Day 1, Part 1 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 1, Part 1

Clare Balding and Willie Carson present the opening races of the summer showpiece in the world of horse racing, Royal Ascot. Plus Suzi Perry takes a look at the fashions on show.

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meeting, the best you will find anywhere in the world. The crowds


are pouring in in their finery for the first day of Royal Ascot and we


have ahead of us five days of top class flat racing. This place is


special because it's stood the test of time for 300 years. Horses have


been racing here at Ascot and the people come because it's a social


occasion, but a it has a sprinkling of star dust, because it gives you


an adrenaline surge. It's special and it's historic.


You can judge from the picture that it's sunny and warm here. The other


big race was the King Edward the Summer Stakes, the Ascot Derby.


They're away coming to the half mile now. You will see masterful


timing and you will also see Her Majesty. Trained by Henry Cecil...


Racing towards the line... This is one of the biggest and best days


anywhere in the world because it combines top class sport with high-


class fashion. In front is Goldikova. Goes on to win the St


James's Palace. He wins his fourth Ascot gold. There are moments in


life when you want to be able to say "I was there".


Alongside me, as always, former champion jockey willy Carson,


leading jockey here three times at the Royal meeting. How long ago did


you first come here? 45 years ago, a long time ago. Do you still get


excited? Very much so. Especially on a day like today when we are


going into the Royal meeting. We are going in with Canford Cliffs,


rated a very high cult, virtually unbeaten over a mile and he's


taking on Goldikova, the Queen of horse racing. And then, not to be


outdone by that, we've got Frankel, rated the best horse in the whole


world in the St James Palace Stakes, so we are in for a big treat. Don't


go away. We have racing Royalty and the Royal Family as well, the Royal


procession will be starting shortly. People really get the chance to


dress up here in their finery. It's a parade ring in more ways than one


and a wonderful day for it as well. The sun is shining, the wind is


fairly light. There are the two top American jockeys, Mike Smith and


Johnny Velazquez. Paul Hanagan's got a good book of rids and Olivier


pel aye will be riding. Aidan O'Brien is hot favourite to be


leading trainer over the whole week. There's the Derby winning jockey


Michel Barzalona. Ryan Moore's been doing pitchforking to help out the


team and the warm welcome was for the newly Knighted Henry Cecil. One


person who's not here is Kieren Fallon. Never fails to surprise us.


Always surprises us. He could have rode the last winner. His horse was


a favourite for the last race and he's not turning up. He's Cricked a


neck and is having intensive physio today. Has a good book of rides


tomorrow, we expect him here then. Let's have a look at some of the


stars who are here. The most consistent and successful filly the


world has ever seen. 13 group ones in the bag and aiming for the top,


Goldikova is gold plated. But in Canford Cliffs, she has


serious competition. He has an lectern of foot and will be played


late by the great weighter, Richard Hughes. It's an all international


King's stand, eight different nations represented and the


favourite is the Australian speedster Star Witness. The Aussies


have won this several times. Many believe Frankel is unbeatable.


Hold on tight, we will enjoy the ride at 3.45, none more so than


Henry Cecil who thinks the world of his horse. The Dubai World Cup


winning jockey Mirco Demuro will be running. We have the fashion stakes


as well. People watching is a sport in its own right and leading the


fashion team is Suzie perry. Down here in the ring we'll keep


you up-to-date with the movers and shakers over what will be a


fabulous five days. Marvellous, John. To start with this first race,


it could be the best of the week. We have three Group 1s, but it's a


tricky card, isn't it? Frankel as well. Marvellous. What about the


morning movers? Yes, Canford Cliffs in the first race has been 6-4, is


now 5-4, massive bet went on that. Frankel in the 3.45 was 4-9 earlier,


it's now 11-4 on Frankel and Zigato was 5-1, now 4-1. Frankel, massive


amounts of money for this horse. There is an early tip isn't there,


something about dresses? Queen's hat - this year we are


privileged to have Jennie Bond. Royal Correspondent?! Yes and this


morning I looked at her eyes. I mentioned to you the colour of the


hat and when I said yellow, her eyes went a bit like that. She's a


good judge, Jennie Bond, I have a feeling the Queen's hat could be


yellow. Everybody filing past me to see the Royal procession to see


what the Queen is wearing. For the past 300 years, folks haven't only


been pondering which horses to back here, but also what to wear. I'll


wander around looking at the fashion from high street all the


way to high fashion. Later, I'll speak to top designer, Amanda


Wakeley and I'll share that experience with one of Britain's


top supermodels. Welcome to the coverage. Thank you very much.


are a big horse racing fan, aren't you? I am, they're magnificent


beasts, the four-legged friends. You were modelling away here. What


is it about fashion and Ascot? two go hand in hand. It's a chance


for everyone to wear their finest regalia, go for it, bring on the


colour and the broad rimmed hats. Wonderful. Very exciting. We have


been looking at some of the stuff coming through the gates, what


people are wearing. What have you spotted that you really enjoyed


looking at? Mainly the hats. People have really gone for it this season.


They've gone for big and loud and colourful and feathers and it's


none of the dinghy little fascinators, people have gone all


out, very proud of the British today. One particular colour that


seems to be standing out today? Lots of blue and pink. Wonderful


monochromes. Look at that fabulous yellow hat. Corals. Very summery


and bright. We are expecting to see a lot more of that. Talking about


fashion, we can't go any further without mentioning the new global


fashion icon can we, our very own Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine


Middleton, she's been simply stunning this year? She has. She's


really stepped up to her role. Her McQueen dress was exquisite and


everything about the wedding, I was in fits, had tears rolling down my


eyes. This wonderful Jenny Packham number, she dresses very well for


her skin tone. Elegant. At the Derby a week or so ago. And back


with McQueen for the fantastic jacket she was wearing? She knows


her fashion. And she has a way of being able to mix high street and


high fashion. But will she be here this week? We have our fingers


crossed. My Lords, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the start of


Royal Ascot, 2011. We are about to introduce some of the leading


jockeys expected to play a significant role over the next five


days. First of all, a man who's ridden 23 winners at the Royal


meeting, he rides Canford Cliffs in the first race in the Clash of the


Titans against Goldikova from France in our very first race.


ridden three winners at Royal Ascot and has the envyious prospect of


partnering the brilliant Frankel later today. Joining him is three


time champion jockey and the odds on favourite to be this week's top


jockey, put your hands together for promise. Our next jockey is the


current champion after riding 205 winners last year. He's had two


Royal Ascot wins so far. He's one of the outstanding young riders at


the moment. Please welcome Paul French teenager produced an


exhilarating ride to win the Epsom Derby at his very first attempt.


jockey who's already tasted success at Royal Ascot in 2009 when Scenic


Blast won the King stand Stakes. He partners the Budapest Bullet. A


round of applause for Stephen legends from America. One is fresh


from winning the Kentucky Derby last month and has ridden two Royal


Ascot winners, the other is a member of racing's hall of fame in


the States and had the glory of partnering the great Zenatta during


her career. Royal Ascot's delighted to have Mike Smith and Johnny


Royal Ascot winners and achieved some of his greatest feats at this


course, including the famous, magistrate Magnificent Seven.


