BBC One: Day 9: 18.00-18.50 Olympics

BBC One: Day 9: 18.00-18.50

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Welcome to viewers on BBC One. We are watching the gold medal match.


Andy Murray and Laura Robson up against Max Mirnyi and Victoria


If you are watching on BBC Two, now is the time to switch over to BBC


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One to see if they can turn this Laura Robson, serving for the


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This team had been absolutely brilliant. They have broken Max me


knee in the very first game of this There is almost a grown up when the


Andy Murray makes a mistake, that is how perfectly has been all day -


Great Britain take the opening set! It only takes them 30 minutes.


he challenge? He did challenge. But We will get some statistics up in a


minute but until we do, what has gone right for Great Britain and


what has not worked for the Belorussian squares --


Belorussians? You cannot lose the opening serve with the man serving,


you just cannot do that. Mirnyi played an awful game there. Laura


Robson has just continued at the way she has been playing, she has


attacked. When she is going for it, she will make some mistakes but she


puts a lot of pressure on her opponents and her first serve has


been so good. At the moment Mirnyi and Azarenka cannot get rural


Robson. That was supposed to be the weak link -- cannot get to Laura


They know they have to get into the match right now, Belarus. The need


to put some pressure on Robson, because she has been brilliant. You


have to try and stay away from Andy Will there be a response from the


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top seeds? Mirnyi will start us off In the top right, in the red shirt,


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That is brilliant serving from Just the start that the top seeds


Nicely done there from Murray. He put it nice and deep. He has only


played four events this year in doubles, because of his singles


commitments. They will with his brother, Jamie. -- and they will


He is such a great tennis player that he would win Grand Slams if he


played doubles, as would Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. They


OK, though. A good first volley from Robson. I like the way she is


staying close into the net. She is not backing up. She is making them


hit really good shot to get past her. She is staying close to the


I can't believe Andy Murray has actually entered next week in the


Masters series in Toronto. I have a feeling there might be a phone call


being made. He can't play that surely, after all this emotion this


There have been a few phone-calls to that Montreal tournament. Rafael


Nadal is out, Roger Federer is out, Djokovic is out. We won't worry


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Laura says her Olympic title is It is OK. Don't forget, she is 18.


This is the biggest match of her career. She had to go for that. No


A lot more movement now from Mirnyi. He is trying to get into this match


This is the big game coming up now. The first pressure game. The Brits


has been so good right from the start. It has been plain sailing.


Laura Robson is serving this. This is where Azarenka will expect she


will have the best chance of She has been so solid so far on


serve, Robson. She had a bit of a struggle against the Aussies in the


quarter-finals. They broke her three times. And twice against the


Certainly not feeling the pressure so far. That was a magnificent


One of the things that has helped the British team is in the great


preparation they have had, Laura did a few days in the village, just


to get a feel of the Olympics. Yet she is staying at home, which is


They have also been able to get away from its a little, they have a


little house at the back here, so they can have treatment, and just


take a break from a very busy That was a late call, but it is out.


That was a pity, because it was a good first serve from Robson.


has taken almost three-quarters of an hour of play. But the


Belorussians finally have a break That is it. We have a momentum


switch now in this gold medal match. It can change so quickly. Andy


Murray should have made that volley, He is mad himself, he knows it cost


them back again. A different format for the mixed doubles. It will be a


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10 point tie-breaker if we need to As I said, we're not there yet, but


it does look as if we are heading to a Champions' tie-break, which


they play it, first to 10. Instead It has been high risk, high-stakes


The beast has been woken. He is really starting to take control in


Mirnyi holds once more. The Belorussians take a 4-1 lead in the


The scenery has completely changed in this match. Doesn't take a lot


in doubles. Whether it is normal or mixed doubles, a couple of mistakes,


and Andy Murray just missed that forehand volley at 30-30 on Laura


Robson's serve, and he had been immaculate throughout. Then the


whole momentum changes, it can go Azarenka, also playing a lot better


now. Also getting more returns back into play, tipping the ball at


Hasn't Judy been through quite Girlfriend Kim and Father William


somewhere in that play a box as Has to be absolutely perfect, when


you are coming in for a volley like that, Mirnyi is a big man, you have


Four service games played for Andy Murray, just four points lost. It


is such a dominant part of Great Britain's performance out here on


Centre Court. Can the Belorussians get through the Azarenka service


Much better served, they missed a lot of first serves in the first


set. Laura Robson hasn't had as many opportunities to give the big


returns she is capable of. She has been at full stretch much more in


Is that adrenalin ever going to run out? A I don't think so! Bidding to


become a double gold medallist That was good from Azarenka. She is


She went off to train in the United States at a young age on her own.


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Her rich to the top has been a This is a great fightback from


So, where now fraught Robson and Murray? What should their response


be? The thing is, their opponents have both started playing better,


but they are both returning serve better, Mirnyi is the one who is


taking charge at the net, and Azarenka is solid from the baseline.


