Day 4, Part 2 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 4, Part 2

Clare Balding presents coverage of Royal Ascot including the feature race, the Coronation Stakes, at 3.45pm.

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Nathaniel. The bird has flown and Winners for Jamie Spencer and for


William Buick welcome to coverage on BBC Two. Willie Carson and


myself are here and the whole team. Hello.


Three more races and the final one on the Red Button. The next is the


group one, four fillies over a mile. One guy hoping that he will see the


belief that he has in his filly which is Martin Dwyer.


Yes, Martin Dwyer missed out riding Theyskens' Theory in September and


in the breeders Breeders' Cup and you picked up a nasty injury at


nester. Tell us about that? I was trying to forget about that? I


broke my hand and elbow. How long were you out for? Four


months. It took a long time to get back because elbows are tricky.


She is worth coming back for. She won at York and it was impressive.


Yeah, it was a drop in grade, it was a listed race, but she did it


very well. She won easily. It was a nice come back race for her.


She was big and strong last year and always looked if this year she


would do better. Is that fair? year she was taller than her rivals


and grew and grew. She is is one for the future.


What do you make of the conditions for her today? It is soft ground,


but they have moved the railings so it is a fresh fresh strip there.


She won on soft ground and finished third here last year on good to


soft ground and I am sure she will cope with it and she has stamina


and she has an excellent chance. There is the American runner More


Than Real who won the Breeders' Cup on turf. Who would be the horses


that you are most scared of? I was worried about the American horse


until it started raining. I am not sure whether her form will stand up


on a surface like this. She would never have experienced soft ground


ground racing in the States, all her form is on top of the ground.


The Culmore is the horse we have to beat. I have a lot of confidence in


my filly and she has only a length- and-a-half to find. You have


convinced me. Good luck. Thanks.


More on our big race shortly. We are wandering around and having a


look at the fashion, sheltering from the rain in the bar. These are


some of the sights that we have seen today as we have been


wandering around. It is an unusual shaped hat? She does this wonderful


spin that shows the back and in millinery it is all angles, it is


360 degrees. This lady has a beautiful tunic. This was a


detailed and embroidered coat. Look at those rich coloursment very


finished off look. I like the sophistication of this and of


course, that really big wide- brimmed hat carries it off. This is


not a full length tunic, it is a detailed piece as well. These boys


with manners, I adored this and it is men's Day today. Look at this


and the cheeky smile to go with it. I loved that and it really is


showing the real spirit of what today is about. I adored that.


Really having fun at cot cot. At Ascot is for everybody so we have


some down to the bar to have a chat with a few of the guys and the


girls down here. Louis found these lovely fellas.


Are you enjoying Ascot? Loving it. The previous race, I won. I will be


collecting my winnings in a bit. I might be hanging out for a bit.


Is it your first time here? No, I came came for Ladies' Day last year.


Where are you from? Essex. You look as if you are dispelling


the myth myth "the only way is Essex.". Shut-up.


Paul put a sharp look together. Tell me about the waistcoat.


It is a silk waistcoat. I tried to go with the grey and the blue and


keep it subtle really. You have your little accessories to match. I


notice the hanky here. He matched his eyes with the outfit.


He put his eyes in for the outfit this morning, the other way around!


You have been here before. Do you think very much about what you are


going to wear? Or pull a suit out of the wardrobe? Just keep it


simple. A lot of people try to overdo the look. If you keep it


simple, you can't go wrong really. This is your first time at Ascot?


No, my second time. I prefer it on Ladies' Day.


Why? A lot more ladies really! A bit more male oren tated.


You have come on then official Gentlemans Day. What about the


ladies that you are seeing? They are all lovely, yeah.


I thought you said, "They all love me." I did say that, but I tried to


roll in they are all lovely. Suzi is looking lovely today.


us, when you come to Royal Ascot, are you here for the horses, is it


a whole event for you you? It is a mixture.


It is an all day day thing with your friends. There is a few birds


and drinks. It is a nice day. Other than the weather, it is perfect


really. The weather is is letting us down a


bit. Guys, you look very dapper. You


better go and pick up your betting money.


You know what, there is a lady with a super hat over here. Let's run


around here. I know, let's squish through. Can you come towards us,


please? I adore this lady over here. We love your hat. Thank you. The


hat is by a designer in York and she made it especially for me.


You have gone with a lace jacket, the idea I had yesterday with the


Anthony Price. It is all high street.


Where is it from? Karen Millen and French Connection.


Did you get the hat first? I got the hat first.


Me being a milliner I am biased, but sometimes you have to tie in


the whole outfit together and that's what is really important and


it is about the detail. When I was talking about a 360 degrees that's


crucial because you are being photographed from so many angles


and it is about carrying yourself off and I remember seeing you


arrive and you looked so polished and so comfortable when you arrived.


Can you do a twirl and see what Louis is talking about.


The hair is perfect. Again, I was talking about hair and


millinery. Of course, it is a wonderful clean neck line and it is


important not to overclutter the neck line with jewellery because


there is a lot happening at the top and with the outfit so giving it


that clean break with the neck, it is crucial.


What is your name? Maria. Maria, you are dressed beautiful


today. A quick word, would you mind?


You're doing the block colour in such an incredible way. And it is


not even shining. Where are you going, Louis.


What's your name? I'm Ellie. Tell us about your hat? I had my


hat made. My dress is from Zara, �50, bargain.


You are rocking the high street. What about the earrings? Hidden


under this lovely mane of hair it is beautiful. Another tip about


hair, if you are wearing your hair down, bring the hair to this side


and then what you are doing is bring the beautiful photographic


silhouette. Thank you. A splash of everything


there. Good luck with the next race. I'm


So from the fashion stakes to the Coronation Stakes. What I love


about Ascot is the tradition here. Races have been run for 300 years


and this race, the Coronation Stakes was founded in 1840 to


commemorate the crowning of Queen Victoria. So a lot of good fillies


won this and a lot of history to the race.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


series. This race will feature the best


fillies in Europe and it is the first time they will meet on a


beautiful racecourse. The race can be scrappy because fillies, you


need to be covered up to give them a chance to finish this stiff track


over a mile. Usually you get some traffic problems around the bend


because everybody wants to get their position and one or two off


the rail is a big advantage. It is a three furlong strait so you have


plenty of time to find yourself in When I picked the paper up, I


thought it was a big price. 11-2 together with Ladbrokes. They went


11-2. Ryan Moore opened up 4-1. 4-1, Ryan, we need you to ride this one,


mate. Willie and I take ago closer look


at the fillies in the paddock ahead of the Coronation Stakes and the


flashy American contender, More Than Real. She hasn't won since she


won the Breeders' Cup for fillies. She is flashy because she has a


white bridle. She has a neon light of a bridle on. She looks fit and


she is musclely. I know she hasn't ran for 224 day, but she looks as


if she has done plenty of work. And there is Memory.


Number 9 is Memory. She didn't want to race last time. Well, she


thought she was, you know, Con cord because she stayed in the stalls at


Newmarket. Hamlet? She did the hamlet advert


very well, but she tried to give them a furlong start in the guineas


at Newmarket, but she wasn't able to do so. I would think wait and


see and see what she does today, but for me, she wouldn't be a


bridle, it is the colours. So much brighter they are allowed to be in


America and those are the colours of Bobby Flay and you can see the


owner's name is embroidered on to the colours. Bobby Flay is a chef.


He is on TV. He is King Of The Grill. He is passionate about his


racing and it is more than a passing fancy. Bobby, good to see


you here and good luck with this horse? Thank you. I am happy to be


here. We want to win. You know, we want to shock the world a little


bit. It is very rare that an American three-year-old filly can


come over here and compete in the coronation because the competition


is fierce. She won the Breeders' Cup and we gave her the winter off


and she is very fresh and I'm watching her go by and she is


terrific. She is on her toes and we want to give a good showing.


She won the Breeders' Cup. You are the king of the grill? Thank you so


much. This is getting embarrassing now.


Clare, you can go! I will chat to Bobby for a moment.


I am a massive fan of yours. I have watched all your programmes!


