Day 5 Racing: Royal Ascot

Day 5

Clare Balding presents coverage from the closing day of the iconic race meeting, as the sprinters take centre stage in the main race of the day, the Diamond Jubilee Stakes.

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You dream of it as a kid. All you can concentrate on is the clock.


The countdown. Have I dreamed this dream before? Did I just imagine


this place? Shadows of past greats begin, memories of glory days echo


around these halls. Just how will I make my mark? For 300 years we have


descended upon this holy ground. This heartland of racing and


majesty. This place doesn't shout allowed to you -- aloud to you. It


whispers with grace. Wheupb I journey to -- when I


journey will the line will I be able to block out the screaming


crowd, to get the millions at stake? Make no mistake, there is


nowhere on earth quite like this place. This meeting of dreams, this


Royal Ascot. This is not just a sporting event, it's a culture.


Will this be another big win? spectacular Frankel. And we have a


It could be argued that already we have had the best Royal Ascot in


living memory. It's had absolutely everything. Just a few moments ago


the Royal Procession made its made down through the golden gates and


in the lead carriage has been all week in her Diamond Jubilee year,


Her Majesty the Queen, alongside his Royal Highness the Duke of


Edinburgh, deep in conversation with John Warren and with Toby


Balding, a trainer of two Grand National winners, Gold Cup winner,


champion hurdle winner as well, his first time in the Royal Procession.


A huge honour and surprise for him to be in the lead carriage. The


Windsor greys leading the way. And the grandstand absolutely


packed. The crowd boosted this year by approximately 5,000 Australian


race-goers, some of whom have travelled over from Australia,


others based here in the UK. They have come to see their superstar,


Black Caviar. She could round off this week in send sensation tal --


send takesal tile -- sensational style. The Royal Procession, a


sight that you will not see at any other sporting event. It kicks off


a high-class day of racing. As the Royal Procession happened,


the weather was absolutely fine. Almost as soon as the Queen


disappeared into the grandstand to make her way to the Royal Box, we


had a cloud burst, heavy rain. The wind has picked up, that wind seems


to have blown that shower of rain through. A lot of people have been


suffering badly from overnight flooding around the country and


luckily, here at Ascot, they've avoided the worst of the rain


because in many ways that is the one thing that could have damaged


the chances of Black Caviar today. If we have had torrential rain. All


eyes on her and all supporters from Australia, and most supporters from


Europe hoping that she can cement her position as the outstanding


sprinter in the world and arguably the fastest racehorse anyone has


ever seen. Her colours there of salmon and black spots carried on


banners around the course and indeed being echoed and reflected


on ties of Black Caviar supporters. Here the man on whom the pressure


lays, Luke Nolan who will ride Black Caviar. He has won on her 18


times of her 21 wins, introducing himself to Johnny Murtagh who will


always be supportive. He walked the course a few times. And had a chat


with the clerk of the course. this is 8.3, centre is 8.7. Tending


to suggest the centre is slightly quicker. You know,... It walks...


think it walks even. You are in the middle, same as before. You have


been drawn 15. Somewhere here. That's the man we will all be


watching. Myself and Willie Carson bidding you good afternoon and


welcome to coverage on BBC1 of the final day of Royal Ascot, 2012. The


big question, can anything beat Black Caviar? No. Not really. I


don't think so. She can beat herself in a way, because she is an


animal, very big, strong, very fast. She's put up fantastic times in


Australia, nothing's ever got close to her. She wins every race by


clear distance every time. She's run on possibly, not quite as soft


a ground as she could have, if this rain keeps coming here, and Ascot


is a stiff racecourse but still you would have to think that she is


unbeatable. And I know thousands of people in Australia are staying up


late to watch this, many gathering in Melbourne to watch the big


screen. She runs at 3.4 4.00pm our time, quart tore one in the morning


morning Melbourne time. They will all be hoping that she can do what


she as done in all her races in Australia, but like - she has to


travel overseas to prove to the rest of the world and take this


sport to another level, which I think she has done just by being


here, but it's a sensational day we What a week this has been. Starting


with the fabulous, phenomenonal Frankel and his 11-length win in


the Queen Anne. Frankie was back on flying form, winning the Gold Cup.


The Queen had a Royal winner, her 21st as Estimate took the Queen's


Vase. During today we will be looking back at 61 years of BBC


television coverage of the Royal meeting as the BBC bows out.


In terms of fashion, it has been fabulous. Suzi Perry is in charge


for a final look at what everyone has been wearing and will be


talking to a celebrity chef. But the special on the menu today


is Black Caviar, the wonder from down under, Black Caviar unbeaten


in 21 starts is hot favourite for the Diamond Jubilee.


Four races for you live on BBC1 and then two on BBC interactive, not on


Freeview, I am afraid. The Chesham Let's move on swiftly because the


runners have left the paddock for our firs race, the Chesham. Let's


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


Stakes, a listed contest over seven furlongs and the runners are


arriving at the post. Here with the betting is John Parrott. Thank you,


it's moved to -- Move To Strike the Back to 9-4. Back out to 5-2. But


it's Move To Strike clinging to favouritism at 2-1. This is the


race, the Chesham, that provided the Queen's last Royal Ascot winner


in 2008. Until Estimate took the Queen's Vase yesterday, which was a


wonderful moment. We could see the first win this week for your old


boss, Willie. They love this colt. Of course, this jockey, champion


jockey, Paul Hanagan, hasn't had a winner here at Royal Ascot, either.


It would be nice for this horse to win because we have had most other


things happen at Royal Ascot this week. But this horse who won very


convincingly at Leicester, he is a big horse. He is by Street Cry, he


is a lovely big type. A horse that will go on and we hope that he will


be a Guineas horse for next year. But Richard Hannon hasn't had a


winner this week. This possibly one of his last chances of doing so.


He's got to draw of six, which is on the stands side. I would think


the stands side is going to be a little bit quicker than the far


side. It's had less use than the far side and I think he is drawn in


the right place here. Richard Hannon trains that one, who has won


this twice in the last four years. Jim Bolger has already had an


exciting two-year-old colt win this week. He has Move To Strike.


Irish really like this horse. He gave a very good impression when he


won at Leopardstown. Mr Bolger, as we all know, brings his horses here


and if you leave them out in your calculations, that's at your own


peril, because he always brings horses over here that always run a


big race. Dawn Approach was by Approach -- New Approach, also sire


of Tha'ir. The Godolphin horses do seem to be coming back to some kind


of form. This horse started off modestly, started off at Ripon and


did that well. But he is up against real good sorts here today.


Obviously, the Godolphin have got a lot of well bred horses at home, so


he must be one of the better ones that they have. Indeed. They've


another runner as well, Lovely Pass who is also quietly fancied. The


Sixties being pushed forward there. Mick Channons had had a few


disappointments this week. Lovely to see him in the winners'


enclosure as well. The Sixties is a stallion, stands at a stud Mick is


very much involved with. That's a fantastic way of having a nibble of


grass! Down there to accompany Frege, Kieron Fallon riding.


Sixties has five runners in this race. All of them have won a race.


He is doing well. Come on, you are going to fall over! That's a good


trick. We are meant to be looking at the racehorses and Jalaa will be


one of the last few to go forward. Zanetto there with a sheepskin


noseband going forward. The last few going forward for the


first race. There is Frankie Dettori, what a moment for him on


Thursday winning the Gold Cup. He is riding high at the moment. He is


in the Royal blue of Godolphin for our first race on the final day of


Royal Ascot 2012. Going forward now Lovely Pass. They run over seven


furlongs. Up the straight, a field of 14 two-year-olds for the Chesham.


Stand by, that's it. Ready, they're racing!


And away to a fair start on the near side Hillbilly Boy, one of the


first away. Zanetto is Thrupp in the early stages. Fighting too is


Move To Strike. Now gets a bit of cover in behind horses. The Sixties


goes on. The Sixties the early leader, from up in second place on


the near side Frege, just behind them Zanetto, fighting for his head


on the near side, followed further back by Cruck Realta with yellow


cap. They're followed by Jalaa. On the near side Pasaka Boy Pasaka Boy,


followed further back by Lovely Pass, who is very wide with a white


cap. Behind horses is Move To Strike, Hillbilly Boy on the near


side. Being tracked all the while by Downright Dizzie. Move To Strike


has dropped right back to about six or seven lengths off the pace. They


race now towards the course proper. The leader is The Sixties, from in


second Frege, followed in third by Cruck Realta. Behind them being


pulled on for an effort now is at this stage Chilworth Icon. Coming


into it too is Lovely Pass under pressure. Move To Strike is running


on pourfully. They run up with a furlong and a half. On the far side


Lovely Pass takes it up, from in the centre Cruck Realta. In the


centre coming there Tha'ir. Tha'ir for Godolphin. The first set of the


Godolphin Royal blue sprints into the lead now. It's Tha'ir, Frankie


Dettori lengthening well and coming away. Tha'ir goes on to win the


Chesham in grand style. Cruck Realta in second. Third is Lovely


Pass. A gap then and behind them is Move To Strike, followed next in


the field then by The Sixties, well back is Frege, Jalaa not sighted.


They were followed then by Pasaka Boy, well back in the field. Effie


B the last to finish. Tha'ir, another winner for Godolphin.


A memorable week for them. They won the Gold Cup and a 9-2 winner of


fourth, Move To Strike could not side, followed by Downright Dizzie.


St Paul De Vence could not get into it. At the tail of the field was


Effie B. The winner of the Chesham Stakes is Tha'ir, ridden by Frankie


Dettori, the third winner at this royal meeting for the first season


stallion New Approach. Let's check the distances. 2.25 lengths and a


neck. But this win it, Tha'ir, won very well at Ripon recently, having


been the lesser fancied of a couple of runners they had in the race,


came home well clear on that occasion. And the horse that he


beat that night went on to win this week. Side been so raw, a happy man.


-- Saeed Bin Suroor. And Frankie Dettori, first win of the day.


