BBC Two: Day 9: 1.50-4.30 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 9: 1.50-4.30

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Hello, welcome to an afternoon of gymnastics from the North Greenwich


Arena. We have had a couple of days off, but today is about the


individual apparatus finals. Behind me, we have got the floor and the


men's pommel horse and the women's fault. It is all about the


specialists. Louis Smith has been all over the news. Can he do what


seems to be the impossible? No British gymnast has ever across any


of the gymnastic events got a gold medal at the Olympic Games,


including artistic gymnastics, trampoline, rhythmic gymnastics,


all of the different events. Over the last few days, British gymnasts


have done wonders for British Gymnastics, really putting it on


the map, not least the men, they got the first team medal the men


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


the job! Look at the reaction in A massive fruiting. Surely, a


massive score. A very solid from Daniel Purvis. Printed on home,


young man. This is down to you. That is just what was needed!


It was just the most unbelievable competition to witness, and to have


the privilege of commentating on. There is the strangest atmosphere,


everybody is hoping that that bronze-medal can help Louis Smith


to was the Olympic Cauldon. It is an emotional time for everybody


involved, not least his mother. This could shape up to be the


biggest day in Louis Smith's life, he is bound to be feeling the


nerves. That is your little boy, he could make history today. At the


moment, I am feeling really good. But in a little while, I will be


really nervous, when I see him in there and it is nearly his turn to


get on the pommel horse, I will be feeling it. How are you during his


routine? I am really nervous, I feel sorry for the person sitting


next to me, because my legs and hands are going! It was really


scary. I will be really scared. Does he realise how massive this


is? Yes. But I think he probably will not be thinking about that, he


will be thinking about going out and doing what he is trained to do.


He has dreamed about being an Olympic champion ever since he was


a little boy. Have you treat about it? Yes. I have seen how hard he


has worked and the effort he has put in and the sacrifices he has


made. I just really wanted for him, so badly. He deserves it. I will


love him if anything goes wrong still the same. He is a lovely boy.


But he has worked really hard for this. I really hope he gets it.


Fingers crossed dreams come true by the end of the day. You will do him


proud, because he is very particular about how are you appear


on camera. He does not like to see me shiny, because of HDTV!


How is he feeling? I saw him this morning, he is feeling good, a


relaxed. He is looking forward to it. Last Monday took a bit of the


pressure off, he has been working for this for four years, so he will


be nervous, but he will enjoy the experience. How is life with that


Olympic bronze medal? It is so hard to believe. Every night, you think


about that moment when it came up on the scoreboard. It is fantastic,


there is such a buzz around the team. There are quite a few options


for Le Reece Smith, depending what happens with the other competitors.


They will have a look. Talk us through the different options.


starts his routine with a handstand. Then, he goes straight into the


other handstands. That is quite a difficult part. Then, a flop


sequence, he has been doing this for 10 years. It is quite hard up.


It is very hard when you are nervous to keep your legs together.


Then, the spindle. This is where he split his legs in Beijing, but it


has been solid in the last few years. Hopefully, that will not be


a problem today. He has been given the Troubles since he was 10 years


old. Finishing off with the dismount. He is in eighth position,


which is really good, in a final. You can see what work he is going


to do, and make a decision on what routine he is going to do. Produce


surprised to see him in that emotional state of mind, with all


of his tears, and how it affected him? A little bit. One minute, we


were happy, the next minute, he burst into tears, but it is the


emotion over the years, thereby so much pressure on him. Fair play to


him. So much respect to the guy. It is unexpected that he cried, but it


shows BOP this means to him. would have helped him if the final


was closer to the qualification, because you do not want the


thoughts to dawn on you. You want to stay relaxed. He listens to


reggae to keep calm! As we were getting ready, his music was


blasting. The whole of our apartment was shaking. He likes to


keep relaxed, that is his normal routine. At the end of the day, it


is just another routine. The situation is on an incredible scale,


there is pressure on, but he has done this so many times, if he can


keep focused and treated as another routine, hopefully he will go


through. We will talk more as the final get closer, but first, it is


the men's floor. Daniel Purvis, very well qualified to talk about


this. It is interesting how you can use the area. There are two schools,


the execution and the difficulty, and you can build the difficulty in


two ways. Denis Ablyazin uses a different technique from Kai Zou.


Look at the power that Denis Ablyazin can put in. How difficult


is it to contain all of that power within that Square? Like you saw


them, he is pretty special, he can do seven tumbles in a routine. It


is amazing. It is going to be a really good final, a lot of good


gymnasts. It is worth a mention that Kristian Thomas was the second


reserve. He did a great routine in qualifying. His routine again in


the team final was incredible, and he got better in the all-arounder.


We have had great for workers. Right across the board, British


Gymnastics is on a high. What do you put it down to? How are you


competing at this level? It is a combination of a lot of things. We


have got the right set-up, the coaching is amazing. We have been


training together since... I have known them since I was eight years


old. We are almost like family. We meet once or twice a month, so we


are 18. The whole system, the medical system, the whole of


British Gymnastics has improved over the last few years, and that


has shown. We are just going down the line-up. Co height Roger Moore


Road, Kai Zou, Denis Ablyazin. This is Flavius Koczi. He is the third


highest qualifier. What about the next lap, Alexander Shatilov. He is


enormous. I have competed against him, his consistency is amazing.


Spectacular. He is a bit taller, he looks more graceful. He has a


really good chance. Jacob Dalton and Marcel Nguyen. The seventh


highest qualifier. Tomas Gonzalez- Sepulveda is worth a mention. A


high skill level to get to this Olympic final. We are in for a


treat. Cowhide Roger Moore has not looked as polished as normal.


not his normal consistency, I do not know if it is because of the


Olympic Games. He turned it on for the all-around final. But at the


same time, I am sure he will perform today. We can hand to the


commentary box. I will hot-footed there. We will be there for the


first gymnast, the Japanese. The three-times world champion. He is


the current world champion on the off. Who better? Hatred poor all-


around world champion, the veining floor champion. -- triple world


champion. He finished fifth place in Beijing, he will want to do


better here. He has some tremendous work. No warm-up, they come


straight out and perform. Will he do a big scale? Very nice, 3 1/2,


into a half twist. It is an awful long way round. A great start. Two


and a half twists. He is going well. There is a snap that was not there


earlier in the week, he has found something special. Twisting his way


to a very good routine. The triple Russian. They are very fond of


that has not been there so far. One and a half twists. So far, he is


very much in control. A triple twist, which is absolutely nailed.


A fantastic start. He is back on song. He looks a bit calmer.


Perhaps the weight of the gold was on his shoulders in the all-


arounder. You would not have expected, the world champion,


unbeaten since the last Olympics, it was considered he would stroll


through this, but you are right, he looks like his confidence has come


back, something that was lacking in the first couple of competitions.


commission and performance. The twisting was immaculate. He has got


more stuff in the locker as well. This was a very strong bid for a


medal. It is interesting, at the World Championships at the end of


2011, we saw him giving a multiple somersaults with multiple twists, a


double straight with double twist, but here, he has not used any more


to pull somersaults, he has built this routine about twisting, and


what a fabulous triple twist to finish. This will be the benchmark,


it will be a tough Scot to beat. He was the second-highest Wall of Fire.


-- second highest qualifier. That beat him, it is this one. He scored


15.833 in qualification. A double really is sticking his feet to that


carpet. He just rockets round. He beautiful technique. Fantastic!


