Day 2, Part 1 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 2, Part 1

Clare Balding and Willie Carson present coverage from day two of Royal Ascot, as they preview the day's feature race, The Prince of Wales' Stakes. With Rishi Persad and Suzi Perry.

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The storm clouds are gathering over London. The atmosphere is changing,


but we move from one iconic landmark to another. Welcome here


to the vast expanse of Ascot Racecourse, where thousands of


people are pouring through the gates and we expect over the five


days, that 250,000 people will come here to enjoy the unique mixture of


sport and social interaction. The rain is just starting to drizzle


down, but yesterday, on the opening day, we had a roll of thunder and


flash of lightning, providing by Canford Cliffs in beating Goldikova


and by the extraordinary Frankel. MUSIC COMMENTATOR: Canford Cliffs


goes on to win from Goldikova. Star Witness down the outside. Prohibit


has got up to win. It's Frankel now. He's starting to paddle. He's going


up and down. He's held on. Frankel has won it! Your first winner as


Sir Henry Cecil, any difference? Not at all different. Are you


getting used to being called Sir Henry now? No. Willie Carson


alongside me. Welcome everybody. Again, this wind is picking up as


well. The rain has just started. It's hitting our backs here. It is.


Use your microphone. Looking back yesterday and you saw Sir Henry


Cecil's reaction and it was relief more than anything. It was. The


horse hit the trigger a little too early yesterday. Tom Queally, he


just sent the horse home just after he passed the four furlong marker


and just lasted home. Henry was of the opinion he was getting bored in


front, but a lot of people thought he was getting tired. Any way, I'm


sure - he'll never be ridden like that again. I'm sure they'll hang


on to him a lot longer and keep the finger away from the trigger.


within the last two furlongs. It was exciting. He maintains his


record. Lovely horse. Another winner for Henry Cecil and another


Royal Ascot winner. He remains our most successful trainer here of the


modern era. Various of those are hoping that their fortunes will


change or enjoy a good day out. They are coming through the doors


in huge hats and small ones. Bright colours and pastels. Lawrie there,


closely involved with the special Olympics. Another Southampton


connection there, Mick Channon, now a very successful trainer. And


Richard Hammond of Top Gear fame and various other programmes as


well. Jamie Spencer, still looking for his first winner of the week.


Johnny Murtagh won the last, last night and Tom was on board Frankel,


within yesterday. William Buick was rueing what might have been. Didn't


quite make it in time. Kieren Fallon, who had heavy physio


yesterday. Now fit to ride. Ryan Moore there. He will take the ride


on so you think. -- So U Think. son had a very good ride in Ireland.


Got the business done and they have a runner in the first, that Ryan


Moore rides. That's not the main one. The main one is in the third


race. We are so excited, because this horse has been given a big


leggup by his trainer, saying -- leg-up by the trainer, saying he's


possibly the best horse he has trained. This guy has got to be


something special. We are all looking forward to seeing him in


the paddock. I've never seen him. Lots of people haven't seen him in


the flesh, because he's had a huge career in Australia and then


Ireland and so we are look ing forward to seeing So You Think.


There are a lot of dark clouds and the clerk has said that he expects


light showers and it's just spitting, so there may be more


moisture coming. However, the going has quickened up over the last 24


hours. All around the course the official description is good.


Yesterday it was good, good to soft in places. The round course is the


same. The straight course, the Royal Hunt Cup takes place over a


mile here and the race was run here yesterday and there seemed to be a


bias to the stands and that will be maintained throughout the afternoon,


I think. There are quite a few runners on the far side and that


may prove a negative. You want to be on the standside rail and that


will give you an advantage in that race. As Willie and Claire were


talking about, the feature race, apart from the Cup is the Prince of


Wales' Stakes and the favourite is So You Think. The ground will be


fine for him. He'll take a lot of stopping. It's a day we can't wait


for. He's been described as something out of the ordinary. He's


so excited about the hot favourite, that is Aidan O'Brien. The French


have won this in the past three of the fours and they put up Planteur,


who has an exciting turn of foot. We'll have an interview and a view


into the mind of the ten-times champion trainer, Sir Henry Cecil,


who leads the way here at Royal Ascot. We'll get a chance to enjoy


Frankie Dettori on his favourite racecourse, the scene of his


magnificent seven. He has a strong book of rides today. Kieren Fallon,


who missed yesterday with a cicked neck, is trying to add to --


cricked neck, is trying to add to his wins here. We will enjoy the


talent of Mickael Barzalona, just 19 years old. As always, fashion is


very much to the fore. We have the wonderful and we have the slightly


weird. The strangest of weather conditions. Pouring with rain one


moment and then the sun comes out. It's absolutely glorious. Agentle


introduction to fashion yesterday and today. We are really going to


step up the gears and we are talking about hats with Louis.


so exciting. Here we are celebrating 300 years of Ascot and


I have to say, I'm in heaven and of course you are looking stunning in


your Jane Taylor hat. All the fathers and you look stunning as


always. Thank you very much. We are seeing a lot of feathers today.


Here are some beauties. This is very much My Fair Lady. Black and


white. Wonderful. Now we have butterflies. I love that whole look.


Look at her eyes. Stunning with the hat. Absolutely, the classic


English look. This is high street, this hat and she carries that off


and added the feathers on that. This is vintage antique bird of


paradise and that really is a great plume. Of course, the girls in red.


For me, it's African sunset. I love this hat. It's double brimmed and


she keeps it clean and fresh and exciting. I adore that look. And


it's very much under the sea there. More detail about the hats during


the day with you, but yesterday it was the Royal procession that lead


the way, I think, in the fashion Stakes. They looked beautiful, but


particularly, I think, The Duchess of Cornwall, wearing what she wore


to the wedding but she looks amazing in that hat. And the coat


too. What I loved about that hat, she can be very elegant and


understated and the Queen looks wonderful in the green and the brim


and the grown there. It was a scene stealer. It really was. This lady


is always stealing the show here as Royal Ascot. You will know if you


watch us, Isabel is absolutely gorgeous. Is that one of your


designs? The hat, of course, is from DD Valentine and it was


inspired by the Victorian riding hat, because of the 300 years


celebration and we thought it would be nice to wear something like that.


The skirt is one of mine, but the jacket is an old Mugler. I couldn't


resist this morning, because I've never won heels and I want to --


worn tails and I want to wear them today. You look fantastic. You


carry it off very well. It was highly competitive yesterday. I


thought it was tricky to pick winners, but in the end, punters or


bookies in front? Punters. The bookies are suffering after day one.


May they suffer up to day five. They've not heard me, have they?


Canford Cliffs and the one in the last. Last was massive. Before we


went off air, we said they took 3-1, but to return there were plenty of


cheers. What about today? It looks harder, but we'll look at the


horses that have been backed today. In the first race we have


Codemaster. It's now less 2-1. Various fortunes. Also in the 3.05


Sajjhaa. Then So You Think, now 2-5. Williams hills put a 90,000 to win


and boylesports 45,000 to win 20. Fortunes for that one. Which one of


those would you back? I've got to put the first one. Codemaster?