I might just leave them. Seb Sanders trying to get ready. It


is starting to rain that's why a lot of us are putting our macs on.


It will be an interesting race. They have Joviality in this race.


Aidan O'Brien is over here chatting to Ryan Moore. They team up with


Together. Those are the colours of Derek Smith, the purple ones which


have been puck sesful for Ryan Moore -- suck he isful for Ryan


Moore on Power. I'm really fascinated to see Willie, Memory


because she was a filly, I thought she would run really well in the


guineas and I think she would have done if she jump out of the stalls.


She Disgraced herself and she is a watch and look and listen sort of


thing today. She was a good two- year-old, we know, but that was


last year. Richard Hannon Junior is here. I


was talking about Memory and I know your father said you did a lot of


schooling with her at home. Have but working with her at home?


took her to Salisbury last week and she was with two other horses of


ours then and she jumped out of the stalls lovely. It was a normal race


day. There is no reason to think she won't, she is a talented filly,


but she is a little bit of a madam. It is not the best Coronation for


years. It depends how the Americans do?


Their colours stand out. We have two sets of American colours that


will glow in the dark? There is a big crowd. As long as she runs the


race, I am happy. I just hope she runs. Me too!


Willie, let's continue discussing this race. Richard thinking he


doesn't think it is a great Coronation. That's the French filly.


She is short backed. She will run a good race that French filly. There


is Memory there. She is a lovely walker, isn't she? Are you OK now?


I am a massive fan of his. I always wanted to meet him. I love grilled


meats. Sorry, we shouldn't be talk being it now. Professionalism, I


looked at Together. What did you think of her?


looked warm and sweaty like Nathaniel. It looks like you are a


fan of The Grill. Stop it Willie! Let's look at the market. The


fillies are making their way on to isn't there? Every time they put up


a bigger price they keep knocking it off. Here we go. The fillies and


this field of 13 is led out on to the course by Barefoot Lady. Paul


Hanagan has been replaced by Kieron Fallon. Paul Hanagan not feeling


great today. Number two, it is Claiomh Solais.


It is an Irish Gaelic name. She is a 9-1 shot. She has been busy this


season. Then we have a grey filly. This is Clinical. Seb Sanders


riding for Sir Mark Prescott. Just getting on her toes is


Elshababiya. This is I Love Me. Immortal Verse behind. It got warm


in the paddock. Then we have Joviality, William Buick, having


won the King Edward VII. We have Memory and Richard Hannon


Junior telling us how much schooling they have been doing with


her to check she will jump out of the stalls. I should correct myself,


it is a field of 12, not 13. The reason there is a big gap is this


filly More Than Real, the American filly owned by Bobby Bobby Flay has


been on her toes. She is knowing that she is somewhere different


having travelled over from the USA. She She hasn't run for 224 days,


but she is top class. The whole race turns on whether she can adapt


to British conditions and turf that is on the soft guide of good and a


testing mile here. She looks fantastic apart from the fact she


is playing up a little bit, but it depends whether she can produce the


same form that saw heroin the breeder -- we are the Breeders' Cup


Fillies. Nova Hawk has a good chance.


Then Theyskens' Theory, Martin Dwyer telling us how much he likes


this filly and they have always felt she has a lot of ability and


we will find out today if she is up to this class. Finally we have


Together. Very small. Just taking tiny little steps. Two handlers as


always with Aidan O'Brien's horses and the filly being ridden by Ryan


Moore who is keeping a nice, long reign and making sure she doesn't


get wound up by the other horses around her. Those are the


contenders and this is the chance, Lillie Langtry.


I think it is a competitive race. There are a lot of dangers. It is


not just one filly. I think if she settles and we don't get too much


rain, we will be happy. Theyskens' Theory is a big strong


filly with an ability to match. She was always likely to improve and


and looked smart on her reappearance at York? She looks


great. I am looking forward to it and she is a class filly.


Joviality edged out Barefoot Lady at York, but that was over ten


furlongs. Back at a mile today, supporters of Barefoot Lady may


feel she could come out on top in that battle. Memory was a top class


two-year-old last year, but behaved like a proper madam refuse to go


race at Newmarket. If she is willing to go, she is a danger to


all. She has got history with the stalls.


If she jumps out of the stalls, she will take a lot of beating. She is


a good filly and she owes us one after that. There is a lot of


owners there. They are going to be hoping she does race. She has been


through the gates at home and has been well behaved.


From America is More Than Real who since that day last November has


been pointed at today's race. She will have never seen as daunting a


mile as this, but she is classy, she is owned by the American chef,


Bobby Flay. Olivia Peslier is the man charged


with bringing her home. Kieron Fallon, a late change for


him. A new ride for Barefoot Lady. The leading jockey for the week,


Richard Hughes just wants to coax Memory out of the stalls.


We have a strong favourite. That's hat bookies like. Steady


money! Here is our 7-2 favourite out on


the course. She has classic form with three-


quarters of a length second she was at Newmarket in the 1,000 guineas


there. Roughly the same behind Misty and the Irish 1,000 guineas.


She represents the classic form. She is one they have to beat. If


stable horse are running adequately. So 7-2, I think it is a fair price


for her? Yes. We would be concerned that she has got a little bit


sweaty. She is warm down her neck and sweating behind the saddle, but


she is nice and relaxed con contouring down. Ryan will be


relaxed now he has got her down the track. Hopefully she will be fine


for the race. There is a slight doubt about her


on the grown, but a question mark, but it is not nothing that is


certain at the momentment here is Nova Hawk.


She is trained in France. She is a very descent filly already. She has


got classic form. She was fourth at Newmarket in the 1,000 guineas. She


went in the French equivalent when she was fourth.


Yes, she is a lovely looking filly, but she was fourth in both guineas,


there was no excuses for her that day. Probably as good as she was.


She is nice to look at, but there has been very good money for her so


one or two of the punters here have taken to her looks.


And she is a gran daughter of a winner of this race. If you think


back to Magic of Life who won this. That's her granddaughter.


concerned this was the pick of the paddock. A lovely looking filly,


nice, cool, calm, walked her around the paddock as if she owned it.


This filly has done a lot of travelling and it shows today


because she seems to be calm with herself. She is just taking it all


in her stride and she does look the part and we know that she is a very


good filly on her day and I hope possibly for Martin's sake today is


her day. Yes, she missed out in running in


the classics and this will be the big test. Claiomh Solais for Jim


Bolger she ran very well in the Irish 1,000 guineas. I wonder if


there are a few too classy for her in this race? No, she will run a


big race. She is by Galileo and any horses by Galileo you have to


respect. Galileo, it is surprising that it doesn't matter what the


ground is. You would imagine Galileo is not liking soft ground,


but they are doing the winning on all kinds of ground and he is a


fantastic stallion and I imagine this filly has been brought over by


Jim Bolger not to be here as an also ran and she is here to compete.


This is a ground one race and she is competing at the top level.


Jim Bolger trying to win the Coronation Cup for the second time.


Money for Nova Hawk. Plenty of money for this French horse late on.


Yes, plenty of money for Nova Hawk, but still Together very solid 7-2


down at the start. Memory. There is Richard Hughes. He is on on Memory.


He will be conscious of what this filly did at Newmarket. She


disgraced herself there. She is very talented. The other one now,


that's a talented, but she was rele luck tant -- reluctant to race. She


is in stall 9 here and it will be interesting to see if Richard


Hughes can get up there and get her interested and get her away. The


Coronation Stakes, we are set to go. Ready to go racing. And Memory has


jumped with them today and she held up at the back of the field on out


wide Clinical up in the centre, Barefoot Lady, down near the inside


rail is Claiomh Solais who goes on. From Barefoot Lady and up there as


well to Joviality in the green jacket. Out wider on the track,


Theyskens' Theory working up towards the leaders and further


back is Clinical. Memory pulling very hard back in the field. Also


pulling hard is Elshabakiya in the white jacket. The American runner,


More Than Real on the rail. Further back is Memory who is tucked away


Inside, Together. Who only has a couple behind her. Up the side, the


leader is Claiomh Solais by a length to Theyskens' Theory in


second, tucked away Joviality third, followed by Barefoot Lady and


behind them is I Love Me. Around there in the centre being pushed


along is Elshabakiya. Memory is tucked away on the fence. Nova Hawk


is second last. Swinging for home now and the Irish filly, Claiomh


Solais has kicked for home as they straighten up, two furlongs to go.


