Day 2, Part 2 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 2, Part 2

Clare Balding presents coverage of Royal Ascot including the feature race, The Prince Of Wales's Stakes, at 3.45pm.

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Racing - batting away. He's back in the winner's enclosure


here in Royal Ascot. Flying home at the stands rail.


Lolly for Dolly, for Ireland, grabs our opening two races of the second


day of Royal Ascot. Welcome to our BBC Two coverage. We have more live


races for you and the final race, in which the Queen has a good


chance. Her Majesty the Queen is in the Royal Box, wearing pink and


white and has the perfect view across the course and will enjoy


these horses which will be taking to the fray over one mile and a


quarter in the Prince of Wales's stakes, headed by So You Think. We


will see him on the racecourse and hearing from Aidan O'Brien talking


about him as well. He is in the pre-parade ring. He is just an


enormous, heavy horse. A lot of people in Australia will be staying


up late to watch this race. And New Zealand. He ran in the Melbourne


Cup. Finished third in that. Stam ma not be a prb at all --


stamina will not be a problem at all.


Receiving the introduce fri from Michael Vaughen.


This is how she stretched away to the line, she did it impressively.


She does try hard, doesn't she? Look how low she's getting to the


ground. Poking her head out, saying, I can't go any faster Wayne W the


blinkers on she cannot see the rest of the field. She's had those


blinkers on for the last five races and won three of those, and been


second in the other two. I've got Ashes winning captain


Michael Vaughen beside me. How many times have you been here? Twice to


Ascot. I've been to the National on a couple of occasions. This is


special. I didn't realise how big it was. Thanks for the tips, by the


way. Thought we weren't going to mention that. You're a good cricket


tipster yourself. England about to start the test against vy lan


kafplt the first time at the Rose Bowl. What can we expect? I hope


the weather stays fair for a few days. Having Anderson in the team.


They will get that spark they missed at Lords.


Sri Lanka will be slightly worse off. You would think an English


victory this week. You never know. Sri Lanka have good batsmen. With


the rain around, probably a draw. Later on in this summer they take


on India. A lot of people saying that will be the series that


decides the best team in the world. Do you agree with that? England are


number three in the world at the minute. If they had beaten Sri


Lanka they would have gone to number two.


I think they have enough in their ranks to be able to beat India in


home conditions. If the ball swings, it should swing in these conditions.


India's batting is probably the best in the world. I think India


have problems with the ball now. I don't see them having too many


wicket-taking options. If you can get Broad and Tremlett


you will be chipping in with a view. Here a tip for you, So You Think,


you think might run a big race. it's coming from you, it has no


chance! He must know him very well. I am


glad you have joined us. We are making some of the girls Vivien


Westwood model. Can you talk us through these outfits. She has seen


a beautiful Vivien Westwood show. She is famous for iconic pieces.


She is one of the most innovative designers we have nowadays.


Obviously the idea is embracing being a woman. We have the corset,


so, yeah, the most amazing pieces for such a lovely day. Can you


breathe in that? I can. I know you have to go. Girls, run off to your


show. We can look at them now in action, with some of these fabulous


images. Talk us through this collection. This collection is from


our spring and summer, 2011. It is called Prince Charming and was


inspired by fairytales. You can see there is a big gym put of fairy


tails,. Iconic pieces. You know, it is obviously Vivien as we know her.


Great fun clothes, aren't they? It's always. It's absolutely


amazing. It is very challenging and inspiring working with her. As we


know Vivien she's one of the most iconic designers we have these days.


How long have you worked with her? Four years next month. What is she


like? We don't see her at Ascot very often? Well, everyone has an


image of Vivien. She is an amazing person to work with. Very inspiring,


very challenging. A very amazing designer. A very inspiration person


to have around. The million dollar question is, you are working such a


strong, iconic lady, who has made strong political statements. What


has been the most challenging moment working with her? Obviously


working in the press office is a very engaging environment. We are


so busy. So many things happening. We have collections, fashion shows,


collaborations, events, we participate. Vivien is known for


medium of her show to basically alert people about what is


happening out there these days. She's certainly one of my favourite


designers. Thank you. Also here in the crowd Catherine


Jenkins. She is saying hello to Willie. I am sure it is the


highlight of her day. She looks fantastic. She recently announced


her engagement to Gethin Jones. You will have seen her coach pop stars


and singing in the operatic style. I took my father of a concert of


her's for a treat last winter. He'll be very excited she is here.


She'll very shortly see this horse, So You Think, come into the parade


ring. He is by High Chapprell. He was down in New Zealand and covered


a mare called Triasic. That mating produced this enormous beast of a


horse. They adore him in New Zealand and in Australia, where he


has done most racing until he transferred to Ireland. The team


thought, he'll be one for us, a potential superstar stallion. Let's


find out more about him. THE COMMENTATOR: An amazing win.


Every true champion needs to conquer new frontiers. He is


perhaps the most modern day racehorse. There is huge confidence


behind him. His cruising, his stride and his capacity for work.


His natural ability is incredible. From day one he's been like a


sports character. He is the best horse I have riden. I have won


three races on him. They would say, you will be happy before you get on


him. I said I'll wipe my feet before I get on him. That's how you


feel when you see the horse. He has a real presence about him.


You feel he's special special. In Australian eyes a fenom mouse.


He is mentioned in the same breathe as other greats like Kingston Town,


if you stretch back you can go back to Farlap. So You Think, seen here


at the sales as a yearling cost a bargain �55,000. And is regardeds a


poster boy for the ki ki breeding industry. This fella has size,


power, quality strength, movement, temperament. He's a unique specimen.


The minute you see him, or anybody sees him they will see what we are


talking about. On the track, So You Think became a star, by winning


Australia's version of the Arc. THE COMMENTATOR: So You Think....


He won again last October, when taking part in three Group ones in


three days, winning twice and then finishing third in the marathon of


the Melbourne Cup. Most his wins were pretty easy. He pulls all the


way, never relaxed over two miles. It was like watching a runner who


was a 100 metre stripbter coming out and winning over 15 -- sprinter


coming out and winning over 1500 metres.


His former trainer lost the horse and described racing here as "not


being worth two bob." Bart is a legend. He is a man who's never,


ever short of a comment, a equip or a quote. It is understandable his


huge disappointment, they will not see him in Australia. You balance


that up with the fact this horse has been given his opportunity to


come and prove himself on the world stage. You know, he has pretty much


done everything in Australia. It will be great to see him and how he


measured up in Europe. This horse is set to take on the world. To get


up every morning and watch this fella do his cantering and racing,


it's incredible. He's always in slow motion. Our other horses will


be in top speed and he looks like he's in second gear. He is unique.


Like something we've never seen before. Anything is posswbl this


horse. It is himself that make -- possible with this horse. It is


himself that makes it possible really. There he is - a glimpse of


him. He was bred by Mike Maranag and Piper Farm Limited in Australia.


He raced in Australia. Everyone claims him as their own. Now the


Irish of course are claiming him as well. He's 5-2 on.


And the man who'll be aboard, the man with the responsibility is Ryan


Moore. So the runners and riders Wales's Stakes.


The Prince of Wales's stakes is a feature on the Wednesday at Royal


Ascot. It is run over a mile and a quarter. At the start it is very


tricky, address the bend comes very quickly. Being drawn on the outside


of the field is a great disadvantage. Coming towards the


bend usually everybody jockeys for position, and being one off the


rail is the best position. There's a lovely straight, three furlongs


to the end. It gives everybody plenty of time to get themselves


into a challenging position to win it is now 2-5. It is now 4-11 in


places. That punter who had the �90,000, he's sitting pretty at the


moment. A busy paddock. Everyone


anticipating the appearance of So You Think in action in this country.


Let's pick out a few horses. Twice Over, Henry ses sils. He looks well


-- C -- Cecil. Henry Cecil horses are in good form.


He had the second in that race. Over here we have the Planteur team.


