BBC One: Day 13: 16.00-18.00 Olympics

BBC One: Day 13: 16.00-18.00

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able to speak to Charlotte later in the afternoon. The only


disappointing thing is that those horses dance better than me. Here's


what we've got coming up over the next few hours. Nicola Adams will


be going for gold in the boxing. Ireland will come to a standstill


this afternoon, as Katie Taylor goes for gold in the women's


Lightweight boxing final. And there will be plenty of thrills and


spills at the BMX track. Liam Phillips will be trying to book a


place in the semi-finals tomorrow. And we will be checking in on the


We will be following the two British athletes in action in the


taekwondo. In the BMX, we will see if Liam Phillips can get through to


the semi-finals. He went out at this stage in Beijing four years


ago. At 6pm, we move over to BBC The boxing is taking place at the


ExCeL, but in another arena there, the taekwondo is taking place. J


Jones is just nine team, but she is up against an even younger opponent


in the next round. Each bout consists of the rear two-minute


rounds. Jade Jones is known as the head hunter, and we are about to


happy with the way things are going, comfortably ahead going into the


final round. She has added great composure and concentration to her


game. She is very good at covering. Hopefully you're going to see a


little bit of composure here. But let's not discount the Japanese


athlete, she still bears a threat. But the concern for her is that if


she concedes many more points, should be counted out, if the gap


that kyong-go. It helps that you are fluent in Korean, John!


helps! She has picked up another point!. She is picking off the


Japanese athlete. Hamada knows she has got to keep coming forward, but


every time she does, she is getting with her right leg. 10 seconds to


go, and even the most optimistic of Japanese might be closing the book


Wales is finding itself a pocket- sized at battling heroin. Into the


She is through to the semi-finals, so close to the medals. She will be


facing the world No. 1 and top seed. We will be back for that at around


5pm. Now we are going to go to the ExCel to see history made. The


biggest of all stages, the Olympic stage, today Britain's Nicola Adams


and Ireland's Katie Taylor are fighting for gold and glory. They


began boxing before the sport was even sanctioned, but never gave up


on their dreams. They are trailblazers for women's boxing,


they really are. Clare, as far as Nicola Adams it is concerned, she


is an amazing journey, lack of funding and a career-threatening


injury. She fell down the stairs in 2009 and hurt a vertebra in a back,


she couldn't even lift a glass of milk, she was living with her mum,


to stop boxing. She go back on the road, she has worked as a builder,


worked on various soap operas on TV, now she has lottery funding, she is


here and has a great shot at a gold medal. What can you say about Katie


Taylor? Half the crowd are bedecked in the Irish flags. A huge amount


of support for the athlete regarded as Ireland's best hope of a gold


medal at these Games. She carried the flag for them at the opening


ceremony, she is the Irish, European and world champion. She


has played Gaelic football and association football for Ireland.


the boxer wearing red, representing Ireland, Katie Taylor! Unbelievable,


I don't know if the viewers can get the full appreciation of this


atmosphere, but it is blistering. It is more like a football match.


This is a dream come true, to be Taylor! Her experience, her


strength, her speed, shone through in that round. I feel like I'm in


heaven at the moment. improvement she has made over a


short period of time his immense. Katie Taylor, superb. Who would bet


With me here is Lucy O'Connor and Natasha Jonas. How important is


Katy Did the sport of boxing? What she'd done for women in boxing?


has been an ambassador for boxing far over 10 years, she is a


consummate professional in the ring and outside, she is a four time


world champion, and an absolute role-model for women's boxing and


women's sport as a whole. You have fought against her, in the quarter-


finals and what is she like to come up against? Shias the embodiment of


the sport -- she is the embodiment of. She is quick, strong,


everything you would want in a boxer. It was unfortunate I drew


her, yes, she is just an absolute athlete. Is she unbeatable this


evening, do you think? And for me personally, I have always said that


Katie is the one to beat, she always has been and always will be


for as long as she boxes. It is half in the back, but it is never


easy in boxing, it only takes one thing to change everything. Among


the supporters, two very famous A cracking atmosphere ringside. Two


gentleman looking forward to the fight. What do we think? She is


going to do a job, she is going to be brisk and efficient, she is


pound-for-pound the best woman boxer in the world. I agree with


everything he just said. Ireland is going to get a gold today. What is


the atmosphere like at home? A I am from the same town as her, and for


the last few matches they have a big screens up in this -- in the


square. The place has gone bananas for her, she is the biggest face in


Ireland at the moment. Friends of mine are flying over from Dublin


and they're saying there had been an atmosphere in Dublin like this


since Italia 90. What will they do if she wins? They will go out and


celebrate. There will be nobody here up for the third bout. If we


win, a quick bash at the anthem and then we are gone, celebrating!


you were playing this arena now, what a buyer as you would get?


is fantastic, they would want us off quickly! They want to see what


they came to see. This will be 99% or Irish. Gentlemen, thank you very


much indeed. This should be a There will be a massive amount of


support in here. It is just extraordinary, the excitement is


building up, Ireland are hoping for their first goal but all of the


Games. Let's talk about Nicola Adams of. What sort of a fighter


she is. She has been a trailblazer for British women's boxing, she has


been boxing fight over 10 years, but she has had to fight some


adversity. She had a period earlier in her career when women's boxing


was not allowed in this country, and had to overcome some terrible


injuries, in the late part of 2009. So she really has such a mental


strength to come through all this adversity to be here, at an Olympic


final. What chance to you give her tonight? She has met Wren can-can -


- ring can-can three times, she is a to settle for silver. Here, with


all this at support of she thrives on that noise, she thrives on that


the board. When you come inside here, it feels like it is midnight.


We could be in Las Vegas, the music is blaring out. But three great


boxing matches to look forward to. As far as Nicola Adams is concerned,


she has been speaking to us about Nicola Adams, 51 kilos, two times


world medallist. I was 13 years old, I wasn't nervous at all. I couldn't


wait to get in there. It all started off, Nicola coming to the


gym with me. Was your intention to take her to a boxing session?


no, I didn't realise they had boxing. They just went off and did


their own thing. I knew she wouldn't get hurt, because they


have the trainer's there. It was just something for children to do.


At the end of the day, it was very expensive, the equipment, so it


hasn't been easy. There was a time not long ago when it was nearly all


over for you. I had a serious back injury, I was in bed for three


months. I am such a get-up-and-go person, it was really frustrating.


