BBC Two: Day 13: 13.00-14.15 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 13: 13.00-14.15

Featuring the climax of the women's long distance swim. Will the crowds by the Serpentine be cheering home a British winner? Commentary by Andy Jameson and Adrian Moorhouse.

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Hello, and welcome back to a glorious day at London 2012. Let us


hope the golden glint can continue. We are concentrating on the 10


kilometre or open water swim. Here is what else is coming up on the


BBC. The Nicola Adams takes on world


champion Ran Cancan in the final of the women's flyweight division at


4.30pm. After that, Ireland's golden girl


Katie Taylor fights to add the Olympic title to the World


Championship she won in May. She fights at 4.45pm.


The stadium will go silent at five to nine tonight as Usain Bolt looks


to retain his 200 metres crown. And, new world record holder Ashton


Eaton finishes off his decathlon at Sum taekwondo quarter-final news,


Jade Jones will be fighting at 3:30pm. Straight after that, Martin


Stamper will be on. Keri-Anne has got off to a great


start in the 10km swim Open swim. Let us see how the Beijing silver-


medallist is getting on in the Serpentine, in Hyde Park. Clare


Balding, we were talking about her plan. That it might not be going


the way she would have wanted, she would want to be further ahead of


the field, are you sense in that? They have just completed half the


race. Keri-Anne is in 4th place. Risztov has broken away. David, we


saw Risztov, turned on her back, to have a look. The halfway point is


where things start to move around. Risztov made a break. She wanted to


see who went with her. The top four. Keri-Anne in the first two laps,


was in the top three. She is in a pack which is where she doesn't


want to be. There is one hour to go. It is early days to stop worrying.


We have seen her take on food. Later than anyone else. Are you


happy enough? There is a long way to go. It is OK saying, I want to


be at the front. If the pace is too fast, you need energy. You need a


massive sprint at the end. Keri- Anne knows what pace she can go out.


So, her own personal pacing is more important than where she physically


is? Absolutely, these dolls might be holding it too hard. -- these


girls. You have to be able to adapt in open water.


Let us hand over to our commentators for the rest of the


the righthand side. Beautiful, clean water. It should really


favour the pool swimmers. Strangely, they decided to have the second


qualification for this Olympic Games, in Portugal, in the ocean.


It was very wavy. Why you would have a wavy qualification is


strange. Over half way now. Great Britain's Keri-Anne Payne, has


slipped back. Leading his Risztov. Grimaldi from Italy. Silver medal


in the egon championships in Shanghai last year. Risztov tried


to break them. He she is going tight on the line, aiming for the


buoy. The pack his way over. It has been taken over to the right.


Risztov, and second place will be Anderson. For the rest of them, it


will not be easy. If you going, in a bunch, you end up being split out.


If there are two metres, per-person, but in a bunch, you can be even 20


metres behind, very quickly. Just by going around one of those buoys


somebody putting a shot of gel into their mouth, for high energy. Not


wasting too much. There is the British flag, Keri-


Anne would have taken a feed. The Hong Kong swimmer, born in London,


Tang. She was 12th in the qualifying for this. Anderson,


every time we see her, she makes a quantum leap in has whirring. And


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


the Spaniard, with a long and are starting to bunch up again.


Moving all over the place. Keri- Anne is staying out of the big


bunch. She doesn't like it in there. She doesn't really like it, she


likes it on the outside. The group is still so together. There is only


one that swimmer not in doubt shop, the south African. Roux. But, the


rest of the field, are within, you would say, 20 seconds of each other.


After nearly one hour and 10 minutes. So, a very tight field. It


will favour the fast finishers. Interestingly, open water swimmers


do work on the big kick. Can you create a momentum to catch people


out, in the last 500m. The Czechoslovakia and -- summer her.


very popular indeed. Keri-Anne Payne of Great Britain, still in


that leading five. This is not normally how she swims it, she


likes to be at the front, driving the pace, to have everybody break,


leaving only a few in the leading group. She looks fairly comfortable


at the moment. But, a different way of doing it. Probably 50 minutes to


go in this Olympic women's 10,000 I have banished to persuade some of


Keri-Anne's team-mate to join me. How beautiful London looks. The two


spectacular, everything about every single venue we have seen has been


fantastic. We were on the London Eye, and saw the beach volleyball.


