BBC One: Day 9: 16.00-17.35 Olympics

BBC One: Day 9: 16.00-17.35

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beaten the world number one on Centre Court here, so we are


positive. Stay positive as well, Andy Murray


being sensible in victory because you heard Federer saying he got to


emotional in his early victories and Michael Phelps says one of the


key things to malty eventing is you have to conserve your emotional


event in soap -- you have to conserve your energy. That he rates


as his biggest win of his career. It gives Great Britain the 16th


gold medal and they could be more in cycling tonight because Ed


Clancy is in second place with the omnium with two events to go and


that is live on BBC Three. That is where the cycling coverage will


remain because on BBC One we will show you the final of the mixed


doubles, Flora Robson and Andy Murray against Victoria Azarenka


and Max Mirnyi. Cycling is live on BBC Three. In the gap between now


and 5:15pm and the mixed doubles final, we get a chance to see the


pommel horse final in gymnastics. Much wit -- Max Whitlock and Louis


Smith, the bronze medallist in Beijing, both in this, so let's see


Max Whitlock is ready to go in the pommel horse final. The door is


length of the horse that sometimes the form goes. But this is very


kept it tight. This is looking very is challenging for a medal. That


was super stuff. What a performance from the young 19-year-old. That


was first class. Has he done enough for bronze? What a super cool guy


Max Whitlock is. He always handles the pressure and more. That time,


he gave something a bit special. Well, we were worried about his


travels because he broke form on the travels in qualification


previously in this but he kept his legs tight. Look at this, swinging


hard. This is super word and boy, oh boy, I don't know about a bronze


but this is a real challenge for a medal because now, everyone has to


hit. Well, that is going to pile guy, it is 15.60. The execution is


and nine. He could not have done a better job. Look at that young man.


What a fantastic platform he has beautiful lake separation, the


style and a bit cute -- amplitude is magnificent. Lovely in the


spindle. There was a criticism of him. He is keeping style very well


indeed. He really is building. A small hesitation but he has risen


to this challenge. That was a super routine from the double world


champions. Well, he has laid down the gauntlet. He certainly has.


Laid down the gauntlet, for the man who wandered in at the end of that


routine wearing headphones and trying to keep as calm as possible.


Kristian Thomas. He has got fabulous style and he used it. That


is his big strings, his execution. Yes, on the single legwork he


stands alone but here he has pulled something out. The Russian work, he


kept style which is very difficult to do when you have long levers but,


boy, he really can swing. A tiny hesitation at the top of the


handstand but it will be very little deduction. Look for another


score from him. Look at that. Good perform on the big stage. His first


opportunity at an Olympic Games, without a team, as a specialist.


Louis Smith will have to be at the top of his game here. Oh, my word,


it is an enormous 16.066. 6.9 difficulty. Berki leads, Max


Whitlock. Busnari in third. He said he would have the routine in the


locker if he needed it. Now is the time. Just swing like there is


nobody watching. First can stand, very nice, there is the second. --


handstand. Doing very well. He has Into the trouble Russian. He is


swinging in a very measured way. Keep the swing. Keep the focus, he


is up, beautifully controlled, making sure of the hands down. That


is brilliant. For my money, that is worth a gold medal. Lewis Smith


delivered under pressure, all eyes were on him. Goodness me, he didn't


let anybody down there. What a fantastic performance. Whatever the


result, he gave it his best. Nobody can do more than that. The bat was


terrific. It is very easy for us to sit here and call that a routine


but that was immense, he kept his head. He really is a worthy of a


mogul, we hope it is gold, if not silver. He style is really clean,


boast feet are stretched, that was the criticism previously. Look at


the fabulous difficulty. Look at the control on the dismount. That


is the focus he has shown all the way through. We are looking at


Ovett 16.066 to make Olympic history. -- more than 16.066.


Pacing Gladiators, I think. It is a great moment, is it gold or is it


silver? It is a tie. Because the execution school was slightly lower,


Berki will take gold. He couldn't have got any closer. Berki did not


crumble under the pressure. Smith gave it his best shot. What can you


say? There is no protest to be made, you can a protest on an execution


score. They know what it is like, what a job he has done to take the


bronze medal. Great Britain, 2 and 3 and there is the Olympic pommel


horse champion, Berki. That was an unbelievable final. Great Britain


with a silver medal and a bronze medal. The way Berki one that gold


under extreme pressure was a great salute to him for doing that.


Double world champion, European champion, he is now the Olympic


as 19-year-old Max Whitlock steps up onto the podium to receive his


Olympic bronze medal. We did think, when Smith got bronze at Beijing,


that was tremendous, and it has been emulated a again by a younger


gymnast, fair play, that is terrific for British gymnastics.


