Edinburgh v Blues Scrum V

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Edinburgh v Blues

Ross Harries presents live coverage as Edinburgh take on Cardiff Blues in the Pro12. The programme then joins coverage of Scotland U20 v Wales U20 live from Glasgow.

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Good evening and welcome to Scrum V Live. Tonight, we travelled North,


for a feast of Friday night rugby. COMMENTATOR:


He can get him. We begin with the Pro12 and the Cardiff Blues, who are


folk hoping to follow last week's win against Treviso with another,


against Edinburgh. And on the final whistle at Myreside we will head to


Broadwood, where the under 20s are in action. Jones collects and


scores. Sit back, make yourselves comfortable, your Scotland and Wales


weekend starts here. So an absolute feast of rugby to look forward to


tonight. We're going to start with our featured Pro12 game, Edinburgh


against the Cardiff Blues, and this is the game the Blues simply have to


win if they are to stay in the race for the top six. Hello, good


evening, welcome to Scrum V Live. You don't need to go anywhere for


the next three and a half hours. We are on air until 10:30pm. Loads of


rugby coming your way. Sean Holley and Richie Reeva here to keep me


company and hopefully get the Tees and cough within later on, but I can


tell you that Wales women are currently 14-0 up, scored a try


since we came on air, against Scotland, full highlights to come


before we're off there as well. We will focus on the Pro12, Edinburgh


against the Blues. It's unlikely to be the free-flowing romp, entirely


different conditions in Myreside, but if the Blues get their fair


share of possession they have a potent backstreet a night. Yes, it


will be a lot sterner than last week's game against Treviso land at


Myreside, not the open expanses of Murray side. It's an international


backstreet, we should see some tries. One man is on fire, Matthew


Morgan. When he is playing well, the Blues pay well. He's playing with


freedom and enjoying himself. He's electric. You can turn people square


and the acceleration he has, it frightens defences. What I like in


the match at the moment is the counterattacking and the fact he has


brought in other people. He is creating opportunities for his


fellow team-mates and the Nipper, as he's called he's playing with a


smile on his face. Almost the forgotten man of Welsh rugby.


Tonight's opponents, Edinburgh, rattling around at the bottom of the


Pro12 at the moment, maybe lacking direction, but they've appointed


Richard Cockerill as the new director of rugby from next season.


Can he bring about a change in fortunes? I think he is, he'll bring


that continuity and that edge. Edinburgh have changed coach over


the last couple of years, Hodge, Solomons of late, so he'll


definitely bring that edge will Richard Cockerill, he'll get the


respect of the players and hopefully the respect of the fans and


hopefully we see a decent, competitive game tonight. We can go


straight to Scotland now, we have a pitch side reporter with the Blues


head coach, Danny Wilson. I am indeed. Danny, just thinking,


we are getting to the business end of the season now. Every point is


important, especially when you are targeting the top six. With that in


mind, what have you told the boys in the changing room? We reinforced a


few messages for individuals, to take control of the team. A good win


for you last week, conditions so different tonight to what they were


at home at the Arms Park last week. Yes, we scored eight good tries last


week and we want to play very different conditions and a different


surface, but that's about as improving our consistency to play a


different venues in different ways and tonight is a different


challenge, and we'll hopefully get a win. You are targeting three wins


out of four in this black of league matches. Slip up maybe against


Connacht, but this is a must win game. The blast that, we have to win


today to give a chance of top six and we need consistency. We have


been inconsistent this season, some great performances, some not so good


and you have to do it on the training field and the playing field


and we get a chance tonight. Disappointing after a strong start


to the season. Consistency comes down to selection with injury


problems we've had, but ultimately on the field we have been too hot


and cold, really hot in Europe, and not good at times in the league. We


will catch up with you in the match, thank you. Thank you.


STUDIO: This is a fixture may have enjoyed


in recent years, they've won 11 of the last 13 against Edinburgh, have


a heart Cardiff Blues. Will that continue? We have the commentary


team, Scott Hastings and Gareth Charles.


COMMENTATOR: Thanks very much, a warm welcome to


Myreside. It was a warm welcome in Scotland this morning, the sun was


blazing, but a drop or two offering before kick off this evening will


make the ball greasy and it's nice and fresh for the players out there,


but the ground as it is now have a different to when I was last year.


The stands either end, it's compact and Bishoo. It's been a good setup


for Edinburgh to move here rather than play in a cauldron at


Murrayfield with only a few thousand fans. A good atmosphere generally.


I'm slightly disappointed there isn't more fans here but a lot of


anticipation in advance of the rugby international tomorrow. David


Wilkinson of Ireland the man in charge this evening. Just waiting


for the final countdown, to let Gareth Anscombe get the game and


away. One win in seven for Edinburgh. Two wins in seven for the


Blues. As they look to try to get up the table and look for some European


rugby, next year, a chance to get in the play-off games.


Nick Williams, back ready and waiting. Matthew Morgan can be so


devastating from those kind of positions, as the game goes on. And


scum, a little think over the top. Jason Tovey, a familiar face for


others, have one season with the Blues, and he looks to set up the


counter. A lovely pop off the deck to Glenn Bryce, normally a


full-back, playing in the centre for Edinburgh. Fraser McKenzie drives


on. Tovey. Sam Hidalgo-Clyne, an international


scrum-half, to Ben Toolis. They slowed it down have the Blues.


They didn't quite manage the turnover. It's always interesting in


the early exchanges what type of rugby Edinburgh want to play against


this quality Blues team. We found Chris Dean there, when he was coming


across, he hesitated a bit and sometimes at the start of the game


you just want to put some momentum, hit the contact, go through the


phases and play a little bit of territory early doors, but the big


number eight there, Nick Williams, he's some size and he's been a great


asset to the Blues having transferred. He spent a couple of


seasons in Munster, a couple with a Roni. Is a pretty young Edinburgh


side. The captain, Neil Cochrane, the only one who is the wrong side


of 30. The scrum spins round and Edinburgh


disappointed they weren't given the penalty. Cornell Du Preez looking


for it but it wasn't coming from Mr Wilkinson. You mention the scrum,


Jack Cosgrove and Murray McCallum, the young under 20 Scotland player,


he has impressed me very, very much. He can hold his own in the scrum.


Good tight head is are what you want in the scrum. Interesting one, the


tight head for the Blues, Anton Peikrishvili, the Georgian, the


third start of the season in the Pro12.


This time, Du Preez tries to pick up and give Hidalgo-Clyne some clean


ball, but again, the pressure was on the number eight as the scrum was


crumbling. In goes Rory Scholes to act as scrum-half.


Hidalgo-Clyne, high into the air. Cuthbert waits on halfway and takes.


And then fires it out on the half volley to Halaholo. -- Gareth


Anscombe fires out. Lloyd Williams, the skipper again for the Cardiff


Blues this evening. Christian Dacey released from Welsh squad training.


Hasn't featured a match day 23 in the Six Nations.


The game being played in the middle third in the opening stages. Scholes


half slips a tackle. Look to get the ball away, but it went backwards,


says David Wilkinson. Turned over anyway. Hoeata with a long pass to


Gareth Anscombe. Gareth Anscombe tried to weave his way past the


defence. With the ball this time for the


Blues. Steven Shingler puts the ball downfield.


Jason Tovey on his trusted left boot, puts the ball out of play.


Good positioning. You saw him on the turnover play. He dropped back into


the 22, then slid himself onto this nearside and good play there from


both teams. Tovey had the one season with the


Blues, back in 2012-13, wedged in among eight years at the Dragons.


Dacey, looking for Williams on the short ball. Just checked slightly,


couldn't quite get as much weight into it as he would have wanted.


Running all his 20 and a half stone, picked up and taken on by Hoeata.


