BBC One: Day 9: 18.50-21.45 Olympics

BBC One: Day 9: 18.50-21.45

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did, you gave everyone so much to Congratulations, what a day has


been for Andy Murray after winning the gold medal in the singles after


beating up Roger Federer on Centre Court. -- after beating Roger


Federer. After Super Saturday, it has been a very successful day for


the Brits today. Here are the other Ben Ainslie became the most


successful stay in Olympic history, winning his 4th successful --


successive Olympic gold. Andy Murray, as we have seen, is an


Olympic champion, he beat Roger Federer in three straight sets in


the final of the men's singles. Lewis Smith lost out by the finest


of margins to Hungary's Krisztian Berki in the pommel horse final. He


took silver, bronze went to his team-mate, Max Whitlock.


It was agony for Iain Percy and Andrew Simpson in the Star class,


they were forced to settle for So, Ben Ainslie winning his 4th


historic gold. Here he is, receiving his medal at the Jurassic


Ben Ainslie, gold medal, his 4th Olympic gold medal. He said, this


has been the hardest week of his life. He slept very little over the


past few days. Ben Ainslie is the greatest Olympic sailor of all time.


He spent much of this week chasing the man standing to his right. If


you looked at the scorecard, it started to look more than difficult.


Put Ben Ainslie on the back foot, he responds. Great Britain expected,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


One of his childhood heroes was from Denmark, proud of the shape --


he is proud of the man he is shaking hands with. Now, the mantle


goes to Britain. STUDIO: Congratulations to Ben


Ainslie, the most successful Olympic sailor in the world. You


might have noticed that a lot of presenters have been out and about


a different venues but Gary has been keeping this seat warm.


Tonight, he is over there in the Olympic Stadium ready to witness


what promises to be another memorable evening of athletics.


Surely, surely it can't match what Rowing had delivered in the morning,


cycling in the evening. What now would light up the night?


COMMENTATOR: She has given us a magnificent seven events already.


She is going to be the Olympic champion. Everybody is on their


feet. Jessica Ennis is the Olympic champion, best all-round athlete in


Oh my goodness, just remarkable. Greg Rutherford is the Olympic


champion. And 24 minutes after Mo Farah is kicking on. Has he got


enough? He is going for it. It is going to be a glorious, glorious


win! Mo Farah for Great Britain, it is gold! 45 minutes that made this


the brightest of nights. GARY LINEKAR: Quite something,


wasn't it? The finest hour of British sport in Olympic history


and how, you might ask, can we better that? Believe you me, we


will try. For starters, the 100 metres fight -- the 100 metres


final, the fastest men on the planet with less than ten seconds


In a Formula One race I drive almost two would miles. In a tennis


match I hit the ball 200 times. played twice a week, all year.


have to time to correct a mistake, a second chance. But what if you


have only got ten seconds? Ten seconds in four years. The smallest


mistake is magnified. There is no second chance. Ten seconds and you


are either... Or the Olympic 100- metre champion. Or you are not.


Usain Bolt will defend his Olympic 100 metres title right here tonight.


Who knows what drama will unfold in this magnificent sporting theatre.


It promises to be another Usain Bolt says he wants to emerge


from these Olympics as a living legend. We will see the fastest man


on earth. It takes an extraordinary athlete to beat Bolt. His training


partner Yohan Blake has done it twice this summer. Be whether no


man known as the Beast. -- be where the man known as the Beast. We have


local girl, Christine Ohuruogu, who once again appears to be peaking


when it matters. Can she upset the odds and successfully defend the


400 metres title? Triple-jumper Yamile Aldama likens her life story


to the plot of a Hollywood film. She is looking for an uplifting


finale in the triple jump. And it is a short walk to the Olympic


Stadium from the home of Perri Shakes-Drayton. She will be looking


for a stroll in her 400m hurdles. So it is athletics all the way


tonight, with the highlights being the women's 400 metres final at


9:50pm. On BBC Three there is Jake Humphrey is and he is at the


cycling but it will be men's hockey shortly. Great Britain against


Here we are in the Olympic Stadium. I am joined by Michael Johnson. It


is a blue ribband event, the one so many people look forward to. What


can we expect? It is blue ribband - - Blue Riband, you are a pier and I


have notes, this doesn't normally happen. There are so many great


story lines coming into this men's 100 metres. It is not about the


times but I do expect some fast times. We might see the first time


all meant go under ten seconds. It might take going under ten seconds


just to get in the final, which is incredible. The way the heats are


set up, there are three heats in the semi-final to get to the final.


The top two get into the final in the next -- and the next two


fastest times so the league -- so the lane draws and he draws are


important. Usain Bolt is in the hardest and toughest heat, which is


going to show as a lot from him and what he has got going in terms of


the injury he sustained earlier this year and his fitness level.


Adam Gemili, he is in the best state he could be in, the easiest


vital -- the easiest final, with Tyson Gay. Asafa Powell and Justin


Gatlin to, Ryan Bailey, all of these guys, Yohan Blake, Usain Bolt,


all of these guys could figure in these medals so it is not just


about the top. I can see seven guys who could all potentially medal.


That doesn't usually happen, but is what makes it great. It is so


competitive. All eyes will be on Usain Bolt and we will learn a lot


from his semi-final. He seemed to be holding plenty back in his heat?


He was holding back quite a bit yesterday, how much, we don't know.


His demeanour was a little bit different than I have seen before.


He was not as jubilant, he was not Dunne he was more focused. He is in


a different position. He does not come in as an overwhelming


favourite, so will he feel the pressure? Will he be affected by


that pressure? Normally he is the kind of athlete who would not be


affected by that but this is a different situation. He is a global


superstar. Everyone expects great things from him. He will be


interesting to see. He knows that Yohan Blake has been him twice this


year. Thank you for now, Michael. We look forward to the 100 metres,


about 9:50pm. A short while ago we saw one of our heroes collect his


gold medal. Olympic long jump Greg Rutherford, I don't think he


can still quite believe that he is the Olympic champion. Once again,


an amazing ovation rings out around this magnificent stadium. He lost


this competition. The second round, 8.21, that would have been good


enough for gold, and he extended it at 8.31 in the 4th round. I really


dominant performance. -- a really Please stand for the national


CROWD: # God save our gracious Queen!


# Long live our noble Queen! # God save the Queen!


# Send her victorious. # Happy and glorious.


# Long to reign over us. A little smile. He doesn't quite


believe it, it has not sunk in yet. Well, Greg Rutherford, you have a


lifetime for it to sink in. You are the Olympic champion.


Another emotional medal ceremony. He had to wait a long time for that,


didn't he? Let's go to John Inverdale to look forward to a


wonderful night of track and field. I think we ran out of superlatives


last night, didn't we? I was coming through the dictionary for other


words, other than amazing, extraordinary, remarkable. Unless


Ball or Blake runs 9.4 tonight, it will not be quite as spectacular


tonight but it will still be fabulous. Having seen Greg


Rutherford's medal ceremony, the great bonus of London traded of us


if you win a gold medal, it is you get a commemorative stamp, forever


more. There is Greg Rutherford's. I There is the one for Jessica Ennis.


I think they are available at a post office near you, at some point,


Colin and Denise are here. The men's 100 metres tonight, one, two,


three, will be Bolt, Blake, Game. Blake, Bolt, Gay. Fair enough. A


final reflection on last night, was that the best night that you have


ever enjoyed? Even allowing for your gold medal, was up the most


remarkable evening you have ever experienced in athletics?


Absolutely, yes. We are having the time of our lives. Last night was


the time of our lives and we need to recognise that. It was so


special, so unifying and magical. For me, it definitely was. The


whole audience here brought the event alive. It made it extra


special. The performances were great but the crowds put the icing


on the cake. It poured with rain for the marathon this morning.


Please, can we have another glorious summer evening for the


track and field tonight, and we have got it. It is about 21 Celsius,


perfect conditions to run. The action has begun, the women's 400


metres hurdles heat. Eilidh Child a very long hold. Eilidh Child...


Already, that was Stambolova who took a heavy fall. Stambolova, well,


I'm trying to check, was that another one going down, the Kenyan.


Eilidh Child needs to concentrate, Eilidh Child, a quick Quint there.


-- there was a quick wind. Eilidh Child, it helped her that stumble


over would have been affected. She went down at the second hurdle, but


Eilidh Child is through, that is whilst its sun is shining a little


bit in the Olympic Stadium. But between Eilidh Child and the


She is with me now. You are through to the semis, but not the fastest


of times. I do not know what happened in the back straight. My


strides were all over the place and I started to panic a bit. I am


relieved I have done enough to make the semi-finals. Were you able to


keep your nerves in check? I was almost crying when Greg was on the


podium and I used that the crowd to get me round. The crowd cheered me


have liked, but she has explained how that happened. The athletes are


already out on the track for the next heat. There is the fastest


woman in the field this year. 31 years old. Her fastest time was


winning the Russian championships. Spencer is the 9th fastest in


history. She has only run 54.39 this year. She finished third in


the London Diamond League. She is the Nigerian record holder, twice


the African champion. 54.75. 53.96 was the winner of the first heat.


If she can repeat the sort of form she showed in the Russian


championships, she should stroll round here and win comfortably. We


should not forget the Polish record holder. She starts in lane six. The


first four will progress through to gone tearing off, past more Hamed.


