Day 3, Part 1 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 3, Part 1

Clare Balding and Willie Carson present the highlight of Royal Ascot, Ladies' Day. The biggest crowd of the week will be at Ascot to witness the day's feature race, The Gold Cup.

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that there's a strong breeze... first horse to win successive Gold


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 182 seconds


We are blessed. This is a great spot to watch the


Royal procession as it comes through. You can see How Excited


they are. You can tell the ladies are here today, can't you? All in


their hats. All waving at the camera and all going to have a


fantastic day here at Ascot. Royal Ascot on Gold Cup Day.


You just get the feeling that everyone is in a fabulous mood and


they will be hoping to make money as well. What would you be


suggesting to them, Willie? Everything is going to change a bit


because we want to see after the first race where the best draw is.


How the the going is because as I said, a lot of rain has fallen on


the track, but I would to stick with the class horse in the Gold


Cup, I have changed my mind since this morning and I'm going to go


with Fame and Glory because he is a class horse. He is running further


than he has done before, but I am told he will like the soft ground


which I doubted it. They think he could be the new


Yeates. You have got to get your first win on the board for the Gold


Cup. After we went off air, we heard the news that Frankie Dettori


picked up a nine day suspension for excessive use of the whip. It was a


thrilling finish and at the time it didn't strike me. No. It was a


fantastic race to watch. It was two jockeys trying hard to win this


race. We are talking here about tens of millions of pounds whether


you get beat or not. I don't think the jockeys were thinking about the


whip at that time, but may I say because he received a suspension of


nine days, everybody must think he went over board, but if he had gone


over board, I am thinking about the horse. The horse wouldn't have won.


It wouldn't have been trying as hard as he did. He was getting


encouragement from the whip and he kept trying. So there is an


argument about too much whip, yes. We don't want that, but if the


horse was in trouble, he wouldn't have done what he did.


He kept responding. Frankie struck the horse 24 24 times and 13 is the


recommended guideline. We hope for less controversy, but just as much


excitement today. A great day of racing coming up and the highlight


those things. He is favourite for the Gold Cup.


But can Duncan make a name for himself today? He is the big danger.


He likes it here and could go well. Our cameras have been to the yard


of David O'Meara. For David and the jockey, this is the biggest day of


their lives. Frankie Dettori whipped up a storm


yesterday! He has five rides today.


It is It is Ascot's 300th birthday this year. Gold Cup Day is Ladies'


Day, the brightest and the fashions for Ladies' Day. Yesterday, the


fashion did blossom, but the fillies are going to be at full


pelt. You are right. There is nowhere in the world I want to be


than here. 300 years of Royal Ascot. It is a celebration. The best horse


race in the world, but more importantly, the best hats in the


world! Yes, we saw some of them coming in when the weather was


different to these glorious conditions. Yes, it was pouring


with rain, but there were a few nice brollies and a lovely smile.


The girls looked fabulous and it is the best of British bravado. This


beautiful exotic number. We adored this hat. We are going to


get a header on this. It is wonderful. This is space odyssey.


It is sequins and dazzling for today. It is ap iat. -- appropriate.


What could we say? Birds of paradise.


We loved this. A kiss and lovely smile there. We like that.


A smile really does bring out the day. Lots of fashion to look at and


we have a packed day here. I think I might be the luckiest girl at


Royal Ascot, but I'm wearing not one Stephen Jones, but a Philip


Treacy and a Stephen Jones later. Anthony Price will be on the show


later and we will attempt to make a hat live. Well, we are ghot we are


not going to attempt it, but Catherine Elizabeth has her stuff


here. Are you confident you can pull it off? I am going to show


everybody. it did earlier today. 11mm of rain


this morning changed the going from good yesterday to God-to-soft, soft


in places. The big race today, Mick, is the Gold Cup, generally the


perception is that the round course is always a little softer than the


is always a little softer than the straight course. What do you think?


It will be. For me, this ground will be stamina-sapping. We saw a


few horses finishing stretched out yesterday and I think you will see


a bit of the same this afternoon. You can get your heel into it and


the two-year-old also knock the top off. We'll get a good guide as to


what it's like after the first race. Often people talk about when the


horse gets the right conditions, they're able to show their best and


it's difficult sometimes when they say why can't they show their best


on any ground but you can explain it more? Some horses act better on


different surfaces, a bit like Nadal on clay, he likes that


surface. It's the way they're built as well and some are bred to be


fast on these surfaces. Which do you think will be best on the


surface in the Gold Cup today? hoping it's going to be Fame And


Glory for Aidan O'Brien. They hope he'll be the next Yeats. I hope


that's the case. I agree with Mick! Another fascinating day to look


forward to. Fair to say, Gary, the bookmakers equalised yesterday.


Took the lead, they didn't equalise. It was 4-0 the first day, but


yesterday 6-0 to the bookie chaps. What's being backed? Good horses


being backed. Some big money as well. With the rain coming down, I


think a few hunters have left it until late and will play nearer the


The other big bet today, tell the nation? The Queen's hat, I've been


trying for my life to get the result, but look at this. The


Queen's hat today, yellow, Betfred 6-4 into even money. If you are


betting on the Queen's hat, you want to be on yellow. I think you


look pretty in pink. I think it could be pink today.


It's ladies' day, Gold Cup day. I'm keen on Brigantin to win today. Got


soft track form and is in good form at the moment. We'll talk about


that later with Mick Fitzgerald. Let's check what is lined up


racing-wise on day three, Gold Cup day. We start off with the Norfolk


Stakes, this is a charge up the straight for the two-year-olds,


five furlongs. A lot of non-runners here. We'll check those later. The


Ribblesdale Stakes, the Ascot Oaks, a mile and a half. A few who were


at Epsom will be stepping out here. 3.45, the Gold Cup, two-and-a-half


miles, the ultimate stamina test. 4.25, the Britannia Stakes, the


handicap for the three-year-olds up the straight. Will it be the stand


side again this afternoon? At 5 oclorbgs it's the Tercentenary


Stakes, that's renamed this year, a mile and a quarter and a very


competitive affair. That's on BBC 2. Then the red button, press that you


want to see the King George V Stakes. This is over a mile and a


half and it promises to be a really competitive affair as well.


These are the non-runners because race. The last yesterday was the


sand ringham handicap and the Queen owned the joint favourite. The


horse was called Humdrum and she came out with her umbrella into the


paddock. It started drizzling last night. Richard Hughes took the


mount. Watch out for Rhythm of Light.


COMMENTATOR: As they head to the closing stages, Humdrum coming


through. Also Dubai Queen in yellow. Winter's Night, Rhythm of Light.


Dubai Queen and Kieren Fallon in front. Over the far side, Richard


King's coat -- Kingscote. Heading towards the line, Rhythm of Light,


Richard Kingscote a clear winner. We ran twice last year, she ran


terrible. She's come out this year after a good break and she's done


mog but improve. You've got a superstar in Richard Kingscote?


Brilliant, isn't he? No, he is, I mean, you know, he's brilliant.