Soumillon chatting away there. Henry Cecil and Tom Queally. He's a


mile and a quarter specialist. Now the Godolphin team, Sheik Mohammed


is here every day. They have Debussy and Rewilding. Don't ignore


Rewilding. He has a good form in a group one in dub bay. Frankie


Dettori has gone over to get a leg up. The Colemore team are over here.


Ryan Moore is over here. He's on board the big hot-shot, So You


Think. We will find out today whether he is as good as they all


think. They are not often wrong. This horse, Aidan O'Brien, here in


his dark glasses, just thinks he is special. He talks about him as if


he has landed from another planet. They look relaxed, very happy. So


You Think is just coming through. Seven runners in this race. It is


group one. It's top class. Interestingly just chatting to a


man who has seen a lot of horses around the world. Your first


impression of So You Think is? a nice big horse. I expebgtded --


expected a monster. He's a good, strong type of horse. He's not


small. When he races he appears bigger than in the flesh. Can you


expect that. A lot of people say a horse rides bigger than he actually


is? Because everything is in slow motion, his action is very much in


slow motion when he's galloping. Everything to him will be easy,


with that easy flowing action. number of jockeys in the weighing


room came out to get a glimpse. They wanted to a glimpse of this


horse. His reputation is he a is superstar. He has proven himself in


Australia, New Zealand-bred. He has to prove himself in this part of


the world. What we are expecting today is this horse, what for him


to do is a penalty kick. Let's talk about number three here, Planteur.


Lovely horse. Look at that! A beautiful horse, beautiful! He'll


make So You Think work very hard. He is a bit more racy looking and


lighter. He is the horse. Look at him. He's a marvellous-looking


individual. Everybody in racing is excited about this horse.


Among those taking a very, very close look is her Princess Royal.


Right behind So You Think, getting on his toes is the lovely looking


Sri Putra. Roger's first season having taken over from Michael


Jarvis. How wonderful would it be to have a Royal Ascot winner here?


A dream come through. It is nice to be here with a horse in the Prince


over Wales. He's been a consistent horse for you. A superstar? He has


solid form. We're under no illusions. He has to improve on the


form book. He's put up his best performances in the championship


races. Last year was arguably his best bit of form. For nothing else,


the track, it ought to suit him. I hope he'll run well. How is Michael


at the moment? I know he has undergone intensive treatment. He


has been down and a lot of people sending him best wishes? He would


like to be better than he is. He's in pretty good form. He's in great


form. I spend a bit of time with him every day. He's well on top of


what's going on. I now they are very supportive of you and they


will wish you well and hope the flag keeps flying. We are very


fortunate to have him in the camp. Good luck later on. That is the


trainer of Sri Putra. There will be a parade in front of the Grandstand.


Let's hand back before that parade starts.


We echo the sentiments of good wishes to Michael Jarvis. Rewilding


was lighter than he is at the moment last season. He's a bit


wirey. He, the mare, Dehara is a great mare. She was barned for four


years before this guy came along. What do you call them? The stud.


They kept at it. You know, she was 19, I think, when she had this guy.


It's fantastic to get a horse of that quality so late. The pick of


the paddock for you. I know you like Twice Over. I like Twice Over,


I like Sri Putra. That was a nice looking, very strong horse. He's a


nice type. But of course So You Think, you know, he looked very


cool, very relaxed. Good looking horse. Which one would I put my


pound on? So You Think. �1 to win street as well.


Willie might be able to afford to put his house on, he has more than


one house, but for the rest of us, I think we would be more


conservative. Seven runners for the Prince of Wales's Stakes. The


parade is less by Debussy, who won an Arlington million Last year. He


is followed by the gorgeous Jan Vermeer. A 40-1 shot here. They


thought a lot of this horse last year. He finished fourth in the


Derby and has won a Group One in France. Then we have French horse


Planteur. The French have a very good record in this race. Rewilding


next. Bred by WaterShip Down Stable. Andrew Lloyd Webber's wife bred


this horse. Here we have So You Think. He is


the 11-4 on favourite. Aidan O'Brien describing him as "a


different creature." He looks very relaxed. He has seen big crowds


like this before, at the spring carnival in Melbourne, where he won


the stakes. Sri Putra is a 66-1 shot. We talked to his trainer. On


form he shouldn't beat this horse, Twice Over, who beat him in the


Eclipse. He has won the champion stakes twice as well. Twice Over,


one of the very, very favourite horses of Henry Cecil. His trainer,


Sir Henry Cecil. Those contenders for the Prince of Wales's Stakes.


The focus is whether So You Think is the real deal and ready to


dominate the European racing team. The home team's defence is led by


Twice Over. He is adored by his trainer. My horse is very, very


well and there's only one Ascot. He's won two Group Ones. From


France comes Planteur. His performances as a three-year-old


last year, included a second in the French Derby. He looks better now


and will be riden by Christian Soumillon.


Rewilding looks for a super season, subjected by his appearance in the


spring. We ran him in Dubai fresh. He won the classic. One of the


darker horses is Sri Putra, who is yet to win at Group One level.


form has withstood over the last few seasons. He was second in the


Eclipse. He likes fast ground. strong line-up is completed by


Debussy, who took the Arlington Million last year.


Jan Vermeer, who started for the Derby just 12 months ago. Come the


final furlong we will know whether So You Think is ready to rule the


racing world. So that is everything you need to


know about the horses. Here are the men on board, Soumillon. Tom


Queally, who is Twice Over's jockey. Ajtebi on Debussy. Frankie Dettori,


he will miss the last two days because of a suspension. Ryan Moore


has one on the board after yesterday. This is the hottest


favourite. The enormous, big- striding So You Think. Look at him!


Just a really impressive horse to look at. He looks more like Yates


in terms of his power. That is his head virtually. He has a lot more


speed than Yates. He is an Ascot hero. We have to look at him now.


Taking a bit of a tug there on the way to the start. Yes, a little bit.


They don't have to go very far for the start. Clare, it's a funny


thing, horses do get a go on with you from the mile-and-a-half to the


mile and a quarter. It's down hill. He would get a little bit away from


Ryan there. You can see the branding mark on his shoulder.


Australia horses get branded on the shoulder. Jan Vermeer I loved. I


thought he was really handsome. good pace-maker. They can afford


him as a pace-maker. In any other yard he would be your star horse.


He would be in this race and hoping to make a race of it. He was one of


the top four horses in the yard last year of three year olds.


another look at the leaders in the market here, headed of course by So


You Think, who is inching his way forward to the stalls.


So You Think will go off our 11-4 favourite.


He's pretty short enough. Ryan Moore in the saddle and So You


Think, the Australian superstar facing his biggest challenge in


Europe, in this Prince of Wales's Stakes. Rewilding in. They are set


to go. Ready. Racing in the Prince of Wales. So


You Think got away very smartly. Planteur was away well. Rewilding,


as they settle falling into stride now N the centre, So You Think,


being matched all the while now on the inside by Debussy. Out very


wide Jan Vermeer, going around the outside of the pack to take it up.


So Jan Vermeer going on. He's acting as a pace-maker.


Half length away So You Think in third, the purple cap. Tucked in


behind them is Planteur with Twice Over and Sri Putra. Back in the


field Rewilding. They have just over six furlongs to travel. Jan


Vermeer going very fast. He's by five lengths here. In third So You


Think. A length-and-a-half further back Planteur.


Twice Over, followed by Sri Putra. In the centre is Rewilding. Jan


Vermeer, six in front as they come up past the five. In second there


is Debussy. A length away So You Think is beautifully poised in


third. Further back is Planteur. Out wide is Twice Over. And the


pace-maker is five lengths in front. He started favourite for a Derby.


Here is So You Think. He is on the outside So You Think, has raissed


to the lead. He goes three lengths in front. Twice Over after him.