Ladies and gentlemen, here he is, build-up by Gary and it's been an


incredibly busy year already for the Royals? I know, they must be


exhausted. Not to mention the horses, they've been on parade as


well. The Royal Wedding fantastic, then all the celebrations of the


90th for the Duke. Here come the sights that make Royal Ascot


utterly unique. So many of the crowd have themselves in position


to see the Royal procession coming through the Golden Gates at the top


of the straight mile here at Ascot. The Windsor Greys leading the way,


looking resplendent. Such a fantastic scene on a wonderful day.


I think the Queen looks as if she's wearing green. Oh, it is, look,


it's green. Now, whatever Gary says, the first word that came out of my


mouth this morning was green. There are witnesses, there really are.


the first carriage, Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the


Duke of Edinburgh. Alongside them and facing opposite, the Duke of


York and prince Khaled Abdullah, the owner of Frankel. I wonder what


is going through his head right now. He has a runner in the first race


He'll be busy with horses all week. Cityscape is the first. In the


second carriage, the Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Beatrice and


Princess Eugeney, Prince Charles and Camilla.


All eyes on the hat which sold on eBay, the one she wore for the


Royal Wedding. She raised �81,000 for UNICEF with that hat. Today,


she is wearing something a little less grand, I think. Gone for a


simpler look. Beatrice has finished her finals at Goldsmith university,


studied history and history of ideas. Carriage three, we find the


Cowan December of Delhusi. One of the largest landowners in all of


Ireland. The Duchess, Alexandra, she's a very close friend of the


Duke of Edinburgh, distant relative of him actually and direct


descendant of the Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin. As for the Earl


and countess, he's the current Lord struerd of the Royal household. In


carriage four, the Lord Vesty, Lady Vesty, Lady Braeborne. Lord vesty


is facing backwards on the far side. He's a regular isn't he. Former


chairman of Cheltenham racecourse, gave it up after 21 years. He was


riding Lord vesty in Trooping the Colour in his role as Master of the


Horse. Penny Rsey, carriage driving companion of the Duke of Edinburgh,


a great friend and been defriended a lot by the Queen recently as well


because her husband seems to have left the family home for the


Bahamas. Major Dan Rex is the Queen's Equitable we arery. A huge


passion for the Queen and it will be very much at the centre of the


celebrations next year. Indeed, yes. Got to look forward now to the


Diamond Jubilee. It's going to be extraordinary, an extraordinary


four days of celebrations. We have had an announcement of 1,000 ships


for the Regatta down the Thames. Shall we take a closer look at her


clothes now? Her clothes are by Ludvik. Ivory satin with pinks and


greens with a green fine wool coat. That hat is by Angela Kelly.


Angela's a wonderful personality, the Queen's personal assistant.


She's a Scouser and she's really a friend and confidante now of the


Queen. If you meet her ever, she's full of laughter and joy. Designed


the coat and hat that the Queen wore at the Royal Wedding in fact.


We were mentioning what a busy summer it's been with the usual


society events, but added to that, the state visit to Ireland, the


first by a reigning British Monarch for? Well, since George V I think,


yes. Going way, way back. And also the visit here of President Obama.


Then Prince Philip's 90th birthday celebrations. It's been non-stop.


He was 90 on Friday, gave a most interesting interview to the BBC,


to Fiona Bruce in which he showed his metal, his character. I think


he won himself a few fans actually with his challenging of every


single question. Then there was the service of Thanksgiving for his 90


years on the day before yesterday. The Royal Family have been out in


force for, well, it seems like weeks, doesn't it Having Trooping


the Colour on Saturday, I just happened to have been driving a lot


around that area, around Buckingham Palace recently, as one does! I've


noticed a much, much bigger crowd for things like changing of the


guard and also in and out of the shop as well. There's a renewed


energy of interest in the Royal Family and, as a traditional, we'll


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


Royal Ascot in 2008 when the Queen had a winner Free Agent. It was an


exciting race to watch. You could see the shots of the Royal box


showed the Queen getting so animated and excited. She does


indeed. I do think that there was a national sort of sigh when her


horse failed at the Derby, I'm afraid. Well, there was. He came


with a challenging run, you know. I honestly believed he was going to


win, I think everybody did. Looking at it now, the way the winner


finished, you couldn't really argue that Carlton House was unlucky. Of


all the people watching, the Queen was the most sanguine, practical


and sensible about it saying he ran a great race and it didn't work out.


She knows everything there is to know about racing. She knows all


the horses in the procession, the Windsor Greys and the Cleveland


Bays. When she used to ride a side saddle, she used to go to the


riding mews and she'd ride side saddle which, I don't know, can you


do that? Once, it's not very comfortable, takes a great deal of


balance and you don't have much control because your legs are only


on one side of the horse. Extraordinary for their age, 90 and


85 years old and this busy programme of events. Later this


year, they're off to Australia on an official tour. It's unbelievable.


I was staggered to see that. That is a long trip. I know she gets to


lie down, well, they both do, and that's very nice, but it's a lot to


ask of a nonogenarian. Lovely to see Princess Beatrice and Eugenie.


I think they're enjoying the events and it's a wonderful chance for


them to spend time with their father and also their uncle, Prince


Charles, who's in the carriage with them, and also the Duchess of


Cornwall. Yes, they are seeing a lot of uncle and aunt. Eujenie's


just finished her second year at Newcastle university -- Eugenie.


She's doing a tech colour degree. When they redesigned the racecourse,


one of the huge successes was the amphitheatre they've created here.


It allows so many more people to see the procession up close than


ever before. It's wonderful, I haven't been since the


refurbishment and I'm mightily impressed. You can hear the warmth


of spontaneous applause as the Queen's carriage comes around this


rubberised surface. It's a very smooth surface around the outside,


making sure the horses don't slip and very much the most comfortable


part for the carriages. She'll have taken a good look at the course as


she comes up. I'm told that John Warren said actually that she


listens to the sound of the hooves of the horses, sees how the wheels


are turning on the track and she knows just what the going is like


now. I guess they'll have enjoyed lunch


at Windsor Castle, so the Queen will have had a chance to talk to


Prince Khaled Abdullah about Frankel, a horse that's excited so


many in racing and the Queen will have reallyened being able to quiz


him about his temperament -- really enjoyed being able to quiz him


about it. She enjoys the minutiae. I wonder if she'll put a wager on


I doubt that. And here they come. It's so


wonderful to see it so close up. They're right behind us. And the


crowd cheering and waving out. Actually, I can see people singing


happy birthday to Prince Philip as well. Belatedly, yes. He didn't


want any fuss, but a fuss has been made. There's been so much in the


press and media about him. As the carriages go past, the most


beautiful view of Princess Eugenie's small dark green hat.


Princess Beatrice, alongside her as well. I think she's playing it safe.


