Day 4, Part 1 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 4, Part 1

Clare Balding presents coverage from day four of the event from Ascot. The Coronation Stakes is the highlight of the day, as three-year-old horses race over a mile of track.

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rain. It is growth but the rain has held off. The bandstand, around


which the racegoers gathered after the last race, to sing in


celebration and round their shoulders -- can drown their


sorrows. And this is the most famous sporting venue in Europe. A


crowd of around about 50,000 people expected today. Enjoying picnics


already. A glass or two of champagne not going amiss.


Everybody is here to have a fun, sociable occasion. And also to


enjoy the stunning day of racing. And we have seen it all at Royal


Ascot this week, we really have. It kicked off with the phenomenal


Frankel, then a knockout blow by So You Think to defeat the Queen. Then


Frankie Dettori winning his 5th performance. A superb and


Think those on to win the Prince of Wales Stakes. -- goes on. Colour


Vision! Colour Vision has won for Coronation Stakes today. Frankie


Dettori riding at Ascot for the 25th year. What a huge beast it was,


beating his Godolphin team made Barzalona. -- booster. Two wins so


far, but the other are evenly spread. Chris Mort and Joseph


O'Brien comparing heights. Joseph is not far off him. Jimmy Fortune


has some really good chances with Starscope being one of them. He is


studying form with the Johnny Murtagh, and Paul Hanagan is a man


on a mission as well. Desperate to join the winners. We have had 17


different jockeys so far registering wins with Ryan Moore


the only one to get the double. The winds are blowing strongly and


Wellington boots is the sensible option just in case the rain comes


later. The Chelsea pensioner keeping a hats on board. Sir Henry


Cecil checking his wife's fascinator. The King Edward VII is


one of our top races today and should be fascinating because it


features Astrology, the horse that was third in the Derby behind


Camelot. Willie Carson is with us and you have polished your top hat.


It is my older one but it has more shine to it. What do you think


about today? So many star performances and so many horses


capable of making the headlines. How will today pan out? We could


have royal winner. We will have to wait for the 5th race. It is a


filly, running in the Queen's Vase. Called Estimate? Yes, and I believe


the Queen will be giving the prizes. No, the Duke of Edinburgh. That


race is at 5 o'clock. Let's look at what we have in store for you on


the 4th day of Royal Ascot. Continuing our series of behind the


scenes features on the men that make racing work, and we get the


day in the life of a jockey's valet. Richard Hughes, he bares his soul


and his wife talks about how he has turned his life around. The star of


the whole week could yet be Black Caviar, the Australian Super horse


is hot favourite for the Diamond Jubilee. Unbeaten in so many races,


we assess what makes her so good. And a huge crowd of women dressed


in their finery. Suzi Perry will be looking at fashion and learning how


to make the Coronation cocktail. These are the races that we have


lined up for a 4th date of Royal Ascot. -- the 4th day. Astrology


will be trying to win the King Edward VII Stakes, having won last


year. Some great fillies in the Coronation Stakes. The Queen's Vase


could yet give the Queen her first winner of the week. Estimate has a


great chance in that. We switch to BBC Interactive for the final race,


the Buckingham Palace Stakes. Because of the rain, there are lots


of non-runners. Run Fat Lass Run in the first. The King Edward is down


to five horses. William Buick Amy Ryan is switching to Advanced.


Let's see what effect the rain has had on the course. The one thing we


have to talk about before we talk about the rain are the winds. A


very strong breeze, but it is more than that. I have to keep one hand


free to keep my hat on. It is just so strong that I am turning


sideways. It is drying out the ground and that is the biggest


thing. This course is straight, but after four millimetres of rain,


they suggest it is soft all round. That is the official going


description. But there is no doubt that the straight is quicker than


the round course. I think it will ride better. Good to soft, I would


say, more so on the straight course. We have just seen Amy Ryan getting


buffeted around. They say it is softer than the round course. On


the straight course it will still be hard, but I think it will kick


off OK. You are going to show us how windy it is with the grass test.


Extremely windy! On the straight course, especially if they turn


into the home straight coming up towards the finish line, how


difficult will it be for the horses in the winds? It is absolutely


vital to get cover. Any horse heading straight into it will be


tough, especially two year olds. Come on, but does in the direction


of a couple of winners at least. Just give me one. I think William


Buick in the first race. There horse was very impressive last time


and I think it will be great. And Global Village just to upset Willie


Carson. It used to be owned by Willie Carson but not any more.


they are going for Newfangled in the first? Where son had a share in


him, they have got that wrong. -- my son. Your tips were very good


yesterday. Joseph O'Brien has been walking the course, as he does


every day. We saw him comparing his height to Chris. He is very tall.


He will be riding Homecoming Queen, the 1000 Guineas winner, and she is


tiny. 14.2, and he is six feet. I'm surprised they are allowing Joseph


to ride her. I know that he rode the last time in Ireland, but how


does default himself away on -- he told himself away on a small horse?


I think they might have made a bit of a change. Nothing to do with the


ability of the jockey, just the shape. I think that Ryan Moore


would possibly suit the filly a bit better. A very good jockey, but six


feet. Michael Stoute does have a runner in the race, so he is


maintained for him. Frankie Dettori on Laugh Out Loud, that is a huge


chance for Mick Channon. Laugh Out Loud and Samitar are two very good


fillies. A Samitar has won in Ireland. If the ground has dried


off, she will be the one that will take some beating. She did beat


Homecoming Queen in that race in Ireland. She is by it Rock of


Gibraltar, and you would think that the product in a would not like the


soft going. -- prodigy. You could just hear the strains of Jerusalem


behind us. This green and pleasant land is green because of the rain


that falls so regularly and it is spitting again. We are splitting


our tipping duties around the team. Willie Carson did well yesterday


and it is Suzi Perry's chance to shine with John Parrott. Lovely to


have you here. Today we are going to fashion some winners for the


British public. Are you in good form? Reasonable. I had two winners


yesterday but Willie Carson did brilliantly. Little but steps to


follow him. On the first day, Mike got zero, but then he redeemed


himself with Reckless Abandon. Let's look at your selections.


like to go reach way, as it were, with horses. I am not very


confident. I am a name Pica, like many people at home. I like The


Gold Cheongsam, which is a silky dress, split to the thigh. Frankie


is riding that and he picked be a winner yesterday. Astrology. I know


there are things with this horse but I reckon this will be its day.


