Edinburgh v Ospreys Scrum V

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Edinburgh v Ospreys

Ross Harries presents live coverage as Edinburgh hoast Ospreys in the Pro12. Studio guests are Richie Rees and Sean Holley.

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Scrum V is back in Edinburgh as the Ospreys shoot for the top of the


table. Six Welsh internationals are back to bolster their squad


including Sam Davies who starts at fly half. Keelan Giles will be


hoping to add to his tried tally as the Ospreys go in search of an 11


bonus point win of the season. Entering the final straight in the


race for the play-offs, some critical fixtures this weekend. The


Scarlets going to Ireland for the second week running.


This is how the table looks, a win for the Ospreys will return them to


the top. The Scarlets hoping to repeat their heroics from last


weekend and make their top four place a bit safer. Welcome to Scrum


V live, Martyn Williams and Richie Rees are my guests. The Ospreys are


probably assured of a play-off place with five rounds to go but history


has shown us that if you want to win the Championship you must get into


the top two. You can't take anything for granted, we saw the Scarlets


last year, they looked in prime position to have a semifinal place


but slipped up. The quality that the Ospreys have got in this squad in


general and the position they are in, you'd like to think they would


get in the top two. They'd have to go to Leinster or monster away in


the semifinal otherwise, so these games are crucial -- monster. The


Ospreys have the pedigree, winning four times before and interesting


subplot tonight, the returning internationals. Sam Davies and


Keelan Giles, what does their presence tell us, that they are in


the mix for Wales, or evidence that they aren't? An opportunity for


both. A cracking night to China, they must put their hands up for


next weekend -- to shine. Sam has been pulling the strings at ten,


sharing the pitch with Dan Biggar. Keelan Giles has been lighting up


the league so far, scoring some fantastic tries and there aren't


many deficiencies in his game. The consistency with him, he's played


well and for such a young guy and that's a tough thing to do so


hopefully we will see more tonight. Indeed, hoping he's going to light


up tonight's game. The national selectors are going to be looking on


in interest and so will be Ospreys head coach, Steve Tandy. We spoke


last week and you weren't expecting the cavalry back, but six players


including Sam Davies, who needs a big game this weekend. It's about


the team. Sam will want to help the team over the line and hopefully put


in a performance. A couple of boys back but we are missing 27 still, so


a lot of people missing but it is something we have dealt with well in


the international period. One more game before we get respite but we


want to perform tonight. The record of Ospreys in Edinburgh isn't great,


why is it such a difficult place to come? Generally playing during these


the Six Nations periods, but we have no excuse, but we spoke about it on


Monday, it is a pitch where we need to perform and focus. We have a


young group tonight who are ready to deliver. Form suggests an Ospreys


win but they've often found the going difficult in Edinburgh, as


Steve Tandy acknowledged, losing seven of eight. Let's find out if


they can do the business with Sean Holley and Gareth Giles.


COMMENTATOR: Nicky Smith and James King among half a dozen released by


Wales. And drum moving up to the second row. -- Ardron. Sam Davies,


the centre of attention before the Ireland game, Keelan Giles looking


to replace the Wales selectors. A solid centre partnership with


Matavesi and the ever improving Fonotia. Last week the Blues were


here it was chucking it down and blowing a gale, it promises the same


this week. Edinburgh, led by Neil Cochrane, going on to the field.


Alasdair Dickinson is back at loosehead. He played against Glasgow


on Boxing Day when Grant Gilchrist made his last start, both coming off


against the Blues -- coming off the bench against the Blues last week.


Very strong looking Ospreys bench, Bierman, Baker, potential impact


players. Experience from Paul James. Now, before kick-off, there will be


one minute's silence in memory of Elli Norkett, who represented the


Ospreys and was the community college for them. In Cardiff as


well, at the Cardiff met where she was in her final year as a student.


Their game against Loughborough in the University cup quarterfinal was


moved to the Arms Park and the game is being played in tribute to the


22-year-old who was tragically killed last weekend in a car crash.


The friends and family of Elli Norkett. As usual, the world of


rugby closes in and puts an arm around its own. George Clancy of


Ireland, the man in charge this evening. David Wilkinson, who


refereed the Blues last week, one of two touch judges. Conditions very


similar to last week, the Blues managed to do the job at the end,


getting the 1-point victory. The Ospreys are looking to stamp their


authority on this game and consolidate their position in the


top four. One win in eight, four Edinburgh, one defeat in eight, for


the Ospreys. The stats suggesting that the Welsh region can be


confident of coming here and claiming the points. Talking to a


few of them earlier, they are in confident mood. Yes, good evening.


Cold night here but they are in confident mood. Not had a lot of


success up here over the last six, seven years but looking for a big


win tonight. Looking forward Digard Gilchrist getting his hands on the


ball. -- to Grant Gilchrist. Early possession for the Ospreys. If it's


anything like last week they will play into the wind and rain in the


first half so they'll have to carry. We saw that last week with the


Blues, the Blues had their chances in the first half and didn't take


them. I think that the Ospreys are going to be patient and Sam Davies


will kick the ball a lot. His left boot is going to be very evident. We


know his ability to bring players on and flatten the game live but he can


also sprayed the corners. Fantastic asset to have in Dan Biggar's


absence, he is pushing him all the way. Edinburgh have so many threats


to look for with the Ospreys if they have ball in hand and if they leave


space at the back, Sam Davies will find it and hit the grass. Neil


Cochrane, the home captain, the try scorer last week. Ben Toolis, he's


the go to man in the wine out. Look for him to supply plenty of


possession from that facet of play. They've got to Mark King, doing


those better than any other player in the Pro12 -- mark him.


Hidalgo-Clyne, happy for the forwards to take it initially.


Well-placed kick by the Edinburgh scrum-half. The said crowd in -- a


decent crowd in the three stands. They got crowd of five, six, 7000


here through the season. Improvements being made to the


ground. A famous old ground. When you take the team to Murrayfield it


is a hollow atmosphere. No one in the ground. This at least feels like


a game tonight. An opposed. Bringing in Matavesi. Pinched by Jamie


Ritchie. Dean kicking into the Ospreys' 22, Davies guarding the


bounce very well. Write but this -- his right foot this time. Duncan


Weir is waiting for it. Poor pass under pressure and


Ritchie is under even more pressure from Sam Parry. Edinburgh have got


the ball back well from a smart bit of play, clever little ruck. Du


Preez leaving it for Hoyland. Bradbury featured in every league


game. He's the biggest ball-carrier, a real handful. Didn't function much


against the Blues last week. Edinburgh going side to side, not


really getting near the Ospreys 22. This is a problem they have this


season. Plenty of possession but no penetration so far. Cornell du Preez


trying route one but he's stopped in his tracks. Maybe the Ospreys have


worked on this double tackle with Brad Davies. When they get the


opportunity they pounce, two on one. Hoyland, the visitors smuggling it


back. Bradbury again. This attack is starting on the Ospreys ten metre


line and Figallo Klein -- Hidalgo-Clyne must kick it back.