Fortune to it all morning. The gamble is continuing. We'll keep


you up-to-date throughout the afternoon. I'm not surprised to


hear Gary say it looks harder. It always does. It starts off with the


three group ones on the first day, fantastic racing and favourites


should go in, but it gets more competitive today and we have a


really good mix of racing, handicaps and group ones here this


afternoon. Let's look at the menu Race two is the Windsor Forest


Stakes. It's a collection of very smart fillies and mares and Johnny


Murtagh is the most significant riding engagement for Jacqueline


Quest. Then they'll be talking about this one for weeks, I reckon.


We see So You Think stepping out. Then 28 runners face the starter


for the charge up the straight. One of the most competitive races of


the week and then that's on BBC Two, don't forget. We start the first


two races on BBC One. Here is the Queen Mary Stakes. The fillies here


and then the 5.35, on the red button and it's the Sandringham


Handicap. It's over a mile and the Queen has a runner. Here's the non-


us talk through the Royal procession. Did you enjoy


yesterday? It was lovely. So nice to be back, I must say and to see


it all in the sun. Not quite so lucky today. The Royal procession


has started already, but I fear, or they may have got wet on the way,


but now the sun. We may get a rainbow. We might. I'm sure the


Queen will stay until the end, because she has a runner. She has a


good chance. Maybe I'll put money on it. The Queen's had 20 winners


over the years, so maybe 21 on the way? Fantastic. I don't know what


colour the money is on for what she is wearing today. It looks to me,


as if she is wearing ah, pink! That puts me in my place. Absolutely. I


said blue. With her, the Duke, on the second day, looking very happy.


Pink and white, so in the first carriage we have the Queen and the


Duke of Edinburgh and the Duke of Abercorn and the Duke of Dalbussy.


His wife was here yesterday. He was an Ulster Unionist MP as a young


man. I love the way the Prince is looking over to see how far the


wheels are in the ground. He's presenting a trophy. In the second


carriage we have princess Alexandra in the purple and we have The


Duchess of Gloucester and the Duke of Gloucester and Mr Christopher


Rhys Jones. The wind is getting up. Very much a family carriage. The


Duke of Gloucester and princess Alexandra, both cousins of the


Queen. Both grandchildren of George 56. -- George V. It's lovely to see


Sophie's father included there. It would be nice to see the Middletons


here in the future. Lord Vesty there. Saluting the crowd and on


Sid him is his wife. We also have lady Braborne and Mr Sam Bullard,


who gives so much advice to Sheikh Mohammed and runs the Darley side


of breeding. He's director of stallions. What does one do with


that Basically makes sure they are all well promoted and mares come to


visit and also advises on the horses to buy in terms of making


potentially good stal Johns. Ah. -- stallions. Ah. It's not hands on?


He doesn't direct operations, as it were! What a wonderful sight. Even


though the sun isn't out, it's wonderful. In the fourth we have


Sir Anthony Bamford and his wife. Dramatic hat and also MrAnt any


Lauriston- Clarke his wife. Anthony is the chairman of JCB and


his wife is a horse owner. She won the Oaks? Yes. Fantastic. She also


has a huge organic farm and a lovely spar in Gloucestershire, so


she is very green. The Windsor greys getting frisky in front. They


need to try to stay in trot and it's a measured pace. They'll be


looking for their summer holidays. In August and September they are


put out to grass at Hampton Court, I think. Very nice spot to be. Now,


what do we have in terms of the details of the outfit? The Queen is


wearing a pink and white spotted dress by Stewart Parvin. She wears


a lot from him and a white coat and her hat, if she can hold it on, is


Philip Summerville. It looks like a Mr Whippy. I'm sure it's not the


technical term. It does, delicious! It's lovely to think that these two


have been married now for nearly 64 years and what a strong partnership


it is. She fell for him - he's having a nice laugh there - when


she was 13. He was showing her around Dartmouth naval college and


she thought he is a bit of a stunner. He was. And he was. A


prince in his own right. I love the fact that the sparkle is still


there between them after more than 60 years of marriage and more than


70 years of knowing one another. You see it from time to time.


sense of humour helps. I think so. What the Duke said at the 50th


wedding anniversary was that the Queen has tolerance and that's a


very necessary ingredient for a long marriage. She depends on him a


great deal. She at the same dinner, said that Prince Phillip has quite


simply been her stay and the country owes him a debt of


gratitude that probably neither he nor we fully recognise. I thought


it was a wonderful tribute. He's the longer serving concert? Indeed.


In a few years' time she may well be the longest serving monarch, but


I think Very Wisely from the start, she has let him wear the trousers


at home. He is the boss at home, as I think you know. Not in that much


detail, but I did have a funny experience having lunch at Windsor


Castle and Prince Phillip has a bell in front of him and it's up to


him to ring the bell to tell the servants to come through to clear


each course and he was deeply involved in a conversation so the


call came down, Philip, bell! she not have one of her own? No, he


said certainly not. I think that is a secret of how they've kept going


in partnership. For a man as proud of Prince Phillip, a Royal Prince


himself, quite hard to play second fiddle the whole time, which is


something he's had to do. He said from the start he regards it as his


prime duty. Of course, that's why he gave up his naval career and


it's wonderful she has made him Lord High Admiral for his 90th


birthday, and it's a nice touch. You can see the vast expanse of the


new grandstand. It's such an impressive building and it runs for


nearly quarter of a mile. It's nearly two furlongs long. That's


why my feet hurt so much yesterday! We'll pause for the National Anthem.


(the National Anthem) We talked earlier about the Queen's


involvement in racing today, specifically with Humdrum running


in the last, but the important thing to notice is she owns the


racecourse and it has always been Royal land. 300 years ago, queen


Anne who sounded quite a feisty character, we were told was


rampaging through the forest in a one-horse chariot, because she was


too fat to ride any more and she thought this is a great place for a


racecourse and here we are 300 years later. She said the perfect


place for horses to gallop at full stretch. And in the first races it


was hunters. Very big stirredy things and ran for 12 miles. They


ran in three heats of four miles and the last one standing was the


one that would win. It has changed entirely, but we still have


traditions. Years ago it used to be a boxing match after the races and


quite vicious boxing matches. I'm told one Tom Sellway in 1777 lost


an eye, but we have a sing-song now. I think it's rather safer. In those


days, women weren't really allowed to own race horses. You probably


know who used the pseudonym Mr Jersey for her horses? Was that


Lillie Langtry? It was. I knew you would know that. The Jersey Stakes


is today. It's the first race today. I wonder if it goes back to that?