The Dutchs -- Duchess of Cornwall in pail clothes, as always. -- pale


clothes. I think Angela's done a very nice


job on that hat, don't you? Pale green, for those who had a bet.


tomorrow, aren't you? I shall, if you invite med. You are officially


invited. Thank you very much. well as her usual duties, the Queen


is also going to perform a very special act today, which is


unveiling a statue of Yeats, the greatest of the Gold Cup horses we


have seen here, the only horse to have won the Gold Cup four times in


a row from 2006 to 2009. Johnny Murtagh was on board twice the last


two times he won it. On this board, of the oldest race of all, is


registered, His Dominance, in the middle section of this decade.


Aidan O'Brien, his trainer, and his owners, Mrs John Magna and


DeanniNagle absolutely adored this horse.


He's a retired stallion. Charlie longton was commissioned to create


a 10% overlife sized brond of him. And he said he was keen to capture


the horse's character, as well as his physical dimension -- over life


sized bronze of him. He said he was regal and glided over the ground


effortlessly. He said he couldn't have had a better subject. This


took over 800 hours to sculpt and it's going to be unveiled for all


to see for the first time, by Her Majesty, the Queen. This statue


will now take pride of place in the That is a majestic sculpture and he


has indeed captured the poise and length of stride just in walk that


Yeats had that covered the ground. He also had an incredible kind head,


strong neck and powerful, big heavy horse. That is a thing of beauty.


Plenty of things you can bet on. The top jockey bet always seems to


be popular. Odds on chances this week, Ryan Moore, very, very short


and I don't think he's any certainty to have a winner today.


He's 8-13, so for our viewers, in layman's language, that means you


have to have �13 on to win �8 and you get �21. Ryan Moore, 8-13, is


that any value? He'll be top jockey so it's value. But today? He'll


struggle today. But on that... getting a sore neck, like Kieren


Fallon here. On that basis, if you are going to back Ryan Moore and


didn't think he'd have any winners, surely you would wait until


tomorrow because the prices will get better. Good point. We can get


some evens. I think he'll be champion jockey. We usually have


your litp tips for the week. Give me a sore neck, yes. Willie's


wagers. King of the week this week. A selection from each. You have


picked them. What is it, Gary? thinking race two here, I've got


for Prohibit each way. He's a 14-1, but he's got to come from behind


and I think there'll be so much early pace upfront and I'll go for


a biggie on Prohibit. Willie, you have gone for one at 5 o'clock?


won't let me have the Queen so I've gone for Zigato, he's related to a


filly who I won on, about five generations back! That's one of the


horses that there's plenty of money for today. Was it your money, Will?


No. I've gone for Plymouth Rock. Ran last year, finished best over


two miles. Should get a place and should run a big race. Go on,


Goldikova! Before we go, just come up here, we can see the opening


prices for the toothfairy,, classic encounter, Canford Cliffs and it's


6-4, Goldikova. Canford Cliffs has just left the


parade to go into the paddock and he's on his way down. This is Cape


Blanco trained by Aidan O'Brien, a little momentary scare for him, he


lost his cool within someone emptying bottles in a nearby bin


got very close to his stable and made a few loud noises and he


played up for a few moments, but he's fine, calmed down. The horse


we are waiting to see is number seven, the outstanding Goldikova,


winner last year. She's won the Breeder's Cup. One of the great


race mayors of all-time and she looks magnificent -- race mares.


Good afternoon everybody, Richard Hughes is with me. An outstanding


ride coming up on Canford Cliffs. Pressure? Goldikova is likely to be


in front, you have to launch at the right time. That can't be easy?


that's why we ride all week, to get good rides like this, and able to


hold the pressure hopefully. Do you think you can beat her? I truly


believe she can, yes, she's not unbeatable. I've a very good horse,


with a great turn of foot. Just want the race to go my way, I don't


want any pacemaker getting in my way. If I have a nice clean run, I


might beat her. Looks like, with the pacemaker for Goldikova, you


will get a decent gallop. That will suit your horse, yes? Cape Blanco


will make sure it's a good, honest gallop. Should be a straightforward


race. Tactically, do we expect to see you at the back? Ideally, I


would like to follow her, but where I'm drawn, I'm not ideally placed


to get in behind her, so I might end up beside her somewhere.


wish you the best of luck. It will Good afternoon from the commentary


box, we are on the sixth floor. We have a magnificent view up the


straight and right down to Swinley Bottom. It really is some place to


be and we have a fantastic line-up all week for you racing-wise. Today,


all six races on the BBC. Let's We are on BBC Two for the Coventry


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


afternoon. Eddie Ahern coming in for the ride in the 5.00pm race.


CLARE BALDING: There the face of the man who has masterminded the


career of Goldikova. Olivier Peslier will take the ride on her.


Flash Dance is in the field to set the pace that will suit Goldikova.


Freddie has said she is in fantastic form. He doesn't think


she has lost any of her ability or enthusiasm for racing. It is a joy


to see her still in training and the Queen has remained in the


paddock to get a look, a close-up look of Goldikova and of Canford


Cliffs, who is a beautifully exciting horse to watch because he


unleashes his turn of foot so late on. Willie Carson is alongside me.


He is almost riding it! Have you had a pick? I wish I was 20 years


younger! Which one would you ride if you were? Goldikova. She is the


Queen of Racing. We know Canford Cliffs is a great colt. She has won


13 Group 1 races. America, here, France, you know, wherever you take


her she wins. You have to go with her today. They hope she is


slightly off her form and Canford Cliffs can get his chance. Let's


look at the horses with Mick Fitzgerald and Rishi. The first


horse, Mick, that you will talk about is the most magnificent-


looking horse, Canford Cliffs. sure Richard Hannon will be


delighted to see him so relaxed. There is such a buzz about the


place here this afternoon. I was at Newbury the day he made his


seasonal comeback, he looked big that day, he looks big today. He


looks sharper big, if you know what I mean? He looks like he has


thrived over the winter. He is probably approaching the peak of


his career. We will find out. will need to be. Here comes Cape


Blanco. Cape Blanco is a horse who has done most of his racing over


further than today's distance. He looks a lengthy horse as opposed to


the rounded power of a horse like Canford Cliffs? Yeah, he's a horse


who has not tried this trip that often. I think that it's a brave


move by the O'Brien camp, but who are we to argue? Frankie Dettori


has said that his favourite racehorse in training at the moment


is Rio de La Plata and he is on board. It's always one to be


respected, but he has a bit to do? He has. He looked to be very


unluckily yst time at Epsom. It looked like -- unlucky last time at


Epsom. It looked like he was going to win but he didn't get home.


Canford Cliffs? What a treat we have in the first race. A wonderful


start to the Royal Ascot 2011. Royal Ascot with Canford Cliffs and


Goldikova in the first race. It is almost too good to believe. I think


Canford Cliffs is probably the best-looking horse in the race.


Goldikova, her record of 13 Group 1 wins is outstanding. We talk about


her place in history. It's already assured. What she can do this


evening could be more special? Freddie Head has got it right more


often than not. CLARE BALDING: Three Group 1 races


in a row and we have a parade in front of the grandstands led by


Canford Cliffs, the four-year-old who is such an exciting miler. He


has won the Lockinge. Today could be his day. A huge crowd here.


