BBC One: Day 13: 13.45-16.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 13: 13.45-16.00

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Good afternoon. Welcome to day 13 of the games, a day that sees 23


gold medals up for grabs as plenty of sports which the business end of


the competition. We will follow all the big stories here on BBC One,


including BMX bikes crashing, horses dancing and 25 Women going


for a dip in Hyde Park. That is the Olympic Games. Settle down for a


busy few hours. Disappointment at the equestrian


yesterday, but high hopes of another dressage gold in the


individual event today. Britain's trio go from 3:20pm.


Liam Phillips has recovered from a broken collarbone to make it to


London. Can he follow Shanaze Reade into the BMX semi-finals?


In three hours' time, Nicola Adams could become the first woman ever


to be crowned an Olympic boxing champion, but only if she can


overcome Ren Cancan of China. And it could be another golden day


for Britain's sailors, although the weather is looking a bit too good


at Weymouth at the moment. So it is disappointing that there


is no sailing going on at Weymouth, but you only have to look behind me


to realise that thousands of people here on the Olympic Park don't mind


too much about the Sun being out. It is a wonderful day to celebrate


a 13 of these Olympic Games. But before the lack of action on the


water, let's catch up with what happened in the water in one of the


most punishing Olympic disciplines, the gruelling 10k open-water swim.


These are live shots off the spot that made his debut in Beijing.


Keri-Anne Payne has had to wait for her big moment. She was the first


British athlete to qualify for these games. She is now finally


going for gold and go one better than the silver she managed in


Beijing four years ago. The climax of the women's 10k open-water


swimming will be live on BBC Two. We will join it for the closing


stages. These are the live shots, and Keri-Anne Payne is still in


with a chance of picking up victory. At the moment, the Hungarian is


leading. Look out for the No. 15 for Keri-Anne Payne. Blue cap.


Fingers crossed, she can make it to the front. She likes to lead in


these races. She is an experienced swimmer. She is taking a break from


a wedding to swim here, so it is important.


Now, let's go to the south coast and the men's gold medal race in


sailing's 470 class. Luke Patience and Stuart Bithell are guaranteed


silver, but a convincing victory over Australia today, and that


medal becomes gold. But to do that, they need to get on the water. So


far today, that has proved problematic. Shirley Robinson is


there for us. Can you explain the problem? Normally, we love it when


the sun is out in this country. spectators are here, but as you say,


no sailors yet. The sailing in Weymouth has been fantastic. We


have had 12 days of great breeze and fantastic conditions. Today,


light winds. Just not stable enough to set a course. I did speak to the


GB meteorologist, and she is confident that by about 3:30pm,


things will be good enough to send the sailors out and hopefully get


that gold medal for GB. We are getting some wonderful shots of the


crowds, young and old with a Union flags. 20th French flags as well.


It's a shame they have not had the chance to see any sailing. How have


they worked out that there is not enough wind? Five or six knots


means that it is even for the course and fair for everybody.


Earlier, we were out and it was classy, like a millpond. Today it


looks better. I am optimistic that it will happen later. But the


sailors are waiting and the tension is building. For those crowds and


our viewers, once the action gets going, what can we expect from the


sailing today? For the British duo, they have nothing to lose. They are


guaranteed silver. When you speak to them, they are so confident. I


asked what the strategy was, and they said attack, attack, attack.


They will be going for the Aussies. The Aussies are favourites for this


event. They are world champions, but they are on the back foot. They


are used to be winning by miles, and now they will be in a street


fight. There will be lots of Aussie flags and Union Jacks. We look


forward to the big battle. Only a couple of days of sailing left. The


Olympic Park is bouncing every day because of the success of Britain


in the Games. How has it been down there? What is the feeling about


how our sailors have performed? Maurer, we are also guaranteed a


silver medal in the 470 women, and they are on equal points with the


Kiwis for that gold medal. All in all, that will be five medals. If


we don't pull it off today, we could be pulling it off tomorrow.


There is a lot to look forward to. We will try and send thousands over


to the red button to join you for the start of this life. So you


expect there to be some racing later? Don't quote me on that, but


you have time for it could have tea. -- a cup of tea. At least you will


get a suntan if nothing else. So as you saw, lovely weather down


there and here. Haven't we seen fantastic scenes at these -- these


games at Greenwich? It has been one of the places to be if you want to


see successful British action, despite a disappointing day


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


And in and it is going to be a Nick Skelton, at his very best. It


is a wait and see game now. This could be the first gold since 1952!


And Britain has got gold. Will they be here to see Britain win their


first ever dressage medal? This is gold about to happen. She has made


It has been good, and Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes is down there as


everything comes to an end. Before we talk about today, let's talk


about yesterday. Nick Skelton, just as we thought he had done it, he


knocked over that fence, which was disappointing. Where were you


watching? I was watching down here, where the athletes get interviewed.


I get -- kept getting troubled by all the other broadcasters. My arms


would be in the air whenever anything happened. He was the 6-1


favourite at the start of the competition to win their individual


a muddle. Then # God save our We really thought he was going to


win the gold medal, so when it Skelton had that fence down,


everyone was like, what? He was so upset. He was crying when he won


the gold and he cried when he missed out on the individual. He


was very close this year, but Nick Skelton is still a marvel. He had a


hip replaced a couple of years ago. He has broken his neck before. Kind


of a walking marvel. To be out there riding at his age and doing


this well is amazing. The they are all superheroes. What amazing games


at Greenwich. You have had a plum job. Talking of superheroes, the


American dressage rider Steffan Peters, who is riding behind me, he


is riding to Avatar music, or was. Lots of fun music. I was talking


earlier to Matt Baker and I was not allowed to say what sort of music


we have. It said a strict embargo until 12:30pm. But now I can tell


you we have had Black Eyed Peas, Phil Collins, Avatar. But to come,


we have some very patriotic music. We have lots of Gustav Holst and


escape to victory and Big Ben Charlotte Dujardin is the hot


favourite for Britain, part of the gold medal-winning team for the


dressage a couple of days ago. She will be trying to nail it at 3:50pm


in Greenwich. In football terminology, the Lionel Messi of a


horse world is a stunning horse, the horse belonging to Charlotte


Dujardin. She is lucky to have that horse. This level is like the


Premier League of dressage. She has only been riding at this level for


less than two years, so for her to be at an Olympic Games at the age


of 26, which is pretty young in a horse turns, is pretty great. The


two of them were part of Britain's gold medal-winning team in the


Europeans. Lionel Messi has obviously been at the top for a


long time, but Charlotte Dujardin has only been doing this for less


than two years. Before we let you go, another big crowd there.


Obviously plenty of British interest. The big question is, what


is the reason for choosing your own music and doing this to music?


is called the Grand Prix freestyle. Dressage has three different


disciplines. You have the Grand Prix, the first part of the team


test. Then you have the Grand Prix special, which is more difficult


movements. Then you have the Grand Prix freestyle, when you can do


what you want. They have six minutes to impress the judges. They


are not just looking for technical ability, but also artistic


impression. So it is important that they wow them with some good music.


