Day 3, Part 1 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 3, Part 1

Coverage from Ladies' Day, the third and biggest day of the world-famous race meeting. On the track the week's racing highlight, the Ascot Gold Cup, is run. Clare Balding hosts.

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we have grey skies above Ascot Racecourse and for Ladies' Day -


Gold Cup day here at Royal Ascot, umbrellas are up. That may be where


most of the colour is from. The queen has a personal message in the


race card. She says "as I reflect on the past 60 years much has


changed for Ascot Racecourse. The eyes of all those who love horse


racing are upon these beautiful surroundings upon this special week


in June." The wind has been stronger as well. The four


kilometres of bunting have been blowing about in the breeze. For


many here, with hats and umbrellas, it may be a tricky time ahead. I


suggest a big hat pin as well. People are looking magnificent. So


many book their day off years in advance. There is Bruce Forsyth.


Sir Steve red -- Redgrave as well. This, the prize for the best stayer


on show today - that the statue of Yatess. The first and the only


horse to win the Gold Cup four years in a row. Now safely retired


at stud. Fame and Glory has a touch of class


about him. He knows how to do this, having won it last year. This is a


great day's racing and of fashion as well. This has everything.


One of the most prestigious days in racing. For over 200 years, we have


gathered for this distinguished race.


What brings us here? The prestige. The horse racing. The fashion.


The winning. Stilettos and muddy earth.


The sound of hoofs past the post. Gold Cup's day. Ladies' Day. When


women, like angels, like sweetly divine.


Not thinking about fashion though is Hayley Turner. She has a big


task ahead. She's on board a horse for the Queen in the Ribblesdale.


Dettori has won the Gold Cup four times. He has picked Colour Vision


from the team. Murtagh is on board Saddler's Rock.


William Buick's came yesterday. He's the new ban in the Godolphin


team he's on board Opinion Poll. Ryan Moore is in front. Just in


jockeys are looking at. They don't really care about the crowds or the


photographers and certainly not about the fashion. It is all about


riding a winner? It is. For some of the top lads, the likes of Frankie


Dettori, who has won winners in the 40s here, he will be desperate to


get his name on the board. You are judged on your big successes. He


would have experienced that feeling you get when you ride a winner on


the bigger stage. He will be desperate to get it. The jockeys


have been presented to the crowd. An effort being made that jockeys


have a higher profile. Like swimmers and I guess motor racing


drivers, - all their work is done with with helmets on and goggles.


It is hard for them to forge an identity in the way that golfers do,


in so much as face-time. It is great that people get a chance to


see them. I think for all the lads as well a little bit of a higher


profile can only help their earners. It is not glamorous, in terms of


when they arrive, a lot go to the sawn that and try to sweat down to


the weight they need to do today. There is someone who has come out.


They will study the form. Obviously having a chat. There's a good


atmosphere in there. It is serious work, this. It is very serious.


Like I said, you are judged on your successes on the biggest stage.


Trust me, stages don't come any bigger than here at Royal Ascot.


There's Neil, he'll be happy to have a winner.


Unlucky yesterday, horses didn't run up to the mark. Murtagh - no


winner at this meeting. It is amazing what goes on in your head


as a jockey. You have so many things to sort out - you have


travel arrivals. People asking for badges. These sort of things. All


you want to do is ride a winner. That is all you can think about.


For you, at home, I hope you feel as if you have a badge and the best


seat in the house. We are here on the BBC until the end of racing


today across the three networks. This is what we've got in store for


you. Tickets have been sold out for


months because this is Ladies' Day - the day in which women


traditionally wear their biggest, boldest and most fashionable outfit.


Stamina for anyone in high heels, but for the horses negotiating the


two-and-a-half miles of the Gold Cup. We sent off two ex-jockeys to


test out the track. In charge of the ground, for the


past 16 years here at Ascot has been Gilly, he retires after 46


years in total as a groundsman. We pay him tribute.


We'll will taking you to Ireland, to the yard of John Oxx to ask him


and Jimmy Murtagh about the chances of Saddler's Rock in the Gold Cup.


The horse talks to the camera as well!


And we will ask those who ride and train runners what makes Royal


Ascot so special? Six races in total. The first of


them for two year olds at 2.30pm from now until nearly 6pm.


A few non-runners since the declarations were made.


Complicated is out of the first race.


Anaconda and Star Board non-runners. Let's find out about the state of


the ground after that overnight rain.


We had eight-and-a-half millimetres of rain overnight. The going


description yesterday was "good", today, it is good to soft. I have


walked the straight course here. The perception is the straight


course rises quicker. The timings yesterday suggested good to firm,


as as close as you can get. The straight course will ride quicker


than the round course. The round course is where the Gold Cup takes


place this afternoon. Last year there was rain before Fame And


Glory won the Gold Cup. Although there is some moisture on the round


course I believe Fame And Glory will cope with conditions fine.


Different conditions for horses on the round course this afternoon,


for the horses and riders, indeed. It is a different day for the


fashion. Let's find out about that now. We will not let the weather


conditions deter the fashion today. The accessory of the day may be the


umbrella. I will talk to top milliner steefpb Jones later on and


ask him to share my broadcasting duties. Eve Pollard is with us


today. It is lovely to be back, having done this gig for 23 years.


You can talk us through some changes. I am sure it's very


different now. In some ways it is. In some ways it's the most


wonderful show on earth. The women look fabulous and even the men look


more handsome in their penguin suits. In their finery. We will


examine that later on. And also everybody trying to find a


win and go home in profit, if they can. Nick opened his race card,


pointed to a horse's name and said, this will win. You better share it


with everybody. I am full of confidence after my display


yesterday. I like the horse trained by Mr C oorbgs x. So Reckless


Abandon in the -- --. Cox. Reckless Abandon.


Hoping to do better? I am the substitute. He could not tip


wheelbarrows yesterday afternoon. You have some predictions for us


this afternoon. It is difficult. It is the most competitive racing in


the world. What have you come up with. In the first Reckless Abandon.


Cay Verde is the favourite, but I am going with Reckless Abandon. I


think this ground may make the difference to the favourite. The


second race is The Fuge. That was unlucky before and you would think


she would have a good chance. This is like a rerun of the Oaks.


Fame And Glory - this is the horse that I don't think will be beaten,


especially now that if rain has come.