I couldn't train, that elections were going on, I went to not being


able to do one set-up. Did you think this was it? A few times! The


first time I started punching again, I just felt so slow, I was a bit


overweight, I just saw everybody else in Team GB flying up and down,


I thought, how my ever going to get back to how I was before? I was


saying to my coach, am I ready? They were saying, yes, you can do


this. She wants to become the Olympic champion, so what she does


it is she works hard to do that. It is because of the likes of heard of


Do you believe you can beat Cancan Ren? She has beaten you twice.


have done it once this year, I can do it again. 1000 registered in the


last year, what do you think what happened after you win the gold?


There will be millions! What we need to have our Olympic gold


medal? I will give it a whole She has gone from no funding to


being based in Sheffield at the National Institute of Sport, that


is where you are as well. What difference does it make to be


trading with the men, to have the best facilities and the best


coaches? Is it makes all the difference, and we have to thank


the National Lottery for that. We are trading there, feeding off each


other's success, we are all there with the one goal in mind, the


Olympics. We have got the best of the best, which makes us a complete


athlete. We saw Nicola's mum, it must be hugely important have a


mother that is supportive and understanding of the sport of


boxing? My mum will tell you, I was a bit of a tomboy growing up, and


if I had chosen to be a ballerina or a gymnast she would have worried


a bit more than she does with the boxing! She has always been behind


me 100%. She does worry, because no parent like to see their child be


hit. But she is behind me, she believes I'm good enough not to get


hurt. She has always supported me, it makes a difference. Nicholas


says that in 10 years she has never had a broken nose or a cut lip --


Nicola. She says, I have a long arms, I try and stay out of trouble.


She is built for it, isn't she? Back in Sheffield not long ago, we


did a test at to see how long people's reach was the man she had


a longer reach than I did. So she is fitter, stronger, faster than


she has been all year. I think now is Nicola's time. She is going to


come out here in front of a home crowd and do herself justice.


Presumably when they come out to a noise like this, the adrenalin


surge must be massive. Nothing hurts when the adrenalin is rushing.


When I was against Katie Taylor, they have the record of the highest


noise of the Games. Just to be part of that was absolutely brilliant.


For it to be women's boxing that holds the record for noise level is


unbelievable as well. So, our first fight will be run can count against


Nicola Adams, -- Cancan Ren against a Nicola Adams. This is an historic


afternoon. The first time that medals have been awarded at the


Olympic Games for women's boxers. We will bring you thought


COMMENTATOR: We are on the cusp of a profoundly significant moment on


the annals of a Olympic history. For the first time, women will


compete in an Olympic boxing final here. And the boxers who have


earned their place at this historic event with their skill, courage and


dedication are from China and Great Britain. The capacity crowd here at


the ExCel arena, once again in Approaching the boxing ring for her


third -- third round, the No. 1 seed in the women's flyweight


division, the reigning world champion, and tournament No. 1,


Cancan Ren. 5 ft 6 tall, 24 years of age. Just listen to the welcome


that will be afforded to the No. 2 seed, Nicola Adams, beaming from


ear to ear as she approaches the Olympic boxing ring for this, the


flyweight final. The gold medal bout, in front of an adoring home


support. What a wonderful ovation she is receiving. That is almost


tantamount to a rock concert! is just an incredible atmosphere


here. Both boxers, stepping into the ring that is going to make


history. Nicola Adams, enjoying every moment. She will not stop


smiling for the entire about and Ladies and gentlemen, in the red


corner, representing the People's Republic of China, the reigning


world champion and world No. 1, Great Britain, Nicola Adams!


RONALD MCINTOSH: The first women's boxing final in Olympic history is


about to take place. So, here we go, the first of the scheduled four


two-minute rounds, in the first ever women's Olympic boxing final.


This is in the 51 kg flyweight World Championship gold-medallist,


Ren Cancan. Her rival, representing Great Britain, Nicola Adams. Nicola,


29 years of age, from Leeds. This is the biggest bout in both of


their competitive lives. Cancan has beaten Nicola Adams twice, in the


last two World Championships. But Nicola has started extremely well


Cancan came in a tournament in Bulgaria earlier on this year. She


won by a narrow margin, and this promises to be an equally


competitive encounter, on the grandest stage of all. Good


exchange of shots there, but it was Nicola who came off best. She had


the last word. Adams has said that Cancan is the only boxer on earth


who's capable of beating her, but she feels she has turned a corner


mentally, and in terms of tactics and skill. She says she will not be


denied on this historic occasion. The 10,000 strong crowd are willing


her on to victory. It has been a great start, exactly what she


needed to do. Cancan is a master of counter boxing. Nicola has to go


first and third, which she is doing. It is an excellent start. The bell


sounds to bring an end to the first round of boxing, and it is Nicola


with the progress of his boxer. JOSH LEWSEY: I do not blame him,


Nicola has been throwing some This is a rematch of the World


Championship final from last year, and Nicola Adams has come out


absolutely blazing. Amazing boxing here by Adams. Cancan, just


struggling to work out the speed and the combinations. Beautiful


left jab again from Adams. The noise level continues to rise here


at the ExCel Arena in the London Docklands. It has been a sell-out


crowd for every single session of boxing, and this is the 24th


session, an historic day, the first time ever that women are competing


in the boxing at the Olympic Games. And this is a gold medal bout. What


a stunning right cross from Nicola Adams! What an amazing shot. If


that has not caught the eye of the judges, I do not know what will.