Everyone can see how beautiful London is. We this upsetting in


Hyde Park. It is perfect for open water swimming. You can see the


crowds enjoying this fantastic event. It shows you how green


London is when you look around this park. It is fantastic. Keri-Anne is


doing a great swimmer, hopefully she can get onto the podium.


both came into this Olympic Games saying you were ready to retire.


Have you both changed your mind? am going to take a big break, but


this whole experience, the way the British crowd got behind us. It has


made me reconsider quitting. Exactly the same. This was it for


me. I was so happy to make the team in a home Olympics. Just walking


out in front of 17,000 people. The noise hit you like a brick wall.


You had to smile. I want to expense that again. We have the


Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in two years. Again, the door is open.


These Olympics have not just inspired spectators to take up


sport, but have inspired the I have had 6 million tweets! I know


from the smog sound of your voice that you have identified that bird


correctly as a coot. Thank you, to Stanley, for taking the bird-


watching as a child. It has a white bill, a coot. A more hen has read


on it speak -- a moorhen has red on its beak. For Anderson, taking a


drink. The Argentinian us, now -- swimmer


cafe. -- pontoon. Where the soaring club is based, started in 1930. --


the swimming club. There is a Christmas Day race. It is called,


buoy. I think she was trying to turn around. They have been


swimming in this serpentine for about 150 years. A beautiful


clubhouse. Started in 1864. Turkey to visit his love, and round.


That was the original club. They used to have a uniform. The first


few Olympics were held, the swimming events were held in open


water because there were no a nice, calm piece of the sea in


Greece. They had shocking weather and ended up having 12 ft waves. It


was ridiculous. The water was freezing. How cold was it?


degrees. It is about 19 to 20 now. No and there is the bridge that


separates the Serpentine in long water Kensington Gardens.


bridge was built by John Rennie. When? In the 1820s. A lot of


spectators are on the bridge. is the bridge and that is Eva


Risztov leading a game. She keeps making these moves. As long as she


allows them to keep with her, she were used up more energy than she


needs to. They are starting to string out. Look at the pack. It is


probably only three deep at best now. He is in there? Hayley


Anderson has been very well placed all the way through. She is


tracking the leaders. I think she will use the strategy from the


pace is starting to tell on a number of the swimmers. You cannot


swim this length of raised without it wearing you down a little bit.


They are picking up the pace, but more they are holding the pace.


Keri-Anne said it is like a war of attrition. The tactic is to get out,


break the field so they are as few swimmers in the sprints at the end


as possible. You don't want any fast swimming pool swimmers at the


end any you, unless here you are one of them. Eva Risztov has a good


sprinter. She used to swim the 400 and 800 in the pool. 16th in the


world at the Olympics. Hayley Anderson was third in the American


trials. It was clearly focusing on this particular race, the open


water swim. Somebody taking gel? Unless she still has it in her hand,


she has thrown it. She obviously couldn't get the top of it and


thought it would take too much effort. They usually have two or


three out there. We will get a split time in a second. Eva Risztov


leading. Hayley Anderson maybe of the USA just about in second place.


It is not particularly easy to tell. Keri-Anne is in there, but in the


pack. It is not her usual place. She is usually in clear water and


It is OK, but it is right in the pack we did not expect her to be in.


Two laps to go. It is a bit worrying for me. Nishi is obviously


finding this pace difficult, she would normally be at the front of


it. Really, the hope is that she can get to be what will be a


smaller break out group, as it gets to maybe the last lap. I think


Keri-Anne would like to be in the first three or four. I imagine they


would break out but there are some strong swimmers. If you have Hayley


Anderson in there, Eva Risztov, they have a very good turn of speed


will stop Melissa Gorman is still Risztov is still pushing the pace.


