Quarter-Finals Queen's


Live coverage of the quarter-finals from the prestigious grass court tournament at Queen's Club in London. Several of the world's top ranked men are competing.

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, there is no way that Andy Murray can fail to win this. Not with Andy


Roddick here. That is phenomenal. You are both wrong, Rafa Nadal is


the best player in the world. End of. Murray with the crowd behind


him will be unstoppable. He will win it again. OK, so his Rafa Nadal.


He is desperate to win again. Big deal, my boy Andy Roddick has won


this four times. Count them... Enough of this, who is it going to


be? What about James Ward?! Andrew Cassell says one of me is enough!


thought three was bad and then there was a 4th on! I argue with


myself most mornings. Plenty to argue about because we're having an


argument with the weather. The covers are on the court so there


was no immediate chance of playing right now. We have been told now


the weather team that it is going to be unsettled this afternoon and


there should be a dry period coming up very shortly. After that, we


could get the odd shower so it is going to be another frustrating day.


As soon as that tend is deflated, in about 45 minutes the players


will be on. Fernando Verdasco, up against Andy Roddick and it was the


four-times champion who has never lost in the quarter-finals at these


championships. And then Marin Cilic against Andy Murray. That's another


tough one. And Rafa Nadal against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. We have six of


the top eight players through. And James Ward, or Sam Querrey. You


might have been watching that on the Red Button last night. The


winner will be 4th on. They will restart the match as soon as play


gets under way on Court No. 1. We will be alive to see the completion


of that. I will not give the score a way so you will have a choice of


either James Ward and Sam Querrey or if you want to watch Fernando


Verdasco and Andy Roddick, that is on the Red Button. You will not


talk about James Ward. We have plenty to come. I was arguing with


myself but they have all looked good but who has impressed the


most? I thought Andy Roddick. I liked the way he has played. And


for me, he has the freshness. He looks so eager out there. I have


been very impressed with his serve but I love his backhand passing


shots. He is moving well. Rafa Nadal and Andy Murray have played


well but there is fatigue. It would not be human if not. For me, Andy


Roddick, fresh as a daisy and he is really up for this. You heard what


he said after beating Lopez in the first round, he was hungry and he


wanted matches. Fitness against freshness. His mind is fully


engaged. He has had two good matches already. Andy Roddick will


be delighted with his grass-court season. And against Fernando


Verdasco, you would favour him on this court? He is dangerous. He has


not had a great year. But he loves the big stage, he is flashy, he


loves being out of. I don't think Andy Roddick will win this easily.


Rafa Nadal said last night, after that tough one, that he was


fatigued. It did not show, he raced through the last few sets? He got


into the third set and up to his pace. He had to get the job done


and he rattled through the third set. It was like a highlights show.


He just let rip. His movement was good. He was digging from a very


deep place. Can we used the word knackered? He is just walking on


instinct. Double-faulting. He missed that couple of forehands. It


was not the player we know. It was a good effort to come here and win


matches but I do not know how much you really wants to be here until


later on and he is so competitive, he will hang in. Andy Murray, he


was good and he said the ankle was feeling as good as it has felt so


far. I thought he played superbly. There was a little wobble at the


start. Once he got that focus, we saw that all-round player. The


genius that he has, I loved it. But I am not sure if his tank is full.


It is just below and he is really fighting hard to stay in these


matches. Doing well so far. No matter what happens, he has played


enough tennis and he hopes he went -- I hope he wins. But he looks


like he will need a rest. If it does not happen, he has played


enough matches to be a big threat at Wimbledon. He had a good clay-


court season. Semi-finals a two big tournaments. The Masters 1000


series. He should have beaten Djokovic in Rome. Some wonderful


runs at the semi-finals in France. He played a very good match. He had


chances. He certainly did and defeat had a set, who knows what


might have happened. But it was an excellent run, another Grand Slam


semi-final at we know everything about Andy Murray now. What you'll


find out in the next three weeks is if he has it appear. We all hope so.


What about Marin Cilic? He seems to be coming back? He had that win


against and he at the US Open and if you look at those other matches,


it is 5 - 1. This is his favourite serve. He is only 22. It feels like


he has been out forever. 15 years old, dangerous, big serve, big


backhand. It'll be tough. I think so as well. The same thing, we look


at these numbers. All the facts. 22 years old. We were writing him off.


He has been quite consistent, he is just one match short here or there.


He is ready to ignite. 22, you are allowed ups and downs. He will be a


factor in three or four years. We're going to go to that match


from yesterday, James Ward and Sam Querrey. It will be one of those


frustrating days so please send us e-mails. Keep us entertained. And


any messages for the players because if we get some rain delays,


we will go behind the scenes. We will meet some of the officials,


journalists and players. Do send us all of your thoughts. Any issues


that you might have. Out here, it is getting drier. People beginning


to take their seats. Certainly looking more promising that it was


half an hour ago and certainly brighter. It's a wonderful social


occasion. They are looking more settled in the bar! These are the


members seats and if you don't get in there quick, someone else will.


You have to stay there. And this is a terrific order of play. Once the


tent has deflated, it's about 45 minutes until the start of life


play. We have so much to bring you, and we will start with Britain's No.


2, James Ward, he is up against the defending champion, p1 macro.


Centre Court last night. The defending champion took the first


set and we joined at the start of start to add up. He needs to


control himself a little bit. Not turned out to be a great drop-shot.


The racquet had just turned in his hand. He could not miss it. James


Ward had not anticipated that. It would have to be a very good shot


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


fault. That is particularly bad. And this is the early break that


has to be avoided for James Ward. Otherwise, it's a very long way


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


0 - 30. That big first serve came That was a correction from the


umpire. We have been told at first serve from Sam Querrey was good,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


just by 1 mm. You could have happy with that. That is the one


that you analyse afterwards. You have to make your opponent played


on a shop like that. -- shot like things that make the difference


when there is a difference in rankings. Those different spheres


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


of the tennis world. It is all Ward. You can just see that motion.


That was a good ball toss. Just in front nicely, arching and reaching


up. Good snap on the ball. That is is mixing it all round. Some body


serves. He has those bases and Extem. Not giving Sam Querrey the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


same pattern. The second serve, not from James Ward. And that second


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


shot, not really on to go for the already this week. And at this time


of the evening, they were some moisture appearing on the grass. --


Sam Querrey. James Ward is creating half chances. But she has to turn


into full chances. -- which he has second serve down. Rightly punished


by James Ward. Yes, that was 84 mph. There was some cake on the ball.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


James Ward dealt with that fairly Mannarino, who came through against


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


doing the important thing. Keeping his nose in front. This is after


that based on the second serve from James Ward. Sam Querrey looked over


to his coaching section and smiled slightly. It looked to me like,


what is this fellow doing here, serving aces? He does not know who


James Ward really is. He does not expect someone of his ranking to be


this cooler air. And the light is fading. It is about 8:30pm now. And


the James Ward can take this into the third set... Sam Querrey


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


30. He is being handed some chances, James Ward. Sam Querrey, that was a


poor forehand. He really rushed That was... The overhead was not


favourite side. What a chance. made a great return of serve.


Brought it back into play. Just a took advantage. I like the way that


he is certain to block a lot of these first serves and get the ball


Ward! There is a roar for the Englishman. And from most of those


inside this evening, they see that the defending champion has been


broken. Some wonderful returns from James Ward. Just digging that ball


back. Sam Querrey, guilty in that game of some really loose forehands.


He knows he is in for the match, not at the races at the moment.


Well, well. This has turned around. The flag is flying high for the


British number two. The feeling has turned around with that one breaks.


Something about the energy of the crowd. He will feet off that.


a combination. A great effort from James Ward here but for some


Querrey, the experienced player, who has been around a lot longer at


this level, he looks like he is comfortably comfortable --


reasonably comfortable, and then he plays two games way he loses his


focus, and when you are playing against somebody ranked lower than


you, he is playing a British player with the crowd support, you cannot


give them a chance to get into the match. He has lost his


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


concentration, and now he is in a do with his arm, but the first


service, the first point was that 120, and this last one has been at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


chance for Querrey. Ward has not was good placement. Well, a big


What a moment, this is where he shows us if he can handle the


pressure, the tension, the noise rally. It is the serve that James


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


Saunders round generally. But he And he is. Might as well. Very


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


this into a third, Querrey is still stretching out there darn. -- that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


A lovely touch. And more roaring from James Ward, met by the


And there it is! I think Querrey might stop here, you know. I think


you might be right. He is saying something. Instant call for the


trainer. Disappointing signs for Querrey, but positive signs of


encouragement for James Ward. SUE BARKER: One set all and looking


at the umpire, the decision was made they would not be able to


finish the match because of bad light.


So it was an inspired performance from James Ward and the defending


champion, his form has dipped. He is in trouble with an injury as


well. That was last night, and this is today. It is looking a lot


brighter, with a bit of sunshine over the club, and the court is


ready for play. Centre Court. And on Court Number One. Because of the


weather forecast earlier about the showers that Todd due -- that a


review, there have been a few changes to the line-up. So, in


Centre Court, or it will start with Andy Roddick the four time champion


up against Fernando Verdasco, but the second match will be Rafa Nadal


against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. It means that Court 1, James Ward and


Sam Querrey, they will start in a moment, but the Andy Murray match


has been moved to Court Number One. His quarter-final against Marin


Cilic. There might be some question marks about that, but Rafael Nadal


is the world number one and I suppose you have to give him a bit


of credit, and he will be on Centre Court. We will move a few cameras


here, so whatever you want to watch, you can follow it on the red button


or on BBC Two. Certainly at the moment if you want to watch Andy


Roddick, that match will start on the red button, because we will now


head over to Court Number One. They say the players will be on court in


Let's get some comments on the decision. In some ways, Andy Murray,


the crowd will not be that happy he has been moved away from Centre


Court. It is going to be a test. We had a situation in the French Open


when Djokovic was playing del Potro and they were forced on and it


didn't look like they were going to get the main court so they were put


on another court and the crowd left, they poured out, because that was


the match they wanted to see. They broke through the barriers to see


the match they wanted. I don't think that will happen here.


all those tickets are sold anyway. Exactly. You couldn't do that in


the French, but they did anyway. It is simply a decision, and you can


agree with it or not. What are you going to do? Are you going to put


Roddick and Verdasco over there? Roddick and Verdasco were prepared


to play at 12:30pm, so they got here the same as Querrey and Ward


did to start their match, and it is unfair to say to them they will


play later because they have eaten and they should be first. So the


choice is Nadal or Murray. And it is tricky. So is Nadal popular --


more popular than Murray? He is the top seed, world number one, but the


bottom line is the matches need to be played today. They do. And they


are experienced. They are not amateurs. They have seen the


weather forecast for the next few days. They have got to get these


matches through so they have thought about it and it was a tough


decision and I agree with you, the respect for Nadal, number one, have


they have got to do that. A few people here might get upset, but...


It will all be explained by Chris Kermode. They will explain it to


the players. Nobody will cause a fuss over this. Going back to James


Ward, you were calling that match last night and you were not so sure


they should have come off, they could have played on. I think the


referee said he thought there was only 10 minutes' play. But I


thought there was at least another half an hour left. It would have


helped James because Sam Querrey, his arm was definitely hurting him.


He was rolling his serve in at about 118 instead of 130. James had


the momentum going. It is a pity he had to stop from his point of view,


and Querrey wanted to stop, so the referee had to make that decision.


They didn't think they could finish the set in the allotted time. But I


think they might have some of it in but the decision was right.


players didn't rush last night. Nadal rushed last word. As the


moisture settles, it gets slippery. -- Nadal rushed last night. Querrey


would have gone straight into see the physio because if it is an


elbow or whatever else was hurting him, he needs to serve well. That


is his weapon. The pressure is on him. He's playing somebody who is


200 something in the world. And the best computer total was the best


ever that he had last year. That is at the top of his list and they


count all the tournaments and this is the top one. You feel that sort


of pressure. James, of course, did well last year at Eastbourne, and


he has got a title to defend. There is a last -- there is a lot to


defend. What a massive win that would be for him. Back-to-back! We


have seen in the past where players have snuck out a good win on grass


but what followed it up. Andy Murray mention that that after


James Ward's winner, let's hope he can carry it on and not get excited


about that result. Well, he has played well, and he is close. This


is a shoot-out on grass. The way he's serving, he has got to fancy


his chances. Here they come. This is terrific news for everyone to


see play under way. They got here earlier. Some fantastic matches. So


many of the top seeds through to the quarter-finals and Andy Roddick


is a very popular player here as well and this is going to be a very


fascinating match against Fernando Verdasco. Let's talk about Verdasco.