That's beautiful! Cancan has gone to the canvas! That was a


legitimate knock-down, the count will be issued. Remember, in


Olympic boxing, it is only one point. As we approach the closing


30 seconds of this second-round, with the momentum very much in


favour of Nicola Adams. She is the boxer in the ascendancy. If she can


retain her concentration, Ren Cancan, the reigning world number 1


and world champion, will have a significant deficit to try to claw


back in the final two rounds. Good single right from Adams. She cannot


afford to get as excited as we are. She has got to keep our discipline,


keep her hands high, not give away any silly shots. This is a


brilliant performance from Adams. As the bell sounds to bring the end


of round two, Nicola Adams has extended her advantage. It now


stands at five. Plenty of time. Great stuff, great stuff. Level


three up. This was the flurry at the beginning of the round, my


goodness! Repeated, solid straight shots, snapping back the head of


her opponent. Beautiful right hand. Steps back, and comes in with a


beautiful one-two. Unbelievable. What a great shot. The RONALD


MCINTOSH: So, the top two boxers in the world at 51km step into the


ring once again. And once again, it has been a great


start to the round from Nicola Adams, wearing blue. She temporary


lost her balance, but she is scoring effectively off the back


foot. Ren Cancan needs to change our tactics, trailing by five with


just two rounds of boxing to go. She is noticeably more aggressive,


attempting to get onto the front foot, to take the contest to Adams,


who's continuing to boxed beautifully, able to measure the


distance with that left jab. Yes, Cancan is still very much a danger


woman, however. You can see her hand speed. Adams needs to keep our


discipline, and just kick-boxing the way she has been doing. It is


beautiful. Adams is also a master of the counter boxing. Both of


these boxers received byes in the opening round, by virtue of their


seeding. In the two bouts they have each had since, they have been


masterful, winning without getting out of second gear. But with the


Olympic gold medal at stake, both of them have brought their a game,


they have both prepared diligently, there can be no excuses, and both


are executing at the very top of their game, but it is Adams who has


a significant advantage as we come towards the final 30 seconds of the


third round. Adams knows that she is building up an even bigger lead.


You can see her tactics changing. Just a little bit scrappy there.


Shuffling left and right, just to keep out of the way. Adams


countering beautifully there. Cancan in danger of walking onto


shots, as she attempts to pursue Adams. And the lead has extended


even further! It is now up to nine points! Well, can we believe it?


Let's just listen to the corner... Can we believe that Nicola Adams is


boxing the former world champion, beating her 14-5? Yes, we can,


because we have seen some tremendous flurries by Adams. This


was a beautiful right hand, and Cancan is just punching the air,


As we move into the fourth and final round of this women's 51km


flyweight final, only two minutes stands between Nicola Adams,


wearing blue, and the Olympic immortality. She is leading the


reigning World Championship gold- medallist, Ren Cancan of China, by


14-5. Unless Ren Cancan can bring about a punch to bring about a


finish and take Adams down to the canvas, one would suspect that


Nicola Adams is on her way to Olympic gold. Concentration will be


absolutely crucial for Adams. She does not want to let the occasion


get to her, she will have to stay in the moment. She landed a good


left hook at close quarters there. She will not want to be thinking


about the outcome. Her focus must remain absolute on the task in hand.


This is absolutely admirable discipline, which Adams is


demonstrating now. She knows she has got a comfortable lead, but she


is maintaining a very tight guard, picking her shots. That was a


really good right hand once again. She is not being complacent, she is


keeping her hands nice and high, she knows that Ren Cancan remains a


danger, right to the last bell. Nicola Adams began boxing at the


age of 12. She struggled to find opponents, it was her mother who


took her down to an after-school club in Leeds, and while her mother


was doing aerobics, Nicola Adams was getting inside a boxing ring


and trying it out. It was there that her other-worldly talent was


first discovered. Here she is now, on the cusp of becoming the first


ever Olympic woman boxer. Just seconds away, and the crowd begin


to count it down by clapping their hands and stomping their feet! The


Ali Be shuffle from Adams, and as the closing bell sounds, she


produces a fast Lorig, to underline her superiority! And now, the


celebrations begin in earnest, because there is no doubt in the


Great Britain corner that Nicola Adams has just made history, by


brilliantly boxing her way to the first ever Women's a limpet Boxing


title. Her coach congratulating his charge, and didn't she boxed


brilliantly, from first to last? Three contests these two had fought


previously, and it was Ren Cancan who held the advantage, including


the last two World Championships. But that did not make a blind bit


of difference, Adams came good when it mattered most, and surely this


announcement is about to crown her Ladies and gentlemen, the winner,


by a score of 16-7, and the Olympic champion, in the blue corner,


representing Great Britain, Nicola Adams!


Nicola Adams of Great Britain has just made sporting history! She is


the first Olympic boxing champion in history in the women's


tournament! And it is sheer delight for the 29-year-old from Leeds, who


has conquered the boxer who was previously her nemesis. She


produced a commanding display, from first round to last, and what a


place to do it, what a stage on which to do it, in this magnificent


amphitheatre of boxing. Nicola Adams is the Olympic champion! When


she began boxing at the age of 12, the possibility of emulating her


Olympic heroes Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali were but a distant


dream. But now, not only is it a reality, she has just, over four


two-minute rounds, guaranteed herself a place in a Olympic


sporting history as the greatest Olympic female boxer in history.


Well done, Nicola Adams! Olympic champion, many


congratulations - how does that sound? Fairly good! It is a dream


come true, you know? I have wanted this all my life. I have finally


done it. All the support, you know, it has really made my day.


knocked her down in the second round, and you were on your way.


Definitely. It is just one of those things, it just happened. I would


like to thank all the supporters here, all the supporters back home.


I have brought that gold medal back to Leeds. Talking of which, we have


got to let you go, shortly you're going to go and get it - what will


that feeling be like? Absolutely amazing, to see the flag lifted, I


Unbelievable scenes here at the ExCel, everyone on their feet, but


now on their feet and cheering in the Katie Taylor. Look at this all


around me. This was the hottest ticket of the Games. They all


wanted to come here, because they knew they had a favourite for gold


here. We go from Nicola Adams, who wins Great Britain's first boxing


medal for women, to Katie Taylor, at 26, Ireland's biggest hope for


gold. Incredible chanting or around, and they expect. What a performance


for me gladdens to beat the five- time world champion and then to


come here, and beaten the world No. 1 -- what a performance from Nicola


Adams. She was so quick, so agile, so confident. Her face was just lit


up with joy afterwards. Now we will be enjoying and expecting a


wonderful display from Katie Taylor. COMMENTATOR: Of the crowd he are in


absolute rapture. Because Katie Taylor, the four-time world


championship gold medallist and pawn and the No. 1 seed, is about


to engage in battle once again with her great rival, and No. 2 seed,


So the referee, making a final check on the equipment, the clubs,


the gumshield, everything correct and in place. And now this women's


60 kilogram lightweight final, is And when Katie Taylor takes the


boxing ring to demonstrate her vast array of skills, the entire nation


comes to a standstill. You can guarantee that all eyes across the


nation will be glued to their TV sets, looking to see whether Katie


Taylor, who has proved absolutely superior to all her rivals on the


global stage, whether she can add an integral to the four world


championships and five European The top two seeds in the tournament,


doing battle. A tentative style -- started from the orthodox and the


southpaw, just getting an idea about each other. They are not


unfamiliar with each other, having met on numerous occasions in the


past. Katie has won the majority of these bouts, but she got caught


with a left hand from Ochigava. This is a rematch of the most


recent world championship final of just a few months ago. On that


occasion, it was Taylor who prevailed en route to her first off


-- for the title. Ochigava has released some statements to the


press saying that Katie Taylor's dominance means that she already


starts 10 points ahead Foster perhaps trying to plant some seeds


of doubt into the mindset of the judges. Blistering punch pace, but


Katie, as you say, getting the best out of that last sequence, catching


the eye of the judges, I am sure. Relatively even in this first-round.