CLARE BALDING: Frankie is a man for the big occasion. The big crowd


seems to bring out the best in him. He had gone through weeks without a


winner anywhere until he came back to win the Gold Cup on Colour


Vision. But that was a very decisive win on Tha'ir. The team


will be very decisive -- excited about this horse for next year. It


gives them hope through the winter, looking ahead to the big races next


year. And the breeding world is buzzing about the stallion New


Approach. WILLIE CARSON: And of course, New


Approach is by Galileo, the best stallion we had in many, many years.


Obviously, the stable did not see too much of him at home. Frankie


went very fast up front. He did not go that fast, because there was a


lot of horses pulling early. This horse, he obviously settles very


easily. Of course, New Approach, he won the Derby. And this horse


possibly will only get to a mile. At this stage in his career, you


would have to say, he would only be a miler, unless he proves


differently. But a very happy jockey, he always gives plenty of


people a lot of pleasure in how he behaves after he wins. He is very


good at that. A big smile on his face. Yes! I told you so! Frankie


Dettori, of all of the jockeys with a licence at the present time, is


top of the list. Lester Piggott way out in front in terms of overall


statistics. But Frankie, the man of the afternoon so far. You will get


a flying dismount as well, because one of the day.


JIM MCGRATH: It is often underestimated just what a talented


jockey he is, because he is such a flamboyant personality, such a


visible face of racing. He does such a great PR job for the entire


sport. Sheikh Mohammed not here in the winning party. He will be tuned


in to that result, no doubt. Frankie, looking for the scales so


that he can step on, and he will be looking to make 9 stone 3lb, which


he should be able to do without any bother whatsoever. I was just


saying, it is often underestimated just how brilliant a rider, a


sportsman, he is. Such balance, such style on a horse. He is an


extremely talented jockey. I think many people just starting to


appreciate that we do need him in the game, and it is great to see


him back in the winner's area. Here's Brit Prasad in the winner's


area. I am joined by the Godolphin racing manager. It has been an


excellent week. Fantastic. Brilliant first season stallion New


Approach as well. All three have turned up, and all three have


delivered. Really excited for the team. We came here hoping we would


do well, but we were really pleased about this one. Frankie, a great


way to start the day. Yes. The further he went, the better he was.


New Approach, he has had a fantastic week. Nice little two-


year-old for the future. The way he stuck his head down, that was a


good sign. Yes, he is on the small side, but he has got a good engine,


a brilliant attitude. I was very impressed. What about Italy against


England? It's the colour! Come on, Azzurri! I'm not sure about that.


Simon, what will be the plan for Tha'ir? Maybe he will go to


Goodwood, we will see. Well done. Thank you very much. Let's have a


look at the start and finish of this Chesham Stakes. If you want to


watch the two major contenders, there is the winner, from stall 7.


Not a great start for Sylvester D'Souza's horse. Sylvester


D'Souza's horse was a bit slowly away. Yes, there was a bit of a


knock-on effect. I had a quick word with Martin Harley. And we saw it


only around, it was not an ideal start. Right in the centre, in the


white jacket, the horse chucking its head around. He has really


fought Kevin Manning in the early part of the race. He has, and he


has not done himself any favours. But Kevin Manning said, no excuses,


to be honest. That was the early part of the race. Now, let's have a


look at the closing stages. The winner is just making its challenge


year. Sylvester D'Souza has got this filly into a fair position.


Surely, having used up so much energy trying to go fast at the


beginning of the race, it must have had an effect. No doubt about it.


The other jockeys have also said, they did not go that quick early on.


This was the time you wanted your energy to be used, and Frankie's


horse was impressive. He really was striding out well in the closing


stages. This was not exactly the same distance as the Diamond


Jubilee later one, but what do you think about the draw, particularly


with Black Caviar in mind, because she will be in 15, on the right of


that picture. It was interesting, the way they all seem -- seemed to


congregate in the middle of the track. Well, we will see later on.


But that's the first race over and done with, a good win for the


Godolphin horse. Looks like one to follow.


JOHN PARROTT: Yes, so, the winner of the Chesham Stakes, Tha'ir.


And the presentation for the Chesham Stakes being made by the


Chesham Stakes being made by the comedian Michael McIntyre. Sheikh


Mohammed and Princess Haya not here today, they are watching at home on


television. Great to see Michael Macintyre here. We can look again


at the low finishing drive of Frankie Dettori, and also this


horse, whose running style is basically to go no to the ground.


Saeed Bin Suroor, a fantastic boost for him this week. They encourage


competition between their trainers inside the team, and between the


jockeys as well. And Frankie has had a fair bit of pressure on him


this year, and it is just great to see him doing the flying dismounts


and celebrating success. And he is just usually important to the


British racing game. So, a great start to a great afternoon, which


we hope will culminate with victory for Black Caviar. We will be


talking about her plenty before the Diamond Jubilee Stakes. But let's


say good afternoon for the first time today to Suzi Perry. Yes, we


have seen some beautiful fashions here this week. Joining me, Jane,


milliner to the stars. What is on trend regarding the hats? We have


got quite a lot of discs this year. With modern hairstyles, it is


really easy, you can put your long hair over the top. Also quite a lot


of classic styles, sweeping across the face, and lots of little


cocktail hats. That's now that the dress code has changed. Like the


hat that you're wearing today. Lots of flowers as well. Thank you very


much. Have a good day. 170,000 bottles of champagne being served


here at Royal Ascot, and this is the man who's doing the catering.


We are at Royal Ascot, so we have pushed the boat out. And you have


got a Michelin star now. Yes. Incredible. I know you have got a


couple of restaurants down in Folkestone. Tell us what you have


made specifically for Royal Ascot. Can I take my hat off first? I feel


more comfortable without this silly hat. I have done a few dishes


across the board. They have gone across all of the restaurants. This


is fresh Folkestone crab, which we have a hand picked, mixed with a


bit of paste, to give it a Moroccan feel, a little bit spicy. Can I


have a taste? Go for it. And we have got some salt and pepper squid,


which is a really big seller at the restaurant. It has got Lyon, chilli,


coriander, soy sauce. This is one of your signature dishes, isn't it?


It is, but I hate the word signature dish, because the


customers have to give you that accolade in the first place. So


that means it is a dish that we can never take it off the menu now. But


yes, it is a signature dish. And this one here, I would love to lie


to you, and say that I designed this specifically for Royal Ascot.


this specifically for Royal Ascot. This is a cold chocolate and sea


buckthorn dish. Sea buckthorn is a berry which is foraged for in


certain areas. It is a very sharp tasting Berry. When I put this on


the menu at my restaurant, it was because it was a locally foraged


desert, and I wanted to introduce something different. So, I thought


I would put it on the menu here at Ascot. Somebody did some Google


research and found out that actually, ancient Greeks used to


graze their racehorses on sea buckthorn pastures, and right


before the race, they would feed them with the berries, which are


very high in vitamin C. And actually, the ancient Greek word


for Sea buckthorn is Glittering Horse. Absolutely wonderful.


Wondering if Black Caviar, which is what a day is all about, has had


any sea buckthorn berries this morning?! This is not real caviar,


but what shall we do?! Shall we try wearing today and beautiful,


beautiful classic clothes. That was classic. There is the Black Caviar


colours, the salmon pink and black. Clearly a supporter. We can have it


confirmed you will see lots of salmon and black today. Also, lots


of pale beige and cream colours. Hats need good hat pins as well in


this wind. You need to be fairly adaptable because the big rain


storm we had, you need to be able to run, so shoes you can run in


help. The sculpture there in the background. We have a really, big


international crowd here on the final day of Royal Ascot.


Hello! Yes, we see you. How much rain do these hats take before they


start crumbling? Do the hats take? I try not to find out F you have


feathers you have a problem because they can really damage them quickly.


But, you know, just go under cover. You will be all right in the rain.


I get all the channels on this, it's useful. Let's take you through


the story of the week, as we have been saying, and we were talking


about this, probably the best Royal Ascot we can remember. It is,


without doubt, the pest Royal Ascot performance! The superb,


spectacular Frankel. This is the best racehorse that you have ever


seen, I have ever seen, that anybody will ever see. It's Little


Bridge! Famous Hong Kong win. most magnificent sporting venue in


Europe. Up towards the line, it's Most Improved who gets the money in


the St James Palace Stakes. Now So You Think goes on to win the Prince


of Wales Stakes. This is a great day's racing, a great day of sport,


a great day of fashion. Racing in the Gold Cup. It's Opinion Poll now


pouncing. The two Godolphin runners fighting it out. It was great, you


know, this was my best chance of the week. I am glad this came up.


They're set. Off and running. Fallen For You is racing away here.


Goes on to win it for William Buick. Today is one of those days.


could have a Royal winner. There will be plenty of money for the


Queen's horse. We have a Royal winner, hats off to the Queen as


Estimate goes up to the line to win by five lengths. The whole country


will have appreciated this victory for Her Majesty. We have got the


most marvellous horses in the world and I mean the world.


The question mark doesn't have to be too big, she is a hot favourite,


Black Caviar. Let's concentrate on stamina and class, other than speed


and class. The Hardwicke Stakes stakes, and here is the line-up


with Jim McGrath. Talking about Australia and about


Melbourne, in particular, we have a Melbourne Cup winner in this race


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


and a Melbourne Cup runner-up. Hardwicke Stakes stakes, hugely


can't wait for Black Caviar, first bet struck behind me �100,000 at 1-


5 to win �20,000. I am in front of the stands now.


This is the spot where a lot of people are hoping Black Caviar's


going to come thundering up the track. She's coming from stall 15.


If she goes as straight line from the six furlong start this is where


she will end up finishing. I spoke to the Leona. They've changed the


going officially to good. Richard Hughes who came out from the stall


next in stall 16, he said it's good ground. No excuses for Black Caviar


Black Caviar! Nothing is ever a certainty in


racing, that's why we run the races because you can't write it down on


paper beforehand. We have an Australian connection in this race,


because this horse Dunaden won the Melbourne Cup. Willie, I don't know


whether you stayed up to watch this live in the early hours, it was one


of the best finishes you have ever seen. It was close. Exactly.