Keri-Anne is down to the back right, going through your shot. What have


we got in the picture. Jessica Roux is stopping. Maybe having a


conversation about it whether she can carry on. She has been at the


back of the field by a good minute, she has been struggling. Not sure


if she will carry on. She hasn't actually come into view at the


moment. Still at the front, Eva Risztov. Keri-Anne is still OK, she


is still in there. Eva Risztov of hungry, she looks comfortable.


Martina Grimaldi is in there, Hayley Anderson is in there. Angela


Maurer, very good finishers. That is the pack, the three following.


That was a good example, Martina Grimaldi just ahead. The other two


in their Super tight. Melissa Gorman has the green strap on her


goggles. Keri-Anne is there with Melissa Gorman, so she is in a good


position. No. 19, Natalia Charlos of Poland having a great swim. Just


off the pace, if she can get back on... And she has got out, Jessica


Roux from South Africa, it is sad. Probably about a quarter of the


race still to go. A rescue going on at the moment. Jessica Roux being


taken out, under a bit of distress. The actual race itself, and that


was the South African coach. Eva Risztov looking comfortable. There


is still about another 40 minutes to go to. Still a decent time to go,


but tactics will be different. What are you thinking David Davis?


Eva Risztov has and made a decisive break. She is feeling strong so


that she has decided to go to the front. I don't think it is a


decisive break, there is still a long way to go. Keri-Anne is in 5th,


six, and there is no need to panic. I think if they stay in this


capacity at the moment, it will come down to a sprint finish. Eva


Risztov is a good 400m runner, Keri-Anne will need her finishing


skills at the end. She just has to stick in there, stick to her rhythm.


I am sure the next two laps will start heating up. When would you


think they should make a move? How many minutes from the end do they


start to try and break it? In the men's race, you normally see a fat


start, getting into position. The winner will always be in the top


six. The last lap, things will change. The last 1,200 metres will


be fought to the floor, really going for it, fast swimming and who


is the strongest at the end. The final turn of each lap is where we


have seen the most incidents, yellow-card, people swimming over


other people. People coming out of the turn in the wrong life. That is


close to the finish line, so the last turn, people will want to be


at the front and if you are not, it will be difficult to get there. So


woefully, before the final turn, Keri-Anne will have a clear run


into the final finish. There is Marianna Lymperta from Greece,


having a good look to where she is going. I think it is still Eva


Risztov leading. This pack is so tight. John Pechanova from the


Czech Republic. Also going well and continuing well is Yumi Kida from


Japan. It looks like Eva Risztov is starting to put the hammer down.


She didn't qualify from the World Championships. The top 10 from the


World Championships in Shanghai qualified automatically for this


Olympic race. She was disqualified there so she had to go to Portugal


to qualify. I think she came second in Portugal? She did, Hayley


Anderson won it. Be seen to always come, the winner from the top five


or six. For Keri-Anne to still be in the top six, I suggest it is the


grid before the orange cap. I think that it might be Marianna Lymperta


at the back. Also, Martina Grimaldi of Italy, European champion in the


10,000m open water. Marianna Lymperta got the bronze. Marianna


Lymperta was the one who could cope with the temperature, 14 degrees.


That is the one Keri-Anne did not swim in. Of all the people in the


pack, apart from Marianna Lymperta who has fallen off, Hayley Anderson,


they are all in there. Eva Risztov, going to her left and then her


right. We had a chat about doing bilateral breathing, wants to the


left and one to the right. She is doing two to the left. And then


bilateral over to her right. Every single stroke gives you a little


bit more her. All three of them are breathing to boats sides. Keri-Anne


going through the shot. She is keeping pace with Hayley Anderson,


number 13. Melissa Gorman is slipping back a bit. That is the


South African getting out, just keeping how warm. That is Poliana


Okimoto of Brazil. Talking about the test events last year, she got


a bronze. I don't think she was in good shape mentally coming into


this. Someone has gone way off in the middle of the pack. Very


strange indeed. Five swimmers at the top of your picture, Martina


Grimaldi. Hayley Anderson as well in the second pack. Then right next


to each other, Keri-Anne Payne in the blue cap. Keri-Anne is tracking


the feat of the swimmer in front of her. That will give her more


efficiency and the work Eva Risztov is doing at the front is quite


considerable. There is David Cameron. David Carey, and Keri-Anne


Payne are getting married on 15th September. Not long to go. What a


great swimmer David Carey had on the free -- 400m freestyle. We have


150, maybe 200m to the next feeding station. About half-an-hour left.