It has scuppered the chances of a lot of his dangers. Then you have


Fast Or Free. The Haggas horse, he has won twice. He's an up and


coming horse. I think you will see the best racing he's run so far.


Tales Of Grimm is in the Tercentenary Stakes. He's the horse


I think will be winning there. It ran very well at Sandown last time.


Michael Stoute has not had a winner so far. He will hopefully here


today N the last race is a horse I bred myself, in the king -- King


George Stakes. He is badly drawn. You have Fitzgerald to beat. I hope


I get one to beat the Mick. How did you enjoy your first day at


Ascot? I didn't place any bets. I think I will today. That �100,000


bet yesterday was not me. It was a bit scary. Kate will help us


through through the royal procession and keep you informed


with all her historical tip bits about the Royal Family. Not just


about our present Queen, but about monarchs from years gone by. These


are the shots approaching the gates at the top of the racecourse. Very


brave n the conditions, given that showers are forecast. Still we have


the open carriages, so that if crowd here can get a clear look at


the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. For those who have had bets on the


colour of the queen's hat - mint green is the winner. The Queen


wearing a pale mint green and that hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan. In the


first carriage we have the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. Joining


them today Sir Peter O 'Sullivan. His last commentary coming on the


about that leading carriage, between them at the age is over 320


years, which is not bad! It really is not. Fantastic to see them


looking so well. We will be talking about Her Majesty the Queen in more


detail when we have seen the other carriages. In the second carriage,


we find a Royal Highness the Princess Royal. Princess Beatrice


as well. The Page of Honour to the Queen between 1985 and 1987. An


officer in the Welsh Guards. And also Jeremy Richardson. For many


years he ran at the injured jockeys Fund. And the Princess Royal is


Britain's representative on the International Olympic Committee.


She competed in the Olympics, as did Captain Mark Phillips, and now


their daughter, Zara Phillips. In the third carriage, we have the


Duke of York's younger daughter, Princess Eugenie. Edward Toll Bar


Marsh, a godson of the Prince of Wales. At the inquiry to the Queen.


Charles Richards, in a black top hat. Luckily, the winds seem to


have died down, otherwise hands would be to hats to keep them in


place. And in carriage four, the chairman of the Hong Kong Jockey


Club. His colours are well known in racing. Read Jazz, one of his, and


his wife is also in there with him. You will be very familiar with


those faces, Mr and Mrs Middleton, also in the carriage. The mother


and father of the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William


celebrating his 30th birthday today, so he and his wife are not at the


races. They got married on 24th April last year in front of 24


million people watching in the UK alone. But billions worldwide


watched the royal wedding. Absolutely, especially in the


United States. It was an incredibly popular occasion. The romance, the


beauty. It has given a massive boost to the royal family's


popularity. William is number two in popularity behind the Queen. It


is fascinating, a big change. Crowds young and old gathering to


watch the royal procession, making sure they get their position to get


a really good look. We are not daunted by rain! The Queen


deliberately carrying a transparent umbrella, and actually matching the


mint green. The umbrella matches everything. She has thought


carefully. I have to confess I have not brought a purple umbrella. We


have had an awful lot of queries for you. The more information


people get, the more they want to know, which is fantastic. The Duke


of Edinburgh being very animated. bet he is telling some good jokes.


I think they are waving at the people on bicycles. Peter


O'Sullivan deep in conversation with John Warren. The Queen today


with a runner with a good chance, not necessarily a guaranteed winner.


But moment Terry has a good chance in the second race. -- Momentary. A


question for you, was Queen Victoria interested in racing?


Queen Victoria was very keen on it. She first came to Ascot after she


became Queen. Then the winner was put up on a great big blackboard so


that everybody knew. She had big success with horses but she did not


attend Ascot after the death of Prince Albert. She was mourning him.


Was there no royal procession? It was really until her son, Edward


the Seventh, became King. He instigated it again. He loved tie


society. He was desperate to get out of his mother's shadow and he


brought back the glamour and glitz. He would have loved Ladies' Day.


There was nothing that he loved more than good-looking ladies in


hats and umbrellas! Giving your study of monarchs over the years,


how have the female monarchs Dyfed in the way they have presented


different? The Queen Mother said that the English like queens, and I


think we do. If William and Kate have a little girl, she will


inherit the throne in the same way as a little boy would have done.


Some of our favourite monarchs have been Queen's, including Elizabeth I


and Victoria. It is a difficult job to be Queen. On the one hand you


have to be a great ruler, you have to be successful, but you also have


of modesty. When Elizabeth I gave that famous speech about having the


body of a woman but a heart and stomach of a King, that was very


important. You have to have both. Queen Victoria lost Prince Albert


relatively young, and the difference is that the current


Queen had the Duke of Edinburgh by her side. She is the longest


married monarch. She was in love with him at the age of 13. He said


they should go and jump the nets at Dartmouth Naval College. They did


that and she was in love with him, no change. Jump the next? Yes,


tennis nets, at 13. They were splendid. She wanted nobody else,


even during the war. She had a photograph on her mantelpiece, and


they were telling her that was too obvious so she disguise him with a


beard. A brilliant story! Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall


are meeting the Dalai Lama, so they are not here. They have had many


conversations over the years. Dalai Lama is here on a ten-day tour.


Prince Charles himself has made a lot of suggestions that he should


be defender of faith, rather than defender of the faith. That is very


interesting. I presume they are planning a great big cake for


Prince William with dancing girls to jump out of it, now that he is


30. Their great milestone. I have heard that they are having a low-


key celebration. Were you invited? No. They lost our invitations! In a


few moments we will hear the national anthem from the band of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


its way of the racecourse. They have come up the middle. They have


now got a good feel for what the ground might be like. A little bit


soggy. Actually the royal procession makes sure that they


plough a different furrow every day, as it were, it so that they do not


wear particular trap on the course. The Queen understanding racing as


deeply as she does, she knows that the carriages could be turning up


the ground if they went on the same spot every time. There would be a


track that you could see for miles away, especially on a day like


today when the ground is softer. The royal family have always loved


the rain. Queen Victoria was always dragging out the ladies in waiting


in the rain. The only day the Queen does not like the rain is today,


Royal Ascot. So much enthusiasm and energy, not just for the sport, but


also for the entertaining side of it. The guests that appear in a


royal procession Orrell by invitation personally of the Queen.


asked how I can get into that, but it is just personal invitation from


the Queen. She has relationships with lots of people because she


just loves racing. She loves to talk about horses. Ever since she


was a little girl, some of her best friends were other little girls


that loved horses. It is important to her and it is marvellous that


she can invite people to Windsor Castle and have a marvellous chat


about horses and racing. Who knows what she thinks about Black Caviar


at the weekend. That will be hugely exciting and so much interest from


Australia in the fortunes of black caviar, unbeaten in 21 races so far.


