BBC One: Day 9: 13.30-16.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 9: 13.30-16.00

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There is no place to hide. Thank you for joining us.


Thanks to our team on the ground. That is the women's marathon. The


athletics continues tonight in the stadium, with the women's 400m


hurdle heats at 7pm. Then there's the small matter of


the 100m semis at 7.45pm. Whatever you have planned for your Sunday


night, make sure you're with us on BBC One at 9.50pm, for the final.


But, before that, there's plenty coming up this afternoon.


Having reached the Wimbledon final four weeks ago, Andy Murray has two


chances of a gold medal today. Ben Ainslie could clinch his 4th


gold medal. There is historic action with


through women's first ever boxing bout, Natasha Jones goes for Team


The let us go to the ExCel Arena, this is a moment of history. This


is the moment that the sport has competing in the Olympic Games


boxing tournament. A significant and sturdy gender barrier has come


crashing down with their inclusion in the boxing tournament for the


first time in 108 years. Boxing was first a demonstration event. Here,


at the 30th Olympiad, women are competing on equal terms in the


boxing ring. It is being contested by the Russian, Savelyeva, and her


opponent, Kim, from the People's Republic of Korea.


Kim has suddenly started strongly, very positive on the front.


Savelyeva does preferred the back for it -- foot. A rematch of the


last two World Championships when these boxers met, in 2012, in China.


The Russian has prevailed in their previous two about. -- bouts.


Women's contests are fought over four two-minute rounds. Kim just


smothering her own work, launching an attack from the centre of the


ring. She is not getting the benefit of her combinations,


of the stop. And, the end of the first round, it is as tight as we


expected it to be between these two high quality boxers. 3-2, in favour


of the Russian. I think that is about right, Savelyeva is clever,


she picks her shop's, she doesn't waste much. Kim had good


combinations but smothered her work, so the sport is about right for now.


He a good right hand by Kim, the first round of this -- feeling


this women's 51 kg flyweight lightest of the three divisions


being contested here at London 2012. Against a fellow three-time World


Championship contender. Savelyeva is clever, she does tie her


opponent up. Savelyeva, moving nicely to the side, to give her a


room, to place herself back into the centre where she has plenty of


room to move off when Kim launches straight lines. -- her attacks in


straight lines. She needs to come in from an angle to get that


advantage against Savelyeva. Savelyeva has returned to the


orthodox stance. The referee to stipulating that she wants the


boxes to keep their heads up. Kim getting through with a good right


several occasions about tucking the club beneath the arms. If the


warnings continue to come, it could result in a public warning of which


would be two points on to the score of Savelyeva. Here we are, it been


the ExCel Arena, in London, we are saying this first ever of women's


boxing, it in Olympic history. The lead has been doubled in favour of


Savelyeva. Leading 6-4. Savelyeva it is very clever on the inside,


she holds on the blind side of the referee. Derek astute boxer in that


was the only one which did not feature both men and women. That


was changed in 2009 when it voted Committee voted to include women.


Women boxers here in the Alex -- and limping boxing tournament. --


ropes. It is good to see Savelyeva starting off more offensively.


Throwing the first phase, cantering that attack. -- countering. These


two met in the last two World Championships. A good exchange


bringing applause from the crowd as Savelyeva continues to switch. In


2010, at 54 kgs, she lost to Savelyeva in the final. And at the


quarter-final stage, it in China, earlier this year. Fishing in 7th


place. She launches from a little bit too far out. She needs to


become aggressive now, to throw first. To throw more punches, to


make up this deficit against Savelyeva. How difficult it is a


deficit in the context of this contest. With such a short rounds.


With just two minutes, instead of three minutes which the men compete


at. It doesn't give you much of time. Actually, if you get a lead


in the first rounds, it is very difficult to make up. Savelyeva led


by one point after the first, and after three rounds of boxing,


Savelyeva, from Russia, leads by three, she has extended her lead


once more. 9-6, in her favour. Small, little head movements from


Savelyeva. Then she moves nicely to final round. The deficit is a


challenge, particularly when faced with a boxer who is moving as


efficiently as Savelyeva. The 4th and final two minute round is


underweight in the women's 51 programme flyweight class. -- 51


kilogramme. Savelyeva, happy to hold on, she is


three points up. Came macro fiercely tried to work her hands --


Kim. A good right hand from her. And she got through with the second.


Look at the arm, being tucked beneath those of Savelyeva. But


scoring effectively. Knowing that she is trailing by three points.


And has only one more round to turn it around. She has come out in far


more aggressive fashion in this final round. She is less


Clinging on, preventing her opponent from working away, saying


to the referee she is not doing anything. But that is about


blind side of the referee. Difficult to do anything when she


is held. A first warning for Savelyeva. A left hand attack. But


this first ever women's Olympic bout, the woman In Red appears to


have done enough to progress through to the quarter-finals in


deficit, probably has not done make up for three points she was


down going into the last. All of the ring craft and guile of 28-


year-old Savalyeva was on display. She just prevented came from


working at the tempo she would like. She was employing a sneaky little


clutches, particularly on the blind-side of the referee. Now we


are about to get the official verdict in the first-ever women's


bout in the history of the Olympic bout in the history of the Olympic


Games. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner by a score of 12 points to


nine, in the red corner, representing the Russian Federation,


In a contest between these two familiar rivals, it is Elena


Savalyeva who has prevailed again. She has booked her place in the


quarter-finals. 12-9. The Olympic boxing ring has been the birthplace


for so many Olympic legends now has a fresh chapter as women are


competing for the first time as they set about building their own


Olympic legacy. Britain's Natasha Jonas us will be


in action in about half an hour. It will be available on the red button.


A lot of people pointing out to me that men a lot it to do -- not


allowed to do synchronised swimming, I know. Tennis has been one of the


originals. Women were allowed to compete in 1,900. The women's


compete in 1,900. The women's doubles gold medal match is in


progress right now. The Williams sisters have match point. That has


been saved by the Czech Republic pair. For Williams sisters trying


to win the doubles gold medal together for the third time. They


won it in 20021008. They would become the first tennis players,


male or female, to win four Olympic gold medals because both of them


have won the singles titles. We will be back at Wimbledon when that


match has concluded. The gold medal match in the men's singles is


between Murray and Federer. We are now going to head to the Jurassic


Coast of Dorset. There's been an upset. Leading overnight in the


Star class were Andrew Simpson and Iain Percy, trying to retain their


title, but things not going according to plan. We all head


there for an update. They lead by four points overnight... Eight


points. It is not going according to plan. I can see Shirley on a


boat. We are going to join the Percy, four years of Olympic


preparation, comes down to these final four minutes as they head


down wind. They have a medal. The colour is not yet decided. Sweden


have the advantage at the front. The Kiwis are in second place at


the moment. Great Britain, left of picture, out on the left-hand side


of the track. He had it looks good at the moment. It looks like they


were able to lay the finish. They would not have to do any gybes.


