BBC Two: Day 13: 18.00-19.00 Olympics

BBC Two: Day 13: 18.00-19.00

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Welcome once again to the Olympic Park. Plenty of action and exciting


sport to come but before we turn our attention to the Olympic


stadium on another night of track- and-field. We have a hand ball


coming up, and if you were with us yesterday you would have seen that


the men's quarter-finals went down to the final seconds, and we have a


women's semi-final in just a moment. But before that, let's look at the


It has been a momentous afternoon at The Excel Arena. Nicola Adams


at The Excel Arena. Nicola Adams became the first women's Olympic


became the first women's Olympic became the first women's Olympic


boxing champion. delighted


delighted her future following of delighted her future following of


fans by winning the first Irish fans by winning the first Irish


boxing gold for 20 years. Charlotte Dujardin won the individual


dressage gold to round of Britain's most successful Olympic equestrian


campaign in time -- style. And there could be more British gold


tonight after the teenager Jade Jones had a brilliant win over the


world No. 1 in the tae kwon do semi-finals. Live sport all the way,


We are heading over to that basketball arena, because it is


Norway who are the reigning chimp bit -- Olympic champions and


bit -- Olympic champions and Olympic champions, and they only


beat Denmark with 11 seconds to go in their last game. Here they are,


up against South Korea, through to their 8th straight semi-final at


the Olympics. 22-18, so let's join The Norwegians are leading by four,


and may have given away a penalty. It is the Number Ten who has won it


for them. Norway have led from the start, and the South Koreans doing


Coolly taken, and 31-year-old right-back. The deficit is cut to


Wong trying everything here. Injuries to sum up his most


experienced players. -- to some of his most experienced buyers. --


players. The quick throw off taken by South Korea. 10 minutes played


in the second half. And the defending Olympic champions are


Happy to give that one away, just to allow time for the team mates to


The only way the South Koreans could win this match against this


very experience Norwegian team was to play their traditional very fast


style for the full 60 minutes, but the extra injuries mean they


haven't got the defence to call on The Norwegians take their time to


build up, and on comes the big shooter. She has gone into the


Well covered, but a free-throw for Norway. The two Korean defenders


getting into mark the player of the year. Fast out of the way for the


Well saved by Lee. They need to send the ball back because it was


The South Koreans turning over the bench to keep the momentum going,


but they cannot close down the gap against the Norwegians. They gave


them too much of a lead early on This is how they play, all the time,


at 100 mph. It takes its toll when One could must be ruing the fact


that he had to take the experienced back play as the reserve. But how


could he know he could be so The captain picks up the loose ball,


and Norway are slowing it down. We are 13 minutes into the second half,


10 of the Norwegian players in the squad of veterans of that gold


medal from four years ago in Beijing where they beat South Korea


Top corner! Every time they sit back, that higher defence, they pay


A team that time-out for South All the way up from the seven


metres, and she puts the ball in. And have a five-point advantage


from the first half is restored. -- He was a silver medallist himself


as a player in 1988 for South Korea. He is really struggling to find


They have hit the South Koreans with the second stage attacks,


after having won the ball, and then they catch them before they get the


Here are some of the action from early on. -- he is some of the


To it just shows you the athleticism and power of the sport


-- it just shows you. The World Player of the year has had an


uneventful Olympics but has come alive today when encountered with


Lee is sitting back, and they are so tired. She has had a break, but


not enough energy coming back. That one goes wide. A very opportunist


Well, Norway, who two days ago in the quarter-final early in the


second half, seven goals down against Brazil, looked to be


heading out. But somehow, miraculously, they turned the game


around, in large part of the goalkeeper. Now they look in the


driving seat in the semi-final as we hit the midway point of the


Three of the South Korean squad in Beijing last time, and they will


not want to taste defeat again. Now they are resorting to long-range


efforts. But they really won't trouble Harold's son, she has eight


Coming back quickly, and again they are not patient enough to find the


opportunity to break through at six Right in front of the defender, and


you could see that she looks exhausted. No amount of


encouragement from the bench is going to make up for this


physically draining performance A penalty. Well, that is a tight


call, because what she really in a shooting position? There is a two-


minute suspension for came -- or Kim. You see it, she gets the ball,


and you have to be in a shooting position. I would say she was


A comfortable height for the That keeps the margin and six goals


for South Korea. Olympic champions in 1988 and 1992, but only the


Too many steps. The defender did step back, almost like she was


inviting her to take the extra step. Quick-play. Stepping back on that


Instead of renting it, she turns around. -- fronting it. She thought


it was going to be sheeted height towards her face. The 4th goal of


the game for the number 21 from Norway have come good when it


counted, and she is one of the players we were looking at insane,


where is that World Player of the year? -- looking at and saying. 13


goals in six games was poor by her standards, but seven today. Great


play by the 29 year-old who plays in Hungary for their champions.