Richard? Your first Royal Ascot winner. Tom's taking a moment to


settle it, how does it feel for you? Brilliant. We were pretty


confident. We've been confident for a few weeks that we'd have a good


week here and a good start there, you know.


First ever Royal Ascot winner there for Tom Dascombe. Also for Richard


Kingscote and huge celebrations there. They have Pyman's Theory in


the first today. Peter Hunt, the BBC's Royal Correspondent joins me


to take us through the Royal procession. Yes. You will have been


here before? I have, Fleetingly. My worry is the fashion because this


is a key day for fashion and my 12- year-old made me change my trousers


going to a parents' evening, so I hope I've not let her down today!


Pink has collected for the bets on the Queen's hat colour.


Confirmation that the Queen's hat is pink, so is the outfit. The


procession koms through led by the Windsor greys -- comes through. Her


Majesty the Queen in first carriage and the Duke of Edinburgh.


Alongside them, the Duke of York and Earl of Romney. Yes, the Queen,


a great week for her and she's still on a high I think from a


significant Royal visit she did to Ireland earlier this year. Prince


Philip, a man who says he wants to quit before he goes past his sell-


by-date but his aides say they can't keep up with him. The Duke of


York there, the second time he's been in a carriage with his parents.


We think of him as being involved in golf. The Earl of Romney, the


eighth holder of the title, he was once the high Sheriff of Norfolk.


Details on the Queen's outfit in a moment but the second carriage, we


find the Princess Royal, Her Royal Highness has been here throughout


the week. Princess Beatrice, daughter of the Duke of York beside


her. Facing them, we have Anthony Duckworth-Chad and his wife.


The Princess has inherited her parents' love of equine, was in the


Olympics in 1976 and is hoping that Zara, her dairgt, will emulate that.


-- daughter. Princess Beatrice offered to sell her Royal Wedding


hat for charity. She is coming to the end of her career as a student.


It will be interesting to see what she does next, whether she's a


full-time Royal. Anthony Duckworth- Chad, a cousin of Diana Prince of


Wales and a great friend of Prince Charles. In the thirz carriage, we


have the honourable Harry Herbert. -- in this third carriage. That's


Harry closest to us. Alongside them, Anthony Andrews and his wife,


Georgina, in that navy blue or black-and-white. Harry Herbert is a


son of the late Caernarfon Porchy. He said when you talk to the Queen,


it was like you were talking to a trainer. Anthony Andrews doesn't


need any introduction, does he, the actor. He was most recently in the


Queen's Speech, he played the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin. Georgina


is very knowledgeable about horses. There will have been much racing


chat over lunch today. This will be the carriage that gets most


attention, I suspect from the photographers. In the fourth


carriage, we have Mr and Mrs Michael Middleton, the parents of


Katherine, the new Duchess of Cambridge, Carol Middleton closest


to us in a pale salmon colour. Along with them, Jim and Fitry hay.


Part owners of the favourite in the gold-cum-, Fame And Glory. The


presence of Michael and Carol will have set twit o sphere alight. It's


a striking decision by the Queen, it was her decision to have them


here so early on. The photographers will have that on the front-pages


of many papers tomorrow, that here we have the parents of a future


Queen who's had lunch for a second time with the present Queen and


Duke of Edinburgh, with Jim hay and his wife. He gained his interest in


racing when he watched sport on TV with his grandmother.


Always a very important thing to do, watch sport on TV. Carol Middleton


is the owner of a horse. Her horse was there on Derby day, as was


Catherine, her daughter. We were hoping we might see him on Saturday


in the Wokingham exbut declared a non- runner -- but declared a non-


runner. The US Open starts today. They start at 7am over there,


midday here, you will get full coverage of that on Five Live and


the BBC website, that's the golf. It's racing that most interests the


Queen and horses in general. Very much so. I can tell you about her


outfit. She's in a pink and green silk print dress, it's a pink raw


silk coat and the dress and the coat are made by Stuart Parvin, a


favourite designer of hers. The hat was made by Rachel Trevor-Morgan. I


think you know about her? Yes, I do, she made my hat as well. You can


see the Royal procession trying to ensure that they are not using the


ground that the runners will want to use later because we expect the


horses coming around the course will be much closer to the rail


than that. On the straight course, we suspect they'll split into two


groups and be either on the far right of the picture or the far


left, but not necessarily down the middle, which is where the Royal


procession is coming. Such a relief that it's not raining right now


because it does rather ruin the spectacle. Yes, I had the sense


before it happened that it would have to be tipping down for any


cover other than an umbrella to be there. Yes, as with the Royal


Wedding, it would have to be a downpour for the carriage covers to


be on. I don't think we can overstate, can we, the importance


of this for the Queen, the whole issue of her love of horses and


everything to do with horses, a sort of fashion that she acquired


from a very, very early age when she was given a Shetland pony,


Peggy, by her grandfather, at the age of four.


It's a passion that's developed over the years. When she first came


into contact with a thoroughbred, she was so taken with the velvety


nature of a thoroughbred's nose, just the very soft bit, the side of


the nose that she'd never touched anything so fine. I'm afraid the


rain's just started again. The wind is picking up as well. The


umbrellas there rapidly rising. The Royal party have the view there's


no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. The national anthem




And we are now used to obviously seeing the monarchy and the Royal


Family. But in days gone by, Peter, you would have needed a procession


because there were no televisions and the public wanted to feel close


to them. We have become very blase. She's the 12th Monarch to lend pat


Ronage to this annual highlight of flat racing itself. In 1825 King


George IIII thought this was a way for people to see him and his


family. It's evolved since then and in 1920 we had what we have now,


which is this every day procession. The Queen's had to miss these on


occasions by going abroad on foreign tours and when there was a


general election inconveniently arranged, probably against her


better judgment, in terms of missing a day like this. Since 1945,


she's not missed an occasion, even during the strikes of 1955, she


came privately, even though this event itself had been cancelled.


Since Royal Ascot got extended to the Saturday as well, we always


used to have the racing on a Saturday and there was no Royal


procession, but it's been such a success since it was extended and


the Golden Jubilee became the big race on the Saturday and now it's


the most popular day of the weak. It always used to be today when you


got the most popular crowds, but today it's the Saturday.


The crowd would like to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but


I'm informed there's little likelihood of them coming this year,


even though the Duchess's parents are here at the moment. He's doing


his work as an RAF Search and Rescue pilot and she's gearing up


for a very significant Royal tour by the couple to Canada and


California. Very exciting that Prince William and the Duchess of


Cambridge enjoyed their day at the Derby and if she comes later in the


week, there will be a huge reception for her. Also the


involvement of the Middletons, of Mike and Carol that, they have an


interest, this is more than just a superficial enthusiasm, you know,


they have a horse in training and it's lovely for them to be getting


the reaction that they'll have hire from the crowd. -- here from the


crowd. I think it will surprise them. Helpful for them to have an


interest, given that it's a subject that they can talk about with the


Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. They are both living in this county,


in Berkshire. Also interesting the Duke of York


has been here for a couple of days and Princess Beatrice and Eugenie


enjoy it as a social occasion. funny, Eugenie says to people, you


can use your knees, which is a way of putting people at ease. Very


interesting when we sea what Princess Beatrice does, maybe this


is the start of this family slowing down slowly and not putting her out


to do full-time work, but getting some sort of job. We'll have an


answer to that in the weeks and months ahead.