Possession is back with the Ospreys, see what they can produce from this.


A bit of rugby league going on at the moment! Used to call this the


grey zone between the ten metres, a lot of rugby normally played there


because the defences are so tight. Sam Davies putting his trusty left


peg on it saying enough of this, let's get some territory. He puts in


those crossfield kicks and they really are terrific. When he was


coming through as a youngster, and Dan Biggar, you sense that he is a


natural talent, especially very precise, the best players seem to


have the time and Sam is one of those. You can see him growing in


confidence all the while. That's bad news, that's Grant Gilchrist. Came


off the bench last week. Last started on Boxing Day. They won't


want to be losing him. He's back on his feet.


Ospreys applying the pressure. And again, Hidalgo-Clyne is going to be


forced to kick. Giles and Dan Evans, seeing if they can work something


out on the counter. The penalty goes to the home side. When you come to a


place like Edinburgh, you've got to be squeaky clean. They just got the


ball back, forcing them to kick. That is clearly in from the side.


The Ospreys are one of the most penalised teams in the Pro12.


Sometimes you take it to the edge but you can lose crucial field


possession. Duncan Weir pushes Edinburgh down to the Ospreys 22 for


the first time. Let's go to pitch side and Catherine. As you can tell,


conditions have taken a turn for the worse. We expected the wind and rain


to arrive at about 8pm and as promised it is here. The pitch is


holding up but we expect it to cut up over the next hour. We expect is


going to be windy and wet for the foreseeable future. We are safe in


our little box appear out of the elements. Horrible conditions, as


they were last week. Believe me, it is cold rain as well. Sleet and


snow. With the line on it looks OK but you can see it is horrific with


a bit of breeze as well. Edinburgh going against that in this half.


Gilchrist and Toolis are back and ready to setup the next phase. A lot


of that is going to happen as well. It is a patients came from the


Ospreys, they have good written in defence. -- patients came. You can


see Ardron there being a nuisance. A lot of shirts in the back. One eye


on the defenders. Take your eye off the ball. Duncan Weir looks pretty


frustrated. Left Glasgow after seven years there to join Edinburgh this


year, Duncan Weir. The emergence of Finn Russell at Glasgow. In Scotland


colours as well. Finn Russell has been impressive, growing in


confidence and stature. He really attacks the line. Duncan Weir has


always been that kind of bench player. He's been sent back to try


and prove a point. Pressure on the Ospreys scrum. Last


week, the Edinburgh scrum was under pressure so that's impressive that


the Ospreys have done well to get it back. Dickinson is back at


loosehead. Mujati, one dozen caps for South


Africa. Tight end for the Ospreys. I imagine he's enjoying this whether!


You don't get much of this in Bulawayo, where he was born.


Hidalgo-Clyne, a long run back to get to it.


Weir looking for space behind the first line of defence. Knocked out


of Sam Davies' hands. Just seeing Habberfield coming to the end of the


line. A bit of space for the chip. Interesting, whenever the ball goes


down in that corner because we are relying on a little screen because


we can't actually see that part of the field. I've got your back, I can


just see it. Sam Davies covering the backfield. Very important. Leaving


space in behind so there is an area for Duncan Weir to chip in to. It's


coming down sideways now and the moment. Absolutely hammering down.


As a coach, Duncan Hodge will be absolutely furious, you're against


the elements, on the 22 for the first time, just beat squeaky clean,


don't give anything away, put the Ospreys under pressure and force


them to kick. Not a great night for the lockers to be throwing in.


-- for the lockers. That was very well rehearsed.


Nasty bounce. The Ospreys, confident enough. Playing into Edinburgh's


hands at the moment. Fair play to Kinghorn, countering against the


wind. The two Ospreys defenders came in and he went for the dummy


instead. I think that Hoyland will be free on the far side. Playing


spirited stuff, Edinburgh. Whether they can break them down when they


get to the 22 is another thing. Over the top. Sam Davies, not committing


to take it on the full. Spaced there, forcing another error in the


backfield. A couple of types of defence coaches, some have nine in


the backfield, but Edinburgh have noticed that this is an area whether


they can put Sam Davies under pressure and twice he has knocked


on. A break in play. Murray McCallum,


the tight head, getting some attention. George Clancy will as


well because there's a problem with his microphone. You would want your


shirt pulled up in this weather. He isn't wearing much. Just noting that


he was talking to Mujati about his shape in the scrum, under pressure


from Dickinson. Interesting to see if that manifests itself. A trip


from here to Dublin for the S4 C game, Scarlets against Leinster,


currently top of the Pro12, tomorrow evening. And the Blues and the


Dragons playing tomorrow afternoon. A review of the action and looking


forward to the Ireland game on Scrum V on Sunday.


Certainly a test of exactly how waterproof these microphones are


this evening! It is horrendous conditions now. Sometimes it's


difficult to play with the wind and the elements. Edinburgh set right


back. Need the confidence to play a bit and get through them. For


Edinburgh, you play the short side, the Zig Zag, you bring up the


Ospreys and force them into an error, and that's what they are


doing at the moment. The try line has not been threatened


on either side so far. We've got Hoyland, the right wing for


Edinburgh, directly behind the scrum. The banks on the left-hand


side of the scrum, just in from the 15 metre line. -- backs. There's a


lot to cover on the right-hand side. Interesting that Giles has come


across to the blindside wing. 18 metres here. The assistant referee


saying that they had slipped. Mujati got 47 minutes against


Glasgow last week. His first outing in an Ospreys shirt. Signed until


the end of the season. The 32-year-old from South Africa.


Against Alasdair Dickinson, 58 caps, for Scotland. He seems to be getting


the better of things at the moment, Dickinson. The ball from the side,


Nicky Smith pulling the tight head down or stop -- tight head down.


Slipping his bind and he is deemed to have pulled that one down. The


plan is working for Edinburgh, putting Ospreys and the backfield


under pressure and also in the scrum, which is a surprise. That is


the one area where they have the upper hand, it seems, in the opening


quarter of an hour. This isn't an easy kick tonight. Got


to aim to the right of the posts. Curling it in beautifully. Just to


perfection by Duncan Weir and the first points of this evening


belonging to Edinburgh. No more than they deserve, Duncan Weir, from one


spillage has put them in the right areas, kicking into the space of the


second line of the Ospreys, causing some errors in the backfield.


Winning a penalty from the scrum which has been good. That's a good


kick in these conditions. The kick from Sam Davies. Weir slipping. Has


he got his kick away? He did or stop -- he did. I don't know where the


touch judge is going. The plant foot is going to be important for place


kicking this evening. Definitely a night for the long studs.


