Day 3, Part 2 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 3, Part 2

Clare Balding presents coverage of Royal Ascot, including the feature race, The Gold Cup, at 3.45pm.

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rang coming around the leaders. Field of Miracles.


We have seen success so far in the Ribble deal's stake.


The presentation was made by a model, who has been on the front


cover of voyage and is the face of channel. Or was the face of it.


The winning owner. Jim Bolger on the left. They have a


huge breeding operation. I don't want to be crash in mentioning


money, but -- cras in mentioning money. They bred the winner of the


Derby a few years ago. They sold him to Sheik Mohammed.


He gave him as a present. He must have made millions out of breeding.


Yoz you say, we mustn't talk about money. He has made wagons loads.


Here is Fame And Glory. He was such a classy horse as a two and three


year old. It is interesting that they have picked him to follow in


the footsteps of Yates. He will try and be their staying champion.


Don't forget Yates won the coronation cup before he went on to


a cup campaign in marathon distances. Fame And Glory won the


Coronation Cup last year. It is a good precursor to a career in long-


distance races. Aidan O'Brien, he was criticising himself saying he


thought he had left So You Think undercooked.


If he stays, he wibs. -- wins. Joining me is Catherine


Elizabeth, who is currently making a hat for us, live on the BBC. How


is it going? Very good. So far we have all the feathers together. I


have stripped them and curled them into this section. That big ostrich


feather you saw earlier on. We have curled that around. The pheasant


feather also. We have the other pheasant feathers too. A Guinea


foul feather on the top. The clock is ticking. Some lovely ladies. You


will have seen Paula before over the years. Always you dress so


beautifully for Ascot. How tricky is it? Normally a last-minute thing


for me. This year, more organised. I managed to pick out my outfit in


the January season. What are you wearing? I am wearing Wren Scot on


the bottom and a Stephen Jones hat. And then are you girls friends


together? No. We just met. Talk us through what you are wearing? A far


dire Freeman hat. Are you happy with the weather?


has stopped raining. How can you not enjoy a day like today?


Who is here? What I want to say is these ladies are my cup of tea. Not


only has she used the hat to her advantage, but it is that marriage


of hair. When you wear hats it is important to bring it up, show off


that beautiful swan-like neck line. If you wear a hat and have long


hair you should always wear your hair up and off your face? I would


advise that. It brings out the hat. You have short bobbed hair. It is


showing that feature. If you have long hair, my advice is sweep it


down, maybe to one side. It gives that lovely photographic silhouette.


That is really important as well. There are lots of tips I could


spend on it. We are only here for a short time. The girls look spot-on.


These feathers. We have seen quite a few fantastic feathers. It is


actually burnt ostrich feather. You can do a technique where you dye


them and do acid burning as well. They are great. These originate


from the ostrich from Africa. You have many things to do. You can


strip them back and have that lovely quill. You can do this


effect. I think it is great. It gives a lovely shroud. It works


beautifully. Continue to enjoy your wonderful Ascot day. See you later.


Just being saddled up is Blue Bajan. His trainer David O 'Meara there.


He is bidding to be the first 13- year-old since 1902.


-- first winner of the race. We are at the stables at the foot


of the North Yorkshire Moors. Having a look at one of racing's


seasoned campaigners, Blue Bajan. Can his trainer and his young rider


master mind Gold Cup success? You have a really great


relationship with Danny. You've had a terrific year. How do you think


Danny will handle the big day? problem. Danny's more competent.


He's a good jockey. He knows the horse. He has huge confidence. No


problems at all. We have the right man on board. Blue Bajan - what is


he like as a horse to ride? He's a great ride. He's a nine-year-old.


He does not feel that at all. Big baby. It feels like he's ready to


David has a new lifeline since coming here. He seems to be


improving. After more than a year out with a tendon injury Blue Bajan


followed up to six nth the Chester Cup and second in the Yorkshire Cup


with a career win in the stakes last month. He was going three


furlongs out. Probably could have done with


something taking a bit fuller. I got there too soon really. It must


have been pleasing to see him quicken away from his field then?


It was. I think the two-and-a-half mile at Ascot will suit him better.


He's one horse in the race that is guaranteed to stay. Does he have a


preference to ground? It was soft that day at Sandown. If it is soft


at Ascot, then it would not be a problem. Maybe better, if anything.


The opposition in the race, obviously you have beaten one or


two of the races -- horses in there? Fame And Glory could be the


next Yates. Then you have Duncan, who beat us half a length at York.


I would not be afraid to take Duncan on again. Then you have


Holiday For Kitten, who started up there as third favourite, who --


then we have Holberg, what started up there as third favourite.


What is he like in the yard, Blue Bajan? He's a lovely horse. He


mingles in the background. He makes a big impact. He's easy to deal


with. Everyone gets on with him. He's a pleasure to have. How would


it feel to you, as a trainer, to get hold of that Ascot Gold Cup?


often wanted to win, I thought it would be the Cheltenham. That would


be fantastic. It would be great for the owners. They've bred this horse,


I mean, they love him to bits. It would be great for them. The Gold


Cup. Do you dare to dream you would win the race? Not really. I cannot


sleep at nights already. That would just be an amazing feeling.


You know, every jockey wants to have a Group One winner at Royal


Ascot. This is my chance. I might not get another chance like


this again. I think I've got a great ride in the race and I


wouldn't swap him for anything. What a great opportunity it is.


Here he is, Blue Bajan. This is the day itself.


He's been saddled there by David O 'Meara.


Danny Tudhope, there he is. He's looking forward to the biggest ride


of his career. What a moment for him! I am joined by Mick fits


Gerald who will look at this -- Fitzgerald.


He looks relaxed. He must have run this race through his mind millions


of times. He would have done that. When you are a young jockey, to


have a big ride in a big race, there is no bigger than the Gold


Cup. For him it will be a dream come true. We have a horse in here


who is a class horse, Fame And Glory. Yates did it. He was a


favourite for the Derby. He has been runner up in a Derby, a


Coronation Cup winner. Stamina has to kick in today, doesn't it?


does have to kick in. He has a great man on his back, Jamie


Spencer. We will look at this in more detail


later on. Here's the course. We take off. Two-and-a-half miles.


Up to the judge. You see the big Grandstand on the left there as


they come up. Then they swing sharply right-handed and a mile-


and-a-half to go. You can almost let them free-wheel. This is where


he said the ground was at the worst. It will take a good one to get home


here. Jamie will hope Fame And Glory has plenty up his sleeve.


it's come. I have seen some gambles in my time. I've been part of one


of them. This could be the biggest gamble ever. I said they would take


2-1. 13-8 has gone. It is 6-4. The way they're going this could start


even money. There is fortunes for this horse. I have never seen money


like this in my life for one horse at Royal Ascot.


Willie and I are having a look at the horses in the paddock. Fame And


Glory. I just mention briefly that Aidan O'Brien thought he could have


made him fitter. I don't think there is any doubt that this horse


will be as fit as he can get him today. He's had a couple of runs


this season and the fact this is going to be a truly exacting test


of his stamina. It is a true test of stamina because of the rain, it


confirmed front-runner. He likes soft ground. He will go his own


pace. It will make a test for everything in the race. Now Fame


And Glory, he is a horse with tremendous class.


A Coronation Stakes.... Coronation Cup., Cup - sorry.


He ran a tremendous race in the Arc last year. The reason he is running


in the Gold Cup is they have so many good mile and a half horses at


ballly doil. I would like to -- Ballydoyle.


I would like to point this one out. Opinion Poll. He is a full horse.


You know, he's a five year old. Smallish horse. Very compact. I


don't think you should look for so much muscle in a two-and-a-half


mile race. He used to be with Michael Jarvis. What he needs is


soft ground. He'll get it today. Definitely. You don't think he has


a big chance? I'm not saying anything. You're the one that's


giving him a big chance. I would rather prefer others instead.


else? Fame And Glory is a class horse in the race. And of course


you have Kasbah Bliss. He has been around the world a bit. He is a


gelding.... A big hurdler? He has run at Cheltenham. His stamina - he


will stay. That is what you have to do today, you have to stay the trip.


Let's have a wander around this packed paddock. It is a big field


for this Gold Cup. Kieran Fallon talking here.