What a right hand just before the At the end of that round, the score


Some positive comments and there from her father and coach, saying


she is doing brilliantly. What he wants her to do is throw that Body


Shop, and finished it with the left hook to the head. Katie, landing a


Into the second round we go of this women's 60 kilogram lightweight


Olympic final between the number one seed, the four-time and


reigning world championship gold medallist, Katie Taylor, wearing


red, representing Ireland. Her opponent is her arch-rival, with


the southpaw stance, number two, Ochigava. A really tight,


competitive opening round, as you would expect. Just trying to draw


an opening from the opposition. this is the key, they both have to


try and draw each other on so they can counter each other. Very


accomplished character boxes. -- counter. She just needs to listen


to her father. She knows that Ochigava is vulnerable on that left


hook. A good left-hander from Ochigava, another impersonation of


the Ali shuffle. Cassius Clay rose to prominence in the Olympic ring,


of course, in 1960, and what an inspiration he has proved to be


down the years for boxes both male and female. As we stand here, on


this historic day of the Olympic boxing finals, how many youngsters


will take inspiration from these boxes? Competing on the highest


stage of all, in front of a crowd that is absolutely enthralled by


the spectacle taking place in front of them. Two quick right hands


landed by Katie Taylor. The crowd, voicing their displeasure at the


intelligent tactics being applied by Ochigava as the Irish heroine


was impeded from doing her work. She needs to be careful here,


Ochigava, the referee has an eye on her. She doesn't want to be


employing the holding tactics too obviously. She may be subject to a


caution. And for the first time, the No. 1 seed, Katie Taylor, is


trailing at the end of the second round. The score is a 4-3 in favour


Furious instructions in both corners there. Katie is just


getting caught with that signature check hook which Ochigava is so


known for. She tries to come back with her Riyak hand, and Ochigava


As we move into the third round of this a women's 60 kilogram


lightweight final, the boxer wearing red, representing Ireland,


K Taylor, the world No. 1, four- time world champion, is trailing


her arch-rival from Russia, by two. But what a cracking right cross,


following a blazing jabber. Ochigava was keen to hold on.


Beautiful shot there. She just needs to throat the right hand to


the body, that will take out that check left hook. Kate Taylor's


first bout here in the Olympic Games, the decibel level here at


London's Docklands was measured at 113.7, louder than a jumbo jet


taking off. Another cracking combination, the crowd are doing


their best to lift their box, because she was trailing by one of


the end of the second round. -- lift their boxer. She has responded


Katie, beginning to settle a little bit more now. She is doing what she


does so beautifully, which is to throw fast, swift combinations,


getting her feet in and getting them out. Ochigava, in pursuit of


power. The referee having to issue Naughty! Ochigava just let Taylor


have one around the ribs. We are into the final 30 seconds. The


concentration of both boxers remains absolute. Taylor was caught


in two minds, almost Art, she Much better by Taylor here. She is


getting in and out without getting caught on the counter. This is her


boxing, this is where she is at home. And this is what she means to


do to overcome -- needs to do to overcome Ochigava and her account


the boxing style. As the bell sounds, at the conclusion of the


third round, look at the reaction of the Irish fans in attendance.


What does signify is is that their poster girl, their amateur boxing


superstar, has taken a two-point Relax, says Peter in the corner


there. Not as easy to do as you would think in this Olympic boxing


final! Very difficult to relax, but Taylor is a consummate professional.


She will not consider the score, she will box as disciplined and


professionally as she can till the Sir Steve Redgrave, in attendance.


As we begin this 4th and final round of this lightweight final,


Ireland's Katie Taylor, the best boxer in the world, the reigning


world championship gold medallist. She Stansted two minutes away from


Olympic gold medal glory. She responded like a champion does.


What a brilliant round of boxing she produced to outscore her arch-


rival from Russia by a score of four points to one. The tactics


were no doubt change from Ochigava, she will have to take the contest


to Taylor, but Taylor's for at work is so sublime, she is staying out


of harm's -- harm's way. Ochigava would prefer to sit on the back


foot, but she can work on the front foot as well. Taylor catches


Ochigava were a flying left hook there. We have passed the halfway


stage in this 4th and final round. Katie Taylor has heeded the


instructions of her coach to 80. He was an Irish amateur champion. It


was his a shadow-boxing in the kitchen at home where Katie Taylor


first absorbed her lover for this board. -- this bought. She lands a


beautiful right hand. Who knew that prodigious talent would take her to


the very pinnacle of the women's amateur game? It wasn't even an


Olympic sport when she began boxing. She stands here now on the cusp of


a Olympic gold medal glory. She continues to boxed brilliantly as


we approach the final bell. But as Forcing her to move her feet.


