Day 3, Part 2 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 3, Part 2

Coverage from Ladies' Day, the third and biggest day of the world-famous race meeting. On the track the week's racing highlight, the Ascot Gold Cup, is run. Clare Balding hosts.

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Ascot and it's started to rain. There's a very chilly wind, but the


wind was very much in the tail and behind Princess Highway who came


home in front of the Ribblesdale Stakes ahead of The Fugue and


Shirocco Star, Momentary for the Queen was disappointing towards the


back of the field. Vow similarly disappointing but Princess Highway


will now go for if Irish Oaks as will the third horse home, Shirocco


Star. The jockey said if the ground would have been better he would


have had a better chance with but it's a big thing to come here


and win the Ribblesdale. A very prestigious Group 2 race, she'll


step up to Group 1 class and looks well capable of it. At the moment,


you would have to say she's the best mile and a half three-year-old


filly about after that performance. I would imagine her being by Street


Cry, when the ground gets quicker, she'll even get that bit better.


really isn't terribly nice here right now. So let's have a look at


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


some pictures of when it was a bit Glory being saddled up there. Aidan


making the final adjustments to the gert. We'll see Fame And Glory in


all his glory in the paddock after paying a visit to Suzie Perry. --


Guru-Murthy. 16 years and 30 years at the racecourse, time for other


things. What made you want to be a groundsman? I fell into it


accidentally. Came out the Army, had a few little jobs and sort of,


my wife's uncle was a manager of Sandown Park at the time, I was


looking for work and it just went in that way. Did you have horses


that were racing? Not at the time, no. After you've been around it for


years, you fall in love with the game really, you meet very


interesting people. Like? The Queen, for instance. You've met the Queen?


I've met the Queen. The Queen mum. You know. When I came here, the


Queen mum said to me, I'm glad you're here, you've come to join


the family, so that was quite nice. The downside is the winter time


when it's cold and miserable, frosty and foggy and you like to


stay in bed sometimes. So you are retiring at the end of June which


is very soon? Indeed, yes. Is this a joyous moment or will it be


tinged with sadness to leave behind what's been an incredible career.


won't be sad, but there are things I will miss in it obviously like


Royal, champions day and things like that. Quite looking forward to


it. The next stage of my life, play golf, spend time with my wife.


Sounds good. Yes, we do spend time together but she was working all


the time, so there's not enough hours in the day to enjoy life so


we are going to enjoy life for a few years. You could be dead


tomorrow! Thanks for that! I look forward to that!


Cheery thought from Gilly who retires from Ascot after being here


for 16 years. The ground here is superb and with the rebuilding of


the racecourse, so much has changed. There were worries about the new


course when it was laid but it's fantastic. It's been re-aligned,


the whole racecourse and, of course, they put in a lot of gravel


underneath that. Is why the straight course is always a little


bit faster than the round course because it's got a lot of drainage


now. Every in67 of the course will be covered by the runners in the


Gold Cup. Let's check the field with Jim.


Here they are, the runners and fascinating Gold Cup. The umbrellas


are up everywhere. It's raining heavily now. The favourite is Fame


And Glory. He's opened up as a strong favourite. This weather at


the moment who, will it suit and who won't it suit? A few technical


problems here because of the weather. We'll get you the betting


details in a moment. In this, we have a representative from the John


Ox Yard and what a trainer he's been? Yes, this rain won't help him


because they wanted the firm ground for Saddler's Rock. I would think


that this rain we are having is just going to scupper their chances


of winning the race. But of course, he'll have to take his chance and


they'll still be hopeful. The best horse that John has trained in his


life was Sea The Stars who won a four-timer. Johnny Murtagh's ridden


the Gold Cup five times. Mick Fitzgerald's been over to Ireland


to find out more about the horse. Recent success still echoes around


this yard. Sea The Stars is going to win the


Guineas and Derby double... Ridden by the strength of trainer


John Ox. Sea The Stars, a horse of a lifetime. She's going to go on


and win the Arc. Can this fella deliver yet more Group 1 glory? Can


you? Another win for Ireland and John Ox. Here he is. His tongue


hanging out. Always very relaxed. Quiet horse. This fellow is good


when he goes the distance. He just lobs along. A lovely mover, a good


ride. Easy to ride and it looks like it's going to be quite a


competitive race this year but I think he's there or thereabouts.


It's a tried and tested Gold Cup forminging. John and Johnny won


with Enzeli 13 years ago. This time, Murtagh is all too familiar with


the favourite and defending champion, Fame And Glory.


Fame And Glory is a very good horse, been running behind Sea The Stars


all his career and I always thought he'd step up to the cup distances.


Saddler's Rock would love good-to- firm, a bit of ease will help Fame


And Glory which could swing it his way. Johnny Murtagh, done both


circles, started with you, left, came back, went to Ballydoyle and


is now back with you? He got spoilt in Ballydoyle winning 39 Group 1


races in two-and-a-half years or whatever it was. Unbelievable. But


he always goes out thinking he's going to win, you know. He's always


been that way? Yes. I've known him for a long time and you knew when


he was here that he was always like that? He was. He's full of optimism


which is important in a jockey. He's very honest. His word is his


bond and that's his big thing, you know. He's just a true gentleman.


We are in a very privileged position? Yes, here they are now


actually coming over the hill. He's quickening away smart. His


companions have had enough but he's doing all right. The ground is


testing enough. It's a bit softer than he likes but he needs to work.


You are happy? Yes. He's like Hannibal out the A-Team and I'm


like Murdoch. I know by the way he looks at me whether he's happy or


not. We are a good team together and it would be great. There's a


lot of staff here who've been here since I've been here and, as a team,


you know, it's more like a family than a work place.


The wink from Saddler's Rock. I'm afraid the vain falling heavily now,


and with every drop, his chance lessens because he sticks his


tongue out at it. He doesn't like it much I'm afraid when it's


raining which is a great shame. Johnny Murtagh will give him all


the assistance from that saddle. He's ridden 38 Royal Ascot winners.


Given that everybody's sitting there just on one winner so far,


the race to be leading jockey this week is still wide-open. Johnny


could yet do it and how much it would mean to him to twin Gold Cup


for the sixth time. Saddler's Rock getting geeed up, has his tongue


right over the bit. Horses don't know what umbrellas are and


everyone has one now. See how high that one is there, that would be


why that horse was ducking away from hit. Yes, I think you are


right. They haven't seen him before. There is an honour's board with all


the winners on it and obviously the name that stands out most of it is


Yeatse. - tsh Yeates. The favourite paddock and parading here. Here is


number one, Askar Tau. He's got the head gear on. It will be a shock if


he won today. He's got a lot of ability but probably not up to the


class of the top horses in this race, the likes of Fame And Glory.


Bridge of Gold, similar comments apply to him. Will find it


difficult. Beautifully turned out, his mane plated. Caucus, again an


outsider. Here comes the reigning champ, Fame And Glory, Pat Keating,


travelling head lad from the Irish stable. He has the rug on at the


moment. Hopefully get a look at him when the rug is off. Opinion Poll


from Godolphin. He'll be ridden by Barzalona. Opinion Poll, that's


being ridden by Frankie Dettori now. Colour Vision won at Kempton last


time out. They have the rugs on at the moment and Colour Vision used


to be trained by Mark Johnston, the horse behind Colour Vision is Gulf


of Naples, also trained by Mark Johnson, so it's all linking


together very nicely. Horse nine, the last one to look at is


Saddler's Rock. You saw the feature on him, Mick Fitzgerald going to


Ireland to see Saddler's Rock and John Oxx. The rain that's fallen


here today is definitely not in his favour. He has a lot of class


though. To be honest, it's almost a comical


sight here because everybody's huddled together under the


umbrellas trying to share them. Partners in Fame And Glory. I want


to have a chat with you, is that all right? Yes. How are things with


the horse, things all right? Aidan seems to think he's great, better


than last year. If better than last year, he'll win it easily. That's


what we hope. The rain won't affect him? No, Jamie said the ground was


OK from the last race, so that's not too much of a concern.