Hot favourite for the Diamond Jubilee Stakes, where the Queen


will make the presentation, as indeed she will do after the Gold


Cup. The candour of Wessex is here. -- the Countess of Wessex. She has


been here every day. She is genuinely beginning to get to know


people in racing quite well and enjoying it more and more.


Absolutely. I think she really does enjoy it. She can enjoy it for


herself. I think the royal family, many of them, are never happiest


than when riding horses. Lovely to see Princess Beatrice and Princess


to Janey becoming regular attendees at Royal Ascot. Striking out on


their own, as they do in their own right. Princess Beatrice has


finished her degree and she can look at charities and her work now.


The younger generation of the royal family are coming to the fore,


becoming more publicly obvious. Now the Queen it can take a back seat


and give more jobs to the younger royals. The Duke of Edinburgh has


been going out the pace of a 30 year-old. -- at the pace. As well


as being a tremendous honour and privilege to ride in a royal


possession, it is also great fun. I Sir Peter O'Sullivan is in the lead


carriage, having commentated for so many years. It began with George


the 4th in 1825, as a way of rewarding some of his friends. It


is so important to Queens. Royal Ascot was thanks to Queen Anne. She


went out riding one day and thought it was a good place for horses to


go racing. The first one was in 1711 and the horses ran around


bearing 12 stone, pretty heavy. It is thanks to our Queens that we


have got Royal Ascot. And in her Diamond Jubilee year, the Queen is


really seeing it at her best. she had a personal message in the


front of the race card this year, extending a warm welcome to


everybody attending Royal Ascot. She says that the best horses can


be near, trained and ridden by the best in their profession, and


increasingly we have competitors joining us from all over the world.


That is rubber-stamping the policy of Ascot to go out and actively


seek people from Australia and France and all over the world. We


have often had runners from France, Ireland, Hong Kong, but


particularly the Commonwealth nations. So having an Australian


interest makes it even more significant. You are so right. The


Commonwealth is so important to the Queen. The father saw himself as


the King of an empire but she is the Queen of the Commonwealth. As a


little girl she used to line up of was is outside our bedroom every


night. She used to feed and water them, take off their saddles,


polish them and play on her rocking-horse. She was an


incredibly enthusiastic rider right from a child. It was a dream come


true. When she was little she said that she would make sure that


forces had arrest on Sundays and nobody should dock their pony's


tale. -- horses had a rest. And she is right. Horses never race on


Sundays. Thank you, cake. The horses are making their way into


the paddock itself. And we have the horses lining up for the Norfolk


Stakes. In terms of the big race, they have two-and-a-half miles


ahead of them for the Gold Cup. Who better to assess what jockeys


should do over that distance? Mick also start for the sprints, and it


strikes fear that it is very uphill. This is a stiff racecourse.


Especially with the sprint races and the two-year-old. It climbs all


the time so you have to hang on to your horse and not let them run to


three. It dips down from the 3.5, for about three-quarters of a


furlong. Then it gradually climbs all the way to the winning post.


This is a stiff at six. What about the draw? It does not really matter.


You want to be drawn where the race will unfold, whether pacemakers and


best horses of. The ground itself is nice and level and there is no


bias. It is where the race unfolds. Enough about the sprints. What


about the Gold Cup? Does the draw make any difference? No. Get your


horse relaxed because it is two- the course, how important is it to


have your horse balanced? You want to keep as close to the fence as


you can. It's a long way around. Going down the hill here, this is


where you have to get your horse nice and relaxed. Running down hill


is easy for him. As you can see, it is a fair little drop down there


and it keeps dropping all the way. When you get down there the ground


starts rising again. Lowest point of the course - here


at the sixth. What's going through your mind? This is where you have


kept your horse relaxed. And you start to think jockey stats coming


in. You think, can I wait longer or do I make ground? This is when it


starts coming in. What about the Carson route? When the ground gets


soft - you see all these trees here, they suck the moisture out of the


ground. One race I went down there on, I went on Barry and the race


stayed over there on the soft ground and I ended up winning the


race. Lucky, wasn't it? This is a long bend. How do you


ride it? It gos to the two-and-a-half in the


straight. Basically, what you video to do is keep as close to that rail


-- what you have to do is keep as close to that rail, because that


will save ground. That is what the brave jockeys do. They get to that


tro-and-a-half. Then they go and find out and go and -- that two-


and-a-half, then they go and find out and go and win the race.


So far in the week, headliner on Wednesday was Frankel. Today at


3.45 it is Fame And Glory who bids to repeat his success of 12 months


ago. We can look at that now. The Derek Smith colours - the purple


and white. Similar conditions as we have this afternoon. A little bit


of moisture in the ground. As we watch the closing stages of this,


they are all to the end of their stamina limitations. It is class


that gets him through. There's no doubting that.


It shows you what this horse is capable of. He's quickened up in


the hands of Jamie Spencer. From here on in he's plugging on. A lot


of people may think he does not stay as well as some others, but


look at the rest, they are trailing. There is Opinion Poll. He renews


rivalry today. Yesterday he said he wanted the rain we've had overnight.


What about Saddler's Rock, briefly? You are quite impressed by him?


was. I just love his attitude. The worry would be the rain for him.


Jimmy Murtagh, he wants genuine fast ground. He won at Doncaster


last time around. There are a lot of horses in the race that deserve


a mention. They do. 3.45pm. The big race today. A race that lots of


horses over the years have come back and won again. Fame And Glory


is favourite today and is trying for his second Gold Cup. A strong


headwind which will make it harder for all those horses.


The Norfolk Stakes bell going for jockeys to get their legs up.