They are in a good position. At the They are in a good position. At the


moment it is looking good for the Brits. Great Britain are up to


fourth place. I'm holding on. It is not a straight line. Things could


change very quickly. This is far gold or silver? West Percy? He is


spending far more time looking back. They are coming down towards the


finish. They are on target for victory in the race, but they will


not know if they are on target... It looks like they will win this


race. They won't know which medal yet. It is the points scored during


the week. Sweden win the race. 32 points for Sweden. New Zealand


finish second. Great Britain coming Germany. 44 5th four top 5th would


be OK. A we need an aerial shot. can't call that here. We can't call


Great Britain finished 8th and that was not enough. That final race


scores double. Sweden win with 32 scores double. Sweden win with 32


A huge effort. You sailed a great regatta. Sometimes it can be so


cruel. Yes, it feels it at the moment. We end up racing in


ridiculous conditions at the end. We just got it wrong. It is pretty


gutting. We felt we sailed a good week and feel a little rocked, but


it is our fault. We will have to take it on the chin. He sailed so


well all week. You must have been so confident today. You are never


100% confident. It is -- it can be a lottery at times. We didn't get


it right, we can't blame anyone else. He fair play to the Swedes,


they had a great regatta and did a great job. So did the Brazilians.


We are really frustrated. Sorry to everyone watching. We feel bad for


you guys. We tried our hardest. hope you can take some consolation


from the fact that what you have achieved over the last 15 or 20


years has inspired not only a generation of sailors, but of


sailing fans. There were 4,500 people cheering for you. Do you


take comfort from that? Just coming past and getting the applause, we


were hurting so much inside, but it makes it so much easier to feel


that those guys are still happy for us. It meant so much. It will be a


highlight of my life. Probably that only put a smile back on our face.


Hard luck. We were so proud to watch that.


A fine effort, particularly from Rob Walker doing the interviews on


the boat's! Silver for them. Not long for Ben Ainslie in his attempt


to become the most decorated sale ever in Olympic history. He is


trying to win the Finn class and we will have coverage of VAT on BBC


Three. He is known as Big Ben. There's a real atmosphere between


these two. Ben Ainslie leads, he has overtaken Hogh-Christensen. He


could become the greatest Olympic sailor of all time. Those guys had


better watch out. The Dane has failed. Quite possibly the best


race of all. Ben Ainslie has gone far out in front and he is now


going to go for the Danish sailor. This puts a sequel going into the


medal race. -- this puts us equal. It is a good position to be in. It


will be fascinating on Sunday. There was some interchange there.


He made a big mistake, I am angry. He did not want to make me angry.


That is a great line! He just has to keep the Dane behind him and


gold will be his. Full coverage of that on BBC Three. On BBC Two, the


gymnastics has started and across the red button, you can select


whichever sport you want to watch. On BBC One, we will concentrate on


tennis. For Andy Murray, an instant shot at redemption. Four weeks ago


to the day he lost to Roger Federer in the Wimbledon singles final. But


the doubles has happened and Venus the doubles has happened and Venus


and Serena Williams did successfully win gold. Faces match


point. -- this is match point. Serena celebrates with Venus.


They've won the doubles gold medal The Williams family celebrates and


Championship. Number two. -- championship point number two.


Championship No. 74 Roger Federer! Fabulous first Wimbledon final for


Andy Murray. He has done himself proud, and his nation. I was


obviously very disappointed a few days afterwards. It wasn't NEC


defeat for me. One that was always going to take a few days if not


weeks to get over. Because as the Olympics was coming up, they gave


me the motivation to get myself back in the gym and on the practice


court and get myself ready. Overall, it was a good tournament. A lot of


players would have taken the position I was in at the end. I'm


going to try this and it's not The speech was tough. I knew when I


was walking up to the microphone that it was not going to be easy.


In some ways it was nice having Roger there. He's been in that


position before. He understands what it is like. Roger is 30 now.


He is not bad for A30 year-old! It is one of those things. All


athletes cry all the time, but most of the time you can hold it back.


You can get into the locker room and let go of it there. But when it


is the Wimbledon final and you have to stay for the ceremony, there's a


good 15 minutes until you have to speak. That is right about the time


you lose control of the emotions. I could not hold it back. Last of all


It is going to be a great match. We can now head from the Olympic Park,


16 miles across the city to SW19. The players have stayed in


Wimbledon. Murray is coming in from home. It is a very different


Wimbledon. It was raining heavily eight -- heavily earlier, so the


roof was shut for the women's doubles. Has it improved now? Sue


Barker has a couple of familiar For Ruth is closed at the moment. -


- for the roof is closed at the moment. But it will be opened in a


few minutes. Good news for Andy Murray. It is Federer against


Murray. Dewani to introduce these two? -- do I need danger Jews. We


thought it would be a repeat of the Wimbledon final. In it makes both


players play better. Since Roger Federer is the greatest player that


ever lived, you would think it would help him. It did at Wimbledon


with his serve. But Murray is playing better than he did at


Wimbledon. That match against Djokovic was the best big-time


match I've ever seen him play. I think the stars are aligned


properly. Or am I just dreaming? agree! I felt if it was windy and


maybe a bit cold, Murray would be happy. He would be. Federer's


record indoors is phenomenal. You saw those first two sets in the


Wimbledon final, they were outdoors and Andy was dominating. Federer


did a great job in the last 10 minutes of the second set and broke


serve and got on level terms. They shut up the roof and he went up a


gear. Today has got a different feel for top at Wimbledon with a


more traditional Championship crowd, there was a lot of support for


Federer. I think this is more of a Davis Cup feel and the support for


Andy will be phenomenal. That could make the difference. That will be


key. At Wimbledon, although the majority was for Murray, it will be


even more so today. They are to down polite at Wimbledon! There's a


difference today. If he starts as well as he did at Wimbledon... It


is back to best-of-five and he has never beaten Roger over five sets.


