Semi-Finals Queen's


Sue Barker presents coverage from the semi-finals of the Aegon Championships at the prestigious Queen's Club in west London, with commentary from Andrew Castle and Andrew Cotter.

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SUE BARKER: Only four player Tremayne. To get to the final they


will make to display exceptional skills. It is a mouth-watering menu.


There is a popular slice of American Pie. A surprise French


fancy. For the first time ever, two portions of great British fare. A


Scottish treat and some English nouvelle cuisine. Tennis does not


get tougher than this. Behind the scenes, what a menu!


Have you had a nice lunch? I am thinking of going to get some of


these crusty sand which is that you guys have been having. They have


got a choice of about four dishes. All credit to the chef and his team.


We're here for semi-finals day. What a difference from yesterday


afternoon when it was rain all the way. Today, the forecast is a lot


better. The sun is shining. It is trooping the Colour today. It is


traditional on the Saturday of the Queen's Club Championship. Two


former champions along with a rather unexpected last four match-


up. We have got Roddick against Murray. That is the first match up.


Then Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who served 25 aces. The weather forecast


tomorrow is for heavy rain tomorrow. The tournament director has decided


to move the tournament for two, so it will start at around midday. Get


here early if you have tickets. We will let you know about our


transmission times later in the afternoon. Pat Cash, John Lloyd,


still with me. This first semi- final, Murray against Roddick.


Defeat does heart. Andy Roddick heart Andy at Wimbledon. He had a


good record going into that match a couple of years ago. You have to


give credit to Roddick, he played one of the matches of his career.


Then he went on to the final and it was so close. Roddick at his best


takes a lot to beat. He was at his best that time. He is playing well


this week as well. I was looking at the backhand to see if he is


hitting it well. It is not really a weakness any more, he has improved


it over the years. His volleying can be a bit hit-and-miss. He is


fresh, he did not play the French Open, and he is ready to go. It


makes a big difference. Against Murray, obviously, you've got to be


ready. Two British men in the finals for the first time. In the


second set against Mannarino, he had match points. A few of them


were on his serve. He lost the tie- break, went off, smashed his


racquet. The predictable thing was to think that he would come back


and go downhill fast. But he came back. At 4-4, 15-40 on his serve.


He played four brilliant points, held his nerve. He has pushed


through all of the obstacles that have been put in his way this week.


He has no experience at this level, really. He has done remarkably well.


And being watched by the Prime Minister. It was packed. All you


can do is to win matches. We wondered whether he would be


affected by having a big win. He has gone on and consolidated.


has had a bit of luck and he has taken it. He has taken the


opportunity. Sam Querrey was not 100%. It is very easy to get tired


out there. He won that match and had to back it up against his next


opponent. He is guaranteed around �23,000. A which is great. It will


pay a lot of bills. To get really tight in that second set was


understandable. I thought he was gone and he was not, he hung around.


It is to his credit. This means a lot him. He deserves his place out


there. Absolutely. He delighted the fans on Court No. 1. At the same


time, or on Centre Court, a surprise victory here. Jo-Wilfried


Tsonga put out the reigning US Open, French Open and Wimbledon champion,


Rafael Nadal. Rafa won the first set. By the end of it, the crowd


just loved him. He is a real entertainer, very talented and


immensely powerful stop he really engages with the crowd. Our real


talent, Pat. He is. He was ready to take Rafa. Rafa, mentally, is very


tired. Physically as well, he was chasing the shots. He was making


errors that he never makes. Second serving on a big point, he hit the


frame and it did not go for. He had quite a few double faults. He is


just tired. To beat the No. 1 player in the world, he still has


his forehand and backhand. Tsonga came out with 16 aces in the first


set. When Rafa slowed down and made a few mistakes, Tsonga got


confident and played some pretty spectacular stuff. Really fun to


watch. This is the practice court today. Murray is out there early,


first up. He is up against Andy Roddick, someone he knows very well.


His winning record against Roddick is 63. He would have been very


happy to have that day off yesterday. He wanted to get his


ankle ready. James Ward getting ready, probably training with his


cage fighter or something! Murray always looks relaxed. I agree. He


would have been very happy when Marin Cilic said he could not play.


The day of rest will have done him a lot of good. I agree with Pat


about Rafa being a little bit tired. I think Andy is a little fatigued


as well. He is fighting it. He really wants to win this tournament.


You can see he looks a little bit tired. He will have a big battle


today. He will have a tough match. There is James Ward and the Davis


Cup coach, Leon Smith. There was no way Rafa was going to come out here


in a semi-final and then to have another match. He would have been


doubly exhausted on Monday, thinking, I only have a few days


off, I just won the French Open. I do not think he was that


disappointed. He did not like playing badly yesterday at all. I


think it was probably the best thing for his Wimbledon chances.


the turn of that second set, he just could not find anything, the


batteries were flat. He is pretty much exhausted, making errors and


stuff like that. I almost think that he was going to shake hands


and walk off. The players are just about to leave


the locker Room. Let us join John. There are a couple of outstanding


matches to be sorted out in the Men's Doubles. The dressing room,


which was heaving at the start of the week with players, is just


about empty. After 125 years, I wonder if the camera can see it, we


were talking about it being a great anniversary this week. They had


ice-skating and athletics here. Andy Roddick has decided that he


needs to go to the boy's room just before he goes out on to the court.


He has been here so many times, a multiple winner here. I am not


quite sure how long we will have to wait for him! When he comes back,


we will have a quick word. It is a very nervous time! I hear


they are ready now. Andy, you have been in this


situation in this championship so many tears. Can you treat today


like any other game? Of course not. I think we all get up for it. This


tournament is important to both of us. It is going to be a good match.


It is strange that you have not played each other for two years,


given how high up the ranking should bother. I do not know how


much that has to do with it. There will be a lot of surprises between


the two of us. It will be a matter of who executes best. Coming down


the stairs shortly will be Andy Murray. Here he comes. Only a week


ago, he was playing a Grand Slam semi-final at Roland Garros against


Rafael Nadal. Rafa was saying how tired he was yesterday, but you


were lucky, you had a day off. was a good day of rest for the


ankle. I feel good. Pundits are saying this is an opportunity for


revenge for that Wimbledon semi- final a couple of years ago. Does


that have any bearing on today? It is good preparation for


Wimbledon. I am looking forward to it. Andy Murray, heading off to


face Andy Roddick on Centre Court here at the Queen's Club in the


first of today's semi-finals. He does not even look like he is


fired up for a semi-final, but you know he must be. Before Davis Cup


matches, you sometimes look at him and think, he is ready, isn't he?


As soon as he hits that first ball, you think, yes, he is ready. Some


of the criticisms... Here they come, just about to begin. A lot of the


criticism has been the way he talks to his supporters, his box on the


side of the court. What is your take on that? I have been on both


sides. I had been very frustrated as a player, complaining about


anything. Sometimes you shout at the ones that you love. That


happens, you are just venting. you think it sometimes distracts


them. Most people get mad on the court, unless you are Roger Federer.


It is about whether it will help. When Andy Murray goes into these


periods where he gets negative, I do not think he plays well


afterwards. If he was playing well I do not think there would be a


problem. In Grand Slams, I think he spends too much time doing that,


ends up losing some sets. It has a ripple effect. By the time he gets


to the semi-finals, it takes a bit out of you. That is what I think.


More against the lesser players. Yes, he is always ready for the top


UMPIRE: The way the chair is set up, I do not think there is room for


you to go between the net post and the chair. You will have to go


round the back. Any questions? You won the toss.


SUE BARKER: He was saying that there was not room and they would


have to walk around the back. I am wondering if they have moved things.


With that out of the way, they will now crack on, get the match under


way. They are both very tall. That is the way the game is going, isn't


it? It is much more a power game than it used to be. There is no


question about that. we take for granted the serve and the forehand,


which is not as fears among weapon as it used to be. The back and is


what I look for from Roddick. His passing shots on the back and side,


he has passed remarkably well. That is where the majority of people


will go at when they get chances. If he can pass on that, he will be


tough to beat at Wimbledon. When he destroyed Verdasco


yesterday, he was taking the ball so early, he really has his eye in


on the grass. It is a big surprise, yes. He had some days on the grass


to prepare. Having been out for a little bit, you would expect him to


be a little bit rusty. He was fired up. When you are under pressure, it


can be hard to pass, but he is doing it very well. At the back of


Andy's mind might be, I need a bit of a holiday. Roddick is really


fired up. He still believes that he can win Wimbledon. 30 titles. You


saw four of them here. We were worried about the shoulder injury,


but he has been serving well. has been serving brilliantly here.


He is as fresh as a daisy but knows that he has to win matches if he is


to win Wimbledon. He has played pressure points are very well this


week. Because of his injuries, he needs matches. Anyway, here is


Murray. His mum is here, making her first appearance of the week.


Everyone is worried about the ankle but he says that is fine now.


his ankle was that bad he would not be here. It is amazing how they can


recover these days. Yes, just play through the injuries now.


16 titles and only 24. A lot to go but everyone is saying, when will


he win his first Grand Slam? He is in with a chance every time.


think he is, absolutely. There are little things that he could fix up


in his game. It is really his focus and his intensity and the little


lapses that he has. They are the ones that you cannot get away with


when you're playing the top guys. In grants lambs, he has played


Federer twice. Who can beat him at his best apart from Rafa at his


best? It looked like a poor performance against Djokovic. But


look what Djokovic has done this year. He has played three Grand


Slam finals against three of the hottest players on form. None of


them have been bad performances but he needs a little bit. I agree with


that. We were talking about the mental side. He has mentioned it in


a couple of his press conferences. So he is acknowledging that. Which


is good. The question is: Can he fix it in time? If he fixes it, I


think he could win Wimbledon this year. He really is playing that


well. It is the old thing that really separates him from the top


guys, the mental side. I do not know what it is, it is as if he has


doubts early on and by the time he gets there I think he is a little


bit fatigued. He has got to cut out all that stuff right from the


beginning, get on to business and save his energy for the big matches.