Double twisting, double tuck to finish. He has risen to the


challenge. I think he has got more difficulty as well. This will be


very interesting. It will be close. And he is such a sparky little


character. China won the team, but they did not have a gymnast qualify


for the all-around. They have had eight he medal, but they have not


had any individual medals. He was rocking on his heels a little bit,


but he disguised it very nicely. What sets this routine apart is he


shows a difference of more than one type of skill. He twists, but he


also does very difficult multiple somersaults. That for me makes it a


more interesting routine Dan Kohei Uchimura's. In my book he is the


better floor worker on this day. is a huge score. They agreed with


us. They gave him those extra as Kai Zou, two point nine. He is


incredibly explicit. That big step forward will be very costly. That


was fantastic. He is so dynamic as is right up there. Massive work and


he keeps it going. He is working so fast and he crams another tumble in.


He is a really exciting gymnast, I enjoy his work a lot. It is


remarkably entertaining to watch. They are a very different styles.


In terms of energy it was unbelievable how much he got into


that routine with some superb work. It is more exciting than the other


two, because he packs so much in, but it was not as accurate. That is


the interesting thing of why this new scoring came in. People wanted


this to be given more value and that is why you are seeing scores


out of 16. He has gone for difficulty and it was exciting.


is exciting, but the judging system did that more than a towards. The


deduction for a step out ways the points for difficulty. I do not


know where he has got that energy from. He is a very exciting gymnast.


Down on execution. When it is tied, it goes on execution. But he went


for broke. Flavius Koczi is a good twister. Another big twisting


tumble, but it is crucial to break out of the twist at the right


moment. Shows good balance on the fingers. Lovely extension through


front with a half turn. They wrap these twists in so early. That gave


himself a bit of a breather. Eight triple twist and he does it so


easily. That is so full of complex twisting and tumbling, but no


multiple somersaults, and that shows a slight lack of versatility.


He is a twisting genius. He will be on the bald a little bit later, but


not here today. -- vault. Again, not as accurate, but he loves to


twist. He really went for that. Look at the effort, keep your head


spinning and hope that your shoulders and hips follow and on


this occasion they did. difficulty was 6.7 and his routine


will be marked out of 16.7. And he scores 15.1. That puts him into 4th.


Quite low on execution. The 5th gymnast is from Israel, Alexander


Shatilov, 25 years old. The first Israeli gymnast ever to make the


Olympics. And look at the way he handles this. Beautifully done at


harp twists out. He is a poor man and he relies on twisting. -- tall


That was complex. A full twist in the double. A full twist doubled to


finish. What do we think? What a story it could be. He needs over


15.8 to get into that top three. And it is a pretty exclusive club.


A really wonderful group of routines. A different technique.


That was into a double pike with two twists in, a different


technique to many of the other gymnasts, but he is much taller and


he has to adapt the gymnastics to suit him. But he had one deduction.


The judges like to see the front of the Test up on the landing and see


the front of the leotard and see the emblem on the leotard. There


was another landing that was low as he came in. He showed the effort in


making those rotations. A really big effort for a big man. He had a


bronze at the World Championships on the floor last year. He is


certainly capable. It is just the difficulty of the gymnasts that


went before it was so high. That is quite remarkable. There is the


leader. Three gymnasts to go. This lad can entertain on floor, Jacob


Dalton. He is the USA floor champion. He got into the final at


the world championships last year. USA were very disappointed with


their performance in the team final. He will be desperate to get some


medals here. I loved that tumble. He has got very nice lines. And he


holds his body beautifully straight. He just did not absorb that landing.


After all that explosive work he has to calm himself down. A


beautiful extension right through twisting front. He had no landing


penalties. A triple twist, a beautiful landing. That was a


really excellent floor routine. Lots of variety and control, but


there was one step in it that will be costly. To get into the top


three for a bronze you need 15.8. fabulous floor worker. The half


turn is very difficult to do. On that occasion he bounced back, but


stayed in control, very good awareness. That will be expensive


at this level. One of the nicest techniques we have seen on the


triple. A lot of them wrap it in very early, which makes it


efficient, but very scrappy. this one had so much time. That was


one of the best triples I have seen in this competition. He qualified


with the fourth-highest score. This is a good floor final. Exciting


unbelievable. Denis Ablyazin, 20 years or, what does the future hold


for him? He is also in giving us final as well as the fault. We have


had two scores the St out of the four. Marcel Nguyen. This is a


first for him, I have never seen him in a major flaw final. He got


the all round silver. This is the first time for him in a major flaw


final. He has to settle there. The pace is the difference at this


higher level of competition. But he is a super gymnast, all round is


his forte and the parallel bars, but he is making a good show of it.


beautiful style. He is of fairly was on his feet, but he took a step


forward on the disband. But he gave it the best shot. It is so


difficult when you see the deduction come, you know they will


not threaten the top three. It will be difficult for anybody to catch


Kai Zou. Marcel and when is one of the few gymnasts that has done the


qualification, the team final, the individual all-around. This is his


fourth competition of this championships. In the individual or


a round, he excelled to take a medal. He looked weary today. Some


of these gymnasts only competed in qualification. They did their


qualifying and they have had a rest, and this is their first, or second


appearance. This looked tired. double twist at the start. You can


forgive him, but he was a little bit jaded. He has had a fabulous


championships. The German team have been a bit up-and-down, but he has


held them together. He has emerged from the German team as their most


consistent, sparkling performance. Kohei Uchimura is smiling, the


relaxation is there. Kohei Uchimura and the qualified for one final,


that is the problem if you do not work well. But others belted in on


the first day and they have made a couple of finals. His coach, he


should have been world champion in third place is because of the


difference in executions call between him and Kohei Uchimura.


Tomas Gonzalez-Sepulveda. He has made the world for final twice. He


is a powerful lad. A real superstar. They look anxiously, they know that


he could upset the standings. Snooze. -- smooth. Everything looks


easy, great precision. He is showing us how supple and strong he


is. How much control. Neatly choreographed, not too long in the


corners. Very nice. He did not get the feeling of the floor hitting


him that time. Not quite so wonderful on the next one, but not


a big deduction. He has kept moving throughout the exercise. This is


very important. A triple twist, he held back a bit. He did not get all


the way around? There will be a bit of a deduction, which is a great


shame. What a story for Kai Zou, he came here to retain his title, and


he has done it. He has. But Tomas Gonzalez-Sepulveda is a good


gymnast, and it took that final tumble to put him out of contention.


He was looking so good. He had a skip to the side earlier on. Won


eight of a twist lacking. That gave the judges' room for another


reduction. Tomas Gonzalez-Sepulveda will not break in if the two judges


do their job. But he is so impressive on the floor. Strong, he


pulls hard from the flick. Double twisting, a good opener. A tiny


shuffle of the feet, but he was pretty good all the way through. He


would have put your money on him breaking into the medals. But he


did not come around. The left leg stop at the twist being completed.


A strange selection of skills, he is so naturally able to tumble the


vocational skills, I would have expected him to finish with a


double somersault. The judges are not feeling it is as cut and dried


as all that. A great moment for a gymnast from Chile to be here,


fighting it out. The gymnasts are anxiously looking on. Nobody is


sure until they see it in writing. Tomas Gonzalez-Sepulveda with a 6.5


difficulty, he is just outside the medals. Again, the Olympic champion,


Kai Zou. A tremendous performance, and he pulled out something special


today. It is quite a feat to be a double Olympic champion in


gymnastics on the same piece of apparatus. Four years is a long


time. Absolutely. He was the baby on the team back in Beijing. Kohei


Uchimura gets a silver medal to go with his silver medal in the team


competition. It is good to see him back on song. But I love this guy,


Denis Ablyazin. Give him a gold medal for energy. Indeed. He looks


delighted with a bronze medal. He was 0.4 down on that routine in


qualification. He has pulled it out of the back. Russia's first medal


in the men's gymnastics. They fell away in the team competition. They


did not pose a strong thread in the individual or the round. It is


their first medal, and very significant. That was a great final.