It did well in the derby. I think it has got a chance. It is an


easier 1.5 miles here. Liking that. Homecoming Queen for the


coronation? Soft ground, that is why I picked it. Tall jockey and


all that, but fingers crossed for think? Kieren Fallon thinks it has


got the chance. And I went for Macbeth. That could be a tragedy!


And finally Primaeval, because I am desperate for Hayley Turner to get


a win and it has been 25 years since we have had the female winner.


We wish you the best. But I have got a bone to pick with you. What


about the flirting? Jenson Button, OK, he is handsome, he drives fast


cars and he is a multi-millionaire. What was the floating about? Is


that what you women are looking for in a man? -- the flirting.


Obviously not! I would have you any day, JP. And look at your hat! This


is not a good day to wear a frisbee! Good luck! I think she is


doing a fantastic job. Anyway, she is a married woman! Kate, the royal


historian, is with us today. She has given us so much information


but we thought we would look back to the the Coronation, 1953, to see


what the royal procession looked like that. -- of the year of the


but glorious coronation year. Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of


Edinburgh in the first carriage. Her Majesty wearing a biscuit


coloured coat with a black velvet collar and a small black cat. --


hat. The Duke of Gloucester in a carriage with her. And this year


there is a photographic exhibition commemorating 60 years of the Queen


at Royal Ascot. During that time she has owned 20 winners, one of


them coming, the first of them, in 1953 with Choir Boy. That was a


particularly profitable period for Royal runners. The most successful


raised has been a Ribblesdale and the Hunt Cup, which she has won


with Estimate. Here comes the procession. As those pictures prove,


it has changed so little over the years. It could be the same, but


they are looking a tiny bit younger there. 1953, the year of the


Coronation, the great year of Elizabeth, she was incredibly


popular. On the same day of her coronation, the news came that


Edmund Hillary had conquered Everest. There was some great fancy


dress, Everest fancy dress, people dressed up as TV sets. I would


imagine a lot of the hats would have been themed around Everest.


The Queen wearing a heather will crepe dress. Joined by the Duke of


Edinburgh. And Christopher Rees Jones and Alastair Bruce.


Christopher Rees Jones is the father of the Countess of Wessex.


Often the media comment on the presence of the Midi -- on the


Bilton family, but the parents of Sophie Rhys Jones often in the


procession. She had a marvellous umbrella yesterday, but she does


not made one today. -- need one. in the second carriage, Prince


Michael of Kent, along with Princess Michael of Kent, the


chairman of the BT group, and his wife, Caroline. They are holding on


to their hats. And Prince Michael's father, Prince George of Kent.


is the Queen's cousin. They have as a long relationship with the Queen,


she is fond of him, they have had a long relationship. Princess Michael


shared the same speech coach as her father. In the third carriage, on


the far side, in the pale blue, Caroline Warren, opposite her


husband. Closest to us, the former Welsh Guards officer. A member of


that family was influential as Prince William and Prince Harry


grew up. They were devoted to her. Prince William would have been


thinking about her yesterday, on his 30th birthday. It is great to


see. The first time the Queen came was in 1945. After being shot away


during the war at Windsor Castle, it was her chance to burst out onto


the world, just over a month after the declaration of the end of the


war. It was an incredible moment for her, she was in the 80 s, she


was working as a mechanic, driving her car, she was becoming a new


woman. In the fourth carriage, the man who was in the possession


yesterday, and his wife, and a South African business tycoon,


chairman of the Swiss-based luxury goods company. And chief executive


officer of a Swiss finance company. Continuing the international


flavour. It is great to see them in the open carriages, with the


terrible rain, they might have come in cars, but the Queen has been


here every year since 1945, and that only time they came in cars


was in 2001. It was really important for her to showed herself


to the people. Ever since Queen Victoria, monarchs want to be seen,


because they know people want to see the Queen and the Duke of


Edinburgh, what they are wearing. It is also much fun. It is terribly


important to her that she is part of the procession. We can really


see her hat and an outfit. I have worked out what is making it the


Duke of Edinburgh laughed. On an hour car camera, we put a top hat,


and it is decorated differently every day. Today, it has got


different flowers on it. There it is. That is what is making him


laugh. We are not allowed to customise our top hats in the


enclosure. The Duke of Edinburgh has got such a great sense of


humour. The corgis are missing out, we are not allowed to have dogs


here. She is fond of horses, and her corgis. The first corgi was


bought for her when she was 18. Different monarchs have adopted


different breeds of dog. Charles the First would either have a


bigger war pounds or the King Charles cavalier spaniels.


mother was fond of corgis, they purchased them when she was little,


but she has been passionate about them. They do not always have the


best of temperaments, they can be snappy. You will get the wrath of


Corgi owners everywhere! They have character. They know what they want.


They are decisive. The Queen's, they have marvellous baskets.


saw Joseph O'Brien walking the course earlier, and that looks like


him and his father. They are waiting to the Queen. -- waving.


They are watching in relative peace and quiet. They are getting a


different view. The grey horses are leading the first carriage, the


carriages are well balanced, they have good suspension. When the


Queen was young, one of her favourite games was pretending to


either the governors would be a horse or the Queen would be a horse.


If the governors was a horse, the Queen would ride her around and


maker pretend to be a grocer's horse. She always looks pretending


to be a horse, to ride a horse. She was a horse-mad little girl. She


never grew out of it. She is just as fond of them as she has ever


been. She still writes regularly through Windsor. -- ride. She used


to ride at Trooping The Colour. She is a skilful rider. It gives her a


huge amount of pleasure. It is marvellous exercise. As we pointed


out, the procession takes a different path every day, to save


the ground. It is on its closest to the grandstand. The rain is


starting to spit, but the carriage is still open, so that the crowd


can get a clear view of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. And of


Prince Michael of Kent and Princess Michael of Kent. It is wonderful to


remember what it was like for our ancestors to travel in coaches like


this. When I was coming up to Ascot, I was behind a carriage, and it was


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


the national anthem, played by the band of the Coldstream Guards.