It is draining. The great thing is that he has awareness of it. I


focused on this in my career. It is aware of being when you are going


into a bit of a slump. One Sue there, you go, or K, I am going to


pick this up. Everybody goes into a slump for a point or two, apart


from Rafa. You have to acknowledge it and say, let's fire up. You are


aware of it in the game and then you can fix it. That is what he


needs to do, as opposed to letting it go three, four, five games.


We're just about ready to go. John Lloyd will be heading off to the


commentary box. On the red button there is the qualifying of the


British MotoGP. John Lloyd is on his wake. We are


ready for this first semi-final here that the Aegon Championships.


Let us join Andrew Castle. A much better day, weather wise. We're all


Yes, there is certainly much more broken cloud cover here today. It


is a difficult day to dress for because the direct sunlight is very


warm. Hopefully we will see good conditions for tennis, not too


breezy. These two are the winners of five of the last championships


here. Roddick, of course, a four- time champion. A real challenge for


125 years of Queen's Club, celebrating that this year. This is


a real celebration of the best in The final was scheduled for 2pm


tomorrow. Sorry, 2:30pm tomorrow. It has been changed to NIMBY. Semi-


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That is just a bit worried. -- wide. If you control the ball, you


control your opponent. Murray has a The coaching team for Andy Roddick


He has coached some of the best. If you can deal with McEnroe you can


UMPIRE: Game, Murray. Very tidy. There is Kimberly,


enjoying a bit of sunshine. She is looking for a job, so if anybody


has a job for Kimberly I am sure she would delighted to send her


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Roddick on a grass court looks to serve above 70% with his first


serves. He does not always go flat It is a bit nasty when you hit a


serve like this and it comes back for a clean winner. Roddick was not


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Andy Roddick will not win the majority of those encounters.


sort of five shots and you give Andy Murray as the favourite, and


Andy Roddick will want to do damage early on and he has not been able


to in those rallies because Murray A classic illustration of the


difficulties for Andy Roddick. When he first came out on tour, he had a


big serve. Now, it is still a big delivery but the guys are quick


these days and the courts are slower, must be a! It is the way


the ball reacts against the grass also. It looks like a match for


Murray, this. Roddick used to bully his opponents in essence and they


were scared of him. The serve came at them and they never got into


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


games with return of serve. But now, Another good rally and Roddick and


really having to go for big shots, and he is going to have to do this


and takes some chances. artillery is on the forehand side


from the back of the court that get the job done. The forehand, he gets


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


It is a stand-out Championship, this. It sits very nicely on its


own. Of course, Wimbledon is around the corner, but it has real history.


Defending champion Sam Querrey. Andy Murray, in 2009, he did not


even lose a set and was not taken to a tie-breaker, he was


magnificent. Rafael Nadal played that magnificent final against


Roger Federer. In fact, looking back at the history, six players


have done the Queen's and Wimbledon double. John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors,


Boris Becker in 1985, Pete Sampras a couple of times, Lleyton Hewitt


and Rafael Nadal. Andy Roddick has been so close to the double on a


couple of occasions. In 2004, he won here and lost the final at


Wimbledon two Roger Federer, and the same thing happened in 2005.


Get in touch with us this afternoon or tomorrow, any questions or any


statements will be very gratefully received. Murray in control here. A


reminder that tomorrow, the final has been moved from 2:30pm back to


my day. So if you are getting here, traffic can be bad arriving here


and it public transport is not always reliable. It is a 12 o'clock


start tomorrow, that has changed. We will confirm our broadcast plans


That net slice backhand from Andy Roddick, he has had a lot of


success with that this week. It has been staying very low. But when he


hit it here to Murray, Murray's slice backhand is superb and he


does not mind that. So far, it has not been much use to him, but every


days yet. -- believe days. Murray looks like he has got all day long


to pick these returns, he is seeing the ball so well. The serve may not


have been wide enough, but how good is that?! That is the second Andy


Roddick has seen disappear past him, this is very dangerous for Roddick,


I think Roddick's serve and volley twice this game, I think that was


just after that first service game where his first serves are coming


back easily. He had to already do something different to show Murray


That was a nice pass to chip off forehands from Roddick. -- a nice


passage of forehands. That was nice and wide. He is having to play big


shot just to get ahead in this game, just to try and hold serve -- some


Getting on for 15 minutes and Roddick is finally under way with


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


that serve that he had to work hard Magician, gorgeous! It is this


court awareness again and the ability to pull off the shot. But


you have to imagine it, deep to the We might start talking about how he


does not want to waste his best tennis here! Peaking too early!


Wimbledon is to close for this. Total control at the moment, but


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Murray first came here as a teenager and made a massive


impression in 2005. Was it that long ago? He played Taylor Dent on


this court he was 30th in the world and Murray beat him fairly


convincingly. Then he lost to Thomas Johansson in the third set


and he went over like a sack of potatoes. He was just a boy and it


was taking such a toll on him emotionally and physically, he


collapsed and the far corner. Think of the work he has done to arrive


here. He is the finished article from a tennis point of view. When


it comes to winning and -- winning potentially major championships.


They have all played their part, that is the team. And that is the


boss. And that is his boss, sort of, maybe. He makes his own decisions.


He is a man achieving so much and he deserves big credit for it. He


does not always looked like he is having a brilliant laugh, but it is


not about that as a professional tennis player, it is about winning


matches and he has won a lot. So has this man here. Roddick will


have to think his way through this match because he has a stubborn


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


opponent today who is not missing a If you get a chance during the


baseline rally to listen in, listen . And that is three clean winners


on that return of serve when Roddick has gone wide. He is


This is quite an exhibition from Andy Murray in the semi-finals of


this AEGON Championships. I think we can probably call this in the


zone. That is exactly right. He may not break every time but he is


playing any shot he sees fit. And he has half an hour, seemingly, on


each. The pressure on Roddick, his first serve he has to almost hit


lines to win. He has to aim for targets by the line to win this


He fancied that! There was a time in a final when Roddick was playing


Federer and he did this. He bounced one into the ground and Federer


smashed straight past him. Roddick shook Federer's hand and said, well


Murray was 24 last month, Roddick is 28 and a veteran of the tour.


Roddick is coming into this tournament, he did not win a match


since beating Don Isner in Indian Wells in March. So this has been


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


fabulous preparation for Wimbledon How early did he take that passing


shot?! It is an absolute delight to watch. And by taking it early, he


created the angle. And he did not give Roddick a chance to get close


enough into the net. That was the problem, Roddick coming in from


today close to the baseline. -- These long rallies, when the


rallies have gone over eight strokes in this match, Murray has


won seven of the eight. And two Hawk-Eye for that. -- thank you 2


Later on, the British number two James Ward is in action in his own


town. He is playing Jo Wilfried- Tsonga. I am going to ask Tom Boyd


to get his coaching hat on and say if you were sitting with Roddick


now, giving his undoubted skills, what can you say? -- John Lloyd.


Roddick is a good tactician. He will be aware of what is going on


and he has tried something that is not working. I think he will try to


take more chances now. He has got to do that. What can he do? He will


have to mix up the serve and volley, try and keep Murray off balance,


and in the rallies, he will have to take the ball on quicker and hope


Murray will miss some passing shots. Have to be honest, that is not


really his game, that is the problem. -- to be problems -- to be


honest. If they had statistics cannot would that help them? If for


some players, because some do not think much out of the court. But


Roddick does and he will know at the moment he is getting a lesson


and he will not like. He will try everything to muscle his way into


this match and cause problems. At the moment, he is just bouncing off


Andy Murray. Nice new balls to serve with nowt there are quite


fast. This is becoming a bit annoying commit each change. --


this is becoming a bit annoying now, each change. Each new guest. But


they pay the bills, that lot! think the players are too fussy


about this. Play! A you practice all day long with people walking


past and get used to it, it is what It is not as good the ladies


present here today are just wearing jeans or anything! You have to move


carefully, there are a lot of high Andy Roddick showing more anger --


showing more angle than we are used to this week with his short socks.


A little self defence from Murray on the return! Andy real


illustration of a sweet feel and nice hands, look at this! Do not


-- and the real illustration. A That is a very good hold from


Roddick. It is only one break, that is the way he will look at it and


Murray has to serve for the set. He could serve a double fault, Roddick


will be thinking he is trying to Just testing the position of the


sun in relation to the ball toss at the beginning of the game, it is in


his way. Made a big difference! Has not been in a final since the


Australian Open in January. So he will be very eager to get this


first set under his belt. This is the area where Roddick has to do


something where he gets his second serve, because the first serve of


Murray has been brilliant. He has to do some damage on the second


No chance on that. That approach shot is to slow. You cannot give


Murray this amount of time to prepare on the passing shot. You


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


can see the slice, and that floats. That had a lot offside spin on it


and as it clears his pace, at this been takes more effect. So at the


end, just wide. Worth a cheque because Murray will be thinking the


set is about to be over -- worth Ace Number 10! Murray is in


complete control of his game in this match. Almost perfection.


BARKER: Murray looking magnificent, and we are at Queen's, celebrating


120 -- 150 years, and is similar sum -- and a similar celebration


for Wimbledon are coming up. There is nothing quite it, whether you


are there in person, the smell of it all were fit you are watching it


on television. -- the smell of it or whether you are watching it.


is the one everybody knows, it is the biggest tournament in the world.


If you are a Wimbledon champion, you are a member for life. I have


always felt there was something special, it was for a place I


wanted to be part of and hopefully one day win. Be speak to the


majority of players and they would say if there was one tournament to


win, which would it be? It would be Wimbledon. So many great champions,


great memories, and you will be able to see that on Sunday 19th


Looking forward to the start of the Championships, Rafael Nadal it


there to defend. -- Rafael Nadal is there to defend. The final tomorrow


is at 12 o'clock, it has been moved because of the weather. This is a


That is the same thing. He has just got so much time on the ball. It is


long way to come in, it is not close enough to the net. You see


where he is, Andy Roddick, only at the service line. Got to get in


closer. Unfortunately, he is not getting many short balls to attack


A better area of the court to approach from, there, for Roddick.