Beaten in the Champions' League She has wasted it! A bit of a lazy


She should have done better, because she was dropped from the


squad, and she said she would prove herself and the back for the


Olympics and she got there. Meanwhile they have given away a


Were they in a shooting position? Well, both the Norwegian defenders


were inside the shooting area. A foul on the line. Norway have


Commits herself too early, and the ball goes in. She lists her leg,


and the sooner she has done that, she is beaten. -- as soon as she


has done that. Still the five-goal lead for the defending champions,


and indeed they are European and world champions, Norway. A historic


treble completed at the World Championships in Brazil in December


A nice patient build up by the Norwegians. They move the ball


around a lot to use up more energy on the South Korean side, which


they know I now short handed. A lovely hand-off, but it was inside


the area, it won't count. Kim it steps on the line. 20 minutes


No rush for the Norwegians, they need to slow the pace right down.


Let the ball do the running so the defence moved from side to side.


5th goal for her. The crowd I in raptures. Applause right at the


back from her sister, playing in The Koreans just don't look as if


they have the energy to put on a late spurt to close this gap. Six


goals in it now. The shots are weak. It is difficult, it is their 7th


match and they play at this pace all of the time. Well, at a faster


pace than this, obviously. Their ball-handling skills are incredible.


That is how they beat European opposition who are not used to this


kind of play. It doesn't suit their defensive style. But the Norwegians


hit them early, took the lead and from then on, the Koreans have been


doing all the chasing. They closed to within one goal in the first


half, but they have not been able Their most experienced player, the


34-year-old who has played 156 times for the Koreans, scoring 461


goals. Eight minutes to go. Still a 5 goal lead for Norway, who are in


The winner of this game will play either Montenegro or Spain. They


will play in the second semi-final She still has the power. Nice goal


by Snorroeggen. 27-year-old who plays in Denmark. Back from a long-


term back injury last year. They hit back again, they are trying,


the South Koreans, but I'm afraid it will not be enough with seven


Well saved! Not the hardest of shots, but it was well placed.


Norway have put back on Koren on the right wing, the number 18.


Highest scoring member of the team, 755 goals in 200 appearances. It


would have been a day when we would have tried to take players on. She


passes the ball back. She is too tired to do anything with it.


Luckily for them, the Save goes out and it is a throw-in. Only six


minutes remaining and five goals remaining, they are running out of


Despite the South Koreans best endeavours, they had a player who


injured her wrist in the first half. Her 7th goal. Top-scoring in the


She breaks through the middle, Snorroeggen and Lunde-Borgersen on


this occasion leaving the door open for her to cut straight back in and


beat the keeper. A Time Out has Hergeirsson allowing his team to


get their breath back. The South Koreans will benefit the most. 51%


success rate on their shooting, the South Koreans. That is bettered by


South Koreans. That is bettered by the Norwegians, who on 62%. It


looks like they will weather the storm. You do feel that the


Norwegians have something extra in Physicists -- this is what it is


like playing. It is one of the toughest places to play. You are


right in amongst the defence. Play resumes. We have just over five


minutes remaining in the semi-final of London 2012 women's handball


competition. It looks like the defending champions have done


Beautifully done. Koren gets a She was with the team that won gold


The number 32 is looking absolutely exhausted. The ball went straight


past her in the last defensive play by South Korea. She just had to


reach out and pick it up and did not have the energy. He grins boat


congratulates her fellow keeper. -- Grimsbo. 13 saves in the game now.


Four minutes remaining. Too many steps! The South Koreans stream


forward. For a long time now, the coach has not put on his top scorer.


That is quite surprising. She is the second best score in the


competition, the No. 11. A real gamble. Maybe chief -- maybe he


feels she is too drained. But all of his players seem to be drained.


He is going to put -- make a substitution. Choi has gone off.


She is looking completely spent. Three minutes to go and the


Norwegian fans are really beginning Lovely play. As they poured the


defenders out, they dropped the ball back in. Loke is now top-


scoring in the competition. A penalty has been given away as the


South Korean state to throw off very quickly. -- South Koreans and


The ball goes past the keeper. Her third goal. You can come up four


metres forward, that is as far as for a goalkeeper can come. Big cuts


down the angle, the penalty taker sees less of the goal. But as a


goalkeeper you have less time to react. Keep the whistle has gone.