Just over here, this is not relevant to this race, but just, I


know you'll be interested if you are watching, Elizabeth Hurley,


getting a kiss there. She has a share in a thorough bred horse


running later. Down here in the Gold Cup, because I imagine she


wants to get a look at the runners. The Ballydoyle camp over here. It


is interesting that the owners who have bought into this horse, again


we saw them in the royal procession earlier. Gorge Middleton talking to


Georgina Andrews. We will cut through. If I can find


Bliss. Used to be a long-distance hurdler, now is restricted to


running on the flat. He's a very good horse. Soft ground.


He has got form on ground which has soft in it. I wonder if.... Are you


happy with everything with Kasbah Bliss? I'm happy with preparation


and happy with the morale of the horse. Not quite happy about your


English weather! I would have done without it. The horse has got a


chance like everyone. He's a hard fighter. He's a superstar. He's


nine years old now. On the ground, I tell you some people who are


unhappy about it, Judy The Beauty, fancied for tomorrow, she has been


taken out because of the ground having turned to the soft side.


Another non-runner is Hinchin. We have happened upon the Fame And


Glory team. Jamie Spencer, who has a contract to ride the horses


ridden by this lady here. How did you enjoy the royal procession?


want to do it again! I suspect you and your husband, you would like to


win the Gold Cup? I hope so. I pray to God. I hope so.


Jim, explain to me, if you don't mind, Fame And Glory, whose


decision was it to start to test him out on longer distances? Aidan,


Derek Smith. The whole team, the whole team. We are lucky to be a


big part of it. It is an interesting new adventure for you?


The Ascot Gold Cup. It is the dream race to be in. We think we've the


right horse to do it. We wish you well as well. He is a hot favourite.


You look fantastic. That is a stunning hat. She says she would


love to do the royal procession all over again, given the chance.


Everybody looks terribly smart. You do see the best outfits here. This


fella here, just explain Mr Ward how many horses you train at home


in Ireland and the set-up you have there? I have four horses in


training. I have a restricted license. It allows me four horses.


I mainly am a sheep farmerer. I keep a lot of sheep.


We enjoy our horses. She won here last year. Wants to come back for a


race of this calibre. There's little staying handicaps in Ireland.


We are looking at Fictional Account. Your filly now. You have run her at


Ascot. She does not like the travelling much. She's a bad


traveller. We -- actually she travelled well this year. Travel is


not my worry today. The worry today is the ground will be dead, you


know. We'll take our chance. If she runs like the way she ran in


Leopardstown she should be all right. She is owned by a sinty date.


Here they all are. This is -- syndicate. Here they are all. How


much would it mean for her to put up a big performance today? Such a


small stable. A small syndicate. It would mean everything to us. It is


a great pleasure to be here. We hope, the weather has turned bad


for us. If she's in the first four, we'll be very happy. I am happy


with the tie, which co-ordinates with your colours. Deliberate, I


assume. I had to go to Sweden to get this Thai. Did you? Couldn't --


to get this tie. Did you? Couldn't get it in England or


Ireland. The best of luck to the Fictional Account. It is one of


those stories you normally only hear in a book of faction. A guy


with 300 sheep. Four horses. Friends and families who help out,


has a horse in the Gold Cup at Royal Ascot. We have just watched


Tastahil. I thought you said it's an old


man's ride. It is, isn't it. He's a lovely horse. He's coming in great


form N summary, which are the horses in the paddock you like?


Tastahil is one. He looked really relaxed. Of course we know he'll


like the ground. He likes the distapbsz. He's unfortunately a --


distance. He's unfortunately a front-runner. Fame And Glory, he


looks a fantastic, you know, horse. Here we go for the Mr Raid -- for


the parade for the Gold Cup. The parade is led by Aaim To Prosper.


The horse's owner came over and said "We hope he runs well." Then


we have Askar Tau. A very Lean jockey on board. He won here in


April. Then we have Blue Bajan. You know all about him if you saw the


feature. This horse, second in the Yorkshire


Cup, behind Duncan. Here is Duncan n the pink colours.


William Buick on board. He's never been on a trip as far as this. He's


talented. He has his own ideas about racing. William will need to


be at his coaxing best. He likes it here at Ascot. 8-11. Fame And Glory.


Class, class, class. He's a four- time Group One winner. He yet could


be in the mould of Yates. This horsz, Geordieland was third to him


once. It will be the training performance of the lifetime if he


could get Geordieland to win the Gold Cup. Then we have Holberg, who


won the Queen's vase at this meeting in 2009. Now in with the


Godolphin camp. Then Kasbah Bliss. You heard that the owner didn't


like the English weather. You know he will stay. He has a turn of foot.


Manighar. Kieran Fallon fancies the chances of this horse. He will let


him canter on down. Opinion Poll, a lot of money for this horse this


morning when the rain was falling. Then we have Tastahil, who won the


jockey cup at Newmarket. That's Fictional Account. That's Motrice.


The only one we didn't really see revolve around whether Fame And


Glory will prove as effective over today's marathon trip of two-and-a-


half miles as he has over a mile shorter. The rest will struggle to


lower his colours. It's a competitive race. The trip is an


unknown. We will not know until he gets into that last six furlongs


whether he'll stay or not. He's a lovely horse to ride. Really


looking forward it to. If he doesn't then Blue Bajan could take


advantage. This nine-year-old seemed better than ever when


winning at Sandown last time around and could give his trainer a dream


day with his second Royal Ascot winner. Duncan defeated Blue Bajan


at York. The question mark over this six year old, is Fame And


Glory, will he see out today's distance, especially given the


conditions will be tougher now there's been some rain. He's got


good speed for a horse that stays, as we know, as -- so far. Whether


he'll get the last four furlongs is another thing. Holberg is the


choice of Frankie Dettori. He won the Queen's vase here at the Royal


Meeting two years ago. The fact the going has eased is a negative.


There is a positive for Dettori's rejected runner Opinion Poll.


Formally smart in his native France Manighar has yet to win a race in


Britain. He ran a series of good races last year. He was not far


behind Duncan last month at York. He beat me by a short head. On that


occasion he got first run at me. I think I would have beaten him. He


went on to win the Melbourne Cup. Tastahil was well beaten in this 12


months ago but comes into the race on the back of one of his best ever


runs. He is expected to do better this time around. And there's the


old favourite Kasbah Bliss. He is not as potent as he was once at the


age of nine. But he is still capable of smart form and should


enjoy the moisture in the ground. Fame And Glory is the top-rated


horse in this. The equation seems simple e,, if he stays, he wins,


but we know, nothing is that simple. So Fame And Glory, all in the ring


Richard Power here on the boards. Richard, the favourite, Fame And


Glory. You were the biggest price this morning. You are the father of


Paddy Power. Have you ever seen a gamble like this? It has been huge.


It went 9-4 on track here. They have taken every price. Every price


down to 5-4. The other side of me I have Geoff Banks, you will remember


his father. 11-8 is favourite. You have laid it at 2-16789 you are


still going top of the shop, why? will need a blood transfusion if


this wins. Ladbrokes cannot stop backing this horse. 2-1. 13-8. 6-4.


Now 11-8. It has not stopped. That's Geoff Banks there. He's a


brave, brave man. He really is. Here's the Gold Cup. The oldest


race here. 1807 it was first run. It has a special run in people's


affections because of the distance and because of the type of horses


we get. This was stand out Fame And Glory in the paddock. He is such a


handsome horse. He is venturing in the unknown here. We have seen


classy horses coming here before and doing it. So long as he relaxes


and switches off. He has the class and, the distance, well the soft


ground will be the biggest danger to him. That would drag on his


stamina. Although he likes the ground, but it is a long two-and-a-


half miles. He just needs to switch off. That's the... That's


Geordieland going in. Richard Hughes there. A really good...


There's Blue Bajan. Ran a hell of a race at Sandown. Fame And Glory


will obviously be a big story, The Betchworth Kid could be the second


Is this horse, Fame And Glory another Yates? We will soon find


out. They are racing in the Gold Cup. On


the inside Fame And Glory began best of all. Still reigned in. Down


near the inside Holberg going on from Manighar. Here is Tastahil,


wider out with the big wide face is going to take it out. The


Betchworth Kid is further back in the field. They settle into stride


now. They race up the home straight. Aaim To Prosper, looming up on the


inside has gone up to join Tastahil. Tastahil from Aaim To Prosper and


tucked in behind them is Holberg in the blue jacket of Godolphin.