He has more of a chance there, get On a day like today, Murray will


expect to get three out of four Roddick is attempting to claw his


way into this match somehow. Murray is immaculate, he is in his own. --


That puts the pressure on Roddick, he tries to go for a big second


serve and a double fault happens. That is the pressure that Murray is


putting on him right now. First double fault of the match. Two


You know, this is an absolute Morling, isn't it? -- mauling.


Enjoyed these next few minutes. -- So somebody had to leave the arena


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That is the best sliced backhand he has hit today, Roddick. You can see


this one. Look at the side spin. Look how much spin he put on that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Mrs Roddick thinking that he is getting into this rally. A very


good forehand and a total wrong- foot from Murray. -- this is


I mean, he has to take that ball gone. He missed it. He has to go


for those type of shots. -- Take It is not just an amazing service


display, it is the control. He is putting the ball in every aspect of


the game wherever he wants to. This is a magnificent Murray performance.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Three excellent serves in this game That girl almost took the serve


from Andy Roddick there. Find Let us compare the service. The


average first serve speed 120 mph. I would expect the served to be a


little faster than that. He is trying to direct it at the Murray


forehand. Murray has been able to read that. It is not quite wide


enough. Murray's is virtually identical. You would expect Roddick


would be a lot faster. You can CVAs Sia Soliola and the variation. --


I think that one, that is the shot. He let the ball come in and play


here. If he moved just a couple of feet over, he could swing a


Beautifully done! Nice 1-2 punch. He looks so relaxed on the serve,


looks like he is putting no effort even the great players can


sometimes lose their concentration. The main thing is to keep his mind


No future coming down the middle on a short ball. Murray picks them off.


I like the way that Murray does not wait for the ball to come to him.


He gives Roddick almost no time to get his net placement. He is taking


it on the rise, and he has got gaps on the other side of Roddick which


The ball just checked on the line You're joking! That is a fantastic


shot right there. The pace he has been dealing with in this shot.


Roddick is expecting a ball to come floating back to him so that he can


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


get a nice hit. Very few people they wrongly three men who can deal


with Murray when he is in this sort of form, and they are the three


guys above him in the rankings - After only 48 minutes, Murray is


one set and two breaks up. SUE BARKER: A master class from


Murray at the moment. The overwhelming favourite in the


second semi-final is this man, Jo- Wilfried Tsonga from France. He is


very athletic and powerful and he loves playing here at the Queen's


Club. Just a few years ago, it was here that he broke into the world's


top 100 for the first time. He is number 19 in the world. He is up


against James Ward of Great Britain who is ranked number 216. He has


had a sensational tournament. A wildcard into the draw. He has had


one giant-killing match after another. Will the fairy-tale


continue? Will it be an all-British Ward and Tsonga later on. It is one


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


It just keeps getting better, doesn't it? You think the level


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


might drop a bit from the Murray How aggressive, how he stepped


inside the baseline to take the forehand. Once again, giving


Roddick no chance to get ready to move for the next ball. The winner


is already past him, he is taking Just outstanding tennis today from


Andy Murray. It has been an exhibition of world-class shot-


making and expertise. It has been fabulous. I hope he smiles at the


end of this one! He has been so focused on the ball and the wind.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


People were worried about Marin This is frightening. Talk about


Which side will he choose to hit a I am shocked that he missed that.


When you get into the zone like this, you feel like you can play


He has been hitting passing shots very close to the baseline. That


one is about six feet behind the baseline and he still hits a clean


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


On that one he was almost too early. He has been anticipating the served


Murray is doing to Roddy to Dave what Roddick did to Verdasco on


It is a shame it had to end that way. Superb performance from Andy


Murray. That is one Briton through to the final of these championships.


I feel like clapping myself. This is the culmination of so much


harder work, it does not just happened. He has turned himself


into an unbelievably good player. We all know that he wants to win


and he is certainly capable of it. Magnificent from Roddick, this week.


Roddick has had a great tournament, but he came up against someone


today. We talk about what a genius Federer is, but Murray today was


like that. I look forward to hearing what Andy Murray has to say.


On behalf of everyone at the Queen's Club today and millions


watching on TV, thank you very much. It was an absolute master class,


just brilliant. Thank you. seemed to be in complete control


from the moment you walk on the court. I got off to a good start.


Andy's one of the toughest guys on the tour to break. It was just one


of those days. I hardly missed a ball. It what did he say to you in


that final game when you hit that blistering weather pattern? I think


he just said, keep its social! I have played Andy many times and


have had some great matches with him. If we play in a couple of


weeks' time at Wimbledon I am sure it will be a lot more competitive.


Is the basis of your technique against the big hitters to slice


the ball? The ball is actually a lot quicker. It was staying a lot


lower. He came into the net quite a lot and I hit many passing shots


today as well. It is something you think about when you go out on the


court but sometimes you have to adjust because every match is


different. Did you imagine that the whole thing would be done and


dusted in just about an hour? at all. I'll take it, for sure. It


is nice to get off the court quickly. I have played a lot of


tennis likely. It will be nice to watch for a change. I am sure James


Ward and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga are in the Changing Room at the moment. If


you were in Janes', for the final, what would you advise him? I am not


going to give in tips on TV! You obviously have to try and go for it,


do not come out on the court thinking, great, I am in the semi-


finals. I am sure of the crowd are behind him that definitely helps.


Let's hope you can continue to play like you just played for the next


three weeks. Andy Murray in the final tomorrow


and absolutely brilliant today. SUE BARKER: That performance


deserves a standing ovation. It is possibly the best we have ever seen


Andy Murray play. Right from the start, the timing was on and he


outmanoeuvred, out-thought, outplayed a Grand Slam champion.


Well done to Andy Murray, he is through to the final. He was the


champion two years ago and he might be the overwhelming favourite,


whoever he plays in tomorrow's final. Remember, that is at midday


now, not 2:30pm. So Murray is through now, what can James Ward


do? He has thrilled the crowd here, beating Stanislas Wawrinka at. He


had a tough match against Adrian Mannarino. Now he is facing a much


tougher prospect in Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. He beat the world number


one on that court last night. First of all, James Ward, a massive


moment, but what I liked in his interview yesterday was he said, I


am glad I will be back on Centre Court. He enjoyed the experience


and he wants to be back there. That is good that he does not feel like


he will be intimidated. As we have been saying, he has passed a lot of


tests this week. There have been occasions where there has been a


crisis and he has come through it. For someone with not much


experience at this level, you look to see whether they can pass those


types of tests. He did that yesterday. he lost the first eight


points and we were thinking he was gone. But he has come through it,


so why should he be scared today? Someone was calling him Jamie on


the court. No-one has ever heard of him. They are supporting him. They


got behind him and they made a big difference yesterday, the crowd.


Remember, he played four matches last week. He has won matches this


weekend he is getting his attention, why should he not enjoy it? He is a


good player, it is not a miracle The final tomorrow has been brought


forward to 12 o'clock and we will be live on BBC1 for the start of


that final. Andy Murray versus either James Ward or Jo-Wilfried


Tsonga. We talk about James Ward he has done well. He was 3 hundred/1


to win. He is now 20/1. I still wouldn't have it. He has got to


beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and then mur e- Andy Murray. I have to say


the pace of the ball on the centre court was a lot faster than between


Andy Murray and the other player. It looked different. It was awesome


and Tsonga is such an athlete. He was diving all over the place and


he got the crowd on side. Well he loves grass and he is a great


entertainer. I think this surface suits him. He is a big shot-maker


and he is an entertainer. But this is a big point. This us with at 0-


30 and a possibly a set and two break. Look at this, come on, it


was better than that. We were commentating on him at the French


Open. There is another left hander. Even Rafael Nadal could not believe


it. At the French Open, Tsonga played a great match and lost a two


set lead to Wawrinka. Now I can hand live to John Inverdale waiting


for two players. Andy Murray is still on the court doing interviews.


Andy Roddick is in the changing rooms and coming out from the door


is Jo-Wilfried Tsonga from France. The man who beat Rafael Nadal last


night. Just the 25aces last night. Your kefb will be key? Yes of


course it is one of best weapons, so I will troo to use it a lot.


There hasn't been an all-British final here since 1931, will you let


James win? Sorry can you repeat that. The best of luck, Jo. After


him, I can see Max Mirnyi, who is hovering. Oh! He would have been


out of semi finals. James, that is relaxed. Max almost fell down the


stairs. A week ago you couldn't have thought you would be here


today. No of course not. It has been a great week for me and just


pleased to be here today on semi finals day. Do you just go for it?


Yes rbgt, I i got to this stage from playing the way I normally do.


Well seize the moment as they say. The best of luck from all of us.


is bang in the big time and poor old Maxmphy was -- Max Mirnyi was


nearly out of tournament with this. Drama, more twisted ankles. We have


seen enough of them with Andy Murray's. There has been a few


injuries. Watching James Ward yesterday, he does mix it up well


and he is thinking out there. he will mix it up in certain types


of game. His first serve has been his key. He has served April


yapbltly. And his two-handed backhand is a great weapon. -- he


has served brilliantly. He has been coming in and he has played very


well. James you were talking about yesterday and seven match points he


had. And he did so well, because to drop that opening service game in


the last set, it shows a lot of grit that he didn't fold. Yes it


was interesting that Andy Murray after he has beaten Andy Roddick


was talking about how the crowd can make a difference. If they get


behind James and they like the romance, the son of a London cabbie,


who I spoke to last night by the way, he was nervous. He didn't work


last night. He norm Arm works 8.30 to -- normally works 8.30 to 4am.