Here is Joviality at the outside from Barefoot Lady who is putting


in a claim Together switched to the inner. Together races up quickly.


Nova Hawk is there as well. And swooping late is Immortal Verse.


Immortal Verse takes it up. She has outdone them all. She come from


last and she blitzed them. She goes to the line. Immortal Verse wins


the Coronation Stakes in brilliant style. Nova Hawk is second. Third,


Barefoot Lady. There followed by I Love Me and also Together followed


by Joviality. Behind them is Memory. A long gap to Claiomh Solais from


Theyskens' Theory, out the back is Elshabakiya and and there followed


by More Than Real the American filly. Second last, Clinical.


Clinical last to finish. It is a one, two for France and Immortal


Verse, this filly has flown. She goes to the line and wins the


Coronation Stakes by three lengths. Nova Hawk is second. Third is


Barefoot Lady, Kieren Fallon. Fourth it looks like I Love Me.


It is just ahead of Together, Ryan Moore. Then in sixth place, number


7, Joviality, William Buick. Memory, she came out today. She was held up


and then she hasn't really kicked Theyskens' Theory behind them.


Claiomh Solais set the early running and kicked for home and


couldn't go on. Elshabakiya next. Then the American runner, More Than


Real and Clinical last to finish. That's the order in the Coronation


Stakes a leg of the British champions series and it has gone to


France and Immortal Verse an 8-1 Barefoot Lady. Fourth, number five,


I Love Me. Two and a quarter lengths, a half


length and 1.42.75. In terms of the trainers it's case of father beat


son. A French 1-2. Won in sensational


style with a move from Gerald Mosse around the field. This filly has


taken off on the soft ground. You watch where Nova Hawk comes from


too. She was trapped in a pocket. Look at them, they are second last


and last as the field sweeps into the strait. A typical French way of


riding is go around on the inside and then when you get straight,


swing out to the outside and come with a swooping run. Gerald Mosse


has done this with absolutely fantastic fashion. Pasquier losing


the length there. He ran in our Guineas and didn't


get into the stalls. She was unruly. Didn't run. Of course went back


home to France and won a Group Two in good fashion. Of course they've


come back here and won a Group One Coronation Stakes in good style.


Allez la France they say. Maybe they went too slow in this


slowing ground. The ground was hanging on to them. Gerald Mosse


was very content to reserve all his energy until he got into this


strait. It is typical of the French. They train them for speed.


Obviously this filly, being by - Jim mentions by Pivotal. Pivotal


loves the juice in the ground. They love the juice. Obviously there's


plenty of juice in the ground now. Ladies and gentlemen coming into


the winner's enclosure, having won the Coronation Stakes, with a


sweeping run from last to first, victory gos to the French. Immortal


Verse, riden by Gerald Mosse and trained by Robert Collet.


Well, not too many French fans here, I don't think.


Fairly quiet. This trainer, Robert Collet, he is


no stranger to Group One success. There he is there - Robert - he's a


happy man. He's had winners every where. He had Last Tycoon, of


course. If you look back through the records, his first classic


winner was Son Of Love, in the St Leger, in 1979, 32 years ago. He


still travels the world. These colours, this man is


represented by these colours, Mr Strauss, he owns many of the horses


in Robert Collet's stables. So, this is a really good filly. I


wonder what would have happened if she wasn't so unruly up at


Newmarket? She is brilliant. Her turn of foot today was decisive. It


is one of the race's big performance. An 8-1 chance. I


wonder how the boys in the ring view that one?


So the winner of the coronation stakes, Immortal Verse.


They backed the wrong French horse. Anybody had forecast first and


second, you have a bonus, �44 for a pound. 43-1, the two French fillies.


We have the winning trainer with us from France and Liz Price to do


some translating for us. A Royal Ascot winner w a tricky filly for


you, what does that mean for you? It was not easy. The question, no,


my filly is easy. She is easy, but has been a little bit naughty.


TRANSLATION: I announce that this filly is actually the best filly


I've trained. Does she not have a bit of temperament? No. Newmarket




Newmarket Guineas, she wore a cover to go into the stalls and there was


a lot of wind and it irritated her. That was the reason. Since then


she.... She, it was the starter. She has come back and you've seen


she has won. In the French Guineas things didn't go to plan, so we


forget that. You have to be stubborn to come back and prove


this is a group one filly. Would it be fair to say her main weapon is


her turn of foot? Xabgtdly.


That's all -- Exactly. That's all that needs to be said. We have the


winning jockey, Gerald Mosse. speaks English - my wife. Very


happy, my wife! Very happy. He's a very happy man.


I was obviously chatting to him about this filly. He said she has


no temperament. She seems very easy. She's very easy. She's, she had to


be riden steady and stay behind. We are not very anxious because we


know she would finish very fast. Perhaps he thought to come too


occasion for the family? For the family, I'm very glad for Mr


Strauss, because he didn't come very often in France. He's American.


I hope it was the race on the TV and congratulations to Mr Strauss.


I want to speak to the winning jockey. The turn of if she has


shown there, I presume the strong pace has played into your hands,


hasn't it? I believe the pace was good enough for the ground, but not


that fast. She was a bit keen, so I just decided to drop her behind and


make sure that she is going to be totally relaxed going up the hill


and go for the 400. When I take my time to start to put her out,


actually she reacts quicker than I was expecting. She was coming too


quick. It was too fast. The first time I was on board, and I knew she


would react, but not that fast. I was coming really easily. I had the


race in the 500. Your trainer seems to think she's a super filly. What


are your thoughts? The last good filly I was running here in the


coronation as well, Gold Splash. Many years ago. I would say, they


are all different, but this one has a fantastic turn of foot. Only top


horses can do that. I just want to congratulate the owner and try not


to put me on the filly at the last minute. She's really a great ride.


I'm very pleased. You have ridden top winners all over the world. We


remember you winning the Melbourne cup. What does a Royal Ascot winner


mean to you? It is one of the best. You cannot ask a question like that.


Everybody dreams to have a runner here only, not to win. When you get


a chance to win a great one, it aets a wonderful feeling. I am very


-- it's a wonderful feeling. I am very happy to be here. We will


rescue him. She's not too difficult. Just look


at this - she comes out of the stalls. We will show you this very


slowly indeed. She wants to do a little jump there. Cheltenham, a


couple of flights of hurdles. way beyond that. There is distance


between her anded the horse drawn next to her, Seb Sanders. Because


she jumped into space she ran free. It took Gerald a stride or two to


get her back. Memory, the thing was she is very slowly away at


Newmarket. She gets away OK here. Richard Hughes says, right, we have


started, that is good. She fighting him early on. She never settled


into the race. Once he got her out. He wanted her settled. Took her


across to the rail. Once he got her there, she never settled into the


race. Like the filly of Jim's in the first race. If they are using


that much energy, I am afraid it's not going to be their day. On this


ground they are not going to get home. Here's your winner. Here's


your second horse. Here in third place, the filly in fourth position


there. Let's look, in the purple jacket of Ryan Moore. Now I think


she flaupbl der on the ground. They get a bit close. She is struggling


already, isn't she? It got messy. Like you say, she was flaundering


about. She gets off balance again. She fades the last furlong of the


race. She was not happy. We have fillies there have well in the


3,000 Guineas the England, Ireland and also at the Curragh. But as so


often we see, get to mid-June, the whole thing changes, one who has


beaten before and put in an impressive performance. 1.42.75.


He's a world-class jockey Gerald Mosse. There we are, the father and


son. Robert and Rod Collet, having finished first and second. The


press sensation being made at the moment by the man behind the new


British champion series. We heard from Robert Collet's wife there.


Wow, that is a big trophy, isn't it? Isn't it a big one!


That was the mutest response we've had for any winner coming into the


winner's enclosure. I know a lot of people didn't back her. There's a


lot of people here today. I am afraid there were not that many


people who went for this French filly. Of course we got a French


one-two, which is not very good for our sort of fillies. Obviously our


fillies in England are not very strong over the mile.