They'll be heading soon up into the Royal box. Queen Victoria got so


excited about the racing once he tried to lean out of the window not


realising it was closed and shattered it. She survived to tell


the tale. The Queen still rides. Some people think she doesn't, but


I saw a picture of her recently with her youngest grandchildren on


horseback. With theerly of Wessex's children? That's right. The Queen


had to stop riding for a while under medical advice and there was


a lot of talk she had given up, but she has absolutely has not. Here


they come into the parade ring. APPLAUSE


It's interesting, on a sporting level, the American trainers and


Australians that are here, were making comparisons the Americans


with the Breeders' Cup and the Australians with their festival in


Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup, but nowhere else in the world has


this. It is quite something to see, as they come around now. The crowds


are applauding. This is what they've waited to see. They've


stood here in the rain and now the sun's come out. The weather


forecast for tomorrow and Friday is pretty dreadful. Fortunately, I


sharn't be here! Thank you. The Queen's very much the one who makes


the decision. It was interesting the day of Trooping the Colour, it


started to rain before the carriage procession, but clearly the Queen


had said we are going with the roof down and we'll be fine and again


today. It's the most lovely atmosphere and it's excitement


combined with deep respect and enthusiasm for the Queen and for


the Royal Family. It's a wonderful sight. Of course, their busy year


isn't over. They have another Royal Wedding with Zara Philips. Marrying


Mike Tindall. I hoped they might be here. I gather he's been having a


rather exciting stag weekend in Miami Beach. As they dismount from


the lead carriage, we'll enjoy again the wonderful shots of this


Royal procession coming down the straight mile. Prince Phillip


pointing out different things that he notices along the way and again,


the Queen warmly responding to the crowds here. Both of them have a


very keen eye for detail. They love the small parts and that keeps you


enthusiastic noticing small things. I don't know when they'll show


their age, but they're not doing it at the moment. Thank you very much


Jennie Bond. The Royal party will make their way up to the Royal box


and as they do so, we will see where the money is going here on


the second day of Royal Ascot. in the betting ring. The opening


race, the Jersey Stakes. You can see the favourite, 2-1, Codemaster.


4-1 for Havane Smoker. Oracle is ridden by Ryan Moore. He was a


strong fancy for the top jockeys' championship this week and here's


one of the best and we were hoping Ryan Moore wouldn't ride a wen, but


it never worked out He has -- a winner, but it never worked out. He


has gone and spoilt it. He's 3-1 on. You frightened the life out of me


then. You know where he's been all morning? Looking at the animals.


He's been at the save Farrah park. He got the tie from there. It's a


cracker. All week we are getting tips for people. I have to say we


did all right. You did good. Mine travelled beautifully in rear and


stayed there all the way through. What are we going for today?


followed the money. This first race here code mass ter, -- Codemaster,


has been 3-1 and now it was eleven and now 5-2 and 2-1 or less in the


ring and I think at that price it's mine. Willie, go on. I'm going for


Sajjhaa. Frankie Dettori you can never leave him out at Ascot. I


would think one has a big chance and he can get me out of problem.


He never got me out of trouble. Walter Buick, he fell asleep.


William?! I'm going for Start Right. He should tack over to the near


side. I have to fancy this horse is better. Kieren Fallon's neck injury


will be OK. He'll be looking around for dangers. When you are the top


jockey here, they give you an armband. They always do and when


the first race yesterday was run, Richard Hughes won the race and he


has been wearing the armband ever since. It's a golden one that they


put on the sleeve. Ryan Moore is in front. What we are going to do is


give an armband to whoever is in front in the tipping competition


and this is going to break my heart, but look, you have got to put this


on your hand and keep it there, because you are the leading tipster.


I can't believe it. First winner in 25 years. Royal! Absolutely. You


have to wear that. It's not big enough. Have you got one in XXXL?


It's only borrowed. Come on Frankie! We are not too far away


from the first race. Christophe Soumillon is with me. To begin with,


Havane Smoker in the first race, last time you didn't ride him, but


he was second in the French 2000 Guineas. He drops in trip. Will


that help? Listen, the first start was on seven furlongs. Last year


when I won on him he did well. I think he's better on seven for sure.


The last time in the French Guineas he was hitting the front and the


last 200 metres you can seement p actions going shorter so it was


probably -- can see his actions going shorter, so it was probably a


distance problem. Now on the straight course, he run for the


first time and finished second, so we'll see. Ascot is quite difficult,


so even seven furlongs here can be Planeu? All the horses are running


after that. So even this horse won. It was a


good line. He won easy this time. He is a horse with a very good turn


of foot. If the ground is good, he will give a good reply.


I wanted to ask you. Everybody is talking about So You Think. Are you


scared of him? I am not scared. I want to know how he is running and


I would like to see this horse because I think he is a great horse.


Many people speak about him over the world when I was in Japan or


Hong Kong, from Australia, everybody looked at this horse like


a great champion. It is great if Planteau can try to beat him.


friends. You last saw them saluting the Queen as she went by in that


Royal Procession. Yes, we paid respect to Her Majesty.


Now how many times have you been to to Royal Ascot? This is my fifth


time. Have you seen the fashions


changing? I haven't been watching the fashions! Yes, they have.


Do you like a bet? I do. Have you got any tips for us? Well, no.


Oh thank you, for that. It is the Jersey Stakes and I'm from Jersey.


That's why. And that's a good race to have a


flutter on. And how about you? Are you all right there with your arm


around me? I'm loving there, darling. Don't worry about that.


What do you get up to during the day at Ascot? If I told you, I


would get locked up. How many times have you been here?


Eleven times. What is it it that is so special?


The Queen appears here and we should come and pay our respects.


She did look glorious today. She is looking younger and all the


women in the beautiful costumes look younger, or is it that I'm


getting older? It could be something like that!


Do you mind if I squeeze out of your grasp? I am here with two


wonderful ladies who know something about style about style and


elegance. I love the style. Who is your hat by? Harold and Hatters.


You execute that very well. Over here, we have that beautiful look


with the hair really beautiful, clean up and really show casing the


hat. Who is your design inspiration? I would like to think


Alexander McQueen. Don't you think that look is really


well put together. Really well put together and


for Codemaster. This is the team responsible for the favourite, the


trainer, Dane O'Neill will be the man on board.


Yesterday in our last race, these colours enjoyed their first Royal


Ascot success courtesy of this horse. It is because he was so


impressive that the money has come in the Queen Mary today. A lovely


horse. A wonderful moment for sheikh Fad.


How did you enjoy that yesterday? It was an amazing day. The first


winner at Royal Ascot. That all goes to the team. Hopefully we have


some something -- something nice running today.


A lot of people think you are going to win this today? I am hopeful. If


he finishes in the top three, I will be happy.


You are new to the sport of flat racing and you have committed


yourself and your family to it. How is everyone enjoying the


experience? The family love the horses and it is in our history.


Ascot has been a good year. We are happy about that and hopefully many


to come. You have changed the ownership to


involve your brothers more? Yes, the family are here today. My two


other brothers are here. So it is nice to have them running in the


family colours. For us, it has got to be the family colours.