Ochigava struggling to find a shot to register with the judges. De


Kraupp are counting down the final seconds. -- of the crowd are


counting down the final seconds. Katie Taylor beats her chest in


celebration and receives a cuddle from her coaching team, because


they can be no doubt that the woman who was the best boxer in the world


has done enough. She has overcome her arch-rival from Russia, Sofia


Ochigava, who gave it how all, and was in the lead after two rounds,


but Katie Taylor responded as a champion should. She dug deep to


have an advantage going into the 4th and final round. She maintained


her concentration, and surely that is enough to see her crown as the


inaugural Olympic women's lightweight champion. In a nation


where boxing is revered, Katie Taylor stands on at the cusp of


joining the Irish boxing immortals. The crowd continuing to GM and clap


and anticipation. And what must be going through her mind -- Shia and


Ochigava gave all in what was a fantastic contest. They will


provide the pomp and pageantry of a party and supported Katie Taylor


with the purpose of a pilgrimage. Thousands made their way to The


Excel Arena and will find out if there punching poster girl will be


crowned the Olympic champion. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner,


by a score of 10-8, and Olympic champion, in the red corner,


representing Ireland, Katie Taylor! Katie Taylor collapses to the


canvas in absolute delight. She has just been crowned the Olympic


champion. The culmination of a lifetime of work. She learned the


noble art by copying her father, Peter, who is giving her a hug and


the red corner. The fans in the XL arena are in rapture. -- The Excel


Arena. She now takes the time to acknowledge the crowd who supported


her without hesitation and without failure through the course of those


four rounds, and perhaps the magnitude of the achievement is


just beginning to sink in. Katie Taylor, the four-time world


champion, five-time European champion, dances with delight,


having just been crowned as the first ever women's Olympic


lightweight champion. She has made history. She drapes herself in the


Irish flag and as a lap of honour around the ring as she joins the


Irish boxing immortals, in a country where boxing tradition or


runs deep and rich, she stands at the pinnacle of Irish boxing


achievement, becoming just the second Olympic champion he in Irish


This moment belongs to Katie Taylor, Ireland's favourite boxing daughter,


having just been crowned Olympic champions and the ovation is


carrying her towards the zone where she will meet the world's media.


The world No. 1, she overcame the deficit in the third round, and


responded, as champions do, by digging deep and finding something


extra, adapting her tactics and strategy. But we should make note


of Sofia Ochigava who provided a wonderful contest. But Katie Taylor,


what a moment for her. And you suspect that this accomplishment


are becoming the first Olympic women's lightweight champion will


surpass everything she has achieved combined to this point in her


career. A wonderful moment, and one that will live with Katie Taylor


forever. She is the inaugural women's Olympic lightweight


champion. And I promise you, you have never heard anything like it.


This Irish crowd have bought out the Excel Arena today. There are


people in green, with Irish flags, all of them jumping up to celebrate


the victory of Katie Taylor who was embraced by Barry McGuigan as she


left the ring. What an appropriate gold medal for both of them. Like I


said earlier, Nicola is stronger, faster. She did everything right in


that about. She stayed calm and even when she knew she was ahead,


listened to her corner, and it was Nicola's time and I had no doubt


after the way she had been training and all the effort you put in, the


ups and downs, it was Nicola's time and I'm so happy for women's boxing


and her. It has been a fabulous late afternoon. A gold medal for


Ireland, the first of the Games, and in the space of half an hour, a


gold medal in dress arch and the first-ever gold medal in women's


boxing which was quite a contrast - - dressage. Summing up the Olympic


spirit there. Negative comments prior to the game's about whether


women's boxing should be here, well, no more doubt, because those fights,


where we saw masterclasses of speed, power and technical ability, what


an advert for women's boxing. Women's galore -- medals galore,


possibly, because here is Jade Jones in the semi-final of the tae


kwon do but she is up against it against the world No. 1, Chen of


China. Let's see if she can get The woman from Chinese Taipei


standing between Jade Jones and the Olympic guaranteed a medal. The


loser will get the opportunity to go for runs at the end of the day.


Tseng in blue. Jade Jones in red. She was European bronze medallist


in Manchester a few months ago, but this is a different level and a


Jade Jones already behind against the No. 1 seed in the world. She


got her Olympic place in style, beating the Olympic champion in


qualifying. You do not get much tougher than her. Starting


explosively, picking up the Popper let -- top leg and popping it into


the body to take a 1-0 lead. But Jade Jones is capable of every shot


in the book and will have to fight her heart out today. We do know the


Jade Jones is four of heart. has rapidly become the finest from


Flint. That is what she was dumped by the people who provided the


money to send her to the junior Olympics, and they will be watching


and thinking it is money well spent. But she is behind early on. It is


made up of two three-minute rounds. There is the counter, the front leg,


closest to the opponent. We refer to it as the front leg. Every time


Jade Jones moves in, she picks up with great accuracy. That is the


difference so far. The two fighters have never actually met, so it will


have all been about the research beforehand and what they could have


learnt about the woman from Chinese Taipei. They knew how good she was,


and Jade Jones, two points down in the first round. Just getting


caught on the hop. Tries to get her friend Lady in, but she also


grabbed her leg on the way in and took that first score. Korean is


the language of choice and the sport given that it was a bunch of


Koreans in the 1950s together the various strands of centuries old


martial arts and brought them together into this that we now know


The ice pack to call down the head, because deep lines of very hot.


Keep cool under pressure, that is what Jade Jones is coach will be


saying. Jade Jones are very much in the match that has to calm down for


a minute and keep her composure. Every time Jade Jones moves into


the distance, her front leg picks up the shot to the body. The


scoring shot, plus the leg hold, there is the ground. You are not


allowed to hold your opponent. The Taipei's coach delighted with her


work so far, and she is good value for it. A wonder if Jade Jones's


father can care to take his seat What would you do if your daughter


was fighting in an Olympic final? Could you watch? A incredible


tension. It would be hard to set aside the emotion. She scores this


time, Nick. He fears wandering around, that Shea will cheer him up,


because -- if he is wandering around, the cheering will cheer him


up, because that is her first call other semi-final. That is the value


of keeping it can't. 2-One is nothing at this stage. -- that is


Approaching the halfway point of this three round semi-final inside


The Excel, the vast conference centre that has crippled --


sprinkle some medal magic on the judo players. Maybe there is some


dust left for the tae kwon do competitors. It is the front leg


again at that is jabbing out and giving Jade Jones cause for concern.


That is why she's taking her time, and she is right to do so. She has


to be patient and try and draw that high pay female into hers alone. --


that high pay female. -- the Chinese Taipei female. We can see


how hard Jade Jones is grieving. The number of tae kwon do fighters


to say it is not about the physical aspect, it is about technique and


intelligence and strategy. You're going nowhere without the right


strategy, and that is what we are seeing here. It is like a game of


Risk played out on a rubber mat, eight metres by eight. With someone


trying to knock your head off, That round belonged to Jade Jones.