She has got the Malaysian outside her and she has drawn level with


the Jamaican now. Natalia Antyukh is such a powerful runner. She wins


it and she goes through. 53.90. She is showing us why she won the


Olympic bronze medal in 2004 on the flat. Her flat speed is absolutely


excellent. She is a 52nd runner over the flat. We have been looking


at Kaliese Spencer for many years to be the Olympic champion, but


injury caused a bit of a problem. Natalia Antyukh has been dominant


for many years, so this result is not a surprise, but what is


surprising are the times. They are turning it on when it matters, at


the Olympic Games. She is a solid hurdler. She is quite good with the


rhythm and she keeps her timing well and she keeps focused on what


she needs to do. Now she has matured into this event. She comes


from the 400m flat, but she is showing a lot of skill as a hurdler,


which is really good to see. I am a perfectionist over the barrier, so


I am happy to see somebody hurdling. It was a great night last night,


what do we have in store tonight? There is Yohan Blake. His training


partner is the man he wants to beat here. I have been asked by about 20


different people if Usain Bolt will win. I have no idea. Keep watching


and we will find out. We will, do not worry. Before the Games began


it has been, have you got tickets for the opening ceremony? Have you


got tickets for the men's 100m? The ticket holders here tonight are the


luckiest people. Some of them got it in a ballot and they simply


could not believe it, the only Each venue as an observer, does


tonight not give you an extra tingle? It is the most fantastic


drama and we have no idea how it is going to conclude a. The 100m is


the blue Riband event of the Olympics and athletics at the


Olympic Games, but this one is different than any I have ever seen


before because of the great story lies coming into it. Usain Bolt,


the greatest there has ever been, but not at his best. Yohan Blake


has beaten him twice this year. The Americans are coming back with


Justin Gatlin, Tyson Gay and Ryan Bailie. It is an unbelievable


evening. We have to mention the 18 year-old Adam Gemili as well in the


semi-final. It is an incredible evening. We will see in the semi-


finals a lot more than what we saw yesterday. Getting down to business


for the final. We will see so much and be able to tell a lot about


what is going to happen. Half an hour to go. Do you almost hope


Usain Bolt wins regardless? It propels sport to the widest


possible audience. Yes, I do. Part of me wants him to win because he


has done so much for athletics globally since his complete


dominance in 2008. Everybody wants to see that continue. How well the


story unfold? Should he win here tonight, it will be very exciting.


My feet I tingling and it is in a couple of hours. There is a lot


happening on the track, there is the triple jump and the hammer. We


have designated channels for every single field final. If you are a


fanatic of the hammer, you can watch it on the Web. On BBC Three


we have got the hockey match between the British men and the


Australians. Let's go back down to Disappointment for the Liberian,


the season for Lashinda Demus. I watched her on television and


thought, what has gone wrong with her? But she won the American trial,


but she was beaten in Monaco recently. This young lady thought


she would be a factor. But she has had a bad fall in training and has


twisted her ankle a little bit. It will be interesting to see how she


goes. She is new to the event, not like Lashinda Demus. She was 5th in


the European Championships. Elena Churakova. There are only five


heats. Perri Shakes-Drayton goes in the last of the five. We have 24


athletes to contest three semi- We Lashinda Demus do the same? Away


cleanly this time and Lashinda Demus has started quickly. She


easily rises first and is leading as expected. Denisa Rosalova is


running a little bit tentatively, but she is going OK, in the middle.


The Danish athletes in lane nine is setting the pace as she has decided


she has got to get out hard. I am not sure she will be able to hold


it in the main. A good battle on she is going to be one of the


fastest losers. A real battle going on for the minor places. That


battle is very strong indeed. Lashinda Demus in the inside lane


looked really competent from the beginning. I watched how she drove


out from the blocks. She went into that 15 stride hurdle pattern that


she has. Consistent, you expect this from the world champion. I am


sure she would like to add the Olympic title to where she is.


Focused on the barrier, approaches it well. A little glance over the


side, but she should have known by- now that there was nobody around


her. She could just focus on what she needed to do. Once she goes


over the final barrier, she can relax. That is exactly what she did


and strode away comfortably to the Portuguese in third place. Denisa


Rosalova is looking good for the fastest loser spots. This is the


big stage, the big screen. 20,000 people. It is Henman hell on... I


do not know, but whatever. It is fantastic. Somebody Michael alluded


to earlier on, an 18 year-old who this time last year was playing at


right-back on loan in the Blue Square South and now he finds


himself in the semi-finals of the What a moment for Adam Gemili.


had to make a decision between staying with football choosing the


track and I chose the track for this year and that is when I


decided to stick with it properly and dedicate the rest of my year to


it. I had a big discussion with my parents. Also with my coach. To


find out where I could go and what the progression could be like. We


knew I could progress well, but we never expected so much to happen so


quickly. It feels like I am dreaming still. It is a whole new


experience for me. I have never done anything like this in my life


before. How many people can say they have run in the Olympics


against Usain Bolt or Tyson Gay or Yohan Blake, ought anybody like


that? People talk about with pressure with me. I am not feeling


much pressure because I am 18 and have a few more years in this sport,


so I am going out there to enjoy it, really. His first taste of the


Olympic Games has been a very sweet one indeed.


JOHN INVERDALE: There was a debate with a small the about whether Adam


Gemili should compete in the Olympic Games, whether he was too


young, whether it would have an impact on his career going for. I


am glad -- a Betis team are glad he took the chance. You have to take


the opportunities. You see young world juniors, European juniors,


who never come through, so when he presented with opportunities like


this and it does not get better than this then he would be foolish


not to take it and he will learn so much, regardless of what happens in


his semi-final. He is loving it. He always has a smile on his face. He


could do well. He's -- he could sneak into the final. It is a


debate within the sport. Mark Lewis-Francis could have run in the


individual event in Sydney 12 years ago, but they said he was not ready


for it and the chance never comes again? Who knows what is the right


thing to do. Regardless of what happens with Adam here, the most


important thing is that he continues to develop and continues


to be on the track to develop and improve. Even if he makes the final


here and finish -- finishes 7th or 8th, it would be a great result for


him but that is not the end. You want to be getting medals. That is


the most important thing, to take something from this and for people


to help him develop be a great sprinter. It is 21 minutes now


until the semi-finals of the men's 100 metres. Before that, here is


heat four of the women's 400m won the European Championship a few


weeks ago, Davydova. 53.77 this year. Second in the London Diamond


leak. That was the last time we saw her. There is the line-up for heat


fastest woman in the field but she has also got the inside lane and


that could be a big disadvantage. This woman is in lane eight. A new


star, perhaps, Moline of the United States. She has made massive


improvements over the last 12 months, down to 54.33. She came


second in the US trials and was beaten by Demus, who won the last


heat so impressively. I bet she has never run in front of 80,000 people


before, either. This could be her first track race outside of the


couple of years ago it was 53.95. Davydova is in a very quick time


for her. He'd four of the women's four, the Turkish record holder,


who stood up when the starter said, set, and she just went away. Now,


what is the starter going to say about that? Having a little


conference there. What do you think, Colin? This is going to be an


interesting and a really interesting one. I am looking at


what the starter is saying, what they are going to do. Whether they


will do a yellow card, or a straight red. There you go come off


she goes. Her Olympic Games is over. So the Turkish woman is out. That


was fairly straightforward. I don't know whether we can see that again.


When they went to set, she did not settle, she just went out of her


blocks. There is a big gap now between the Costa Rican. As they


went to set, she went, and she is quickly. The American is getting


have not talked much about her, but she finished 4th at the World


Championships five years ago and she is still a very good athlete.


She is beginning to get into her but it is this youngster, Moline,


the new kid on the block, who is streaking away with this. 22 years


old. What a baptism. She is in her first Olympic Games, she is going


to get it. Davydova and Wilson are in a photograph. 54.32. That, if


confirmed, will be a new lifetime best for Moline of the United


States. Well done. Well deserved personal best. It is the first time


I have seen her run in the flesh. I was interested to see what her


technique was like. I have seen her results prior to the competition.


She seems very competent. That was the only hurdle she struggled on,


hurdle mind, she was caught between her stride pattern but she was


pushed into the final barrier. I am they make the adjustment, the


stride length changes as they going to the 9th hurdle and she just did


very well indeed and prepared herself for this final hurdle. She


cleared it nicely and moved on, no looking backwards or forwards, kept


driving hard to the line and was JOHN INVERDALE: We have been having


a debate about the hurdling technique. We have one more heat to


come, including a British runner, one of the faces of the Games, we


hope, a child of the East End who can see this stadium from her road.


Perri Shakes-Drayton looking to rubber-stamp purged credentials


going into the Olympic competition. This could be a great race for


Great Britain, Perri Shakes-Drayton. She comes into the home straight


well ahead of everybody. This is a brilliant run for the youngster.


Perri Shakes-Drayton has taken this field apart! She is in form at


exactly the right time in her life. I think you were seen as a great


talent, if you make the title -- the final, potentially challenge


for a fine -- for a medal. People were saying you could win a medal?


I would be over the moon. It has taken a long while for me to run


that time. People probably expected that maybe last year or something


but it did not happen and that day, I was on fire. It went to plan. It


was nice, a nice feeling and hopefully I can repeat it again.


Once you have been there and done it, maybe it takes that obstacle


from you in a mental sense? Yes, now it is for me to believe in


myself. I have done it once and I am sure I am capable of doing it


again. I am trying not to think about it too much that it is an


Olympic Games. I have done how many races? It is a 400-metre track. I'm


used to running in it except of the crowd and they don't scare me


because they are there behind be. - Gunnell goes forehead ten gets it


right, she goes for gold. You have somebody like Sally Gunnell saying


she sings you can win it. What do you say for that -- what do you say


to that? It is nice people have belief in me every girl in the 400


metres hurdles is going to have some kind of fire in make-up, there


is only three medals that can be won and I am going to go out there


and do my best and hopefully it Natasha Danvers, who got a bronze


medal in the 400 -- in Beijing, is doing commentary tonight on our 3D


IHD service, if you want to have it in super deluxe quality. There is


Perri Shakes-Drayton. Can it really be 20 years, Sally Gunnell, Linford


Christie, all that, goodness me! What about her prospects here,


Denise? Like she said, she is one of several girls here that could


take the title, could really perform out of their skin here. But


I think she has a great gift. She has great flat speed, turning


technique has tidied up somewhat and that running she didn't Crystal


Palace was pretty amazing and we always felt she was capable of


running quickly and that 53.77 that she did would put her right in the


frame. Michael, a quick thing about personality and attitude to


competing. Mo Farah before the race last night was grinning. He was so


relaxed, it was almost like he was flat out. Perri Shakes-Drayton has


that quality as well. In crucial moments it can make the difference,


can't it? It depends on the athlete and each athlete will understand


what is best for them and how to get in the right mindset for the


race. Perri Shakes-Drayton is jubilant after the race, we love it


when she is interviewed, but right now she is focused on serious and


she understands the magnitude of what she is about to attempt to do.