We better not trouble with them, then!


They were very exciting to watch. I loved the shots coming out of the


stalls. I love how Gerald Mosse rides. His balance was brilliant as


Immortal Verse was fly-jumping out of the stalls. She only fly-jumped


the once. Gerrard said, "no, you are not going." He said, ee, you


are." A -- he said, yes, you are." We still have three races to come


here at Ascot. At the Royal Meeting on day four, two of them on BBC Two.


The other on the red button and next up we have the Wolferton


Handicap. The favourite is Green Destiny, who missed a big race


earlier this week to concentrate on this. Then we have the Queen's Vase.


A race that Mark Johnston has dominated in recent years. He has a


strong hand in that. Then we finish off on the red button with the


tell me why you haven't come back to the UK for three or four years


now, I think? Things are going well for me at home. I have chased the


premierships there in Sydney.Vy managed to win one and runner up in


one or two since. Mick offer md me the opportunity to


come back. How many different championships in regions in


Australia, because it is such a big country, do you have as a flat


jockey? Plenty. The two main ones are Sydney and Melbourne. They are


hard to win. I was fortunate enough to win one as a freelance jockey.


That's worked well for me, in my career and hopefully not my last.


The draw of Royal Ascot, I believe like so many jockeys a few days'


suspension ruled you out the first few days. I was given a four-day


suspension, Saturday a week ago in a Group One race. That was


unfortunate. The bottom line is, I'm here today and looking forward


to what is ahead. You were the first man to ride So You Think Of


Victory. What do you think -- So You Think to victory. What do you


think of him? I am sure you will see him at top grade here. It was a


surprise to see him get beat. Most horses do get beat. That is racing.


It was an excellent race. I am sure we'll see more of those horses.


the horse you rode today, you have ridden the last one to victory.


ran in a maiden here on this very track. So, I link up with him again


and hopefully he can give me the same result. How long will you be


here for? At least six weeks and seeing how things go. The season


starts to wind up from mid-August. I would like to be home for the


start of that. While you are here I hope you have a few winners and


good luck. Cheers. Back with fashion now. As it starts to


drizzle. We are trying to shelter here. This is Ruth, who has come


over from Ireland. It is a special treat? It is a birthday present


from Dermott, my husband. winners? Unfortunately not.


know in the next one I have back it. There's a horse called Green


Destiny. Well I've have to go on it. I think you will have to. The hat -


it is stunning, isn't it? When you see someone from 500 metres and


when I saw Ruth I said "that's a vision." You are in your national


colour today. Tell me about your hat. It is my a milliner Carol


Trenelly. What we have here is a beautiful plume. It is actually a


burnt peacock. Then you dye it and give it this incredible feel about


it. Of course you have watched everything down to the detail,


which I love. It is all about the detail, detail, detail. These birds


look real. It looks like it -- these buds look real. It looks like


it may be heavy. It is very heavy. There is her husband wo gave the


birthday treat to Ruth. It is co- ordinated beautifully. It has been


a pleasure, Ruth. What is nice about the men is they


make such a huge effort as well. Now, there's this wonderful


gentleman over here, who I spotted a while back. Now, Mr, you are the


only person I have seen with this wonderful velvet jacket. Tell me


more about that? I have never seen one like it. I had it made for my


wedding by Tom Brown, the toy lor in Eton. A little bit -- in Eton. A


little bit about the Thai? Not sure. A high street shop. This is a bit


of upholstery fabric. Mixed it up. It is fine. You can mix bespoke


couture with high street. The great thing about the guys is they need


to clash the waist coat with the Thai. That is what makes it so


stylist. Louise, this is your boyfriend. Did he dress himself?


John definitely dressed himself. you come to the races a lot?


third time. Have you got any tips for us?


the last two due to a good tipster. What is the good tipster A Channel


4 commentators. What have you got next Green Destiny, Spanish Duke.


This is looking good. I put money on Green Destiny. We know where to


hang around for the champagne. I think we are on for a few -- on to


a few winners. You look amazing. So again, I think what is nice is when,


you know, you find more gentlemen wearing even more quirker outfits


and of course these gentlemen over here don't let us down. Who put


your outfit together? We need confession and honesty? It was my


mother who designed the colour. She did the whole thing. So very much


thank you to her. Apart from that, the rest was my input. Are you


enjoying the day? Yes, thank you very much.


We have to talk about the tip, haven't we for the next race. We


just plo through. Wonder down to our friends John Parrot and Gary,


who are probably very busy. Wonderful sights. Lots of bright


brollys. Are you with me? Come on, keep up!


Fellas...: Hello. Hello. Can you get under this umbrella with that


hat on? Hello. How you doing? It is good to


see you again. I got the buggy cart lift off you. Don't tell everybody.


I was supposed to walk home! You are not meant to eat fish and


chips in that car either! The next race I put a bet on Green


Destiny. I have heard from somebody else I have made a good decision.


She put 5-2. Honestly it is 13-8. Did you smile at him when you got


the price. The eye eyes as well. Who do you fancy? I cannot confess.


Mod damn over here told me to keep a secret or two. Yes?


Don't you start. Another secret was revealed. We'll watch this race.


You reckon I will make money today. I lost it all yesterday. Green


Destiny is my selection for today. You probably put the mockers on me.


No, no, no. I think it's a good thing. You should play as well. 5-2


you'd play. I will take a tip or two off you later. If it gets beat,


it's your fault. The design on traditional jockey skills -- silks


has remained the same for 200 years. That is about to change thanks from


an initiative from Racing For Change.


The racing silks have been used since the mid-1700s, so the very


rich owners of the horses could spot which one was theirs at


distance. It was not until the mid- 1800s that it was a rule of racing


that you had to have registered silks. Since then then there have


been fairly strict terms applied to them. Since this day there are a


set combination of colours you can have and pattern. With the aim of


creating a new look, Racing for Change opened a competition to


students of St Martin's College of Art and design in London. Where


they have drawn their inspiration is from is broad. We have the


designs that are informed by fruit machines, lucky charms. They work


very well. Each of my designs is based on a different art movement.


So there is cubism. There is pick kas co-. I have tried to keep --


Picasso. I try and keep them simple. In America there is a set of silks


in America which are in the Superman colours. If you can have


Superman in America, you can have a few variations on theme in this


country. British racing may not be ready yet for superheroes, but the


first race on July 9th will see the winning design on show. My idea was


on fruit machines to make simbls which would be pout -- symbols


which would be suitable for racing silks. To see them being worn in a


race will be amazing. It will be fantastic. So that new initiative


about to be unveiled on July 9th. Bigger and potentially more


exciting initiative takes place here on 15th October. That is the


British champion's day, as the climax to the champion's series.


Nick, it's one that has created some debate in racing. It is now


established and looking forward to it. What is the build-up going to


be like. What is the interest in it like for the wilder world? As you


say, it is an exciting initiative. �3,000 in prize money. Put that in


context. Royal Ascot money is �4 million over the entire week. This


is new money koss tosy of Kitco. It is the fan -- -- money courtesy of


Kitco. The idea of bringing horsing like Frankel is what you would like.


Any concern is -- it is after a long season? There are horses who


are ten-furlong horses. There are great ones like. This is a great


opportunity for horses. We know we are going to play our part in the


wider international calendar along with the Arc weekend and breeder's


cup. Will we get more horses from the States coming over for that?


Coming over from the States is ambition. The same for the


Australians, because of the spring carnival. We see this as a


European's champion day. We will see more horses which have competed


in the Kitco series through the year. The weather has turned the


last couple of days. I understand the crowds were up ged. Yesterday.


What sort of crowd -- were up again yesterday. What sort of crowds can


we expect tomorrow? We will get about 75,000 people tomorrow, which


will be our busiest day. We'll have, hopefully we'll get the crowds


through today we'll see increases for every day. It has been a great


week. Hospitality is up. Crowds are up. People have been happy and the


crowds have really enjoyed it. weather forecast tomorrow? It is


not very good. I am glad it has sold out already. Thank you for


talking to us. And the Golden Jubilee tomorrow afternoon, the


feature race and also we'll be back here at Ascot on Saturday 23rd July,


for the King George. It could contain Work Force,


Rewilding and So You Think. Then we will be back with full coverage of


QIPCO coverage. This Monday coverage starts on the BBC of


Wimbledon 2011. Andy Murray has been drawn with Rafael Nadal.