And the Royal party will come to a halt right in front of the weighing


room here on the edge of the paddock and the winners' enclosure


as the rain increases in intensity. They'll be back down in the bad


dock most definitely before the Gold Cup and the Queen herself will


do the presentation for the Gold Cup.


Carol Middleton there was waving to the crowd, getting into the spirit


of the occasion. Lots of smiles in the Royal party.


They know they've gotten away with it, they'll think, thank goodness


it didn't rain hard. It was a long way to walk. Just enjoy some of the


images again here. It's why the race goers get here so early, make


sure they have a good position because they enjoy this as much as


they enjoy any of the races themselves. Very striking looking


at the pictures and remembering this is a man who is 90 and a woman


who is 85. People suggest to me that she is still on a bit of a


high after that historic visit to the Republic of Ireland 100 years


since anyone went there from the British monarchy and it was picture


perfect. From the popularity of the Royal


Wedding as well, from those who watched on TV and they've continued


to show their increased love for all things Royal? She said as she


was going back "it was marvellous". Peter, lovely to have you here.


Thank you very much. This is Katherine Elizabeth, a


young, upcoming miliner in the UK. She's going to attempt to make a


hot for us live on air. No mane feat? No, but it's lovely to be


with a fellow miliner. What are we going to do? If you are making a


hat, you start with this, then we've cut this shape out, wired it


and we'll edge it. We'll get the feathers, cut them, strip them,


move them around and put them in front of the hat there, so we've


got all of this, put it on to the hat here, this side and create. All


bits and pieces at the moment, looks a bit of a mess, it will be


an amazing hat at the end of the day. This is the lovely dyed


Chinese fezant feathers. These are beautiful. -- pheasant. You can


strip and curl this so it stays in that position. This is ostrich


feather. You get a lovely quill like this which is all curled.


of luck. We'll come back to see how you get on during the day. Here we


go with the hat! Looking ahead o the first race of


the afternoon, the Norfolk Stakes. Bapak Chinta is your horse. He's a


good horse by the looks of it? think he is. He's only ran once and


he couldn't have been any more impressive, so yes. He was favoured


on his debut which tends to suggest he's shown ability at home


beforehand? Yes, ehe showed us a lot and has continued to do so. It


was always the plan to come here, but we are now just a bit concerned


with the rain. I was going to ask, obviously it's his second ride but


biggest task to date. Presumably you didn't want the rain?


really. He's American-bred, doesn't move like a horse that you would


think would go on soft ground. Only had one run so we are still


learning about him. Later on in the day, at the end of the day, you


have another horse in the King George V, you haven't ridden him


this season and he has a good chance. Stall 20 is not a good


draw? It would have been last year. He's a nice, by horse, just come


into himself. Thst the first time ever for the trip as well, but it


looks like he'll stay. It's an unknown trip and draw as well.


luck on the first one, hope the ground's not too soft. One of the


fascinating encounters is who will be top jockey. What is happening


Ryan Moore this morning. Richard Hughes is 6-5. Ryan Moore is still


favourite. It is changing. Willie, as a jockey, you would want to have


the winners on the board, wouldn't you? Especially at Royal Ascot. I


have won this contest in the past at Royal Ascot and it goes down to


the seconds, but if you get four winners or five you think you have


got it in the bag especially five and Richard has got a good ride in


the first race today. He certainly has.


We need to be giving winners. We had a tip. How did yours run


yesterday? Second in the first race. I only got beat by half a length. I


thought he was going to win. I have still got the arm band on as well!


What did you pick yesterday? Frankie Dettori and you know what


happens. I go for Frankie and he goes and wins the next race! I


didn't have him! You should have thought of Clare


because she fancied. Bad draw. Bad draw.


What have you picked today? I am going for a horse in the Gold Cup.


It stays longer than the insurance man when he comes round the house


trying to sell a policy! I'm going for Kasbah Bliss. I think he has a


massive chance, Will. I'm going to go for a Michael Owen


trained horse, they had the last winner yesterday and I hope they do.


I think he is a black type horse. am fed-up picking the big big ones


and I have gone for Fame And Glory. Yeah.


Listen, he has got the class, but will he have the gas? Good question.


I will leave these two. If we come up we can see it is


Silverheels and Bannock and of people will be looking and


supporting if only for the name. The runners have made their way


into the paddock. We are celebrating this year the centenary


of Ascot as a racecourse. 300 years that horses have been racing here


since Queen Anne decided it was a good place for them to gallop at


full stretch. We will be looking back over the highlights that


occurred in racing terms and others on this racecourse and starting


with the great Gold Cup horse, If it can go and win four in a row,


truly special, you know. Yeates is bidding for immortality.


Destiny calls. There is four tunes for it.


COMMENTATOR: Yeates is very handy. Four-and-a-half four longs to


travel in the Ascot Gold Cup. Johnny Murtagh has gone for home.


Yeates is digging deep. He is three lengths in front. The young


pretender, it is not going to be his day. Yeates goes to the top of


a long list of Ascot greats. A stayer supreme. He wins his fourth


Ascot Gold Cup. I was so sick all morning because I


really believed that this couldn't happen.


Yeates is everything positive about racing. He is the greatest. He is


the ultimate heavy champion It has been a day that had


everything and we hope you have It would be a long, long time


before we see a stayer as good as Yeates and he is so far the only


horse to have won the Gold Cup four years in a row, dominating it from


2006 to 2009 and it is because of that he is commemorated in the


paddock with this statue which was was was sculpted by Charlie Langdon.


I remember coming here when I was 12 or 13 I think, and thinking just


how amazing it would be to have one piece here, a painting or a drawing


or something, but to have a life- size bronze in the paddock here


unveiled by the Queen on Tuesday, it was just incredible.


I know you went and saw Yeates. What you have captured so well is


his presence, the way he holds himself and the huge muscle


structure he had as a racehorse. He always looked twice the size of


everything else? Thank you very much. He was the most imposing


horse and seeing the replays of him winning the Gold Cup makes your


hairs stand up on edge. It is amazing. I had a real strong,


mental image of him when I came here and saw him running in the


Gold Cups and had that mental image of him walking like that, long


extension and the head down, neck arched and I went and spoke about


it and I asked them whether that would be a good representation of


him and they seemed to agree. We decided that would be a good place


for him here. The eagle-eyed might have spotted


Willie, because you have got one issue. There is one thing you don't


like about this? It is marvellous. It is the first time I have ever


seen a bronze with a racing saddle on and the Rapes, but as -- rains -


- reigns, but as a racing person I look at at a foal, a racehorse and


I look at his eye and you haven't got any!


I haven't got an answer for that Willie.