Steve Cram will the start -- well described it for it -- Steve Cram


world champion, she has been in the top two in the last three global


title races, Walker. It is someone for Shakes-Drayton to run down here.


A couple of good markers for her. The top Saw, that is all that is


required. No mistakes. -- the top four. Perri Shakes-Drayton has


started well. She has taken some ground out of one of the other


athletes. Walker has gone quickly through the first 200 metres.


Shakes-Drayton is sticking to her race strategy, her stride pattern,


which will be strong in the home straight. She needs to be sensible


here and she should qualify comfortably. It would be good to


get past Walker, she has done that and she is looking strong. She is


announcing herself as a real contender here, Perri Shakes-


Drayton. Walker is struggling, the defending champion. If she can


coasting, just about, Shakes- Drayton wins it. Well, that was


really good from Perri Shakes- Drayton, a really tactical race and


was -- a route -- she really attacked the race. She stuttered a


little at the penultimate one. 54.62, she made it look comfortable.


Colin? I was happy to see her aggressive from the blocks, get


into her stride pattern very quickly indeed. She did 15 Gaz,


when she was nice and fresh. She started to change down and ordered


her stride into the race. She does that very well indeed from the top


corner. That set it up very nicely for an easy run-in to the line at


54.62. From the blocks, very strong, very aggressive. At this moment she


will not see any of the barriers because she will be running hard.


She will not focus it and will a bit later on. She will switch on to


where she needs to be. Right now, she thinks, right, I am working


where I am, I need to get my 15 stride pattern in round this corner


while I am fresh, get into a rhythm. She has taken the barriers with the


same leg each time, which means she is on a Orde strike -- stride


length, 15 strides. As she goes round the corner, she decides it is


time to change down, she is doing a 16 strides. She takes that one with


her right leg, this one is the left leg. She dropped down to a 17 there.


Here we go. That is another. -- that is another 17. Good focus, an


athlete in control of what she hurtling. She will be frustrated


she did 17s. But she will be happy Safely through and impressively


through, what was your approach? Obviously I thought I had to treat


it like a final and I could not hold it back. I tried to stay


relaxed. The main thing was to qualify for the next round. Were


you looking to put a marker down? Not really, but I wanted to win. It


is a good start, you know. I am through to the semis tomorrow.


about the experience in front of his crowd? I love it. I'm not fazed


by this. I have been to the stadium before. I expected it to be louder


than what it actually was. But the crowd were lovely and I appreciated


it. Good luck for the semis and the final, hopefully. Hello to


everybody. A terrific start for Perri Shakes-Drayton and I have


been joined by our Olympic champion Greg Rutherford. Congratulations.


You had to wait a long time to get hold of that medal. I was with the


press today and I was with Jessica today and I thought something was


missing and everybody was saying where is your medal? Finally I have


got it and it is brilliant. It is nice to have something to look


forward to. It is great to get back into the stadium and in front of


the fans again. This is a home Olympics with all these people


going absolutely mad for your. I have enjoyed every minute. That was


your magic moment, 8.31. Did you think that would be enough?


never know in the long jump. If somebody get something right and


everything right, they have jumped a massive jump. I did not think I


was safe and I had it in the bag. I knew it was good for a medal. But I


did not expect to win it at that time. I was waiting for somebody to


react to that, but fortunately they did not and I took the gold.


Describe to us mere mortals what that feels like. It is the most


amazing feeling of my life. From inside I was trying not to cry. It


is such an emotional moment. It was blood, sweat and tears and it was


always more tears. I was going to try and sing along, but every time


I opened my mouth, it did not happen. I was fighting back the


tears. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You nearly quit four


years ago after Beijing pulls up I'm glad you did not. Yes, I'm glad,


it was a bad decision. So many people go through so many downs and


the ups are very rare, so it is about cherishing the moments when


you get them. At that time I did not have many ups and I was


wondering why I was doing it. But I have a great family and nowadays I


have a fantastic coach and a fantastic team and they have kept


my body in great condition. Because of that I managed to win an Olympic


gold medal. You certainly did. Sue had a lot of injuries, 17 hamstring


pulls, and you switch to almost copying Carl Lewis. Because I had a


terrible hamstring we had to look at what was causing the that and


the way I was taking off and it was loading the hamstring far too much.


We looked at somebody who ran very fast and Carl Lewis was a great


example of that. We decided to incorporate his depth. My coach


said this was what I needed to work on. We are now trying to copy the


latter part of the jump as well, but that is a big technical change.


Once I get that, I could get some bigger distances. Were you aware of


everything going on with Mo Farah and Desert Ennis? We knew what was


coming, she is incredible, an amazing athlete and again with Mo


Farah he is a fantastic athlete. All of a sudden I thought I had won


a gold medal as well and people were saying it was the greatest


night in British history and to be a part of that was amazing. That


has not struck home yet. I am so proud to be part of that. You made


a massive impact and you will be responsible for parents being


driven to distraction with their kids leaping over the sofas in the


living rooms. I was wondering whether last night


would lead to a national holiday in this country at some point. I saw


Tony Blair being interviewed a few moments ago and David Cameron was


here last night. I looked up to see if a national holiday had ever been


created because of sporting success in the Olympic Games and they had a


national holiday in Jamaica in 1952 after their four by four relay team


beat the USA. There was a huge rivalry at that time. I wonder if


Jamaica got a 1, 2, 3 and the 100m that they would have a holiday.


There is also Asafa Powell and T is the forgotten man of the 100m.


could be dangerous because he is a much more relaxed athlete now. He


is no longer the centre of attention. Before that he was not


able to deliver and could not handle the pressure. Since Bolt has


become the focus, Asafa Powell has become a better competitor. He will


be much more dangerous tonight. They need to keep their eye on him.


This is where the Countdown star's. The final is in about two-and-a-


European champion. This stadium has just come to live. I wonder why.


That is the Gambian record holder. One of the great Jamaicans. Asafa


Powell is a form her world record holder at 9.72 seconds. There were


question marks about Jimmy Vicaut and his hamstring and whether it


would heal enough or quickly enough for the Olympic Games. But he


looked pretty good in the heats. A personal best by this man from the


Ivory Coast. A surprise package. The Olympic champion in 2004. The


American champion in 2012, Justin Gatlin. Next to him Keston Bledman


from Trinidad and Tobago. One of the quickest in the world before


these Games. He did not look so good in qualification. Listen to


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


that cheer. James Dasaolu on the will be the American, the storming


through oh, my word. He was looking at them to say, keep up. 9.82. You


heard what they said. If we weren't expecting anything quick in the


final of these Olympic Games, that has been thrown out of the window,


that is just the semi-final. Powell was out quick. When Gatlin got


moving, and no holding him back. He wasn't flat out all the way through.


He has announced himself that he is here to do business. Asafa Powell I


always expected to explode at the blocks. He really focused and kept


working towards the line. Justin Gatlin kept looking around thinking,


where are they? Impressive run by him. Strong at the blocks, very


long stride. Putting a lot of power through his feet. Just glancing


around. Let's go, are the blocks. Segers long strides, completely


different to Asafa Powell. His stride length is long. Glances over,


quite cheeky. He will not be able to do that in the final, that is


for sure. He was good and Powell was run out of the second place. A


new national record for Martina. Further down, James Dasaolu, 10.18.


7th place. You needed a rest after the last couple of days, at the


emotions, but you have acquitted yourself ready well. My heats


yesterday were really good but today expected to run a bit quicker.


Got off to a good start but didn't stay with the rest of the guys.


seemed relaxed at the start, he smiled when you were introduced.


Obviously the crowd are great and I had to acknowledge them. Once I


went into my blocks are refocused. What were you thinking


realistically, it did you think you could make the final? I wanted to


run a personal best and hopefully that would have got me into the


final. Went slower than my heat so disappointed. The women's triple


jump final on the way, of Kettering about when -- Caterine Ibarguen.


Heavily strapped, not going to help her. She goes into the lead. We


have got Aldama in this. We had the men's long jump yesterday, very


open. We know what happened, Greg Rutherford has just been down to


the commentary box, talked about if there are any TV screens down


there, he knows where the cameras are, doesn't he? He certainly does,


I bet he does know just how fast Justin Gatlin Ryan. -- ran. There


is Yamile a Aldama. What a journey it has been. The world indoor


champion. If she gets it together she could be right in the next.


Just a little bit of hesitation. Possibly could be in the lead. It


is hard out there for the athletes to get a rhythm because of the wind.


She will jump further than that, she is very experienced. That was


just a little gentle opener. Would have been nice to have gone long in


the first round. Is this evening when Usain Bolt comes to life.


Justin Gatlin get within 200 this of his lifetime best. Surely this


will be his night. There is his mother and publicist, one of his


many managers. Jamaica in the crowd will be here in force, this is the


in the front. Dwain Chambers, run one of his fastest times ever in


the previous round to reach this stage, 10.02, the British No. One.


