Day 1, Part 2 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 1, Part 2

Clare Balding presents the summer showpiece in the world of horse racing, Royal Ascot. Including coverage of the feature race, the St James' Palace Stakes, at 3.45pm.

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COMMENTATOR: Canford Cliffs. His neck is in front now. Canford


Cliffs goes on to win from inside the final furlong. And star


Witness down the outside. Prohibit Witness down the outside. Prohibit


has gone to win. We have had a great start to the


first day of Royal Ascot 2011 a win for Canford Cliffs against


Goldikova in the Queen Anne Stakes and a win for Britain, Star Witness


in the Kings Stand. Eight different countries in that


race. The only thing we can say is that


we did beat them, but I think we might not beat them next year!


Or indeed on Saturday. Star Witness could appear again? Yes.


I don't think he had a hard race. It was interesting he came out of


the stalls side ways and got a big bump from the horse next to him.


Stephen Arnold let him get into his stride. He did that windmill thing.


He was just riding him hands and heels type and I thought if he gave


him a few more whacks he might have got up there. But in the back of


the mind it has got to be, "We are coming back on Saturday.". So he


was riding in two types of races, looking after the horse because he


knows he will run on Saturday. How good is it for Prohibit. This


is a great, great moment. He carries his head high. Look at that


stride. Look at the chest on him. This horse was a horse that


finished second a lot in his early young days and they have what's the


word for it rejuvenated. It has done him. Bob Carroll has done a


great job with this horse. He says he runs him a lot. If he keeps


getting results like this, he will keep running him more.


It was Great Britain first with Roe hibt and Australia with Star


Witness and Hungary fourth with Overdose. The presentation being


made by Julian Fellowes, but the man man


responsible for Downtonne Abbey and the owners of Prohibit.


Mrs Penny was a good horse. She was.


Julian Fellowes there. We will try and get a word with him later or in


a moment or too as it were. Let's get more fashion with Suzie.


Thanks, Clare. Watching Lord Fellowes present that trophy. I was


saying how dapper the men look, don't they, in their top hat and


tails? I love the look. It is like we are in a time travelling moment.


This is a beautiful hat that this girl is wearing. Hello there. It is


Lisa. Hi Lisa, is that a Stephen Jones hat? It is.


The outfit, where is that from? Armani.


Is it the first time at Ascot? beautiful. Nice weather. We are


lucky today. Have you been backing any horses?


Not yet. Well, your outfit is a winner.


Thank you. She looks really beautiful. Very


plain with a little bit of pink. Hello sir. How are you today?


fine. I am following the wonderful Lisa. Let's see if we can get her


off the phone and have a little chat. That's a stunning dress.


Thank you. I am so embarrassed. Now, you are being described as the


perfect woman. Would you like to tell us what you are wearing?


bought this in Vegas from Neman Marcus and my hat is made by by


Dada so there. Well, you look very beautiful.


Thank you for stopping. I love your your phone matches your


dress and your jewels. You have got it all going on.


I love the bling. We can see that. There is serious


jewellery going on there. jewellery going on there.


Oh, look at that wonderful hat. We are talking about the silver,


that's an extraordinary piece. The lady on her right-hand side that's


wearing a pink, raw silk with a black hat, she looks very smart.


Very chic. Beautifully co-ordinated. Can we spin the camera over there?


A lady with an unusual turquoise outfit with a turban. Yes, turbans


were all over Prada about a year ago. We are seeing some very


unusual and some rather beautiful Well, we have seen the presentation.


An exhilarating ride for you, Jim, the way the race panned out. They


the way the race panned out. They seemed to go a hell of a gallop?


Yes, you knew that's what they were going to do. This horse is clearly


improving all the time and he broke really well from the stalls today.


The last two times I have ridden him he has been slow and in France


he ran a great race and laboured under pressure, but he was a


different horse today. Why do you think that was? You tell


me, I don't know! He ran four times now in four weeks or something like


that and so he clearly loves his racing and he is improving,


thriving on it. We are concerned with the rain coming. I always


thought he was better with quicker ground. The ground is perfect.


At what point did you think you would pick up the front-runners?


Probably a furlong-and-a-half out. I travelled very well and like I


say I wanted to to try and come between horses and it worked out


well because I wasn't too crowded, but I could get a run at the same


time and to be fair to the horse when he hit the front, I hardly


needed to use my stick, he picked up by himself.


Jim, you are someone who had a go over hurdles and fences in your


time and winning a group one at Royal Ascot must be a special


moment? It is. It is my first winner here as well and I was born


locally at the hospital across the road. It was nice to have a winner


here. It has been a lucky track. The floodgates open now, don't


they? Jim, well done today.


Tom Queally will get his first ride of the afternoon when he is legged


up on Frankel. He is odds on favourite to win the St James'


Palace Stakes. Tom looking relaxed there. I hope


they have the same expression after the race.


And there is the horse in question. The best horse in the whole wide


world on ratings, what a hunk of muscle. A beautiful, beautiful


racehorse. Do you want to find out more about


Speed. He is exceptional.


He has got bundles of class. He is definitely out of the


ordinary. Brailleant.


. He is getting better and better and better.


In a flat season, it is the frequentish performances of Frankel


that have shown brightest of all. He fulfilled the heavyweight of


expectation when he was named by his owner in tribute to American


hall of fame trainer, Bobby Frankel who died in 2009.


who died in 2009. I knew him pretty well. He was a


nice person. Tough and very professional. It is marvellous how


they pick the horse out amongst him maybe among 200 and named him


Frankel because at that time you are guessing a little bit, aren't


you? I think he was an outstanding one, but to pick him out to be


Frankel and name him Frankel was something. People say he is a


monster of a horse. He is not really. He is a medium sized horse.


He is different in a lot of horses. In a lot of ways. He has this


extraordinary stride really. When he lengthens, he just completely


kills any horse in the matter of a stride.


That combination of of speed and power was shown to spectacular


effect in the 2,000 guineas. A race his jockey has been anticipating


all winter. I went on a skiing holiday and I


was just thinking of him coming down the slopes. I didn't want to


topple over and get injured. The best thing was to forget the


field existed at all. Just jump off, let him relax and gallop and that's


what he did. I looked half-way and I thought I


might be a few years. COMMENTATOR: He is 15 lengths clear.


Incredible. It was the most brutal destruction of a classic field you


will ever see. COMMENTATOR: Frankel has detroid


them from half-way. I have never seen people laughing


and applauding with a furlong-and- a-half to go.


COMMENTATOR: Frankel has won it well.


It was one of those moments that you you could scarcely believe.


There were trainers shaking their heads in wonder at it. I often


compare him to a really big fast car. Suddenly, you look at the


speed you are doing and the same with him. He is the equine Mike


Tyson. It is brute strength. He runs over as soon as the bell goes


and knocks the opponent on to the canvas and that's it, the lights go


out. He has got that turbo and he keeps


going. It is a feeling I never got from any other horse.


People think he has galloped himself into the ground. He hadn't.


Newmarket is a very difficult course. It is a long, straight


gruelling course and to be in front as long as he was, you get bored.


He wasn't at all tired after T it was incredible really. I am not


sure I'm going to ride anything like that again. I don't want to


nor does the Prince. To experience training a horse like


him actually. It is like an encyclopaedia of


great horses. If he thinks this is one of the best, we are talking


about a great. I have been lucky, I have had


marvellous horses through my my hands. He is very different. There


is something extraordinary about him. I don't know what it is.


Everything, I think. Tom queelly Tom Tom Queally will be


leaving this position. Barry Hills there, who trains Rerouted, his son


Michael on board, there really to ensure the pace is strong enough


for Frankel so they can car out the tactics -- carry out the tactics


and use his burst of speed to come through in the end. There is


through in the end. There is Frankel.


Willie, I was impressed when I went to Newmarket. This horse is very


relaxed at home. He is virtually yawning.


When you get a horse as good as this, there isn't anything that is


going to make them work because everything to him when he works,


when he canters, when he gallops, everything to him will come so


easily and that is why he will be a relaxed horse. When he gets on to


the track, he just, he is exhub rant. That long stride of his.


A lot of the jockeys choosing to ignore the bell. Not moving until


somebody else moves. They are waiting because they don't want to


get on board too early. Henry Cecil going through in detail what they


are going to try and do today. They will have discussed this beforehand


and he is just saying if there is enough pace we can try and get him


to relax and try and get him to enjoy T that's our one chance to


see if he can stay a mile and a quarter later in the season.