Max Whitlock from South Essex gymnastics club, not a million


miles from Huntingdon where the silver medallist trains. Unassuming


young man, but he is amongst the best in the world. Silver medal,


representing Great Britain, Louis Smith. He gets the silver in great


company. Fabulous performance, he gave it his very best, matched


Berki's call but on the tie-break, he just missed out. Just down for


execution. Absolutely fantastic. He is here with his coach from


Huntingdon gymnastics club. He has done a tremendous job. Tremendous


moments. Great Britain get a silver in the Olympic pommel horse final.


Gold medallist and Olympic champion, representing Hungary, Krisztian


Berki. He is now Olympic champion. What a career this man has had. He


has been at the top of his game for so long. It is so fitting because


it is the Hungarians that transformed this apparatus. That


was 35 years ago. He has taken up that legacy. He is an Olympic


champion. Berki now 27 years old, this is his first Olympics. He took


that opportunity and nailed it, absolutely nailed it. Full of


admiration. He came out here with the crowd, absolutely in full voice


for the British voice. The pressure he must have been under to come out


of his home crowd. The focus was just amazing. Please stand for the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 131 seconds


Berki takes gold, Smith for Great Britain, silver, Max Whitlock,


bronze. To keep your head and your


composure went Berki did so well. It was very tough being a British


athlete at our home Games, it very nerve-racking, especially the build


up over the last couple of years. Hard to come out to the final, but


the crowd cheering, two excellent schools, it was a tough job.


thought you would be keeping your eye on his routine but you had your


head down and headphones on. wasn't too focused on what anybody


else was doing, my routine is hard enough without worrying about what


other people are doing. Just trying to stay focused, stage chilled,


listen to my reggae music. music has caused some amusement.


Max, you must have been keeping an eye on the gymnasts before you, a


few mistakes opened the door for you to get a shot at a medal.


Before the competition I just wanted to do a clean routine. It


was basically whoever did the cleanest rete would get a medal.


I'm really happy. -- routine. you think you would come to London


20 toss and end up with two medals? I didn't think I would get one.


it hard to be that sporting? He shook Berki's hand. We are great


friends but great rivals. He will go down as one of the greatest


pommel horse workers ever and the fact I came second to him is


something to be proud of. It was so close, everybody is very proud,


In case you're wondering about those flowers, there are four types


of roses, theorist and lavender as well! It reflects an English


country garden. Ben Ainslie today, what can you say about the man.


Earlier this week his biggest rivals, Jonas Hogh-Christensen Of


Denmark and the Dutch Sailer had got him a bit wound-up. He said


they had made him angry. You don't want to make him angry. So when he


came into the final race, this is 2012 or Ben Ainslie, the man who is


on target for his 4th Olympic gold. That was critical. The distance


just opened up for Ben Ainslie. We are run exactly the same position


as we saw for the start race. It is critical that the Dutch Sailer


doesn't get into second place, because that will turn it in his


favour. It is very close at the moment. The significance is that


the Dutchman could still win gold. Because it did get into second


place he will be on 46. If he beats Great Britain, he will be on 48.


But if the Dutchman gets on 48 points, it is all square with Ben


are coming through fast. Critical for Ben Ainslie that his friend,


dance later, from New Zealand, is critical. This is excellent but


for Ben. Couldn't get closer for this. That parcel that the Dutchman


had with the Kiwi boat, that has helped Ben a lot, and taken the


pressure off. The Dutch guy is now 5th. He shouldn't have got involved,


he should have tried it to steer clear, but he got involved in the


Kiwi boat, that has held him up. Ben Ainslie is safe. We are so


he going to be overall? But from a British perspective, let's see the


other sailors. Second are New the Netherlands. And Ben Ainslie is


heading towards the finish line. The crowds are back to cheer,


because ben Ainslie wins his 4th Olympic gold! He is the greatest


sailing Olympian in the history of the Games. The battle between Ben


Ainslie and the great Dane is over, and for the first time, the moment


that Ben Ainslie was in a gold medal position at the end of the


race was right now. Listen to the cheers there! Ben Ainslie went back


on the attack. Great Britain is cheering, Ben Ainslie punches the


air. Well done, Ben Ainslie, you have had an extraordinary week. You


have been up against them all, you have bought out of bed. -- you have


bought your way out of it. Come on, he says. This is a moment where Ben


Ainslie stands up, tomorrow morning, front page, I can see that, can't


you? What a week, what a regatta, what a moment. You are the greatest


I am pretty speeches. It has been a really tough week. Amazing


competition, especially from a Jonas Hogh-Christensen from Denmark.