Three-quarters of the race gone. you are very close, it is not a


great place to be, but there is some good drafting. It is a very


interesting, this field has been like this for a couple of minutes,


they seemed content to stay in this place, that leading group. The


crowds are outstanding. To the right, the shot of the cafe. The


contingent, the Hungarian flags, waving wildly. As a very large


heron flies through the finishing line, the swimmers have 50m to go


to the feeding station. David, tactics coming in here? It will be


interesting to see if Keri-Anne stops. This is why you need to get


the energy. For that difficult final lap. Before the race starts,


the people who have been assigned to go on to the feeding station


have to organise who will go where. Today, we have Russell Perry. He


likes to get onto the end of the pontoon, heat is in a red shirt.


The best position. You don't have to worry about stopping, you can


get your drink or gel, and move quickly. Mark always makes a


conscious effort to get there. I have not seen if Keri-Anne has gone


in, on this flap. It didn't look like she did come in. He has done a


super job with open water scoring - - swimming, in Britain. David, one


of the few in the world who has made a success at pool serene and


open water swimming. Stepping up, in Beijing, very nearly won that


race, a silver medal. Unfortunately right at the end, went slightly off


course. I'm sure he won't mind me saying so, he doesn't need


reminding. Very close indeed, a great race. Britain's best male


open water swimmer. And, we're watching Britain's best ever female


open water summer, the world champion from 2011 and 2009. She is


still in a decent position, in 4th or 5th. There is a gap opening.


Keri-Anne is saying that leading group, a useful place to be. There


are five of them. I wouldn't be surprised if that breakaway keeps


on going for the rest of the race. If that five of can become four,


and then three, obviously in the sprint you would like to win it,


but that is a top tick -- a tactic Keri-Anne would like to aim for.


Risztov of Hungary has gone very hard indeed. The crowd is wonderful,


it is like a fish bowl. It is very accessible for everyone to see


every part of the sport. A narrow lake. About five deep, as we saw


for the triathlon. That is Lymperta of Greece, she pours it in. Not the


most graceful but it seems to work. Those little plastic cups. That is


nonsense, like a bad night at a nightclub. Remind me not to go up


with you! That is not easy. Why on earth they don't have a squeezy


bottle. Normally like clockwork in Switzerland. Very strange indeed.


It is stringing out. This is getting quite significant. There is


a significant break between the first and second group. Some


swimmers suffering from the pace. At the top, five summers macro,


Keri-Anne is in that. Risztov has done all of the work. -- five


Anne Payne is in that group of five or six. It will be interesting to


Just discussing whether you have ever done this kind of swimming?


have done a mile, but being a two hundred metres specialist, that was


enough for me. Keri-Anne is doing great, we are coming into the final


lap, it is exciting. I am impressed with the outfit! The full support


kit. We are so excited to be here, cheering on Keri-Anne. We are


excited she is in the final lap, we are all cheering for her. How tough


is it, watching a race of this length develop? None of us can


imagine the tactics that go into this. Compared to what these guys


are doing in the Serpentine today. So many different conditions have


to consider. Tactical things to think about. A tough thing to do.


Getting it right, with taking on food and liquid. You see some of


the athletes stopping, it costs valuable seconds. A lot of tactics


involved. Do stop or do you not? They are coming into the last lap


now. And your tactics are to shout course, they need to come over a


little to the left. Risztov of Hungary is still leading. She has


worked very hard indeed. 15 metres to go, to the final lap time that


we will get. So we can see closer to us the finishing area. They will


go under that timing pad. Anderson is third. In 4th, it looks like


Maurer. Keri-Anne Payne is just in 5th at the moment. Is there a break


going on again? Risztov and Grimaldi started to make a break


again. This is starting to look a bit ominous. 1,600 metres to go.