And Daniel Bailey, 4th and 5th in the last two World Championships,


10.10 this year. This guy could be a surprise. Ryan Bailey of the


United States, he ran 9.88 in his medals from Beijing. The 100 metres


and the relay. Trinidad and Tobago's Richard Thompson. From the


Zambia, a man who used to live in Great Britain, a former Yorkshire


and English champion, Gerald Finley. first two will make it through


automatically to the final. That is of his life to make it through here,


there are some class act in this field, not just Usain Bolt but


quite a few others as well. Usain Bolt, the world record holder, the


fastest man who has ever lived, goes in lane four. Bolt has a


decent start, so has Chambers. SEAL is going well. Here goes Usain Bolt,


turning it on. Ryan Bailey, the American, claims the second


qualifying spot. 9.874 Usain Bolt. Dare I say it, flattening a little


bit, but he is in shape. A wry smile on the face of Dwain Chambers.


It will be interesting to see how fast he has run, the fastest


loser's spot at the moment is 9.94 and 10.04. Richard Thompson has run


10.02, so Dwain Chambers will not go through to the final. But he did


run well, no doubt about it, his personal best is 10.05. Look at the


return to form of Usain Bolt. Anybody who thought he was not in


shape, he has answered those questions straight away. Out of the


blocks well enough, as sufficient, nothing to special. He literally


strides the crossed the line for a 9.87 performance. Brilliant. A lot


of time we talk about the acceleration, when people come out


of the blocks, how do people do it, but he demonstrated how people are


supposed to do it. It was lovely to time for Ryan Bailey. He is in line


for a possible all a very own position, Richard Thompson. Still a


fast time for the British No. 1. He will not make it. Let's hear how he


feels about that race. Tell everybody your first reaction.


A fast time as was yesterday, nonetheless sum up the whole


occasion. I wanted to do well and get to the final, I am happy to be


here. I really am. I am gutted I didn't make the final, but you


cannot have it all. Was it worth all the heartache? Worth every


moment, to feel that atmosphere, money cannot buy that, I am glad I


fought this hard to get to this position. I look forward to round


two, whenever that is. Tummy about running alongside Usain Bolt and


your verdict? He is flying. I thought I had him and killed 60m


then I ran out of petrol. He has in the semi-finals, I was impressed.


that will take the lead. Army net started at 40.10, quite a strong


women's triple jump competition. She won the Ukrainian Championships.


ready to go. Kemar Hyman of the Cayman Island not starting so there


will only be eight of them. Adam coach was watching the first heat


of the semi-final and as a good luck. He cannot wait to go. He was


in one of the easier qualification heats. Tyson Gay has just seen his


team mate. Return to good form by Gatlin, has Lunn -- won the London


race since then. The surprise package, the Japanese comic new


personal best to qualify. The world champion, Yohan Blake. Known as the


beast. Nice guy. What an atmosphere he is enjoying every second of this.


Derrick Atkins of the Bahamas. Hasn't broken 10 seconds this year,


has done in the past, though. And then Warner from Canada. This is


the easiest of the semi-finals, Adam Gemili has got a really good


chance of doing well here. And anything close to 10 seconds, 10.02,


or quicker, if he was third, would Gay do here? Photo-finish numbers


Gay. Adam Gemili trying to get involved, well done to the


youngster. Finished very strongly. The three winners, very impressive.


Tyson Gay may be holding back a little. This young man, third in an


Olympic final at the age of 18, what an experience. I hope he is


loving this experience. He is looking to see if he has made it,


10.06, just outside. Still a tremendous performance by Adam


Gemili, he did not embarrass himself at all in this type of


company and he has announced himself he will be a contender in


years to come, great performance by him. We must look further up on the


field, a head-to-head race between Tyson Gay and Yohan Blake. I think


Tyson Gay, he slightly mistimed his first couple of steps. But once


these two got going I think they were just playing with each other.


Out the blocks, Adam Gemili, very fast, very explosive. One of the


best part of his race. I am so looking forward to seeing this


young man run indoors. Get up quickly, it moves on through the


field, and he seems to get caught with everybody else's movement as


he seems to get quicker and quicker as he gets towards the line, really


showing he has got good plans for the future. He has got a great


future. So happy to see that. He is chatting now with Phil Jones.


A real sense of frustration from Adam. What is the problem? I have


been working really hard with my coach recently to get my start,


help me out and it wasn't really there. 10.06, I am happy, I am all


right with that. Just a little fraction that cost you a place in


the final. It cost me a lot. Obviously I was behind, I had to


try and maintain my form. I came third in the semi-final of the


Olympics, that is great. 18 years of age, you only picked up the


sport seriously in January. Exactly. And very pleased that I have come


here and I have done what I needed to do. I can get better and better.


You have got a great future, all the very best. Can I just wish my


mum a happy birthday? Thank you very much. Happy birthday indeed


and what a nice present, very good performance from Adam Gemili in


third place, just outside his personal best. The two qualifiers


in the final later on tonight, Yohan Blake and Tyson Gay.


The big guns or stand their ground and the men's 100m final line-up


will be exactly what we hoped it would be, using Blake, -- Yohan


Blake, Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay. What He is ready, he ran at the Jamaican


trials to get second place. 9.8 is not slow. People have a lot of fun


talking about Blake. We like rivalries. But look at this, great


Stark from Usain Bolt, he doesn't have to get a great start. Here is


where he is at his best, when he separates. At 60m, the race is over.


Reminiscent of the Beijing race. The race was over for him at that


point. How much quicker could he have gone? At least two-tenths of a


second, it could be more. We will talk more about that, 9:50pm, the


final of the men's 100 metres. And last night we were getting too was


the closing stages of a spectacular men's 10,000m and you know what


What a night it was last night. I don't know if Mo Farah had any


sleep. It was a pleasure to be here, he was our third gold medal. I know


for the man sitting next to me he took great pleasure in watching him


when, not only because it was a great when, as we see Bekele stay


put for the bronze medal. Finished ahead of his brother who could not


defend his title. They hear the noise and what it means for British


athletics. You have waited years for it to happen and then such a


brilliant race. Two men coached by A Keighley, the brother reformer


champion, the training partner of Mo Farah, he ran it terrific race.


It was competitive and close. But for us, in Great Britain, the


distance running community has been inspired for the next generation,


has been inspired by more -- by Mo Farah. He has been a delight, a joy


to behold. He is now the great Mo Farah. And listen to the stadium in


two seconds. Gold medallist and Olympic champion, representing


Great Britain, Mo Farah. What a moment for Mo Farah. The stadium


erupts come as it did last night. In adulation, in respect and in


joyful celebration. 27.30, the winning time, that is irrelevant.


The manner of his victory suggests more to come in the 5,000 metres as


well. Talking to his nutritionist this morning, he has done a


fantastic job with him, as has UK Athletics. Now, the moment we have


CROWD: # God save our gracious Queen!


# Long live our noble Queen! # God save the Queen!


# Send her victorious. # Happy and glorious.


# Long to reign over us. Well, it has been a long time


coming, Mo Farah giving everyone what they wanted but giving himself


what he deserved. Well done. We look forward to seeing you back in


the 5,000 metres. The heats are on Wednesday. Well done to his


training partner for the USA, their It is very and hard to be impartial


on occasions like that. I am delighted to say that our


commentary team last night, they were right in The Thick Of It in


It was all for that! Denise is very proud of her response there. That


was brilliant, Denise, absolutely brilliant. It was. If you are


wondering, I was trying to hear what we are doing next. There is so


much noise I have no idea. It is not an infrequent occurrence. The


whole thing about these Games, everybody in Team GB is feeding of


everybody else so after the unbelievable demolition of Roger


Federer on Centre Court today, to win the gold medal, he had this to


say about Mo Farah last night. of the events I watched, I watched


the athletics last night, it was amazing. Did it inspire you? Yes,


it was amazing, the way Mo Farah one. I do 400-metre repetitions in


my training and when I am completely fresh I can run it in 57


seconds. His last lap after 9,600 metres was 53 seconds. It is


unbelievable fitness and it gave me a boost coming in today. The


momentum the team has had the last couple of days. The triumphant Andy


Murray today won gold and silver at tennis. Here with me, I don't know


what you saw the gymnastics earlier today but it really was quite


something. Two young men who joined me earlier a few days it that so --


days ago after winning bronze in the team event, silver for Louis


Smith today and Max haste -- and Max Whitlock, bronze. It was so


close, Louis Smith, factions from a goal. It was too close for comfort.


I performed better than I have done in my life and to come so close to


gold and get bumped down to silver, it was hard to swallow but I am


very happy. You seemed calm going on to the pommel horse and with


such pressure on you, I was so impressed by that. Did you feel


that wait inside as well? It was a friend I was trying to put on,


trying to trick myself into thinking everything was fine. I


went out like usual listening to my reggae music. I managed to perform


the rest -- the best routine I have ever done in my life. You had to


wait and the last competitor went, the Hungarian come on one of the


top men in the game. It must have been incredibly nerve-wracking. Did


you think you had edged it? Personally, I thought I had done


enough to get the gold medal. Waiting for your sport to come up


is a horrible feeling, a weird feeling come but I have to give


credit to the guy who beat me. He has a fantastic competitor, a world


champion. I will be back with a vengeance in four years.


Whitlock, a bronze medal, you must be delighted. Was it your aim to


get a medal? My aim was to do was good job as I could and my target


was to get in an individual final, but to come home with two bronze


medals, I could not ask for more than that. You have done


brilliantly well. Louis Smith, I was so impressed with the way you


handled that decision, the fact that you lost by a fraction. You


did it in a very gentleman, sporting way. A real example to


sportsmen everywhere. Thank you. The guy I got beaten by will be


known as one of the world's best pommel horse workers and to come


second was a pleasure. Thank you very much indeed and many


congratulations. It is time for the semi-finals of the women's 1,500


one British athlete in each of them, Ross Murray. Let's hope the young


man can make it through. It will be a tall order. The first Pride go


another person in Beijing, but was subsequently disqualified for a


doping offence and to prop became - - and Kiprop became champion. He


has dominated world 1,500 metre running since then. Gebremedihin


will be a danger, anyone in this semi-final is a danger. Brendan, a


quick word on Ross Murray. He has come on fantastically this year,


but he has always been a great talent? He has been a talent from


being a young man. Makhloufi is tough and strong. Ross Murray


started the year at 3.43, now 3.34. You have to appreciate the crowd.