Federer knows what he's doing. about the semi-finals? They were


extraordinary in different ways. Federer, the longest three-set


match in the open era, 19-17 in the third set. 4 1/2 hours in the


context of a five-set match is pretty long. It will have felt


longer in a three-set scenario because they're so much more


emotional energy. He served to stay in the match 10 times. I'm sure it


would have taken something out of him. You saw his reaction at the


end when he kissed the Swiss flag on his shirt. I haven't seen that


much from Federer. It shows how much this means to him. He has won


Wimbledon seven times, but he has never won Olympic gold. The


pressure on Murray in a Wimbledon final is probably greater than the


Olympic final. With the way he has played, that match against Djokovic


was incredible. He was so aggressive, he was looking to


dictate the play, his attitude was fantastic. More of the same and he


has a great chance. It looks like the old Murray. He was getting


upset with himself, but in this case it seemed to help him play


better. There was a couple of moments, the back, the ankle, where


he stepped it up. I've watched him play a lot and that seemed to be


the hardest he has ever hit the ball. If he's playing with that


confidence, he will need to do that. I was amazed with Roger, even


though he wasn't playing his best, that his defensive skills on this


Murray said he sat down with his coach, watched that again, the


final, and said the only thing he would do differently pores over a


shot selection. I think he could use the court, if he Follies, that


would be the one difference. -- volleys. He is serving was an


unbelievable against Djokavic. There were a few moments where he


was getting frustrated, four service games where he had to save


break point, and he came out with some huge serving. He certainly


needs a good serving day-to-day. ripple of applause behind us


because the roof is opening. The sun is shining, it is very hot in


here so the players will be happy. It is very warm in here. To open


the roof and get the elements in, it doesn't make it so easy to play


so aggressively, so close to the line, which is what Roger Federer


likes to do. It is a gold medal they are playing


for. Everyone wondered, do the tennis players embraced the


Olympics like other sports, and I think they have. I wouldn't have


played here because I thought it was a joke because the


professionals were in the Olympics. But now, everybody is. When Agassi


won in Atlanta or, more of the top players started. I think they


should change the rules, this should be given the same importance


as a Grand Slam, it should be counted as a Grand Slam. I think


they are heading in the right direction. We will see what the


players say, if it means the same as Wimbledon. Even Andy Murray has


said this is as important. Definitely. The Olympics is the


pinnacle of sport. To have points in the Olympics is fine. White is


it 750 points, went a Grand Slam is much more. But I don't take it will


detract from the intensity of the match. What do you think of


Wimbledon? But all of the kids running around? I absolutely love


it. I think they should do more of this. In beach volleyball, they


have DJs, we should incorporate that! I am told the players will be


down here in five or six minutes. Everyone here it is ready to go.


Fantastic danced there, so noisy and colourful. -- fantastic down


there. Let us have a look down at Weymouth.


That is the boat that Ben Ainslie needs to kick in front of, and he


is. Full coverage of the final medal race to see if Ben Ainslie


can win his 4th gold medal, for coverage on BBC Three. Earlier on,


on BBC One, we showed you the women's marathon. We didn't get a


chance to catch up with Freya Murray, who came in when Paula


You've got into the marathon in strange circumstances. What was the


experience like? Absolutely amazing, it would have been lovely for Paula


Radcliffe to have been here. On the other hand, it was a brilliant


experience for me, hopefully a stepping-stone to Glasgow 2014, and


Rio. You are a relative newcomer, how difficult has it been to keep


in shape, to keep one eye on what Paula Radcliffe was doing, just in


case you are called on, as a reserve? I had it at the back of my


mind. At the same time, and was thinking about doing another


marathon. It is a funny balance, thinking about both at the same


time. I just had to keep fit. I got the phone call on Sunday. To get


the opportunity to come here, I am really pleased, as Phil like I have


justified my selection today, I am happy with that. What will carry


afford to future marathons? Experience, more than anything else,


this is my second marathon. My first one, I was so nervous about


silly things, water stations. Today, a feel like I have learned a lot of


things. Can I just say, thank you to everybody for their support, out


here, all of the messages, I am really lucky to have that behind me.


All the very best. Thank you, there are too many people to thank, my


coach, my fiancee, everybody, thank you so much. Freya Murray, taking


part in her first Olympic marathon, fishing in 54th place, desperately


wanting to thank everyone. We want to go over to Wimbledon, the roof


is opening. Roger Federer and Andy Murray will be emerging shortly, to


begin their gold medal match. Silver guaranteed for Great Britain.


Later, Andy Murray will be playing alongside Laura Robson in the Mixed


Doubles. On Court 1, Novak Djokovic it is


playing Juan Martin del Potro for the bronze medal. He was beaten by


Andy Murray in the semi-finals. We pick up a commentary here for a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


shot we have heard. Almost six He used that shot well against


Plenty of time to bid about how to construct the points. At the start,


he did look a little stiff, he was not moving as freely. By the end of


20 minutes, he was moving as well as he normally does. It is a long


match to get over, over four hours His 13th point in a row concerns --


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


On the line, make that 16 points in STUDIO: Coverage of the bronze


medal match continues on a red button. Meanwhile, of Roger Federer,


representing Switzerland, has walked out on to his favourite


court, ahead of Andy Murray. Roger Federer, getting a fair amount of


Andy Murray getting even more. On BBC Three, Ben Ainslie, locked in


battle, for the gold medal. He just has to finish in front of Hogh-


Christensen, to take gold. That is on BBC Three right now. It is


looking really tight at the moment. On BBC Two, gymnastics, full


coverage of that. And on the red We are concentrating on Andy Murray.


Beautiful conditions now above Wimbledon, the roof is open. Andy


Murray has been bitten by a Roger Federer in all his Grand Slam


For let us during our commentary team of Andrew Castle and Tim


for the second time in its history, the Olympic tennis events. Back in


1908, it was down the road. This stadium, Centre court, not open


until 1922. What a great success it has been. Andy Murray has another


chance to collect one of these titles. No question, the Olympic


tennis event has gone up in terms of its standing. All the talk of


what is it doing? By big it is up there with a Grand Slam. It is


strange how it has done it, in one go. It became a full medal sport


back in 1988. There was a Swiss gold-medallist in Barcelona. Agassi,


a winner of all four majors and an Olympic gold. He won in a canter.


The Nadal one in Beijing. So, the last medallist for Great Britain,


before Andy Murray and Laura Robson who will both win medals today, is


alongside May, it is Tim Henman. Good afternoon. Good afternoon.


can't wait for this. There is certainly a feeling that this could


be Andy Murray's time. It does have a very different feel, the whole


tennis event has had a different feeling from the Championships. A


different crowd. In the Wimbledon final, there was even support. This


Djokovic, world No. 2, there was on Friday night. Now the world No. 1


faces him once again. We've seen and heard some amazing things in


the stadium over the years. Borg and McEnroe in 1980, and


extraordinary tie-break. Boris Becker in 1985 as a 17-year-old. I


remember Ivanisevic netting a backhand volley in 1992 at 4-5.


That was to lose that match. Agassi winning here for the first time and


falling to the ground. Ivanisevic against Rafter in 2001, Federer and


Nadal in 2008. But I've never heard a noise such as when Murray broke


Djokovic's served on Friday night. It was amazing. A cacophony. You


are right, Tim, this will be on his side, the support will largely be


on Murray's side. A normal crowd would be slightly more balanced.


There's been so much momentum. The momentum has been building at this


event. When you think about momentum in terms of GDP, it has


been fantastic. Murray will be aware of that. He is a big sports


fan, he will have seen what was going on at the athletics, rowing


and cycling. He wants to win a gold medal. Greg Rutherford last night,


unbelievable. Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, unbelievable scenes. We are


cross-London now as Murray pursues gold twice today. Later on in the


mixed doubles against Laura Robson. -- with Laura Robson. This is his


first shot at gold. He is playing Roger Federer again. Best-of-five


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


I've seen lower lobs than this. This was quite testing, coming down


straight and fast and into the sun. He is seeing the ball OK, like he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


always does. Bit of early pressure Backhand down the line is an


effective shot against Federer because it will open up the chance


to get to his back and, but if you don't go to his forehand with


strength, you will be in trouble. - That shot looks in great nick. He


was not able to practise on grass this morning to find his rhythm. He


went indoors at the All-England caught on a carpet court and was


finding the middle of the racket That was a good start for Murray.