Everybody getting used to the new lay-out and enjoying the expanse of


this new grandstand that stretches right down the course. Number 2 is


Cape Blanco, trained by Aidan O'Brien, who is helping lead the


horse out on to the course. Cityscape is getting very fractious.


Ryan Moore riding this one for Roger Charlton. It looks like he


will break the Parade. We then have Ransom Note who looks much more


relaxed. A 66-1 shot. Has Ascot form. Won the Britannia Handicap


last year. Has finished well behind Goldikova in a Group 1 last time


out. Rio de La Plata comes next. Frankie Dettori, who got the


biggest cheer of all, is on his favourite racecourse. Finished


third at Epsom. It was all right. But he is dropping back to a mile


here. Has won over a mile and a quarter. Then we have Flash Dance,


Mickael Barzalona. He is in there to make sure the pace is good and


steady for the wonder mare, Goldikova. Olivier Peslier, he


adores this filly. She is truly exceptional. It is a wonderful race


to start off Royal Ascot 2011. It is a head-to-head, on paper at


least, between Goldikova and Canford Cliffs. Goldikova is


scintillating! A true champion! Three Breeders' Cups! Canford


Cliffs is coming home quite strongly. Canford Cliffs sweeps to


the front! He shows what a good horse he is. Goldikova got there!


It's a record. Canford Cliffs, it is his best ride. Goldikova under


the whip. Canford Cliffs is going to get up. Canford Cliffs has won


it! Amazing! We talk about whipping... Goldikova makes it


mile is officially good. On the round course it is slightly easier.


Mick, it is going to get drier all the time? It is. The weather is


supposed to change after today. Anybody who comes here this


afternoon, they will be delighted with what they will see. It will


suit some horses better than others. The stalls are based in the middle


of the racecourse. But tradition is that the horses tend to make their


way over to the stands side rail. think it will happen in the Queen


Anne. Who do you think will win this opening race? I'm a huge fan


of Canford Cliffs. I want Richard Hughes to kick this meet off with a


win. The Queen Anne Stakes forms part of the British Champions


Series. The Queen Anne Stakes is run at Ascot, one of my favourite


tracks. It is a feature of the first day. It is run over a mile


straight. The stalls are usually basically set in the middle. The


trend is that the horses tend to win from the stands side position.


I won this race six times and it is one of my favourite races.


CLARE BALDING: Richard Hughes is hoping this year will be his year.


This is Canford Cliffs. Reading Richard Hughes in The Racing Post


this morning, talking about riding here. He said, "Royal Ascot is all


about confidence. To gain that confidence, it is great to have


that early winner." That is what he will need to do today. Is he right


on the quarters of Goldikova, is that where he sits, Willie? I would


say he will try and get right behind and get a draft into the


furlong marker and then if he is good enough... Press the KERS


button! Yes, if he is good enough. The thing is, they are going to


leave some score sh -- scorch marks behind them. What a specimen of a


horse. Goldikova on the far side there with the white cap. We will


get a clearer view of her when Flash Dance moves out of the way.


She is such a lovely relaxed filly. She is not what you would call


beautiful. She is beautiful because she's won 13 Group 1s. I love the


fact that she carries her head low. She gets a grip of the ground. She


is a world record breaker, this filly. If she wins today, it will


be her 14th Group 1. Well, we have just had the unveiling of Yeats who


has won all those Gold Cups, no doubt we might end up getting a


statue of this filly because she is - this record possibly will never


ever be broken again. Let's see if she is any closer to Canford Cliffs


in the betting. Where's the money going, John? Well, there's been a


significant move, it is Canford Cliffs. Goldikova 6-4. That will go.


That is now - in my eyes that will be 11-8 any minute. Don't forget


the early bet this morning, �40,000 Canford Cliffs. Goldikova is going


to be well backed now, John. there is to be an upset in this


race, and this is it... Cape Blanco is a horse that competed over seven


furlongs as a two-year-old at the top level. Then he went from the


seven furlongs and only competed at a mile and a quarter. He's always


found them just a bit too good for him over this distance. Could this


mile be the correct distance for him? He is really a strong


individual, where Canford Cliffs is elegant. For Jamie Spencer, it is


all about getting fractions right. He will be trying to ride a race


from the front. What about Cityscape? He was playing up a bit.


He looks very fit. He will do himself justice. His trainer has


done plenty of work with him at home, got him right. He's going to


pull off a very good performance. You cannot realistically see this


horse beating the top two because on all known form, he has a lot -


well a bit to find. The same is true of Rio de La Plata. He is a


good horse? This is a fantastic racehorse. Please press the button


to record because this race you want to keep. This is something


that possibly you won't see for years to come. They are loading up


for our opening race of Royal Ascot 2011. We have Canford Cliffs as


favourite at 5-4 ahead of Goldikova at 11-8. Will it be Canford Cliffs


or will it be Goldikova? Here is Jim.


Well, they are loading up. Only threed to be loaded here for this


Queen Anne Stakes. There is Canford Cliffs -- three to be loaded here


for this Queen Anne Stakes. There is Canford Cliffs. Olivier Peslier


has put up one pound over on Goldikova. There he is. He will be


slightly embarrassed by that particularly if it is a very, very


narrow margin at the end. Goldikova 5-4 favourite now. One of the


greatest mares of all time is starting favourite. That is it.


They are ready. And they are racing! Cape Blanco went into the


lead and is ridden hard, Cape Blanco by a length-and-a-half,


Flash Dance is lying second, two lengths away Ransom Note, two


lengths to Rio de La Plata sitting on the inside of Canford Cliffs,


further back is Cityscape. So it's Cape Blanco on the near side with


the white face, another white face on the far side, that is Mickael


Barzalona on Flash Dance, they are going stride for stride now and


setting a good gallop. Sitting in the slipstream is Goldikova, a half


length away Ransom Note, a length further back is Canford Cliffs,


travelling on the outside of Rio de La Plata and Cityscape whips them


in as they race up to half-way. So it is Flash Dance who now takes it


up from the Irish Derby winner Cape Blanco in second, in third is


Goldikova, who is travelling sweetly, a length away in the


centre is Ransom Note, Canford Cliffs is sitting quietly, Rio de


La Plata starting to move up, and out the back is Cityscape. As they


race up now with over two furlongs to travel, Goldikova eases


alongside Rio de La Plata and they take it up now, but here is Canford


Cliffs on the far side. They have kicked away from Cape Blanco,


further back Cityscape running on, Goldikova shaken up now, on the far


side Canford Cliffs is staking his claim, a furlong left to go and


Cityscape is moving in as well. Canford Cliffs, he gets his neck in


front now, fighting back is Goldikova, but Canford Cliffs,


Canford Cliffs goes on to win from Goldikova, in third is Cityscape,


followed by Rio de La Plata, a gap to Ransom Note, Cape Blanco was


second last and last is Flash Dance. What a champion he is here at Royal


Ascot. Canford Cliffs! He won the commentary here -- he won the


Coventry here, and now he has conquered one of the greatest mares


of all time in Goldikova. Ridden beautifully by Richard Hughes. 1


Canford Cliffs has got the money. Richard Hannon, the proud trainer


on the right, being congratulated: Let's see them cross the line. He


was too good, Canford Cliffs. Canford Cliffs has got up to win it


by three parts of a length from Goldikova, with Olivier Peslier


putting up one over, two-and-a-half lengths behind them in third was


Cityscape, who has ran an excellent race. A similar distance back to


Rio de La Plata, who was there with about two furlongs to travel. And


then a gap to Ransom Note who was just outclassed but ran very


creditibly. Cape Blanco was up there doing donkey work and back


behind them was Flash Dance. But there is Richard Hughes, absolutely


delighted to start the meeting with this 11-8 winner, Canford Cliffs.