He is very dangerous on all surfaces. He is a shot maker. In


the past, there were questions about the physical side because he


tended to get tired and mentally he wasn't great. But with Agassi, he


got better. He went down to Las Vegas, and he trained with a legend,


and he committed himself to changing his, sort of, being around


the court. And whether he really wanted to make the break through to


the top echelons of the game. And he has done. He was in the semi-


finals of a Grand Slam. He has not had a great year this year, but he


is bubbling on the surface, and if he gets a run going, he is another


one of these players you do not want in your draw. And he is


playing well. He has been in a couple of finals this year as well,


Verdasco. Roddick has got the long- sleeved vest on. A very cold


conditions again. Apart from keeping warm, you want to keep your


body fresh, injury-free, and these cold conditions could hurt. I have


to say, it was cold until the sun came out and there is a real warmth


in that summer, so he might want to pop that off because he is not a


man that does not sweat! Some of the crowd, some of them still have


got jackets on, so, I don't know, maybe a little bit of cloud cover


on its way. A difficult day to dress for. It is. It is fine but if


you are sitting in the studio. What is he doing? He heard you, and drew.


Verdasco, he likes to take his stuff off as well. He posed for the


male cancer awareness thing in 2008. He was not only topless, he was


entirely without clothes. That made him popular in lots of different


circles! Hopefully, he won't have to put that vest back on, because


with a little bit of sun, it is great to see and I am hearing the


players on Court Number One, they have been called, so they will be


leaving the locker room shortly. We will get to that resumption of the


Sam Querrey and James Ward match. For the moment, we will stay with


this one. Roddick has an incredible record here. This is his 8th


quarter-final. And he has never lost at the quarter-final stage


here. Three semi-finals. And this one, it could be the most crucial


Queen's Club he has ever had, simply because his year has not


been good. He had a terribly tough draw, and he has played very well.


I love to see that. He plays so well on this surface and you want


him to have a good Wimbledon, and if he lost the first round here, he


would have struggled at Wimbledon. Whatever happens here, he has


enough matches under his belt to be a threat. He is very happy to talk


positively about winning another Grand Slam title. As John is saying,


this preparation at Queen's is very important for him. After winning


the US Open in 2003, he was expected by the Americans to go


ahead and win lots more Grand Slams. He was world number one at the time


but then Federer arrived. And that is tough. Then at Rafa Nadal.


now Djokovic and Murray. Roddick is the opponent for Verdasco. This guy


finished number nine in the world. That is quality and testament to


the field that Chris Kermode has put together. People like Verdasco,


he can live and the draw up. He has side issues with the ball toss when


the issue gets tight in a match. Just watch out for that. Every


player gets nerves and stuff like that. A couple of very good


victories. Nicolas Mahut, we saw him for hours at Wimbledon last


year, but a very accomplished grass player but he blew him away.


Nalbandian, not the player he once was, but a very comfortable victory.


Yes, a finalist at victory. So, Verdasco coming into this 15-4 as


well. This could be a fabulous match. We have seen some fabulous


tennis already and some of the standard, some of these points have


been fabulous. I was just going to say that Roddick had a 30 shot


rallies the other day. On a grass court! The nature of the game has


changed so much. This kind of surface might favour of Verdasco


because the forehand, it is an absolute rocker. We have had an e-


mail in. If the balls were quicker, would we see more serve-volleying


coming back into the game or has that style gone for ever? If the


faster courts came in all the Grand Slams, the answer is that 15 years


down the road, yes we would but if it change today at Wimbledon, than


no because the other Grand Slams are still medium pace and the


French is slightly slower. If they change them all round, absolutely.


The whole style of play would change. But then everyone would


complain about how everybody is serving aces! That happened with


Sampras. He never lost his serve. Everybody said, slow the balls down,


slow the court down, and that was boring. And that cost Henman a


Championship! I suppose would it favour Roddick if they quickened it


up? It would probably favour Federer, I guess, as well. Federer


has got so much it doesn't matter. With Roddick, his big strength was


he used to bully players, not just first strike on the forehand. Now,


a lot of players dig that serve back, and get him in the rallies.


He is not used to that. Roddick is best with five and under shots.


That is where he wanted to be so the quicker the grass courts, that


would be better for Andy Roddick. This weather is perfect for him as


well because he came into this with a long-term shoulder injury. This


isn't ideal to come in with the cold, so he will be happy this has


dried out. It is now a lovely summer's day and an hour ago, it


was horrendous. Changeable conditions. Seven matches for a


Grand Slam over two weeks, you have to deal with a lot and we have been


blessed with the weather in the UK tennis season. How long have we


got? You are the sage of weather, Sue, how long have we got? I would


probably say an hour and a half. No idea! When you think about Roddick,


and everybody talks about the 2008 final about Rafter and Roger, but


his final, the final that he played, maybe not the class of tennis but


the drama was just as intense. is one of those things. He is a


great student of the game. In his eyes, he will win a Wimbledon title


and if he doesn't, he will always think of that backhand volley he


missed that would have won him the match. That was the key shot. He


has won a US Open to be number one in the world, so he doesn't have


much to cry about, but that was the one that he should have got.


saved a match point in the semi- final against Nalbandian. So you


give-and-take. He was always so gracious in defeat, though. Walking


on to Centre Court to do this interviews, interviewing the loser


is a horrible thing to do because I have been in that position and the


last thing you want to do is give an interview but he was always so


gracious in defeat and congratulating his opponent.


have been very lucky with men's tennis. We have got very good


examples with Federer and Nadal. Andy Roddick is another one. He


gets the responsibility of being a great tennis player. He has been


fabulous with the media and fans. He tries hard all the time and he


is a great advert for the game. For me, he was just one or two Grand


Slams short of being a great crossover star. He is a big name


but to be the great start that I think he has the personality when


he could have gone to another level, he needs to win another couple


Grand Slams. There is still time. Plate is underweight at Queen's


Club at the AEGON Championships, but the order of play has changed


from this morning because we will be keeping an eye on Court Number


One. The resumption of play between James Ward and Sam Querrey. One set


all, unfinished last night, so that is certainly no surprise they are


on Court Number One. The second match on Court Number One will be


Andy Murray's match. He is taking on Marin Cilic from Croatia. That


will be the second match on Court Number One. So, we are going to


keep you up-to-date obviously with everything that is happening either


on the red button or BBC Two. The players still have six minutes


warm-up, and the Coin toss, so let's return to Centre Court. For


the next few minutes, we can join our commentators. Pat Cash and


champion, Roddick. We are simply delighted to have some tennis. We


will keep an eye on the weather but at the moment the sunshine is


coming down. Andy Roddick has lost one layer, and he is about ready to


go. I have Pat Cash alongside me. Andy Roddick seems to have shaken


off his last in his game. He looks in fine fettle. He is. I have been


impressed the way he has played the last couple of matches. He has got


better all the time. You know, he is vastly experienced on grass. He


has an won plenty of matches. It is the serve and the forehand, he is a


danger. The thing you want to look out for his the forehand. -- the


backhand. It should be an interesting match. Verdasco, a


vivid Spanish splash of orange to to the backhand and try to get


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


call. The first challenge of the match. He was quite quick with it.


It might have caught a little bit of the line. A very, very little


Verdasco. Off to that flying start. Nice and comfortable. Beautiful


ground strokes. Very good all-round player, Fernando Verdasco. The


Grand Slam semi-finalist. He has been able to match that with the


best. People like Rafa Nadal. Andy Roddick will have to have a good


think about what he can do with that serve once he gets the ball


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


untroubled so far with his serve. Yesterday he had won it registered


at 144 mph. It is amazing he can do this serve for this amount of time


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


in his career. Not as quick but it many double faults. One early on.


Looking up into the direction of first couple of games going with


serve. If you want to continue watching this match live on Centre


Court, you can on the Red Button. Here on BBC Two, we will head over


to court number one. We had this unprecedented situation where we're


going to keep an eye on everything that is happening. There are two


British players scheduled over on Court No. 1. James Ward against Sam


Querrey. Then Andy Murray will be second. On the Red Button, Pat Cash


and Andrew Cotter will be following that. And over commentators for


this match over on Court No. 1, they have moved here! Technology at


its finest. They will be commentating from the studio. We


can go straight over. The warm-up more comfortable than the French


Open. We had little box there just over the court. So, we will settle


in for this match. James Ward, what an opportunity. Bearing in mind all


the points and the money and the glory this year, so far he has


played in the qualifiers, he lost in Sydney in the first round. He


went to Singapore then he played in Australia, challenges, then Croatia,


he played that day was cup-tied very well, then Saadi of will,


Colombia, Florida, Georgia, Italy and now here for he has a lot of


air miles. And only $19,000. That gives you an idea of how hard you


must work. He is sleeping around and ready, against the defending


champion, Sam Querrey. Slightly around. -- all the cameras. And


later on, Andy Murray will be on this court, with his quarter-final


match. This is the third round, they will play their second singles


later on and the winner will play round of Nottingham last week.


Total prize money this year, served in. This is nowhere near as


fast as he can normally Sir. -- putting them away is quite another


thing. It's very well saying he has just rolling that in, but if he is


getting it in, it still comes down at around 115. And James Ward isn't


experienced enough at this level. But that was three quarters at best


from Sam Querrey. This is good news for James Ward but he has to do the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


points. Both of these players get backhand. Two hands. Mid-court, he


will actually run around with his match between the defending


champion and the British player is the quarter-final against Adrian


Mannarino. That will have surprised a lot of people, that he got


the right, the big stand and nothing on the left side but


straight ahead, Centre Court. That Fernando Verdasco at the moment.


You can watch that on the Red Button. Andy Roddick is one break


up and about to make it 3 - 1 by the ball as flat as these players


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


do in the modern game. Not much finished last night, John Lloyd


thought they had some time left and Sam Querrey did not look like he


wanted to play. He isn't exactly fired up particularly, here.


Certainly a feeling that he isn't all right. He certainly looked like


he hit the serve harder in that game and in the first. Maybe we


will see that he was awarded, he had the trainer out a few times but


at the top of the show, what we said is important. Perhaps in


normal circumstances, he might perhaps not have played. With


Wimbledon coming up. He is the defending champion and was to


defend his crown. He has a lot of points here. Players get ranked


with the 18 best tournaments. And for Sam Querrey, this is the best


and that he had last year in terms of points. He also won three other


titles, he had a career year. The question is, does he think about


that when defending points? James Ward made the quarter final at


Eastbourne next week so those points will drop off the computer


at the end of next week. And that will negatively affect the ranking.


But he has pretty much replaced those points now. He will be


greatly relieved. He has a huge is a London cab driver. And they


have sacrificed a great deal. He went over to Alicante and Ferrero


has an academy there. It was not always easy keeping going for James


Ward. But he is a good member of the tour. He isn't one of the elite,


rallies going on. Just get the chance and bang! Take it! It is a


different pace. It isn't the manner in which there playing. Oh! If the


ball goes anywhere near their wingspan, they just take a good old


swipe at it. Luckily, James Ward has served so well. He has to keep


up for matches later on. Andy Murray will be in action against


Marin Cilic after this. Later on, both of these players will play in


a quarter-final. The winner of this will play Adrian Mannarino. Andy


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


Roddick and Fernando Verdasco Sam Querrey, he won a total of it.


That isn't much for somebody ranked in the top 30. He did not what --


win any match until Memphis in February. By then, Australia has


taken place. He beat Tipsarevic and Verdasco. And he is coming of the


second-round performance at the French Open. No real highlights.


Not a particularly good year. Jim Courier was here at the early part


to watch him play. As a this minute, he has just below the pecking order


for the Davis Cup. You have got Andy Roddick and Mardy Fish.


