BBC One: Day 8: 18.50-22.10 Olympics

BBC One: Day 8: 18.50-22.10

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come. You have got a good night. am looking forward to it. It is


coming thick and fast. Lovely to see you. I know we keep saying they


are getting better and better by the day, but today has already seen


some truly remarkable moments. Tonight we promise you more of.


Jessica Ennis is going for gold, and Mo Farah will be the first


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


British man to bid for a title in It is a huge night of athletics and


we will be live for all the big moments. Mo Farah has been lapping


up raised over the last 18 months, but he is up against the two-times


defending champion and living legend Kenny Aliza Bekele. The


poster girl of the Games, desert Ennis, has just one event to global


stock she carries a healthy lead into the concluding 800m. It is


nearly half a century since the Great Britain last medals in the


men's long jump. Local girl Christine off Oregon continues the


defence of her 400m title. She has a tough semi that includes Sanya


Richards Ross. It is semi-final time as well for a world champion


Dai Greene in the 400m hurdles. He needs a top two finish to be sure


of a place in the finals. Jamaican sprint queens Shelly-Ann Fraser


day's action. The athletics stars with the men's 400 metres semi-


with the men's 400 metres semi- finals. Jessica Ennis's 7th and


Here with us to look forward to what we hope will be an


exceptionally good night inside the Olympic Stadium is Denise Lewis.


There's show you how Jessica Ennis fared in the 5th and 6 disciplines


Is the sun shining on Jessica Ennis in the end of the stadium? The


stadium erupts. Oh, yes, it she nailed that jump. One step closer


to the gold medal. The belief is growing now. She knows that was


If she goes further than six metres 40 centimetres you can begin to


hang the gold medal around her neck. 6.4 rate. -- 6.48. The moment is


Jessica Ennis looking very calm and collected. She has been sending the


crowd into delirium this morning. Listen to the crowd for Jessica


Ennis. If she can nail this first throw we can begin to think about


gold medals. It is flying. What a start for the Sheffield Star. The


crowd are responding just to the site of Jessica Ennis, for the


third and last time. What a morning she has had. A new lifetime best,


47.49. She has stood tall, strong, she might have the chance to do the


glory run. All smiles for the Olympic champion elect, just one


event to go and I cannot wait. surely has an unassailable lead


going into the 7th and final event. 188 points sheet by. We have got


just the person to tell us how She is on the verge. She is on the


verge, on the cusp. But having to really dig deep in that long jump


was sensational. It was really great to watch her. She just use


the energy of the crowd. She looked in acknowledgement at what they


have done for her this last couple of days. It was priceless. The


javelin, somebody who just one year ago was having a disaster has


tended round to just something really special. She has got a date


with destiny. We are all a little bit concerned because there was so


much expectation on her shoulders that acquired Cindy Butts rather


than inspire her. She has shown how to use the crowd to their benefit.


She is very level-headed, very measured in her approach, she has


got a competitive spirit like no other. When you are ready and ready


to win you just absorb that energy and it makes you stronger and more


able to do what you do best. points, how far is that in track


terms, what lead dish she have? has got enough. What is special


about that points difference is she can enjoy the 800m and let the


crowds help her rounds. It really does depend what her coach has said


to her in the final couple of hours. It is either run your heart out,


you have done what you have come to do, just enjoy it. What ever you


Let's look back on another thrilling Day at Eton Dorney. Kate


Copland and Sophie Hosking going women's lightweight double sculls


and Great Britain are in lane six, they will be closest to us. The


world champions, Greece, are there. Katherine Copeland and Sophie


Edging up into first place! They are leading the Olympic final at


Eton Dorney and they haven't even started this print! They can do


this -- their sprint! They just have to believe. Great Britain are


starting to get away! Sophie Hosking, Katherine Copeland, they


came together this year and they have formed a fabulous partnership.


Hold on, girls! It is yours! The is could be Britain's third women's


gold medal of these Olympics, but the first ever women's lightweight


gold medals. This is history in terms of rowing. Great Britain have


only 25 strokes remaining and they are the Olympic champions! The


whole of the Eton Dorney is going absolutely mad. Katherine


Copeland's first ever senior race. Greece fighting back past China to


try to get into the silver medal position. Sophie Hosking and


Katherine Copeland, up to the line! They are the Olympic champions! An


incredible, incredible race! They go into the record books and they


have who glorious this morning at Eton Dorney! They cannot believe


what they have done. That is what it means to be an Olympic champion!


I cannot believe it is real, that we just won! I don't know... We


Notice now, just smiles. I am delighted be joined by Katherine


Copeland and Sophie Hosking. The mixture of delight and disbelief


almost in your face is at the end was quite something. Yeah, I mean,


we knew what we could do but we had been so focused on delivering a


performance, and then when we crossed the line it was the


realisation of what we had achieved. It hasn't sunk in yet. It is just


fantastic. Lovely scenes. You were both trying to sing the national


anthem and you could not quite manage it! You will blubbering! It


is the culmination of a lifetime's work. It must be wonderful. I think


as well to me, everything has happened so quickly. Like, when I


started this year, I really wanted to give it a shot to try to get


onto the team because I thought I would regret it forever if I did


not try, and it didn't feel real when I got to the team, and then


when we won, I don't think I have processed it yet. To see my mum and


dad and my coach and everyone in the stands, it was just... Amazing.


Everybody says the crowd at Eton Dorney is unbelievable. It is


fantastic. We experienced it in the heats in the semi-final and that


prepared us to be ready for it. But it was louder today. It is better


than any event I have ever race that. The support of the nation


behind you is just fantastic and we would like to thank everyone who


has come down to watch. It is really amazing. Eyes sought James


Cracknell, I heard him on the radio, -- I saw James Cracknell. He was


saying you seemed to exceed expectations. I think, when it


comes to events like this, it sort of comes out and you just see the


final race, the public. I certainly did not come here expecting to win


but we all trained so hard and we train every day and we have such a


good group, and I always thought it was possible. It certainly was. It


was brilliant, magnificent. On behalf of the country, thank you, a


well done. That was not the only triumph for


Great Britain. The flagship men's four crashed a challenge from


Australia to win a fourth successive Olympic gold medal in


the event. After an aborted start, Mark Hunter and Zac Purchase were


denied a hat-trick as Denmark edged them into silver in the lightweight


double sculls. The recent gold rush has ensured that Great Britain


finished on top of the rowing medal exceeded. A magnificent effort from


Clare and Mark will be on the red button with the last night of the


swimming from 7:15pm. I will have Ian Thorpe alongside me later, as


we dig in and out of the swimming pool, but for now let's get back to


the athletics stadium, where John Inverdale is looking forward to


what should be a very special evening indeed. Saturday night


Olympic fever, this is the straps at inferno! We are ridiculously


excited. Mo and Jess at this evening. Ridiculously excited. I


will show this statistic at you, Michael and Colin. You will say,


really? The last British athlete, because we could get two gold


medals in the stadium tonight, and the last British athlete to win a


track and field gold medal in London was... You won't know. We


did not get any in 1948. Wyndham has well got a walkover in the 400m


in 19 oh wait! We have waited 104 years -- 19 oh -- 1908. That is


longer than Wimbledon! Dai Greene will be on the track very shortly.


Good evening. Hallows. Steve Cram. Good evening indeed. -- hello.


are all nervous. Building up to what we hope will be a cracking


evening. Dai Greene is first on has a pretty good job but he has


some big names. Felix Sanchez, the Olympic champion from 80 is a gold.


Gordon, a brilliant talent, still only 20 years of old. Angelo Taylor


came through to win it last time in their flag in the opening ceremony.


And the Senegalese in lane nine, yesterday, Dai Greene was actually


in lane one. Much better to be in lane seven. The first two only. The


two fastest will be through to the final from the three semi-finals.


He has found his best form of the season, finally in Paris. He needs


to run something like that. He was close to Kriss Akabusi's British


record on that night, but he still finished second. It was the Dai


Greene that we saw last year, world champion, European champion,


Commonwealth champion, Olympic semi-final... He needs to get this


200 on the inside. Clement forcing Dai Greene to pick it up. Sanchez


hit that hard. Dai Greene has some work to do! Sanchez is flying!


Gordon and Clement are struggling. Dai Greene has got to pick it up!


He has got a lot of ground to make up! Sanchez is flying! Dai Greene,


only fourth. I am not sure where that came from from Sanchez. 47.76.


Dai Greene holds his head in his hands. He wonders if his Olympic


dream is over. He could not have expected that. We said it was a


tough, tough semi-final, but goodness me, where did Sanchez get


that from? That is almost one second quicker than he has run all


year. You can see Dai Greene thinking, could miss May... --


goodness me. All have the better athletes were inside of him, so Dai


was going to be the rabbit and unfortunately for him, they picked


on him quickly, stepped on him, and drove all the way around. I know


his coach will be watching this from the stand carefully and


scrutinising what possibly could have gone wrong. His stride pattern


was going to be 14 strides through the first six medals, and then at


15! All the way home, and at this point he is cruising -- and then


15! All the way home. Perhaps he did not realise how fast the others


were coming up on him. He should have stayed on his left leg, no


changes. 15 strides. But look at Kerron Clement inside him. We know


he is fast on the flat. Dai will be frustrated and a little bit angry


that he couldn't quite get up with the rest of these. Felix Sanchez


has certainly returned to form though it. He has done more than


return to form. He is a brilliant athlete. Sanchez dominated this


event for so long but most people thought his best days were behind


him, but he has run the quickest time in the world this year. 47.76.


A new national record for the 20- year-old from Trinidad, Gordon.


Clemente with this season's best. There are two fastest losers spots


available. Dai is now still in the final but there are two more semi-


It is a waiting game. What is going through your mind? I don't know. I


can't believe it is. I could not catch them up on the home straight.


I don't know. I should be better than that. I can't believe it. I am


just devastated. I could see you been on the outside and not knowing


what they are doing. Was that a factor? Perhaps. I thought I went


off at a decent pace. I just... I just couldn't believe I wasn't


closing them down. I just didn't feel right myself on the home


straight. I am shocked. He can't put your finger on it as to why you


did not finish. By bins, I will have to go back and


have a look at it -- no. I am just devastated. Thank you for talking


to us. It has been a day for watching


sport, when you see every emotion from elation to shock. The 35-year-


old producing form that we have not seen for a long time. There was no


flow for Dai. He did not look so Rees moves on the back stretch. He


never looked like himself in that race -- he did not look this move.


He is not sure what went wrong. This was always going to be a very


tough race, one of the toughest in the Olympics. Dai would have needed


to treat us like a final. You would have thought he would have known


that. Something has gone wrong. I I was expecting that when inclement


was leading the race at 200 metres, he would make an adjustment, but he


never did that. He was trying to keep his stride pattern, but


normally when he comes off this curb, if you find themselves behind,


Dai is a very strong and can find some strength and some speed. But


for some reason it wasn't there. But remember that from Duiker, at


we thought people would be saying, what is going on? It didn't


materialise. He was expecting as well, he was expecting that to come


through. It didn't happen for him. We will have to find out why a


later. At this point, he doesn't look good. He is not out yet, it is


the first two plus the two fastest losers, that was quick, but he will


have to hope that the next two are not quick. If he does get in, he


will not have a great Lane. But that is not the concern at this


this second semi-final. Here is the moments ago, the fastest man in the


the Olympic Games come when you get to the semi-finals, they are all


tough. Jack Green, the 7th fastest British man in history, set a new


lifetime best figure this year, aged just 20. Javier Culson, twice


a world silver medallist, a superbly talented athlete. He lost


his a fastest time in the world to Felix Sanchez, who made it look


easy. No make-up, twice a European Championship bronze medallist. A


very talented Cuban, Cisneros, the Cuban record holder, 48.21, he said


that two years ago. He has come within half a second of that this


year. Just a reminder, Dai Greene's time, 48.19. He is the second


fastest loser at the moment. There are still two more semi-finals, and


just a two fastest will make it Australian, is a good athlete as


well. But Javier Culson, he has been running so well this year. He


carried the pottery can flag at the opening ceremony. -- the Puerto


Rico in a flag. He is unbeaten in in lane seven, twice the Olympic


champion, and he has gone tearing down the back straight. Jack Green


is out! Javier Culson, perhaps leaving at 200 metres, Angelo


Taylor, a superb first 300 metres, but what has he got? He is a couple


of strides ahead of the Javier Culson. The American, beginning to


tie up a bit, this is where Javier Culson can come on strong. Cisneros,


the Cuban, is also coming through and Jack Green's and a big games


are over, before they got started - - Olympic Games. I was watching him


down the back straight, he seemed to be reaching for the 13 stride


pattern, they think he was too far away, and when he reached, he just


clattered it. He was caught in between. Instead of going for it


can be started into the barrier and banged into it. He had just come up


-- it has just come up on the computer, Cisneros of Cuba, 48.23,


so Dai Greene is still hanging in there as the second fastest loser.