The two teams just sizing each other out in the opening stages. Yes,


delivering pick and drive, then it will be released to the backs. You


can see Cardiff Blues actually have momentum within their attack phase


there. That certainly is proving well for them. Cuthbert had gone


over and the intent was there and they knew the penalty was coming


anyway. But just that little edge may be about the Blues' backs in the


opening stages. They have something to run onto their odd because the


forwards gave that front football, that allowed them to get through


this attack. Cuthbert unable to hang onto that and as you can see, just


that drizzly rain affecting the handling as well. It just takes an


edge off you're passing skills. I always find when you are playing in


the rain, it's just that slight adjustment, where if you have a dry


ball it is zipping through the hands. One can only wonder what's


going through the mind of Alex Cuthbert on a night like this, when


his team-mates, his Welsh team-mates, our downtown in the team


Hoeata, looking forward to a game tomorrow. The way things ended


against England, it's great to see him back scoring for the Blues


against Treviso. Needs all the confidence boost he can get at the


moment. Steven Shingler picked up 22 points in that big win against


Treviso last week. And Shingler starts well again this


evening and gets the fourth points on the board for the Blues, within


eight minutes. Just a word on Alex Cuthbert from a Scottish perspective


actually, because he was absolutely pilloried by the press and full


credit to him, because the only way he can do his talking is back on the


pitch and it was good to see him scoring a try last week, but also


more importantly, coming up here, having to test himself and maybe


it'll be curtains for his international career, because when


you are low in confidence and you are exposed in a manner that he was,


it takes a lot to come back. But at the end of the day you can only ply


your trade on the pitch. Knock-on advantage for the Blues.


Lloyd Williams to Anscombe. Straight out to Halaholo.


It will be interesting to see how Chris Dean and Glenn Bryce get the


defensive angles right this evening as well. A new combination in


midfield. Dean may be more used to playing 13.


Kinghorn safely underneath it. Cuthbert just drag him down on


halfway. Hidalgo-Clyne to Glenn Bryce.


Jack Cosgrove, Lu said. -- loosehead will. Jamie Ritchie spinning out of


the tackles of the Blues midfield. Toolis just overran it then other so


Tovey changes his mind, now it's Neil Cochrane trying to get his team


going forward again. Kinghorn, not too much room on this nearside.


There's an opportunity to come blind, three on two down the short


close channels and that's what the players work on.


In from the Samhain, Damien Hoyland. -- from the far wing. The Blues


getting plenty of numbers midfield. That one slips forward.


I cross comes Matthew Morgan, just slips at the last moment, but safely


latches onto the ball. Support from Cuthbert, the ball was there for the


Blues to clear. Nick Williams buying them a bit more time, allowing Lloyd


Williams to get back into place. It's his kick to relieve the


pressure. He's outside the 22. Just going for distance. Scholes links up


with Tovey, to Hoyland. Edinburgh looking to work the


numbers, coming left. Two men on this outside, but no advantage from


the early high tackle. They have to have confidence those wider channels


and use the hands. Damien Hoyland comes in, makes the


step and caught by Steve Shingler. In fact, it was Halaholo. Yes, it


looks like the Blues have found their preferred midfield combination


with Gareth Anscombe at ten, Shingler at 12 and either Halaholo


at 13, or an injured player, but that's the way they are looking at


the moment. It's a good combination. Halaholo, that's a tongue twister


for a commentator! The stand on the far side is filled


up. A good platform for Neil Cochrane,


just making sure the ball is as dry as possible. In these drizzly


conditions. Taken by Toolis. Well defended by the Blues. Just


taken offence to George, coming round the blindside. Cochran, they


kept their patients, Edinburgh. It was very well defended initially by


the Blues, but they haven't stopped moving.


A string of penalties, as the Blues desperately defend. But David


Wilkinson just wants to have a look at what happened when Giorgio crept


around the blindside as well. Tim Hayes is the TMO this evening.


REFEREE: Tim, are you there please? It was a good drive from the


line-out, they were patient, they hit Ben Toolis but as the drive came


round that right-hand side it was spinning off side, it was George


Earle, he had a go at Sam Hidalgo-Clyne. I think we will see


it on the replay coming now. I want to check for possible foul play.


TMO: I'll check that now, bringing it up


for you. REFEREE: The actions of the


Edinburgh number five... Ben Toolis and George Earle. Nothing in that.


Ben Toolis thought about it and shoved him off in the end. And Earle


continued with Hidalgo-Clyne. I'll have another look at that. Give him


a ticking off and get on with the game! We have watched this twice,


why are we watching it a third time? It's a shelf and shove, isn't it?


REFEREE: We have a shove, I'll speak to the Cardiff captain. Captain. Ben


Toolis thought better of it and shoved George Earle, who in turn


shoved Sam Hidalgo-Clyne. It happens. It happens. It's a contact


game. REFEREE: We have three offences in


the one phase of play. The number four pushing a player off the ball,


the number three who came in and collapsed the ball and the second


row, it has to stop now. You leave me no option. A string of penalties


conceded. Really, nothing more. Interestingly though, Edinburgh on


the back of that last line-out drive I fancy, looking for the same again.


You laborious, I think also hit Ben Toolis again. He's their number-1


catcher in the line-out. Again, Toolis is the target. Again,


Cochrane is the one in control. As they come inside the Blues conceded


another. This time they go to ground. Still advantage for them, so


he could put the chip in, which is gathered safely by Steven Shingler.


No wonder, after the last warning, yes, indeed, David Willsie -- David


Wilkinson goes straight for the pocket and its yellow for Anton


Peikrishvili. Again, will Edinburgh go for the corner? An extra man, get


the drive, get the catch. Well, it's difficult enough to stop


with a full complement. It's an innocent looking face though, isn't


it? There he is in the side, dragging people out. If he'd stayed


on his feet, interestingly enough, he'd have got away with it. As it


was, Edinburgh on the drive now. Here come Edinburgh again, a third


line-out drive in pretty quick succession. The Blues a man short


defending as well. Neil Cochrane more than happy with ball in hand at


the end of that advancing towards the try line, and driven over, it


seems, yes indeed, at the third time of asking. Edinburgh showed how to


control a line-out drive and it's the captain, Neil Cochrane, who


comes away with the spoils and the first try of the evening. What


impressed me about that try was they took their time. There was three


platforms to meet the drive. They knew they had the ascendancy. As


every good coach and player will tell you, when you are tight and you


have a low body angle there, they managed to splinter and they drove


it over. Technically very good from Edinburgh.


You'd put a good deal of money on that, two previously successful


drives. The Blues already on a warning, already on a yellow. And a


man short. And seemingly only one result.


Hidalgo-Clyne succeeds with a conversion. And Edinburgh go off to


a 7-3 lead. When it splintered, it became almost


impossible for the Blues to stop that drive. A man down. Edinburgh


fully capitalised there. Gareth Anscombe's restart, deep into


the 22. The ball flies back from Cornell Du Preez.


The Blues, trying to put pressure on Edinburgh in their own 22. But


plenty of time for Sam Hidalgo-Clyne, and he makes


absolutely sure. Interesting tactic from the Cardiff Blues. They are


flying up, aren't they? They call it the line speed, press defence, the


press puts pressure on the opposition. You have to be thinking


what's looking at you? Is there somebody coming out on the hoop line


that you can take advantage of with the slick pass. The Blues have got


some territory. Can they get themselves back in this game and


start to dominate Edinburgh down in this quarter?


Earle slips it down to Nick Williams and it is the Blues' turn to get a


penalty. As the line-out drive is illegally defended.


Soft penalty. From an Edinburgh perspective. The three points on


offer, I'm not surprised straightaway Steve Shingler opted to


just take the kick and go. Fraser McKenzie, he came in from an


offside position, but the referee was very quick to penalised him,


wasn't he? Steven Shingler were successful with


the kick, and that brings the Blues back within a point. Let's go pitch


side. Peter, you have got that try and you


made the most of the extra man. You must be happy? Happy with the start.


It's not a night for playing too much rugby near Rome goal-line and


we are guilty of that especially near the halfway, but as soon as we


got the position we backed it up in these conditions. The Blues getting


back into it. Frustrated with the penalties? Whoever controls the way


they exit into the field and the pressure through the Moore will go a


long way to having a say in the game, so we need to deal with that


and put pressure on them at the right end of the field. Thanks, we


will catch up with you later. Thank you.


COMMENTATOR: Quick transference to Halaholo.


Cuthbert via Matthew Morgan, Baxter Halaholo out again. Good little


off-loads from the Blues, keeping the ball away from the Edinburgh


defenders. Anscombe, short ball today see. They have men going left


to the Blues. It's been tied in ever so slightly. Anscombe, Matthew


Morgan. Couldn't get it wide enough. Soon enough. So now they are going


to have to build again, the Edinburgh defence back in place.


Back inside to Tom Jones. -- Tom James. Flat ball. To Rhys Gill.