But this was the time to do it, in front of the home crowd. I just


want to thank all the people who have supported me over the years,


my family and sponsors, all the people who have come here to wave


us on, and all the supporters across the country. It has been an


amazing experience. Listening to a crowd like that makes a difference,


I can tell you. You had to do this at the hard way, six defeats on the


bounce, even you must have thought, is this going to be my year? That's


right. Those six races, I was in a bit of trouble, to be honest. I had


to turn things around, and I did it when it counts, in the middle race.


It has been the hardest couple of weeks in my life, I haven't slept


much in the last couple of days. You just have to deal with that


when you get racing, he disappears, you get on with the job. Dare we


dream about the road to Rio? Or are you drawing a line under this


amazing Olympic odyssey? If you are, you're about -- you're bowing out


as the greatest. Never say never, but I don't think I can get it


together again, it is killing my body, I would be very surprised if


you see me in Rio, this is the best way to leave, on top. You will


never get a better than that, at a home Olympics, just an amazing


feeling. On behalf of everyone who you have been brought in this


campaign and this 16 year it journey, you are the toast of the


nation, and once again, you are the Olympic champion! Not just that,


You all know now that he is the most decorated Sailer in Olympic


history, four gold medals, his first goal came in 2000, then he


switched to the Finn Class and he has one it three times. He began


sailing as an eight-year-old. This one is interesting. He was spurred


on to succeed because he was bullied at school in Truro because


of an allergy to the Sun which used to bring him out in a rash. And all


his boats are called Rita! He now has a four gold medals. This is


where it puts him on the list of A fantastic achievement from Ben


Ainslie. Also on the water, Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson were


defending their title going into preparation comes down to these


final four a minute. The colour is not yet decided. Sweden have the


advantage at the front. The Kiwis are in second place at the moment.


Great Britain, out on the left-hand side. For me, it looks good at the


moment. It looks like they were able to lay the track for the


finish, they are in a good position, they seem to be going fast, they


have got Clear Air. Great Britain are up to 4th. But I am holding on,


because it is not as straight line. A little gust in another part of


the course, and things could change very quickly. This is far from over.


What is he thinking? Have I one gold? Have I one silver? -- have a


won silver? They are coming to the finish of this medal race. They are


a target for victory, but they want to know if they are on target, but


it looks like they will win this race, they will not know what medal


yet. Sweden win the race, 32 points for Sweden. New Zealand finished


-- 5th. We cannot call that here. We cannot call where Great Britain


are. I think it has gone to the Swedish calm -- team. It is Sweden


that are celebrating. The British team in the last hundred metres,


gold medal hopes have faded away. Sweden one gold, Great Britain


We are proud of our effort to be disappointed not to win. When a bit


of time goes by we will be proud to be silver medalists. Just going to


ask, some solace to be on that poaching, you have a medal? Just to


compete in the Olympics in Great Britain is a huge honour, and we


had a great time doing it. The training for it was fantastic, but


obviously we are frustrated not winning. Getting her silver with


your best friend, looking back on this year to come, we will be very


proud, but very frustrated right now. Who lifts who now? The rest of


the team, we have a lot of our friends and team-mates competing.


We have to keep them competing every day. We are here now until


the end of the final match race, our job is to help them. We have to


be lifted, because they cannot see us miserable. They have to get out


there and do their best for their medals.


A silver medal, adding to the tally, Great Britain having a very, very


good day. As far as things are concerned at Wimbledon, Andy Murray


had a sensational victory earlier in the gold medal match over Roger


Federer to win Britain's first gold medal since 1908. He served with


two aces. He could himself in check, because he knew he had a very quick


turnaround at because he has to come out and contest of the gold


medal match in mixed doubles. We Andy Murray was asked to be wanted


an hour to recover, he said no, he wanted to come straight back out


here. He should be out of a few minutes. We were talking about that


match, the serving of Andy Murray, how impressive it was. It was


incredible, in the third set, he one a five love service games on


his serve, he didn't drop a point. To be able to do that on the


biggest stage is amazing. Coming out for the mixed doubles, he is


going to be floating around this court. Before the Olympic tennis


event, British tennis, Great Britain thought they had a medal


opportunity, he has now got a gold. To come out and make it two bowled,


that would be incredible. Let's keep it going! Or Circomedia to


pick a doubles partner, the choice was Heather Watson or Laura Robson.