Which is good news indeed. But look at Angelo Taylor, the reminding --


defending champion, we have always got to watch him, because he has


basic flat speed. He can run about 44 seconds flat at this distance


without the barriers. If he can just brush up on that technique, he


is unstoppable. This is going to be one of the most competitive races


of we will see on this track, no two ways about it. Jack Green, very


angry indeed with himself. He paid Culson ran a 47.93 to win it.


Cisneros is out of it. Dai Greene is still in with a chance of


qualifying for the final. His appointment this time for jack


What happened? I just got too close to the hotel, I hit it, and it is


one of those things -- to the hurdle. We saw you stutter a little


bit more was there a temptation to go for it? I think that was the


problem, I did go for it, but there was a bit of a headwind. I think I


tried to go a bit too hard, that is what you get. Stupid, a complete


waste of time. We saw the grimace, did you think you had done


something serious, injury wise? have always had a problem with my


hip, it is the first thing will, but I'm far too angry for anything


to her it right now a partner fact that I have not even finished a


semi-final at the Olympics. Were you aware of what happened to Dai


in the previous race? Yes, I'm sure he will go through with that time,


it looks like he will, but that is not redeem our concern at the


moment. We appreciate your honesty. What a dramatic start, although it


not the drama we might have wanted. Dai Greene might be all right. The


line-up in the third semi-final doesn't seem to be quick enough to


actually displace him from one of the fastest loser places, but that


is pre-empting what could happen. What happened to Jack Green could


happen anytime, anyplace, couldn't it? That is the thing with Hoddle's,


it is a very difficult event. Trying to get the steps right, this


is the Olympics, and drank... That is a mistake right there,


unfortunately it happens in the Olympic Games. He was on a decent


pace at that point, it looks like he had a bit of a miss that before


he went over that hurdle, so we can get his lead leg high enough to


clear the barrier. A inexperience? On an occasion like this? May be so.


It was a big deal, he would have thought he had an opportunity, he


was in there with some fast guys, but you never know. The key thing


now is what is going to happen in this third semi-final, without


wishing ill on anybody, we don't want the third guide to run quicker


than 48.19. We want Rees Williams his in lane three. -- that was the


geer for Williams, who is in lane favourite, Michael Tinsley, for one


the American trial. Brendan Cole has looked good here. A new


personal best to make it through in fine start to the semi-final. -- in


fine style. They are all a danger, we are watching for the first two,


and will the third person be slower champion, from Nigeria. He is a big


talent, but he has a horrid race early, from lane free. Michael


Tinsley has started well. Williams has got to get a bit of a movement,


it is a Michael Tinsley who is leading this. And green is having a


straight, he always is. We have lost more to come I think his


technique to come out side of the and look at that time, that means


that Dai Greene will contest the final! It is going to be difficult


for him. The three winners will get the best lanes in the final. After


that, the two fastest losers, which will be Dai Greene and I am trying


to think what else it was... Kerron Clement, he was the former world


champion, those two will have the outside lanes. A quick word on


Williams. He looked very strong, he ran a controlled race, because we


know he is not the quickest over that first 200 metres. He makes a


mistake coming into this barrier, ends up clattering it. He staggers


off it, and that takes all your speed away. Still working hard to


get into this race, but unfortunately, he will be


disappointed with his result. talking about the lane draw, if


Yori fastest loser, would it be two or nine? Yes, but you know what, it


is better to have Alleyne in the final rather than sitting in the


stand. If I was him, I would go for lane two. He hasn't got any choice,


he will have to take what you get, I guess. But he will be a relieved


man. If you look at this summary, he is the 6th fastest going into


the final. I think the fact that Sanchez and Taylor and Gordon


suddenly produced that super-fast time, that is what has taken


What a dramatic start to the evening, good and bad. A bit of a


sigh of relief as well. Tinsley, US champion. He had to work a little


bit. The Green off Jamaica certainly frightened him. Winning


their semi-final gives him the luxury of having one of the middle


three lanes. Rhys Williams is taking a few moments to reflect


before he comes up to do an interview, I think. While he does


that, let's look back a few moments ago. We had the medal ceremony of


the women's 10,000m. Tirunesh Dibaba became the first woman to


successfully defend that title, winning her second gold medal at


this event. She may now go to try to win the 5,000m as well.


Unbelievably, she was only a reserve for that event coming into


this Olympics. Tirunesh Dibaba, the champion.


When you saw the time come up on the board, you should your head.


What is going on? Are gave it my all. It wasn't good enough today. -


- I gave it my all. It pains me to say that. I have had a great time


but my journey has come to an end. I gave it my all. Yesterday it you


were apologising, you thought you had not got the job done and you


had, you made it on to another round. Did you see tonight as a


chance of redemption? Of course. It was set up saw me. I had the


easiest of the semi-finals. I saw where I went wrong earlier. I


thought I executed it better today but I messed up on the last hurdle.


For and you knew that Dai was in trouble. Yes, and I felt the weight


of the world on my shoulders. Greene is one of the two fastest


losers, him and Kerron Clement. They will draw for whether to get


Dai Greene sneaks in by the skin of his teeth and stranger things have


happened, then somebody getting through almost as a lucky loser and


winning an Olympic title, so it is not all over. I did it in the 1999


World Championships. Quarter-finals, trying to conserve as much as


possible, having to qualify as the last person, but I won the world


championships, so it can be done. Dai will analyse the race, try to


figure out what went wrong, and tried to put it behind him. He will


feel fortunate that he is in the final. He now has to put that


behind him. He needs to make sure he does not make the same mistake


tomorrow, which he will not do. he will have one or 8. 1, two,


seven or eight. I would rather be on the inside, where you can see


the rest of the competitors and have a little bit more control. You


do not have to run as a freight and be trying to seal where they are


the whole time -- as afraid. wide open is the gold medal? This


is a very tough event. Javier Culson has been so very consistent


over the last year, he has not lost a race this year, he has beaten all


of those guys. The problem is that Sanchez has a live experience, an


Olympic gold medallist who qualified with the fastest time,


Angelo Taylor, Olympic champion, 200m speed and 400m speed. There is


a lot of talent. Gordon from Trinidad, he ran 47 seconds for 400


hurdles when he was 18. This race is probably more packed than any of


the other races in the athletics, so it is open, it is tough.


odds are against Dai but if he wins, he will be the first Welsh track


and field gold medallist since when Davies in 1974. If you are a fan of


the field events and you do not think you are getting enough of it


on the BBC, every single field final has its own dedicated channel,


so if you want to watch the shock it, discos, ham and long jump, it


is all there for you -- a shot put and the discus and the Hammar and


the long jump. Now we have Chris When when people look at you as a


strong medal contender, it is something the you do not shy away


from, you embrace it? Completely. Why do this to be the best ever. I


never say anything other than I aim to jump further than most people in


history. This gives you an opportunity, to go into the


Olympics feeling fresh, it is a fantastic chance. We are used to


seeing black and white men's long jump highlights a day for Britain


and it is about time we changed the colour scheme of! I can only speak


for myself but I feel like we can now become an Olympic champions.


That is ultimately what I want, to be an Olympic champion. And to


share that kind of thing with family and friends and those who


have helped you through must be extra special. I have been so lucky


that from a very early age, I have had two very supportive parents,


and every sport I ever tried, they got behind me fully. Always. There


was never a guaranteed outcome that I would do something like this so I


have been incredibly lucky, and I have got one of the best coaches in


He has got the speed but can he converted to distance? Yes! It is


support, it is something people take for granted. It is something


incredibly important to get to the stages. I am ranked No. 1 and that


is because I have been fortunate enough to have the people behind me


who have helped me every step of the way. Afterwards, hopefully I


will look back with a big smile and a shiny gold medal. My aim is to


win gold medal in the Olympics and celebrate with the other guys.


long jump is under way shortly. There is a 15 minute window tonight


in which we are hoping it will be a great moment of joy for British


athletics. Jess Ennis's last discipline is just before 9pm. At


9:15pm cities the men's 10,000m featuring the Mo Farah -- it is the


Mo Farah is one of 2012's poster boys, and with good reason. His


last two years have been sensational. He is the European and


world champion at 5,000m and he has the European gold and the world


silver at 10,000m. Beijing, he failed to qualify for the 5,000m


final. For Great Britain, the hope of a male global distance champion


appeared to be as remote as it had ever been, but his experience in


Beijing only served to inspire him, and the results were quickly in


evidence. European titles and a British record indoors build


confidence, and in 2010, women started to become a habit. His


stunning European double gold in Barcelona meant the world was


taking notice, but how was he to take the final step to a global


gold? His answer was to turn to Alberto Salazar. And no compromise


decision. Moving his family to Oregon to immerse himself in


Alberta sellers are's meticulous regime. It gave Mo a focus he had


never had before -- Alberto the sellers are. His coach made him at


stronger physically and mentally. He was good before, but now he was


better. He continued to improve his times, both at 5,000m and 10,000m,


but more importantly, he has learned how to translate those


times into a winning performance. Last year Mo showed he can beat the


best, but will his intense regime, with all of the sacrifice it


entails, deliver a win on the biggest stage of all?


Let's hope so. We will see Mo at 9:15pm. We will be back in the


athletics stadium very shortly for the women's 100m semi-finals. It is


the last night of swimming in a swimming pool. It has been a


spectacular week, particularly for People will be shocked. It has been


a mixed bag for Michael Phelps but he is the most successful swim at


this particular Olympic Games, excluding all of the results he has


achieved before. He has been the most successful man in a swimming


pool and he will continue that this evening, in the relay, the last


event. Just before 8:30pm. We will probably see him win another gold


medal. Prior to that, the women's 50m freestyle, with Fran Halsall, a


British hopes. One length, no tactics, off you go, full speed.


Pretty much know tactics. Anyone is in for a shot. If Fran Halsall gets


the start right, just like every other swimmer in the race, she is


in with a chance. She may be able to pick up a medal that she did not


expect. As you can see, they are getting ready. 50m freestyle. Let's


join our commentators, Adrian Moorhouse and Andy Jameson. There


is the fastest woman in water at the moment, the Dutch. Here is a


danger, very quick on the 100m, she one the gold medal on the 100m


Britta Steffen of Germany. Still no underwhelmed by the whole


experience. I am not sure they are Foster knows this woman very well,


they had been doing it together for years and years. Silver medal in


Sydney in the year 2000. Fran Halsall in lane two. She is in the


red hat for Great Britain. She has a chance. Jess Hardeep it from the


Kronomidjojo, watch out for her to this, the fastest women on the


planet in water. The favourite, win it. Kronomidjojo, she just got


it. Fran Halsall finishing in 5th place. 24.47. It was very close. 91


hundreds of the second. Fran Halsall just missed a medal by that.