What's the answer? If you come up closer. I have sculpted in the


negative. If you sculp it an an -- sculpt, it looks like it has


cataracts. It is sculpted outwards. Can you see that? I thought you


might have done it so it is to be looked at from a distance, but I am


talking as a horseman! But I can see that, yes. But it is a very,


very nice, well I am in love with it, put it that way. It is


fantastic. It has had a lot of admirers.


If you watch Royal Ascot, you get We are going to have a look at a


couple of the horses in the Norfolk Stakes. A field full of


inexperience and potential superstars or potential stars and


the first one to talk about is Bannock of Mark Johnson's who was


unlucky last time at Sandown and could have won three in a row?


but it is a great man for the two- year-olds, Mark Johnson. He looked


a picture and as you say, unlucky. Pyman's Theory is quietly fancied


here. A horse who has come down here with


A horse who has come down here with a big reputation is Bapak Chinta?


This fellow impressive on winning a Hamilton. They will need to get


home this afternoon with the ground soft.


You want to talk about horses that are well fancied and took your eye?


Sans Loi. I asked if it would handle the ground? And Ryan Moore's


horse, I like that one as well. This is a guy who made a huge


impression when he came to Royal Ascot with two winners, Wesley Ward,


he has Everyday Dave and he names all the horse which is why they


have catchy names. Is this horse an every day type or is especial?


is a quick little guy. He is a happy little guy. So you know, I


think we have a good chance. I know you the changed the


preparation coming here with a stronger team and have been


determined to get more winners on the board? You try to best what


everyone does. Unfortunately we had not as much success as we have the


first year we came over, but this is a very fast colt. I don't know


what the ground will do for him and the rain we had this morning. He


would have had a better chance if it was firm ground like a couple of


years ago, but he is a fighter and you know, he loves a challenge in


the morning when you work him in company, he is always trying to


beat the other horse, we will see what happens.


He will have had experience because you brought the horses over early


and you have been training them in France? Yes. I brought them over a


little early and I gave them a couple of runs in France because we


don't have the straight course in the United States not even to work


on. I wanted to give him an experience of running on a straight


course and you know, he is -- he has done everything the right way.


The ground for you is a worry? is. This horse was trained early on


in Miami and it is a sandy, deep course and he just shot through it


in February and March of this year. I'm hopeful that he will be able to


handle it. The best chance of the week comes


tomorrow, I guess? She is just an awesome filly. I'm just hoping it


doesn't rain anymore, but that's the forecast so we will see what


happens. Today is my mother's birthday, maybe we will have luck


with that also. We wish you luck today with


Everyday Dave. The filly tomorrow is Judy the Beauty and he thinks an


tomorrow. Everyday Dave is named after Dave Reid who is one of the


part owners of this horse and he is a man who had enormous success in


harness racing. Anyway, let's see how he gets on.


Let's check the runners and riders in the Norfolk Stakes. They are at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 182 seconds


very simp. Le. It is a straight force. The question is going to be


today, will there be something winning on the far side, that's on


the right as we look at them? It will be interesting. The rain has


set in. You can see the carriages, the Royal carriages were making a


real mark there. We will see how number 11, Everyday Dave, I thought


it would be favourite. It was 5-1 this morning and it is solid, it is


out on the boards, as big as 8 and could be 9-1. Nobody wants to back


Everyday Dave. I don't know why, John.


Another one drifting is Pyman's Theory. She is is trained by this


man who had his first Royal Ascot winner last night with Rhythm of


Light and it is the rain that's putting people off this filly,


isn't it? I don't know. She drifted out to 10-1, I can't understand


that. When she won at Sandown, it was good to soft.


You would be hopeful? Yes, I think, in a lot of ways I'm more hopeful


because yesterday she couldn't win because she she has drawn three.


There is a possibility the draw might not be so bad today.


She is called Pyman's Theory because of the theory is thatter


sire does well with runners at ast cot? He had the winner of the Queen


Mary yesterday. Yes, he does seem to do well here. I don't know


whether he does well on soft ground as well as firm ground, but we will


see. We will find out soon.


Willie Carson tipped your runner in the last race? Right, well as long


as the horse doesn't know it should be OK.


Thanks, Tom. Thanks.


Let's look at the runners in our first race. This is Silverheels. He


is number 18. This horse ran around and you can see he is having a good


look. A strong looking bull of a horse. It is interesting that Ryan


Moore was keen to get on this horse. He won the horse that finish to it,


a horse called Lord Of The Shadows. This horse caught Ryan's eye and he


was keen to ride this one. Bapak Chinta we spoke about him.


There is Charles The Great going forward. He is trained by Andrew


Balding. There are only a few more to go forward including the


Royal Ascot. Richard Hannon has three winners and Silverheels is


the new favourite at 4-1. Richard Hannon has not won this


race for nine years. He won it three times. The first time with


that brilliant filly Niche back in 1992.


A couple going forward. Richard Hughes looking forward to another


great day. One raring on the far side getting restless.


They stand better now. Still a bit of activity on the far side. That's


it. Ready, they're racing. A good start to the American Everyday Dave


one of the first to begin on the near side. Pyman's Theory right


over on the far side is going fast at the early stages with Bapak


Chinta. And coming up the centre Charles The Great and Crown


Dependency. On the near side the American is there, well clear,


Everyday Dave. It is well out in front here of this stage Marcus


Augustus proceeding that one further back in the field Signifer


and in company with Silverheels. As they come up towards the two


furlong marker, only five on this stands group. All the activity over


on the far side as as Bapak Chinta raced to a clear lead. Battling


away is Pyman's Theory and now Boomerang Bob is running on with


great effect on the near side. Bapak Chinta starting to get tired.


Boomerang Bob and Crown Dependency coming hard in the leader. It is


Bapak Chinta in front though and Bapak Chinta smart. Bapak Chinta


goes on to win the Norfolk in good style. Boomerang Bob is second.


Crown Dependency third. Burwaaz is fourth. Silverheels never got into


it. They are followed by Bannock and then further back in the field


forever in the, Forevertheoptimist. Really courageous win. I would say


a little bit of improvement in him and more wins to come. Second is


Boomerang Bob. Third is Crown Dependency. And fourth on the


stands rail was Burwaaz. They couldn't get near them on the


stands rail. Next was Signifer. Followed by Bannock. Top of the


screen, the grey, Forevertheoptimist. They are


followed by Silverheels. Couldn't get into it. Pyman's Theory showed


pace and got tired. Charles The Great is next. Then the American,


Everyday Dave. He wasn't there for long. There followed by Tell Dad


and then Sans Loi and further back is Cravat and Marcus Augustus is


towards the rear. But the winner is Bapak Chinta owned by -- trained by


Kevin Ryan. This time the action in the centre


Boomerang Bob and Crown Dependency, 8-1. It is to Hamilton you need to


go for the clues in the two-year- old races. This horse had won his


only starter at Hamilton. You will see where he came from and where


Boomerang Bob came from as well. It looks like the centre is the


place to be today, Willie. Again, a second Royal Ascot winner for Kevin


Ryan and a first for Philip Makin. I would say at moment, I wouldn't


worry where you are drawn. But in this race, the speed, right from


the word go was up the middle towards the far side and this horse


backed was always in the wagon and of course, it is a tough five


furlongs here, but this colt, he gets the trip really well. You can


see him there. He just put his head up a bit high. His ears are back


listening to what the jockey is saying to him and taking notice as


well! Philip Makin urging him forward


with with his hands and body. Look at his toes. It is a balancing


act. That's where the jockey gets their


balance from. The toes in the iron there and of course, you can see


the heel going up and down as he was pushing.