It was. That is the first of the three finals. Great Britain's Louis


Smith will be out here very shortly on the pommel horse. It makes us


all feel nervous! All of these gymnasts have come out, it is just


one piece of apparatus, and all eyes are on them. There is a lot of


gymnastics going on beforehand, and you do not feel so exposed. It is


unbelievable, how well the gymnasts are performing. This is the


showcase, these are the guys that come through as the specialists,


but a lot of them are all-arounders. When you come into this arena, you


want to show off in the best possible way. They did that. That


was a great final. It is heaving in here. From the bottom, all the way


to the rafters. There are the three medallists, Kohei Uchimura takes


the silver medal. That is a great reaction from Denis Ablyazin, he is


delighted, and he is part of the new wave of Russians, more relaxed


and friendly. Kai Zou has done it again. Everybody love in this arena.


Having chatted to a few people who have come to watch for the first


time, one of the things they have said, there is so much current one,


you do not know where to watch. They will enjoy this one piece at a


time, because they can focus their whole attention on it. Kai Zou


retains his Olympic title on the floor. He looks a lot more relaxed,


Kohei Uchimura. Absolutely. Three consecutive world titles, you are


entitled to be relaxed! It was amazing, how effective he was by


the pressure. You would not have expected it. He comes over as they


called Guy, nothing ruffles him, and he had been so dominant, it had


not looked as though anybody was close to him, but there was a big


burden to carry. The point on how much it Denis Ablyazin is


celebrating, it is a different style of gymnastics. Yes, it is


another look at the spinning genius that is Kai Zou. There he goes.


Phenomenal awareness. He pulled something extra out today. A super


landing. The very difficult skills. He rotates really well. Two-and-a-


half twists, easily done. He has found something as well. They all


did today. In qualification, it seems like a long time ago, we were


really disappointed by the Chinese, it did not seem to be there. And


suddenly, in the finals, band. have nobody in the order round, he


did not even get in the top 24. It was not a convincing Chinese


performance. The first date is the qualification for here. Even though


they won the second competition, they had lost their opportunity for


some of the finals. That is typical of China, you can read nothing.


They went into the team final, and I had thought, well they even get a


bronze medal? To do what they did... You can see that Kai Zou carried


that on. He saved his best for when it really mattered. The Olympic


champion. He will be looking to retain the title. This is the first


of three finals this afternoon. The next is the women's floor. There


are some real characters in this. We have got to talk about Oksana


Chusovitina. Her first Olympics in 1992, she phenomenal. Here she is


in 1992. Look at her there! She has not changed a bit! Different


haircut! A different type of fault! Very different. I first saw her in


1991, when she emerged in the world championship. It is a super style,


she holds her body shape. But to still be there are over 20 years of


competing, that is phenomenal. a wonderful, inspiring story. She


originally competed for Uzbekistan, then moved to Germany because her


son got leukaemia and she moved for the treatment, and now she is part


of the Uzbekistan coaching team. is a great story. Could she get a


medal? It would be Super, but there are some great falters. There are.


But I do think she could, actually. Kyle Amor Rowney. This is probably


the best that you have seen. -- McKayla Maroney. You can be sure


that all of the coaches around the world have this on their slow-


motion, analysing how she achieves it. It is unbelievable, she is so


interesting thing about calling it a launch pad, now it is a metre


square. And it has opened up much greater possibilities. When you


used to flick on to the small Bolt, the biggest worry was that them at


missing the their hands. Now it is a big platform and it is sprung as


well. If you hit with the right amount of momentum in the right


shape, you can launch yourself and Mckayla Maroney does. Thinking of


the days with a wooden box and a springboard in the gym! This event


is contested by both men and women. The only difference is the height.


The women's is 10 centimetres lower. The runway length is the same for


everyone. Gymnasts reach speeds of up to 20 miles an hour, hitting the


springboard of just 0.1 second before the pre-flight on to the


Bolt. The more somersaults, twists and turns in the second flight, the


higher the possible score. There are 100 recognised mousse, but this


is the most popular when gymnasts perform a back sprint entry. This


No excuse, get into the gym. Get that table up to the right height.


You were talking about boxes and springboards. We had something that


hurt you four feet. Was it stuffed with horsehair? Yes, it was and I


used to feed it regularly. We had a teacher and you were a start if you


got over it and a donkey if you did not. That is what it was like in


those days. If you did not, you went into the corner. What you will


see is the gymnasts will do two vaults. If you go on the normal


style flipping on with a backwards entry, the next one has to be a


forwards entries. Difficulty is also going to be the key here. You


have got difficulty and execution, but the average is taken.


gymnast with the two difficult vaults will be a tan vantage.


are waiting for the boys to come out to receive their medals before


we can move on. Back into this packed arena as the gymnasts re-


enter. Kai Zou is to receive another Olympic gold medal. He got


the team gold a few days ago. I am so pleased to see Denis Ablyazin.


He is in the forefront of the Russian Revolution. They have got


some fantastic gymnasts. They have this groundwork now. The Russian


system of producing gymnasts for years and years has been in their


educational programme. Every gymnast has wonderful basic


technique and they are taught correctly from the word go. When


the Soviet Union broke up many of the great coaches went to the west


and earned their living in other countries, but quite a lot of


coaches are starting to filter back into their homeland. It always


seems great to travel, but there is nowhere like home. A lot of coaches


are going back to Russia and they are working with the youngsters and


rebuilding. We are seeing a team that is coming back, but a team


that is doing it because it is what they want in a different style to


the Russian teams of old. What a The first of the three medal


ceremonies this afternoon. First the men's floor, then the women's


vault, and then all eyes will be focused on the pommel horse and


Britain's Louis Smith. No doubt he is less into reggae at the moment.


The bronze medal in the men's four final goes to Denis Ablyazin. 15.8.


The same score as a gymnast who got the silver, but his executions core


was slightly lower. He will be happy with that. You can say that.


A word again on the different styles within the routines. The


power versus the Spain. Nobody worked as hard as he did to get on


that podium. But you would also say in terms of control and precision,


Kohei Uchimura was the best, but he did not choose such versatility.


gold in the all-around, and a silver in the men's floor final. I


was reading about him before the Olympics started and he said, I do


not want silver, I am sick of silver all the time. Well, he got


his gold, the individual all-around, so he got his gold. But this


gymnast even in slow motion looks perfect. He is probably the only


one that looks perfect in slow motion. He has got that wonderful


natural style. But retaining his Olympic title on the floor, from


He wasn't the second gymnast up. Kohei Uchimura set the benchmark.


He knew exactly what he had to do to beat him. But it was technical


flaw work. The thoroughly deserved it. People something extra out. He


was accurate and it is a deserted gold medal. And he is not finished


yet. How do you think he will get on in the high bar final? I think


he will have a silver medal. I want him to get a silver medal. There is


a certain gymnast going in the final and he is trained by Mitch


Fenner and he has got a very good chance of gold. Now it is the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


Servicemen's floor final and Kai Zou takes gold. Kohei Uchimura


takes silver. What a taster that was as a final. If the rest are


like that, we are in for so many thrills. Let's keep everything


crossed for a Louis Smith going in the poor horse final after the


women's floor. Tomorrow there is a certain Beth Tweddle who will be


going on the uneven bars final. It is offered to talk about medals and


keeping everything cross, but you have to wonder if best had got a


medal in Beijing, which he still be doing gymnastics today? What she


had Dick -- dedicated the last four years of her life today is? One of


the things about her is she likes gymnastics and training. She is an


active, busy person. Even though she intends to retire from this


type of competition at the end of the Olympics, I said to her have


you had your last training session? She said, no, I cannot stop just


like that, I'm going to ease down gradually. It would not surprise me


to see her doing the Grand Prix because she likes the sport and it


is a bit of an addiction. She loves it. Maybe she would have given up,


who knows? Were her that is what she wants to do each day, come to


the gym. We could talk about her for hours. Here is the girl herself.