She scored the only point. She followed her brother into the sport


as a nine-year-old, but Jade Jones, as an eight-year-old, followed her


grandfather in to a tae kwon do gym. She was introduced to a lot of


other sports and was not bothered by them, but when she saw tae kwon


do, she thought to look interesting. Trying to kick somebody's head off?


I will try and have a bit of that! It has been the body work from the


Chinese Taipei athlete. A good response from Jade Jones as she


came straight out. Paul Green, the world silver medallist. He is her


coach here. A world championship silver for his charge in Korea last


year. This is just about the most important two minutes of Jade


Jones's life. If he can be a good one, she will be an Olympic


finalist at the end of it. Only a point behind, but she is playing


the best in the world. Again, using the front leg to do the back kick.


Banshee is level! -- and she is Jones was two points down, but now


Just retreating into her shell, stuck in the corner of the ring.


Jones, for the first time, changing the dynamic and trying to go for


the head shot. To just over one minutes to go. This is a time for


As soon as the referee called them back, she was back to work. But


Jones was very, very close. In fact, the chair umpires have raised a


hand. Was that a 0.4 Jones? Were they looking at something her


opponent did? And Paul Green comes in with his little red card which


will get the video officials having a look at perhaps what the chair


a red card could be very bad news. In taekwondo, it could be very good


news. Jones reacted instantly. That was a flick to the chain. She felt


she had got it. There is a replay of that being shown inside the


arena as well. Rarely has so much depended on three men looking at a


computer screen. There is a question as to whether she was


close enough Fen or if it fell short. It is going to be a matter


of millimetres. Memories inevitably drawn back to what happened to


Sarah Stevenson in Beijing four years ago when she missed out and


it was eventually brought back in. The officials are looking to see if


there is a tiny bit of Jade Jones' effort which caught the face of Li-


Cheng. The decision is that there was not. It is more than that, they


have given the 0.2 Li-Cheng. It is level-pegging. Jade Jones is a head


for the first time. Now it is time to clear the head and mount the


Defence says. It is 5-34 Jade Jones. 15 seconds to go. Jade Jones from


North Wales on the brink of an Olympic final, but now it is time


for the blue card to be brought in and this means that the Chinese


coach thinks she has seen something that might work in Li-Cheng's


favour. There has been so much going on. Jade Jones has sneaked


ahead at 5-3. Let's see what the trio of adjudicators will come up


with. You are behind with 15 seconds to go, you might as well


play your hand and see if anything comes of it. That was a push, just


touching the mouth. That could change the dynamic of this match.


will be behind because a kick to the head is worth three points and


her lead his two. This is an able demonstration of how important


these video cards are. If you play them in the right way, you can


change the course of a match. Jones is ahead and she is three


points ahead. Li-Cheng has lost her head completely. As she charged end,


Jade Jones knocked it off. Time for a little foot of sand which at


teatime. She has done it. She is an Olympic finalist. She has got her


eye on silver or gold. If there has been a final moment in the history


of taekwondo in this country, none of us have ever seen it. What a


little treasure Jade Jones from Wales is. She is guaranteed a


silver or a cold and that will be the best ever performance by a


Briton at an Olympic Games. found this part and the shot that


was needed and went straight upstairs when it was required.


Forget about the controversy of the video replay. She maintained her


composure and she changed the game. The most difficult skill in


taekwondo is to go upstairs and get the three-point shot. The attempted


reverse of Li-Cheng just missing. We should soon see the head shot.


That was it. Right across the eyeball and into the semi-final.


he was pacing outside, he can now come back in because his daughter


get here, and it was small businesses in her home town of Lent


that helped her get here. She could end up with a gold tonight. She has


put out the favourite and is into the final. That is at 10:15pm


tonight. But another Brit is about to enter the arena, Martin Stamper.


It was heartbreak for him in Beijing four years ago when a knee


injury kept him out. This is his first Olympics and he is through to


the semi-final, but he is up against the favourite to take the


title. The bronze medallist from Beijing and the reigning world


champion, double European champion. He is facing a 25 year-old


Liverpudlian, Martin Stamper. He is on a bit of a role himself. He had


a great year, bronze at the end of the European Championships held in


Manchester in May. It is perhaps an indication of how his expectations


have risen is the bronze was not what he was looking for. No, he was


on track for a gold. He was up against this man in the world


championship semi-final, but he was on the end of a bit of a beating


because this young man turned it on. But he has beaten him and it is a


one apiece for these two fighters. If there was ever a time before


Martin to turn it on, it has got to be today. The Turk is looking for


what would be the crowning achievement of his career. He has


got every medal there is apart from this one. It is a sport full of


ritual. It befits its 2000 year history. It is time to put the


crash helmets on before they try and knock each other's block off.


The Olympic semi-final. In the Blue is a Turk, and in the red is a


They are continuing to size each other up, to work out how close


they can get. It is interesting to note the stance both have chosen


here, and open stance, offering the front of the body it. Martin knows


that his opponent's back kick is the most dangerous shot. He has got


three points for connecting with by this man. That is an indication


of what he is trying to overturn. He took his European Championship


in Manchester and he barely broke sweat, the Turk. Martin Stamper has


the agility and the quickness, but he has to be very careful. If you


rush in taekwondo, you never get the chance to do it again. That has


been a very challenging first round for Martin Stamper. He is showing


why he is just one of the greatest exponents of this sport. It is a


bit like Murray and Federer. You are looking at one of the best


athletes in his sport. Martin Stamper is a young athlete, up and


coming. But he has not done anything wrong, other than drop his


guard on a couple of occasions. That was a jumping shot kick.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Perfectly executed. Balletic skill. time. And his confidence is up. He


has to remind his opponent that he is in a fight. He has to stamp his


is also about the blocking. They are really busy, trying to fend off


the attacks. That would have been a two-point shot because of the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


it, but such is the sport's that opponent in for the reverse kick.


But the Turk is so languid and free and loose in his movement. Apart


from his athletic aerial ability, he has the ability to change the


angles. It is ballroom dancing with menace, isn't it? Strictly with a


little bit of pain attached to the end of the foot. That is how


exhausted he is. We have talked about the unique conditions in the


Excel Arena. The lights are much brighter than you would get when


you are travelling around the world. It has taken it out of the fighters.


It was an early start this morning, not long after 9 o'clock this


morning. If you want to win a gold medal, you will still be clocking


on at around 11 o'clock. They put the shifts in. The reward at the


end of it is about as great as you Martin Stamper is back in the next


year in what could be the final period. Starting again quickly, a


quick return shot from Martin Stamper and he is back in this.