Nice big gap, please. The old ploy of the book, you line up in the


middle and when the referee changes his -- turned his back, you move


position. -- the ploy of the hooker. High from Du Preez. Edinburgh


flooding midfield. Sam Davies just changing his tactics, the short


ball. Playing getting -- players getting in each other's way. Not


enough of an advantage from the earlier high tackle. Some


miscommunication from the Ospreys, too flat from the line-out. There is


the high tackle, you can't do that these days, and there's no need for


it from Du Preez. With the inside ball, Smith getting up late from


that challenge. Not quite clicking, the Ospreys.


You'd have to fancy Sam Davies here. The only concern is for the ball


boys, if it goes over the stand. Good strike by Sam Davies. That


reply brings the Ospreys back to level terms. Goes to show, the first


meaningful possession in Edinburgh's half and the Ospreys when a very


easy penalty for the high tackle in an easy position. Lesson learned,


the territorial kicks can put them under pressure.


That's a cheap penalty to give away again. It was a great restart. Going


nowhere in that corner. There's no need to give that penalty away. Sam


on his left foot, the little angle. That's a great kick, perfect. In


this territory now where you can launch an attack. The Ospreys don't


seem to be in a rush, they are backing their defence. Edinburgh


don't score many tries, 36 tries in 16 games only. Yes, just the one


four try bonus point, for Edinburgh. Nobody thinking about bonus points


in the wind and rain this evening so far. Get it done and dusted.


Matavesi trying to get them over the try line. Note meaningful attacking


rugby, just sizing each other up and looking for mistakes. It doesn't


take anything out of the Edinburgh defence. The Ospreys haven't had a


lot of possession. James King set up the initial run.


The magic of Sam Davies at its best. You have to watch everything around


him. It's not just the dummy, it is the support play around them. There


are too many people and he knows it. He is so aware of who was around him


and Josh Matavesi on the little scissors. Look how flat he takes it.


A lovely decoy run from Sam Underhill. That is a fantastic score


instigated by Sam Davies. Now they are on their way. Sam Davies adds


the conversion. That contribution showing what a talent he is. That is


why there is all the talk about him. You can talk about the threat all


week and you can see the Edinburgh defenders go for Sam Underhill. He


is so flat and has so many options around him. The finish was


brilliant. Just as we were saying there was no meaningful rugby so


far, there was then, instigated by Sam Davies and finished by Sam


Matarese -- Josh Matavesi. The Ospreys confident. Josh Matavesi


pushes them back. It does not go dead. It is a great kick. A decent


return from Duncan Weir. Brilliant territory again. A couple


of great kicks. Duncan Weir 40 had relieved the pressure. Sam Davies


picked his head up and he can kick it on a sixpence. They have an


option of kickers with Josh Matavesi and Dan Evans as well. Tom


Habberfield is a good kicker as well. Magnus Bradbury comes to win


it. Steve Tandy will look at the net


result. It is now a set piece not far outside the 22 with the


elements. You look at repeat sets from your kicking game. That is what


Sam Davies gives you. Sam Davies again is so flat. Bodies


in the way of Tom Habberfield. Nicky Smith battling on.


James King makes good ground. Not held. He makes an extra metre or


two. Grant Gilchrist trying to get Edinburgh out from that defensive


area they have been in for a few minutes. It was a good carry by


James King but he was caught off-guard and had the ball ripped


out. Dan Evans takes it safely. A good step as well. Great Hands from


Tyler Ardron. That was close, I thought it went back. A bit harsh


but George Clancy is closer than this. He gets back to his feet and


almost get caught off-guard. You just sends that the Ospreys


could take one more chance before half-time. Let's go back down pitch


side to Catrin Heledd. You were putting pressure on the Ospreys


early doors but you conceded a try. We were really disappointed with the


try. We controlled the first 15 minutes. We kept turning the Ospreys


defence. A show and go from Sam Davies and we know he let that so we


are really disappointed with that. Our kicking game has been ragged


since then. A word about the conditions as well. It's freezing.


It is affecting things and it is who handles the conditions better. In


the last ten minutes the Ospreys have handled the matter. A big


strong wind coming towards us on the sideline. Thank you. That was a


better looking scrum from the Ospreys. Nicky Smith is getting to


grips. He will have the better of this tight head, Murray McCallum.


Both who said some pretty dominant. Two old heads on the far side, Nicky


Smith and Alasdair Dickinson. A good drive on by Chris Dean. Duncan Weir.


Dan Evans has time to set himself. That is a good return.


Blair Kinghorn has a big boot on him as well. Sam Davies looks for the


far corner immediately. Tries to push it behind Rory Scholes. It's a


great kick because he had the gap. That is not a bad kick either. It is


blustery but is going more across field now. They have been some good


kicks from Sam Davies and Dan Evans and Blair Kinghorn and Duncan Weir.


It is not a difficult night to kick. I am also impressed with Sam Parry.


His throwing in has been good. A little dink by Sam Davies. It pops


up to Kieron Fonotia. Lovely for Keelan Giles. Back goes Duncan Weir.


This is a chance. The kick only as far away as Dafydd Howells. Josh


Matavesi. Olly Cracknell. The Ospreys have lost it. Disappointing.


It is a crucial area and that is twice Edinburgh have stolen it in


this area. New York clock ring on his own. -- Neil Cochrane. Dafydd


Howells calls for it. Good work by Kieron Fonotia. The


Ospreys forcing it a little bit. They probably feel like they are in


the game after that try. This was the Olly Cracknell turnover. Good


play from the hooker Neil Cochrane. The half-hour mark. Last ten minutes


of the first half. Is it a 7-point wind? It probably is but the


question is whether Edinburgh can break the Ospreys defence down.


Steve Tandy will be looking for one more chance. This could be it. For


once the kick is overcooked. They won't be too many high scores around


the Pro12 today and tomorrow with the weather.


Tyler Ardron has won some good line-out ball. Sam Underhill. A


defensive wall in front of them. Nicky Smith again. Olly Cracknell.


Brian Mujati on the blindside. James King. It has to be patient stuff


from the Ospreys. Edinburgh are coming off the line. They are


putting some good hits in. That defeat against the Cardiff Blues


last week really hurt them. They were in the driving seat and a late


Lloyd Williams try lead to them losing by a pod. The Ospreys are


expecting them to be fired off of this one. They realise they might


have a sniff with the elements. Rory Scholes desperately trying to cut


out the pass. It's the options of the dummy runners that gave Sam


Davies a chance of creating something. Back go the Ospreys.


Jamie Ritchie putting pressure on Dan Evans. All coming from the big


hit from Ben Toolis. Kieron Fonotia. You can tell the Ospreys are


delighted with that. They are 10-3 ahead. Griff Rhys is with Catrin


Heledd. Is it mattered of being patient? Yes. Both sides have good


kicking options. We've had a couple of good opportunities. We have been


really scruffy. A word on the conditions. They are difficult. It


is about managing the second half knowing that Edinburgh are loading


their backfield. And a word about Sam Davies. He has shown some great


skill up there this evening. One of our messages to get the ball in his


hands a bit more. We have not really got him on the front foot. Plenty to


talk about when they get into the nice warm changing rooms. Griff Rhys


will want the Ospreys to play the elements but more than they are at


the moment. More pick and go with the forwards. If they have the


confidence to play a bit more that is where they will get them. A quick


tap and go from Tom Habberfield. Trying to catch those defenders in


coaching. Sam Parry to James King. Sam Davies looking for the show and


go again. Sam Underhill coming from deep.