Traditionally, some of the dressage to music was a bit peaky blokey. My


manager thought it would not be very good. But we had some Black


Eyed Peas, and everyone was like, wow! Daegu of very good marks for


their artistic impression. People make a living out of making music


for dressage riders, so this is a big competition. It has been packed


every day, but we probably have the most avid out today, because this


is the favourite dressage competition for the spectators.


Finally, what time can we expect the British riders out? Laura


Bechtolsheimer does at 3:20pm. Car Hester is not far behind. He goes


at 3:30pm and then Charlotte Dujardin is the last to go at


3:50pm. We look forward to hearing the music and seeing the routines.


We will bring you that live on BBC One. Now we returned to the


Serpentine in central London. It is a stunningly beautiful location for


a stunningly Britain event. 25 swimmers battling the water and


each other to be the first of the finish line. Keri-Anne Payne is


the black hat. Anderson is closer to us from the USA. Keri-Anne Payne


is in fourth position. Risztov has led all the way through. Will she


get the gold? Risztov of Hungary gets it. Goodness me, the Proms has


gone to grow mouldy of Italy. Keri- Anne was just behind in fourth


position. -- the bronze went to go Malby of Hungary. So close, but the


gold, deservedly, Eva Risztov of Hungary almost led from the gun.


She is out already. How has she done that after so much effort? She


led all the way. I don't know how she can walk, Andy. Congratulations


to Risztov from Hungary. It is an example of how fit she is to hop


straight out of water and hardly look out of breath. We have


swimmers come out of the water and be wheeled away in wheelchairs.


Keri-Anne Payne will be disappointed with fourth place. We


know she picked up silver in Beijing four years ago. She was


desperately hoping to improve on that and pick up the gold medal


here. She has been an amazing open- water swimmer for the past few


years. It is her specialist discipline. After 10 kilometres,


Keri-Anne Payne was four seconds away from the winner. But that is


the way it goes. Well done for And well done to the crowds for


turning up in Hyde Park. Yes, you can get tickets to be at the


Olympic Park, but when events are free and people can turn up for the


triathlon, road racing, wonderful crowds are there. Now, today at


Wembley Arena, it is the qualifying stages in the women's all-round


rhythmic gymnastics. Britain's Frankie Jones is desperate for home


support to inspire her to something special. We will be on the road to


Wembley shortly. First, here is how All performances take place on the


floor, a 30 metre square carpet laid over a sprung wooden base.


There are four pieces of apparatus used. Hooper, a bore, club and


There are two distinct competitions, individual and group. 24 gymnasts


perform four routines, one with each other apparatus. The top 10


progress to the all-around final. Each individual routine lasts a


maximum of 90 seconds. 12 groups of five gymnasts perform two routines


and the top eight progress to the final. Routines last a maximum of


2.5 minutes. For the first routine all groups use just one piece of


apparatus and in the second they use a combination of two. Group


exercises must show exchanges of apparatus between the gymnasts as


well as intricate formations. If you would like to get involved in


Olympic sports coat to the website. We said we had a mix of sport this


afternoon. Before long we are back to Greenwich for the dressage and


we have got BMX action as well. Now it is time to see Frankie Jones.


She needs to get into the top 10 today to go through to the final.


Let's join Mitch Fenner and to the floor in the form of Frankie


Jones. We were not represented in Beijing, but here is Frankie Jones


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


in London. A fabulous piece of great start for a frank people stop


two words, graceful and controlled. The audience are full of Union


Jacks and they are not disappointed with that. That was a lovely start,


probably her favourite apparatus. She negotiated it well. Not quite


some of the huge difficulty we have seen from some of the more


experienced competitors, but that was a really good performance.


4th all-around in the 2010 Commonwealth and a silver medallist


with hopes. She knows how to produce a performance under


pressure. Francesca Jones trains at Birmingham rhythmic gymnastics club.


She has been a very committed gymnast over the years. Three years


she worked full-time in centralised training. Really pushing herself


here. It is a good score, it is difficulty that pulls her down. She


It left her 4th at that stage and she eventually finished 21st and


the aim is to be in the top 10. There was a partisan British crowd


cheering -- cheering her on. Next she picked up a silver medal in


this in 2010, so would it be enough to send her through? This is what


she did that on her first performance. Here is an apparatus


that she got silver in the Commonwealth Games in 2010. Dare we


hope for a higher score? We dare. I asked her before what was her best


apparatus and she said this was the one she found the hardest. She has


confidence is showing through in this performance. Keep it up,


was a bit strange what the whistle. It is not a whistle, more a


dramatic couture, indicating the end of the routine, but the music


kept going. It is unusual because the music is very well timed and


rehearsed and practice. Whether that was a slight problem or a


technical hitch with the machines, it was a very clean, good


performance. A very confident performance. She is building in


confidence, you were right. She has certainly done herself and the


sport very proud so far. Eight top 10 placing is a bit beyond her, but


she will be looking to post two very good scores. It is the


difficulty that will be a problem for her. Really good artistry and


executions caused. She has achieved what she has set out to do,


Sitting 11th after those routines and doing herself proud. If you


would like to follow that, you can press the red button. She has got a


good array of teddy bears as well. Time to talk taekwondo. If it is


new to you, this is what you need to know. The competition is divided


into four weight categories for women and four men. Each division


has 16 athletes who are competing for gold. Each competition date


will feature one male and one female category. It is a straight


knockout tournament with a repechage for bronze medal places.


The final contest will decide who wins gold and who wins the silver.


One point is scored by a powerful, accurate punch to the torso,


although punching to the face is forbidden. One point is scored by a


kick to the torso. The impact has to be with the ft below the ankle.


Technical excellence is rewarded. If the athlete uses a continuous


rotating movement, they will be awarded two points. Speed, timing


and flexibility are required for head kicks. They are worth three


points. The most spectacular are head kicks involving a continuous


pain. They are worth four points. If you would like to get involved


in Olympic sports, go to the website. If you do not fancy


getting involved, perhaps this will inspire year. This was the


preliminary round and competing for Great Britain was Jade Jones for


Wales. She was victorious taking on her Serbian opponent. You can see


the score on the screen, 15-1. Building up to this tournament she


has had help from local businesses in a full-length in Wales so she


could carry on competing. Here she is through to the quarter-finals.


But who would she face? In the Blue is Croatia's sportswoman of the


style. Hence the quick-fire start. The centre referees have been


called in, sorry the centre referee has called in the corner judges.


There is a head shot scored on the board. That is for the Croatian. I


think the point has gone to the Japanese athlete. That is my take


on it anyway. It was the Croatian wrong way around, perhaps. We will


find out. The video replay is designed for situations like this.


We have got a view of it in the stadium and I am sure you will get


underneath, and that is why we need the centre referee and the video


the Japanese. This is an upset to the form book so far. That was a


good spin from the Croatian, but she did not get the distance right.