They're all of them at the moment. He would be knocking on the door


but I would imagine not perhaps in the real thoughts of Jim Courier at


the moment. Unless he does well in the next few weeks. He played


against Colombia. That was the Davis Cup for the US. That was on


clay. He lost his match in straight sets last year. James Ward earlier


this year won a match against Tunisia for Great Britain. The


drop shots. His favourite surface is clay. I think grass is his best


surface. He won that challenge on clay in Sarasota? That was last


players on clay at whatever level Querrey. He is down 30 - 15. The


chance to get back to 30 - 30. On with his experience, you would


think at this stage of a crucial match, against a very inexperienced


player at this level, he would be using his presence and getting a


attitude is good. He has a few good shouts. He directs that at his new


fitness trainer a lot of times. He is building up brownie points,


there. The third-round match. James Ward, British player, against the


around by the tournament committee. They decided to put this one over


here, even though they played their first two sets last night on Centre


Court. That is for Andy Roddick is right now. And if you do get


seasick the swinging camera, we apologise. It is just that we have


had to do this temporary set up. well done, James Ward. He is


getting the returns back into the court. He has not had enough


success yet in this game. But maybe he will. He has two accused get


that ball back into play. -- he has 30. The final set. Potential


quarter-final. The draw has opened the picture. But James Ward got


that back into play. And here is a and he could be into the quarter-


final. Let us briefly go over to Centre Court. Andy Roddick has to


breaks of serve, he has broke in the third game and then the 5th


game. He has taken the ball early and is looking superb form and is


just two points from taking the opening set against Fernando


Verdasco. You can follow this match live on the Red Button. Set point.


He has been stepping in, just hitting those returns really early.


Putting the pressure on to the times champion. Andy Roddick takes


the opening game. That match is live on the Red Button. Let's head


back to court number one. To see if James Ward can hold serve after


the James Ward plate, it looked like he was a player who was an


experienced campaigner, he got the balls back and made his opponent


play. But Sam Querrey, who has a pedigree, is playing just like he


isn't thinking about it. It is racquet, that isn't the way a


professional who is engaged does. His body language is poor. James


Ward is racing towards the finish line! I cannot tell you what this


Unlucky for some. At the moment, looking like it is unlucky for him.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


Not having the most fun he has ever serve. Now there is a question for


because of the weather and we have had a more startling news, Marin


Cilic, who was due to play Andy Murray in the quarter-finals, has


pulled out of the tournament because of an injury. So, that


match will not be played on Court No. 1. Andy Murray is through to


the semi-finals and he will be back on court tomorrow. Thank you very


much. Thomaz Bellucci, who lost in three sets to Marin Cilic will be


very cross about that! This is the delicious prospect for Andy Murray.


This is the biggest game in James Ward's career, right now. And Sam


Querrey looks like he isn't into it. But he could swing from the hip.


That is what he can do. And James did, that was one heck of a passing


shot. All those matches in this London cab driver. He is taking his


time. He will not rush. Just reset. Get the target in his mind. Word is


line! It is easy from here... Just that little drop shot. He played


himself into trouble, here. wasn't the drop shot at all from


Sam Querrey. Unfortunately, he just that. That helps the cause! Breeze,


take your time, is match point. -- bit cautious on some of those


backhands. He got the ball back but perhaps could have done a bit more


damage. Just a little bit nervous ball back into play. In the


previous few Kate in the set he has finals on the retirement a few


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


quarter final at Queen's Club. It is the biggest result of his life.


It is the biggest tournament of his life, and we are pleased for him.


The tournament has lost its defending champion, the American


Sam Querrey. But a British player through, and well done to him. He


will have been thinking about that all night. And Paul Sam Querrey


cannot get off they court quickly enough -- poor. He played a very


experienced third set there from someone who does not have much


experience at this level. Congratulations, what a win. It's


his reward for a decent season. He has stayed just outside the top 200.


It is possible to beat nine podded later on. He is through to the


quarter-finals and John Inverdale You have beaten two players in the


world's top 30. It has been unbelievable. The best wins of my


career so far. We were talking on Sunday about the rigours of being


on the tour playing in front of 10 people and you have a couple of


1000 people here cheering for you. This is unbelievable. On Centre


last night it was a great atmosphere and it was a shame we


had to stop but people have come out again today and I want to thank


them. My serve help me out but I felt that I played well right from


the back. Quarter-final. Yes, and playing Mannarino later on. I will


prepare and get ready for that one. What do you do between now and


then? Just go and shower and eat and then there are a couple of


matches on Centre and I will be on. The great thing about tennis


tournaments is to be involved at the weekend approaches, and you are.


It I can take a win today, would be great. You never know, I am looking


forward to playing again on Centre and hopefully the weather will hold


SUE BARKER: A terrific performance and what a way to finish it off.


This is the match point and a reaction. You could tell that he


was very tense in that last game but he came through it. What a win


that is, through to the quarter- finals. The first time we have had


two British players through to the quarter-finals since 2001. And Andy


Murray is through to the semi- finals after his opponent, Marin


Cilic, pulled out. Let us go back to John Inverdale wife on Court One.


We have the coach and the cage fighting partner. We have been


trying to work on conditioning and especially on his mind game,


especially, through the exercising, making it tough for him, so that he


gets stronger in his body and his mind. Do you wrestle each other?


Sometimes I do making wrestle. It is part of the mental conditioning.


In terms of physique, if this was a boxing competition it would be a


catch weight contest because he is very tall and you are much more


stocky. What chance has he got? has not got much of it was for real,


but it is any for conditioning. Because she could kill him? If I


wanted to! I could kill you as well! We will come on to that


later! How encourage have you been by what has happened over the last


three days. James played very good tennis over the last couple of


weeks. I think he has improved mentally and that is one of the


most important things. His tennis has been great and I hope he is


going to keep on like this. much of all of this is about


momentum, how you keep that going? That is up to him. He likes to play


here at home in London, third replete he is going to stay like


that for the rest of the crass season. When he was serving for the


match that had a break point, how were you feeling? You get a little


bit of stomach ache, but that is the way it goes. I was pretty sure


he was going to make it because lately his serve is much better, so


I was not that tight. By last word must go to the man himself. How


much do you own both of these guys? I Kent any sake thanks now, we're


in the middle of the tournament, so no celebrations so far. A lot of


hard work. Hopefully, look for to this afternoon and hopefully the


run can continue. Thanks to all of SUE BARKER: It is a tremendous sex


story. We have had two amazing stories in the last 10 minutes


because James Ward has put out the defending champion and Andy Murray


is through to the semi-finals. There is an rather large cloud


above us so we may have rain. We will head over to Centre Court to


see Andy Roddick. He has taken the first set 6 - 2 and is up a break


in the second. He is looking in great form and that is live on the


red button and we will be joining it shortly. Let us get further


reaction. John Inverdale was very brave to challenge Diego. The he


almost bit of a little bit more than he could chew! We have to be


positive about everything to do with James Ward from now on. A lot


of credit has to go to his coach who he has been with for some time.


What approach -- impressed me was how he approach that match. We have


had British players getting close and not being able to get across


the finish line. Completely. I understand the mentality he was


talking about. Fighting is like tennis, is one on one, is making


the most of your opponent's weakness, is considering your


strength so maximising them. I have always thought that to fighting was


the one on one sport and I think it is a real bonus having somebody


like that in the camp because it sharpens the mind as well. James is


not ranked 900 in the world, he is just outside the top 200. That is a


fine tennis player. If anybody is out there is just outside the top


200 and what they do go think they are pretty good. He has is wildcard


at Wimbledon to look forward to. One other person he should thank


his Chris Kermode who gave him a wildcard into the straw in the


first place. -- into the draw. you look at who has been through to


the quarter-finals, and he has got Mannarino. We all hope it does not


rain, but I think it will be better if he does play today because it


will not give him too much time to think about what he has just done.


Let him get on with it now, focus, and get on and win the quarter-


finals. A lot of people saying that Mannarino is a very talented, up


and coming player. He is. This time last year he was no way near top


100 but he has picked up. He has played his way through the ranks.


She is heading in exactly the right direction. He is into all the right


tournaments. It is a great test. A left-hander. He says his Polly is


his best shot. He is very mobile around the court. He is coming in


with confidence but it is a major advantage if they play today. When


you have played a set and you have won it, you were on a high, go and


play. You do not want to think about it too much and what the


prospects are. The other big news is Andy Murray going through. I'm


not sure he would be too disappointed. It is not nice to go


out on Court One in these conditions. I Pinkie would be very


happy with that. He has played enough matches now. Him getting to


the French Open semi-finals, that is unknown territory for him. I


know he has been in Grand Slam finals, but not with such a short


gap coming to another tournament. Nadal has done it before, but he's


used to it. Andy Murray has done well to win a couple of round here


but to have her day off, I think he will enjoy that. He had the match


where he was two sets down and a break and had to win in the 5th. So


you're not going to play the 6 1/2 ft tall Croatian! Excellent. I had


no idea about Marin Cilic. It is a big shock. I saw him walking around


yesterday and he seemed fine and nice and relaxed but that was


before his match with Thomas Bellucci so perhaps we heard


something. He has been a great supporter of this event and I'm


sure he will not pull out unless there was a very good reason.


happened because going from clay to grass, everybody is tired. We were


just about to it go out to see the Roddick match, but down comes the


rain. I did say that cloud was looming edge ahead. It is right


over Queen's Club at the moment. The groundsmen will have to be


quick to get the neck down. -- at the net. It will not be ideal for


Andy Roddick, who was racing through this match. They are not


far from completing it. It is an unbelievably quick match. He is


asking for another show it. Talking to his people at the side. He has a


great team around him who have been there for a while. They are a very


experienced bunch in his team. It is an impressive scoreline against


Verdasco. That is how well he is playing. Looking at him right now,


you would say no one wants to play him at Wimbledon, the way he is


playing. He is on top form. I have not seen Roddick this intense for


while, there is something about him. He knows that time is not on his


side. Not many guys have eight years between winning Grand Slams.


That was his last one, the US Open. At the end of what is a glorious


career, the least he could up one is one of these Grand Slams and


he's aiming to win another. -- could have won. Roddick is not


bowled by any standards but he has been around for a number of years


now -- not hold. -- old. But he looks back to his best. He looks in


great shape. There is the journey down, press that button! It was not


working the other day. He is a super guy. I did not used to like


umpires! They did not like me either! The rain is coming down


here and sadly there is no play on the Centre Court. This is the news


that is just in. That was the winning point by James Ward to put


him through to the quarter-finals at the Queen's Club, putting out


the defending champion, who defeated Stanislas Wawrinka in the


last round. He will be over all the newspapers tomorrow. A tremendous


story. He has an Argentinian cage fighter who gets him super-fit and


I think terror fighting into training a little bit harder than


he wants to! So, well done to Jane Back to James Ward. We talk so much


about British players. This could inspire a lot more below James Ward.


We have talked about how British tennis needs to move up. Perhaps


the fact the one of their own has done this will encourage others.


think so. Also it shows that it is possible and that there is no magic


age way you have got to make it. Ward has been around for quite a


while now. I'm sure other British players who of around that age


where people have said perhaps your time is past, they will look at


this. We cannot go overboard, we have to see what happened in the


rest of the year, but I felt the way that he handled that last set,


there was a lot of maturity in his game. Querry was the one making


errors. He was taking time between points and getting himself back in


the mode, not rushing. It is a big step up for him now. It should give


the other players some encouragement. He took advantage of


the situation because it was obvious that Querry was injured and


was not serving at the full pace, but you still have to win the last


one. He saw what Querry did in the last game, he stuck around. He


almost played his way back in. James concluded that match in the


manner you were expecting to be able to do because of some of the


places he has been based here. Croatia, Davis Cup, Sarajevo, he


has been everywhere and he is used to playing out matches. When you


are a lower ranked guy you want conditions. You want the court


change, you want an overnight, you want wind and rain, anything to


equalise. These conditions are a great equaliser and that is why the


British players can ambush guys like these. The bottom line is that


in one year James what is probably not going to be a top 100 player. I


salute his effort but nothing in particular is going to change. He


will remain what he is, which is an excellent professional who is


getting a little bit of recognition and some reward. Let us not lose


perspective. You talk about the places that they go to. That is the


other side of tennis way you see the top 10 or 20 can pick and


choose what they go but you have to scrape around and find whatever


point you can way you can. What can happen is that you can become a


Challenger player and it becomes for some players, quite frankly,


comfortable. They are not earning a lot of money but they are having a


good life. They are seeing the world, meeting a lot of nice people.