Why British racing? Why not America, Australia or France? Because this


is the best racing in the world. There is no doubt about that. I


love the surface. We have some in America, but most of them are here


and in Ireland. We are thrilled that you have got a


Royal Ascot winner on the board and hopefully more to come.


is Havane Smoker. Flashpoint heading down early. Willie, you are


seeing horses you really like. It won the Coventry Stakes last year


as a two-year-old. He lost his form a bit. If he comes


back to, he had a wind problem and he has had an operation on his wind


so maybe if that is a success, this guy will take a lot of beating


because go back to his Coventry form, he was talked as Canford


Cliffs. He was a super horse last year when


he won the coffin Coventry Stakes. A lot of people thought he would be


a similar horse to Canford Cliffs. He breathing problems. If it is a


success, he will run a big race today.


And we saw Havane Smoker on the way down to the start. I know you like


the French horse? It is a good looking colt. It is full of muscle.


This is a seven furlong race. It is like a sprint race. So it is a


specialist, it is for specialist type horses with a lot of speed and


stamina and you can sometimes get horses who don't stay the mile or


who are not quick enough. Seven, this race, the Jersey Stakes is for


them. I would think that the French horse as we were looking at, he


looks like a sprinter because he was all muscle, big shoulder and a


big back side. Richard Hannon won the opening race


yesterday with Canford Cliffs which was queue for celebrations I think.


Yeah, we had a great time especially to beat beat Goldikova


and everyone is delighted. Even the yards in the lad, most of those are


Indians and they don't drink. You can enjoy without alcohol, you


know! I am hoping he comes back to the


form. He had a breathing operation, hasn't he? He has, yes.


It was frightening him. When we looked at his larnx. It was tiny.


He wasn't getting much air. He was frightening himself and he appears


to be back to his best now. We took him to Kempton last week. We don't


know what we are going to do from that draw. I think we might stay on


the far side. He is a talented horse. You don't win a Coventry and


not be very good. So realistic rather than optimistic


and Codemaster looks a hard one to crack? Yes, he will be a hard one


to beat. But our horse if he runs well, he will be one to look for in


the coming months. Seven furlongs an unusual distance. You are


looking for a bit of classic form as well. That's why I think this


French horse is going to go well. Let's have a look now at runners


and riders for the Jersey Stakes. jump from the stalls. It is


straight up the strait here at Ascot.


It will be different for the Frenchman, that's for sure. Up


towards the Winning Post and it is a stiff uphill climb. Seven


furlongs, the trip for the Jersey yesterday. Codemaster has been back


nood 7-4 favourite. Everybody wants to be on it. It won't start 2-1. 7-


4 is solid. 7-4 then.


We have great racing coming up. Codemaster is favourite for this


race. There is a few horses in it that are bigger prices than they


should be. Let's talk about Codemaster? His win at Newmarket


was impressive. He took a long time to get going that day. He looked


green. The further he went the better he was. He looked impressive.


There he is with Dane O'Neill. We spoke about Havane Smoker


earlier. A 9-2 chance. He travelled really good. You would say he


struggled to get the mile. The drom back to -- drop back to seven


furlongs could be his stride and a good price at 7-2.


He is 7-2. Here is Johnny Murtagh's ride which is Western Aristocrat.


This horse had a couple of runs. He won both of them. He is the won who


is a 9-2 chance. We have seen a horse that's been placed in the


classic, this one only had the two runs. He is on the upgrade all the


time? The combination of Johnny Murtagh. He was successful


Proclamation and they know what it takes to win this race.


Really impressive looker. Beautiful mover and he has got to improve on


his two wins, but he look as if he has got a little bit of class about


him. Another one who has been in classic


races is Oracle. Here he is, he was third last time behind Roderick


O'Connor in the Irish 2,000 Guineas at the Curragh. This is an easier


race. It is not such high quality. The stables had winners and so has


the jockey, Ryan Moore. The stables are in excellent form.


They have struck up a good relationship, Ryan Moore and Aidan


O'Brien. With him as well, the drop back to seven furlongs will not


inconvenience him. It will help him. Splash Point, Frankie Dettori


riding for ga dolphin. He won in February. He has had one run


subsequently and he was tenth of fourteen so he is coming back from


a little bit of a break. I suppose he is perhaps taking a drop in


class. You wonder about his fitness, I suppose today. Yes.


He looks very well. He looks a picture and really relaxed and


looks well up for the race. Like you say, on his form today, he


probably has got a bit to find with one or two of these horses this


this race. It is a warm Jersey this year and there are one or two


horses in there with excellent chances.


cash. This is Majestic Myles. He takes a


step up in trip. A 20-1 chance and if you are backing him, you are


taking the chance which is why you are getting 20-1 that he will be


able to make improvement for the step up in trip. Here is Utley who


is number 9 on the cards. William Buick rides this. He had plenty of


chance to say win good races. This is his fifth and he hasn't managed


to get his head in front. He is well travelled. He has been here,


there and everywhere. He was behind Wootton Bassett, but they have got


the blinkers on him today. He ran a descent fourth at Epsom, but he has


got quite a bit to find. Codemaster a solid 7-4 favourite.


Let's go up to the top of the Jersey. Only three to go forward


now and we see Splash Point coming forward now in company with


Codemaster and that will only leave Havane Smoker. The jockey has been


reunited with this colt. It has been a long absence. The last time


he rode him was last September. He moves in. Set to go. Ready for the


Jersey. Racing. A good even, dispatch too. Quickly


away. Up there too is Majestic Myles and just slotting in behind


them is Oracle in the purple jacket. Codemaster on the near side is two


lengths away is Splash Point. Out the back is Western Aristocrat and


being ridden patiently at the rear is Havane Smoker. Unsettling Utley


charged away from them. Utley in front. From Strong Suit. A length


further back, Oracle travelling on the outside of Codemaster who is


centre field. Splash Point is further back and then Western


Aristocrat and Havane Smoker. He is really stretching them Utley as


they race on to the course proper now. Two-and-a-half furlongs to go.


He is out in front by four to five lengths, Utley and he is going for


home. Strong Suit is doing the donkey work followed by Splash


Point then coming is Oracle and also Codemaster. Racing up with


over a furlong to go and Strong Suit has raced through to take it


from Oracle. Battling away is Codemaster and Splash Point on the


far side. But it is Strong Suit. He has rejupnated. He is back in the


Winner's Enclosure at Ascot. Codemaster is second. Third,


Western Aristocrat. And further back then is Majestic Myles. Splash


Point behind them. Oracle one of the last with Utley and also Havane


Smoker. Strong Suit at 11-1. The the Coventry Stakes winner last


year. His form went off. You heard Richard Hannon Junior telling us


about the breathing operation. Strong Suit has won the Jersey for


hitch ard Hughes. In second is Codemaster. In third is Western


Aristocrat. Fourth, Oracle. In fifth, Splash Point. In sixth is


Sikeeb. Disappointing Havane Smoker and Utley who took them along at a


very fast pace has finished last. So the winner is Strong Suit owned


by Mrs Julie Wood and train by Mr Richard Hannon and ridden by


Richard Hughes. Yesterday, the opening race going to this


combination, the Hannon Hughes combination and today they start


proceedings in the same manner with a winner. There they are, son and


father. Father and son. Richard Hannon senior. There he is.