Doesn't in the yellow, -- Dunaden in the yellow. This is a two-mile


race. They do sprint home here in the Melbourne Cup. 300 metre mark


there and Dunaden looks as though he is going to get caught there by


Red Cadeaux. Red Cadeaux, I thought got his head in front, but Dunaden


really found a bit for the stick there and got his head in front. It


was close. It was an absolute bob of the head and the cameraman


thought Red Cadeaux had won, when the photo finish came up. It's a


half a nostril. That's so close. Nearly a dead heat. Dunaden went on


to win the Hong Kong Vase in his final start of the year. He is a


classy, well travelled horse. They are the biggest investors in


sport and racing in this country right now, thanks to Kipco who


sponsor series. Very serious orders going on, isn't there? In Hong Kong


when he won his last race he showed a lot more turn of foot than he did


there in the Melbourne Cup. He really rattled home in Hong Kong.


Possibly he is a horse that likes fast ground, so maybe today the


ground will be just a little bit on easy side for him. Dunaden and Red


Cadeaux both six-year-olds. If they're to be vulnerable it may be


from one of the many four-year-olds in the race, there are a few of


them. The most promising of whom is Aiken, who is unbeaten now in six


starts, actually was beaten first time out but has won six in a row


and John Gosden and William Buick are very much the team to be with


this week. They had three - and this colt he won really


impressively last time. French Derby day. He made the running and


looked as though he was going to get swallowed up at the two but


battled away and he was going away at the finish. Let's go back to


Dunaden, because the Sheikh's racing manager is with Rishi now.


Yes, he is. He is overseeing instructions just given to the


rider. What's been said? Confidence in that? I think there's got to and


bit of confidence. We can't use the ground as an excuse. The horse


looks incredible I think walking around the paddock and stiff gallop


will suit him well, which he didn't get in France last time. We got to


give it a best shot. Fingers crossed we get a result this week.


So far failed to produce a winner for them, so hopefully today.


difficulty for people wanting to back Dunaden is seeing the two


performances at the end of last year in Hong Kong and Australia and


the two performances this season saying he hasn't done that yet. Is


he back to what he did at the end of last season? I think he is


better than he was last season, to be honest. We have a long plan,


which is to go for the Arc if we possibly can. Today we will learn


whether he is good enough or whether we need to be going back to


Australia. Obviously we would love to go to Australia swl and the


Sheikh had the time of his life there, as did I. You can completely


ignore his first two runs, because the first time he needed a run


badly and we all knew that. The second time the race couldn't have


been run to suit him worse. Absolutely no gallop. Then he came


with a storming run but he was too far back to be able to use it.


Conditions today should be right up his street. We look forward to


seeing how he gets on, thank you. Good luck. Thank you.


Still to be mounted is Sea Moon. Ryan Moore is riding him. He was


very impressive when running away with - had trouble in running,


didn't get the greatest ride, and was second to St Nicholas Abbey.


That was a fabulous performance. That was a very good performance.


Travelling all the way over to America and finishing second. It


was a very good run for him that day. He is a well travelled horse


this. He had a little bit of a problem with stalls at one stage


but seems to have got over that now and he is a very talented colt.


They are - this is a handsome line- up. That's a really good looking


horse. You saw Dunaden, he looks well. Memphis Tennessee looked


absolutely marvellous. We will look at him in a moment. Let's talk


about Red Cadeaux, the horse who nearly won the Melbourne Cup and he


has been just a grand, grand flag- bearer for the yard of Ed Dunlop.


Absolutely right, Clare. He has been superb, Red Cadeaux. He's got


better and better. Really since he started in Melbourne really. He's


done nothing wrong. He deserves to be here, but it's very tough.


rare that the Hardwicke attracts the first and second in the


Melbourne Cup. What chance have you got with Dunaden this afternoon?


am sure we are probably happy with how our season has gone so far.


There were circumstances in the last race for Dunaden, they went


slowly. He's beaten us twice, maybe it's our ground maybe more than


hopbg -- Hong Kong was. It's going to be hard. I can't remember a


Hardwicke quite as competitive as this in the last few seasons.


removed the penalty for a Group 1 win sore that -- winner so that


makes a big difference. This is a a Group 1 race with horses, but in


Group 2. It's exciting. We run a filly for the first time, see how


that goes as well. Good luck. Willie, you wanted to have a word


about the jockey there. McLoughlin very much involved with


this horse, he gets on him some days, but today - this lad, he's


made this horse and he does get the ride every now and again and when


he goes to Australia he goes down there with him and rides him, he is


instrumental in the success of this horse, Tom. I am glad to see that


Tom has got the ride on him today and I hope everything goes well for


him. We wish them well with Red Cadeaux.


The runners are at the start. A chance to look at the leading


jockeys and trainers so far this week. We mentioned it already, but


the hat trick for William Buick and John Gosden yesterday took both on


to four winners and puts William in a strong position to win the


leading jockey award for the first time in his life. He is one clear


at the moment of Ryan Moore. Frankie Dettori with two now. A


host of jockeys on one. John Gosden looks uncatchable at the top of the


trainers leading award. It's still possible, Clare. Possible, but as


you say you fancied Memphis Tennessee in this for Aidan O'Brien


and he has good runners later in the day. Sir Henry Cecil has had a


terrific week. There is William, just making final


- putting on the rug on to this big horse. He looks as though he needs


it, he is half-asleep! He ran against Dunaden last time and had


him back in third, but he is 7lbs worse because of the way the


weights work for this. They're all on levels. Except for the filly


Testosterone. If we can we will look at Memphis Tennessee because


Willie, you you mentioned him a couple of times.


He looks beautiful. He looks really well muscled up. He looks as though


he is ready to run the race of his life. Look at the length of that


lad's legs. 6ft, the jockey. Marvellous how he folds himself


away when they're in the gallop position. It's marvellous. Joseph


O'Brien, we have seen him this season mature into his role as


balance hroeu Doyle's -- Ballydoyle's number one choice and


his father has won this race in the last four years. Doesn't in yellow.


-- Dunaden in yellow. We will look at the betting market. John, who


are punters going for? It's so competitive, they don't know


themselves. There's been money for Aiken now. Dunaden was the one that


they were backing eachway. Sea Moon hanging on to favouritism.


You won't miss these colours. This is Jakkalberry, trained by Marco


Botti. He was a Group 1 winner in Italy.


Six years old now. Wears a tongue tie. He goes into the stalls


sweetly. Aiken has gone forward as well. Memphis Tennessee moving


forward. Willie, what do you think will happen in this race? Well,


it's a very good race. There's a lot of talented colts in this. Sea


Moon is obviously on song. Michael stout having a winner yesterday. So


it's going to be a very sort of intriguing race because there is at


least five colts in here you could he gets his chance on Black Caviar.


Over to you, Jim McGrath. JIM MCGRATH: Christophe Lemaire, on


his Melbourne Cup winner. And they are off. Dunaden in the centre was


one of the first away. On the inside, Sea Moon, and also going


fast, Aiken. Widest of all is Testosterone. Looking over Johnny


Murtagh to see if he can get closer to the rail. Up there as well is


Memphis Tennessee. Dowsing is in towards the inside rail. Holding


the rail, Fiorente. On the inside, Jakkalberry. On the outside, Sea


Moon. Hunter's Light has gone wide. In behind horses, about third-last,


is Red Cadeaux. Last is Calico Cat. Racing uphill now. On the inside


his Testosterone, by half-a-length, to Memphis Tennessee. Out very wide


is Quest For Peace, and in behind them, in the centre, battling away,


is Dunaden. Aiken has made a fast move. Moving up to join the leader


now. It is Testosterone, half a length clear, from Aiken, who has


come round the outside to challenge. Hunter's Light, poised. Dunaden has


gone right out the back door. Into the home straight, two furlongs to


go. Aiken is the first to strike for home, he has gone three in


front. But here comes Sea Moon. Red Cadeaux battling on. But Sea Moon,


four in front. 100 yards to go. It is all Sea Moon! Coming up towards


the line, Sea Moon is going to win the Hardwicke. In second, Dunaden.


number 12, Sea Moon, ridden by Ryan Moore. And didn't he win? Have a


look at him! He had it won with that burst of speed inside the


furlong and a half. Dunaden looked gone coming around the turn but has


come again. The stamina kicked in, and he beat his old foe, Red


Cadeaux. In fourth is Aiken, fifth, Jakkalberry. Fiorente was next. And


then a gap to Hunter's Light. Then, Allied Powers. Then another gap to


Calico Cat, who ran on from last, but was a long way from the winner.


Quest For Peace, Kieren Fallon, right out the back. So, too, the


Michael Stoute, ever eager for Carlton House to win on the first


day, but then he came up with a winner for the Queen yesterday, and


now a double today. There is the Wonder from Down Under, Black


Caviar. 21 wins out of 21. Doesn't she look relaxed. She doesn't know


that the nation awaits, I'm sure. She looks cool and calm. The


traffic is now being stopped in the Ascot high street, on both sides.


Luke Nolen just interested to see how the great mare looked, and she


looked fantastic. So, Sea Moon, the winner of the Hardwicke Stakes.


CLARE BALDING: This horse is going to win a lot of good races this


year, because he has this engine, and he can just suddenly put a race


to bed. Dunaden in particular made up an awful lot of ground to finish


second. But Ryan Moore was in too full Drive here on this source.


There was no picking him back. Michael Stoute's yard, which has


been pretty sleepy this season, has come a wake in the last couple of


days, yesterday winning for the Queen, and now getting another


winner. WILLIE CARSON: This was a very,


very competitive Hardwick. Ryan Moore, when he got into the


straight, and everybody found out, he asked the horse for a full


effort, and he gave it to him. He went a long way clear. Just getting


a little bit tired towards the end, when Dunaden's stamina kicked in.