Pretty much one mile to go. It looks like a little break away.


are right, Andy. Keri-Anne isn't in the group of three. -- is in the


group of three. As they came past, there was a


noticeable increase in at the stroke rate. They thought, if we


break them now, we are in with the medals. Saying the arch, for the


final lap, was a massive mental boost. Not long to go now. Paul


Keri-Anne has to do is to stick with them. It will be really


difficult. Do not get dropped by the front two. It is the worst


feeling in the world when you lose that front pack. Thanks, David. It


looks like they are working hard to get back in touch. Keri-Anne Payne,


in the centre of those three in the chasing group. Risztov, Grimaldi.


Keri-Anne cannot see three, in the middle. She doesn't like being


stuck in the middle. That is the back marker. Three, chasing those


two leaders, Keri-Anne it in the centre. Risztov has been


thereabouts for the whole race. Just behind her, that is Grimaldi.


She has moved through the field. She started slowly, but has paced


it -- paced it. I think those three will hopefully


make a gap. One of them will have to make an effort to bridge that


gap. If not, it will be difficult. What you don't want it is a gold


and silver medal race, then three people racing for bronze medal. It


looks like Keri-Anne it is going to Anderson's feet. It looks like the


Gap is starting to narrow. Anderson, only 20, the American, the only


American qualifier. Now they are strung out, Anderson has caught up


on to the feet of Grimaldi. Maurer is third, she has caught up. A lot


of work still to go, well over 1,000m to go. He that was


significant, Maurer looking and realising she did not want that


pair to get away from her. She is trying to get back on to the feet.


Keri-Anne is struggling to the far left of the shot. This is not a


turn. Just a line marker. That is Pechanova. Gorman closer to us.


Pechanova of the Czech Republic, it looks like they've had been dropped,


in the chasing pack. -- they've been dropped.


A gruelling race, this is only the second hand this event has been


held at the Olympic Games. In Beijing, we did very well, silver


for Keri-Anne Payne. And bronze for Cassie Patten. All medals won by


European countries. It looks like Maurer, Germany, in that pack with


Keri-Anne. They all seem to be going that way. Anderson, as you


mentioned, still dangerous. They are stringing out a little bit more.


Risztov in front. Grimaldi and Maurer together. Anderson and Keri-


Anne Payne behind. You have to give credit to this swimmer, Risztov.


She has been on the front of this group all the way, setting the pace.


She has a strong finish. She certainly deserves a medal, the way


she is swimming. Hard to see too the group of five. A little bit


worrying. They are in a bit of a go. They cannot go the wrong side


of this buoy. 50 seconds to the chasing pack. Eva Risztov still


looking good. Quite a few of the chasing pack are very good swimming


pool swimmers. It does look very smooth indeed. Eva Risztov is a


very good swimming-pools swimmer. 400 freestyle in the European


Championships this year, she is probably one of the better


sprinters. Keri-Anne Payne is an slow either. You have Angela Maurer


who is a slow one. She will want to be further ahead. She got the world


Championship bronze and silver in the 25 kilometres. She won't enjoy


the sprints as much as the rest. Martina Grimaldi is they distance


summer. So those two not as comfortable with sprint. It is Ceri


and Anderson and Eva Risztov are the ones who sprint. Eva Risztov


has gone out. She probably has about 1350 metres to go. Keri-Anne


Payne in the second group chasing. David, it looks as if Eva Risztov


has gone early, has she gone too early? It is going to be too much


to get back. She has been looking good right through the race and


still felt she could have this extra speed. Their legs are kicking


now, their arms are turning over quicker. I bet they are really


hurting. My hate this feeling, you have been working so hard for


nearly two hours and you still have this spring's at the end. The lead


is about three metres. Keri-Anne is still working hard and hanging on


and hopefully she can find something at the end. Eva Risztov


is looking good. It is dangerous, the pack behind are dropped. They


are quite a way behind. The medals will go to the five swimmers at the


front and that has been the case for the last 20 minutes. Eva


Risztov in the front. Keri-Anne Payne in the blue cap, easy to spot.