I thought that. The horse is filtering past Mick


and I. Here is Dream Ahead. He only put in one bad run in his life. He


is a big, strong horse. Isn't he just? His trainer was keen to wait


for the ground to be perfect. He had the rain and allowed him to


take his chances. There was talk of him not running because it wasn't


soft enough. He is a group one winner. He was


rated the same as Frankel at the end of last season.


And he is only a fraction behind him.


Let's look at the Japanese runner, Grand Prix Boss. He is very warm


and wet today, Mick. It would be a concern for me this. We saw in our


last race, Star Witness was second home and it didn't make any


difference to him. Wootton Bassett another outstanding


two-year-old. He had one run so far. Does he look any sharper? He does.


I saw his trainer yesterday at a golf day and he said he thought


this horse would be better. He went too fast. He will be ridden with


restraint today and I think we could see a much better run from


this horse. We saw Zoffany going out of shot,


the horse behind Wootton Bassett. Zoffany was well fancied for the


Coventry Stakes on this day last year. He clearly had his problems


because he only had the one run this season? Yes. He was favourite


for the guineas as well. Ryan Moore and Aidan O'Brien, they are


sweeping all before them when they combine this year, could this be


another one for them? I want you -- I know you want to talk about


Excelebration, he he gave Frankel a race in the green ham Stakes at


Newbury. I was really taken with this horse. I watched the race that


he won. That's Excelebration. The only one


that we haven't spoken about is is Dubawi Gold. Many people criticised


Richard Hughes. Richard Hughes will be full of confidence after winning


on Canford Cliffs. Well, it is an interesting race to


have your first run of the season on, David Simcock trains Dream


Ahead. This is a big, big race to take your chance in, but are you


happy with him, David? Delighted. We probably haven't had enough rain.


It has been a long wait to get him here. We are delighted we are here.


We can work from here. Good luck. Tense moments here


before the horses are making their way on to the racecourse. Willie,


you are impressed with the favourite, aren't you? He is just a


bundle of muscle. Oh dear, what a racehorse. And he is not that big.


He is not huge, but the chest on him. He is just so much muscle. So


much backside, so much quarters, power and the way he he walks, he


walks so slowly and eloquently. This is Neebras on his way down to


the start. They have had permission to miss the parade and Frankie


Dettori taking him down out of order and in canter where the


others are being led in front of the grandstand and Frankel having a


look around at the hats and the colours, but look at the strength


he has behind in his quarters, the way his coat is gleaming.


An eloquent walk and Grand Prix Boss sweating up badly.


Here we go with the parade for the St James' Palace Stakes. It is a


group one race. It is for three- year-old colts only and it is led


by Dream Ahead. We heard from his trainer, he is having his first


start for 241 days. They are hopeful, but they will build on


can beat Frankel today is himself? If he relaxes and if Tom Queally


can ride him the way Henry Cecil wants him to, he looks head and


shoulders above the rest. Grand Prix Boss is an interesting


runner. He was the top two-year-old in Japan last year and he has got a


winner at group one level on the board in Tokyo last month.


Neebras has gone down which leaves us now with Rerouted. Michael Hills


there. We expect he will be the pacemaker for Frankel. That is his


role in the race. We have Wootton Bassett who was an unbeaten two-


year-old. Very, very exciting. Went to the French guineas as a


favourite. Had a few excuses. And finished fifth and will be hoping


to step up. We have Zoffany. Now Aidan O'Brien on the right there


has a very strong book of runners. It is rare for him to have a horse


at 20-1 in a group one level. This horse was favourite for the guineas.


He was beaten twice at two years old. He is a group one winner. He


has got to improve. But he is not out of it. So Tom Queally, earlier


on he was relaxed and laughing, looking forward to the ride of the


week. William Buick Flat Out on his back he is so relaxed and Paul


Hannigan is very excited at the prospect of Wootton Bassett.


Studying the form is Frankie Dettori. Richard Hughes, well, his


winner of the day has come already, can he follow up, Adam Kirby on the


left chatting to William Buick and Frankel or look for option? Well,


placed on the favourite. We will tell the viewers what it was.


This is the shortest price since 1947, two-dimensional. Do you know


at Royal Ascot. It is for three- year-old colts.


The racecourse itself has been changed a bit. It has got a lovely


sweeping bend, but now the Winning Post is 75 yards further on. Horses


will get an easy lead and are hard away from the other runners. He has


gone down last and gone down some distance, a long distance, about


200 meters from the others. He has given him plenty of time to relax.


He does look in relaxed mode as he travels down the strait.


There he is there. A cameraman on the rail there which can often


annoy horses. In fact they are not permitted to be that close normally.


Certainly not in a race. But here, he is, he looks a picture of


relaxation as he goes down to the start for the St James' Lass Stakes.


he has seen so far. Frankel moving beautifully. The one person he will


miss is Yammy, Steve Dibl who would normally be there to help him go


into the stalls, but had a horrific accident on Saturday night. Mick


Fitzgerald, I know you have spoken to him in hospital this morning.


His injuries are appalling, he is an expert with difficult horses at


the start, but one got better of him? One certainly did. This is a


guy who broke six ribs, fractured both collarbones and has also


fractured his shoulder. He is going home today, but give him a little


bit of time before they operate on the shoulder. But horrific injuries,


but he is still chirpy. He says, "I want to thanks to everybody who has


rung and wished him luck." He said Frankel is not a problem horse, he


is a joy to be around. Well, he is looking like he hasn't


got a care in the world at the moment, Frankel. Just beautiful.


And when you see him in full flight this is the sort of power that he


has. Now bear in mind there, isn't just a group one. This is a classic.


This is the 2,000 guineas. A huge field. Well fancied horses and


Frankel has a burst of speed like a sprinter and manage to say maintain


it for a mile. It was extraordinary. Most of the jockeys in the race


thought he was the pacemaker. They didn't realise it was Frankel


because he a pacemaker who is sitting fourth now, but Frankel,


look at the action on that. Look at the stroke that, the power, look at


his feet grabbing the ground and propelling himself forward and Tom


Queally, he doesn't realise how fast he is going and that's what


happens when you are sitting on superstars.


He came up with a great comparison when he said it is like driving a


big powerful car and you look at the speedometer and say, "I'm going


100.". You think you are doing 60, but you are doing 100.


Which none of us would ever done. I never do it.


Do you do it in your Jaguar. improve on his last race. I


remember seeing him a little while ago and I was impressed.


When you are looking at the shots of the 2000 Guineas, Richard Hughes


didn't realise it was Frankel who was so far clear. This horse came


through to finish second and then Richard Hannon, his father-in-law,


gave him a rocket for, he thought leaving him too much to do in the


Irish 2000? He's admitted that he did overegg the situation and give


his horse a little bit too much to do and he couldn't get to Roderick


O'Connor who won the 2000 Guineas in Ireland that day. But you would


have to expect that horse to run another big race for the Hannon


team. He is another horse who was a stuep star as a two-year-old --


superstar. He could be making a running today because he's a free


going horse. They like to let him use his action and I'm sure they'll


do the same today. But they just might go quick enough for him to


get a leap and help him. Frankel and Zoffany just out of shot look


like they'll be the last two to be loaded. Frankel will go off 100-30


on. Excelebration second best at 10-1. Dubawi Gold 12-1, along with


Wootton Bassett. Over to Jim.


This man, Tom Queally, about to have the most important ride of his


career. Big responsibility on his shoulders today.


He's got to try and settle this magnificent striding horse, a big


striding horse in behind. Henry Cecil's given his instructions. And


Ladbrokes report they've taken �150,000 on Frankel at 1-3. They


are ready for the St James Palace and they're racing.


Re-routed down near the inside was away smartly. Excelebration.


Zoffany crossing over with Wootton Bassett, as they settle into stride


now and root root root going on. Frankel is back in the field


Rerouted leads well. Dubawi Gold in third. Frankel settled in behind,


fourth on the inside. Followed by Wootton Bassett. Excelebration is


further back in the field. Dream Ahead giving them a long stand.


Zoffany. Toward the half mile now and out in front is still Rerouted


by four lengths or so. Frankel is now trying to get into the clear


now. He's bridging the gap very quickly indeed. He's raced up on


the outside now to grab the lead as they go to the three. It's Frankel


who takes it up now. He's gone two- and-a-half, three lengths in front


as they round the turn. Further back is Dubawi Gold in third. A gap


to Excelebration. Further back is the Grand Prix Boss. Two furlongs


left to go, it's Frankel. Frankel by five lengths, Excelebration


coming out of the pack. Followed by Dubawi Gold and further back,


Neebras. Still in front it's Frankel by three. Down the outside,


Zoffany finishing. Excelebration. It's Frankel now, he's starting to


paddle. He's held on. Frankel's won it! Frankel won the St James Palace.