That puts Ryan Moore in front of William Buick. He has had one more


third place, so he goes into the leader's position in the Qipco


Leading Jockey award. He took the award last year, in the very last


race, and he is in front with four so unlucky in many respects in the


St Leger last year, Sea Moon. He went to America and was runner-up


in the Breeders' Cup Turf. But now he is just starting to realise some


of that potential which he showed earlier in the campaign up at York.


Sir Michael Stoute on the left. Ryan Moore just telling Sir Michael


exactly what sort of a run he had during the race. And we have the


full details now. Over to John. JOHN PARROTT: Well, the hugely


impressive Sea Moon, has come on a bundle since Goodwood. In the pre-


parade ring now with Black Caviar. The amount of people here just


taking photographs, a memory to last forever. I saw her about 10


days ago at Newmarket, and her coat looks much better today than it did


36 hours after she landed on the plane. She looks in great nick, I


cannot find a negative about her, she looks outstanding.


CLARE BALDING: She is known as Nellie at home and by those who


look after her. The name of Black Caviar are is what she races under.


It is amazing how many great racehorses have great names as well.


It is a fantastic sight. Willie, you were commenting on her power,


the way she walks. WILLIE CARSON: Absolutely. You can


see how she over-tracks. Her hind feet, if you imagine she makes a


mark where her front feet go down, the hind legs go further than that,


which is called over-trekking. She has got a lot of power, and you can


see the way she swaggers. She has got a lovely swagger. Luke Nolen


standing on the scales, to check his weight of 9 stone 1. Frankie


Dettori having a chat with him. is trying to read him up, a bit of


sledging going on. He is not a! The trainer of this mare, this is a


huge moment for him. They want to blitz the rest away. We could not


get an interview from him this morning, I think he was too nervous.


He has got too much going on in that head of his. We have got an


interview now with the winner of the Hardwicke, Sir Michael Stoute.


Sir Michael, your smile tells the story. Yes, delighted with that


performance. There was mitigation at Goodwood, and told me he got a


bit lazy at home as well. But he has settled nicely and picked up so


well. I was thrilled with him today. What about the people that


questioned his resolution? Have they? Yes, they said, is he as good


as we hoped he would be? Listen, I was disappointed at certain times


in previous races, but Ryan Moore said, he will never go like that


again. How good could he be? He wasn't bad today. Well, yes, that's


not a bad sign. Ryan Moore, you have ridden some good ones, that


looked a tough race to pick the winner before the start. Yes, I


thought he might have his work cut out today, but he travelled really


smoothly. He picked up really well. I could not be more pleased with


the original. He has only had seven runs, so he could be even better.


Yes, the trainer has been very patient! That is all you can ask


for on a big stage like this. Yes, we're delighted. All of the horses


have gone very well. Today was a very good performance. Very well


done. And so here we go into full overdrive build up to the Diamond


Jubilee Stakes, a race which has improved so much in quality over


the years, an awful lot of that quality coming from Australia. It


quality coming from Australia. It does seem that generally speaking,


Australian sprinters are quicker out of the gates, and they keep


going faster than ours. Well, you have got about six months


difference in the age of course. But you have got the sun over there,


they always seem to be bigger and stronger than our sprinters. Look


at the size of her. We know what weight she is, what is it, 545


kilos. She is more than that. Interestingly, if you keep the


camera out wide, you can see she has got protective covers on her


front feet because of that over- stride that Willie was talking


about. They are pieces of rubber, you put them over the boots in case


she catches a shoe. You can see her hind legs going past when she puts


her front legs. Everybody getting pictures of her as she goes by. It


must be amazing down there. RISHI PERSAD: I have never in my


entire time in racing seen so many people trying to get a photograph


of originals. Everybody has got their telephones out, taking photos


of Black Caviar. The lad leading her around, he has just been


chatting all the way, whispering in her area. Obviously saying things


that she is accustomed to hearing, but it is helping to keep her


extremely calm. She looks in great shape, but I cannot get over the


number of people who are here just to capture a photograph of Black


JIM MCGRATH: So, there she is. She is relaxed, far more relaxed I


would say them Connections and those associated with her. This is


the big moment. It has been building for months, for weeks. And


the big test is only minutes away. And that's in the Diamond Jubilee


Stakes, over six furlongs. Let's check the runners and riders. We


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


have a total of 14. And here they trying their pest. Trying to beat


Black Caviar, but all of these people down here at the pre-parade


ring trying to get a glimpse of this super mare and journalists who


will be writing it tpoup ever The Racing Post tomorrow. We have


Australian news crews here, and actually - they sold the rights to


be able to cover her inside her yard in Newmarket, such was the


protective wall around her, but Jim McGrath broke through and this is


his take on Black Caviar. There's never been a sporting icon


like her in Australia, certainly not in the last 80 years since the


1930 Melbourne Cup. Black Caviar is going for her 22nd consecutive win.


Black Caviar, the equine superstar of the world!


Does it surprise you this mare is a sporting icon in Australia? It's


amazing the amount of interest she's created. It's unprecedented.


Even at sporting circles, she is captured the imagination of the


public. They'll draw her, we have never had that before, to be part


of it is - it's amazing, yeah. Institutions like the Financial


Review are doing stories on her, it's unher althoughed and it's a --


unher alded. Do you feel more pressure every time she goes out?


would be lying if I don't feel pressure to keep this record in


tact. You know, if she did come about tasting defeat, people would


say greedy BLEEP he's gone too far, this or that. I am very mindful of


that. They will be the toets of Royal -- toast of Royal Ascot.


She's go to go over there and prove it. What about her that makes her


so special? I wish I knew. I wish I could nail it down. I wouldn't be


working for a living. She can switch off. She will see the back


of the field, run unbelievable sections. She has an unbelievable


turn of foot after travelling so fast. She She doesn't go as hard or


fast as other horses but her movement allows her to cover more


ground.Lets quite staggering how she gets the job done. She's


hulking, I don't know if that's the word, but that comes to mind. She's


bigger than most colts. She doesn't look as big as what she actually is.


What is she like mentally? She's learned to handle everything that's


been thrown at her. She likes her down time. On the whole, for a


horse that gets poked and and proded as much as her, she has an


underbelievable temperament. They will look at her and think she's


half-asleep, to us a that's a good sign. Reading between the lines it


seems you are getting hacked off with people comparing her to


Frankel. I think probably belittling, not only her, probably


both horses. Why do we need this comparison? He is a great horse.


He's done everything asked of him, as she has. I find it surprising at


times his rating can continue to rise beating same horses under same


conditions, where hers can't. That's staggering. These men are


smarter than I, so, you know, that's why they get the big dollars.


How fast do you think this mare can go? Is she something that's going


to break records? Well, we have never gone out to do that within a


career, mindful she has sustained injuries throughout her career but


I can assure you you she's often gone faster at home on training


tracks and gallops in private than at the races. We have seen at the


races where she's been - middle stages of a Group 1 sprint, it's


something we have never seen before. I don't know if she can go faster,


I am hopeful she never has to. Peter Moody talking in depth about


this mare and now putting finishing touches to her and making sure her


hair is nicely in place. You will see her, the big physical presence


of her, and we would expect thoer jump out of the start quicker than


anything else and try and make all the running and come home in front


for the Diamond Jubilee, a race that was renamed this year and Luke


Nolen, 32, will get his chance to win his 19th race on this mare.


They've struck up the most fantastic partnership. And the


Queen will make the presentation for this race is looking down from


her new box, which allows her to see down into the paddock and she's


waiting for the runners to arrive in the paddock. Black Caviar will


be on her way very shortly. Let's tell you a few things about her.


The lastest 200 -- fastest 200 metres she's covered, she's broken


ten seconds. She's reaching a speed of 44.83mph. Willie mentioned her


weight, she's even heavier than she thought she was.


She's heavier than Denman, who we always thought was the biggest


Australia and the shortest she started 33-1 on, which means you


have to put on �33 to win one back. On her days off likes swimming,


going to the beach and her nickname is Nelly. I suspect the Australian


fans of Black Caviar will think today's odds are a giveaway, but


what are they? Here is John. They'll be thinking it's manna from


Heaven, she's 1-6 here. One punter had �a 100,000. There's punters


coming up having a bet and all they want is the ticket, not even going


to collect. Even if Black Caviar wins, which we expect she does, the


book-makers won't have to pay out. They want a momento of the day.


It's madness here, Suzi, where are you? Practically next door to you,


John. The anticipation for the next race is great in here. Let's look


at some of the fashions we have That's a terrific hat.


Everybody having lots of fun, really stylish today. Those girls


So, it's all about Black Caviar today. If you come with me we have


pole position in the grandstand. Over there is the finishing line.


Over here is half of Melbourne. Hello Australia! Should I have said


good' day. Is she going to do it? No worries. She's had to go through


an awful lot to get over here. What do you think? You are speechless!


got so much money riding on this, absolutely. It's such a treat. You


have seen her race before over in Australia. Tell us about that


experience. Amazing. Every other horse - she's cruising and never


looks like getting beat. Hopefully she doesn't today. I saw you


looking at the pictures there. How is the jockey looking? Looking


confident. We are all confident, hopefully she can do the job today.


Half of Melbourne is here and half is at Federation Square watching


the screen. Have you seen her race before? I haven't, but I am not


from Melbourne. You are aloud to have not seen her race. On the TV,


but not live. She does look superspecial. Are you fans of Black


Caviar? Absolutely, we are here to support our Aussies friends. We


know it's not going to let us down today. I do hope so. Big cheer for


so they can see this mare go around. Everybody standing here. They're


trying to get a shot of Black Caviar. Sir Peter O'Sullivan, who


has commentated on so many races over the years for the BBC is here


in the paddock and Peter, did you come specifically to see Black


Caviar? Well, I couldn't possibly not be here. Yes, it's a great


thrill for me and seven or eight decades of Ascot, it's one of the


most exciting days ever. I think this is one of the most spectacular


meetings as well. Of course, she can quite seriously Crown it now.


She could. Actually behind us here is the Black Caviar gang and all


her owners and so exciting that you have come over here, because you


are taking a big risk to travel a filly halfway around the world.