That was a good start for Murray. He faced a couple of break points,


but came through. They have played 16 times, they are 88 in terms of


victories. They have played in three Grand Slam finals. The US


Open, the Australian Open and Wimbledon 28 days ago. Murray has


picked up one said in those three finals and it was the first one at


Wimbledon. So often Federer has Certainly looking to settle down


early and come through those two break-points and hold serve is


Two spectacular semi-finals, Federer defeated Del Potro at 19-17


in the third set. 4 1/2 hours on That Wimbledon final, the third and


fourth sets saw Federer coming into the net a lot more. It will be


interesting to see how much time he His semi-final, Federer, lasted


over an hour longer than the Wimbledon final, which was four


sets. It was brutal. But he did have those 24 hours whilst Murray


was playing mixed doubles in two Indoors, outdoors, clay-court, hard


court, grass-court, that is a pretty good shot! You beat him on


this court. He was only 11 years There was another play we saw at


Wimbledon. The forehand drop shot and following into the net. Federer


will feel he should have won that point, Murray kept his eye on the


When Murray gets the chance, he has to look to be offensive, dictate


these points. If he lets federate get on his forehand and start


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


moving him around, that is when it We've seen a gold medal before at


the Olympics. 1896 by a British tennis player. Great Britain and


Ireland. John Boland. When he was at Cambridge University, he was


invited to Athens and he was on the organising committee, he said we


will let you play. King Bladud's Pigs in Bath won the gold in


singles and doubles. That was quite a long time ago. Murray has been


working his way into this. Isn't it to his great credit that after the


blow he took by losing that Wimbledon final that he can come


back and do this again? Puts himself imposition all the time.


Absolutely. I don't think many of us would have questioned his


character, but it was a great opportunity for him to have the


Olympics, a home games, to respond after the difficulty of losing the


final. He has played fantastic tennis so far in the eight days.


has beaten stand for Azarenka -- Aaron Karp. Yucca Nieminen, Marcos


Baghdatis, Almagro. And Djokovic. - A few more people coming in, but


there are no more NTC eight. Where It is an unusual problem to have at


an Olympic venue! Te many people Exactly the play Tim Henman has


been talking about. Murray being proactive. If he gets reactive, he


will let Federer dictate. If he is proactive, he will take the game to


That was a Porsche, no footwork At the Wimbledon final, he got 60%


of his first serves in. He likes serving to Murray, for some reason.


We'd call that a good miss. He is disappointed he missed his shot but


that is the right idea. He will not be Federer if he is tentative and


Both players in these early exchanges of the first four Games


have had an opportunity to break serve but it is two Games all. Five


sets, not three, the only five set match of the Olympic tennis event,


the gold medal match in the men's The shaping up to hit the two


hander than taking one hand off the racket and coming underneath the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


This is the end he struggled from, the first time he served come from


the Royal box end. He faced two break points. He is under pressure


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


Another Murray hold. His best of -- this best of five set Olympic


finalist building, we are just STUDIO: At Weymouth, the conclusion


of Ben Ainslie's race has been occurring. He needed to stay in


front of the Danish boat, not too far behind the Dutch post. This is


looks around. Where his the going to be overall? From a British


perspective, let's see the other sailors. Second is New Zealand in


the race. Third is Spain. 4th will be Croatia. Fifth will be the


Netherlands. Ben Ainslie is heading towards the finish line. Well, the


crowds are about to cheer now because Ben Ainslie wins his 4th


Olympic gold. He is the greatest sailing Olympian in the history of


the Games! STUDIO: The shots of Ben Ainslie


their show you how much it means to him. His 4th gold medal at the


Olympics. The most successful sailor in terms of all medals won


in all time and that is Britain's 15th gold medal of the Olympic


Games, in third place behind China and the USA. At the minimum, Da


silver de and today, two Silva's guaranteed today at Wimbledon. --


When they have gone toe-to-toe, it is Murray who has looked the most


potent. The ball is coming off his Federer is not feeling quite so


much love in this arena, where he has won the championship so many


Oh, he had it. Something over the net was good. Murray did well with


the first passing shot to get it down at his feet, but that second


backhand, you would have backed him to have made that. Still on


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


You see the importance of taking these half chances. Love 30 come a


backhand in the net, a couple of point -- a couple of points later,


A good deep return from Murray of the second serve. It keeps him in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


Murray did well to play -- Murray did well to make Federer play the


ball where. It has the effects when it hits the lines of slowing the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


ball right down. Murray kept his He did not miss by much but Murray


looking very comfortable in these baseline exchanges. He is not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


overplaying, he is keeping the ball Were heavy hitting from unmarried,


along the first long break is greeted by off the biggest Raul --


Her Andy Murray had the opportunity on the backhand. Straight into the


It has got an element of table tennis. This is not an easy ball.


The perfect strategy, he has waited for his opportunity, committed to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


This is efficient hitting it from a Federer is not looking great at


Federer has not looked great many times and he has won a grand-slam


championships. Andy Murray gets a break of serve. Bang it a couple of


serves down and sit down at the The players have three challenges.


This one was close. It was either outside edge or just out. At 218


kilometres per hour that is Andy Murray's fastest serve of the week.


Another one. That is the way. Good coaching, Andrew. If in doubt,


smack it and that is what Andy Murray did there. It is exactly


what he did against Djokovic when he was trouble, he served his way


out of trouble. Andy Murray is up in this first set. Federer is a


begins did. Andy Murray made a great start in a Wimbledon final,


but this is a good opportunity to get a good first set under your


belt of then pile on the pressure. The difference being a best of five


set match, one set is good, 2-0 would be even better. Andy Murray


is playing clean tennis at the moment. Wasn't sure whether playing


there's Mixed Doubles matches on the rest day after Friday night


would be a perfect preparation. Mentally it would have been quite


good for him. It was almost like a good distraction to have, otherwise


he would have been practicing a little bit, a lot of media things,


and to get him back out on Centre Court, Court 1, in unbelievable


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


atmosphere, it was perfect. Pretty nonchalant finish to this


after the forehand down the line. For Andy Murray, two points from


the set. He just gobbled that first serve up. 37 minutes played, Andy


He has got it! It is not one-way traffic, but he is the dominant


player here, Andy Murray the first set, 6-2.


CLARE BALDING: If you are trying to remember the first set to hit the


Wimbledon final, Andy Murray one that 4-6-4. Ben Ainslie has won, he


has got four gold medals. All half his boats carry the same name, Rita,


he is a one-woman man, he has been speaking to rob Walker. You are the


latest -- greatest Olympic sailor in history. Yes, it is times like


this you are supposed to have something clever to say but I am


speechless. It has been a really tough week, amazing competition,


especially from Jonas, but this was the time to do it, at home in front


of a home crowd. I am just so glad for all the people who have


supported me over the years, my family, sponsors, all the people


love come here and all the people supporting across the country.


Listening to a crowd like that makes a difference. You really had


to do this the hard way, 6 defeat on the bounce to half Christensen,


event you must have been starting to think is this my year, will it


be decoyed -- glorious finish? After six races I was in a bit of


trouble and had to turn things around. Thankfully added that and


got it right when it counted in the middle race. I cannot believe it.


This course is one of the harvest - - hardest I have ever sailed on. I


do want to go through anything like that again in my life. CLARE


BALDING: He just is a great man under pressure. There was the


silver medal earlier in the sailing for Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson.