If you are new to the sport, you probably will not know they are


wearing electronic body armour. If you hit the body armour, you will


get one point. You have seen a couple of head shots. Those are


worth three points. If you do a spin before that, it would be worth


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


De Gracia looked as if she had grabbed one upstairs, but didn't.


There was the body shot on their inside. Great head shot again from


But Hamada is looking strong and composed. She will have seen the


efforts of her team-mate yesterday. She performed well. Didn't really


threaten the podium, but this is a differential here. Hamada looks


much more powerful. That is the athlete in red, against the thin


air frame of the Croatian. Hamada looks strong. I eat my words there,


as Hamada leads the foot of her opponent. The young Croatian has


clawed herself back into this match here. Good attempt at a head shot


again from the Japanese female. That kyong-go was given by the


Puerto Rican referee. Kyong-gos are a management. If you do anything


that inhibits the fair process of the match, you take a kyong-go,


just as both ladies take 8 point each there. Another push from the


Croatian makes it nine to it. Those punishments, at the kyong-gos, can


lacking for Croatian support at this event. The Japanese athlete


needs five good meals a day to keep the weight on. Five meals a day.


Food heaven! Probably works fairly hard to keep the weight manageable.


But every so often, competitors have to work hard to keep the


weight of. For her, it is the other way round. She will be training


three hours a day, two hours per session. So you need at least 6000


calories to sustain that effort. It is understandable. Quite enviable


country's first taekwondo champion when she took the under 53 class in


shot over the top restores her lead. This is of mild significance to the


potential British entrance today. If Jade Jones were successful, she


would meet either of these two females in her next match. She has


the Serbian, Gladovic, and that is coming up in a short while. She


will fight against the Serbian. But it is back to Japan and Croatia


indicating that he thought it was a head shot in the flurry go exchange


yesterday. The Frenchman is on the right hand side. The other is a


Singaporean. They will both look at this. If that is the action that


the Japanese coach has asked to review, well... You never like to


be critical of a coach's efforts. They see different things than we


do, but they're certainly looked to be limited or zero contact. Perhaps


just touched to the back of the head. Successful. Well, I eat my


words there yet again, because that has made the biggest difference.


These video replays are coming to fruition here. There was the


mildest of contacts to the back of the head. That will be a three


point a head shot. Hamada has done just enough. Can she sustain it?


Ana Zaninovic will be kicking Zaninovic. This is a three point


game. A head shot would change it. Hamada staying active, and on the


verge of upsetting things here. The oak, is that in the last second?


Unbelievable taekwondo action. Don't look away, or you will miss


it. But it is taken away by the referee. The head shot was scored,


but excellent refereeing from the Puerto Rican, are holding and


head shot. It was wiped away by the Centre referee. It is now 14-11. A


video replay card has been used by the Japanese coach, and I am not


going to criticise, because the last time he did it, he was spot on.


But at this stage, because the points have been wiped away, it


really is almost irrelevant. To be fair to me, he has now noticed the


scoreboard. And after that frenetic exchange, the winner of the


contest... Hamada of Japan. That could change things for later.


There may well be another Croatian medal at the end of today, but only


now if Hamada makes her way into Something of an upset there. Jade


is in action at 3:30pm against Japan's Hamada on BBC Three.


Jade, you can't have asked for a much better start? Yeah, the points


were going really good. The plan was perfect. I didn't feel at my


sharpest. I felt sharper warming up. But the tactics were perfect.


Stepping it up now? Hopefully. hair, the Japanese athlete, is she


the fire to your expected? I was expecting Croatia to get through,


but I have studied all of them, so I will go back through the tactics


again. Talk me through that home crowd when he walked out for the


first time? In it was amazing. I did not expect it when I came out,


it was crazy, people shouting my name. The atmosphere is amazing.


Congratulations to her. That is not the only good news for British


taekwondo today. This is Britain's Martin Stamper, who was also in


quarter-final action this afternoon. He fights later, after another


impressive victory. He struggled towards the end. He was leading at


one point and then got into trouble for running away from the Mexican.


But with a couple of seconds left, he makes it through. More joy from


the crowd. Martin, a tense couple of rounds,


but you pulled it out of the last one. Yeah. It is really hard to


score on the body armour. Maybe because they are brand new and they


are quite hard. I just needed to bide my time. I was doing the right


things. I thought I was unlucky with a few back kicks where I


thought I hit the body armour. But I was doing the right thing. I just


waited, and he was the first one to crack and take a risk. Then he was


open to the head. How difficult is it to stay calm when you are at an


Olympic finals and your scores are not hitting in the first couple of


rounds? It was tough, but me and my coaches went back and decided to


stick to the plan. Like I said, he took one risk and then he was


opened. Stick with your coat and interact and make sure you stay


calm under pressure. Serbia rather than Peru in the next round. Yeah,


the one I beat in the Europeans. But he is really good, so I have


got to go back, recover, look at some videos and do my best. Some of


what it means to be out here at these Games after you missed out


four years ago? It is unreal. I felt like dancing. I was just


buzzing. The crowd just erupted, everyone chanting your name. It


might have looked a bit of a boring fight, 0-0 for two rounds, but they


still kept behind and took me through to the wind.


If he is as good at one dancing as he is at taekwondo, I would like to


see his dancing. If you would like to see him against the Peruvian,


that is at 3:45pm. Jade goes at 3:30pm. The live taekwondo will be


on BBC Three. If you are just joining us, I'm afraid to say there


is disappointing news for Keri-Anne Payne. She would have been so keen


friend medal in the 10k open-water swimming. She came in fourth, but


she was up against the best swimmers in the world. She has


interrupted preparations for her wedding to swim in this. Her fiance


was watching. After 10 kilometres of swimming around the Serpentine


in Hyde Park, Keri-Anne Payne came in in the blue hat in fourth place.


Four seconds off the lead. Let's see how she is feeling after that


exertion. It did not go my way from the start,


unfortunately. I tried to lead, but it just shows that they played me


at my own game by leading from the front. She did such a good job. The


top 25 in the world are here, so to come forth is not too bad. It was


really close as well. Not quite what I wanted for the crowd and all


the people who have worked so hard to get me here, but yeah. It was a


terrific effort. How much were you hurting during the last lap? I was


hurting for most of the swim. have always said open water is


about making the right decisions at the right time. I had to go and


feed, and I missed the bottle. From then, I struggled to get back. I


was probably working too hard compared to how I normally take the


place. I did not have enough at the end. I know you have about 50


family members here. David is here to. They are so proud of you.


you. The support has been fantastic. I would like to thank my coach is


and all the guys. Also Ben and Simon and lead and Sarah. And my


family and Dave. I would not be here without them. Is that it the


EU in open-water swimming? I don't know how things will go. It will be


my last one for a while. I need a break. But we will say. It is not


David wants to say a word. That was so hard watching and that last bit


you picked it up again and you did everything you could and we are


also proud of you. Well done. Really quite emotional scenes and


David Davies was the open-water swimmer who picked up a silver


medal in Beijing. He tried to swim in the 1,500m and did not qualify.