Yeah, it's something that that has been planned for 12 months.


Hopefully all the trainers had everything in order and mapped out


a programme 12 months ago. We are relaxed at this stage. I will tell


you in about half an hour how good the plan was. We just got to hope


that she produces her form. lovely thing is that you are all


friends. You are all a bunch of friends, it's not like you have an


empire of racehorses. That's right. We have been friends for a long


time. It's good that we can come here with our family, friends and


enjoy England and also Ascot, it's a marvellous place to come to.


gang of ten. Are some of you nervous? I don't think I have slept


since 3.00am. It is, it's nerve- racking but delightfully nerve-


racking, it's beautiful at the same time. You know who is up there


looking down, who has her position in the special box to see your


filly. Yes, I know. Isn't it marvellous. It's so exciting.


brilliant. The Queen looking down. Luke Nolen behind, he is smiling


away now. All his nerves will dissipate as soon as he gets on


board this great mare because the worst bit is the waiting. Of Of


those who are trying to take her on, the field does include last year's


winner, Society Rock. If we make our way through here, James is


talking to Johnny Murtagh and working out whether they can beat


the supermare. You will be doing your best? Of course. What chance?


He likes the track. He has a a good record at Ascot. Johnny is waiting


there. I can see that Rishi is having a look at these horses in


the paddock. George Strawbridge is here. He celebrated his first ever


Royal Ascot winner yesterday and now, you are a great international


sportsman, I should imagine you are trying very hard to knock the


Aussie superstar over? Yes, I am bound to be very popular no matter


what I do, obviously, Clare. This Moonlight Cloud has a lot of speed.


She's very fast. She's very fast, whether anything is as fast as


Black Caviar, I rather doubt it. We will see. You are the sort of


second choice as it were, 5-1. Black Caviar odds on favourite.


Those are generous odds - you are not really a punter though. I never


bet. Too much money with your trainers. Absolutely, where have


they been all these years, Clare, including your dad? He said what


have we all been doing. Great for you. I hope Moonlight Cloud runs


well for you. Thank you so much, Clare. You see Luke Nolen there.


Cheers at every stage. There was a cheer when Black Caviar came into


the paddock, a cheer as Luke Nolen gets the leg-up.


Well, a lot of people are leaving, rushing away from the paddock to


get their vantage point for the race. Willie, you got your first


chance to see Black Caviar in the flesh, what did you make of her?


She's a big filly. Quite a big strong girl. She looks a nice type,


I know how fast she is. I know all that. I wouldn't put her in the


pretty category. She's a big girl. She's very strong. Everything about


her moves absolutely lovely, fluently. She's obviously a freak


and a very, very fast horse. Let's talk about a couple of others.


Interestingly, Moonlight Cloud, also a mare, no mare has won this


race for 27 years. We expect that to end today. Of course we do,


Black Caviar is a mare and she's come all the way, 12,000 miles from


Australia to do that. In England we don't seem to be able to produce


real world-class superstar sprinters. What about Moonlight


Cloud? She's trained by your old pal. She was very good last year.


She put up a stunning performance in France. He is expecting her to


be finishing. He would - she's a seven-furlong horse. He is hoping


that the six here will help her and she will be finishing. He is hoping


she doesn't get too far behind too early because she will be wanting


to finishing. Moonlight Cloud is the main danger in the market to


the favourite, Black Caviar. other problem is she is drawn on


going to let go of her until Luke Nolen says he is absolutely ready.


They have even shipped over their own stalls handler. He has been


with her for most of her runs. He has come over from Victoria, and


will be down at the start to meet her. She just breaks into a trot.


Everybody around the paddock is saying, she does not look as if she


is heavier than Denman. But she must have incredibly heavy bone


density. That's the excuse I always use! As she breaks into a canter,


Luke Nolen takes his position, and she looks absolutely fine. There's


a youngster dressed in those colours, the Salmon and black


colours of Black Caviar. Just huge excitement all round the racecourse,


because there has been so much media attention on this horse. Her


cannot remember an occasion like this. The United States have been


covering this, and there has also been coverage in the Middle East.


Let's see what has been happening in the betting ring.


JOHN PARROTT: Well, she is a 1-6 shot. I have not heard anything


like it down here. There is an air of anticipation like I have never


witnessed before. CLARE BALDING: She has travelled


more than 10,000 miles, and now she has three quarters of a mile in


front of her, to confirm her superstardom. This is Black


She has got an unbelievable turn of foot. This is why she is rated the


best in the world! She has got an unbelievable attitude, a great will


to win, and she has got so much power. She cannot do any more here


in Australia... She does not go as hard or as fast as other horses,


but her movement allows her to cover the ground. Peter Moody has


got something to prove over there. There has never been a definitive


line from the Poms to say, you are the best. She has got to go over


there to prove it... The Wonder from Down Under. Her


trainer, Peter Moody, with his Royal Enclosure badge. I think he


is feeling the nerves. Black Caviar, striding out down at the start.


Frankie Dettori is on an interesting horse for Godolphin. He


rides Soul in this one. This was a good one over this turf in a


previous race. But then finished last behind Krypton Factor. Like


you say, the blue of Godolphin coming into form.


CLARE BALDING: And in terms of the betting, Moonlight Cloud is the


second choice, and the leading European hope in this one. Trained


by Freddy Head. Willie, I spoke to George, they are realistic about


him, with everybody thinking that Black Caviar is going to win this


one... WILLIE CARSON: Yes, she is a filly


who would be better over a bit of a longer distance, actually. She is a


seven-furlong filly. We are expecting that the ground and the


speed of this race, she will be coming home at the finish. She will


not be up there with them, she will be held up, and he is hoping that


she will get a placement. A quick look at last year's winner, Society


Rock. James Fanshawe being realistic on this one, saying that


they are pleased that it is here. Yes, when you get a horse that


likes it here at Ascot, it is a massive advantage. The fact that it


is drawn near Black Caviar, in 13, will mean that Johnny Murtagh will


be able to keep his eye on her. has brought this one back to six


furlongs, she was running him a bit further. And he seems to be very


consistent now. That was a shot of The Cheka. Tom Queally on board,


who will forever be known as Frankel's jockey.


WILLIE CARSON: This is exciting, isn't it?


CLARE BALDING: It is, isn't it? I wonder how fast his heart will be


beating. As soon as you leave the weighing room, you just want to get


on with it. You can see the stalls handler that they have brought over


specially, he has even got the colours on the cap. Everything has


been thought of, she is like a movie star. Even the owner, when I


said, can we have an interview? He said, who are you with? I said, BBC


Television! It is very quiet where they are now. It is calming, as it


were. The amazing thing about it, Willie, she is not in the slightest


bit fazed by any of this. All good horses are like this, the real


superstars. Life to them is so easy. When they gallop, they're going


half-speed. Others are huffing and puffing. But she has never been put


under pressure. Possibly, that's why she just thinks, here we go


again, I am going to go for a canter. They even moved an Aussie


Rules football match so that there was no clash with this race.


Imagine them saying, over here, moving the England match! I wonder


what they are doing in that square in Melbourne at the moment. This is


Krypton Factor, a high-class sprinter. He won on Dubai World Cup


night. Trained in Bahrain. You know, Willie, that they are really out to


try to topple Black Caviar. Yes, he has been trying to do a bit of


sledging about the Aussies. He is a trainer who, I believe, I am not


certain, but I believe he is trying to buy a stable to trained at


Newmarket. So he will be a new name to be training at Newmarket. And


hasn't Newmarket been doing so well recently, in the last nine races,


all of them have been won by Newmarket-trained horses.. We are


not long from the start now. Everybody wants it to be off and


running, because it will not take long once those stalls open. Having


looked at some of her races, Willie, you were looking at the helicopter


shot from above the stalls. Yes, and she is such a big, strong mare,


there was a shot of her coming out of the stalls, she is a big thing,


and she came out first. And of course, she comes out first, and


the Jockey eases her back, to come back to the others, and they are


huffing and puffing trying to get to her. Of course, she is


phenomenal. Just to repeat, she has won 21 races in a row. Every race


she has run him, she has won, 11 of those at Group 1 level, but this is


her first race outside Australia. And it is the journey here, the


different situation, the different course, everything associated with


taking yourself halfway around the world which is her biggest


challenge. Peter Moody has made it very clear, he does not think there


is an awful lot to gain, but there is everything to lose. But what


there is to gain is an international spotlight, a global


standing. All the jockeys here today want to see how good she is.


She is slotting into stall 15. She will be closest to the stands, so


she could go all on her own, keep away from the other runners, if she


wants to. She gets a friendly ruffle of the hair from her handler,


over from Australia. We have a global sprinting superstar at the


head of our market. She is going to go off an odds-on favourite, 6-1 on.


Over to Jim McGrath. JIM MCGRATH: This is a mare that


has two nations agog. There's the scene in Melbourne, everybody


watching. Cheers from the crowd as Black Caviar is installed safely.


This is her biggest challenge. Here at Royal Ascot, the Diamond Jubilee


Stakes. A couple of them very edgy. They are racing in the Diamond


Jubilee Stakes. And Black Caviar has got away to a good start. The


early leader is Soul. Moonlight Cloud takes up a position in the


middle of the field, from The Cheka. Pastoral Player is further back in


the field. There followed by Krypton Factor. As they race up


towards halfway, Soul, the leader. Now, Black Caviar or ambling up on


the near side, in third. Further back is kinky. As they come up, the


leader is Soul. Black Caviar starts to move up on the near side. Now,


he says go. It is Black Caviar! Here comes Restiadargent. Here


comes Moonlight Cloud! It is tight! Photo-finish between Black Caviar


and Moonlight Cloud! Further back is Krypton Factor. Then, Sirius


Prospect, from Society Rock. This is tight. This is very, very tight


indeed. Black Caviar, flashing home down the outside. As they raced


towards the line... She might have just got it. She has got there, she


has scraped home. She has got there by a nostril. The winner, number 11,


Black Caviar. The cheers of the crowd, and the relief of Peter


Moody. He will not be a happy man. Luke Nolen, we will have a look at


it again. But this is the reaction in Melbourne, in federation square.


