The Italians are focused on speed and the British team are focused on


something inside the boat. They have lost a lot of ground. It has


cost them two places. But they lie second, just two points off the


lead and they must have confidence about the remaining races.


You were in the lead in the second race, but what happened? We had a


clear failure. It is something we checked every day, but it came


undone and we wasted a lot of time trying to fix it. To come away with


a six was excellent damage- limitation. Exactly, that is what


it is about. We had to grind out a result as best we could and we did


that. We are still in the hunt. Things are still looking good for


the men. Tomorrow there is potential for a double gold.


Joining me is the Olympic team manager Stephen Park. Plenty to


look forward to next week and tomorrow. What are you expecting to


see tomorrow from Iain Percy and Ben Ainslie? From them we will see


them in a relatively conservative race. They have got an eight. Read


-- lead. As long as they are close to the Brazilians, they will come


away with their gold medal. They will probably be trying to keep


their noses clean. With Ben Ainslie, it is going to be a head to head.


Yes, first over the water it well when the gold medal on the Saturday.


There is an option for the Dutch to play a part, but he is a good few


points behind. It will be a battle in that class and we will see some


entertainment in the run-up to the race in the pre-start. It will be


an incredible battle to watch tomorrow. There were huge crowds,


but my telephone has not stopped with people wanting to come and see


that battle. Yes, the crowds have been fantastic. The noise and the


atmosphere for our sport have been impressive. Ben is driven to win


that gold medal. If I was the Dane I would be shaking in my boots.


would be. What have they done today? We have not seen them around


the venue bulls star of they have been around a little bit, you might


not have been looking closely enough. There was a full check over


the equipment and they have been looking closely at the weather and


the tide for tomorrow and review their own notes. They are also


making sure they are fully recovered, refuelling, so they are


on top of their game tomorrow. with Team GB lying third on the


medal table there is every expectation sailing will act two


goals. We certainly hope so. Can Ben


Ainslie become the most successful sailor in Olympic history? What


about the cycling. The British team were wondering whether they could


equal Beijing. They have already got four medals.


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