He has done it in brilliant style. Let's check the one, two, three.


First is 1, Canford Cliffs, Richard Hughes. Second 7, Goldikova, third


3 Cityscape Ryan Moore and fourth is Rio de La Plata, Frankie Dettori.


One length, one and three quar lengths and the time 1.38 -- three-


quarter lengths and the time 1.38.38.


CLARE BALDING: What a thrilling start to the meeting. Canford


Cliffs providing a bit more in the closing stages to get the better of


the best filly Europe and probably the world has ever seen. Full


credit to this horse and to Richard Hughes on board because Willie,


what do you think he was thinking? It looked like Cityscape might do


both of them? Cityscape came on the outside with a good run, as did


Frankie Dettori on Rio de La Plata, but they couldn't quite get home.


The filly took over and she looked as though she was going to pull it


out again, but Canford Cliffs, he's got a big, big engine. And this


horse we have to say is a true, true champion because he has beaten


the Queen of horse racing here today. Four racehorses there going


away and the filly fought very hard and Goldikova, there was a battle


there, who was going to win? But the mare found that little bit more.


The pound overweight possibly didn't help. I think he's got beat


by more than a pound today. This is a very, very good horse and all


those people... Richard Hannon, his 30th Royal Ascot winner, watching


there with Sir Robert Ogden and celebrating in victory. They came


here with such high hopes. They knew they were taking on a


superstar. Goldikova has been clapped back into second place here


because the crowd at Royal Ascot do appreciate the effort that she has


put in. You cannot have a great race and a race to get excited


about unless you have two great rivals. This has been a Federer and


Nadal tussle and Canford Cliffs, Royal Highnesses, we have been


treated to a magnificent renewal of the Queen Anne Stakes and coming


out on top in the tussle with the great filly Goldikova, we welcome


into the winner's enclosure, ridden by Richard Hughes, trained by


Richard Hannon, the great Canford Cliffs. APPLAUSE Into this famous


winner's enclosure, Richard Hughes dismounts from Canford Cliffs who,


these days, is owned in quite different interests to last year.


Wears the same colours as last year. Included in the ownership is David


Smith, part of the Coolmore partnership of course. It was


significant that Cape Blanco was ridden for speed, that he was


heading the pacemaker, Flash Dance, the pacemaker for Goldikova. Cape


Blanco, an Irish Derby winner, has been up there forcing the pace in


this Queen Anne Stakes over a mile. Clearly, that has assisted in


recording a very fast time, in fact the time was only 1.22 seconds


outside the course record. So there are the scenes in the winner's


enclosure. Let's check the full result of race one, the Queen Anne


Stakes: A fabulous contest and the winner is 1 Canford Cliffs at 11-8.


What a race, Gary! Am I early to put my ride of the week in? I


thought Richard Hughes was fantastic. It was like a top class


poker game. He never went off favourite, John. The money for the


French horse... 5-8 for Canford Cliffs. 12 Months ago Richard


Hannon was in the runners up spot. Your first reaction? She is a


brilliant filly. He is a very good horse. We had to take her on.


that the perfect race for you? got two good pacemakers in there


and he followed the filly through all the time. He is a very good


horse. He can go - he has a cruising speed and he can also


quicken. That's the great thing. you mind telling us how special he


is again? It is worth repeating. is a very special horse to us,


obviously. You don't - you actually - these sort of horses don't come


along every day. Your jockey is standing by. Richard, there was a


fleeting moment of concern for his supporters when Cityscape came up


on the outside and you hadn't put Goldikova to bed. Would that be


fair? Yeah, Olivier rode a terrific race. He wouldn't kick. I couldn't


kick till he kicked. We did quicken a lot in the last two. Were you


always confident that when it came down to a turn of foot, you would


be on the faster horse? He is an amazing horse. Take us through your


thoughts in the race. They went a good gallop with Cape Blanco and


Goldikova, content to sit at the back? I wanted him to jump out.


Richard told me, "Don't miss the kick." I landed behind Goldikova


and I'm riding with Ryan Moore and Dettori. They could have made it


hard for me and they didn't. I got up in their slipstream. Can you


explain his performance, the enormity of it? He is the best


horse I have ever ridden. I have told everyone that. I am sure no


matter what horse you put in front of me, he will be the best. We have


had a great first race to the meeting. Let's look at how they


took their positions early on. Canford Cliffs is in stall six.


Goldikova is on the far left. Interesting, the early part of this


race, Mick, we knew Goldikova has got a pacemaker. We also have Jamie


Spencer going on. The other horses have bided their time. They have


been run at the back of the field saving energy? They have. Delighted


with the way Goldikova has travelled through the race. She is


in the perfect spot. You wonder at this stage how fast they are going.


Didn't look like they were going that quick. They finished quite


slow. I have spoken to a couple of the jockeys, they have said the


ground is good. The white sleeves and white cap is Goldikova. The


other ones involved in the finish are at the back of the field. She's


using more energy in the early part of the race? She is. Just as the


race hots up, Cityscape is coming into the picture. He ran a good


race. Also good to see Rio de La Plata. He did travel very strongly.


I wonder if dropping him back in trip might be a better option?


doubt about that. I think there is better to come from Canford Cliffs.


Canford Cliffs wins for the third consecutive year on this day. The


winning time faster than average - 1:38.38 seconds.


CLARE BALDING: Freddie Head, who has spent so much time looking


after this mare, plotting the course of her races, watching her


being beaten there with a look of resignation more than anything. He


still knows - let's hear from him. Your reaction to that performance


from your filly? I am very happy with her. She rode a great race.


The winner was the better horse today. He had a lovely ride.


Followed us. I think the mile here, it is a bit long, it is a bit far


for her. It is a tough mile. I think the last 100 yards, she has a


job getting the distance here. got a lovely reception. They love


her, the crowd? I was very thrilled by that. The people know horses


here. They are very fond of horses and champions. Your confidence in


her going for a fourth Breeder's Cup mile remains undaunted? I do. I


think she ran a top race. As good as ever she is. So why not? We will


go to Deauville in August. Then we will try and win a fourth Breeder's


Cup. Thank you. CLARE BALDING: Richard Hughes, he


said you need a winner early on in the week to get your confidence


going. My word, he did that! A beautiful piece of riding. Great


timing. Just hugely brave to take the pull that he did coming out of


the stalls but also to time it so well, Willie, to do the things you


said he should do? The race was set up. It panned out as we expected.