He has his own act now, well done. This is his first major


international, the Olympic Games semi-final. There are ten athletes


who have run faster than Ross Murray but I promise you, they will


not all beaten today. He will respond to this. He is a young man


with a big appetite. So the Olympic 1,500 metre semi-final, right on


the inside in the Qatari strip is the world junior champion, Driouch.


Kiprop is round the outside, the European champion Ingebrigtsen is


from Norway. I have mentioned a few titles, it gives you an indication


of the job at hand for Ross Murray. He has gone to the back, that is OK


at this stage. He has good speed and is learning all the time,


certainly at this level where to put himself a place himself and the


Olympic champion is controlling it at the front. Ross Murray things,


OK, I will get closer, he is good. He is right to do that but it is


very slow. The Olympic champion is dictating the pace. It is


excessively slow, 46 seconds for 300 metres. They are jogging. It


looks as though they are jogging. This is difficult, the speed of the


first heat and the qualifying fastest loser will be removed and


the advantage comes in the second. There is Gregson from Australia


moving up on the outside. 63 seconds on the first lap, it is


tough to have a fast time. Ross Murray needs to finish in the first


five and keep out of trouble because they are tightly packed


together and he needs to respond to the crowd. They will cheer him all


the way. It is for him they are cheering. They will know that


Kiprop is champion but they know that the young Briton is here at


will do his best. Manzano is quick and always manages to find a way


through, the American champion. He is good in slow races. Gregson and


Murray are good friends. Makhloufi, who was very impressive in


qualification, just looking for room on the inside as they start to


push and shove and they want to get going. Ross Murray has got into a


good position, got out of trouble very nicely. They are moving into


lane two. Driouch is stuck on the inside. Kiprop is having a look,


another slow lap. Now the race is on. Ross Murray is in a good


position. It is a test of 800 metres speed rather than endurance.


Ross Murray -- Ross Murray ers on the side of endurance. The most


important thing is to take close order and don't give them a start


at the bell. They have to work on to the outside. This is boiling and


bubbling, the last lap being dictated by Kiprop, the Olympic


champion. He is vulnerable in a slow races and there is Ross Murray


with a wall of athletes in front of him. He has to try to get out of


that. He had got a good position but it is messy again. He is not


too far off the lead and he has to have a clear run, not panic. They


are starting to kick at the front. Wheating at the back is taking the


long route round. Murray is starting to go down the back


straight. Kiprop, Driouch and Gebremedihin at the front. Their


event. They are running away from Ross Murray. There is bumping. Ross


Murray is being tested now, unfortunately. He will keep


fighting. The top five will go through and two fastest losers


spots and these are the sprinters. I have never seen this man run like


this before, never, that is unusual to see, the Algerian being this


good. Look at Kiprop struggling. Manzano does well. Right on the


inside, Ingebrigtsen, they are the five. Ross Murray coming in with


Weeting, round about night -- coming in with Wheating. He will


learn from that, getting to the semi-final was as good as we would


expect. I am not sure what I am watching with Radcliffe and there,


surprising in the heats and equally eye-catching in a semi-final --


Radcliffe. -- Makhloufi. The Olympic champion was left wanting.


Ross Murray, baptism of fire and the Olympic semi-final but he has


come a long way, giving them too much start in the back straight,


getting chopped four speed. We always thought it was going to be


difficult with that extension. Look at that loose, extending in the


finishing straight, running like a sprinter. It was a sprint race.


Sometimes Kiprop is vulnerable in a sprint finish but here comes the


others, nipping through on the inside is Ingebrigtsen, the


European champion. They will not be fast qualifiers for this round but


he does not seem to be troubled at all, Mac loose, he looks totally


comfortable there. Kiprop, the reigning champion, the man who was


thought would win this race, now there is a question over Kiprop's


ability to compete in a slow run triple jump. Not much happening at


the moment. Still the Ukrainian, 14.56. Kimberly Williams in third


place. That is a little bit more like it. One of the Troubles


athletes have, they want to relax those first few strides, you have


to work hard, it compromises you take-off position and sometimes


accuracy is compromised. Very powerful, it bar when, into the


lead. -- Caterine Ibarguen. Yamile Aldama is still struggling. The


world indoor champion now. 14.54, the third place at the moment. It


is big. That is better. That is towards 50 metres. It is some


statistic. Since September to theirs and intent there have been


no legal chums higher than 50 metres. That looks like a massive


jump. It may have been deceptive. It could well have been part of her


shoulder or arm making a mark. 14.98, the big lead. Halfway


through this final. Both Yamile Aldama is down in 10th place, it


used to improve to get into the top eight. -- she needs to improve. A


absolutely crucial. Need something above 14.20. It is better. It is


going to be a nervous wait. You can see the strapping on her shoulders,


she injured herself in Rome. Well behind the board. Was 4th in Sydney,


in Athens 50. She will get three of Kiprop who isn't good in slowly-


run races. Ross Murray, a learning process for him, conducted himself


well in the heats. He is with Phil. Your first Olympics, that was a


real baptism. Disappointed. I think I am better than that. I am not


sure what went wrong. I suppose if you told me a year ago, or even


eight months I would be disappointed with missing out on


the final of the Olympics I would probably laugh in your face. Just


one of these things, I have got to learn from it, most of these guys


have been going hard for four years, I've had six or seven months


training. What is the biggest thing you will take from this experience?


The whole thing. The crowd, everything like that. I will look


back on this and think it was a fantastic experience. But I will


use it as motivation. I will try to do better. Get back into training.


semi-final, Andrew Baddeley on the inside aiming to make his second


consecutive Olympic final. Up against very strong opposition,


Silas Kiplagat, one of two Kenyans in the field, Nicholas, the Olympic


silver-medallist from four years ago, just running towards the back


of the pack. Wearing the famous silver fern of New Zealand. A tough


ask for Andrew Baddeley. Leaving at the moment, the runner from Bahrain.


The advantage of the second heat is they know what they have got to do,


seven of the qualifiers should easily come from this heat which


makes it easier for Andrew Baddeley, at the back of the pack there, out


of trouble, gives himself a chance. There he is, right at the back.


When I think about the final of the men's 1,500 metres the chairman of


the organising committee in his own event, certainly wants a British


athlete in the final. Andrew Baddeley is the one, the pressure


is on now. The leader is going quick, Andrew is watching Nick


Willis. Already they away faster. Andrew Baddeley has got to work his


way through the field, finish in the first seven at this sort of


pace. That is the right thing to do. Chepseba has got a lead. Very good


Moroccan in third place. Nicholas sitting back in 9th or 10th place.


Andrew Baddeley is sitting right at the back. Chepseba or, third


fastest in the world, the Kenyans are dominating the world rankings


with a top three. This is much quicker. Andrew Baddeley has to dig


in. He is getting a lid on a plate for them, a test of his running


ability. These tactics are dead easy, you have just got to follow


the leader. Still a good pace. Andrew Baddeley needs to be in that


group, he is working his way through. A bit of a stumble there.


He just slipped round the inside. He needs to move and put himself a


bit closer. He is in 10th place, he needs to be 7th. The Frenchman who


suffered worst out of that. He is towards the back of the field.


Chepseba of Kenya, as they head towards the bell, the Kenyan coming


through his Kiplagat, they are hoping to dominate. The German a


quick finisher as well. Getting a bit nervous for Andrew Baddeley,


hope he has got something down the back straight in the finishing


straight because they are starting to gather momentum. There is Nick


Willis in the famous black vest of New Zealand. Andrew Baddeley is


BDDP, going hard, trying to get there. He has got to beat the three


athletes under two Kenyans are dictating the pace, dictating the


race. The Moroccan looking superb. Kiplagat and Chepseba, second and


third. Nicholas thinks he can win the Olympic final. But rather like


the first heat we have and how right leader, he is sprinting away.


Chepseba qualifies as well. Andrew Baddeley looking rather forlorn


there, he tried, we think he was in about 8th place. A disappointing


run by Andrew Baddeley, the pace was laid down, he had to finish in


the first seven. He was giving them far too much starch. The two


Kenyans running smoothly. Doesn't make Willis in fourth place,


looking over his shoulder. Chepseba has got no problems at all.


Nicholas looks impressive, he is getting better, timing is right.


Here comes a charge from Andrew Baddeley on the edge of the picture.


8th place, he is out of it, we don't have a runner in the final of


the Olympic 1,500 metres, that is disappointing. Seb Coe is very


disappointed. Andrew Baddeley will be very disappointed. A


disappointing run, he had every chance, just had to run 3.36, 3.37,


just wasn't able to do it today. Disappointing. The cut has been


made in the women's triple jump final. You mean a Aldama has made


it in 6th place. -- Yamile Aldama. The Colombian in the silver-medal


position. The Ukrainian in third. Both of those are within the


compass, a 39-year-old Aldama, she is 40 years old in nine days, a


remarkable longevity. A hop and step was good, she just lost it.