As they know now all that Black Caviar has scraped home in the


closest of finishes to the Diamond Jubilee Stakes. There is Black


Caviar. Look at Luke Nolen, riding so confidently near the line, but


look at the swoop down the outside from these two. He is riding so


confidently, as they get towards the line. But Moonlight Cloud, in


the White, and Restiadargent, in the centre, the two French horses,


are swooping. And as they hit the line, it is Black Caviar, by a


It is a head by a neck. She started 6-1 on favourite. They are the


British bookmakers prices. Luke Nolen and Peter Moody, and there is


the photograph. Luke Nolen realised close to home that they were


closing. And Black Caviar has scraped home. The alarm was going


off, I would say, about 30 yards from the line. And this fantastic


western has now won 22 races in a row. She has won the Diamond


in front of this enormous crowd, a crowd of about 80,000 here at Royal


Ascot today. He has cantered her down the track.


She will be fully appreciative of that, and then he will trot back in


front of the members. Wye say the relief of connections would be


enormous and also the relief of the jockey, because when he watches


that again on replay he will have his heart in his mouth. He won't


sleep for a week. He is not the only one who had his


heart in his mouth, a whole nation held their breath because they


thought this supermare had been caught on the line and for all of


them watching in Melbourne a huge sigh of relief and cheer went up


when the result was confirmed and Peter Moody had said he didn't mind


by half an an inch, but I thought he was joking, maybe Luke took him


at his word, because, Willie, that was extraordinary. Got little too


confident, did Luke. He's been winning sort of easy all the time


down in Australia, but here obviously she's travelled a long


way. Possibly not as good as she normally is, but she has been on


the best on the day and there is a lot of relief that the photograph


went that way. If it hadn't gone that way, I am afraid the jockey,


the rest of his life would have been not very nice because he


looked as though he took it a little bit too easy, instead of


having a little look to see where the other horses were, he sort of


went up to the last quarter a furlong and hands and heels very


quietly. Let's have another look at it. Many people will have been


wondering what happened there. He doesn't want to give her a hard


race because of the travelling she has done and they want to go


elsewhere in the world and win another of these global sprint


races. Look, he is pushing her there. He has the stick, gave her a


little tap there. Back-hander. Another. He's flicked her a few


times. It's now. Now he is keeping her balanced. Hasn't - he stops


riding now and oh! Let me ask you an honest question, has he mistaken


the winning line? We will have to wait and see. We will wait and see


what he says when he gets back. He did actually stop riding there.


can see there the conflicted emotions of all those associated


with Black Caviar. They thought oh my word! She's been caught, and


then the jubilation when it's confirmed she has not been caught,


she's hung on and has won the Nay please your majesty, my Lords,


ladies and gentlemen, everyone in the UK and everyone in Australia,


she has travelled halfway around the world, defending an unbeaten


record, she has hung on. It may have been tight, but she has won


her 22nd race. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Diamond Jubilee,




It hasn't gone according to script, but the result is what everybody


wanted. She's won it officially by a head and the time was 1.91 of a


second outside the record. It's been an amazing performance in the


ground under the circumstances. But Luke Nolen will be going back over


that and he will be looking over and over again and asking just why


he eased. So, there she is. She's relaxed! I don't think there's


anybody else here very relaxed. But whether he actually mistook the


winning post, or whether he was confused, I don't know. Or maybe


too confident. Let's have another look. Look at him, he is riding


hands and heels, still riding out now, but look at those two on the


outside closing. And now he eases. But there's still a few strides to


go. Now he gets a response from the mare. He has just fallen in. The


outstanding mare who has capped the most fantastic week here at Royal


Ascot. We have had Frankel's 11- length tkepl demolition on the


first day. We have had Frankie Dettori winning the Gold Cup. We


have had So You Think winning the Prince of Wales Stakes and the


Queen has had a winner. And there is Her Majesty down there to see


this mare herself. What a fantastic compliment to Peter Moody, to this


great mare that Her Majesty has come down herself to see her in the


flesh. A magnificent moment. A great moment for Australian racing,


for Australian sport. Luke Nolen coming over. This great


partnership, he's been aboard for the majority of her wins. Just the


first couple, he missed another one under suspension. Anyway, sighs of


relief all round. I would say those who laid the long odds on breathing


the biggest sighs of relief as Luke Nolen steps on to the scales let's


check the details with John. are right there, Jim. The punter


with �100,000 on to win �20,000, he had. Jim mentioned that Luke Nolen


will watch this a few more times, this is the bit he won't mind


seeing, the fact she did pick up again when she asked and Moonlight


Cloud couldn't close fast enough and on the line she was still a


nose in front. He gives Peter Moody a big kiss there. The gamble paid


off. The gamble to come here, the owners were the ones that wanted to


do it and the Queen has come down to greet the horse. Let's hear now


from the winning trainer and jockey with Rishi.


The first question, they want to know what happened in the closing


stages? I probably underestimated the testing track of Ascot. I was -


she had enough and the big engine right down, it's unfortunate


because it's going to overshadow what was a good win. They're going


to talk more about my brain fade than the horse's fantastic effort.


Do you feel that prior to that she had shown the superiority that you


expected? She did, but like I said, I underestimated the testing


straight 16, so we got away with it. Got away with it, what were your


thoughts, Peter? You only have to win by a quarter of an inch. We


have the job done. The way she travelled through the race


everything was going to plan. Was there ever a moment in the closing


stages you thought it wasn't quite as dominant as you would have


expected? We never expect dominance. We never asked her for dominance.


She gets the job done. We are more concerned about her next run than


today. We are extremely proud of her. She's 22, it's never been


about margins, about dominance. heard you talking before about the


fact that as a sportsman you never get a chance to represent Australia.


This is your chance to don the baggy green today, how proud of


you? Extremely proud Aussie. Words can't describe the feel. Just to be


here and take it all in, it's an unbelievable feeling and it's


befitting that it's with a horse like this. The moment you led her


up to meet the Queen, what was that like? Something I never thought I


would experience! It was quite overwhelming. There's no doubt your


majesty is certainly a horse lover and the two Queens of Australia,


maybe. And Luke, are you going to be able to enjoy this eventually?


Look, I will. We won, doesn't matter, but I think it may


overshadow what was a fantastic job by the horse. Take my hat off, this


little bloke here, Tony, and Paddy Bell, they looked after her the


whole time at Newmarket and she's done a fantastic job. I think


hopefully my performance hasn't overshadowed what was a great


effort by the whole team. Peter, give him a hug! Well done.


Luke Nolen being pretty hard on himself, on the PA mic as well.


Black Caviar took a full circuit of the paddock and people taking final


photos of her and applauding her as she goes away now and I am sure


they will be heading to Hong Kong. There is a �1 million bonus for any


horse that can win three races in global sprint series in three


different countries. There is one in Japan as well coming up. A horse


at Newmarket, Clare, that won't be that bothered, you know. Who is


that? Frankel. That's true, he won't! Her Majesty the Queen makes


the presentation for the Diamond Jubilee to the winning owners. Ten


owners of Black Caviar. In fact, it looks as if the female members of


the winning partnership will do the honours as they lift now the


Diamond Jubilee trophy. A fantastic success for them.


Although Luke Nolen clearly still asking himself questions and


apologising, the main thing is, as Peter Moody said, they came here


and they won. Her unbeaten record remains in tact. Which is


absolutely marvellous, 22 straight wins. It's a modern day record. She


extends her modern day record. is an - after the race she walked


around and she was getting a cheer all the way around. She didn't


bother a bit. She is a really relaxed mare. A huge cheer goes up


for Peter Moody. He follows in the footsteps of the great trainers who


have come here, taken on the challenge of bringing horses from


Australia to Royal Ascot, and have applause and I tell you what, when


punters can still collect they forgive pretty quickly. If he got


caught, different story. But he didn't. Job done. I don't think we


saw her at her best, because all our sprinters were within five


lengths or there at the finish and the jockey was saying that he


underestimated the stiffness of this racecourse. In Australia the


courses are lovely, flat and nearly always run on fast-ish ground.


jockey that got closest to catching them was on board Moon-- moonlight


Cloud. As the Queen poses for photographs, I suspect she is


saying did you wonder if you had won? Everybody held their breath.


Let's hear his reaction, he very happy for my filly, and just a


nose for the finish. The best in France. Were you surprised when


Luke Nolen stopped riding? No, not surprise today, on good chance


normally, yeah. The best in Australia filly. Nearly? Yeah.


Almost. Well done, thank you. I think to be fair he probably


misunderstood the question there. I think he thought the question was


were you surprised that Black Caviar won? No, he wasn't surprised


at that. Happy scenes. I hope Luke can


actually enjoy it now. It's a shame for him. What he's anticipating is


that the rollicking he will get in the Australian press. You want to


pick up an Australian newspaper, they don't hold back. Well, he


day for him, but let's not forget all these Australian people who


have come to see this mare, and she still won. We did not get the


fireworks, but after all, she still won the race. The full team of


owners, and I suspect that is a spot they will not want to be


leaving in a hurry, because this is a magnificent achievement. Well


done, them, for taking the gamble, for putting her record on the line.


Yes. 22 straight. CLARE BALDING: But it does confirm


what we said at the beginning, a race has to be won. It is not run


on paper. And the rest of the field have gone very, very close to


toppling her. Thierry Jarnet said, best in France, so obviously he


thinks that his filly is the best sprinter in France. If that is true,


well, she has beaten the best of France and the best that we can


muster in England. And even is she has not won by five or six lengths,


she has won. And that result alone caps an amazing week here at Royal


Ascot. It is the last that will be televised on the BBC for the


foreseeable future. Peter Dimmock was part of the royal procession


earlier, the first man to host Grandstand and Sports Review of the


year. The most influential person in BBC Sport of his era. He was


here in 1951, when the BBC first covered Royal Ascot on television.