The other extraordinary thing is that those who played that record


match last year have been drawn against each other. On Sunday night


you can enjoy a look back at Wimbledon over the last 1250 -- 125


years. There's nothing like it when you look at it, whether you're


there in person, the smell of it or when you watch it on TV.


It's the one that everybody knows. Even people who don't know tennis,


they know Wimbledon. It's the biggest tournament in the world.


you are a champion you are known for life.


I have always felt there is something special. It is a place I


wanted to be a parbtd of, compete in and -- a part in, one day


hopefully win. You speak to the majority of the players and they


say if there was a tournament that you could win, which would it be?


And they say, Wimbledon. Sunday night at 8pm is that documentary.


125 years of Wimbledon. You cannot be serious.


Let's go to the trainer of Green Destiny. This Wolferton Handicap is


a competitive race. This year it is about Green Destiny. William is


with us. William, he is very impressive. He won impressively at


Newmarket. Why did you choose this race and not the Hunt Cup earlier?


The ground. I always fancied this race before the Hunt Cup. When it


rained on Monday I changed my mind. That's the way it is. This is the


right race for him, I'm sure. has impressed a lot of people. His


performance at Newmarket was very easy on the eye. Has he always


shown you ability at home? He is one of those nice, progressive,


uncomplicated, kind horses. He'll give his best running. Whether he


wins or not, I don't know. He'll give his best. What about Shamali -


he was on a roll a couple of years ago? He is a charming horse. I


would fancy him normally.Vy no idea how he'll go on the ground. I


thought he wouldn't like it. He is by Selkirk. We are giving it a go.


He is a strong, genuine horse. I ament sure he'll run a good -- I am


have seen, �40,000 cash. It is now 6-4. John, this is a massive gamble.


This is it, Green Destiny. Absolutely. Every time they stick


up a bigger price they come and knock it off.


You know how much he gets back if this wins, �105,000!


It is Green Destiny as we say, 6-4. 7-1 for Spanish Duke.


, but it is all about Green Destiny. Suzi could be back here to collect


heroinings, John! -- her winnings, John.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


A lot of non runners today. 15 in same as the Prince of Wales Stakes.


Not a great length of time before they get to Swinley Bottom and they


have to contend with that steep uphill climb to home. Just under


three furlongs and they run up to excited about the chance to ride


Green Destiny all week, but we are looking at Eddie Ahern. Spanish


Duke planned himself and said, "I want to look at the view. Do you


want me to walk forward?". He is tall. Eddie Ahern had two winners


this week. He is going very, very well and Spanish Duke an each way


chance. He looked impressive at Epsom. We saw him at Epsom, didn't


Yes. He is here today, John... We heard


Willie talking about that horse, Shamali. He said he was concerned


whether the mile and a quarter on soft ground would suit him.


It is stretching his stamina, isn't Mickael Barzalona taking over


plenty of rides from Frankie Dettori.


This horse, you can see he has the jig pieces on and this horse was


trained by Gerry Miniseder. We were talking about the tennis earlier


and the future racing we have got this weekend. Also coverage on Five


Live and the golf where Rory McIlroy has stretched his lead.


This is -- there is William Buick. He has the blinkers on today to


help him concentrate. Willie, we saw... They are back on Beachfire.


Do you think those drawn wide will go under the trees? I think they


might do tomorrow after more rain, but it was touch and go whether it


was advisable to do so. I hope Balducci runs well. It is


the Wolferton Handicap. A mile and side on there. One restless and


about five playing up. The horse in 5, Shamali. Now they


are better settled. Ready. Set. Racing in the Wolferton and


Circumvent in the centre first away. Down near the inside, quickly is


Resurge. Out in the centre, Lost In The Moment. Up there is be


remembered. Balducci is trapped very wide with the nose band. Lost


In The Moment, tucked away on the inside inside World Heritage and


further back is Resurge. Resurge has a rails position. They come


into Swinley Bottom. Well back is Spanish Duke and in company with


Shamali. They race out of Swinley Bottom and they have got, it is


under six furlongs to travel. Circumvent the leader from Balducci


and World Heritage is tucked away. A length to Lost In The Moment, the


blue jacket outside Resurge. Further back, behind them is


Waydownsouth from Be Remembered and in company with Spanish Duke. Being


ridden along is Riggins on in the centre, Right Step giving them a


start. In company with Gallic Star and taking to the outside. Green


Destiny back second last at this stage on the inside and last is


Beachfire. Coming up towards the turn and the leader is Circumvent


by a length, Balducci. Tucked away is World Heritage, a length away is


Lost In The Moment. On the inside, Be Remembered. Green Destiny being


stoked up with about ten lengths to make up now as they round the turn


and on the inside he will need luck. Into the strait, Lost In The Moment


is first to strike for hem. He goes a length in front of Circumvent.


Behind them, battling away, Bea Remembered. Out in front is Lost In


The Moment. Waydownsouth is on the outside and then Bea Remembered and


Shamali and finishing fast is Beachfire. It is buyer buyer on the


inside. Lost In The Moment and Beachfire. Beachfire is going home


like a real bullet to the line and goes on to win it well. Beachfire


gets the win. From in second, Lost In The Moment, Waydownsouth is


third. A gap to Right Step, Riggins in a bunch with Green Destiny,


never ever got going followed by Gallic Star by them and then Bea


Remembered, Balducci, Circumvent and one of the last to cross the


line Shamali. Well that was as if jet-propelled. William Buick on


Beachfire and there he is crossing the line. Another winner for


William and wins it by three lengths to Lost In The Moment. In


third is Waydownsouth and a gap to Right Step, followed by Bea


Remembered and then Gallic Star on the near-side. Top of the screen


there is the favourite, Green Destiny. He never got going. He had


ten lengths to make up, Riggins in the centre, Balducci behind them


and Circumvent further back and then a gap to the others, Shamali


back there in company with Resurge and also there was World Heritage


and one more to come, that's, think, Shamali, no, it is Spanish Duke who


is right out the back. But the winner there is number 16 and


Beachfire ridden by William Buick. It is trained by John Gosden. He is


having a good week and the colt by Indian Haven won it. Second is Lost


In The Moment at 8-1. 12-1 the winner. Third is Waydownsouth at


20-1 and fourth, number 13, Right Step ridden by Jim Crowley.


I cannot wait to see this again. Beachfire is a very, very tricky


horse and and hasn't always looked the most willing. They have had the


blinkers on and taken them off and put them on again. And he comes


through the pack. Some horses really enjoy getting in there,


coming past other horses and they take off. It has become a theme


here this afternoon. Horses coming from last to winning. William Buick


he has gone right the spay, he split the whole field. He was lucky


that he never got checked. You know, he plotted a path. Never getting


his horse into trouble and and there he is, he only pick his stick


up when his horse hit the front and gave him two taps and just to keep


him going, he put his stick away and celebrated before the line. He


is a happy boy. You see those blinkers, they wherein on last time.


Last year he won four of his his five races.


Balducci is going backwards at this point having being favourite. He


gets knocked side ways there. He gets knocked by William Buick. He


was beaten at the time, but the stewards may have a look into that


and sorry, you were looking at Green Destiny on the rails. He


looked uncomfortable. He was never travelling with conviction, you


know. You could see him six furlongs from home. He was just on


the bridle, but his action was not as strong as you would have liked.


You can see how way ward Beachfire is. He dives quickly from side to


side, but once William gets him straight, what he does quickly is


again. We will soon. There is William


coming back in. The green colours. Let's have


another look and watch for him on the right, the green jacket. He has


had to have luck. Green Destiny on the left. Look at him there, he is


just a little bit unbalanced and he comes in sharply on Shamali. And


here he is, he is coming over again and Shamali being slightly checked.