But he said he needs to be rested to watch his boy. If he embraces


the stage, there is no reason why he can't win two or three service


games and make a set close. Make a match close and you can win.


feel that the first few games might be key. And we hope that he settles


in?. Yes I look at it like if there were a couple of boxes, he has got


the punch's chance. If he lands a couple of blows, you never know and


Tsonga, great player that he is, but he can pwh a -- be a bit up and


down. So we will see. The machine is on and the challenge system is


on. Heads or tails? Heads? Heads. Serve. You have got to love him.


Wait until he starts calling the score in a dramatic way. We will


see what John Inverdale has got for us. Chris Kermode is the tournament


director who has had a torrid few days. At the moment blue skies and


the sun is beating down. But it has rained a lot and the forecast for


form is wretched. Grim I think is the word. It looks very bad from 3


o'clock, as a result we have made the decision to move the final to


12 o'clock, gives us the best chance for everyone to watch the


tennis tomorrow. Also the fine of Queens is a great corporate


occasion. Are you telling them to keep the chicken on hold until half


past 2. One will have lunch until after the final. Sunday is not a


corporate day and 90% of the crowd are ticket purchasers. We have got


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga behind you, who won that match with Rafael Nadal.


Having lost the first set. But tell us about the phone call you had


late last night. I am sure people will say it is fantastic. Rafael


Nadal lost to Jo. It was an epic three-setter and he had to go off


and catch a flight. I got a call from Farnborough airport just to


thank us for what we had done and said how he had let us down. There


was no way he did that. His performance was astonishing from


what he did in Paris. I think it was all psychological, once he got


broken and lost that second set, the wheel fell off and he didn't


have anything left to give. He is the world No 1 on and off court?


Yes, I think I should be running his fan club. I think he is one of


the greatest players on and off the court. Well done of having a


tournament that gets two British men into the final. Well if we get


two, that is the first ever. 1931 I'm told. Just before you time.


knew you would know and I wouldn't. Just worth repeating. Midday


tomorrow, live coverage on BBC1 of Andy Murray against... Against? Who


Sue. Rafah, a great champion. is typical. He thought he maybe let


people down. But what a lot of nonsense. He just got tired and


credit to Tsonga. But it was a great effort That point where


Tsonga did that dive would have given Rafael Nadal the lead. Plenty


people would have struggled to make it through to Friday. But he didn't


and he stayed engaged. But what we have got with Tsonga is an


explosive opponent for James Ward. James was disappointed that he


wasn't playing with his own old practice partner from smain, Rafael


Nadal. He was honoured to hit with him a few time when he was based in


Spain. He had four years there. was disappointed that he wasn't


playing Rafael Nadal. That is possibly a once in a lifetime


opportunity. So he will have to make do with Jo. But it is such a


difference looking at the career, difference looking at the career,


prize money. $20,000 and he has been around the world. He is up


there with, if it was down to air miles, he would be the world No 1,


James. I like the reaction when he mentioned how much he had made. He


didn't realise and his eyes, there was the twinkle. 23,000 guaranteed.


Very happy about that. He has got a lot to thank Chris Kermode to --


for. The wild card. And he will rocket up the rankings. He will get


to about 176. He is 216 at the moment. Possibly inside the top 50


if he wins today. But it is a big if. This guy is so athletic and


powerful and he will be on a high after winning against Rafael Nadal.


He has got the game. We said that since he got to the final of


Australian and beat Rafael Nadal. We expected him to win Grand Slams,


but he has not been able to sustain the talent he has over a long


period. But he had a lot of injuries. But if he gets it


together there is no reason why we can't win slams. He has got


everything in the game. He is a joy to watch. He is one of most


exciting players I have seen. was an unfortunate boxing analogy


you made about trading blows with him. They call him Ali. He floats


around the court and then pulls the trigger and it is all over. He has


also the wide serve. That was responsible for the ac e -- ac es


against Rafael Nadal. He is a gent and brings surely too much weight


of shot tot court in this one. But when you approach these matches, if


you're the underdog, you take it one step at a time. Try to avoid


the crowd. Don't just concentrate, the court is the same size, as


every court you have played on. Just play your opponent and take it


one point at a time. And you never know it might be 4-4. Tsonga was


playing off the pace of Rafael Nadal that he won't get today.


probably has never seen Ward play. So you know that is a difference.


Ward will have seen Tsonga very times. He doesn't know James Ward.


And so sometimes players time a time to get the feel of their


opponents. He would never have seen him play probably until this week.


This guy has got every shot in the book. James Ward, he hits very flat,


is it -- it is a different style. Yes his backhand is the shot. He


will sometimes run around forehands and play his backhand. If you get


more top spin on the forehand he has got to make 70% of first serves.


If he serves second serves he will get the treatment. There is the


trainer in the blue shirt and his coach as well. There is Leon Smith,


the Davis Cup captain. He is loving it. He was captain of the team that


beat Tunisia. Luxembourg coming up in July. He has got Murray and Ward


he must be happy. Beginning to look like a strong team. Just wishivity


was on grass. It is a shame they're in the group they are. We're ready


for the second semi final, Andy Murray is already into that final.


I is Ward against Tsonga and let's join our commentators, Pat Cash is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That is just what he wants. Some Just long. The perfect day for


tennis really. Sunny, a little bit A good service game from Tsonga.


But enough to encourage James Ward. Obviously Tsonga is the favourite


in a task a bit hearter for James Ward than those he has faced


already. -- a bit harder. But he was not favoured in the other


matches. But Tsonga it fit, he is in form and he is the slayer of


Rafael Nadal. He is at ease on the grass as well. Perhaps Wawrinka


wasn't. He has had a couple of opportunities and he has taken them.


He too has quite a serve. It is important to serve well and get a


He is not inexperienced on the big occasions. He mainly plays the


A bit of a mishit from son ga, it was floating, moving in the air and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


James just didn't quite get his... So the break arrives to a muted


response on centre court. They just want to get on the board, when


you're out here. A big occasion and nervous. Just a couple of nervous


errors coming in. But he will settle down quickly. A reminder


that the final has been switched to Not by much. Those coming along


tomorrow, the gates open at 10 He set that up quite nicely. A good


deep, hard ground strokes, forcing Tsonga to mishit the ball in the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Tsonga will try to use his forehand Brutal from Tsonga. Mentioning how


important it is the support of crowd here to lift James Ward. But


it is a catch-22 situation. They need something to feed off from


James Ward. Tsonga is up and firing quickly. Well he is experienced. He


knows and he has been there, we all have been in the position of James


Ward. A young guy on a big court, a big match and obviously a little


nervous and Tsonga's taking advantage of that. Well James is


not exactly young, but inexperienced shall we say at this


level and Tsonga has done the right thing, other than the first couple


of points in his first game. He has just made Ward play everything. And


the thing you try and do when you're playing these big games, you


believe you have to play better than you really do. We see James


has gone for a couple of shots that he believed he needed to go for the


winner. That is OK to start off like that. Now he needs to settle


down and make a few good balls and get the feel. So he had a go at


really attacking. It has not settled down. So time to play a bit


safer. Or do that. That is nice. A He was going for the drop shot and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Take that! Not the quickest, but Well done. There we are, a game on


the board to settle the nerves, get the crowd behind him. Big serves


too. Four really big serves. Continuing his good serving that he


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That was a good return. That ball was there to be hit. Didn't have a


lot of accuracy on it. Just enough A smile from Tsonga and a


respectful silence after the double fault before the applause to


There it goes. After a couple of enforced errors, always nice to


have that, those muscles to power This is the good and the bad of Jo-


Wilfried Tsonga. A couple of points, he has got the shots and then a


They have all the flair and the shots. But it is fair to say shot


selection and sometimes mental attitude is a weak part these


French players. Unlucky. A tickle off the net. The chance to break


disappears. Tsonga keeps himself A great buzz around this Centre


Court after that game with Murray steam rolling Roddick. This is a


great match, this one. It would be great if Tsonga were to go through


to the final as well. And good weather, for once. It has been a


grim week. It would be a terrific final. Of course, it is a little


earlier tomorrow. Tsonga likes the crowd to get involved. The crowd


cannot help but getting -- but get involved when Tsonga is around.


When he got level yesterday, against Nadal, the winners just


came one after the other. James Ward has to keep himself in


Lovely stuff! A better fortune for James Ward. The craft was there, as


well as the lot. He hit the right shot. He moved quickly up to that.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


The power game of Tsonga. It is A good hold. Still giving himself


that chance to come into this sector. He is settling down nicely.


He has certainly played plenty of tennis. A tough match yesterday. He


must have a flat patch after that. He finished off the last set and


then came on to player player he The finishing touch. He has had his


wrist a little bit. He has it strapped up. He is shaking that out


Returning some of these serves of song -- of Tsonga's is not going to


Not a lot that Ward can do when Tsonga is serving that way. He


played Mannarino yesterday to get through to this match, Ward. He is


not exactly a huge server. This is definitely a step up in pace. Sam


Querrey, of course, he beat, who has a huge serve. He has an arm


injury so he was not serving hard. It is fair to say that it will take


James a little bit of time to get his eye in one song -- on Tsonga's


There is James Ward senior. Apologies for misleading you


He is definitely a cage fighter, you can tell that a mile away. He


A fantastic game from Ward. Again, he is making Tsonga work for this


first set. One slip from Tsonga, he will be back in this set, James


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


A her lover, -- however, the Tsonga Just a few doubts entering the mind


of Tsonga now. He did not get his feet quite in the right position


The power and the grace of Tsonga. They are miscible forehands. He


wanted to go for the outbreak winner, but in this circumstance he


was a little tight. He went for the placement with a top spin, knew he


On the brink of this first set. There are tears. Tsonga finished


with a flourish. He ultimately had the class and he goes one set to


the good. A good save from Tsonga there. James Ward, obviously a bit


of a slow start. A bit nervous, of course. That serve has been so


effective for a Tsonga. He was not sure where Ward was. He looked up


to see that Ward was there. He could not do much more than to pat


it back to Tsonga. Just that one game from James Ward


where it dropped and the Tsonga was able to pounds. -- and Tsonga was


Watch his head when it comes around. There is no such thing as watching


the contact these days because they He gets his whole body right around.