Ascot is a short journey for the Queen from Windsor Castle, but in


her 60 years as monarch, she has undertaken 261 official overseas


visits, 96 state visits, to 116 different countries. It is non-stop,


she is our most troubled monarch. She sees herself as the Queen of


the Commonwealth. She thinks it is important that she visits


continually. When she was a child, when her parents went away on their


big tours, they did not take her, she was at home. She was a little


baby. But it is different now, when monarchs travel, they take their


children with them. That is a role that has been taken on by the


younger members of the family. Kate and William are given the


travelling, it is very important for the younger ones to take on the


mantle, because it is exhausting for the Queen to keep up the pace.


On the foreign visits, the Queen has received some interesting gifts,


two tortoises in the Seychelles in 1972, a bull elephant by the


President of Cameroon in 1972, to mark her silver wedding anniversary,


and two black beavers in Canada. would like an elephant! My


favourite ever was given to her on her wedding, two pieces of burnt


toast, which were sent because two ladies heard the news of the


engagement and they were so excited, they burned their toast, and they


thought they had better send it in to prove they were excited. Later


on, we will see the Queen's colours in action once again, the purple


body with gold braid, scarlet sleeves and black velvet cap with a


gold fringe. It is not a gold Tassel! Those were inherited by


those used by King Edward VII. was a great fan of racing. Queen


Victoria had success, but King Edward VII put his heart and soul


into racing. He loved but forces, the social occasion,... -- he loved


the horses. He loved this celebration, the whole look. He had


some incredibly successful horses. Diamond Jubilee won the Derby for


him in 1900. Exactly. Charles II, most of his racing would have been


done at Newmarket, but that would be one of the earlier instances of


a monarch being really keen. Queen Anne was the first one,...


first one here. She thought, we should have our own racehorse.


Riding was so important for the monarch in the old days, because


that was the way to lead into battle, you had to be good at


horsemanship. Was Elizabeth the first a good rider? She was


marvellous, very skilful, and that was crucial. Presumably Elizabeth


the first would have ridden side- saddle? Yes. She was very skilled,


very fast, and very successful. What was once an important job is


now something that is a bit more ceremonial, but I love the fact the


family are still so keen on horses. The Queen, her first horse was


given to her, a Shetland pony, by her grandfather, and she called it


piggy. Queen Victoria's first was called Dickie the donkey. He was


very fast, apparently. The key the donkey! -- Dickey! They will make


their way up to the royal box. For the first time, they have built a


box on the padded side of the grandstand. The Duke of Edinburgh


looked down on the runners from that box. It has got a smart front


on it. Let's hope they watch a winner today. I have got my fingers


crossed for Estimate. The box is on the other side. Everything adapts,


they can walk straight across a private bridge and then, out on the


paddock side, to get a good few of the horses. Hopefully, she will


watch a winner today. The 50s was her time, so perhaps she will get


it right in the next decade to come. Fantastic staff, and stay and enjoy


the racing. I cannot wait. I have got some money on it, I have got to


get my kitchen done! Let's focus on the racing. The runners are making


their way into the paddock for the first race, the Albany Stakes.


Of the big five races, the Coronation Stakes is the most open,


there is no red hot, odds-on favourite. Device brings together


the winner of the Irish and English 1000 guineas. There were three


burners from this race, Laugh Out Loud, Starscope and Homecoming


Queen. At this stage, she is in front. But now, she zooms away.


opens up, she revelled in the conditions. At this point, you


thought she would get swallowed up, 1000 Guineas, this is the most


progressive performance that we have seen. It was like a freak


result because she won by such a big difference. That was the market.


This is the Irish 1000 Guineas, and exactly the same distance from the


winning line at the start of a clip that we have just genuinely English


1000 Guineas. Homecoming Queen in front. But in the orange jacket on


Samitar, Martin Harley. When he wants to go past, he does. He does


and the difference is the ground. That is the big difference. She is


just not able to open up. He cannot get a breather like Ryan Moore. In


the orange colours, you can see. Samitar goes on to win that and


Ishvana second. The Homecoming Queen in 4th place. What do we make


of it? She will have slightly softer ground today than she did


then. And their record has proved that soft ground is almost


necessary for her. I think there is no doubt about that. But they will


not let her go like they did in the 1000 Guineas. Because they know


what she is capable of. She has an easy lead. A fascinating contest,


the most open of the five races this week. Those two and some other


very good filly is lining up. Of course they are fillies, so they


will be feeling better with the wet weather receding. Yes. It is an


interesting race to see how they will perform. The Coronation Stakes,


at 3:45pm. This was the happiest man on the


racecourse yesterday, Sheikh Mohammed. He cheered home a 1- two


in the Gold Cup with Colour Vision. His wife has also had a winner this


week with joviality. We will be hoping for more to come. She has


Newfangled in his opening race, the Albany Stakes. Newfangled riding


for John Gosden. Let's look at the field for the Albany Stakes. Two-


year-old fillies. A very interesting first race that we have


here today. And an interesting second race as well, the ever the


7th Stakes. Some of these horses ran in the Derby. -- the egg with


the 7th Stakes. In a Ribblesdale, the form did not necessarily carry


on. Princess Highway absolutely romped home. Will Astrology and


Thought Worthy do better in the Edward VII? We will see. These are


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 47 seconds


the runners and riders in the first Stakes. Our first race on day four.


that already on the Queen's Vase, �50,000 at 6-1. Mick Fitzgerald was


talking about as sensitive the fillies are to the weather. It has


been a horrible spring with the cold weather and rain. That can


mean that the form can be turned on its head. Despite the fact


Newfangled was a decent win on soft ground last time, and is very well


fancied for this one, won at Newmarket over six furlongs, that


does look like the strongest form but I am not sure we have a proper


pecking order yet with the two- year-old fillies. This is a good


filly. She won three-and-a-half lengths at Newmarket. I know that


the camp were very impressed because she beat one of their


fillies. They said this was a good filly. New Approach won the Derby.


He will be a sensation in a stallion ranks because he has


already had the best two-year-old so far. She is quite a bit silly.


She is not small. She does not look like a two-year-old type. She


stands over a lot of ground and she has put that performance at


Newmarket in. You have to respect that this filly is the favourite.