Making life difficult. Josh Matavesi threading through. Blair Kinghorn.


Josh Matavesi again, looking for the far corner. He manages to keep it in


somehow. Josh Matavesi going down field. Was that forward? Now says


George Clancy. Was it in touch? Did he not good forward? Was it a


forward pass? If they did it all cleanly, the play to them. It was a


great kick by Josh Matavesi. They got out of jail there. Not to


concede a line-out in their own 22 and, Edinburgh did well. Dan Evans


and Dafydd Howells have done well to rescue that. Olly Cracknell. Hard


yards. Nothing flash. Very important to keep the Ospreys going forward. I


have been impressed with Edinburgh's defence. They have been very


physical. They are coming off the line quickly and the Ospreys have


played into their hands in the last 20 minutes.


Ben Toolis, the second row, capped once by Scotland against Italy two


years ago. He is the main line man. They won't want to lose him. He has


been throwing yourself around. His head was on the wrong side to start.


Olly Cracknell's movement meant he had a knock to the side of the head.


He's got a Berber stiff neck as well. He will go to answer some


questions and go through his head injury protocol.


Grant Gilchrist with safe front line ball. The Ospreys need to keep their


discipline here. They will want to give any penalties away allowing


Edinburgh to kick downfield. Edinburgh have been tactically very


good. That was a perfect kick from Sam Hidalgo-Clyne. Grant Gilchrist.


That is a very well placed by Sam Hidalgo-Clyne. He is managing the


conditions well. This is not a night for a fullback. Dan Evans got caught


central. Keelan Giles was flat in the line. Plenty of space for Sam


Hidalgo-Clyne to hit. The Ospreys lose a crucial defensive


line-out and they are and the pressure. Chris Dean gets to Glenn


Bryce. Damien Hoyland steps back inside. The one mistake the Ospreys


have made and now they are defending for their lives just before


half-time. Sam Hidalgo-Clyne has a look. Right in front of the posts.


You just feel they have to take this. It's all about these close


quarters. The Ospreys not committing too many to the breakdown. Grant


Gilchrist. The final minute of the first half. Sam Hidalgo-Clyne get it


out wide. The Ospreys trying to hold up. He has got his need to the


floor. Murray McCallum. The crowd urging Edinburgh on. Duncan Weir.


Glenn Bryce. Very good defence by the Ospreys and the ball is not


forward. They have ended the first half with that try line intact. You


see in that set what I talked about earlier about can Edinburgh get over


the line? They don't score enough tries. The Ospreys are so powerful


and they never looked in trouble, even on their own line. The physical


specimens they have should be the difference. That one score from Josh


Matavesi might be enough. The Ospreys know they need one solid


scrum and that 7-point advantage will see them into the interval. One


more bit of concentration from the forwards.


Edinburgh can give it everything. A great scrum from Nicky Smith. The


scrum incomplete so they will have to go down again. Both looseheads


are dominant here. James King sensibly as the scrum was


wheeling around not forcing the ball out.


Neil Cochrane is trying to say to the referee that the angles of the


Ospreys second rows are shifting the scrum and causing the wheel. He is


clutching at straws to be honest. I don't know how he can see the angles


of the Ospreys second row from where he is! Final play of the first half.


That's better. Solid. Tom Habberfield and Sam Davies to the


necessary for the Ospreys. Not a classic but you would not expected


in conditions. Both sides just testing each other out but the one


moment of magic in the first half provided by Sam Davies providing the


trifle Josh Matavesi. 10-3 the Ospreys lead. What will that wind


advantage be worth rest in Mark Tom Habberfield is with Catrin Heledd. A


bit of pressure at the end but your defence held firm. It has been all


us first half. Little bit of pressure but our defence has been


great all season. They did try different things in that first


quarter and are still in this game. It is a one score game. It's going


to be that sneaky try that will win the game so we have to stay in it.


Not great to watch, what is it like to play in? My hands on a bit cold.


I have to go in and warm up for the second half.


Those conditions are the talking point this evening. The conditions


are difficult for the players but it did not affect Duncan Weir with its


first attempt at goal. Sam Davies levelled the scores shortly


afterwards. Then he produced the one moment of magic and what a moment it


was. The patch to Josh Matavesi to finish the try.


Martyn Williams, Edinburgh did have an opportunity before half-time to


draw level but this Ospreys defence is so good. That could be a crucial


moment. It was a big turning point. One mistake the Ospreys had made and


it was a great opportunity for Edinburgh. But the Ospreys don't


commit to rucks. They make double tackles. They don't overcome it.


They found the field. Initially they were under pressure but once they


slowed the ball down at no stage did they look like they were going to


concede a try. The Ospreys have some big physical forwards. They were


winning the collisions. The Ospreys had the wind in the first half. If


Edinburgh came away with anything they might have been a tricky second


half but 10-3 for the Ospreys, the coaches will be happy with that. Did


you ever suffer with cold hands? It is nice and warm in here! Going back


to Sam Davies. There is a subplot to this game. Is Sam Davies auditioning


for a Wales spot? It was class, that wondered of magic. He started off


the game. It is a great attack from the Ospreys. If you look at the


Ospreys options, he has three guys he can give it to. There is a big


gap and this is just vision. A great line from Josh Matavesi. He runs an


angle. The off-load, the composure from Sam Davies, he doesn't panic.


Out of the back door and it's a brilliant try. That is why people


are knocking down Rob Howley's door to include him. He can do that.


Compare him to Dan Biggar, Dan Biggar has so many strengths but


that would not be the strongest part of his game. That is an outstanding


piece of magic. When you are the guy knocking on the door, stuff like


that is not to your case any harm. He is very good at what he does. His


kicking game from left to right is great. He is quality player. The


pressure on Dan beggar -- Dan Biggar, whether he goes with on the


weekend it will be an interesting one. The conditions have dictated


tonight and it has been a kicking game tonight. With Sam Davies in


their side the Ospreys get the advantage more often than not. It is


very tactical at the moment. Edinburgh have spotted there is no


scrum half because Tom Habberfield is in the front line defending. They


went for the chip to three times. You can see Tom Habberfield on that


front line. A little bit of pressure on Sam Davies in that backfield. The


conditions are dictating how this game is being played. You can see


Sam Davies there, it's not the greatest of kicks but the Ospreys


have that chase line and it's forcing Edinburgh to kick into that


strong wind. The Ospreys are winning that kicking battle at the moment


and it. As we saw last week when the Blues were up in Edinburgh games


like these in conditions like these are on by small margins. The Ospreys


unlikely to get another four try bonus point victory so a lead like


that at half-time is a precious one. It is but they had the wind so you


would expect them to going with the lead.