He went for Laura, and I can understand that, she is good around


the neck, she is left-handed. Heather would have done a great job


as well, but the fact they have played a bit if mixed doubles


before, they played in Australia, they had some good matches, it is


not easy. He would have loved to have played in them both -- with


them but, but he chose Laura, it seems like it has been a good


decision. She is going to be scrutinised this afternoon, it is a


time when you know, as the Fiat -- a female player, that the ball is


going to be coming to you if the opponent has that option. She needs


to find that rhythm early on. With the way things are going, I think


they can win gold. I don't envy Laura at all, it is Azarenka and


Max Mirnyi, his nickname is the Beast of Belarus, and he is a


monster, he hit so hard! He was a good singles player, but he has


specialised in doubles, he has been in the top 10 of doubles for a long


time. But the attitude that Laura has had for the whole Olympic event


is she has had nothing to lose. She wasn't in the singles, she then got


into the doubles, and Andy Murray picked her to play mixed doubles.


Now she has the opportunity to go and play in the gold medal match.


She has to go out there and go for it. There is no point in trying to


play cautiously or conservatively, that is not going to win them the


match. The way Andy Murray has played, the way he has served, he


has hardly been losing. On his return. They have got a great shot.


My advice to her would-be, used the word, "Yours" a lot! It is up to


the man to take possession of the court. Andy Murray is going to want


the ball at every opportunity. It is important that Laura doesn't go


into her shell and shy away from taking those opportunities come


because she is a great ball striker. It is important, she is going to be


nervous, but she needs to get half but were going early on. That is


the first thing that goes. -- for at work. If she can get up to a


good start, they say it is best-of- three, but it is really two except,


if it is one to one, you play first Those teams won matches on tie-


breaks yesterday, but to beat Lleyton Hewitt and Sam's dozer,


they would have been expected to win it quite easily -- Samantha


Stosur. Yes, but there is this confidence going around and with


Andy having just beaten Roger, he will want to add to his medals, and


for Laura, what an opportunity. She is at 18, and would be the third


youngest medallist. If she wins gold she would be the second


youngest gold medal-winner behind Jennifer Capriati are in 1992 in


Barcelona, and on your home court, it does not get any better than


that. If I have lead you astray. They told me they would come on at


5:15pm but obviously not yet. Come and join us in a few minutes' time.


I completely forgive you. She nearly got hit on the head earlier!


They start throwing tennis balls in the audience. Our favourite moment


so far was after Roger Federer, an Jon Macken road suddenly said,


sorry, I have to go and do something for American TV -- John


McEnroe. Moments like that! Back to the velodrome. Jason Kenny,


selected ahead of Chris Hoy, has been going in the sprint, trying to


defend a title that Chris Hoy a won in Beijing. This is what happened


when he was beaten by Chris Hoy. It was a very tough position, but


Jason Kenny got it. It was, but I am sure they breathed a sigh of


relief when they saw his qualifying think it is exaggeration to say


that he is in the form of his life. That is right. Jason Kenny is Amman


that has already won a gold medal. -- A man. They replicated their


podium position of four years ago. His opponent is a handy sprinter,


although I feel he will be better to start to sprint. Jason Kenny


does not want to do him any favours electric power! He nearly came down


on a Awang. Will we hear more about it? I don't think so. Jason Kenny


took the sprint. That was not impeding the progress of the


opposition, if it was they would not have let it stand. That was


great by Awang. He is not afraid. Very skilful. And look at the time!


The changes of direction, all the time. Good acceleration. Jason


Kenny it was never very confident. That is the point. He moved up,


It is best of three and a cycling continues on BBC Three now. Jason


Kenny, in the second of his three races. Ed Clancy is cycling for a


medal in the omnium. That is all on BBC Three. On BBC One shortly, we


will be going back to the tennis for the final of the mixed doubles,


but tonight, the stadium will be Christine Ohuruogu defending her


title in the women's 400m final at 9:10pm. A couple of medal


ceremonies there as well, Mo Farah's and Greg Rutherford's. The


gold medal ceremonies. Ben Ainslie will be awarded his gold medal in


Weymouth as well and we will show that to you when we can. We will go


now across to Wimbledon because the players are coming out now. Laura


Robson teaming up with Andy Murray, who is trying to win his second


gold medal in the space of an afternoon, which would be quite


some achievement. I said it was the first gold medal for Great Britain


in tennis since 1908. It wasn't quite. The first men's single medal.