Into the full twist, that was a cracker. An absolute start on this


apparatus. It is a massive relief. The past 10 weeks have been up and


down and quite hard work, but I have proved I am nearly back to


full fitness. As soon as I was told I had surgery, my mum dropped


everything and came down with me to the operation. My boyfriend has


been their 100% to help me get through, anything I needed,


whatever it was, they have done everything to help me achieve my


dream. Fantastic work! She is very composed and boxes things off and


she knows what she has to do and she is training hard. She had a bit


of a setback, but she has got over that. She works as hard as anybody.


She is a pretty determined lady. parents have missed about five


competitions in my career, but in a 20 year career, that is impressive.


It is the missing one, an Olympic medal. Yes, it is. As she said the


other day, it she does not get it, she has got three world titles and


six European titles, but it is the one she wants and she does not care


what colour it is. I have worked really hard on it and I have


changed a lot of things and I have As long as she comes awake feeling


she has done her best, that is what we will be happy with. I just want


her to be happy. If I can walk away knowing I have done the best


routines, obviously I would love a medal, but I do not want to walk


away thinking I have not achieved and not done my best. How does that


make you feel, Chris? Very nervous for her. But she has done all the


hard work and she has done all the routines and she knows she can do


the work. The Bar has a final will be tomorrow afternoon and I hope


you can join us for that. The next individual apparatus final is the


women's vault. And here they come. We have got Brittany Rogers,


Elsabeth Black. Oksana Chusovitina. Sandra Izbasa. Mckayla Maroney.


it has to be her, she is the one with the two most difficult vaults.


She generally has the least deductions. But we have seen


favourites flounder. Yesterday on the trampoline we saw the absolute


favourite for the women's title make that almost elementary mistake


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


at the end. Nothing is sure until champion. The first will be


Brittany Rogers. There will be two Bolts. They have to be different.


In the score the two are averaged. Keep an eye on the difficulty. That


is on the left hand side of the scoreboard. No warm-up. There is a


warm-up to him outside with the same apparatus. They will have


warmed up out there. They had an opportunity about one hour before


the competition to warm up on the podium as well. But it is in cold


now. Ideally you want to be one of the first. It is not very reactive,


it is incredibly explosive and you competition, so brace yourself for


was safely away. Big deep in the locker for the second. But that was


a good opener. It is nice to have eight team-mate involved as well.


Eight gymnasts have made it through to these finals. 5.8 difficulty.


This was very popular for that top gymnasts at these championships.


Only a few did the three-and-a-half twists. But the top gymnasts did


that double twist. Just waiting for the score to come in before she can


go on to her second. A little reminder to herself to keep focused.


A little bit better than qualification, so she will be


pleased with that. This one is get back because it seemed to hang


in the air a little bit. It was very clearly done indeed. 5.8 and


5.6 difficulty is not a bad repertoire. That was a half turn on


and the half turned to go with it. She was a bit deep on landing, but


hop to the side after she landed. She just brushed the mat with her


knuckles. That is a good view of how much the Matt depresses. That


is one thing that has come a long way in the last few years, the


apparatus, how it absorbs their weight as they land. Her Test is


over. And she will be very pleased. A tremendous achievement to make


with one-and-a-half twists, and she is really explosive. She could give


Mckayla Maroney a run for her money. She took part last year in the


European Youth Olympics, the major competition by juniors last year


and I watched her do some amazing things. She lifted out of the


camera view. A bit of a deduction on the landing. She was a bit


surprised, but she is really powerful and someone who will


develop very much for the future. She is going for a difficulty of


6.0 for the next one. Her first one was 6.3. You have to do to


different ones. It is very much of and turned on. That was efficient.


That is a challenge for a medal. Her first Olympics at 16. What a


story that would be if she could end up on to the medal podium.


went forwards and backwards and they were totally different.


same good style, and legs nice and tightly together. But the same lack


of awareness on landing. I will step back as opposed to bend the


knees. It was interesting seeing Oksana Chusovitina's face. Yes, she


knows she has got a lot to do. That is to give you a perception of


height above the platform. score to be his 14.483 sec by


Brittany Rogers of Canada. A good team is full of different gymnasts


it. Did she get the feet down with any part of the body before


your feet, she could be in 40. I to try and keep a focused. Come on,


an incredible amount of injury during training and in competition.


She has fractured elbows, farms. -- gymnast was fantastic. That's what


gave them the very coveted fifth place. At it tireder today, another


to do another vault? I know you want to show the world you can do


your best but... She is going for it. She's going to attempt a 5.2


more hurt than we thought. Obviously she under rotated,


there's a problem with her instep and the ligaments or tendons there.


The bravery. Common sense took over from bravery at that point. Yes, no


point in making an injury worse for push came to shove, do I really


want to risk this? Interestingly, she didn't actually hit the board.


So you would be allowed another goal. As long as you don't touch


the board, they take that as a false run and you would be allowed


another goal. But I don't think she is in the right mental or physical


state to do another vault. It would be dangerous. Mentally, apart from


physically. And there are some rather dangerous vaulters to come.


Abreu, who is next, she didn't land cleanly at all. An incredible


difficulty, a 7.1, but because it was such a big difficulties for,


the execution didn't really matter and she got into the Bolt final. I


think is going to go for the handspring double front. If she


hits it it will be phenomenal. Total respect. The platform is a


little lower than the men. They are quite common for the men, but to do


that from a platform which is 10 centimetres lower, it might not


sound the loft, but it's a huge vault. If she hates it, this place


will go crackers. Mind you, we are yet to see her land this fault


macro, because she landed on her back with that when at the World


Championships. A thing she did landed at the first qualification,


Bolts. That's OK. Just not completely focused. She can do that.


Maybe she will be a bit unsettled The approach, the ram, the Contact


expensive. If her feet touched first, again it's the same formula.


But I think she will lose their hallmark at least. I think the FT


did touch first, that was my there's no margin for error for


that. It is very big for the female gymnasts off a low platform. To be


honest, she's a long way off landing that. We've seen it once in


how many attempts minus five or six? But it is worth the risk. If


she's close enough to take that chance. When you think about it,


17.1, one hallmark of 16.1. There will be deductions for being in the


air. She could find herself with a 15 for that. It's very important


that the judges judged it responsibly. Because you don't want


to see lots of gymnasts taking that courageous. The crowd appreciate


what they are seeing. Phenomenal difficulty on the first one.


Control on the second. She's not too happy with herself. The score


to beat his 15.016. That is an average of the two. She could be up


had to work hard to get it round. You really need to push up. Her


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


You can see she's furious with the got a silver in Beijing on this


Handspring, like so many gymnasts do, up into wave front somersault,


kick out with one 1/2 twists. But I think there were deductions their.


She was quite deep on her landing. The leader looks on and I think she


forwards, chest quite down. That was quite a lot lower than Janine


Berger's vault. She is a phenomenal person that has been able to keep


this level of training going for so many years. Such a strong physique


to be able to take those years of Yes, it has been announced, but


fact that she bounced up out of which shows how much the flight she


had. That is it. Her Olympic career is over. What a superstar. What a


swansong, too. She certainly will go from this arena covered with


hold the body straight in the air. See the power of the springboard


and off the platform. A little look over the shoulder to judge whether


floor was. There will be a deduction for the bounce on landing.


in the air. Beautiful style. Extended, wraps it in and there is


these Olympics by the Russians purely for her vaulting ability. 17


She's come all this way just to She had to plonk those feet down


very quickly. Did she get round? I think she did. But she lost a


challenge. All of them producing this two and a half twists.