Planteur. Rewilding is running on. Moore gives him a slap. He's gone


three in front now. It is So You Think in front. Rewilding is now


starting to motor home down the outside. A furlong left to go. So


You Think a length-and-a-half in front. Rewilding is wearing him


down. Rewilding on the outside. Rewilding has won the prince of


Wales's stake. So You Think is second. Planteur, Twice Over. Jan


Vermeer and last is Debussy. Rewilding, ridden by Frankie


Dettori. He has gone on to win at 17-2. He's


got up to nab the Aussie superstar right on the line. An upset in the


Prince of Wales's stakes. Frankie Dettori has won it by a neck to a


half length. He has defeated So You Think.


Frankie Dettori punching the air with delight.


What a result for Godolphin. In third then is Sri Putra. In fourth,


Planteur. A long gap, look how far the others are. Then we see Twice


Over. Back in fifth, a long, long gap, two more to come, and they'll


be a long time coming, Jan Vermeer is one of them and Debussy is the


Third in the Derby. Inch by inch, started to reel him in. So You


Think just started to shorten and on the outside, Rewilding trained


by Mamood al-Zarooni and ridden by Frankie Dettori has got up to


triumph in this fantastic race. Frankie Dettori is the most


successful of the current jockeys riding here at Royal Ascot, with 45


winners to his name now. He's just as good on the new course here as


he was on the old. A real thrill. What a ding dong finish. Rewilding


has kept answering. A horse who has run over a mile-and-a-half. This a


mile-and-a-quarter, so always keeping staying on. Frankie saying


to us all, "I'm number one." The crowd love him. A stonking pace.


Jan Vermeer got less at the start. He kept up a really good gallop. So


You Think, no excuses. You couldn't say there were any, could you?


Could you tell me that time? minutes - Broken the Track Record.


Yes, you are right. He has. He's broken the Track Record. I think


that's the race of the week so far. Godolphin, fantastic record in this


race. They won it with Faithful Son and then three years on the run and


do it again. Sheikh hoe mam ed will get so much satisfaction. John


Ferguson buys the horses for them and Simon heavily involved on the


training side. The stallion by this horse, he has gone back to Germany


to stand. Sheikh Mohammed did stand him at Darley for a few seasons,


but he's now gone back to Germany. He's a horse that the Sheikh always


believed in. Look at this again. It's unbelievable. Frankie - the


race was set up for So You Think, because they thought that this


horse would definitely stay further. He did pull a little too hard early.


Jumped a little quick. Ryan didn't get him as settled as quickly as he


would have liked to, so he's thinking he has a horse with plenty


of stom that, who didn't realise that the target Rewilding had a bit


more stamina. It's not down to pace or anything. It's down to sheer


guts and stamina now and of course he can't give any more and


Rewilding got the draft. He was the horse doing the attacking and he


was getting that little bit of help. You can see the belief in Frankie.


Suddenly thinking I'm going to catch him. Look at him there. He's


such an exuberant jockey. He brings so much passion to the sport. You


need superstars like this and Richard Hills cheering him on.


Franny Norton and Darryll Holland there. All of them saying, go on


Frankie. You can see the jockeys riding it with him. Just brilliant.


FANFARE May it please Your Majesty, Your Royal Highnesss, my Lords,


ladies and gentlemen, what a race and coming out on top, Rewilding.


We will get a flying dismount from Frankie Dettori. Cot granlations to


the team and Mamood al-Zarooni. Rewilding answering every call. Fly


Frankie, fly! APPLAUSE


What a huge triumph for gol dolphin. Sheikh Mohammed and -- Godolphin


and Sheikh Mohammed and Frankie Dettori and Mamood al-Zarooni and


Simon Chrisford, the racing manager. On this occasion they've come out


on top, against their arch rivals cool -- Coolmore and Ballydoyle. He


has given everything, but Rewilding is cutting down and the time was


24.24 and that is a second outside the record. It was a fierce gallop.


Rewilding. There he is. He's the son of Tiger Hill. A very, very


good race horse. He's Ryan Moore, disappointed. You can imagine, but


Frankie Dettori jubilant. He's in the winners' enclosure. Here we are


with the winning jockey, Frankie Dettori. Frankie, your thoughts as


you crossed the line, because you looked pretty pumped, as the


Aussies would say? Even at the end he never gave up. Two great horses.


When I got past him and sheer joy when you see two great horses


battling it out like this, it's sheer joy to be in the race.


Delighted for Rewilding, because he doesn't get the recognition that he


deserves. He's a very good horse. He showed true colours today.


You've been involved in some great battles here, especially with the


Ballydoyle team. Fantastic with Galileo for example. How satisfying


is it to edge them in the closing stages of such a great race? With


two great teams and we put our Life And Soul into the job and the sport


and this is what we are here for, to have this kind of feignish and


great races like this one and -- fin ishing and great races like


this one and it was a great effort. How satisfying is it to get the


tactics spot on today? Absolutely. The Sheikh had a chat early doors


today and they did a great job. You need the horses to do it and full


credit for a great team. Many congratulations. We are going to


try to grab a quick word with Sheikh Mohammed, if it is possible.


Is it possible to grab a quick word about the performance of the horse


and how satisfied you were with what you have seen today. Well, I'm


very satisfying with what we have seen today. It's always the racing


that you are waiting for, the big races and if you win that, it's


great. The preparation and the training was good and the horse was


good. Your trainer is just standing over to our side here. Mamood al-


Zarooni, a fantastic race. A lot of people saying one of the best


finishes here for some time. How satisfying is it for you to produce


the winner for his highness? It's not me. It's him who always gives


us the direction on how to deal with the horses and everything. And


the training programme and the feeding and everything in the yard.


I have a good team working with me, so I'm very happy. Whose decision


was it to switch the horse back to a mile-and-a-quarter and have the


confidence that he could take on the very best? His highness. We are


still learning. He's been here a long time. More than 30 years. He


has a lot of experience in England, so what he says we follow.


obvious target will be the King George? Exactly. We go there and


see what happens. Well done. Thank you very much. A fantastic Prince


of Wales sees Rewilding under the vintage Frankie Dettori. It saved


the bookies a fortune. Don't forget that bet this morning, 90,000 and


45,000. Fortunes. It must have saved the industry �2 million. If


you fancy it for the Arc, the winner, 10-1. A bit of value.


That's how easy it is to lose a house. We'll look at the start of


this Prince of Wales. Here's the winner, Rewilding. The pacemaker is


there. He misses the break. Early on I'm interested in Jan Vermeer,


who hasn't got away fast. Has to get on with it. He brings him very


wide, doesn't he? Ryan comes up to the side and has he shouted across?


I think Joseph is looking across and seen that Ryan was very free.


He has kept away, so as not to set him alight. He's to kick up there


to get the horse in front. I think Ryan was quite relieved, because


the horse Switched Off. For me, he ran a little keener than Ryan would


have liked earlier on. Right at the back is Rewilding at this stage in


the blue colours with Frankie Dettori. We'll look at the closing


stages. You have heard about first and second. We'll look at a couple


of others. We have Planteur and Twice Over. The interesting thing


is they are both very good. One has won a group one already this season.


They are beaten a very long way back. It tells you the quality of


the race. The favourite kicked and looked like he had it sown up.


Looked like he was idling, but once Frankie Dettori wound up Rewilding,


he ran a great race and shown true colours today. He has. It was, I'm


sure, for the supporters of either one, it was very, very long right


at the end. Rewilding has won it. So You Think in second. Aidan


O'Brien joins us. It looked on paper to be a race that So You


Think should have run. Are you surprised you found a horse quick


enough to beat him? I know. I would take responsibility for this


totally. He won his first two starts very easy and because of


that I was letting him come along very gently and not training very


hard and because he won the first two races so easily I didn't like


to get stuck into him like sometimes you would, so I let him


come along himself and listen, it was a big step on the last two. He


jumped and was a little fresh with Ryan. He just tanked a little the


first two and then a strong run and went there and went in quick and


went in and won, but got tired on the last half a furlong. Frankie


gave the horse a beautiful ride. He just came there and got him the


last 50 yards. I would think it was trainer's error and maybe not


having him fit enough for this kind of race on the day. Because he won


the first two so I didn't like to chase him too much, but we must


remember he would have never probably come the distance and been


so competitive in this atmosphere ever before and even run like that.