And he will be elated by this victory. Second is Codemaster.


Third is Number Ten, Western Aristocrat and fourth is Oracle.


Let's have a check on the result of the first race. Strong Suit 11-1.


Codemaster 15-8 favourite and Western Aristocrat 9-2, you can't


will do when he gets back in the jockey room will grab that golden


arm band to say I am the leading jockey. He know that is Utley is


going too fast, but if he keeps tabs on that leader. Codemaster has


run very well and done little wrong. A horse that hasn't shown his best


form is Havane Smoker who pulled too hard early on and ruin his


chances. Look at Strong Suit stretch and this is where the


breathing operation was going to work or not. Would the horse be


scared when he went for it? Well, he is not, because he can breathe.


When he won the Coventry, he was spoken in the same view as Canford


Cliffs and we have seen what he did yesterday. Now this horse obviously


his wind operation is a success, but what we saw there was a master


at work. Richard Hughes, who normally gets his horses out the


back and settles them, but today he saw the opportunity there of a nice


leap from William Buick and he sat second, sat nice and quiet on his


horse, let the other horse come back to him without asking his


horse and when he got to the furlong-and-a-half, no other horse


had shown its head at his elbow so he said, "let's go." There you saw


the result. His horse picked up for him and won nicely indeed. A master


at work. You saw a shot of Richard Hannon


who last year for the first time in his career was leading trainer at


at Royal Ascot. He is Richard Hughes' father-in-law. A great team


they make. They have a wonderful time with their owners. They make


sure they enjoy life. It is easier to enjoy it when you are winning


and they are coming into the Winner's Enclosure at Royal Ascot.


Richard Hughes delighted. Julie Wood congratulating him as he comes


back into the Winner's Enclosure. The winning distance a half neck.


It is 1.5 seconds outside Rainfall's record. Strong Suit a


big performance because he was giving a big weight. He carried 9.6.


This colt. What will interest breeders and I'm sure Willie will


have a comment because he has his own stud, I am right, I think


Willie in thinking that Strong Suit is a horse who is completely


without any Northern Dancer blood in him which will make him an


attractive outcross. Before we ask Willie, here is the trainer.


A very successful and satisfying start to day two particularly


because this horse hadn't been showing his best. You gave him the


breathing operation. When did he start showing he might have that


problem? You never had a horse going past you. But Hughes said he


was gulping pulling up and we put the overhead camera on him and you


could see he was closing up, couldn't we? We took him to Kempton


the other day with Canford Cliffs and he worked brilliant.


Richard, can you explain to us what difference it makes having a horse


who can breathe? Well, I knew how good he was in the Coventry. He did


it in Ireland last year. He was like someone shot him and then we


were scratching our head and he never seemed the same. He got the


wobbles with me in the Greenham and we got the camera on him and that


revealed the problem. They have done a great job who operated.


Utley has gone a cracking gallop and you travelled beautifully?


That's him flying again. He couldn't do that when his breathing


was annoying him. Snoot further he went -- The the


further he went the more his throat was closing. It frighten the horse.


-- it frightened his horse. Richard, you have to go off. After


he won the Coventry Stakes, would you have exciting targets for him,


possibly take on Canford Cliffs? has got a 5lb penalty. He has done


a good job of that. Where you consider six and a mile?


A mile wouldn't worry him. Wins the Jersey Stakes. Second was


Codemaster and third, Western Aristocrat. The bookmakers dodged a


bullet there. Yes, I thought Codemaster was a


winner. But Richard Hughes was 10-1 before the week started to be top


top jockey. The horse he is riding in the last race is a favourite.


I will highlight the one, two, three, four. The one you need to


watch is Havane Smoker who takes too strong a hold. He won't settle.


The French horse, they normally race at a slower gallop and speed


up. This has been a strong gallop and he will not gallop.


He sets a strong pace early on. If Havane Smoker was going to settle,


it was today. As As soon as the gates opened, he wanted to get the


horse switched off. He did get him switched off, but he gave a lot of


ground away. He got him right at the back of the


field in an attempt to get his racing evenly. He hasn't picked up


by the end of the race. Let's look at Western Aristocrat. This is a


horse who only had two runs before today. Johnny Murtagh takes time at


this class of race to find his stride, but he is staying on really


well. At this level you expect them to go fast early on and that they


did. Western Aristocrat just struggled with the early pace, but


once one or two horses started to come back to him and he popped


himself into gear, he was the one coming home the best of all.


He is a bigger horse thant others. -- than the others. He is going to


get better, isn't he? Yes. I think we will see him over a mile next


time. We could well see him in the


Winner's Enclosure. The winning time 0.16 seconds faster than the


average time here. They have gone Stakes is being made by Bryan Ferry


and very much the 80s icon of glamour and the new romantics and


all of that. Well, going back to the 70s. Julie Wood, the winning


owner. A thrill for her and Richard Hannon. I was saying how he managed


to become leading trainer here at Royal Ascot for the first time in


his career. He wanted Richard Hughes to be leading jockey, but


Hughesy got col lard by Ryan Moore. So Hughesy is desperate to do it


this time. He is a beautiful jockey, tall and elegant and a wonderful


horseman. I loved the way he rode Strong Suit. He put both hands on


the reigns and kept him straight and filled him with confidence.


All the young kids up and down the country should be looking at that


ride. And that's what you want to be copying.


The breathing point. McVellon. Northern Dancer was a Canadian bred


horse. A lot of the top horses that you see aroundted world -- around


the world... He is the granddaddy of nearly everything.


I am certain that one horse had something to do with this mare. I


should have remembered. You can't remember everything. The


jockey reporting that Havane Smoker was feeling the effects of his last.


Form doesn't always read true. He is built like a sprinter. He


looks like a sprinter and what we saw, he is a sprinter.


The win picking up and the -- the wind picking up. Henry Candy will


have to wait for a win. Yesterday, we saw the newly knighted Sir Henry


Cecil extend his ril Ascot -- Royal Ascot winning streak to 72. Here he


is giving instructions. He has two runners in the next race.


He is joking around there and talking about the winner he rode


yesterday and the fact that Eddie came in and said, "I didn't go as


early as Tom.". You know what else he said, it was a ride he wasn't


supposed to have. And everybody is shouting at him, "Well done,


Kieron.". Henry Cecil remains positive despite under going


treatment for stomach cancer. Last week, I went to Newmarket to sit in


the garden with Henry and discuss Have we started? Yes.


Start again. Start again. Start again.


The three things a trainer should be, one is be patient. And two is


be patient and three is be patient. Our staff in the last year-and-a-


half has been, we are building it up again, because we went down to


30 odd horses, you know for about four or five years.


You are all on camera so make sure you smile!


Just say good morning as you go past.