That is a big follow-through there. He has long, skinny arms. That is a


Just a reminder, Andy Murray is safely through. And how! He


Tomorrow's final has been moved to 12 o'clock. Andy Murray to play


either Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or or That is not a very nice returned


there. He is just trying to get Tsonga feels that what he has to do


is just get the ball back into play. He is confident that he will win


A lovely forehand. The fit work, getting around quickly. Again, the


good serve and the floating sort of return. The body leaning forward


and slightly to the side. He was Tsonga, looking to strike right at


A break point which, if converted, could take this match very quickly


Well played, the big serve doing the damage again. Some terrific


The net cord, providing the perfect drop shot. Another break point Mike


Ford Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Ward State won over the top of the net in the


first set. The even themselves out A few misfires from the racquet of


Tsonga. He caught the top edge Nice volley. This one is low. A


A big kick-off the line with the serve, but Tsonga is consoling a


ball girl. She ran out as fast as she could to give the towel to


Tsonga. She put the brakes on and Everybody is on the floor at the


Important hold for James Ward. He is still hopeful, they are as well.


That was a big hole for him there. He has been chasing Tsonga. The way


he has been serving, it is no easy The hope for James Ward is that,


even if he should lose here today, he takes the encouragement of the


way he has played into the tournament to come and the years to


Ward is serving at 75%, which is exactly what he needs to be.


exactly the same as Tsonga at the That is a few double faults. Just


to put it into perspective, Murray was at that Mark and even higher.


He is not going to lose many Again, with each Tsonga service in,


Ward is giving himself chances. is hoping to get his racquet on the


ball. Tsonga has given him an Ohm dear! He is trying to hand Ward


this. Give the home crowd something Tsonga misses a sitter. James Ward


breaks. He is going into his bag for something. That is about as bad


again as anybody could possibly play from Tsonga. Sometimes you


need a bit of luck, and that is what James Ward has had this week.


The good thing about Ward's weakness is that he has been able


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


to capitalise when he has had a bit That is what Ward does not want to


That is great movement from Tsonga. Tsonga trying to estimate low over


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Now there is noise around Centre Court and a bit of a bounce in the


step of James Ward. The encouraging thing here is that he has continued


to serve well. Now he has got the break, the way he has been serving,


you would fancy him to get through and win this set. It is easier said


than done, of course. Tsonga is confident once he gets into the


rallies. Scot is serving well. Tsonga has tended to just but the


ball back. He is chopping at the ball, trying to float it back.


Sometimes Tsonga, brilliant though he is, can disappear for a stretch.


It always gives an opponent hope. James Ward has taken advantage of


that in this set. He has played solid tennis up until that game,


Again, when he is good he is very, very good, Tsonga. I think he has


As long as Ward can keep his serve ticking over, there is a fighting


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


We have seen plenty of his forehand, but that was an impressive backhand


A challenge from Tsonga. UMPIRE: Tsonga is challenging the call.


Two millimetres out we're told. One millimetre being the minimum that


Again he keeps that serve moving along. Keeps moving ahead in this


second set. I think what else also second set. I think what else also


it is interesting to realise how good, or how tough this circuit is,


the men's circuit. I remember James Ward here ranking 160 something.


After this week he will move up to 160ish. Against a player in the,


160ish. Against a player in the, just outside the top ten. Showed


the level, the standard, the depth of men's tennis is extraordinary


now. There is so many good players. One of the reasons for that is with


all the courts slowing down and the balls are a bit slower, the


racquets, all the players are playing a power-type of game.


They're much more even in general. Players all the way through to 600


in the world. If he were to go out here, it would be 176ish. A lot of


points to defend. Did very well at Eastbourne. This time last year. So


a lot of points to defend from this Why not have a go at that? The


He is motoring through some service Chalks another one up. Ace No 9.


Not quite as big as yesterday's against Rafael Nadal. But 16 in the


first set. He went a bit mad. He took over a minute for that game.


So just slowing the pace slightly. Oh yes. A little cry from Tsonga.


terrific serve into the body. Tsonga's just getting himself out


of position. Ward had set the point out nicely, but he is very good,


Is this Tsonga's moment to hit back? Good footwork there. That was


That is good play. Didn't give it away, James Ward, waited for Tsonga


And again. These are the moments Again. Asking the question. Not a


great volley, but it was close to the line. A bit of side spin on it.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


He asked Tsonga the question - can What a good point. It was an


awkward little forehand again. The serve set the point up and nice


inside out sliced forehand and that can be very effective on a grass


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


That is long. A good forehand, backhand sorry. Ward felt that was


the time to press. Just overhit a Yes, again responding well to the


pressure. Well Tsonga's quite tense out there. He's really finding this


Again just a few too many unforced errors and another chance, another


A big relief there from Tsonga. You could see that was, this match was


starting to get a little awkward for him. And more aggressive off


the return and once he has the point he has Ward on the run, a


couple of big forehands and then in he comes. He imposes himself very


well when he plays aggressively, Tsonga. So in the battle to decide


who plays Andy Murray, it is still Tsonga with the upper hand. That


final tomorrow, well there is a big front of rain coming in tomorrow


afternoon. So they have shifted the final and it will start at 12


o'clock. Gates open at 10 o'clock if you're lucky enough to be


becoming -- to be coming along. didn't know they have a lunch I


said to Chris Kermode, I have got lunch, mate. Can't you organise


your tournament around by lunch? You know, he wasn't very


sympathetic. But they need to get the matches out of the way. Players


have other tournaments to play. If it is a washout. Then people will


be likely, well they have got work on Monday. These people? No they


don't. Not these people. Tsonga heading for a new weapon of


Not sure why they put the plastic bag for racquets that have purely


polyester string. Maybe he has half gut. The gut will be affected by


the temperatures. That is why they put it in plastic bags. It is a new


Just flying off the racquet a Catch it, it's heading for the.


Bringing rain. Oh he's dropped it! Dropped it, get out! Get in the


The odd double fault coming. Not Well he mixes up the double faults


with a hat load of aces as well. Well James Ward has to believe that


he has broken before and if he can do so again. Well that was pretty


much gifted to him by Tsonga. So he is hoping for another slip in


concentration, which does happen with him. He will be red e ready to


pounce. -- he will be ready to Tsonga's getting faired up for this


That is long from Tsonga. A fair amount of success with the drop


shot. Sorry to butt in there. But the drop shot has been an effective


shot for Ward. It had spin on it He looks to be unruffled by losing


his last service game. Get back in A very precious hold for James Ward.


Of course now Tsonga will have to serve to stay in this second set.


He can occasionally go missing in action. James Ward is giving


himself every chance in this match. But to... It is so important to be


consistent with your first serve and you have to back it up well. As


we have said, it's becoming a little awkward match for Tsonga.


All the pressure is on him, now that Ward's settled down. He was a


little nervey to start the first set. But he will have, all the


pressure is on Tsonga to get through this. You can see how much


that meant to him to break back in that set. There is Jim Ward his


father. The unmistakable Jim Ward. Proud moments in his support team.


They travel with him, as he grafts around the challenger circuit. But


this is a rare if Ied air and great times for James card ward -- rare


if Ied air and great times for As long as Tsonga keeps booming


down these first serves, very Just over a minute that game.


has done that a few times. It can be a bit boring if it goes on for


game after game. But it is a great skill to be able to have that


fantastic technique and strength. Now the pressure swings back to


Just sometimes the shot selection decision-making from Tsonga is


We haven't seen a lot of those rifling returns. We saw a few


yesterday against Rafael Nadal. The ball just came off his racquet


fantastically well for a period of time. Ward's been keeping him


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


At the least he knows he is going to have a tie-break in this second


set. Who knows will what happen there. He had a mighty tie-break


yesterday. Shiegtly different. Against Mannarino, I suppose he has


nothing else to lose either, but it was a winnable match. And he was...


Well Mannarino did beat Del Potro along the way. So he deserved his


spot. In the quarter finals. But I think he would feel better looking


at the draw in a quarter final match to see Mannarino than to see


Del pot ro. He was a little tight in that tie-breaker, Ward. In the


second set. And despite making a few unforced error, he looked like


he was going to crumble, but he didn't. In the third set that is.


So he will be used to the pressure now. Whatever happens again, he has


shown that he has not been overawed by the challenge today and he has


shown that he can belong in this company. Tsonga now serves once


again to stay in this set to try and force a tie-break. And doesn't


A complete mishit. Apologies. A lot of players unsettled by this sliced


shot this week. It is coming off the clay where the ball is not


doing that. Right on the top of the Again Tsonga steps up the pace and


It is not quite the lottery of a penalty shoot out but it comes down


to the tiniest of slips. Or a bit of brilliance at times. So good


first serves here and no enforced errors. That is probably the call


for Ward at this stage. Yes, nice Well ripping that tape off his


hands again, Tsonga. This a what he started going for when he started


to double-fault earlier. The tape, maybe the band aid was coming lose.


-- loose. A poor double fault. Oh almost got it over. So nearly great


defensive work from Ward. He has that mini-break. He said he felt


unmistakibly tighter in that tie- break with man Rae know. Here he is


Ooh didn't need to go for so much! From that position he could have


Oh eventually he does it. Great play from both men. The defence


from Tsonga, the power on the forehand there of James Ward.


he is another easing back. And look at Tsonga's efforts to try and get


the ball back. He gets knocked down, He was a little, Tsonga deciding to


make sure he got the ball over the net there. Slowed it down. 79Mimp.