A nice type of horse this, well, obviously after winning the Norfolk


Stakes. They were worried about the ground.


So did Philip, but the rain hasn't got in much? Everybody would be


worried about the ground because we have had half an inch of rain and


these are young babies really and all had one race. They haven't had


a lot of experience, but they all ran truer and straight. I was


surprised and in this ground you might have thought they got tired


towards the finish, but they didn't and they got to the line and this


horse ran as straight as a gun barrel.


So there he is, and his sire was a Breeders' Cup sprint winner. He is


the sire of a group one winner and on the dam side of this colt, we


see a champion from Jamaica. So quite an international pedigree.


Winning at Royal Ascot in the Norfolk Stakes. Kevin Ryan is the


winning trainer and the winning rider, Philip Makin who had


reservations beforehand about the ground, but he found the right


strip and that was out in the centre and this is going to, I


think, change today. We might just see the emphasis change from those


dominating on the near side to fab the centre -- maybe the centre and


it will only take a winner on the far side and they will be all over


there. Certainly the punters will be favouring those with low numbers


if they are. So there is the winner in the


enclosure. And a deserved pat for a very good winner of our first race.


I think he is going to go on to better things. Now we will check


up all night looking for horses drawn. After that first race,


unbelievable. The ground is on the soft side. We have got to look for


low numbers now. The winning trainer Kevin Ryan is with me. The


second Royal Ascot winner. The cat was out of the bag when this horse


ran at Hamilton? He is a very good horse and he does everything right


at home. The win at Hamilton, we were confident. We came here


confident and the rain came this morning and we got a bit worried,


you know, with his breathing, it suggests he wants top of the grown,


but that's the sign of a good horse when they can overcome the ground.


You think on better ground you will see a better horse? He will have


found it tough work on that ground. His breathing suggests tomorrow of


the ground, but he is a top horse. What was it that encouraged you?


takes an older horse to lead him in the gallop. He relaxes and before


he went to Hamilton he has never been off the bridle and he has


never come off it since at home. That's the type of horse he is. We


thought, he will have to come off it today and when he did, he found


gears, you know. Everyone seems to know that you


have a good team of two-year-olds, where would this fella rank? They


are nice horses, but this horse, there is something different about


him. I just don't know. Everything he does, he does it easy and he has


a great attitude and just a lovely horse to train.


He is a May four, so he is only a young horse.


The jockey is behind you, Philip Maken. The first oil first Royal


Ascot winner? I have never sat on a horse as good as this. I only


thought you had to to turn up at Hamilton and it turned out not a


bad race and he did this easily and today, he was unbelievable. He took


me down to the two and when I let him off, I was just half thinking,


what's going to happen now? We gave him a blow the other day and it was


the first time he was off the bridle, but he tried his guts. He


didn't really like the ground. He would be a better horse on better


ground. The trainer was saying the horse is


one who has hardly had to come auft bridle. What is encouraging, he


came came off the bridle today? was so impressive the other day


when he did let him go. I have been so confident for the last couple of


months and you get to the day and you are having second thoughts with


the ground and everything. I am so glad that he showed how good he is.


What's it like to register your first Royal Ascot win? It is a


great feeling and I hope it is the first of many really.


Philip Makin. Let's go back to the start of the


contest. There was one playing up in the stalls and this is from


stall number 11, it is a horse called Tell Dad who is one of


Richard Hannon's horses. It is unusual because his if hu to pick a


stable -- if had to pick a stable. A few problems there. He got away


well enough with them. With Mick, I am going to have a look at this one,


Burwaaz. He finished well, but we get this every year, the ground has


changed because of the rain, is that the best place to be? During


this race down the centre they were faster. That might be the key point


that the early pace was faster down the centre? The one thing I noticed


about the race today, nobody wanted to get over to that side. They


wanted to stay in the middle and that could be significant for the


horses later on. Looking to the future, Burwaaz, the


blue and white colours, he has beaten the horses he was racing


against and he is closing on the ones in front, but of course, they


are too far out on the track from him to get competitive with?


anybody who backed him can feel aggrieved because I think this


fella, he will have another day. Yes, that's unfortunate. The luck


of the draw. He is one to bear in mind when you see him on the track.


Now look at that time so for all we have seen all all week is times


that were faster than average. That was a shade over three seconds


winner. Yes as did happen on the two-year-


old race yesterday. The youngest horse in the race won the race. It


was born on the 16th May. So he is only four weeks over his two-year-


old birthday and he was the youngest horse in the whole race.


So age doesn't mean anything, does it? If you are strong and, yes, I


was quite impressed. Like Wayne Rooney, get on with it.


I was impressed. Kevin Ryan has so many horses. He


has a strong two-year-old team. I read somewhere he said, "This


year, I have got a really good bunch of two-year-olds. The


strongest I have ever had." You want to be following his two-year-


olds. As it is Ladies' Day, all the


trophy presenters today apart from the last race is women. Her Majesty,


the Queen, makes the presentation for the Gold Cup.


The lady presenting this trophy, her family had lots of connection


with racing. The winning, this lady is


representing the winning owner. Kevin Ryan will be coming forward


indeed and Philip Makin. Tas lovely -- it is a lovely trophy that for


the Norfolk. A round of applause from all of


those who appreciate the effort and Between 1945 and 1972, he was here.


This is the Duke of Devonshire's last year. Johnny Wetherby taking


over, as Her Majesty's representative for Ascot.


Kevin Ryan having a good laugh there with Dame Rosalind. That will


have put him in a good mood, a great start to the day. A fantastic


day yesterday, the Prince of Wales's Stakes, but the plan


doesn't always go to script. Seven runners in this race, a


packed paddock, it's Group 1, top class. All looking forward to


seeing So You Think, in the flesh. Something special. You've got to go


for the favourite. Put your house on it! Don't ignore this one, a


of Wales... So You Think is in the lead. The Aussie superstar going


three lengths in front. A furlong left. A furlong and a half in front.


He's being worn down. So You Think gentlemen, to lose a house! We put


our life and soul into the job in sport and this is what we are here


for, to have this kind of finish. Great races like this one, full


credit for a great team. Would you look to apologise to all those


people who may just have lost their house. Buy a tent! Buy a tent or


come and stay with Willie if you no longer have a house.