I would say it was my fault and he got a little tired and I'm sorry


and we'll go on from here. don't have to apologise to me. What


are you saying then, that there is a lot of improvement? I would think


so. He was a big, strong heavy blow after, you understand and for me


there was a fitness blow looking at it. After the race we'll see what


will happen next time, but I would expect plenty of improvement to


come. Listen, like I said, because he won the first two so easy I


didn't like to change things too much, even though coming here was a


different race today. He jumped and he was on the mettle straight away


and had to tank early and settle into a strong pace and Ryan did


everything right. Produced him and said come on and go and win like


always and he did, but the last half furlong he found hard. I would


put it down to fitness. That's what I think at the moment. Would you


think the Eclipse would be the next race? We'll have to talk with


everybody, but obviously there's a definite possibility, but like we


always do, there is no race picked out for after this race. We'll talk


about it. There are a lots of options. Thank you. Aidan O'Brien


blaming himself and himself only for the defeat of So You Think,


saying the horse probably wasn't fit enough and maybe he's right.


Maybe more work needed. He will have come on from the race, but


Detorri deemerges victorious on Rewilding. It's a time that is 1.76


seconds faster than average. Fast enough to take the spoils. These


were two great horses. They had a battle Royal from two furlongs out.


There's a very happy Frankie Dettori. The Duke of Edinburgh


making very rare appearance here on the presentation stage. Doesn't


often come down to present. Prince of Wales usually does that.


He's not here today. His father stepping in there. A big kiss for


the trophy, because this is one of the flagship races. This is one of


the big ones of the week. It is. It's where horses, stallions,


that's where they're made and where the money is. When you win these


sort of group races and of course you are taking on the best in the


world and a lot of breeders would love to go to both of those horses.


The first and the second. John there offering marital advice to


their Royal Highnesses. He's a great character. He's asking the


Sheikh to give him an interview. He is saying you must be joking. Good


effort. Great effort. Would you like, you've got an opportunity now


if you would like to, to apologise to all those people who may have


just lost their house? Right. Well, good things do get beaten every now


and again. And of course, it never looked as if he was ever going to


be beaten until the last half furlong, but the judge said he


didn't win, so by a -- so buy a tent. Sorry about that. Come and


stay with Willie if you no longer have a house. We have three races


left. The last is on the red button. A massive field going to the start.


Starting to come into the paddock for the next, which is over the


straight mile, is the Royal Hunt Cup. Start Right is the favourite.


We'll see if he can finish right Humdrum, the Queen's horse. We are


moving on to a the jockeys. Johnny Andhaary. Harry's first ride. Your


first winner is actually you looked youthful, but about 16 years ago?


think it was Original Pearl. Always been a lucky track for me. I love


it here. I suppose Harry, his first day here, so I'm sure he has many


more ahead of him. You are drawn 19, so have you been told, do you know


where you want to go? I think the plan is to come standside and


obviously I'm pretty sure they'll split. I'll stay there. You have


got to only come one side because you are in three. Listen, I think


both sides will be equal. The middle is lost, because the ones on


the outside are trying to get across and you lose ground getting


across. The standside has been good so far. I wouldn't put anybody off


the far side this time. It's one or the other. Middle is No Man's Land.


You had, yesterday, closed on Mr Frankie Dettori, but he's one ahead


again or extended the lead. Rewilding, So You Think, a great


race? It was a brilliant race to watch in the weighingroom. The


highlight of the week. Two great horses. When they pulled clear it


looked like it would be So You Think's day, but Frankie Dettori


conjured up a great run out of the horse and it was just Frankie at


his very, very best. Harry, finally, obviously you are a young jockey


and this is a big handicap. Do you feel pressure on this? I don't


think so. I'm more excited to be honest. It's a privilege to be


riding in such a big meeting in such a good race. I'm really


excited. Will you say excuse me if you pass him during the race?


might do. Thank you. I don't think so! I've found out that Russ Abbott


used to be a drummer. I was in the 60's and 70's. I still have a


little session now and again. about the horses? I'm not seeing


too much cash bulging out of the horses -- pockets? I'm not that


good. I'm a novice. Excuse the pun. I was in Oliver in the West End


last year. It was great. I couldn't be here and I picked every winner


out of the paper. Now I've lost every race so far. Who are you


having now? Dance And Dance. Also, Whitnorth. I've got to come and see


JP and Gary. Dance And Dance, rust is having it. Any chance? It's got


four legs. You are the champion. Last year you tipped two, both won.


What about that last race? Frankie, extraordinary. So exciting.


Fantastic race. Rode a brilliant one. The crowd were cheering.


the bookies a fortune. �2 million it saved them. I've got a quiz for


you. A little quiz for the guys. It's not about fish and chip shops,


is it? It's not, sadly. It's about etiquette in the Royal enclosure.


He thinks it's a town in France. Ladies' skirts, how high above the


knee are they allowed to be? Four inches. Half of that. I would say


two. JP is right. Shoulder straps - what is the minimum measurement for


them on the lady? There shouldn't be. If the girls want to come -


think strapless is right? I'll go for an inch. He's right. 2-0!


finally, what about hats? Drown of the head. Absolutely. Got for


covered? Got to be covered. It's three out of three for JP. I said


the same as him. All right. 2-1. You still lose. Tomorrow, we have


fish and chips. Before You Go, she might be on the Gadget Show, but do


you think she can find a gadget to help her find her hotel room. I got


a knock last night. I don't believe you said that. I went down the


wrong wing and nearly ended up in his room. We'll talk about fashion.


We have seen really glorious sights and Louis is here. Beautiful


extraordinary. I have to ask you about this wonderful outfit. What


was your inspiration? I didn't want to be cold. I've had too many days


being cold, so warm today. Lovely girl made the hat. You look lovely.


The hat is extraordinary. We have the base and great vibrant colours.


Very strong and I think ideal for the season. These two girls, Isabel


is a hat maker. This is feathers of flight. I love that. Look at this


too. This great, almost like top hat, in a gold. I saw her earlier


and she had a wonderful trouser suit. It's very brave. It works.


The fashion today has been exciting and fresh and I abore it. As long


as the trousers match the jacket, then it's OK. This outfit. Who made


this? The suit is Armani and the hat is by a young designer, Kath


Lynn Elizabeth, I've just found her if London and hopefully things are


about to take off. She made it to go with the suit. I have to ask the


question, what did you decide on, the hat or outfit first?, be honest.


I had the outfit first and then I took it to Catherine and she made a


hat and something that wasn't going to fly away like last year, so


something neat and pared down. That's a very good point. It will


be a little breezy so make sure you have the pins and wear something


that is not going to blow away. You like divine. Thank you very much. -


- look divine. Thank you very much. Frankie Dettori flying after that


success on Rewilding. I said he won the St Leger, but he didn't. He won


the trial. Frankie Dettori has a horse to stay well to turn into a


great performance and receiving congratulations from everyone.


Richard Hills of course, who rides for -- in the next race. Terrific


ride from Frankie. Kevin, he has in -- Invisible Man in the next race.


It was his first win of the meeting last year? That's right. Obviously


he has gone up in the weights and he'll be there for a chance.


Godolphin will be glad to get a decent winner on the board, but


handicap-wise there are one or two horses in front. Start Right,


trained by Luca Cumani, who ran at Epsom at the Derby meeting. Got a


bit warm. A little fracious. Something must have upset him. Ran


a great race. He's more calm. A lot better. Obviously, here at


Ascot, although it's a big stage, there is something about it, more


room in the paddock and like you say, he looks a lot more settled.