She has got this beautiful, fluid technique. Good to see that smile


back. She knows it is in her legs, that is a great feeling. The first


time she has hit the ball. Just lost momentum there, couldn't keep


it going. If she had have done she would have been way over at the


required distance. Lovely lady who has served triple jumping so well


over the years. 14.32 in the 4th round. Just have a look at the


results of that last race. Kiplagat qualifying, Nick Willis, silver-


medallist four years ago. Andrew Baddeley there, 3.36, much faster


than the winner of the first semi- final, but when you are drawn in


the second you know what you have got to beat and he didn't make it


Earlier today Britain struck gold yet again, Britannia ruled the


waves as Ben Ainslie won a gold medal for the 4th successive


Olympic Games in the Finn class and I am delighted to say he joins me


live down in Weymouth. Many congratulations. You have done it


again. This time they didn't all go your own way. -- it didn't. It was


a tough event, a lot of competition, particularly from Jonas. A tough


fight all the way through. I managed to drag the points back and


got it right but it was a difficult race, the wind was very shifty, a


tricky course. But we had a lot of fancy it. That made the huge


difference. It didn't seem right there was a


lot of wind, you were drifting slowly. There was somebody else


ahead, you are quite well back but always just one place ahead of


Christenson he was the big threat to throw out. Did you feel in


control? I would like to say I controlled the race the whole way


through, but no, it was difficult. Jonas and I had a bit of a jump on


the rest of the Fleet Sir we were keeping an eye on each other,


basically who beat he would win a gold. At times, with the wind


changing, it was difficult to get that right all the time. Thankfully


it came together and I held that lead over the Danish sailor to take


the gold. Four successive gold medals, the


British sailor in Olympic history. Try and describe how that makes you


feel. I am really proud. It is more for


everybody who has supported me over the years, as a youngster growing


up in Cornwall, learning to sail there, and everybody over the years


who has helped me and supported me, it is really for them, once again a


huge thanks for all the support and the support from everybody across


the nation for Team GB. Will you go on to Rio, 2016 and try


and equal Sir Steve Redgrave, five gold medals?


Will you still be doing much of the day by then? I don't know, it is a


long way off. The Olympics is a great event, so glad I have been a


part of it, so we will see. Thank you very much for speaking to


us. Well done. Brilliant effort. Appreciated by everybody in the


country, thank you. I'm sure many of you will be


watching hour coverage in high- definition but if you have all the


relevant equipment you can enjoy the rest of the action in 3 D.


Simply switch to the BBC HD Channel, but on your glasses and if you have


I think we have some hockey action to show you, a fantastic game,


Australia against Great Britain. Australia are 3-0 up. There is


James Tindall, a fantastic goalscorer, getting an equaliser


with four minutes to go. It finished 3-3. It means Great


Britain still had chances of making it through to the last four and


marking your card, I think it is tomorrow night, Great Britain's


women play Australia, --, they play us -- they play the Netherlands to


see if they can qualify for the quarter-finals. Luke Campbell from


Hull, one of our real serious contenders for a medal, will be


fighting shortly. Wherever you look, there are medal contenders. One of


the you look here, we are eyeing the 100 metres final at 9:50pm


tonight. If you missed the semi- finals earlier on, Blake was


fantastic, Bolt was Bolt. That is all you need to know. We are very


excited. Moving on now to the semi- finals of the men's 400m. Is the


400m the last of the sprint events, or is it the first of the endurance


events? Added a fantastic interview with Martyn Rooney and that


programme today, congratulations to doing -- to those people doing the


daily programme, it is terrific. He says, you have to be stupid to run


the 400 metres. It hurts so much. You wonder why you're doing it,


then you go and do it again. Colin Jackson offers us his guide to what


The 400 metres is considered one of the most brutal events in track and


field. Why? Because the body has to use two different energy sources.


Anaerobic and aerobic. This event pushes both systems to the max. The


first 200 metres is a sprint, so the big, fast muscle fibres are


needed to propel the body to maximum speed. But anaerobic energy


can only get the human body so far. A switched to the aerobics system


has to happen in order to keep the body moving. The time that switch


happens, every single muscle is full of painful lactic acid and


that will bring most people down to their knees. To stand a chance of


winning, the second half of the race has to be at least 95% as


quick as the first. Michael Johnson was the master at this event. He


would get through the first 200 metres at around 90% of his world


record 200-metre time, but when he crossed the finish line, his second


200 metres would often be less than a second slower than his first half.


Remember, athletes have to go fast but the fastest doesn't always win.


Sprints are always about you come -- and you have just seen


how it should be done. Henry will be on the inside. Conrad Williams


Newham Beatles. He has been part of our team for many years now. 46.


World in qualification, he will have to be quicker than that here.


The first two and fastest two will go through to the final. I don't


think Conrad will mind me saying he has to go some here. Henry was 4th


in two World Championships, indoors in Istanbul earlier on this year.


It seems ages ago now, in March. And at the World Championships


three years ago in Berlin. Tough in lane two for him. He came through


as a fastest loser despite the fact he ran quicker than Conrad Williams.


It was the look of the draw. There was some very fast heats in the


first round. We will see one or two men in this race two, who ran fast.


There are one or two in the other semi-finals. Levine will go in the


second semi-final, Martyn Rooney in the third. Oscar Pistorius is in


the second semi-final as well. Here he is, Conrad Williams. He is from


Kent AC, just down the road. He has run 45.08, this year. If he could


get close to that, he could get close to this man, the new European


champion. He was under 45 in qualification, as was the Bahamas


athlete. He has run 44.7 this year. Very impressed with this young man,


a big new PB. Just 19 years of age. personal best for him to get


through, 45.0. This man spends a fair bit of time in the UK. He came


to Britain it must be ten years ago now, based in the north-east at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


times. So, crunch time for Conrad too much showing yet. Pindar is


going well. Steven Solomon is trying to chase down Gordon, who


started quickly in the first 200 metres. Conrad Williams is still


involved. Conrad Williams is running very well here. This is


anybody's race, here. I said that Williams would have to run the race


of his life here. Solomon is finishing quickly. Gordon wins it.


It is close. Pindar gets it, ahead of Solomon. 44.58. That is another


personal best. So many athletes coming in the rounds and now the


semi-final finding something new, round jump. She will attack this


with confidence, I am sure. It is better, fractionally short of the


bronze medal distance which is the Ukrainian. She will have one more


jump. One more chance to try and win a medal in London. What a story


that would be, after all that she improvement but she is still in 6th


Tobago, huge personal best here. Very conservative through the first


200 metres but he attacked this turn and put himself in a great


position. Conrad Williams was in a great position but lacks speed


endurance. Gordon, a huge personal best, down from 45.02-44.08, that


will set him up very well for the final. He is looking at the clock.


He knows that it is a fast time. Athletes know when they are running


a race on personal best pace and he was a huge personal best pace. That


is what you have to do at the Olympic Games. Conrad Williams, a


very good attempt. Great execution through the first 200 metres. From


200, to 300, he was a bit too quick perhaps and not enough to hold on


to the great position he put himself in with 100 metres to go.


We want to put yourself in a great position, but you can't rush it and


I feel he rushed it the better at 200 metres. He took off up that


point and you have to gradually get into that pace from 200 to 300. He


was a bit too quick today. Conrad has with Phil now, let's find out


We can't accuse you of not attacking it but you did not have


it in the home straight? I wanted to attack it and give people


something to cheer for. I knew it was tough to go through and I tried


my best and I am glad that I went out in the race. I went out to try


and win it. Through 200 metres to 300 metres, you may have gone a bit


too fast? Most probably. Year, but I wanted to set the race for me


under I lost about half a second there. It is something to work on.


I had to go out in that race. I could not sit and wait back because


yesterday I qualified as a fastest loser and I wanted to make sure I


was up for it. You gave it a good go, thanks, Conrad. Cheers.


Some impressive performances there. There was a personal best for


for the Australian. In three-and-a-half weeks we will


see a lot of Oscar Pistorius but we A remarkable athlete. The debate


still goes on about whether he should be allowed to compete in


able-bodied races. Would you stand, Denise Christian are he is a great


guy, a great ambassador. We have come to love him in Britain, we


have seen him on posters and commercials. From a humanitarian


point of you, why not? Where will it end? Should he start winning,


getting into finals? That would start a fresh debate, whether it is


fair, or whether he has an advantage of not? Is the debate


that if he was challenging for medals we might view it


differently? While it is still a noble effort to get into the final,


we are with him the whole way. But if he was suddenly deny Martyn


Rooney a medal, we would start to say, hang on a moment? Well, if he


is good enough to be here and he can qualify for the team, there is


no reason why not. He should get out there and perform and let's see


what happens. It is a different lead now. This is the big test,


this will be come a week keep talking about athletes making


history but this would be history if Oscar Pistorius was to make it


through to the final of the men's of South Africa. He certainly will


be getting used to this track. He will be running extensively in the


Paralympic Games and a few weeks' time. This man is in good shape at


the moment, 44. Mehdi five this season. There is a month not


running as well as he was last year but still running quickly. -- there


is a man. The world champion from man who finished second in the US


trials this year, McQuay, 44.49. There is the full line-up for semi-


yesterday. -- ran superbly yesterday. The first two go through.


Oscar Pistorius, I think, will have to run the first 200 metres very


hard indeed. He does come back strongly in the home straight. It


is the first 200 metres where he lacks a bit of real speed. Levine


is going to have to get close to Oscar Pistorius already. The


Belgian record belonged to his twin brother Kevin. Kirani James, the


world champion, striding down the back straight. Tony McQuay is going


well on the outside lane. Here comes Jonathan Borlee. How much has


Kirani James got left? Kirani James, Chris Brown, they will qualify.


Kirani James is really in shape. That was within 100 of a second of


the winner of the first semi-final. It looked very, very easy. Chris


Brown qualifies for the Olympic final. I do not know if any of the


losers will be fast enough to go through. That was impressive from


the world champion, Michael. Yes, it was. He needed to answer some


questions for himself. He was able to finish strong. Jonathan Borlee


ran an incredible race yesterday. He was not in such great form. His


left arm was different from the right arm. Kirani James is very


gangly with his form. That will have to improve for him. That bodes


well for his chances in the final of the 400m. A very relaxed run


from him. I am sure that yesterday was not as very good race for him


in his mind and he wanted to change in his mind and he wanted to change


that today. A tremendous performance again and a nice touch


at the end swapping their names. Tell me about that. Oscar is


someone special to us in our sport. This is a memorable moment for me


to be out here with him. A special performance bodes well for the


final. We will get ready. It is going to come hot. Everybody is


very motivated and very hungry. the best for that. Thank-you.


is Oscar. He will be seen again in this stadium. He runs the 4 x 400


Kirani James is coming into form at just the right time. Jonathan


Borlee may well be one of the fastest losers, but there is still


one semi-final to come. The hammer final has already started. This is


the defending champion. British athlete, Alex Smith, is the first


British athlete to contest the hammer final for almost 20 years.