Eva Risztov is more determined and powerful. That is not Eva Risztov.


Eva Risztov is breathing up bilaterally. There are number of


sprinters in that group. I think Keri-Anne will hear the crowd


screaming from the side of the leg. all the way round. It is what Keri-


Anne's plan was going to be. I doubt and they will take any fluids


on at the feeding station there. Eva Risztov has gone off. In the


chasing group is Keri-Anne Payne. Hayley Anderson has a very good


sprinter. Angela Maurer maybe is the weakest sprinter out of them.


They are going past one of the biggest crime groups. They are 10


to 15 deeps in those places. It is fantastic to see the support Keri-


Anne has got. They need every cheer from every person in the group.


Mick you are at home watching on TV, we need you shouting as well. I


can't imagine she is blowing the pacing on this. It is something you


are worth of. She won't have walked it too much. A second per 100 is


still quite a long way. They can only see a to their elbow. They


will have to look a but the water to see that Eva Risztov has got


about, I don't know, it is shorter, are they catching her up? He looks


like Angela Maurer and Martina Grimaldi, Keri-Anne Payne still


hanging in with Hayley Anderson of the USA. This is going to be so


hard. Eva Risztov seems to be holding the break, if not extending


it. Nku Carey Anderson is trying to move right and increase her pace.


She is at the back right of those crowd are shouting across the


Serpentine. It is amazing. They are about 15 to 20 metres away, no


feeding at this point. Just coaches urging them on, waving and


screaming. Trying to get that last bit of energy from the swimmers.


The Serpentine clubhouse is beautiful. Eva Risztov is still


leading and it is still about seven to eight metres now. The chasing


pack are coming back, so there is the Serpentine Swimming Club. The


chasing pack of Angela Maurer and is. They are still behind. Eva


Risztov is going to lead and it will be difficult to break down.


Then they are trying, as they would Anderson, left, Keri-Anne Payne


behind her. Then you have Martina Grimaldi. Eva Risztov is going away.


But the chasing pack are starting to go. I think that is Martina


Grimaldi on the left of those two chasing. Keri-Anne Payne is hanging


in. Those on the leaders. Stay on the leading pack for goodness sake!


I think Eva Risztov made a move and the pack were deciding there was


some energy left. If there is any energy left to go, now is the time


for its. You have Eva Risztov and somebody has made a break. Get your


binoculars out. We are behind the tree, they are not those types of


binoculars! If Eva Risztov has given everything she had, it will


be difficult to hold off the sprint at the end. Coming round now. David


Davis, not too long to go, maybe six or seven minutes? Is Eva


Risztov being caught? She is being closed down. If they get round


these in what order they are, they could be the final positions. It is


so difficult to get past a swimmer once they are in front abuse. Keri-


Anne made a move to go to the right of her to get past. It's utterly


now she can get in the medal positions. She does have some work


to do, but they are catching Eva Risztov. I wonder if she went too


early? Angela Maurer of Germany, the 37-year-old, she is good but


more of the distance when that. Martina Grimaldi of Italy, was some


the Met -- silver-medallist at the World Championships. This is


getting close. Keri-Anne still there. She is coming to the right.


She is in fourth place. Trying to get onto the feet. Eva Risztov is


struggling with heavy arms. They are coming to the last. It has been


a very fast race. The last 500m, maximum? This is going to be very


tight. I think maybe Eva Risztov has gone off a little bit too quick.