So, a chance now to celebrate the last 61 years of partnership


between the BBC and Royal Ascot. Welcome to Ascot. There are places


I will remember all my life. This place is special because it has


stood the test of time. Though some have changed, some for ever, not


for better. Some have gone, and some remain. All these places have


their moments. With lovers and friends, I still can recall. Some


are dead, some are living. In my life, I have loved them all.


COMMENTATOR: And they are away. As Gold Cup! Of all of these friends


and lovers, there is no-one compares with you. These memories


lose their meaning when I think of love as something new. I know I


will never lose affection for people. I know I will often stop


and think about them. In my life, I will love you more. There are


moments in life, when you want to be able to say, I was there. I will


Peter hole, is with me now. In the early days of television coverage,


you must have had a huge number of challenges. Yes, and it is quite


incredible, the changes. Time goes by, and the one regret for me,


having had the honour to be invited by the Queen, is that This is the


last time the BBC will do it, which is, I feel, a bit of a tragedy, but


time moves on. I am 91, so I should not comment. In terms of the way


the meeting has developed, I think this Royal Ascot, we have been


saying in racing terms, it has been the best ever. You look at the


crowds, the grandstand, it is such a great setting for sport. It has


been a great week, with Frankel, then the Queen winning, and now


today, but without you and Willie putting it all together on the


television, that has made a tremendous difference. You're very


sweet, and I will just say, we have not primed him to say that at all.


But it seems very fitting that you should be here today, Sir Peter


O'Sullivan is here as well. And it does feel like the end of an era,


but I am very pleased that you're here. Very kind of you. I should


remind you that we have two more days of flat racing to come on BBC


television this year. We will be back here at Ascot for the King


George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes on 21st July. And then, the


season finale, the highlight of the flat racing season in this country,


the Qipco British Champions Day, on 20th October, when we hope we will


racing in the world this week, but also some of the greatest fashion.


With me now, Eve Pollard. You used to do this job, for 23 years.


Indeed! It is wonderful to come back to see that the pageant of


fashion is as good as it ever was. These dress codes that they have


introduced this year have got as got absolutely back to as good as


it used to be, particularly in the Royal Enclosure. Let's have a look


back at some of the beautiful outfits that we have seen this week.


This was on the first day, and she looked terrific in that figure-


hugging dress. And there has been a lot of Jubilee inspiration as well.


Indeed there has. This is the epitome of Ascot. One of my


favourites, effortlessly beautiful. And this one, the hat... The hats


have got larger and larger, because of the rules, saying your hat has


got to be a certain size. Look at this girl, she looks delightful.


have seen some of the younger girls looking really beautiful. And there


is also the vintage feel of this year, which looks so nice. She is


wearing flowers, as it's that it a day. I don't think you can go wrong


with that at Ascot, really. A lot of black-and-white, because of the


Ascot scene in My Fair Lady, I guess. And even though the weather


has been bad, people have put appropriate stuff on top. Of course,


it has been the year of the tottering shoe. The heels have been


prodigious. The Duchess of Cambridge has got into trouble with


the fashion police, but I believe the nude shoe is here for ever.


Also, the great thing about Royal Ascot now, you can come and look


fabulous, and you do not have to spend a million bucks on it.


certainly do not. The high street does Ascot fashion very well these


days. She looks like she is having a wonderful day. Half of the


enjoyment is just being comfortable, enjoying what you're wearing,


putting it back on, having a drink and having a great time. Let's hope


these pictures go around the world, now that there is an Australian


superstar in our midst, and British fashion will do well out of it.


were watching Black Caviar as she came in here to an absolutely rock


star reception. Absolutely. It seemed like she had never heard


such a loud noise in her life. was a wonderful atmosphere. I have


very much enjoyed the fashion. Do you think the new rules have


brought us got back to where it should be? Absolutely, this is set


on a fair sale for the next 20 years. Women want to dress up, and


as long as that is the case, they will want to come to this event..


It has been lovely having you here with us today. Lovely to be back.


Now, we have already had quite a bit about the Diamond Jubilee


Stakes, the closing stages of it. We will have a look at that in a


moment. But first of all, the start, and a very significant start it was.


Interesting to watch, in the closing stages, Moonlight Cloud,


Thierry Jarnet has brought her all the way over to chase Black Caviar.


Last year's winner, the unlucky one, number 13, he was getting fractious,


and he has missed it completely. Yes, he sat right down. He is on


his haunches, almost. And Johnny Murtagh, he was shaking his head.


He said, I would have won, should have won. He said, if he had got


out with the others, he had to have beaten them. Also, five from the


left, in the white jacket, that is the runner-up, Moonlight Cloud.


Nearest to us, the black spotted jacket, that is Black Caviar.


makes it look effortless. That was the beginning of the race. Let's


look at the closing stages now. You know what has happened with Black


Caviar, she has indeed won. Writing behind her there is Restiadargent.


And there, with the red, white and blue on the cap, is Society Rock,


making his progress. At the end of this, I think there's about seven


within about three lengths. Yes, we got the result that everybody


predicted, but nobody predicted the closeness of it. It was typical for


this race, it was so close. Here's Moonlight Cloud coming.


Restiadargent in the centre. We just had Alex with us, saying, is


there an inquiry? He was very worried. The second and third


horses will not come to the July Cup, they will be racing in France.


So, the second and third not back in the UK. But it was a great race


to watch, about seven of them covered by three lengths. It does


not get any less dramatic the more you see it. The news on Black


Caviar... She is going to go into quarantine tonight, and she is


going to get on the first plane back to Australia. She is not going


to run in the July Cup. I don't know, they were on about Singapore,


but she is getting back on the plane and going back to Australia.


We shall continue to follow her progress. I think definitely the


interest today, and the crowd here was hugely boosted by Black


Caviar's participation, they will continue to watch her to see if she


can carry on her incredible career. But she was given a fright today,


no doubt about it. The main thing is, she won. We have one more race


for you one BBC One this afternoon. It is the Wokingham Handicap, there


is a big field for it, and Jim McGrath will name them for us.


JIM MCGRATH: That decision to go back to Australia immediately is


not a sudden one. It was very much on the cards, that she would only


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 44 seconds


Wokingham Stakes. JOHN PARROTT: So, just the 28 to go


eachway at 10-1, Lightning Cloud. More fallout following Black


Caviar's narrow win. The press conference is taking place. Peter


Moody said Black Caviar was not 100% in the race. He said we will


look at her and when she gets home she might be retired. He also added


that Frankel's performance on Tuesday was the finest that he has


ever seen. Thank you for that, Rishi.


Runners on the way to the post. This a recorded shot of Lightning


Cloud, the grey gelding trained by Kevin Ryan who won five times last


year. All of them over seven furlongs. And led home the centre


group in the Victoria Cup. Finished fifth that day. It was a good


tpoefplance -- performance. Obviously, knows this track. He is


going to run over six today. He was entered here yesterday and didn't


take that one up. They decided to wait for this this instead. He's


got a draw which is on the far side. I would imagine that they would


possibly these horses, the race might happen on the high numbers,


the stand side so that Lightning Cloud I would have said is not in


the right place. Lightning Cloud is at the bottom of the weights. This


horse Maarek is at the top with nine stone, ten. Big tall Joseph


O'Brien taking the ride. When he won at Newmarket, he has


taken a hike newspaper the weights -- a hike up in the weights. Every


pound counts. You are looking for a horse that is going to be under his


actual weight performance, rather than a horse whose weight


absolutely put on top of him. This horse got a little bit too much


weight. Medicean Man is better weighted, do you think? Yes. Loves


it here having won last three starts at this course. Four days


ago, he ran only four days ago, was fourth in the King's Stand. An


Australian trainer. We have an the making.


Ryan Moore has a decent chance on High Standing. Again decently


weighted. Been running all right without winning yet this season.


is drawn one, away on the far side. He will go up the far side rail.


won this race in 2009 when William Haggas trained him. Has been placed


at a good level twice after that. Hopefully Jeremy - he's obviously


thinks the horse is going to run big to get a hold of Ryan Moore to


ride him. Let's look at Dungannon, one of Andrew Balding's two runners


in this, he has Desert Law as well. His form here at Ascot reads two,


two, 0, 0, one. Finished - won the Shergar Cup. Andrew's last and only


Royal Ascot winner came in this race in 2007, ridden by that man


there, William Buick. He needs this winner to try and get in front of


Ryan Moore, because Ryan is leading the championship for the jockey to


ride the most winners at Royal Ascot. Waffle was a close second to


Deacon Blues who unfortunately is missing out of action at the moment.


David is sa bit of a master with sprinters and he was quoted saying


she is horses won't mind a little bit of cut in the ground and he


obviously fancies this horse Waffle. Godolphin have Scarf in the race.


Now that's an interesting horse, Scarf. He was a winner in Australia.


Got the Australian theme again. Good looking horse, don't you


think? Ran a few times over here, hasn't shown too much. That looks


like Frankie Dettori has got off Elusivity, getting on board again


now. Giving him a few clicks saying on you go. They're loading up


quickly. Let's look at the top of the market and Lightning Cloud is


our favourite. About four more to go forward for


the final race on BBC1 at Royal Ascot. This is the Wokingham, here


is Jim McGrath. The two top at the head of the


Wokingham. They're set, ready and stand by, 28 runners, they're off


and racing! Scarf one of the first away. Seal Rock Thrupp in the early


stages. Secret Witness also going fast on the near side. They settle


fully into stride. On the far side as they settle is up there Colonel


Mak, who shows the way, from Joe Packet and behind them is New


Planet. They're followed by Alben Star. Behind them is Desert Law.


They're followed by Oasis Dancer. In the middle of the pack Dungannon.


Lightning Cloud in about 6th in that group and being tracked by


Maarek in the white cap. Let's switch to the near side. They come


up there. It's Secret Witness who shows the way. Secret Witness out


in front here, from in second is Palace Moon, followed by Scarf. Far


side are in front. Medicean Man also in that group on the near side.