Anscombe Bacchin position. Up comes the Edinburgh defence to challenge


Nick Williams. And they win the battle of the breakdown as the Blues


players pile over. Second barn in off their field, tackle from Magnus


Bradbury. The Blues, when they get the ball, they are certainly more


momentum in their attack phase play. I felt the past from Halaholo should


have gone wide, first of all he passed inside on that last attack,


coming down the right-hand channel. For me, sometimes the opportunity


there to spread defences allows the attack backs, the likes of Matthew


Morgan, the likes of Cuthbert and Tom James, that will allow them the


space is to run if they can stretch this Edinburgh defence. Blair


Kinghorn, the Edinburgh full-back is struggling. He was on his knees on


halfway while the Blues were launching the last attack. One of


the medics still on the field. Talking to the full-back at the


moment, who will take no part in this Edinburgh attack from the


line-out. There he is, Kinghorn. Interesting, because the law -- he


lost the ball on the contacts. Edinburgh have been sloppy on a


couple of occasions in the contacts. Bryce with the carry.


Hidalgo-Clyne under pressure. Doing ever so well to get that back. He


did come interesting because the Blues stood off the ruck.


Hidalgo-Clyne went in to gather and manage to win a penalty on the other


side. Peter Wilkins, he was speaking


earlier on, talking about Edinburgh playing more territory. For the


first 20 minutes a lot of the game has been in the centre field. I


often wonder, what is the kicking attack strategy, to relieve pressure


and get some territory and play the pick and drive rugby that can often


open up teams? Interesting that they went for the


corner earlier on. But this one, certainly within Hidalgo-Clyne's


range. That's a good strike. Good strike but not quite well directed


enough. So, it remains a 1-point game. And back comes Anton


Peikrishvili, his ten minutes in the bin being done, and the damage being


done as well. A couple of seasons ago he could put that over in his


sleep, he was kicking brilliantly for Edinburgh in the Pro12. Tovey.


Signalled to number eight, Dupre is, that the ball was going skywards.


Back in the hands of Sam Hidalgo-Clyne. As kindly as possible


with a loosehead prop all over him. Matthew Morgan, who quickly look to


make up the ground because he knew it was coming. Super kick, brilliant


skills, Jason Tovey, to keep it in play and not give the line, five


metres out. Still a line-out for the Blues but that was great skill from


Tovey to keep it alive. The game of rugby, you have little cameos,


Matthew Morgan's position, he read the kick of Tovey. He felt the


mistake would be made but when Morgan put the ball in, Tovey did so


well to gain that position. Cardiff still have the territory. Oh, lost


the line-out, though. Jason Tovey can push them further back towards


half Wayne. Again, the wind has picked up over the last few minutes.


-- towards halfway. It's going to be a factor, the Cardiff Blues playing


into the wind in the second half. Five-man line with the Leeds for the


Blues with Sean Bennett, the flanker, formerly from scholars come


on loan from Northampton. -- formally from Scarlets. David


Wilkinson isn't happy at all with the way the Blues are taking their


time in arranging the line-out. They need to because the Prior nearly


went again. Macauley Cook did well to hold onto it. -- because the


throw nearly went again. Nick Williams waiting in midfield. And


there he is, ready to carry. The Edinburgh defence waiting for him as


well. Pick and drive from the Cardiff Blues forwards as they try


and edged towards the Edinburgh 22. Matthew Morgan on the far side.


Again, it's the home side that come out on top at the breakdown.


Infringement warning again, too many. They've got to stay up, got to


clear the area and be positive. Cardiff Blues, too often the players


are going to the deck. Edinburgh are making life awkward in the contact


area, flooring numbers into it so the likes of Bradbury and Ritchie,


there are making life awkward for the Cardiff Blues and because they


can't get the quick ball that we saw in the first ten minutes, there's


nothing to attack off. Certainly very frustrating for the visitors in


the opening half an hour. They are falling foul of the whistle of David


Wilkinson. Fraser McKenzie looks like he's


going to go off injured. Here is the previous ruck. Too many Cardiff


Blues players on the deck. Fraser McKenzie just departing in the


background. Lewis Carmichael is on to replace


him. And there is Carmichael, his first


receipt. Good work off the deck by


Hidalgo-Clyne. So slow in getting away. Going to be


another yellow. It is another yellow. He warned the Cardiff Blues,


didn't he? Slow away there, Hoeata. A bit faster there, though Mark back


-- a bit faster there, though! I often wonder if professional rugby


players come if they got a judo coach, if a judo player goes down,


that has to be the Orton it -- the automatic reaction of a rugby


player, and then he doesn't get penalised. It means that the Blues


will have spent half of the first half with 14 men, at least. There


may be more to come. You look at the scoreboard, a 1-point differential,


if Edinburgh are going to capitalise, they need to score from


this line-out, or in the next nine minutes to capitalise, the power


play must be on. The Blues must think they are going to get nothing


from him, they must be squeaky-clean, they must give away


no penalties. Jamie Ritchie setting it up, quick ball. McCallum driving


at the heart of the Blues defence. Shingler hacking on. Cuthbert giving


chase, Scholes didn't gather it cleanly. Falling into Bryce's hands.


Morgan waiting again, with time to weigh up the options. Skidding it


along the surface and that's a lovely kick from Morgan. He's a


talented player, Morgan. Love it when he gets his dancing feet going


because he can cut off any defence on his day. This appointing


attacking line-out from Edinburgh. The innovation when they went over


the top but then they lost the ball in the turnover. The defensive line


for Edinburgh. Their captain has some more company now. Playing quite


a lot of this half with 14 men, how do you stop Edinburgh from


capitalising in the first 20 minutes? Firstly you try and play


with 15 come on the right end of the penalty count, which is 7-2 against


us, feeding their power game. We must deny them the set piece but if


our discipline continues they will get more set pieces and increase


pressure. We want to take pressure off the line-out defence. Conditions


not great, the wind has picked up. It is supposed to get worse as well


and with that kind of penalty count, we are digging in and working hard.


I'm glad of the scoreline. We haven't exerted any pressure,


hopefully we can get some good attacks and see what they've got


defensively. You have a lot to talk about, we'll let you get on. Thank


you. If it is still 7-6 at half-time, they won't be too


unhappy, the Blues, on the balance of play. But they'll be hoping that


there is a chance to develop something from here, even though


their one man short. Macauley Cook has stepped up to the second row.


A very steady scrum, for seven men. Cuthbert going through Tovey.


Leaving him face down on the floor. That should give them a bit of


inspiration to go towards the try line. Tovey is still holding his arm


from eight stinger in the tackle. -- from a stinger. They need runners in


midfield, that would be sensible. Shingler does exactly that, working


him perfectly. Tovey is down again. The Blues rampaging, trying to get


over the try line. Nick Williams. Discipline is needed now by the


Blues. Anscombe. The ball comes out quickly. Cuthbert in the middle of


the forwards. No scrum-half at the moment. The ball flies out. The


scrum goes Edinburgh's way. After the hard work, the Blues have


nothing to show for it but two Edinburgh men down. Two men down,


Rory McAllister one closest to the camera and Jason Tovey took a couple


of big knocks. Cuthbert took Tovey out of the game and from that point


you thought that the Cardiff Blues were going to stretch the Edinburgh


defence but another error on the far side meant that in a bra have


survived the Cardiff onslaught. -- that Edinburgh have survived. That


was a crucial point. If they play the territory game in the second


half, Edinburgh, this could be an opportunity missed by Cardiff.


This is when the mistake came in, Jamie Ritchie from Edinburgh. They


became sloppy at the base, you got to protect the ball. Williams was


dragged in, so there was no scrum-half for the Blues. Good to


see Jason Tovey on his feet but I think he'll have to go off for the


HIA. That was the second one where Steven Shingler caught him on the


side of the head. I felt that one, on a cold winter's night you can


still feel them. Every rugby player will be squirming a bit about that


one. A few hefty ones at Murrayfield tomorrow between the Welsh and the


Scottish. The streets of Edinburgh, packed with many supporters this


afternoon. McCallum is still down. Mike Allen has come on for Jason


Tovey. Mike Allen is a wing or centre so that there will be a


reshuffle in the Edinburgh back line. Looks like McCallum is walking


off rather than take part in the scrum. I was hoping for a moment


that McCallum wasn't going to take the place in the front row. Kevin


Bryce, Glenn Bryce's brother. Bryce has come on, on the far side of the


scrum. Three Scottish caps, the tight head.