Everyone knew immediately if you were to be in with a shot you have


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


She smiles now because that was a real challenge from her. She could


just find herself in a medal position. But there's so much to


come still. It was a lovely, light with the shoulders on, and there's


the half turn off. Very much in control. She always stays a shade


too long on top of the platform, but she coped with it very well


indeed. That is the score that she has to beat. She is in with a


chance here. CHRISTINE STILL: Delight in the


the lead, she is guaranteed a medal, with two gymnasts to go. But what


colour will that medal ball? Kayla Maroney looking to make history for


line, but it was so much higher, so much more powerful than any other


gymnast we have seen. MATT BAKER: It was incredible. Just


look at her face as she walked back to the end of the runway. Well, she


just hits at the optimum moment. Her style is great, legs locked


together, comes out of the two-and- a-half twist, arms breaking out to


steady the landing, there was no squeezing. It was great.


MITCH FENNER: She allowed herself a little smile, but soon got back


into focus. Now, she has got to do it again, a different vault, but


with the same accuracy - we hope. Olympic gold. It is one she does


less often, but usually with great precision... Oh, my word! Usually


with great precision, I said. Now, she was brought here also just for


this piece. It was the only piece she did in the team final. And that


is a major upset. Well, she got her feet down first, so she will be


given the value of the move. front somersault with full twist,


it is very blind. You cannot really see the floor. You have to assume


you have gone high, but she just did not hit with that same contact


that she is used to. Her first vault scored very high. So she will


get a whole mark from that one. but there will be some more lack of


rotation, which is really what she lost. Just like we said, you can


never be completely sure about anything.


MATT BAKER: She cannot believe it, can she? She cannot believe it.


if there was one shoe-in for this Olympics, it was this one. We have


all talk about her, the greatest we have ever seen at this discipline.


She is into the lead. She has gone ahead of Maria Paseka. However,


there's a certain Sandra Izbasa, the European vault champion, to


come. But she has scraped into the lead. Interestingly, Sandra Izbasa


does the same vault. She does, and she is vastly experienced, she has


seen all of this kind of stuff happening before in front of her.


You can feel the tension. Is she going to make it? She does! No


danger there. She bent the legs just a little bit to make sure that


she could bring the landing in, but she was not going to be thrown. In


the last Olympics, she was the champion on the floor, so she knows


what it takes. Steely determination. She is the one gymnast here who


also did the all-around competition. She hit the platform beautifully.


You could see how long her heels were in to guarantee the rotation -


it was lovely technique. Well, what does the future hold for Sandra


Izbasa? Let's keep calm about it! She does not have the two-and-a-


half twist, she will probably only do a double twist for her second


vault, so it needs to be almost perfect. So, it is all on execution.


Look at that, legs locked together, Good precision, good control on the


landing. Big bounce back, so it was not perfect, but it was pretty good


vaulting. She also has great height. She needs more than 15.016 for a


it is a 16 she needs... deserves to win this, because she


has had two consistent, very nice vaults. In my book, she deserves it


for that consistency. This young lady, you have to feel for her,


because she is the best in the world. But you have to perform on


the day, don't you? Well, Sandra Izbasa is absolutely overwhelmed.


That was a great performance from her. She is the Olympic vault


champion. CHRISTINE STILL: Well, the biggest


surprise here, everybody thought the American would win this


competition, but she opened the door, and there was no-one more


experienced than Sandra Izbasa to take that opportunity. You have got


to feel for Kayla Maroney, and you never would have predicted that.


But fair play, Sandra Izbasa, she was consistent. Fantastic for


Romania as well. Go away, she says, I cannot handle this yet! But she


is delighted. What a superb gymnast she is. This is a very popular gold


medal. Very popular. She worked the all-round competition as well. She


came fifth in that. She was not able to challenge for the medals,


because she is not very strong on the bars. But she does every


apparatus. And she goes into the floor final at the end of the


competition as well. From delight to dejection from this young lady,


who must be so disappointed. Very much so. Gymnasts from the USA have


been buzzing here. This is the first sign of a crack in their


tremendous confidence. I am pleased for him, too. Yes, the great


architect of Romanian gymnastics. He came back to help the team, as


they were really struggling after they lost to Great Britain at the


Europeans. He was persuaded back in. They did find here, they got a


bronze medal, but they will be absolutely thrilled with this gold.


Maria Paseka did well to take the bronze medal. And spare a thought


for Berger, who just missed out on a medal, finishing fourth. Yes, she


led for so long. 16 years old, she had her hopes raised. Yes, that was


a surprise, but a delightful surprise. Very exciting final, we


had it all. We had no vaults, great vaults. Yes, that's what it is all


about. You have to perform on the day, and Sandra Izbasa did exactly


that. She has won this vault gold medal. And she has done so in a


She is very experienced a gymnast. She has been through injury, grown


up a lot, decided to come back. She certainly is. It was lovely to


see her give a kiss to the crowd as she left, that's it for her Olympic


career. Did you think that Sandra Izbasa could do that in the end?


you saw, it was an incredible final, there was so much going on. Kayla


Maroney had it in the bag, is she had landed on her feet. But Sandra


Izbasa, she won on the floor in the last Olympic Games, and she has


come out of retirement, almost. She has done incredibly well, and she


was last up as well, so she had all the pressure on her. This is the


thing with her, we have seen her specialising on different pieces of


apparatus during her career. She is now injecting all of that into the


vault. She came here with vast experience, and she saw the


American ahead of her, and she did the job. The Americans have had


some shocks. Yes, in the team final. But it does not always work out.


That was the case with John Orozco as well. It has been great to have


your company this afternoon. And you would not be anywhere else this


afternoon, because Louis Smith is about to come out into disarray


near. -- into this arena. What will he have been doing for the last


hour? He probably would have been in the gym, just sampling the


atmosphere, listening to music, relaxing, getting in there zone,


and then doing his usual warm up for the pommel horse. He will


probably go out again and have another touch before he comes back


in. Because obviously, you're not allowed to do that just before your


routine. His coach will be with him, telling him just to relax. He has


done the hard work. He is completely ready. It is all the


psychology now. It is that thing of walking up to the pommel horse and


saying, this is just a pommel horse routine, it is that simple. But in


this arena, it is not that easy - what does it feel like to compete


out there? You think of it as another routine, but there are so


many things going on. Like what? You're trying to think how you do


it all the time, like in training, but when you actually do it, your


body stiffens up. But Louis Smith, he has got such great focus.


the word on the crowd, they did not half lift you guys - did it feel


comfortable, or was it a bit The audience really act as a sixth


man on the team. The whole British public have got behind us. The


support we've had is really amazing. The crowd is packed today and the


atmosphere is a bit tense but hopefully the guys will do their


job today. Thinking back to Beijing, it was all on Luiz - can I get a


medal here? How much will that team bronze have helped him


psychologically? Like you said, in Beijing he was our complete hope.


The bronze we got on Monday definitely would have taken the


pressure of a bit. Him being part of a team and smashing two pommel


teams in a row will do him the world of good going into this


competition. He's done so many routines. He's been hitting it all


year. It's the most amazing feeling here. The it's going to be an


incredible situation and experience for everyone here. Hopefully he can


keep his cool. It's worth mentioning Max. Although he


qualified eighth, he didn't hit his best routine. Recently he's been


doing the World Cup circuit and has been in lots of finals. Honestly, I


don't think there's anyone else in the world has done as many pommel


routines as him this year. He does so many. And he can up his


difficulty as well. I'm not sure what he will do today. His goal was


down to a 49 in qualification. He can be around the 5455 mark if he


hits his routine. It's all to play for really. We will talk about them


a little more. If you haven't heard of Louis Smith, here is a word from


the man who is about to walk out into this arena in a matter of


going to come. Then the days dwindled down and you are here.


here to write a new chapter in British Olympic history. What a


moment for the 19-year-old from Peterborough! What a massive honour.


The London Olympic Games, it's going to be a massive competition,


especially with the Team GB squad is unbelievable. Compared to


four years ago, this time around you have about eight or nine people


fighting for just five places. But you have to look at the positive


and say, look, that's how far and deeper the British men's team goes.