When you went down to so few horses, was that one of the hard things


about it actually having to lay off staff? When a stable is thriving


and going very well and winning good races, people want to be in it.


When it is winning twelve or fourteen races a year and no


winners at Royal Ascot, maybe financially they think they would


be better off somewhere else. Did you ever lose faith in


I got to a stage with everything in my life. The death of my brother


and financial things and divorces and I never really thought that I -


that was the end of me. I can't be an also-ran. I have children. I


would like to think they look up to me. I don't want to be that


pathetic and when I hear people on the heath saying there's heny Cecil


over there, he should have retired years ago, those sort of things


hurt me and I have always been competitive. I thought if I was


champion trainer nobody could say I was useless and with the help of


Jane and putting the pieces back together again we are getting back


again. When did you first start to feel you are on the bridle and


running again? I suppose about four years ago, five years ago. Then I


was taken ill, which sort of made it more difficult. When you have


tried to be very positive and get back there and you can hardly walk


with chemotherapy then you don't feel quite so good, but I was


determined to get on top of everything. The incredible come-


back king, Henry Cecil. Hip, hip. When you've had chemotherapy and


you are not feeling great, you know, you know you don't look very well.


Actually, they are very kind in the Jockey Club. They did a portrait of


me and it's in the rooms and it's very nice and this nice woman


painted me and I just had a really big bout of the chemotherapy and I


felt awful and I looked awful. It makes me look as if I've got one


day to live, but it's a very good painting. I do look ill. She has


painted me as I was. But it's quite funny that we have the likes of Sir


Reginald with the wax moustache and Henry Cecil lolling in a chair. The


fillies love them. Rather than a sugar lump. Life has to be enjoyed.


On the heath we Take The Micky out of each other. All the trainers get


on well and they treat me as a bit of a joke and I'm taking the Mickey


out of them. It's like a cocktail party, but without the drink.


is the possibility of winning the Trainers' Championship and it would


be the eleventh title for you. very open. I've got a chance. We'll


see how we go. I still am pretty small minded and I look at the list


and I think I've gone up one or two places. As long as we are up near


the top, in the top four or five, then one has to be very pleased and


anything better than that would be a bonus and I shall be delighted.


Here's Frankel here. Get the fillies out of the way please,


quick. I do it all in my head. I can't work computers and I can't


work the mobile telephone. I've given it to Jane, because I don't


know how to send a message. I'm quite old-fashioned. How important


has Jane been in keeping you concentrated on track and keeping


you podsive about the training? Jane is a great -- positive about


the training? Jane is a great help and very good with the PR. My PR


used to be terrible. Getting much better now and she looks after me


so well. I had beetroot juice for breakfast and I'm not allowed this


and sugar and I'm not allowed cakes and things. She does understand


horses too. Prince Khalid is a very private man and he likes giving


interviews less than you do. How supportive is he and as an owner?


Fantastic owner. I regard him as a very good friend. He's been a very


good friend to me through all my problems and everything. He has


always been there for me. He's very knowledgeable and he loves the


horses and the broding. -- breeding. I'm very, very lucky to have him. I


have told him. I have said, "If you decide you've had enough of me then


it's time I should go." You would stop training? Yeah. Definitely.


Quite a strong line that, that he would strop training if the prince


stopped supporting him. If he stopped believing in him then Henry


Cecil would walk away, but right at this moment in time he's fifth in


the trainers' championship and you can see the jockeys watching and


listening to Henry. It's so rare to hear a trainer to have the time to


hear from him in depth and understand what they're like as a


person and that's why people love Henry Cecil, because they feel that


they know him. They support him and they know he's had a hard time and


tough ride. He's had a tough time with illness and when he lost a lot


of horses and he was used to training 100 horses and more and


every year classic horses and good horses and all of a sudden, bang,


he's in bad times and he had about three years of struggling, but he's


back now. With all the best horses in the world again. There is a


genuine chance, particularly if the likes of Frankel keep winning, that


he could be champion trainer. Richard Hannon is out in front and


then it's open, but Henry is up to fifth from eighth, so he'll have


enjoyed that. It was ing in about - - interesting about the prince.


He's one of the biggest breeders in the world and he produces very good


horses. If Henry can keep getting possibly the pick of them or some


of the best ones, you know, why not keep going training? You are going


to have classic horses, good horses every year. A quick correction,


just a lick one. Rahee is from Blushing Groom. I did get that


wrong. Another look at the fashion with Suzie. Thank you very much.


I've got Bryan Ferry here, who was earlier presenting one of the


trophies. It's very nice to see you here.. You are a fan of the horses?


I used to come a fair bit, racing, in my early days and I haven't been


to Ascot for a long time, about 20 years. It has changed. You are in


between tours. You toured with Roxy Music last year and earlier -


went to Australia and did dates in England too. Now I'm going around


Europe and then later in the year I go to America, so it's very busy. I


was in inStan bull last week and I'm seeing all -- in Istanbul last


week and I'm seeing all the great places. We have a big band and it's


fun. I've got a day off. It's a lovely place. With obviously the


legacy of music that you have brought us, you have style and


fashion and you've always been very much into fashion, or it seems from


the outside. Where does that come from? I don't know. I was always a


big fan of movies and the stars like Cary Grant and people like him.


That's my early period. Fashion has always been quite interesting. I


studied art when I was college. I've always been into how things


look and whether it's a horse or building or a suit or whatever, you


get interested in how things are designed. It's nice to be at Ascot,


where everybody makes an effort, dressing up and stuff. Everybody is


dressed beautifully. Speaking of which, I mentioned to you earlier,


we have Anthony Price who - glad you mentioned him. He's a


genius designer and a very old friend of mine. He did a lot of my


early stuff. I believe he has made some of the Duran Duran stuff.


Which cover did he do for you? first five or six. Especially the


first one, which was em -- was very famous. You are looking very dapper


and debonaire. Thank you for speaking to us. If we wander over,


he's right, there are fabulous looks and we can look at some of


the images we've been seeing. lovely lady is striking. I


absolutely adore this look. Now, this is a couple from Argentina and


I liked the whole way he is taller, but she has a lovely clean look. A


lot of butterflies this year and if you look closer, there are Guinea


foul feathers there too -- fowl feathers there too. This is a


mature lady. I love this look. She carries it off with style elegance


and that classic look. Very quirky hat here. This is a beautiful wave.


I just love the detail. She matched it down to the dress. This is lady


Amethyst feather and you loved this flapper dress. Very cute. When it


moves, just look at the whole texture of that fabric. It's nice


to wear something a little different, but staying within the


etiquette. No, it's really important that. At the end of the


day, summer is about enjoying yourself too. Today is that


celebration at Ascot. I love it It's really great. See you in a


while. We are in the paddock, looking at the horses here. Frankie


Dettori's mount is just getting a little on her toes. She left


earlier than a few of them. Sajjhaa is playing up. The other Godolphin


runner is still in the paddock. We had David Simcock a few moments ago


and his horse is making her way out. Let's look at some of them going


out. This is number five, First City. This is David Simcock's and


the one behind is I'm A Dreamer, number seven. She is on her way out.