This man is attempting to become this year. 79.14 for the Hungarian.


One more jump left for Yamile too high on her hop. Took all the


speed out of her jump going horizontally board. I do not think


I explained that very well. I think it is going to be agonisingly close


for her. I bet the team at the thought she could win this one. It


was a good jump, but not far enough for a medal. This is the last semi-


was 6th in the last Olympic Games. He has always seemed possessed of


so much for hundred metre talent. Is this the time for him to realise


it? Kevin Borlee and his brother Jonathan seemed to trade Belgian


records. He has just seen his brother finish third. They have got


to run under 45 seconds. Martyn Rooney has got to know that, surely.


That is the Saudi Arabian on the outside. The one to watch here is


Santos in lane five. The world junior champion. Just 18 years of


quickly, but Rooney has not gone off quickly. Mellor is storming


down the back straight. Santos is going well. Rooney is now moving a


bit better. Santos is starting to come through and Rooney is in


contention, but he has to be strong in the home straight. Here comes


Rooney. Can he get under 45 seconds? Kevin Borlee wins it, then


Sandoz, Ben Bryshon Nellum. 44.78 for the youngster. I think we are


going to see a new era of 400m running. Not good enough in the end


for my 10 Rooney. This season began with good promise for him. Not able


to deliver here tonight. He is outside 45 seconds and that might


disappoint him most, Michael. think so. Like Conrad Williams he


ran a great first 200. Unfortunately it was not there. But


look at Santos. Great execution from him. Only 18 years old. He is


giving Kevin Borlee everything he can handle. Santos is extremely


relaxed. He will give Kirani James a run for it. Only 18 years old.


Great technique down the last 100m. Looking around. You do not want to


try too hard at this point, just relax. Very nice from the young 18


position, but it will be a nervous wait for her.


I have just asked our statisticians if there has ever been two twins


. Obvious disappointment, you are attacked it. Tell me about the race


plan. It was all right, but just not good enough. I can only


apologise to the people who have put four years of effort into


meatballs stock I have trained hard, done all the sacrifices, I have


lost a life, living in an altitude ten. I want to apologise for my


girlfriend -- to my girlfriend. Thank you to my family and


everybody. Thanks to them and I apologise. I let them down. I am


sure they will not quite view it that way. What do you do now going


forward having gone through all that to get to this point? Sort it


out. I have got a relay in the next couple of days. It was an


opportunity to win a medal and I did not make it. It was the biggest


opportunity of my life. And to have the crowd shouting Rooney before


you go in I thought, it is great, and I wish I could have lived up to


background. He is in a good position.


45 minutes from the big showdown. The world will be watching. I know


17 million were watching Mo Farah last night. But everybody has been


talking about the men's 100m final. It is at 9:50pm tonight. Before


that we have got the women's 400m final with Christine Ohoruogu. The


men's steeplechase follows that. It culminates with the 100m final. I


mentioned Christine Ohoruogu and the time is now for her. There have


been more downs than ups for her since Beijing. For her the Olympics


have come home because she was born Christine Ohoruogu is Britain's


only ever a woman to have won an Olympic gold at the 400m. She also


picked up the world title in 2007. But since then her form has not


been great and it is only the relay gold that she won in the world


indoors that may cause concern to her rivals. She has only ever won


two sub 52nd times in her career. Compare that to her major


competitors tonight and you can see that she has got a job on her hands.


But she can draw inspiration from where she ran those times. At the


World Championships and the Olympic Games and on both occasions she won


the gold medal. It is a bit -- about her building process. In


Osaka she improved on her time in each heat and one year later she


repeated that performance in Beijing. Each heat was faster than


the last. Contrast that with her performance in single race events


in 2011 and she failed to win any. But this year has been more


promising. Her times have been consistent and she beat Amantle


Montsho at Crystal Palace a few weeks ago. What about her


performance in London? It is a downward curve again. Better in the


semi than she was in the heat. Can she repeated Beijing heroics in


front of this patriotic home crowd University. She has got to raise


well, she has got a level head. Right now she has got to be very


comfortable and confident. She always progresses well through the


rounds and she knows what the results have been an she is getting


quicker. She just needs to do what she can do best. She has been


belligerent when people have been asking her saying, where has it


gone wrong? She has kept saying it will come right in the end. Tonight


may be the vindication. Absolutely. She has climbed to erode personal


Everest to be here, she has raced with a brain and her heart. If


anybody deserves the rewards for what she has been through, it is


her but she will have to run smart, she is in an outside lane, she has


to be aware of the danger. Will this be a typical race where she


just has to stay in contention for the first 250, they just come


through the field? Absolutely, no two ways about it, she doesn't have


the natural speed of some of the others. People like Richards-Ross,


she has got a great personal best, superior to Christine's. She has


got to stay contention, maintain the form. It is about maintaining


the speed which will win this race. If she is in contention and she


comes of that final bend, the crowd Wiltshire her home and she will


deliver something special. She has not spoken to anyone, she has just


been keeping the focus. Christine Ohuruogu retain her


of all, Williams-Mills in lane two, of Rosemarie Whyte in three,


Christine Ohuruogu, Great Britain, individually. Williams-Mills, she


was leading with just yards to go at the World Championships in 2007


when Christine Ohuruogu came past in the last few strides to take


Pensilva. Her team-mate, Rosemarie Whyte, outside her in lane three.


Williams-Mills has been quicker this year but that is the way the


draw has gone. DeeDee Trotter, bit of a revelation, second in the


American trials, but even quicker very hard through the first 200


metres. The world's leading 400m runner in terms of time in 2012.


Krivoshapka of Russia. Richards- Ross, by most people's reckoning,


is the number one in the world, in terms of victories, quick 3,200 as


well, it ran a personal best, that could be significant. The world


champion from austere, also the Commonwealth champion from 2010,


Montsho. But one have never won an Olympic medal. -- but y'know. --


Botswana. Can Christine do what no British female Olympian has ever


done and defend an Olympic title? Francena McCorory will be on the


outside, quick, from Michael Johnson and I know you have been


talking about Richards-Ross, and Krivoshapka, the draw, she's going


to go out hard? Krivoshapka may not go out as hard as she has in the


past but she may have learnt their lesson from the semi-final, if she


doesn't go out hard and let Richards-Ross set the pace, that


could set up a great race down the Christine Ohuruogu do It Again?


Richards-Ross almost stumbles a little bit out of the blocks but is


quickly up. Montsho, a fast start from the American. Christine


Ohuruogu is right in this from the beginning and that is what she


needed to do. Krivoshapka, the Russian, goes past Richard Ross.


Richards-Ross now start to get moving, so does not show. DeeDee


Trotter trying to get into this. Krivoshapka and Christine Ohuruogu


is going to chance it. Right on the outside, the American. DeeDee


Trotter coming through. Richards- Ross coming through, Christine


Ohuruogu is coming again, can she get there this time? Christine


Ohuruogu is coming, was to make it, Sanya Richards-Ross takes the gold,


Christine Ohuruogu, a sterling effort to get the silver medal. For


a moment I thought it was going to happen all over again, just like


four years ago. But Sanya Richards- Ross is the champion. She is a


great 400m runner. The silver to Christine Ohuruogu, what can you


say about Christine? Every time saves her best for the Olympics,


for the World Championships, forget all the other races, this is the


one that matters to her that she gets the best out of herself again,


only ever runs under 57 -- 52nd in a major final. Remarkable.


prayed that one very good, very conservative, not the most pleasing


times but a great race down the home stretch. Krivoshapka didn't


play it as well. Christine Ohuruogu always in position if the others


faltered. Krivoshapka faltered. With Christine, she could have won


that, because Sanya Richards-Ross didn't run the best race, she ran


almost too conservatively. Christine had Francena McCrory


outsider for setting the pace but Krivoshapka, a little too fast, a


great finish. Sanya Richards-Ross not looking as good as she did in


the semi-finals, but Christie without strong finish, everybody


does cleaning, it all coming down to the lead at the very end. DeeDee


Trotter, sunnier Richards-Ross fighting. She doesn't know


Christine is back there but she knows Christine has beaten her in


the past in these championships, she would have been aware of that.


Richards-Ross has come into many a championship as the favourite, but


didn't take home the gold. I am sure this is a great moment for her,


coming through finally. Christine Ohuruogu, knowing she has got just


about all of the competition on the inside, fortunately she did have


Francena McCrory on the outside. Long strides, she knows she has got


to get finished, she will not know where everybody else is, I don't


think she looked at the screens. This is where she comes into her


own, and a little bit of trouble coming off the curve but she knows


she has got the strength. If she had come out a couple of strides


ahead of that she probably would have won. Sony Richards-Ross in her


side, trying to capture, doesn't get her begets the silver. -- but


she gets the silver. Great finish but all hats off to Richards-Ross


finally coming home with the win, I am sure Christine will be happy


with that. Her championship record is incredible, to be honest. Sanya


Richards-Ross, the gold medal for the USA. Just a couple of strides


ahead of Christine Ohuruogu. A brilliant silver medal for her.