The only thing was we didn't know whether Canford Cliffs was better


than the Queen of horse racing. Today, he was. He is a very, very


good horse. And well done to all those at the stables.


presentation taking place for the Queen Anne Stakes, being made by


Sir Michael Parkinson and his wife, Mary, is there as well. They can


reflect on a really top class day. That is one to put in the memory


bank. We must not forget the guy, the family who bought the horse as


well. The Doyle family, they are very good at buying most of Richard


Hannon's two-year-olds that keep on winning. Well done to them. There


will be greater celebrations this afternoon if Sir Henry Cecil is


successful with Frankel. He is Sir Henry Cecil now, as of the weekend.


I think that is lovely. That is a really, that is so deserved and


there couldn't be a more popular knighted person - the first person


to be knighted for services to racing in ages. Sir Michael


Stoute's knighthood was for services to tourism in Barbados.


Yes. We can reflect and celebrate on the training career of a truly


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


down. Striding into the final furlong.


Henry Cecil. Holding on. It wins for Henry Cecil. Three cheers for


Henry Cesc im -- Cecil. Hip-hip. Hip-hip, hip-hip. He's wonderfully


eccentric, has an interesting manner about him, almost like a


dandy from a by-gone age? You think so? Yes, Foppish in the way he


holds himself and dresses and the brightly coloured socks. He's one


of those figures that you need in sport, instantly recognisable.


certainly that. Mysterious as well. Very, yes. Well, he's basically a


genius at training racehorses, you know. Doesn't matter when or how,


horses that go to him, he turns them into superstars and it's


happened year in year out. He went through a very dodgy part, not so


long ago, and I for one thought possibly that might be the end of


Henry Cecil. But no! Bang! He's back! He's better than ever.


could be training the best horses he's ever had in Frankel. We have a


feature in frankle coming up before his big race at 3.45, the St


James's Palace horse Stakes. A feature later in the week on Henry


Cecil so you can fully appreciate THE genius of the man. One thing he


loves is fashion. He has an extensive wardrobe. You've


literally been in it?! Yes, small enough to get in it, yes. Let's


give people the first chance to enjoy the fashion of the day here


at Royal Ascot. Here is Suzie. We are talking high fashion now


here with one of Britain's favourite designers, Amanda Wakeley,


thanks for joining us. Ascot is home from home for you, isn't it,


really? It is a bit, we come for a couple of years which is great fun.


And Olivia, you've worn Amanda's clothes before. How's that?


Wonderful. You make a classic silhouette that's just perfect for


any occasion, especially Ascot. Thank you! You are showing this


year's spring summer at the best. Show us what we are looking at?


Tribal influences, the hole collection, very much. I'd seen


these images of these beautiful tribes people, so all inspired by


the baeding that they wear or make -- beading. The jewellery they put


together also. The draping, the way things are really effortlessly


draped around them. I remember last year when you came and showed on


our catwalk at Ascot, there was an African influence there. What's so


special to you about that part of the world? Last year was more


Indian. OK, sorry! I just love the effortless ease that tribes people


and people like that dress themselves. It's literally all


about wrapping a beautiful piece of fabric around yourself, but doing


it in such a beautiful, flattering way. How difficult is it? We are


looking at your fabulous high fashions here. Not quite right to


wear on a day to Ascot, but if someone was coming here for the


first time, what advice would you give them? Well, I think very much


about the whole look, you know, it's not just about the dress or


the suit because then you've got to combine that with the perfect hat,


with the shoes and bag. I think it's trying to put the whole thing


together as a complete picture. Olivia, as a model, what's your


take on Ascot fashion? If you adhere to the recalls, you won't


look ridiculous but might look dull. Is there room for exploration?


Never dull. If you look around today, there are very fuel dull


pieces. It's a chance for all the ladies to go a bit nuts and to wear


their finest clothes and to really bring in the colour and bring on


the fabulousness of fashion! Yeah, exactly. I wonder if we could look


at some of the images we have seen today arriving here at Royal Ascot.


Maybe you could pass a few comments, Amanda? Beautiful hat. Sculptural.


I love some of the straws that we are seeing this year. Skew zi,


yours is the same. You see the light comes through the straw and


casts a shadow on your face, very alluring -- Suzie.


That looks like a Phillip Tracey? Yes, with a Dolce and Gabbanna.


Fascinators are always popular and work well on the younger. Yes.


of feathers we are seeing, and you are wearing them? Yes. I am.


Olivia is. My dog thought it was the shooting season this morning


when the hat came out. Got all terribly excited. This is an


interesting and unusual creation this lady's wearing. Yes, a


beautiful corseted top. She was very chic, I love her style.


think the other thing to remember about Ascot is, you are walking on


grass a lot, so you can either do what we do, tip-toe because your


heels sink in, or you can be a bit more sensible. It's also a place


where you can show off a fab loss hat and be a little adventurous


with what you wear, as long as you are keeping to some of the rules,


with your knees covered and so on for the Royal enclosure. Absolutely.


It's all about a complete picture. I think the rules have relaxed a


little in the Royal enclosure and if you are looking groomed and


beautiful, I don't think there's issues about complete length of


dresses and sleeves and all of that. So really be confident and enjoy


yourself and enjoy Royal Ascot 2011 Absolutely. Wonderful to talk to


you both. Thank you very much. Richard Hughes, for all his


brilliance, has never been leading jockey here at Royal Ascot, but


there he puts on the gold arm band to say for one race at least, I am


the leading jockey at Ascot and he could be, at the end of the week,


exciting rides to come, a beautiful jockey to watch when riding well.


He's proud of that arm band isn't he? He is. Ryan Moore is favourite


to be leading jockey and no reason why not. Going down early on


Kingsgate Native. He has an interesting history, this horse.


Yes, well, he couldn't do the business so they gelded him. He's


still a very powerful horse. He gets very hot before he runs and he


can get his typical sprinter, gets himself sort of geeed up and like a


spring, you know, himself uptight. That's why they've taken him down


early. I think today they're expecting a big run from this horse.


He'll run a big race today. likes it here, doesn't he? Yes,


he'll run a big race, he wasn't quite fit when he was second at


Haydock three or four weeks ago. Here is another. The sprinters are


always a jockey's nightmare. could argue he's showing the best


sprinting form in this country. My word! Oh, my word! Get him back,


get him bag back. He did well there, didn't he?! Yes. Wayne Lordan on


board. Better than trying to get the jockey on board in the parade


ring because he'll get all upset and be throwing himself around.


mistake, that's Morris on board, not Wayne Lordan.


We are taking a look at the sprinters closely. One that's


taking the eye for me, is number seven, Monsieur Chevalier. High


class, had a pelvic injury out of the course for a year and returned


with a decent performance the other day. Looks really well? He could be


performance of the year here today. Let's talk about the Budapest


Bullet, Overdose. He's getting warm. It's not normally a sign that you


would associate with positive things, although in his defence,


he's done this before? The thing is, when you know horses, like we saw


in the Derby, the horse always sweats up. If he wasn't sweaty, you


would be a little concerned. I wouldn't be too concerned now.