The trainer, David Simcock, who I promise to speak to, has


disappeared out of my vision. A fast-improving filly. Hasn't got


too much to find. Probably David thinks she is capable. Over to Jim


to get runners and riders. We had a good view of Sajjhaa. She really


was whipping around and very, very anxious, that is why she was


mounted out on the course. There she is. She's more relaxed now than


she was earlier and she is striding out nicely. Look at her again.


There she is. Frankie, just for a couple of seconds, he's had to use


all his balance and experience here. She has settled down now. There she


is live. She is on her way down to post. Let's check the runners and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


straight course. As you can see, slightly shorter than the first


race. It's a demanding course. In the first race, they were racing


basically up the middle. This is what we expect once again here.


They'll group up, I think and if anything, drift towards the left,


as we look at it here. One mile, the distance for the race.


promised, I have David Simcock. He has two runners. First City and I'm


A Dreamer. I'm A Dreamer, not the top-rated horse, but not far off


and she is improving. How confident are you about her chances today?


don't know whether you can be confident at Royal Ascot, but we


have brought her here in really good order. She's improved from


three to four. Big, imposing filly and we are delighted with her. She


won well at Newmarket. We were chatting the other day and you were


saying about the weather and wanting it to be dry. Conditions


dry and fast enough out there for you? Very much so. I don't think


there will be any excuses. We have had three good dry days now.


Conditions will be fine. No problem. What about First City, after the


run at Epsom? Career best for her. There was no race for six weeks


after Epsom, so she is entitled to take her chance. They won't


disgrace herself, but I would be surprised if she was good enough to


win. Dream Ahead ran yesterday after a long layoff since a two-


year-old. How pleased were you with that and what would be the plans?


Absolutely delighted with him. He ran a great race. Came three wide


and made up a lot of ground. Very tired at the end. If I was totally


honest, it didn't look like he stayed. Real replan now and we'll


look at -- we'll replan now and look at seven furlongs. Come on


plenty and when he sees soft ground he'll be a force to be reckoned


Dreamer. It's now 7-2. For me, I'm A Dreamer is the strongest of the


front two. Jacqueline Quest coming down with the green cap for Sir


Henry Cecil. Two runners in this race. Hello. Going for a quick trip


around the course there. Jacqueline Quest first-past-the-post and then


lost it in the stewards' room. That is Seta. Trained by Luca Cumani.


Kieren Fallon missed a wen -- winner yesterday. Could he do it


today on this filly? He's always believed in her. She looked


impressive at Goodwood last time. She seems to always do it in listed


and company. Once she gets into the big girls and the group ones, she


seems to fail, so she is falling in between the two. This is a group


two, so she will have to slightly improve for me to win this, but she


is a talented filly. They've always liked her. Luca Cumani, when she


won as a two-year-old on the July Course, she looked a superstar at


that stage, but she hasn't quite got to the top. She is still a very


good filly and I lovely filly to take back to the paddocks. Lovely


to look at. A lot of people will think she's so pretty with the mane


and tale and pale chestnut. would look good in the winners'


enclosure. Richard Hughes has come in the enclosure on Strong Suit and


he's on board with Music Show and he has the golden armband on. He's


going to try to stay out in front. Music Show has definite chances of


getting placed. She hasn't got the beatings of Sajjhaa. Sajjhaa has


got the better of her on form. is a group one winner. She is. She


is a tough little filly and obviously she will run a big race


again. The form suggests she'll be there abouts. She has won -- if you


were backing her, I wouldn't put you off. Big and strong. Massive


muscular behind. She has got a good fellow on top. Hughesy, yeah.


love him. I do. He's a great horseman. He is. He comes from a


real, Irish National hunt family. We have Lolly For Dolly from


Ireland. Wayne Lordan. You said when she walked past, blinkers, I


don't like that. Not in group races. I like them for horses in handicaps,


but it's - when they put them on a horse they have obviously done


something or they haven't come up to expectations and there's a


jockey trying to get fit there. Who is that? Come Queally. This is


interesting. Tom Queally is riding this filly, who on her form, he


doesn't look that great. This is why he's got off and is running


alongside. She got spooked on the way down to the start. She looking


at the rails that are down on the ground there. What has happened? He


didn't fall off. He lost the stirrup. The saddle has slipped. It


has gone down one side. All the weight went on one side and the


saddle has slipped. I can see that now. This is interesting. Tom,


stable jockey to Sir Henry Cecil, he is riding this filly instead.


you know something I learnt when I was with him, he uses the hoods and


he gets them from Czechoslovakia and he uses the hoods a long from


his fillies and he says they make all the difference in the world.


Does he stuff their ears? necessarily. He said the covering


on the ears will do that for them, but he says it settles down tricky


fillies, but he uses them at home. That's interesting, because the


first time I really saw this was in Japan. The Japanese, they race a


lot of their horses in hoods. Obviously, for - they get 150,000


people going to their big meetings so there's a lot of noise, so


possibly that is the reason. Good idea. We spoke to Sheikh Fahad


earlier, but here are the colours of his company, carried by Dever


Dream. Eddie Ahern is a good jockey here at Royal Ascot. Or anywhere,


actually. Funny guy. He is very funny. He's one of those jockeys


that everybody loves, because he's a funny guy and he's so mild and


meek and - but when he gets on top of a horse he becomes a monster,


because he's a fantastic jockey and he is always in tune with the horse.


He's a real horseman. Of course, he wins that cross-country race every


now and again and so he's good. back on board of Chachamaidee. For


William Haggas, he's hoping with the horse that Eddie Ahern rides,


Dever Dream, well he's had to pull out Furry and Green Destiny who was


favourite, also doesn't run. This filly could - I would think each-


favourite. That's where the money is. But there's a bet from


Ladbrokes, �15,000 at 16-1 for Anna Salai. Big money. Runners to the


post. What, Kevin, is Eddie doing there? Is he playing noughts and


crosses? It looks that way. I think he's playing up to her a little. I


haven't a clue what he's doing. know the first job when he gets


back, don't you? Definitely. has a good chance. Eye-catching run


from her last time at Lingfield about a month ago. She hasn't, as


yet, won over this trip of a mile, but comes from a good stable. She


is an improving filly. That's right. Doesn't get the clearest of the


runs. She will be better for that. He hasn't won at a mile. I'm A


Dreamer has won three of the four races at this trip and came back


over nine furlongs on her debut. She is another one that is very


progressive. She is a lovely looking filly. Plenty of scope. I


love the way she won at Newmarket. She dominated throughout. Len


thened away. Definite class about her. We'll look at Sajjhaa. We saw


her going down earlier on. Went ahid with Frankie Dettori. She has


-- ahead with Frankie Dettori. She has already had a run where she was


runner up to Midday. Sajjhaa, one thing I did notice, she is very big.