We one in the doubles in 1920. -- we won. We will head to boxing


first. Natasha Jonas is one of This was the fourth and final of


the two minute rounds we will see, finals of the women's lightweight


division. The fourth and final punches up by the referee. --


Underwood. This is a few restart to the round from Underwood -- furious


start. Natasha Jonas needs to keep a discipline. She is dropping her


hands, giving her opponent the to over 10 and she is giving yet


her absolute all. -- overturn. a little uppercut to the solar


plexus, as the referee saw. Jonas can work at high pace for all four


rowers, really good endurance. -- trying to make the defence


impossible to reach. Underwood launches what will be her final


attack but at the end of the round, there is no doubt in the mind of


Natasha Jonas that she has done enough to book a place in the


quarter-finals. She led by four points going into that final round


and Queen Underwood's body language betrays what she thinks is the


What a classy boxer. She threw the combinations, she put the pressure


on throughout that out. But on this occasion, Joan has kept her head --


Natasha Jonas kept her head and showed the greater experience that


verdict. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner, in the blue corner,


representing Great Britain, Natasha Jonas! Natasha Jo Nesbo boxed


absolutely brilliantly -- Natasha Jonas. Despite the pressure she


faced in the fourth round, she controlled the ring. Sportingly


holding open the roads for Underwood. She exudes the Olympic


tournament. No disgrace in her display. But a win is well deserved


because Natasha Jonas fault beautifully and will now contest


the quarter-finals with the four time world champion and No. 1 seed,


Katie Taylor. She books a place in What a day it has been for British


athletes. A gold medal for Ben Ainslie, Andy Murray, a silver


medal for Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson, a silver medal for Louis


Smith and a bronze medal for Max Whitlock, and as we head back to


Wimbledon we are guaranteed at the very least a silver medal, because


this is the gold medal match or Andy Murray and Laura Robson. They


are up against Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi of Belarus. It is


the most gorgeous evening at Wimbledon. The crowds are beginning


They have a very tough time today come up against the top seeds,


Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi of But this format, with the best of


two sets, and a match tie-break of the first to 10, has really suited


the British pair. Laura Robson has played extremely well. Sometimes


she has gone through a few little dips but whenever it has come down


to the tie-breaker, she has come up with some huge shots. The Victoria


Azarenka, the world singles number one. Only ranked 80 in doubles. She


picked up the bronze medal in the singles. The first medal ever in


Olympic tennis or Belarus -- 4 Belarus. That is if you discount


the woman who played under the Commonwealth of Independent States


in Barcelona, they had not quite sorted things out after the break-


up of the Soviet Union! The gentle giant, Max Mirnyi. 35 now. He was


born in Minx. He has looked for much of his life in Florida. The No.


1 ranked doubles play in the world for men's doubles. Highly decorated.


Four times he has won at Roland Garros, twice at the US Open.


Significantly, he and Victoria one the US Open mixed doubles five


years ago -- won the US Open mixed doubles. Laura Robson, 18 years old.


How would she handle this occasion? She was up in Murray's box for a


lot of that singles final. I hope she has not let too many of her


emotions go, that she is not too drained. I think she will be fine


Macros. She knows that the majority of the attack is going to come at


Laura Robson -- I think she will be fine. If she starts thinking too


much, there will be problems. Max Mirnyi, I would imagine he will try


to intimidate rural Robson at the beginning because she is by far the


most experienced player of the four, and they will probably try to


target everything on to her at the beginning. She will need to go for


it, keep on thumping it the ball away she has been. Easier said than


done but that is what she needs to do. The familiar team are in


position. Kim Sears, what an Victoria Azarenka one the -- won


the French Open at the start of this year. Is it possible that we


saw the Union Jack raised again, we could see a grazed again later this


afternoon. You might need to go back to the fridge and get some


more champagne! Because certainly, the couple from Belarus of the


favourites, but Laura Robson and Andy Murray have been the underdogs


since the first round, then they beat Lleyton Hewitt and Sam Stosur,


then the Germans, Sabine Lisicki and Christopher cast. She looked a


little bit more relaxed now. I know she has got another medal to watch


her son play for, but he has already got the gold, so this is a


bonus, really. All the pressure on the Belorussians. Victoria is only


23, she has already achieved a lot in her young Korea. It could


possibly be a Olympic gold for them. Mirnyi, for his success, has never


one an Olympic medal. -- has never So the top seeds one the toss, and


The Centre Court hasn't quite filled up again after Andy Murray's


singles final. They just needed a little breather, I'm sure a lot of


them are waiting to come in, after three games when they are allowed


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 131 seconds


to, I'm sure the Centre Court will Without wishing to interrupt, I


fear I have to because we are coming on air now on BBC2. You are


watching the gold medal match in the mixed doubles. Victoria


Azarenka and Max Mirnyi of Belarus. Up against Andy Murray and Laura


Robson. For those of you who wish to continue watching the tennis,


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