Zoffany in second. Excelebration in third. Followed by Neebras. A gap


to the others. Dream Ahead. Followed by Wootton Bassett and


Dubawi Gold. Frankel blasted home over the mile. He's got there. He's


scrambled home. But he remains unbeaten. Seven out of seven.


Number four, Frankel. Owned by prince Khaled Abdullah ridden by


Tom Queally and trained by Sir Henry Cescle. Won it by three parts


of a length and he was shortening stride so much in the final furlong,


Zoffany's come from the pack to get second. Let's check it out for


third. Excelebration in third. In fourth is Neebras for Godolphin.


Dream Ahead in fifth. A further gap of about five, six, seven lengths


now to Wootton Bassett on the outside of Dubawi Gold. Very tight


there, they were so far behind Frankel though and they're still


waiting for the others. Two more to come. Let's have a look at them.


Grand Prix Boss, the Japanese runner. And Rerouted, the pacemaker,


has finished absolute last. The one, two, three, four, first is number


four, ridden by come feely. Second, Zoffany. Third number three,


Excelebration, and fourth is Frankie Dettori, Neebras. The


winner started at 100-30 on, and the distances were one and a third


length. Tom Queally certainly had a train to catch there because, my


word, he pushed the button early, decides, I'm going to go. The


pacemaker, Rerouted, miles out in front, was never going to last home,


but Tom probably didn't want to get trapped on the inside rail. Maybe


that's what was concerning him. He gives Frankel a slap on the


shoulder, the horse responds. He nearly gets caught in the closing


stages. Gets tired. But of course, he was in Top Gear for four-and-a-


half furlongs. He is some sort of racehorse, this guy. We haven't


seen the best of him yet. I'm sure if they hold him up a little more,


he's going to take off like you see there in the last two furlongs. He


is a superstar and I still would criticise the rising act ticks


today going early. I think Tom could wait another two furlongs and


his change of gear would still kill the horses and the winning distance


would be bigger than it was today. He's a superstar, well done to the


team, you got him home again. can see there dramatically how


Frankel is slowing. Zoffany is coming up there. You can see Henry


Cecil there. Getting worried. "ooh", he's gone. The time is only a


second off-the-record. So that horse, he's galloped. We mustn't


take it away from the other horses. They're very high-class three-year-


old colts, the best there is in possibly the whole of Europe. He's


still beaten them. Frankie Dettori just came into the winners'


enclosure into fourth spot on Neebras and the reason you heard


laughter, he's putting his hands up going "I was fourth" because they


didn't expect much from Neebras and he's come in and still trying to


get the crowd going. There's Frankel, parading in front of the


stand. The greatest horse Tom Queally has ever ridden, could be


the best horse Henry Cecil's trained. Have we seen the best of


him? He will get better, he's getting more mature. Didn't he


settle early on, he was fine? at him now, he's still in that


lovely cool state. He doesn't look as though he's had a very hard race


and hi is -- he is a hi-class colt that all breeders will be


clambering to get to. The lad that looks after him and Shane that


rides him in his every day work, they deserve a lot of credit. Shane


used to ride Motivator. I'm so impressed with this horse's


temperament, at how he laxed he is, given how explosive his racing


style has been required to be, for him still to be so cool and just a


lovely horse. Like the great G Galileo. A horse trained by Roger


Charlton, she was a quick filly, Roger said, of course, it gets all


the speed from his side of the pedigree.


You can see Tom Queally giving him a couple of back handers saying,


keep going fella, they're closing down on us, but we had this race


won three furlongs from home, we've burned them off, just keep going,


please. And Frankel's answered all the calls he's a superstar, it


wasn't as impressive a performance as we saw in the 2000 Guineas, but


it takes a lot to come back here and win at Royal Ascot and for Tom


Queally, it's his fourth winner at the Royal meeting and his first in


this race, the St James Palace Royal Highnesses, my Lords, ladies


and gentlemen, we are in the presence of greatness. The freakish


Frankel has done it again, his seventh win in a row, takes the St


James Palace Stakes for Tom Queally. For Henry Cecil, it's a record


extending 73rd winner at the meeting and a first for him as Sir


Henry Cecil. We bow down before him and before Frankel. The time was


0.92 of a second outside the record. So even though he was stopping, his


acceleration from the half mile to about the furlong and a half point


which -- was quite extraordinary. You would really want to know what


Henry Cecil's instructions were. He makes a good point that if he held


on a little longer, maybe just letting him go at the top of the


home straight, maybe it was a different result as far as the


distance that he scored by. But you would want to know what his


instructions were. The great feature of today's win was that he


settled so well in behind. Henry's comments will be noted by all, I'm


sure, Sir Henry. He look add relieved man, but it was seven out


of seven for Frankel. Seven wins from seven starts. And he is a


magnificent racehorse, that's for sure. He scored by official margin


on three quarters of a length with one-and-a-half lengths between


second and third. Frankel is the winner of the St


James Palace Stakes, 130 on was the punter as well. If you


could see the bet Jim gave out before the off, �150,000 to win


�50,000. How about that person on the first half a furlong, how do


you think he felt, John? Skin of his teeth! Here I am with the


winning trainer, Sir Henry Cecil. First of all, a lot was made about


the speed and the way Frankel raced in the 2000 Guineas and whether you


would be able to harness that power. Were you happy with the way he


settled today? He settled really very well. The pacemaker went off


quite fast and he was very, very settled. You had to ask him to take


it up, then we said, when he was in front for a furlong, he thought


he'd done enough. He was getting very idle at the end, which is very


good. Were you surprised at how quickly Tom went after the


pacemaker? Was that always the plan? Well, the plan was to go, you


know, really sort of just before the bend. I mean, just take the


logical view. He sprinted away and the further he went, the better he


went. Now he's getting wiser, you know, he had the race won and he


thought he'd done enough like in the Guineas, you know. Tom said he


wasn't at all tired, he just thought he'd done enough, which is


good really, because it means I can settle him in now and means I don't


have to make so much use of him. That was interesting because a lot


of people after the race were watching going, he must be a six


furlong horse. What would you say to them? No, no, no. He's not. Tom


Queally, is here too. Take us through your thoughts on the race?


Jumped slow and settled better than ever. As a result, nobody was


inclined to follow, so that put me in that position. I thought I would


draw up sooner rather than later. He was running for a long way and


starting to get a little fed up in front. He does it so easily, you


know. A lot of people watching the closing stages would have thought


he was getting tired. Would that be the wrong impression? I think so,


yes. So a strongly run mile is fine and maybe even further, would you


suggest that? It's fine, but he's growing up all the time so


everybody seemed to think that he could just jump and run, but he's


more versatile than people think. We have options and tactics, he's


still the one to beat at the moment, a good position to be in. We saw


Canford Cliffs and Goldikova in the opening race today. Are you looking


forward to taking them on at some point in the season?


Well, I think it's inevitable isn't it really. Unless this horse goes a


mile and a quarter when he jumps for the Juddmonte International.


Maybe the Sussex or Juddmonte, but we'll see. It's too early to say.


And your first winner, as Sir Henry Cecil. Any different?


No, not at all different. Are you getting used to be -- being called


Sir Henry? No. Congratulations. Thank you. Pleasure. Sir Henry


there, no different to being Henry Cecil or Sir Henry Cecil if you


notch up yet another Royal Ascot victory in another big race as well.


Frankel won, not quite in the same style as he did in the 2000 Guineas.