That was very a necessary. -- unnecessary. The South Korean


goalkeeper... I thought she was going to get a suspension for a


very unnecessary gesture. No harm Into the last two minutes and


Norway are just two minutes away from celebrating another Olympic


They have controlled this game from beginning to end. They hit the


South Koreans heart. -- heart. They won four goals up in the early


stages and mostly because they defended hard. They took the ball


up on the second phase of attack before the South Koreans could get


organised in defence, they would hit them. Defenders would turn


around and find a Norwegian player bearing down on them already. That


constant pressure early on really forced the South Koreans to up the


tempo and basically trained She has scored 36 in the


competition until today. Only three today. We are into the last minute.


They are happy to hold back, the Norwegians. There's no point


pushing ahead, the game is over. South Korea will not gain revenge


for their defeat four years ago in 30 seconds to go and an attacking


foul. Beautifully done by heron! Drops the ball under the goalkeeper.


The bench is celebrating. A little bit of class, some showboating to


close off the semi-final. Seconds to go. To their credit, the South


No harm done. For free-throw needs to be taken. It will be the last


action of that game. The buzzer has gone. The Norwegian team will line


up in a defensive wall. I suspect no shock will be taken. That is it!


Norway are in the final of the London 2012 Olympics handball


competition. They have beaten South Korea 31-25. A team that was seven


goals down in the second half of their quarter-final and looked in


terrible trouble and suddenly they are in the final and they will play


either Montenegro or Spain. Well, sadness and dejection, I'm afraid,


for the South Koreans. With the injuries they had on the bench,


they did not have enough players to maintain momentum. That was the


only way they could overcome Norway. In the end, and always experience


told and they have won. In the first semi-final, Norway have


beaten South Korea 31-25. The celebrations will go on long into


the evening. Congratulations to Norway. I hope you've enjoyed the


game. We leave you with these Now we're going to take you back to


the ExCeL Arena. Amazing scenes this afternoon. First we saw Nicola


Adams make history by winning the first gold medal in women's boxing.


Then we were followed -- she was followed by Katie Taylor in the


lightweight final and there were thousands and thousands of Irish


fans in the ExCeL Arena to cheer her on. She was the overwhelming


favourite and she won it. She is about to receive her gold medal and


there will be massive cheers. Her dad is her trainer, he was a former


champion boxer himself. Let's hear What a magnificent, momentous


moment this is. We are witnessing sporting history as we observe the


Coronation of the first ever women's lightweight Olympic boxing


champion. In the history of this most demanding of all sports at the


Olympic Games. Katie Taylor of violent acts to her glittering


trophy collection by being crowned the women's 60 kg lightweight


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Please stand for the national Ladies and gentlemen, the Olympic


medallists! Congratulations. What a way to celebrate. It is


unbelievable. A dream come true. Ever since I started boxing I


dreamt of becoming an Olympic champion, and now I am here as an


Olympic champion. It is the best day of my life. What about this


celebration? It is like fighting at home. It is like being at home in


Dublin. I just want to thank everybody for coming out and


supporting. The support has been incredible. For the contest, he was


close, she was leading, what did you think as it was progressing?


just had to be composed because it was always going to be that kind of


fight. We have boxed before and it's always so tricky. She is a


fantastic oxer. I knew I had to be at my very, very best. I had to


stay relaxed about the whole fight. How long will the celebrations go


on in Ireland? A day, a week, a month? I just hope to have a great


time when I get home as well, so we will be many celebrations when I


get there. A wonderful achievement. Thank you so much. Many


celebrations around the XL arena and in Ireland, because Katie has


won the first gold medal of the game's four them in the game's --


The Excel Arena. There was another gold medal for the dress arch for


Team GB, and it went to Charlotte Dujardin -- the dressage. She


performed a great routine to the music from the Great Escape and she


took the goal. Let's go back for the medal ceremony now. -- took the


gold medal. The lady from Gloucestershire, the bronze


medallist. A young lady who is more than happy to go hunting and


eventing, as well as the Olympic bronze medallist here in the London


Olympics. Very emotional for her, riding her fabulous horse. And she


did write so well today. Her father will be, so thrilled, as indeed


will her mother. A very supportive family. Laura's brother one -- run


the business, but this Lady wins the medals. The Netherlands has


been a nation that has brought great joy to the Dutch in their


team activities. They stood in the shadow of the German performances,


but they have taken on the Germans and the beaten them, and she stands


to not only receives the silver medal, but also those lovely


flowers. And how gracious and charming she has been. She has, and


she is a total joy and a wonderful ambassador for the sport. And so to


the Olympic champion. What a day for her. Will it ever be the same


again? Charlotte Dujardin, her first Olympic Games, winning gold


She is certainly a lovely, bubbly young lady who will know exactly


what to say and what to do for all of those who have helped her to


that world-class performance. That lottery funding is now more


important than ever, and certainly the British equestrians have


delivered for all of that support they have had. What a moment. Well,


the Olympic champion stands aloft. We are going to stand aloft as well,


because we are going to sink, very proudly, the national anthem for


Great Britain -- we are going to sing. Please stand for the national


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


I am joined by the girls of the moment, Charlotte and Laura.