As far as Keri-Anne Payne is concerned now is not the time to


look to the future, because making these decisions when you are so


emotional is not the best thing to do. Elizabeth Simmonds says, you


are a hero, well done, an incredibly tough race. Becky


Adlington says, absolutely so proud of Keri-Anne Payne, I cannot


believe I get to call her a friend. She is amazing, 4th in the world


and such a tough event. She was quite emotional, but a strong and


impressive performance from her. Let's hope it is not the last time


we see her swimming. We are going live to the BMX a little bit later


on and also the dressage. Right now a place on the top step of the


podium and a place in the record books awaits Nicola Adams if she


can overcome a current world champion and become the first ever


woman to claim an Olympic boxing I am a 15 kg and two-times world


medallist. I was 13 years old, I was not nervous at all. I just


could not wait to get in there. all started with her coming down to


the gym with me. Did you intend to take her to a boxing session?


did not realise they had boxing, she just went off and did her own


thing. I knew she was not going to get hurt because they have got the


trainers and the coaches there and it is something for the kids to do.


It is very expensive, the choices we had to make, the equipment and


everything and it has not been easy. The days of boxing being an Olympic


sport for men only are over. Women boxers will be able to compete at


the London Olympics. His women's boxing what we want in London 2012?


A woman wants to box, she should be allowed to. I was not interested in


women's boxing and I did not like to see young girls get hit. I could


see the determination in the girl. Within 18 months we have got five


in the world's top 10 in their weight. In the 2008 European


Championships we got seven medals. How do you feel about women's


boxing now? I love it. She has got this amazing smile, she has got a


slight frame and she does not strike you as someone you would


associate with boxing. Exactly, she has got flat feet and she is not a


good runner, she has got asthma. She has got sheer determination and


if it had not been for boxing, she would have been a little villain.


Really? Yes. There was a time when it was nearly all over for you.


had a serious back injury which left me in bed for a few months,


which was frustrating because I am such a get up and go person. At the


time the GB selections were going on and I could not train. I went


from being able to do 300 sit-ups a day to not being able to do one.


Did you think, this is it? That thought crossed my mind a few times.


When I started punching again, I was so slow and I was overweight


and I saw everybody else on the GB team fly up and down and I was like,


how am I ever going to get back to like how I was before? I was saying


to the coaches, will I be ready to come back to this level? They said,


yes, you can do this. She wants to become the world champion, so she


works hard to do that. It is because of girls like her that it


is all going right. I have been boxing for so long and I have won a


lot of tournaments. The European Championships, getting gold, and


silver medals at the World Championships. What would it mean


to have an Olympic gold medal? would give that Olympic medal a


whole shelf. What a fighter and what a day for her. It is the first


ever boxer to pick up a women's gold medal. You can see her this


afternoon at 4:30pm. Her nickname his baby face, but she is a super


tough fighter. But also Ireland's Katie Taylor has amazed us not just


with her talents, but with her considerable fan base as well.


a long wait it has been it for the boxer wearing red representing


Ireland, Katie Taylor. Unbelievable, I do not know if the viewers can


appreciate this atmosphere, but it is blistering. It is more like a


football match. This is a dream come true for me. A standing


ovation for a Katie Taylor. experience, her strength, her speed


is shone through in that bout. feel like I'm in Heaven just now.


The improvement she has made over a short period of time is immense.


Katie Taylor, absolutely superb. Who would bet against her? Big, big


day for British and Irish boxing. Nicola Adams is an action at 4:30pm


on BBC One and after that Katie Taylor from island steps into the


ring. Let show you what is happening at the BMX area. It is


next to the Velodrome which has given us some remarkable action.


Today the men are in action and they are looking to make it through


to their seeding round. You can see what an amazing course this is.


Everything here has been built from scratch. There are just warming up.


The men and the women compete on different courses. They are lovely,


beautiful shots. Ian Phillips is going to be competing for Great


Britain. We are also going to Greenwich for some dressage as well.


Plenty of British interest. Many people believe we can pick up yet


another medal. Hopefully a gold. Look how beautiful Greenwich is


looking. What a wonderful idea to hold the equestrian action down


here. We can go live to see what is this year. This is a key test in


the build-up to the individual dressage medals. She has provided a


very good start. I would say she is going better than she did in the


Grand Prix Special and no major mistakes so far. Lovely half passes


with the backdrop of the Queen's House. Sometimes a horse gets a


little bit downhill. We want to see him carrying himself. The extended


canter up to the judges' heart. -- heart. One-and-a-half pier West and


a slight loss of balance. No Three from Great Britain and one


very strong contender from the Netherlands. This next hour or so


it is going to be electric before we get to those gold medals. As we


come to the conclusion of her performance, it is her last chance


to really show the judges what the horse is made of. She has got the


reins in one hand and turning the course, are showing she has got


great control. A little loss of balance in the transition coming


out. The same again. That was a better transition. Some real


highlights here. That is to keep the judges in a good humour as she


comes towards the end of her test. Equestrian theatre at its a very,


very best. The Germans are not going to go down without a very


good fight. The three young ladies have started off in form. The score


to be at the moment is 82%. The judges are marking for artistic


impression and technical merit. This is the extended trot. The


horse up slide across the arena with all four feet off the ground,


controlled beautifully by this diminutive little rideable stop


brought his hind legs together for a one stride. The judges will take


that into account. She looks very pleased. She is happy with her


first Olympic Games. It is a very hot afternoon with very hot


competition. Remember the leading Mark is 82% and that lead is with


Holland at the moment. Adelinde Cornelissen is de to come, the


reigning European champion. Now there is the usual stewards cheque


for the Spurs to make sure they are all within the rules. Those marks


are coming in just a moment. We have got a little pause for 10


minutes or so before we go into the last six. Everyone of the 21,000


will be back in here for that very exciting finish to this Olympic


Games. The equestrian Olympics are better than ever. They go into


second. That is a tremendous performance for this young 25 year-


old Stark in what is her very first year in senior competition. A


tremendous performance. Two more for Germany, three for Britain and


one for Holland in the build-up to the individual medals for the


Germany have had such success in the press side over the years. I am


as excited about the performance as I am over the music. Yesterday that


BMX competition opened with a bang. One expert described the day as a


success because no-one left the track on a stretcher. It is that


kind of sport and the freshness of it has led to a lot of interest.


You cannot get a ticket to watch it live, but we will show you the


Each race features 8 riders competing on a track with jumps,


bumps and corners. The race that starts on an eight metre-high ramp


and usually lasts about 40 seconds. The bikes are equipped with just


one gear and one break. As a contact sport, collisions are not


uncommon in BMX, although competitors must not deliberately


impede one another or force another off the track. The lead rider may


choose their line around the track, but on the final straight is not


allowed to block the line of any rider trying to pass. The Grands


Prix one as the front wheel crosses the finishing line. -- the race is


won as the front wheel crosses the finishing line. 48 riders are


competing for just two gold medals, one for the men and one for the


women. The competition begins with a time trial qualification one


where each rider races solely against the clock to determine


their seeding for the main competition. A complex series of


races follows, cutting the field down to two semi-finals. The top


four from the semi-finals will enter the final to race for the


medals. If you would like to get involved in Olympic sports, go to


the BBC Sport website for more information.