This horse is doing things very quickly, Beachfire. Let's have


another look. There he is. It is a real sharp man over and as you can


see, he is off balance and he has got got a whack for his trutial,


across -- trouble across the nose. Full credit, Beachfire he has


really gone to the line as if jet propelled. It was a real surge of


power. Have a look at the other one in green colours on the left,


that's Green Destiny. Fou for a few -- now for a few strides he looked


like he was going to put in a sustained effort like the winner,


but his run just petered out. Disappointing. John Gosden having a


word now to Ritchie. We have got the winning trainer,


John Gosden. We wanted to know about this horse


and the use of the head gear and the fact that it managed to work.


What's the reasoning? The soft ground. He loves the soft ground.


He has this naughty habit of of of dropping out of a race, but not


running against superior stock so we popped the head gear on and he


has come through well. The wife has beaten the husband and the husband


is delighted so we are not in big trouble!


I would love to to grab a word with Princess Hyre. You seem to


appreciate this. Lots of pats for the winner He is a lovely horse and


John is a wonderful trainer. It was so much fun. We had a lovely time


watching the race. It must have been exciting watching


him because he had to take, William had to do a lot of slaloming.


William is great. I'm thrilled. What was that like for you? We know


he is a funny horse anyway. Sometimes people thought he hasn't


put it all in? He is a talented horse. It is just fantastic to run


a Royal Ascot winner for Princess Haya. It worked out. He needed luck


in running and thank god he got it today.


Did he take a crack on the nose? was finishing fast and they were


coming back to him quickly, it was like dodging bullets a bit and then


I had to give him a sharp right- hander.


I was talking to John a few moments ago saying this horse has been


accused of putting his head up when you asked for everything, but today


he put his head down and really tried. Can you tell what the


reasoning was for that? I got it wrong. Mr Gosden asked me if he


needed blinkers, and I said I didn't think so. He ran out at good


wood and he doesn't concentrate without the blinkers. There was


nothing wrong with his head carriage today with the blinkers on.


It is nice to have two in a row? is great.


Well done. Beachfire. There was a lot of money


left in the satchel there, Gary. Where has that �40,000 on the


favourite gone? It just disappeared. William Buick, 16-1 for top jockey.


Richard Hughes is still favourite. Remember, Richard Hughes rides one


of the steamers Halifax, who was 7- 1. Ryan Moore still 6-5, but Ryan,


when is he going to ride a winner? Where did that �40,000 go? This is


the answer? If you are you are of a nervous disposition, you you


probably don't want to watch. Here is Green Destiny and we will start


in the stalls. The problem with the mile and a quarter, everybody wants


to get to the rails. Basically, he breaks well enough, but gets


crowded out at the start of the race.


Jts it is all about position. Michael broke with the intention to


sit mid-field, but unfortunately for Michael, everybody else wanted


to sit mid-field. Eddie Ahern is is getting pressure and it squeezed


Michael back. He ended up at the back of the


field. However, so did the winner. We are


going to towards towards the home strait. There is the winner. The


second horse is here. The third horse here. So winner and the


favourite are in identical positions at the back of the field.


If we run this on, we will see, Green Destiny does have a lot of


space on the inside, doesn't he? thought when Michael picked up that


he might struggle to get through, but he never got stopped in his run


at all. He got a lovely run up the the rails and there is no excuses.


Take nothing away from this winner, we know he is a character, once he


got past one and popped himself into gear, he picked up really well


and the blinkers have done the trick.


Right on the rails, the green jacket. He is well beat. Can we


blame the start for that? Or is he on the day not been good enough?


Well, unfortunately horses can't talk. Michael wasn't comfortable


where he was, so we will never know. That's a very big fence you are sat


Duke of Devonshire. He held the role since 1997 and William Buick


with his second winner of the day and second winner this week and


Princess Hyara there. We have watched really dramatic


racing? It has always been good racing.


It has been eventful? It was an in- house race there when the wife


beats the husband. Well, it would be an interesting journey home,


won't it? There will ablot of giggling and laughing on the way


home. My head is full of that phrase


being taken out of context. We know what you mean! We are going to


focus on you for this one because BBC, come on.


I don't think people really appreciated just how canny he was


in the saddle. I had to do something to beat the


filly. I couldn't beat her on form. Going To the outside which is


unusual this. The ground under the trees, it is


protected from the weather. The roots of the trees would soak


up the water. Very canny man young Carson!


I knew I would win as soon as they didn't come with me.


COMMENTATOR: Willie Carson on the wide outside. He is in front by


about two lengths. It became obvious that he had


stolen a really big advantage and it was something that won him the


race. COMMENTATOR: The mare is the winner.


Willie Carson was a very brave man to do what he did.


It was very slewed and tip -- shrewd and typical of the man!


He returns in the famous blue colours.


I had to do something that gave me the edge and obviously I over did


And that was one of the only times that she was beaten.


She won the Breeders' Cup. Now, what did your trainer, John


Dunlop think of that move of brilliance?


He wasn't party to it because I had a word with sheikh Hamdon in the


paddock and John Dunlop was a bit late getting to the paddock and I


went to post and he didn't know what was going to happen. So...


you had a word with Richard Hills before and said, "Take the rest of


the teeld to the rail -- field to the rails." Ryan Moore had that


word with Neil and said we are going to go under the trees. Did


you talk to Ryan about that? Did you give him that idea? I don't


know. Maybe I did, maybe, I don't know. The ground today is not wet


enough, but that would have been a great move if they they -- if the


grown was more testing. Those two horses would have been first and


second if the ground had been second if the ground had been


softer than today. How do you judge the point to cut


across? You have to cut across just to make a nice turn, come across


now and then meet the rail. You see, on the mile-and-a-half there, I was


on the mile course when I did it. That was the mile-and-a-half. I


have done it a few occasions on the mile-and-a-half in the October time.


Nobody ever talked about that. Nobody noticed it, but it had


been... I like the way in the clip you were saying, "Come on BBC.".


You have always dictated things! Well, the BBC is the big thing.


They are the voice of the world, aren't they, the BBC?


Those that are on it and that would be you!


Yes. Neil Callum was part of that plan.


He is riding in the same colours and the next race is the Queen's


are talking about. When did you find out that Ryan was intending to


go to the far side rails? We came into the gate and Ryan might have


been the last one in and he said, "What are you doing?" I said my


main objective was to get my horse to drop his his bridle because he


was a little bit keen. Here, you need to conserve your energy. He


said, "Well, I'm going under the trees." It kind of worked out, even


though he was a little bit slow away. He got up there and it didn't


help that the others went off so quick. It made it harder to get my


horse back. In the circumstances it kind of helped because if we were


trying to get in from where we were drawn, we would have been stuck on


the rough ground which was raced on the previous days and there is only


enough room for four horses to keep on the fresh ground on the inside.


It was fresh ground down the outside rails and it made sense to


keep it simple. Briefly, what's the reaction from


your run in that race, fourth place. He is a progressive horse, were you


pleased with that? I was expecting more because I liked what I felt


and saw at home and you know, but you know coming to Royal Ascot you


have to have probably even more up your sleeve. He is a nice horse and


the only thing I was worried about was coming in so inexperienced. He


only had the two runs and he has got to grow up mentally. That


wouldn't have done his experience, it would have done him a lot of


good and hopefully in the second half of the season we will come to


better light. This is only his fourth run and two


miles. That must be the big question mark? He won his maiden on


over a mile-and-a-half. We didn't expect him to to improve as he did.


He went to a mime and six at York and got beat by a well handicapped


individual of Michael Bell's. He ran early on in the week. We had


the option of going for that race or this race. We thought we would


come to this race and take the next leap in grade just to see, you know,


is he up to the grade? And B, if he stays the two mile? If it does, it


opens up more windows and if it doesn't, we can learn more about


the the horse. The Newcastle win was on similar


ground to this. Is he versatile on ground? I think he is versatile. He


is a big, strong, galloping type. He should go through the ground


quite nice. that?


Sorry, Suzi. We did try our best for you! He was slow away. He


nearly fell over after a furlong. We know we will get plenty of stick.


What about the next race. should concentrate on your hats.