Runner-up was Zoffany. Excelebration riding against the


rails. Neebras was there. This was Rerouted in stall two. In Newmarket,


we assumed Rerouted would make the running. It didn't happen because


Frankel made his own running. Michael Hill's after him? He knew


he had a job to do, set the race up for Frankel and you can see he's


pushing to get him into that position, but because of the draw,


you heard Tom say he wasn't able to follow him, he just had the other


horse in front of him getting into the position he thought he might be


in. He looks like he wants to go around the outside, but the


Japanese horse allows him to come through and then Tom decides to get


right after his pacemaker? A lot of people will say, and I'm sure when


Tom watches this again, he might think to himself, should I just


have allowed it to happen a bit more gradual because it meant, when


we saw him turning into the straight, he was a horse that


looked like he'd have a long way to get home. Let's have a look as they


turned into the straight as Frankel's come through to take it


up. Here he is out in front. Further back in the field, a couple


of others. Zoffany, the blue and orange, second place. A couple to


have a look at. Dubawi Gold. Second. Wootton Bassett. They've all run


disappointingly? I had a quick word with Richard Hughes there about


Dubawi Gold and he said he's ran a little flat, maybe he thought he


got after him a little early and because of that, he thought he


didn't get home. Wootton Bassett, disappointed in France by him and


he's beaten a fair way out here as well? He has. Excelebration,


running a cracker again, proving that German Guineas win. That's not


a sight we want to see, him looking like he's coming to tend of his


tether. Tom Queally said maybe he was. Frankel's won by the shortest


winning margin in the season, just about a length or so. The time,


three quarters of a second faster horses. Mick Fitzgerald said how


well Excelebration ran there. His jockey said he tripped when he came


out of the gates, but he thinks it may have cost him second, not so


sure about winning the race. Buick who ran -- Hughes said he just


killed me today, Frankel. As for Wootton Bassett, his rider, Paul


Hanagan, said, we may consider dropping him back in trip after


evaluating this performance. Zoffany, who was second, will run


in the Sussex Stakes, where it's possible he may meet Frankel once


again. We are going to zip back in time by


about a minute or so, because the trophy presentation has been taking


place, presented by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall


and Sir Henrys is ill got the most enormous roar of approval and


applause as he stepped forward. A long conversation with the Duchess


there, about the brilliance of Frankel. He really is an


extraordinary horse. As Tom Queally was saying, he's running with the


choke out for such a long way. To keep going is exceptional and his


power comes from both this enormous heart and chest and the way he


powers it in front, backed up by very strong quarters. He's been in


top gear for four furlongs. You saw the four furlong marker there. Tom


Queally's asked him to pick up the pacemaker and he's in top gear from


now until he gets to the winning post. Now, I'm sure if we go back


to the old days of Leicester -- Lester Pigott, for instance, I'm


sure he'd hold on until the last second. An impromptu three cheers


for Henry Cecil's just rang out there, because the Duchess of


Cornwall appreciates her racing and the prairls is -- Prince of Wales


is enjoying it more. Do you know do you think so? I do. Henry is saying,


look at my tie, very special, then saying thank you very much. We have


had three races sofar on day one of Royal Ascot, two still to come on


BBC Two and the last race of the Windsor Castle Stakes will be on


the red button. We have every race for you live on the BBC this year.


Comeling up next, the first sighting of two-year-olds this week,


it's the Coventry Stakes over six furlongs, a big field for that.


Aidan O'Brien could get his first winner on the board of power. Or it


could be Mezmaar. Then from one extreme to the other, two-and-a-


half miles to cover in the Ascot Stakes Junior, bidding for back-to-


back wins for David Pipe. The Windsor Castle Stakes over five


furlongs will be on the red button with interviews and all the fun


that you can expect from our coverage here on the BBC.


We've honed in on Hayley Turner who is Britain's most successful female


jockey. We are asking you the pick a winner for the next race. Any


tips? On form, my tip's probably Gatepost. There are some eye-


catchers in the paddock. I thought Gabrial, number nine, looks well.


That is Gatepost's owner as well. When you say that, why are you


saying that it looks quite well, what are you looking at? As a two-


year-old, you want them to be nice and calm and relaxed and


concentrating and not jumping around and sweating too much and


getting wound up by the atmosphere. There is so many people here.


they feel that? They do. You are looking at a nice stocky horse


that's athletic looking, you know, just like you would a sportsman


really. Something toned. Obviously we are used to seeing you in your


silks. Today you are wearing silk of another variety, so not riding


today? No, I've got a day off today. Rhys kindly provided me with my


outfits for the whole week which is brilliant, but I'm here riding for


the rest of the week but I have today off and all the girls are


coming and they were like, let's go for a day out which I haven't done


before, but I'm having so much fun, it's brilliant being on the other


side of it, instead of car park and weighing room, you know, it's nice


to get amongst it and I'm having a great time. She's picked Rhys who


Catherine Middleton has been championing on the high street.


Well done you. A great colour for you. Really, really well for your


colouring. Stunning. A bit different. Why not. You must have


to use your body, treat it like a Thamele, rather like us models. How


do you look after yourself with your diet? A top like this is ideal


because it covers my arms, my arms are massive, I look like a wrestler,


it's weird. You have to be so strong though? Yes, I do. If I


didn't have big arms, I would get run off with down to the start and


win races all the time so it's not a good look but it's a good job so


I have to put it with it. My diet is basically we need plenty of food


that gives you energy obviously because we are athletes, but I try


not to eat carbs after 4 o'clock, try not to drink fizzy drinks,


light foods, little and often and a good breakfast. How tall are you?


Five foot three-and-a-half. would want to be taller though


would you, we have someone who is extremely small and someone who is


extremely tall. You have some riders the rest of the week. Who


are you keen on for the rest of the week? Really excited about one


running in the Ribblesdale on Thursday and I want lots of rain.


You want it to be soft? Yes. So you have booked the weather. Thank you


very much. Great to see you and good luck this week. Thank you.


Willie's taking issue with not eating carbs after 4 o'clock.


are good for you at any time. her system and it's working.


yeah. Ten days ago we are at Epsom with a massive crowd, millions


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


watching to injoy the Investec the centre of the story because she


owns the favourite, Carlton House. COMMENTATOR: Carlton House.


Treasure Beach in front. Carlton House trying. Treasure Beach


recently. Looking ahead to the next race here, it's the Coventry Stakes.


I saw Richard's performance last night watching it back and he was


extremely impressive at his debut in Haydock. How impressed were you?


Very much so. He's travelled well and quickened. He's shown a lot at


home and dad's very pleased with him. You have ridden some very fast


ones. Does he compare with the others? Yes, he's right up there,


early in his career, but he's a nice horse. I know you have got to


go so thank you. It was sensational racing at Epsom,


hugely exciting finish to the Derby. The winner making so much ground


Ryan Moore is taking the ride. Derek, can I just ask you what the


plans might be now for Treasure Beach? I believe it's Irish Derby.


Makes sense? Absolutely. And recital, I believe that's the same


plan, but we haven't spoken since actually. And the French


preparation will be ongoing for the Ark? That's the idea, yes. Break


now? And then the ark, yes. What about Wonder of Wonders, an


exciting filly? Yes, I suppose so. We really haven't spoken. You might


think we have, but we haven't, so I'm not sure what the plans are.


Presumably, you have spoken about Power, what is the feeling in the


camp? We think he has a good chance. He's certainly on his last run we


always thought this would be the race for him, we are very hopeful.


You must be so excited. It's a big team effort. You are very much an


integral part of this team and love seeing your purple colours carried,


don't you? That's just a thing we've got with the Derby, to always


win the Derby was every schoolboy's ambition, to win it in your colours,


it's a bit special. So it's Michael's colours now. If you spin


round, Adrian, you can just see - thank you, Derek - you can see the


Bally Doyle camp. Those are the combinations now. They changed the


first name, according to who's the senior owner and therefore whose


colours they will be carried. The bell going now for jockeys up


for the Coventry. High-class race and Mick Fitzgerald is down at the


start for this one. Thanks, claifrplt we are at the six


furlong start. We have 23 two-year- olds which need to be loaded into


the stalls. The man in charge of that is the team leader Mr Reid.


How do you load? The boys take the orders off the starters, the boys


will start with odd numbers first, then as soon as they come out,


they'll ask him or grab whatever's the nearest. Which way do you start,


in the middle? Wherever they're given. The boys won't come too


close to one another, will stay three or four stalls separate so


you are not on top of one another and they'll bring them up. They'll


wait at the gate and as soon as the pushes arrive, they'll get them in,


then just go out and get them as quickly as possible. Sammy lets the


boys know if there are late horses or anything, blind-folded horses


will go first and literally, the boys, we have enough leaders to get


them in hopefully as quick as possible so they're not stood there


long. How many lads do you have putting the horses in? We have six


lads pushing and the rest of the boys will be leading, so there'll


be ten leaders, 11 leaders. We saw what happened to the horse the


other night at Leicester. Do the lads know the ones that will be


difficult and do they mark them off as ones that are so and say they're


not loading it? The only thingious never know is about horses running


first time out, that's the luck of the draw. If you get a bad one, you


are unlucky, but we usually know which are the bad ones and need a


bit of care. It works most of the time. You normally do a pretty good


footballer is in the ground at the moment. The man standing to my left,


you are seeing his colours more and more has two runners. Who is the


number one horse for you in this one? That's an unfair question to


ask me! Both have equal chances. I guess maybe Gatepost. He looks more


mature than Gabrial, but ask my wife and she will say Gabrial


because it is the horse that's named after our son.