Tucked away behind Holberg is Fame And Glory. Duncan on his outside,


Askar Tau. They continue their journey up the home straight on the


first occasion. Kasbah Bliss is tucked awhich on the inside fence.


Followed by Brigantin. Motrice on the outside of Blue Bajan. Opinion


Poll, with the white cap. Further back Geordieland in company with


Fictional Account. Last is The Betchworth Kid, as they continue


their journey up the home straight. Tastahil setting a fair gallop.


thing with this horse is he loves to get into a rhythm. Right at the


very back, Hayley Turner on The Betchworth Kid.


Richard Hughes having a job to settle Geordieland at the back.


Jamie spepbs spepbs, he has Fame And Glory -- Spencer, he has Fame


And Glory in a good position. He won't be unhappy. Tastahil past the


judges. Three lengths to Aaim To Prosper. A length away then on the


inside is Holberg, as they swing sharply right-handed past the


stands. In fourth is Duncan, followed by Aaim To Prosper. Deeper


on the track is Geordieland. Improving now from Manighar and


Kasbah Bliss. A length to Askar Tau.


Further back Brigantin. Four horses behind him, Motrice is one of them,


Opinion Poll another. Further back Fictional Account and The


Betchworth Kid. Whips them in as they run past the mile-and-a-half.


Tastahil the leader by three lengths. Holberg still tucked away.


Geordieland is widest of all, as they run down now towards the mile.


Fame And Glory tucked away, racing a little keepblly. Followed by --


keenly. Opinion Poll is second last. Last is Fictional Account.


Body language tells you Jamie Spencer, he has not moved a muscle.


He is sitting as quiet as a mouse at the moment.


And as Geordieland swept around them and taken them up. He's trying


to surprise them. Geordieland kicking away, by three lengths to


Tastahil. Aaim To Prosper, who has dropped back as they start this


uphill climb. Six furlongs left to go in the Ascot Gold Cup. Manighar


on the outside. Nicely as they start to group up


Askar Tau out wide. Brigantin going forward. Further


back in the field is Fictional Account. Tastahil is out in front.


On the outside Duncan. Duncan has moved up to take the lead. So


Duncan takes it up. Geordieland has dropped right out. So Duncan kicks


on here by a length-and-a-half. Aaim To Prosper on the inside of


Manighar. A length away then is Askar Tau. Followed on the inside


by Holberg. Motrice around the outside. Fame And Glory coming now


in the centre. He's making a fast forward move now. They round the


home turn. And it's Duncan who heads up for home in front. Here's


Fame And Glory. Two furlongs left to go. It's Fame And Glory who is


racing up on the outside. Grabs the lead now. He bursts away from them.


Goes a length-and-a-half in front. Duncan battles in. Followed by


Manighar. Opinion Poll, Fame And Glory in front. Opinion Poll trying


hard. A half furlong left to go. Fame And Glory getting a bit weary,


but he has enough in hand. Fame And Glory, the class horse for the


field wins the Ascot Gold Cup. Second Opinion Poll, third


Brigantin. Followed in fourth then on the outside by Manighar. They


were followed by Askar Tau and then Kasbah Bliss, followed then by


Duncan and Aaim To Prosper and then further back is Motrice, from Blue


Bajan, then Fictional Account. They were followed by The Betchworth Kid.


And walking across the line, Gold Cup. He won it it by three


lengths from Opinion Poll. Flashing home for third, Brigantin. Just


ahead of Manighar in fourth. In fifth, Askar Tau. Top of the screen


there, Duncan. Just below him is Kasbah Bliss. They were followed


then by by Aaim To Prosper and then a gap of five lengths or so,


Motrice. There followed then by Blue Bajan and then a long gap.


Still another five behind them so you can see how strung out they are.


This is The Betchworth Kid and another couple walk across the line.


In the end, class did tell, and even in the conditions it was Fame


And Glory. This horse had run second to Sea the Stars in a derby.


He has come out here and won an Ascot Gold Cup and the class really


did show. When Jamie Spencer made his move,


it was a fast forward one and got him there. He didn't have any


worries about stamina. He won it as a two-year-old on heavy ground.


Jamie put him to sleep and put him in the right place at the right


time and the rest, as they say, is history.


He started the 11-8 favourite and landed a fortune in bets today.


He has fame and he has covered himself in glory! What a brave


performance from Fame And Glory. The money was definitely speaking.


The money was on this horse. Great confidence from his owners, but


huge confidence from Jamie Spencer who makes a winning move here,


turning into the strait, to angle out of the four horses ahead of him


to come flying past Manighar and Duncan and Askar Tau who has run so


well. Opinion Poll is the only one who comes from behind him to run on


in these closing stages and runs well, but what a race. What a race


to watch. What a race to savour and if you black Fame And Glory, go and


collect! A lovely performance. The class


horse has won the race. The only time there was a dault a a doubt


about whether he would win was when he came into the strait and Jamie


Spencer said, "Go." He didn't get the exact response he was expecting.


It took him about 20 strides before he picked up because obviously a


long race like that, oh there, there is happy, happy, yes, in a


long race, like that. All you are doing to the horse is go to sleep.


Go to sleep. Go to sleep and reserve energy and that's what he


was doing throughout the whole race and when it came to pick up time,


it took him a long kick to get the message that the race was on in


earnest. Jamie Spence salutes the crowd and


you have to salute them in choosing the right horse and Fame And Glory,


a genuine derby contender and a group one performer, very much in


the mould of Yeats. They said let's try and make him our Gold Cup horse.


Yeats won this race four years in a row. Fame And Glory has his first


one on the board at the age of five. He has proved that he is up to the


task of winning at least well at least one Gold Cup because he got T


he could come back and win it again next year. Lots of horses double up


in the Gold Cup. Very few can win three or four in a row. I ought to


mention Brigantin. He makes ground in the closing stages to take third


place and Geordieland took off, he was too keen with Richard Hughes


and something went wrong. He has broken blood vessels in the past


and I suspect what happened again. He dropped out. This horse was


incredible. There he is, a a good shot of him


there, Fame And Glory. He is a son of Manighar. Mick, saying it is


unfair to compare this horse to Yeats. Really, you could argue that


probably he done a little bit better than Yeats coming into this


group. He won an Irish derby. He was second to a champion in an


English derby, the coronation World Cup winner, the same as Yeats. He


has got credentials. Jamie had every confidence. You


could see when he sent him to the front he meant business. As a


jockey Jamie would have felt under pressure, he hasn't ridden the big


races like he used to. He was retained by the O'Brien stable a


few years ago and this will mean plenty to him.


It will. It will mean plenty to Michael Smith and Derek Tabore. A


huge thrill for them. There is also, I would say, a


little bit of joy in the camp to make up for the disappointment


yesterday with So You Think. Your Majesty, what a Gold Cup for


2011 and it has been won by Aidan O'Brien for the fifth time in his


career following in the footsteps of Yeats by Jamie Spencer for the


first time and all thanks to a bravery of a horse called Fame And


Glory. So the ladies are leading this one


Doreen Tabore, Gay Smith, there is Derek Smith joining them.


A truly appreciative crowd because this is a real class horse and he


has done a fantastic job today. He won officially by three lengths,


four-and-a-half lengths between second and third. Time 4.37.51 and


you will find that is around about 20 seconds outside the record set


last year by Right Of Passage. It gives you an idea of how much the


rain has set into the ground. But he has come through with class. He


has shown his class. He has shown his stamina and this man Jamie


Spencer, it is a huge day. It is a race Jamie will have wanted to have


won. It will mean a lot riding this winner for Ballydoyle. He was there


one season with Aidan. It didn't end well really. He came back over


here. I would say this is a big day for Jamie.


It is huge. Kullmore don't have a retained jockey anymore. They use


Ryan Moore when he is available. Aidan, how pleased are you with


that? Sure listen. We are delighted. We are delighted for everybody. I'm


delighted for Jamie. Listen, listen, thanks to everybody. Listen, thanks


for everybody for letting the horse with his class run in the Gold Cup.