That's probably a good idea. Let's look at the fashion winners that we


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


have seen today at Royal Ascot, and lots and lots of different hat


shapes at Royal Ascot. Talking about gorgeous hat shapes,


this wonderful lady here has some special millinery.


We have seen Annabel looking delightful earlier in the day. That


is very unusual. Tell us about the inspiration of the head gear today?


I walked into a little shop off the King's Road and this lady had a


basic design and I looked around and I thought well, butterflies are


it this season. I went and bought little butterflies and wound them


round myself. So you made it yourself? Well, I


can't take the whole credit. The more complicated millinery was an


expert for the tweaks. What I like is how you finished off


the hole look and tell me about the gloves? On Tuesday I went for 1940s


vintage and I thought, you know what, they are from Accesorize.


Tell us about your suit. It is very beautiful, I love the skirt?


Because we have Royal Ascot dress code, I covered it up. This is a


Coast design. I got a jacket from a second samples site and I got the


ribbon that matched one of the colours instead of a necklace.


You look lovely. You look stunning. Enjoy the rest


of your day and we will catch up with you later.


What I love is this wonderful lady here.


Hello. Now what I have to tell everyone out there is my cup of tea.


You look superb. What I love is the way you have finished this really


with beautiful tailoring. Tell me about the tailoring? It is from a


local shop. A local shop in Alton, called Experience. When I go in


there, they know me now and they will always pull something off the


shelf that's appropriate and right for my age and size.


Really, the question I would like you to tell all the ladies out


there is what top tip can you give the ladies? Well, I think you need


to dress appropriately. You need to be comfortable for Royal Ascot and


you need to dress appropriately for you. This was from a Harvey


Nicholls' sale. We like a bit of recycling! It is all here at Royal


Ascot. CLARE BALDING: There is a simple


way of working out what is going to happen in the Queen's Vase, that is


to talk to Mark Johnston. This trainer has won the race six times


in the last 11 years. It looks like Namibian has the best chance. What


I love this year, you have gone for something different, Mark, which is


the tartan on your waistcoat. You have had waistcoats made for all


your lads so they match you? just here, all around the country.


What is the tartan? Johnston tartan. Not Balding! Very smart idea to


stand out a little more. Sum up this race for us? We are all in the


same boat to some extent. None of these horses have run two miles


before. I find it an exciting race to think what is going to stay the


two miles. Quite often the same horse also be entered over a mile-


and-a-half earlier in the week and you have to almost take a guess at


it. I heard you saying Namibian is the one with the best chance on


paper. He is not the certain stayer of the three. The other two are


more likely to be out-and-out stayers in time. Yeah. So anyone of


them could have a chance? Yes. Absolutely. We have been debating


it all morning. I have been saying Eternal Heart. Kevin Darley rode


five of your six winners? Didn't realise that! I think it was four.


Any of these horses in the field that are similar to Sopie? Nothing


like him to be honest. If you think about it, he seemed like such a


lazy, slow horse that really almost looked not to be trying all the


time. He was never far away in the gallops. After you won on him here,


we took him to the mile-and-a-half at Newmarket and you won back in


trip on him. I don't think there is any similarities here. They don't


come along too often. We better let you get on. Don't leg me up!


would take the ride! One more point about Mark and the way he trains


and where he trains. He trains at Middleham in North Yorkshire. They


go up to the high moor and it is quite, it is half the exercise


getting there before they have had a gallop? There is a sign at the


end of the high moor gallop which says Middleham four miles. It is


all ground work, Clare. Mike's horses gallop and they keep going.


It certainly pays off. We wanted to update you with the


jockey and trainers. Everything affected by results from today. The


highlight today was the Coronation Stakes and a fantastic performance


from Immortal Verse. It was a stunning performance, made so by


the strong pace in the race? They said it wasn't that strong, but it


looked strong to the naked eye. He dropped his filly out, got her


relaxed, typical French, how they do it, dropped her out last, let


them get on with it and when he came into the straight just eased


her right out to the outside and said, "Go on then!" The only


trouble was he said afterwards he might have gone too soon and that


was only two-and-a-half furlongs from home. She has got a fantastic


turn of foot. I would think that this filly - I know she had


problems at Newmarket, didn't get into the stalls. What will she have


done if she had got into the stalls? The trainer didn't like it


when I suggested she might be temperamental. Nothing to do with


her temperament! He put me right. Unlikely to win the top jockey


award of the week. Richard Hughes out in front on three. William


Buick is going to be running at Newmarket tomorrow. Unlikely he


will win it. Ryan Moore, Philip Makin, all on one. As for the


trainers, Richard Hughes has been riding a lot for Richard Hannon and


he is at the top of the table along with Aidan O'Brien. It will be


tight tomorrow. Very tight who is going to finish on top. Mr Moore


has two good rides tomorrow. He could get to the three and then it


will come down to who rode the seconds. Ryan will hate to admit it,


but he has risen a lot of seconds. That may play in his favour if he


can bag a couple of winners tomorrow. We don't know the answer


who is going to win it yet. Good race coming up next, the Queen's


Vase. Here is Jim. A real good race. Stamina test for these younger


horses, two miles, they will have to get every yard of it here. Let's


look at the runners and riders for Queen's Vase course. They start in


the straight, and then they have a circuit ahead of them. That is the


mile-and-a-half gate on the right. Running downhill, past the mile and


a quarter, and all the time turning now, uphill it is. Takes a bit of


getting. These younger stayers of course, these could be Gold Cup


horses of the future, or they could be Melbourne Cup performers, who


knows. The opening show for the Queen's Vase, Namibian is your


Regent Street is now 5-1. Let's look at the favourite, this was a


few moments ago as he came out on to the course, Namibian, with


Silvestre De Souza. Mark Johnston and his wife thinks one of the


others is his best chance. That is a very, very handsome horse. Let's


look at Henry Cecil's runner in this, Solar Sky. Has had two runs


so far this season. Won last time out at Haydock. You think this has


a big chance? I hope he has got a big chance. He was second to World


Domination on his first time he ran at Newbury. He was last in the race


that day and made up a tremendous amount of ground to finish second


to his stable companion. Then he went to Haydock in his maiden.


rope head collar... He is a bit tricky. They only put - it pacifies


horses, doesn't it? It is to get them into the stalls. It pulls on


the pull of the head and he's obviously got a bit of - he doesn't


like going into the stalls obviously. When he ran at Haydock


and won his maiden quite convince lying, although he looked a bit


green at the time. Here we have a horse who won't be as green. Aidan


O'Brien, a little bit disappointing this week at Royal Ascot. This is a


race, though! We talked about Mark Johnston having a great record in


it. If they back one of Aidan O'Brien's in this, you know it will


go close. They did that with Mikhail Glinka. This has a first


rate chance. This is Eternal Heart, this is the one of his three that


Mark Johnston - I am sure Mark Johnston said this is the one he


thinks has the best chance. The start of this race is in front of


the stands. The third of the Mark Johnston trio, Richard Hughes


riding with so much confidence, still got that golden armband on.


Yes. It gos quite well with the colours. -- it goes quite well with


the colours. If he wins this, I don't think Ryan Moore will catch


him. No. Those are the odds. Jim? The last few going forward. Joe


Fanning rides this Eternal Heart. There's Joe. He has ridden four


Royal Ascot winners. He has ridden the winner of this Queen's Vase.


Two miles the trip and they are racing. And down near the inside


one of the first away is Regent Street, up there though is Eternal


Heart crossing over, or trying to, Qushchi is on the rail, further


back Regent Street doesn't want to go, there is not a great deal of


pace. Out in the centre Eternal Heart a reluctant leader from


Regent Street in second, Qushchi, Halifax is out wide, just in behind


them is Solar Sky and Ittirad getting up on the rail. A length


away further back in the field is Borug, travelling on the inside of


Namibian, two lengths away Hawaafez and out the back is End Or


Beginning. They settle fully into stride and L'hermitage is last.


Regent Street is pulling a bit on the outside there as they settle.