That's very touching and I am sure the sentiment for your wife is that


you want that to win. Interesting to know about Gatepost


he has a scar on his right hind leg. Yes.


It looks serious. I mean how serious was it at the time and


happened? When he was ba baby I think he ran into a post or they


gave him that name, Gatepost. But I believe the guy who was looking


after him, I think his name is Mike Doyle rang me a couple of weeks ago


and said he had to nurse him three times a day, six o'clock in the


morning, twelve in the afternoon and six in the evening until the


point that some people were asking him to give him away. I am glad he


didn't. He is a lovely horse. If you looked at his first two races


he looked a serious horse and hopefully he will go well today.


He looks a smart horse, Gatepost. Hopefully one will keep that record


intact? As my wife says, if it is a dead heat that would be ideal for


both. Another excited owner here


representing his son Jonathan Woodgate, Barolo Top, explain why


the horse is called Barolo Top? other two owners Mike Jones are big


wine drinkers. One doesn't drink. When they are out in Spain, one


will say, "I will have a coke." That's how it has come to Barolo


Top. What chance do you think he has got


today? We are here to enjoy ourselves. He ran well at Haydock.


So if you don't enter, you don't do anything, do you? We are here to


enjoy it.. It is a fantastic day. Isn't it lovely? I only watch it on


television. This is super. This is better.


Thanks, thanks for saying that being here is so much better than


watching on the TV! Michael Owen will be here. You are


hooked by this, aren't you? Yes, I mean days are like this are what it


is about. I love the flat season. Royal Ascot is the Mecca of horse


horse racing or the flat season. Is your boss, Sir Alex Ferguson


here? I am told he is not. I know he has got a horse in the last as


well that we have beat before with one of our other fillies.


We have beat a lot of the horses in the Norfolk this year so we have


decided to head for that as opposed to the Queen Mary.


That's Michael Owen. Keep your eyes out for Barolo Top. Jonathan


Woodgate will be watching from Ibiza and cheering him on. First


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


two-year-olds stepping out. Let's It is simple what they have to do,


jump out of the stalls and head for home. It is a straight course. Six


furlongs. Now, the fear is they thought the high numbers were


favoured in the first race, but it maybe too early to make any


conclusive judgement. But they were running on with the high numbers on


Ryan Moore, we said he wouldn't have a winner today. I wonder


wonder will have be odds for champion jockey? We have number 11.


It is an American horse. Gerry san Sanchez has not had many rides here


at Ascot. The horse is getting on his toes. The Americans are used to


being pawny. Having to go down themselves is a novelty. Horse


number 17 in the blue and yellow colours, that is Ryan Moore. He


came so close to winning our last race. Aidan O'Brien, he will be


keen to get on that score sheet and this horse for many people is their


idea of the winner. We can just see here horse number 8, Fulbright.


This is a a jockey that you have to sit up and take notice. A real good


rider. He is manage to go get on more of these Mark Johnson horses.


We saw this horse winning at Epsom 21 on the card. George Baker rides


him. He worked well at Leicester?


improved enormously. There was a fancied Richard Hannon running that


day. He didn't look that, well, he didn't look that experienced, but


he improved from that at Leicester and bolted up.


Trumpet Major trained by Richard Hannon and Richard Hughes. He has


improved from first to second run. Defeat at Newbury. I always think


on to third run, Richard Hannon's will improve. His first start this


year was the same race that through up Canford Cliffs and Strong Suit


that rip ard Hannon -- Richard Hannon introduced those two rinners


-- winners in. This is Power number 11 and he is


trained by Aidan O'Brien. He had the most appalling run in this race


years ago when he got no run and was murdered. It is a stable you


have to watch. Ryan roor ran over five furlongs. The return to six


furlongs today is in his favour. The next one going in is Roman


Soldier. We have no idea what they are


capable of. St Barths has a little bit to fin on Trumpet Major who was


behind him when they ran at Newbury. And this is Jack Who's He. He is


trained by David Evans. He had a couple of runs and won both of them.


He is not in much of a racing mood. Kathy Gannon having another


tremendous season. This horse, unbeaten in two, but his best form


leaves him with a bit to find, but he is hoping for more improvement.


It is a while since he ran, the middle of April which is unusual.


It is two months or so since he has been on the track and he is not in


a great mood at the moment. Jack Who's He, we can see, proving


very difficult. Kathy Gannon who is going great guns. She is just


flicking this horse. She has the blindfold on now. They have spun it


around a couple of times to make sure that this horse was unaware


where he was going. Once he gets near that stall, that will be the


next problem you will have with this horse. When he feels it, he


will know where he is going. There is Kathy Gannon bringing Jack


Who's He. There is Ryan Moore. The favourite to be champion jockey


this week. Power trained by Aidan O'Brien. Roman Soldier nearest the


camera. All in. Set to go on the Coventry. Stand by for a start.


Ready. Stand by. Racing. And away to a good start too. One


of the first away, Mezmaar over on the far side, Red Aggressor going


fast at the early stages and Barolo Top is up there as well. Mitchum is


showing plenty of dash. A run through the first couple of


furlongs. Red Aggressor showing the way there from Mezmaar and right up


there as well too in the centre is Brocklebank. Just behind them as


they settle is Barolo Top and further back then Commissar. On the


stands rail, as they race up towards half-way, showing out there


is Rebellious Guest who is showing speed and so too is is Roman


Soldier as they race up towards the two furlong marker and Power is


running on well. Out of the centre, Red Aggressor shows the way from


Rebellious Guest and Mezmaarment just just behind them, Jack Who's


He. Battling on too is Lethal Force and down the stands rail now, Roman


Soldier and Power have come near to take tup and now St Barths. St


Barths is coming home hard. It is power getting the better of Roman


Soldier. Ryan Moore has gone on to win it.


Running well, Gatepost. Towards the rear, Wesley Woods horse finished


well back. It finished towards the are rear of Commissar. Aidan


O'Brien, the team are on the score sheet. Power has won the Coventry.


Power train by Aidan O'Brien has won it. Let's see them cross the


line. Power has gone up to win from Roman Soldier who run a fine race.


St Barths came home well well from third. Lethal Force. In fifth,


Gatepost, and B Fifty Two and North Star Boy is there just behind them,


Jack Who's He then Red Aggressor who was very prominent. Mezmaar


couldn't run on. Chandlery was behind them. Then Rebellious Guest


who showed speed. Campanology was behind them. Then Trumpet Major and


Barolo Top who was up with the leaders early. Fulbright never


sighted. Evervescent was next and Pride And Joy behind them and


Mitchum further back and three lengths or so to Gabrial who didn't


get into it at all with the red cap and looking for the stragglers,


here is Brocklebank, still another three to come. Brocklebank is way


ahead there of Commissar and there the American runner, Italo has run


no race at all and finished last. The winner is number 17, Power by


Ryan Moore. It sounds as if the stewards are going to have a look


at this. Roman Soldier ridden by George Baker and third, St Barths.


There is a stewards inquiry. A stewards inquiry has been called


inquiry. I very much suspect it will be into interference between


the first two. They come close as they battle it out in the closing


stages and both jockeys have their whips on the outside as it were. As


I was watching it, I felt that Roman Soldier might have been the


one leaning in more, but I could be wrong and we will look at the head


on shortly, but you will see Power come through to give Aidan O'Brien


his first winner of the week. He won it again. Roman Soldier has run


with huge credit and they have come out of this pack. The favourite was


a bit, not actually in the end, the winner was the favourite, but


Mezmaar was disappointing. There is an advantage to running on the


stand side, but we are looking at two descent horses here, Willie.


We are indeed. This power, oasis dream, he is having a great day


today. Two winners here at Royal Ascot. I didn't see a lot... When


you see the head on, you will. Here we go. Ryan moorb. Oh, I see


now, yes. They have had a little nudge.


It is the winner. I was wrong. But it is minimal. I wouldn't have


thought they will change the result. He won three parts aflength. He did


go into him a nudge. The stick in the wrong hand. A little bit of a


talking to by the stewards to the jockey. Be careful in the future.