They are working hard, but they haven't got the Stardust of a Sam


Davies so they struggled to unlock the differences so I figured Ospreys


will be pleased with the first half. Tactics in the second half?


Edinburgh don't score many tries, so if the Ospreys get another score, is


it time to put your foot on the ball and defend? In the Pro12 you've got


to score at least 23 points to win a game and that's what Edinburgh have


struggled to do this season, the third lowest in the league for try


scoring ability. It's interesting, they will have to play the territory


game. They have the conditions behind them in this half but they


must show more enterprise, they've got Hidalgo-Clyne and Hoyland, they


must get their better players on the ball. The Ospreys are going to have


to carry a lot, you look at their bench, Dan Baker, he can come and


close the game out. Let's see what's happening in Belfast because the


Scarlets fans are going to be interested on what's going on as


Ulster are playing Zebre. Just one try in a rain-soaked Belfast, Jared


Payne back from injury playing in the centre position with one try for


Ulster, 7-0 against Zebre. They will be targeting the four try bonus


victory because that would take them level with the Scarlets with a game


in hand. The Scarlets just about maintaining the Goujon in fourth


place thanks to the heroic victory in Munster last weekend -- the


cushion. They have another Irish visit this weekend, facing Leinster


and Jonathan Evans took us for a look behind-the-scenes. Than Jones


with the long pass to Tom Williams, it could be a third try for the


Scarlets. He scrapes in, is that the comeback and the win of the season?


It's Thursday morning, about 20 to eight, we're going to give you


behind-the-scenes footage of our preparations for Leinster, but


first, breakfast. A couple of try scorers from the weekend, Tom


Williams in the corner. Every morning we have breakfast, usually


eggs and beans and toast, Bacon if we're lucky. That's breakfast, now


it's time for the weights. Back to the gym, we are doing a power


session today. Get some speed into the lakes, things like that.


Everything we're doing is power based. Your shocking playlist!


Just having a look back over training now in my break before


physio. The defensive system we will use against Leinster this weekend.


This is Matt, the head physio here. Getting a bit of treatment now


before the session this afternoon. That's the physio treatment done. A


couple of boys getting treatment before the session this afternoon.


Now where going to have a team meeting. The last part of the day,


on the field, the forwards and backs coming back for the session. The


last chance to come together before we head to Leinster tomorrow. Hope


you enjoyed the book around. See you in Dublin. -- the look around.


Scarlets will be happy if Treviso denials that the bonus point this


evening. Leinster against Scarlets tomorrow evening, a crucial one in


the race for the play-offs. Update for you, you may have heard about


the former Wales women International, Elli Norkett, they


held the game this evening as a tribute to her, they are doing her


proud, 53-0, Cardiff Met leading Loughborough, so congratulations to


them. So, the Scarlets. Incredible victory, we talked about it last


night, Ritchie, 21-6 down at one stage at Thomond Park. Doing it when


you come from 15 points behind there is very impressive. Testament to the


strength of the squad, you saw Johnny on the screen but if you look


at the scrum harms, Gareth Davies and company. -- scrum-halves. They


were 21-6 down and as we'll see, when Aled Davies came on, he had a


huge impact, he came on at 53 minutes and he was involved in all


three tries. Huge positive for the Scarlets that they have him back and


the strength and depth. Ulster haven't lost at Thomond Park in the


years, so coming back is a huge victory for the Scarlets and keeps


them in the running for the top four. Certainly does. Was there any


reason for Jonny Evans to have his top off in that BT, and what's going


on with James Davies' hair? I'm not going to comment about hair! I wish


I could have a style like that. They are in good nick, so I would get my


top off if I had abs like that. The run in four Scarlets and Ulster,


Gary to be very tight between them. It is, you look and the run ins,


who's going to pick up points. The weather could do the Scarlets a


favour tonight, a tough pitch for Ulster, if they get the bonus


points. The head of the game in many ways, the Scarlets, didn't expect


them to win in Munster, so if they get anything in Leinster, it will


put them in a good place. This is what it's all about, the race for


them is ever more exciting. Five rounds to go after this one. Plenty


to look forward to in the Pro12 in the coming weeks and months. A lots


to look forward to now because Edinburgh are going to kick off


against the Ospreys, who are 10-3 up.


COMMENTATOR: The only changes at half-time, a couple of clean shirts


to some of the players. Much-needed. It has been nonstop rain and the


Myreside. 10-3, the Ospreys lead. Now we'll see how the tactics


developed over the second 40. Sam Davies, long, only as far as Du


Preez. They will be far more ready to go aerial in the second half,


Edinburgh. Ban Evans, solid as usual. A big half of the season for


the Ospreys. I don't say that lightly. In my experience of


coaching and winning Celtic League titles, these periods are vital,


these games are crucial. As the boys in the studio said, a top two place


is vital because it's a tough semifinal and home advantage plays.


Ospreys sitting second and the moment. A win will take them top.


They must perfect this move. That will be a big boost for Edinburgh,


the ball not collected. We know how quickly things can change. Any


impetus, as we saw in Scotland, Wales were looking comfortable but a


couple of mistakes and then Scotland had their tails up and the game was


on. Spot on. Penalties come into play as well now. Having the


elements, the Ospreys need to keep their discipline.


In the open spaces, running at nine and ten, the number eight, Du Preez.


Tiring stuff, putting in tackle after tackle. Hoyland, dangerously


supporting Duncan Weir. Just watch the 22 metre line now, let's see how


many yards they get over that. The thing for the Ospreys isn't so much


the line break, it is the off line. Free ball kicked through by the


Ospreys. Advantage over. The clean catch called. Great to see the


interchangeability of the back three. Giles on this wing, and


Howells who has already played here for the Ospreys was in the full-back


spot because ban Evans had gone to the side. Great kick from Sam


Davies, he saw the defence coming across. Could have done another


couple of yards. Going past Hoyland initially, but Davies was there to


gather it. Du Preez this time. The pressure is coming on from Edinburgh


and the start of the second half. That's the third or fourth chip into


that chip zone. They are so secure in the defensive line they can


afford to have somebody sweeping in that area. Through the middle they


try and come but the ball was spilled forward.


Ardron, a nice clean white shirt. It was!


That's a mistake. The wind is now going to the far stand, coming from


behind us and Edinburgh. Looking at the touch judge's flags. Just


putting too much on that, Sam Davies.


Looking for the drive here, Jamie Ritchie is in the scrum-half


position. Toolis is back on the field and takes it. That is so


frustrating for anybody involved with Edinburgh. It is a bit of a let


off, we said about the energy sapping tackling in the 22. The


Ospreys pride themselves. Just holding his shoulder there.


Chris Towers, the long-standing original Ospreys physio therapist.


Just the knock-on, you can see he has gone to floor. George Clancy and


the assistant referee spotted it. The bench could play a big part in


this and on the face of it, the Ospreys have the stronger bench.