Charlotte, you beat the world No. 1, not to mention Laurenne next to you,


you smashed the Olympic record and you are now the individual champion.


It is unbelievable. I didn't think I'd be that emotional, but he gave


everything today and he actually felt tired, and I said that he was


tired and he went in there and gave me everything he had. He's just an


amazing horse. He is only 10, but he so special. You have only been


doing this less than two years at the top level. We only really


started in January last year, that was the first Grand Prix. I do not


know how we have done it. Now I have to Olympic gold medals.


Unbelievable. It did you choose the music? I did, with the composer,


Tom Hunter, and it is great fun. I love riding to that. I really


enjoyed it. Laura, congratulations on your bronze medal. You chose the


Lion King. When you heard that she had the dam Busters and the Big Ben


chimes, did you think the music would get some people going anyway?


Absolutely. I loved Charlotte's music. I thought it really showed


the expression that the horse has, and they did a great job today. The


music made me emotional. I thought it was awesome. I think we both


enjoy riding to music and to do it in front of that crowd is an unreal


feeling. Fantastic for your horse, 17 years old now. A completely


different story. He was a bit of a lunatic in his younger days and it


has taken him a long time to get to the point where he was able to ride


in the arena. In the last three championships, no, four


championships, he has meddled individually or in the team every


time, which is an incredible record for a 17-year-old horse to come and


do. To get a bronze, that made me very emotional. The atmosphere has


been electric the entire way through the games in Greenwich Park.


You have had to work a lot on your own psychology and the horses as


well. I had to make sure I could somehow try and make sure I could


keep him calm, because he can be quite high power and he does


respond to the atmosphere. That was difficult to deal with, but he was


awesome to ride and gave me everything he had and that is all


you you have been a call and calm through the games. You have never


dealt with sports psychologist, you just stay focused. On the special,


I did get a bit nervous because I watched Carl first, and that makes


me nervous but I had no time to chill out before I got on. So why


was actually a bit on edge for the special -- I was actually. But


today I wanted to have fun. It was going to be our last time and I


wanted to give everything and enjoy Well done to Charlotte and Laura.


What a successful games for the medals, and now it is 51, 24 gold


medals, 12 ahead of South Korea in Australia in 10th, a bit of a


surprise. Now we are moving on to hockey, and the great British women


went out in the semi-finals today, but today it is the men and they


will be playing later against the Netherlands. We will concentrate on


the afternoon match featuring Germany up against Australia, who


are ranked No. 1 and have been in dominant form in recent years.


Let's see what happened with Sean Turner can take the opportunity,


but in the follow-up it has been taken with great star -- Turner


couldn't take the opportunity. the tattooed man of the Australian


side, great strike into the dip, and it went in the perfect position.


We have seen a lot of corners going And eventually the goal has been


given and it is Turner who has scored. He has a shot to start with,


but he didn't panic. A scrappy goal, A real chance. Nothing wrong with


that one for Germany. That is the equaliser. So simple in the finish,


but it was caused by the Balkan being given away in the Australian


25 by the Australians, caused by That is a very nice goal from Wess.


Or a good routine. He shifted it just enough so Burger's post was


exposed, and that was poured through the eye of the needle. --


Yes! It is Florian flukes, and that surely has taken Germany to the


final. What a fantastic ball and a fantastic run. One end to the other


So, Germany have beaten Australia, and they are through to the final


and will face either Great Britain or the Netherlands and that will be


life at 8pm on BBC Three. If Great Britain win, it could be a repeat


of the final in 1988, and we all remember what happened when Sean


Kelly was one of the heroes. -- Sean Kerly. We are heading to Earls


Court for the volleyball. It is semi-finals in the women's event,


and we are featuring the US against South Korea. The American squad


have come through the group stages winning all five matches and have


only dropped two sets on route to the semis. South Korea are ranked


third in the world. We can join the match, and it is 2-0 in favour of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 78 seconds


Quite an acute angle she was going As long as Keane is firing, there


is danger. -- key money is firing. Here comes to the first six back on,


What a retrieval. And a Glock! -- Glock. Now there's a bit more


bounce on the Korean side of the net. Previously heads were about,


it was a trudge. - heads were Bow She will be happy with that block.