Quite a few in this field have only had one run and are not beaten. One


of those is Amazonas, trained by Ted Dunlop. Yes, Amazonas, well-


bred filly, who made a good first impression. At Yarmouth. Yes, she


won one of this race. I think the run up did not run particularly


well in a commentary but we like her and she ran very well. -- in


the commentary. She looks like a very neat two year old, seeing her


go round the paddock. She looks like an early Furley. Did she


suggest to you that she would come to hand very quickly? She only ran


two weeks ago. She is walking past us now. She is a good-looking


Furley. A mother was 4th in the Queen Mary. This is a good race.


Willie Carson has been discussing this a lot. I ran against her at


Newmarket and I think she is pretty good. Thank you for talking to us


and good luck. Willie Carson gets worried many things people are


listening in on us. The whole world is listening in! -- when he thinks


people are listening in. Trying to keep The Gold Cheongsam calm before


she get onto the course. She has run ones. The third at Goodwood.


She is an attractive type and will definitely run much better than she


did first time out. She ran green that day, and if she had not run


green, she might have run. She looks as though she is ready. She


is prancing. Ready to go. trainer will probably walk onto the


course with her. He has won this race twice before and those are the


previous winners have been beaten on their only start. -- bows of


those previous winners. She has a similar profile to his other


winners. Richard Hughes is a man desperate for winner. We did last


night that a week at Royal Ascot does improve your manners! Making


the point that you have to keep on smiling and hope that your luck


changes. They think a lot of hassle. She was disappointing last time out


and needs to bounce back. -- Tassel. Yes, she is a winner, but she ran


badly last time. They say that she pulled up lame. The stallion that


she is by, he liked the cut in the ground, so the ground should suit


her. But is she good enough? They have just one third-placed runner


this week, so they are trailing in the wake of the others in terms of


trying to be leading jockey. Ryan Moore is now the favourite for that.


William Buick has one win and some placed efforts. Joseph O'Brien got


one winner, two seconds and a third. Frankie Dettori won the Gold Cup


yesterday. Johnny Murtagh and Richard Hughes not on that board. A


couple of the big names are still wanting to get back into that


prized position. It emphasises how tough it is here this week. Some


big yards have not had winners either, like Michael Stoute.


have said this is the toughest place to get winners, Royal Ascot.


Jamie Spencer has not had a win a yet. He is on Agent Allison. He is


retained as the owner. Jamie Spencer has won this race on each


of his three rides in it at prices of 10-1, 15-1 and 16-1. Not a bad


record! At this race throws up good horses. It was won last year by


Samitar, who went on to win the Irish 1000 Guineas, and is one of


the fancied horses for the Coronation Stakes today. Let's have


a look at information from the various yards, and whether that is


a leading to support for different horses. Agent Allison is joint


second favourite. A �20,000 that has just been struck on Newfangled.


-- �20,000 bet. Those fillies now settling as they are getting away


from the crowd and getting into their canters ride. They look much


more relaxed. This is Eddie Ahern on board Sendmylovetorose. Oliver,


the Irish-based trainer, sent her over. She has had one run and she


won. It was her maiden race. I do not know much about the trainer.


earned her when she won the first race. -- he owned her. The owners


and the trainer obviously think that she is very good because they


are bringing her over here to run in the Albany Stakes. They are


running for prize of �26,000, so not bad! We will look at some of


the others as well because it is important to see how they are


behaving and looking. Stevie Donohoe taking the ride on All On


Red. Toby Coles is the trainer of this. The first Ascot runner for


him, based at Newmarket and only training for 18 months. She has got


decent form. She won over six furlongs on soft ground. She looked


up against it last time out. seems to have a bit of temperament.


The Horse Whisperer is getting the horses into the stalls and they are


at her head. He will be giving her that sweet called to get this done


nice and quietly. -- sweet call. She had got a temper. This is


another of the Richard Hannon Fillies. Equitania, second to


Premier Steps six weeks ago. Travelled well in the race there.


It is interesting that Richard Hughes does not want to writer and


his riding -- does not want to ride her and is riding Tassel. There is


no reason why Ryan Moore will not be on the wrong horse here. Memory


was a very good filly in 2010, with temperament unfortunately. Tom


Queally on Judy In Disguise, taking over the ride from Bill Turner's


grandson. He trains a way down in Devon. Bill Turner usually does


very well with two year-olds. This is a filly with much more ability


than he normally get. He obviously thinks that she should be taking a


chance in a Group race. They have gone for more experienced jockey.


They seem to be checking my shoes on the Godolphin runner, Kosica.


She was a narrow win at Haydock last month on her debut. She does


not look to be as good as the others, but his half-sister to a


sprinter in America. She ran green that does so she will improve but


the price is 25 to one. She has got her away from the other horses.


They had been looking at her shoes. James Joseph Fortune, riding


Starscope in the Coronation, and here he is on board the third


Richard Hannon runner, Light Up My Life. These fillies normally do


very well. He is not as good with his colt, but he is very good with


his fillies. She won at Newbury in May, a 15 runner maiden race. Our


favourite is Newfangled. Hello! Steady! Light Up My Life is


panicking. She had her blind on. Now, she can see, and she will


the runners, being led around by one of their team, perhaps a lad


from John Gosden's yard. All of these fillies, getting them in the


stalls, it is not easy, because most of them have and the ever run


once in their life, they have been round a paddock with a big crowd


humming and hissing around them. They do not understand the noise,


they have never had it before. It is a big experience for them, this


race. John Gosden said after the win on the second day, after they


lost a promising horse, he says racing is a game of a poising


forces -- opposing forces, of Sandown's. It certainly is.


William Buick, he could have been badly injured. I remember the day


after he got off his winner, his knee buckled, so he banged his knee


on that fall. Something has trouble at the stalls, they are looking.


William Buick is in contention to Pete the champion jockey. Four more


to go forward for the opening race of Royal Ascot, on the fourth day.


Two-year-old fillies. Mickael Barzalona grabbing the ear of


Kosika. She will need some force from the handlers as well. Their


Beko. She inches reluctantly forward. Let's join Jim McGrath.


She is being stubborn. She won at Haydock, she showed a lot of


promise. It is different here, the different atmosphere entirely.


There is a bit of a buzz around. There was when she went down the


post. She has got nervous. Sendmylovetorose just went into the


stalls. Purple, with light green diamonds, sleeves and cap. William


Buick on Newfangled. He is having a persuade her to go forward? She is


the only one out of line. One of there is getting very restless.


Sendmylovetorose. She has got very restless. She is out of the stalls.


She is limping away. -- Eddie Ahern is limping away. This is very


unfortunate for the filly. She is an Irish filly, trained by Andy


Oliver. A nasty experience for her. Eddie Ahern is walking away. He is


very lucky to have got away with that. That is a frightening moment.


There he is, limping around. He will be very happy he is out of


there. When a young horse gets really excited, really nervous and


fractious, there is not a great deal you can do. Andy Oliver is the


trainer. It looks like they are going to try... The horse is up OK,


which is great news. That is Sendmylovetorose. She appears to be


all right, but a nasty experience for her. They have taken the saddle


of, she will not run. That will leave 15 runners. We have got one


more out, Judy In Disguise, Tom Queally. Let's see if she will take


her place. The vets are having a look. Just to see if she was harmed.


They are checking her hind legs to see if she is OK. The vets will


always have a look at any horse who is involved in any sort of incident


like that. The utmost care is taken to see that they are fit and OK to


take part. If there is any doubt, they take them out. She seems to be


trotting OK. Tom Queally is back in the saddle. Kosika, they seem to


have lost the battle with her. Judy In Disguise goes in. I do not think


Kosika will go in. Light Up My Life is away smartly. Judy In Disguise,


and Newfangled. Not far away, Ana Emaratiya. And a tussle. On the


near side, Mary's Daughter is further back. A Equitania in the


centre. It is Newfangled, taking them along. Then, Judy In Disguise.


Followed by Ana Emaratiya, and PASOK, and Premier Steps and Mary's


Daughter. Further back, Amazonas. They were followed by Becky Lou.


William Buick inside, and a look at Newfangled. She has opened up a gap


in the twinkling of an eye. It is capital letter newfangled. She is


six lengths clear. She is racing away with this. She is getting a


bit weary, but she is going to win. It is tied for second place,


Premier Steps and Agent Allison. Followed by Amazonas, followed


further back by Becky Lou and Ana Emaratiya, followed by Light Up My


Life, and then Mary's Daughter. Tassel is the last to finish. Be


very impressive performance by Newfangled, this filly. Trained by


John Gosden. Ridden by William Buick. It is bolting in. Kit is


tied for second place. On the nearside, Agent Allison, on the far


side, Premier Steps. Behind them, Amazonas in fourth place. Then, The


Gold Cheongsam. They were followed by Becky Lou, and a gap to Ana


Emaratiya. Further back, Mary's Daughter, and then Light Up My Life,


and behind them, Judy In Disguise, Equitania, Shafaani, and the tussle


his last. The winner is Newfangled. Ridden by William Buick. There is


Eddie Ahern, going into the ambulance. There is the horse. That


is Sendmylovetorose. She appears to be OK, but a nasty experience.


There is the winner, a pleasant experience for her. She won last


time at Newmarket, two weeks ago. She is a very talented filly. She


had that race want in about three strides. She got a bit tired


towards the line, but she still won by three or four lengths. Two-and-


a-half lengths. And a short head. William Buick ride the winner of


the Albany Stakes, -- Newfangled. The bid has gone through her mouth,


she was difficult to steer, but the Princess can celebrate her second


win of the week. Next time, I bet she will have an Australian


noseband all a bit with bigger sides, to stop that happening,


because she wants to go to the right all the time, and William


wants to make her stay straight. She was handing it, and you could


see it was coming through. It has come all the way through. A very


pleased trainer. She was impressive. The stallion, the best course, the


best filly, he has not had many runners so far, but my goodness.


She has justified favouritism in style. The price looks generous,


because she had the victory after four strides. William Buick had two


winners last year, Nathaniel and Beach Fire, and he has matched that


already this year. He has more chances to come. She is a filly


that will develop. She is quite big. Normally, the winners of short and


strong, but this one is lengthy, quite tall. Quite flat sided. The


only thing she can do is develop, get stronger, and when she gets


stronger, she will go faster. I do not know how far she will get. I do


not know the family, but she will end up being... I wonder whether


the pieces were a bit too long. Normally with bridles, they set it


high in the mouth. Already criticising?! If you look at it,...


It is fine there. I just wonder, they have gone to the top notch on


the bridle, and they cannot go any higher. Either she has got a long


mouth or her cheeks are quite short, and therefore the bridle is a bit


big. I am just making an observation. It is not a problem.


They will find something to suit her. She will run in a different


bridle! It has not stopped her, and it has not had any effect, and she


has one very well. Newfangled. It is all part of the service! Here


he is, William Buick. Coming into the enclosure. All jockeys are


reporting that the ground is soft. The time, 4.32. -- 4.32 outside the


record. This is a good filly. She raced a bit keen in the early


stages, but she did accelerate, when asked, at the two-furlong


marker. She is going to be a very smart type. She did the first time


out as well. Sheikh Mohammed will be delighted. The Princess in her


lucky green colours. They were carried to victory by the sire of


this filly. The winner, a favourite to start the day, that makes a nice


for the Guineas. Newfangled being congratulated by


all of the connections in the paddock. I will hopefully Crapper a


word with the Princess. -- I will hopefully grab a word. Would you


mind having a quick chat? I understand... It is wonderful to


have her, she is really special. We were talking about how much


Machiavellian there is in her, so have your horses winning. And she


is a favourite for next season as well. Fingers crossed. William


Buick is here, too. Many congratulations. It looked as


though she was taking you to the front rather than you wanting to be


there. I was the passenger and that was not the plan because of the


strong headwind. But the thing is, she jumped first, nothing else


jumped in front of me. You know, when you fight resources, there is


only one winner, the race course, not the jockey. -- the racehorse.


She has got a lot of quality. I liked her all along and it is nice


to have another winner at Royal Ascot. The impression when she won


at Newmarket was that she was very good. She was showing signs to you


that she was above average. Absolutely. At Newmarket she ran on


soft ground and still won very well. She has good quality. How far will


she get? Six is no maximum. -- her maximum. Very impressive. It was


the plan to settle in behind the pace, but she had other ideas.


There was a strong headwind and I understand that you want to sit in


the slipstream, like with Formula One drivers. But she has a lot of


speed and she did it very well. She has always been athletic. We liked


her, even when she was 10-1 and nobody else did. She is a very good


filly. Let's have a little holiday. We will not rush in July. We will


wait until August. Everybody is saying she is the favourite for the


Guineas, with prices from 8-1 up to 16-1. At home she looks like she


can do any trick because she was settled but today she just decided


to go. It is my job to settle her down. She is a Machiavellian, so we


will see. That is all for the future. This is how Newfangled won


today. We have heard a lot about her so we will look at the other


horses. She is already in front and has basically won the race already.


Further behind, Equitania, she did not settle very well. Agent Allison


in the pink and green. On the right, Becky Lou. She was not one of the


obvious ones but she was not beaten that far in the end. You'll see her


flashing past the post in 5th place. She did very well to overcome a


slow jump out of the start. Equitania was very keen early on in


the race and did not do herself any favours. Jamie Spencer, we spoke to


him, and he was delighted with his source. She just needs probably a


mile, even at this stage. -- delighted with his horse.


stakes over seven furlongs next time, maybe, one furlong more.


Richard Hannon's filly. She has been surrounded by horses and will


not settle, which is difficult. the back, you want them to relax


and she certainly did not. Newfangled, miles ahead. You heard


the train are talking about the York meeting in a couple of months,


towards the end of August. And then the group one race, the top level


the vision for two-year-old fillies, which is at Newmarket have further


in the season in September. -- top- level the vision. Newfangled might


be favourite for next year's 1000 Guineas at market. The William


Buick, each of these winners at Royal Ascot, the 5th of his career,


cementing his position as the bright young thing. He is 24 next


month. His father was a champion in Scandinavia. He was born in a way


that he is a bright young talent and a great horseman. A very good


jockey. Given that he is riding with a slight injury, which he is


getting over... He looks all right! I think he is such a talent. We


have mores intercom and our chance to look at the fashion and feel the


atmosphere of this great meeting. - - we have more to come. And now a


chance to look at the fashion. There are some beauties today.


People having to hang onto their hats because of the winds. Lots of


red this year with Carole Middleton wearing it very well yesterday. It


is television on Wednesday. The reason men dress in this manner is


because of Beau Brummell, the friend of George IV in the 1820's,


who decreed that men should dressed in an understated way so that the


women could shine. Beau Brummell took five hours to get ready every


day and to shine his shoes with champagne. Do you do that? Orange


juice, which is better at 8:30am! You are a darling of the magazines.


Multi-award-winning fashion designer and sharing this week.


we have just had our show this time upstairs. We showed my personal


archive selection of my favourite pieces, which was a mixture of


great day wear, cocktail wear, and some while pieces and some pieces


where people will say what the hell was that? Let's bring in the girls


and talk about the beautiful dresses. This is one of our


signature pieces. We have laser work. Hand knotted, pretty much all


made by hand. It is haute couture. It is one of the most popular


pieces from the spring-summer collection. A real favourite of


mine. That is stunning. You are known for crazy prints as well.


are a mixture of structured pieces and some strong print work, which


we do not appear but is on the video clip. This is a double bond a


clever piece. This has been a great piece. -- double bonded leather


piece. That would not make it into the royal enclosure but it is for


the red carpet. Not with the regulation now. But nice for the


show. How important is it for someone like you to be dressing


celebrities? It is phenomenally important. For an independent label


like mine, not a global brand, to have that support is fantastic and


very essential to our business. This is very intricate. I love the


detail on the top. Swarovski Crystal pearls, making little


clusters. Three weeks' worth of hand embroidery to make that. And


specially woven lace in Switzerland, all designed in-house. It has


transparency with that slip underneath it. Strong elegance but


beautiful as well. Quirky elegance. It is stunning. Thank you very much.


Just a quick note, because people will be looking and thinking, how


much does that cost? They are extraordinary, but actually you do


see beautiful creations on High Street these days. Totally. Why do


I straight line for a new look, which is fantastically good. -- I


do a High Street line. Whatever it is that you are buying, it should


be the best quality, the best workmanship, the best embroidery


that you can get for that price. There are good quality fabrics and


designs for everybody to burst -- purchase. Thank you. The next race


is the King Edward VII, over a mile-and-a-half. Sometimes called


the Ascot Derby. We have two interesting runners coming from


Epsom, the third and the 4th, Astrology and Thought Worthy. Ryan


Moore Road Astrology at Epsom as Shantaram to Thought Worthy.


This is welcome to see, Eddie Ahern back in the Jockey room. I suspect


that the video will look at him because he is in pain. -- the


physiotherapist. We have had some nasty incidents with horses in the


stalls, including at the 1000 Guineas. But Eddie Ahern is OK and


it is a very tough job. We will leave before he takes off all of


his clothes! Did you see what happened yesterday? I think the


filly fell on top of Eddie Ahern and he banged his knee. It was in


the stalls and they are made of metal so he was proved quite badly.


We wish him all the best. He has got the pills. Yes, four times a


day! It can be pretty dangerous. Absolutely. You were due to be


riding in the next race but William Buick has switched to Thought


Worthy, so you will be helping us. Yesterday, we could have called it


Ladies' Day, we could have all that Gold Cup day, but it was -- we


could have called it Gold Cup day, but it was Frankie Dettori's day!


Did it mean a bit? It was great. The Gold Cup is one of the best


races at Royal Ascot. Winning for the 5th time, to be presented by


the Queen, it was a special day. He does not get any better than this.


I think you summed this up better than anyone. My valet said, it do


not kiss me on the mouth because he got stick from his wife!


epitomise the joy of racing because when you are, you are really up.


you do not get excited at Royal Ascot there is no point in doing it.


You are riding the best horses in the world and when you win, it


means a lot. Don't you feel sorry for the jockeys that are not riding


winners? There are lots of them! I was one of those. Until yesterday!


The Gold Cup is very special. Absolutely. Plus, the Godolphin


team, we had a quiet time in the spring and everybody was down in


the dumps, and it means a lot to everybody. It boosts morale. There


was bumping between you and Barzalona. You had the inquiry. He


did not say anything. You said what you wanted to say. They were


galloping for 2 1/4 miles. They came to the last bit. They were


tired and rolling around. The stewards are very fair. There was


never any doubt. Colour Vision was the best horse in the race. And you


won out right. When horses go that far, they get tired. They roll


around. Luckily it was not bad enough to be disqualified. It was


interesting yesterday because we so rarely get the sound. It is like


being back at school in front of the headmaster! We had to stand


with our hands behind our backs in my day. Everybody referring to


reach other as Mr Barzalona and so on! Then we leave and we kill each


other! Was embarrassed because he was very quiet in there? He has not


been in this country very much. His English is getting better. He will


learn. You will be able to stick the knife in it next year it.


forget, we are running for the same boss! We cannot complain that much.


This is the 25th Royal Ascot. You must have been 16 when you started.


Can you remember? Yes, it was for Clive. I was seven-stone seven. I


am nowhere near that now! remember your first winner. Mark of


Distinction. He went past me. was 18. You always remember every


race that you win. I remember the Queen Alexandra in 1996. Every race


is a championship race. Do you always get tired in that phrase? I


always get halfway round and my knees start to go. You want a horse


that troubled because you can get tired really quickly! -- that


travels. Think about the Grand National! That is 4.5 miles.


have been showing you Features this week about the people that work


every single day in racing, at the glamorous and the non-glamorous


ones. The people that the jockeys really depend on, the ballot. And


this is a day in the life of David. He is nicknamed Musty. The most


important thing is a preparation. These bags were dropped in my


garage last night at about midnight. Everything clean and ready to go


their backs and colours. I rode badly, so we ended up in this job.


It is brilliant to still be involved. The best thing in this


week is the atmosphere. It is better than being in Folkestone on


a Monday! It is a bit quick, everybody is focused. Certain


jockeys like to have banter. If things are not going well, you


might catch the wrath of it all. Basically, we get on all right.


Everybody gets treated the same. We have got Johnny Murtagh, Richard


Hughes, Tom Queally. The time is 11:30am, I am preparing to the


saddles for the first, second and third races. They will start


drifting dinner. Five minutes to have a cup of coffee. The calm


before the storm. Johnny has not got much time, he is riding the 4pm


here and the six-hour 5:00pm at Leopardstown. We are just waiting


jockey has to come back, get a different saddle, different colours.


You have got a turnaround of about four minutes, and if you make a


mistake, it throws you. What could go wrong? The wrong set of colours.


Suddenly, you have got to find the next set of colours. If it does not


run smoothly, the race is not great, so it is very important to keep the


race is on time. I have never tried any other job. I am happy, and


hopefully they will have a few winners between them.


A day in the life of a ballet, and they take home the breeches and


they wash them, their work never ends! Thank you! It is nice to see


your working life! He has got nothing to do at the moment, it is


fine! Let's move ahead, and look at the runners for the next race.


Thought Worthy, Frankie Dettori was due to ride that walls.


He has got a couple of exciting days coming up. You have got a


Thought Worthy here, ran very well at the Derby, the indications are


that he is over the exertions? is the hope. Those of the


indications. He looks terrific. What about turning around the form


with Astrology? Very difficult. It is always difficult, no matter what


kind of a race you are in! You have got two other runners today,


Gatewood, so impressive at Epsom. We are looking forward to seeing


Gatewood. The only question, does he tolerate the soft as he does the


good? But he is a genuine horse. Tomorrow, another very exciting


course. He is winning and winning. How good could he be? He could be


fairly good. The vein is an enormous help for him. The most


satisfying thing for you, all three are home breads. All four. I have


one on a suicide mission, now I know what the kamikazes were like!


Good luck with Thought Worthy. I have been joined by a


professional punter. A good thing, Astrology? He should be. He got


softened up early, and he did well to keep up the gallop. The only


succumbed in the latter stages. wonder if that has taken the edge


off him. He is a robust horse, he can go on soft ground, so he should


be fine. The best bet is in the 4:25pm, Mijhaar. He was a good


third place in the last time around. He is well drawn, I am keeping the


faith. Good liquid that one. Astrology is now 4-6. A 50,000


pound bet on Astrology, just a stroke behind me.


Let's look at the favourite. Ryan Moore rode him in the Derby as a


pacemaker, really. A pacemaker for Camelot. But a bloody good


pacemaker! He finished in third place. At one stage, he looked like


winning it. You can see where Camelot came from. How impressed


were you with the speed Camelot showed? On this form, there is no


way that the roles should be reversed. He gave him an inch, and


he went past him with ease, and only Camelot got him at the end.


was just devastating when he suddenly took off, but do not be


too dismayed in terms of how far Her astrologer gets beaten. -- how


far Astrology gets beaten. I would imagine Brian Moore would


understand that he will ride him steadier. There are only five


runners. When you get the small field, you do not always get the


same sort of fast pace that you would end the Derby. In the Derby,


they go off at a good gallop. Today, it will be a more pedestrian pace.


A more even pace. He might do the same as what he did at Chester.


I do not think any other force -- any other horse will make the


running. That is what he did at Chester, and at Epsom. He can just


see Noble Mission, the brother to Frankel. He was breathtaking,


Frankel. 11 lengths, it is unheard. This horse is making good steadier


progress, and it is unfair to talk about him in the same breath as


Frankel, but he is a character, he needs the road on him, but he is


getting there. This is a mile and a half horse, and they are brothers!


You never know what will happen. He is not as strong as Frankel, he is


smaller, not a stronger. Henry Cecil looking for an eighth win in


this race. He has got Noble Mission and Thomas June the -- Thomas


Chippendale. Ryan Moore on-board Astrology. They


are offered. The Kindle did the seventh Stakes. -- King Edward VII


Stakes. Thought Worthy in second place, Noble Mission behind him.


Followed by Thomas Chippendale, and then, Initiator. A steady pace,


Delyn to the first furlong and a half. Astrology dictating terms. In


second place, Thought Worthy, just trying to tuck in behind, getting


in the slipstream of the leader. Behind him, Noble Mission, with the


pink cap, on the inside of Thomas Chippendale. All the time, running


down. The leader is Astrology. Fairly close to the inside rail. He


leads by two legs. Then, Thought Worthy, Thomas Chippendale, Noble


Mission, and Initiator. Six-and-a- half furlongs out. Astrology


dictating terms, from Thought Worthy. They were third and fourth


in the Derby. Let's see if the Epsom form translates into an Ascot


success, unlike yesterday. Behind them, Noble Mission. All the time,


they are running back towards home. Still, Astrology. Ford were the on


the outside. Noble Mission inside. They are raising up to walk the


half-mile. It is still Astrology. Then, Thought Worthy. He is edging


closer. Then, Noble Mission. Four away, Thomas Chippendale and


Initiator. The leader on the far side, Astrology, being chased by


Thought Worthy. On the outside, Thomas Chippendale. In the centre,


Noble Mission. A furlong and a half to go. Thought Worthy feared left.


Noble Mission is knuckling down. Followed by Thomas Chippendale.


Noble Mission in the lead. But now, Thomas Chippendale on the near side.


It is Thomas Chippendale for Johnny Murtagh. It is Thomas Chippendale


who wins. Half a length to Noble Mission, and half-a-length to


Thought Worthy. Then, a gap to Astrology, and a long gap to


Initiator. The winner is Thomas Chippendale, a classic Johnny


Murtagh ride. He has beaten Noble Mission, Tom Queally. Sir Henry


Cecil first and second. Back in third place, Thought Worthy,


William Buick. In fourth place, Astrology, Ryan Moore. Thomas


Chippendale on the outside. Many came from that late. It wins by


half-a-length. Then, Noble Mission in the centre. Frankel's brother. A


neck away in third place, Thought Worthy. Then, a long gap to


Astrology. Astrology went out like a light. Back in fifth place,


Initiator. When William Buick goes, he Beer's very sharply left. For a


couple of strides, this has inconvenienced Noble Mission in the


centre. He did not quite have the squeeze to hold his position, but


he knuckles down. He shows a lot of staying power. Eventually, on the


right, it is Thomas Chippendale who swoops. He has got a late surge out


of this, Johnny Murtagh. A beautiful ride. He has caught up to


when it narrowly. Half a length and a neck, the official distance. Two


minutes 35.41. The first and second for Sir Henry


Cecil, what a week. It started with Frankel, and now Thomas Chippendale


comes through. Thought Worthy left behind to win the King Edward VII


Stakes. Johnny Murtagh are benefiting from Tom Queally's


decision. Noble Mission was governed the best of all of them.


Would he get a gap? He gets knocked sideways by Thought Worthy. The


hands away from the whip of William Buick and he interferes with Noble


Mission. I do not think he interfered with the result. But the


winner just saw the distance out a lot better than Noble Mission.


Thomas Chippendale. There is the owner. It is nice to see him having


a winner here at Royal Ascot. He has had a lot of success here.


Especially with his two-year-old son. -- his two-year-old horses. He


is doing the happy dance, and getting a kiss from a young girl.


Thomas Chippendale stayed really well. Unfortunately, not for the


others, but Astrology, the best horse in the race, everything


seemed to go well for him, there was nothing wrong, but the Derby


has paid the penalty. It is only 21 days since the Derby, and it is


obvious that the horse has not fully recovered from the exertions


that day. The first winner of the week for Johnny Murtagh, his 39th


in his career. Henry Cecil extends his record, eight wins coming in


this race, he has been extremely successful, with very good horses.


Thomas Chippendale, the latest. A fantastic record and a fantastic


week for Sir Henry Cecil. Frankel winning, in spectacular form. Then,


this was winning as well, Thomas Chippendale. The owner has invested


a small fortune in racing. Over jumps and on the Flat. His jumping


has dwindled. He is concentrating every owner is after and he has


achieved that today. Johnny Murtagh, that was a really good bit of


horsemanship. He got that horse home. There were some tricky


moments at the end. He managed to get it home. As Abson takes its


toll again, let's check the full result.


The winner of the King Edward Stakes, Thomas Chippendale,


massively improved. Well done to Sir Henry Cecil. The only other


winner for Sir Henry Cecil refused to race last year. So technically


this is his only win. He has a lovely head. Not as strong as Noble


Mission. He is a nice type of horse. He has improved so much to win


today. When you won at Newmarket, his handicap was 86. I would


imagine, talking figures today, that would have been over 100.


Let's hear from Johnny Murtagh. When Noble Mission came alongside


you, you thought that was it? to get organised. He was a bit


green and raw. I put my stick down and changed hands and he


accelerated to the line. He is still a baby, still learning. It is


great to ride a winner at the -- for Cecil. It was great. We have


not got much time before we switch channel, so thank you for talking


to us. A pleasure. Johnny Murtagh, another jockey with his name on the


winners' board. That is the tiny Homecoming Queen, the diminutive


Philippe that his favourite for the Coronation Stakes. -- diminutive


filly. He will be ridden by Aidan O'Brien for his father. Samitar 4


Mick Channon. We were talking to Friday did Terry, and he is really


keen for Laugh Out Loud. -- to Frankie Dettori. He should be


because he has got a really good chance. He could do the same as


what Henry Cecil did there, the one two. Homecoming Queen is a tiny


filly. Her form on soft ground is very good. It is when she runs on


the firm ground... I will not say it is rubbish but not good. She has


to have cut in the ground to show off her best. There is a strong


headwind down the cause. Maybe she has got an advantage because she is


so little. Like hitting a shot in the goal! The Coronation Stakes is


coming up on BBC Two. We have three more live races for you before we


Day four of the event which has been part of the sporting and social fabric of the nation for nearly 250 years.

Every day the meeting begins with the royal procession, featuring four horse-drawn carriages bringing HM the Queen and her party to the course.

The Coronation Stakes is the highlight of the day. Contested by three-year-old fillies over a mile, the contest was won in authoritative fashion in 2011 by France's Immortal Verse - a fitting result in an increasingly international gathering.

Clare Balding hosts the coverage from Ascot. She is joined by Willie Carson, Mick Fitzgerald, Rishi Persad, Suzi Perry, Ian Bartlett and John Parrott. Race commentary comes from Jim McGrath.

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