Such strength and depth of the Dutch women have one the sprint


freestyle. -- have all the sprint nose! Unusual to have the whole


hand above the water. She should be winning with her fingers. That was


margins, dreams are one and lost. - - dreams are won and lost. What on


amazing, amazing start. The 1500 A terrific performance, the


favourite came in. Yes, when you see a 50 metres freestyle, when you


can actually see who won, a means they are dominant. It means she


could and I laid the field, the Belorussian in second, and then her


fellow Dutchman in third. Fort Fran Halsall, eight hundredths of


seconds cost her a medal, and that is how it is. You cannot see that


with your eye. Eight hundredths of a second, we have to see the photo,


or the replay, in slow motion to stop a fantastic effort from Fran


Halsall. I think she will be quite happy with it, but it was a good


swing. How should the British Steel about the swimming, no gold medals,


one or two medals, but what do we need to make it better, to get a


gold? Look... I will put it this way. Australia has one -- won one


gold medal. We are supposed to be one of the dominant nations, and I


am still proud of that team. The individuals have done a really good


job. The Americans have been dominant here, in a way that I had


not seen them be dominant for a very long time. If we compare that


to the British team, Australian team, more cabbages here than we


have seen before, better races. I think it is a could stage, the


British team has made the right steps to have better results in the


future. So we shouldn't be too hard at ourselves! Leads get back inside


the stadium! -- let's get back They shot at the first of the 100


metres semi-finals. Oyepitan running for Great Britain in the


the first semi-final, the first to two and the two fastest make it


Veronica Campbell-Brown going very well in the middle. Carmelita Jeter


wins, 10.82. Even quicker than she ran in qualification. Campbell-


Brown was fast, as well. It is quicker, it is a very, very quick.


This is going to be a cracking final. The two big names are safely


through. Carmelita Jeter, aggressive out of the blocks, as we


expect from her. I am not so sure if a Veronica Campbell-Brown was a


sharp as she could be out of the blocks. But the technique of the


Carmelita Jeter will always see her through this middle part of the


race. She looks confident, she looks strong. Well trained athlete,


at. The two top in that race qualified nicely. Out of the blocks,


he is Carmelita Jeter. Any young athlete, any aspiring sprinter, if


you want to know how to run 100 metres, she is not a bad example to


follow. Aggressive, explosive, a high need a lift. Strong and


powerful touch. Let's have a look at Abi Oyepitan. 11.36 was her time.


We always knew she would be struggling here, because she hasn't


been competing as consistently as she would like, but she has done


well, she made the semi-final, 11.36. Good performance. Returning


to form, we are all very pleased to disappointed with her time, she is


in the bottom of the list, but at the top, Carmelita Jeter, very


quick. Joined in the final by a fantastic impact. How would you


assess the overall Olympic experience it for you? It has been


a bit mixed. I am not happy with my race, particularly the time. I got


out OK, I think I drove pretty well, but I think the latter part of my


race wasn't so great. I am just a bit disappointed with the time.


know you said in Portugal that you like to use the 100 as a sharpen up


for the 200, your favourite event, that is still to come. I wanted to


be in the final! Yes, I'm disappointed, I can't live. -- I


can't lie. But it wasn't meant to blog to the second semi-final of


the women's 100 metres. There is middle lanes. Shelly-Ann Fraser


Price, always smiling. But when the starter calls them to their blocks,


she is down to business very quickly. The European champion.


11.06, her best time so far in 2012. Radova, the record holder for


Kazakhstan. And the African champion, Asumnu of Nigeria. She


got a season's best in her heat. We missed Allyson Felix, the great


American athlete. Doubling up at 102 hundred metres, everybody


thinks of 200 is her best event. She is up against the defending


champion. Shelly-Ann Fraser price conversion making is coming away,


Allyson Felix is in second at. Baptiste will be disappointed with


third place, having run so well in the heat earlier. 10.86, at just a


tad slower than Carmelita Jeter in the first semi-final. It really is


a game on offer this women's at 100 metres title later on this evening.


It is an exciting race all round. A little bit quicker, an explosive


start to, this is where she will always have that bit of an


advantage over her main opponents. She can get out in front of the


more common lead them from the done, and keep working a way through. She


uses down over the last 10 metres. -- eases down. Fraser-Pryce looking


like she could hang on to her title. I was speaking to Donovan Bailey


about her, and he says she has been working a lot on her speed


endurance. She has been running a lot of 150 metres, and it may pay


A slight following wind. Allyson Felix, running one of her best


there will be a big 50 minutes at around 9pm, the crowds are


gathering, the busiest day, with thousands of people in the park. It


has been a fantastic atmosphere, we hope it is building to a crescendo


tonight with Jessica Ennis's last discipline in the heptathlon, and


after that, Mo Farah in the 10,000 metres. We have got the long jump


and a genuine medal contenders with a Greg Rutherford and also Chris


I've had a tremendous career and the sport, but now it is averaging


My career is been highs and lows, I have gone from breaking British


records to having operations and thinking I was out of the Games,


then coming into great form and Crystal Palace only a few weeks ago.


Was there a point when you didn't think you would make the team? Or


did you always think you're past history would stand you in good


stead? The biggest point was probably at the end of April, I


haven't been able to long jump for about nine months, and it was kind


of like... It is cutting it fine, now. Fortunately, someone up there


managed to say, he is good to go now! You have got to try and take


your opportunities in life. I think for me, this is an opportunity. The


long jump hasn't kicked off this year, it 0.35 is the best, it is


there for the taking. How is it being a dad now I'm Dick having a


little one? Does it give you a different perspective? Yes, I want


to jump well, and in years to come, when he pulls out the Olympic vest,


and he says, were you in the game's? I can say what I achieved,


Worth emphasising again, that if you want to just watch the long


jumper tonight, that has its own designated challenge -- channel. If


you want to watch the quarter-final between Great Britain and South


Korea in the football, then you can watch that on BBC Three. I think it


We have seen two of the semi-finals of the women's 100 metres.


Carmelita Jeter is just a joy to watch, she just blows across the


track. Complete Poetry in motion. She seems to have got better and


better the last couple of seasons. We know that she is a powerhouse


out of the blocks, into her transition phase, but what she has


done recently his work on her speed endurance, the latter half of her


race. She is holding her techniques so much better and that is making


her this formidable force in the women's 100. We will have a chat


after watching the third semi-final. No, we are not going to go there


yet! Say what you wanted to say! Carmelita Jeter is a fantastic


athlete, icy pure speed, ballistic power. It is just power, she is


phenomenal heart of the blocked. That is what I see. I expect she is


going to continue it in the final, she will be a force to be reckoned


with, along with Shelly-Ann Fraser. I'm really impressed with what she


has been able to do with her speed and power, Carmelita Jeter.


athletes are down at the start, she ran 11 seconds for the first


11 seconds this year. Including Blessing Okagbare, who has beaten


Carmelita Jeter, and has beaten everybody in recent weeks. She ran


a quick time in qualification to back that up, 10.93, a new personal


best for her. It was a new personal best for Murielle Ahoure. Tianna


Madison looked good as well in qualification. And let's not forget


the Olympic silver medallist, close race. Once again, the


Nigerian based in the States come through, Okagbare. She is strong in


the latter part of the race. Kerron Stewart looking to see if she is


quick enough. Let sort it out with Colin. Thanks! Maddison, a great


long jumper, she has been world champion at that event. Look how


far Okagbare comes from. She breezes past Kerron Stewart. The


drives hard into the line. -- She drives hard. I think she took that


race. I think Kerron Stewart, the silver medallist, is not going to


contest the final because Kelly Ann Baptiste was quicker in the first


semi-final. This could be the best women's 100m final we have seen for


a very, very long time indeed. We talk about the men's final being


special. The ladies participating in this final later today, it will


be exceptional. Six women ran under 11 seconds. That is the result of


this semi-final. The fastest loser, Ahoure will join Kelly Ann Baptiste


in the final. Let's look at the eight women who will be back later


this evening, 9-50 5:00pm, after Mo Farah's 10,000m -- 9:55pm. Maddison


will join them. Three Americans, or what with Allyson Felix, who almost


did not even make it into the discus, the double European


champion Croatian here, who the lead of the Chinese athlete.


This discus competition is coming alive in round two. Muller was


looking good from Germany in round still conditions. Discus thrower


was normally like a slight headwind going from there right, but 68.11.


That is a big throw and she has got the lead. Introductions to the


grave for the men's long jump. Heavily anticipated. Sebastian bar


will be a contender. One centimetre behind the World League of Greg


Rutherford. Da Silva is the surprise world indoor champion. If


the Australian, Mitchell, gets it right, he really is a danger man.


We have never had a bigger cheer for Greg Rutherford, in his life,


and he will never get another one, unless he wins this! Another danger


man, the Americans. The South African has been the world indoor


champion. Aleksandr Menkov, world indoor bronze medallist in Istanbul.


Good win, relatively unknown. A CHEERING. A huge cheer for Chris


Tomlinson, just an amazing atmosphere. That has got to be


worth a good few centimetres! A tremendous atmosphere for this long


jump competition. The British competitors will probably never get


a loud cheer anywhere, at any time in their lives, except of course if


London. That is the image that so many people dreamt up seven years


ago and there it is, come to fruition. A packed house. 250,000


people swarming around the Olympic Park. Events are still taking place


with a hockey and in a swimming pool, which you can watch on


Freeview. It is testament to everybody who has put all that hard


work in to have this, do Dai Greene, desperate to realise


his dream. It almost went horribly wrong tonight. To the untrained eye,


he did not seem to have the rhythm and the flow that we are used to


seeing him having. It is quite significant the amount of training


that Dai has not been able to do in the early part of the season. He


had an operation at Christmas on his knee and that could have caused


him some distress, where he was not getting fluency with his running. I


think he is not as sharp as he has been, and that be significant,


because it means you have to use far more energy than normal. Having


got into the back door, do you see potential room for improvement for


him to get on the podium? It will be difficult now, because the


athletes have all gone and 48.7. That makes it difficult because Dai


has to perform faster than he has so far. Felix Sanchez looks like


the experienced head that we know him as. I know everybody keeps


saying about where he has got his performance from, but he was


injured in Rome when he was absolutely going to attack have


vehicles and, the world number one. He pulled his hamstring -- have


vehicles and -- Javier Culson. Let's talk about Christine Ohuruogu.


She comes here tonight almost as one of the favourites to win.


Winning? She still has a long way to go. Sanya Richards Ross is still


the woman in form, but Christine has a chance, and when you have a


chance and you use that opportunity, anything is possible. What has


happened with Christine is that her confidence has been built up, and


when you run with confidence, you have a bit of speed back in your


legs, anything is possible. I met a gambler today and he said that


Christine Ohuruogu was his big outside bet to be a gold medallist.


She is an outside bet, but she has a tough, tough, tough situation.


Boy, it will be exciting, that is all I can says. Very exciting


indeed. Christine Ohuruogu... OK! That is the scene tonight. The


Olympic Stadium. The noise tonight is absolutely deafening. Christine


Ohuruogu, it has been a very interesting journey from Olympic


She took the Commonwealth title into first and and six, at the


world title in 2010, can it be the world title in 2008? She is


starting to run them down. There is a medal up for grabs. Christina


Herod do takes the gold medal! -- Christine Ohuruogu. Oh, my word.


How much do you reflect back on what you were able to achieve in


the last Olympics? Four years ago, a long time from a lot has happened


between then and now. We kind of start on a new State for setting


goals and we work with what we have, it is no good going back for years.


We cannot keep relying on what got me through it in the 2008. Having


been through what you have, did you get a sense people were writing you


off too early? People had mentioned this phrase writing me off a few


times. I did care. I don't do what I do so people can't write nice


things, I do it because it is my job. It is not an easy ride, a lot


of people will be proud they have made it because they have all had a


rough journey. Whether people write me off, it doesn't bother me, I


have an Olympic gold medal in the It is why I get out of bed every


day, it is the way I feel challenged, I love it, you don't


sit around and say you have had a bad year and sit around and cry. It


is hard, but I love what I do, have a really good group. She is


beginning to lift her game go little, looking a little tired. She


is charging. The world champion cannot hang on. She is going to


take the win. It is coming at last, the defending Olympic champion


might just have to these Olympic Games with thoughts of doing it all


over again. It is something I will always remember and be proud,


somewhere I have grown up has been able to host one of the world's


most amazing sporting events. At the same time I am not thinking


about that now. The sentimentality has gone out, the emotions, it is


pure business, that is all I am dealing with. Now is the time for


how tough it is, Yulia Gushchina won the semi-final in Beijing for


years ago, Richards-Ross inside her in a lane number for, also won a


semi-final in 2008, as indeed did Christine Ohuruogu. The crowd are


so hoping she can do something similar here. Martin in a lane nine.