You get this group together and it is sort of comfortable. Do want


that you want to see of the ones that are trying to break out of


that. Everyone says that they are but some of them like that comfort.


For Ward this is a chance to get out of that area. I hope that he


will start playing qualifying in all the main events and not play


the challengers. He does do quite a lot cut that. Yes, but make it all


the time. He will get in the qualifiers now and he has to go for


the big guns. The rain is getting heavier. People scurrying for cover.


There is a strong wind as well said that might blow it away. We are


quite high up in this cardboard box! It news that little bit when


the wind blows. I remember speaking to Lleyton Hewitt and he said if


you do not get out of those challenges her leap you often stuck


in there for a long time. -- Burghley, you often stark. You can


get stuck and sometimes you have to accept that the sure level. If you


are in challengers regularly you will probably between 140 and 250


in the world. These guys, if you see them played life, you see how


good they are, so it is worthy of respect. But to push on to the next


level is a hard thing to do. James is 24, he has to make the most of


his time in the sun. We are certainly looking forward to the


weather brightening up and I am sure we are all looking forward to


this. There is nothing like it, when you look at it. Whether you


are there in person, the smell of it, or when you watch it on


television. It is the one that everybody knows, even people that


don't know tennis No Wimbledon. you're a Wimbledon champion, you


are remembered for life. I have always felt there was something


special, was a place have wanted to be part of and competing. You speak


to the majority of the players and they would say if there was one


tournament they would want to win it would be Wimbledon. You will not


want to win this a special documentary. -- and Miss. -- mss


We had an e-mail asking him what the greatest champions that have


never won Wimbledon. You tried to take one of mine! And then Pat Cash


came in with a few others. I will go first. Ivan Lendl. Fair enough.


I am going to go straight back with that the Lander. Jim Courier. --


We did come up with Andy Roddick and Pat Rafter. And Pat Cash came


up with Gonzalez. I have to check. And Cramer. In the we need to look


in the book. For the women, the main one is Monica Seles. We can


think of a few other names but that one would be out there. We made all


these lists yesterday and we were having a big debate about it.


he looks that up, what is your favourite memory of Wimbledon?


gosh! Just one of them. The obvious one is the John McEnroe and Bjorn


Borg match. For me, was two players, was in my era, I watch that and


could not believe what was happening. You watch it still, and


it will never age. It is not as fast as today but the drama of it


will never go. Did you get an answer? No, I need a bit longer.


But the case for Jim Courier. He was in the Pete Sampras era.


moved onto favourite memories of Wimbledon. I think for me the


special atmosphere was the final with Rafter on that third Monday.


was stuck in a studio at another television channel at a golf


tournament. We turned up all the monitors and I was watching it in


silence. It was so emotional to watch it. I guess Rafter is coming


back 10 years on from that and this year his returning to Wimbledon.


Hopefully we will catch up with him. Personal memories of walking on the


Wimbledon crass to play the Championships. -- grass. You were


not allowed to touch the stuff as a kid and a walking on the court.


me, when people ask you about Wimbledon, they say what makes it


special? For me, was driving up there the first day, and seeing the


queues around the block. It does not happen at any other Grand Slam.


Never has done, never will. And when you used to play, just


thinking about that, even if you were playing a Mixed Doubles, you


thought, some of those people maybe he just to watch me. It was that


feeling that this is the ultimate in tennis. I remember getting my


competitor's badge and I was thrilled about it. I got scheduled


on Centre Court as a teenager again someone who was a great champion.


It was my first match on Centre Court! I was terrified. I crawled


on to the Centre Court and I thought I have got to curtsy, I


could end up in a heap on the floor. I managed to get away with it. I


got whipped but came back and won it in three sets. She was on her


comeback. But she beat her at Wimbledon, put it there! From then


on, I loved it. It does dictate hate you queue that court, if you


have a good experience poor not. -- or not. The Court three is in


action this year and it used to be caught six, but they have stuck it


One my best memories is talking -- is listening to you talking about


how you used to hunger -- hang out the ladies' changing room window to


watch Bjorn Borg walk past. Yes! Everyone went mad. He was like a


rock star. The first rock star of tennis. And I have never seen


anything like it. He changed tennis, he is responsible for its change.


Remember how he looked? On television, his look, if it wasn't


tennis on all sorts of different channels all year round, he came on


with his eyes close together, his head band, his hair... He just


looked amazing. Everyone would copy the style in the junior tournaments,


and they looked foolish because there was only one Bjorn Borg.


Absolutely. We will reminisce a little bit more. The big story here,


though, James Ward is through to the quarter-finals and Andy Murray


is through to the semi-finals. We promised you a look behind the


scenes. Let's see where John Inverdale is.


We are in the players' area. Everyone is hanging around, waiting


for it to stop raining. I can welcome you to this edition of


Friday afternoon's Lewis men. We have Mike from the Daily men, Neil


from the Mirror, Steve from the sun, and Ivan Ljubicic to represent


common sense. We might be talking for hours here. As a fierce critic


of the LTA over the years, I give you Andy Murray in the semi-finals,


James Ward in the quarter-finals, Heather Watson's ranking going


through the roof, 11 -- Oliver Golding didn't disgrace himself, so


it is three cheers for the LTA. swallow doesn't make a summer. I


don't want to be too negative about the LTA, there are a good people.


But I think we have to wait for more than just one tournament


before we completely late off them. So, what is it that is still


getting your goat about the way tennis in this country is run?


suppose a bit of a clue it is the LTA has had pretty much half-a-


billion pounds from Wimbledon alone over the last 20 years and we have


one men's play in the top 100, now we have two as of this week with


Heather. Let's not get this wrong, we are absolutely delighted to see


Heather Watson coming through and James Ward has done extremely well.


For those of us sitting around here, apart from Ivan Ljubicic, it makes


our jobs far more enjoyable to travel around, lucky as we are, to


do that, and cover British success rather than a broken record of what


has gone wrong. But I do think it there is a way to go. Neil, where


do you sit on the LTE a debate? can be selective. This week has


been good. But Wimbledon last year when not one English person won a


match. Apart from Andy Murray. That is what we are looking at. We have


a long way to go and not one British man in the top 200 is not a


good stat. Steve? The point that Mike makes, there are some good


people's -- people, and they are making some progress. The stats


don't say that. They need to wait another five years for some more


young people to come through. We want a bit of success and we want


to see these British guys doing well. We are on the cusp. Ivan


Ljubicic, will I will come to you in a second. You must think, when


are these guys gonna move on? But it is so easy to throw stones and


it is difficult come up with a solution. If you were doing a three.


Make hit list, what would they be? This could turn into a big


discussion. To put it in its proper context, people have to remember,


tennis, one of its great strengths, it is a truly international game.


In Wimbledon, you will see people from 80 different nations playing.


It is extremely hard to produce good tennis players. When we have


this discussion, in fairness, it is not easy. I mean, I suppose,


speaking in broad terms, the penny is slowly dropping. Many of us that


believe the way to rebuild the game is from the bottom up rather than


what we have seen in recent years, which has from the top down,


bringing him, I suppose, if you like and it's to university,


bringing in the best professors and lecturers went the students are not


of high calibre, so what you need to do is get the talent in from the


bottom, then bring in the best because it is no instant fix and


anybody who says there is is simply not being fair. So you want to see


it built from the bottom up. From your experience of travelling


around the world and going to so many different countries, is it


your perception that as a basic rule, the more people that play the


game, the more likely you are to have people that are successful at


the top? The errors no question. The more young kids, the because we


have to get a champion. -- that is no question. There are not many


federations in the world that have a project that works and bring in


top players regularly, which is I guess only the French federation


that can be proud. Even Australia is struggling. The US federation is


struggling. All the big federations are having the same problems.


can you explain, because in this country for a month's the public


focuses on tennis and for the rest of the months of the year, it


exists if Andy Murray is doing well. But for the next week, at East --


Eastbourne and Wimbledon, they will see all these Eastern European


players and they will say, how or. Can you explain? There is no


project behind it. There is no how. There is a piece of paper. It is


very complicated and we are doing well, Croatia, and Serbia, where


tennis is phenomenal because of Ivanovic, Jankovic, Djokovic. It


just goes in periods. And we are physically strong, which helps, of


course. We are a great athletes. It has to be something to do with


mentality. I think kids in our countries when they do sports, they


go all the way. You just commit yourself 100% and hope for the best.


You mentioned Djokovic. Horror you guys lucky to be reporting on and


I'll we lucky to be showing and watching the golden period of men's


tennis? You can hark back to McEnroe, but do you think Federer,


Djokovic, Nadal, are they the best? Of the way Djokovic has come on, he


has really come on. He has brought himself up to Federer level. He had


a great winning streak. We had the great final four at the French


opening. -- French Open. Those four players will make the final four of


Wimbledon, I think. Is Andy Murray unlucky he is the 4th best players


at this time? There is an element of that. If he had been around 10


years ago, when there was a window of opportunity between the demise


of Pete Sampras and before Roger Federer, I am absolutely sure that


by now Andy Murray would have probably pocketed three, possibly


four, Grand Slams, but you cannot choose your era, and it seems


Federer is a rejuvenated. I am not convinced he can content for too


much longer, but right now, he is in the picture. You have got


Djokovic, who will not lose unless he is playing Federer or and Adel.


And no doubt is this phenomenon. -- and Nadal. He is unbeatable on clay.


And when he is totally fit, he rarely loses when he is in full


health. You mentioned Murray might have won a Grand Slam. From a


Croatian point of view, when Ivanisevic won, what impact it that


have won tennis? I am thinking about the impact on Britain.


have a lot of kids playing. Since 2005, we won the Davis Cup, and


tennis also them, like, kids started playing tennis, shops had


lots of rackets, clothes, so it was a great time. The thing is, it is


not like Murray wins, you will have a lot of hundred great players. You


have to wait for it. What Goran Ivanisevic did for Croatia in 2001,


it is something that will not be forgotten. In these historical


moments, you remember where you were and what you're doing. From


iTablet point of view. If Murray was to win Wimbledon, we have had


endless hype of World Cups, but if he was to win, how do you think the


sun, the Mirror would cope with something like that? We would


celebrated. Although we are not has begun tennis as the other papers,


we champion the British talent -- we are not as big on tennis as. It


would be huge, it would be front page, back page... Massive interest.


Like you said, we will -- we have been here before with Cricket and


Football. It would be a fantastic story. It has been 75 years now? It


would be a huge story. Murray is a big star already. He has the


crossover appeal. I actually think he is getting better and better.


How much mature he is, and how much better he is with interviews, with


everybody, his public. Heat is improving -- he is improving all


the time. In tennis terms, he is middle-aged but he is relatively


young. And he is getting better. People are getting to see more and


more of what Andy Murray is about. One last thing. Women's tennis. The


Williams sisters. If Serena Williams, having barely picked up a


tennis racket, was to win Wimbledon in three weeks' time, is that a


good or that thing? It is certainly not a good thing. There is quite a


lot of embarrassment potential. I think you'll find she has been


practising hard. She would have not come over here unless she was clear


in her own mind she actually had a chance. Grass gives her the chance


because she is so good on it and some of the other players are up on


shore. She will that at the Field and think there is a great


opportunity for her. -- the other players are unsure. Will the


women's game hope she will get beaten early so that embarrassment


doesn't happen? I guess so. But she is still a name. Multiple Grand


Slam winner and a character. And sometimes they need a bit of that.