He went around the houses to get a run. Luca Cumani with me now. Start


Right here. This has been the plan for some time? Yes. He's a nice


progressive horse. The mile is the right trip. It's been the plan, but


it's a bit of a lottery, as we know. He is drawn possibly on the wrong


side, on the far side, so we are in the lap of the Gods as to what the


others will do, whether they'll stay with him or drift. We don't


know. We'll go with the flow. Kieron will make the decision in


running. Yes. You must be relieved he's here today? Absolutely. He


rode yesterday morning and cricked his neck, so he decided because he


has many more rides here in the week, that he wanted to get the


neck right first. If it's right, he'll be looking around. Let's hope


so. This is the big handicap of the day. We have 28 runners facing the


starter for the Royal Hunt Cup. Just before we see them, Claire's


another interview. Ed Bourne, the trainer of Dance And Dance. He is


progressive and run before. He has run at York and it was very good.


Left ten lengths and made it up down straight, so definitely


improflg, but I'm under no illusion -- improving, but I'm under no


illusion it will be a tough race. You are drawn the right side, which


is the stands? You wouldn't believe it when the draw came out. I


thought what a disaster, but it's turned out in our favour. It seems


to be so, so far. But until someone wins up the far rail. You haven't


been training for that long. Exciting to be here? It feels a


long time, but it's been great. We all strife for days like this and


I'm privileged to have a horse good enough. In your beginning years


were you getting advice from now knighted Sir Henry Cecil? He's


always here in the background. He's a great man and great motivator too.


When you are under the weather then he's great to put a positive spin.


He's a big fan of yours. Good luck. Thank you. We'll check the runners


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 71 seconds


simple. It's a straight mile. The big question is whether they break


into two groups or three. I would say two. There will be plenty on


the right and plenty on the left. They come uphill and it's


undulating on the course, as you know. It's a real climb to the line.


A real test at the end of the mile. Probably have to get a mile-and-a-


half a furlong to be able to win this. One of the toughest races of


the week. Here's the latest betting: Gary? Start Right. I know


you fancy the horse. Ran a blinder at Epsom. I'll give you one horse,


it's been well backed. Chapter And Verse. William Hill laid �2,000


each-way at 50-1. It's now 25-1. Well backed. What a race. I fancy a


photo finish here. More on the Royal Hunt Cup in a moment, but a


moment with Barry ma -- McGuigan. Having a good day? Having a great


day. We have experienced a real day out. This is my first time out.


have some inside info this day. the information was wrong in the


last race, so there you go. It's an unpredictable sport, like boxing.


Good time for boxing at the moment? I have just got my book out Cyclone,


my story, which is doing well and I'm happy and David Haye coming up.


Exciting times for boxing. Lovely to see you. Thank you very much.


Rewilding. This is our joint favourite Start


Right. I remember at Epsom when he finished third, you said, "Watch


this horse." The draw made it awkward for him,


and you loved how he ran there. finished third that day. He was


drawn right on the outside. He had to cross over the whole racecourse


and he came rattling home, just to be beaten. That was, to me, a very


good trial for this race. Unfortunately the draw hasn't gone


his way again. It has gone the way of Dance And Dance.


He is 8-1, co-favourite. I said I fancied Dance And Dance. You said


don't be stupid. This horse here, look at the knee action. Look at


his knee action. He would need a lot more reign. I think the


trainer.... Look at the knee action on him! He's coming up and down on


to the ground hard. He's just snuck in at the bottom of the field. He


carries eight stone three. It is barely a hand's span. 12Oupblss


they weigh, those sad -- 12 oupblss they weigh, those -- ounces they


weigh, those saddles. This is a huge field, because he's


a French jockey he would never have riden in a race with more than 20


runners. There are 30 of them in this. Will it make that much


difference? As you have seen in the Derby, he had never ridden around


Epsom before. He coped well enough around there. Especially with the


draw being so controversial, where's the pace going to be, which


side will they be on. He's experienced enough to know what


he's doing here. You have found out earlier on what Ahern was writing


on the side of that horse. He said he was working out his percentage.


The jockeys in the changing room record he was trying to find the


go-faster button. Needless to say he didn't find it.


This is Bronze Prince. He has a light weigh, eight stone two.


A couple of runs this season. Because he's lightly raced he could


be anything at all. Just looks burley looking at him.


He has a bit of a belly on him. He might be better for the run today.


So, 15-2 for Dance And Dance and It's a good price. Just a great


race. A lot of money each way. Most of the firms paying first five


places. If you had a bet with the bookies on the high street. Make


sure you go in if your horse is are four or five still left.


Sooraah will be towards the left. There are only four more to go in


for the big mile cavalry charge of the afternoon. Here's Jim.


THE COMMENTATOR: 7-1, Dance And Dance. Looks like they have sorted


out a favourite. That man is on a high, after that


win in the Prince of Wales he could do anything. Don't count him out.


Invisible Man - Frankie Dettori. They won it last year. They came


from a long way back. He could do anything the way he's feeling at


the moment. In those blue colours. He was on the far side last year.


This year, he's on the near side. Of course they've changed the


numbering around. One last year was on this side.


It's on the far side now. There's Dance And Dance. He looked


impressive at Epsom. Ryan Moore, he will be disappointed


after beaten in that long odds-on favourite. Dance And Dance being


pushed forward now. Others stand up well at the mile. The charge up the


straight. And they are split into two groups,


possibly three. Dance And Dance goes in.


And the last one going forward is Breakheart. They are racing in the


Royal Hunt Cup. In the near side it is Bronze


Prince who is up there in the early stages. Going fast too is Mont Agel.


The lead up is at this stage we see Hacienda. There's Lord Aeryn,


crossing over to this near-side group.


There are others coming over as well. Coming over Brae Hill and


Kyllachy Star. Invincible Soul over there. Brick Red and Mont Agel.


That quartet are separate from the others as they race up to halfway.


We have two in the centre. On the near side as they race up to


halfway, Bronze Prince still showing out there from Hacienda and


Proponent. Julienas. They are followed by Capital Attraction.


Lord Aeryn, further back is Point North. The quartet on the far side.


They are battling away, as they race up towards the two furlong


marker. Anybody's race here. On the near side Julienas is forcing


through now. Eton Forever is there. Invincible


Soul just be -- Invisible Man is there. Julienas in France. Dance


And Dance coming at Julienas. Julienas punch odd ut. Julienas got


there from Dance And Dance. In fourth then was Invisible Man,


followed a long way behind by Eton Forever, Start Right and then


making up ground Chapter And Verse, Sooraah on the far side.


Ahern has won the Royal Hunt Cup, at 12-1. Let's see them cross the


line. Dance And Dance has got second. Let's see them as they


cross the line now. Julienas, though, the winner. Eddie


Ahern, Dance And Dance Ryan Moore. Close third. It's a bobber. Oh,


that is tight. Near side number two, Invisible Man, top of the screen


on the near side Pintura. Bronze Prince, who showed a lot of


pace. We have Gunner Lindley, Kay then Brae Hill. He was caught in


the centre. Next is Brick Red, next is Lord Aeryn. Then Super Say and


still, there's one more to say, a long way behind, I think it's


Invincible Soul who was right out the back.


The winner is Julienas. Julienas has won it.


He's in the colours of Peter Harris. Who recently dispursed most of his


blood stock, trained his biz son in law. He is Julienas -- by his son


in law. He is Julienas. He stepped in for Fallon and got a


winner. He has won the royal Hunt Cup. A first for trainer Walter


Swinburn. He was the jockey of the horse Shergar 30 years ago. I there


is a stewards' enquiry. Dance And Dance goes up the rail side of the


winner and has to switch out and we will bring you that steward inquiry


with sound as well. Eddie Ahern holding off the challenge. Julienas


coming home in front in the Hunt Cup. It is such a difficult race


for these horses, having at full stretch for such a long way. Eddie


Ahern, I don't think he rides too often for Walter. He has rode his


second winner here at Royal Ascot. He has given this horse a good ride.


ohen the slow motion. Look at that front foot extension. Beautiful.