Obviously like it is very few mile and a quarter group one rinners --


winners you see run in a Gold Cup. Have you made this horse a stayer


or is this what he wanted? I think when horses have so much class, it


can often, they can often stay and I think class makes them stay, you


know, what I mean? It is the ultimate test of class really when


you go that extreme distance and like I said, able to do it a much


shorter trip. We are privileged to have him.


When people were saying before the race they were worried about the


two-and-a-half miles, you were always confident that he may not be


a natural two-and-a-half mile horse, but class would get him through?


Like I say class is very hard to replace, but and listen, Jamie had


ridden him and he was happy and confident with him, listen and gave


him an unbelievable ride. Aidan, don't go anywhere because


you have got the winning jockey, Jamie Spencer. Jamie, take us


through your thoughts on the way the race developed? We didn't go


very fast early. Geordieland injected pace in. My fella wasn't


keen. Because he has so much class he is used to going a different


pace in races. He wanted an injection of pace to make it more


comfortable. It was an easy ride and I am privileged to be allowed


to to ride the horse. I want to thank the owners. They have had the


faith in allowing me to ride the horse, thank you to them.


How poignant a moment is for you to ride a Royal Ascot Gold Cup winner


for Aidan O'Brien having being stable jockey in 2007? We're


getting on better now! No No, no, it is great. He is a


great trainer. The first two races were about bringing the horse along.


I am tickled pink. Aidan, he has a 3-1 to win the race.


66-1 to match the achievement of Yeats and 200-1 to beat it. What


are your thoughts? Sure listen, I don't, listen, the plan was after


today was to give him a break and train him for the Arc again. So


listen, we'll take one step at a time and that's what we always did


to give him a run before the back end and we will give him a break


now and give him a run before the Arc.


And the Gold Cup next year? Wouldn't it be marvellous.


100 %. Her Majesty, the Queen, making her


way towards the presentation area and she will be handing the cup


over into very familiar hands and Sir Peter O'Sullevan bowing before


Her Majesty and having a quick chat. He is amazing. We talked about,


Prince Philip being 90, but Peter drives himself everywhere.


Yes, he drives that Mercedes up and down the country.


He never misses a day's racing as well.


Let's confirm the placings, the monumental and it was one of those?


That's what we are here for to report that. Nobody has escaped


this this gamble and next year for the Gold Cup William Hill Hill will


put up Fame And Glory 3-1. What can you do at 3-1, you have got to be


Well, Fame And Glory now that is his twelfth career win and he has


done it over two-and-a-half miles. The Gold Cup worth �156,698 to the


winner, but more importantly, it is the most prestigious, if not the


largest tro trophy, it is one of the smallest ones.


That's the Duke of Devonshire who is Her Majesty's representative. It


is his last year in that role and the Queen will have appreciated


every part of Fame And Glory because she revealed the Yeats


statue back on Tuesday and this horse in that mould and remember


Yeats won his first Gold Cup at five years old and Fame And Glory


has done the very same thing. We will go to the Arc next. The race


he finished fifth in behind Workforce. Normally you get soft


ground in France more than quick ground because it is the first


Sunday in October. And we will have coverage of that.


And there is the master, himself. He is so polite, Aidan, and very,


very modest. Yes. He always says it is a privilege to


train these horses, but my word it takes planning and it takes a


certain amount of special type of genius and he has got it. Yes.


He understands horses. He is in the same mould as Sir Henry Cecil.


And Aidan O'Brien moves on to 33 career wins at Royal Ascot, but for


Jamie Spencer, this is a renaissance, he has been through a


tough time in recent years and it is great for him to be back on a


horse of this quality and this sort of profile of horse as well.


And does ride a few horses for Her Majesty, at Michael Bell's yard.


They might have been having a little conversation about how the


work has been going on there. A 17th career win at Royal Ascot


for Jamie Spencer and his first first for two years and well done


Let's look at how they settled down in the race. This is after half a


mile. You see Fame And Glory, the purple cap in fourth or fifth


position. The second horse, Opinion Poll from the extreme right. He is


fourth from the back of the field. The French horse, green jacket, in


third position, Brigantin, he is towards the back. We will come to


the closing stages in a moment. Askar Tau the fifth horse in the


light colour and Manighar is just in in front of him. That's the way


they settled down, but let's look at the closing stages when they


came towards the home term. Here is Fame And Glory about to to make his


move. Here is Brigantin. Look as these two, they have come from


further than the winner off the pace. Opinion Poll has to get get


around Sir Mark Prescott's horse, but he begins to stay on. The thing


with him is the ground. He run second at 16-1. His connections


said he will go to Goodwood, but he does need soft ground which is what


he got today. The Melbourne Cup is the plan for the French horse,


Brigantin, the green jacket. A good run from him. Now of the


others, William Buick said Duncan ran too free. He is better when he


is allowed to dominate in races over a shorter trip. Two-and-a-half


miles for the first time today. Blue Bajan didn't say and Manighar


will be going fob the Cup races and they will lead to the Melbourne Cup,


the time here today 16.5 seconds slower than average. Don't worry


about that. There is few races won over 2.5 miles at ast cot. That's -


- Ascot, that's not the most reliable of tapels. -- times.


There is There is thrilling for those who supported Fame And Glory.


Our feature race of the day has been and gone, but we have three


races, two of them on BBC Two and the final one will be on the Red


Button and the Britannia is coming up next. A maximum field of of 30


runners for that and it will be an incredible sight to see them coming


down the strait. Then we have the Tercentenary Stakes. Final Finally


on the Red Button we will have the King George V handicap. The


favourite is Census. Yes, some terrific fashion in a


moment. We will flick over to Louis who is with Catherine Elizabeth.


darling, I need to know how is your fabulous creation coming along?


is coming along quite nicely and we are just stripping the last feather


to put on to this piece. We are stripping it down the side and do a


bit of curling on it just to create the same effect we have got on this


hat. I want to see this.


This is what you call curling of an ostrich feather. This is wonderful.


Get the scissors on it quick. No pressure!


No pressure! Just curl it around like that and


then we can did a little bit of trimming. While Catherine is


continuing to finish her hat, I am joined by fashion Royalty. This is


fashion designer, Anthony Price and fashion historian and journalist


Judith Watt. Thank you for coming on the show today. I'm really


excited to talk to you. It is 300 years of Royal Ascot, Judith it is


important that we look back and look at some of the image and if


you could talk us through this fabulous black and white footage


that we have got from the 1930s, that would be terrific.


I would love to. What you have got here, oh it is charming, isn't it?


Look at the hair. So what we have got here, it is the Duchess of


Argyl. That was one of the greatest figures of fashion in the 30s. You


see the similarities today, hats have barely changed really from the


30s until now. Again, the importance of a veil. Oh, there is


the Queen Mother, fantastic and elegant.


Isn't that interesting what you said about hats not changing much?


We saw a lot here at Ascot today. Well, a hat is a hat, and it is an


important statement and it is wonderful to see the different


women wearing hats today because you don't normally see them. There


is a fantastic variety, your Philip Treacy is beautiful, but the same


shape as we saw in the 30s footage. Shape is something Anthony that you


are keen on and structuring shape and we had Bryan Ferry here


yesterday who was singing her praises, but you do like to turn a


woman into a mannequin? Well, Bryan have been con sors of presentation


and yes, I like, I had a family who were shapely and I started making


clothes for probably my sisters and for the first time I started to


understand female shape. As I say, beautifully shaped dresses, a


girl's toys like boys toys are cars and boats. It is very important to


girls. I love making clothes for beautiful women with shapes like


that. Well, this is one of yours. The


shape is absolutely amazing. I don't have a waist. To see a waist


is extraordinary. That's the first I have seen of it


until I arrived. My eyes popped out and I thought if somebody else had


done that, I would kill them. We have some great models. Talk us


through what we are seeing. The dresses are by Vivienne


Westwood. This is based on an 1840s style. It is a quinlin-style dress.


What is interesting is the very modern 1980 style sleeves. Again,


you have got something based on the Cecil Beaton dress. Vivian has done


a bias cut. It is sexy and contemporary and contemporary


drapes, don't you think, an knee? That look, everybody designer is


copying. It is the use of drapes in by tsar ways.