It let's take a check on the line- up for the Norfolk - our opening


race of Gold Cup day. And for a change, Clare, we don't


have as many runners. If you have had a bet it's been desperately


hard to sort out winners this week. This is also because of the ground,


a ground with ease in it. From here in the commentary position, I'm in


the best place, I think, to see right down the course and to see


all the action. I think we've got blenty today. The Ribblesdale, a


very interesting race. Second and third in the oaks. In the mean time,


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


Is he the horse he has chosen? has ultimately chosen him. I would


not split them. Mister Marc was very good. Had he chosen him he


would be a 7-2 chance. They both have a very good chance. Which one


- I know you said it is difficult to split. If someone asked to back


one, which one would you tell them to back? Honestly, I don't know. I


hope Annunciation goes well. Mister Marc, he's very fast. I honestly


could not split them. I know I say that, but I could not split them.


Back both of them? You do a dual- forecast. An exacter. I don't know


which way around. Thanks for talking to us. Thanks. What a


cracking renewal for the Norfolk Stakes.


Craig Williams. Channon is the trainer. Mick thinks the world of


this colt. He thinks it is the best he has trained. They are all very


happy. Craig Williams gets the ride. I believe it's because the owner


would like him to ride this horse, because he's done so well for him


back in Australia. This owner, who is going to be the


big thing in English racing, he's buying a lot of horses and you


would have to think that they're going to be one of the big powerful


stables in the future. It is interesting, they have two runners


in this race T other one being Ahern. These colours will become


very well known and the Qatarry Royal Family putting their


financial and emotional effort behind British racing. They'll have


hundreds of horses in a very short space of time. At the moment they


have just started. They have horses in a lot of stables. They have not


really, basically they haven't got a number one trainer... Yet, so far.


Obviously, at the start of things, that will happen. Possibly get a


lot of their horses. It is very exciting for British racing that


the Qatary Royal Family are having horses here in England and enjoying


it so much. All we can do is, I hope they have a very good time


with the sport of horse racing. there is a horse to beat, either of


the horses it may be Reckless Abandon, tipped by Willie Carson


and Mick Fitzgerald. He clearly knows he has to get a shift on.


Unfortunately down on the way to the start. That is a fair bit of


balance from Adam Kirby. He is one of the taller jockeys. His weight


shifting over there, as he struggles to keep Reckless Abandon


under control. That is what happens with these babies. They have been


taught to go flat out, as it were. It's always a big job with the


paddock. His second ever time. There are a lot of people here


today. You can see he's relaxed now. Where he is now, Clare, is very


quiet down there. We get all the hustle and bustle and the noise up


by the stands. When you get to the two furlongs and down to the six,


it is very, very quiet. These two year olds will walk this last


section. We will pick up a few other runners. This is Cay Verde -


this is the favourite. A little shifting coming up. We'll have loot


look at it. As Craig Williams just said, right, we'll trot down


beautifully, lovely trotting style. He's letting the horse dictate to


him when he wants to break into the trot and canter. Let the horse do


it on your own and you will go down there slower. Those are very smart


colours. The smartest and the most prestigious colours to wear are the


colours of Her Majesty the queen. They will be carried by Hayley


Turner. Hayley Turner will be the first


women to bid to ride a winner at Royal Ascot for a since a long time


last time the queen won the Ribblesdale stake was 1995, Dettori


was on board. What chance do you think you'll have today? She has


great form, obviously from Newbury - a messy race. A lot of fillies


that ran in that race have come out and tried to prove themselves again.


A lot could put a line through it. No, her form is there. She's fresh


and well. She's - yeah, there's no reason why she couldn't. What is it


like donning the royal silks in jubilee year? It is a huge honour.


I am very lucky to have been associated with the filly from the


start and get a ride on her. I am hugely grateful. Are you used by,


by you, seeing Her Majesty in the paddock and chatting with her or do


you get butterflies and on your Ps and Qs? Yes, obviously. It is very


nice to be out there. She is very relaxed and loves to talk about her


horses. She's very knowledgeable. I have met her a few times now. I'm


getting into a routine. I disturbed mention Annunciation, not because I


think he has a big chance, but also because he was bred by the students


of Oxford Brooks. It is their graduation day today. They will be


watching and cheering on Annunciation. Not without a chance


either. As we've heard from the handling


camp, they don't know which is the best horse. That is always in the


race ing - if you cannot choose which one is the best, it means


both are none good. Joesy O'Brien on board Gale Force Ten.


It is his second runner it since 2007. Not a race he often targets.


It is unusual, the breeding of Gale Force Ten. By Oasis Dream and


Kirkwell was a mile-and-a-half. You have to think when it gets to six


and seven and one mile, it will be a better horse. He ran over six


last time. He's dropping back in distance today. I would say, on its


pedigree, they are taking a chance running it over five furlongs. This


shower of rain will help its cause. Look at the neck and shoulder on


Mister Marc. Strong. He look like a three-year-old in the paddock. Very


mature for his age. Another one dropping back from six furlongs to


five. They have to be sharp off the mark here, because with a lot of


two year olds some trainers do it more than others at home in terms


of putting them in the stalls but in Australia they have barrier


trials, so they work out of stalls before they get on a racecourse and


start having money put on them. you make of this race, Jim? Well, I


think Clare, that Cay Verde will be the one to beat. The reports are


very, very good. The winner of his last two starts,


and purchased by the Qatar racing Limited. So, they are moving


forward. The last couple for this Ahern. Storm Moon on the near side


in the early stages. In the centre, followed by Mister Marc. Further


back in the field, Jubilee Brig. In that bunch is Gale Force Ten.


Change of colours on Ian's Dream. Tracking them is Ahern. On the near


side, the leader of his Cay Verde. In the black cab in the centre is


Reckless Abandon. They start to merge, the two groups. Coming up to


a furlong and a half. Gale Force Ten is in a look. Reckless Abandon


running erratic live. Cay Verde, Morawij. It is Reckless Abandon, in


the centre. Down the far side... They hit the line and it is very


close. Riders abandon and Gale Force Ten and Ian's Dream. Just


behind them Ahern and Cay Verde. Further back Ocean Applause. Storm


Moon. Annunciation at the tail of the field. This caused ran so


erratic live. Look how wide apart they are. Near side, he has won


comfortably in the end and you can see it from this angle. That is


Reckless Abandon. He has won over Gale Force Ten. Close third is


Ian's Dream. Different colours to what was shown in the Racing Post.