That one spun around at a rate of knots, but nobody at fault.


We could almost hear on the referee's captaincy, the Edinburgh


hooker saying that he didn't splinter that ground. -- that scrum.


-- on the referee's microphone. Free kick going Edinburgh's way.


Early engagement from the Blues. That may be an indication of the


strength of the wind because that one hardly went five metres. You've


got to keep it below the stand. Knowing how the wind blows around


the pitch, are used to play for the club team here. There is a definite


way to play the wind here. The Blues will have to face it in the second


half. They would dearly love to get into the changing rooms ahead.


Decent line-out work as well. Short ball, Shingler. That's a good tackle


by Jamie Ritchie. The Blues, coming alive and the end


of this first half. Looking far more dangerous over the last few minutes.


They need to finish it off. They are a different team when they get


faster ball, the players are playing with more intensity but another


error costing them the opportunity. Yes, the initial build-up is so good


but they can't get the telling pass. From the Blues perspective, I feel


for them. That attack platform was good from the Blues. It was


accurate, sharp, every player played his part. A mistake costing the


Blues the opportunity. Kinghorn on the far side of the


scrum. Filling in while Jason Tovey has the head injury assessment.


Good control by Du Preez. Just what Edinburgh wanted. After being under


pressure for a few minutes. Aina bro perhaps I've a slight edge in the


scrum and the line-out play has been more effective but we have to say


that there is a man short. -- Edinburgh have perhaps a slight


edge. Playing with only 14 men isn't easy.


When you use to get down to the last minute, as a player you would say,


strike move, what is your best move, your training ground move to get


points on the board? Is it setting up for the drop goal, or going for


the try line? Toolis, the go to man in the


line-out, the Blues standing off this time. Managing to halt it.


Hidalgo-Clyne, just outside the 22. Wait outside in the end. Falling


nicely for Kinghorn, passing to Allen, who can't control it.


Cuthbert just about reaching touch. The chance was there for Michael


Allen. Like the keystone cops, the way they let the ball bounce -- the


ball bounced and the players chasing after it. Great from Hidalgo-Clyne,


holding up in the wind. The bounce nearly got in Edinburgh's way. You


thought it was there and suddenly, the Cardiff Blues arriving to save


the day. One more play for the Blues to clear the decks after looking to


go in ahead at half-time. Now they are happy with just the one point


deficit. Regather and faced the wind in the second half. Lloyd Williams,


the skipper, putting it out as quickly as possible. After all that


effort and playing for 20 minutes in the first half with 14 men, the


Blues, just one point behind. In that sense, they won't be very


unhappy but they'll have two faced the worst of the elements in the


second half. They'll have to keep a lot of ball-in-hand and clearing the


decks is going to be pretty precarious. As it is, just the


1-point deficit, 7-6. Skipper Lloyd Williams is with Catherine. You had


George chances at the end of the first half, Edinburgh as well,


relieved with the 1-point difference? Weird bit disappointed.


We've got to do take our chance in the second half. Maybe conditions


more difficult in the second half? We will change how we play, stay as


positive as we can. What about discipline, Danny an mentioned it?


We have to address it at half-time and try and be squeaky-clean.


So, not the most vintage of first half displays from the Cardiff


Blues, or Edinburgh, but it was the Blues who went through Steven


Shingler. Then, Peikrishvili saw yellow and Edinburgh took full


advantage, going over the try line from the driving line-out.


Hidalgo-Clyne missed a penalty for Edinburgh. Schindler got another for


the Blues to keep them in touch. Then, indiscipline was a theme in


the first half. Hoeata also seeing yellow. The Blues seeing half of the


first half with 14 men. I will speak to you in English rather than Welsh!


Sean, not the most vintage display from either side, but given the fact


that the Blues had the wind, they would want to be ahead at half-time


by some distance. They have the wind, they have a more experienced


team, on paper you'd expect them to be wiping the floor with Edinburgh.


I noticed Taylor lethargic, heavy legs, making mistakes, not taking


opportunities and poor discipline is costing them. All in all, Danny is


going to go in there with a roasting in mind. Is it anything to do with


the conditions? We will talk about how Edinburgh are playing the wind


better but we talked about the soggy pitch and how the Blues don't really


look up for the fight. It's tough, they've moved to the new stadium,


Edinburgh, for the rest of the season and it is the first time a


lot of Blues players are playing there. They need to increase the


urgency. It will be tough, playing against the wind so the kicking game


is going to be important. Something Edinburgh did well in the first


half, controlling the middle third. Still 40 minutes left on the clock


and plenty for them to play for. Specific examples of this lethargy


we're seeing from the Blues, the line speed lacking urgency, getting


in position, they don't seem to be on the money. Line speed, that is an


attitude. The back three, getting the ball-in-hand. This is turnover


ball, you coach them to come alive but they just stand still, they


don't offer anything. The pass must go very deep over the back allowing


Edinburgh's defence to join up in a line, take up the space and shut off


any attack from the threat. The urgency towards the tackle area is


bad. Look at Hoeata, he's watching. Look at number five. Waiting and


watching for someone to do something and that doesn't work. You've got to


go and do it yourself and it's costing them. Is that the kind of


thing you can fix in a half-time team talk? Yes, Danny can definitely


pull that out of the boys but it's the urgency thing, they've got the


quality on the field, they've got the ability. A big game for the


Blues, Edinburgh are chasing them in the league table. It's important,


this 40 minutes. In terms of discipline, it has been the ongoing


theme, two yellow cards in the first half, something Danny Wilson won to


be happy about and it led to the only try of the game. Going away


from home you've got to be squeaky-clean, don't give the team


the out, but it was penalty after penalty, the usual suspects. George


Earle, a walking yellow card. Unnecessary, in the eyes of the


assistant referee. This is blatantly pulling the guy out, you can't do


it, they've been warned. When you have a man down upfront, you can't


take down the maul because the referee is looking for the potential


penetrator I -- penalty try. It is a silly penalty, Hoeata, it is


obvious. Danny is going to be livid, he'll be grinding his teeth. You'll


have to be calm, give them good tactical information but he'll be


giving them a roasting as well. In terms of tactical information,


Edinburgh have been into the wind and they have played conditions


accordingly. Edinburgh have been good tactically, they have chosen


Tovey pulling the strings, they are happy to go through a few phases.


Quite patient. We touched on the indiscipline of the Blues, giving


the penalties away, so that's what they are waiting for them to do.


Staying in the middle third, happy to go through. This action was 12,


13 phases. Hidalgo-Clyne looking for the corner, decent kick and chase


and that's where the pressure is, putting the pressure on the Blues,


forcing them to exit. Second-half coming up. Wales against Scotland,


worth pointing out the last two games between them have been settled


by three points and four points so this one could come down to a goal


kick and we went down to the Barn for a kicking masterclass.


Today we're going to have a masterclass in kicking and luckily


for us in Wales we have one of the best in the world, Leigh Halfpenny.


Luckily for you and everyone else, you know everything I have taught


you and you have become one of the best in the world but today you're


going to show us your technique and key points for goal-kicking. Sfaltos


off, then. -- start us off. I'm just looking to line up the seam around


the post. Then I'm doing my run-up, four steps back. I'm just looking at


the posts, imagining a third post down the middle between them. I


imagine it there, five steps back. Blocking everything else out. Yes,


just focusing on the kick, nothing else. As I approach, I just come in


and as you make a run you want to go right at the ball, plant your foot


alongside the ball. If you are back a bit, you can go to the left.