-- 79mph. A very slow serve. A bit of Yips with second serves under


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


Good serving! Tsonga doing his best to get the ball back in play, he is


tight and pushing the ball, and that return bounced twice before it


Nice to have that serve to get you out of trouble. But still, whoever


Come on, says Tsonga! So he will have the set point. And for match


point. -- and the match point. wonder why he resorted to English


for, come on?! So James Ward, his hopes in this Championship hanging


by a thread. He serve, but match Still, he lives! Great depth on


that backhand. Right back down the middle, there is a dry and brown


patch of grass bit hit and it skidded on to Tsonga a bit quicker


than he fought. It stayed low, went through quickly. He might be tight


and nervous but I am sure he is loving every minute of this, James


Ward, it is where any tennis player would want to be, in the fight and


And now, he will have set point. James Ward with a raw! And the


crowd again respond. They are living for dream a long with him. -


- of the dream. Tsonga is also enjoying it, in spite of himself.


do not think he is enjoying it, actually! Back nice easy forehand


passing shot, it goes straight at him at the net. It is the only way


The call is going to be challenged. He sounded quite confident. This


will put pressure on the second serve of Tsonga. It has been a bit


shaky today. Is it was long. -- it was long. What a second serve, that


is from Tsonga! Back takes some nerve, doesn't it? The crowd


willing a double fault against you. And they have been a few coming,


but to come up with that down the middle fooled everybody. You stick


day, he was the entertainer pleasing the crowd and today he is


the villain of the piece -- Tsonga will have his chance again.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 66 seconds


We are taking to another match It is wide! And Tsonga takes it. He


takes his place in the final. And he rudely awakened James Ward from


this marvellous dream. A sign of appreciation for the challenge


James Ward has given up today, and an appreciation from the crowd for


James Ward and for Tsonga, who does his stance of celebration. -- the


dance. It is Tsonga's victory, but this has been for a large part, the


tournament of James Ward. All good things must end, for this has been


a great Championship for James Ward. The ride is over for now. Tsonga


through to face, after beating the British number two, the British


number one, Andy Murray, in tomorrow's final. And we can hear


from the man who has taken us on a We will talk to the winner in a


moment, but what a fantastic week you have had, James Ward. Obviously,


it has been a fantastic week for me. My best so far. And I just had to


build on it from here. How much did you enjoy playing on the big stage


like this in front of these people? He be it is great, and also been at


home, everyone is on your side and it does help. So thank you for your


support this week, you guys have been great. This time last week,


realistically, what target had you set yourself? Playing well in the


first round really. And obviously, as I went winning matches, I


started to believe a bit more. It is about confidence and I will take


that on to Eastbourne next week. Her this been the best week of your


tennis life? A of course, it is obvious with the players I have


beaten, and I just missed out this week. But it happens and I look


forward from here. We hope there are more like this, congratulations.


James Ward, a semi-finalist at Queen's this year! SUE BARKER: If


he has a lot to be proud of, he will go up to 176 in the world


rankings and will be heading down to the south coast, Eastbourne, up


where he has a special exemption into the draw. He will face Janko


Tipsarevic, he has got a lot to be proud of here at Queen's, through


to the semi-finals. But he was up against an extremely tough


competitor in Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or. He had a couple of chances in the


tie-break, but it was not to be. And so we look forward to Tsonga,


who put out Rafael Nadal yesterday, up against Andy Murray in the final.


And he will be getting used to signing a few of these, James Ward.


He has been a big hit with the British crowd and the British fans.


And he has been on many of the front pages. So James Ward making


his way to the locker room, and let's hear now from the winner of


this semi-final, Jo Wilfried-Tsonga is with John that.


congratulations. In the second set, were you a bit worried? Yes come


back a little bit. I was stiff and he played well. -- yes, a little


bit. He broke me on one occasion, then I came backhand just happy to


win in two sets because with the crowd with him... It was difficult!


A everybody likes you but you have just beaten a British player! You


have that wonderful smile and that Jean your personality that we all


love, don't we? -- and that great personality. We all love watching


him. But we will not allow you to beat Andy Murray Tomorrow! Anyway,


I will do my best! For the moment of course, he is a better player


than me. But tomorrow, I hope I will be better than him! Of course!


For even if you do not want! We are going to put a picture on the big


screen switches of you with no clothes on. Calm down, everybody! I


am hoping... If it is not there, it is on television, which is of no


use to anybody here. A shame! But you have done a Cosmopolitan


magazine photo-shoot with no clothes on in Monte Carlo, can you


explain? It was for charity. And of course, I did it because it was


important for some children who are sick. And that is it, at now I am


free. I am in the final. Do you think naked tennis might happen one


day? It depends if the crowd like that or not. Do you like that?


he is playing to the crowd even now! Please, it is only 4 o'clock


in the afternoon! Later! Congratulations, good luck against


Andy Murray tomorrow. Great to see him, as ever, Jo Wilfried-Tsonga,


fantastic! Thank you very much! BARKER: He may not have all the


fans on his side tomorrow but he has won over a lot of people this


week. If they have not seen him already, he is very popular. Just


doing an interview for Radio 5 at the moment. But absolutely terrific


from Jo Wilfried-Tsonga. Took a different match from yesterday when


he put out Rafael Nadal in three sets. He was expected to win but he


had a wobble in the second set. But he came through and will now face


Andy Murray and the final, at the new time tomorrow of 12 o'clock.


Not to 30 pm, as advertised. And we will be live on BBC One for that


final -- not at 2:30pm. Monte Carlo looked very good in that picture, I


thought! It is terrific. And I know you have both modelled. You did


something similar. And nobody wants to see that picture! That was for a


magazine, Male Cancer awareness, which is what he did it fork. His


naked tennis going to catch on? Do you want to see me naked? When he


was asked, the crowd said yes in a very high pitched way. There was a


crowd of girls very much. He is a popular guy and he has thighs just


like John Lloyd! But if you do have a physique like that, it is


probably not embarrassing! It would be rude not to show it off!


were a page 7 on a red top a few years back. In the day we * * mad I


had short on. And a gold medallion, I remember! The charity was me, it


was my charity. I did it for money, it was very naughty! I had a gold


medallion, like Simon Khan or! was in at the moment. Was it here,


the gold medallion? Where else would it be? That was not an easy


second set for Jo Wilfried-Tsonga. He got through because strains was


nervous. But he held his nerve and the second set. -- because James


was nervous. James Ward, it is difficult on grass, it is a flat


ball, it comes at you with a big serve, and he relished the occasion.


Again, he has come through another test. He could have faded away, but


he took on up Tsonga and love the occasion. And he almost won it. It


has been a great week! So many lessons. He has got through big


matches and bigger opponents that he is not used to. If he could do


anything in the tie-break differently it was that second


serve from Tsonga. Instead of letting the ball come, go forward


and smother it before the ball place you can make you have to play


it. Moments like that of the difference between a top 20 or 30


player like Tsonga and the guys who challenge. But he should take


confidence. He is going to Eastbourne next week, special


exemption because he could not take his place in qualifying. And he did


well last year. If he can follow this up, Nottingham last week,


Eastbourne next, if he follows that up with points, et you can get


close to that 120. Because then you get into the major events


automatically without having to get a wildcard. You get into the Grand


Slam matches. And into some of the tour events, and all the qualifiers.


I hope he will do this now wants this ranking takes place. There is


a six-week break before the tournament entries, so hopefully he


will play qualifiers rather than going back to challengers. He has


been in those long enough now and it is time to play in the main draw


offence. He has aimed for the bigger tournaments. He did the


Australian Open, so he is trying, so he is ambitious. Back is how you


should be, you have to set high targets -- that is. You have to. It


is an apprenticeship. You do not want to get stuck in those


challengers too long because it becomes part of you and you get


used to smaller crowds and your friends. Some players have been


there for 10 years. I think the mentality of James Ward is to get


out of it. And he is aiming for a highs, and he needs to keep doing


that. He has got a feel for it now, continues. I as far as Tsonga is


concerned, he will come out with no pressure as he did against Rafael


Nadal. He has already said he is a better player than him. You said


how many times have they played and I said five, and you said? Andy


Murray, 4-1! That is right, you have watched a lot of tennis!


They've played in the Wimbledon quarter-finals and Tsonga won the


first set, Murray won the second and motored through the rest stalls


-- motored through the rest. Murray has won the last time -- the last


three times they played and his favourite for me to beat Tsonga.


That is to Marat at 12 o'clock, but we saw sad news today at Queen's --


that is tomorrow. The death of Kurt Nielsen, who died at the age of 80.


He was the Men's Singles runner up at the All-England Club in 1953 and


1955 and is the only Danish man to have reached a Grand Slam English


final. That is sad news today. But we still have a bit of time left on


BBC One and tomorrow, we have a special guest, Stefan Edberg we had


on Day One, but tomorrow involved in the presentation is former


champion Boris Becker. He won it four times and had magical moments


at Wimbledon. We can live some of the great moment now of Boris


It was July the 7th 1985. And a glorious afternoon at Wimbledon,


Boris Becker walked on to Centre Court for a German teenager and


walked off in a global superstar! He was just 17 and he was about to


change not just his sport but his life forever. It is like going to


church. It is a great tennis court. Becker later compared winning his


first Wimbledon to Hillary scaling Everest or Neil Armstrong walking


on the moon. He was certainly unprepared for the day that 20


years ago took him out of this world and into another. Something


changed. You look the same and speak the same but people look at


you in a different way. They stare at you. It became at times a very


lonely place, headline news. Boris is dating a Black girl. How racist


can you be? I was going, throw me more, I can take another punch, I


can go another round! Boris Becker has a daughter, guess where she was


produced? Learned from this experience. It made me the man I am


I was born and raised in a small town of 10,000 people. I call at my


home, the place I was born and raised. But I do not have


sentimentality about it. I go home once or twice a year to visit my


mother on a special occasion like her birthday, but that is really it.


I am right -- right behind me is my first school. From my first played


under my 4th great. It is a little dark in here. I came here last 20


years ago. It has not changed much. It good and happy childhood. I come


from a sports background, I had a local tennis club and my father was


very active in that. When I was three or four, I was given a record


by my father. It was wouldn't and the court it in half because it was


too long and heavy -- it was wouldn't have. My sister became my


first teacher and she taught me the ABC of tennis when I was three


years old. That is the gymnasium where we played basketball and


football, and that was my most comfortable place. It is amazing.