Every reason to. They were six points clear at one stage, America.


It is not about straight down. You So simple when he talks. So far


I've only seen him... If 10 out of 10 would get him really angry, he


has been 7.5. That was probably four. He doesn't need to jump up


and scream at players. He can get his point across quite articulately.


His players don't perform best when he is screaming and shouting at


them. He liked them to be nice and relaxed, although at the moment


they are looking a little bit too relaxed. A bit complacent?


quite possibly. Oh no! That is what they didn't need. It is the


technical time out. If they could have levelled, if those little


errors... Go get it. Unless you are thinking I'm going to split it,


that is a different scenario. That is leading to this, not over and


penetrating. Turn it and get over. We can do that. You are a monster,


right? The coach talking about the penetration of the block. He was


clearly saying that he doesn't want her right hand to be open. That


creates a gap between the blockers. It would probably go off behind the


court. He wants her hand tilted They are looking for success. You


join the two blockers together, interesting. Normally coaches have


a chat with the set-up because they are the playmaker. The express


intention to talk to both his middle blockers. Here's one of them.


Interestingly enough, the USA changed their blocking tactics.


They have brought, over to position It is a scramble. USA take the


point. No let up for Korea. You can see that from the expressions. This


has got to be cut most Cross-court, what a beauty! A great


angle. She was closed down, the blockers were there in force, but


she still found a gap cross-court. Such congestion around her and yet


she found the court. The only place she could hit was there. Brilliant,


absolutely brilliant. 16-17, they are back in it. America, if they


take their eye off the ball, they might be made to pay. There was a


touch. 16-18. More than happy to trade points, keep this gap, keep


it steady. Getting to the 20s, that is when the enormity of what is


facing Korea will hit home. America almost over the line. Best-of-five


set. Was that in? No, just out. Going for the ace. 17-18. That is


what Korea need. If they can't have the ace, just make sure America are


playing. That will do! Just what she wanted. I'm tempted did say she


played for that because she is so good! Wow! What a recovery. It has


It has gone out! She does play with a motion a lot of the time. She is


quite volatile and when it is working, it is wonderful, but if


she loses, it feels like the end of the world. You'll have to drag her


from the court, she will have collapsed in a heap. That is a good


sign of a winner. Absolutely and so far she has been. Off the block!


There was a good block, exactly what the coach asked for,


stretching that hands out and Well-directed. Pushed it away. The


outside of her right hand. Now she Put it down to an 80 -- mighty


effort by Korea, say it is taking the eye off the ball from America,


but this could be a thrilling climax to the third set. America


could win the match, Korea could Destiny Hooker. Heartbroken, they


all go to her straight away, the whole team. Every point that she


uses is taken so personally, it seems. Yes. She is an amazing


player and the rest of her team- mates know she has to be feeling


Playing for placement and it Being left-handed in that position,


coming off the right, just opened the body and pushed across. Went


for the little roll shot over the She is serving left-handed, a


They just watched it between them. Both of them thinking the other one


Korea can't believe it. What a crucial served. Now two points away


Cricket is a scramble, but career have levelled. -- it is a scramble.


It is just in there, you are juggling it. Almost a case of not


enough room to move anything properly. You try to move


everything to get the ball up in the air. This has to go in. This


On comes their specialist, Miyashiro. Just 5 ft 7. The


smallest player on court. She will serve to put America through to the


That is good enough! America reached the London 2012 final! They


were beaten in 2008 and now they have a chance to make amends. It


could be Brazil or Japan. But crucially for America, they are


there. Career fail again to reach a final. They've never done so it in


women's volleyball. Bronze in 1976, fourth in 1972 and bronze is the


They art -- their unbeaten run continues and they will face either


Brazil, who have been struggling, or Japan, who came through a


thrilling quarter-final against China. It is live on the red button


later tonight. We've had two British gold medals today, Nicholas


Adams -- Nicola Adams and Dujardin. J Jones goes in the final of the


taekwondo. She beat the world number one in the semi-final and


she will be going for gold at 10:15pm. Stay tuned for that.


Wonderful scenes at the ExCeL Arena today. Time for me to say goodbye


because our coverage will moved to BBC One. Gary Lineker will be


waiting. We've got a big night of track and field coming up. Usain


track and field coming up. Usain Bolt is back in action. He is


attempting to win a second historic double. He is drawn in lane seven,


which for most mere mortals would be a problem, but probably not for


him. Five gold medals will be decided in the Olympic Stadium


tonight and you can see that with tonight and you can see that with


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