There are so many variables with this. We saw Shanaze Reade crashing


out in Beijing. She did the same at the World Championships. She was in


action yesterday and perform well, but it is quarter-finals day today


for the men and Britain's Liam Phillips is looking to make his


first Olympic semi-final. He needs to go quicker than he did weeks ago


in the world championships, when he crashed and broke his collarbone.


But in BMX racing, when you fall off, you get straight back on and


go again. Helen Skelton is with Jamie staff at the Olympic Park. We


are getting a wonderful shot of the BMX track. This is one of the


hottest tickets on the Olympic Park today. He there are families who


have never been to the Olympics who were desperate to come to the BMX


because it is something kids relate to. You see banners all over the


place saying, inspired a generation. That is fitting, because this is


the one sport born out of kids being inspired by motocross. This


is the quarter-finals, the first elimination phase for the man. By


the end of today, 50% of the men's field will end their Olympic Jenny.


Shanaze Reade -- Shanaze Reade competes tomorrow. With me now is


Jamie staff, former BMX world champion and track gold medallist.


Liam is in foreign gruelling day, because the quarter-finals is done


over five runs, not to mention the competition. Yes, he has a tough


day. He has also had surgery to deal with. Hopefully, he will be


going fast. Yesterday, we saw most of the riders just wanting to get


round in a safe manner. Unfortunately, we saw a few


accidents and a couple of minor injuries. But all the guys will be


ready for today and the girls for tomorrow. Not to scare people, but


to give the riders the respect they deserve, we are mentioning the


injuries. You cannot downplay the lottery element. In Liam's 8, he is


alongside seven other riders, including some who have suffered


massive injuries. These injuries are getting worse. As the tracks


have got bigger, the accidents are getting worse. We are starting to


get internal injuries to organs. Guys' hearts have stopped beating,


we are tearing livers and kidneys. It is getting pretty hardcore. You


have to give these guys their due. But after a few weeks of surgery,


they are back on the track doing what they love. They deserve


respect. I will let you hot tear it up to the commentary position.


Jamie will be alongside the Ed Leigh throughout the quarter-finals.


A long day for Liam Phillips. He will hope to be in the top two


after three runs. If he is, he goes straight through to the semi-finals.


It is blisteringly hot. You cannot back on what will happen. You can


only be certain that the reception for Lynn Phillips will be as warm


as the tarmac. -- the reception for Liam Phillips. I wonder what the


atmosphere is like up there, because there is also the mountain


biking up there. How much are they feeding off what we have seen on


the road and in the velodrome? and Shanaze Reade have a constant


reminder. Over my shoulder, you can see the velodrome. When they leave


the gates, that will be on their horizon. So I hope it provides them


with inspiration. I was with Annie Last at Hadleigh Farm the other day,


and she has only been to the Olympic Village ones. It is hard


for them not to get distracted. Shanaze Reade is in an Olympic


apartment block alongside Victoria Pendleton. No doubt Victoria


Pendleton has been celebrating, but that makes it difficult for Shanaze


Reade. Those guys are trying to keep their focus. Do we expect Liam


to go through today? He is a dark horse. He bounced back from that


collarbone, but the guys behind the scenes are calling him a dark horse.


He has strong competition. Pick a expect one of the others to take a


medal. I was speaking to a multiple world champion earlier who won all


his world titles when he was not the fastest. Liam is not the


fastest. Anything could happen. Particularly in front of a home


crowd. A soap, Helen will gear herself up


for the action. Jamie is off to the commentary box and we are nearly


ready to go there, but first, let's hear from him Phillips himself. He


You can't throw yourself off a hill and jump 40 ft jumps, being scared.


You will not win, simple as that. It was always going to be difficult.


It was going to be tough. Time away allowed me to come to terms with


the fact that if I am to do this sport, you are going to get hurt. I


was training with some of the best bike riders in the world, but


ultimately, there was a passion about it. It was always going to be


tough. Good start by Phillips. Oh, what a crash! Phillips has gone


down. That look too bad to me. was a pretty hard for. It is the


infamous step up. Crashed at the World Championships. But I am


thankful that I have overcome that. It has been and gone. I have had


the surgery and had the collar bone fixed. Afterwards, there were other


injuries. There were bits and pieces that went undetected. It is


the Olympics in your home country. I have seen the way in which


everybody reacts to major sporting events - the football, the Rugby.


Managers refer to the team having an extra man when they are playing


at home. That is something to draw on. To be at the centre of that is


cool. I can't believe the accident we


just saw was only weeks ago. You can follow him on twitter. He said,


I can't wait to get out there again. Weeks ago, he broke his collarbone.


Today he looks to make it through to the next round in the men's BMX.


We will be there in a few moments. If you were tuning in this


afternoon to watch the sailing, it is beautiful weather here on the


Olympic Park. Lovely and calm, hardly a cloud in the sky, but not


good for the sailing. In the men's 470, it is GB against Australia.


They are racing for gold, but at the moment, there is not any racing


going on. But those flattering -- fluttering flags are surely good


news. Shirley told us they expect to get going around 3:30pm. We will


keep you updated. Elsewhere on the BBC, you can see water polo on BBC


Three at the moment. That is Italy against Hungary. It is tight, just


one point in it. If you press the red button, there are all sorts of


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well as live coverage of the ceremonies and the 100m final.


London 2012 on the BBC. We've got You can see that closing ceremony


in 3-D if that is your thing. Cumbersome live sport now. Let's


take you to the brand new BMX track that has been built on the Olympic


Park especially for these Olympic Games. It is right next to the


velodrome. As Helen Skelton told us a few moments ago, that is a


constant reminder of the success of British cycling at the moment. Dave


Brailsford, the brains behind British cycling, is not just behind


what happens on the track and the road, he is also behind the


mountain biking and the BMX. Fingers crossed that can rub off on


Liam Phillips, who is going for Great Britain. Let's hand over to


the intrigue and interested in each. We will have five races


for each quarter final. The riders will score points according to


their positions in each race. If you come first, you get one point,


if you come second, two and so on. The riders with the lowest points


then go straight into the semi- finals. We will have the final two


races with just six riders. They will then join the others in the


semi-finals. Five races in total. After three races, we take two out


and then we have just two races with another two riders. Looking


through the course, the track splits after the first turn. Jamie,


we have been looking at this finish straight here. It is a lethal


finish straight. A lot of the riders commentator on that


yesterday. It does not look challenging from where we are stood


and on TV. But there are some pretty steep transitions. And it is


a bit technical. It has been catching riders out, so it will be


interesting to see what happens. Hopefully, the riders have figured


it out. The reigning Olympic champion said there are a lot of


lips and some compressions coming through. Some riders have nicknamed


the first obstacle the widow Maker! Hopefully, it is not! They will


have taken a closer look in practice. These guys have been


training for several days. A typical BMX rider puts a lot of


effort into the first, second and third straight and does not focus


so much on the last straight, but they will have paid attention after


the accident yesterday. We are in the start date with the first of


Quentin is one of the riders to look out for. The Australian is the


wild child, absolutely covered in tattoos. But a lot of people are


tipping him for great things. main man to watch is the rider in


Gate One. They are under starter's was trying to squeeze through, and


he has dropped back. The Brazilian Renato Rezende has had a fantastic


race. Khalen Young went down hard just there on the rhythm section.