In Paris, the women's... It wasn't character like that may boost it


but it could is embarrassing. think it is a good and a bad side


to it. As you say, the women's game, the Williams sisters are of the


stars. Either of those including Sharapova, if they won, if people


want to read about that. One must point about this, Mealamu Lucic she


is a fantastic story. We may remember her from a decade ago but


now she is on her way back. Give us an insight into her story. It is


beautiful to see a playing high level tennis again. I personally


thought she was over. I did not hear from her in about three years'


time. All of a sudden, I got a call from her sister and she was back on


track. It is a great story. I saw her last here and I didn't like


what I saw. I thought, this is going to be a struggle. But I am


extremely happy for her and extremely happy she is playing good


tennis again. She loves grass, and I am sure she is doing well this


week. In Wimbledon, she can do a great result. Another fascinating


piece in the women's jigsaw. Thank you, guys. That's it from me. Back


It was pretty special last year and we will be there live with the BBC


at the end of the year. There are two qualifiers already. To see


tennis in November in the UK, and the very best of the tennis, the


same tournament director as here. It is a tremendous event. Let us


get your reaction to what was being discussed there, particularly about


the Williams sisters. I agreed that it would be an embarrassment for


the game River player cannot play for whole year and then come back


and win a Grand Slam. I agree. Obviously the LTA are not going to


say that. They want her to come back and they want her to be the


big Four's that she is because she is a crossover staff. -- force. But


they would rather she did not win it, because if she does come back


and win it with no practice, then the depth of women's tennis is not


good. Ought his seat -- fought his she just such a great player that


we are discounting that? Only once in the last 12 years has it been


someone other than one of the Williams sister that has won it. We


are talking about two pretty different players here. They are


fabulous on the grass. For it to be an embarrassment, is it that bit


strong? An embarrassment for the women's game, not for Serena


Williams. She probably look at the French and thought, nobody is


coming through here, I could come back and win it. We have seen so


many great rivalries, and that is what has been lacking. With Kim


Clijsters injured and Justine Henin going out, does not look great on


the rest of the tour. But there are plenty of entertaining women's


matches. It is very much overshadowed by the men's game at


the moment. It is an era that is quite amazing. Do women do have


crossover stars. They have Maria Sharapova. She is favourite to win


Wimbledon. It is great that she is coming back. And the Williams


sisters. It paid state bit and played longer, we would be happy. -


- if they stayed fit. But at the moment, they have all been injured


so much that you do not get to see them. You have another golden era.


I thought the era of Bjorn Borg, McEnroe, Connors, Ivan Lendl, was


not bad. It is all relative. You always think the era when you are


is the best. And everyone compares home McEnroe we do against Nadal or


Bjorn Borg against Federer. It is difficult to compare that. Or you


can say is that with in that era you have witness some great matches


and been treated to some great tennis. You can tell when somebody


is a little bit special. In another era there was Becker, Edberg, Jim


Courier, Andre Agassi. There are always three or four great players


at the top of the game. At the moment, I think Federer and Nadal


are fantastic. We are going to look back and say that is a little bit


different because of those two. Djokovic and Murray are trying to


climb into that category. To watch and it dhal and Federer play is an


absolute privilege. -- Nadal. Another topic was away that the


British players are doing well. At least it is going in the right


direction. This has been a good week, a good last couple of weeks.


Mike Dixon was saying that he believes that you have to start


from the bottom and I think we have come through a period where we have


concentrated a little bit more on the top downwards. Sometimes there


are a bunch of players that perhaps do not have to ability to make that


break through and perhaps you need to know that and focus your


attention right at the bottom and start with all the coaches and the


money right at the bottom level. were talking about whether it would


make any difference it at Andy Murray won Wimbledon, to British


tennis overall. When Henman and Greg Rusedski were just emerging,


if they had won a Slam, would it have made a difference? I contend


that it would not because come October, tennis does not get a


look-in. It is in the consciousness for one month each year. It would


be fantastic for Andy Murray, but, ultimately, would it make any


difference? I don't think it would. Andy Murray has been in three


finals, Henman was in six semi- finals, and it did not make any


difference in terms of participation. Tennis is not play


by that many people in this country. I hope the weather will make a


difference very soon. It does look a little bit brighter. We were


promised that the shower would go over but at the moment the rain is


coming down so we are still waiting for this match to resume. Andy


Roddick is a set and a break up against Fernando Verdasco. And


Rafael Nadal is due to play Jo- Wilfried Songa. The more that this


rain comes down, do more likely it is that James court will find


himself back on Court One. -- James Ward. Let us go back to John


We have gone up into the second half here with Paul Newman from the


Independent, a Russian player who has just won the doubles at Roland


Garros and Roland Fraser, at the players fixer here. He organises


theatre tickets and what else? Everything, restaurant reservations,


hotels, information about London, European travel occasionally. And a


few other things as well. What sort of things might they be? Well, a


few years ago they gave me burnt nickname of dixit Fraser and I had


to try to live up to it. The main thing is theatre reservations and


restaurant reservations. They have been requests for players wives as


well. It is spur of the moment, and if we can do something with an


immediate result, I do not always get two or three days advance


notice to arrange things. He sorted my hotel room a couple of days ago.


Wednesday night was a busy night in London and my booking ran out so he


was called in places and got me a hotel room. When you're on the tour,


we were talking about this to James Ward earlier on, when he was


playing on the Challenger Tour. You do have a lot of downtime, you


cannot practise for 16 hours each day. How much do you try, if you


are in Paris or Rome or wherever, how much you try to live the life


of the city? You certainly have your priorities and for most of us


our priority is to get the best preparation we can for the


tournament and rest. A lot of the time you do not want go out and did


the sightseeing prior to your match of the night before. However, we


have our favourite places and on a day like today, I knew was going to


be raining, and died went and visited Handley's. Having a couple


of kids at home, I am sure I ball, way over the nice gift for them.


Being in London, there are so many things to do. What is your


favourite place to go and play? Australia. It is far away, takes a


couple of days to get there, but once you are there, the people are


fantastic, the weather normally is beautiful. A you go surfing, do you


live the Australian life? physically. You hang around, I see


people, a lot of friends there. You cannot engage yourself in physical


activity is that a potentially dangerous for your body. It is


interesting having two guys from Eastern Europe because you have


been in the newspaper industry for many years and one of the


criticisms levelled up modern day sports stars is that whereas in the


old days they had so much life and so many stories to tell, the


criticism levelled up modern stars is that they are one dimensional.


Do you find that? But I think it is difficult because the players have


to be so fit these days. They demand that sport placed on people


these days. If you look at football matches from previous times they


seem so much slower. The demand but are placed on players physically


means that it is more difficult for them. Do you feel that there are


not many mavericks on the tour? think came back to that issue, back


then it was probably less competitive and it was a way of


life, the way people were playing the tour. There were five or six


countries competing and they became one big family and shed their of


time together. Now it has become much more specialised and people


know they have the best chances in certain tournaments and it has


become so much more professional. How do you guys feel when players


who were playing 20 or 30 years ago start offering substantial


criticisms of your game and the game today? For me, sounds a little


awkward. I think that every next generation is going to be better.


It is just natural but things are improving, things are developing. I


know that in 10 or 15 years we bull her players who are better,


physically or in terms of tennis, better than Federer or Nadal today.


It has to come. A long time ago, we thought that nobody can be better


than Pete Sampras, and a few years later a Roger proved himself the


better player. In tennis terms, McEnroe in his pomp, and Federer in


his prime, how can you compare them? You cannot. They are


different personalities. Tennis is more professional, sport is more


professional. You really cannot lose time or energy playing with


the crowd of with the linesman or with the chair umpire. You just


cannot afford that. This is probably why people are saying


there are no personalities. We have a lot of personalities in the


locker rooms and in the players' area, is just that on the court to


cannot afford to lose focus and lose your momentum. Can I ask both


of you this, because it is perhaps easier for you to answer this


question, because the Andy Murray is of this book on not want to


answer this question honestly, for fear of showing some kind of


weakness. When you are playing Federer or Nadal, how difficult is


it? What other charges that you face? Two different players. For me,


against Nadal, but most difficult thing is the first couple of games


because he has rotations and spins that he has that nobody else has so


it takes time to adjust to that. After that, I would always prefer


to play Nadal than Roger. With Roger, I always feel that whatever


I do he has an answer. With him, you never know what he is going to


come up with. We've Rafa, you know more or less, but most the time it


is so good that you cannot match it. With Roger, I remember in 2005, we


played almost every week, he would come up with something new. Serve-


and-volley and the next matches were played long and high balls.


For him, you do not know what to It is funny, Ivan Ljubicic said he


prefers to play Nadal, but for me it is the other way around. If you


play Roger, it is an exciting video game, and when or lose, you admire


the guy because a lot of the shots he plays are not in the tennis book.


With Rafael Nadal, you know it is going to be a physical game and


whether you win or lose, it is going to be boring, because he is


going to run you down. Totally to make different players, and it


requires a different set of skills to beat them on any given day. I


have never beaten Rafa Nadal. I've been fortunate twice against Roger.


On any day, I'd still prefer to play Roger. Do you run out of


superlatives to describe them? think it you do. The thing is they


are so different, that is the best thing. Federer is just for me to


watch is fantastic. It is elegance, the beauty of the way he plays.


With Nadal, there is an excitement about him. It is true all around


world, there is a ripple of excitement whenever he walks out on


to court. You can never run out of superlatives about them because


they are so great. Your phone went off a minute ago. That could be


Rafael Nadal demanding something. You didn't answer it. It has been


diverted, somebody is helping me out. Do Roger or Rafael Nadal get


better treatment? We have given everybody the best treatment. We


always will. Everyone, we want everyone to think everything was


amazing. The concierge helped, the set up help, we wanted to be as


move for everybody. You are setting up an academy in Belarus which, it


is one of those nations, we expect an avalanche of players from


Belarus in the next couple of years. What are you doing, what is the


objective? With the support of the local government, we have built and


opened in March the Max Mirnyi Sports Centre, and we have as a


core product, the tennis. We have tennis tensed that introduce kids


from 5-Tavern years old -- 5-10 years old to tennis. This is


something that we have introduced in Belarus and no other club has


this sort of programme in place. We are getting a lot of people wishing


to participate in different kinds of sport. We provide courses of


yoga, fitness, aerobics, Sports dancing, table tennis, but Lycos


said, tennis is the main product and we hope to grow it. -- but it


like I said. We had to bring more youngsters into the game so in 10


years' time, we hope to have more players. Sue Barker might want to


talk about this later on, the cost of tennis. It is one of those


things that puts things off. Is it like that in Croatia? That is


always one of the accusations that are levelled at the game.


Absolutely. It is difficult to get simple things, to buy a racket and


get a court but more than that, as soon as kids are playing better,


and here they have to start to travel around a world, Europe, that


is where it becomes really difficult. And you haven't got


Wimbledon paying millions of pounds into the association. Even for


professionals, we have a lot of expenses ourselves. It is an


expensive thing to do and of course, Max and I and a few other players


are fortunate to make money and to be able to pay the expenses but


there is so many kids, unfortunately, great talents, that


cannot afford to do the sport. Sue, four grumpy but wise old man.


I was only directing it at you, John. It is interesting talking


about and we were discussing when they were discussing, I met


yesterday with a guy who introduced urban tennis, which is taking it


out onto the streets, giving kids rackets to play tricks. Once you


get the feel of the ball, takes them to record, get them falling in


love with tennis. But you make the point that you need athletes to


take it up. I am thinking about the Croatians, the Belarus. Our


athletes get taken into football, rugby, cricket. You imagine. Matt


Dawson. Wouldn't it be nice, for instance, if an athlete of that


calibre... Imagine if one of them played tennis. I am sure they had a


chance when they were younger, but rugby is a dominant sport. Surely,


in this country, what is unforgivable is that some of these


kids haven't maximised their talent or haven't worked with people that


know how to do it. That is the key, that is where we have gone wrong.


We have got to have some of the best people we can working with


kids. I'm not talking up foreign talent. I'm talking about top-level


tennis, and people that have been let go. France keeps everybody in


the game. If I have to. My finger at one era, that is something that


could be improved. -- if I have to point my finger at one area.


the weather, it is looking brighter. In the meantime, let's look back to


a final. The 2008 Wimbledon final. Where will we join it? We will join


it for some of the great moments, so sit back, and enjoy Roger and


Rafa Nadal with us. It was an epic struggle. What it


came down to was focus and It is the best match I have ever


seen. The quality of the tennis and the nature of the match with the


rain delays and the length of the match, it would get my vote.


couldn't believe it. There was a moment when I thought, this match


is never going to end. Both of them I guess my match with Bjorn Borg is


not going to be seen a whole lot! The -- they are the two best


match and we have seen on a tennis We were hoping the players would be


walking out at 2pm, no right now, because this was when it was


supposed to stop... I am reasonably hopeful for a decent amount of


play... We have got some good news to bring you... It is looking


brighter. Well, this will get a big brighter. Well, this will get a big


cheer. I would put it in the top 2%


favoured experiences. I became a fan of tennis again, this beautiful


sport with so much drama, so much up-and-down, and I said, I am happy


to be here. It was my first experience on the


other side of the fence, and you could feel the tension. I have


played in a few time matches, but it is so much easier playing than


watching. I anticipated a great match, but I


didn't think a classic would take a break. -- take place.