The jockey going down and then punching his arm out. Pushing the


horse's head forward. Saying, get your head down lower. Grab the


ground. Trying to get the horse, here it is will be the interference


why we're having a stewards' enquiry. There you are, Dance And


Dance t blue colours, the winner in Ryan Moore thinks there a gap,


which there is. It starts to close. He has to switch and come rounds.


Interesting! The winning distance was a neck. He's definitely running


on. He's given a bang to Eton Forever, as he comes out.


Now, this is an interesting one for the stewards. Well, whether that


gap was there, it has to be whether the gap was there when they closed


or was he in it or behind it? That is the thing. Now... So they are


looking at interference in the final furlong. Where did the


incident take place in relation to the winning post in the final


furlong. That makes it crucial. How were the horses involved going at


the time of the incident? Well at the time of the incident Julienas


was travelling very well in front. But Dance And Dance was just


beginning to make his move. How serious was the interference? That


from the side angle, when we first saw it is when Ryan Moore had to


snatch back and come around. That is the question. The benefit of the


doubt goes to the horse who finished in front. We will see


whether Julienas keeps it. He was first-past-the-post.


I would love to make an official congratulations, but I will hold


off. I know Eddie Ahern has gone in for the stewards' enquiry. What did


he say to you? He was more than happy. He said the horsepowered


home and got home well. When he delivered his challenge, he pulled


out more. We were well on top at the end. It is very rare for them


to overturn a decision unless it is very close. I think the official


margin was half a length. Is that correct? Half a length. Everyone


could see our horse was well on top. He won the race on merit. I wasn't


aware of anything that took place through the race. We are thrilled


to bits. I was going to say about this horse, because he's still


fairly lightly raced. You always thought he had a big handicap in


him, or has he been slow to come to the boil? We would not train him at


two. He was this size at two. Being given the time and bring him along


and bring mental and physical development, he has filled that


frame. We have gone at his pace. This is the reward. Obviously now


you are training, having had so many great days here at this


racecourse. What's the feeling like from this


side of a potential winner here? Well, it's usually if you have


riden a winner you are into the weighing room and getting ready for


here, it's months of hard work and the staff at home and everyone has


put a lot of effort in. I just said to someone earlier that I probably


know mor about the thorough bred now than when I was riding. There


are more good days than bad days. Fingers crossed for you. We are


hearing it is a 20-1 on to keep the race. So people are backing you to


keep it. I never back a winner. I won't back. Not that. Thank you.


Now, let's have a look at this once again. Julienas n the yellow


sleeves and cap, spotted sleeves, that's Ryan Moore. Yesterday you


saw him in the stewards' room and he was on the defence. Today, he's


the prosecution. He's got to convince them that there was


interference. Mr Nunly will conduct the inquiry.


Please sit down. The film is on a loop. If you look at the bottom


right screen and top left. They give you the best view of what


we're looking into. That is the steward making the


point to the jockeys, who will give their evidence in a moment or two.


And the steward s will make the decision. We'll listen to what the


jockeys have to say. Spotted a gap on the rail. My horse was picking


well and switching to go through there. As I've done there. Eddie's


horse has shifted back left. I lost my momentum. Had to switch around


him. What can you tell us? Well, from the start to finish I'm going


along the rail. There prblly was a little bit of a gap there, which


Ryan went for. My horse moved over to the left. I feel he is a good


length clear. As you see, Ryan never pulled back. He went right


across. You know what I mean? He never lost momentum by doing this.


When he's come, my horse has gone again. As I said, Ryan went to go


there. I moved maybe one step to the left. He, instead of coming


back and around me, he just went a little bit across. So I felt that,


you know what I mean? I'm a good length in front of him crossing and


in that case give more to switch without having to take a pull-back.


He switched across the heels. I feel he hasn't lost momentum.


there anything you would like to say? I was going to go right. His


horse shifted off the rail. That is why I switched back left.


Lost momentum. Can I look at this top left one. I


was only concentrating on this one. Eddie Ahern asking if he can watch


the head-on again. He wants to see if what he was arguing was correct.


Did Ryan Moore lose momentum? So the jockeys are dismissed. The


stewards will deliberate. It is very, very likely that the winner


will keep this, Julienas juel. Eddie Ahern doing a good job of


defending himself. What do you think? Do you think the winner will


keep it? I think on what we've seen from the film evidence and also


from what we've heard from the jockeys, I think he will. There's


no doubt about it. They are betting 20-1 on. That is pretty close to


the odds. The correct odds here.


We see Ryan Moore on the inside. If we just let it go, and we'll see


Julienas in the yellow sleeves and cap. Ryan Moore, it's minimal. He


has been there, he's been disappointed rather than hopelessly


blocked or checked violently. I think Eddie Ahern was making that


point quite well. I think it will be very, very


doubtful if he loses the race. it been a photo-finish, a nose


perhaps, then we could expect more of a chance.... Here is the result


now. We will hear it now.


The places remain. Indeed the placings remain unaltered. He can


celebrate, having trained a winner for his father-in-law.


Julienas wins the Royal Hunt Cup. Walter Swinburn.


A very, very nervous wait. Eddie Ahern gets a pat on the back. He


did a good job in the saddle and did a good job defending himself.


He was very eloquent. suffered.


Unbelievable! Don't forget if you did beat Eton Forever, if you


played on the internet, most for the first four. Most of the high


street bookies first five. You will get paid. It is important when you


go into stewards' enquiries to have the arguments in your head?


Sometimes you are guilty and then you still have to try and make a


case for yourself. It is like any courtroom. You have to, you know,


for two days. You have the right to appeal. Thank you very much. He has


just been told he is guilty of careless riding. He'll get a two-


day ban. Probably won't matter too much. He allowed his horse to drift


slightly. He had to stick, what he has referred to is -- he had his


stick to the wrong hand. He pulled it through to the correct hand too


late. That is why the stewards are of the opinion that it's the


smallest thing in the riding offence. He just allowed his horse


to drift. And you're not supposed to do that. But, he's, he doesn't


have wing mirrors. He couldn't see that Ryan Moore was trying to get


through against the rail. He thought, most horses do prefer to


be on the rail. Of course they go faster. When they get tired, they


have something to lane on and it keeps them going better. That's the


reason high he was allowing his horse to drift, because the rail


there would help him get to the finish. Don't forget, all these


horses are getting tired in the last furlong. They just ran their


hearts out for a mile. A thrilling race to watch. We have one more


live race to come. As the rain is holding off, the temperature cooler


today. It gives us a chance to look at the fashion on the show. There


was a very well dressed Catherine Jenkins earlier on the show. A


terrific view from up here. We are watching trophies being presented.


In terms of fashion today, people have risen to the challenge,


haven't they? We have been spoilt. Of course I just think every lady


has made a huge effort. They have dressed to the nines. Today I have


been spoilt, that is for sure. has been a real treat to see some


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 71 seconds


Such a pretty gir that last one, wasn't she -- girl, that last one,


wasn't she? Did you see how the hat went air-borne. It was priceless.


We have seen a lot of block colours. Champagnes and neutrals. It is


interesting what has come off the cat walk and seeing how it


interprets over in Ascot. People have been very daring with colour.


They have been very experimental. At the end of the day it is how you


finish off a look and put it together. That is very important.


would like to introduce Catherine Jenkins to you. You look amazing,


as always. This is just a spectacular outfit.


Can you talk us through it. This is a dress by Asdera Lia.