Keri-Anne Payne in 4th at the moment. Come on Keri-Anne! You can


see her in 4th position. She has a lot of work to do, she does have a


good sprint. They are chasing Eva Risztov very hard. Still a little


bit too far away for us to seek. And they really are working very


hard. It looks like she has been caught. Eva Risztov looks like she


will be caught. Keri-Anne is in 4th position. He is that? It is Hayley


Anderson. My she has a great sprinter at the end. The American


going what's happened to Rebecca Adlington so. I don't think Eva


Risztov can hold this now. Coming into the final. That is to the


finish, we are no early there. I think Keri-Anne is fighting for the


bronze. I think the gold medal has got away from her. With about 30


metres to go, Eva Risztov in the black hat has led all the way, but


it looks like Hayley Anderson Thom the USA will take it. It is really


close. Still, it looks like Keri- Anne Payne in 4th. But Eva Risztov,


has led all the way. You have to touch this bought a bug the head.


She gets the gold. The silver has gone to the USA. The bronze medal


has gone to Martina Ramadi of Italy. Keri-Anne just behind in the fourth


positions. -- Martina Grimaldi. It is so close, but the gold medal and


deservedly, to Eva Risztov of Hungary. Did all the work. She is


out already. How did she make all that effort and go and so quickly?


Leading all of the way. I am amazed she can walk, Andrew. Keri-Anne


just out of the medals in fourth place. Anderson, the young American,


then Martina Grimaldi. She did swimmers a part. We have had


problems all the way through. What a race it was. Eva Risztov went


early, then she was caught in the last few were hundred metres. I


thought Hayley Anderson, whose sister got a gold medal in the


4x200 freestyle relay, in the pool, Anderson just got a silver. Silver


to Anderson of the USA. The bronze has gone to Martina Grimaldi of


Italy, with Keri-Anne Payne of The first thing to say is what a


swim from Eva Risztov. The Hungarian looking as if she had


started to completely lose her way? But didn't she come back again?


This is the Olympics, she wanted it so bad. We thought she had made the


break too early. But she did deserve to win. She did work very


hard, and to pick it up again when everyone was fighting behind her.


Keri-Anne Payne has put everything into that and come away without a


medal is cruel. It is hard, I can see why you don't do it anymore?


is a tough sport, and Keri-Anne has worked very hard. Less than a


seconds from the medal. She was coming back really strong at the


end. I am sure she will speak to us now, but we cannot knock the effort.


There are swimmers still coming in behind us. Spare a thought for them


because it is about the honour of completing a 10 kilometre swim at


This is the elite end of the support -- sport. Fantastic.


Amazing shops -- shots. Matthew Pinsent was saying, with rowing,


you're hearing goes, and your vision, because your body decides


only your essential parts keep you going. When you get to those


closing stages and you feel that bad, something instinctive takes


over. Risztov was giving everything to be Olympic champion. One last


effort. That is the toughest way, leading from the front, I don't


think we will see that in the men's race tomorrow, there are more


tactics involved. Leading in front is the hardest way to do it. That


battle between Grimaldi and Risztov. Watching it here, and on TV, it is


as if it is slow motion. Keri-Anne, are you all right?


What a terrific effort. Thank you, it didn't go my way from the start.


I tried to get back up to leading. But it shows that they played me at


my own game. She did such a great job. The top 25 swimmers are here.