In green. On the near side, Morawij in the yellow. Bertie Aherne miss


the start of his run. Cay Verde was on the wrong side, really. They


were clear of Ocean Applause. Mister Marc has not run his race


today. He was very close to the others previously. Clive Cox has


trained the winner. That is Reckless Abandon. He raced so


erratic live. Goodness knows how far he would have gone if he had


gone straight. He was violently to his left. Adam Kirby, being


congratulated by Clive Cox. His 9th win of the season. Adam Kirby's 14.


Reckless Abandon was the 4-1 winner. Fours, 16th 8. This is the first


Royal Ascot winner for Adam Kirby. It is the first time Clive Cox has


been successful in a two-year-old race. This colt has lots of ability


but stop look at him veering to the left, despite Adam Kirby having the


whip in his left hand. He is trying to keep him straight. He does not


get any further to the rail. When he came across the front of Neil


Callan, it was a worrying moment for those that have backed Reckless


Abandon, following the advice from Willie Carson and Mick Fitzgerald.


They were right. Yes. He did exactly the same when he beat


Annunciation at Doncaster. This is a bigger track than Doncaster, so


we have to go across a little bit. Adam Kirby with his stick in the


left hand. He cannot go over the rail now because he is right hard


up against it. I believe it is an American stallion. He is from a


mare that is all his speed. He is bred to be a five or six furlong


horse. I imagine this horse will be taking it very fast in two-year-old


races. An amazing performance. We will talk later about why horses


might do that. We will look at that with our analysis team. Adam Kirby


coming in on board Reckless Abandon, still full of running. No energy


wasted there! Just nervous. His heart rate will be very high at the


moment. That time is actually 2.24 seconds slower than the Queen Mary


yesterday. That indicates exactly how the rain has got into the


ground on this course. When they are wide apart like that, it looks


like it is much closer, of course. They were all over the shop there.


They were stretched right across the track in a furlong. Eight of


them in a line. Two of three different groups and I do not think


it was helping the inexperienced youngsters. Especially the winner.


If he had had a bit of company, he might have won by further.


Certainly company for longer. He needed it. He really did need that.


Let's check the full result of our first race on day three, the


Norfolk Stakes. Good weather for Clive Cox. Reckless Abandon wins.


There was a �5,000 bet on Reckless Abandon and well done to them.


Force Ten has run well on the far side. Ian's Dream not far away as


well. Morawij finished 4th. Another one that needed a bit more company


for longer. Cay Verde was another one. It did not help that they did


not have these for long enough. Reports from jockeys that have come


in, saying it is on the soft side of good. I suppose that time


indicates that as well. Clive Cox is the winning trainer for a good


team. He is here now. Yes, his third Royal Ascot winner. This has


given you some butterflies in the closing stages. Just a bit! He did


it on his first start. He is still a bit green. In a normal spring he


would have had a couple of runs. Over the moon. A great team effort


to have the horse here in this kind of order. I'm delighted for its


Stephen Farrow and Julie dead men, because they have been great


supporters. The ability that he has shown, winning despite wandering


about, it gives you encouragement and excitement for the future.


is talented, very talented. This guy has done a grand job on him on


both counts and we are very proud of him. He is doing a good job.


Well done. You hang on to run in the closing stages. What happened


on your perspective? -- you hung on to home. I just felt him. I just


felt him. I had my stick in my left because I wanted to bring him over


to the right to keep him away from the crowd on the left. When you won


last time he just runs around. He is just a big baby. He just ran


left straight away. It was very special. Is it possible to work out


just how much ground his erratic behaviour cost to? Too much!


too much for the horses behind you. He has given away a lot of ground


when he does that. But it will be sorted, yes. How much improvement


does he have in him? In it is just being green. Most of my horses


improve with racing. He has that tendency. He knows that we are on


the track again. In a normal spring we would have had a couple of runs


under our belt, but this year we have had to come here a little bit


more, you know, that is the way we are. Your first win at Royal Ascot.


What does it mean? A lot. I thought he was coming here with a great


chance. Now that he has won, I am delighted. Well done to both of you.


Congratulations. A very fast pace in our first race of the day. One


of them missed the start and got hampered. Ahern comes here. He


jumps around. There is a slight concertina effect. The horse in


nine it comes out. He shifts to the left of your screen. It just means


that a whole bunch of them get in front of Ahern, which is his chance


gone. Yes. There is no comeback in these speed races. He is only a


young horse. Only his second racecourse appearance. This is him


in the closing stages. This is Morawij. Neil Callan on the extreme


right. He gets slightly hampered. Both of these, one furlong further,


you still want to be interested in them despite defeat today. I spoke


to Neil Callan when he came back in. I think his face tells the story.


He is gutted because his horse ran an absolute blinder and got beaten.


He thought he was getting the upper hand with the horse on his right,


but when they came across it did not help them. He just felt he was


unlucky on the day. And he is marooned in the middle. He has


nothing to raise with. The horse is trying its best. He might be able


to find a bit more but there is no reason to do so because there is


nothing to get past. The winner had the rail to guide them all the way


home. Morawij and Ahern, beaten today but they still have futures.


An extra furlong might help them. The presentation is being made by


Katherine Jenkins, who sang the national anthems are beautifully on


Derby day. Stephen Farrow, the owner of Reckless Abandon.


Receiving that trophy. Clive Cox paying tribute to them in terms of


supporting them through the training career. That always helps


when you have got owners that can cope with the bad times as well as


the good ones and are fun to be around. Katherine Jenkins, only 23


when she signed her UK classical recording deal. The biggest deal


ever done. Was it? What about that hat? Would you like one. It is like


an umbrella. I would like one like that. We can get you one as well


and you can make, it's just like that with the fashion team! News


just in with Frankel. They have given him a new rating. 140. Well


done! In a modern day ratings, the highest ever was 141. Frankel could


set a new record. I think he will. Black Caviar might be impressive on


Saturday, and her racing will go up as well. She was four behind him,


134 when he was 138. She cannot skip him. She cannot but it is


really impressive. The competition in the race is not good enough for


her to go up by that amount. They will have to do the ratings on what


she beats and by how much. I would say on the race on Saturday, the


competition is not as strong as people like myself would like. We


would like her to be up against the real stars. We have got confirmed


runners for the Diamond Jubilee, 15 of them, and Black Caviar are drawn


15 of 15. We will talk about that race later in the afternoon. Let's


look at the fashion with Suzi Perry. We're just looking around the Royal


Enclosure, which is a bit different. None of this was here when I was


doing this. It was all fields. weather is being kind. It is. For


many years I did it addressed perfectly from top to bottom, with


Wellington boots at the bottom! -- dressed perfectly. Let's have a


look at how it was when you were here. Helen looked delightful, too,


in one of the big colours of this year, blue. An Austrian effect with


an embroidered back and a big bow. I hope that is somebody that he is


closely related to! The Leopards in effect and the disco effect. I


rather like the outfit on the right. A belt with bullets like she is


going on safari. This is the Spanish look. She could take off


any of those different levels and shorten and length and her dress.