American challengers, number two, town town town named after a place


in Barbados -- Bridgetown. You like the look of him? I do, a top team


as well. Tom Pletcher's won all the races there are to be won in the


States. You have to respect him bringing a horse over here like


this. This horse is shining and gleaming in contrast to the leading


Australian hope, Number 11, witness witness witness. Most horses have


their summer coats -- Star Witness. He has a hairy coat? Almost like


one of us going on our holidays when it's winter, probably getting


a shock here, but I'm sure he's enjoying himself. Looks well. These


Australian sprinters, they've done really well over here in the past.


He's on his toes. We haven't seen him in the UK before. Does he look


like he's getting over the top? Are you happy with his deme nor at the


moment? Some of the horses are over the top, some just want to get on


with it -- demeanour. I like the way this horse looks, even though


he has the summer coat, he looks well in himself. Mick and rish


which were talking there -- Rishi were talking there about the


American horses. What do you make of it here? Very good facilities.


What about Bridgetown? Quick away from the stalls, be upwardly placed


and five furlongs suits him well. We have seen the American sprinters


are much faster out of the gate and they tend to be able to sustain


their speed better? In the States, the first kick away isn't great. I


would expect him to be fast. terms of what you have achieved


through a career, how much would it mean to have a winner at Royal


Ascot? This would be extra special. Something we haven't tried before


and to do it would be exceptional. We wish you well, thank you.


Runners on their way to post for the King's stand Stakes and aiblt


different countries are represented here. Let's have a look at the


runners and riders -- King's Stand Stakes and eight different


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 43 seconds


one of the most prestigious races of the calendar for sprinters. It's


a very fast five furlong track run with an uphill finish. The best


horses from all over the world come and tackle this race. In the recent


years, horses from America and Australia have been winning these


kind of races. Can't remember a more cos know poll tan King's Stand


he looks so well. But Kingsgate Native will definitely go on


favourite, John. Plenty of money for it here. They're backing five


and six horses each way. Great race. If this wins, the price will


contract for the top jockey. Exactly.


Let's have a close look here. A lot of the sprinters we were talking


about earlier, their highly strung nature. It's a very difficult thing


to just keep them absolutely right to produce their best. This is


Sweet Sanette, Jamie Spencer on board, the Hong Kong-trained mare.


She's six years old now, but again just showing that he's highly


strung. He's got a five furlong walk ahead of him now, Jamie


Spencer, because he's decided to get off her. I would imagine she's


one of those animals that could bolt to the start. Kingsgate Native


was taken down to the start early and we can see him down there. It's


a warm day today and a lot of the horses sweating up. Ryan Moore


taking a towel and saying, we'll dry this off. That's normal for him.


And Henry Cecil already discussing with Tom Queally what they'll try


and do with Frankel. Henry likes to be fully involved in the tactical


decisions. Interesting when he talked about the Guineas, he said,


I did this and that, and he'll tell Tom exactly how he wants Frankel to


be ridden. I suspect he'll be saying, try and miss the break when


the stalls open, get him in behind and settle him, try and, you know,


not make the running, don't go mad like last time. Tom will be


thinking, I wish I had a ride in this race. Because he hasn't in the


first two, so all he has to think about is Frankel.


Kingsgate Native trained by Sir Michael Stoute. Number Ten. This is


Sole Power who has outstanding form. They were worried about the ground


being too soft. Yes. The jockeys, after the first race, described it


as good. A couple saying it rides like a carpet. Rhine Moore thought


it was good, maybe slightly quicker. The first race was run in 1.2 off


the course record, so that tells you the ground is pretty quick.


Let's have a look at War Artist. He's swapped trainers a few times,


but in a race where they could go at, not a million miles an hour,


but they're goinging to go so fast. One that dropped out at the back


could surprise you later on. have to be aware that some of the


seasoned sprinters jump from the stalls so much quicker than the


English and Irish trainers. This horse was on his toes a little.


He's not using up too much energy, so I wouldn't be concerned. He has


in the past, the trainer said about him, he's used up too much energy


for his own good. There is War Artist, now with Marcus Klug in


Germany, being trained in the UK. Peslier on board. He's quiet on a


sprinter. These two were made for each other. You couldn't get


anybody cooler than Peslier and this horse, looks like he could be


out for an afternoon stroll. Very good. Sweet Sanette. Saw her


earlier on. Jamie Spencer walking behind her. She's come from Hong


Kong and she's obviously, not too bad now, but she was in a little


bit of a state and I suppose it's the journey, a different country,


the number of people here as well, got her a little upset. I'm sure a


lot of people will be watching this in Hong Kong pleased to see the


horse is as relaxed as this now. She's really settled down, dropped


her gate and I'm sure that any one of these supporters will be


delighted. Looks in good form as well. Here is Monsieur Chevalier.


Richard Hughes riding her. Missed a season. Didn't get the


best of runs on his debut, it was rather eye-catching in fourth place


though. Indeed it was and looks like it will improve again. Richard


Hannon, Richard Hughes, a great team already on the board here


today. Your favourite 6-1. We saw Hugo


Chavez there. 7 one he was. Rhine Moore, still 8-13.


They're all at the post with the exception of Ryan Moore. His horse


can be a handful. Knocked Sir Michael Stoute down a few years ago.


Normally jockeys go early, they leave. But he went earlier than


early and they wanted to make sure they got the horse down here nice


and relaxed. The horse has some good form to his name and he's not


without a chance here. He's a rarity in English sprinters because


he's travelled the world. Although he hasn't landed a nice prize, he's


ran with credibility. Jamie Spencer there, dispensed with his running


tactics and decided to get a lift down. I would think they're keen to


get the races off on time. The sprinters are finely tuned athletes.


Jamie's being driven on the way down to the five furlong start but


in all honesty, only about 200 yards to jog, didn't he? Wouldn't


have killed him, surely not?! start for a Group 1 race. Jamie


Spencer will be reunited with Sweet Sanette. This is the favourite,


Star Witness, trained in Australia straight course at Flemington. We


thought it might be the right horse for Ascot. He won a Group 1 and 2,


and a Group 1 down the straight on Derby day. COMMENTATOR: Star


Witness comes away. Too good for them. The colts that have won it,


they won two and three like he did. If he happened to win a Group 1 in


England, I think he'd be the first colt to do that. If you can come


over here and know you have a good chance to have winning, it's hard


to resist. It could be a career highlight, I would love to have an


Ascot winner on my rez May. mare whose son are calling the best


sprinter of all-time, she is. resume. She brutalises the other


horses and doesn't seem to extend at doing it. Our racing is more


toward deep racing. We have a pool of horse racers and they tend to be


the best sprinters of the world. They're won, the races, by those


who have superior speed. Historically, you can't come from a


long way back in the King's Stand. He'll step away from the gate and I


imagine he'll be one or two lengths in front. As long as he's tracking


well into the race inside the furlong, he'll be very hard to hold


out. Australian sprinters have won this race four times in the last


eight years, Danny O'Brien there watching from the sidelines. He's


done everything he can, now it's up to Star Witness. But the one mark


against him, Willie, is that he's not the best sprinter in Australia?