Fantastic. Jamie's just come into the middle of the huddle. The sun's


trying to come out. I think we'll get a rainbow any minute now. The


sun is coming out. The other big huddle is for Sheikh Mohammed's


gang. Two runners from Godolphin, Saeed bin Suroor and Frankie


Dettori. They've got Colour Vision. Princess Highway you can see in


pink and tangerine. Beautiful outfit today with Sheikh Mohammed


and he'd dearly love to win the Gold Cup again. Barzalona to our


right. He Juan so well in this race last year. Yesterday I talked to


Princess Highway. So I wonder if I might be able to talk to Sheikh


Mohammed. Would it be all right to the horse was second in the race


and he won the other day and both of them have a chance. Obviously


the favourite has a chance also. He's the one to beat. Can I ask you


what you felt about Frankel's performance? That was great. He's a


very good horse. You will interest to try and tempt them to come to


the Dubai World Cup. And your wife had a lovely winner yesterday.


She's relaxed now! Exactly! Now we need a winner for you, Sir. Sheik


Mohammed with two runners in this your new restaurant? Advertising


myself. My new restaurant in Chelsea. Are you going to win this?


I will do my best. If you win, I get a free meal!


I'm on the right one. He switched from Opinion Poll to Colour Vision.


Is he on the right one? I don't know with this ground. I would


think possibly he's not now because of this rain. I would have thought


he was, until the rain came, then I would think possibly not. Opinion


Poll has won on quicker ground this year. He is about to get on Colour


Vision now. What about his chances? He was impressive on the all-


weather laths time. It was impressive to the eye that day. He


looked a really good horse. He had been beaten at Doncaster before


that. Number nine, Saddler's Rock. He's the last crop of Saddler's


Wells. He looks like Istabrak. You rode


him? That horse is smaller. He's got bandages on. You are so edgy,


ever since Shirocco Star at Epsom. Well, you got it wrong, didn't you.


OK, who's going to win the Gold Cup? Who's got it wrong - oh, Fame


And Glory. Go on, you say it to the people. I like Fame And Glory. To


me, today, it looks like a penalty kick for him today because of the


weather. It has come and helped him. Although they don't want it too


soft themselves. It is more of a hindrance.


Best outsider, in a word or two? Would you call Saddler's Rock an


outsideer?. Fame And Glory, we are both agreed will win the Gold Cup.


is very lightly raced, considering he is getting on a bit now, at six


years old. Trained by Magnusson and riden by


Moore. Caucus, William Buick is on board.


The pink colours. They've had good stayers, including Duncan who won


the St Leger. This is Fame And Glory. He's 5-4 on favourite. Was


top class over a mile-and-a-half. Was second in the Derby to Sea The


Stars. He is now the supreme stayer. He sets the standard. Everybody


else trying to catch him, including Opinion Poll, who is consistent and


he's classy as well. Barzalona takes the race on him. That means


that Frankie Dettori is on board. He was very impressive last time.


He could be the one that's improving and they don't know how


good he'll be. Gulf Of Naples, represents John John. Then back to


Saddler's Rock and Johnny Murtagh. We know all about this horse,


having shown you the feature from John Oxx's yard. The rain possibly


line. It's all about this race - the stamina. The Gold Cup, it tests


a horse's balance, more than anything tests its ability to keep


gallops. Nehaam is the one we had not seen.


Trained by John Gosden. Here we go. This is the big one.


This is the reason that everybody is here today, at Royal Ascot, on


racing. For over 200 years, we have gathered for this distinguished


race. Off and running in the Gold Cup.


What brings us here? The prestige. The horse racing. The fashion.


The winning. Stilettos in muddy earth.


The sound of hoofs past the post. He wins his fourth Ascot Gold Cup.


It's Ladies' Day, when women, like sunny as those. The umbrellas are


up. The rain is easing off. It is a colder day down there. Everybody is


jostling trying to get to the front of the queue. Most of that money is


going on Fame And Glory. It certainly is. There has been


bidding to win Group 1 races at two, three, four and six. Isn't that a


hallmark of consistentsy in a racehorse. Very few can do that


was a horse, as a three-year-old, he ran in all the top races. Of


course, he's an animal which makes him a stayer. That is why he's


running in all these long-distance races. The stable who had Yeats,


he's taken the shoes of Yeats, winning last year and he's hot


favourite to win again. Who's to know - next year he might be


favourite to win this race again. Jamie Spencer looking nice and


relaxed. Johnny Murtagh has arrived at the start with Saddler's Rock,


who was a pretty progressive horse last season and has beaten Opinion


Poll in the Doncaster cup. As a three-year-old, which is a


performance you would think is good for a three-year-old to do that. He


was getting a lot of weight, but it is weight for age. For a horse to


be mature enough to take on all those stayers, it takes a lot of


doing. He's had the extra year now to develop, strengthen and to just


get that little bit stronger mentally and physically.


I was talking about Johnny Murtagh having won five times, Piggot won


it 11 times. Barzalona looking for Colour Vision, originally we


thought Opinion Poll would be the one he'd be on. The ground change


could possibly change his mind. The horses lining up very rapidly. Fame


And Glory one of the last to go in. Let's join Jim for the Gold Cup.


The last three going forward now for this press tedgeous race with a


total of �350,000 -- prestigious. Not the richest of the week in


terms of prize money, but the one with the most history. Fame And


Glory going forward now. Frankie is in n the stalls. Has he chosen the


right one? Switched from Opinion Poll to Colour Vision. Last one


going forward now. Set for the Gold Cup. Ready. Racing in the Gold Cup


of 2012 and on the inside, Opinion Poll is one of the first away. Out


there too in the early stages, Fame And Glory. A bit wider out is


Colour Vision and Gulf of Naples is widest of all. The two greys on the


outside of the field. Behind them is Saddler's Rock. Further back in


the field is Nehaam. Followed by Caucus giving them a fair start


with Bridge Of Gold. At the tail is Askar Tau. They've gone through the


first furlong and a half. To the front is Gulf of Naples. They're


dawdling in these testing conditions today. At least by two-


and-a-half lengths or so. Colour Vision in second, a similar


distance away in third is Saddler's Rock. Half a length away, Nehaam.


Settling in fifth position on the inner is Fame And Glory, last


year's winner. Then is Opinion Poll. Followed by Bridge Of Gold, tucked


away behind them. Caucus on the outside of runners. Going very,


very slow here as they have two miles left to travel. Dawdling


along in front is Gulf of Naples. Leads by a length and a half to in


second Colour Vision on the inside of Nehaam. In fourth position is


Saddler's Rock who won't settle. Pulling for his head there on the


inside of Caucus in the pink jacket. A length and a half in advance of


Opinion Poll, followed by Fame And Glory. Two lengths further back,


Askar Tau. At the tail of the field is Bridge Of Gold. Ten lengths


covers the field. They have a circuit remaining and the leader is


Gulf of Naples. He's been out there for a fair way now, leads by two


lengths. Nehaam half a length away. Colour Vision. Caucus in the pink


jacket has moved up on the outside of Saddler's Rock. A length in


advance of Opinion Poll with the white cap, then Fame And Glory on


the inside. Just inclined to take a tug in the first half mile of the


race. They're two lengths to Askar Tau. Tout back is Bridge Of Gold.