Do you know what a are a is? It is a short skirt like the Mini skirts


of the 60s but with frills. It is based on the cheerleaders of


America. They are short. That is what interests most men but they


are very fashionable. I love that! It is straight out of Dynasty.


you can see, I was prematurely blond! The fashion was so different.


Bobbies do that was the 80s. shoulder pads, the power dressing,


then it in skirts, all made for a spot, if you think about it. This


is black and white. That is traditional for Ladies' Day. You're


quite cheeky with your comments. was so different then. No cameras


were allowed at ground level because so many really nice uncles


took their very pretty nieces and did not want to be filmed at Ascot.


Everything was shot from the road. You could not actually go up to


somebody and say hello. When I say I hope that man is related to her,


there were all sorts of naughty things going on. You had to


broadcast for 10 or 15 minutes on your own, just commenting on what


you saw. Idea of heaven, most women's idea of heaven! You can say


what you like. The BBC said to me before I started that I was not to


get them sued. So if somebody turned up in pink and screaming


white, and green spots, I had to say it was very brave. At the


beginning, when I started, there were no DVDs. Nobody really saw


what you were doing. Their friends might have seen it at home. Ones


everybody got videos, they all watched and then they said the next


day, I love what you said about my there, Ascot, apart from the racing


which is so terrific - it is about people watching? And behaving very


badly. For example, jockeys. I don't want to go into this too


deeply about why women might fancy jockeys, but they did. I would go


to many of the great jockeys at the time and they were sent button


holes and the more expensive and rarer the orchid, the richer the


woman was or maybe her husband was. They were pursued. Really quite


interesting. They had their own stalkers? Absolutely. At the time


people would dress up to get photographed by the papers. For a


while, Ascot is where you came if you wanted to get your picture in


the papers. You would dress up and all the film stars would come, even


ones from America, to be filmed here. Did you find, even then,


there was a commercial aspect, that people would dress up to advertise


things. Sometimes not subtlety. There were a raft of girls who came


in St. Trinian's outfits, that is when they got strike, as they have


-- strict, as they have this year. Julian Wilson, who worked here for


many years - it's his birthday. Happy birthday. Her Majesty, the


Queen has made her way into the paddock and will chat to the


trainer of movement movement. Her runner in the Ribblesdale.


Whatever any filly does this week, the superstar mare of the week is


Black Caviar. On Saturday it is a six-furlong sprint. We have 15


runners for it. The odds-on- favourite is Black Caviar.


Moonlight Cloud is the second favourite. We have last year's


winner, Society Rock, at 9-1. They are very good, consistent


trainers. They are 20 and upwards because Black Caviar is such a


short price. I wonder if she will shorten up? I will hand you over to


John. He has a man who knows all about Black Caviar.


You are from Australian TV. What is Black KaveVy yar -- -- Caviar.


is the best in our part of the world. She's up there with the best


horses in the world. A great effort by the team to binge her to this


Royal Meeting. She's won 21 on the trot. Going for 22 on Saturday.


When did the Australian public realise they have a superstar?


or six runs in. It was the whole package, the trainer, the jockey


and the significance of the colours, of the names. It's quite a unique


experience. She's becoming a punting phenomenon back home as


well. How much have they had on? Sydney one-and-a-half million


Australian dollars. Some of the biggest punters in Australia are


taking the shortest ods, as short as 20-1. Keeping tickets as


momentos. It goes back to the industry. There's the Federation


Square, is it 1am? 12.45am. This morning in Melbourne, it was


snowing in the other suburbs. Three Celsius. People will be cheering on


watching here. There is a black cab? He has called it the Black


Caviar. He has been taking owners around the functions here. Back


home in Australia you see the trend-setting. 2-7 - that's luxury


odds. Will she win? She will win. It will not be a Frankel-like


demolition it doesn't have to be. Make sure we cap off this wonderful


week. On to her at the weekend. 7,500


Australians here with tickets. They would think 2-7 is the most


attractive price. The last starts she's been 20's on. An


extraordinary price. I can't wait to see it. Nor can I. We will learn


more about her when we see her on the racecourse here in the UK for


the first time. She's won 21 races in a row. She's unbeaten. She's


broken the ten second barrier. I would not necessarily... I could


get called Nelly the elephant, before anyone else says it.


said about going to the beach. That's quite normal for a lot of


Australian horses because they train near the sea and it's hot


weather. A lot of trainers do like to take their horses down and, you


know, to the beach and let the horses have a paddle. Some horses


do swim. They go for a swim in the sea. They do enjoy it. You saw that


shot of her there in the Lycra suit. You might have wondered what that


was, that is what she travelled over in. It is like wearing the


socks on the plane for deep vein. Momentary has a great chance. The


Queen's filly, who will be ridden by Hayley Turner. There she is, in


the Queen's colour. Now she has got those famous colours on. Talking of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


colour, this is what it looks like deal's stakes.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 53 seconds


here for this the Ribblesdale. The owner, for whom she is riding - Her


Majesty the queen and John Warren and Hayley Turner explaining what


she thinks might happen in this race and the trainer of this filly,


whose form is turning out well. Shirocco Star lines up again today.


It is the Irish filly... My word - that was bad positioning from me,


right next to the bell. That is the signal for Hayley Turner to leave


that gathering. There are the princesses there and the Princess


Royal, all hoping this filly lives up to expectations. Ran as well as


Charlton House yesterday. Amongst the opposition, Michael Hill is


making his way through there, riding for Charlie. He's looking


for his first Royal Ascot winner. Very famous colours here.


Roger Charlton going across to give Pat Smullen, sorry James Doyle,


James Doyle doing so well. A lot of how these fillies look on


the day. It's been a very difficult spring because they are sensitive


to the weather changes and with so much rain around and not enough sun


to bring their coats out, the best clues are from what they look like


in the paddock. We start by talking about The Fuge,


who is wondering around us now. -- who is wandering around us now.