They do, and with experience, in two areas, ball carrying, people like


Dan Baker and Joe Bearman, but the solid defensive line, Paul James,


the experience he has, Rhodri Jones is a physical animal, and Brendon


Leonard, the All Black. Fonotia, not much time there. Under


real pressure. Mujati stays down. There's a bit of


space for Chris Dean. Sam Davies, tackled hard on the ground.


Brilliant work from Davies, had a field was over the ball, so no one


was in the back field. Now they have to work all the way from the try


line. Howells in the goal-line area. Habberfield takes on the


responsibility and makes absolutely sure. That's a good relieving kick


from Habberfield. In these areas Edinburgh are selling themselves on


a charge now. They know that the kickers have to get it away, they


can't run it out in these conditions.


Fonotia left that clearance kick infield and they are under pressure


again. Sam Davies showing the other side of his game, scrambling back to


rescue his team. Feel a bit sorry for young Jay Baker


on the bench, another prospect, the winner. He's not going to see much


ball tonight. Didn't get off the bench last week and he may not do


this week either. So Mujati stays on. Going past the 47 he played last


week. Doesn't look happy about it, mind! Ospreys challenged, and


sacking Toolis immediately. Illegally. This is what they are


looking for, Duncan Weir is looking up to the coaching both for


direction. Still looking up. Someone is going to have to make the call.


Neil Cochrane, the on field captain. They are backing themselves. Toolis


has won nearly every ball, you'd think they would double up on him


and put him under pressure. They know that he is the biggest ball


winner in the league. Playing in the air. Edinburgh going for the telling


blow. All the pressure has come from the home side in this second half.


Jamie Ritchie, ready to attach himself to an Edinburgh drive.


Toolis, goes without saying, wins the line-out. That's a great drive,


Cochrane adding his weight. They are short of the line. Cochrane trying


to sneak his way over, a couple of metres to go. He Gambo client,


McAllen coming around the corner -- Hidalgo-Clyne. Penalty advantage,


Edinburgh. Looking to come back on terms. Just by the skin of their


teeth, the Ospreys survived but only for the moment. The Ospreys will be


happy to give away a penalty here. They've gone for the corner, they


failed to score. Yes, they've given away the penalty. The Ospreys take


it to the wire. George Clancy here. Yes, smart defenders, they'll know


when to give away a penalty and when not to. The best sides take it to


the edge. Edinburgh have two score here. They've chosen to go for the


corner, toning down the points. I would have gone for points. Chances


will be limited. If they score it will -- if they don't score it will


be a massive boost for the Ospreys. Forced change Dickinson is still


down and Appiah comes onto the field. The game may be close. The


Ospreys held them out. More to come, though, pretty soon. Interesting,


Toolis, winning nearly every ball. Bluff, double bluff, you'd think


they'd have a crack at him. Just hoping that isn't a serious injury


for Alasdair Dickinson. Leinster, the top team at the moment, against


Scarlets, tomorrow night. Not many better places to go and play and


win. Great win in Munster, to repeat it in Leinster would be incredible


for the Scarlets. We'll see what we'll be discussing on Sunday


evening. This looks like it could be a break. Let's hope not. Alasdair


Dickinson, only his second game of the season. Conditions are pretty


awful, I should imagine. Treviso losing 0- seven and Connacht, about


12-0 up against Zebre. 12-3, in fact. Conditions are certainly


playing their part all over the Pro12 this evening. They are a real


leveller, not just the handling skills, but the kicking and rowing.


You seen the props slipping off the jerseys in the bind, sometimes you


lose your feet, Duncan Weir has lost his plant foot on kicks. Poor old


Alasdair Dickinson. His comeback game. Departing with what looks like


a serious ankle or leg injury. Let's just hope for the best. Yes, you


never want to see that. A great spell at Gloucester, one of my


former clubs and a great career with Scotland. Coming back at loosehead,


a decent game tonight. Here we go. Neil Cochrane, safely


cradling the ball under the towel to keep it dry to get the line-out they


want for a drive. Oh, would you believe it? Ben Toolis missing a


line-out! Just seen it too many times. You have to score there. You


put pressure on yourself because you've turned down the three. The go


to man, what was it, was it the left? The throw looked OK. Well, the


most successful line-out Ford mag in the Pro12 this season, and at the


crucial moment, things don't go right for Ben Toolis and a let off


for the Ospreys -- of the most successful line-out forward.


James King looking to scramble away from the mess of that ground. --


that scrum. Dangerous moments for the Ospreys. James King carrying


again. Does so much work for the Ospreys, such an underrated player.


Sam Davies getting enough on it to relieve the pressure for the


Ospreys. For all the good play that you want to see on your screens, you


know, if you are in the coaching stand, that's an excellent Cruz from


a difficult scrum. Two card carries under pressure, the clearance kick


undercharged down pressure and you relieve it. Steve Tandy is sitting


there very happy with his boys for that. One dozen minutes in the


second-half played almost exclusively Ospreys territory. Rigid


is in midfield, Du Preez is in midfield -- Ritchie. Toolis had to


readjust. Du Preez with the first carry. Good tackle coming in there,


it was under Hill, working in tandem with cracked bell. Two great


prospects, shame to see them go. -- cracked bell -- Cracknell. The


technique is excellent, the movement forward. Who is attacking who?


Perfectly positioned. The leg drive is important, for those youngsters,


get your head in the right position and drive your legs.


Still a one score game. Still uncomfortably close for the Ospreys.


Good control by James King. Yeah it's been an uncomfortable two


scrums for Derrick Appiah since he's come on. The new opponent, not


providing the same kind of threat as the old experienced Alasdair


Dickinson. I say old, he is 33! A bit harsh! Older. Topical,


substitutions in the Six Nations over the last couple of weeks. Watch


the game and look at your players, talk to your staff and players and


make decisions on the hoof, not premeditated. Particularly because


you haven't seen the conditions until you get here. You are managing


it as you go along and I'm sure that's what's we've will be doing


now. -- what Steve will be doing. Sam Parry, the Ospreys getting out


of their own half. Very, very well controlled drive. Really good work


by the Ospreys forwards. After soaking up all of that


pressure, the Ospreys, if they get points now, that will be a huge


psychological blow. Managing field position and possession, no silly


errors or plays, just the hard yards. That's what it will be about.


Sharing the load. Cracknell carries, King carries, Ardron carries. A


different kick, the high one taken well by Kinghorn. A good chase,


though, by Matavesi. Tactically the kick was perfect because it was


outside the 22 meaning that Kinghorn couldn't mark the ball. Bradbury


trying to put Edinburgh on the front foot. The ground is cutting up


there. It's still a pretty good condition considering. Excellent,


yes. Underhill with the feed to


Cracknell. Oh, dangerous ball to Thornton. Glenn Brice flying at him.