If your chosen profession is tennis and if you happen to be a Wimbledon


champion and if you walk into a Wimbledon room, it all adds up to


the word awe. There won't be much of a conversation, not much eye


contact because both of these men know how important the final is.


You have to deal with your inner demons. They have emotions, they


have expectations, they have butterflies in their stomach. Once


they're on the court, they feel more comfortable. They are waiting


for the match, and those 15 minutes before, it is the hardest part for


the players. The 2008 Wimbledon If you can keep your head when all


about you on losing theirs and blaming it on you... If you can


trust yourself when all men doubt you... And make allowance for their


doubting, too. If you can wait and not be tired by waiting... Do not


give way to hating. And do not look too good 0 talk to why is. -- talk


to why he's. If you can dream, and not make dreams, you're a master.


If you can think and not make thoughts your aim. If you can meet


with Triumph and Disaster... And treat with these two impostors just


the same... If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue or walk


with kings and not lose the common touch... If neither flows nor


loving friends can hurt you... If all man come with you but none too


much... If you can feel the unforgiving with 60 seconds long


distance running, yours is the curse and everything that is in it.


And which is more, you will be a Both players have pressure. Nadal


has a lot of pressure because he was so close last year. Seeing


Bjorn Borg in the Royal Box was great because either player could


really be in tune with what Bjorn Borg had accomplished. Lodger was


five in a row so he was trying to beat Bjorn's record. And Nadal was


trying to win the French and Wimbledon those same year.


UMPIRE: First set, Roger Federer to CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.


Seen Federer at work is just so beautiful and sublime because he is


an elegant player. Nadal has that power and skill and determination


so to see them, both different players but equally matched, is


That break of serve it is. First blood to the Spaniard in his


attempt to win Wimbledon for the first time. Roger Federer was


supposed to win. Nadal already won the French Open and what made it so


special was that if Nadal won the Wimbledon, he was going to be


number one player which played on CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.


Well, that is some little strength from Nadal. We sensed an element of


vulnerability. This was Federer's tournament, and he was going for a


6th successive title but we knew And this is what it meant to him.


No doubt's chance to get back in Yes, he has picked him off, and


Nadal is very much back. We saw signs that he can take Roger to the


limit. That he was going to do Pure hitting. He has forced his way


back into this set. He will serve for a two-set lead. For the moment


I sat down, I wanted Federer to win, Nadal was out hitting him, and he


Two sets it is to Rafael Nadal. The defending champion has a mountain


to climb. I felt very disappointed and frustrated but I always felt he


would come back. Even when it was the beginning of the third set, had


thought he has not been good. weather could yet save Roger


You feel like today it is the day for Nadal. He looks like the


The players are going off. The umpire will be pushed off court,


could by! This is a disappointment. It is always bad for the player


that is winning if there is an interruption. The other guy that is


supposed to be on the losing streak has a chance to win group and


rethink his strategy. That is exactly what happened, Roger had


time to recover and get his energy back and his mental state has back.


At that stage of thinking that Federer is going to lose in


straight sets, but he had other It seems like there's a change in


the body language of Federer but he is committed to each and every shot.


Almost saying, if you go there, I am going to go for it on the word


go. I was commentating with Andrew Castle and a couple of ties we


turned our microphones off, and so deep pink we are coming across a


bit biased because we were so keen for Roger to come back into their


match. I was quite neutral. I have respect for both players because


they are real sportsmen. Net I'll is closing in on this singles title.


Five times the champion, and playing like it. But if he loses


this, he will be two match points Set point or match point from here


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


Continuous play, but Rafael Nadal will not be rushed. He has saved a


set point. Federer was down 5 in-to UMPIRE: Federer challenging up the


letter baseline, the ball was It was well out. That means


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


UMPIRE: Nadal is challenging the Oh, my goodness! Check this out!


The two best passing shots of the tournament, without doubt, have


just taken place on the last two points. But I'll hit that running


forehand to give himself match point and then Federer hits the


back and pasta saved match point. At that stage I still kind of one


Roger to win. I have never seen so many people stand-up then sit down,


then stand up and sit down in unison. It was like some strange


choreographed Mexican wave. People getting up and getting down and


then we lost the timing a little bit, and people getting cross with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


UMPIRE: Game and third set, Federer. Once he won that set, I felt so bad


for Nadal, that he was so close to winning the tournament of his


dreams. And Federer hit the one in 100 shot on match point to say that.


I thought, if Nadal loses this, he will be destroyed. It reminded me a


little bit of myself in 1980, winning that tie-break and then


thinking, I did not win that match. Still spots of rain getting a


I think Federer has had enough. And played his stopping. That is too


bad. There was a moment when I thought we have good be back on


Monday. Not only was it worked on that day, was dark. Shall we show


people our commentary box? Look how cool this seat is. Not bad for of


Wimbledon final. You're almost part of the crowd. Tim has been the been


up and down like it is his first Wimbledon. He has been living and


dying every point. I am not very good or sitting still. Stop this


place, you will bang your head on the scene of bump into each other.


I was sitting and standing in the box like a yo-yo for the match.


That rain delay allowed Rafael Nadal that little bit of time to


regroup. I respected him so much because he came back as though


nothing had happened. OK, I blew a couple of match points, but I'm


It got to the stage in the fifth set where I thought it is the best


match I have ever seen, I don't He has the blood coursing through


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


Another half chance for an adult. - That is a magnificent strike! That


is the shot but he has worked on for hours. And now it pays


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


It's just incredible, the importance of these points, the way


I suspect it Bjorn is pleased he is not involved in a match like this


but no doubt he is enjoying it. Here is the 4th break point of the


It was like watching Gladiators in the Coliseum. What I think everyone


knew was they had seen a historical match, a match that would never be


Oh! No wonder people stunt. -- stand. It is different tennis than


we have ever seen. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.


Three match points Nadal has had, three-times on the brink, and three


You could taste it, everyone knew what was going to happen and you


sensed for the first time he sensed what was going to happen that he


was going to pull this off. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.


There is a new man at the head of I mean, I felt emotionally drained


and physically exhausted, so I don't know how they felt.


Roger was so disappointed but, you know, you look at him, and he was


almost genuinely pleased for Rafa Nadal.


All of the viewers realised this is a special day for tennis that we


have never seen a match like that, and we have seen a great player and


news, and we have seen a new great player winner, and to have this all


compact in one day is a rare. was one of the greatest matches of


all time. If you can meet with triumph and


disaster... And treat these two impostors just the same. If you can


walk with kings and not lose the common touch... If neither foes nor


loving friends can hurt you... If all men come with you but none too


much. If you can fill the unforgiving minute with a 62nd


round, yours is the birth and everything that is in it. -- yours


is the earth. What is more, you Quite simply the greatest match I


have ever seen. What a final, what a rivalry, and what a treat for us


at this rainy -- on this rainy afternoon. I am pleased to say the


rain has moved away. That horrible grey cloud has finally been blown


away from the Queen's Club. The covers are off and the net will go


up shortly. There will be an inspection of the court, and we


hope to see the resumption of play, to see Andy Roddick to play


Fernando Verdasco in his quarter- final. He is 6-2, 3-1 up. Rafael


Nadal will be on court later on as well. The big story is James Ward


defeated the defending champion, Sam Querrey, and did it in some


style. It was one set all after bad light stopped play last night but


he came out today, and he is through to the quarter-finals. A


terrific week for the British number two and he could be on court


later on today if this weather holds. That is a big story for


British tennis and the other story is that Andy Murray will not be on


court today because Marin Cilic has poured out because of injuries so


Andy Murray has been put through to the semi-finals tomorrow. That is


the situation. We will be on court very soon at the AEGON


Championships. In the meantime, let's go back to the players'


lounge to the three, four five... How many wise men?


There is nobody's that is grumpy, we are enthused an enthusiastic


about what we will see shortly and following on from well what we have


seen, more than enough tennis over the last couple of decades, and


what was the best match you saw? Until two years ago, Bjorn Borg


versus McEnroe, but the Nadal- Federer match was the best. I think


so. Given with all the drama, Nadal hadn't won. Roger got a bit angry...


I just thought it was melodramatic, the greatest match, for sure.


agree. It is probably boring, but you can't beat it! It was


everything you want and more. It had drama, and two great


contestants. That was important as well because tennis is about


rivalries, and that was the illustration of probably the


greatest driver lead there has been. And you describe that in Five Live?


I would go for Stepanek... No, it was the drama, and the quality of


the play. The quality of that match was unbelievable. I've watched it


back, making a documentary for 5 Live, and watching it back, you are


amazed it happened. Because matches that happen when you are younger


tend to live with you for longer, Borg against gauleiters in 1977, it


is one of those games, I watched it and it can believe how amazing it


was. Was it good? I have it in my mind it was. It was. I would have


said I can't remember whether or not I was on the court but I


remember that after Bjorn Borg beat him, that evening, gauleiters


offered to practise with him, for the final. That was the kind of


character he was, and the kind of affection that Bjorn Borg created


with the people he played with. That was a different era, and


looking back, we can see that it was played in a different speed and


with a different athleticism than we are used to now but it was still


extraordinary... The characters as well. You need the contrast.


Gauleiters was like the show off. You are more likely to see him in


Studio 54! That brings us to the subject of technology. When you


watch Borg against McEnroe, you almost think it is on a slow-motion


replay, sometimes, because of the nature of the balls going so much


slower. Has that made it a better game now? Has it taken the finesse


out? I am not sure about better but more even. A lot of players that


were not of that quality can are now win events. Whether or not it


makes tennis better, I am not sure. The wicked spins that players can


get, the speed of the balls. It is evolution and changing all the time.


Andy Murray is talking about how slow the court is and how heavy his


honours on grass but it seems to the grass has got so other than


clay. If you had said that 10 years ago, how would Pete Sampras and


Goran it has so much -- Goran Ivanisevic perform now? It has


changed, but whether for the better, I am not so sure. Barry, you have


been around the block a few times, what do you think? Probably


technology has taken over two match. The rackets. They can hit the ball


so, so much harder. John McEnroe, he wants to bring back wooden


rackets. Not a bad argument. It would sort out who has got the


skill and power. Power is the dominant force, like it or not.


sweet spot is so much larger. So from the back of the court, you can


hit these all-powerful winning shots, and the shame is the art of


serve and volley is dead. Taylor Dent was a good exponent. He


retired, Max Mirnyi, who you spoke to, he is good at it but he is in


the twilight of his career, and any player will tell you that it is


unfeasible to serve a volley, because that ball is flying past


you. That the meat is a shame because that contrast of styles


adds to the sport. -- that for me. Radek Stepanek was being patted on


the back for serving a volley! It was like a vintage car. We are


going back to what we love. He comes in, takes the net, puts the


volley a way, makes the spots different. Novak Djokovic employed


Mark Woodforde, a good as -- a good volleyer, to try to teach him the


new ones of volleying because he was not taught how to volley and he


saw the need to have a net gain. And Rafa Nadal has improved it.


Actually playing it all out, as serve and volley, Pat Rafter, you


would be dead in the water. One of the reasons why Djokovic got the


upper hand on Nadal on clay was because he's surprised him on more


than half a dozen occasions by coming to the net and taking the


initiative, when Nadal was caught. That was an important strategy that


he brought to the game as he toured supremacy of the clay-court season,


until Paris. -- as he took supremacy. So, last question,


because it will be a glorious sunshine between now and the end of


Wimbledon. Murray and Wimbledon? Semi-finals. I think he can win it.


I really do. That is not just pick it isn't because he has got the


game. If his mind is right, he can win. Donovan? I agree. He can win.