Normally the Oaks fillies are normally tired. We have an extra


week this year... 20 days. They have an extra bit of time to get


over their exertions at Epsom. And The Fuge, she is, well we saw what


happened, she finished third in the Oaks. Everybody said she was so


unlucky because she met interference after a furlong-and-a-


half. Everybody will think she has a great chance. I do myself,


actually. OK, a horse who has ability, number six, Kailani.


looks disinterested in what's going on in the paddock. There's another


one who ran at Epsom in the Oaks and found interference and they


expect a belter run. Number 14, Vow. They said she did not handle Epsom.


She looks in great nick. She is small, she is stocky, strong and


she looks in good order with herself.


What about this for a musical line up Lord Lloyd Webber and Catherine


Jenkins. The big question is - what is The Fuge? A musical... The Ascot


authority does not give us a piano here when we could have


demonstrated it. I backed it any way. She did look unlucky in the


Oaks? Well, who knows what happens there. One's lips are sealed. It is


a strong field today. I would be really pleased if she does all


right. It is fantastic to see you. You are becoming a regular at the


races? It is my first time on Ladies' Day. I have brought my mum


and sister. We're having a brilliant time. You will watch this


with Lord Lloyd Webber. I will. She's my talisman. The favourite


for this race is The Fuge. We will look at two bits of film. The first


bit is the reason she lost the race. She is in the centre there. You see,


she has at this stage basically four horses ahead of her. In the


next eight seconds, that is about to go horribly wrong. The Fuge


becomes the meat in the sandwich. She is squeezed out. You can see


William Buick does well. She almost unbalanced and she's at the back of


the field. Now, the thing to remember, for all of these horses


in the Oaks, this is and will forever be the biggest race of


their lives. So nobody's giving anybody any inch of ground. Here


she is now having to make her ground, coming from the back there.


There's star star star and there is Vow. They are all renewing rivalry


today. Here is how far The Fugue is back and how much ground she has to


make up. She's having to make ground all the time in the race.


This is a crucial point in the race where the camera is at its worst


position. She gets unbalanced here. Epsom but this was particularly so,


got stopped twice. Shirocco Star is ahead of her there


and Vow in the light blue in the next position. She won three races


in the space of five weeks though and now she's back here so it's not


an easy task. It's not. Let's see how she gets on.


It's sometimes dangerous to assume that when a filly looks unlucky in


a race she'll turn around the form with the ones that finished in


front of her. If you take her win, she has good form and she looked as


though she'd finish closer. She has the most beautiful long stride. A


lovely filly. Might look a little bit lighter than at Epsom, but her


win at York was very, very good when she won there. Her form in the


Guineas as well. She wasn't beaten too far in. That is class form, you


know, a classic. Then she was unlucky, not beaten too far at


Epsom. Let's have a quick look at Vow. Good form here coming from the


Oaks in which she finished fourth. Won her first two start bfrs that.


Bred by Brian Haggis, the father of William who trains her -- before


that. They won this race once, a 20-1 shot. She's looking up there,


she must have spotted a plane coming out of Heathrow. Spotted


something in the air. But she's a very attractive filly, very strong.


What are they doing here? Putting on the Monty Roberts. Oh, yes to go


in the stalls. This is Pink Damsel. She's clearly got loose - oh, no,


looks as if Jamie Spencer's there with her. A saddle problem or


leathers. He's doing something with his lethest. That's the


photographer helping out. They are only by the furlong marker there --


leathers. His leather's obviously come out of the pin. It's OK now.


Now he needs to get a leg up now. Oh. He doesn't want to get a leg up.


I think he's going to run along with her. We may have a little bit


of a delay here. Here we go. Here's the head girl for Roger putting him


up. She'll sort him out, tell him what to do. She's a tough girl.


Whoops. Let's join Rishi. We have the chance to get a word with the


trainer of Kailani now. A disappointing performance in the


Oaks but were there mitigating circumstances? Everything went


against her, we thought it would be a nice pace. We thought the


decision was to ask her when was the right time to finish. They were


just slow, it didn't work. We will just forget that race, yes. How has


she been since then? Is she over her exertions from Epsom? Yes,


she's in good form and doing everything in the right way and I'm


really happen by her. She worked well last week. This filly still


has the class. We always believe that. She's shown something. She


deserves a chance today. When she won aleyed race at Newmarket, she


won it in soft ground, so the overnight rain very much to her


advantage? Yes, I agree. To be honest, if she's good, she'll so us


today, no excuses there. Thank you very much. All the best.


A quick update on Pink Damsel. Safely there but clearly quite


wound up, suiting and got herself in a state. Let's have a look at


Shirocco Star. She finished closest to the winner. She's got herself a


bit fractious. She's always like that, Clare. She's a bit of a girl


and she gets herself very excited. This is very normal for her so I


wouldn't worry too much about this. I remember Rishi said things at


Epsom about her getting too excited. Complete contrast in attitude and


temperament, Momentary being very calm and she looks a sweet filly.


Her Majesty the Queen bred this horse and Hayley Turner is trying


to be the second lady to win a race at the Royal meeting. A few more


going forward now. In terms of how you think the race will pan out,


Willie, how do you read it? Interesting to see what the jockeys


do in this case. I don't think they'll pile down on the inside


rail because the ground on the round course will be a lot slower


than it is on the straight course. So I would imagine the ground's


going to be soft where they are going down. They might fan out a


little down the hill here. They won't all piley on to the inside.


Interesting to see what they do. There's Princess Highway, the Irish


filly. They're expecting a big run from her. Her mother won this race


many years ago. The Fugue will be one of the last ones in. Let's go


to Jim for the race. Can Hayley Turner do this? They're


set, ready and running. In the centre first away is Twirl going


very fast. Out deep. Dinvar Diva. Hazel Lavery. Salford Art. Deep on


the track, Dinvar Diva now starting to try and improve. Well back in


the field, Momentary. Hayley Turner in the centre. Trapped very wide of


the rear is Princess Highway. Not going fast enough for some of these


back in the pack. On the inside next is Pink Damsel. Followed by


Kailani out the back with Chella Thriller. It's Vow on the inside


that shows the way from Shirocco Star. Dinvar Diva. Tucked away,


Hazel Lavery. Twirl. They race down into Swindley Bottom, followed by


The Fugue, who's travelled on the inside here. Further back in the


field, Inchina. Princess Highway. Pink Damsel. Momentary's been


shuffled back from Kailani and last is Chella Thriller. Pulling up


towards home and Shirocco Star the runner-up at Epsom kicks on by two


lengths. Dinvar Diva is second. Three lengths in advance of Vow.