Very smooth. And he's worked so hard on his style.


I had to prove to the coaches and selection panel even more that I


have a chance to win medals. Any slip and any mistake can be used


against you. I've always tried to prepare in the right way. I put in


the hours of training and made sure that when I go to these


competitions that macro ultimately, if I'm proving I can win medals on


a world stage than I think I mentally and physically. Mentally,


I know what I need to do, I know what I have to do to produce the


goods. It should be easier in front of a home crowd. The advantage of


enjoying the competition as opposed to being nervous. Being in a team


environment, having that extra support. All these things are in my


favour. I said all along it's about having the routine and not needed,


and he needed and not be prepared. Depending on where right and in the


final, who is in the final, I'm practising that routine in training


so I will have it in my locker if I routine, and he has been practising


it time after time after time. like I said before, he's done so


many routines. Hopefully he can do it like he's been doing it all week.


He's been calm since the team final. Emotions were running high after


that but the guys have brought themselves back down to earth and


have been going to the training gym every day, hitting the routines and


making sure they've done enough to keep themselves ticking over for


this final. Let's have a word on how we think this final is going to


play out. You mentioned Max before, and this is the key. Basically, Max


is going to go up there, and I think he might unsettle Berki a


little. He could force Berki and the door might be open for Louis


Smith. We've got to keep an eye on that possibility of a bronze for


Max Whitlock, because he is in the same position that Louis Smith was


in four years ago. We are now going to pause for the gold-medallist in


the women's vault final. Sandra Taking gold in what turned out to


be the most incredible final. We all tipped Maroney. We thought she


was going to come here and take the first gold for the USA in the


history of the Olympics of the vault final. But Sandra Izbasa


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


Now the only final left is the pommel horse final. We are 10


minutes away. Very shortly, Louis Smith will wander out into this


arena. Let's hope that he is remaining as, as possible. --


remaining as calm as possible. We were making a joke about the fact


he does listen to reggae, he listens to music a lot and that


keeps him nice and calm. He has a blasted out before we go out to


compete, and it seems to have done the trick. Hopefully it will do the


same today. That keeps him relaxed and calm. It's part of his usual


routine. We don't really want to change that. Even when you come to


major competitions, you want to do your normal routine and get in the


zone. Try and treated as much as you can do played down as much as


you can as if it's just a training session. A lot of you guys had to


work all round in the team because Louis Smith was simply here for his


pommel horse routine. So he got to experience this arena from kind of


a Spectator's point of view. How much do you think that will have


helped him to soak up this atmosphere? Because Louis Smith was


doing the pommel horse, he is our head cheerleader. He's our team


captain, so he gets us through. He's always there shouting us.


That's the role of thing we have in the changing rooms as well. Yeah,


it's very difficult for him, especially if we have pommel as


last operators, he's got a Wade through the whole competition


before he gets to compete. He did incredibly well in qualifying and


then again in the team final to come out first on pommel horse. He


has so much experience now. I'm hoping he can deal with the


pressure today and go out there and do his thing. It's going to be a


competition of difficulty first his execution. We keep talking about


this guy, Berki. He is six-time European champion. This is his


routine. He is remarkable with his execution. Just look at the legs.


So beautiful. Again, he looks so tall and graceful. His difficulty


is superb. Louis Smith did a fantastic routine but he nipped in.


His routine was a class act. It's going to be a good fighter but if


Louis Smith can do it, today will be the day he beats Berki. He was


looking a bit shaky, not his usual confident self. You can see the


break in execution there, he's played his legs a little bit but


kept the swing bowling. We are expecting, Louis Smith has two


different routines. One that is slightly easier than the other,


both very, very difficult. If Berki scores in and around 15.7, we are


then expecting Louis Smith to go for the harder style routine.


not too sure. The first qualification day and the team


final he's done his 6.9. It is not easy, but it is easier routine. He


has hit 158 and 59. With the advantage of going last, he can see


what Berki does. And Tommasone, you got to be careful of him. We were


training with him before we came out here and he's been working on a


couple of upgrades. Like you said, Berki is an incredible athlete.


This is the one thing he hasn't got yet so he's going to be going for


that just as much as our guide is. We will have to see how it pans out.


I've been talking to Louis Smith for a long time about how hard do


you go and do you go for it, what do you train, do you walk in and


then react to the competition as it happens? Would you rather have a


set plan in your mind, woke up and do it, or react to the competition


and therefore you are kind of in two minds? I'd rather have


everything planned out in my head. It doesn't always work out like


that. Sometimes it's a mistake does have been you have to be quick on


your feet and think of how to get out of it. But normally, yes, I


like to rehearse it in my head before I put forward. The same sort


of thing, the same as Daniel. You want to go out and do the routines


you've trained for but that's the hard thing. He has trained at 7.1


and has been hitting it in training. It's going to be a difficult


decision for him, but one who will make with Paul Hall. It will be a


joint decision. Something they probably will have decided before


they walk out into the competition arena. We will have to wait and see


which one he chooses. A you can sense the atmosphere here.


pommel horse is just behind us. The gymnasts are just about to enter.


There's Louis Smith. How is he looking? He looks good, he looks


calm. He's got his gloves on still. I think you will be keeping in the


zone. He's not looking up to the crowd or anything. He'll just be


keeping calm and relaxed. He's ready. As well, Max looks calm and


relaxed. It is a big occasion for him, he's only 19. The guys are


does have the advantage of seeing everything good gymnast go ahead of


him. This is the moment that Louis high score to start with. Busnari,


the oldest member of this pommel horse competition at 33. Hidvegi,


Belyavskiy. And standby, ladies and gentlemen...


APPLAUSE AND CHEERING there we are, the stage is set for the final of


the Men's Pommel Horse. We can go back to Mitch Fenner and


Christine Still. MITCH FENNER: What a final is in


store here. Cyril Tommasone will kick it all off, and he is no mean


athlete. There's a lot of opposition for the British athletes


here, Christine. CHRISTINE STILL: Indeed there is.


And as we have already seen in these Olympics, it is very


unpredictable. Cyril Tommasone has been the leader of the French team


in this competition. I'm sure he will lay down a very strong


challenge right from the beginning. Tommasone, of course, the perfect


build for this apparatus, long and lean, very elegant. Very consistent


as well, he scored exactly the same in qualification and in the round.


MATT BAKER: And he did get a silver in the World Championships last


year, so a dangerous man. And a very talented one. Very confident


handstand to open. There's the second. Now, he is really strong


off the blocks here, that's a good start. Good chest position to make


sure of those Russian shapes. A very consistent here, Tommasone.


This is difficult, that's three straight body turns. Very clean.


There's the handstand dismount. Just a little pause at the end, but


it was a cracking routine until the very end. Well, it was going so


incredibly well for him, and Max Whitlock will have noticed that,


and will be thinking, I could have a shout for a bronze. Absolutely,


Matt - is there an opening?! It was strange, it seemed to stall. Well,


it was a superb start. He came fast out of the blocks and looked really


good. The Russians went well, but here, there is no doubt he will be


marked down for that, but just that pause at the end, maybe he is


facing the way he was not predicted to be facing at the end! He will


get a few tenths off for that. he might have added an extra half


twist to up the difficulty! There is a tiny strip of daylight.


covered it very well, actually. It was more of a hesitation than


anything else. More than anything, like you say, I would say that door


qualifier. And of course, new judges today. If you have got


gymnasts in the final, you cannot have judges from that country.


Those are the marks. That is sharp judging. That's down on what he


might have expected. The only clue to the age of this man is the


construction of his routine. I wonder if he has adjusted it. These


days, the routine is more dominated by circles than flowers. -- flares.


There is good, he is on the one do that. He will come back again.