Looking along this spot. The sweet spot on the ball, yeah. As you're


making contact you want to hit the ball and keep going through it. A


big follow-through, jumping through, and that is where the power is


generated. That's right, putting my weight through the ball. Going back


to halfway. Hopefully! Easy as that. Magnificent strike. It could have


sailed over another 15 yards. Easy as that, nice and straight. Nice,


mate. Cheers. There you go, you aspiring kickers, no better person


to learn from than Leigh Halfpenny. Scott Hastings has come down from


the commentary box to join us for the half-time chat. I hate to remind


you that Scotland haven't beaten Wales in the last nine attempts,


what about this year persuade you that it may be different? Everyone


has seen the difference in Vern Cotter's team and how they approach


the game, they closed out the brutal game against Ireland -- the Ireland


game and the brutal game against France, they have Stuart Hall, Finn


Russell is excelling, Tommy Seymour. If Scotland can win enough ball up


front, this could be a cracker of a game. Injury crisis in Scotland,


Greg Laidlaw, the captain, Josh Strauss, the ball carrier and Sean


Maitland not recovering from his rib injury. There seems to be more depth


and resources in Scottish rugby to cope with these injuries. Yes, there


is. I'm concerned about the wake of the pack but if they can get some


parity -- the weight of the pack. The back row, looking at the


strength of the Scotland back row, they have a bit of craft in Buckley,


Ryan Wilson and Hardy at openside. Against Moriarty for example, in


great form for Wales, Sam Warburton, Justin Tipuric, the breakdown is


going to be key. I would match up the two fly-halves. Dan Biggar


played the game of his life against England against the young pretender,


Finn Russell, who likes playing flat to the gain line. If Scotland can


win that ball and if Russell can play rugby around the contact area


flat to the gain line, if he can unhook the strike runners like


Stuart Hall and Tommy Seymour, Scotland have the attacking ability


to take on this Welsh team. They must play top drawer rugby if


they're going to do that. Enjoy the second half and we'll


catch up after the test, I'm sure. Over to Wales now. Perhaps the


biggest headache rod Harry had was to stick or twist in the back row.


With the world-class Faletau remain on the bench? The decision he took


was yes, he would. He stuck with the same back row that started against


England. Did you ever think we'd see the day when Faletau would not be in


the starting 15? No, I didn't. It shows the depth we have got. This is


a world-class athlete and player, probably, and he's raring to go. He


had another game under his belt for Bass, but we have strength in the


form of the three guys. I'm really pleased Rob has given a reward for


them playing again. A lot has been spoken about the substitutions, but


he showed the courage of his convictions to pick Moriarty again


and he's deserved it. The are playing so well, you can't move


them. Do you pick the best three players in your squad, all the best


blend? It's an interesting one. It depends on the philosophy of the


coach at the at the game, the structural game button you would


like to play. With Justin Tipuric, he's very much a ball player than a


physical domineering ball-carrier, but it's interesting. Scotland have


dropped Hamish Watson, they've brought in John Hardie, maybe to try


and match physically but Moriarty last week was probably the best


player on the field. He was superb. To have the likes of Toby Faletau on


the bench, you cannot question the quality and depth we've got. I'll


get your thoughts after full-time on the substitution strategy but it


looks like the teams are back out in Myreside. We'll cross back for the


second half. A score update. At the death in the Wales women's game,


Scotland kicked a penalty in dramatic circumstances to go 15-14


ahead with about a minute left on the clock, and the Scarlets are


currently losing 12-6 to Munster. Time to return to Myreside on Scott


Hastings and Gareth Charles. COMMENTATOR:


Thanks very much indeed. The Blues to face the elements in the second


half. As they look to try and overturn just the 1-point deficit,


two Steven Shingler penalties to the try for the home skipper, Neil


Cochrane, from a driving line-out. Now a test of tactics. Confirmation


that that game has come to an end in Cumbernauld and the Welsh women have


lost, just squeaked out the end by 15-14. -- squeaked out at the end.


Big disappointment for them, after being 14-0 at one stage.


Glenn Bryce and popping the grubber kick through and that's going to be


a feature of the game. Boy, was it cold at half-time, but also that


wind blowing in the backs of the Edinburgh team as you look at this


picture from left-to-right, it's a blustery breeze, and as we saw on


the clearance kick for Lloyd Williams, it's tough and the


pressure on Christian Dacey to hit this line-out is going to be key. A


game, that one drifts, overcompensation, it's what we saw


from Edinburgh at the end of the first half. Edinburgh have their


hands on it anyway. Bradbury. A real battle for that ball. The Blues are


claiming the maul. Rather than giving the Blues scrum, there's huge


disappointment for them, because the rest is going all the way back the


line-out. It I wasn't aware he was playing advantage. Things have gone


against the Blues. What's going to happen in the second half, the Blues


are going to get into this game and start to put them under pressure.


They are going to have to be so accurate, not only in the breakdown,


but on the line-out, on their passing and on the kicking game,


because that wind is going to be a feature of this second half. Graham


Steadman, defence coach. He will have a word with them during


half-time expects a lot of defending the second period.


All three Welsh regions who are playing this evening currently


trailing. As Sam Hidalgo-Clyne has a look to see what's on, once Cornell


Du Preez releases the ball. Tovey back on the field, that's good to


see. For once, the Blues will be thinking, we've been given a break,


as Chris Dean is scampering towards the try line. Yes, Steve Shingler,


he almost tipped Chris Dean up because the pass was high on Tovey.


Chris Dean, he didn't agree with Wilkinson. We might see a replay of


this one. Here it is. Shingler in with a tackle. He lifted the player,


he let go of him so the tackle perhaps hadn't been completed. Dean


pleading with the referee, but the decision had been made. He got away


with it. I think it was the fact there was the element of the tip


tackle, that made Shingler just released his man and he wasn't held


on the deck but it has to be immediate. That's what the law


states. Certainly referee Wilkinson right on the button there.


Williams and the forwards are going to have to get through a lot of hard


graft over the next 40 minutes. It's going to be on their shoulders to


carry an awful lot of ball. It's going to be energy sapping and


tiring. The backs are going to be chasing quite a few shadows this


evening. His angle was squeezed there. If the


ball had been kicked on the first occasion rather than Magnus Bradbury


carry, but Tovey is going to have to look at how he gains more territory


there. We've seen within the first five minutes how the game is


actually going to pan out. Edinburgh are going to batter the corners and


Cardiff Blues are going to have to pick and drive and go down that


blindside. And then relieve pressure through the kicking of Lloyd


Williams and Gareth Anscombe. Bradbury injured in that last


tackle, that last contact, when he took the ball in. Limping on his


ankle. He wants to carry on, but he can't bear his weight on it, it


seems. It's actually going to be a head


injury assessment, although he's looking at his ankle. His limping


off on his ankle. When he hit the ground he didn't hit any Cardiff


Blues player. He hit the turf, which is quite spongy out there. Just


speaking to the groundsman, Willie Morton, he was telling me the pitch


is in good nick and there's a school game on here tomorrow morning. He'll


have the fork out on this pitch late into the early hours. The experience


of Grant Gilchrist comes on for Edinburgh.


Rhys Gill, as the Blues make it back up to the ten metre line. Shingler


to Hoeata, Macauley Cook just shipping it onto Tom James. Nowhere


really for the winger to go. Nick Williams offering himself as first


man, time and again. The Blues bench, it seems, is going to be


crucial this evening. Although its Kirby Myhill, a hooker, who is


covering the back row. Up comes the defence very quickly


indeed. Real pressure on the Cardiff Blues. They try and work their way


out from the danger zone. Look how hard the Cardiff Blues are having to


work. They haven't even got across the gain line here and another


little error. When you've got this wind to play against, Cornell Du


Preez forcing the ball and the error on the Blues. Not quite into double


figures for unforced errors, but certainly I've run out of figures on


one hand. It does entail taking the gloves off


first, just to make sure. Du Preez got his hands on the ball and


Peikrishvili makes the error there, the Georgian.


Scarlets now trailing by 21-6 monster. -- in Munster. Always going


to be a tough task for them out of their, missing their internationals.


Hidalgo-Clyne, nine caps for Scotland, a scrum-half. Interesting


position here. Look at the three backs, to the back of the scrum.


Watch the attack going to happen here. Beautifully played, bringing


schools in. Those on the outside of Matthew Morgan and Rory Scholes,


well, it was a bit easier in the end but it was a very well worked try.


Three men ran straight behind each other, confusing the Blues' defence


and the path is perfect and the Finnish excellent from Rory Scholes.


Get the votes in for try of the season because that was accurate


from Edinburgh. Innovative behind the back, three-man another line,


they ran the angles but Scholes was the beauty from the blindside and


takes his man on the outside. Matthew Morgan will be so


disappointed not to have nailed his man. But the accuracy was good from


Edinburgh. Scholes in at the corner. It's a classic wing of's try and he


scored on his opposite wing. -- a classic winger's try.