Just to give you an idea of the task in hand, Richards-Ross ranked


number two in the world, world champion, somebody for whom the


Olympics has got bitter memories. Christine Ohuruogu is not ranked in


the top eight athletes at these and of the Games so she really needs to


find the form just when it matters. She wants that last little bit of


inspiration, she glances up to the crowd. Has to finish in the top two.


All be one of the two fastest start, Gushchina is also a good


200m runner, they are bound to take some of yards out of Christina


Herod do. She has got to stay calm. -- Christine Ohuruogu. The Jamaican


is pushing her through, here comes Richards-Ross. Richards-Ross, the


American, is clear. Christina Harrigan has got to be strong


be a season's best, getting quicker all of the time, closer and closer


to Richards-Ross he must know that Christina always saves her best for


the major championships and this might just like some little embers


of memories of what had done for years ago. That is the best we have


seen of Christina for quite some time. She looked very good, ran a


smart race, a conservative race. She always knows she's going to be


tough down the home straight, she went very well here, she couldn't


worry about Richards-Ross, she has run the fastest time in the world


earlier this year. A decent start from Christina. A decent start.


Very relaxed. Nice stride here. She will know she has all of the


competition on her inside. Richards-Ross on the inside. Gish


keen on the inside. -- Gushchina. This is where she starts to go to


work. She knows where she is positioned in the race, she wants


to position herself in contention which she does brilliantly. Takes


her breath, and this is where he a real advantage comes in. She has


got great strength, good speed and endurance but the real advantage is


the strength that allows her to separate from the other two


competitors, get herself into that final. She will be very happy with


this race, she has been the favourite before but she ran a very


good race today, got up to speed quickly and round the rest of the


race. Gushchina up on the outside of her, not a great race from her.


Richards-Ross would have expected a little bit more from her but happy


to get into the final without too much bother. Let's hear from the


winner, Richards-Ross. A fantastic performance yet again into the


final. How are you feeling? Really good. That run was great. Didn't


think I had that much cushion coming home, they gives me a lot of


confidence in my strategy so I will rest up and get ready for tomorrow.


Christine Ohuruogu is our main focus, what will you need to do to


make sure you can beat her? Execute my own race. In Beijing added and


run my race so I thought if I can do it over again what would I do


differently so I am excited to have this opportunity. We look forward


to tomorrow. Thank you for talking to us. Christopher Thomas in's


first attempt at the long jump centimetres at the moment. That is


the lead. Early days, very early days. His first jump of


qualification was pretty modest, 7.60. Relatively bid in the first


round. You can never quite know what will happen. The wind is


swirling around. He is in the lead. There is one of the men of the


moment, Mo Farah, 10,000m final, quarter past nine, looking forward


to it. It is a random thought but if


Christopher Tomlinson, unlikely to win the gold medal with that first


jump, but he is in the lead. When did Britain last get three gold


medals in an athletics meeting in one evening? Tomlinson in their


lead in the long jump. Everybody with the Jessica Ennis mask, please


stand up. They cannot hear me. Tomlinson in the lead in the long


jump, Mo Farah, 915, just before 9pm, Jessica Ennis. What else would


you want to do on a Saturday night? Athlete out on the track for the


second semi-final of the women's 400 metres. There is the line-up.


Montsho, it fourth-best in the world this year from Botswana.


Shana Cox from Great Britain does in Laneham break. -- does in a lane


eligible to compete in championships for Britain from


September 2011. Second in the UK Championships behind Christina


Ohuruogu. Montsho, world champion last year, she first last in the


experience for Great Britain. She goes out in lane eight. Montsho in


in lane five. The United States going strongly. Montsho normally


runs the first 200 metres very quickly. Shana Cox running strongly


in lane eight. Montsho is away. It is between her and the American.


Montsho looks comfortable with 100 metres to go. She beat Christine


Ohuruogu in her heat. Shana Cox his way out of it. Montsho just get


sick. But the American just in second place. Not as fast as


Richards-Ross in the first semi- final. You can never cat out


Montsho. -- count out. We will update you on Shana Cox's placing.


Very Conservative-run. Most of these athletes will want to take it


easy. Montsho, the world champion, very relaxed through the first 200,


she had her work cut out in this last 100 metres with the challenge


from McCrory. She was making a little bit of a mistake at the very


end. Probably should have leaned at the tape there, she will qualify


for the final but will not write her lane. Montsho always very


relaxed, great form. You see comparing the two of them, Montsho


very relaxed, holding form. A very good technical runner, she runs the


400 metres with great sprint technique which is much more


efficient and that is a big advantage and why she has been able


to run so well over the years and won the world championship last


year. She will have a work that out First of all, assess the race.


Obviously it was not the race I planned for. It was not the time


that I wanted. I have to go back and looked over some things and


worked it out. How much did the crowd roar at the start get to you


and inspire you? It is inspiring, definitely. It is amazing having an


entire stadium screaming for you and I could not ask for anything


else. Thank you for talking to us. No problem. This is the leader.


population is supporting you. This long jump competition is wide open.


His team-mate Chris Tomlinson is The long jump competition comes


alive with Greg Rutherford. Paul Dickenson is bouncing up and down


like a teenager next to me! really nailed that one on take-off.


He maintained his speed. What a cracker! Fabulous stuff. Further


than anybody jumps in qualification by a long wait. Still a long way to


go in this long jump competition. But that will take some beating.


The conditions are not ideal. Greg Rutherford, a great job.


McConnell goes in this next semi- final. That Shea is at four Lee


McConnell. A difficult draw and a difficult task because she has not


been in great form this year. Dee Dee Trotter was second in the


American trial and found some really good form to make it to the


Olympic Games. Often seen in the relays. 49.16 this year, she will


go out hard. 31 years of age, yet to break 51 this year. Williams


Mills knows what it is like to be pepped on the line by Christine of


Horrigan, all the way back in 2007. Rodriguez of Puerto Rico. We have


had two good athletes in each of the heats. Rosemary White is one of


the fastest losers. Lee McConnell at her very best would be in that


range, but I do not think she is quite ready to produce that. But we


shall see. This is the third of the three semi-finals. Some work has


been done there. She needs to do gets out very hard and has already


started very quickly and is flying down the back straight. The Russian


is already putting a lot of distance between herself and Dee


Dee Trotter. Williams Mills in the yellow of Jamaica trying to move


through. She is making a little bit of an in Red Bull stock this is a


big lead she is going to have. Dee Dee Trotter is coming through.


Williams Mills is finishing quickly. The Russian just hangs on and Dee


Dee Trotter it takes second. That last 100m hurt. Goodness me, she


likes to go out hard. But I am not sure she thought she would come


under that much pressure. Dee Dee Trotter ran well. Lee McConnell was


always going to struggle in that sort of company. That is a tough


way to do it, Michael. That is a very tough way to do it. I know she


likes to go out hard, but you set yourself up for a bit of disaster


which we were starting to see with about 50m to go. The rest of the


field were starting to come back. That is Dee Dee Trotter and


Rosemarie Whyte. That was a difficult way to run the race. Dee


Dee Trotter are getting the second place, she is always dangerous.


Rosemary White as well. This was a really fast race for a semi-final.


All of that lactic acid was starting to set in from having gone


out so hard in the first 200m. Now she is trying to hang on. She may


want to readjust that strategy for the final. She will have a great


lane, no doubt about it. Some of the other competitors will have to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


sand. A nice bit of humour from the official. He put up the wrong flag.


He can sometimes get a bit ragged when he is coming in at his very


top speed and loses a bit of form and a bit of technique. He will


have the emotion and the extra energy out there because of the


crowd. No improvement. Still lots more excitement to come. This is


the final. We have got three women who ran under 50 seconds. But she


is through, one step at a time. She will get one of the outside lanes.


But safely into the final. We will keep you on top of things,


but over in the Aquatics Centre we have had the 1,500m freestyle. We


the others are coming back. The race is going to go down to the


wire. Check out the scrap for second and third. A world record


for sure. Come on, son. It is a new world record. I thought he was


going to get under 14.30. What a master! He has just got that


He is crying. He swims nice and karmic all the way through and then


he goes bonkers. There was a lot of noise before he even began the race.


He dived into the pool and everybody thought he was


disqualified. It was his race to lose. He has taken three seconds


off his own world record. The only thing he missed out on was going


below 14.30. At 20 years of age we will see him go and do that. Also


it was the women's 4 x 100 metres medley relay. We join it at the


halfway stage where the Americans assignment by Great Britain in lane


the moment the Americans are on world record plays. In second place


it is a scrap between Japan and Australia. Their final leg is


Allison Schmitt, who is very fast indeed. It was a very tight


takeover in lane four for Australia. Great Britain are still in 8th


position. They are not even in the picture. Allison Schmitt was a


fantastic gold medallist on the 200m freestyle. I am not sure if


she can get under 53. If you want anyone at the back end of this


relate to break the record, she is the one. It looks like she is going


to take a comfortable gold medal. A new world record! Well done, Team


USA. The silver medal has gone to Australia and Japan got yet another


bronze medal. What a brilliant week they have had and they are


celebrating so much. A new world record and who would have thought


they would have taken the Chinese Another world record. The Americans


have been dominant. I have not witnessed the Americans as strong


as this for quite some time. All of those individual swimmers with a


gold medal, the Americans made mistakes and they still broke the


world record, very impressive performance by each of the girls,


individually, but collectively as a team that is a very strong team and


they can will -- bring that world record down even further. The final


race in swimming is coming shortly, the relay, Michael Dobbs, his last


swimmer ever. You say it like it is the final race we will ever see.


Michael Phelps is one of the greatest athletes in the world.


is an era that his finishing. This is his last race. After this, we


will see him before it, after it, he should be marched around the


swimming pool because of what he has accomplished. The American team


will win this race. To be able to witness Michael Phelps in this race,


just enjoy it. We shall. We will do it shortly. Let's go inside the


stadium. Jonathan Edwards is going to talk us through Greg


getting ready for his next attempt -- Greg Rutherford. First though,


Mauro Da Silva or. He is the world to it is Greg Rutherford's 8.21


metres. It really is a bit of a lottery for the long jumpers with


position. 6th place for Mauro Da Silva. Mitchell Watt. You can see


the wind. That is tough to jump just wondering whether or not that


a 0.21 will be enough. I would say not for gold, but could well be


enough for a medal -- 8.21 metres. He will be looking to absolutely


nail this one. Huge confidence after the second-round jump. It is


round about the same. Perhaps slightly less. Would perhaps be a


little bit disappointed. I think he really wanted to stamp his


authority on to this competition. The difference between now and the


beginning of the competition is the fact he is leading and his body


language looks very positive indeed. He is leading the Olympic final at


the moment. 8.14 metres, a second- best jump we have seen so far, into


Greg Rutherford going well. On BBC Three you can see Team GB in the


football again South Korea. South Korea took the lead but this was a


penalty from a Baron Ramsey. That was an equaliser -- Aaron Ramsey.


He missed another penalty shortly after that but at half-time it is


all square, up 1-1. All to play for in a second half. We are going back


to the swimming. It is the end of Michael Phelps' final race, the


to this massive crowd -- Great Britain. Tancock on the left,


Michael Jamieson at the back. There is Adam Brown. They will be


dangerous. Great Britain in lane five, Australia in Laina the six


have a good team indeed. -- lane six. I don't know, I think it will


be tough. Germany, their last shot for any medal. Even though they are


desperate am not sure they will get one. Can you believe it, eight


years since they haven't got a medal at the Olympic Games and they


are in 6th position into this final. This is the men's 400m relay.


America in lane four. As with the women, so much talent here, so many


gold medals and world records, you cannot see beyond them. There is


Liam Tancock leading of the Great Britain team, they will be in lane


Fife. Berry is that readers. -- There is Matthew Grevers. There he


is, the greatest swimmer in history, Michael Phelps' a final race ever,


he won gold on the butterfly. Three gold medals and a bronze. Anyone


going to get anywhere near them? I do not see it. We have got to be


careful on takeovers. His final race, Matthew Grevers leading off


Team USA in lane four, Liam Tancock in lane five. Again you can set the


world record on the lead-off leg of this medley relay. The world record


is currently held by the USA. Matthew Grevers just missed it in


the individual. Gone off very fast indeed. America in first, Tancock


in third, a really good first 50. Red cap in the Yellow lanes, it


trying to hold on to Matthew Grevers. 52.68 is what he won the


100 in. 59.4 up is the time we are looking for. First, USA, second


Japan, third Hungary, Liam Tancock was equal third, 53.40, a very good


time for him, just outside the time he set in the individual final.