DeeDee Trotter coming through for perhaps a surprise bronze medal for


We discussed last night whether she would be the surprise champion for


Britain, she needed it. Do you think she almost might be thinking


if only I had put the afterburners on five metres earlier I might have


snatched it. I can imagine her thinking right is Mehmet thinking,


goodness gracious Me. But all in all, it was a tremendous


performance, no two ways about it. She would have looked at this race,


seen her lane draw and would have thought any to concentrate on what


I need to do. She knows time and time again she has been able to


reel the field in. When Richards- Ross was so close you must have


thought, I have really got a good chance. I cannot wait to hear what


she says about this race. A ensure we will hear it for her in his


second but she is doing a lap of honour. Denise, your thoughts?


was close to being one of the performances of the championship,


always going to be a tall order for somebody to retain their Olympic


title. Her journey has been an immense one. To be within striking


distance of that gold medal is just brilliant. It is a fantastic result


for a girl that lives down the road. How inspiring is that? She is


determined, she has believed in herself, and what she can do, that


is good. We will hear from her when she gets round to our bit of the


track but she is on the other side at the moment. That is what the


Olympic Stadium in London looks like on this Sunday evening, the


most eagerly anticipated Sunday evening of the championships, as


the flame burns and he will be the fastest man on the earth in less


than half-an-hour? The great thing about sprinting, you think it is


about legs, shoulders, arms. Actually there when there is often


the man who is strongest in the He Shea, unadulterated power.


get to the final and he is looking solid and sombre, be concerned.


is a psychological warfare, you have got to know your opponent in


their mind. Justin Gatlin, he is jumping up and down unsmiling,


doing posies, be concerned. If you thought that 9.58 seconds when you


do hundred metres, you were wrong. The race begins before the starting


gate. There are always those who smile, those who are anonymous in


that they are in their own so and completely. -- zone. I take the


emotion out of it, I always think about pushing out of the blocks,


the elements, the technical elements and that's what allows me


to be successful. I thought, it doesn't feel right, can we have it


tomorrow? I thought, get a hold of yourself, mate, you will not get


another chance. I would look at that anger, yes, Ben that energy. -


- burnt. That is right, pays for everybody else. I would you do have


your attention diverted. A great poker face. You don't know if he is


nervous, you don't know anything, just smiles a lot of time, crazy


stuff. One year ago the previously invincible Usain Bolt had the smile


It was the 100m final, I said set. An athlete broke hugely early.


Ridiculously early. I knew it was plain five. By that time a focus on


the fact it was using bolt he already had his vest off. -- Usain


Bolt. All hell broke loose. Cameras in his face, he did deserve that


this is the first Olympic 100m final with the new rule, one false


Wait for the gun, it is not rocket science. You get down to your mark.


You go into set. You wait for the gun to shoot and then you go.


the beat of the gun. If an athlete commences their starting motion


before a 0.1 of a second after the gun it is deemed a false start.


Humans cannot react in less than that time.


When the starter says set, Ken Usain Bolt keep it all together?


When he starred on the beat of bang? The public perception is he


is weakened and his aura of invincibility is gone. Therefore


that opens the door to everyone. opens the door, but the door has


almost been shack with Yohan Blake. We have got a chance, no, we have


not. The lights are on and everybody is at home waiting for


the final of the men's 100m. It will take place in this magnificent


arena in less than half an hour's time. Some people take it


differently, some people look very serious and focused and some people


will grain and lava to deflect the pressure. Who do you think is the


strongest in terms of willpower? would say Yohan Blake because he


has less to lose. He is positioned after the semi-finals as a silver


medallist and possibly a gold medallist. If he takes silver, no-


one is going to say he should have won that because he is running


against the best there has ever been. He has trained really hard


and that is why they have called him the beast. He has got a steely


reputation and is a very strong athlete. But Usain Bolt is very


relaxed. We saw a very different Usain Bolt this afternoon, much


more relaxed. He is not far behind in terms of his determination. Bold


feels like this is his to lose. It is his to lose. I do not think


there will be much of a difference between them in terms of mind set,


but there will be a big difference in the race. With every second of


that goes by we get closer to knowing the answer. Who is the


fastest man on earth? It is not long to go. These are not the men


who are going to be running 100m. They are going to be running 3000


metres with a few jumps in between. The defending champion is Brimin


Kipruto of Kenya. That is his team- mate, Abdul my tie. -- Umar Farouk


Abdulmutallab tie. The Kenyans have dominated this event. They have won


six in a row. Just over seven and a half laps of the track. We should


Brendan. Unlike the Diamond League circuit where the pacemakers run a


into the silver medal position. Yamile Aldama will be disappointed


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


in 5th place. Just over one lap have attended the Olympic Games


they have come over and got a gold medal. I don't think there will be


anything different tonight. The Ethiopians are taking the


steeplechase a bit more seriously. There are some good times from the


Ethiopians. They are taking their time, moving when they can,


successful water jump. Just catch up with the men's hammer, this was


Alexander Smith in the third round. An absolutely brilliant performance,


a Manchester club member, to make his Olympic final. There was 71.47,


he finished in 12 place. This, though, is the leader, Krisztian


Pars of Hungary, second in the world list, 82 metres and 28


centimetres. He produced the competition first 80-metre throw.


80.59. The Americans at the front and I just wonder if the


performance of the American silver- medallists in the 10,000m has given


the American distance running a well-earned beast. I am sure it has.


I am sure they are using the steeplechase as an event to come


back with, and I was talking to the head of British endurance he said


it was the next event we will move on to, some of our good distance


runners will be persuaded to try and give it a chance because at the


end of the day we have treated it as the poor relations, we haven't


had a British finalist here today and we won a medal in 1988. The


coach, and I think that is a good initiative. You have seen what they


do with Mo Farah or, maybe they can take this race by the scruff of the


neck just yet. They are waiting. 2.52 for the opening 1,000m and


that is low by their standards. We have got the defending champion,


Brimin Kipruto and also Ezekiel Kemboi. We saw strange tactics from


him in his heat. He ran a pretty strange race. Now it is time to get


serious. They want that gold medal. They want that record straight to


keep going. Kipruto, the defending champion, out of the picture at the


moment. The pace is now beginning to pick up. Abdel Mutai is leading.


The three Kenyans move into the first four positions. Into the


water jug you will see a variety of tactics. Some of them will not


touch the barrier. The leader did their way to the front. Roba Gari


is looking good and strong, the Ethiopian record holder. Benabbad


is moving quite comfortably up towards the shoulder of the


defending champion. Brimin Kipruto fell. He tried desperately to get


back into the race. He has lost about 20 metres. At the moment they


are still not travelling too quickly, he could get up to them


and close to them. He has been stung into action now. Abdel Mutai


leads over the water. Roba Gari of Ethiopia looks good. It looks as if


it is going to be too much for Kipruto. Is this going to break the


Kenyan sequence? Roba Gari is being hunted down by Ezekiel Kemboi.


Ethiopians have never won the steeplechase title. Roba Gari is


away and being chased by the former champion. Ezekiel Kemboi went very


fast over that barrier. The defending champion is valiantly


trying to get into the race was stopped he is close. What a race


this is turning out to be. Look at this finish. It looks as though the


Kenyans have done it again. Benabbad is heading for a silver


medal. My goodness. What a champion at Ezekiel Kemboi has been. And


Olympic champion eight years ago and an Olympic champion once more.


What a performance and a strange finish. Why he came into lane eight


we do not know. He took his chance. The 2004 champion. Abdel Mutai, the


other Kenyan athlete with a medal. A Ezekiel Kemboi is a character. He


has got a bit of a problem at home and has got a court case hanging


over his head. He has been up on a charge of stabbing. They said he


could come to the Olympic Games. He is a pick up a dancer. He watches


Usain Bolt. He does not run as quick as Usain Bolt, but he has got


his second medal. There is the silver medallist in second place,


Benabbad. Kipruto gets tricked. He stumbles, but gets up and comes


back. The race was not going so quickly and I thought he might get


close, but he was not able to. Maybe Ezekiel Kemboi knew what was


happening and took his chance. He glances over his shoulder. Into the


last water jump and Ezekiel Kemboi, 2004, the Olympic champion, he has


been world champion and Commonwealth champion. Abdel Mutai


in second place. Kipruto, the defending champion, cannot get


not enough. Abel Mutai it. Over the last hurdle, the race going on


behind, he knows he is clear, what is he doing, here he comes, you did


see distance runners ever in lane eight, they never even get that far


out. No. 1, Ezekiel Kemboi is heading down to the mixed zone, he


will do his dance, do the interviews, he will eventually


collect another gold medal for himself and the famous Kenyan


tradition. The Kenyans have won at least two medals in every game


since 1980 it, they have done it again. Ezekiel Kemboi, champion


eight years ago, champion once more. Not a fast time but a great race.


The Frenchman picked up another silver-medal, just as he did in


Beijing. Abel Mutai, not fancied for a medal, but part of a great


nation of runners, and the Kenyans absolutely brilliant once more.


to go well for Christine Ohuruogu to get round to speak to us, she


did a great lap of honour, enjoyed every single moment of it. Here is


what she said afterwards. He raced here in Strafford in the Olympic


Stadium tonight, a silver medal -- Stratford. Reaction? I was stunned.


I was heartbroken, actually. I was heartbroken, really was. To lose


your title like that, it was tough. But she is a worthy competitor and


she ran a good race. I have to be happy with what I got, it could


have been worse! You were charging down at her straight, looked like a


good have been Beijing all over again. I know, but I tightened up,


I could feel my shoulders lifting. It is really hard to control when


you are under fatigue. I thought I still had some time, but then the


line came too soon and I thought, it is gone. After that


inspirational night last night how much did that age you on for what


you needed to do? He was great, they did really well. We are all


surprised. I always came into the camp with one thing, and one thing


only, continue my reign as Olympic champion. A bit disappointed.


you enjoy that lap of honour because you got such a fantastic


reception? A I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who


have come up, made these games special, everybody I have spoken to,


and on British athletes have also what a great crowd you have an


great atmosphere. It is great everybody has got behind the Games.


They have all helped to make it the games that it is, they did it. We


are just here to perform, but the crowd turn up and supporters, even


when it is raining and cold. Thank you for getting behind us. It means


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