I always said he will win a Grand Slam and nothing has changed my


mind. Not even the form of Djokovic? Yes, he needs a bit of


luck, like any player. What I would say is he had some amazing draws in


the last Grand Slams. The French Open was a dream. He needs good


fortune it at Wimbledon and, absolutely, he can do it. Yes, I,


again, agree. I think the most important factor is let's see how


Roger Federer rebounds from the French Open last because I think he


still has a couple of Grand Slam titles in him and I wouldn't bet


against him. Can I just say, somebody but me �10 last night who


would win more than Slam titles, and I thought that was a really


good question, between Federer and Murray, and I had �10 on Murray.


What would you say? Murray. I would say eight two wall draw. Murray.


Marian Oprea. Week -- sea, Sue, we are upbeat.


Marta Milani or Federer? -- Murray. Who says they will win another


Grand Slam? Ivan Lendl certainly, he is in Switzerland, and he


created if Rory when he said, I don't think ridge -- Roger will win


another Grand Slam. That is a good point made. There is a lot of good


players coming through, and looking at del Potro as well who will be


getting back into form. There is danger guys like Roddick that will


be knocking these players off. I think he will win another Grand


Slam, Federer, and Murray will as well but when, I do not know.


a great era, isn't it. As far as serve-volleying, it is difficult


because it is this four week window when you want to serve-volleys. It


is tough to change of mentality. Frankly, these courts are too slow


to serve a volley, especially on the second serve. In the old days,


it was straight in. I am sitting next to the greatest volleyers of


all time, by the way! The ball sticks in the grass, waiting to be


hit, and the new problem with the rackets is they are so explosive,


if you've got more than a foot either side of you to cover, and


there is the lob as well, they are going to fit that space before


anybody has a chance. It is like a penalty. It really doesn't make any


The biggest change has come from the strings. I don't want to get


into the technical differences off the strings, but the new polyester


strings, which are not that new actually, they have been around for


a few years, they make the ball squash into the string and shoot


off. It is like a double barrelled shot said the string pushes the


ball out but it also flattens the ball and the ball Springs off as


well. It gets a double explosion from the strings. I think they need


to outdoor it because it is almost impossible to serve. We have to say


why have the grass court slowed down? The guy is have the shoes


that rip up the court soap the all England guys know that he will not


last for two weeks. You know about all the different seeds that they


put in there. And they had to change it because of the roof as


well. A exactly, and the air that changed as well. Would you like to


see more volleying? A think we would all like to. The conditions


changed and everything changed away from the big servers. We have swung


back the other way. A probably a little bit too far. I think the


best way to encourage people to come to the net is to change the


balls. We have to make faster bolster encourage the players to


come forward and at least be able to win with a good volley. We do


not necessarily want aces everywhere but it someone hits a


decent volley they should be rewarded for that. I think we have


gone too far. Great news, as you can see, that the players are back


on. I saw Roddick to a couple of serves and volleys in this match.


He has played well. Fernando Verdasco has played a poor match.


He will be disappointed. Roddick at the moment is cruising through,


very comfortable. He is sharp and clean and fresh, which is something


we cannot say for a couple of the guys. Just before we joined this


match, or we will look back at the question we asked about whether


Jack Kremer had one Wimbledon. He did win in 1947. We will look back


with this match in just a moment. John is with a couple of people


with important jobs. One is an administrator and one is


a player. Look at them and guess which is which. Leon Smith is the


Davis Cup captain and Chris Kermode is the director here. How


frustrating has the last 48 hours been? It has been tough. Doing any


outdoor event in England you have to factor of the same. It makes it


difficult for players. There on and off all the time and to not get a


rhythm. You have to wait for the grass to dry out. You have the rain


in Paris and you are back on in five minutes. Considering how bad


the forecast has been this week, I am amazed we have got to the stage


where we are. Do you have contingency plans to play on


Monday? We could. I think there has been one final in 30 years that has


been on a Monday, in 1995. I think we get all the match is through to


the final so that there is only one match to play, we will be fine,


because you have a seven hour window to play one match. But


everything is in place to play on Monday if we have to. I'm feeling


confident, the players are coming on now. On Rafael Nadal, is there


indeed indication whether he will play doubles? Is it up to him?


is up to him. Knowing him, he will play doubles. He makes a commitment


and he will do it. Potentially, he has to play this match, finished


off his doubles from last night and play another one. The guy is so


driven and mentally strong. It shows his desire up when he comes


here to play. Your decision about the a Davis Cup and the second


singles after Wimbledon has been made for you, which James Ward


winning? It certainly does no harm. Last year at East born he had two


great wins and it is great to see him pick up his form this week. He


has a chance at the next match as well. He has to refocus now. He has


a set on grass already today which have think will help him. James


blame No. 2 presupposes that Andy Murray place number one. Will he?


hope so. We are all excited, and any time that he is available to


play, is great for everybody. all very well winning the next tie


but you want to win the one after that and the one after that, and to


do that you need Andy Murray in the team. Of course, any nation would


Miss Andy Murray. To have him in the team is used for us. As the


Davis Cup captain, do you wish that, barring injury, was mandatory for


players to play, so he did not have to have these constant dilemmas?


is tough. The nature of the schedule for the players is tough.


We see the physicality some they go through every match. I think they


need to be that degree of flexibility. A good look at how


they adapt the competition four, that is another story. In our


situation, Ben and he has not played, does give the opportunity


for some of the other players to step up. The Davis Cup is a


showpiece event and the next tie does not have live television


coverage, and the sport cannot afford Pat. He needs that kind of


show case for people to buy into the sport. It is a vicious circle.


Andy Murray has got to play for the game to be on TV, for you to get


promoted. He has a huge responsibility. He does, but so


does the -- to the other players. In the last couple of ties, the


players have stepped up. The job is to win the next one, and Luxembourg


in July. Because on that and had to get through to the next what on


there will be the promotion match to get into Division One were there


are some strong teams. We saw Oliver Gold here on Monday and he


was not over ought. What else is there beneath him that we can look


forward to? He is one of a number of good juniors coming through.


Ones that are competing internationally. There are a whole


group of kids coming through. We need patience. We see how long it


takes to transition out of the junior game into the seniors. You


knock see so many people are 18 or 19 bursting onto the scene. It is


about trying to identify the best players and having mechanisms to


support their programmes, whether that is based in the UK or Spain of


United States. It is a very good point about how much older they are


now. Mannarino, who is playing James Ward, his 22. His coach was


telling me probably about four years ago that he was the one to


watch. There is a lot of pressure on him in France to perform. And he


is just coming through now. It takes longer than people think.


might like to fudge this a bit, but I hope you won't. Novak Djokovic


brings up and says I am not coming, which is disappointing to you,


because his faces on all the billboards and the programmes, but


in a sense you can absorb that because Rafael Nadal this here and


Andy Murray is here. The other tournament this week is built


around Roger Federer. Federer said he was tired and he pulled out and


the tournament director issued an extraordinary press statement, the


kind of thing you do not normally here, saying he feels personally


let down. Can you see both sides of the argument? No, I cannot. From a


tournament. If you I can see how disappointed he was, I am sure he


regret saying it. One of those things you say on the spur of the


moment. When you do build an event around one player, that is the kind


of thing that is going to happen. Here, what we have done over the


years, is billed the cast list of players. Being so close to the


French, you can almost guarantee of that someone will not turn up. We


are incredibly lucky to have Rockwell that Althea, who fulfils


every commitment. He is on his knees with exhaustion and he is


still here. -- Rafael Nadal. Andy Roddick is here to win the


tournament. It is a numbers game. You hope that two out of that 15,


that is the sort of damage that might happen. Can you hope one day


ever to get Federer to play this? We ask every year. He did play here


three times. He played in juniors, in qualifying and a first round


main draw. Then he went the other tournaments and won it. It is a


superstition to him. I would love to have him here, obviously. What


he brings to grass-court tennis, to have both of them would be superb.


Looking ahead to the performance of Andy Murray, how must as a matter


to him to win this? He said when he won it how much confident he got.


The courts a great here, everybody loves playing it. It is important


that he gets the preparation him before play in Wimbledon. I think


it is important to him. He looked good in his match yesterday.


Bizarrely, I think if he wins here, takes pressure off him at Wimbledon.


The British number one, coming to play at Wimbledon, I remember


watching Tim Henman playing in the semi-final and you could feel the


tension every time he hit a tennis ball. But I think once he has a of


win, takes the pressure off. They SUE BARKER: Good news for lovers.


Roddick is a set and 3-1 up. -- prime position. Verdasco was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


starting to get a little bit of good to see he has some fight left


There wouldn't be too many days where you would see Fernando


Verdasco missed his four homes. -- Fantastic play from Andy Roddick.


The double break is his, the match will surely follow. Terrific


defensive play. A scramble for the forehand squash shot. Just skidded


over the net and everything is going right for Roddick at the


moment. He has had a handful of lucky returns that have dribbled


over the net. And made it awkward. And there he is, getting his last


strings on the racket, and just skidding across the front and


Verdasco couldn't do much more. That shot was clever. He was racing


into the net. It is so easy to overhit it or push it wide. We have


been studying these guys, the radar, the cows in the field, and we hope


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


Marin Cilic pulling out, and Like that shot. He has been well to


control his temper but that says it aware, the winner of this one will


play Andy Murray, and at the moment Andy Roddick. -- some rage.


UMPIRE: Verdasco is challenging. He might be disappointed. It was


close, but out. So, Fernando Verdasco... Serving to stay in the


challenge. Why not ask the question, nothing


to lose, except his pride? And a challenge. It is coming close...


Not enough. inconsistent, which is unusual.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


Just a glimpse of what Verdasco can About the only unforced error I can


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


That one touched the line. He Two match points, he has been out


done. There is the Verdasco we know! And still fighting. Flickers


of life from Verdasco. You suspect it is a delay of the inevitable.


Andy Roddick, coup has won this four times, he and Hewitt have


dominated in recent years, four times a winner, Roddick. Semi-


finalist in 2006. The man at the top of the board has gone. Sam


Querrey, defending champion no more. James Ward, his conqueror. And Andy


Murray won it in 2009. He is likely to meet Andy Roddick in the semi-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


He has got a couple of breaks up doing its work. Great footwork,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


quickly gets around those forehands, Another point for Verdasco to


survive. And still, Roddick cannot put him away. Verdasco is relaxing


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


He had time but it was pinpoint acknowledged by Roddick, but he


moves on. And Andy Roddick is one step closer, perhaps, to eight


fifth title at Queen's. On this sort of form and intensity I would


not take him out of the bidding. Verdasco heads off and he will not


take an awful lot out of this match. It is a day he will want to forget.


Pretty much everything went against him. And full credit to Andy


Roddick. He played a solid game and let but does care make the mistakes.


For fed a scope there is the thought of the wins that he has. --


for Fernando Verdasco. What a match that is in prospect, Andy Roddick


against Andy Murray in the semi- final. Andy Roddick lost his place.


SUE BARKER: Andy Roddick through in some style. A very quick match. We


were saying at the top of the Upton in that it could be a tough one,


Many congratulations. Completely at home now on grass? Yes. I enjoy


playing on the surface, I enjoy playing here. My first rain delay


of the year is out of the way, so it has started! Were we doing


during that period? I was plain angry birds. It is their game.


People have been following your Twitter account and realising what


you were listening to it last night that has been inspiring you.


first couple of days that I was here I was in a jet black Hayes and


I saw this wonderful song and it was the were sold. -- Wurzels.


Which particular song? What is it, combine harvester? That one!


would ask you to sing it unless you win on Sunday. Nobody wants me to


SUE BARKER: That is from are part of the world, down in the south-


west. Rafael Nadal has raced out of the locker room. They are looking


at this guys as well. The dark cloud made just missed us, but


Rafael Nadal wants to get on with it and get this match completed. He


has a tough one up against Jo- Wilfried Songa. The world No. 1 on


court and we will be with that match up until 5:15pm and with the


red button. We are still waiting to hear what is going to happen to


James Ward who put out the defending champion earlier today


and will be up against Adrian Mannarino. That could go over to


Court Number One to get it completed. It does go over there,


we will be covering it. Do you know the Wurzels? No idea what he was


talking about! He sang about a hole in the bucket? That was brilliant!