Brendan Hanson for the USA, Michael Jamieson for Great Britain.


Japanese having a real go. In previous Olympics, Hanson took time


off and made his comeback. He knows the Japanese were may very well.


The Japanese are not strong on fly and freestyle. He needs to give


them a bit of a lead. Michael Jamieson having a belter of a swim.


There is the greatest swimmer in history, Michael Phelps, very tight


takeover for Japan. Japan are leading the USA, that is a big


surprise. Great Britain in 4th position. A massive job to try to


take Michael Phelps. Michael Phelps doing a brilliant turn. Michael


Rock is not letting himself get overwhelmed by the Australians.


Japanese having the race of their life. Michael Phelps probably going


to touch half a second ahead, really important. It is USA in


first, and that is the end of Michael Phelps' swimming career.


Second place in Japan -- is Japan. Hungary in third. That the son of


Australia is in and he is there to be the fastest that of the world --


James Magnussen. Japan, Australia. Hungary have done too much too soon.


They need to control the first 25. He is really digging in. The world


record, I think, will go. It is held by Team USA. It is gold to USA,


silver to Japan, bronze to Australia, Great Britain finishing


in 4th position, a very good swim from them. That is the end of


Michael Phelps, where does he finished? Right on top. His 18th


Olympic gold medal. 18 medals, two silver medals, two bronze medals,


22 in total. Team USA finishing where they began, utterly brilliant.


They were pushed all the way by Japan. A great gold medal.


Surprised at the time. I thought they would get closer to the world


record. There is Matthew Grevers, Olympic champion doing his job.


Tancock coming in with the red cap. Going in 4th. 4th on the first


hundred. 4th overall. That is Brendan Hanson. Lost some ground to


Japan, Michael Phelps waiting patiently, calmly. Look at the


speed and pace of these guys. As leader did a great job. -- the


Japanese were made did a great job. These are full takeover. Michael


Phelps, he grabs the bar. How does it feel, 18 in a big gold medals,


two silver medals, two bronze medals, 26 world championship golds,


44 golds in total. Unbelievable. The greatest swimmer in history.


The USA have ruled the port with 30 medals, more than half of them gold.


Britain, well down of the official target. A fitting finale for one of


the greatest sportsmen that has ever lived. It really is. If it


went any other way it wasn't the right conclusion. I know this is


sport, but this is Michael Phelps. If we are seeing the end of the era


of his dominance in the Paul, it is a fitting finale and one that he


deserves. People started to question whether he was the same


swimmer he was four years ago. He is the most successful swimmer at


this competition, add to that everything he has accomplished over


the last two Olympic Games and it is an extraordinary athlete, a


phenomenal performance, not only here but at that two previous games.


An extraordinary tally of medals. 18 gold medals, double anybody has


ever won. If it was ever to be achieved again in the Paul --


swimming pool, this is an achievement, I don't think I will


ever see again. I hope I do, but I It has been fantastic to be a part


of all of discomfort to support Team GB and to see the UK's


contribution to the Olympic movement. Back to the stadium and


let's join John Inverdale. Never in the history of the Olympic Games


dating back to 1896 has Great Britain won three gold medals in


one session of athletics. I know I'm tempting fate, but we have Mo


Farah at 9:15pm, and topping the bill, the poster girl of the 2012


campaign, Jessica Ennis. Six events down, one to go and she is 800m


from sporting immortality. Jessica Ennis has got the potential


to set the stadium alight. So much expectation. Her Olympic adventure


starts here. Oh, my goodness! The fastest time ever by a heptathlete.


If anybody wants this Olympic title, they are going to have to produce


something remarkable. She looks determined. Can she finished off in


the same rich vein? Jessica Ennis is flying. This is a good end to


what has been a critical first day. Is it the sun shining on Jessica


Ennis in the Olympic Stadium? The stadium erupts. This is looking


better and better. 6.48. One step closer to the gold medal.


moment is getting closer. The crowd responding just to the site of


Jessica Ennis. This is the third and last time on the javelin. A new


lifetime best. 47.49. She has stood tall and she has stood strong.


There have been some tumultuous cheers at Eton Dorney and at the


Velodrome and there goes Jessica sneaking through the calls zone,


but it is fair to say that we know and she knows that the biggest


cheer for the entire Olympic Games would be reserved for her if she


were to win in about 15 minutes' time. It is a mind game now, it is


not about the 800m? It is about what she is thinking. She will be


thinking I have got this in the bag, but I want to finish this, but she


will want to get as many points as she can. She will not start


celebrating before it is time and she will remain focused. It is a


seven event competition and she will continue to be focused all the


way through until the end. We were thinking we were going to be


talking about Jessica Ennis, but we are talking about Greg Rutherford


position at the moment. The last time we had two Britons in the


Chris Tomlinson is down in 4th. Not long and saw Jessica Ennis and not


long until that 10,000m final. Kenenisa Bekele is attempting to


win his third medal, but Mo Farah stands in his wife. It is going to


be an intriguing race, one which we are all looking forward to. There


was a little smile on his face. Jessica Ennis on the verge of


something special in London. She will be on the track very shortly


to complete a two laps of the track and I am sure she is going to give


it absolutely everything. The standings are intriguing. We have


had our calculators out. It is not all about Jessica Ennis. That is


13.5 seconds effectively ahead of the athlete in second place who won


a silver medal in 2004. The third athlete is 18 seconds behind


Jessica Ennis if she wanted to take gold. It seems like an impossible


situation. Early on we saw Louise Hazel complete her task over these


last couple of days. It has not all been about Jessica Ennis. We have


got three women representing Great Britain. It was a very modest time


for Hazel. It was way below her lifetime best. She will not improve


on her place. Katarina Johnson- Thompson, a youngster who has had


such a great Olympic Games. The youngster from Liverpool is all


smiles and why not? A superb first day, struggled a bit today. Her


best event, the long jump, did not go quite as well as it might have


done. But watch her over the next Katarina Johnson-Thompson. How can


you assess what she has done at the Olympics? She came here with high


hopes to further a burgeoning career in terms of juniors, but


this is her first taste of seniors. She has come off the back of a


world junior title this year in the long jump. Katarina Johnson-


Thompson comes from Liverpool where she is coached brilliantly. She has


a very competent all-round coach. If Katarina Johnson-Thompson wants


to break the British junior record, she is still a junior athlete, she


needs a further 936 points and she needs to run 2.12. That seems to be


a big ask. She has gone through in about 64. But the cheers in the


stadium are not about the athlete in the lead at the moment. They are


for this very strong, young lady. Katarina Johnson-Thompson, remember


the name because she will be around for quite some time. She has got


great talent. All eyes are on this young woman who is giving it


absolutely everything. If the cheers for Katarina Johnson-


Thompson are disallowed, what will they be like by Jessica Ennis?


responds to their enthusiasm. She has moved into second. She is a


gutsy young athlete. That could be close to her personal best. She has


probably taken off three or four seconds off her personal best. I


asked her a few days ago what was the thing she hates most and she


said the 800. But one day she might have to produce a great 800m run to


win a championships, and she can certainly do that. That


unofficially is a new, British, and junior heptathlon record. A


superstar on our hands for the future. But we are about to see the


real superstar of the Olympic heptathlon. She will be getting


ready to take her two lapse in a few moments time and to provide


headlines for newspapers all over the world. This is one of the real


dangers to Greg Rutherford's lead. Sebastian Bayer is starting to get


it together. He has gone into second place. But it is still a


good distance behind. But he can jump a long, long way. The field


has been reduced to eight competitors. They jump in reverse


order, so Greg Rutherford will be able to respond whatever happens


the sand. That was absolutely perfect on the board. Maybe missed


the take-off a little bit. He is back into bronze-medal position. Ed


be advertising hoarding, at every bus has a picture of Jessica Ennis,


the poster girl of London 2012 and the thing was could she produce the


gold medal that would cement her place in British sporting history?


Things happen for a reason. I know more than anyone that things can go


wrong. The support we have had in the weeks leading up has been


amazing. Her Olympic adventure starts here. I have had so many


great people around me for the past few years. They are all here with


me. It is great just to have that support. The biggest cheer of all


will be reserved for this lady. That crowd is unbelievable. The


nerves and the adrenalin and everything kicks in. It is nice


pressure. Everybody has been cheering for me and wishing me to


do well. Jessica Ennis has nailed it. Having that crowd behind you


really lifts year. It is a great occasion. I just want to make sure


cheer of the day. Jessica Ennis was introduced to the crowd. There is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


the world. She leads by 188 points. could be called for Jessica Ennis.


-- gold. Listen to the crowd. If you are listening to this in


Sheffield, the home of the City of Sheffield Athletics Club, if you


geer loud enough Jessica Ennis will hear you. She is not taking any


chances. Denise Lewis, this is outstanding. It is more than


outstanding. The crowd are literally going wild. I have never


seen anything like this. This is how we are used to seeing just run,


she likes to lead from the front, she wants to give the crowd exactly


what they want. Absolutely brilliant. Everybody else is


trailing in her wake. She is going to take the bell in just a moment.


There is the severe -- silver- medallist. She could be caught by


Yosypenko who is a good way ahead of her at the moment. She is being


caught by Chernova. But that doesn't matter, all she has got to


do is stay with the Russian. The German is there, Schwarzkopf. She


was 279 points behind Jessica Ennis. About 20 seconds. It doesn't matter


somebody has overtaken her. Everybody in the crowd was looking


forward to this them. She will surely be crowned an Olympic


champion and everybody in the crowd can proudly say, I was there. If


this is brilliant. She has given us that the first of seven events


already. And here she goes. Everybody is on their feet. The


pride of Sheffield, the pride of River Witham, Jessica Ennis is the


Olympic champion. It is the perfect day for Jessica Ennis. The best


all-round athlete in the world. She has smashed her British record. She


hasn't just one nit, she has totally dominated the opposition.


She has won by a big margin. Don Valley Stadium are watching this on


a big screen, they must be going mad. You have all played a part in


the development of this brilliant Rutherford lying in gold medal


position as well in the long jump. Both Will Claye, 8.12 metres the


third place. Greg Rutherford, 8.21 at the moment. Can he ft office


atmosphere, and it is big! Can you believe what is happening in the


stadium at the moment. Could this be the greatest night of British


athletics history? It really could. Exhilarating through, 8.31 metres.


In the context of this competition that will take some beating. What a


night. Denise, what was your reaction? It is hard to find the


words. We have witnessed greatness. Somebody who had a dream, to come


and live on the biggest stage possible, the crowds have lifted


her, she has been outstanding, remarkable, by far one of the most


popular athletes I think we have ever seen in a long time, people


love her, it they really do. You get outpouring of affection when


she crossed the line, you could just feel that from the crowd. I am


so proud to have witnessed this, it is truly remarkable. I think we are


all quite emotional about what has just happened. That is relief, a


delight, it is a talent as well. In the presence of the all-time great


heptathlete. Mary Rand, won a silver medal in addition to the


long jump gold in 1964, there is no doubt about it, that is one of the


most dominant displays of a multi- events we have seen in recent years.


Jessica Ennis will wake up tomorrow morning hurting, it she will be


stiff, but she will have an Olympic gold medal around her neck, how


about that? Outside where there is a giant screen the spectators are


going absolutely wild with excitement. As she leads around all


of the athletes who trailed in her wake. And that big smile on the


face of Jessica Ennis will be beamed all over the world. A


another special moment for Great Britain in these London Olympics.


Wow! We all stood on our feet and applauded not only for all the


other six events but what she has done in the last few years to


become as good as this and that 800m was something really special.