What will happen here? It could yet be gold, it will be at the very


least silver, Andy Murray has started fantastically well taking


the first set 6-2. Let's join a Tim Straight from the sailing to Centre


Court. There is a sense something is a little different here today.


Most people would pick Andy Murray for this match, and he has made a


Unlike all the other men's single matches here that have been best of


three sets, this is the best of We are not too far into this match


Sport is about staying in the present tense and Murray played a


brilliant first set. He has got to start all over again at the


beginning of this second set, hold Late call. Federer is challenging.


I cannot remember seeing Federer Been watching both of these players


throughout their careers and at the moment there is only one person out


there in terms of really engaging in this match and that is Andy


Murray. The first couple of games where key, Andy Murray held serve


in the first service game, got the early break, five games in a row,


he wants to keep his momentum, keep the pressure on Federer. He is


going for a third break of serve in a row against Federer on Centre


They do is going to have to decide whether he wants to be out there


and grind and give blood for this, otherwise the match is going to


slip away. Nothing to taken for granted with Federer, he could slip


into deer any time but this is Again, Murray has to do a good job


in focusing on his game plan, worrying about his game. Must not


be too concerned about what is going on with Federer, you want to


But is not going to do much for his mood. A dead net cord. That is


three more break points for a 6th game in a row for the man with the


momentum, Andy Murray. An acknowledgment, a quick sorry, but


Is a tough challenge? Murray is challenging the call, or maybe it


No, there is another one! Someone is looking after him! Maybe this is


And a dead net cord that 0-30, a dead net cord had 0-40, 6-2, to nil.


He was never a set and a break up in the Wimbledon final, although he


did win that first set, so new Come on, Andrew, get him to hit


those big serves again. OK, two big serves. He has got that break,


What a second serve. That thing had some weight behind it. It was


pretty much out the whole way until it bounced, it just occurred in at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


the end into the corner. -- it Again, another very good second


serve. Right on to the service line. I would like to see him kidding if


service line with his first serve here. -- I would like to see him


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


hitting the service line with his Well, he stuck out a big court


there. This was almost like saving a penalty. Just good enough. It was


his positioning, move forward, cut down the angles. Amazing. Strength


as well as anticipation double Look at the spin on that ball, but


Murray should have won the point by then. He will feel he had the short


ball that he approached on and did not do enough. You walk a tight


To that is first class match play, Tim. It certainly was, he did not


go for the big first serve. He made the want to bet Federer's backhand


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


and got a weak reply and then he And the same place. Making sure off


the first serve. Playing the point on his terms. And going into the


body there, not giving Federer an opportunity to swing at the ball.


This is mature play. A vital little money battle in the context of this


And reward again for a first serve Murray electing to stay back on the


short ball as well. He feels very comfortable staying back against


The longer this game goes, the more important is in the context of this


set and this match. A break is not a break until you have held your


own serve and 6-2, 2-0, it is vital that Murray keeps this momentum.


Federer has lost six Games in a row. Nothing has gone his way, that is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


And he was a puppet on a string, wasn't he, there? Brilliant play.


There was one ball off the back count down that line that Federer


looked at, almost stopped the rally to challenge but it was outside


edge. There is Laura Robson, she is on later on, a mixed doubles final


against Victoria Azarenka and Max He can't quite find that first


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


There are babies crying, mobile In the Wimbledon final there was a


20 minute service game from Andy Murray but Federer ended up


breaking. This has a similar feel. Can Andy Murray get out of trouble


this time and hold serve? Such an Again, took a little bit off the


serve. Wait for the safe serve, slipped it out wide and got the


This game is why we never want no lad the scoring. This is our sport


encapsulated. 14 minutes of combat. Just in this game. He tries to keep


the momentum he has generated, Federer is trying to get into the


That was sharper. That will be a big surprise to Roger Federer. This


was brilliant. There was no room down there, that it didn't exist,


that shot. That is it, he has got to serve an ace and sit down. What


You never, ever want to tempt fate but you have to say this is looking


great for Andy Murray. Federer, or through everything he knew, his


vast amount of experience, Murray down the other end, Murray resisted.


That one shot down the line, you just think, that is the day. Such


an important game in the context of this set and this match. Andy


Murray is such a good job of getting through. There is no point


in thinking about the future if you have just got that break of serve


then to give a break back. To be up one set, and 3-0, such a strong


position. Seven games in a row. There was some thought we might be


playing this final under the roof. Serena Williams and Venus Williams


winning the doubles earlier round. Williams didn't lose a set in


singles or doubles, we may be looking at a double gold medal here


with Andy Murray, he has two opportunities, this one in the


Men's Singles final and later on Fantastic place so far from Andy


That, actually, it was a winning shot from Andy Murray but they have


to be played the point because the call came just as Federer was


playing his shot. The out call was corrected. Just put this did it to


discover really. The safest way of A flick of the wrist and another


one of those past Federer. Andy You sometimes watch Federer and


think everything comes so easy to him, this is certainly not the case


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


It has been 45 minutes since Federer won a game and we are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


playing on Centre Court. That is I bet Andy Murray was thinking it


How was that lob? That is superbly. -- superbly. He is clamped onto


this match and making Federer's He has even turned this game around,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


I can hear Federer trying to get It is long. Federate challenging


the call. Definitely looked out from where we are. Just on the off


chance from the Federer. 4-0, this Said Mervyn King in the crowd, the


Governor of the Bank of England, if he knows something about Swiss gold,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


I am sure. Not sure if we will see It is the right idea from Federer,


just not with the same conviction. Normally when he gets round that


forehand he will really go for it, that was more of a push. He has not


let this go yet, has he? Definitely Federer is keen to get another game


So, hold your hand up if you picked this. 6-2, 5-0. It is ten games 0.


Every little contest, including the one in the third game here, the 20


minute game, every little contest has been won by Murray and that is


about determination, depth of character and who wants it to have


things like that, isn't it? certainly has. It is safe to say


that Maria will be at the change of ends thinking 6-2, 50 match -- 5-0,


but he can't think about that. He must play each point as it comes.


There is no good thinking about the consequences of the match. How much


conscious thought is there in a situation like this? It seems he is


on automatic pilot. He is, he has a game plan, executing it well.


Process, not outcome. He has to play this next point as if it is


another game, keep doing what he is doing and keep the pressure on


Federer. Because there is going to be a reaction from Federer at some


stage. You know there is going to be moments in the match where


things do not necessarily go your way and everything has gone


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


Murray's weight but he has to keep Federer having a moan at the umpire,


a late call. Too many mistakes, he The umpire might miss respond by


saying, you are making a few yourself! -- the umpire might


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


Murray bossing yet another point, The first game in 11. Four Roger


Federer. I think it might have been an hour since he won his last game.


Absolutely extraordinary performance from Andy Murray so far.