He's struggling with that shoulder, Thornton. I don't think he can go on


much longer. The pass going into the back of Underhill and now the


pressure is on David Howell 's -- Dafydd Howells. Difficult but you


must be accurate. He did well, Howells, and the Ospreys have


scrambled well. It's the kind of game that can turn on one mistake,


as much as one bit of magic which we saw from Sam Davies in the first


half. Kinghorn is looking to see where the strength is. Scholes


coming in off the wing. Well taken by Chris Dean. Underhill


is down now, and Thornton is struggling. They will have to look


to their bench pretty soon, the Ospreys, by the look of it. It's


tiring out there. It can be difficult for the subs to get on and


get into the pace and intensity of the game. A good carry from


Gilchrist. King again. Great adjustment. So


much work. I think he's the one, they will have to move the second


row if Thornton goes off. Joe Bearman and Dan Baker, the two back


replacements on the Ospreys' bench. Oh, Appiah, the crowd come alive.


They are beginning to find one or two holes now. Ardron is struggling


so they will have to look at changes now. A bit of pace. Well covered by


Matavesi. Some tired looking Ospreys defenders out there at the moment,


they are feeling every hit at the moment. Appiah puts them under more


pressure. Bradbury stays down as well. And Thornton is really


struggling at the moment. Some tired bodies! Straight through the middle,


Edinburgh. Gilchrist trying to do the same.


would expect them to going with the lead.


All 16/ delighted the ball went out to the left wing because it gave


them arrest. A huge shift from both teams in" is. Keelan Giles studies


ground. If you dive in and let your feet get too far-away up added. Here


come the cavalry. Sam Underhill looks like he's done. Stuart


McInally is on. Grant Gilchrist is going off. Dan Baker is coming on.


Let's see what the Ospreys management think of it. Griff Rhys


is with Catrin Heledd. Quite a bit of possession for Edinburgh. No


points and you must be happy with the defensive effort. The defensive


effort is huge. We have put ourselves under pressure. We had a


couple of half opportunities that it is too tired looking sides out


there. Some very tired bodies out there. Your bench looking very


strong this evening. We have some good options. This block of work has


been a tough one. We have to try and survive this last 20. The game is


crying out for a bit of magic. We have had a couple of half


opportunities but we were inaccurate. It is a two score game.


Thank you. Dan Baker is on for the Ospreys. A triple change in the home


pack. Stuart McInally and Lewis Carmichael on for Edinburgh. Joe


Bearman is busting a gut to command and he is coming on now for this


scrum. Paul James is stripped off as well. Joe Bearman coming on for Rory


Thornton which means James King will go into the second row. They have


lost the openside. Olly Cracknell will probably play there. The


Ospreys have gone for the line-out. That was a very tight call from


George Clancy. Let's have a look at it again. It was a great line-out.


George Clancy saying the tackle was complete because Tom Habberfield was


on the floor and he had to be released. George Clancy was spot on.


Sam Parry has been impressive tonight. Defensively solid. I would


not be surprised if he plays for Wales in the future. Paul James


coming on to play his 150th league game for the Ospreys, breaking the


record of Duncan Jones. He had a couple of years with Bath as well so


that is some going. Congratulations to him. A real store. He was there


in 2003 and good to see still going strong. No points in the third


quarter. Most of the pressure coming from Edinburgh. Good defensive work


from the Ospreys. It's only one score game still. Chris


Dean. Murray McCallum and Rory Scholes not sure who was going to go


for it. James King was so good with his workrate that Dan Baker has two


emulate that. He had a tendency when he was younger to drift in and out


of games. He can't afford to do that. Ulster have got a third try to


extend their lead. What do they do now? Do they close the gap will go


for the corner? Sam Hidalgo-Clyne is looking for the corner. Does anyone


make any decisions any more? The original Captain Neil Cochrane has


left. Again this is a moral victory for the Ospreys. They have gone for


the corner twice and the Ospreys have held them out. Now they have


resorted to the three points. Even if he does get it over it will be a


relief for the Ospreys to get done the other side off the field. I


would have gone for the original three but that it has gone now. The


last place the Ospreys want to be is on the line defending.


Very well struck by Duncan Weir. First points of the second half.


That puts them back within four points. A great strike and great


composure. It's not just the elements but they have been pounding


at each other, tired bodies, and we have a game on now. This is one for


the purists. Mike Allen the latest replacement for Edinburgh.


Joe Bearman going back of. James King has come back on. It was just a


temporary change. Hugh Gustafson on in the front row as well.


Sam Davies looking for a different kick in between the two defenders.


His left-to-right kick was skewered by the elements. Dan Evans looking


for that left-hand corner because of the breeze. A clean catch called


for. The Ospreys will want to spend some time down here. Every minute


counts down. Steve Tandy will be looking at that the clock. They have


had very little possession. It is still alive. Dafydd Howells. If they


can squeeze out a penalty they would take it now. Need to keep hands on


the ball first. Dan Baker. That bench will have to get some work


done now. It has been a big shift from Edinburgh. But if they don't


get over the line here where are they going? They don't look like a


team languishing in ninth with only four wins this season. Conditions


may be a leveller but they have been a match for the Ospreys this


evening. You can't question their efforts. This is where the Ospreys


have to be careful. I don't think Dan Evans will fag Sam Davies for


that pass. -- thank. Damien Hoyland. Looking to manufacture the kick from


the outside of the boot. The Ospreys looking to reply with interest. It


might not be great to watch but there is some great kicking going


on. That is not so good. Who will blink first? That is a good kick


from Sam Davies. Gives time for the chase. It forces that from Blair


Kinghorn. That is what it was all about. Who cracks first. It's a


tight game and it's tough and it's about errors from the kicks. Each


team has their backfield in place but it's too cracks first and it was


Edinburgh. The Ospreys now can consolidate field position to try


and build on the lead. Some of those hamstrings are crying out at the


moment. You talk about the forwards but the wingers have to chase


everything and chase back and cover. Hugh Gustafson finds his man in the


line-out. And this could be up the moment for the Ospreys. He fancies


it. There is a decision. He grabbed the ball straightaway and said posts


straightaway. That shows the maturity of the young lad. It's not


a matter of who is doing what, I'll have it. The Ospreys would have


talked about that collectively at half-time, any opportunities if Sam


Davies feels he can get it, take it. They are on the same page. If he


wants it why wouldn't you let him have it? Absolutely. This is a big


kick for Sam Davies. A big kick for the Ospreys for the whole season.


They need the breathing space of three points. It has been provided


by Sam Davies. What an effort. Magic hands first half, dependable kicking


in the second. Overconfidence. Straight down the middle. It is a


tough night for kickers and he has struck it sweetly. They are back


with a 7-point advantage. A converted try would draw Edinburgh


level but they need that converge as well. -- conversion. It has been an


absorbing game. That hit, they have been crunching stuff.


That was a forward pass surely. Not given. Back to what we saw for the


whole of the opening of the second half. That is more aggressive


defence by the Ospreys. Winning precious yards. Glenn Bryce. Duncan


Weir. Duncan Weir is not a threat. He is not attached. Kevin Bryce.