There is the head shot. What Stamper has to be careful about is


going to the floor deliberately to avoid those. It is the tumbling


tuck, and he gets one for falling over, but in the flailing of the


limbs are there was a head shot. At least, an appeal for one. That is


what the Turkish coach thinks, so the blue card comes out, brandished


with a flourish, a little pomp and Did he keep him in the head, he


whispers to his friend. Singaporean at the video referee


there. There is so much that is regal about trying to find out if


something pretty base and brutal. From our point to other view, it


looks all right. They crossed arms show the appeal is unsuccessful.


There will be no more appeals from him. The referee has pocketed the


Martin Stamper is two points behind. He has given himself a bit of a


lifeline. Stamper in the red, and he is up to within a point! He is


slipping and sliding his way back into the match. The Turkish fighter


spinning to the body, and that is a double. Shott, giving him the


three-point advantage. So, not just He has to go for the head to pull


himself back into this. Not yet at the moment, but if the Turkish


fighter scores again, it will be desperation time. It is the side


Martin Stamper needs a head shot. He gets himself back on the board,


and he is mastering the movement like a matador. If Martin Stamper


can get a spinning head shot in, he will snatch the lead. Martin


Stamper is strictly speaking not allowed to do that. He will get a


penalty, but he is inviting Stephen Jennings to play the red card and


have a look at the video replay. He is prepared to pay the price for


the penalty if he thinks he cannot lead that to anything more. He is


asking for an extra point for pushing Martin Stamper to the floor.


He is alleged to have pushed the British fighter to the ground, but


also a tactical blow for Martin Stamper because he will get his


breath back. You mention the emotional and physical tests, and


this video replay confabs will allow him to rethink his tactics.


It is interesting how the review system has been used tactically,


especially towards the end of the big fights. Core no question about


it, tactics and timing and it looks finely poised. The Turkish fighter


a good value for the lead, but he's still in it, a Stamper. That


particular review has been turned down. So, both fighters have lost


the ability to ask for a review. Five seconds to go and Stamper has


to do something extraordinary, and he was very close to it. But the


world's best will fight to be the Olympic best. Martin Stamper will


still get the opportunity, however, to go for the Olympic bronze via


the repechage. He will be in the It was always going to be a tough


one for Martin Stamper, but still the chance of a bronze medal. He


will be back for that later on. We mentioned Jade Jones, and we will


be back to see she can win the gold. The town of flint has played a big


part in helping her achieve her dreams and you will be tuning in at


10:15pm. You can see the crowds at the Olympic park and they are


heading off to the stadium because we have the Bolt factor. He is up


against Yohan Blake in the 200 metres final, so we will see if he


can do another historic double. That is later on, and we are moving


on. One word describes the cash will bike ride is due from the top


of the three meet a ramp, but this is the start of a roller coaster by


crime that delivers numerous crashes. It is a rough and tumble


sport and one of the must watch events of the Games. Today it is


the men's quarter-final swift eight riders. Liam Phillips goes first.


After three runs, the top two riders, those with the lowest


scores go through to the semi-final. The remaining riders continue after


that. Liam but finished second after his first two runs and we can


the spot in the semi-final. A good finish will put them straight into


the semis. The Latvian looking good, but van der Biezen has a real him


back. A bad crash from Marc Willers. Pickard is not getting up quickly


there. Van der Biezen out in front, although he is undoubtedly claiming


his spot in the semi-final. A great him, he really wanted that and


needed it after the first run crash. Therkildsen 5th has got up there,


because he has kept his nose clean in every race. This format is all


about consistency. And I do not know what happened to him under the


step up and stepped down. That was a bad accident. He's just getting


picked up now. Hopefully he is OK. Getting carried off the track.


Pickard has the door closed on him. Raymon van der Biezen is away. They


did not actually crashing to each other, or maybe they did on the


take-off, but they were not going to make that. Both of them catching


the knuckle, almost like synchronised falling. This is a


fantastic shot. You should not laugh, but it is great television.


All of these guys accept the risk. I reckon he took a mouthful out the


back of that last jump. Treimainis, what a story. He has fought his way


back in and will advance into the semi-final. So, Vanda Venus -- van


der Biezen, you can take a rest. You can see the pressure they are


under, because the numbers after three rides, second place, 12.,


that is extremely high. -- 12 took out Hyhaug. Baier also taken


out. Moo Caille. A all of these guys know they will be in it for


the long haul. Liam Phillips and Connor Fields have had some


fantastic runs. Interesting that Liam Phillips got picked up the


post and has been pushed down just one lane. That will not bother him.


He has been in number three at least once or twice. He will be


more than confident in that position. But will we see the same


thing? Liam Phillips and Connor Fields taking the race. Liam


Phillips has an incredible start, and again he get sick. Liam


Phillips and Connor Fields battling out for the first line. Staying


higher and clean, both of the riders. Traffic building up for


third place. Tory has done well to put himself in 5th. Connor Fields


cleaning his wheels as he comes into the third straight. Liam


Phillips as the Latvian rider on his tail, but he has done well.


Liam Phillips clinging on to second, and that is a guaranteed semi-final


place for Connor Fields and Liam Phillips there. A brilliant ride by


Liam and Connor Fields. They are both going to be chuffed with that.


They both seem to have found their stride well and are confident. Liam


Phillips has had three astonishing starts which has put him through to


the semi-finals. Connor Fields starting to get better. You can see


the strength, just able to pick up Liam into the first term. He seems


happy to slot in behind him, he will accept that he is not coming


after him now and will take the semi-final position. In that final,


if you get a good start, you will cut the opponents up and come


across, that is what you do. Establish your position in the


front of the race. From the inside you push to the middle, close the


door and look for the first line through the corner. He s, make it


hard for the others behind you. Nice to see all the eight riders


finish. We have had some huge pile ups, and it feels like everyone has


now settled down a bit and got into the racing. Confirmation of the


but how different will they be in a minutes' time? Again, we have two


riders with very low point. Marc Willers is only on three, and Joris


and Joris Daudet. Pizarro has struggled a bit. The Americans,


they are the interesting prospects, Herman and Long. Taken out in the


huge pile up in the first run. Found their way back into the


middle of the field and I don't think they stand a chance of making


the semi-finals in this third round. But they have to get a good run if


they want to challenge for the top two after five runs. Marc Willers,


he has done very well, and Joris Daudet. Interesting that Marc


Willers has opted for that. Actually, I'm sorry, Joris Daudet


won the last one, which is why he This is where he is strong -- Marc


Willers. He has fantastic tactics to close the door. What can Joris


Daudet do? The Americans doing well. Long in third. A little clip, that


won't be good. So, Marc Willers looking very good, Joris Daudet on


the inside, but a clean line for Marc Willers in the third straight.