They leave the mile and a half behind them in the Gold Cup. The


leader here is Gulf of Naples. Nehaam. On the inner is Colour


Vision. Half a length further back is Saddler's Rock. A length to


Opinion Poll the outside. Fame And Glory still third last. From Askar


Tau and Bridge Of Gold. All the time they are running downhill as


they leave the mile behind them and get to Swindley Bottom. Gulf of


Naples still the leader out in front. Nehaam. Third is Colour


Vision. Fourth is Caucus with the pink cap. Saddler's Rock is


striding out better now. He's appreciating the increase in tempo,


followed then by Opinion Poll. Glory gloir glory is back in the


field. -- Fame And Glory. Askar Tau. The rank outsider then, Bridge Of


Gold. They follow this stiff uphill climb. It's Gulf of Naples. Just


the leader from Nehaam. Paul Hanagan the champion jockey on the


outer. Frankie Dettori on Colour Vision. Followed by Saddler's Rock


on the inside. Further back in the field, Caucus. Followed then by


Fame And Glory with about eight lengths to make up. Starting to


improve slightly from Opinion Poll and Bridge Of Gold, Askar Tau.


Coming up towards the half mile marker now in the Gold Cup. On the


inside, it's Gulf of Naples being tackled in earnest by Nehaam.


Colour Vision followed by Saddler's Rock and Caucus. Fame And Glory.


Still six lengths off the pace, followed by Opinion Poll. Bridge Of


Gold. Out the back is Askar Tau. On the turn for the home Gold Cup now.


Gulf of Naples on the inside tackled by Nehaam. Colour Vision


getting into the clear. Two or three lengths away. Fame And Glory


now taking to the outside, starting to run on well. Two furlongs left


to go. On the far side, it's Gulf of Naples. Nehaam in the centre.


Colour Vision coming for glory. Two lengths to Opinion Poll running on


well. Saddler's Rock. Fame And Glory is running behind. A half


furlong left in the Gold Cup and it's Opinion Poll now pouncing with


Colour Vision, but they're fighting it out. On the inside, Colour


Vision is doing his best and Colour Vision's got up to win for


Frankie Dettori, the Ascot specialist, has won the Gold Cup!


What a boost for him! Very, very tight for second is. Frankie


Dettori, who's been fighting so hard to consolidate his position as


number one at Godolphin's ridden an inspired race to win the Gold Cup


on Colour Vision. Owned by Godolphin, train bid Saeed bin


Suroor, this gelding. There's Saeed. The gelding by rainbow quest. What


a performance! Very, very tight for second and we are waiting for the


judges' verdict here. Let's have a look ourselves.


Very, very tight here. In the centre, opinion poll's just got


second on the evidence of that. In fifth is Askar Tau who came from


last for George Baker. Then Nehaam. Fame And Glory had too much ground


to make up. He was never really that pap hi, I wouldn't have


thought, Jamie Spencer. There's the klaxon call. The stewards are


looking at something. There's a steward's inquiry. Caucus is behind


them. Now, officially second Opinion Poll. The time 4.42.05 but


Frankie Dettori, the man who in 1996 went through the card at Ascot


riding seven out of seven winners, a track that he's always loved.


Let's see if we can spot the interference here. Colour Vision


now starting to come out there. Just giving Opinion Poll two bumps


there. Just how crucial was that? Has that affected the result?


That's what you are saying to yourself and the winning distance


is a half length. Two bumps there. The stewards will be looking at


this and will be going into the room and hearing what they say as


well. Saeed bin Suroor coming back to lead him back. Really good


performance. Health and Safety gone out in front of the crowd, Frankie


Dettori, with Colour Vision. Let's have another look at the bunking.


Frankie is coming out there. And twice you can see there. And just


knocked Opinion Poll off balance, no doubt about that. The first bump


certainly did knock him off balance. Let's have another look. Dettori


has the whip in the correct hand. Look what happens. All of a sudden,


Colour Vision veers over left and knocks into Opinion Poll and does


it again. So there's two very, very conspicuous bumps there. And it's


the -- the thing in Dettori's favour though is that the distance


is a half length. If it would have been a nose or a short head, it


might be very, very, very awkward all round.


Whatever happens, Sheikh Mohammed's won the Gold Cup and I suspect that


Frankie Dettori will keep this race because he's not guilty of


dangerous riding, he's not guilty of improper riding, he may be


guilty of careless riding in which case the steward also say did he


take reasonable steps to avoid interference. Willie, we see


interference every day of the week. How bad do you think that was and


will it affect the result? It's not that bad really. Take the ground


conditions, you take the length of the race, the horses are getting


very tired. Frankie did have his stick in the left hand. He used the


stick in the left. He put it down, pulled it through, used it, stick


in the right hand twice, maybe he hit the horse once too many times


with the right hand before the stick went down and stopped riding


with his stick. Luckily for Frankie, I would say, is that he has won by


half a length. If he'd won by a head or a short head, there are


grounds for places to be switched. May it please your Majesty, Royal


Highnesses, Lords, ladies and gentlemen. The fanfare announces


the arrival of the horse first- past-the-post in this year's Gold


Cup. He is Colour Vision, trained by Saeed bin Suroor, owned by


Godolphin and ridden by the most successful jockey in the history of


Royal Ascot, Frankie Dettori! He is indeed. Embracing Sheikh


Mohammed, his employer. Sheikh Mohammed has both the first and


second but with different stables. The winner is trained by Saeed bin


Suroor. The second trained by Zarooni. They're both Godolphin but,


as you can imagine, quite a lot of rivalry generated by that situation.


And this is something that will have them on a knife edge. That's


for sure. Frankie Dettori, very important to him. This is the time


again. 4.42.05. But very important to him that he can hold on to this


race. When it's a half length, the balance is tipped in your favour,


no doubt about that. That's the situation here. A nervous few


moments for Frankie Dettori here, but you can see the celebration and


the relief on his face when he past the line first. Having made the


decision to switch from Opinion Poll and Colour Vision, nothing


would have been more galing than to see his stable mate come by him and


snatch the Gold Cup. But for Frankie, he did, in terms of timing


on this horse, and bear in mind this was one of three four-year-


olds in a race, so a younger horse open to more, this horse had the


potential to improve. A worbld on Fame And Glory, desperately


disappointing there, something must have gone wrong. The slow early


pace didn't help, but when Jamie Spencer got him clear, he never


picked up, and you would think he may be injured? At a furlong and a


half, his action wasn't very good. I don't think it really will have


been the ground that would have been the reason why he shortened


his stride, but he didn't look very happy in the last furlong. Seeing


here the celebration shots of those involved with Colour Vision and


Saeed bin Suroor equally under pressure. The Godolphin camp work


like this, like a football team on rowcation. There's always pressure


and even if you have been the number one guy, you are still


having to prove yourself to the boss, who is with Rishi now.


Congratulations Sir, you have won the Gold Cup whatever happens now.


Have you had a word with your jockeys and do you have any idea


what happened in the closing stages? Whatever happened, I think


to bring horses and to finish first and second is a great thing. The


Gold Cup, you have to wait the whole year to prepare a horse and


to come here and even the second one ran very, very well also.


It's a race you have done particularly well and Godolphin


have done particularly well in over the years. What emotions were you


going through at the final stages when Opinion Poll and Colour Vision


battled it out, Gulf of Naples as well? Well, yes, just finishing


together, you know, your blood boils. And the joy in watching


obviously the established Frankie Dettori and the young Mickael


Barzalona going at it in the closing stages? Yes, two great


jockeys. I mean Frankie's great and this year, the young man's coming


up also. Two improving horses. Thank you for talking to us. Thank


you. Just looking at Godolphin's success


in this race. They have lots of former winners of the Gold Cup. And


in terms of those horses, Mick Kinane rode two of them. Frankie


was on board one of the winners. Looking at the closing stages, you


will see Frankie had his whip in his right hand. As he smacks Colour


Vision, the horse veers to the right, bumps into Opinion Poll


who's then come plaitly thrown off his balance and almost goes


sideways. Mickael Barzalona is struggling to have the room to use


his own whip. So did Frankie Dettori do enough to keep his horse


straight? Mickael Barzalona is going to be assisted in terms of


translating. Mickael Barzalona's English isn't fluid yet. I hit,


just started to run around a bit, just been running two-and-a-half


miles so getting tired on the round. I tapped with my right, he shifted


to the left a bit. I brushed Mr Mickael Barzalona for the stride,


corrected him straightaway and at the end he won nicely by half a


length, but the horse were very tired towards the end and running


around a bit. Could you explain to Mr Mickael Barzalona what Frankie


Dettori just said? ( she translates) Nothing more to say?