To come force in thought our old is not too bad, and it was really


close. Not quite what I wanted for all of the crowd. For all the


people who have worked so hard to get me here. It was a terrific


effort. How much were you hurting in the last lap? I was hurting most


of the swim. Not initially. I have always said about open water that


it is about making the right decision. I went in to feed. From


then, I struggled to get back, probably working too hard for how I


would like to take the pace. I didn't have enough at the end,


unfortunately. I know you have 50 family members here, they are so


proud you. These support has been fantastic. Thank you to everybody,


all of my coaches. In Stockport. Everybody. And of course my family


and David, for all of their support, there wouldn't be here if it wasn't


for them. Is this it for open water has a ring? -- something? I don't


know. We will see. Well done. David wants to say a word. That was so


hard watching, that last bit, depicted up. We'll all so proud you,


well done -- you picked it up. Keri-Anne, finishing 4th. She feels,


more than anyone, she wanted to do this here, at home, in front of the


home crowd, and because there were so many family members here. The


good thing about family members is that they do understand that 4th is


a great result. They know how hard she has trained. That is all you


can do. I am sure she will feel emotional now, not getting what she


wanted is frustrated. But, years down the line, if you know you have


committed to anything. And she has had a fantastic career. Nobody can


take that away from her. This was an amazing opportunity. That is


sport, that is why we love it. I know she has given everything. I am


sure she will be proud of what she has done. She is hugely popular


within the swimming team, a gracious person, funny, warm, she


loves to be involved in everybody else's sports. The very unselfish,


always smiling. That has to be the hardest thing, to swim for two


hours, to do an interview. She has conducted herself very well,


graciously. All of the swimmers coming past, they are trained.


Especially today, the Sun would have been beating on their back.


That dehydrates you. The physical effort that goes into it, it is the


most difficult event I have ever done. She talked about missing and


intended feed station Pickup? noticed that. Mark changed his


shirt to really bright colours. She did miss him. Whether that played a


part, it is not for me to say. There are so many things that go on.


Coming off the stage, this is risky and -- Risztov, looking incredibly


emotional. I might take a gamble. Sorry, that is Lymperta, of Greece,


who I think suffered an awful lot out there. You can see the physical


nature of this sport, it is crawl - - cruel.


Tomorrow, for the men, Dan Fogg, what chances should be hoped for,


from him? Myself and Dan Fogg went to Portugal, for training. We both


really did not enjoy it. Tomorrow, this is what he wants to be


involved in, a nice, flat lake. He is in good form. I think he will


revel in this and have a good race. Thank you. I don't know whether we


have missed Risztov. What a finish that was. We have


come outside. You can see how many people are in the Olympic Park.


There are huge screens. Everybody was crude, screaming for Keri-Anne.


-- everybody was glued. That was a monumental effort.


It was unbelievable. In terms of the planning of these Games, this


was an inspired choice for anyone to come here. To watch it, at home,


or in person, it makes you really appreciate what they go through, to


watch every single minute of it. From the first defeat station, the


buoys, trying to keep a clear head when your body is screaming in pain,


when you cannot see anything, with its swimmers around you. I saw it


for the first time in Beijing, at seeing David come out of the water


and thinking, he is going to collapse.


The men will be out tomorrow. We have lost the pictures. There was


so much hope for Keri-Anne. But, 4th, a monumental effort after one


hour and 57 minutes of continual swimming.


We saw when lead 10 kilometre or swim, the athletes taking nutrition.


Let us move on to the highlight some of what has been going on


around the Olympic Park over the Nicola Adams points proudly to the


Lion. Katie Taylor gives thanks for


having secured a place in the gold medal bout.


It has gone! Oh dear.


It is Allyson Felix all the way. Gold medal for Merritt.


Blake almost stops. Usain Bolt wins it.


What is going to happen in that 200m final? The Olympic stadium


behind us is waiting in -- for that man. It is not always those for a


first over the line that create Eric had never seen a swimming pool


this bit. But suddenly, he had a chance to win a heat. These two


were disqualified for false starting and or Eric had to do now


was to complete two lense of freestyle, that would be five


lengths of the swimming pool in the hotel where he had learnt to swim


In truth, this would not be a record breaking time. The winning


time would be one minute faster than this. But perhaps, this will


go down in a Olympic folklore. Going down, by staying afloat, just.


An absolute legend. There are so many characters and stories which


have come out of London 2012, with just four days to go. If you want


to look on BBC Three, you can see the bronze-medal match of the


women's football. Canada, first as France. Playing the bronze-medal


match. Over on BBC One, there will be


taekwondo at action, Jade Jones is going in her quarter-final match.


She looked incredibly worried first thing this morning when she got


into the arena. But she looked so graceful and elegant on the mat.


Featuring the climax of the women's long distance swim. Will the crowds by the Serpentine be cheering home a British winner?

Swimming commentators: Andy Jameson and Adrian Moorhouse.

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