They have to keep on focusing here. This is a big game coming up. Laura


Robson has to keep going for the ball and she has been. She hasn't


been getting as many balls over, but a lot of that is the serving


from Mirnyi and at Azarenka, which has been a lot better in this said.


But it will come. Even read doesn't in this set, you have the tie-


breaker, which it is very open, anything can happen. Andy Murray is


the captain, he has to keep encouraging Laura. A long way to go


yet. Great Britain, serving to stay He has been great, Andy Murray. He


has been so good with her. It has It has been lovely, because he


doesn't dare tell her exactly what Azarenka, not happy with Mirnyi


there! Le oche he wasn't turning round to see her reaction -- lucky.


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The hands went up in the air. Why That is too good. Azarenka, really


coming to the party now. As she said, she is the Australian Open


champion, already a bronze in the singles. She beat Kirilenko for the


Laura Robson wanted a piece of that Yesterday, Laura's parents were


here at Wimbledon, I haven't seen them here today, I almost have the


feeling they can't bear to watch. I'm sure they must be at home


somewhere, hidden about somewhere in the grounds. I'm sure they won't


Max Mirnyi now, with the new balls, serving to take this into the


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They haven't missed too much in this second set, the top seed's.


They were quite inspirational in the first set, Murray and Robson.


It has been the Belorussians that have dominated the second. Mirnyi


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After exactly one hour's play, Azarenka and Mirnyi level up and


It is all on the line now. This 10 point tie-breaker. If we see when


Great Britain hath won this mixed doubles events. It has only been


played six times. They one the inaugural one in 1900, Dougherty


and Cooper, in Paris. -- A won the inaugural one. They got FF300. In


Stockholm, Great Britain won. And 1920, and work. -- in Antwerp. The


Azarenka and Mirnyi certainly proved they were level. This is a


shoot-out now. First to 10. Anything can happen. Who hold their


Not a good start but unlike with the normal tie-break, first-7, it


is first to 10, so time to get back if you do get a bad start. That


The noise around the Centre court has to be heard to be believed. How


they would love to see another Max Mirnyi is serving so much


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 42 seconds


Robson takes on Mirnyi. She did This is the first to 10, not your


It is on the line! That look like that was Mirnyi's


point there. It looked like it was almost there, but great reflex from


Laura Robson. Again, not intimidated. Not moving back.


18-year-old has been terrific in They changed ends every six points.


That was just a response to the amount that Mirnyi was starting to


move around the court in that second set. Laura was not sure


Murray has to reassure her. No big deal. They have got time.


Azarenka's serve is vulnerable. If they get to nine apiece, it will be


That is better! That was a fine That is what you have got to do


when your partner has played a bad point. Help her out, as he did with


that belief. Excellent play. -- as A little disturbance, there was a


child crying, it has just been Yes! Back come Murray and Robson


again! Excellent play from Murray and


Robson. Standing so close to their net there, it is very difficult for


the opposing team took on the back to Robson because she is right on


top of the net so they have to almost go back to Murray. CROWD:


Team GB! Team GB! We are back on serve once more in


Two serves for Murray to come. could be a good passage of play for


the British team if Murray can hold these two serves. Azarenka would


then be serving. Have you ever seen him serve this will? No. He is


serving brilliantly. -- serve this wealth? They will change and! Once


more. -- they were changed ends once more. A gold medal on the line.


I had a feeling that was going to go there. The momentum changes


hands once more. Again, the Belorussians with the mini-break,


with the slightest of advantages in this champion's time break -- tie-


breaks. Two says now for Azarenka. I don't believe that. I did not see


that happening. This is a must win Azarenka is too strong for the


young Laura. That was brilliant play from Azarenka because Murray


made his move. She saw him go. She hit the ball beautifully in the


tramlines. After an hour and 10 minutes of play, the top seeds,


Azarenka and Mirnyi, have three Solid groundstrokes there from


Still two gold medal. Remain for Well! Two saved! One remains. Max


Mirnyi has never one an Olympic battle for his success in doubles.


That is it! It will be a silver medal for Robson and married. And


gold to Azarenka and Mirnyi. Absolute delight for the Bella


Russian pair, the top seeds in this Absolute joy for the world No. 1,


Victoria Azarenka, a bronze in singles, a gold medal in doubles.


And Mirnyi, at 35, probably his last Olympics, finally add cold


medal, to go with all those grand There will be quite a party tonight,


I would imagine. Azarenka is meant to be in Montreal next week, I


Disappointment for Andy Murray and Laura Robson. They were


inspirational in their opening set, they just couldn't quite keep it


Well, huge disappointment, I am They are really good team, and it


was a close match, I just want to say thank you to Andy for playing


with because it is but one of the best weeks of my life. She has


played so well? Is she was unbelievable, returning at the


serve really well, and at the end of all of their matches, she played


some great tennis, and yes... Disappointed. They are such a tough


team, though. Yes, they are the top seeds for a reason. For me, I was


just happy to be in the final, but this is tough to lose today.


thoroughbred, you have a cold and a silver to add a for Team GB!


would have signed up for that at the start of the event. It is just


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