It is the best of five sets, the Olympic men's final and Murray


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


He did not try to do too much with this backhand pass, just guided it


down the line. Another point you wouldn't really expect Federer to


win and Murray has come up with an Well, he was determined to have a


hit on that backhand side and he wanted to Anke back front foot and


he did, and he built the rolling, but he missed the shot. Fall on


commitment, this, watch this. -- A full commitment. As he gets up, it


No, he has missed another one. He From Federer's point of view it is


the right play. He must be aggressive and dominate with his


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


The ball is called long. No sign of a challenge from Federer. He is


being wiped out here. Murray is on they marched to gold. It is the


CLARE BALDING: Remember, Federer beat Juan Martin Del Potro in an


epic. Del Potro has been in the bronze-medal match against Novak


Djokovic. As we confirm that Murray took the second set 6-1, this is


what happened on the other court. Del Potro won the bronze medal, the


first medal for Argentina of these Games, hence his celebrations. If


you ever worried about the place of tennis at the Olympic Games, when


you see the reactions of these players and their support team to


winning something for their country rather than for themselves, just


look at this. And that is for a bronze! Fabulous for him. And on


Centre Court, welcome Andy Murray leads by two sets to love, and


Great Britain at the moment in third place in the medals table and


have moved to 15 gold medals courtesy of Ben Ainslie, who this


morning, early this afternoon, won the Finn class to take his 4th


There was a silver for Andrew Simms and Andy Iain Percy. It is a


healthy total. Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford, their medal ceremonies


will be between 6pm and 7pm this evening. There is a full programme


of athletics action on BBC One this evening. Christine Ohuruogu defends


her title. The men's 100 Mater final is at 9:50pm. I have one word


of warning and a desire hearing of a heavy storm has been passing from


the west across the country. It is around the Coventry and Nuneaton


area and you want to hope it does not come and do anything to upset


this match because it is all too good at the moment. Let's go back


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


to the commentators. -- let's go Sweet and efficient from Roger


Federer. It is the easiest game he has had this entire match on serve


as he tries to get something going. He is two sets down in this Olympic


final. Most recently he was two sets down at Wimbledon on this


court and he beat Julian Benneteau of fans. I believe that was a third


round match. What is the mentality when you are two sets down, how do


you go about your task? Federer has to have a similar thought process.


He knows there is a long way to go in this match and he has to start


all over again at the beginning of the third set and that is the same


for Murray. He would certainly like the foundation that Maria has built,


being up two sets to love, here. As we saw with that match against


Benneteau, things can turn around quickly so Murray has to be on his


We sought the statistics at the end of the second set, Federer had


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


A good start for Andy Murray on serve in the third set. Can he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


continue to put pressure on the And again, it is the right idea,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


trying to impose himself on the Fair weather at the moment.


Beforehand people were saying if the roof closed they fancied


Federer, and if it was open, Andy Murray. That was a popular


sentiment. With Federer's style of play it looking to beat so


aggressive and going so close to the lines it is better if there are


no elements, there is no breeze in the Centre Court arena. But right


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


now with the platform Murray has Andy Murray is doing a good job of


keeping his emotions in check. He would be his highest achievement on


court in his life following so much disappointment, largely at the


hands of Federer, and Djokovic and This young man he was prepared at


the age of 15 to live overseas in Spain and grind it out, learned his


craft, worked so hard in the ensuing 10 years, specimen


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


Look at that, even from 8, 9 feet behind the baseline he is able to


get the power and penetration to get through Federer. 15-30, an


And that is long. Andy Murray has got the ball down to Federer's feet.


And he now has the chance to really land a heavy blow on Federer. Two


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


And every time Federer throws some heat down to Andy Murray, he


returns it again and again and again. It is almost as if all of


these defeats he has suffered at the hands of these star names over


the years, he has tried to be part of the big show, and you are seeing


the moment of his arrival, quite thrilling to watch. Especially for


Rob on the left, and Matt and Kimberly in the middle. Very glad


to see his mum and dad both here today. We thought the other day


against Djokovic he played the best tennis we have ever seen him play.


Certainly in a big match against one of the top three, if you like.


Andy Murray has really continued where he has left off, given


Federer no breathing space. The last break point, they are hitting


from Murray is so clean he never really let Federer get on top of


the point, he had that opportunity, I drove the backhand card -- he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


drove the backhand hard across 15,000 people here, 14,000 of them


going, yes, every time he wins a point. And he can begin to see the


finishing line at this point. He Federer is going to beat 31 years


of age of Wednesday. A long way from Centre Court. It is almost as


if he loves to be anywhere but here right now. Away from Murray's


Look at where he is in the court, he is inside the baseline. The


power sending everything short away. Yet to drop a point on serve in


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


It is unbelievable, you don't hear that at Wimbledon, do you, at the


Murray has got to go in for the Well. This is... Well, let's not


say anything! Let me just say Laura Robson has picked a pretty good


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


And it is just the sweetest touch, isn't it? 17 times, he has won this


sport's most important titles. So he is not a wait until he is away.


-- he is not away, until he is a Hat softer Federer on this occasion,


15-40 down, they were virtual match points. Federer hangs on Murray was


CLARE BALDING: Andy Murray playing sensationally well. The news on the


Storm, by the way, it is heading north of London, so we can stop


worrying about that. On BBC Two, gymnastics coverage. Great Britain


are guaranteed a medal on the pommel horse because Max Whitlock


is in second place and there are not too many more to go. Louis


Smith being one of them, the bronze medallist from Beijing. Two left to


COMMENTATOR: 6-2, 6-1, 4-3, Andy Murray, world number four playing


for Team GB against the world number one, the Swiss, Roger


Federer. If he can hold two service games, he will be the Olympic gold


He has brought the Federer dancing feet to a standstill over these


last couple of hours or so. Has Federer got anything left to resist


It is those baseline exchanges that Maria has won time and time again.


He is so solid from the back of the court. He forced Federer into the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


Absolutely incredible serving from Andy Murray, 16 straight points on


serve in this third set. Right when CROWD CHANTS: Andy, Andy, and it. -


It doesn't matter who you of, or what has gone on before, when you


serve for the biggest victory of your career, you are going to be a


little bit tight. Federer stirred - - serving to stay in this match.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 85 seconds


Whatever happens, Murray will serve OK. We will see what happens now.


How many times he has been denied by these boys. Now he can put one


over them. Ever since he pulled on that Team GB shirt, he has been


like a man possessed this week. Unbelievable will power. All the


training, everything he has done, all the processes he had six gone


through to make itself what it is. It comes down to this game.


certainly does. The biggest service game of his life and has he has


done such a good job in the whole match, he has to break it down one


point at a time. A clear picture in his mind of the way he wants to


play each point. Stand up to the A couple of free points on serve


would not go amiss. There were tears after the Wimbledon final a


few weeks ago, may be different tears in a few minutes time. We


A perfect length on the forehand from Murray. There is a challenge


from Federer, a linked challenge, but he has that right. It did look


good. Come on, on the line, get in! Just in case you thought Federer


was going anywhere, he clocked that forehand down the line. He has


missed those on countless occasions. Typical that he would make it now.


This is the time when Murray really Yes! A good call, Tim. A hundred


and 35 miles an hour. Come on, maybe he doesn't need a ground


stroke here. That would be fine. Give him that ball back. He wants


It is a golden triumph for Andy Murray! Gold for Team GB. He


finished off like the champion that What a response from 28 days ago.