She is a huge filly and Frankie was keen to get her out there on the


track and get her going. Once you saw her cantering down she was fine.


She was edgy and anticipating the race, but she is in the stalls


great and obviously the horse they'll all got to beat. She has


already gone in. Six of the nine jockeys in the race said the ground


is absolutely perfect. There is no excuse for the horses or any of the


horses not performing on the conditions. There are about three


to load. Over to Jim. Loading up here. There's Tom Queally. This is


a less stressful task than yesterday, when he was in the


stalls on Frankel. Chachamaidee, which he rides for Sir Henry Cecil


and Johnny mur far has picked up the ride -- Murtagh has picked up


the ride on Jacqueline Quest. Ready. Racing. Just eased out the back,


I'm A Dreamer on the near side. One of the first away is Sajjhaa. Also


up there in the early stages is Field Day and they are breaking


away on the nearside. Sam man Dar is coming over in company with Anna


Salai. They are very handy and just behind them is Dever Dream. That is


the trio on this side. The far side, you can see coming up the centre,


Frankie Dettori on Sajjhaa. Just showing the way from Seta and


sitting in behind them is Field Day. Chachamaidee is in that group too


and frontly. -- Fontley. Then I'm A Dreamer on the far side. Lolly For


Dolly is just behind them and First City held up. They start to merge


the two, as they come up now to halfway. It's Shamandar and Sajjhaa.


They are stride for stride. Then Dever Dream and followed Byfield


day. Chachamaidee is next, followed then by Anna Salai. Further back is


Lolly For Dolly and then First City. They race up now with two furlongs


to travel. Frankie strikes for home on Sajjhaa. Tackled by Chachamaidee


on the far side. Rainks up very easily. Takes a narrow -- ranges up


very easily. Takes a narrow lead now. He starts to drift now.


Chachamaidee, drifting left. Lolly For Dolly now for Ireland. Grabbing


the lead. It's all over. Lolly For Dolly wins the race. Chachamaidee


is second. First City third. A gap then to Sajjhaa, followed by I'm A


Dreamer and Field Day behind them and further back in the field is


Music Show. Fontley was there. Seta followed by Dever Dream and then


out of the back is Anna Salai and Shamandar last. Lolly For Dolly is


the winner. Ridden by Wayne Lordan at 11-1. Flown home up the stands


rail and has got up to win well. Fozzy Stack there. Trained by the


Stacks. Tommy there. Let's see them hit the line. Lolly For Dolly, what


a faily. Got up to win from Chachamaidee, who went there so


easily. Just didn't have that kick in the finish. Third was First City.


Fourth then Sajjhaa. In fifth I'm A Dreamer, sixth Field Day, a gap


then to Music Show seventh, eighth Seta, ninth Fontley and tenth Dever


Dream and Anna Salai and Jacqueline Quest, I'm looking down the track,


she is coming past the line. She has obviously taken no part. It


will be interesting to see what has happened there. We'll get the full


report on her. Johnny Murtagh on board. She has come in. A good


minute behind the others. We'll have a report, but there's the


winner, that's Lolly For Dolly. Wayne Lordan and trained by Tommy


Stack in the colours of David Keegan. Huge celebrations as the


owners of this filly celebrated along with Fozzy Stack, Tommy's son,


who helps out with the training, but David Keegan was leading that


charge and cheering home the 11-1 winner and Lolly For Dolly, who


hasn't finished out of the first two all season comes here to Royal


as col and takes the race. -- Ascot and takes the race. It sounds as if


the stalls with Jacqueline Quest, either there was a malfunction. No,


she stood there. She planted herself. We'll show you that in a


second, but look at Lolly For Dolly. Stretching out and coming past the


packed grandstand here. Wayne saying, "go on, girl." The blinkers


were not a negative. They helped her to the line over the mile on


the straight course. If you want an illustration of what a thrill it is


to have a winner here, just watch this. Look at them. Fabulous scenes.


Well done to all of them associated with Lolly For Dolly. Let's look at


see what happened to Jacqueline Quest. Out of stall eleven. She is


has done a memory. She has. The jockey's arms were wagging. Still


in there. Still in there. Oh, dear. You see, you cannot make them do it


if they don't want to do it. Watch this again. There you go. Blinkers.


She has had them on. This is the fifth time there she is getting


scrubbed along and possibly a bit lazy this filly, because they wept


a nice pace there and they quickened up well and she possibly


just got caught for a bit of toe, but she is picking them off slowly


and picking up now. Really stretching and now in between the


horses. A smack and of course Wayne Lordan has her in Top Gear and


Frankie to get by and he has won this now. He has the help of the


rail. Sticking to the right hand. All I have to do now is keep her


going and that's exactly what he has done. Henry Cecil's filly has


run very well in second. She was an lolly's owner's wife is the


daughter of the ex-Prime Minister of Ireland, Bertie Ahern. I know


you guys thought a lot of this filly. The blinkers are the huge


operation. I thought last year she didn't


really kill herself and we thought to apply the blinkers.


Some celebrations. Tell us about when you decided this


would be the plan for her? It was always in the back of our mind to


come here. David loves coming here. It was always in the back of our


mind to come here. She is tough and takes a lot of work and she is the


constitution of an ox. We might give her a holiday and give her a


prep somewhere. Take us through your thoughts on


this race. They seemed to go a good gallop and that suited her.


She likes passing horses. In the Curragh, she took it up about two


down. She likes passing horses. She is tough and likes a battle.


feeling of a Royal winner? Brilliant.


Thank you. So the winner is Lolly For Dolly.


Gareth, you are up for a big dividend. The bookies along here,


John, you see them putting their hats up. They were cheering. They


weren't cheering yesterday, but they are cheering today!


Congratulations. The way the race unfolded, it seemed to be perfect


for you? Yeah, we went a nice gallop. I was looking for a bit of


room. She picked up and ran to the line well and she stayed well. It


was nice to have the first Royal Ascot win. I'm very happy.


A lot of people watching are going, "The ease of the victory was a


surprising thing about it.". Yeah. I thought the rain might come


sooner. I was worried the ground might be quick. She is a tough


filly. Her heart is in the right place. She has done well from last


year to this year. The first Royal Ascot winner, what


does that feel like? It feels great. I'm delighted I got a chance to


have a winner here. Well done.


Thank you very much. The first Royal Ascot winner for


Tommy Stack because his son is representing him and Lolly and


Dolly living up to her name because she won plenty of lolly there.


We are about to switch channels over to to BBC Two.


The New Zealand born, Australian trained and now Irish. Look at him.


He is a monster. He is massive. We look forward to


seeing him in the flesh and we will tell you all about him when we get


Clare Balding and Willie Carson present day two of Royal Ascot, as they preview the day's feature race, The Prince of Wales' Stakes, with other races at 2.30pm and 3.05pm. Clare and Willie are joined by Rishi Persad, Ian Bartlett, Kevin Darley, Jim McGrath, John Parrot and Gary Wiltshire. Suzi Perry takes a look at the day's fashion.

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