That dates him a little, but boy, it is impressive. This boy has been


around a long time, and he is circling very well. Hands together,


coming towards the dismount, and a slight hesitation, but the


handstand is clean. Give it to him, because that was a long, hard


working routine! He has seen it all, he has been around almost as long


as I have! He got a silver at the European Championships eight years


ago! A real crowd-pleaser as well, that routine. Yes, a routine which


shows, as you say, lots of flour. It really makes the pommel horse


seem quite exciting. -- flare. is not easy, but it does not seem


to get the credit it deserves. It is very impressive, but it is


fractionally easier to do it than it is to circle. You do not get any


credit these days. But that was a great effort from Busnari.


CHRISTINE STILL: super control right at the end. You could see the


slight difference between him and Tommasone. He almost elevated off


the apparatus. MATT BAKER: He will have to have


gone better than his qualifying score. It looks like he has got it.


He has! He has gone into the lead! Well, that will throw the cat among


the pigeons. Hats off to him, outside of the medals at the last


World Championships. MITCH FENNER: Lovely handstand. He


then goes into the circles... All made in Hungary. Very nicely done.


That is such a difficult skill, the Russian, the straight body swing at


the end. And it was very flat coming off from that. It is going


to be a long way now until the end of the routine after that. Such a


disappointment. Every gymnast who has qualified for these finals is


keen to show their best. This is a big disappointment for him. A nice,


clean, extended swing, not over- extended, but he is very sharp.


Look at him on one handle. Very And the hamster and was also very


effective. What a pity. He came to grief on the very difficult Russian


combination, but that was class work. So, he loses a mark for


falling off, and of course he loses the value of the element that he


did not complete. And we have to say, Hidvegi was a real medal


chance. He was indeed. Look at this. He is travelling forward and


backwards with good style, lovely hand placement. This I believe is


the Russian, which came to grief. His weight was behind his hands, no


way he could clear that handle. Britain's Max Whitlock. Hidvegi was


one of the gymnasts that was standing in the way of a potential


medal for him, as was Tommasone. But of course, he is got to hit it.


Yes, and the question is, will he go higher run his difficulty then


he did in qualification? He posted a six-four, but he can do a six-six.


He will do a six-six, I am pretty sure about that. Of course, we saw


Max Whitlock cope fantastically well with the pressure in the team


final. What now? Max Whitlock is ready to go in this Men's Pommel


Horse final! The door is open for a medal. Now, this is important... He


has got to keep his legs tight. It is when he starts travelling the


length of the apparatus that sometimes, his form goes. But this


is very impressive. Spindle, excellent, good extension. Can he


keep his legs tight? He has kept it tight - this is looking very good.


The triple Russian has gone well! Now, then... Into the hands dance


sequence... That is a beautiful routine! Max Whitlock is


challenging for a medal! That was super stuff!


MATT BAKER: World class performance from the 19-year-old! That was


first class! But has he done enough for bronze?


CHRISTINE STILL: He always handles the pressure, and more! That time,


he gave something a little bit special. We were worried about his


travels, but he really did well this time. This is of the work, and


boy, I don't know about a bronze, but this is a real challenge for a


medal, even higher than that. Well, that is going to pile the


shoot up to the sky with the announcement of the score!!


could not have done a better job. What a fantastic platform he has


built for the rest of this competition. Kristian Thomas,


beautiful leg separation. Lovely in handstand. The Under-has gone well.


Picking up into the circles. Very, very clean on one handle. Nice in


the Russian. This is really, really good. He came out square from that


spindle. There was a criticism of him... He is keeping his style very


well indeed. A small hesitation, but Krisztian Berki, you have


really risen to this challenge! That was a super routine from the


down the gauntlet for the man who wandered in wearing headphones at


the start of that routine. He's got fabulous style. He used it, that is


big strength. His big strength is his execution. On the single their


quirky stands alone, but here he has brought something out in double


leg as well. The Russian he kept in style, which is very difficult to


do when you are a long man. Boy, he really can swing! A tiny hesitation


at the top of that can stand but it will be very little deduction. Look


for a mammoth score from him. Good job, Mr Berki. Always great to see


these gymnasts perform on the big stage. His first opportunity in the


Olympic Games. Here without a team as a specialist. Louis is going to


have to be at the top of his game here. It is an enormous score. A


6.9 difficulty. Berki leaves. -- truly off to Krisztian Berki for


Qualified with the sixth highest the one handle. There's the spindle,


but he lost a bit of rhythm on that. You can't float the legs, you've


got to keep them swinging. These are the Russian that swings which


are such a challenge. Now he is travelling very nicely forwards and


lost rhythm and a bit of shape at the end. What a final this is


proving to be. Two gymnasts to go. Valeiev ski, of Russia and Great


Britain's Louis Smith. Nakonechnyi is the oldest on the Ukrainian team.


the name of the game for him. That is a clear three-tenths Paul's.


Max Whitlock stay in contention He's trying his best to stay as


young Russians. The Russian pommel horse champion. He will try and get


circle but he rescued the swing. Got to keep as flat as you can. He


lost the rhythm there. That will cost him. But he is not going to


part company with that horse, he's That was very good. There was a


moment when I thought he was going to part company but he wasn't


having any of it. It was as quick as you like and he fought his way


through it, but not without deduction. Good for him because in


the team final he made a bit of a mess which cost his team Dili, so


he will be delighted to have put Whitlock is guaranteed a medal.


won't score 15.6, I can't see it break on the dismount. I think Max


can hold on to a medal position. Max was so clean, his style. He was


always a tatty gymnast as a youngster, and he's improved so


Britain's Louis Smith. He has watched the competition unfold in


front of him. He knows exactly what guarantees Max Whitlock a medal!


routine in the locker if he needed handle... Going very well. He's


done the second one. There is the spindle. This is going extremely


that is superb! For my money, that's where the gold medal. Yes!


Louis Smith delivered under pressure. All eyes were on him.


Goodness me, he didn't let anybody down there. Wow, what a fantastic


performance from Louis! Whatever the result, he gave it his best and


nobody can do more than that. Absolutely not. That was terrific.


It's very easy for us to sit here and call that routine, but it was


immense. He kept his style and kept his head. He pushed in an extra


ration. He really is worthy of a high, glossy medal. We hope it is


cold but it certainly should be silver. His style is so improved.


Really clean, legs locked together, those feet stretched. That was the


criticism of his work previously. He's put it all right. Fabulous


difficulty. Look at the control on that dismount. That is the focus he


has shown all the way through. We are looking at 16.066 to make the


the executions call was slightly lower than Berki's, Berki will take


gold. It couldn't have gone any closer. Berki did not crumble under


the pressure. Louis didn't crumble either. He went out there and gave


it is very best shot. Well, what can you say? You can't say anything


because there's no protest to be made. You can't protest on an


execution score. These two know what it is like. And what a job he


has done to take a bronze medal. Well, Great Britain two and three,


but there is your Olympic pommel Great Britain with a silver and


bronze. But the way Berki one that gold under extreme pressure was a


very great salute to him for doing that. Berki, double world champion,


European champion is now the was challenge enough, and then to


set a target for Louis Smith to have to go for difficulty... He


lost out on form, Louis, but you have to say congratulations to


Krisztian Berki, who did not buckle under pressure. What a final and


what a gymnast this man is. You are worth gold. Louis, a brave attempt


to match his score, but they have little breath of relief. Max weblog,


he finds himself with an Olympic bronze. Louis and Max between them,


what the job they have done but Great Britain. Silver and bronze in


what used to be their nemesis apparatus. Now we are most


consistent and probably the best team on this apparatus, well, we


are this best team on this apparatus, in the world. A silver


and bronze medal is just reward for their brilliance. But this man,


when the pressure came he did not buckle. He is a worthy gold


medallist, Krisztian Berki. European, world and now Olympic


champion. Max is still smiling - he of the Hungarians, going right back,


they gave us these moves that are so common now. But they gave these


moves over 40 years ago. So what a final that was. Gold de Berki and


silver and bronze to Great Britain in the form of Louis Smith and Max


Whitlock. How does that sound, Chris, to have two Olympic


medalists? We have another chance to what Matt -- Max Whitlock's


so high above the handles. His style, as a junior he was quite


untidy but always had great flair. This last year he has really got


the quality of work along with the up to the mark. Legs are absolutely


glued together. He's such a cool guy. I felt confident in the team


final when he approached the floor. I think I felt the same this time.