Just got it wrong. So, van der Biezen in first. The Latvian Edzus


Treimanis went down very hard yesterday. That was a very, very


good race for van der Biezen. But Khalen Young has taken a big hit.


That's very bad news for him. We mentioned him as one of the wild


cards. Yes, he just could not quite get the inside line. For some


reason, he had a big accident down on that third straight in the


rhythm section, whether he just lost focus. You just have to lose


focus for a split-second, and you're going down. It is such a


technical sport, there is no room for error.


ED LEIGH: We had a couple of people tweeting yesterday asking about the


gearing on the bikes... Here we go. JAMIE STAFF: He just mistimed it,


he hit the next lip, which sent him flying over the bars. But he is up


and walking around, I think he is going to be OK. Hopefully he will


be able to challenge for the next ride. He is a big man, he is


wrapped in plenty of muscle, I reckon he should be able to shake


that off. So, confirmation of that first run. The Brazilian, a total


outsider, no-one saw that coming. He capitalised on Khalen Young


going down. Then you have got the Ecuadorian in third place, Falla


Buchely. Over to the second heat. Fields, with Jimenez in the second


lane. JAMIE STAFF: Lane is still a good


official will say, riders ready... Within five seconds, the gate will


with a great start. Beautiful start. But coming up on the inside is


Connor Fields. Connor Fields is leading. Good battle going on


between the Frenchman and the Belgian. The Canadian Tory Nyhaug


in third position. He had his spleen removed about 2.5 once ago,


so he is just ecstatic to be here. But at the moment, fantastic race


for Connor Fields. Tory Nyhaug came in in third place, and Liam


Phillips got second. What a start from Liam Phillips Jason Day it was


an amazing start, he got so much speed coming off the ramp, but


unfortunately, Connor Fields just beat him to the first turn. How


much of that was to do with the gate? Yes. It is important. But on


the start, you have got to be super alert, and he was, and he got a


brilliant start. But Connor Fields just got him for the first turn.


The guy who broke his neck, Jelle van Gorkom, down in seventh. The


Latvian, Rihards Veide, was in for the podium, Connor Fields,


finished first in that heat. Now, onto the next one. Remember, there


are five races for each quarter final, so this is just the start,


but consistency is the key. Yes, consistency is rewarded. After the


first three rides, if you fall in the first two, then you transferred


to the semi-final, you do not have to ride the remaining two. And that


powerful. Consistently one of the picked the inside lane. Gates down,


and they are out. The New Zealander just getting out in front. Big


crash there! He has taken the whole field with him! This is BMX, ladies


and gentlemen, anything can happen, and anything did happen! That is


absolutely unreal. I am pretty sure it was Nicolas long that went down


first. I think he might have done his collarbone, which would be


typical. The two US guys have gone down. From what I saw, it looked


like David Herman actually caused that crash, when his front wheel


just grabbed. That was phenomenal. We need to see a replay of that.


Willers, The only rider who escaped! Everyone's searching for


the same line in that first turn, so if one rider goes down, they all


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


These guys are clipped in, so they at the start of Euro Olympics.


huge blow for the Americans. Under starter's orders for the fourth


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


the top ranked rider in the world, caught up! He managed to stay clear


crossing the line, you cannot do that in BMX. This is unbelievable,


all of these riders so desperate for a good start, they are putting


it all on the line. Kirkham eventually crosses in seventh. But


I think it was the German who really struggled, he went down so


hard. Kirkham did not have a second to react, he actually ran him over.


Willoughby Was unable to keep the league in that race. They come


round, and you can see the German in third, losing his front wheel.


And Kirkham goes straight through the back of him. It is phenomenally


quick. We saw this at the World Championships, just silly mistakes,


and don't forget, these guys have practised this track time and time


again. Whether they are just super anxious, not focusing 100%, but


silly mistakes are happening. Interestingly, we have got three


matchmm of limestone on the top, I don't think that will be making it


any more slippery, but certainly, we have got guys brushing it down


accident for the Colombian. Helen, I think that has summed up BMX


racing, four races, three big accidents. There is only one word


to describe what we have seen so far, and it is absolute carnage.


Liam Phillips is fine, he is in one piece at the moment. We have done


just one run out of five which we will see in the quarter-finals. In


the third heat, we saw an absolute monster. Everybody went out apart


from the first rider. In the end, it was the New Zealander Willers


who got his get out of jail free card. He looked over his shoulder


and it looked like he could not believe what was going on, you just


saw everybody else picking up the pieces of their bikes. It has been


difficult to watch, difficult for anybody who knows anybody out on


the track, exciting for those who are coming to this for the first


time. I think this should have come with a public health warning before


we put it on to BBC One. Let's just focus on Liam Phillips for a moment.


The aim of BMX racing is to stay out of trouble, as we have seen,


which is exactly what he did. Phillips did fantastically well on


his first run. He got out early, which is what they want to do, to


get clear of the traffic. Liam Phillips and Shanaze, because they


have not raced that much this year on the World Cup series, some


people have been saying that they have not got enough experience in


traffic. But he was able to get away from the pack and put in a


really fast time. He did really well in the Time Trial, but you do


not get a medal for that, unfortunately. Just worth reminding


people that Liam Phillips is still recovering from not just a big


Birmingham in May and crashed on a corner, and snapped his collarbone.


The awful thing about this sport is a broken arms and, Bourne's --


collarbones are kinder for par for the course! I expect there is


another broken collarbone out there already. People can see that live


on the red button at just after half past three. Don't get too


close to the action! I will try and hang out over here. I will take one


step away from the rail and let the action unfold as safely as possible


behind me. You can see that on the From the BMX track to the dressage


arena, only at the Olympics! As the riders get to choose the music in


the form to, I'm looking forward to see who opts for Justin Bieber. No


scores are carried forward, we have some good hopes for Great Britain,


Charlotte Dujardin and, is that still the case, having seen the


competition out there? It is certainly getting a lot tighter.


The British riders are going to have to ride out of their skin,


probably achieving a PB, because the marks of the Olympics are much


lower than you would see in general competition. We are down to the


business and, the top six riders have been in action in the last


third of the action, Germany had just gone into the lead, with a


very, very high score. Not an Olympic record, but not far off it.