Cold in that tent you know! sure it was. Dreadful advice from


you. But, Frankie Dettori threw everything at his horse and too


much because he struck the horse 24 times in the last two furlongs.


bit too much, yes. But there's a lot of things at stake here, we are


talking about Sheikh Mohammed who's spent so many, many, many millions


on this game and, of course, this horse winning this race means a lot


to them because we are talking tens of millions of pounds here. It's


interesting because it wasn't a race that watching it was


particularly, didn't stand out this, but when you watch it again and the


numbers are what matter, as far as the guidelines are concerned, 13 is


the recommended amount. That is the recommended maximum amount that you


can hit a horse. He is actually only flicking, he is flicking, he's


making contact, but the only contact of the stick is just at the


very tip of the stick. That's a little tiny flick. Just there, he


goes a little bit rat-a-at the-at the. Whereas when you contrast it


with Ryan Moore, he's probably giving it a bit more. The team went


out there to make this race a test of stamina, they should have gone


to do a test of speed. They would have won then. Those are the


guidelines. When you are riding, do you count? No. So if you can't


count that many when you are riding and the adrenaline is flowing and


the blood is up, and you are throwing everything at the line, or


at the horse? We are driving in a Grand Prix race, imagine you are


Lewis Hamilton. What does he do, you know. They take chances. You


have to take chances to win these big races. You're employed and


you're given, like Frankie Dettori, a big retainer, and they have to


make stallions. Now, for me, Frankie Dettori, he's only doing


his job. Now, the thing is, we don't always agree with the horses


getting that. He wasn't beat up, that horse, he was getting flicked,


but he got flicked too many times. But the guidelines have to be


changed and give the jockeys a black-and-white... More discretion?


Black-and-white. Make it black-and- white. How do you do that? They


have to sit around a table. Would you recommend disqualification?


no, I wouldn't do that. That is starting to hurt the punter. We


don't want to do that. We only want to hurt the jockey for doing that,


you know, he's riding the horse to the best of his ability, but if


every jockey knows where their limit is... So would you bring the


limit down so it's easier to register? Yes. Bring it down and


say, you are only allowed to hit it six times and that's it, if you go


over that, suspension, bang, no haves or buts or anything, that's


it. Then you could actually go as far as to say, if you get suspended


three times, you are not going to have a stick for three months.


- three months, rather than nine races? Three months without a


stick? Yes. Interesting idea and argument. To put the counter to


your point that the punter would suffer, the punters who backed So


You Think have suffered. Why? Because if Frankie hadn't hit the


horse 24 times, you could argue he wouldn't have got there, in which


case the punt, would have collected on So You Think. I won't go along


with that, because you are trying to tell me, because he hit this


horse, that was why he won. You are trying to tell me that the horse


isn't... He's only helping the horse, keeping it going. You could


see from two furlongs out that Frankie Dettori was inching. He was


a great ride, you know. Ryan Moore's doing exactly the same


thing. Look, boomf. Frankie is very quick, bang, bang, done this a few


time on the run-in here. Seems that's why the numbers have toted


up there. They're only goodlines, there's no rules about it. The


guidelines say nine and Frankie went above those guidelines so, in


other words, the stewards had him in and they watched the film and


said that he should have a suspension. Would you say the


system at the moment works? It's wrong. We'll discuss further in the


programme and get a view from Jamie Steer, who is going to be in charge


of the Steering group that meets in the autumn. He's from the British


Horseracing Authority, also Kevin Darley representing the jockey's


point of view and Head of The professional jockeys association.


It's a very difficult subject, a difficult thing to get right and


rediscussed this for about three hour this is morning and we all had


different views and Rishi and Mick have views of their own. Mick and I


were watching that again. Claire and Willie have differing views.


Between the four of us this morning, we all had different views, but one


thing worth pointing out is that there are so many things to


consider, the welfare of the horse, the image of horse racing and also


whether or not punters are getting a full value for money. We are


looking at a race in the closing stages yesterday and talking about


Frankie Dettori's broke tn guidelines and Ryan Moore hasn't.


Frankie Dettori's kept the race, but I don't think anyone who's been


following racing every day will have an arguen't with yesterday,


the best horse won the race, what do you think? I think looking at it,


Ryan Moore's done his best and if you asked him if he hit his horse


nine more times, would the horse have won and the answer would be no.


Exactly. The image that we have to portray is one that we care about


the horse and sometimes people on the outside don't see that, but we


do. What if Frankie Dettori hit his horse nine times less, would that


have made a difference? We'll never know. Would we have not gotten to


the bottom of the opponent's ability? It's an argument that


raged on and on, three hours this morning! We have to find something


that works, that is a deterrent to the jockeys when they cross the


guidelines and something that is going to reward somebody who rides


twn guidelines. Thing's where you've got to have the fine line --


within the guidelines. On a lighter note, you can not think of ladies'


day without this fine gentleman, Mr Stephen Jones who makes THE most


fabulous hats. Thank you very much. You are showing here. Welcome to


the BBC. Tell us about your spring summer collection? It's called


Drifting & Dreaming, inspired by a British artist from 1930s and it's


very beautiful hats, everything is very soft, soft colours, quite


romantic too. How does it work with hats because we fashion, we see it


changing and it hits the high street. With hats, it's a little


slower, but you are making the trends really? Yes, it is slower


and the thing is, you always have to suit the hat to your fashion,


but also to your face. So people's faces don't change with fashion


either so you have to have a little fascinator or a bigger brimmed hat


or a hat to go for somebody with glasses, all sorts of things.


Fashions do change. We are seeing a change this season already. Louis,


we are seeing a lot of saucer hats this year? Yes. They're up away


from the hair and so a lot of women who don't like to put their hair up,


it suets them with their hair down as well. -- suitings them. There


has to be a lot of consideration with the skin tone as well because


it's so close to the face I imagine as well? Exactly. Often people will


say, I'm wearing a pink dress so I want a pink hat, but nothing could


be less flattering actually, so they need a neutral or black hat. F.


If you had a lime hat, you yourself would look lime. I don't want to


look lime. Talk us through some of your creations, fabulous pictures


that we are just about to see. Just an absolute treat. Girls getting


made up for the show there. This is a lovely hat made from ostrich


spines. This other little hat in waves of white grain. I love this


one too, diamante horns. This is like a giant humbug. This was going


on in the restaurant a few minutes ago. Super. Really interesting and


floaty, as you say. You have also been involved in something with the


British Fashion Council and with Ascot. Tell us about hedonism?


started a couple of years ago by the British Fashion Council and


it's for me to collect together some young miliners and promote


them because Britain is considered as the hat capital of the world.


can see some hats here. Tell us why these are so special. Lovely to see


young British miliners here to too. This is a Noel Stuart. Noel went on


holiday to Scotland an wanted to make a summer Tartan. You would


have to wear more clothes than that in Scotland! P iz ers in the middle


has made this fantastic golden apple -- pierce. This looks almost


classic but beautifully made. Justin Smith. This coordinates


soperfectly with this dress. Looks very Italian '50s somehow. They


really are lovely. It's great to wear hats at Ascot in horse racing


but it's lovely to wear hats at other events too. People aren't


brave enough because people do look at you. Do you feel as though there


is an explosion now and people are buying more hats? Completely,


around the world. The Royal Wedding influenced so many people. In


Britain we know about hats, but in America they don't, in Asia they


don't, but suddenly, I was at a ball a few days after the Royal


Wedding and everybody had evening hats on, it was fantastic, so


Britain's leading the world. That's a good note to end on isn't it.