You never know. Something like a day's holiday just to make sure


that he keeps to that rule of keeping his horse straight. But


here again, this is Royal Ascot, everybody wants to win. Every.Inch


horse in its rhythm and it is going off line, sometimes you allow it to


happen because you are frightened to check the horse and you might


get beaten. So obviously Ryan thought he ground to make up and he


was keeping his horse going with his stick in the left-hand. It is


his right-hand actually and he kept it going there, but I don't think


there will be any change in the result. A very nice win for the


team. Henry the Navigator being their last winner since 2007.


Power have the right price. They have touched, but it was nothing


significant and I don't think there is any doubt that the better horse


of the two has won. I don't think WHO those who backed Roman Soldier


would say they would have won if not for that slight bump. It is


worth for the stewards to look and it is interesting to hear what Ryan


Moore's defence and what George Baker has to say, does he take the


view that he would have won. That's what we are going to hear in the


stewards room. It is interesting the distances here. A neck between


first and second and a length and a quarter between second and third.


Let's have another look at them. It is hard to tell here. They will be


looking at the head on. He is edging to his right, Power and they


have touched, but the winning trainer is Aidan O'Brien. He is


with Richard. Aidan O'Brien, what did Ryan say


when he got off and heard the klaxon for the stewards inquiry?


Listen, he was delighted. He gave him a great ride. It was tough out


there, so it was fought hard and... Did he say anything about the way


the race finished and about the fact that he was seeming going


right and that's what they have called the stewards inquiry for?


he didn't say anything about it. He is a horse who ran well over


five furlongs. He was going on at the end of that race and looked six


furlongs today. Is that fair? Seamus run him over five furlongs.


Progressive, tough, hardy horse, you know. Listen, he looked like he


was going to get six and further today.


A big, strong two-year-old. Se more of a a two-year-old or a horse hol


train on. Do you think quotes of 2,000 guineas are interesting?


he is a big, powerful strong horse and he is one of those horses, he


has the physique already. Most horses at two have to progress into


the physique. He has it already. He is a big, powerful, strong horse.


Would you be thinking of stepping up in trip? Maybe a race like the


due the Dewhurst? All those things will be open to him and we could go


back to the Curragh. But he is a horse that's going to get further


than six. How much afrelief is it to get one


under the belt on the first Dave Royal Ascot? It is -- day of Royal


Ascot? It is a relief to everybody and credit to them and I am


thankful to them. It is great to have a winner here. It is a very


special meeting. If I can ask you about your horses


that ran in the derby and any plans for Treasury Beach? The plan is for,


we are looking at the Curragh with the four of them. That's what we


are looking at the moment. Resit -- Recital and Seville?


got back further than they would have liked in the race and probably


coming down the hill was new to them, they are still very babish.


Aidan, thanks for talking to us and look at the early part of the race.


Here is the winner, Power. You see although he is a five furlong here,


he is outpaced here. Italo, the American horse, he wants to get


over to the stand-side rails. He burns out quickly this horse, but


he wants a rail. He does. I grabbed John McCain ji Spencer -- Jamie


Spencer and asked him why he would make such a move and he said it is


better over there. He has a little bit - he is in


trouble. But he is at full full stretch early on? It is amazing to


think that.'s horse it -- he is a horse who won over five. He won at


the Curragh. Let's look at one other. This is


Jamie Spencer. He begun his move. We couldn't get him in the right


position. He makes his way over. He does not make up a lot of ground


this horse? He does, but he said the group this behind were way


behind the others. It is Gatepost, he won a couple of


starts already. His wins have been over five furlongs. There is no


doubt he will be fully effective over the sixes. You see third


placed, or fourth placed Lethal Force is yet to win a race, but for


a maiden to be placed in a group race, these are good performances.


Let's go live to the stewards room The incident is on a loop.


Probably the top left screen is as good as any.


George Baker and Ryan Moore being asked to examine the different


footage of the finish and the stewards will look at this.. Tell


us what happened? I am taking up the running. I am in front. I am


running in a straight line and Mr Moore's horse has come up by me. As


he has gone by his horse darted into me and I have received two


relatively descent bumps coming up, you know, half a furlong from home


coming up to the line. Thank you very much. Mr Moore, what


can you tell us? I had a bash. He wasn't sound at the start, but when


I come to challenge on the right, we just drifted towards the stand


side. He has stayed straight for the the first three smacks and I


hit him another one to take me down the last 100 yards. I don't think I


would have done much more. He is a big horse. He got to the front and


just flipped around. Mr Baker, is there anything more


you want to say? Both jockeys being honest. George baker saying, "I had


a couple of bumps." Ryan Moore saying why his horse has hung into


the runner-up. The benefit of the doubt will go to the horse who


finished in front. They have to take into account whether the horse


that was interfered with might have finish in front of the interferor


had the fearance not happened. I suspect Ryan Ryan moore saying he


is a neck ahead. That's what he said.


He went straight for the three whacks that he gave him and then


the fourth. He moved across and he had to put the stick down and there


was definitely one bump. George Baker said there was two, but...


Did you think it made any difference? No. That's an ex-


jockey's point of view. When you get in the steward's room, you


would have said, "It made a big difference.". They have decided


quickly which makes us think the result will be unaffected.


Placings unaltered. Power wins. Roman Soldier who run well,


definitely a horse to follow does stay in second place for George


Baker. Aidan O'Brien can have a sigh of


relief. He has his first winner on enjoying themselves and placing a


bet. This is what Ascot is all about, people having a bit of fun,


Olivia? This is the place to go when all the racing has finished


for a good old sing song. They bring on the band and everyone has


a good old arms over each other. bit of chicken dancing?! Yes.


really the essence of Ascot. We've seen some great fashion today and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


sights there. Some terribly pretty young girls, but I have to say,


especially looking at that, the older ladies do do Ascot so well,


don't they? They do. They're very graceful with it. They really know


how to get a very well fitted suit and then just wear something bit


and wonderful and fruity on top. They just look so classy. There


were some really great looks there. We saw lots of different colours


and it seems as though this year, I don't know whether you agree, lots


of colours go together? Yes, sort of a black outfit with a mad yellow


hat, I think that's been quite good. And I've seen a wonderful McQueen


outfit, really beautifully fitted on another elderly lady. They're


smashing it, the elderly ladies. They really are. Come back for our


favourite in a little while. What a superb day it's been so far.


We are going to take a pause and look back on what we have seen


today. First of all, the Queen Anne Stakes, builded as a clash between


two of the outstanding horses, Goldikova and Canford Cliffs. Last


year, Richard Hughes played second fiddle, today he had the tools.


sitting on a real machine there. What a lovely racehorse. To beat


that, Queen of the horse racing world, is a marvellous achievement.


She is a very, very good miler. Of course, he didn't beat her easy,


but he beat her nice and comfortably. Convincing, he was,


superior on the day? On the day. Supporters of Goldikova made point


of the fact that after the race, it was subsequently discovered that,


Peslier... The weight... He went with the wrong boots and was fined


�6 50 and he came back two pounds heavier than he went out. Three


pound overweight then. Two in total. He was only beaten just under a


length. Yes, so next time. He got �6 50 fine for changing his boots.


But does that weight cost him the race? It's possibly two pound to a


length over a mile. So that puts them together. It's hard to make a


case for that. It's difficult. Got beat on the day and we'll have to


accept that. And Mr Head said this probably just draws out her stamina.


If it draws out soft, I know which one I would like to be on -


Goldikova. With Frankel. What a race that would be. The King's


Stand Stakes full of speed. A lot of fancied horses here in the next


one. Prohibit gave Robert Cowell and Jim Crowley a massive day for


their trainer and jockey. marvellous day. Rejuvenated, this


horse, he won in Dubai in the winter, he's kept him going,


finished third in the Temple Stakes at Haydock. He comes here, the big


day that he wants to win, and he goes and wins. Fantastic for a


small table, great! Four runs in the last four weeks, this horse.


doesn't matter. People criticise him for that saying he run toos


often and he said, I hope this reassures them today. He was in


tears after the race. Hopefully this will be a spring board for him.


The other star of the day was Frankel. A few people after the


race said Tom Queally pressed the button too soon on this horse.