Please could you wait outside for a minute. Mr Mickael Barzalona you


can go. So the stipendiary stewards and the stewards on duty today


examining the different angles of this interference and listening to


text plan nation of Frankie. There's no doubt Frankie's caused


the interference here, but he said I've given him a couple of bumps


and gosh, they've ended up really the first four not pulling far


clear of the others and that is the result of the steady pace earlier


on and the horses fin nirking the Gold Cup better than they do. --


finishing. The result's very quick. The result is not going to be


changed here. Unaffected. The placings remain


unaltered. Colour Vision takes the Gold Cup. Sheikh Mohammed and the


Princess can celebrate. Releaf all round. Frankie Dettori has indeed


won the Gold Cup, the sun is shining and the Italian's dismount


was not in vein. Congratulations to Mr Saeed bin Suroor, great success.


They've all been talking about the time. That is 25 seconds outside


the record, so very, very slow. That's why they were crawling


earlier. You can see Saddler's Rock pulling hard early and Fame And


second time because the result's confirmed. Her Majesty the Queen


presents her first trophy of the week and Frankie Dettori is running


out from the weighing room to join Sheikh Mohammed and Saeed bin


Suroor and the Princess and always Willie dreadful for a jockey when


you know you have ridden a great race and done everything you can


and you have to wait and survive misses a beat really and there's a


period where the stewards could go either way. But I think if it would


have been a short head, the stewards might have had grounds to


do something but because he won by half a length and he was going away


at the finish, that was the reasons their placings remain unaltered.


Frankie will be very, very happy having his first winner here at


Royal Ascot. A one two for Godolphin, shake mupld comes


forward to receive the Gold Cup -- Sheikh Mohammed. Sheikh Mohammed


and the Queen have so much shared interest in horse races and so much


so that the Sheikh gives the Queen so many yearlings as a gift.


Carlton House was last year's one, finished second in the Prince of


Wales Stakes. They have much to discuss and Sheikh Mohammed is a


great sportsman and he's matched and surpassed in enthusiasm for the


game by Frankie Dettori who's deep in discussion with the Princess


Royal there. Saeed bin Suroor coming forward. He's such a


gentleman. He's so dignified, quite and charming and polite and lovely


said that he is the most successful jockey in Ascot history. He is the


most successful jockey currently holding a licence. Lester Piggott


may have something to say about that! Everybody is aware of the


situation he has been in. Like a first-choice striker for football


team. His position has been challenged. Hasn't he handled it


well? He has. Mike Fernando Torres at Chelsea. He kept getting


supplemented. What is the word? He is the sort of guy that needs to be


in the public eye. He needs to be riding winners, because he is the


sort of character that as soon as his bottom it drops and you get


disappointed when things are not going his way. -- his bottom lip


drops. And the English crowd loves to see Frankie Dettori riding


winners. He will be the happiest man in the weighing room today.


Because he has come off the bend and scored the winning goal at the


FA Cup. That is what it feels like to home. I think he will have been


touched by the reaction of people, so concerned when the rumours were


flying around that he might be retiring. That he was somehow


sidelined. He will have been really surprised by the warmth of a motion


and affection. Let's hear from him now. -- emotion and affection.


said they cannot keep you down. I suppose that was a statement.


was great. They were both great horses, grid warriors, and it was a


hard decision to make. I finish with the best but it was a short


margin and I am delighted for the team and for myself as well. It has


been a very hard week and I am glad this came up. A great reception


when you came back in. A lot of people are on your team. It is


great. We have got a great team. It is a great result for us. You are


the old dog and there are some new kids on the block. They must have


been some extra interment edging out Barcelona in the closing


stages? -- extra enjoyment. We are friends but you want to win for


yourself. It does not matter who is in the finish with me, you always


try to win. Have you proven that you are still the top man?


Really? I have to prove it in the next race. This raised has gone now.


You are always remembered for the last one. -- this race has gone now.


The crowd think you are the top man. Thank you! Well, it would not be


Ascot without Frankie Dettori winning. Colour Vision wins. It is


one two for the boys in blue, Godolphin.


Just fantastic. I think that has made the day. It makes it royal


Ascot. The best race of the whole week, the richest race, the most


prestigious. And two wins it? Godolphin with Frankie Dettori on


board. Fantastic. He has made this week even more special. We will


change the Fame And Glory news and what happened to him and the


reaction from Aidan O'Brien soon. But we have been enjoying the Gold


has come out. Glorious scenes. You have just seen beautiful ladies


with wonderful hats. Top milliner, Stephen Jones, it is lovely to see


you here. It is lovely to be here, fantastic. You have got a fashion


show. What makes a really good at. How do you wear them? With


confidence. You have to get used to them. It is not a pair of jeans


that you plonk on before you go out. You have to wear them at home,


rehearse. They make you feel different, they turn you into a


Princess. Thank you! These are some of your models. Please talk us


through the designs. She is wearing his black organza hat, a little bit


like a buy corn. It does very well with the outfit. Gold braid around


the edge of it. Fantastic lines and shapes on her face. Very beautiful.


An ice silhouette as well. Absolutely. -- nice silhouette.


Hats have been getting bigger. Because of the new guidance is that


we should not be wearing fascinators, people have really


gone for it and most of the hats have been bigger. That must please


you as a milliner. It tested technically be 10 centimetres in


the Royal Enclosure. -- it has to be 10 centimetres. Are more women


wearing hats? Yes, and more tailoring. A tailored shoulder


needs are constructed hat, and the two things go together very well.


This says Stephen Jones to me. It is a classic shape, quirky and


biddable. Yes, it is a special Diamond Jubilee top hat but with


some punk in the bandaging. Punk is really a heritage. You loved that


era. Steve Strange back due to start with? Yes, 1000 years ago! I


never thought I would still be at Ascot. You are clearly inspired by


the 70s feeling. In Britain we have the great classicism of places like


Ascot but also the exciting youth movements in our music industry and


fashion and culture and the two run parallel. Are we seeing a


resurgence of that? We are seeing two things running along together.


People do not want to be completely classic or completely raw. If you


look at the young princesses, the Duchess of Cambridge, you see how


she is wearing a new sort of dress. And lots of hats, which is lovely


to see. Then people wearing hats. This is one of your muses. A


broadcaster who we know, Olivia. Lovely to see you. You are still in


the titles will the BBC. They keep running it out, it is wonderful! I


am loving wearing this, it is like being a mermaid. And it is called


The Mermaid. It is afraid so that it wafts in the wind and it goes


perfectly with your address, which is beatable. Thank you. I wore it


because I knew it was going to rain and a thought I could look like a


puddle. Much more glamorous than a puddle! You do it like a mermaid.


Really terrific to see you. Bentley very much an thank you for this hat


as well. More fashion in a few moments. -- thank you very much.


Frankie Dettori is happy. He is wearing the colours for the next


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


race, the Britannia Stakes. Here As you would imagine, a hugely


competitive handicap, the Britannia Haggas Fast Or Free. There are so


many horses in this race that you can make a case for. This is Born


To Surprise. Michael Bell training and Jamie Spencer about to get on


board. Disappointing earlier this year but a good comeback.


horses will like the ground now that they like the rain. I will not


be surprised if he does not like it. Behind him, Nawwaar. One of a


couple for that owner of. Will he be second choice? I think curry man


is number one. That is because he has Paul Hannigan. -- Kahruman.