A few minutes until Laura Bechtolsheimer rides, her mark is


expected to be a liar. I have got to know my voice because I will --


lower my voice to do so will be told off it by end to nowt. They


are going all out for the individual competition, Germany are


leading and also have the bronze medal position as well. But five


forces are left to go, we will know in about half-an-hour. One more


question, when we watch the cross country, we understand it is all


about getting over the obstacles in the quickest time, and the show


jumping, we understand getting over the fences. For people new to this,


explain what we are looking out for. Slightly more complicated with the


freestyle, because the writers can do what they want and are marked


accordingly. But they do have to perform a certain number of things


in it, when you think about ice- skating, you have to perform some


things to get a good mark. They will be trying to perform with


artistic impression, and there is no Justin Bieber, I have got to


tell you. The better and more dynamic than music, the more the


marks 10 to creep up. That is where Charlotte Dujardin will capitalise,


we have got pond and circumstance coming, she has died Big Ben chimes,


hopefully the judges will love it. We saw, plenty of smiles and flag-


waving from the Germans, we have seen plenty of that in Greenwich.


Let hand you over to our commentators. Fingers crossed for


second of three challengers it from Germany. They have put down a


challenge here for the individual medals. That is what is on this


afternoon. We are into the last horses. She will be riding to the


music of the Black Swan. We are expecting AA very good score. The


three-time Olympic champion is in second place at the moment. The 18-


year-old horse is due to retire after these Games. We have now got


to the dramatic and exciting part of the afternoon. The house, it is


at 98.5% fall, I would think that just the odd seat Jake Batten.


Braised in historic -- glorious sunshine it in this historic venue.


Seven judges, and the next Test is the first of the British riders.


27-year-old Laura Bechtolsheimer. It is the 6th year of a partnership


with her horse. They have achieved so much. They were in that team


silver which put Britain on the map in the Europeans. That might bridge


the German in third place at the moment, but the lead stays with her


compatriot. -- that Mark puts the medal -- silver medal in the


Europeans, she also one individual bronze. She has got some very good


freestyle performances, her best performance last April, 87.6, which


was her British freestyle record, but it has been beaten. What can


she do? Her music comes from the Lion King soundtrack. The first of


three rides for Great Britain, personal best, surely. Indeed, and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


than he has so far? I am holding my breath and not saying a word! But


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


dancing together to the music. test. And if Laura went to the top


of the leaderboard with three to go, and would mean Britain would


time changes. -- one a very small mistake. Delighted to hear you say


that, that is exactly my feeling. This is into the very last part of


bronze, or one individual silver in the worlds. Her father and mother


there. And that is, surely, a personal best. Just remember, if


she beats 84.303 per cent, Britain will win an individual medal for


certain, with two more for -- to come. Fantastic! That is one of the


best tests I have ever seen from a British rider in freestyle. And she


knows it. She comes from Gloucestershire. And now, this


crowd have suddenly come a week. -- world too often. Could those gold


getting. A can't believe the focus this horse had today. Just having a


wonderful time. And let's remember, four years ago when they first went


to the Olympics, this horse was younger and a lot more spooky.


Spotted the big screens and didn't give of his best. But today, on the


Here come the Marks... She goes into the lead. 88% artistic score,


which means Britain will definitely win an individual medal, but what


colour will it be? There are two more British riders to come and one


from Holland. Oh, dear, it's going to be another very, very exciting


competition! Now, Carl Hester, the man who has inspired British


dressage, the man born in Sark, and they are going to have a gold-


painted postbox there. What can he Britain, Carl Hester, and Utopia.


This is the first time we have seen this, but I have had very good


reports of the music. It certainly sounds like a good beginning.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


wow! Both horse and rider have such mistake there. Back into another


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


pirouette... Second pirouette, very another good pirouette, hopefully


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


he has made up for that tiny little from one of the best riders in the


world? A tremendous performance, and let's put it into perspective.


If he does more than 84.303%, Britain will have at least two of


the three individual medals, and that has to be a strong possibility,


after that test. That was fantastic. A man who has just completed his


fourth Olympics, 12th time in the British team. He rode in Barcelona,


Sydney, Athens, and now here. And the crowd are on their feet yet


again. He was part of that wonderful European Championship win


in Rotterdam on this lovely horse. And he could be on for an a Olympic


medal here. So, one rider still to come. Carl Hester is pretty


emotional, which is quite a surprise. He is such a superlative


rider. Two riders to come, a strong challenge from the Netherlands, and


of course, then, the young 26-year- old Charlotte Dujardin, a pupil, a


stable rider, of this very man coming out of the ring now, Carl


Hester. Everyone looking to the scoreboard. Let's have a look at


some of the movements for the moment. This was the real highlight,


the extended trot, this horse is wonder whether he will be just a


shade disappointed with that. But one more British rider to come.


That score means that Laura Bechtolsheimer is guaranteed an


Olympic medal here in London. Fingers crossed it gets confirmed.


I was hoping I could come home with a medal today after that


performance. I get emotional thinking about it. He is 17 years


old, and he has given me so much. That was the best performance of


the week for us. He was just beautiful to ride, so powerful, but


so easy. I was just thinking and he was doing it for me. He is always a


big, powerful horse, but music has never been his favourite thing. In


this last 12 months, he has really knuckled down to it. They cannot


practise music that often, and this music I have only practised once in


competition. I have been through it 1,000 times in my head. But he did


exactly what I asked, he dealt with the atmosphere, he dealt with the


loud music, he gave me his heart and soul today, and it makes me


very proud of him, because at the end of the day, it is a living


animal, which you have worked very hard to have a partnership with.


When they fight for you like that, it means everything. You have got


Charlotte Dujardin to come last - what are your chances for a gold?


To be honest, I have no idea. I just hope that, touch wood, I would


get to stand on the podium at the end. If anybody is to beat me,


obviously, I wanted to be Charlotte, she has had such fantastic rides


over the last few days. She has done a fantastic job with that


horse. I do not wish anyone anything bad, but if anyone is


going to be above me, I hope it is with Parzival, the challenge from


the Netherlands, and it is a strong one. She won the European


championships last year, ahead of the British riders. She also won


the World Cup Finals, with a brilliant performance. The horse


has been off during the summer, he was brought into the team quite


late because of health reasons - will he be at his best? If he is,


produce some fantastic work. The lovely music from the Nutcracker


Suite as well. The get tremendous height there, really bouncing. I


think this is all going to be down to little mistakes and errors, in


little bit tight in his neck, unlike Uthopia. But this horse has


other highlights. Lovely extended two, they have had five years of


international experience competing rather big. -- that appear or


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


music? Per fitly in time. -- Netherlands has done a great test.


They are very, very happy. Well, now the marks are going to be very,


very interesting. Let's put you in the picture again. Laura


Bechtolsheimer, on 84.339 per cent. Carl Hester for Britain with a


2.857. -- 82.857. Laura Bechtolsheimer, waiting to see the


mark. She is the current leader. She will definitely win at a medal


for Great Britain. Britain will definitely get a medal. What colour


it will be remains in the balance, with one Test to come from


Charlotte Dujardin. Yes, and what a fantastic performance she has given.