Would you agree with that? Yes. What would you say to Tom after


that race? Ride with more restraint and ride him as if he's a good


horse, don't ride as if you are worried about him winning, you know,


ride as though you are sitting on the best horse in the whole wide


world. Sit there, he had him in a lovely position, a relaxed place,


just stay there, wait. Wait until you get into the straight and then


let him go. Me, I would have held him to the furlong myself. You are


one of the best jockeys of all-time. Lester Pigott, he would have waited


200 yards out. The great thing about this horse is that there's a


moment in the race where he has a surge. There isn't a horse in the


country, maybe not in Europe, perhaps the world, that can cope


with that surge, is there? I don't think there is. I still think we


haven't seen the best of him yet. It's extraordinary. When they start


riding them a little more restrained and believing in the


horse, believing that he's going to quicken, he's better than all the


others. In the last two furlongs, he's just going to glide by them


and we are going to see a fantastic horse. I don't know what they're


going to run him in next, have you heard? Possibly the Sussex Stakes.


Henry Cecil muted the Juddmonte International at York. The Sussex.


Still to the mile? Yes e -- yes. you think he'll stick to the mile?


The way he ran today, a mile and a quarter. He'll have to sit quiet,


mind you. Just to set things up, tomorrow, So You Think runs over a


mile and a quarter, a potential superstar in this part of the world,


has been in Australia and it's possible he could meet Frankel,


maybe Carlton House. A lot to watch this year. Let's look at the top


opening day of the Royal meeting. We had the drama of a steward's


inquiry after the Coventry, but it was survived by Sole Power and his


owners. Derek Smith and John Magna going up to accept the trophy.


Aidan O'Brien and Ryan Moore as well. Accepting it from William


Fox-Pitt rapidly becoming one of the most successful three--day


eventers. He's won everything! A silver medal at the World


Championships, for you yourself a Thame gold as well. I guess this


time next year it will all be about the Olympics? It really is building


up already. We have the London test event in three weeks' time, which


is very exciting to be going to Greenwich and competing there,


albeit at a lower level. It's just making it feel like it's really


about to happen. The point of it being in Greenwich is to make sure


there isn't this massive split. The event in the last few Olympics has


been a long way away and no further away than last time in Hong Kong?


For equestrianism, it will be a privilege to have it as part of the


Olympics. We'll feel like we belong. Often you are away to find a good


facility and London will bring it all together. That will give it an


added feel and atmosphere. And you would be in a near certainty for


the team, fingers crossed... Well... But the thing is, you have more


than one horse capable? I have a great string of horses coming on at


the moment and at the moment I could have four or five that could


look good for next year with great owners behind them. The next year


will be critical. They've got to show their best and I'm hoping that


one pushes his nose ahead to get me gold. You have a lot to look


forward to in your career as an eventer. When you look around, a


lot of the course is dual purpose, flat racers or jumpers. There are


some beautiful horses here, there are quite a few. The trainers might


be insulted because you could say they could take their hand at


eventing. That's a real compliment? I think it is too, but I'm not so


sure, but no, Alice and I would love one day to train, got a couple


more years and maybe more eventing and riding a lovely horse. After


that, this would be a dream, but for me just to be here today is a


real privilege and it's great fun. Glad you are enjoying it. One day


perhaps we'll interview William with a horse in the race as a


trainer. So far a couple of sprints, two races over a mile and now it's


a marathon, the two-and-a-half miles Ascot Stakes, Mick Fitzgerald


who's been everywhere today, you have been to the start, up on the


stand, in the paddock and everything. Great atmosphere. This


is a different type of race entirely to what we have seen so


into Swinley Bottom, it is a good climb. How big a climb is it?


quite taxing. When you look at it here, you can see them as they


start off. They go straight for the first bit, past the stands, nice


little breeze around the bend here and once you get to this point you


are free-wheeling. The thing is to let your horse find his rhythm and


stride because now you are in Swinley Bottom. You can see we are


climbing all the way around this bend into that straight. As we saw


with Frankel, he was desperate for that line to come. It is a real


test. Some people forget, especial 11 when you are watching on T --


especially when you are watching on TV, just how big a test this is?


The result can change dramatically because some horses have got that


bit more zip, they can get into a good position. OK. That comes up at


5.00pm. CLARE BALDING: David Pipe trains


the favourite here, Junior. He is a Cheltenham Festival winner, he is


here running in a flat race at Royal Ascot. He is fancied for next


year's Grand National. He might just have a minute or two before he


has to give Ryan a leg up. I won't bother Ryan. I would - can I just


Junior is? He is an amazing horse. Very versatile. Whether it is


hurdles, flat, chasers. One day he might be a Grand National horse?


hope so. He is bidding for back-to- back wins here. Your father, Martin


- I have to bring Martin in - when you paid 35,000 guineas, he said


what? I told him we would be winning this in a month's time and


he looked at me. You thought he was mad? I said, "You've got to be


joking!" As the gallops progressed, they have proved me right. Ryan is


about to get his leg up. Where's the blinkers? A lovely-looking


horse. For you, David, would this be your 500th winner? You would be


right, Clare. That is amazing. How many years? This is my fifth year


of training so it's gone extremely well. I have had a great teacher


and a great team at the yard. Owners and horses. He has top


weight today. Martin, you can be dispassionate about his chances.


David thinks the world of the horse. What chance of him winning this?


is a lovely horse. It is a very tough race. 500 winners, it took me


20 years to get 500 winners. David has done extremely well. We have


every chance. It is a much tougher race. We will do our best. He is


fit and well. We wish you well. Thank you very much, indeed. The


team behind the favourite for the Ascot Stakes, Junior. I know today


has been all about the big mile races. But for many supporters of


Willie Carson, this is the moment that your nap of the race runs,


Zigato? Yes. You rode Zigato's... About five generations ago. John


Dunlop trained her. What year? long time ago! A very well-bred


horse, Zigato. This horse won here? He had a prep around here, I think.


He won that very well. We are expecting big things from him today.


I will put some money on him and if he gets beat, you will give me it


back, right? No! LAUGHTER There was me thinking Junior was favourite.


Zigato is now favourite. We are venturing into the unknown here. He


probably deserves to be favourite? He won here over two miles. You


can't rehearse two-and-a-half mile races at home. Consequently, we


have no idea if he will stay the last four furlongs. How will


William ride him? He will try and get him to go to sleep at the back


and hope he stays the trip. It is fascinating he is main favourite.


You don't have that many stayers. Duncan is developing into a decent


one? We are in the same boat with him. Will he run in the Gold Cup?


Yes. Good. I was worrying that there were doubts. Good luck with


Zigato and with Duncan later in the week. Willie, did you have a


thought? Was this a race you enjoyed riding in? Of course. You


always try and get a bridge on the horse's neck and get on all the


weight off out of the irons and try and get the weight on the neck.


Over the distance of ground, you are trying to balance your weight


to help the horse a bit. It's a long way two-and-a-half miles. This


is the sort of race where the jockeys go round and the funny ones


will tell a joke on the way around. Will they? Yes. You have time to


get to the punchline! You have plenty of time to do a lot of


things. LAUGHTER Mainly, they will be concentrating on riding. Let's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 52 seconds


check the field in full. over two-and-a-half miles is Zigato


got one here. Willie has put up Zigato. Money for both horses here.


La Estrella has been backed from 33-1 into 20-1. I will go with


Willie! Runners are at the post, two-and-a-half mile start. Here is


last year's winner, Junior, only a couple of starts on the flat last


year. He's been busy since over jumps. Very versatile performer.


Very deserving favourite? He has a solid chance in this race. He is


likely to be up there. He will be hard to catch. There is Veiled who


is the mount of Eddie Ahern, Kieren Fallon not riding here this


afternoon. He is now with Nicky Henderson. Won on the flat a couple


of times. Has had the one win on the flat this year at Newmarket.


Nicky Henderson has done well with some of his flat horses? He's had a


good record in the last few years. Kieren Fallon is expected to be


with us tomorrow. Veiled has not won over this trip on the flat.


Doing well over hurdles. You would expect him to get this trip. This


is a tough race. It is a competitive running of the race.


Plymouth Rock, a good trainer, a good yard, it will stay?


presume this has been the plan for some time. He's had a couple of


runs. Didn't get the luck in the Chester Cup. Has a big chance.


would always forgive one who has not had a good run around Chester.


Zigato, there he is. There will be a bit of a question mark about the


trip. Absolutely. He looks like he will stay, though. There's a few


more to go forward. Let's go to Jim. Last couple going forward. Mick


Fitzgerald with me in the commentary box. It will be a


staying test? It is. You have a lot of horses who like to force the


pace. That's it. They are all in. They are off and racing and


Australia Day got a flier down near the inside and is away very quickly.