Coming to our left, Chapter Seven. Next to it, in the diamonds, Trader


Jack. The Roger Charlton. Lots of good horses in this race. It is


hard to go around this field and find a negative. But that guy, he


is a super looking cold, well- muscled. He walks well, nice


attitude. Just the right size. worried about the ground for him.


They were worried about soft ground at the start of the season. Soft


ground is coming. You could see by the Gold Cup that the horses were


rolling around a lot. It does not matter what the ground is like. It


is what the heavens give us. The ground is a forgery getting quite


loose. Not too many left in the paddock apart from Swing Alone.


Trained by Gay Kelleway, the only woman to win a race at Royal Ascot.


That is amazing. Given Hayley Turner and other women. This is a


hot-tempered horse. A ring bit in the mouth, so very keen. Very


generous in what he does. They will be taking him down nice and quietly.


Neil Callan looks quite relaxed, chatting away. Who would you like


to win? William Haggas, of course, Fast Or Free. He will like the cut


in the ground. Yes, Fast Or Free well fancied, and we can see him in


slow motion cantering to the start, is that he has won his last two


starts. He ran once last year as a two-year-old but he has run twice


this season and has beaten a big field at Newmarket. Ryan Moore


staying on board, not surprisingly. He will have had a choice of


several mounts in this race. We have seen him winning earlier this


week. William Haggas, very shrewd out for it. They know what they are


doing on the big day. That is Fast Or Free cantering down to the start.


This horse does it nice and easy. I any action. The jockeys say that


the rain has just started to open up the ground. This horse looks


really well. Robert Winston in the plate, the really good fellow, who


had a bad action which stopped him being a good jockey. He smashed his


jaw quite badly. Another good horses trained by Roger Charlton


and we can hear from his trainer. It is Trader Jack. Roger Charlton


is with me. He trained Trader Jack's father as well. At the start


of the season it seemed that soft ground would be against this horse.


Does that worry you? His second race last time was on very soft


ground and you won easily so I thought that was what he liked.


Then we ran him at Sandown, and he actually hated the ground. But that


was very soft that day. I am hoping that the ground will be fine.


drawn in stall 15. That would normally be a de -- dilemma, but


the runners are coming down the middle of the course. It is out of


our control, really. They know what to do and they will take pot luck


but I soon they stick to the middle of the course. He is drawn in the


middle. -- I assumed they will stick to the middle. It will be


quite a cavalry charge. Thank you for talking to us. I'm surrounded


by some very tall men and this is a very tall one. Sorry to bother you.


You are associated with a couple of runners. Graphic from the Royal


Ascot Racing Club and Apostle. Tell us about their chances. Graphic, if


he reproduces the Newmarket form, could have an each-way squeak. But


he was really disappointing last time when it was very heavy ground


but he should go well on this sort of ground. Apostle, he is tough,


well, you know. He is one of those courses where there is nowhere else


to run for him. For folks involved in the syndicate, it will be tough


for him because the handicap has got a grip on him but he is working


to the horses. He's over for the Olympics. It wouldnd take him


toopbgs to run there and back, would it? -- too long. I've just


been talking about his stride length which is 13 or 14 feet.


imagine yours is similar? I'm very slow but Edwin's a great guy and he


went undefeated ford ten years in competition and won sports awards.


He'll be commentating during the Olympics which is great. Great to


see him here at Royal Ascot. Thanks for talking to us.


Just rattle through a few more of these, because there are so many of


us and Frog Hollow definitely has a chance. Three runners in this race.


A few have run against this horse as well. In a race won by Gabriel


at Haydock did well but this is a great horse. The dark green,


Compton there. William Bewick rides there. Let's see what else we can


find. Let's have a look at Frankie Dettori. Nobody's hotter than the


man who's just won the Gold Cup. He's riding Piri Wango here. This


horse has ran on the all-weather at Dundalk. Yes. This horse OK was


relatively well beaten but the horse that finished second or third


was advertised to form. Joe Lyons likes not just social winners, so


he'll be on a high, Frankie, after winning the last race, it will do


him good. Prince Alzain there, Eddie Ahern riding this for Gerard


will only run their horses three times if they have the Britannia in


mind and Prince Alzain's ran a little bit more often that that.


What about Leqqaa who's having a decent season? He's normally number


two to Henry Cecil, we see him on the likes of Bullet Train and


occasionally the form is reversed and he'll get to ride a big winner.


Great jockey. He is. Equitable Equitable. Ian normally travels to


Ascot on his motorbike because he normally heads off and beats the


traffic, weaving in and out. Joe tp fanning riding Switzerland. Mark


Johnston's firing a fair few. horse has a chance. You are saying


that about everything? But it's a massive handicap and I'm trying to


cover myself in glory after yesterday. Exactly. That's been


said of 29 out of the 30 runners. Richard Hannon's got plenty of


runners in this. I don't know what the pecking order will be like.


would like to think Richard has a few chances.


Leqqaa there. Democretes here. Stepping up from


six furlongs to a mile. Good form at two furlongs. Just struggled to


recapture that level. The stalls handlers doing such a


good job. We should do a piece on them, a day in the life of them.


Amazing, they're piled on to a bus and off they go, meeting to meeting.


Stkpwh you can see that one's going to go forward relatively easily,


but they have to get their weight behind it and they have to keep


calm around the horses as well. A lot of them get wound up and are


not necessarily showing their best when they're wound up. Frog Hollow.


A definite chance. Crowley riding fairly quickly so we'll hand you


over to Jim. Going forward there is Forest Row and John attempting to


complete a really big double. There he is. Big chance of Forest Row to


win the Britannia. The last couple going forward now. Prince Alzain


going in. Hamza is locked away. I think they are just about ready for


the Britannia. They are set. They're racing and away to a good


start too. One of the first away on the near side is Come On Blue Chip.


They split into two groups now. Lord of the Shadows. As they settle


into stride, it's Lord of the Shadows on the near side showing


the way. On the near side, it's Hamza up there as well. So too


Leqqaa not that far away. Bronze Angel there as well and also in


that group is Red Seventy. Come On Blue Chip is there as well. Frog


Hollow followed by Swing Alone. The far side now, and we've got Piri


Wango, Frankie Dettori on the far side up there as well Fast Or Free.


Lucky Henry behind them. Graphic followed by row row row. As they


head up now towards halfway -- Forest Row. Hamza on the near side.


Trying to get into it as well. They are starting to verge now and over


on the far side, Piri Wango being tackled by Fast Or Free. Van Ellis.


Lucky Henry. Bronze Angel. Hamza battling on. Mississippi coming in


from Graphic. Compton. Fast Or Free has taken it up now with furlong


left to go. Mister Music out after him. Followed by Compton. The


action on the far side. Fast Or Free trying to hold on. Coming fast


is Mister Music and Bronze Angel. Fast Or Free is going to win the


Britannia. Mister Music second, third Bronze Angel, fourth is


Compton, followed further back by Piri Wango, then Kahruman. Born To


Surprise. One of the last to cross the line, there are a couple of


groups of them, one of the last was Ian and Christine. This gelding by


Not Now Kay toe. Elated with that if I can I have -- Kato. Let's see


them cross the line. Bronze Angel finished with a flourish for third.


Compton fourth. They're strung out aren't they. Piri Wango behind them.