He is going to do a Pat Cash. He is off. Let's see if he can find a


route up there. The gold medallist, we last saw this with Rafael Nadal,


the Beijing gold-medallist in 2008 Those who have been with him,


supporting him. The man he shared a room with in Spain when he was just


a youngster. Agents, friends, his father, delighted to see him here.


Paul Hutchins, the team manager, his mother. In the meantime,


applause for Roger Federer, a great champion he will return. Blown off


the court today in less than two hours, you couldn't have picked it.


Laura, more hugs for her later because he goes for gold with her


in the Mixed Doubles. And that is I hope he doesn't twist his ankle


before that Mixed Doubles final. We have all been put through the


wringer. Andy Murray's four Grand Slam championship finals he has


faced. He is going to enjoy this as much as he felt they heard from the


losses he has suffered. What a fantastic performance from Andy


Murray. 6-2, 6-1, 6-4 on the Centre Court at Wimbledon to take apart


Roger Federer. Unbelievable performance. I think he wants more


this afternoon. How about a double gold? We will see later on. Singles


He will sign a few autographs, then maybe an interview or two to be


done down there. Some American television, the world will have


watched this, it is a global sport, 44 nations represented. Andy Murray


comes out on top. Are you OK this time?


I feel much better. Definitely easier winning in the final then


losing. I played a really good match, the conditions were very


winded but I did well. You did more than well. Where do you put that in


great victories? In it is number one. It is the biggest one of my


life. This week has been incredible, so far. Had a lot of fun, the


support has been amazing, one more match to go. It has been


unbelievable. The crowd really has played their part, they have been


like an extra player. Unbelievable. It is not just here, all of the


events I have watched, I watched the athletics last night, it was


amazing. Did it inspire you? It was amazing. The way Mo Farah one, I do


400 metres repetitions in my training, and when I am completely


fresh I can run it in 57 seconds and his last lap after 9,600 metres


was 53 seconds. Unbelievable fitness. It gave me some momentum


coming in. You are a Olympic champion. Amazing. I didn't expect


that at the start of the week. I had a chance of going deep into the


tournament, a bit tired after Wimbledon and playing in the Mixed


Doubles as well but I felt so fresh. On the court today I didn't feel


nervous, really, at all apart from the beginning of the match.


Everyone was so worried about your after Wimbledon and said how will


you respond? This is how you respond. It is worth it. I have had


a lot of tough losses in my career. This was the best way to come back


from a Wimbledon final, I will never forget it. You played a


brilliant match, you thrilled everybody here and at home, and


enjoy the ceremony, and the Mixed CLARE BALDING: You can hear the


emotion in his voice and the fact he cannot get quite a ferret. He


was a reaction in the Olympic Park, thousands of people gathered in the


sunshine to watch Andy Murray win the gold medal in men's tennis.


That is great Britain's first gold medal in tennis since 1908 when


which she won it. This is Andy Murray to reaction to his biggest


win of his life. 6-2, 6-1, 6-4, not often you see that in terms of


Roger Federer's career losses. Murray has a great track record in


the best of three-set matches against Federer, the first time he


has beaten him in best-of-five. Let's go back to Centre Court and


in the Mixed Doubles sown. Sue Barker not able to do interviews


on-court as we would do at Wimbledon. This is the Olympics.


From the reaction of Andy Murray you know how different it is. Tim


Henman knows what it feels like, he won a silver medal of years back.


It is a shame for the crowd they didn't get to hear from the new


champion. You won a silver medal, you know what it is like to be at


the Olympics. To do it in that manner was incredible. Absolutely


amazing. Everybody has been talking about where their the brief would


be closed and to his favour, and I thought after the performance at


Wimbledon I thought Federer was the slight favourite but to play the


greatest player in history of hour sport on his favourite court, and


to win in three sets in less than two hours, unbelievable. I was


watching the athletic as cycling yesterday. There is so much


momentum in the British team. He has really taking advantage of that,


the best performers I have seen in such a big match for him. --


performance. He has got the chance to go for more gold this afternoon.


It is incredible. I just said, we wondered how he would respond after


that is by the end of the Wimbledon final, he has answered everybody by


coming back even better. I think he learnt from that experience. The


first couple of games where the key. He was able to get out of trouble,


a couple of games went with serve and then to having to in the third


set, that doesn't have done t Federer -- 2-2. It is unbelievable.


It is amazing. He thoroughly deserves it. So may -- so much talk


about the Grand Slam finals, an amazing achievement. And again, 2-0


in the second set. Hello, what did you make of it? I thought he would


have won a little bit easier. I think after everything he has been


think after everything he has been through, every year, this guy knows


all about that, I feel bad for you. I had silver and now he has got


gold. It is unbelievable to feel like you could play here in London,


at Wimbledon. That is where an Olympic gold is like a Slam. When


they decide the next had the will be the valve -- the same value


moving forward. We have had the fortune of had the tournament here.


Andy Murray got inspired watching the athletics, cycling. You have


been at the Olympic Park and you know what it means, great tennis is


part of it. I keep saying this is my first one, loving every minute


of it. I will go to about seven different events for next week.


Without a doubt, if you look at tennis, Agassi got inspired,


Sampras, that lifts people of. Magnified that way you get an


Olympics where everybody is talking about your country, I remember I


saw he spent the night in the village one night, and we are


spoilt, tennis players, we don't realise how great we have it, we


can make anything at all those other athletes who get them moment


in the sun, financially the rewards are not there because they do it


because it is the Olympics. For us to be part of that, people want to


take pictures with the tennis players, eight or nine players


actually carried their flags for the respective countries so I am


starting to think, I wish I had played. As far as he goes, the way


he has played here and the manner in which she has beaten Djokovic


and Federer, he has got to dig a lot away. No doubt about it. When


London won the pit, all Federer talk about the last four years was


wanting to have the opportunity of playing Olympic tennis at Wimbledon.


Probably was thinking in the back of his mind to win a gold medal in


singles. For Andy Murray to beat Djokovic in the semi-finals there


Federer in the final is unbelievable achievement. A huge


moment, a huge stepping stone in his career. There's four Grand Slam


finals he has lost would have been so hard to take an tears of


disappointment, but to see him out there winning in straight sets is


incredible. A long time since I have seen Federer so shell-shocked.


The first time in a long time where he looked his age and he just


didn't know what to do which is pretty hard. Djokovic has won


Australia, Nadal won the French, Roger won Wimbledon, Andy Murray


has won the Olympics, it is all up for grabs in the US Open, and then


come to the O2 Arena in late November, could Andy Murray be


ranked No. 1 at the end of the Year? Is that conceivable? There


was a dream for Andy Murray. said at the beginning of the year


for the London games, this is what he wanted to do and came here and


produced his best. The medal ceremony will take place and I have


got the feeling he will break down again. Why not? There were tears of


disappointment after the Wimbledon final. Again it was just that tiny,


to have this around the corner and give him another opportunity, he


has the whole nine days, it has been incredible. He should revel in


every minute of it. Here they can. Juan Martin del Potro defeated


Djokovic for the one Basil -- the bronze medal. The medallists been


laid out at the victory ceremony. Juan Martin del Potro will be on


the bronze part of the podium, as tall as the gold medallist, Andy


The irony of the nationality of the Under whose auspices this Olympic


tennis event is run in conjunction with the International Olympic


Bronze medallists, at representing Argentina, Juan Martin del Potro.