If there is any ray of hope for the British it is that the horse


sometimes comes behind the vertical, and is not always as good in the


mouth as it might be. But no mistakes, she has not left anything


to chance. You see that appear wet from above, really amazing. -- that


won at its first ever dressage medal earlier in the week, it would


be icing on the cake for British dressage if they could win another


gold medal. It is not going to be easy, because this Dutch lady has


done a very good test. Laura is looking to the scoreboard, waiting


for the mark. These anxious moments, waiting for the results to go up.


It seems an age. Here it is, it is an enormous one. Now, Charlotte


Dujardin has got to produce her own personal best. Laura will be a


little disappointed. The best she can do is a bronze, with one to


come. It is all in the hands of the last British rider. A Ricky a year


ago, going for gold, she has got to beat 88.25, she has done it, but to


do it in her first final would be something else. Here comes


depending on what this lady does -- Laura could still get silver. She


came to ride when she left school, she knows this wonderful young


rider inside out. But then Charlotte went to Carl Hester, he


realised her potential, he put her on this lovely, lovely horse. None


has Blewbury, he is only 10. They are partnership which Britain has


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 55 seconds


is a very emotive, let me tell you, want to see an extended frame like


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there is ever a time to ride for your life, it is now, Charlotte.


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And she is doing it, she is doing months ago, this girl had not


ridden at serious international level. Here she is, on the edge of


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Perot wet, but came out just in bit more now. Well, what a


performance, what a temperament. She has not come from a background


that would put her with money to buy horses worthy of a title like


the Olympic gold medallist, but sheer talent speaks volumes. It has


been worked by the likes of Carl Hester, and here she is but a


performance in which is in touching distance of a gold. She has got to


be the score of 88.196. -- beat the cheers knowing if she has one gold,


or could it be this girl? She certainly has lived up to all the


expectations. She got a 90% of British record in Gloucestershire,


if she does that again, she could win the gold medal. Has she? She


has a very big score to beat, it is the back. It will be the crowd that


tells her, I suspect, who has won. At the moment, Adelinde Cornelissen


is in the lead. In third place at the moment, Helen Langehanenberg,


with Damon Hill. This horse has lovely, correct work, but did not


have the power, and that one fallen absolutely silent. She has


done it! Charlotte Dujardin has iced the cake in style! What a


performance! Britain wins gold and bronze in the last of the


equestrian Olympic disciplines, the Individual Dressage! Well, that is


something which is very special to be witnessing here this afternoon.


And it must be so special for you. It is incredible. I did not think


she had done enough. The great thing is that the judges have


really rewarded this horse's correct training, and the harmony


that they had together. There's the man who said, come and work for me,


Charlotte. Oh, and why don't you try it on this lovely horse


Valegro? And now, she is Olympic champion! This lady has got a story


to tell! Richard Davidson, who has done so much for the sport. And


there is Mum. These are magical moments. There's the owner, and


what an owner she has been. And one has to say, the lottery funding has


also played a huge part, not just in the success of dressage, but


indeed in all of the Olympic medals we have won, right back to the


silver in eventing. The lottery has really shown what support can do.


The world-class performance manager there, he has been so much part of


putting the structure in behind the riders. He will have a big smile on


his face. You do not often see a smile on Will's face, but we have


got one today. Charlotte has got such a temperament, a temperament


which has brought her the gold medal! Charlotte Dujardin has won


Well, that's absolutely magical. She promised me she would not cry


is she won gold. I am joined now by Charlotte's mother. She was


phenomenal. Absolutely. The pressure was really on her. I am so


proud, it is just unbelievable. is important to point out that


you're not a family with jet loads of money, you have worked really


hard to get to this point. Yes. We had a transition from show ponies


to dressage, and we never had the financial backing. When my mum died,


I was lucky enough to have some inheritance money, and I knew that


I had to put that towards buying Charlotte a horse, and fortunately,


she was able to make a donkey do anything. She made her first horse


into a great horse. After that, thank goodness, I managed to get


hold of Carl Hester, to put her in the right hands from then on in.


Every parent wants lessons for their child, I just knew she needed


a lucky break. She had the talent, but I never had the financial


backing. So many times, you see children that cannot afford to go


forward, and if you get a lucky break, which truly we had, it is


just unbelievable. The British performance director has called her


the ultimate Olympian, he says she is so focused, she does not see the


razzmatazz of the Olympics - where does that come from? When we used


to do showing, the big competitions, I used to tell her, it is just


another show. So maybe it has just come from that grounding, who


knows? She is a cool customer. team gold medal was incredible, and


you and I had a conversation about how incredible it would be if


Charlotte could win gold, but you must have been a bag of nerves.


was. Everybody expects it, and that is the thing, when you know she can


do it, as well as the combination of horse and rider, it is


phenomenal. And what about the music? Yes, she did a pre- run of


the test, with the music by Tom Hunter. We talk about doing


something patriotic, because it was on home ground, and he did a


fantastic job. And so did your Isn't that lovely? Not the first


proud mother we have seen at these Olympic Games. And this is what it


means for the medal table. Those two medals have taken us up to the


half-century. It is our 23rd gold medal. Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes - so


many people across the country will think, dress size is not something


which is open to me, but this shows it can be? I think that is really


important. We saw the German rider earlier, but it is very hard to


keep hold of these horses. Carl Hester, you have worked very hard


to keep hold of Uthopia, as well as Valegro, you have managed to keep


them in Britain... It has been emotional for us to keep the horses


going. Anybody who works with horses will know that without the


horse, we are nothing. To keep two horses at this peak, to finish in


the top five at the Olympics, is very hard, it takes a lot of


management. In the last few weeks, we have really had to cross our


fingers. Every morning, you walk out into the yard and you think,


please let them be all right this morning. You know that when you


wake up as an athlete, or as a rider, you know how you feel, but


the horse obviously cannot tell you. We have had so much back-up. Thank


goodness for the lottery, and for the world-class team behind us.


Because we treat them as super athletes, and I think they have


repaid everybody with what they have done for Great Britain and for


the team. You have done so much for British dressage, you were part of


the gold medal-winning team earlier in the week, but it was


disappointing for you not to get an individual medal today. It is not


that disappointing, actually, because Charlotte is obviously my


other half, so... Not literally, but my other half of my work side,


we rely on each other. I always said that would give me a huge


pleasure, and I always said that she was the gold-medallist. He is


the best horse in the world, and Uthopia does not quite have what is


needed on this last day, which is what happened to me today, I think,


I just struggled a bit to keep his energy up. But Valegro is just the


consummate professional. Well done, and if you're going to be beaten, I


suppose, be beaten by the lady you have trained!


Well done to Carl Hester, and huge congratulations to Charlotte


Dujardin. Here she is, soaking up the applause. I must also say well


done to Laura Bechtolsheimer, who picked up the bronze medal. We must


not forget her. It has been a remarkable Games for our Equestrian


riders. Yes, it is an amazing story with Charlotte, the fact that she


only competed in this style for the first time in January of last year,


in the Grand Prix Freestyle. It is a meteoric rise. You have had a


real mix of sport this afternoon. Yes, it is not often you go from


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