It is a sharp hat, very ello gent. When you are an international


performance, not only does your voice have to excel, but so does


image. What is your point of inspiration. Where is your starting


point? It is just always to try and stay true to how you feel about


fashion. Try to be chic, feminine and elegant. Phillip does an


amazing job. He tries to make you look your best. He is always the


first person I go and see when I know I need a fabulous hat. You do


carry it off well. I saw you when you walked into Ascot. You were


like a ballerina. The thing is that Katherine can dance. You had a


fabulous production. Darcey taught me a lot. I have good memories.


have stepped off a flight from Washington. Pop star to Opera Star,


how is that going Last night I sang in the library of Congress. I flew


in this morning and got my dress and hat on, because I didn't want


to miss it. Thank you. Eddie Ahern has the all-


clear after that stewards' inquiry. Were you worried? No. I was not


really sure where it happened. Ryan did have a do a bit of a check and


come around me. When he came to me my horse went down a little bit


more. As a result n the inquiry, you know the best horse won, so I


kept the race. I got suspended for two days. Tell us how the race


unfolded from the start. We were told this was a horse who has been


taken time with. He has enjoyed the strong, very strong pace of today's


race. That was the key point. Even though they were going quick,


to me they were going a normal gallop. I was sitting in behind the


leaders. He was travelling very well. He's such a big horse. I can


see why Walter had to take his time on him. He covers the ground so


easy. He travelled well for me. A nice gap. When I asked him to pick


up, he did. Then I felt until Ryan came to me again and off he went


again. Do you think he pulled out more. Do you think he had more in


the tank? He felt good. When Ryan did come to me.


Second winner of the week. Going well? I've no more rides today now.


I wonder can I wear the leading band to Kempton with me. At least


you will not get mistaken for Kieran Fallon, like you did


yesterday. He had a big race today have been on it, Kieran Fallon.


Explain what happened to you yesterday on the gap lols?


Cantering down on the -- gallops. Cantering down. He put his head


back. Trying to avoid his head in my face, I'd done my neck. I had to


get physio. I was already when I was riding him. As I was on the way


home it started to freeze on me. And you still do get problems. You


had a horrible fall, how many years such a horrific fall. It is the


only injury I've had. If a horse whips around and does anything


quick. It will be tight. It has been a season for you, things have


started to get going and then stopped again. It has been


frusttraitding. You were on the news for Derby -- frustrating. You


were on the news for Derby day. How did you find out about it? It is a


long story. I don't want to go into it. I am friendly with the owners.


Everything is cool again. They did say if I could ride the horse again,


they would love to have me. If Johnny is available he will ride it


in the Irish Derby. This is the owners of Native Khan. You signed a


piece of paper. Was supposed to ride the horse. As it got hereer


the -- nearer the race I felt he would not come down the horse and


act and I felt the other horse would. That is one of those things.


Slightly unfortunate for you and when you are trying to get back on


track, get people offering you rides and start to ride the good


horses again. You are obviously again. I thought she was going to


be a winning ride. The horse in the first race went lame. If I had


drawn up higher on Start Right. He ran a good race considering


everything that happened. We were drawn high and it made a big


difference today. Are you still enjoying it? Are you


still motivated? Do you still want to be champion jockey again? When


you have the smaller meetings and you look at the prize money, �1600


and that and the tracks are putting on these races for you know know


�1900, we can't make a living doing that. You spend �2,000 a month on


petrol taking all your wages, it is it is not a lot left.


How long would you give yourself and to keep and get back to where


you want to be? I mean, isle' fit and I'm well and I'm enjoying the


game, but you don't have any motivations. I'm going to Kempton


for the boss, other than that I wouldn't be going there. You look


at the prize money and it is not worth going for.


You have four rides tonne and you have another one to come today?


These meetings, the Royal Ascot, the Guineas meeting, they are the


big money races and if you are not winning them, you know, the during


the week races are not worth running anymore.


Masses of people still support you. If people know Kieren Fallon is in


the saddle they will bet for you. have a mown on Saturday. -- mount


on Saturday. I love this horse. He has got a chance. I know we have


got Fame and Glory to beat. A lot of us are in the same boat. It


could be a surprise. Kieron, thank you.


Thanks, Clare. The next race is the Queen Mary


Stakes. It is the last race of the day at Royal Ascot. Willie, a


couple of exciting fillies. Shumoos was impressive in her first ever


run? Yes. It isted way she did it. How does she look today? She is a


compact little filly. She is not striking, but she is strong. She is


not very big. She is not big height or length?


But she is well put together and strong? She is. The way she did it


at Haydock. What I liked about her that day was her stroke, you know,


the way she moved, she really grabbed the ground and put all her


energy into propelling herself forward, but also there was another


one in the race... I know you want to talk talk about the American


trained runner, Gypsy Robin. You like the way she looked, Willie.


This Is a much more mature animal. She looks way in front of the other


horses in this race and in fact, you would nearly say she is getting


on to look - she is not a three- year-old, but she is so much more


forward in development than most of the other horses in the paddock.


Interestingly enough, the favourite Shumoos is three months older than


Gypsy Robin. I don't know if you think that's a significant amount


at this stage? I have seen horses going to Doncaster at the end of


March and being born in May and winning that first two-year-old


race. No, I don't think, I don't worry about the date of of birth.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 71 seconds


Shumoos was impressive on her her five furlongs and once again, it is


up the strait. They jump away and a field of 14 here. I think once


again they will group up and they will are are left to centre as we


look at them now. The final furlong and we will see which fillies have


got the grit and determination to get home at the end of the Queen


favourite here for the Queen Mary, Shumoos.


It is 11-1 for Dozy. �40,000, the Irish bookmakers they


have �40,000. But the punters have got to back a winner soon. They are


running out of money, John! This is their last chance of the way. On


this race, honestly and truly, they are latching on to the favourite. I


think he could be short, John, really do.


And we will see why Shumoos is favourite. There she is. She is


ridden by Martin Dwyer. Shane Kelly was on board in the race you are


about to see. Kevin, Martin's biggest problem


will be having a seat belt fitted when she goes, this filly takes off,


doesn't she? This is five furlongs. For a filly to pick it up inside


the last furlong the way she did, she put a lot of daylight between


her and the last horse. She looks impressive.


She won that by four-and-a-half lengths. The horse she beat was a


winner yesterday. That proved that was a good race. As Gary says, 5-4


chance is very short indeed. Now here is number 7, Fire Lily,


Ryan Moore riding this in familiar colours, but it is David Watchman.


That's right. This filly won a maiden at Navan and she ran


credible and she is back amongst the fillies today. I expect a big


run from her. She is a short coupled filly and one that will


show a lot of speed. Number 5, the the orange and blue


colours is called Dozy. You would expect perhaps that with a name


like that she may not be fast, but she is fast? Yes, she won both her


starts. She beat Vocational last time. A descent, a trappy little


race and it is a good trial for this racement you can see she is a


really sure coupled filly. Phil Makin in the saddle.


This is another filly from Richard Hannon's stable. Richard Hughes is


on board. Although it was a fair race at Newbury in terms of quality,


there was only three of them in the race.


It is hard to evaluate that form. You can see Richard Hughes, he has


got his feet out of irons and she is very small this filly. Richard's


feet are nearly touching the ground. She is a tiny filly, but she has


got a lot of speed. It will be interesting to see how she runs


against these better fillies. Here is Somasach. She had one run


so far which was at Tipperary. It was interesting that they decided


to bring a filly over here for a big race. But Jim must think she is


useful. A short coupled filly. You can see


the difference looking at these fillies. They are short coupled.


They are speedily bred. Short coupled means there is not


long between front and back? That's right. A bit longer in the back.


The speedy horses are short coupled this filly, Gypsy Robin goes.


Wesley Ward has Every Day Dave and the one he really fancies is Julie


the beauty another filly on Friday. Gypsy Robin looks stronger than


everything else. Much more that ture she is, yes.


-- mature, she is. Let's see what price you can get


mown on Shumoos. You see the way he pulled those goggles out there. He


kept them away from any rain going down and he wants to put them on


now and to ensure that no droplets get on there.