I think he would enjoy it. I think some bishops are just that might be


his next video. We will have a word! As far as his before sat


there, he is getting better and better. He missed them most of the


clay-court season and he has come in here fresh and determined. This


is his part of the year. He has a real shot at winning a Grand Slam,


Wimbledon, and performing well. For Andy Roddick, I always look at the


back and to see how that is going because that is the shot that is


probably the most brutal of his. It has become a pretty good shot now.


Early on in his career he was struggling to hit passing shot with


that and it was great today. His opponent was well below par. You


look at that score line. Andy Murray is going to be a lot harder.


It is an interesting semi-final. That was the great missed


opportunity back in Wimbledon, where Andy Roddick had a strategic


triumph. He played a great match and Andy Murray was one of two


points short for a place in the Wimbledon final. Of all the matches


he has played, there would have got into the Wimbledon final. That will


be a real match up in the semi- final. We look forward to that


because Andy Murray have looked could this week. He has done really


well. I would not be surprised if he's feeling a bit tired. The day


after day will help him a lot. I tell you who would love a day off,


is Rafael Nadal. He looked pretty tired yesterday afternoon. For once


he was successful and have been successful at the French Open I


just looking for a couple of matches to get under their belt,


and maybe a doubles match to get used to the grass. After that, this


is a bonus. As long as my body feels OK, they want to be nice and


fresh. You see how fired up Andy Roddick is. He's always a little


bit fired-up. He has a great sense of humour. Andy Murray is doing


well. I am hearing that Andy Murray is going to pop up here for a chat


before we go of air. As far as this one Co's, Jo-Wilfried Songa is a


bit of a man mountain. He is. In terms of the match-up, the first


thing you think about his that the top is tired. How badly does he won


this and is there anything left in the tank? Jo-Wilfried Songa beating


in the semi-final of the 2008 Australian Open and since then


Rafael Nadal has beaten him back every single time. But Jo-Wilfried


Songa does have the skills on a grass court. He has just come in


from the French Open. All the French players build up to that


emotionally, so the pressure is off now. Last year he was a quarter-


finalist at Wimbledon. We have one of the world's finest grass-court


players against Rafael Nadal, who is the Wimbledon champion. In the


chat that John was doing downstairs, they were talking about how France


has come through with so many players. That has held them because


it has taken a lot of pressure off them. There are number of world-


class players. Oh, dear, the umbrellas are up again. The French


clay-court can take a little bit of rain but the grass cannot because


it is so slippery. The rain is definitely coming down now. French


tennis is quite placed at the moment without having quite a true


superstar. This guy is another one that you watch at Wimbledon and


think, definitely a potential semi- finalist. As far as Rafa is


concerned, you talk about the fight of the man. Last night, he could


have finished it in two but was the second set, against the very


experienced Radek Stepanek. But when it matters, he digs deep and


finds more. I love the 1000 yard stare. There was almost as though


he lost control of his neck muscles, he was so tired. Chris Kermode, the


tournament director, was talking about it earlier on. You have to


understand that you cannot keep going deep. But this plant seems to.


He knows what is ahead, which is a weak off next week. I would think


that he would go back home and rest for three or four days. After the


French Open, he did all his press, had his picture taken, did all that


kind of stuff. Obviously, he needs some time off. But he likes


competing and he is the best at it. We are all set for this one. Jo-


Wilfried Songa about to start this quarter-final against the world No.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


1. Andrew will be on his way and he The court is very greasy. It is


raining again. That is the end of that. Well, one of those days. It


is frustrating for the crowd, the players, everybody involved. No,


they are staying. He wants to stay. I cannot believe that the players


are still waiting there because there is no chance of this match


continuing. We have already seen him slide under the net. He does


not want to be around any more. This sort of thing is not required.


That is a forlorn sight. Why is he still there? And Jo-Wilfried Songa


is still there as well. They are covering the court now so I am not


sure whether they were told to stay there. I cannot believe that the


players would not just run for cover. Both players have probably


had enough of the locker room for the day. It is just the feeling, I


hope he is around for the weekend and doesn't say, I am off. It is


quite possible he could say that. It is not going to make or break


his world. It is not in his nature, though. It is not, and I'm not


suggesting any unprofessional behaviour. It is just everything he


has been through, and the thing that is a head, defending his


Wimbledon title. He will not want be here until next Tuesday, for


instance. If we keep having rain Looking up at the sky, there is


blue-sky up ahead. But it has been covered. It will not happen


straight away even when the Commerce -- covers come off.


will be 45 minutes after the coverers get taken off at the court


is prepared and the players start playing. We have been really


unlucky. Over so many years, the odd shower now and again. But we


have had super weather. We have seen the court burnt by the end of


the week through hard play and sunshine. This is what makes them


such a great champion. He is right- handed! We were talking about that.


Boris Becker, he has a home in Majorca, very close to the House of


Rafa Nadal. And his uncle Tony asked Boris -- Boris Becker to come


over. And he can play with both sides. He obviously made the


decision that the stronger hand was the left as Forest tennis is


concerned. He will head in. Greg Rusedski saw him play when he was


15 years old and he just went, what have we got here? Graham was


talking to the man himself. Even when the covers,, he says she will


not be out for a while. He probably got you to practise this morning.


And it's 5:00pm, still no chance. Incredibly disappointing. John


Lloyd joins us again. Can't believe he is still out there. At least the


crowd have had a chance to see more of him. Strange that he stayed out


at all! I just said that there is a possibility without suggesting any


unprofessional conduct that he will not fancy this at all. With


Wimbledon up ahead. I hope he does not fit the decision that he has


had enough of this tournament. He has made his contribution. He will


rest ahead of Wimbledon. I am in anticipation. It is probably


inaccurate. Rafa Nadal heading back to the locker-room. Jo-Wilfried


Tsonga. We will keep you up-to-date. And much a ribald get much tennis


year. But it will continue on the Red Button if there was any play


this evening. Let's go back inside to the players under cover. The


It doesn't matter if you are the Grand Slam champions, you must


leave when the rain comes. How frustrating to you feel? It can be


pretty tough. We are coming up a pretty good week in Paris. You just


happy to be here. We love playing on grass. We don't mind the rain.


The last few years we have had such great winter. We are expecting the


worst. But it's good to just chill on her phone and do some staff that


is quite useless. But it's fun on the end. How about you? We do get


spoiled. At Wimbledon. Here at the Queen's Club, it's just a waiting


game. Any time you come to London, the surface we are playing on is so


specific to the rain. We are accustomed to some drops. We just


spend the time here with family and friends and play board games and at


the time go by. Who is a demon in the players' locker-room? If the


offer to play table tennis, you think, no way, they are too good!


like playing ping pong. He was slicing everything back perfectly!


Very talented guy it on and off the court. He looks like he would be


the chance. Rafa Nadal is the man to avoid at table football. I hear


that Andy Baddeley is pretty good. I was next to him and one of the


hotel grounds and he was pretty wild and aggressive on his video


game. Yes, the PlayStation. best tennis players are the best


players in the lounge as well. important is that for the doubles


partnership of the court because that translates on the court? Can


you hate each other and still be a good partnership? You have had --


her stories in the past uncertainty was not getting along of court.


That happens after some time spent together. Once you get onto the


court, it is so different, it is business and you must do your job.


Right now, Max and myself are together and happy and hopefully


that will continue. He is a great guy, very down-to-earth. It can


only help if you have a good relationship on and off the court.


They say that partnership is like a marriage, you have to make it work


or else it can get nasty. Well, they are at least enjoying the rain.


They have no hope of getting on today if we cannot get the singles


played. Both of them have won this You have to be kidding me! What a


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 88 seconds


Everyone wants to be there, 20th November and plenty of tickets


available. Daniel Nestor has warned that three times. It is fantastic


for singles and doubles. The set of tennis that Federer played against


Djokovic was a joke, it was the evening semi-final. It was to end


his unbeaten streak but the last guy to beat him was much better in


that match and the first set was ridiculous, we were not working, we


have little drink and we thought it was just amazing. Watching Roger


Federer. And then Andy Murray and Rafa Nadal. Unbelievable. These


guys make the semi-final a lot. This is just so frustrating. Rafa


Nadal, not to be able to get on and play his match. He had a


frustrating time last night. He played a late and it's cold and wet.


It will be tough for him to get through this week? And having the


right preparation for Wimbledon? has enough matches under his belt.


But he wants to play. He stayed on the court and refused to leave. He


just wants to get this on it. He is fired up. He doesn't like hanging


around. You get used to the Grand Slams, that is part of it, but here


he just wants matches and it is so frustrating for all of them. Andy


Murray will be the happiest. He was on his way up here and he got


diverted to the press conference. He will be really so happy to get


through. Not quite so happy to be facing Andy Roddick. But he has had


a fantastic day, you can have a nice dinner. Hit a few balls and


cruise home. He is ready. They are already. But they want to finish,


they want to compete and play this tournament and sharpen up. The


great thing about the semi-final between Andy Roddick and Andy


Murray is they want to beat each other. Andy Roddick is fired up, he


has beaten Lopez, Anderson and now Verdasco. That is a semi-final that


we shall relish. Even if he doesn't have the full tank, he will not


want to lose. Just talk about James Ward. Terrific performance. Putting


out the defending champion, Sam Querrey. He is due to play his


quarter-final against Adrian Mannarino. Two wins back-to-back.


Some British past masters have had good publicity and it has gone to


the head and the next day it was a let-down and they have not played


well. He has done this, two matches and he has been at his best and


perhaps the third one today. He is making a breakthrough and there is


a long way to go but he has given himself a chance. This was a good


performance, very professional. Beating Sam Querrey. And he was


questioned in that last game. He found the answers. Because he got


to that match. And it was quite passive and then one break point


down and he fired down the line with that pushy backhand off the


short ball, nice and deep. And then served it out. He came through


under fire. He has probably been in about 16 or 17 towns and cities


around the world after his different levels and this was his


opportunity and a few wins another match he will double his prize


money for the year! And he has been all over the place. Maybe the


players are bored but this man has been working very hard. All of them


have. These covers have been on and off right the way through these


championships. And I am not sure why they have denied this. It is


coming off. Hopefully we will get some play in just a moment. But you


talk about prize-money and James Ward but it is the points. He would


get so many points from ATP. It is all about the rankings, and what


tournaments you can get into. in the world, currently 216 points


and he has computer points coming off the computer next week. Is he


playing at Eastbourne? He would be mad not to. He has his wild card at


Wimbledon so he doesn't have to qualify. Now he is set fair, he has


replaced those computer points that he will lose next week. He might be


able to maintain that decent wracking. If he was to win another


match, is renting will rise. That is roughly how the system works.


And Russia what is going on. They don't know whether to uncover this


court. Some indecision. Plenty of moisture landed on that court. Buy


me some Rafa Nadal slipping under that net, the opening point, for


the crowd, they want to get him back on but we don't want to put


him at risk. And, indeed, Jo- Wilfried Tsonga. There are very


knowledgeable here. This is an important event, don't get me wrong,


but the public knows that you cannot put the best player in the


world in jeopardy here if the court is that right so they might have to


be patient until it is absolutely bone-dry. I remember the old days,


we had a certain referee who never played before and late at night, it


might have be raining, and they don't have the technology and he


would come out in his jacket and tie and say, perfectly fine, play


on. And you would break your neck! And that was before these little


stones on the bottom of your shoes. You had no chance of staying up!


Canvas shoes. An extremely short shorts. But at least the sun


shining and that is a bonus. The more the sun is out, the more that


will dry up. So, we're coming off their very soon. But of course, if


there is any play, we will be on the Red Button at right the way


through the evening. If there is any play and Rafa Nadal gets back


onto the court against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, we will be covering that.


And we're waiting to see if James Ward will play today. Facing Adrian


Mannarino. We will cover that as well. Semi-finals day tomorrow,


weather permitting, we will be live on BBC One tomorrow at 1pm. Briefly,


frustrating? Look, the sun was coming out and we're going off her.


The Red Button for us. We will stick around. If there is tennis


around, we will be there. Formula One coverage, the practice


for the Canadian Grand Prix tonight at 6:55pm on the Red Button. And


tomorrow is the race, 5:15pm his qualifying on BBC One. All of that


coming up later on. We will have some tennis, and pleased to say,


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