Well, that was a blow that the Blues didn't expect. But it was very well


worked play in Edinburgh. That makes the Blues' task doubly


difficult. Still, they are within a score, with


that, version never really threatening the posts. -- that


conversion never really threatening the posts. Double change in the


Blues' front row. Scholes knew whether space was down that channel.


That's a real body blow for the Blues. You can see they tried so


early in the second half. Matthew Rees and Scott Andrews on for the


Blues. Grant Gilchrist tries to lead


Edinburgh away from the 22. Hidalgo-Clyne, Nick Williams waiting


for it. I wonder if Sam Hidalgo-Clyne will


fancy up with the wind behind. He has got a good route on him. Just


discuss with his skipper, Neil Cochrane. He was playing the ball on


the deck, you can see him and Jamie Ritchie, well, I think Cardiff Blues


were hard done there. Ritchie seemed to be playing the ball on the deck.


Was he supporting his body weight? No. It means they've conceded nine


penalties and pretty much all the decisions going against them.


Uncontested in the line, the Blues just standing off. That's the way


they decided to defend those lines out. Chris Dean sets it up.


Hidalgo-Clyne thought about going himself. Bryce can't catch this


time. Apologies for any bad language


coming from the Cardiff Blues. I think their frustration is fairly


obvious. In terms of body language, let alone vocally. There's so little


out of this game so far and an indication of how strong that wind


is when it's blowing the kick to touch, sort of fading away. Magnus


Bradbury back on. He and Ben Toolis have featured in every single one of


Edinburgh's league games so far this season. Macauley Cook up well.


Toolis is a good line-out forward. Look at the way Toolis is still


involved in that game. He was clever there. Just disrupted that ball for


a microsecond as Cardiff Blues tried to set this driving maul. Tried to


do a Luke Charteris on end. -- on it.


I'm scum with a little dink went for Halaholo. Scholes, well covered by


the winger. Hidalgo-Clyne looks downfield. A sensible kick. Only


Matthew Morgan anywhere near it. That's a good return from the Blues


full-back. It wasn't, just a little toe on the touchline.


I agree with the touch judge there. He stepped out. You will see it


here. Takes the ball, but now, when he turns, his foot just slipped and


touched the blade of grass with the white paint in it. Because it was


right in front of our commentary box. Look at the replay there. Tom


James, oh, behind him and this is danger now for the Blues. As Chris


Dean picks up the loose ball, Cochrane with a pasta Tovey. -- with


a pass, to Tovey. Picked up by Bryce, who earns a few more yards.


Carmichael. Queueing up on the far side.


Bryce gain with a carry. -- again with a carry. Options for


Hidalgo-Clyne. Tovey tries to ghost his way through, dragged down by


Rhys Gill. Cover a bit thin on the far side and


that's where Damien Hoyland is attacking. Within three metres


again, Edinburgh. Forwards queueing up. But it's a blindside to Rory


Scholes, and after scoring in one corner, within a few minutes Rory


Scholes scores in the other. Double trouble here for the Cardiff Blues.


Rory Scholes in at that corner. I rather felt that Alex Cuthbert, he


got involved in the previous maul there and out of position it left a


little bit of space down the blindside, first of all Holland


went. But no sprays down the right-hand side, as we look upon --


no space down the right-hand side, as we look upon. You'd expect that


your right-winger would be there, defending that channel. He wasn't.


He was on the other side. And that all came about, if you remember,


from a Cardiff knock-on. Well, the tide has turned in the


first 15 minutes of the second half. After what was a tight, hard slog in


the first 40, two tries in quick succession for the home side.


It's only the convergence that aren't going Edinburgh's way at the


moment. Everything else is. -- conversions. One famous Hastings in


the commentary box, the other one is out in the cold. You have the luxury


job tonight, Scott! And now it really is a mountainous


task for the Blues. Good follow-up by Cuthbert on Du Preez. The number


eight, born in Port Elizabeth. Strong enough to hang onto


possession and allow Hidalgo-Clyne to head for the far touchline.


That's the thing. Any time Edinburgh come under pressure, you have the


luxury of the wind just to put it back, 60 metres downfield or


whatever is necessary. As I said, such a feature of the game. Cuthbert


will rue the mistake he made there to allow schools in at the corner.


-- Rory Scholes in at the corner. Ben Toolis steals the line.


Hidalgo-Clyne is the one organising things and deciding when to feed the


forwards, when to just bang its downfield, and that's heartbreaking


for the Blues forwards. Again, the territory Edinburgh are commanding


at this moment in time. This is Matthew Rees, way up in the


Edinburgh 22. He's been remarkable, today. Is literally taken every


line-out throw and some of his ball carrying has been excellent as well.


I think he leads the stats in the Guinness Pro12, with the amounts of


takes he has in the line-out. They certainly do rely on him, Edinburgh.


There he is, Ben Toolis, Brisbane born, capped once for Scotland


against Italy a couple of years ago. He'll only be 25 next month, so


still plenty of years ahead for him. Sam Hidalgo-Clyne has dropped down


the pecking order a bit. Nathan Fowles has been keeping him out of


the Edinburgh position as was Sean Kennedy. It has been a loss of form,


because he's been forcing his play in, whereas we see I felt his


kicking today, his box kicking, hasn't been as accurate. He's not


been sniping as much. He's getting his form back but not quite back to


where it was a couple of seasons ago. Because there was a final, was


at the quarterfinal against the Dragons in Murrayfield, the


Challenge Cup, where he absolutely ripped them to shreds. A man of the


match performance. This is Matthew Morgan at his best, great take and


counter. Flights outside Tovey but the pass was outside the whitewash


for Shingler. Just a glimpse of how beautiful a


runner Matthew Morgan is in the white open -- in the wide open. He


is dangerous and as the pitch is up over the closing months of the


Pro12, he will be a threat for the Blues team.


His blood and a couple of amazing performances of late. There was one


for Bristol in Europe, where he was superb in the second-half as the


game opens up. That's where he best, counterattacking.


Those feet, trying to transfix defenders. Cuthbert held by


Hidalgo-Clyne. He's done well to get across.


Matthew Rees has Scott Andrews in support, they need to get numbers


there. They do. Lloyd Williams gets it to Scott and come again. -- gets


into an scum again. Not getting much change, Lloyd Williams chooses a


different route, to Hoeata. A double hit on him. Nick Williams. It's


Shawn Bennett, who does get a try for the Blues. It came in a


different route, set up by Lloyd Williams, and the cantering Hoeata


and a second try in two appearances for Shawn Bennett. A tremendous


riposte from the Cardiff Blues. They have got a heart, they can play


rugby, and Lloyd Williams, the sniping gets the off-load and look


at this from the second row, Hoeata was brought down but the support


angles running were superb and more importantly the conversion is closer


to the pros, which brings it within five points of successful. Hoeata


didn't panic, didn't look for the miracle ball. With a double tackle


came in and great supporter of Nick Williams initially, then the back


row partner Shawn Bennett, I never could do my maths. It's a four point


differential and the try would take the Blues into the lead. A lifeline


has been thrown back at the game for the Cardiff Blues.


Important conversion for Steven Shingler, important that Shawn


Bennett went as near the posts as possible, because that puts the


Blues right back in it. The game is opening up and the Blues


have looked dangerous, when the game opens up like that and you fancy


Edinburgh might want to keep it tight and make the forwards do the


work and let the wind do the work. That will give the Cardiff Blues


great heart that they can put in off-loads of that quality to beat


defenders. Hoeata, 34 in December, he turned, but I run into the 22


belying those years. Du Preez to Tovey. An scum has


Matthew Morgan outside him. -- Gareth Anscombe has Matthew Morgan


outside him. Morgan, safety first this time, and


it's a good clearance kick from the full-back. Another good clearance.


The whole momentum is in Edinburgh's favour and suddenly the whole


feeling of the game changes with that wonderful try by Shawn Bennett


and a second appearance in the Blues jersey, and backing up his men well.


You just feel that Edinburgh still have a plate -- Edinburgh still have


to play some rugby. They can't just kick the ball and rely on that


penalty because the Cardiff Blues will attack and especially with the


threat of Matthew Morgan. Toolis, as dependable as ever in the


line. Ritchie, that was meant for Chris Dean, but he's the one who has


to hang onto it and wait for the cavalry to arrive. There's Toolis


again. Morgan, safely underneath it.