Thank you, Stephen. Mick and I are now in a pretty wet


paddock. We are surviving the rain. We are looking at horses ahead of


the Ribblesdale Stake ps. Godolphin have the favourite. We were talking


about the performance yesterday and Frankie Dettori being done for


excessive use of the race. The owner said the horse came out of it


fine and dandy, that shows that Frankie didn't harm the horse


whatsoever. Let's talk about her mirbgs how does she look to you?


There is no doubt about that -- about her, Mick. They have a great


knack of getting horses back to form and maintaining that form. I'm


sure they'll be hoping to carry on the good run after yesterday.


the paddock, we have a look at Zain Al Boldan, just about to be ridden


by Kieren Fallon. This is a horse who ran disappointingly at Epsom,


but up until that point, she was extremely progressive, doing better


with every run? She was so impressive in the trial at


Lingfield. A reasonable field, but didn't have the run of the race at


Epsom. Held up at the back off a slow pace. When Johnny Murtagh


quickened the place, she was caught out and finished like a train. Mick


Shannon will be hopeful she'll run better today. Henry Cecil had a


winner with Frankel on Tuesday. He has a runner here, a white face and


four white socks, it's unusual to see that, but she's a filly who has


to bounce back from a disappointing run, Arizona Jewel? Yes, just a


little on her toes and taken out nice and quietly. When you see a


horse come out last, it's deliberate to keep the horse nice


and calm. It was an excuse at the end of the race that she was in


season, that was the excuse for why she didn't run well last time?


a bit like a dog when it gets in heat, it's not concentrating on


what it should be. Maybe she's getting a chance to show her best.


I hope Zain Al Boldan wins for Mick Shannon, I went to see him and he


was hopeful, so I hope she runs well for him. It's 13 days since


the Oaks and they often call this the Ascot Oaks, a mile and a half.


Only one filly coming from Epsom to run today though, Zain Al Boldan. I


give her a real chance here provided she handles these


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 182 seconds


conditions. The runners and riders King George. They're running


downhill here all the time until they retch Swindley Bottom. Then


they have a sharp right hander. Six-and-a-half furlongs to go.


Uphill all the way then. It's a real test of a horse. Into the home


straight and then it's a real stamina-sapping run right to the


line. A mile and a happen, the Ribblesdale Stakes.


weak betting market here. Can't give you any big bets. This morning,


15,000 each way, the top one, Arizona Jewel, at 14-1 but other


than that, nothing at all. This morning, the money, Arizona Jewel.


This though is our favourite, Rumh and Frankie Dettori just coming out


on to the course a few moments ago. The reason she's favourite, it's a


combination of form. She won a week ago. It's because of Frankie, who


you can see here and appreciate his horsemanship and balance. And it's


the record of Saeed bin Suroor, this would be his sixth success.


The other thing it shows you is her muscle definition and her tongue


which is over the bit. Frankie didn't want to go that way, but


he's getting taken. He's going the right way to the start, which is a


good thing, but they are supposed to do a bit of a parade beforehand.


She looks pretty relaxed there now. She's a nice, big lengthy filly by


Munson. He gets horses that stay very well and I would imagine the


rain will not hinder her in any way. She's coming off the back of a very


good run of a listed race at Newbury. She won in good style.


Banimpire has a round tummy. She's a strong little barrel things.


She's got a tummy there, yes, but possibly it's the way she's made


and... She's run plenty of time this is year, won't be lacking for


fitness? She's taken her racing well. You see that strip going down


the side, the padded strips with the leather. That's where, in the


stalls, there is an area where jockeys can stand off about three


foot high from the ground and sometimes the horses don't like


touching them. Kieren Fallon gets to ride on Zain


Al Boldan who ran disappointingly in the Oaks. She's tiny. She had


her tail absolutely clamped in, trying to protect her bottom from


the win and rain, she wasn't enjoying it. It's stopped raining


now. Kieren Fallon, there was a lot of reaction to the interview he


gave us yesterday and the fact that he's made it up with the owners,


native Khan, but George Osborney Murtagh's been booked to ride that


horse in the Irish Derby. That's where we'll see that combination


next. Zain Al Boldan has a chance in this. Reports after from the


Jockies after the first race, some saying the ground is soft, some


saying good-to-soft. It's stopped raining now and Rumh is going


forward with the others. A good punch of fillies. Banimpire and


Rumh Banimpire clear favourite in fact.


Kieren Fallon coming forward now on Zain Al Boldan. This filly was very


impressive at Lingfield and ran no race at Epsom. She didn't have a


chance. He's won these stakes before. Ready for the Ribblesdale


and they're racing and Sunday Bess first to begin down the inside,


going fast too, Make My Heart Sing, hugging the rail. Wider out is Rumh


with the nose band. Musharakaat is there as well. Widest in the yellow


cap. Field Of Miracles wider still in the red, white and blue of


Cheveley Park. Creme Anglaise. Arizona Jewel. Down hill toward the


mile now. Cosing over Field Of Miracles. -- crossing over.


Musharakaat. Make My Heart Sing. Creme Anglaise. Highest. Arizona


Jewel. On her inside, Banimpire, hugging the rail. In the centre is


Rumh. Further back in the field, Look At Me. Second last at this


stage or third last, Look At Me. Dorcas Lane back. The pace is good


and set by Field Of Miracles as they come out of Swindley Bottom.


Leads by a length and a half. From up there on the inside at this


point, Sunday Bess and Musharakaat. Creme Anglaise and Make My Heart


Sing. Highest is very wide. Rumh out wider. The Royal blue colours


of Godolphin. Toward the half mile now. Field Of Miracles from


Musharakaat and Highest deepest of all. Behind them, Creme Anglaise,


coming under pressure, Rumh as well. Followed by Banimpire. Sunday Bess


has gone. Followed by Look At Me. Dorcas Lane, Arizona Jewel is well


back. Zain Al Boldan an eight length start. Into the home


straight. Field Of Miracles the leader. Leads by two lengths to


Rumh giving chase. Banimpire putting in the giant strides now.


They're well clear and Dorcas Lane running a big race. Field Of


Miracles slipped away. Two-and-a- half lengths clear of Banimpire. A


long gap to Dorcas Lane and further back, Look At Me. Up there with a


furlong and a half to go, it's Field Of Miracles, the danger is


Banimpire, inch by inch getting there. Half a furlong to go. Field


Of Miracles. Banimpire on the outside get ahead. Field Of


Miracles coming back, but Banimpire just getting it in a close photo


from Field Of Miracles on the inside. In third, Dorcas Lane,


followed by Look At Me. Then Zain Al Boldan from Rumh. Musharakaat


next. Make My Heart Sing. Arizona Jewel. Behind them is Creme


Anglaise. Here it is. This is unofficial, don't forget, but


Banimpire on the evidence of that has got there by about a half head,


a short head that will be officially. So Banimpire is the


winner from Field Of Miracles, but we'll wait for the judge. In third


is Dorcas Lane, in fourth, Look At Me. In fifth, we see Zain Al Boldan


who gave them too big a start again today. Rumh is behind them. Look at


how far there is between each horse. There's the official photo.