On The Dark Side to go forward. Kevin Ryan the trainer. He has got


some good two-year-olds this year, Kevin. Vocational going forward on


the far side. The last two going forward now. Charlotte Rosina, John


Fahy and Ruby's Day the last one to go in and then they will be set and


ready to go now. Five furlongs for the Queen Mary. Stand by, they are


ready. Racing. On the near side On The Dark Side, and thence Gypsy


Robin. Just behind them are Charlotte Rosina on the inside


there are Fire Lily and just preceding them Best Terms up in


third from Bubbly Ballerina. Further back in the centre of the


field, Kohala and followed by Ruby's Day. Vocational is next.


Somasach going forward in the white jacket. Further back is doze is


Dozy, but going fast here. Gypsy Robin gets her neck in front now on


the the on -- On The Dark Side. Sheer is Shumoos followed by


Vocational. A furlong left to go now and out in the centre it is


Shumoos and terms Best Terms terms. It is Shumoos. Shumoos gets her


nose in front. Flying home is Caledonia Lady. They hit the line.


It is terms maybe -- Best Terms followed by Caledonia Lady. Then


Kohala and further back is Fire Lily from Gypsy Robin and then


Ruby's Day. Last to finish is Bubbly Ballerina. But let's have a


look at it. We want to have a look. Let's have a look at the screen to


see if they have got up there, yes they have in the centre. Best Terms,


that's unofficial, but it looks on the evidence of that, that Best


Terms has won it by a nose to a short head from Shumoos the far


side. Near-side Caledonia Lady. It is coming through officially.


Fourth is Fire Lily then Kohala who ran a big race and then Ruby's Day


and first number one there, is official. First number one, Best


Terms. Second number 12, Shumoos. Third, number 3, Caledonia Lady who


came home with a withering run. Fourth, number 7, Fire Lily. Let's


have a look at them again. In the centre, it is Best Terms who just


puts her nose in front and gets it from Shumoos the far side. Near


side Caledonia Lady in third. In fourth is Fire Lily. In fifth,


Kohala just ahead of Ruby's Day and then the American, Gypsy Robin. She


is fast, she is for sure, Vocational is next. Followed by On


The Dark Side who matched the American for speed early and they


were clear then of Somasach and then Charlotte Rosina, Dozy on the


near side and Ebony Clarets and then Bubbly Ballerina who was the


last to finish. But these famous colours. They were carried by Time


Charter to win the Oaks and many, many other good fillies Arother


good -- and other good racehorses. Best Terms has won it and the time


Royal Ascot winner in 1989 it was in this race. This filly, Best


Terms, adds to that record. Another terrific Royal Ascot for


Richard Hannon. A filly who has battled hard today? She was a


descent filly and she wasn't born until 19th May, but she is quick.


Tell us about your thoughts in the closing stages.


I thought Caledonia Lady was was going to catch her.


She has got a great attitude? Unbelievable really. Well, she is


unbeaten. You have got to go and greet her.


good meeting. Have a look at how far Caledonia Lady comes from and


how far she finishes. She was 100 to 1 shot and finished really well.


Pat Murphy had a winner at Warwick and I believe he might have had


another two-year-old that ran well, but he is a trainer not really


known for two-year-olds. He is normally got, you know, national


hunt types and long distance horses, but this year, he seems to have a


real good bunch of two-year-olds. The filly flew.


Shumoos had every chance. Darl would have won in another two


or three strides. Did you think Shumoos had every


chance? Wasn't quite good enough. Richard was down low. There you go.


They were sure of the photo finish result, weren't they?


I think they were, yeah. You know in fact, Richard Hughes gets her


head in front and she just always holds off the challenges. She is


seeing them and saying, "Right, I will match you and I will just


better you.". And who was the youngest horse in the whole race?


She was a May foal. She is four months younger than some of them.


So the date of birth doesn't matter. We have a few favourites beaten,


Shumoos being one of thenl. -- them and Codemaster in the first.


A 5-1 double today for Richard Hughes. It takes him to the top of


the leaderboard for Royal Ascot, day two. He had Canford Cliffs on


the first day and he leads Eddie Ahern who has got two winners. That


jubilant scene here as this filly, who is pretty well bred, she is


acselled and is a brilliant sprinter from Australia. She is a


half-sister to a few winners. The dam was a half-sister to a well-


known horse. There she is, you have got a good look at her. Caledonia


Lady was in a blanket finish at Leicester trying to win her first


race there. She was in another blanket here and almost got up and


what a shock that would have been. She has run a fantastic race for


Pat Murphy. Anyway as pictures are taken, let's have a look now at the


full details on the Queen Mary horrible bookies! We said yesterday


about who is going to be top jockey. Ryan Moore was odds on. Now they


are going even money Richard Hughes. I said what price the others? He


said only two could win. A jockey could ride three winners tomorrow


and be top of the tree.. Richard Hughes has got a good chance


tomorrow. Button. As As soon as we come off


air, we will resume on the Red Button, but celebrating the success


here of Best Terms. There is no doubt Richard Hannon has a really


special touch with two-year-olds, but the man on board deserves


credit as well. Let's hear from Richard Hughes now.


The second win of the day. Richard fantastic performance from a filly


who has shown a terrific attitude today? Ah, she is a little


superstar. She didn't give me a good ride and I thought she was a


little fast two-year-old. We worked her and she worked really well. I


said to the owner, I couldn't believe the way she walked around


the ring today like an old chaser and I had to give her two slaps to


get her to cantor off. Usually you are trying to hold them back.


She went a tremendous gallop. American filly, they are great to


have in the race at the same time, but I jumped awkward and it took me


100 yards to get my balance. We were toying with the idea of the


with Albany. Richard, it is turning into another


terrific terrific Royal Ascot? is tiny. I felt like a big octopus


on her. She is small, but I'm too big on her.


winners on the board. Takes back that golden arm band. Eddie Ahern,


two of them, one yesterday and one today. Ryan Moore With one. Tom


Queally with the one winner and that was Frankel. It is going to be


a tussle between Richard Hughes and Ryan Moore. It will go down to the


last race on Saturday. Jts it is getting -- it is getting


the same way this year because the same jockeys seem to be getting


involved in the finishes. Richard Hughes with the Hannon combination.


Two-year-old races, they are always there.


We will be giving Frankie Dettori a big chance if he wasn't suspended


for the two days. He got that suspension because he


dropped his hands. He admitted it was his fault. He has been the hero


of the hour today on reRewilding. Let's get a final word of the day


from Suzie. E-everyone here rushing off for


afternoon tea after the fantastic day's racing. Some extraordinary


races. I love the fact that everyone is


walking down here. In the Edwardian days the elite used to walk the


promenade. Let's look at Louis' favourite hat of the day.


It is a very tight weave of a straw. It is finished off with that lovely


veiling, but it is the way she put the whole thing together. She was


my little Audrey Hepburn. carried it off very well. Very


confident. Tomorrow, of course, it is Ladies Day. So we are excited


about what we are going to see tomorrow. Lots More super fashion


and some fabulous hats. It is Gold Cup Day tomorrow.


Frankie Dettori spoiling the So You Think party. There will be


reverberations down to Australia. Frankie Dettori was flying often to


the Winner's Enclosure and the Godolphin team were celebrating.


One more race to come. It is on the Red Button and could Richard Hughes


ride a hat trick for the day? He is pulling on the Queen's colours. Hum


Drum is the horse. If you want to follow that and want to sta wuss, -


- stay with us, press the Red Button. There is Richard Hughes.


Your highlight of the day, Willie? It has to be the Prince of Wales


Stakes. What a great funnish -- finish. We had a big battle today


and of course, the favourite, the horse that was predicted to be the


best at Royal Ascot, but he got pipped by Frankie.


Tomorrow, we will be on air at 1.45pm on BBC One and then


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