No, Black Caviar is, he's a mare that beat this one. We'll have to


look forward to seeing Black Caviar here next year, if this one win,


which I believe he's going to do next year. Kingsgate Native ahead


of Star Witness. The beautiful grey is Arctic. Monsieur Chevalier. Ryan


Moore will leave things late with Kingsgate Native as well, he likes


a lot of cover in this race. Interesting to see whether they


race up the middle. The favourite sweating around the ears there.


It's a very hot day. It's a very hot and very, very international


King's Stand staixs. Let's join Jim last to be loaded. Last one going


forward is Bridgetown. Restless for some time. Ready. That's it!


They're racing. In the centre, Sweet Sanette was


one of the first away. Up there too, Rose Blossom. On the far side,


overdose, well clear of the pack as they split into two groups. On the


near side, Overdose leads them. Prohibit. Group Therapy. Iver


Bridge Lad. Sweet Sanette. Tangerine Trees. They start to


merge now. Rose Blossom. Sweet Sanette from Hong Kong for Rose


Blossom. Swiss Diva. Tangerine Trees. Bridgetown. Star Witness.


Inside the final furlong now and it's Sweet Sanette for Hong Kong,


two in front. Prohibit. Star Witness down the outside. Prohibit


grabs the lead. Prohibit's won the King's Stand. From star witness and


Sweet Sanette, just behind. Sole Power. Tangerine Trees was one of


the last in company with Swiss Diva. The winner is number nine, Prohibit,


ridden by Jim Crowley. There's the winning trainer, Mr Cowell. What a


thrill for him. Let's see them cross the line. Prohibit there, the


asy came late, Star Witness couldn't take himself back up to


him. -- the Aussie. Overdose was fourth. A gap to War Artist and


Kingsgate Native, almost a dead heat there, we'll leave that to the


judge and Iver Bridge Lad just behind them. Just behind them, as


they cross the line, is Sole Power. Then, Astrophysical Jet, Mar


Adentro. Bridgetown next. They were followed by Holiday For Kitten.


Then Group Therapy. Arctic. Stone Of Folca. Rose Blossom. Swiss Diva.


Last, Tangerine Trees. So, the winner, let's check the one, two,


three, four. First is number nine, Prohibit, second, Star Witness,


third is Sweet Sanette, fourth number eight, Overdose. The 7-1 the


winner. I have the winner trainer with me enjoying one of the


greatest days of his life. Repeat to me what you just said? I'm still


going to say it again, I cannot believe this has happened to me.


Has it happened, I mean really? you want me to pinch you? No! I


just can't believe it, I'm overwhelmed. I've got glasses on,


so you won't notice I'm crying. You've had a lot of faith in this


horse for a very long time. Took him out to Dubai, you trained him


to a high level. Up always believed he was capable. You must feel so


proud? I am. I almost get a bit of flak from everybody saying I run


him too much but he thrives on his racing, he runs out to the paddock


in the morning, he'll be in there for two-and-a-half weeks and with


four days, he'll put all the weight back on that he lost in the race


before so it takes nothing out of him. He's a game, game horse and


I'm chuffed to bits for everybody. You have lots of decent horses.


You've got, by general standards, a decent sized stable. You are not up


there with Henry Cescle and Michael Stoute, but to win this race, a


group 1, at Ascot, what does it mean? It's the best day of my


racing life without the shadow of a doubt. Awesome. I'm just so pleased


for everybody, fantastic. I can't tell you how much emotion is


running through me right now, I'm just chuffed. It's the first time


that Prohibit has won at group level. It's the first Royal Ascot


winner for the owner. It was a very, very fast pace, blisteringly fast


as, out of the stalls had been Rose Blossom. She shuffles back through


the field now, and it's Star Witness and Prohibit who close from


mid back to catch Jamie Spencer on Sweet Sanette. Thrilling race to


watch. Overdose, so glad he's ran well again, they thought so much of


him, the Hungarian horse. Watch these two come through here.


They've gone hard, but that's their style of racing and that's what


they do. Robert Cowells bought this horse and he's done absolutely


marvellous. Took him to Dubai in the winter, he won there and he ran


third in the Temple Stakes up at Haydock earlier on and he's beaten


those two horses who beat him, Sole Power and Kingsgate Native. He's


beaten them today, he's improved for that run. He improves for


racing, so he's obviously at his best today and possibly just needs


the day over the flying five here at Royal Ascot was a multi-national


affair, a high class field of global sprinters, but it's been won


by Great Britain, it's been a first Royal Ascot winner for both Jim


Crowley, the man on board, and for Bob Cowell, Robert Cowell. They


celebrate the success of Prohibit in the King's Stand Stakes.


Prohibit coming back into the winner's enclosure. Robert Cowell,


a great training performance. Very skilful job. He ran well, ran with


great promise in Dubai. Now he's come back home to the UK and he's


won the King's Stand Stakes. The distances were a half length and


the same. The time 59.5 was about 2.06 seconds slower than Miss


Andretti recorded in 2007. There's the winner, he's done well and he


knows it. Let's have a look at the SPs now on race two, the King's


12-1 before the off. Was it because of you? I fancied this horse. The


wife's just text me, I've seen a lovely pair of shoes - you can't


win! What is he on about?! Let's look at what happened at the start


of this King's Stand Stakes. They are all towards the right-hand side.


Just from one from the right, the American horse, not that quick into


his stride, was he? That didn't help Mike Smith's horse at all.


Interesting to see that they did split into these two separate


groups. You see so many of them coming from this side. A lot of


trainers will be worried or delighted with that. Let's look at


the closing stages. Prohibit is a lovely sprinter. If you backed him,


you will have become involved with him. A lot of hard luck stories


along the way for this big success. You can see the Australian horse


alongside him there, every chance and Overdose, what a great race. We


saw Jamie Spencer getting a lift down to the start, unfortunately


the post came too late. A great moment. The United Kingdom has not


had a winner of this King's Stand Stakes for quite some time.


CLARE BALDING: There in your shot is Frankel, unbeaten in six starts,


the extraordinary winner of the first race in the British Champion


Sees and he will be in action next on BBC Two in the St James's Palace


Stakes. We will not see him race like this, but we rare I will have


seen a classic won in such style as this horse won at Newmarket. He's


proved that he is exciting and exhilarating. Now he has to prove


Clare Balding and Willie Carson present the summer showpiece in the world of horse racing, Royal Ascot. Five days of quality racing begin with the opening two races, at 2.30pm and 3.05pm, and the team look ahead to the day's feature race, the St James' Palace Stakes. Joining Clare and Willie are Rishi Persad, Ian Bartlett, Mick Fitzgerald, Jim McGrath, John Parrot and Gary Wiltshire. And with fashion a large part of this great event, Suzi Perry will be out and about taking a close look at some of the spectacular outfits on show.

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