Keeping it low on the far side. Into the hands of Tovey. Tom James had


gone back sensibly, told by Steve Shingler to put it downfield but he


wants a run, run into the forwards. George Earle is on hand. Lloyd


Williams just about getting as a to Gareth Anscombe. Matthew Rees.


Halaholo, disappointed, because he knew he was out on the full.


Gareth Anscombe getting a little ticking off from the referee, but


Tovey, well, we talked about the kicking game for Edinburgh. He was a


little bit tentative when it went over the top and Tom James caught


it. We can see and hear what the Blues think of it because head coach


Danny Wilson is with Katrin. Danny, a double blow early on and a


lifeline for you guys now. Was going through your mind? Yes, we scored a


great try to get back into the game, but these conditions have certainly


got worse second half and we are playing into a very difficult wind


at the moment and it's making it difficult for us to find a field


position. We are building from quite deep. The risk is weak with the ball


away, then our on the front foot so we have to keep playing from deep


and take a chance because we are behind, but at the same time we have


to turn the ball over. Difficult conditions but are you confident you


can get something from this? You need something. That's right, if we


can score another try we are in a great position but ultimately moment


it's trying to deal with these conditions and a side that is good


in these conditions and doesn't necessarily suitors. A long way to


go, we'll catch you at the end. Thanks.


COMMENTATOR: It's a fine balance. For the Blues,


Howard when to attack. They've looked dangerous at times. They


cannot afford on a slip ups either and with the rain still coming down,


not easy. Kinghorn in his own 22. He has a


hefty boot on him, the Edinburgh full-back. Matthew Morgan, gliding


across the surface. Changes direction so easily. Schindler's


kick charged down by Hidalgo-Clyne and picked up for the second


attempt. Glenn Bryson knew that there was no full-back at home.


Going all the way. That's a bonus for the Blues. Very much so, the


accuracy of the Edinburgh kicking has been poor. Surely just had to


find touch there. It means the Blues have got to play the rugby into the


wind, that territory. You give somebody like Matthew Morgan a


chance like that, he gets another 25 yards up the field and suddenly the


Cardiff Blues are the ten yard line instead of Edinburgh attacking the


throw on their own 22. Surprisingly because the Edinburgh team need to


put their foot on the ball. When Cardiff Blues have had control, when


they've been able to get front foot rugby they've looked good but at


times they've been let down by the handling errors and mistakes in the


contact area. This is the business end of the game so the Blues know


that they need a bit of solidity and concentration, 12 and a half minutes


on the clock, they can win the game. Edinburgh's tactics have been to


kick and try and gain territory. Good scrum by the Blues. Interesting


one, into the wind is maybe asking a bit much. Kicking for the corner.


Yes, keep the pressure on Edinburgh. You can see the belief now within


the pack of forwards, suggesting, come on, let's take the ball to


Edinburgh. Great when you get a game like this. Amazing how momentum has


swung, two tries, you thought that was it but the Blues have come back


in this one and at the moment they are looking like the team most


likely to score next. That's the beauty of sport and rugby, it can


change with a moment of brilliance. To like the touch paper was Lloyd


Williams. It is now teeming down. A tight battle to see out the game.


Yes, the rain is coming down heavier and heavier as the Blues drive on.


Matt McAuley, good line-out catch. Schindler coming on the short angle.


Now questions being asked of the Edinburgh defence and the Edinburgh


temperament as well. Switching to Halaholo. Lloyd Williams is


beginning to tick and bring players in. Another penalty going the way of


the Blues. It is going to be a general warning for persistent


infringement? I can't award the poacher. You've got to clear the


area. The Blues lost two to the sin-bin in the first half. No sign


of anything more than just the penalty yet. Lloyd Williams is


starting to have more influence on the game because the forwards are


carrying the ball so well and when the ball is being carried that way,


Lloyd Williams is more vocal because he knows that the ball must be


secured on the pick and drive. The momentum is starting to happen for


the Blues. They'll be looking to the big-game


players now, none more so than Nick Williams. Cook takes, Sean Bennett


is in there. Then it goes himself. -- Sion Bennett. Coming back to


Scott Andrews. Williams delaying the past to Cuthbert, who slips a tackle


but that was a great tackle by Hidalgo-Clyne, a try saver on the


line. Macauley Cook next for the Blues. Desperate Edinburgh defence.


Lloyd Williams looking for the ball, looking for forwards to come around


the corner. It is on its way now. The forwards wants to keep it tight,


want a group going together. Lloyd Williams, Anscombe, short ball.


Picked up by Halaholo. Shingle on the way around. -- Schindler. They


still can't reach the whitewash. Nick Williams is stopped in his


tracks. Macauley Cook hanging on to the


touchline, great defence from Edinburgh. The Blues stretching them


one way and then the other. Edinburgh fanning out in defence for


the next wave of attack. Anscombe has a go himself. Still there for


the Blues. Tremendous by the Blues. They've got a penalty, and advantage


being played. Click to nothing for Williams and it may work out. Yes,


it has, the little bit of luck they were looking for and is the skipper,


Lloyd Williams himself. He had the penalty coming, all of that pressure


and what a turnaround and come back for the Blues. Lloyd Williams puts


them ahead. Well, absolutely game on here. The Blues retaining


possession, keeping the pressure on and it is that man, Lloyd Williams,


he was barged off the ball. Nick Williams had a go. Look at this, the


fortunate bounce, escaping the Edinburgh players. Full credit to


the Blues, they believed in themselves, they have stuck in


there. I felt that Edinburgh started kicking possession thinking that


they had won but the Blues showed heart and got back into it. Such are


the vagaries of the bounce of the rugby ball, but Lloyd Williams fully


deserving that, he has led his troops very well. The conversion


chart down. How important could that be? I hope you're on the edge of


your seats at home. I'm clinging on to the commentary box here! Steven


Shingler can't believe it was legal. Interesting to see where they came


from. It was close to the six because of the wind. Now it's a


1-point game and a penalty can still do it for Edinburgh. If that had


gone over they would have needed a penalty to share the spoils. What a


game it's turning into in the second half. Oh! Is not quite sure he meant


it but superbly well done by Cornell du Preez.


The Welsh under 23, starting with a bang, two tries in the first few


minutes, 14 points up. Coverage of that game after this one finishes.


Only half a dozen minutes of this game remaining. Edinburgh looking to


up their game in the final stages. Almost the interception from Matthew


Rees. High tackle was given. The wraparound tackle.


So careful, the tackles these days. Anything around the shoulders, fair


game. Anything anywhere near the face or the neck now. That was, to


be fair. Kinghorn stepping up. Deciding his going to take it. Such


a feature of the game, the armies to come over the shoulder and you could


grab the ball from behind. It was an effective tackle. A few weeks ago


you could get away with it and now it is such a feature of the game,


coaches for the rest of the season and into pre-season will be changing


their tackling techniques. He's got a big boot, young Kinghorn. All


about the accuracy. This is just three yards for him. No need to


bring out the metal wood. Wind assisted and such a big boot, should


be no problem. It's all about accuracy for Kinghorn. The Myreside


crowd going silent. Drifting away to the right. A chance gone for


Edinburgh. Relief for the Blues. You must hit the ball outside the left


post because the wind would have brought it in. Plenty of distance,


just didn't have the confidence to nail it. A let off for the Cardiff


Blues. A few minutes left. Smith in midfield coming on for Halaholo.


Fresh legs for the Blues but they must get up to speed pretty quickly.


Three and a half minutes remaining, a 1-point lead for the Blues.


Hanging in the wind and Du Preez is met by Garyn Smith, getting his


first tackle. Du Preez is carrying more and more,


trying to influence the end of proceedings.


They've tempted to go for the ball but needing to get his hands on it


pretty sharpish. Carmichael with the drive on. Excellent Blues defence:


pushing the Edinburgh team back. Edinburgh are having to think and


work on territory. All about discipline for the Blues for the


remaining two minutes. They've got to keep those tackles down. Can't


afford to give Kinghorn or Hidalgo-Clyne another shot at goal.


They are just standing off, letting them come up and then trying to


steal it. Pinching forward but inches aren't


good enough at the moment for Edinburgh. Great ball, Tovey, too


Carmichael. Good defence by the Blues.


Edinburgh are throwing everything at it as we going into the final


minute. The Blues defending for all they are worth and trying to keep


them near the ten metre line. Tovey is looking outside him.