Duncan Weir. Stuart McInally. Good quick ball. Duncan Weir trying to


put some peace in it. Glenn Bryce. Normally a fullback. Played the last


few games in the centre. The 22 metre line, let's see where they go


from it. Derrick Appiah. They are having to work for every metre. The


Ospreys pushing them backwards. In position again for the next wave of


attack. The pitch getting stickier by the minute. Half a gap for Sam


Hidalgo-Clyne. Good tackle by Dan Baker. Lewis Carmichael. Not rolling


away Joe Bearman. In front of the sticks, you have to take the three


points. It was a rapid tackle and he can't get out of there. His left arm


was trapped. Joe Bearman in his last season with the Ospreys. A great


servant for the Dragons and the Ospreys. 38 last week. You won't see


a man in fine condition. He keeps himself in great condition. He is


great to have around the environment. A lovely guy and Martin


bad player. On his way to Merthyr, that is the talk. No comment. Duncan


Weir gets his third of the evening. It is such a close fought battle.


Every point is vital. That is what makes the game so interesting. It


has been difficult conditions but Edinburgh are still in the game. The


Ospreys can get clear because of the lack of possession this half. It has


been intriguing stuff and it is still time for something to happen


yet. Rhodri Jones the latest Ospreys replacement. Just six and a half


minutes remaining. There hasn't been more than a score between the two


teams all game. Edinburgh still very much in it. A great take by Damien


Hoyland. Steps on the gas on the far side. The brawl in Edinburgh's


hands. Duncan Weir calls for it. Quick hands from him. My gallon cuts


back from the wing. Deep into the Ospreys 22. The Ospreys now they are


up against it now. The crowd have come alive as Edinburgh go in search


of what could be a winning try. The Ospreys have slowed it down. Nathan


Fowles the new scrum half for Edinburgh. Lewis Carmichael with the


pick and go. It is thrilling stuff. After all the defending the Ospreys


have done they have still got more to do. But in this position you


still back the Ospreys. Every inch counts for Edinburgh. Kevin Bryce


drives on. Who is going to be the man over the ball. Sam Parry and Sam


Underhill are off the field. The Ospreys cannot get their hands on


the ball. Dan Baker Getty tackling. The forwards doing all the work for


the moment. Nathan Fowles bringing them in once more. They are not


going to go further than a couple of yards. Duncan Weir. Chris Dean holds


onto it. The Ospreys looking for a maul and looking for the scrum. The


tackle completed and its Edinburgh ball -- ball. After succumbing to a


1-point defeat against the Blues last week now Edinburgh at trying to


turn it into a 1-point win maybe later on against the Ospreys. All


the pressure coming from the home side. It comes down to this. Knocked


on. Relief for the Ospreys. With just three and half minutes to go


could that be enough? You have to give credit to both sides but


particularly the Ospreys. They know their roles, they are physically


dominant. They are patient. No silly penalties given away. Nobody going


for the ball unnecessarily. A big scrum for Rhodri Jones, his first


one since coming on. As it is for Hugh Gustafson. The clock ticking


down. The Ospreys hanging onto this lead at the moment. They will be


happy if this scrum takes all night. Discipline has been terrific from


the Ospreys. The crowd frustrated as the scrum for the second time cannot


set and that is a whole minute taken off. I think there should be time


off in reset scrums. This is an easy area of the game to knock the clock.


It has been such an effort from both teams. Such a defensive effort from


the Ospreys in the second half. Can they hold onto two more minutes? Dan


Baker runs at Duncan Weir. In their own 22. 90 seconds is all


they have to do. Keep the ball away from Edinburgh. But it's dangerous


in these conditions. In the end they opt for the kick and Josh Matavesi


puts it into the stands. What a scrum and what a carry from Dan


Baker. He put a big tackle in a couple of minutes earlier. And


mention for Tom Habberfield the captain as well. He has stayed on


for the whole duration. This is the break from Damien Hoyland. It


possibly could have created something for Edinburgh. The final


40 seconds of the game. Nathan Fowles makes a half-break. Edinburgh


have to throw the kitchen sink at it. This is their one chance to get


a win. They have not been that many in the league. The Ospreys need to


stand firm for the final 15 seconds. Duncan Weir. Chris Dean. Final play


coming up. Duncan Weir. Jamie Ritchie. The trusted Ospreys defence


needs to hold out once more. Can they force a mistake? Lewis


Carmichael. On the Ospreys 22. Nathan Fowles. The defence has been


superb all evening. They need to call on every bit of strength and it


has turned over. They just need to get the ball off the park. Kieron


Fonotia desert and the Ospreys have held on. It has been a titanic


effort in the rain. They hugely physical encounter but the Ospreys


defence and all kinds of pressure comes through in the end. The


Ospreys are still on winning ways. They have beaten Edinburgh 13-9.


Some get sea defence and the game swung on this one moment of magic


from Sam Davies. The off-load putting Josh Matavesi through. A


couple of kicks in that second half, two from Duncan Weir and one from


Sam Davies. This is the table. Zebre. We said at the end of the


first half that the Ospreys kept themselves ahead on the scoreboard


through Getty defence. I think Edinburgh could have been there all


night and not score the try. It what's makes the Ospreys such good


team. The score a lot of tries when it's a fine day but in those


conditions it was a very good effort. It is wins like that they


will look back on and that get you home semifinals. They have one ten


four try bonus points this season but its wings like that that make


you a championship winning side. They score the tries but when they


have two they shut down their defensive line. They really have


more than one person in that contact area. Teams always struggled to


break you down. Tom Habberfield is with Catrin Heledd. Top of the


league but Edinburgh did not make it easy for you. It was a tough game.


Tough conditions. They stuck to it until the end. It was a moment of


magic from Sam Davies and that's good for him if he is thinking of


oils next week. He's a good player and it shows with his performances.


Are you now thinking about the top two and not the top four.


Definitely, it's possible and that's what the boys believe. It's great to


have our fans here and we will try and do it for them. Top two for the


Ospreys now they have to be thinking in those terms. They have done it


before. The final is in Dublin and they have won twice in Dublin so


they are looking good. Wins like that will go a long way to ceiling


that home semifinal. If they don't get the top two, they would have to


go to Munster Leinster which is difficult. They have some tough


games but I would expect them to finish in the top two now. Can they


win the title this year? Yes. Great to speak to you both. Thanks for


watching at home. The Ospreys at this stage of the season said on top


of the league. Join us for scrum five on Sunday when we will be


reviewing all the Pro12 action and of course we will be looking ahead


to the big one, Wales against Ireland. We lost to Scotland but we


have to put it right against Ireland. We are fine margins away


from being a world-class team. We have got unbelievable talent in that


squad. The players need to back their own ability and play smart


because we know what Ireland can do. Everyone is looking forward to it.


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to Sing And Dance For Comic Relief.


# And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate


Ross Harries presents coverage of Edinburgh v Ospreys, with former Wales international Richie Rees and former Ospreys head coach Sean Holley.