Away fairly well too Rattan and up there too is Yorgunnabelucky in


about fourth or fifth. Australia Day is going to be the early leader


and Junior is up there in search of a handy position on the outside.


Further back in the field Australia Day, not really settling, then the


blue cap of Tyrrells Wood just behind them, further back Veiled is


smothered on the inside, the yellow cap, then the orange cap on the


outside of Private Story, then out wider is Ermyn Lodge. They race up


now across the intersection. Junior out in front, winner of this race


last year, leads by a couple of lengths to Australia Day in second,


two lengths third is Becausewecan, Tyrrells Wood, then Ermyn Lodge,


Veiled is behind them followed by Private Story, Ashbrittle is not


that far off them with the red cap. Travelling in the centre there we


see Yorgunnabelucky. Then out deeper on the track is Sunwise in


the colours, then La Estrella, out the back is Unleashed, giving them


a start, so too Zigato and last is Palomar. Junior trying to do what


he did last year and probably at the same pace? He is. He is going a


decent gallop. Ryan Moore will be be keeping the clock. Also Palomar,


a real hold-up merchant at the back. So a good even gallop being set by


Ryan Moore on Junior, leads by a length-and-a-half to Ermyn Lodge,


Australia Day, Tyrrells Wood in fourth, Becausewecan in fifth


position, Veiled is not that far away. In behind them is Desert Sea


on the inside of Yorgunnabelucky. They are running downhill to


Swinley Bottom as they start to pack. Sunwise is just behind them,


taking to the outside very sharply Blizzard Blues, back in the field,


Rattan on the inside, Ashbrittle, followed by the white cap of La


Estrella, still Zigato out the back at this stage as they go to Swinley


Bottom. Junior is a long way in front of Zigato. William Buick will


want to get him a bit more forward here. 15 lengths separating the


leader Junior and Zigato at this stage but the pace has been on from


the outset. Junior by half a length, to Ermyn Lodge, they are three


lengths to Australia Day, two lengths further back Becausewecan,


Tyrrells Wood and now Veiled has taken to the outside. They are


clear of Sunwise who is giving them a start now as they race up the


side. Also Private Story trying to get into it now, Desert Sea ridden


on the inside, Ashbrittle on the inner, they are followed by Phoenix


Flight and further back in the field then is the white cap of La


Estrella. He is rowing away. He is not making much ground. Rattan in


the field, but can't get a run. Coming around the turn and Junior's


gone, he's dropped out. Ermyn Lodge has skipped away by three lengths


to Veiled who is giving chase. Australia Day flat to the boards in


third as they straighten, followed by Becausewecan, Sunwise is running


on fairly well. They straighten up, they have two furlongs to travel in


the Ascot Stakes. Ermyn Lodge by a length-and-a-half. The danger is


Veiled, racing to him with every stride now. It is Veiled on the


outside, she gets her head in front, they are clear of Phoenix Flight,


then Rattan from a long way back, but Veiled has the lead with 100


yards to go. It is Veiled by three lengths now and Veiled is starting


to come away, Veiled for a good win up to the line goes on to win it


well for Eddie Ahern. A tight second, Ermyn Lodge on the inside


of Phoenix Flight and Zigato from a long way back has got up for fourth.


Further back La Estrella, they are clear of Rattan, Sunwise, Palomar


ran on, Junior got tired, Ashbrittle behind them,


Becausewecan was next, Australia Day, then Private Story, behind


them was Yorgunnabelucky, Plymouth Rock was well back so too was


Blizzard Blues, in company with Tyrrells Wood and one of the last


Desert Sea. So Veiled, trained by Nicky Henderson, has won this Ascot


Stakes. It is very tight for second. Look at this. Ooh! Looks like Ermyn


Lodge on the evidence of that has got second, ahead of Phoenix Flight.


Then Zigato back in fourth. Then in fifth is La Estrella. And then a


gap to Rattan who was going well, couldn't get a run before the turn.


Then behind them was Palomar, followed by Sunwise. Let's roll it


on. They thr are long intervals now between them. -- there are long


intervals now between them. There was Junior. Then Ashbrittle, then


Becausewecan. Let's see the others crossing the line. There is


Australia Day. He had a perfect run. Didn't stay. Didn't get there. The


others are still coming in at very long intervals. There they are,


another three or four there. But the winner there, Mick, but what


about Zigato? How far back was he? He had a very troubled passage


trying to get through. He wasn't able to get through. Eddie Ahern,


delighted for him. He has ridden another winner for Nicky Henderson


in the past. CLARE BALDING: He has indeed. That is why Eddie Ahern has


been the go-to man after Kieren Fallon let him down this morning.


He has missed a Royal Ascot winner because of it. The only Cricked


neck Eddie Ahern was going to get was seeing twr the others were. --


seeing where the others were. That is his seventh Royal Ascot winner.


He's done this very well. Look at Zigato finishing so fast to be in


the photofinish for second. He's had two-and-a-half miles. Anyway,


this was a Nicky Henderson trained horse. His record on the flat is


second to none. His percentage to winners to runners is fantastic,


especially in these long distance races. Eddie Ahern, who has ridden


a few long distance winners in the past, he will have enjoyed this


very much. Coming to the races, not knowing he is going to ride it and


riding a winner. Let's hear from Nicky Henderson. He was receiving


congratulations from the Gold Cup- winninging owner. We are at Royal


Ascot and this is no unusual occurrence for you, a Royal Ascot


winner now? It's a bit unusual. We have been placed in this before.


This is a lovely filly. There was a moment where Eddie Ahern has a look


around as he goes past the eventual, might be the runner up, not sure, I


suppose that must have filled you with a lot of confidence? She was


bound to like the trip. She was very impressive over two-and-a-half


at Cheltenham. We had to bring her back to a mile and six at Newmarket


to move her handicap up to get her in here. I did say to Kieren Fallon,


who was going to ride her today, you can win as far as you like


because I need to go up as much as you need to to get her in. We got


her in. That was the plan. A quick word with Eddie Ahern. Is this a


good spare ride? I thought beforehand he had a big chance. On


the way in everyone was calling me Kieren Fallon! Is that a bad


thing?! It wasn't a bad performance today. You had a moment where you


had a glance around at the horse on the inside? I knew nothing was


going to come to my left. I had the big screen so I was keeping an eye


on that. The further I was going, the better she was going. Then


coming up towards the photographers, she started idling a bit.


travelled beautifully? It was so easy. I now understand what it is


like to be Tom Queally. Not quite the same! I know what you are


saying. Well done. Thanks. Your winner of the Ascot Stakes is


race will be on the red button. A bookie got knocked over in the last


race, now 5-2. Just before we look at our


favourite hat of the day - could you pick over these lovely ladies


down here? They are wearing some really sweet outfits. They said


they got them from the high street. They have teamed them up


beautifully with little hats made by one of the girls themselves?


Very clever! They look really stylish. Loving them. You have


picked out our outfit of the day. have. Let's see what she looks like.


Terrific hat? That hat is a work of art. This lady designed the outfit


herself. Then she passed it on to some local hat makers and dress


makers in Ascot. Look what they have done. There's wonderful


corseting at the back, just very, very chic. You can't go wrong with


the cream outfit? You can't. Beautiful. It's been lovely to have


you with me today. Thank you very much. My pleasure. Thank you.


CLARE BALDING: Those have been the fashion headlines. On the course we


celebrated the success in the Queen Anne of Canford Cliffs. Very


different style for Frankel but he still emerged victorious hitting


the front a long way from home and hanging on to beat Zoffany. And


that triggered three cheers for Sir Henry Cecil. My word, what a horse


Frankel is and Canford Cliffs. Tomorrow, we could be looking at a


new superstar. We ARE! I can't wait to see So You Think. We come on air


excited about. He was bred in New Zealand. He's been racing in


Australia. Now in the care of Aidan O'Brien in Ireland. Aidaan reckons


it could be the best he has ever trained. We are getting excited


about this horse because of what Aidan has said about him. He has


given him such a big build-up. been a glorious start here to Royal


Ascot, the sun has been shining. We have enjoyed it very much. Our


coverage continues on the red button. We will be bringing you the


final race of the day and all the highlights. For those of you on BBC


Two, we wish you goodbye. Join us tomorrow and thank you for watching.


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Clare Balding and Willie Carson present the summer showpiece in the world of horse racing, Royal Ascot. With coverage of the feature race, the St James' Palace Stakes at 3.45pm, plus the 4.25pm and 5.00pm.

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