We've seen so much a one in this pommel Horse Final beforehand with


Hidvegi coming up before him and Tommasone as well struggling. Max


knew there was a chance. I noticed, just when he was sacked their


before he went up, he gave a wry smile. He knew that he was in with


a brilliant chance. My word, he took that opportunity with both


hands. He got himself an Olympic bronze medal. Yes, he is the guide


to do it. They brought him because he is quite inexperienced but he is


the junior that has risen to the challenge and shown that he likes


Krisztian Berki. He was straight into those flairs, he didn't mess


about. That was unbelievable work. He really did show his class. He


kept his focus. What a challenge Max Whitlock set him. He knew he


had to beat Max and then set a target that Louis would really have


to work to achieve. The ultimate game of poker! Absolutely! And boy,


he played a very strong hand. This was unbelievable from Berki. That


little Hopper as he goes round. So Kouassi. When it boils down to the


execution, can you argue with the judges there? No. The work he does


on his single leg work is stratospheric - no one else swings


single legs like him. There were very tiny problems perhaps in the


shade on the Russians but apart from that, this guide, that was a


performance that was unbelievable. Louis was always going to have to


react to what happened in the competition. He came with two


different routines in mind. The question was always going to be


which one would he do? This was the both handstands. I thought at this


point that he was a little bit under pressure. He can do three


Russians here. There is the first Russian, then he put the second in,


which made it seven, but he left the third out. And then he quickly


got into the spindle. He really did give it his very, very best effort.


CHRISTINE STILL: The crunch was really that he and Berki ended up


with the same difficulties Cormack. Yes, but this was the measure of


his performance, total control, right at the end. To get the same


score as Berki is an achievement. MATT BAKER: And what a release.


When you think back, do you think he would have been feeling under


more pressure here the he was in qualification? Oh, yes, he was


under a huge amount of pressure. He had to come up with the goods. He


has been consistent all the way through. To be fair to him, he


stepped up the difficulty by a tenth. He knew what he had to do,


and when you get the same score as the Olympic champion, and it comes


down to style in the end, I thought that was fantastic. There is


confirmation. Krisztian Berki is the Olympic pommel horse jumping.


Louis Smith takes the silver, Max Whitlock the bronze. To have two


gymnasts on the Olympic podium in the men's pommel horse, I mean,


goodness me. You remember, Matt, from your days, how far we have


come in the pommel horse. We are now the strongest team in the world


on the pommel horse. We have got two medals in an Olympic Games. I


cannot believe what we have seen. No, it it's fantastic. I do not


think there should be any disappointment with Louis Smith


with his silver. He has stepped up, he got bronze last time, this time


he has got silver. He has improved enormously during this past year in


style, performance, and that was a great performance, much to be


celebrated. And from a difficulty point-of-view, he matched Berki, it


is the hardest routine out there in the world. Well, he out did Berki


on difficulty, and just lost it on style. What does that say about Max


Whitlock's execution? Down on difficulty, but still in the top


three. He is 19 years old, add a few more years of difficulty on top


of that... Oh, yes, he is huge for the future, not only as a


specialist, but all round as well. Jeremy pretty decent on every


apparatus. I think he is going to be our star in four years' time.


has been a key part of the British team, how well the young gymnasts


have performed. We know on a European level how strong the


British juniors are. The next Olympic cycle is going to be very


interesting. It will be. Max Whitlock himself was junior


champion in Europe on the pommel horse. The bridge between junior


and senior is not a small one. And he has achieved it. He is now an


Olympic medallist. Incredible. At 19 years of age. What a future he


has. And we saw Louis Smith getting bronze in the last Olympics, and


then suddenly Max Whitlock gets carried along with it - that's how


it works. CHRISTINE STILL: Yes, it is the


belief, the belief that it is not impossible to go out and to win


medals. Beth Tweddle showed us first, and Louis Smith carried it


on. They have been the inspirations for the next generation, and now,


to be honest, the next generation expect to achieve. It is not a


wonderment. In the Junior Europeans, they were first and second in the


all round, and they one plenty of medals in the individuals. It could


not be more emphatic than that for our juniors. Just a first-class


performance. Our British lads came out here in front of such an


expectant crowd, and they have just delivered superbly.


ANNOUNCER: Max Whitlock! MATT BAKER: And the home crowd


applauds 19-year-old Max Whitlock, who steps up to the podium to


receive his Olympic bronze medal. MITCH FENNER: We thought when Louis


Smith got bronze in Beijing that it was tremendous, but it has been


emulated in the next Games by a younger gymnast. Fair play, that is


terrific for British gymnastics. From South Essex gymnastics club,


not to millions of miles away from Huntingdon, where Louis trains.


unassuming young man, but now, he is among the best in the world,


with his Olympic bronze medal. ANNOUNCER: For Great Britain, Louis


Smith! gave his very best, matched the


score of Berki, but on the countback, he just missed out.


Absolutely fantastic. Louis had his coach with him from Huntingdon


gymnastics club, and he has done a tremendous job. A tremendous moment.


Great Britain's Louis Smith gets a silver in the Olympic pommel horse


Olympic champion, Krisztian Berki! World champion, European champion


and now, Olympic champion. What a career this man has had. He has


been at the top of his game for so long. And it is so fitting, because


it was the Hungarians who started so many things on this apparatus,


they transformed it, and that was 35 years ago, when they started


twisting and turning. He has taken on that legacy, and now, he is


Olympic champion. This, his first Olympics, he took that opportunity,


and he nailed it, absolutely nailed it. He came out here with the crowd


absolutely in full voice for the British boys, and he handled it


really well. And the pressure that he must have been under, to come


out here in front of his home crowd, he was certainly up against it.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


Louis Smith takes silver croc Great Britain, and Max Whitlock, the


bronze. It is always difficult, you're thinking, can they get gold?


But Beth Tweddle summed it up, she said, if I leave that arena and I


have done my best, I will be happy. Yes, and both of these two have to


be delighted. They did not leave anything behind. No, they did


everything that they could. To see Mark Hunter and Zac Purchase in the


ruling yesterday, they gave absolutely everything, and they got


silver. And to achieve exactly the same score, to lose it on the


countback in the end, but I just go back to the performance of Berki,


to stay calm in this arena, to produce what he produced, I mean...


And then Louis steps up and he apps his difficulty, only by a tenth,


but he did it. He knew what he had to do, and Berki is a worthy, were


the Olympic champion. Louis gracious in taking his silver medal,


really gracious. Once again, when you see the pictures of Berki, his


leg extension, it is class. When you think of the pommel horse, you


want to see the circling, it was absolutely textbook, really. You


will always have the arguments about the execution versus the


difficulty, but it has done a lot for British gymnastics. How would


you describe our style of gymnastics, in Britain? It is


immense. The standard for the future is guaranteed now. There


will be hundreds of juniors coming through. A few of them will cross


the bridge into senior level. They have now got a legacy to live up to.


Smith and the team, the team bronze medal, and then to take two medals


in this company, they have laid down a legacy for others to follow.


And the future looks pretty good to me. Just the most incredible pommel


horse Final. We have seen it all this afternoon. In the women's, we


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