-- bizarre ways. I love the Stephen Jones hat. This


is based on a 1940s style. The hat was hat was everything and this


model is ravishing for this hat. The dress is lovely, but the hat is


the winner. It is a work of Hart. -- art.


The girls are beautiful. The girls are all beautiful. Sorry,


you are all beauties and the hats are all by Stephen Jones. They are


such statement pieces. They are masterful.


Judith, thank you very much. Anthony, are you pleased with


everything you have seen today. The Tracey hat is excellent when it


comes to shape, but we have the Jones today. We have got them all.


Ascot at its best. Anthony, thank you.


Thank you, Suzi. Jamie Spencer with the Gold Cup. It is worth more than


its weight in gold to any jockey to manages to win this race. Jamie


winning it for the first time in his career. What a horse as well.


And going back into the jockey's room there. He heave as sigh of


relief and punches the air. There is a fair bit of pressure that


comes from riding a well backed favourite and Frankie knows about


that pressure. Richard Hills there as well congratulating him. A lot


of appreciation. A kiss there for Hayley Turner. He is a popular guy,


Jamie and people understand it hasn't always been straightforward


and easy for him. One of the headlines at Royal Ascot has been


about the whip and Kevin Darley is from the professional jockeys


association. We have had five bans already and there are bound to be


more. Most high-profile was Frankie yesterday, but it is another high-


profile occasion and after the bans in the Grand National, it is a


worry, Jamie? It is a concern. Clare, that's the reason why we are


conductsing the review. It is important that people understand


this review didn't commence after the Grand National. Conversations


about been taking place and discussions had taken place in


consideration had commenced as far back as November last year. It was


something that was in our mind all that time ago. Is the whip properly


placed in racing for the best racing? You know, we have to


acknowledge the Grand National did bring it on to the front page. With


that the BHA took the step of making the public statement that we


would be conducting a review which we are doing.


Kevin, you will be there as the voice of the jockeys. How many


jockeys find it difficult to work within the guidelines and how many


are happy with them? Before I answer that Clare, for the viewers


watching today, although we don't condone what Frankie did yesterday


in respect to the amount of times he hit the horse, I can assure them


that had that horse been feeling pain, he would have stopped. He


wouldn't have gone forward. But going back to your question,


obviously the jockeys are aware that it is all about public


perception and we are pleased that we are going to be a part of this


review and hopefully by collating the information from the different


constituents within the industry we will be able to find rules that


will be, you know, compliant to the jockeys and will be acceptable to


the public and people watching racing from the outside.


It is worth stressing that we are talk being air cushioned whips.


There is a serious penalties if abuse is caused or is happening in


racing. Jenni that's not the case, but -- Jenni that's not the case,


but there are a lot of offences? need to look at what rules will


cause behavioural change in the jockeys and to everyone's credit


that we have spoken to so far including the jockeys, everyone


acknowledges the issues and everyone is up to addressing them


and that's encouraging. Where we end up, time will tell. We have


many more people to speak to, but you make a very, very important


point. The whip design is very, very scientific. It is about not


hurting the horse. We are looking at that. It is part of the review.


Additionally we are looking at the penalty structure and we are


looking at the education of riders because that's where the change can


start in the educational process so it is a far reaching review and to


this state, we have been encouraged. The guidelines as they stand at the


moment, 13 times is the maximum that you can hit a horse in the


for jockeys in in the heat of the moment to be counting and certainly


counting that much. There seems to be an argument for bringing it down


to make sure that people know where they are. It is easy to count to


five than 13? Looking at those numbers, the jockeys will tell you,


can we condone those numbers? It is about feel when you are on the


horse. Is the horse responding to the whip? We have got to take into


consideration what jockeys feel. They are the horsemen, they know


what the horse needs to keep it going and to keep its momentum and


we have got to give them credit where it is due, but they


appreciate that there is a problem out there and it is a public


perception that we have got to address.


Jamie, there are two extremes and you have got, use it as much as we


can. At the other end you have got take the whip away. Is there a a


possibility of whip use being banned? Everything is on the table,


Clare. Nothing is being ruled out. We have gone to both end of the


spectrums and there is middle ground, where we end up, I am not


sure. You mention there has been five ings dents of the rule breach


so far this week at Royal Ascot, but what is clear is there is no


evidence of any horse suffering as a result of those. There is no


scientific evidence. There is no veterinary evidence. They have


simply been frequency issues. And we will keep you updated with


anymore feedback we get from today's races.


We have been canvassing opinion to and this is what the racegoers had


needed, so it cannot be banned all together. It is a very difficult


job to solve this one. It's part of the sport. We need to make sure it


is maintained and looked after. The horses' welfare. We don't want a


horse to be beaten, effectively, do we. If it was banned it would be an


annoyance. The do-goers get their five minutes


in the press. I suppose it's not great on the horses. It causes them


a little bit of discomfort when they're running around. I don't


know whether it would make a difference whether I bet on them.


I'm not sure. Around the world is different. In Hong Kong there's no


restrictions, unless they are silly at the start of a race. In


Australia they have changed the rules because of public perception.


A necessary evil. I don't think Frankie Dettori would have won


without the whip, so there we are. I don't think anyone who watched


Frankie Dettori would have been alarmed. I thought he rode a


perfect race. It's an issue which has to be addressed. I am confident


the BHA have the right man in Jamie Steer supervising that look at it.


I think they will come one the right answers. We will address that


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


later in the year. Let's look at betting ring you can see the prices,


6-1 for Chain Lightning. This is another gamble going on.


10-1 those. What is the fall out from the last race? I have come


here for 42 years. It's the biggest gamble I have ever seen. We had


50,000 to 20 on the offices. On the track 30,000 to 20. He was backed


to the exclusion of his rivals. Each way money. Small for the


others. They just wanted to be on one. Over to you? I am with David.


We came to you before the race. What sort of result was that for


you? A bad result. Can you get out of trouble on the


week after that? It's only half- time. And here we've got Geoff


Banks. How was that one? Leave me alone! Please!


How was that one? I am looking for a new line of work. Anna is still


smiling. That's Geoff Banks there. He suffered most.


Great stuff down in the betting ring. Chain Lightning here -


Richard Hughes taking this horse down to the start. He's the leading


jockey of the week. Three wins for him so far and a big chance in this.


I will bring you up-to-date with the stewards' looking into use of


the -- with the stewards looking at It is such a difficult race the


Britannia to predict. A lot is draw-dependant. You need a horse in


form and this one is. It certainly is. This horse is being backed more


than any other horse in this race. It's a tough race to find a winner.


The first horse we saw, Richard Hughes's horse, I know Hughes likes


him. We have Sagramor. Has not finished the first two in his first


two this year. 23 could be a very decent draw. Poor Steve. He hasn't


been able to get back in time, has he? I think he deserves a big pat


on the back. He could have said he is better than he is. Explain what


has gone wrong? He has damaged his shoulder. He said he could not get


it right in time and it was not fair to take a ride. There's


Tropical Beat down at the start. He has the blinkers on. He has drawn


at 31. Is that a good thing today? It was yesterday.


It would have been yesterday. We'll have to wait and see. The real


expert is with us though. Oh, thank you very much. It is true. He's by


the stallion Beat Hollow who is doing very well this year. He has


the blinkers on for the first time. You would have to say that they are


expecting him to run a big race and of course they are put the blinkers


on. Hopefully it will make him run nice and straight. He is drawn 31,


which would be possibly right down the stands rail. A very, very good


draw. Primprim, who won an -- was 16-1 this morning. He's now six.


So, they have moved forward, the last few. Going forward into stall


number 30, Tony Culhane. He last rode a Royal Ascot winner 23 years


ago. He's on Belgian Bill here. They are racing. Away to a good


start. Crown Counsel was up there too in the early stages. Many


crossing over to that far side. Certainly those that were a little


bit this side. On settling down on the stands rail here and as we


settle fully Kuala Limper is showing out there, so too is


Baptist. There's a lot of indecision here. Out in the centre,


the far group there, led by Norse In company there with The Tichborne.