Crosss the line ahead of Kahruman. A gap of four or five lengths to


Born To Surprise and Swing Alone. And then just behind them is Hamza


who showed so much early pace. Van Ellis. Further back in the centre,


the diamond jacket, Trader Jack and also there is Graphic. Not that far


away is Switzerland and also my opinion sip pi there in that group


as well. Then deck deck deck -- Switzerland and also Mississippi


and Democretes. Frog Hollow, further back Chapter Seven. Lucky


Henry. Apostle well back and the last few straggleers. Come On Blue


Chip. Another four there. They muffin Nished over half a furlong


between first to last. There's the winner though, number


29, Fast Or Free, ridden by Ryan like a favourite as well. The


punters are cheering and the bookmakers weeping because this


horse was really well supported. The 6-1 favourite fast or free


comes home in front to give Ryan Moore his second winner of the week,


Mr Haggis's first. He hits the back of the net this time. In style as


well. This horse has rad a really sweet run through and Ryan needs a


little bit of company. Poor old Hayley Turner. My heart bleeds for


her because it was left on its own. You have heard from Willie when he


said the draw doesn't really matter as long as you know where the pace


is and the pace was all this side. Ryan Moore knew that he had a horse


way out. Maximum 30 runners here and just snook in as number 29. It


was a real dicey position to be in having won his two starts so far


this year. The handicapper putting him up just enough to get into the


race. They must have been pleased to see his name amongst them. It's


a 48-hour declaration so two days ago they would have known at 10.10,


this horse just snook in. Ryan Moore coming back, his 15th Ascot


winner. He was successful yesterday. On Tuesday that was, I beg your


pardon. Drained by Willie llins. The last two years, Ryan has won


the Royal Ascot top jockey award. He rode a total of four winners in


2010 and three winners last year. So he's well on his way here as


well to another title. If you go back through the records,


you see that Dettori won three in a row back in the late 90s.


Hard to do. Mick Kinane did it as well. Another great jockey here at


the Royal meeting. But let's check the full result now on this very,


very competitive handicap. Another one. The punters are happy down


William Haggis just orchestrating the official photo for fast or free


-- Fast Or Free. You deserved a change of luck this week? Not sure


about that, but it was nice to win. You had a few close shaves. How


much of the rain helped him today? I think maybe quite a lot.


Because I think he's enjoyed the ground. He did a nice job, he was


tailor made for this if he got in and he just did. Improving at a


roit of knots, as the old cliche goes, how far do you think he can


go -- at a rate of knots? I don't know really, Health and Safety come


a long way, had three races in quick succession, so we'll have to


sit quiet and see where we go. I'm delighted. Just about a trip for


him, pedigree-wise, does it offer scope for a bit more? Yes, it


probably does, but Ryan thought after his last run he'd get a mile


and a quarter, haven't had tame to talk to him yet, but sounds good


for him, plenty of pace and he stays on well. He has a great


temperament. Nice to get that Royal Ascot winner isn't it? I can't tell


you how much it means to all of us who train to have a winner here,


it's great. Well done. Thanks. Let's look back at the closing


stages of this Britannia handicap. Willie is with me this time.


Nothing very much happened at the but this is coming down to two


furlong mark. Most of the action will be over here. This is the


winner, travelled nicely the whole way through. Compton is third there.


Fourth, sorry. Hayley Turner there. Yes, in the centre. Beats the


horses it's running against, but is a little too far away from where it


appeared to be where the best ground was. I don't know if it was


the best ground but Frankie helped Frankie centres are also good three


furlongs out. He sent it. -- Frankie sent his horse three


furlongs out. Hayley Turner finished very well. She has come


all the way across the track. if we are all the way back through


them, it is a long way. You said this was a good looking bunch of


horses. They were, but look at them still coming! They are getting


rather tired on this fresh rain. It is making the ground a looser on


top. Some horses are just scratching. It is interesting to


see that the lower the numbers, the faster they seemed to be going.


had two big handicaps. The one on Saturday afternoon, six furlongs,


shorter than this. If it keeps on raining, you want to be drawn low?


All those people with low numbers will be happy indeed. That is the


Britannia Stakes. A good win and class C. -- a classy win. I have


got Ryan Moore with me, the winning jockey. Second win of the week. How


good was that performance and this year's Britannia? I don't know how


good the race was. My horse is very good. He travels very well with a


good rhythm. He showed a good attitude and he is very tough.


important is the ground to him? enjoys it. I have only ridden him


Onslow ground so I do not know how he would handle it otherwise.


could get further in time, as well? At Newmarket I thought he would go


further. He stuck it out well here. There is no reason why he would not.


Well done. I think you are up next of the presentation.


Congratulations. Roger Bannister on the left, the first man to break


four minutes for the mile in 1954. Presenting the trophy appropriately


to the winner of the mile handicap. And the owners of Fast Or Free,


joined now by the trainer, William Haggas. Just a bit more of a


postscript to the Gold Cup, we mentioned that fame or glory was


disappointing in that. You could see that he was disappointing and


we wondered if something might have been amiss. What did Jamie Spencer


say? He did some head-scratching, to be honest. He thought that the


horse had every chance. They went slow, but it was crawling. But this


horse is capable of picking up off the slow pace, but nothing worked.


Silvestre De Sousa is part of the Godolphin gang. Was he doing it for


them or himself? He seemed to be doing it for himself. He was very


pleased with how his horse performed. Ryan Moore on the trophy


podium now after his second win of the week. That is enough to put him


out in front in terms of the leading jockey. There is no money


involved in this but the jockeys really do care about who will take


home the trophy. Richard Hughes has got so close in years to come but


lost out on the last day. He has not yet had a winner. Ryan Moore on


two and all the rest on one. We have had for 215 -- 15 different


jockeys so far. There was a lot of back-slapping going on when Frankie


Kovac in because he is popular among the lads. Everybody was keen


to say well done because they know what it means to him. Let's have a


bit more of the fashion on Ladies' Day with Suzi Perry.


Thank you. Even I have had an absolute ball today. It has been


her jubilation Ladies' Day. Lots of red, white and blue. The fabulous


padded and lots of high heels, so high that women were tottering all


over the course. -- a fabulous pageant. We have got some footage


and I would like you to commentate as you used to in 1980s style. Can


we run the images? There we are. That is the jubilation, red, white


and blue. A lot of that. And escalators, a new thing! She seems


very happy. That lady is wearing a fascinator beside her. Pashminas or


over the place. I am not sure how good they are but they keep the


winds out. And then all those colours. Those ladies look as


though they are having a great time. Black and white, very traditional.


And lots more smaller hats this year. That is a big one. Sliding


down the escalator. Look how fabulous it is. And some


interesting issues. Very trendy actually. And at length skirt, a


bit vintage. Her beautiful jacket. The usual sunglasses and hat


combination in bright pink. She looks very elegant. Very classic.


We have seen a lot of red in the royal carriages. This lady looks


cool with a large hat to keep off the rain. The wedge. We have seen


that a lot today. They look lovely. A large bag with everything in it,


probably even sandwiches. Royal sandwiches with no crusts?


exactly! This is one of the things that has happened. You do not need


to be fantastically rich to dress well at Ascot nowadays. You can buy


some beautiful day dresses on the High Street. A success is buying


vintage. 40s and 50s is a winner at Royal Ascot. We have seen wonderful


girls wearing closing older than me. And we saw Carole Middleton earlier


and you were impressed. I thought she looked fantastic. If I was


still editing a newspaper tomorrow, she would be my picture on the


front. She and the Queen would do it very well. They were the stars


of the day. She looked lovely in red, just like her daughter. It has


been an absolute joy having you with me today. Super.


Eve Pollard and Suzi Perry. Many thanks to them. Let's take you


through the story of Gold Cup day at Royal Ascot. After two days of


bright sunshine, we have grey skies above Ascot Racecourse. The Ladies'


Reckless Abandon! They hit the line and it is very close. Reckless


Abandon. They are off and running. The bird has flown, I reckon.