Every Sunday morning, at 10 o'clock or earlier, I went with a few


others to Church. Amazing. It has not changed one bit. When used in,


you have to go there. I went a few times. -- when you committed a sin.


I went to confessed to the priest. -- to confess. From this tight-knit


Catholic family came a superstar. His father died six years ago, his


mother recently celebrated her 70th I was a normal teenager, I played


football and I played tennis, I was My sister, her daughter, we behaved


most of the time. But she had to be after us to check whether we had


done our homework. But most of the time, we did behave. I mean, what


were hour options? I am standing next to her! When I was around nine


or 10 years old, I became the best of that age group. And I was 14 or


15 it when I became good enough to play around the men's tour. And it


was pretty obvious that next step would be me becoming somewhat


professional. And then a management agency started coming around the


home. It was a year-and-a-half or two years before he won Wimbledon


that I had a Romanian colleague that was the coach of the German


junior team, and he told me that he has prospects. Looking at him, and


looking at the desire he had not only in his eyes but also in his


physique, I realised that probably he was a younger guy that wanted it


more than the others. Another Romanian completed the team. Now,


he was ready to take on the tennis world. In 1985, I played him in


Milan and he was moaning about a lot of calls and complaining more


than I thought I did even at that age and so I said to him, I


remember, you have got to win something before you start


Queen's Club 1985, you came here young and ended up winning the


tournament. -- he came here. Nobody gave him a chance and he took the


place by storm and went about it in a naive but fun way. That is the


beautiful thing about youth, you are really innocent and you do not


think about that it is the Queen's Club tournament. You just go and


you ask for two balls and throw them up and down. It is that simple.


Despite winning the final at Queen's, he remained unseeded for


the Wimbledon Championships one week later. What is more, no


teenager had won the title for more than half-a-century. But he knew


there was something in the air. Everyone was in awe when I walked


towards the courts and when I practised. Everyone stood and


watched me play. And that was really different to before Queen's.


His toughest test came in the third round against the 7th seed player.


Magnificent! And Becker turning to applaud his opponent. He was


supposed to beat me, he was seeded, and he almost did. He nearly twice


won the match in the 5th set. But for some reason, I was able to pull


It did not faze me much afterwards. I fought, that was close. But it


did not occur to me I was not supposed to beat him, I was not


supposed to be in the 4th round at 17. That particular match was a


turning point and it proved it to him he could go all the way. With


that and Queen's, he was afraid of nothing. There is a man here who


has put �10,000 on new to win it. Maybe that is too much! He will win


�180,000 if you win. He does not get nervous, he just hits the ball


and wins. And he is the youngest semi-finalist ever. He is, and he


is a master of the German understatement, he says, I am a


little bit proud. Now, only one man stood in his way. I was excited and


happy to be in the final, looking forward to playing. Physically, I


was not 100%. I was not that nervous. Just before the match, I


realised, I am playing now in the Wimbledon final! So now they called


time! And I go out... To see some of the pictures now, how confident


I was, I cannot believe it was me. I was hot, but I was ready for it.


I still fought his opponent, given the Wellcome experience he had had,


he had beaten me and Jimmy Connors, that this was his best opportunity


And it was a close match. But it was amazing that Boris showed so


much belief in himself. And he was so physically intimidating at such


The way he just drove around the court, and the power he displayed,


and the pace he had on his serve. It seemed like he actually believed


The break up in the 4th set. All Becker had to do was hold his nerve.


Even though you tell yourself -- even though you tell yourself, one


more service game, you are trembling, like this. Even I was


trembling. And I was so nervous, I could hardly walk! Fear, I doubt


if... -- fear, and doubt... It you have got to do it, you have been


playing for 3 1/2 hours, concentrate! And then I said,


please, somehow give me the first I knew that something changed. I


walked to the net, I shook his hand. And poor Kevin with the shoulders


down, and I looked around to my box and I saw Gunter and my parents.


They were ecstatic. They were hugging each other and just going


nuts. I was just smiling at them. But what that look, with their


reaction, I knew I am a different man. It's a different situation. I


quite didn't know yet what it was. He was born that day in Wimbledon


and the German people they don't understand even today, but he was


adopted by the Germans only after Boris Becker was now a German brand


name to rival Volkswagon. And a victory home-coming removed any


lingering doubt his life had changed. So welcome to the town


hall. This is the balcony where Boris Becker saluted to the crowds


in 1985 after his first Wimbledon win. Everything was overcrowded


with thousands of people shouting to him and I think it was after the


30 years war the biggest event the town had. This is fairly empty now.


But then this whole place was covered with more than 30,000


people. I don't know how they fit in here, but they did. Just have a


lilt picture. That is the tree. That is the Christmas tree here. So


it was just a couple of days after I won Wimbledon. Everything went


upside down. I wanted piece and -- peace and quiet. But my father


organised it without telling me. I couldn't let him stand in the rain.


Said I will do it once but I won't do it again. But he den it again


the next year exactly the same. Then we had a bit of an argument.


Only football teams had received this kind of Edu laigs in Germany,


but heefs an individual standing -- he was standing at the centre of a


media storm. There is no one that had to take on as much attention


from the press and the people. There was such high expectations.


remember the ratings on television at 4 o'clock in the morning, when


he used to play in the US were bigger than the news at 8 o'clock


in the evening. So he was the megastar that Germany wanted.


you have won a tennis tournament, maybe you may be the youngest. But


you look the same, you speak the same. But people look at you in a


different way. They stare at you. When you talk to them, they don't


listen what you have to say, because they have their own concept


of you. This is scary at times. Because you know it is almost like


a train that left the station and it goes with enormous speed. There


is nothing that can change that SPEAKS IN GERMAN.. She was sad. She


was sad that I wasn't home any more. I was travelling, tournament after


tournament. Week after week. And yes they were happy, that I was


successful. But she was sad that she lost her son. It was never the


1986, a year older, but probably not much wiser. And still champion,


riding on a crest of youthful exuberance. Boris Becker, twice a


singles champion at Wimbledon and not yet 19 years of age. 1987.


About to say goodbye to those teenage years. Beaten in the first


week at Wimbledon, but discovering perspective. I didn't lose a war,


nobody died, I lost a tennis match. 1988. Back in the final, but this


time second best. Beaten by his great rival, Stephane Edberg.


just wanted to touch it. Just to know how it feel like. You have


forgotten already? I have been too many moments since then. 1989 and a


second of three consecutive finals against Edberg. On top this time


for his third title. Game, set and match, Becker. In this his most


successful year he would take the US Open crown. Boris Becker and


Steffi Graf were the goaden couple of Germany and international --


golden couple of Germany and international sport. The Berlin


Wall was coming down and the German people wanted Becker to put the


country back together. Being a tennis player was not enoughment he


was the first national hero since the war. Surely it was his duty to


be the symbol of reunification. was never comfortable when people


tried to put me in a position I didn't believe in. Germany tried it.


At the time. I was the new symbol of Germany and if you work a


certain amount it is worth, very political, towards the right-wing


faction of our country that was the Government at the time. I said no.


I'm not playing here for Germany or any count ri. I'm playing for


myself. Becker turned down the role of ambassador for the Berlin


Olympic bid. He refused to be used as a political figurehead. That is


an enormous power you have. That people watch you and stair at you


and regardless what you say, they like it. Being a person that always


read a lot and wanted to know a lot about the world's affairs, I quite


didn't understand the following some of the leaders in our history


had. On a very small scale, I did understand all of a sudden.


Wherever he went, he was trapped by his nationality. Don't mention the


war? Everyone did. The first question was Mr Becker, why you


think that the Australian calls you boom boom or Panzer? The guy said,


listen, I believe it has something to do with the war. First I'm not


Mr Becker, my mother called me Boris, I look the name. Call me


Boris. My father was too young for that war. I don't identify myself


with that period of time. I think the way I behaved then and the way


I have felt comfortable in this country, maybe in your language,


taught them a thing or two about how other Germans can be too.


and off court, 1991 was the year that changed Becker's life. From


the high of winning the Australian Open and becoming world No 1.


Here. To the low of a humiliating defeat by Michael Stick on centre


court. After I reached No 1, soul- wise I was empty and I needed some


TLC as the Americans say. So I was looking for someone who could


provide that. And I met Barbara. Barbara and Boris found themselves


at the centre of a storm when they went public with their relationship.


Death threats. Hate mail. The country turned on their golden boy.


If you look back, you have to laugh about it. At the time, we cried. It


is just unthinkable of how rude and how... Insensitive people can be.


Especially about you, you're talk about the colour of one's skin. How


unimportant is that? Yet though, in 1992 in Germany, that became


headline news. Boris is dating a black girl. How racist can you be?


Eventually Germany accepted the couple. And they even became a


symbol for a new racial tolerance in the country. They married in


December 1993. Barbara was pregnant with their first child, Noah. For


Becker, it was a return to the scene of his home-coming parade


eight years earlier. Here is the so-called mirror room. The best


room here in the town hall. And the room where Boris Becker married, it


was the best room to mary. Once my dad told the mayor that I want to


get married, the mayor told the world. So we had more or less the


same amount of people... For my wedding. Becker was now an


establishment figure. A husband, a father, and a man for whom tennis


was become less important. In 1995, he would play in his last Wimbledon


final. Losing to the new king of centre court, Pete Sampras. The


following year, hi won his final Grand Slam in Australia. And in


1999 after 49 tournament wins and six Grand Slams, his career came


full circle. It is the end of 15 wonderful years at Wimbledon for


Boris Becker. Three times the winner. Four times the runner up.


But thank you Boris Becker. For many memories. It is hard to be in


a situation where you, everything comes to you and it's like living


in a bubble. It is not the real world, but it is your real word.


Then you're out of limelight. And then you feel sort of an emptiness.