Qushchi is tucked away third, then Ittirad is travelling on the inside


of Halifax, right there in the centre the pink jacket of Solar Sky,


they are followed by Namibian and on the rail is Mickael Barzalona on


Borug. They are running downhill towards Swinley Bottom. Further


back is End Or Beginning, trapped wide, Ittirad getting on the heels


of runners, back second last is Hawaafez and still last is


L'hermitage. Heading down past the mile and a quarter, past the nine


now, and on the inside it is still Eternal Heart out wide is his


stable mate Halifax, up in the centre is Regent Street, tucked


away just behind them on the inside rail as they all the time go


downhill is Qushchi, followed by Ittirad, who is tracking Qushchi,


in the centre Solar Sky, out wider is Namibian. A length-and-a-half


further back Borug, on the inside of End Or Beginning, further back


in the field is L'hermitage who is going past Hawaafez as they come


out of Swinley Bottom, they have six-and-a-half furlongs to travel


in the Queen's Vase. On the inside Eternal Heart bidding for a four-


timer, out in front here by a length to Halifax up on the outside,


very deep, in the centre still there is Regent Street in a nice


racing rhythm for Ryan Moore. Qushchi has had the run of the race.


Further back in the field then is Ittirad on the inside of Borug, out


deeper is End Or Beginning. Hawaafez from the rear starting to


run now and L'hermitage is last. Only about eight lengths covers


them, it is Eternal Heart on the inside of Halifax and splitting


them is Regent Street. In behind them is Solar Sky, right in the


centre, Namibian going well on the outside, Qushchi is still on the


rail, further back is Ittirad and they are followed by End Or


Beginning and in the centre Borug battling away, Hawaafez second last,


L'hermitage is last. They kick for home now in the Queen's Vase, two-


and-a-half furlongs out, Eternal Heart is in front from Regent


Street on the outside now, Namibian and races to them quickly. Solar


Sky is behind them. They are followed by Halifax, but Namibian


crossing sharply to the inside rail has opened up a gap of two lengths,


but here is Solar Sky putting in giant strides for Tom Queally.


Namibian is fighting back, it is a ding dong struggle, 100 yards to go,


Namibian is kicking back, Solar Sky the outside, Namibian! Namibian has


just outstayed Solar Sky. In third is Eternal Heart, followed by


Regent Street and then Halifax, a long gap in the field to Hawaafez,


then End Or Beginning, Borug is behind them, Ittirad is further


back and they are followed by L'hermitage, Qushchi is one of the


last, in fact the last. But that was a very gritty and game staying


performance by Namibian. The 7-2 favourite has prevailed in a real


thriller to the Queen's Vase, the far side Namibian, near side Solar


Sky. They hit the line, Namibian by a head from Solar Sky. That was a


battle Silvestre De Souza beating Tom Queally. A gap to Eternal Heart.


In fourth is Regent Street. In fifth Halifax. In sixth is Hawaafez.


They are followed by End Or Beginning in seventh. Then in


eighth as they cross the line is Borug. In ninth is Ittirad. In


tenth still coming here, still got another one to come, there's


L'hermitage and 11th and last is Qushchi who virtually walked across


the line. This colt ridden by Silvestre De


Souza. Second is 10 Solar Sky, third is Eternal Heart. A neck and


seven lengths the distances. 3:40.97 the time. A very happy Mark


Johnston after the race. CLARE BALDING: He has such an


extraordinary record in this race. It is amazing how many times he


wins this race. And how much his horses find. They do respond to


pressure. Silvestre De Souza, it is his 50th winner of the season but


his first-ever here at Royal Ascot. The manner in which this horse has


done it, he hits the front now, a big challenge coming from Tom


Queally. Almost looks as if he was going to go ahead, but Namibian


keeps fighting back. A real thriller to finish with? That was a


thrilling race. He got beaten, well got passed by at least a head, now


he is fighting back, De Souza is getting his horse to rally and get


there. He's hanging across to his left, he has his stick in the right


hand, but the horse was hanging to the left - ooh! That could have


been a bit tricky giving that horse a last tap. You can see the smile


on his face. There is a stewards' enquiry. I would like to see the


head-on. It did look as though he might have given Solar Sky a bit of


a bump. As the winning distance is not very long, it could make a


difference. It could. At the moment, the Queen's Vase has gone to Mark


Johnston again. It is one of those moments where I


would like to congratulate you. I did think you were cooked a


furlong-and-half out? So did I. I would suspect both horses are


coming across the track. I don't know, I haven't seen the head-on.


We have come from behind so it would be disappointing if they took


it off us. How pleased were you with that perTor mance? I threw a


lot of egg -- Performance? I threw a lot of eggs into this basket. I


thought Eternal Heart was going to win it. I could clearly see a


furlong out that he wasn't and Namibian has burst on the scene.


Again, I thought... This is your first look? Yeah. Silvestre's whip


is in his right hand? It is clearly in the wrong hand. As I say, that


combined with the side-on view that the other horse was in front of us


and we have come back again, hopefully the result will stand. We


will see. It is one to wait and see. Well done. Thank you very much.


Well, there's a good shot of the winner. The crowd when they saw the


replay on the big screen, there was a bit of a gasp. Let's have another


look at it. The whip is in the right hand, the horse veering to


the left. Now they go pretty straight. When they get near the


post, then he just veers a little bit, or shifts a little bit to his


left. Now as you can see, there is still a distance between them. Is


he sort of intimidating him a bit to come over? He will be very


unlucky to lose this. There's a bump right on the line. It might be


past the line actually. This is what you really want to know. Just


there. They have touched there. But I have a feeling that was a stride


past the line. I still think he would be very unlucky to lose this.


There he is, walking around. He's 12-1 on to keep it. I think that is


- 20-1 on now to keep it. That is a pretty accurate reflection of his


chances, I would say in the stewards' room. There he is. He is


a fine stayer, Namibian. He is by Cape Cross. This is a real stayer.


There he is. A good honest day's work. Here's the full result.


very game and gutsy Namibian. Looks like he has won the race. There is


an enquiry on at the moment. second horse, John, Solar Sky, you


know you can bet on the internet, it traded at 1-33 so somebody has


had �33 on to win �1 and they have lost!


Let's look now at another angle of this finish. And there is Namibian


with the point - they are a long way apart. About four or five


horses, they come very close but they don't touch because we have


seen the head-on. Let's see how far they are off the line when they


touch. They come close again, here they are, they go to the line right


now and I would say - I would be very, very sure that that wasn't -


there wasn't anything material there that was going to affect the


result of the race in my opinion. CLARE BALDING: You can see the brow


band logo that Mark Johnston has on his runners matching the logo on


those waistcoats. The main thing he is concerned about is not logos or


uniforms, it is whether or not this horse will keep the Queen's Vase.


The chances are he will. We will bring you the result of that


inquiry on our red button coverage. So for Mark Johnston, the sixth


time he's won the Queen's Vase. is a fantastic record in that race.


But he was a very handsome colt, wasn't he? He looked the best. A


classy-looking animal. The three- year-old colts that we have been


seeing here this week at Royal Ascot, they are a very good bunch


of three-year-olds this year. Good- looking horses, fantastic


racehorses. But we are a little bit short on the fillies. They are not


as good. Not a good crop of the fillies. Depends on that last bump


how far it was from the line. you have been watching our coverage,


you will know we have not just got access to the stewards' room, we


have also got sound. A lot of this will be down to what Tom Queally


says, how much did it affect him? Intimidation comes into it. He


definitely intimidated the horse. But it all depends on that last


bump, if it was, how far it was before the winning post. There is


only a foot difference. That would be the deciding factor for the


stewards to take into consideration about altering the result. We will


bring you coverage of that on our red button, coverage which is going


to start shortly. Tomorrow afternoon, the feature race is the


Golden Jubilee, a field of 17 declared. We won't know until


tomorrow whether Delegator will run in that or not, but Star Witness


hoping to become the first big international winner of the week.


We are on air at 2.20pm. We will be showing you the highlights of the


week and the fashion and everything that we have enjoyed through


stunning, well four days so far, the weather has rather dampened


everything out there, but not our spirits. Bring your coat if you


come tomorrow! It is cold as well. Ryan Moore could become Champion


jockey if he wins the first two races tomorrow. You think he's got


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