Princess Highway starts to draw away. Winceyette by about five. --


wins it. Half a furlong left to go in the Gold Cup. It is brilliant.


Television. They are fighting it out. Colour Vision is doing the


best! Colour Vision has got it for Frankie Dettori. 4th of Fast Or


Free is going to win the Britannia! I am joined are now by two sporting


knights of the realm, Sir Steve Redgrave and Roger Bannister. They


have both been presenting trophies today. Are you a regular racegoer?


I am not. It is my first time here and it has been fantastic and I


presenting a trophy, but is it your first time here? 30 years ago, so


it's a very rare occurrence. In retirement you sometimes get asked


to do unusual things and so, as it was ladies' day and I've got my


wife and my two daughters here, it was something I could not refuse.


And they look after you extremely well if you are presenting a trophy


so I'm sure you have had a wonderful day. I wanted to ask you


about Frankel and the performance over a mile on Tuesday and Sir


Roger, given your own performance over a mile, in 1954, and we can


have a look at that, when you broke the four-minute barrier for the


mile and became the first man to achieve that. In terms of your own


physical preparation and mental preparation for this, what do you


think was the key? Well, it's the science really of


total exhaustion. It's a question of not having anything left at the


end or, as I said, taking out of yourself more than you've got.


That's the secret and it's the secret I suppose of rowing too.


must be and Steve I know that must be and Steve I know that


certain rowers and Matthew held that record of the greatest lung


capacity, you probably do find that you are put together slightly


better than most other people in terms of being able to take in the


air that you can? Certainly it's a lot of training and preparation and


that is what makes the difference of being able to get to the start


line. The people who cross the that have the better capacity in


some ways, especially in endurance- based sports, the mile, the 2,000


metres that I used to race, it's about the oxygen uptake that you


can absorb the oxygen from the air that you are breathing in. That'ss


the key element. There's a survey done recently which says the


athletes that've had the higher VO2 maximums have been the ones winning


The amazing thing watching Frankel, he did not look like he was


expending too much energy. There is no obvious sign is a rule. Red Rum


was quite short, I think. Not very tall, but he could sprint and run


in the Grand National. I do not think this would happen now. You


have to specialise. Sebastian Coe of course held the record for 800


metres. I suppose that is the equivalent to one mile, whereas a


mile in horseracing terms is probably two miles. It is very


difficult to draw comparisons. Thinking about physical shape, and


when you get an outstanding athlete, like you. -- Usain Bolt, very tall


with that long stride, once he gets started he is very difficult to


beat. To take the science a little bit further, the muscles have got


fast twitch fibres, which are needed by the sprinter. They run up


an oxygen debt. Lactic acid. And there are slow twitching fibres


that are needed by marathon runners. It so happens that for the human


being, the mile is exactly halfway between. I suppose I did not bother


to have a test of my muscle composition, but I was probably 50%


fast fibre and 50% slow. Usain Bolt is probably 90% fast. That is what


we now know scientifically about it. A fascinating to discuss this and


beaded into other sports. Wonderful to talk to you. Steve Redgrave and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


is over a mile and a quarter. The open. Wrotham Heath is the


five, a little look ahead to tomorrow, day four. The Coronation


Stakes is the big race on the cards. Martin will be riding summer tarred


tomorrow, the winner of the Irish 1000 Guineas. That must be a great


memory for you. Yes, it will stay with me for a long time. To do it


on home soil was fantastic. That was your first ride, wasn't it?


my first ride on the filly and a classic. Things going well. The


runner-up that day has already come out in the Jersey Stakes. The form


has had a nice boost already. People will think it was not a true


run, but I think it took the filly to come to herself through the year,


and she's got on the day and she has been in great form since. --


she sparked on the day. What about the weather? There are showers


forecast. Do you want more rain? Not really, to be honest, but I


prefer the ground to be looser than dead. She was good racing on soft


ground last year, quite close. Whatever will happen, we cannot


change it. She has been on good form at home. I tried ter on tough


ground and she went through it. All we can do is hope. Hopefully your


Grimm in this race. Just the one start this year, that was over a


mile. Stepping up today, what is the thinking? He indicated in that


race that he'd want further than a mile. We've always liked him. I


would be a bit concerned about the ground, we don't really know, he


has an American pedigree and probably wants it quicker than it


is. A word on the well-being of Carlton House after a great run


yesterday? A little stiff this morning, which is to be expected


and we'll sit down and think about the next move. Thank you very


much.- -Henry Cecil talking about the chances of his runner, but this


is Wrotham Heath. That is, sorry, that was Michael Stoute, we are


looking at Henry Cecil there. This is a horse we saw at Epsom and were


pretty impressed, to be honest. I think he'd have a chance, a


definite chance. Giving Henry Cecil and Tom Queally a winner? Yes, he


did a good job at Epsom that day. Sir Henry Cecil obviously thinks


he's taken that race at Epsom quite well so he's brought him out again


here today after only 19 days since he last ran. Of course, Stipulate


is also one of his two runners in the race, Sir Henry Cecil. Also in


the colours of Khalid Abdullah. We are looking atom Queally here,


close-up and slow motion on Wrotham Heath. He rides with his toe in the


iron, as so many jockeys do these days. That's where you get your


balance from, when you put your toe in the irons, the ball of the foot.


Put a finger up into the mane so you don't set yourself up too much.


Set your weight against the horse's mouth and make sure he doesn't go


any faster than he should. It's quite amazing that all those


horses... We heard Michael Stoute talking about horse. Khalid


Abdullah doesn't ever buy horses, they are all farm bred. It's


amazing the success he has, it means he has a very good team at


home running the show and a lot of lovely... Uh-oh, that horse has


broke down, has he? I don't think so, just pulling him up. He's all


right. I was a bit frightened there for a spell. This is Grandeur,


Frankie Dettori, the man who'll be in the headlines tomorrow and


talked about on the radio reports this evening having won the Gold


Cup. Grand yur generally looked to be progressing -- Grandeur. The


form with Wrotham Heath, well, actually it will be very


interesting to see what happens today because there is a six pound


difference in the weights this time around. You would think that would


be enough to put Grandeur in frofpbt and obviously it's a


different racecourse -- Grandeur in front. Looks more nippy. He has


sort of, as we were watching his action there, he went down that


hill to the mile and a quarter from the mile and half and he was moving


really well on that ground. He's got Frankie Dettori on his back and


when Frankie's just had a winner, he's buzzing. I think he's good for


a couple of lengths when he's in this sort of frame of mind. Let's


take a look at the betting and the prices: Grandeur and Wrotham Heath


than Hayley Turner who becomes the first womb to ride a winner here


says Kellaway in the '80s. A horse called Rewarded here has decent


form coming into this. Newbury last time, badly hampered. Possibly


might have won that day. So this horse is not without a chance here


so we've got a girl jockey on board. Kirsty might be the second lady to


win at Royal Ascot. The horse is not without a chance. The Maktoum


colours thatryed for so many years by Willie Carson. They really fancy


this horse on Mukhadram tsh - coloured carried for so many years.


The jockey likes the horse, that means he has a chance. This German


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 73 seconds


years ago and Schelnderhand was very successful. Wearing hoods in


races is catching on. Energizer, his owner's had a couple of races


before. Stipulate, the second string of Henry Cecil's runners or


the second lot of colours for Khalid Abdullah.


On form, you would say that Stipulate is better than Wrotham


Heath. Both the Khalid Abdullah horses are good.


He's running two to make sure he gets the prize. Tailed off in the


Sandown classic, but the ground here is not as bad as it was then.


That was the day when Joseph O'Brien went round the trees. It


was possibly that day that was false form for this horse. Forget


that. There's Richard Hughes who's had a


few that have run all right, but not quite having the week that he


wanted. When Frankie won the Gold Cup, Richard Hughes was the first


to say, isn't that brilliant. All the other jockeys happy for him.