An emotional maelstrom enveloped Becker as he left Wimbledon. His


father had died and hadn't been there to witness it. As if that


wasn't enough. His relationship with Barbara was on the rocks. And


she was seven months pregnant. had my problems with my marriage


already for a while. After the match was over. Then we went into


the old discussions and arguing about this and ma that. She got


irritateded and got more emotional and I said I think you had beber


rer the go to hospital. Said if that is what you want to do, I know


where you are. There I was. 10 o'clock at night, I'm on the


balcony, I was feeling pity for myself. This is what I have


accomplished on my last day. My wife's gone. My son's somewhere.


I'm in this God damn hotel room by myself again. I don't deserve this.


I was in a rage, I was in fury. I said, I have got to do something.


Just that moment I went to the city and went to the restaurant by


myself. And the last oddered -- order 11 o'clock. This woman walks


across the room and I notice here her -- her and we have eye contact.


She goes to the bathroom. And I follow her. And there we talk a bit.


You know one thing leads to another. Eight month later... I got the fax


in my office in Munich. A short one. But pretty clear that, remember I


don't get the exact words, but more or less the same of, remember our


encounter eight month ago? The result is now eight months old.


Please call me. Now imagine that situation? You're living in your,


in Germany, everything is in order, supposedly in order and you read


the fax and then the back of your head, the wheels are starting to


churn. And hmm eight month ago? Oh my God! Don't, don't, don't... It


can't be. I can't happen. Six years on the jet setting executive that


is the Becker of today is a father of Anna, conceived on the night the


star fell to earth. See the situation now. As a big chance for


me. I can tell you now that I do love my daughter. I didn't think it


was possible five years ago. I believe in ten years time, she is


going to be one of my best friends and sles going to tell me a thing


or two about women that I didn't know until she is grown up.


turn of the century threatened to be the biggest turning point in


Becker's life with a paternity suit and he was accused of fraud and tax


irregularities. The German authorities were demanding ten


million marks in back tax and a three-year jail term. I was like a


boxer in the corner, going, throw me more, I can take another punch.


Sure what are you going to do stkph at that moment, when they did the


tax, I was at my weakest. I was going through my divorce. I had


another child. My public image was down the toilet. Now is the time to


take Boris Becker. A substantial fine but no jail term meant he


could continue to rebuild his life as a broad caster. His love affair


with the British public endaurs. -- endures. He is cast as a German


ambassador without the politics. Over the past two decades the


superstar has become common currency. But Boris Becker got


there first. And he survived. honestly say that my house is


intact again. There is order. And I have definitely... Learned from my


mistakes! Wow it is some story. Boris will be with us at Wimbledon


and he will be mere tomorrow. It is incredible what he has to go


through. He had to grow up quick. They talk about the Wimbledon title


at 17. That was the point that his life changed. But he has been the


architect of a lot of change since then. He admits things. He talks


openly about things. He tries to make aye amends. He is more


sensitive than people imagine. I think it is fantastic. I'm looking


forward to seeing him he is a good guy. And he is good fun. Who knows


what turbulent waters are ahead, but he has been through a few.


of the most surprising things, is his mother saying she lost her son,


she wanted him to be a solicitor and stay at home. That was sad. You


could see it in her eyes. She was proud of what he achieved, but she


did lose her son and you could see the sadness. She stayed in Germany.


While we were watching that, because the matches finished


quickly here today. In the second semi final, Britain's No 2, James


Ward put a strong defence against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, ranked 1 in the


world. But it was the Frenchman who world. But it was the Frenchman who


won it. This is match point. Jo- Wilfried Tsonga put out Rafael


Nadal yesterday. He is through to the final. His second final of the


year. Tsonga through to face Andy Murray, who, well, he destroyed the


four-time champion here and former Grand Slam champion, Andy Roddick.


It was 6-3, 6-1. It was the best tennis we have seen Andy Murray


play. After the match, he spoke to John Inverdale. On behalf of


everyone here, and millions watching, thanks for a master class.


Thank you. APPLAUSE. You seem to be in control from the moment you


walked on the court. Yeah, well I got off to a good start. Andy is


one of toughest guys to break and I got an early start. That helped. It


was one of those days, I hardly missed a ball. It doesn't happen --


happen too often. What did he say after the game. I think he said,


keep it social! Everything that touched my racquet was going in.


But I played Andy many times. So I am sure if we play in calm of weeks


at Wimbledon it will be more come fetetive. -- competitive. Is your


basis against the big hitter to slow the ball koun and -- down and


frustrate them and they have to create the pace? Both of us sliced


a lot. The ball is quicker, because it was warm today. The ball was


staying lower. Both of us sliced the ball. He came into the net a


lot. I hit many passing shots. This is something you think about, but


sometimes you have to adjust, because each match is different.


you match it would be done and dusted in about an hour? No. Not at


all. I will take it that is for sure. It is nice to get off the


court quickly. I played a lot of tennis lately and look forward to


watching another Briton in the semis for a change. Lovely to see


him smile again. Andy Murray is through to final. That is tomorrow


at 12 o'clock. Not 2.30, because of the weather forecast. You can see


it live here on BBC1. Also news about the women's tournament in


Edgebaston. That has also been brought forward. So that final will


now be played at 10 o'clock in the morning. That singles final is


tomorrow. But there is a doubles event taking place and in recent


years the double have been dominated by twin tpwrs America.


They have been seven times world champions and they have been


talking to John. The life of Bryans, Bob and Mikement or is it Mike and


Bob? They have won 07 tour tiets and are the No -- 71 tour titles


and are the No 1 in the world. So where do you take them for a chat?


The pub. Was there ever a likelihood of unwith of you being a


tennis player and one being a scientist? I don't think so. We


have the same D dem. A. We both love -- we have the same DNA and we


both love tennis. My dad had a tennis club and maybe they tricked


us into following this path. Atfully stage did either of you


think as teenagers, I hate this game? I thought my hate my brother,


but I never thought I hate this game. My dad did a good job. He


made it fun. Took us to pro matches and we had idols like Andrey Agassi.


We played golf after. We set our goals and never wanted to put down


the racquet since. What age were you when you set the goals?


played our first tournament at aged six. We were in full swing at a


young age. Did you play doubles at six? Yes we played singles and


doubles. Ever ji January 1st we put our goals on the refraidge rate --


refrigerator. There was always a goal. We worked hard to knock them


down. Were you wing aged six? first our first tournament aged six.


We met in the final of the singles and we won the doubles. It was a


novice tournament. How many times have you faced each other in a


singles match? Probably, we have met in the finals of maybe over 100


tournaments. But our parents didn't let us play against each other,


until we were 17. They didn't want us to butt heads and one gin to


dominate. So you -- twin to dominate. Then you might lose


interest. You can't win if you're in the bedroom. That is why we're


playing doubles together. We don't hate each other. When I you did


play singles who won? I took t. have got to see the record. We're


pretty even. Probably played 20 times and it is 10-10. We have met


in mixed doubles since. I got you in the Wimbledon final. I have got


you in the US Open. We're one complete player. He has got the big


serve. I have got the good return. When you were young, you imagined


what life as a tennis player would be like. Is it like that? Yes it is


a great life. My parents are smart. We went to see Agassi play when we


were ten. We wanted to be like him. You read agasy's book and he talks


about the turmoil and how they were times when he was hating the game.


There is pressure. There is money and points on the line each week.


We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and each other to play


well. We expect to be No 1. That takes winning a lot of matches and


not letting up. At any time. When it is, you won a tur nominate --


tournament you want to party, but you have got to keep it tight and


stay focused. For 13 years we have sacrificed, we don't go out often.


We're always training and on the road. We have been to Europe for


two months straight now. So we have got to back your bags and become


road warriors. Having had tennis ingrained in you, can you conceive


of a life after tennis without tennis maybe? We're going to try to


milk this as long as we can. I talked to players that retire early


and they get bored and they want to come back. You get that adrenaline


from wins and the highs and the lows. Like Mike said players go


home and they're dead and don't have that thrill of the win. So


we're going to take their advice and keep going as long as we can.


We're 33, we can see the finish line, one last sprint and milk it.


One last sprint and a lot more of bumping chests. Whose idea was


that? Which started that move in college. We wanted to get all of


our college team mates excited. And for some reason, we jumped up in


the air and met chests. It was on the front cover of the Stan Ford


Daily News. It was called the Bryan bump. Now it is our signature move


and we have been doing it for 13 years. We have bruised chests by


now. We took a lot of heat on the tour. A lot of veteran guys were


kind of grumbling, these cocky twins, thumping chests. I remember


marving nols wanted to fight us. -- Mark Noels wanted to fight United.


Now we have their respect and they say go for it. They have done so


much to raise the profile of doubles and they are winning their


semi final. Tomorrow it is the fine at 12 o'clock. That is the new time.


Coming up in a moment, the Canadian gran Prix qualifying on BBC1. And


tomorrow it is the race itself from 5 o'clock here on BBC1 and on the


red button. Still on motor sport the British Grand Prix, the MotoGP


is tomorrow on BBC Two from 12 .30. Murray against Tsonga. Since I


can't convince you to do a chest bump. We will do a chest bump. I


just can't reach you from here. Murray in straight sets. If he


place anything like that. He has going to beat him. Tsonga's


dangerous, but Andy Murray in straight sets. Murray will win, but


I don't think it will be as quick as today. Less than an hour.


mury to win. Thank you. It is an earlier time. It will be noon here


on BBC1. We know Tsonga is a great entertainer and he loves playing


here on this centre court at the Queen's Club. But no one loves it


Sue Barker presents live coverage from the semi-finals of the Aegon Championships at the prestigious Queen's Club in west London, as the world's best players hone their grass-court preparations ahead of Wimbledon. Last year's tournament was littered with shocks, as top seeds Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Andy Roddick all made early exits. The American duo of Sam Querrey and Mardy Fish won through to the final, thanks to victories over Rainer Schuettler and Feliciano Lopez respectively.

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