They race up now inside the two. Joe Packet gets the lead from Alben


Star. Colonel Mak has gone. Lightning Cloud coming into it now,


followed by Oasis Dancer. Maarek in the clear and Dungannon. On the


near side led by Palace Moon. Action on the far side, though.


Racing to the front Dandy Boy. Dandy Boy has the lead. Dandy Boy


wins the Wokingham. Morache Music in a photo for second with Waffle.


They were followed next by Hawkeyethenoo. Further back then


Maarek and Alben Star and nicely clear of Gordon Lord Byron, Pepper


Lane is the last to cross the line. It's a big win for Dandy Boy, Path


-- Pat Dobbs. Hawkeyethenoo. Waffle gets second, I would say. A photo


third between Morache Music and Hawkeyethenoo. Behind them is


Dungannon and Maarek who has run well. On the near side next to


Scarf down there with Palace Moon and also Elusivity. Top of the


screen Lightning Cloud, with Alben Star. Bottom of the screen the red


blinkers there of Secret Witness. Then Gordon Lord Byron, then Seal


Rock on the near side. Down the bottom of the screen,


Pabusar, Medicean Man never got into it. Lui Rei on the near side


with Gramercy. Top of the screen Oasis Dancer.


Behind them King Of Jazz, then Desert Law. Then New Planet. Also


High Standing and Sir Reginald never got into it.


Joe Packet was showing speed early and got weary. A big field of 28


here. Looking for the stragglers, I think


Pepper Lane was the last to cross. Colonel Mak, who showed pace, is


about second or third last. No doubt about the winner, Dandy


Boy, Pat Dobbs. A handy sprinter. Dandy Boy has proven one of their


best. David Marnane the trainer and Pat Dobbs the winning rider. A good


performance. The official placings for second and third, Waffle


officially second, third is Hawkeyethenoo. Fourth, officially,


is Morache Music, Seb Sanders. There are the prices. Big prices


again. This has been the trend in the big handicaps this week. It's


been hard to stab them with one this Dandy Boy. Won the Victoria


Cup here, so had Ascot form but that was back in 2009. His last


four wins had been over seven furlongs, so possibly again proving


the fact the ground is testing here, it's sapping the energy energy, you


see Dandy Boy making a smooth run through the middle of that pack.


Luckily, doesn't get interrupted coming past the grey horses. Clare,


he ran in a mile handicap at the Curragh last month. The stamina


must come through. It's the way he took off at the furlong marker.


He's done it in the style of a very classy animal. He's carried nine


stone eight and he hasn't won for a very long time. So, today he has


put up a very good performance. That's one of the very good times.


Apart from Frankel times haven't been stunning this week. Graham Lee,


former Grand National winning jockey, his first ride at Royal


Ascot, coming home in third. For Pat Dobbs and David, the trainer,


this is a first for both of them, their first Royal winner with Dandy


Boy in the Wokingham. Great moment.


victory, for sure, he will also be delighted to know that the time was


actually 0.23 of a second faster than Black Caviar recorded in that


scramble to the line in the Diamond Jubilee. So, if you were watching


and you are not a racing enthusiast, it doesn't necessarily mean that -


in fact it doesn't mean that Dandy Boy is better than Black Caviar,


but he has recorded a faster time. Strange as that may seem. There he


is there. Pat Dobbs, great to see him, a very hard working rider.


Great to see him get that Royal Ascot winner. It's been a great day


here. Great atmosphere. Never known a Royal Ascot like it for the


build-up, for the results, for just the way everything's panned out.


It's been one of those magic meetings. Let's check the full


result now on the Wokingham with unlucky Waffle. Third Hawkeyethenoo


and fourth Morache Music at 20-1. Well done to connections. I am


going to grab a word with the trainer. Well done. Familiar


territory for this horse, he won the Victor Cup. -- Victoria Cup a


couple of years ago. We are trying to get him to switch off, he is


always a horse with plenty of speed. You know, we ran him over a mile


the last day because it was his first run for a mile. He's come


here in the best form we have had him in a long time. It's great to


see him back to form. He struggled really, he was out in Dubai.


broke the track record over seven and picked up an injury in the next


run and took a while to get him back again. He is back fully, thank


God. You clocked a quicker time than Black Caviar. We won't talk


about that! I am delighted for him. I am delighted for his owner, a big


supporter. It's great. Thank you very much. Here is Pat. Well done.


Thank you. Tell us how that went for stphaou the plan was to drop in,


take my time, he can be keen if he is too far forward. He settled good.


Went through very well. Even got there a little bit too soon. But if


I didn't do when I did I would have been cut off and there was plenty


of horses on the inside probably would have been trafg problems.


traffic problems. Your first Royal Ascot winner. Yeah. Looking forward


to it for a long time. It's nice to get one. On a very important day in


racing, I was saying to David your horse clocked a faster time than


Black Caviar. Yeah, it felt very good. Even got there too soon. It


would be better horse longer I am sure. Well done. Thank you very


much. The Wokingham, a competitive sprint


handicap in which they've gone incredibly fast. The first four


home were virtually last in their respective groups at the halfway


stage. Let's look at the start. It was all over for Pepper Lane in


number 7 there. She rears up a lot. You can see this, did very well to


maintain the partnership and lucky the horse didn't do itself damage


and rightly so, there's no point. The race is virtually over. You


need get off on level terms. those circumstances, you say he


can't be certain she hasn't pulled a muscle or something. Let's look


at the group on the far side of the group. They were the three that


finished on the far side. The one that finished on the nearside was


right here at the back of his group, that was Waffle. Basically, they


have gone very fast in front. Cash in the closing stages. This side,


the group that get involved, and you can see on the far side, Waffle.


From what I have seen, they were lucky that none of them got stopped


as they went through. No, I think they were able to weave their way


in and out. Pat Dobbs has had a dream, riding the winner. Fran


Berry, I had a word with him, he says, his horse thinks he has one.


At least he won his own race, over on the far side. So, Dandy Boy


coming clear to win it. If you back one that was up at the front of the


race, on either side, you will probably get your money back next


time when they do not go so fast, and it is not such a tough race.


Presentation for the Wokingham Stakes has been made, by the former


head of the Hong Kong jockey Club. His horse finished third in the


Hardwicke Stakes, earlier on, behind Sea Moon. So, a landmark day


for them. A high-class winner of that handicap.


WILLIE CARSON: he is a very distinguished-looking jockey. Very


much into the Richard Hannon success story, because he has been


there a very long time. He is there every morning, and he gets a lot of


winners for Richard Hannon. But he does get third-string. Which is why


he had not ridden a winner at Royal Ascot until today. Let's take you


through the story of this final day at Royal Ascot. The crowd who


actually boosted by Australian racing fans coming to Ascot today


to watch the royal procession, and to support Black Caviar. The first


race went to the exuberant Frankie Dettori, in the blue colours of


Godolphin, on Tha'ir, and it was Frankie's second winner of the week.


But Ryan Moore went back to the top of the leading jockeys board, with


his victory in the 3.05. Then we had Black Caviar, moving smoothly


enough into the lead in the Diamond Jubilee Stakes, but then Luke Nolen


himself said he had a brain freeze. But she held on, just. The Queen


came down to greet the winner. And, as we have just seen, in the


Wokingham Stakes, a 33-1 winner, Dandy Boy. It has been a truly


international week, we have had a Hong Kong-trained winner, and of


course, an Australian winner, among others. Just to confirm those who


have come into the winner's area today... And also, we have been so


lucky with the weather. We had that one cloudburst, that really could


have made the difference, that's where Black Caviar was lucky, that


that rain did not last any longer. Indeed, I think there's a lot of


people who had a huge sigh of relief, and I was one of them.


Let's face it, most of us came here today to see a superstar. We saw


her, but I'm sure Peter Moody and Luke Nolen know that she is better


than that. She was not at her best today, and the journey must have


taken a lot out of her. Her fans do not go home disappointed, because


she has won, but the manner of success left everybody gasping.


WILLIE CARSON: It was a workmanlike performance, rather than


spectacular. Honestly, can you imagine what would have happened if


she had been caught? It would have been terrible, but it did not


happen, thank goodness. And there we have happy scenes, because this


great filly has actually won a Group One race, travelling 12,000


miles over to England, and it is very nice for it to happen, as well


as nice for all the English trainers to think, we are not that


far behind. And certainly the French trained as a! Yes, but the


English horses were not that far behind it, either. James, I asked


him, he could not even speak. he was really sat down in the


stalls. We still have two more races to come for you on BBC


interactive, sadly not on Freeview. But we do have two more races to


come. Tonight, at 10:50pm, highlights of the third quarter


final in Euro 2012, Spain-France. And tomorrow night, England-France.


On Saturday 21st July, we will be back here for the King George VI


and Queen Elizabeth Stakes. I was just thinking, that was wrong, we


are playing it Ilie! The graphic was wrong, I'm sorry. -- we are


playing Italy. I would just like to say a huge thank you to everybody


who has worked for BBC Television on Royal Ascot over the years. And


thanks to Willie Carson, it has been great to work with you. Bye-


most magnificent sporting occasion in Europe. The theme of celebration,


very much in the air. This is the best racehorse that you have ever


seen, I have ever seen, anybody will ever see. Can a performance!


The superb, the spectacular, Wales's Stakes, So You Think!


Clare Balding presents coverage from the closing day of the iconic race meeting. This famous racing festival was extended to include the Saturday in 2002 as part of the celebrations for the Queen's golden jubilee. A sell-out occasion enjoyed by 80,000 people, there is sure to be a celebratory atmosphere on the course.

The sprinters take centre stage in the main race of the day, the Diamond Jubilee Stakes. Run over three-quarters-of-a-mile, all eyes will be on visiting equine royalty in the form of Black Caviar, Australia's fastest-ever horse and a true global superstar.

Clare is joined by Willie Carson, Mick Fitzgerald, Rishi Persad, Suzi Perry, Ian Bartlett and John Parrott. Race commentary comes from Jim McGrath.

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