BBC Two: Day 9: 5.35-6.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 9: 5.35-6.00

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match and the mixed doubles, Laura Robson and Andy Murray against


Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi of Belarus. Murray trying to get his


second medal of the day, after A great start from Robson and


Well, that was a surprise. sheer pressure of serving to the


18-year-old has already got to Max This would be a sensational start


if Murray can convert this break Max Mirnyi has had a great career,


over 45 doubles titles. He was a singles player and 11 title, about


10 years ago he was ranked top 20 in the world but of late he has


become very much a doubles specialist and is the reigning


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French Open champion, with Canadian Very nice play there. She knows


they're going to come at her. She has to be alert. She said before


the semi-final she was inspired watching the rowing, watching them


She was tweeting today that she was watching all the action from the


athletics. She has caught a Olympic That wasn't the right place to hit


that volley from Azarenka, straight to Andy Murray. To be fair to


Azarenka, she doesn't play a lot of doubles these days due to the


singles commitments. She's only played two doubles matches this


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year coming into this Olympic event. Max Mirnyi has got such a good


serve, such a good kick serve, but he was very nervous in that game.


Azarenka was a bit tight as well there. Laura Robson, what a


magnificent turn of serve. Andy Murray, well, you expect that from


him, you can probably count on one hand the returns he has missed


during the mixed doubles run. He's been so solid. He's also... I can't


remember when he's been broken in A good move from Laura Robson. No


hesitation, because Andy Murray What has been lovely to watch with


this partnership is how protective Murray is of Laura. He's like an


He is seven years older. He has been so supportive. Chats between


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The beauty of the Robbs and Murray partnership is Laura doesn't always


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Laura Robson looks a bit nervous. That was one of the most effective


Fantastic returns from both of them. Mirnyi itching to get across.


spent the last Olympics camp out in front of her TV, watched every


Now she's playing in a gold medal That's one of the reasons why she


is so good in mixed doubles, she It's a double break! It is Murray


and Robson who lead 3-0 in his It is that kind of date! Anything


is possible! I do not know if you caught the LOCOG dejection from


Victoria Azarenka. She is the number-one singles player in the


world, and she is partnering the number one Men's Doubles player in


the world. In the Mixed Doubles, the men' at serve is almost a


Guinea, so for them to be broken twice, they are not in the match.


It is going so quickly. This is a big game for Laura Robson, if she


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She has had a good year in the When she serves like this, that is


tough for the opposing team. She has served him well during the


Mixed Doubles. There have been a couple of bottles, but she has got


Why did I say that?! That is where the problem has been. She takes


chances, it is better for her to go for it. You are getting over-


excited, the Olympic tennis has got Laura Robson is the best player on


the court at the moment. What a debut at this Olympics for Laura


Robson, what an experience in your very first Olympic games. The


Watched by his father. He was a good volleyball player in his time.


He sent Macs at 14 to Brooklyn to train, and a year later, to the


Where do you serve against Andy Murray when he is in this mood?


Perhaps into the body is the only play. Anything in the wings, it


comes back at you three times as quick. Look at the confidence of


Feeling the pressure. They also rattled. Do not forget, this is a


man with six Men's Doubles Grand Slam titles. A couple of Mixed


Doubles as well, he won at Wimbledon 40 years ago with Serena


I think he is rattled because it is like a football team, your manager


comes through with a plan and you go one goal down in the first three


minutes. Since he lost his opening service game, he is shaky. He has


With his experience, he should be boss in this match, and he is


Max Mirnyi and are older brother figure to Victoria Azarenka.


Victoria Azarenka was the ball girl Perfect play. Tis what Laura Robson


is doing well. She stays up and moves for words. There is no hint


of backing off. She can take the volley very early. It makes it more


simple when you are that close to It is a pitiful Andy Murray, he


backed up. -- it is a pity for Andy Not quite from Laura Robson. Max


Mirnyi just about gets through a service game, and they get on the


This is not following the script. No. They go back a long way, they


won the Mixed Doubles at the US Open five years ago. That is when


the tennis world started to wake up to how could this young woman could


be. He is very protective of her. When she was playing tennis, it was


at the time when the Soviet Union had broken up, and there was not a


lot of funding in Della Reese. There was not a federation. It is


different now. Max Mirnyi has opened a sports centre in Minsk. It


is a different place from what it He has told Victoria Azarenka to


stay back even on the second serve. That is why! It is not a bad play.


Victoria as the Brent's ground strokes are so good, she can do


damage from the back of the court - Next minute going up to the net,


Andy Murray saw Max Mirnyi charging, and he took his eye off the half


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One face and two on returnable He is a bit unit, Max Mirnyi, 6 ft


5, 1.96 metres. 210 pounds in weight. Very experienced at 35


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He just absolutely unleashed about forehand. That was a gigantic


forehand. Look at how far back he is. He said, I am not even going to


touch that want! The noise as that Bo Bruce trying to hang on. -- Ben


Welcome to viewers on BBC One. We are watching the gold medal match,


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