Insignificant -- magnificent semi- final. For Argentina, he defeated


Silver medallist, representing Switzerland, Roger Federer. Perhaps


an emotional Roger Federer. He has had so many triumphs on the Centre


Court, seven Wimbledon titles in eight finals plus gold in Beijing,


at Olympic medal in the doubles. Not a bad 30 rolled, third Andy


Murray a few weeks ago, quite right. -- 30-year-old said Andy Murray.


Gold medallist and Olympic champion representing Great Britain, Andy


This proud son of Dunblane, he has been through so much, such a


deserved victory. Djokovic in straight sets, the world number two.


Federer in the final, he dismissed He was emotional when he lost the


Wimbledon final and on the verge of. Please stand for the national


CROWD: # God save our gracious Queen!


# Long live our noble Queen! # God save the Queen!


# Send her victorious. # Happy and glorious.


# Long to reign over us. Andy Murray, never a man to take


short cuts, nor mum either. The sacrifice has been theirs, shared


as a family and the joy will be as well. A salute from the other men.


They take medals at the London Olympics 2012 and now they will


pose for the shots that will go around the world. It is the single


shot of Andy Murray which will surely be viewed the most because


this is a triumph which has been long in the coming. He can relax


and enjoy the rest of the Olympic Games, which he so adores now. Safe


and secure in the knowledge that he can win at the very highest level.


There is no weakness. All the doubters who said there is a


problem, he can't do it, he can't walk through the door, it is


nonsense! There is no room for And one senses that after this


victory, there could be so much more to come, but that is for


another day. He must revel in this, Nobody but the competitors in the


Olympic Games truly can understand what they go through, what steps


they have to addicted within themselves, what inner strength


they have to find to produce their ultimate performances. But it takes


years. It is not success which just arrives overnight. There is no such


They are very big gold medals, this year, almost? -- aren't they? The


most important success of his career. And perhaps a launch pad


for so much more, now that he has claimed that first victory at this


level. Roger Federer stays as the world's number-one tennis player


and the tennis world will regather in a few weeks, for New York City.


But as far as Olympic tennis is concerned, well, it has gone from


strength to strength this weekend you can see the commitment of the


players, what that shows you about what they think about the Olympic


Members of the ground staff there. The person in charge has been here


23 years. They had to prepare the ground and they did a grand job.


Centre Court has taken a hammering and so have all the courts in use.


But just as they have been resilient, so too has Andy Murray.


Tennis has made a valuable contribution to the medal table as


far as Team GB are concerned and there is more to come to date and


more Andy Murray and it is going to be a fascinating match, as he plays


with such confidence with Laura Robson against Max Mirnyi and


Victoria Azarenka a little bit later on. They are the top seeds in


the mix but I don't think they are So that is it as far as singles is


concerned from Centre Court. Serena Williams, double gold, singles and


pairs. Gold for Andy Murray and Great Britain. What a fitting place


to see his greatest triumph and Sue Bob thanks very much, and it,


that was amazing, a proud, proud moment. One he will never forget?


Definitely. It is incredible, the Olympic spirit. It is is are seeing


a podium on the Centre Court of Wimbledon and Andy going up there,


getting gold. He looked like he was in a state of shock but hopefully


it can sinking quickly because he has more business to do this


afternoon. We were saying, it is the man at with which she has


played this tournament and the spirit, he looked a different


person? You know, because we talked a lot of towns about getting the


crowd in full tonight think it made a big difference and it bumped him


up. That's six two game, a couple of times he could have lost it, the


Crown will -- the crowd willed him on after a couple of mistakes he


did not think he should make. He started feeding of it. This could


be an argument for him playing mixed doubles that Major's because


he seemed to really enjoy it out there. We are going to pause


because I think Roger is coming in. A great effort. Hello, Roger. You


came up against an inspired opponent today? Yes, he played very


well. He was better, much better than I was today. But still, I am


very happy with the silver. It was a tough tournament from start to


finish. I had a very emotional tournament from the first round,


the quarters, the semis, so maybe I was drained. I was left emotional


in the early rounds but nevertheless, I don't think I


played too bad in the finals but things did not go my weight and


Andy was confident, made good decisions. It is unfortunate but


still a great day for me. It was an emotional semi-final but how key


was that to nil game in the second question he was up a break already.


You had so many break points already come it could have swung


it? We had the same amount of break points but he converted that many


more. I did not convert any. That is not good enough to win a finals


like that. I really hope to with the best-of-five sets I would get


my teeth into the match but I felt I was slow in the corner. Some


wrong decisions from time to time. That does not pay off in the finals.


Andy looked like he was never doubting himself, he had a clear


plan. I did to but he came through. Was it too soon after Wimbledon for


you to peak? No, I had a great preparation, all of us. I took


three weeks off. Everything went perfect. I could not be more happy.


Today, a few points here and there, things could have been different. I


had a medal, that is what I wanted in the singles. I am happy for Andy,


because he has a tough last few years, on a very high level, let's


not feel too sorry for him. He has had a wonderful career. I am happy


he got the gold today. Well said, thank you for coming up, I know you


have other commitments. Thank you, Roger. That sums it up, the whole


tournament took too much out of him? That is right. You could see


after he won the semi-final against Del Potro, he went 90-17 in this


third. There were tears of joy in a semi-final which is unheard of for


Federer. -- he won it 19-17. Perhaps it was one step too far and


the final but Murray was the biggest problem. He played a clean


match. You reflect on Marie's final five sets in this event, the two


sets against Djokovic and three straight against their career, it


is unbelievable. He played best. He deserves the gold medal. It is a


huge stepping stone for him in the context of his career. Roger was


gracious in defeat, as you would expect but as far as he was saying,


emotionally and physically drained. Yes, it is hard to play all those


matches, six matches in eight days. I think it caught up to him. He


looked a little flat. Murray's movement was unbelievable and got


in his head. He did not worry much about the 2-0 game, he said he was


a breakdown but it could have switched momentum. At Wimbledon and


the final, there was a 20 minute service game for Murray and Federer


broke. It went to about ten or 11 juices and Federer got a break of


serve and got on a roll and Murray was the one on the role of Berrett


was trying to get back in. Once he was up, that was a great platform


but he did not stop. He won nine straight games and that does not


happen to Federer on a grass court, so an incredible achievement and he


should be very proud. I have to do something for American TV, I will


see you soon. Thank you, John. We could have


another gold medal because he is coming out in about 40 minutes to


play the mixed doubles with Laura Robson. They are up against


Azarenka and Max Mirnyi, the top seeds. But anything is possible


that? Murray will be walking on there. People will say has the had


a tough schedule, but he will have so much adrenalin and the way the


spirit of the Great Britain team across all sports has been


producing some unbelievable performances, he will say, let's do


the double here. Laura Robson, what a story that is. She was not in the


singles event and she got in as an altar that and then she was in


doubles, suddenly she is in mixed and playing for the gold medal. It


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