The guts issue showed at the end there, unbelievable. -- the guts


that she showed. There are probably a few tears kicking around in the


broadcasting unit. 80,000 people in the Stadium tonight, over the next


10 years we will hear people say, I was there that night, tonight was


like the first sub-four-minute a mile. 80,000 in the stadium and now


another performance from Greg Rutherford, fantastic. They


heptathlete are lined up on the back straight, right next to where


Greg Rutherford is. If he wanted some inspiration, he has certainly


got it. This is a Super Saturday for Jessica Ennis, congratulations


to all those people who have supported her, coached her, helped


her. Her parents must be feeling a million dollars. They would be so


proud of their daughter. I still haven't bothered to look at the


final scores yet but I bet they are impressive. He just needs to


compose himself, I'm sure he is delighted for Jessica Ennis but


there is one thing on his mind, his performance. Will Claye is in the


bronze-medal position, Tomlinson in 6th place. 8.31 metres the lead. It


is not further. I think it is a foul. There is just eight it jumps


left, or seven jumps left before he And these results it will go down


in history books. 6955 points, a new British and Commonwealth record


figures, Chernova or, 6628. Over 300 points behind. There is a big


victory by Jessica Ennis over the world's best. Yosypenko of the


Ukraine, she came through very strongly over the last couple of


events, she gets the bronze. No all the advertising contract and


the media commitments and a chat shows and all of this, that and the


other she never lost sight of what the crucial thing was, she had to


win a gold medal here, the rest of her life was pretty sordid after


that. That is the site -- pretty sorted. If she can inspire a


generation of young girls to get involved in sport. This was a


phenomenal performance, I just think about what she is feeling


right now. Not making the Baysham Olympic team -- Beijing Olympic


team. Having a best performance here, winning in front of her home


crowd, being able to prove to everybody she is the best, not only


is she the best but she can cook -- perform under incredible pressure.


Either with a couple of bumps along the road she could bounce-back with


personal bests. This is a fantastic performance. I am truly happy for


her. I think what is exciting is she knows what she can do under a


lot of pressure. She deals with it, when she was down a little bit, she


did great performances, time and time again. She thoroughly deserves


this title. She has the Olympic title, has won the world title,


European title, and now look at that big smile. I don't think there


is any pain she feels now, just pure happiness. There was a great


point Brendan made about the four- minute mile, this has been a real,


I was there, moment. Not just because of Jessica Ennis, because


of Mo Farah coming up, but also because of what might happen in the


next 10, 15 minutes in the men's long jump. Let's go back to


Jonathan Edwards. Sebastian by air, one of the


athletes who could challenge regret the third, -- Sebastian Bayer. But


he does not. Chris Thomas the next, then Michael Torneus. Then Will


Claye, then thread Rutherford. Four athletes between bread Rutherford


and an Olympic gold medal. -- Greg Rutherford. Celebration very much


under way for Jessica Ennis, is another one about to begin?


moment for Mo Farah comes, Jessica Ennis has the gold medal she so


wanted. Read Rutherford in a fantastic position. There was just


a little word exchanged between Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis. A couple


of minutes away for him. Starting to think Danny Boyle wrote the


script for this night as well, not just the opening ceremony.


Absolutely remarkable. Mitchell Watt is just getting ready. He is a


danger, make no mistake, he is sitting in second place. He can


jump a boy 31, there is no question running up, just didn't have to


read them, just didn't have the pace. -- Ray them. Another athlete


bring for us? The two training partners, USA and Great Britain.


Undoubtedly will be there nearer the end. 25 laps of the track, 6.25


miles, years of mileage, cold mornings, Hills, muddy cross-


country. Lap after lap of track sessions. Trips to altitude. All


Mitchell Watt is still in silver medal position. Chris Tomlinson is


in 6th place. He needs five centimetres more. But he needs much


more. He is being stopped. He is not very impressed. Perhaps his is


the start of the 10,000m. We will see the end of the long jump once


it gets under way. There is the defending champion, Ken and Lisa


Bekele. Moses Masai has run under 20.27 11 times. His mother is here


to watch him run. Galen Rupp will be a big contender. Not often you


can say an Olympic 10,000 final that an American and a British


athlete may well determine where the medals will go. He is ready.


This is Kenenisa Bekele's brother, Tariku Bekele. Will he be able to


switch around and get in front of his brother, or up where he helped


him on his way? Moses Kipsiro, the Commonwealth champion. Gebremariam.


Anyone representing Ethiopia has to be reckoned with. He might not be


as quick in the last lap or so as his compatriots, but he may also be


there to help. Zersenay Tadese, I do not think he will figure in this


particular race. He had a go at the marathon, but it did not quite work


out for him. He is based in Japan. He likes to front run on occasion.


It all comes down to this, all of the speculation. Not an event that


happens quickly, it builds and it grows. Mo Farah wants to get on


with it. He looks relaxed. An Olympic 10,000m final. Now they are


getting me nervous! Understandably the crowd are really excited. The


performance of Jessica Ennis has heightened their expectation. The


10,000m final is under way. 25 laps of intrigue. Can do great champion


defend himself against what surely will be an onslaught from the likes


of Galen Rupp, but most especially we hope from Mo Farah. Last year


Ethiopia found an unknown man to beat him on the last laugh. Well


Kenenisa Bekele be able to resurrect his greatness? Can he


used this anger because he was Tomlinson. He will finish in 6th


place. A really exciting long jump going on, but here is the 10,000m


and the champion goes straight to the front. A bit of a surprise,


that. Everybody was talking about tactics and having a team-mate.


Kenenisa Bekele and Mo Farah immediately follows the big man. He


is on his way back to fitness. He has had a couple of good weeks of


training in Ethiopia since we saw him in Europe where he did not


distinguish himself. But Kenenisa Bekele is feeling confident tonight.


I spoke to his manager and he is expecting his brother to give him


some help. But it is very early to have the Ethiopians in the lead.


Greg brother Fred is guaranteed at least a bronze medal, but I hope it


will be much more than that. -- Greg Rutherford. That will not be


enough. Greg brother Fred may be moments away from another piece of


history for Great Britain athletics. But Mo Farah is trying to carve out


his own bit of history. It is quite surprising to see Kenenisa Bekele


at the front. He has got better as the year has gone on. In the first


race he finished 7th. Then after that he has run 13.1 and has been


improving. He ran in Birmingham where he won rather bizarrely. The


Ethiopians had their trial in Birmingham and he won that race in


27 minutes and two seconds and that cemented his place here. But he is


not leading that quickly and that is why they are all bunched. Still


early stages and we are reaching the climax in the long jump final.


This is the only athlete who can deny Greg brother Fred from Olympic


gold. He is a specialist triple- He is a massive talent, he


struggled with injury. They were saying they had to wrap that man in


court and will, but I tell you what, it has paid off. Will Claye will


take a bronze for the USA and will take that into the triple-jump in a


few days' time. UK coaching will have a big smile on their face at


the moment. It is not quite a lap of honour at. I wonder if he could


would have put him down as Olympic champion at the beginning of the


year, perhaps not even at the beginning of this competition. That


was always going to happen, but it does not matter. Olympic long jump


champion. Two gold medals in 20 minutes for Team GB. I do not think


he can quite believe it. I do not think any of us can quite believe


eight. Milton Keynes Athletics Club uncovered a great talent when they


found this man. He cannot believe it, that is for sure. Let me tell


you, Great Britain has another Olympic champion on Super Saturday.


Over to you, Mo Farah. What a night. Can you ever have imagined we would


have a night like this? Mo Farah was getting blocked a little bit.


The two Eritreans and the brewing rings out around the stadium. Mo


Farah gave him a post to say, what are you doing? Now there is pushing


and jostling and a bit of nervousness creeping into this


final, rather unnecessarily. They knew something special was going on


in the stadium and ran the first mile very quickly, but now that the


long jump has finished, they have decided to get on with the race.


The Eritrean has decided it is his turn. 19 laps to go bust up


Zersenay Tadese, bronze medallist in 2004, has decided he is going to


make a race of it. Now it is time to get yourself in the right place.


The race now begins to bubble. But the stadium is absolutely fantastic.


What an evening, the most exciting evening in the history of British


athletics, and one of the most exciting evenings in the history of


the Olympic Games. One of the Kenyans, who shook came off. I was


going to say it was disappointing. Because of all the pushing and the


shopping. Sorry, it was not one of the Kenyans. It is Moses Kipsiro.


It was Kenny is a Bekele. He was up on his feet. He wants to get


himself closer to the front. Mo Farah stared out of trouble. He


wants to be careful when they start pushing the pace on like this. You


do not need to keep surging, so do not worry where he is at the moment.


The pace is beginning to left now. The last lap was 61 seconds, but


they will not keep that going for much longer. Sir San'a today's date


is a distinguished half marathon runner. -- Zersenay Tadese A. He


knows his finish is not good enough these days, so he has decided it is


going to be a hard race. Wilson Kiprop is in second place. Kenenisa


Bekele is loitering in 5th. His brother is in 4th. Mo Farah is with


his training partner, Galen Rupp. The last laps were 61 and 64, so a


consistency has not been set, but they are going quickly. That is the


runner from Bahrain, I do not think he was going to figure anywhere, so


no more worries. But this is a tactic to mess them around a little


bit. They did not mind the first few laps at a slower pace, but they


are mixing it around, they are pushing it up and going down again.


The Kenyans are pushing on and Mo Farah needs to think a little bit


here. He cannot afford to let them all get away. The big names are out


there. Moses Masai is there. This is going to hurt, but he needs to


be patient and close that gap gradually. Tariku Bekele in second


place. N Kenenisa Bekele, three- times Olympic champion. He has been


struggling for a wild. But he is back here now. Mo Farah is working


his way sensibly and his training partner is following him and they


are beginning to work and closed the gap. They need to be a bit


closer, and I think he is doing its sensibly. He has got to get back to


the group, but he has to do it gradually. There is the


Commonwealth champion who lost his shoe. There is Mo Farah's wife and


child coming getting nervous as you can imagine. She is seven months


pregnant. More than that, Brendan. They are watching nervously as we


all are. But do not get too panicky, really picked it up. -- Tadese.


That is Bath for the 10,000m pace - - fast. This is hurting, even at


this fairly early stage, they are not even at the halfway point. Mo


Farah trying to conserve, sit, settle. The Kenenisa Bekele will


not like this battle. I was talking to be twice winner of this race and


asked him about it, he said if it is a fast race Kenenisa Bekele will


win it, if it is a slow race Mo Farah or will have it. This is an


in-between race, he was very slow to begin with, and now beginning to


involved. Tadese, a big effort for him. You have got to admire him, he


is just starting to slow a little bit. As the field starts to bunch


up a little bit, not quite as much pressure being applied at the front.


It was a big effort, so early, to be pushing in the 61 lap. That is


65.45. They haven't been excessively fast. A 64, these


athletes can live with that. Mo Farah is running a very mature race,


he is in a good place, settling down. He is not getting concerned


with who is leading, he knows the pace is manageable. He has grown in


stature over the last couple of years. There he is, Commonwealth


champion ahead of him, Mo Farah looks relaxed. Remember in Beijing


he wanted to get through to the final. They will have to do


something to whittle this field down. There are some athletes


capable of doing that. That last 3,000 metres was eight minutes five


seconds. This Kenyan in the lead is based in Japan. He likes to put a


bit of pace into the middle part of the race, he is not afraid to do


that. It is really interesting, East Africa, Eritrea, Ethiopia,


Kenya, they wouldn't normally be cooking up a plan between them, I


don't think that is what is happening but they are all having a


go. They are saying, let's make it hard, let's take it out of Mo Farah,


Galen Rupp. This is a race without a plan. Tadese has done a bit but


his pace has not been consistent. They are a little bit tired, but it


is not the sort of pace that will hurt anybody. Is it going to come


down to the last lap or will they wait and somebody make a move from


four or five laps to go? Mo Farah is just looking around, he sees the


sign, 11 laps to go in the 10,000m, 11 laps between Mo Farah and what


could be Britain's first ever gold medal in the 10,000m, an event that


has been run for 100 metres since 1912 in Stockholm and no British


athlete has ever won. Could Mo Farah go better than anybody else


has done before? Interestingly as he moved up and went past Bekele,


just clipped Mo Farah Again. We think the two men are very close


together, Farah on the curve. It is kind of Nessie. -- Nessie. People


changing positions, a lot of nervousness. Tadese still at the


front, still pushing on. Nothing much really. The interesting thing


here is when the race is messy and there is no plan, nobody leading,


there is a new leader now comes up, the Kenyan athlete moves to the


front, but I think the most important thing for Mo Farah, keep


your concentration, just remember, it doesn't matter what happens in


these early laps as long as you get yourself into the position, would


you decide you want to make an attack, he is in the right place,


his training partner, Galen Rupp from the United States was right


with him, he is close enough to the front to do everything he possibly


needs to do and before the race you were saying he was the favourite,


before the race you are saying he could win this race, and during the


race I have seen nothing that can change my mind, he is running a


Supreme race here, great confidence, he hasn't done anything yet, he


hasn't bothered to dig into his reserves and he has got time to do


is interesting. I didn't think Quiros was looking good, Wilson


Kirrop. Just trying to see if he is all right. Not quite sure what that


was all about. Two Kenyans left at the front. The pace is still


nothing excessive. There is the great Kenenisa Bekele, up close to


the front. Behind him you can see Mo Farah looking down the track,


Galen Rupp moving into third place behind the two Kenyan athletes.