At the moment they look like they are going to hold. The Blues have


defended brilliantly in this passage of play, they can close out the game


if they continue like this. Still an Imbula have the ball, though. --


still Edinburgh have the ball. Scholes, thought he'd won it with


two tries earlier. No arms tackle maybe from Smith but got away with


it. Bryce, those are the kind of mistakes the Blues can't make,


they've got to be squeaky-clean as we approach the final passage of


play. No mistakes from Edinburgh either, they can't afford it as the


clock goes red. Desperate stuff now from Edinburgh. They just need one


call from the Rafa ree, that's all that's going to do it for them --


from the referee. The Blues must keep their discipline. They pushed


them back towards halfway. They don't need to go for the miracle


steal. They can look for the Edinburgh mistakes rather than make


one of their own. Edinburgh are not breaking them. Defence excellent


from the Blues. Another tackle coming in from Steven Shingler.


Tremendous from both teams, isn't it? Edinburgh's retention of the


ball is to be admired but Blues believe they can hang on for the


rest of the game. Injured player there, they are getting awfully near


him. Slow ball but it is there again for Hidalgo-Clyne. Incredible


defensive work by the Blues. And under the conditions, Edinburgh, not


to make a mistake for the last few minutes when they've had ball must


be commended as well. Is that the mistake? No, Hidalgo-Clyne bee


gathers, they try to keep him on their feet. Have the Blues forwards


than enough? They have. Tremendous defensive effort after an incredible


turnaround and no wonder they are celebrating. They looked dead and


buried at the beginning of the second half when Edinburgh got two


tries in quick succession but superb character and won five of their own


and the Blues have just sneaked home -- and one try.


STUDIO: There it is, the table as it stands, the Blues staying in seventh


after that last-gasp victory. Edinburgh up to ninth place. Munster


are beating the Scarlets 21-6 and the Dragons are losing against


Leinster, 10-28. We were sitting here at half time thinking that the


Blues would have to play into the wind, which they did, yet they have


come away with a precious 1-point victory that you wouldn't have


predicted on 16 minutes. What made it was the key players stepping up,


Lloyd Williams bringing urgency, the first time we had seen the Blues


back three in that game. They affected everything defensively,


started moving them forward. Credit to the last 20, 21 phases that


Edinburgh went through, the Cardiff Blues absorbed everything, standing


off, allow them to make the tackle. They made the tackles and the


physicality showed and they got the victory. A precious victory on the


road for the Blues, they probably didn't expect that after the 16


minute mark. Wales under 20s are playing against their Scottish


counterparts. They are 17-0 ahead courtesy of two tries from Lewis and


Baldwin. We can go over to the commentary team now.


COMMENTATOR: A couple of injuries to either side, one of the Welsh boys


is down. Welcome to Scrum V viewers. This is Cumbernauld, the home of


Clyde FC. Excellent start for the Wales under 20s. Two tries so far,


the first one by Cameron Lewis. Another try on his debut for bald


win. Penalty by Ben Jones as well. Wales have done absolutely


everything right. They couldn't have asked for more, they have done the


basics, sticking to their patterns and not making many errors. Nothing


has gone Scotland's way. They had a good line-out drive and they seem to


be getting a foothold in the game. The referee just having another word


with the front row. This is an artificial surface at Broadwood


Stadium. The home of Clyde football club, who are playing Annan Athletic


tomorrow away. A big fan of Scottish football by all accounts? The only


football I know is Ally McCoist, who I think is retired now! They cleared


the snow off this surface yesterday and the cameras will pick up the


snow around the outside. The air temperature can't be much above


freezing and we seen the error from both sides. There is the snow that


was left until late on yesterday. But this surface is perfect, this


artificial surface. Wales have made hay on it so far. If you can on an


artificial surface! Two excellent tries, and not only the intent, the


intent from Wales in the opening quarter. Shifting the game, looking


to keep the ball moving, not giving Scotland any attempts. Looking very


comfortable on the ball. That will be good from Wales, picked up


Bywater, and look at this from Williams, over the ten metre line,


is he going to back himself and go all the way? Brought down by


McDowell, the Scotland full-back. Ciaran Williams, a man to watch for,


he has been playing great rugby for Neath in the Premiership. He has a


bit of Scott Gibbs about him, I've noticed. A little shimmy. He backed


himself to get outside Stafford McDowell but the full-back did well.


Fantastic break, that's what you want from your 12, going through the


target. Squeezing Scotland down in the right-hand corner. He has that


burst, doesn't he? Powerful in the contact and they looks a bit


quicker, the way he's going. Definitely around the collision area


he is a powerful young guy and has looked outstanding. Wales want to


see the ball given to him, he will do some damage. They will be


delighted at Neath because that's where he came from and went to


school. Very promising. He's been playing for the Ospreys Premier


select team as well this season. One to keep an eye on, Ciaran Williams.


Looks like Cameron Lewis is going to go off for Wales, one of the try


scorers. He'll be disappointed because they've looked full of


running. Disappointing for him if he's going off. He's got a try in


his locker to remind him of the game. He's going to be devastated,


he was on the bench for the first two games. Came off the bench and


he's walking off after 20 minutes. That's the nature of the sport, it's


a tough thing. Phil Jones is coming on from the Ospreys. Disappointing


for Lewis. Playing for Swansea. A great lad at his school, Dean


Mason, who runs the Rugby there. Also Robbie Nairn is coming on for


Scotland in place of Ross McCann. Dean Mason running the rugby at


Gallatin School, bringing through players like Dan Biggar. Great rugby


nursery. What have wales got in the line-out? They have burgled three of


the Scotland line-out so far. The first try, if you are just joining


us, Cameron Lewis's try came from a burgled line-up. The Scarlets


winning in Munster, we hear, 23-21. That's a turnaround because they


were behind. Outstanding comeback, if they can get victory that would


be outstanding. Heads up. I come out with a rash if I get anywhere near a


rugby ball these days! The game has a gone -- and a little bit fallow


after some brilliance from Wales with those two tries. Fraser Renwick


feeding the line-out. That's a better line-out from Scotland. The


skipper, Callum Hunter Hill. Four players from the sterling County


club in the Scottish starting line-up tonight. Williams doing well


to keep it in. The first touch for Phil Jones, over halfway. Scholars


have scored again, they lead 28-21. -- Scarlets. On the ten metre line,


Wales getting a confetti of possession. Quick ball as well. The


give and run from the base. Lovely hands. Interesting character,


playing for Wales because he attended Cardiff Met University.


He's from Surrey. Ciaran Williams, the ball not quite going to hand for


Phil Jones. The referee brings it up for the high tackle. Contact with


the head. Phil Jones has been eager since he came on. Very sharp, the


Welsh back players have been great from the start. Looking very


dangerous every time they get the ball and I think they will go for


the posts, which is a good decision. 20 points in 22 minutes wouldn't be


a bad return. Not at all, the Scottish defence, not putting any


pressure on the Welsh attack. The speed of the ruck for Wales is


outstanding, which has given them space. There is the high tackle. A


bit of a scruffy one rather than intent. But we know the directive


now. You get away with nothing like that and quite right. Another chance


for Jones. 100% so far, two conversions and a penalty. To take


Wales 20 points to the good. Just pushed that. You could tell


that the contact didn't sound good. At least it has pinned back


Scotland. The Wales coaching staff, Jason strange in the middle, Gareth


Wilson on the right, and they'll be delighted with this opening quarter,


Wales. Here they go again, Ciaran Williams. Little dart, quick off the


mark. One man ruck, William Jones winning the ball on his own. Alex


Dunn Brand, nearly up to halfway. -- Dombrandt. Chance for Scotland to


counter. Renwick getting it away to McDowell. Just a little bit


slovenly, knock-on is from both teams. We saw Alex Dombrandt there,


he is playing in the Championship but he's interesting, scoring nine


tries in the University and College Super League this year. He is second


in the charts for that out of all the colleges and universities, for


the second year in a row. Reminds me of myself, I used to get a couple. I


think six was the most I would get in a season. Outstanding scoring


ratio and he looks like an athlete. Are you going to tell him he can't


be scrimmaging! He can't beat, that's for sure. You can see the


rain coming down, sleety rain, really. It's not favouring anybody


in particular. Maybe just Scotland, slightly, but it will mean the backs


will have to keep warm. That's the halfway line. This is Charlie Shiel,


son of former international Graham Shiel. Once again, