Day 4, Part 2 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 4, Part 2

Clare Balding presents coverage from day four of the event from Ascot. The Coronation Stakes is the highlight of the day, as three-year-old horses race over a mile of track.

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Bright sunshine here at Royal Ascot, but a very strong wind it's blowing


straight down the course. It hasn't slowed down Newfangled, the


impressive winner of the first race, or Thomas Chippendale who worn down


his stable mate to take the King Edward VII Stakes and give Henry


Cecil a seventh win. Let eats hear from the winning


trainer. Here is the winning trainer of the


King Edward, Sir Henry Cecil. A one two just like the old days? Love


lift very pleased for Sir Robert, he deserves it, puts a lot into


racing, he's an improving horse and stays well. He could even be a


Leger horse but we'll see. Was it the result you expected? I thought


they both deserved to run, they both were going to have a chance


and the Derby third was a good horse but he had a harder race than


a Derby and he's worth taking on, but two different owners, I hate


within beating the other but they both ran well.? Your horse has gone


from winning a handicap to a Group 1 at Ascot. Did you believe he was


capable of that? He was obviously capable of running in this race


because he wouldn't have run it otherwise and it's just nice for


Sir Robert to have a good win. about the other horse? Time will


tell. They're both improving. The winner's improving, he's still a


big baby and he didn't do winter very well, he was a bad eater and


everything. Everything's coming good now and he's on the upgrade.


Was there any question of the second being a bit naughty in the


closing stages? No, I think he did everything right. They're both


babies, one's probably slightly more a bigger baby than the other.


Thank you very much. Well done. That just a few moments ago. Henry


Cecil on the trophy presentation stage. The presentation being made


for this race by David Walliams. Oh, hello, he's thrown the trophy to


one side! And Lara Stone, David Walliams' wife. Extraordinarily


well-known comedian, also raising �8.5 million by swimming the


channel and the River Thames. Robert Ogden with Anna Olivera. And


Henry Cecil and Johnny Murtagh. Not a result necessarily we would


have predicted? Certainly not. Very disappointing run by Astrology.


Ryan Moore said he didn't handle the sticky ground? He looked as


though he was just niggling out. He was never sitting against the horse,


he was always just, his hands were always just moving and he was sort


of saying, come on, come on. But anyway, you know, it's 21 days


stins Derby and he had a hard race that day -- since the Derby and he


had a hard race that day. After the Derby, you take time to recover.


You want to be careful you are not blown off your box, you know, a


very stprong wind? Were strong wind and the horses are racing straight


into the wind -- strong. Obviously, you might get a few horses moving


about in the finish. But, as you said, a funny result, but obviously,


Sir Henry Cecil there said he's a big, big baby and didn't eat


through the winter. That was the interesting part. He didn't do and


now that the summer's come, he's starting to eat and get stronger.


When you get your horse getting stronger, eel gallop quicker. Of


course, that's what he did two weeks before. He ran off 86, his


handicap mark. That's right. Now Newmarket? And today he's beat an


horse who finished third in the Epsom Derby. Well, we know he


didn't run to his form, but he's a very big improvement on the last


race. Group 1 action coming up next by way of the Coronation Stakes but


let's look at what's already happened today.


Sir Henry Cecil was keeping an aye on his wife Lady Jane and Frankie


Dettori coming in in great form. Those flags not needing any help to


blow in the wind and the Queen leading the Royal procession. The


Albany Stakes saw a well-backed favourite, Newfangled set out to


make all the running and despite veering toward the left, William


Bewick drove her out for an emphatic victory. She may be a


1,000 fillies Guinea and looked very, very good. King Edward VII,


this was the finish. Thomas Chippendale. Noble Mission coming


into shot there. A one two for Henry Cecil. Astrology the odds on


favourite was very disappointing. Still to come, we have the


Coronation Stakes over a mile. The favourite is Homecoming Queen, the


Irish Guineas winner. Laugh Out Loud with Frankie Dettori on board


and Samitar combined to win the Willie Carson is keen on the


chances of Estimate owned by the Queen. We could have a Royal winner


at Royal Ascot. We finish with the Buckingham Palace Stakes on BBC


interactive, so press red for that. A lot of people watch Ascot, not


necessarily for the racing and the sport, although hopefully you enjoy


that, they watch for the fashion. That's why we have a person with


that role tolike at what everybody's wearing, tell us about


it and see behind-the-scenes on the other hand's sue si Perry. Thank


you very much. I'm in the grandstand thruen see how


everybody's getting on here. -- Susy Perry. Grandstand to see how


everybody's getting on. Some beautiful hats here. Lots of creams.


Wow, that is a huge hat! High heels are the order of the day. Lots of


bright colours, a real mixture of colours this year. Looked like he'd


had a winner. Let's see if these ladies have. You all look fantastic.


What are your names? Flo. Tara. Kelly. Where is your outfit from?


Dress from Hennes and dress from TK Maxx. And you? Just high street.


And your hat? I made that. Well done! Did you see the headlines


about the enforcement of the rules? There were so mfplt I've seen all


of them and they were trying to push the point through for months


now. You are walking around like this all day? Trying to hold on to


it, yes, it's really windy. It's the gusting that's the problem.


This is a super dress. Where have you had this one from? Jaeger.


Lovely. Any winners? Not yet. at all. You can't be doing as badly


as me, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. You look terrific though.


Thank you very much. Let's have a look at a very, very


classy filly here. This is the Coronation Stakes coming up. And


let's have a look at number 8, the one I'm interested in, Laugh Out


Loud. He really impressed last time, really did a good job. If you lack


at her form, she's really only 1-1 bad race. It wasn't even a bad race,


it was well back in the 1000 Guineas, didn't have much luck that


day. She's on her toes there, as you can see. We'll keep an eye on


her later and see how she is when she's in the paddock. Runners and


riders for this Coronation Stakes The opening show for this


Coronation Stakes is Homecoming In position to have a very gad look


at the fillies for the Coronation Stakes is Her Majesty the Queen


with her racing adviser and very soon they'll come into the paddock


for this Group 1 race. Although Homecoming Queen is favourite, Mick


Shannon has every chance of possibly doing what Henry Cecil did


in the last race because he's got Samitar and Laugh Out Loud. This


gang of ladies holding on to their hats, as am I, are with Laugh Out


Loud and Anne Black you are a co- owner, how whiting is this? Amazing.


I only have three horses in training and for a small own tore


be here today and have one of the most favoured horses in the race is


just so exciting. Really exciting. And these girls have been with me


every inch of the way. Who are they? We just call them... This is


my daughter Emily and some really good old friends. Khalid alMohammed


chose her and they are exceptional as owners. I've not met any other


owners who'll go through the sales catalogue and choose a horse like


they do. They are real owners, they are not luck, they do it by skill.


And Mick Shannon, such a fun trainer? Absolutely. I can't


believe it, he's such a lovely, lovely guy, a lovely family and


it's such a joy to be here. Hell or high water, I've had a very, very


bad eight months and today, to see the light at the end of my tunnel,


it's just been a roller coaster ride over the last eight months and


my horses have just brought me through everything and it's lovely.


Absolutely lovely to be here, a real joy. It would be absolutely


wonderful today if she could just run well, not necessarily win, just


to run well? No, just to be here is a Real Story. Thank you so much for


talking to us and I really wish you luck. Thank you very much indeed.


The sun really coming out now and the wind dropping down and Anne's


friends gathering down here. It hasn't been an easy eight months or


so, her horses have kept her going. Oh, sorry, walking into the back of


somebody. Rishi, where are you? Relaxing? Willie was saying his


feet are sore. We are having a rest. I don't wear good shoes but


comfortable shoes, I'm standing on my feet too much. On a box most of


the time! They should stay at the wardrobe at home. Here is number 8


anyway, Laugh Out Loud, the grey, only beaten twice in her career so


far. She was a little disappointing in the Guineas, people put that


down to the soft ground. Not sure that that's the case, she'll be all


right on the ground, what do you right on the ground, what do you


think? She'll be all right on the ground. It's not that bad. Good-to-


soft. The thing is, the ground will definitely suit Homecoming Queen, a


little filly. But she definitely needs soft ground. She is a little


filly. Heard you and Clare talking about her and how small she is, 14-


1 I think. I think she's a bit taller than that, but he is very


small. These fillies in this strong wind usually they get on idge, the


horses -- on edge. John Gosden's got a kunle of horses, -- couple of


races. We have Fallen For You? she doesn't quite look good enough.


Really? I wouldn't have thought so. She won over in France didn't she?


Yes. And Lingfield last time out. John Gosden also got Starscope in


the race. And Homecoming Queen, she looks fine doesn't she. You


wouldn't think a tiny filly like that would want soft ground, but


obviously she does. What about Number 11, Samitar, the Irish 1000


Guineas winner? She won well in Ireland. She's going to get tucked


in behind and keep out of the wind here today. There's quite a few


fillies want to go forward so I would imagine the pace will be very,


very fast, but this filly will be held up. She's by Rock of Gibraltar.


Will the ground be too soft for her? I'm hoping not because the way


she won at the Curragh, you know, she was sitting there until the


furlong and a half, still on the bridle. Very impressive. She'll put


on a big show today. Mick Shannon has a good chance. Could be first


and second. Jim you Fortune is on board


Starscope and a huge chance on that. The jockeys about to get their leg


up. Joseph O'Brien when he goes up to Homecoming Queen is the one to


watch. We have discussed how tall he is. Willie is laughing at him


now. He's going up to have a word yourself backwards and forwards.


What do you call those things? Brilliant!


I am sure that will make Joseph feel more relaxed about the task


ahead as he walks up to Homecoming Queen. Aidan will give him a leg up


in a moment. I just want to see, before we check the odds for


Homecoming Queen, as Joseph goes up to her, almost the sight to see is


him standing next to her before he gets on her because you will see


the contrast. Bear in mind he's six foot tall. Much taller than his


father, even with a top hat on. There she is - the little filly. He


could almost wrap his legs around her tummy and fold them in a knot!


He will try and make himself as stream-lined as he can, as


Homecoming Queen makes her way out on to the course.


One of the earliest ones out into the parade, going down early is


Laugh Out Loud. We spoke to her co- owner, Ann Black. Frankie Dettori


having to sit tight, because she's very much on her toes.


We got turned down by Mick Channon. When he heard he said he might have


a one-two, he said "Go away." What did Aidan O'Brien say to you?


having a bit of fun about the size of the jockey getting on and off.


He said 14 '1, he is. Only 14 '1. You ignored me. She is, 14 '1.


for the parade. Bugie D'Amore, a 16-1 shot, trained by Alan de


Royer-Dupre. Cardigan is Hanagan's contender.


She has not won this season, but she won at Haydock on her only


start as a two-year-old. Next we have Fallen For You, and William


Buick looking side ways. 16-1 shot for William, who won the


opener. It is Homecoming Queen who has gone to the other side - the


favourite. This 2000 Guineas winner from Newmarket, who then finished


fourth in the Irish 2000 Guineas. She loves soft ground. Probably


needs that to be at her best. I wonder if he will try and make all


into the strong head-wind or hide her behind one of the bigger horses


and they are all bigger than she is. Intense Pink, this is a big step up


in class. With the prize money going all the way down to sixth


place, plenty of people deciding it is worth taking a chance. The only


Godolphin runner in this race is Irish History. Barzalona gets the


ride. She's 12-1. She won her first start this year at Windsor.


Ryan Moore is on board Russelliana for his boss, Sir Stoute. She has


bits and bobs of form, but was disappoints last time out.


Starscope, second in the 1,000 Guineas. Third at Newbury. She


could bounce back. John Gosden's horses are running well. This is


the feature race of the day at money.


Now, So You Think goes on and wins. Racing in the Gold Cup and it's


Opinion Poll. Colour Vision has gone on to win


Coronation Stakes. First run in 1840. It was founded to commemorate


the crowning of Queen Victoria in 1838. It will be presented by the


Duke of York, but who will be collecting it? Traditionally this


race brings together the winners of the British, the Irish and the


French 1,000 Guineas. This is Sam - - this is the winner of the British.


Don't forget Laugh Out Loud and Mick Channon wouldn't talk to you


because he was so nervous. He is excited and nervous. So he should


be because he's got two fillys in this race with fantastic ability. A


Guineas winner from Ireland. His first ever classic winner. This


filly here you are looking at is Homecoming Queen. 14-1. She's a --


14 '1. She's a giant! She has a giant heart. She might be


small in stature, but when she won the 1,000 Guineas at Newmarket that


day, she absolutely murdered every filly in that race. There is...


Barzalona walking her to the one- mile start. It is one mile on the


round course. The rail has been taken down today, so they are


running on fresh ground. We will look at the course. We saw them in


the king Edward VI. They move back into the rail to


take the shortest. Those horses were on ground on the inside that


has not been used before. And just by... They may come down the middle


and then go to the rail. No, they will be right on the inside rail


because that is all fresh. They have taken down the running rail


that was up, the false rail and they will be all on the inside.


They will get back on to sort of old ground when they get into the


straight. That is when they fan out. You see there just the slight


uphill finish. Yes. It is a long, long way home, particularly for


fillies and into a head-wind. head-mind today. There are quite a


lot little fillies here that will be going forward when the gates


open, so you would imagine that... Let's look at Samitar, who won the


Albany here last year. Hugely improved form to win the


Irish last time out. That form franked by the winner up wining the


Jersey earlier this year. Yes. The ground would be the key to this


filly n a sense, that she is by Rock of Gibbons.


-- Rock of Gibraltar. Back to Samitar - the ground could


be just a little bit too easy for her.


It's a worry, put it that way. She is possibly t way she won the 1,000


Guineas in Ireland, she did it so well. And that gave Mick Channon a


first classic winner England or Ireland. He had won plenty in


Germany, but a first of the quality classics. Homecoming Queen, 9-4


favourite. Laugh Out Loud 7-2. Samitar 9-2. Laugh Out Loud, there


in the middle, the grey filly. Frankie said he will sit close to


the pace but he may not have to do that if Joseph goes out in front.


You can see there, Frankie, he would have a chance. Yes. He has a


chance. And Mick Channon, he could have a one-two.


The ground is on the easy side today. That's what she likes.


many more to go forward. Homecoming Queen will be one of the last.


Let's join Jim. THE COMMENTATOR: The last couple going forward.


Homecoming Queen, a -- there is Frankie. He is in the middle, he's


in stall six, so not in such a disadvantaged position as William


Buick and Fallen For You. They are set. Off and running in this


Coronation Stakes and away to a fair start too. Laugh Out Loud is


one of the first to get going. Thrup too on the inside going


through is Homecoming Queen, to take out the early running from


Samitar. In fourth position, early, is Irish History. They are a


length-and-a-half in advance of Starscope and further back, on the


inside, Intense Pink. Further back Bugie D'Amore. At last is Cardigan.


Homecoming Queen is out in front, by a length, to second, Laugh Out


Loud. The orange jacket of Samitar. A length further back follows Irish


History. Two lengths away is Starscope, on the outside of


Intense Pink. Bugie D'Amore for France. Racing up


towards the entrance of the home straight, three-and-a-half furlongs


to travel. It's Joseph O'Brien on Homecoming Queen, leading by a


length to Laugh Out Loud. Samitar has the run of the race. A length


away is Irish History, followed by Starscope, around the outside. In


behind them, batting away, is Intense Pink, followed then by


Bugie D'Amore. He kicks for home, Joseph, as they come inside the two


now. Homecoming Queen in front. Here come the challengers. Samitar


is out of the pocket. Down the outside is Fallen For You. Fallen


For You coming home at 100 miles per hour, grabs a lead and a


furlong left to go. Has sprinted three in front. Fallen For You is


racing away here. Fallen For You goes on to win it for William Buick


and for John Gosden. Three or four lengths. Second


Starscope. Third Irish History, followed then by Bugie D'Amore and


then followed by Samitar. A long gap and Laugh Out Loud, from


Intense Pink. Homecoming Queen has beaten only two home. And they are


Russelliana and Cardigan. Fallen For You - a classy filly.


Here she is, crossing the line for William Buick and what a meeting


they're having, he and John Gosden. Second, Starscope. Jimmy Fortune.


In third then is Irish History, Barzalona. Fourth in, very tight,


oh, that is very, very tight. Far side it is Samitar, near side is


Bugie D'Amore. Only a nose in that.


And then a gap to Laugh Out Loud, who has not run her race at all.


Then behind Laugh Out Loud, Intense Pink and then Homecoming Queen, who


carted them along and got weary when they came to the home straight,


finished a long way back then Russelliana and Cardigan, having


only her second race card has finished last. The winner is number


four, Fallen For You. Owned -- trained by John Gosden and ridden


by William Buick. I was saying a disadvantage to be on the outside.


Well it was not to prove that way at all. William Buick has been able


to get Fallen For You into a position where she swooped and she


did it to some devastating effect. Samitar has fourth. The distance is


three and a quarter lengths and two and a quarter lengths. 1.42. 95.


William Buick is back in the winner's enclosure again, enjoying


that signifies jockey of the week. John Gosden goes into the lead for


the trainers' Championship this week. They are having a wonderful


Royal Ascot and this filly's produced the race of her life, a


career best performance for her. She's ran twice this year on the


all-weather. One first time out and finished sixth in a Group 3 race.


Today she comes to Ascot and wins a Group 1 and Willie, you look at it


again and again and you would never have predicted this before the race,


I don't think anyone did? No. The only thing was that William


Bewick's chosen this filly over others in the race and the reports


were that she had been working very well at home but, when you lack at


her form, you thought, well it's just a little bit too much a bridge


to get over. He's also ridden a very patient race, second last


turning into the straight, switches her wide, nothing interrupts her


momentum or rhythm and she quickens into a three length lead and John


Gosden as the one two because Starscope gets the better of the


battle for second over Irish History. It's amazing how the form


can turn, things that you would never thought could happen.


Homecoming Queen desperately disappointing. Tiny little filly,


obviously all the racing she's had is starting to tell on her and they


didn't let her get away. She was first into the head wind where


William Bewick kept his filly tucked away and came up to the


outside and whoosh, went past as if they were all standing still. This


filly has started to improve at a very, very fast pace because, as


you said, the last time she was running, it was on the all-weather


on a Group 3 and didn't even win. William showing that he can ride a


race from the front, like he did on Newfangled, or a waiting horse like


he did on this, Fallen For You. Not even 24 years old yet and


developing into such a wise jockey. You can see his back leg coming


right up out of the saddle there. He lost contact there with the


horse. Definitely putting all his energy into pushing her forwards


obviously. But when you're riding in Group 1 races, I suppose you


have to keep going until you get past that winning line. We thought


Mick Shannon might be the one more likely to have a one two, but


Samitar didn't pick up, Laugh Out Loud was with the pace, dropped


away. They've ran a reasonable race, but these two, don't forget the


second horse here finished second in our 1000 Guineas. So you've seen


a very special race here when you've got John Gosden having a one


two, emulating Sir Henry Cecil who my Lords, ladies and gentlemen,


what a day, what a week for John Gosden and William Buick. Today,


victorious in the Group, the Coronation Stakes with a filly


owned by Normandy stud, Fallen For You!


JIM MCGRATH: Justified applause as well. Bred by the Normandy Stud and


this will be a very valuable filly, she's improved so much. We saw her


at Kempton on the all-weather two starts ago in May. That was


transferred from here from Ascot to Kempton on the all-weather. Started


5-1 on that day ridden by rhine Moore and she ran out of effortless


-- Ryan Moore and she ran out an effortless winner then ran out to


Lingfield, back to the seven there from a mile.


She was beaten into sixth position. So Fallen For You, she's come up


trumps today. That time is 4.63 seconds outside the record. Ground


very much on the slow side today. It really is sunk in, that rain


that we had overnight. So slow times. But Fallen For You is a


really good winner from Starscope, the stable mate and Irish History


winning a place for Godolphin back in third. The two classic winners


are a long way behind them, Homecoming Queen and Samitar. That


smile says it all. Let's check the full result now on the Coronation


Gosden. Get ready for Gatewood next, doubles and trebles going on this!


John, what was the trigger for this per for manslaughter from Fallen


For You today? -- performance for Fallen For You today? I said be up


there because it was riding fast and the speed was holding at


Newmarket and that was riding her back-to-front. Then she had a


holiday, came back and she had it in her mind she was always too keen.


Ryan won on her at Kempton. But it wasn't where he wanted to be. We


ran her behind the lovely filly of Henry's and she got in trouble but


learned a lot. She trained beautifully, worked beautifully


last Sunday morning. Really thrilled with her work and we were


ready for a big run if it slotted. They went hard up front. There's a


head wind. She is classy, it's not a fluke. Indeed and William


standing close by. John was saying about the pace of that race and how


well that suited her today? Yes, I always thought previously


when she's run, things have conspired against her and today


everything went towards her, it was perfect for her, good gallop, cover


from the wind and a good rhythm. She finished the race well and won


very easily. It's no fluke, this is how good he is and hopefully now


it's onwards and upwards. The team believed she's very good, but how


impressed were you by the turn of foot? Very impressed. Taking on the


best of a generation, of course I'm impressed. Third win of the week,


time for the presentation. Well done. Thank you. I'm joined by


Martin Harley, he's battered, not bruised, very pleased with your


filly Samitar, but you said the ground might not have been in your


favour? Exactly. She jumped well, I thought I had a great seat all the


way, was covered from the good head wind out there. Is it a real


struggle for them? I wouldn't like to be - that two-year-old was


impressive to jump out and do what she did in that head wind - it's


quite distracting, yes. I thought she was going to pick up and do


something, but she gave everything and ran all the way to the line.


That's all you can ask for. Well done. Exactly. Thank you. His Royal


Highness the Duke of York making the presentation here. Phillipa


Cooper, the owner breeder who owns Norman day Stud, the name under


which her horses run. That is a big, big trophy to take home. And for


John Gosden, he is enjoying the best Royal Ascot of his career.


Three winners already and out in front now in the race to be leading


trainer. He's never quite managed that yet and he's had good Royal


Ascots in the past. But they have to have a one two in a Group 1 and


Henry Cecil also enjoying a golden week. It's a great day for


Newmarket so far, they have displaced Aidan O'Brien who's had


two hot favourites beaten today, Homecoming Queen and Astrology,


neither of who even made the first three. William Buick, everybody


apreeshing his talents now. He was born in Norway and his father was


an eight time champion jockey in Scandinavia. He came to ride for my


father when he was about 14, he was tiny, weighed about five stone and


dad thought he was such a good rider, he took 1,000 to 1 that


William Buick, before he'd ever ridden in a race, got a bookmake


tore give him 1,000 to 1 that he would make champion jockey and it


may yet happen. Let's have a look back at some of


the bits of this Coronation Stakes then. The winner was not one of the


leading contenders. Here is the start. Fortunately,, or


unfortunately, a very windy day. The white face breaks awkwardly.


Here is the winner from the extreme right from the highest draw of all.


And with the likelihood of a strong gallop, William Buick drops her at


the back. Cardigan is messed around by the others. Very awkward for


Paul Hanagan. William Buick's done well though, he knows he needs to


slot his filly in. As well, he is saved from the buffeting of the


wind. Plus he knows that the one to beat has in the last couple of runs,


inCludding the good win at Newmarket made the running and also,


everybody else is not going to want to let her get too far ahead. This


was the result of a fairly strong gallop earlier on. They went quick.


As you alluded to, a lot of the horses were beaten when they turn


ford home. Homecoming Queen in front. The muck Shannon pair --


Mick Shannon pair there. She's making progress, Fallen For You, in


the pink and white jacket. She's just hidden by Russelliana, so at


the three quarters of a mile from home, there is the winner, there is


the second placed horse, there is the third, and you see the front


three at this stage do not figure in the placings of the race. Let's


look what came into the home straight. Still, Fallen For You is


a little way behind the others on the outside making her challenge.


There is Samitar like a perfect position for Martin Harley. Yes, he


said he'd no real executions, Homecoming Queen is just coming to


the end of her tether. The other horses felt flat, didn't pick it up


at all. Second and third horses, Starscope


second at Newmarket in the 2000 Guineas, been beaten over further


since, another solid win at group level for her. Godolphin's horse


has run a little late on but it's only her third start and a tough


task, the toughest to date? Yes, but the thing we have to take out


of this race is, whatever John Gosden's got at the rest of this


meeting, you've got to try and be on it. Only nine races left. Fallen


For You, she'd been one of the leading contenders for the two-


year-old races, the Mayhill and Fillies Mile last year. She is at


the top of the rankings. We have three-year-olds who've won races


and it will take a while to work out exactly which one is the best.


William came to Royal Ascot having ridden three winners in his life,


he's doubled it just this week, taken his career total to six, the


leading jockey so far this week and he's not finished yet because he


has Gatewood in the next and Gosden has Beachfire also in that case.


Her enjoying a great day. Did they go too fast? They could have, but


it's the style of those fillies. In the past that's what they've done.


It looks as though they went too fast. But it seemed to suit the


horses coming from behind. The ground is on the slow side, so I


would imagine the horses upfront did two a little too fast, but it's


the way it's panned out. I could see a hat flying across the paddock.


Mine keeps moving but hasn't blown off yet. Let's see how people are


make a Diamond Jubilee cocktail, or probably I'm going to show you how


not to make it. Nathan from the Savoy, do you want to grab the mic


because I'm going to start it. What do we do? Fresh fruit juice, grape


fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, lemon juice to create the


balance as well, give it nice acidity. Almond syrup, two big


squeezes to help with the nuttyness and sweetness. OK. Cup of tea?


Little bit of Earl grey to go along with the traditional punch from the


1700s. How much do we need? stop? Perfect. Two good healthy


measures of Bombay Sapphire gin, a very key ingredient. Two of these?


Yes. Three even better! Yes, you know me!


Next up, chill the glasses with some ice here. Am I going to shake


this? Yes, but we are going to put the cap on first so it doesn't go


over that beautiful white jacket. know, I did wear the perfect


clothes. I don't want to have a comedy moment. Put it on.


Cruise. Here we go. Cocktail. We are going to put some ice in it


first. I knew that! Quickly. ice? Ice. All the way to the stop.


Shake er and shake! OK. Lots of love and passion. This is being


made with total love and passion here. Very good. All right. We are


going to top these wine glasses up with fresh ice, very quickly here.


Yes, OK. Some ice in here. There we go. Yes. Next thing you do is pour


over the ice. Here it comes. Here we go, Diamond Jubilee. Beautiful.


Looking good. What do you think? Fantastic. Great colour you have


there. Thank you very much. One more thing, finish the glass with a


built more ice before the champagne. Oh, more ice. Ice is our friend in


the cocktail world! Then top up with champagne there.


Thank you very much. There we go. A lady can't drink alone so I've


picked myself a rather hot date in the form of Jake Warren who runs


the Bird Cage Club here. Very professional. Unprofessional but


thank you very much. The Bird Cage, test it for yourself and tell us


what you think? Delicious. Serving them at the Bird Cage. Definitely.


Shall I pop down? I'll be the oldest person in there if I come


down. Absolutely not. It's for hot young things. You are a massive


racing fan aren't you, you have your own racehorse? Yes, we have


been doing it for a while now. The Bird Cage has been running for


three years in the Royal enclosure and it's a great space for the


young to enjoy racing and Ascot and have a place to be amongst their


won his maiden at Newbury. He won on the soft ground, which was not


quite for him. We've giving him a bit of a rest, waiting for firmer


ground. We hope to get him on the tracks around the Olympics.


shall look out for it. Shall we have cheers with our Diamond


Jubilee cocktail? Cheers to you! Now, if you are a flat jockey, you


would want to be in this man's boots today - William Buick. He's


got a winning double on the board. Three winners for the week. He


wears that armband there - that signifies he's the top jockey. We


have only nine races left for the week. This is the man who leads


them. This is the Wolferton Handicap. It is over a mile and a


quarter. We have three non-runners now with Danadana coming out late.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 46 seconds


Richard Hughes, looking for his first winner this week. He's on


board Sirvino. He has written an August toe biography. It it is


called "a weight off my mind." He is the son and former trainer of


Dezzy Hughes. From happy beginnings. It has not always been happy


sailing, as he revealed. I was not enjoying it. Every time I


rode a winner, it was, I haven't been found out. It was just my


whole attitude, you know. I thought people ran racing for me, you know


Richard Hughes. I'd have a bad day get drunk. Have


a good day get drunk. There was no difference. I know when I read it


first, it was almost cringe worthy. What did it feel like for you?


don't mind at all, because when you are off alcohol for a long time you


actually believe you are OK. Especially at Ascot, you see


sparkling champagne. Just one will be all right. It brings me back to


where it brings me and all the tour moil with it. On a daily basis I go


through that any way. I remind myself I'm a alcoholic. It's not OK.


When did you first know you had a real problem? -- he had a real


problem? I caught him halfway in the door, halfway out the door. I


walked up to the door where we were living. I thought he was dead or


someone had attacked him. I thought ux we definitely have a problem. I


hounded him. I said you have to see someone about it. He would not


listen to me. It is very graphic in the book, how you described how you


came to your senses. There was a situation with Lizzie, where you


felt you had to come clean. I gave up for three months. At first, I


thought I have a problem. Even though I admitted I was an


alcoholic. After three months I celebrated that I'd done three


months. Within two weeks I was worse than I was ever before. I


cheated on Lizzie. Got caught. Probably that was the lowest point.


How hard were times for you? It was awful, because it's funny I never


doubted he was the within. I always knew it was just him not, not


really him, if you know what I mean? He was going through a stage.


So long as people don't think I'm a doormat, which I'm certainly not.


Don't get me wrong, he's had his two strikes. That is the sort of


place I was in. I didn't know if I was coming or going. The guilt, it


was catching up with him. I knew if I married her I would get found out.


We were supposed to get married. We went to tell dad it was all off. I


think dad thought it was a bit of a joke and hugey said, no it's not.


He still asked if he could ride out. Dad said, certainly not. When you


went back to Ireland you saw Johnny Murtagh. Someone who has gone


through that thing. How much did you take that he has gone through


it and come out? If I went into meeting other alcoholics, it's all


right for them. They don't have to get up at 6am and eat nothing all


day. It would be a very easy way out for me. When he'd been there


and done it, there was no reason I couldn't do it. How difficult then


was it for you to go to an AA meeting? It was hard. I felt that


low. There are great people in AA. We all help each other. It's


nothing to do ashamed off. You can defend alcohol all your life and


finally when you said, I -- it's beaten me. You talk about it as a


disease which kids you haven't got it? I was six months going to AA.


One evening I sat in the back of the room, I just accepted I was an


alcoholic. Knowing you are and accepting it is a different thing.


There are some people in wheelchairs and they cannot get out


of them. All I needed to do was get out of it. How proud are you of him


getting himself straight and for being the person he is now?


Brilliant. Words cannot describe it, to be honest. He's just the man I


always thought he was, inside. He's proving that now. She stood behind


me, thank God. Stuck by me and she's been rewarded


now - I'm not a bad fella when I'm on the straight and narrow. He says


you are his rock now. I suppose I did put up with quite a bit. I


don't mind taking that maybe... Reluctantly. She's so lovely,


Lizzie. You can see all the jockeys there watching that story. I bet


you there'll be someone, somewhere in the country thinking, he is


talking about me, he's : I am in that position and may become more


honest with themselves because of that. An incredible interview. They


have two children now. They have Phoebe and Harvey. They are happy


together. Lizzie runs a hat hire business. A lot of women here are


wearing hats they hired from Lizzie. I went and had a drink with them


last night. In the back of the boot there are all Lizzie's hats.


Bringing them back, and renting them the next day. He's one of my


best mates. I have to say, I am unbelievably proud of him writing


that book. He bared his soul. That is difficult to do. He has to walk


into that Weighing Room, they are his peers, people he looks up to


and look around, and for him to do that shows how strong he has become.


It would be fitting were he to ride a winner after watching that.


will not necessarily be the shortest priced of those he rides


this week. As we know from the winners we've had today, upsets can


happen. There are not many better men to have on your side than


Richard Hughes, just a beautiful horseman. We will see where Sirvino


horses in the paddock. Gatewood has been the horse that a lot of people


expect to win this. Walking around the paddock, how impressed or not


impressed were you by what you saw? He hasn't got the best of hopes


around him. -- the best of hops around him. Explain what you mean?


His hocks are left behind him. Behind his hind legs. He has more


of a curve on them than normal. He's quarters were not -- his


quarters were not big, robust ones. As soon as the rider was on top of


him his shape changed. He was going around there, sort of half asleep


and not using himself, but as soon as William Buick landed in the


saddle his whole shape changed and he came alive. He did. One other


horse, number five, Mijhaar, a horse who ran here last year. He


ran well in the king Edward. This trip is probably more in his favour


today? He's obviously a horse who will run a big race here today.


He's got a lot of stamina. You would have to think that a mile and


a quarter would be as short a distance as he might like. He might


get further in the future. The king Edward last year, he did not see it


out. I thought a drop back to 10 might suit him.


His pedigree suggests he would get a mile and a quarter and even


further than this today. Who is going to win this? Well, I presume,


as William Buick, can you ride three winners in a day? Well, he's


the favourite. He has a very big chance. It is a very tough race and


of course Mijhaar, obviously will be there abouts. Thank you.


Already at the start - this is number nine, this is Qaraaba.


A good trainer? He dislocated his hip. It is one of the most graphic


things I have ever seen. He has turned his hand to training. This


horse has done well for him. has won three from four. The only


defeat she had was from Danadana. She has got a little warm and


hopefully is down there early being spoken about. This horse was


fourth in the king Edward seventh last year to Nathaniel. Nathaniel


not getting placed. Bit keen on the way down to the start though?


seems to be getting a run on hill. Neil needs to be keen to keep him


slower. No point in using the energy. There you go, the head


comes down. French Navy is in front of him, trained by Godolphin. They


also have Retrieve trained by Saeed bin Suroor, the winning trainer


from yesterday's Gold Cup. He's now with Rishi. Retrieve and Con Artist.


Before we get into the runners in this case, how is vision vision


vision today? He's doing good. He came back sound after the race,


fresh and happy, he was happy no problem at all with him. We'll give


him a little break now and will keep the options open. How good was


it for you to get back into the winners enclosure here in the big


one? It was something special for us. Everybody in the office was so


happy yesterday. All the team were smiling. That's what you need in a


stable yard. How good was Frankie? Very happy. You need Frankie to win


a big race like the Gold Cup. aboard the top weight here,


Retrieve. What chance has he got? Rain well at Lingfield last time


and is sound and ready to go. Hope the surface is good. What about Con


Artist? He's doing well also, he needed a rest last time and he's


likes to be somewhere close. Hopefully another winner waiting


for you. Thank you and good luck. That is the second of Saeed's two


runners. French Navy. This horse won three. He won the select Stakes,


a decent race. Needs to recover that form and he'll be right in


there? Yes, this horse is very interesting! Horse 10 Kirthill.


Kieren Fallon rode this last time. A masses massive improve. Keiron


wasn't hard on him. As soon as the chance was gone, that was enough. I


think it's very interesting jockey. Ryan Moore would have a choice of


rides. Kieren Fallon presumably did have the choice and choice to ride


Danadana instead. I thought Kieren Fallon might try to switch for this


horse but Ryan Moore was fairly keen on maintaining I think.


Exactly, saying I'll stay on that, thank you very much. There's


Sirvino. Hughesy is there. doesn't send horses down south, the


trainer, for nothing. Just getting very warm. It's not that hot here


today though. He was third to Gatewood at Epsom. Closely tied


form with Gatewood who remains also got Beachfire. He had a one


two in the last race. Beachfire came off a good gallop to win this


race last year and we see very often that horses win here, they


win one year and come back and do it the next. Seven pounds higher. A


lot of people who've watched him will question his resolution at the


minute and William Buick's done well with his choices this week.


Rare to see a horse with blinkers and a nose band. He's looking all


around. Nose band is to make them look above. And here is the other


horse! This overcame everything last time to win. Really stuck


behind a wall of horses last time. Pulled out and went up on the line.


I think this horse with a stiffer track like this will really suit


him. He's just getting warm between his legs, under the saddle and on


his neck. Gatewood the favourite here. Gatewood second and Qaraaba


near the top as well. Anything else to mention? Jamie Spencer is taking


over on Ottoman Empire. This horse was very nay Rowley beaten by


Gatewood. Enjoys a bull in the weights. Looks relaxed. -- very


narrowly. Here is Jim McGrath for the wolf


Ayrton handicap. Johnny Murtagh on Hyper. -- Wolferton. He won on


Leopardstown last night. Desperately unpleasant weather


conditions and rode out again this morning. A couple of Irish Derby


hopes. So he's back here, has ridden a


winner already. Hard pressed to get this to win though.


Ready and they're racing. In the Wolferton. Away to a fair start on


the outside, one of the first away is. Retrieve in the centre. Ottoman


Empire. Kirthill trapped on the inside. Sirvino. A length further


back, Gatewood settled centre field. A nice position too followed on the


inside by Beachfire. Beachfire last year's winner. Qaraaba there.


French Navy. Hyper is last. Black Spirit fourth last. Coming out of


Swindley Bottom, the leader is Con Artist, goes on by two lengths.


Ottoman Empire in second. A length and a half further back. Opera Gal.


Deeper on the track is Gatewood, very handy. Followed by Kirthill.


Sirvino in the centre. Black Spirit further back. Beachfire. Qaraaba's


lost his place and been shuffled back. As they race up past the half


mile, the leader on the inside is Con Artist, by a length to Opera


Gal. Ottoman Empire. Mijhaar. French Navy. Retrieve in the centre.


Kirthill. Followed by Gatewood. Starting to run on fairly well.


It's Con Artist who leaves them for home. On the outside, Opera Gal.


Mijhaar strongly coming up. Followed by French Navy in behind


them, Retrieve. Gatewood is in the clear and making ground. Mijhaar


gets the lead with a furlong and a bit to two. Gatewood on the outside


for Frankie. Now Gatewood starting to swoop. Black Spirit down the


outside and Qaraaba as they race up with 100 yards to go. Qaraaba is in


the lead. Tight second, Black Spirit out wide with Mijhaar. Just


behind them was Retrieve with Qaraaba and they were followed by


Kirthill, further back then Sirvino. Con Artist towards the rear, so too


was French Navy. In company with Ottoman Empire. Last year's winner,


Beachfire was one of the last. So it's a treble for William Buick,


landing the money here on Gatewood. What a finish it was! He sticks his


neck out and gets the money. Three on the board for John Gosden and


William Buick. A tight second. Black Spirit near side. It's been


called. Officially Black Spirit, third Mijhaar, then Qaraaba


launched with a run down the outside fourth. Then in fifth is


Retrieve. Top of the screen Number 10, that's Kirthill. Then a gap to


Sirvino behind them. They were followed by Galloway gal


and Hyper, the American runner, who did particularly well under


conditions you wouldn't have expected to suit him -- Opera Gal


and Hyper. Further back, they're still coming,


two more to come. There they are, Beachfire last year's winner and


Ottoman Empire is last. So, William Buick and John Gosden, very much


their day and Gatewood in the colours of George Strawbridge has


won the Wolfen -- Wolferton. Let's check the prices of the one,


tworbgs three. No, they are coming through now. We'll give you them as


soon as we get them. Good performance and the distances were


a neck and a head. And there are John Gosden and William Buick but


the man who'll celebrate most with this, is the owner, because those


colours travelled with great success from previous champion


sprinters. Never been has George Strawbridge


had a Royal Ascot winner. Now he has with the well backed, well


fancied Gatewood. William Buick getting shelter then switching out


wide down the outside of all of the runners and Gatewood catching


Mijhaar who's in front now and ran well. Black Spirit finishes very


well. Gatewood was always going to wear down Mijhaar. Gets there with


three strides to spare. When your confidence is sky high as a jockey,


everything falls into place for you. William will feel that no matter


what he does today, it's the right thing. He's given this horse an


absolute peach. Everyone wants to ride that perfect race. You get


there in the shadow and mug someone and that's exactly what he's done


here. So pleased for George Strawbridge because he comes up to


Ascot pretty much every year and he's been a huge investor in racing


in terms of breeding horses and keeping them on in training and


he's a very sporting man. And a real thrill for him. He He'll be


pinching himself now. Yes, he will, three Ascot winners in one day for


William Buick. A great moment for George Strawbridge who led this


winner in, Gatewood, and William Buick now on four winners, Ryan


Moore with two and a host of other jockeys with one winner a piece


headed by Queally and O'Brien. Good position to be in. And a great


way to bring up the half century. George Strawbridge, his colours


carried to victory here in this country. But also in America, he's


been an owner of long-standing and great success. There are the


trainer standings after 22 races. John Gosden in front. Sir Henry


Cecil, Aidan O'Brien. They're both check the full details of this


Wolfrton handicap. John Gosden's certainly hot. What a week it's


been so far, John? Yes, up and down. It's been great. Good rides today


and lucky to have two lovely fillies like we did spot on form.


This horse was always fancyed to come in the first three here.


Luckily they went pretty strong again and he could come down the


outside and do it. I think the trainer's been running him over the


wrong trip, I think he should go a mile and a half, I think I got him


a bit short. He's in the Princess of Wales Stakes at Newmarket, is


that right? Yes, you saver the moment at Royal Ascot, the future


is the future, fantastic -- savour the moment. He's the last of the


great American owners that have horses here so it's great. William


watched him in the paddock and said he was half asleep. As soon as


William got on board he came alive. Yes, he sits up and goes, hello,


trouble on my back. That's his style of running, he likes to come


with one big run and William had him in the perfect position off the


bend when he wanted to go. Thank you very much. Now a word with


William. What a day?! Days that jockeys dream of. Royal Ascot


itself, just to have a horse that runs well is very good and having a


winner is fantastic, but to have three winners in one day, it's


really amazing. I knew I had good rides coming into the week, but a


lot of other people have good chances as well and it's tough,


it's the creme-de-la-creme and you need to take a chance, but very


fortunately so that are everything's gone my way and the


horses are in top shape. I'm just very, very happy and very grateful.


Take us through the way the race ran, the strong gallop suited your


horse John said, he stayed on strongly suggesting further will be


comfortable for him? I wanted him closer to the pace. He'll get a


mile and a half in time. They were going so quick and I just wanted to


keep him on an even keel. He's finished the race really well. He


is better than the winning margin when he steps up, you know. He's a


nice, progressive horse and is certainly going places. Tuesday was


a difficult day for you, it's amazing how this game turns around?


It's amazing. It's a sad loss, he was a very nice horse, but you've


got to move on, new day, get up and move on and I'm very pleased for


George as well to have a Royal Ascot winner and hopefully it will


It's the best. First win I've ever had in Royal Ascot. Thank you very


much. Let's look at the start of this


mile and a quarter handicap. You will know this is a tricky one this


mile and a quarter. The turn comes up soon afterwards. The winner is


here, stall number eight. The second and fourth horses


difficult draws. George Bakers takes the position.


Zooms to the rail. He takes a pull of his horse. George Baker goes


behind the field and gets a good position on his horse. You see the


third horse comes in gradually, with Adam Kirby on there. That is


our winner there. He's in daylight. Looks at the horse on his outside


here. Here is. Green and white is Jamie Spencer. William Buick is


trying to get his horse in behind others. He wants to get a nice


little tuck behind another horse. Whoops - just there, a little bit


quick. Now he gets in behind Spencer there and he gets the horse


to drop his head and relax. But you can see the third horse with Neil


Callan here, his horse... He pulled too hard. Going at it too hard. His


head is high in the air. He will not drop his head and relax. He's


gone like that for some time. So his chances, he's using up that


energy, where William Buick, look his hands are down on its neck.


This is what happens when you win - - ride winners. The confidence goes


through and -- you and into the horse. Let's see the closing stages.


The horses with the bad draw, they have gone to the back of the ground.


If you go around the whole side of the ground you will be beat. They


have to get the best position they can. The one problem we have,


having saved the ground, you have to get around. Get into the


straight. Two-and-a-half furlongs to go. Fan out. Give your horse


daylight and go for it. You can see the winner there with Adam Kirby on


the second, tracking him. He had a good tow from him all the way


through. And almost Neil Callan, he was always in the right place, as


you would say. His horse was always doing that, a little bit too much.


He hasn't got a lot of energy left. Of course his horse has done well,


run a great race. He has just got outstayed here by William Buick and


add damn Kirby, who is finishing better -- and Adam Kirby, who is


finishing better than anybody. Mijhaar, pulled too hard. Good run


from him. A only one run this season.


Impossible draw, basically, but ran a good race. All of those for next


time. A solid race. Good form. Top handicappers in it. The winder


could be better with that handicap. George Strawbridge. His first Royal


Ascot winner. Receiving the trophy there from


Barry Hills, who retired last August, after having trained 3,198


winners. Really emotionally was leading trainer here at the Royal


Meeting in 209, having been seriously ill. He won the


coronation. Gosh, he's had good Gatewood. And Mick Fitzgerald and I


watching it with interest, it is interesting that William Buick,


riding a treble today. You said when you are really hot as a jockey,


is it easy to go back into that changing room? It's not. You don't


know what to say, what to do. When you ride your first winner you


celebrate, you want to show your emotion. On the third day, you see


all the lads who have not riden winners and you are almost


embarrassed. You know how it feels not to have a winner. You don't


want to show them up a little bit. He'll be celebrating later. Trust


me - Royal Ascot - there is no bigger stage for a flat jockey than


here. William Buick continuing to impress on the global stage and


particularly here at Royal Ascot this week. Let's look at the


fashions with Suzi. I am joined by Rachel Morgan. It is a windy day


for hats? You hats for people, including the Queen, who wore your


hats on Tuesday and Thursday. does that work from your point of


view? Well, sometimes I know what the occasion is for and sometimes I


don't. This year, we didn't know, I have made eight hats earlier in the


year and we wait to see what comes out. We don't know until she comes


out in the carriage what she will be wearing. When it comes to Royal


Ascot do you get a sketch of the outfit? Yes. It is I will be sent a


sketch and a swatch and work on a hat from there. We have seen some


beautiful hats. Some beautiful vintage dresses. This kind of feel.


It has been very popular. You are seeing lower crowns and sliced hats.


That is a beautiful colour, isn't it? Some sunshine coming through in


the day. She looks very glamorous. Very Hollywood. Do you think we are


seeing bigger hats this year? Everybody is very conscious of that.


I have noticed people coming in and wanting bigger hats. That is nice.


They do different things for people. It is great. We don't have enough


hat-wearing opportunities. It is a great excuse for everybody to come


out in their best. It is. You can wear a cocktail dress to the bar -


she looks very sweet. She does. super looking dress. We are getting


a lot of sliced hats. Crowns are more shallow. A sleek look. When


you say more shallow crowns that enables the face to be seen more?


It does actually. That is very vintage-inspired,


isn't it, on the left? That hot pink: It has never gone away. It


works well here especially on a dull day. We all need cheering up.


Black and white and an interesting shape hat.


And very sweet little pill boxes is that flowers on there? It is a


lovely look. Nice with just the tiny bits of netting through the --


over the eyes. It is pretty. Do you know if the Queen will wear one of


your hats tomorrow? I don't. I am in the dark as much as everybody


else. We will have to wait and see and keep our fingers crossed.


Speaking of the Queen, Her Majesty has made her way into the paddock,


because she has a runner in the Queen's Vase. A filly called


Estimate and Ryan Moore will be on board. This was trained by Sir


Michael Stoute. We discussed hats and it's not just women who have


fun with their head wear - it is men as well. Although you would not


get into the Royal Enclosure wearing that. Wouldn't I get in?


Not even riding my horse? Not even riding your horse. It was given to


me by Fish For Hats. I wonder what to do with it - I thought we could


auction it off or do something with it for my charity. If everybody you


are invited to a fancy dress party you can wear it then, with pride, I


suspect. I would imagine that some lady would love to come to Royal


Ascot with this... Umbrella. The umbrella is fun. I have to say. The


hat, perhaps not. It is for sale. You are not afraid to make a fool


of yourself. That is a good thing on television. There you go.


Tomorrow we expect to raise our hats to Black Caviar. She is the


Australian filly everybody is talking about. In my lifetime,


she's the best horse I have ever seen. If you took Frankel to


Australia you would say the same thing. She's a champion there. They


have to have the champion to win. Black Caviar - perfect. I have


heard of her for a long time. It is great she's here. Hopefully she


runs a good race for them and goes home safely. I hope she can do


justice. Let's all see her. She's a great racehorse. Like Frankel, Sea


The Stars, you see these horses and want to see them perform. I hope


she can perform to her best after a long journey. We don't have


sprinters that can compare with them. I can't see her getting beat.


She's the banker. Black Caviar - the best in the world. This is


unprecedented - the wonder mare. She won't get her own way here.


There'll be a lot of lads trying to catch her up. She looks the real


deal. What a champion she is. She's a


wonderful mare. They will parade her to Europe. I will try and win,


but if I can't, I hope she does. The chief executive of the British


Horseracing Boarbroodd authority is a man who used to work for racing


Victoria, so he is an Australian who has come over here. How big a


deal is it Black Caviar coming here to Ascot? It presettlements a


fantastic opportunity. -- presents a fantastic opportunity. It's a


really brave decision and I think she'll show tomorrow that she is


the best in the world. They will all be watching on big screens in


Melbourne? They have set up Federation Square at 1.30am,


there'll be tens of thousands of people out in the cold in Melbourne,


watching on the big screens. She's really, I think over the last


season or two, she has transformed or taken it beyond racing to


profile the sport. I know one of the tasks you have is trying to get


racing on to the front-pages and Black Caviar has been doing that.


She has been on the front-pages of the papers already. These are this


morning's papers - all featuring Black Caviar in strong headlines.


That security scare story, I don't think there is a lot to that. It


goes to prove the point that anything that happens with her, any


steps she takes, the photographers are all over it. That is what you


want to find. Actually it is heartening it is a horse, not a


celebrity. Not to do with pop bands. It is a horse. When people launch


on to a horse it makes a difference. Black Caviar has the advantage over


Frankel in that she has been around four seasons now. In a similar way


the public get behind the jump horses that come back season after


season, with Black Caviar she is in her fourth racing season. She's had


21 consecutive victories. At 10-11 victories she has not gone beyond


racing I is the last half a dozen where she has gone to a broader


public profile. I am trying to make them stay in training next year. It


would be amazing if Frankel was around as a five-year-old. It would


be amazing to see. The critical issue is the economic


situation. On any measure British racing is healthy. Media coverage


of the sport is world-class T quality and variety of the racing


is the best in the world. So, the single criticalish shy is the


funding. That's the -- -- critical issue is the funding. That is what


we work on every day. After the week of racing you could find and


the Queen in the paddock to see her runner, Estimate n this Queen's


vase. We've had so many good story lines to. And hopefully one


tomorrow with Black Caviar. It what it needs is for those colours to


come home in front. It is not impossible that it could happen in


She's an interesting filly. She actually is a half sister to an


Ascot Gold Cup winner. A really good family. She's had two starts


so far and won her last. We'll see Hoy she gets on. We'll check the


runners and riders now for the Queen's Vase. Over two miles and


Estimate is the only filly in the the Queen's Vase? The punters seem


Queen's horse. I think that's the influence of


Willie Carson who basically said right at the beginning of the


programme that Estimate has a huge chance here and she has been backed


properly, properly backed? She's a lovely looking filly. Look how tall


and slender she, is just what you want to stayer to look like. Long


and slender, not carrying too much weight. And everything about her


moves with fluency. And Michael Stoute, who's had a quiet week so


far, apart from the good run of Carlton House, has a very good


record in this race, won it three times since 1988, so knows the sort


of horse required. She's a filly here and she's taking


on the colts. The most amazing thing is, the two attendants are


both girls. Amazing and progress! Let's have a


look at Athens. Aid on Brian's had a grim day so far with both


Astrology and Homecoming Queen, well beaten. They were well fancied,


but this is a race that he targets with horses that he believes could


stay further. They are always beautifully bred. He won with one


horse in 2007 and another in 2010. And this horse, Athens, hasn't gone


beyond a mile and a quarter, but neither had the winner two years


ago. His pedigree suggests he'd struggle to get two miles. He's a


stamina. Maybe he's getting all the stamina from Dylan Thomas. This is


Yazdi. Frankie's won this race twice in the past ten years. Let's


here from Brian Meehan, the trainer, he's with Rishi now.


I am with Brian Meehan, just pointing out that we are looking


forward to Wimbledon which is obviously on the BBC coming up


starting on Monday. You are a massive tennis fan? Yes, I love it.


I wouldn't mind having a fortnight there like you do. You are more


than welcome to take over. You would probably do a better job.


at all! You have had a good week so far. Yazdi, very likely racehorse,


big step up today. Do you feel that he's ready for it? Well, he's an


improver, I did just say to Frankie that he could be a little green


still, but no, I think he'll be fine, he's up for it. He'll command


for the maiden win which he won by seven lengths. He was pretty


impressive and it's the right thing for him today. Overall, what do you


feel about the quality of this year's renewal of the Queen's Vase?


Steady enough really. Two or three chances of which my horse is one,


so I wouldn't want to comment on everybody else's horses. I mean,


these races are so tough to win. Every race is like a champion race


here, so it will be tough. Best of luck. Thank you.


So your favourite remains Estimate: �50,000 was put on Yazdi this


of the day, the hat trick man, William Buick. William, I was


saying that coming into this year's Royal Ascot, you had ridden three


winners in your career, now you get three in a day, it's extraordinary?


Fantastic. I knew coming into this year's Royal Ascot that I had good


rides, but you need to go and win them. It's a lot of luck that's


involved. You need to be in the right place at the right time and


the horse needs to be fine on the day. It's one of those days where


everything's clicked. You also need skill?! No, you know, Newfangled


was very good. Very good filly and, to be honest, it didn't go her way.


We can have alike at that actually. We'll show you your treble so you


can enjoy it. Out in front on Newfangled. The bit seemed to go


through her mouth? She got away from me a little bit, did it the


hard way, but very good filly and Fallen For You, very pleased with


her. Would she be the best you have ever rode? No, very good but not


the best. A filly, two-year-old? Two-year-old filly, yes, you are


confusing me, Willie. He does that to me! She's the best two-year-old


filly I've ridden, Newfangled is, yes. And you got there five strides


before the line, a well-backed favourite and when you get a crowd,


I'm sure they are shouting things to you as you are coming back?


the creme-de-la-creme and everyone wants to ride winners here and I'm


very fortunate to have a good stable behind me with good horses


and I can go to these meetings in demand when you get good rides and


you need to be focused and make sure you keep doing the right


things. When you talk about luck and Willie reminding you, you do


need to work hard and have talent and I think he's trying to give you


credit there, but the luck of the week is that you weren't badly


injured when the horse came down on Tuesday? I feel very sorry for the


horse and the lad that looks after it at home and all that, it's


horrible and he was a very promising horse. He was a lovely


horse and it's just one of these unfortunate, unexplinable things,


you know. -- unexplainable things. Luckily, I wasn't injured. A bit


sore the day after but I was fine and you move on from those things,


you know, you can't do nothing about it so you have to put it to


the back 06 your mind and move on - - back of your mind and move on.


How much would it mean to you to keep that arm band on?


This time tomorrow do you want it on? Looks good on me, doesn't it


It's suited?! It would mean the world to me, as it would to anybody


else. You've had a brilliant week and fully deserved. Well done.


Thank you Clare and Willie. Here is a horse, Minimise Risk,


trained by Andrew Balding who ran in the Derby last time and that


probably a bit out of his capabilities. A hugely Hansome


horse and very well bred. He's got to do it, hasn't he? He's got to do


it. He's one of those horses, he's very proud of himself. He knows


he's handsome, doesn't he? Look at him, putting his head in the air


and he's saying to everybody, look at me, aren't I handsome. But when


it comes to racing, he thinks that he has the authority to get round


the racecourse without putting too much effort in. That's the


impression I get from this horse. Just a final word on William Buick,


he was due to ride on this race in Spanish Wedding but that's a non-


runner. And his intended horse in the next race is out again. His job


for the day is over and he can go home and eny. Macbeth. Trained by


Ken Condon and Johnny Murtagh taking the ride. This is a horse


who would be suited by the ground and has plenty of stamina in terms


of breeding. Hasn't got a lot of stamina on the stallion side.


Beaten by a six furlong sprinter. He has Curragh and St Leger entries


though. The Queen is taking her position in the Royal Box with


Sheikh Mohammed and the Princess of Jordan. Interestingly, Sheikh


Mohammed gave the Queen Carlton House as a yearling. This horse


Estimate was given to her by the Aga Khan who bred her. Going


forward there, that's Yazdi, we heard from Brian Meehan about his


chances. Frankie Dettori on board. What do you like in the race, well,


you liked Estimate, you told everybody about it this morning?


This filly has to improve quite a lot to win this race. You are


getting cold feet now? No, no, no, it's not that, but on figures on


what she's done in the past that is, but she looks a beautiful staying-


type filly. Doesn't look the strongest race? No. It would be


nice for Perennial to win. Yes, Michael Hills riding for his


brother Charlie. Not too much longer. Could we see a winner for


the Queen? It's not impossible, as Athens goes forward and Minimise


Risk, one of the last. That's the one to beat, Athens. Let's join Jim.


So last one going in, Michael Hills there. They are off and running in


the Queen's Vase. Perennial eased in in the early stages and Yazdi's


a little wide. Perennial on the inside rail there from Flying


Trader. Estimate on the inside three deep off the rail. Further


back in the field is Flying Trader. Now just ahead of Athens and then


Somemothersdohavem. Out the back is Ed De Gas. A circuit to go now. And


the leader on the inside is Singalat. Pink cap, Perennial.


Athens. Followed by Flying Trader out the back.


Followed by Ed De Gas and Somemothersdohavem.


Somemothersdohavem shuffled back to last. A mile and a half lest left


to travel in the Queen's Vase as they race down past the King George


start and the leader is Singalat. Yazdi on the outside. Macbeth's


trapped a little while. One length further back. Minimise Risk.


Followed on the inside next by Perennial and then Athens and


further back on the field on the inside, Flying Trader from gas


Bourgass. Somemothersdohavem out the back. All the time running


downhill towards the mile in the Queen's Vase and Singalat on the


inside shows the way. Half a length to up on the outside Yazdi. Macbeth.


The pace has been fairly good. A length away on the inside, Minimise


Risk from Estimate. Perennial travelling on the inside


there as they race into Swindley Bottom. Followed by Athens and


Flying Trader and Ed De Gas and Somemothersdohavem-Starting this


really stiff uphill climb now towards home. Uphill all the way


from here and it's Singalat out in front by a length to Ed De Gas.


Macbeth. A length further back, Minimise Risk. Estimate is very


handy. Three away on the inside is


Perennial, followed by Athens. Still climbing. Heading up past the


five. They're followed by Ed De Gas. Then further back, Flying Trader


from Somemothersdohavem. Racing to the half mile and Singalat on the


inside just the leader. From Yazdi and then Macbeth. No runs yet. Now


he's starting to niggle on, Estimate, on the inside. Minimise


Risk and then Perennial on the rails. A length further back is Ed


De Gas on the outside. Athens, then a long gap to Somemothersdohavem.


On the turn for home in the Queen's Vase. In the centre, Yazdi grabs


the lead, tackled by Macbeth. Here is Estimate on theout side.


Minimise Risk nowhere to go. Perennial on the rail. Inside the


two now, Estimate's gone for home. The Queen's filly is in the lead


from Athens. Ed De Gas. Further back it's Macbeth. Estimate at the


furlong, sprinted three lengths in front. Athens is sticking to the


task, followed by Ed De Gas. Estimate is roaring away and we


have a Royal winner! Estimate goes up to the line, to win it by five


lengths. A big win in the Queen's Vase. Followed by Bourgass gas.


Followed by Macbeth and Minimise Risk. Followed by Perennial and


Yazdi. Singalat and Somemothersdohavem. Flying Trader


is the last to finish. A really good staying performance by this


filly, Estimate. And Her Majesty has a winner at the Royal meeting


and is congratulated by her guests which include Sheikh Mohammed and


Princess -- and the Princess from Jordan.


Estimate goes to the line to win it so well. A really good staying


performance. Athens second. Bourgass gas in third. Came from


well back. In fourth, Macbeth. In good run on the rail. Yazdi was


further back. Then a long gap to Singalat. They


were followed by Somemothersdohavem. As you can see, they were well


swung out, Flying Trader, towards the back of the field. Five lengths


officially. A length-and-a-half between second and third.


Estimate, the 3-1 favourite has won here for Her Majesty, the Queen,


for Sir Michael Stoute and for Ryan Moore. 11-2, the second. He mae may


have picked up the third. That is her mag City the Queen's


21st Royal Ascot winner. There -- Her Majesty, the Queen's


21st Royal Ascot winner. This filly, bred with so much stamina in her


pedigree was going to stay every yard of this trip. Ryan Moore


thought, I'm going for home. Athens gives chase, but can make no


impression, as the filly stretches clear here. The impressive winner


of the Queen's Vase. Only one more thing needed to


happen to make this the perfect Royal Ascot and that was a winner


for the Queen and it has happened. A lot of stamina. Sheik Mohammed


alongside the queen now. Both having a win ther week. And the


princess, who has had two. They know, because they've had horses so


long, you cannot predict anything. You cannot write the script. Get


them in the right races and you're home. It is nice for Sir Michael to


have a winner at Royal Ascot as well. You can hear the cheer. This


is the cheer for Her Majesty's filly, Estimate, after winning the


Queen's Vase. It is coming into the winner's enclosure. The Queen is


making her way down. Ryan Moore dismounts. Sir Michael Stoute has


sprinted down and is there to greet the filly.


Will we get a smile from Ryan? That is a smile of distinct


satisfaction. There is the Queen. Her racing adviser alongside her.


As the people bepeace process gin to see her around the paddock, here


you go... APPLAUSE


What a magnificent triumph of in her Diamond Jubilee year, to have a


winner at the Royal Meeting. This filly, Estimate was bred by


the Aga Khan, from a top stpamly. winning a Gold Cup. A great staying


performance. Her Majesty listening to Ryan Moore,


what he has to say and what Sir Michael Stoute the trainer, his


interpretation. John Warren, her racing adviser


there, in the top hat. This is a magic moment.


We saw last time she had a winner here just the absolute delight.


That is when Free Agent crossed the line. Today, she has witnessed a


very, very fine staying performance from a quality filly.


By Monson. And this filly should keep going and going on to more


staying. That's for sure. She's got so much scope in the staying


department. Proud, really appreciative.


What this means to a genuine horse lover, genuine racing fan. That's


the Royal Box that overlooks the paddock. It is behind this


magnificent stand here at Ascot. That is where the Queen, well you


saw her before, coming out to see them for an earlier race in the


paddock. Here is the post-race picture. The Queen, like all proud


owners, loves to be photographed because his Royal Highness, the


Duke of Edinburgh was on the card to make the presentation for the


Queen's Vase. We thought it might be possible, but it is always a


long shot, that he would present it to Her Majesty, the Queen. It's a


pretty unusual occurrence. Very unusual indeed.


This is when the Queen should have been saying, now I have this nice


filly, you have just seen here, could you give me a nomination to a


new approach, please. That would be the right time. Let's hear from the


winning trainer, Sir Michael Stoute. Sir Michael, congratulations. Can


you tell us what an honour or how this sits with you, this success...


We hoped to do it with Chalton House. We've done it here and the


whole country would have appreciated this victory for Her


Majesty. A word about the filly and her experience? She's from the Aga


Khan family. I -- she has improved in her work of late. Come in nicely.


An extremely delighted owner as because the Queen and the Duke of


Edinburgh have been married 64 years and in that long time, this


is the first time that this has ever happened, the Duke of


Edinburgh making the presentation of the Queen's vase, to Her Majesty,


the Queen. Her 21st Royal Ascot winner and her first since 2008, as


D Sir Michael Stoute, the winning trainer comes forward to be


congratulated by the Duke of Edinburgh. There is quite a lot of


laughter in the crowd when they heard presenting this trophy will


be the Duke of Edinburgh. They didn't realise until then. A huge


roar of appreciation for Ryan Moore. He was backed in 3-1 favourite for


the Queen's Vase. They will appreciate that. The rest of the


royal party, princess and Prince Michael of Kent, looking down on


this scene. That is a photograph that will be treasured by all four


of them, it has to be said. Of course. Especially the jockey


and Sir Michael Stoute. He will be and Sir Michael Stoute. He will be


very proud that he's trained a winner here at Royal Ascot in the


Diamond Jubilee year. Absolutely marvellous for this to happen, not


just for Her Majesty, but for the whole country who are royalists.


The queen's first Royal Ascot winner back in 1953 with Choir Boy,


now her 21st, courtesy of Estimate. A year in which 60 years of her


reign and her racing interest, celebrated here at Royal Ascot,


that is why the budgeting is out. There is a photographic exhibition


as well. I suspect a new photo will be added to that exhibition and it


will be there tomorrow. We will leave you with this huge


Day four of the event which has been part of the sporting and social fabric of the nation for nearly 250 years.

Every day the meeting begins with the royal procession, featuring four horse-drawn carriages bringing HM the Queen and her party to the course.

The Coronation Stakes is the highlight of the day. Contested by three-year-old fillies over a mile, the contest was won in authoritative fashion in 2011 by France's Immortal Verse - a fitting result in an increasingly international gathering.

Clare Balding hosts the coverage from Ascot. She is joined by Willie Carson, Mick Fitzgerald, Rishi Persad, Suzi Perry, Ian Bartlett and John Parrott. Race commentary comes from Jim McGrath.

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