Being overtaken by terror could Bekele. Eight laps to go. The race


is getting really serious. 3,000 metres to go. 2.39 for that, too.


Galen Rupp has got closer for the first time. Mo Farah stars to leave


with her. They have been coached by sellers are -- Salazar. They are


side by side fought so many miles, normally Mo Farah has the kick at


the end. A can he find something, does pushing Mo Farah in the back


Kenenisa Bekele hasn't done anything yet. The pace is getting


faster. Now it is about gathering yourself, gathering your confidence,


or remembering your game plan, your best tactics. Mo Farah can be


lethal on the last lap but so can Kenenisa Bekele. And nobody has


ever won the 10,000m three times in a row, no Briton has ever won it.


Kenenisa Bekele just ahead of Mo Farah, just behind Mo Farah's


training partner, Galen Rupp. 64.9 second lap. Still nobody has done


anything exceptional. The crowd incredibly absorbed by this 10,000m


final, wishing and winning their man on. He is in full flow, looked


relaxed, so does Bekele, Tadese moving through on the inside. Here


is Mo Farah looming on the outside for the first time. Tariku Bekele,


Galen Rupp. Listen to the noise. It is slowing a little bit, it is


building. The tension is building. This is the race we thought was


going to happen. We have still got five laps to go, it is moving into


sprinter's territory, 65.9, slowest lap for a long time. Mo Farah moves


into third place and that is the first movie has made in the race.


Incidentally Kenenisa Bekele Sea is following Mo Farah but he looks to


be concentrating, he doesn't look desperate that I have seen him


before, he looks in control, on the shoulder of Tariku Bekele he has


got his training partner with him, Galen Rupp. Masai still leads, here


comes Tadese again. Tensions going on, hugely significant. This is the


point in the race when the guys need to start deciding what they


will do, he will do it first, is anybody going to make a move, will


anybody respond? They are looking for gaps on the inside. And there


goes Mo Farah, for the first time, four laps to go, Mo Farah at the


front. There he is, ready to move, he is in a good place on the


outside. If anybody comes behind he will be ready to move, he has done


everything right so far. Mo Farah teasing the field, teasing the


crowd a little bit. He will not want to hit the front until it is a


winning effort, until he is attempting to win this race. This


is the first time we have seen the Ethiopian stride to take control.


Tariku Bekele moves into second place. Masai is on the inside. They


are all tightly bunched. Kenenisa Bekele still there, takes the


inside read. Mo Farah has still got nice clear air. He is in a good


spot. You have got to remember last night in the women's 10,000m, hard


work was done so they was often in order to win the race. Three laps


to go, somebody will have to do something soon. They are gathering,


I hope nobody gets trapped. They could be dangers of somebody


falling. Kenenisa Bekele in contention. Mo Farah in a great


place on the outside ready to move. Galen Rupp, his training partner,


is well positioned. Tariku Bekele, doing nothing other than blocking


the track. A word of encouragement as they went past Chris Thompson.


The crowds are already reaching a crescendo. Just over two laps to go.


How easy does it look? Tariku Bekele leading. Mo Farah poised,


ready. Dangerous in the last lap. There is Masai it. Kenenisa Bekele


is in a terrible position at the moment. Two laps to go, 66, it is


winding up. This is not a sprint yet. It hasn't started, we have


been waiting for this. When will it break? He will go first?


certainly hasn't started, Steve. To many in this group for comfort. It


is about positioning yourself to move, positioning yourself for a


last-lap effort. Mo Farah is in contention, Tariku Bekele is


holding him up. Kenenisa Bekele is not in a grey place, he needs to


perdition -- position himself better, he quickly moves up on the


outside, and now we get a race on, it will come down to a last-lap


lap to go. The bell rings. Is it tolling for a gold medal for Great


Britain? Mo Farah trying to become the first Briton to win the Olympic


title at 10,000m. He has got a little bit of company. Including


his training partner. Kenenisa Bekele is looking far room on the


inside. Mo Farah is kicking hard. The crowd are less Oppenheim and


cheering him on. Just 100m to go bust up has he got enough? It is


going to obey a glorious gold will start Mo Farah. It is gold! Oh, yes,


oh, yes. The stadium erupts. Three gold medals for Great Britain. What


a night! The emotion comes pouring out. Galen Rupp and Mo Farah took


on the Africans and showed them how to do it. Unbelievable. Victorious,


happy, glorious. His wife is expecting twins at short lived. In


all of this excitement, hang on, Tanya. I cannot believe it. Brendan,


you and I have sat and waited for many years, you Moya then me. All


of us have sat and waited for a long-distance gold. I will say it


again, a gold medal at the Olympic Games. And the weight was surely


worth it. The 10,000m was one in the game's 100 years ago, but a


Britain has never won a gold medal. We have waited 100 years for Mo


Farah. There is Chris Thomson just finishing and he will be as excited


as the rest of us. Greg Rutherford, Olympic champion in the long jump.


Somewhere backstage is Jessica Ennis. Fancy finishing the night


off with a win in the 10,000m. He really is our hero tonight. There


is his wife and daughter. I hope they get a chance to meet him. I


hope nothing happens tonight because she has been so excited and


so nervous. Let's hope she can wait a little bit longer. They have been


training together in Oregon on a daily basis, Mo Farah and Galen


Rupp. Get on the track. Those two lads have been through a lot


together, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah. What a night! I do not know


about you, but what a night to be British. Heart pounding, great


scenes, lovely, lovely scenes. She looks calm and collected, but I'd


bet she is not. I spoke to her a few minutes before and she was so


nervous. Do you think he can do it? Thank goodness she did not run


across the track. I am pleased his daughter ran across the track.


Fantastic, congratulations to Mo Farah a. We have watched them for a


long time. Now with his wife on the track. What a glorious moment. I


think we should always have the Olympic Games in London. It works


for us. What a picture, what a night. Do we have to come back


tomorrow? Well, we have had three gold medals and let's speak to


somebody who had his own moment of celebration while that was going on.


I have only got another Olympic You are Olympic champion. I do not


think I will ever get bored of hearing that. That is the most


amazing feeling in the world. Four years ago I had a horrible time and


my granddad passed away and I could not cope in the final. I have got


one of the best teams in the world. I get so poor at from the Rotary


Club in Bedford and by most amazing parents. And My beautiful


girlfriend. Everything. Generally life is pretty beat it all right


now? I cannot tell you how much everybody has worked so hard for me


as well as myself will stop this has been a long process. To be


honest, I thought I was going to jump further than that, but I do


not care. It has only been since Lynn Davies in 1964. We have to get


rid of those black and white images. I am glad I can emulate something


like that. What a night for Great Britain, three gold medals out of a


possible three. I cannot think everybody at home enough and the


crowd were absolutely incredible. I do not think it has sunk in a


properly. This is what I have dreamt of my entire life. I knew I


was going to be a sportsman and when I picked athletics I knew I


was going to beat an athlete and I have done it in London. You said


you were going to do it and you have done it. The nation shares you


join with you. Thank you to everybody at home and everybody on


Twitter and everybody who has been supporting me. Go and celebrate.


Brendan, just to clear-up one thing. Tariku Bekele won the bronze medal.


But it was playing into Mo Farah's fast or too demanding so far. But


there are still too many. Now Mo Farah begins to stretch, but he is


not doing everything yet. He is just tiring them. Here comes Galen


Rupp, his training partner, both of them training in Oregon, and


getting ready for this race. Tariku Bekele of Ethiopia is the challenge


at the moment. Here comes the champion trying to win it for the


third time, Kenenisa Bekele. But Mo Farah is not going to be beaten. We


have waited a long time before a British Long Distance runner to win


an Olympic title. The wait has been well worth it. Mo Farah crosses the


line, Galen Rupp in second place and Tariku Bekele in third. You can


see the expression on his face. He wants it more than anyone. He is


crossing the line blowing kisses if you like. You concede defeat on the


This will be the moment that inspires the next generation. That


is one of the things the London Games is about. This man will


inspire the next generation of distance runners. Well done, Mo


probably is the most talented field ever assembled for a major


championship 100m final. All eight athletes have run under 11 seconds


this year. Allyson Felix, not her best event, but she did run 10.94


to make it to this final. Tiana Madison has been a great surprise


this year. Also at 10.92. Carmelita Jeter, the third American. It is a


long time since the Americans have won this title, 1996 with Gale


divas. Can Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce of Jamaica retain the title she won


so well in the Bird's Nest four years ago? Carmelita Jeter looks


dangerous, but will the American get away to a good start? The


also Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is going to


retain her title. Carmelita Jeter get silver. I think Veronica


Campbell-Brown gets the bronze to add to the one she won in 2004.


10.75 seconds. She was just 21 years old when she won the title in


the previous Olympic Games. Thank you, Jesus. What a competitor. It


is not all about Usain Bolt in Jamaica. The Jamaicans had a clean


sweep of medals four years ago it will stop they have got two medals


here. Veronica Campbell-Brown confirmed in third place. Carmelita


Jeter three hundredths of a second behind Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Now


a double Olympic champion. becomes the third woman to retain


her Olympic title. It is also the quickest 100m ever run in Great


Britain. 10.75. Six women under 11 seconds. Suzanne's best. -- the


season's best. That is fine sprint medals they have won in the last


two Olympic 100m piles. Carmelita Jeter, 10.78, still a prodigious


time, steep. Shelly-Ann Fraser- Pryce does not panic. She holds her


grip really well. She gets it not by much. Carmelita Jeter thought


she was going to get it. The one disappointment was Blessing


Okagbare, she was really slow. She really wanted it. Look at that


expression on her face. She was not sure. Such a good starter. She


needed to be in the race. But then at the last 15 metres is where she


has been very good recently. Jamaica's success continues. It was


almost an anti-climax, although that is not the right word, but on


the 200 metres title later in the Games, Maddison finishing quickly


indeed. That in itself is a record, nobody has ever run that fast and


get in Atlanta where the Great Britain team won one gold medal and


here we are with six in one day, this man rounding it off, you can


see the headlines tomorrow. It is just extraordinary. Three gold


medals for British athletes in one session at an Olympic Games for the


first time ever, ever. Those three, Mo Farah, Greg Rutherford from


Milton Keynes, they will name a roundabout after him, and the one


What a night, congratulations all round, from 80,000 people here, I


know it is an emotional moment, you are Olympic champion. I am so


shocked, I cannot believe it. After the javelin and knew I was on for a


good score in the middle but I couldn't even let myself believe it


until I crossed the finish line. I honestly can't believe it, all this


hard work and the disappointment of Beijing. Everybody just supporting


me so much. You deserve those tears, you missed Beijing because of that


serious foot injury, and the way you have managed to rebound, world


champion, losing the world title, still coming back and doing what


you have done, better than ever before, a new British record. Are


you OK? I am just shocked. Everybody that has supported me,


awarded by everybody, my family. I am so happy. There are a lot of


people are going to this, for all you are out there doing the


business, you coach, your mum and dad, her fiance, they are sharing


this moment with you. They have been here yesterday and today, and


Tony and everybody who has worked with me over the past few years.