Herman coming up, and he will look for the inside line. A very


important corner for Herman, but he clipped the second one. It is Long


and Herman battling into the finish. It looked like Herman and Long had


a tie on the line. Extremely close. I very good race. The Swiss rider


able to hang with the young kids. The senior citizen hanging with the


young kids. We talked about how many injuries you sustain and how


unflinching you have to have in terms of confidence but we have a


31-year-old keeping up with the qualified. Great right from him. He


showed remarkable presence. He kept the door has closed all the way


through and rode the finish straight all the way through.


Herman was just unfortunate. He was able to claw his way back into a


good position, but he had a slight wobble down the 4th straight and it


start Hill. I know we have petrified a lot of kids away from


the sport at this stage. You do not start on a course like this.


would not take my kids to this type of circuit. There are plenty of


tracks out there and that are a reigning Olympic champion doing in


that gate? A lot of work for him to think Samuela be is one of the


riders we are going to see up there. Absolutely, we just need to see a


little bit more consistency. Maris Strombergs, that is Olympic class.


That is the Colombian just tucked in behind him. Then it is Sam it


for a Maris Strombergs and he needed that desperately. Yes, that


was a good show of his talent level. That was a fantastic ride. He got


the start he needed and was able to use his horse power and pull


himself into that first-term first. I am sure that will instil him with


Look at that commitment from Maris Strombergs. To make that move you


have got to be sure. This guy is a very skilled athlete. Still well


within his comfort zone, I think. Just finding his rhythm and


building his confidence. He knew how much speed the others were


carrying and he was on the outside of that course. He loves stay out


of trouble and getting a good clean start on the outside and then


cutting in. He starts have not been good today, but he turned it around


both got eight points, but Maris Strombergs beat him on the last


heat, so he will take that second spot. I think Sam knows that as


long as he keeps his nose clean, he should be fine in the next races.


These are the ones who are transferred automatically into the


Well done to Ian Phillips. He will be competing tomorrow along with


Shanaze Reade. We are now going to head back to the Excel Arena


because earlier this afternoon Nicola Adams made history by


winning the first women's boxing gold medal at the Olympic Games.


And she did it in style beating the three-times world champion Ren


Cancan. Her smile lit up the arena as she left and I'm sure she is


still doing the same. Let's go back to see her receiver that gold medal.


She cannot contain her joy as she makes history by becoming the first


women's Olympic boxing champion in the history of the Olympic Games.


What better place to do it and before her home crowd here in


London at the Games of the 30th Olympiad. Absolutely wonderful.


This 29 year-old began boxing at the age of 12. She received the


most a rousing ovation from this # God save our gracious Queen.


# Long live our noble Queen. # God save the Queen.


# Send her victorious. # Happy and glorious.


# Long to reign over us. A sport that is always one of the


showcases at any Olympic Games. That has just turned a page on a


whole new chapter of Olympic achievements. We have just


witnessed the coronation of the first women's Olympic boxing


champion and it is Nicola Adams from Leeds who has topped the pile


at the first women's Olympic boxing championship in history. She joins


the immortals of the Olympic boxing You got the medal, how does that


feel? I am absolutely over the moon. I cannot believe I did my dream


today. It is a dream come true for me. I have been dreaming about this


since I was 12 years old. I have got my medal for Great Britain.


was a fantastic performance all the way through. You must have been


surprised how well it went, especially the knock-down. Yes,


definitely, I was surprised, but this is what I have been working


for a. We got the tactics spot on. I had trained and worked hard for


the last eight weeks and the tactics paid off. I got in there


and started fast to get the points on the board. All those years of


wandering and having a bad injury and thinking, well I box? Now this


must seem like a dream. Definitely, especially after my injury and I


To come back again and when a gold medal, this is what dreams are made


of. I would like to thank my fans as my mother and everybody who has


come here to support me. I spoke to you before and you said, I have


never known nerves like this, but you did not have to worry. No.


the celebrations go on for several days? Yes, definitely, I think so.


I just want to go to Nando's! During the next few days you will


go home to Yorkshire. What we doing? I will be going around Leeds


and showing off my gold medal and thanking them all for the support


they had shown me over the years. The City of Leeds has given us


great sporting heroes and you are one of them now. Yes, I am so proud


to be families and to add myself to that table of many great athletes.


Many congratulations, thank you very much. This is a nice moment


for you as well. Yes, definitely. I have known him since he was in the


England camp and I have not seen him for a while. She did better


than me and she got the gold medal and that is what we wanted.


well know how she feels. Yes, she will be over the moon. All that


training has paid off. Nicola, thank you very much indeed. Let's


get you to assess the site. It was routine for her. Yes, she did


exactly what she had to do. Great footwork, great hands and great


combinations. She got up in points in the early rounds and towards the


end in the 4th round she was 10 points up and she walked right


through it. A great performance and being such a young age as well. The


girl who she was fighting was already the three-times world


champion, so she put in a great performance and has to be proud of


herself. Once you have won an Olympic medal, it changes your life


for ever more of. Yes, definitely. I won a silver medal and I was a


household name. Everywhere I went in England people were so happy for


me and they wanted to take pictures. Nicola well get the same thing


happening to her. A lot of people will want to meet her and take


pictures of her. Now she is the face of British boxing, especially


for women. And she is such an engaging personality. The she is


always smiling and happy. I do not think I have never seen her not


smile. She is very chilled out and calm and that is what I like about


her. Wells said. It is a wonderful story and she has fought so hard


for that gold medal. There were thousands of Irish fans to cheer on


Katie Taylor who won the gold medal in the lightweight division. One


other title was decided to date. It went to 17 year-old American


Claressa Shields. She won the women's and middleweight title. She


beat her 19-12 in the final. The Six o'clock News is coming up on


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