Banimpire has won it for Jim Bolger, Jackie Bolger and also Kevin


Manning. There she is, this filly, as we wait for the official


announcement. It is official. It has been called, Banimpire is the


winner, and that is this filly's fifth win of the season. What a


performance, what a trainer this man is.


This was an exceptional race to watch because Richard Hughes judged


the pace so well in front on Field Of Miracles, he had everybody else


at it, turning for home. You will have seen Kevin Manning on the head


shot, pulled down a set of goggles to leave himself clear with the


next set and he sets off here in pursuit of Field Of Miracles. He's


got three, four lengths to make up and starts closing down the leader,


closing down with every stride and gets in front, goes about a neck up


and then, Richard Hughes's filly, Field Of Miracles, fights back at


Banimpire. It really is a good finish here, Willie. People were


screaming and shouting. Both horses were supported, but it's the


favourite that a lot of people piled in on. Jim Bolger, successful


again and, my gosh, haven't they got an awful lot of well bred


horses now? They have. She comes back a bit again. Right on the line,


a mile and a half race. This rain we had this morning's made... "come


on Kevin" she's saying! Look how cool Jim is, he doesn't say a word,


his expression doesn't change at all. Great to have a winner here at


Ascot. The sixth Royal Ascot win. The interesting thing, you said


she's got a bit of a tummy. You know when she last ran, don't you,


four days ago on Sunday at Cork. Amazing. She must take her racing


well because she doesn't look like a filly who's run up light or


anything. Had a hard time, well a busy time. But, as you can see


there, it doesn't make any difference. She's still ran all the


way to the line. I think possibly Richard Hughes was just getting a


bit extra near the finish, might have saved that little bit because


he came back. He's only beaten her by a short head. This filly,


they've got to be willing partners on the ground. Are you looking at


the stick? Looking at Kevin Manning and the position because there are


lots of rules, not just frequency and force, but where you hit the


horse as well. That's because the rules are, or the guidelines say,


you mustn't lift your arm above shoulder height and this's totally


wrong, you should be able to get your arm up high and hit the horse


on the top of the rump where it doesn't hurt them. They're hitting


it in the softest part of the whole body, it's the rules or the


guidelines which are wrong. So Kevin Manning coming back here


after winning this Ribblesdale Kevin Manning can look forward to a


good day tomorrow as well. They have Tio Lane in the Abbany Stakes.


Also, they have Clive soch olish in the Coronation Stakes -- Solish.


Look at the time as well, 2.37.06, that's over ten seconds outside the


record. Sot it has got into the ground, no doubt about that. The


distances are a short head and seven lengths and Banimpire, she's


a really good filly, no doubt about that. Jim Bolger and Jackie Bolger


there. And there we see this filly. The filly will no doubt be visiting


one of the stallions in which Jim has nominations. A couple of really


good ones recently that have gone to stud. Both sold to Sheikh


Mohammed's Darley operation. But there is the winner of the


Ribblesdale Stakes. We'll check the are about half hour away from the


Gold Cup and the big boys will come out to play here on Fame And Glory.


This horse could start less than 2- 1 there'll be fortunes for Fame And


Glory, half hour to go to the biggie, the gold cup, can't wait.


Jim Bolger, the winning trairn is with me. Four days ago she won her


Group. -- the winning trainer. What were the signs that showed you she


was ready for Ascot? After she won at Cork, that was the plan. We used


Cork instead of giving her a blow- out at home. I've done it before


and done it successfully. All she does anyway is eat and sleep so the


only time she exerts herself is on a racecourse.


She stays very well. The way the race unfolded with a strong gallop


in that ground has worked in her favour, I presume? Not really with


the preferred good ground, she didn't handle it too well but got


there any way. She's very courageous and gutsy and stuck at


it. Have you a long-term plan? we have, yes, probably find her


racing between now and the Irish Oaks. After that, we might do what


the French do, give her a break and have her back for the race at


Longchamp. The winning jockey alongside us. Kevin, has to be a


toughilyy -- tough filly to do what she did today? Very tough and


improving all the time. The ground maybe wasn't ideal for her. I


travelled well and asked her to quick foreign the home straight.


She usually shows me more turn of foot, but the ground, she wasn't as


effective on it. Did you think it would be hard to peg back? The turn


of foot she has, I thought she would pick up and I didn't pick up


as well as I thought. I put it down to the ground. Can you describe the


ground? I thought it was loose, riding slow. I thought down the


back and across the bottom, before the turn in, I thought it was


Stakes. To start with a couple didn't really go. Here is Richard


Hughes. You will see he goes around the outside. He is trying to get


into position, but the Abdulla horse, they never were really at


the races today. They made hard work of it. Arizona


Jewel was never at the race. Tom Queally off the bridle from the


minute he jumped off. Early on there, is, about a furlong


into it. The the winner you will see in the white jacket and she is


about to get snatched up. She is there. This is only about 15


seconds on into the race and we will see this is when they get


position and she gets badly hampered? Yes, she does and Kevin


Manning is an old hand at this. He is a very experienced rider, he


knew to sit and wait for the gap to say appear.


-- gap to say appear. We will have a look at Kevin. This


is where he decides to come out to the right. At this stage, it is


softer ground. A few of these will come back and start to get tired


and if you are going well, you don't want to be behind the beaten


horses? Especially when the ground ground gets soft. You will use up a


lot of energy trying to get to these horses. He wanted to make it


as smooth as possible and that's what he has done.


She has only won by a margin, but he sees that the gap comes between


the red and the blue ones and saving ground is what it is about


and that's what makes the difference between coming second in


the big races and winning, isn't it? When you win by a short head


that's the difference between winning and losing.


So that's how he did it. Look at the time. A lot slower. Richard


Hughes set the pace to his own to the Gold Cup and we will give


you the full build-up to this over on BBC Two. This is Fame And Glory,


trained by Aidan O'Brien. John McCain ji Spencer will be -- Jamie


Spencer will be riding this horse. This is their big new staying hope


and we will find out whether Aidan can have his second winner of the


week. We have just had the one so far with Power and three runners-up


Clare Balding and Willie Carson present the highlight of Royal Ascot, Ladies' Day. The biggest crowd of the week will be at Ascot to witness the day's feature race, The Gold Cup, with other races at 2.30pm and 3.05pm. Clare and Willie are joined by Rishi Persad, Ian Bartlett, Kevin Darley, Jim McGrath, John Parrot and Gary Wiltshire. Suzi Perry is out and about taking a look at the latest fashion.

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