After Beijing everybody said we're going for another four years to


make sure you get there in one piece and finish what we started


and now I have done that, I am so thankful everybody has helped me


all this way. We talked a couple of weeks ago about do you believe in


fate of destiny. But to do it here on a night like this, in London, in


front of 80,000 people cheering you every step of the way, to win the


800 to finish off. I just have to give it everything at the end, I


would only have one moment to do this in front of a home crowd in


London and I just wanted to make sure I gave them such a show and


daughter home and left everything on the track. Would you like a


little taste of it later in the week as well, maybe in the hurdles?


I am not sure. I think any to savour this moment and enjoy its.


Could you begin to sum up the emotions, just a final word, I know


it is difficult. The nation has been behind you, supported you all


the way, have you got a message. Just to thank them so much, it has


been a stressful year, a lot of pressure put on me, everybody


thought I was going to win that medal and it has been up and down,


but everybody has supported me and helped me get where I am today, I


found them so much. We had Michael Johnson in 96 delivered, and you


were the face of the games and you have delivered. A cannot believe I


have done it. It has been great having the support of, but a huge


amount of pressure coming into this. I just tried to stay focused and


knew I could do it and the crowd helped me and I have done it, I


cannot believe it. Jessica Ennis, Olympic champion, it sounds great,


congratulations. Thank you so much. How many generations do you want to


inspire at the same time, three Olympic champions from such


different background and one of them is with Phil Jones. Mo Farah,


10,000m, Olympic champion, on a night of three gold medals for


Great Britain, can you believe what has happened? I cannot believe it,


the crowd got behind me, it was getting a loud laugh either. If I


have never experienced something like this, it doesn't come out of


often, having people shout at you know this is the best moment of my


life. 100 for two hours a week of a long-distance events that what he


that is what you get out. I have had Whitstable from the craft --


great support from. I have been away from my family for five weeks,


I want to thank everybody who has supported me from my Chelt had up


til now -- childhood. I want to enjoy his moment. It is just


beginning to sink in. I know it was momentous, you were able to share


it with your wife and daughter. That meant so much, see my daughter,


really emotional, she came running towards me. You have got a present


for her. Somebody gave me it so I want to give her this. And a gold


medal already round your neck. You will get the real deal before long.


You came into here as one of the favourites, if not the favourite,


you had so much pressure, after what you did at the world


championships last year, had it taken out of your grasp, the way


you have managed to deliver this give you so much joy. If my legs


were getting tired and I had to begin in the last bit, the crowd


gave me that beast, and a news that he was coming and my training


partner did well coming second. Unbelievable. What about all those


people along the way who have supported you, I know it goes way


beyond Europe and the media team. Unbelievable, my coaches, p teacher,


a people from my childhood, my coach now, Alberto. I want to


offend everybody who has supported me. I cannot find enough people on


television, I wanted that everybody who has associated with me. 80,000


people, millions at home, if you were a national hero before, you


certainly are now. Thank you to certainly are now. Thank you to


everybody. The gold medal, the Olympic


champion, Mo Farah of Great Britain. Galen Rupp, the silver medal for


the FA. To reap the Bekele he finishes ahead of his brother to


take the bronze for Ethiopia. -- Not only have we seen incredible


events in the athletics stadium, but Team GB in the football are


playing South Korea. It has gone to a penalty shoot-out. Both teams


have scored their first penalty, such a crazy day, we might even win


one of them. There's joined Jonathan Pearce with Mark Lawrenson.


captain has levelled them. Second penalty for Great Britain,


brilliantly done. Just two steps. The goalkeeper might have got a


slight touch. South Korea sending on their substitute. Briefly had a


spell at Watford youth team. 1-1 it finished in the regulation 90


wait a long time. 2-2. As cool as Michael Richard was taken off


under this kind of pressure in his Stuart Pearce has been there. Seen


them go in, seen them horribly go wrong, the tears of Turin, 1990.


Wembley, 96 final. There is the great South Korean captain and


World Cup hero. The centre-half, take any notice of you there. They


have real deliberation, the South He has done well. Ryan Giggs. He


came on for Craig Bellamy. Surely, the Welsh hero cannot fail.


goalkeeper when the wrong way by a mile. A long, curving run. Great


penalty. He went early as well, the goalkeeper. Park, he had a great


game. If he misses this, so close. part of one of the eight penalties,


the smallest of touches by one of the goalkeepers, not really looked


No vest in the stadium. -- he is nervous. The keeper saves it. He


always looked nervous. There is the goalkeeper who had to go off


injured. Somebody go and console him. Just as soon as he stopped


there and the goalkeeper decided, slight movement of the feet, he


decided where he was going. That was a really good safe. He also


dived out. And the Celtic player to break British hearts and the dream


of Olympic gold. The nation needs you. South Korea go through. Great


Britain's hopes of a medal at these Olympics are Rover. -- are over. So


many heroes have been beaten in these Olympics, for Great Britain


it is the last defeat of this competition. Beaten on companies,


5-4. -- beaten on penalties. Some things never change, Team GB


Let's not let that get us down, after what has been a truly


magnificent evening in that stadium over there, lit up red, white and


blue. So it should be. We are expecting the medal ceremony any


minute now. Les rejoin John Inverdale. There's just established


the fact, it is the first time in Olympic history great Britain has


won three medals in one athletics session. Greg Rutherford, Jessica


Ennis, Mo Farah, and it is the first time we have had a gold medal


in an Olympic Games track and field meeting on an Olympic track in this


country since 19 awake. We waited 104 years for one gold medal, and


three came along at the same time, never mind London buses. We got


three. Sir Paul McCartney there, he was at the Velodrome earlier. Where


McCartney goes, gold follows, we should ship him around to every


single venue. Denise, let's do it in chronological order. Jessica


Ennis. All the hype, all the talk, all the pressure and she delivered.


I am so exhausted, it is hard to find the words to describe what she


has done here. You wait for moments like this in your career to witness


greatness. She could have sat back, she didn't need to run this hard,


sheet is that type of athlete, she wanted to feel that magical moment


when she crossed the line with arms aloft, and isn't that just the best


image you could have witnessed, it was fantastic. Tears and tears.


Greg Rutherford. Colin. I have been thinking that time when he won a


silver medal, he had a lot of chance of developing, niggling


injuries all the time. The risk of changing his coach and thinking if


I am going to make it I have to make changes. He made the changes


and they worked wonders for him. He is now the Olympic champion, great


performance. You were able to watch Mo Farah's race and it was


extraordinary, such a mess in a way, he was the third, 12, 4th, 9th, a


lot of pushing and jostling. How to assess the way he kept his race


plan and deliver it? With a lot of tactics he was fortunate to have


Galen Rupp there, the American who ran a fantastic race, to work with


because normally the others will gang up on him. He was able to hold


his form, went in with a race plan, he led from last year. This was


playing into his hands. He showed guts and literally ran away from


the field. Really happy. A lot of expectation that he should win.


Nobody expected Greg Rutherford, we knew it would be tough for Jessica.


By and large we have still got 75,000 in here. Greg Rutherford's


medal ceremony tomorrow, and Mo Farah's but Jessica Ennis's medal


ceremony coming up shortly. The noise when she can sat in a few


moments time, if we had a roof, it would raise it. It was a perfect


evening, it is mild, Barmby, and -- balmy. Could we ever have a


management -- imagined we would have three gold medals? Jessica


Ennis was thinking friends, family, but somebody who has been crucial


in a development and becoming a bit jumpy in his head coach. What a


night it has been, how emotional. The man behind the success. I was


only really nervous before the 800 because at that point it was really


real. That is the point when you fall over, if you break early, that


is the one real time I have been nervous, let's go through things


nice and steady. She ran very quickly for the first 200, another


small heart attack. This crowd that to drag her around, when she came


through she was so emotional. A huge build-up. I cannot believe the


crowd. When she was introduced at the first event you couldn't hear


the introduction and a minute try to hear the introduction to the


800m it was crazy, you really couldn't hear it. They have been


loud but that was incredible. me about all that hard work through


all those years that have come together to make this moment happen,


if you count? Don't make me cry. It has been along for years, four


years ago we were sitting at her house watching the Baysham Olympics


and thinking, what might have been. -- Beijing Olympics. Then there was


moments of doubt, a bit of injury last year. Then to come here and


perform the way she has, incredible. What has been your job to keep her


calm, keep her in check, with that swell of publicity, the face of the


Games? She has kept me calm. There has been a lot of pressure, when


Lord Coe suggested she was the face of the gains it to go from there. -


- face of the Games. I have seen billboards all over the place. She


is everywhere. It has been pretty surreal, what will happen after now,


I dunno. The person he was the face of the games before the Games may


find herself as the face of the Games after the Games and that was


all we could ever have asked of her. Red, white and blue lighting up the


Olympic Stadium tonight. Michael and Colin were talking about how


Jessica Ennis absorbed all the pressure but never lost sight of


the key thing being there was a job to be done and that was to become


Olympic champion. I know in many ways that's why you admire her more


than anything else. The job she had in front of her, I know a lot of


people thought she could do it, but you still have to deliver on the


day, she did that. That is why you have to respect her. She talked


about the pressure briefly. But she managed to absorb that, internalise


it. She really enjoyed it. I am sure it is incredible joy and


emotion. After Beijing, there was a disaster, she wasn't able to make


that team, then making an Olympics on home soil and having that


success. Got food poisoning, wasn't able to win, and then this was all


kind of emotion, I'm sure that is what she is feeling right now. I


can be happy -- I couldn't be happier for her. Listen to this,


the cheering for Jessica Ennis at London 2012. Please welcome your


I am sure this is just the kind of moment Paul Dickenson always dreamt


A very special moment indeed. Lord Coe. They will be very proud.


Sebastian Coe joined us in a commentary box yesterday and he


said, you know, I think we got the A wonderful evening, the track and


field athletics of the highest quality. Jessica produced the 5th


highest total in heptathlon terms of all time. British and


Commonwealth records as well. Tatyana Chernova gets her second


Olympic bronze medal. This tall, elegant Russian certainly has a lot


of talent. But she was well beaten A little while ago they were


playing a Beatles record, and there is one person in the stadium who


everybody loves, she is standing there right in the middle.


Schwarzkopf had a performance of her life. It has taken her for


years to rise from eight in the Olympic test -- the Olympic


heptathlon to the silver medal position. The Germans have a new


star here. But she was a long way behind the champion. And as her


coach, who is sitting just in front of us here, said about what


happened four years ago when Jessica was injured, I wonder if


then she dreamt of what would happen in four years' time. A


perfect today's for the Olympic heptathlon Channa -- champion,


She is very definitely the Queen of London 2012.


She will never forget this evening Please stand for the national


# God save our gracious Queen! # Long live our noble Queen!


# God save the Queen! # Send her victorious.


# Happy and glorious. # Long to reign over us.


The crowd salutes at the best all- round woman athlete in the world.


Jessica Ennis, we love you. Olympic Last night of the Proms, the times


100. Just amazing. Denise, Michael, Colin, thanks for being here,


sharing an extraordinary evening for British sport. That is the


picture of 2012. Denise? Sometimes you have no words to describe this.


The pictures tell 1000 stories. All you can say is, sometimes you love


sport, sometimes you hate it, but What a spectacular day. Jessica


Ennis, what a hero. Magnificent effort. The beautiful scenes inside


the stadium. What an extraordinary day, six gold medals, two from our


brilliant rowing team, another for our all-conquering cyclists and


three in the Olympic Stadium itself, what a day. Jessica Ennis


electrified the Olympic Stadium with a dominant display to win gold


in the heptathlon. The 26-year-old eclipsed Harome British record


finishing more than 300. Clear of the opposition. -- 300 points. That


was followed by a gold medal for Greg Rutherford, he nearly quit


after Beijing, he will be glad he didn't. In a sensational finale in


the Olympic Stadium Mo Farah's sprint finish ensured he became


Britain's first ever global 10,000m champion. In a rowing another medal.


More unexpected success at Eton Dorney. The champions in the


lightweight women's double sculls. There was more British success in


the Velodrome, Dani King, Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell setting


their 6th successive world record at these games to take gold in the


When it comes to medal to population ratio Team GB is on top.


We have witnessed the greatest day in Olympic history for 100 years,


there will be a round-up later tonight. Sports personality of the


year will be good this year. Have a You are an Olympic champion! Great


Britain win at the Olympic title, they are on fire. We have done it


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