Behind them is Twirl on the outside. Followed by Kailani being pushed


along. Hazel Lavery. The Fugue is getting the run at the centre now.


With six lengths to make up. Princess Highway to the outside.


Kailani. Inchina. Dam dam Pink Damsel. They now straighten up for


home. Shirocco Star's slipped the field, gone about five lengths in


front. Vow. Princess Highway down the outside and The Fugue getting


into the clear as well. They race up inside the two furlong marker


now and Shirocco Star's still there. They are starting to close and


Princess Highway is sprinting to the lead. Three lengths in front.


Shirocco Star. The Fugue. The Fugue running fairly well. It's a win for


Ireland in the Ribblesdale as Princess Highway wins by about five.


Tight second, The Fugue and Shirocco Star in a photo. Twirl and


Vow. Kailani was well back. Followed by Hazel Lavery. Kailani.


Out the back, Inchina, followed by Pink Damsel. So far behind if


others, Chella Thriller -- the others. And Dinvar Diva. No doubt


about the winner, number 9, Princess Highway. Trained in


Ireland at the Curragh. Ridden by pat mulen. It's won by a street. --


Mullen. Looks like The Fugue has second. Holland in fourth. Salford


Art, Paul Hanagan and a gap to Twirl who was up there for most of


the way and then got a little bit weary. Let's check the others. Vow


couldn't go on at all. And then a gap to Kailani who also didn't


figure. We were saying how unlucky she was at Epsom. Hazel Lavery who


got tired Inchina wasn't quick enough. Still the others are coming.


They were so far by hind. There's Pink Damsel. Momentary was well


back. So too Chella Thriller. But Dermot on the near side chatting


there and a man who's travelled the world and also trained a winner of


the American triple crown carrying back -- Smullen coming back.


Fantastic job. She's blitzed them and made it a winning hat trick.


In doing so, this filly follows in the footsteps of her dad. Her


daughter does the same now. We pick it up now. Making stealthy progress,


smulen hasn't had to go for the whip here. The Fugue has run well,


not well enough, and this winner is a very, very creditable and fair


winner of this race, don't you think? Very good winner of the race.


Maybe the ground would have gone for her, it's a very good family.


She won the race, the same race as another horse who won the race last


year, so at the same... Also didn't she beat... And third that day was


the filly who won our Oaks. This form is very good and that's the


reason why she's won a long way. Second and thirld were very close


together. Salford Art finished well, you know. Yes, Shirocco Star's run


a great race. Strong staying stallion. That's why they rode her


for Stam nafplt it just didn't work. This filly is very, very good


indeed -- stamina. You saw the celebrations there, Smullen


remaining calm but the owner absolutely thrilled. The distance


is six lengths and a short head. The time 2.33.67. That was around


about 3.67 seconds slower than Racing Post standard and well


outside the record. It's not a day for records. Dermot


Weld talking to pat Smullen. A successful partnership for many


seasons now. Dermot Weld no strange tore success internationally. A


couple of weeks ago he was away with a runner. He's won a couple of


Melbourne Cups. Viewers in Australia would know that. And he's


won so many big races worldwide. Let's check the full details on


this Ribblesdale Stakes with Princess Highway, the winner with


John. She's a fresh and improving horse.


Princess Highway wins the let's have a word. Congratulations


exyour 15th win here and of course it's all kept in the family, the


dam you trained to win the same race? Yes, it's NHS to win the same


race with her dam. She's been a backward filly, progressed well


during the spring. She beat the winner of the Epsom Oaks


convincingly last time out and I thought this was an excellent


renewable of the Ribblesdale so we had to improve today and she's done


it. How come she didn't take in Epsom and you decided to come here?


Ascot's always been lucky for me. She's a late developing filly, I


thought that Epsom might come a little soon for her and it gave us


more time to come here today and go on for the Irish Oaks. Do you


believe she's the best one-and-a- half filly of her generation?


proved it. She was running last Sunday but we decided to come here.


My only concern was in case the ground was slow for her. They went


a very true pace. Pat took his time on her and rode brilliantly. Great


said, our only fear today was that the ground was too soft for her.


She handled it extremely well. It's not too bad. I think she would


prefer better ground. The boss was saying she is probably the best


staying three-year-old filly around. She beat the Oaks winner. The form


was there. I fancied her strongly today. She's


an extremely good filly. She stays the mile-and-a-half and she


quickens. Thank you. Thank you very much. Just a word on the owners and


breeders. It was wougt by Walter Heffner, she was born in 1910. He


was born in Ireland. He lives in Switzerland. I am not too certain.


Any way, that filly, the latest of theirs and will go on to greater


things, I am sure. We are about to switch to BBC Two. When you join us


there, we will find out whether Fame And Glory can follow up his


success in last year's Gold Cup and become one of the many horses to be


successful more than once. It's a race that rewards the fan over the


years because you get horses coming back again and again to have a


crack at it. The most famous being Yates.


Have you noticed how their manes grow longer than normally.


Yesterday So You Think's mane was long.


Maybe Fame And Glory has a similar propensity to grow hair. There is


Mr O'Brien. We had 14 races so far at Royal Ascot. 14 different


jockeys have been successful. one trainer has trained two winners.


The Gold Cup at 3.45pm. We will switch to BBC Two and we will see


you there in just over a minute. The spots of rain are starting to


Coverage from Ladies' Day, the third and biggest day of the world-famous race meeting. High-stakes style is the order of the day, and big hitters from the international fashion industry are out in force, bringing glitz and glamour to one of the biggest fixtures in the social calendar.

On the track the week's racing highlight, the Ascot Gold Cup, is run. The runners will strive to match the record-breaking perfomances of Yeats. A statue in the parade ring commemorates the achievement of this equine legend in winning the long distance race four times in a row.

Clare Balding hosts the coverage from Ascot. She is joined by Willie Carson, Mick Fitzgerald, Rishi Persad, Suzi Perry, Ian Bartlett and John Parrott. Race commentary comes from Jim McGrath.

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