Chilworth Lad behind them as well. Belgian Bill has a very, very good


place from Sagramor as well. Rigolleto showing the way there,


from Norse Blues. Up there as well is Ashva. On the near side The


Tichborne kicks for home, goes two lengths clear now. Crown Counsel


giving chase. Followed by Tiel Tiel -- Chilworth Lad. It's The


Tichborne in front. Sagramor giving chase now. They are followed by


Trade Storm. Coming up the centre in company with Ashva. Chain


Lightning. They are stretched across the track and starting to


run home is Cai Shen. Anybody who has run this, here's Belgian Bill


getting up on the fence. It's The Tichborne and Sagramor. Sagramor


wins the money from Cai Shen, tight third between Belgian Bill and The


Tichborne. Just behind them is traintrain, followed back -- is the


Train -- Trade Storm. Sagramor, number 11. Trained by


Hughie Morrison. This colt has won 8-1. Sagramor.


Second is number one, Cai Shen, riden by Ryan Moore. It is very


close for third, Belgian Bill is there and The Tichborne. Here they


are, Sagramor has won it. Cai Shen, just getting second. Look


at that for third. Let's slow it down.


Oh, that's very, very tight. Nearside is Belgian Bill. In the


centre The Tichborne, then followed Trade Storm, who ran on well.


Cruiser was next. Followed then by Bahceli. Stands rail Tropical Beat.


Ashva behind them. Then Tinkertown, the grey at the top. Followed by


Madawi, then Vanguard Dream. Also Bridgetown. In company there with


Polar Kite, crossing the line. Also there is Capaill Liath. Near side


Crown Counsel, who was very prominent early. Catalyze next.


Never got into it. They were followed then by Capaill Liath.


Another seven to come. Here's Honey Of A Kitten, Baptist showed pace.


Kuala Limper showed pace. Rigolleto led them on the far side at one


stage. Still a couple more, Norse Blues, who was prominent and still


one more, I think there's one more to come as they cross the line, a


long, long way behind them. There's the winner, number 11. Won the


Britannia Stakes, 2011. A great triumph of. He does not get that


many chances. Look how far Cai Shen came from, how far back he came


from. The jockeys were undecided in the early stages. They were all


over the place. It was like a loney tunes cartoon as they -- a loany


tunes cartoon as they decided where to go. I think he deserves a huge


pat on the back for standing himself down. As Sagramor lungs for


the line, still making waves is Cai Shen. Ryan Moore on board. Throwing


everything at the top weight. It is Sagramor who has the answers, also


Britannia. It is a gruelling straight mile here. You are running


the choke out all the way. It is tough on these horses, especially


with the ground having a soaking with the rain. You can see Tony


Culhane. And Nicky Mackay looking astounded. You can see everybody


getting involved here. The owners of this horse and a bit like Jim


Bolger, like earlier, the coolest of the lot. He's had success every


where. Given resources, he gets the job down. His dad of course, Alan


Mackay, a good good jockey. Belgian Bill was in fourth position.


The bookies must have been cheering when The Tichborne took off. What


frustration for Ryan Moore. He's had one winner this week. Four


seconds and Cai Shen was another one. You could see how fast he was


finishing. He's come from a fair way back. He's come with a big


rattle. Ryan Moore, having to be content with second again. The


distances were half a length and a head. The time 1.44.55. That was


8.5 seconds or around about 8.5 seconds outside the record.


Nicky, a very happy man. He is greated by -- greeted by


Connections. I am sure he'll have a picnic looking at the early stages.


A few of them decided to go over to the far side. Then a few that you


thought would be over the far side decided to come on to the stands


rail. And there's the reward for the winner.


Sagramor. Son of Pastoral Pursuit. They were trained by Hughie


Morrison and are trained. Here he is now. We always imagine when you


get one on a handicap there has been a plot for a long time. Is


that fair This one was a plot. The team, they've been planning this


since we brought Jazzwic. It is just a fantastic day, isn't it? I


thought we had our day at Haydock. He was gutsy, wasn't he? I didn't


read the race very well. I thought he was going to fold. He toughed it


out. He really did. Your thoughts on the closing stages as he was


challenged all around. I was watching the television rather than


the live. I miss read the race. I thought we were going to be third.


I looked and thought, oh, we're in front. He held on. Nicky, you first


winner since Admiral back in 2004. A special win for you? It is my


first Ascot win. I've had to wait eight years since that day. It is


great to get a Royal Ascot winner. I would like to thank Mr Morrison


and who ever's been riding the horse back at home and the staff


back at Mr Morrisons. The rider at home has done a great job. Sue, our


head girl. He's taken a bit of effort, this horse. He had a couple


of crisiss in the spring. Such as? He galloped up a hill lose.


Normally they hurt themselves when they do that. He thought it was


good fun. Very athletic. You look, there's a lot of emotion on your


face? A lot of people who know me would know how much it means to me.


A couple of years ago I was really struggling. I went to Mr Gosden.


Since then it has gone up from there. I would like to thank Mr


Gosden. Jim Boyle. There are other trainers who have stuck by me.


Those two come to mind. I would like to say thank you to both of


them. We'll let you go. We'll try and grab a word with some of the


owners. If it is possible for some of the


owners of this horse to introduce themselves to us on the BBC here.


The celebration has been fantastic. Tell us about the ownership and


where does it come from? The tie, obviously fantastic. It originated


from about six friends forming a syndicate to buy a horse called


Jazzmic, back in the late 90s. She's the mother of this horse and


another horse we've got. A couple of other people have come into the


syndicate. Past Pursuits, who was the sire.


The mother produced Sagramor. It has been a fantastic dream. We are


six owners, plus Isabel. We have hit dream land. This is my 50th


birthday this week. I am over the world. It is brilliant. The


moment the horse crosses the line, at Royal Ascot, is it,vy to pinch


myself to make sure it is real? We've had defeat. We had the first


never got to the racecourse T second fool died. The third is in


the -- the second Foal died, the third is in the stables. He has


gone and won the Britannia. should have seen our celebrations!


We did! We did! It was amazing. Yeah. Very good.


Well done to all of you. I hope this success story continues. Thank


you. So Sagramor wins the Britannia


Ryan Moore cannot get a winner, can he? He's had plenty of seconds.


Richard Hughes still favourite to be champion jockey.


He's not the only one who's had a lot of seconds!


I am so worried about this. He'll press this screen in a moment.


Let's see where they came from. This is the low numbers over the


far side. They didn't figure in because they all came down the


centre or towards the near side. If we look at a couple in the closing


stages, the runner up Cai Shen. Mainly, there he is there. And also


there, the light blue. He finishes fast. He makes his own trouble.


has finished with real purpose. He just got a little bit too far


behind. And possibly didn't get the run up the race as he would like,


or he couldn't go as fast to go take the gaps. Basically, the whole


race, there was very, very few unlucky horses in the whole race.


All these runners and they all had a good shot at getting a clear run.


Cai Shen, you can see in red and green. On the extreme left now.


he finished with the good rattle. He basically came straight down the


middle the whole way, which was very interesting. And of course the


winner, who has just drifted a bit towards the stand-side, his jockey


was highly delighted to have won that race. He was. We've got to


mention the good run from The Tichborne. It's hard to make the


running here. Very good run. It was always in the van and fought and


fought and just got piped in the last quarter of a furlong. There's


the time. 5.5 seconds slower than the average time. The trophy


presentation was made by Rachel Johnson, the editor of The Lady


magazine. You can see the delighted owners of Sagramor. Nicky Mackay in


the middle saying what a struggle it has been for him since his only


previous Royal Ascot winner back in 2004. They are having a shout and a


Holla. I thought he was emotional in his interview as well. It meant


so much to him. When you have been in the dull drums, like he says he


has, it means so much more. He has experienced that before and you are


desperate to get that winning feeling again. Good for them! The


kids will have to divide that mug between them. When we saw Jamie


Spencer going into the weighing room getting congratulations, I


thought it was Hayley Turner giving him a kiss and it was not. It was


Tom Queally. They are good friends. We are celebrating the tercentenary.


In terms of tennis, that is held at Wimbledon. On Sunday night you will


be able to see this documentary. There's nothing like it when you


look at it, whether you're there in person, the smell of it, or when


you're watching on TV. It's the one that everyone knows.


Even people who don't know tennis, they've heard of tennis. It's the


biggest torn nment the world. you are a Wimbledon champion, you


are remembered for life. I have always felt there was


something special. It was a place I wanted to be a part of. Compete in


and one day hopefully win. We speak to the majority of the


players and say if there was one tournament you would win, which


would it be? It would be Wimbledon. Sunday night at 8pm on BBC Two. 125


years of Wimbledon - you cannot be serious. We hope it does not rain


there. The rain has stopped here at Ascot. One more post script to the


Gold Cup. Jamie Spencer has picked up a suspension for hitting the


horse down the neck and another day for interfering with Kieran Fallon.


It is all happening, isn't it? the ground is softer, horses roll


around. He tried to correct it. He has paid the boupblty now. Let's


head -- the bounti now. Let's -- bounty now. Let's head over now to


you. There have been a few winners. Unlike me. I have lost everything I


have betted on. Here is a safe bet for you. Catherine Elizabeth has


completed the hat. You are wearing it here. It looks fantastic.


Congratulations! Thank you. It is really great for this season. You


have the orange and the yellows, which is good with the pheasant


feathers. We have tide on some elastic, used to fix to the head.


It is an eye-drop creation to show often Ascot and the anniversary.


It's really fun to do. That is fantastic. It is difficult to whip


up a hat in that time. She did an extraordinary job. We put the


pressure on you. Well done. You did it. You did. We have seen some


fantastic fashion. Let's see some of the scenes from Royal Ascot


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds




INTO THIS LOVELY LADY, WHO LOOKS Divine. Wouldn't you agree? It is a


Phillip Tracey hat. There is an accent I detect there. Is that


Australian? Yes, it is. Do you go racing in Australia? It has been a


while since I lived in Australia. This is my first time at Ascot.


Have you had a good day? A great day. Those feathers work well.


has used that beautiful head piece underneetd here. It works well. She


has -- underneath here. It works well.


She has kept her hair off her face. It is about knowing how to carry it


off once you have the outfit together. The ladies, it is also


about having fun. It is a celebration about the ladies today.


Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your day. If we wonder around here.


lady was extraordinary. Hello. Shall I go over here. This is


beautiful. It is oyster colour. It is very rich.Vy brapblt. What is


the hat maker here? Me. What is your name Natalia. Have you made


your friend's hats? Yes. You look super. How long does it take you to


make a hat? That one a couple of days. Everything was prepared.


you look like you are very well organised. Have you had fun today?


Yeah, sure. This is what we are drawn to. What was your inspiration


here? She wanted the wow factor. There you are!


Really having fun here on lady's day. Thank you. Thank you to our


fashion team. Our next race is the Tercentenary Stakes. Named in


honour of the fact this is the 300th year of racing at Ascot. We


are taking the opportunity to spin back through time and relive some


extraordinary things. We are going back to 1988. One of the most


extraordinary and dare I say stunning incidents took place at


If you said to me, Sheep, I would say stun gun. A court in London's


heard a sonic gun disguised as a pair of bin ck lars was used to


nobble a race hours at Royal Ascot. -- binoculars. He veered to the


left. The experienced rider's been unable to explain why his horse


behave sod abruptly. Nothing fr came to light to prove that it was


correct -- nothing ever came to light. It was like a loud firework


going off in its ear. It was unproven but a great story. The top


race, the Ascot Gold Cup ended dramatically after the horse which


passed the winning post first was disqualified. The clash sent Clarke


tumbling to the ground. Royal Gate is going to win the Gold Cup in


tremendous striel. We have real drama here at Ascot -- style.


Gate was disqualified, placed last and the race was awarded to the


second horse, Sadine. controversial verdict. Make no


mistake. Willie, you were riding here that


day. Extraordinary to have two such unusual incidents on the one day?


Yes, it was. The stun gun thing! At first, we all went "really?!" and


of course, I think it was just that he saw something and ducked I did


actually ride him, finished second in the champions stakes on him.


was a tricky horse, wasn't he? was. You think he jinked of his own


accord? I do. It wasn't his first race or anything, but he was a bit


tricky at the time. Extraordinary to be in two races in which the


horses that looked like winning didn't for two different reasons?


The Royal Gate affair, I do remember I think in that the


stewards came to the wrong decision. The rules were changed then so that


in those instances, if the horse is a clear winner, the horse keeps the


race? My view is that it was pure robbery, but that was how it was.


The jockey and the horse were locked together, nowadays they can


be taken separate. You can ban the jockey now and not interfere with


the horse's position. In those days, they were together and if you made


an infringement at any stage in race. That was it, you were out.


You could be thrown right out. The bell's going! The bell's going,


can you hear the bell?! Which means the jockeys are going out - a


lovely evening now -- the Tercentenary Stakes are next.


It's lovely at the moment, the sun It's lovely at the moment, the sun


is shiening a lovely scene in the similar head to High C haparal.


He's taken to it so far. Just behind him is Pisco Sour who ran in


the Derby. How does he look, having taken in a tough race there?


looks amazing, he really does. The trainer's done rather well. I just


think that this horse, for me, for a horse who had such a tough race


in what was the hardest race for three-year-olds, he looks well.


Michael Stoute has a runner who is well fancied, won three of four


starts, Tazahum. Only narrowly got up to win at Sandown last time, but


looked as though the trip would be in his favour today? Like this


horse and Michael Stoute's been quiet this week, not many runners.


For that reason, anything he does run, you've got to have a look at


it. One won here last night in the last race, very unlucky fourth.


Ryan Moore is on the next one. He's clearly a horse of potential, this


one, how does he look to you, Mick? Really well. I think when you see a


horse like this, he won a maiden on soft ground at the Curragh, very


impressively. Such an abundance of talent in that yard alBallydoyle.


Why do they need to run a horse like this unless they think he's so


good. Frankie Dettori rides number five, Hunter's Light. He was a


surprise winner at a race in Newmarket. If you watch the race,


it was almost as though they didn't believe he could win the way he was


ridden. He got up that day and looks these he's capable of more


with a great pedigree. We've already seen this week at Royal


Ascot, the Godolphin colours, they've been carryed to victory


already, in the frame a few times and they're on a bit of a roll.


What about Richard Hannon's team? Jamie Spencer's teaming up can


Alburns. Won a big sales race at the start of the year, he was


gelded because he was a little naughty last year, they thought


that would calm him down. Seemed to work for his first few starts but


he was then a little disappointing? Yes, and you just wonder has the


novelty of the operation worn off. I think it's a very tough race and


I think it's normally won by a progressive type and we've seen a


few of these here. Finally, I think it's always worth mentioning Henry


Cecil's horse in this race, Midsummer Sun. Only had two runs,


his last win was easy and straightforward a win in a maiden.


Another horse who has a tremendous pedigree? We don't know how good he


is, that's the beauty of this race, there could be a real star


unearthed here this afternoon. Which is the star for you?


Marksmanship is the one that takes the eye as they walk around here.


The next race coming up, as the Tercentenary Stakes, a mile and a


quarter. Some interesting types here, including the one the lads


were talking about, Tazahum. I really do think that will go very


close here. Let's have a look at the runners and riders as they come


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 62 seconds


taking. A mile and a quarter. The same as yesterday's Prince of Wales


Tercentenary Stakes, our 5 o'clock today. This Tercentenary Stakes is


big price on Happy Today. Plenty of punters happy with the results. 33-


1 into 18-1. We are Happy Today as well, aren't we? Absolutely! Here


is Marksmanship make his way out on to the track, the big gamble of the


day, I suppose, because Connections also had Fame And Glory, the winner


of the Gold Cup which appeared to be an equally big gamble. We know


that he comes from a powerful stable, they've decided to drop him


in at the deep end on his second appearance and the owners like him.


Also the fact he won a mile and a quarter maiden in heavy ground at


the Curragh on his only start. This race is on softish ground and it's


only a mofr and a quarter, so two positives for him as well -- only a


mile and a quarter. Number Ten, Midsummer Sun, trained by Henry


Cescle. He's had a couple of running in his career -- Henry


Cecil. It was a straightforward win for him at Haydock. He's open to


bundles of improvement, isn't he, Mick? It is. Like we said in the


parade ring, a lot of the horses have untapped opiniontial and we


don't really know how good some of them can be.


This is the other one I think is interesting, Slumber, number 14.


Won at Epsom, third in the Chester Vase. Barry Hills likes to have a


run in the Derby to test them out. He was thinking at some stage this


was capable of running in a Derby. He's dropped in from a mile and a


half to a mile and a quarter. The good stable thinks a lot of the


horse. The other thing about this horse is that physically he seems


to be bigger and stronger and more developed than quite a few in this


race who're still likely raced. OK he's only had three runs but he's a


big, strong three-year-old. Certainly is. You would like to


know is there significance in the cap. I'm sure Prince Abdullah won't


mind which cap it wears, as long as it wins. This is Laajooj, Mickael


Barzalona. Had a couple of wins from his three starts so far this


year. Another one which is improving, although I thought a


couple of the others might have a bit more improvement in them than


he does? I would agree with that. He looks more exposed, from what


we've seen so far. A very keen running sort as well isn't he, this


fella? Looked like he was doing too much way early on in the previous


race. Your favourite is favourite. �20,000. Bangers and


mash cash, John! Happy Today was well behind Frankel


in the 2000 Guineas, ran previously in the Stakes in Newmarket and


showed good form that day. He did, and you just have to say, he's been


unlucky so far this week, the owner, he'll be hoping this horse can put


up a good display. Also unlucky, it's 13, downhill and not a very


long run to the first turn here and races with a number of runners on


this track tend to be very rough in the early part. They do, as well


you have got the worse ground as well where you start off. The boys


said this is where the ground is at up at the 100-30 favourite. He's in


the centre going in. The one big problem, I suppose, that Ryan Moore


might have, as he looked free on the post, he'll need him to settle


early on. Only a few more to go. Back to Jim.


Last couple going in. Here Frankie. Only got four on his outside. A


mile and a quarter, set to go. Racing. Even despatched to Slim


Shadey on the inside, one of the first away, Slumber in the early


stages away. Going fast is Happy Today. Moriarty driving through on


the inside. Frankie Dettori right there in the centre on Hunter's


Light as they charge to Swindley Bottom. Very deep is Happy Today


who just shows the way. Hunter's Light just slipping in behind him.


In second is Moriarty and third is Hunter's Light, followed by Maali


as they race into Swindley Bottom. Tazahum can't get on the track at


all. The striped cap. In behind them is Slumber positioned on the


inside. Pisco Sour. Midsummer Sun. They start to climb uphill from


Swindley Bottom. Further back in the field at this stage, back on


the inside of runners is Loving Spirit giving them a fair start.


The leader here on the inside is still Happy Today. Deeper on the


track in the Royal blue of Godolphin is Hunter's Light. On the


inside, Moriarty in the centre. Next with the striped cap, Maali,


followed by Tazahum. Slumber is behind them. Pisco Sour. Midsummer


Sun and Slim Shadey. Alkimos is very wide, starting to run as they


come up towards the entrance to the home straight.


Well back in the field too with the white cap, Laajooj, giving them a


long start. Auld Burns is out back. On the turn for home now, Happy


Today on the inside, Hunter's Light in second, Moriarty starting to


slip back. Coming into it now, Tazahum, wide throughout. Further


back in the field, Pisco Sour, running on particularly well, as


they race up inside the two. Heading for home now, Frankie


Dettori on Hunter's Light. Grabbed immediately by Pisco Sour. Here is


Alkimos down the outside with a run and they've kicked away from


Tazahum and Laajooj from a long way back. Racing up just inside the


final furlong, Pisco Sour. Alkimos the danger. They're clear of the


pack. Pisco Sour is in front. A double for Hughy Morrison as Pisco


Sour wins the money. Alkimos is second. Third Slumber, followed by


Specific Gravity and Marksmanship who came from nowhere. Back in the


field, Tazahum, followed by Specific Gravity who's well backed


with Auld Burns. Pisco Sour is the winner of the Tercentenary Stakes


at 20-1. Jimmy Fortune in the saddle, a


double for Hughy Morrison, as Pisco Sour gets the money.


And he gets there by a couple of lengths. Alkimos in second. Then in


third, Slumber. Specific Gravity, Tazahum, Laajooj, Marksmanship,


light laigt light was next. Ahlaain behind them -- Hunter's Light. Auld


Burns. Moriarty was there for a long way, Maali, Midsummer Sun.


Then a gap to Loving Spirit. Still a couple more to come.


There's Happy Today. Very wide and used up a lot of gas early and Slim


Shadey last. Pisco Sour, who ran so well in the dandy Stakes and also


ran in the Derby and deserved that background, the sun's still shining


on Pisco Sour. He's the first horse from the Derby


to have run again, finished ninth earlier, for Jimmy Fortune, leading


jockey here in 2007 with five winners, it's been lean for him


since then, one in 2008, one in 2009, none last year, here he is


back on the winners' board, Kieren Fallon on the second horse, Alkimos.


Slumber couldn't get out when he wanted to. He'd never have gotten


to the front two, would have been interesting had he got there. Pisco


Sour wins the Tercentenary Stakes. He finished a nice third at York


and he went into the Derby with high hopes, but things went


drastically wrong that day, but today things have gone absolutely


famously. I've forgotten his name... Keiron or Jimmy? Jimmy Fortune.


He's a guy who's one of the strongest in the weighing room, he


rides really well, it's nice to see that Jimmy's got himself a real


Royal Ascot winner. And a golden day for Hughy Morrison,


who's with Rishi now? The second winner a row here. A


magical moment? Unbelievable, yes. We thought heerd run well, but the


way Pisco Sour put this horse to bed on the gallops on Saturday, we


thought he'd done well. You can forget about the Derby, he was too


fresh, I didn't do enough with him probably after the Ebor, he was


jarred up and we had to look after him. He came out of the Derby


fantastic and you must congratulate Epsom for the wonderful ground he


had that day because he came out better than when we went in.


Terrific Royal Ascot relationship with Jimmy Fortune? First Ascot


winners and that's our third Ascot winner we've had with him. You have


always believed in this horse. In the build-up to the Derby, even


though you are admitting trainer error, you were saying you thought


he could win a big race? I knew if we could settle him, he'd have a


serious chance and Jimmy gave it a good job. 33-1 for the Ladbrokes St


Leger, is that a potential target for him? I thought it was until he


ran too free at Epsom, but he'll be looking at that now. Well done


today. Thank you. This is a landmark for Jimmy Fortune because


he's one of the best around. There's no doubt about that. He's


ridden 13 winners for the season. It's been a couple of years, as


Claire said, since he's been in the winners' enclosure. There's the


winning owner, a proud man after the Tercentenary Stakes. When


you're hot, you're hot and Hughie Morrison wins with Pisco Sour.


the last race, the big gamble of the morning as well, Apache, was


7.5-1 this morning. Can Apache come out the shadows, John? Well, in


fashion today, we've had a real treat. Not sure that any one


particular style has emerged, but we've seen lots of different


classic styles, a lot of fun and, in terms of milinary, how do you


feel about today? I've been spoilt and the ladies really excelled,


they really went to town and expressed themselves. That's what


the whole of this celebration is about. It is. About enjoying


yourself, having fun, not being overly serious. Let's have a look


at an image, this lady, beautiful, like a Hollywood movie star.


There's a hint towards the '40s, effortless, graceful, the detailing


of the gloves and that beautiful cinched in waist, she makes this


look effortless and that's the secret of pulling off that look.


Let's hope for more of that tomorrow. Tomorrow, we are on air


again at 1.45, five races for you on BBC One and BBC Two and the


final race again on the red button, which is where we are going shortly


for the coverage of the King George V Stakes. Tomorrow, the feature


will be the Coronation straick Stakes and we have an American


runner. We haven't had a big international winner. She'll be


taken -- taking on lots of others. Should be a good day. King Edward


VII Stakes as well, known as the Ascot Derby. Jimmy Fortune is


getting congratulations from the other jockeys at the moment. We'll


talk to him on the red button, as well as reviewing Gold Cup day. The


guys in the betting ring talked about Apache. Joseph O'Brien riding


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