That's good. Richard Hannon's never won this race, and in the last ten


runnings, he's only had one horse finish in the first six. Only


beaten by a short head one year to be fair, but he tends to be very


successful in the shorter races than in the two-year-old races.


This horse wound group 3 at Newmarket, so he should be able to


cope with this Group 3 here. There's Paul Hanagan, champion


jockey. He'll be looking for a win here on Mukhadram. Frankie Dettori


will be on a high. They're set. And they're racing!


And on the outside, just a fraction astride was Wrotham Heath trapped


wide early down near the inside, Cavaleiro in company with Rewarded


and all the time Tom Queally is looking over to see if he can cross.


Three wide as they race into Swindley Bottom. Now on the fence


and he settles in the lead. Wrotham Heath chose the way by two lengths,


Cavaleiro, Goldoni. Followed by Rewarded. Mukhadram. Half a length


further back is Stipulate on the outside from grand yush giving them


a fair start. -- Grandeur. They leave Swindley Bottom.


Richard Hughes has broken away from the pack on Crius and has gone


right to the far side, taking the Willie Carson route under the trees.


The leader of Stipulate by three or four lengths to second place to


Cavaleiro, followed by, I should ait's Wrotham Heath in front.


Grandeur. Still alone on the far side, Crius. Still a long way from


the leader. As they come up towards the turn, it's Wrotham Heath the


leder by two lengths to Stipulate. Grandeur coming into it now for


Dettori on the outside. Half a length to Goldoni. Followed by


Mukhadram. Rewarded dropped back, followed by Energizer. Tales Of


Grimm. Crius has tailed off. The two Cecil runners together on the


near side. Stipulate takes it up from Wrotham Heath. Grandeur,


Mukhadram, Energizer for Germany. Right down the outside, Energizer


racing quickly. A furlong left. It's the German-trained runner


who'll take it. Energizer, three lengths in front. Battling away is


Stipulate. Followed by muck muck. Here is one for Germany. Energizer


15-2 winner at Royal Ascot for Germany. Trained by jens


Hirschberger. Second is number 9, Stipulate. Rewarded third and


fourth is Mukhadram. Energizer going to the line here. About three


or four lengths I would say, or three-and-a-half, ahead of


Stipulate. A similar distance, Rewarded, fourth Mukhadram, Tales


Of Grimm on the near side. Goldoni in the centre. Grandeur. Frankie


Dettori. He was on a high but his horse wasn't good enough. And then


a gap of eight lengths or so to Cavaleiro who came here after a run


in the Derby. And Wrotham Heath who had to work to get over to the


inside rail for Tom yeely had nothing left at all. Crius was the


one who broke away from them. Tom Queally. Energizer is the winner


and the distance is two-and-a-half lengths and the same and the time


2.10.03. That's the time. There it is. For this Tercentenary Stakes.


Such an international Stake stage here. Ireland doing particularly


well and Hong Kong, a famous win on the first day and now one for


Germany. trained winner at Royal Ascot.


We've had German-bred and owned winners before. This horse owned,


bred and trained in Germany, ridden by a German jockey as well and


really appreciating the rain- softened ground and also the very


fast pace set by Wrotham Heath. Power-packed finish and come home


impressively in front. His owner has plenty of stock with


stamina. The ground is getting softer, you need a horse that's


going to get the distance really well and you can see a very happy


jockey there. He's taking in the first ever trained ever German


winner here at Royal Ascot. He won it really, really well indeed. The


second horse Sir Henry Cecil's regarded as the second, but his


form suggested he would be the first in. A very, very good race.


The third horse, Rewarded, Kirsty into the winner's enclosure.


this is the first. Adrie De Vries, those that follow racing in the


Middle East will tell you that he is one of the leading jockeys in


Qatar and has been for some time. A very talented rider. He has ridden


many winners there. This will be something very new for him. And a


very capable horseman. He has got the best out of Energizer and won.


He is wearing a hood for the first time, but sometimes that can be


deceptive. Certainly in Ireland, they do not recognise that at all.


It comes under the heading of blinkers. It is really a


technicality. It is just a bit more specialised when describing what


the head gear is. Now we can have a look at the full result. The German


football team are doing well in the Ukraine and they have hit the back


of the net at the Ascot. With the winning trainer, Jens Hirschberger.


We will try the interview in English but if it does not go well,


we have our translator here. When did you come to plan to Ascot with


the horse? We looked at the last road. -- the last race. It was too


short. We looked at the book. said the distance was too short so


we had a look at the programme and he found this race. You will be


excited by the rain. Lots of people assumed that with his pedigree he


would go in the ground. He loves the ground, definitely. If it is a


monsoon, perfect for him! What does it mean to have a Royal Ascot


winner? It is a great feeling. is all that you need to say! Thank


you and I replace you with your winning rider. Adrie De Vries. That


was a match Everson performance and really gutsy from the horse. --


magnificent performance. Yes, he wanted to step up. He settled today


and he should really good turn of foot. It looked like a battle.


testing ground and the last furlong but it helped. The step up from


that run in the Guineas? Yes, we put the had on him and he settled.


Royal Ascot win for you, what is that like? Amazing. Congratulations.


Well done. Amazing is what it is and it has been an amazing day the


Frankie Dettori as well. Victorious in the Gold Cup, surviving the


inquiry into interference in the closing stages between Colour


Vision and his Godolphin team mate Opinion Poll. You can see that


bumping just there, but the stewards ruled that it did not


improve Colour Vision's position. The placings remained unaltered.


The mud-spattered Frankie celebrated in style. Fame And Glory


was very disappointing, the well- backed favourite. No excuses


offered. They say nothing is wrong with the horse but it just was not


to be today. That is frankly explaining what happened with


Barzalona at the inquiry afterwards. -- Frankie explaining. Not too long


to wait for that response. Apart from a royal winner, which would


have been lovely, the only thing that was missing was frankly.


him winning the Gold Cup or was wonderful. -- Frankie. German


horses winning, Frankie Dettori beating everything, and most


amazing horse. You have had a very good day. Two winners in the second


and one to go. These are the horses that Willie Carson recommended at


the beginning of the day. Let us abandon won. Fame And Glory let you


down. -- Reckless Abandon won. You told me you were going to go for


Colour Vision. Yes, but the rain let me down. Tales of Grimm did not


look as though he enjoyed that ground. Adam Kirby Road Reckless


Abandon. The stewards looked at his use of the whip and they are


referring him to the British Horseracing Association because he


has had some infractions. He has got to go to the head office to


talk about it and look at the films. The presentation is being made


behind us by Virginia Wade, to the German collections of Energizer.


She won Wimbledon in 1977, the Silver Jubilee year. Jens


Hirschberger and the owners. They are receiving that trophy and


holding it aloft. Germany have a winner! In terms of the European


Championships, they are in full swing. Quarter-final action tonight


at 7:30pm on BBC One. The Czech Republic against Portugal. We will


be on air tomorrow at 1:45pm on BBC One and there will be coverage on


BBC Two at BBC interactive. That is where we are going now because we


Coverage from Ladies' Day, the third and biggest day of the world-famous race meeting. High-stakes style is the order of the day, and big hitters from the international fashion industry are out in force, bringing glitz and glamour to one of the biggest fixtures in the social calendar.

On the track the week's racing highlight, the Ascot Gold Cup, is run. The runners will strive to match the record-breaking perfomances of Yeats. A statue in the parade ring commemorates the achievement of this equine legend in winning the long distance race four times in a row.

Clare Balding hosts the coverage from Ascot. She is joined by Willie Carson, Mick Fitzgerald, Rishi Persad, Suzi Perry, Ian Bartlett and John Parrott. Race commentary comes from Jim McGrath.

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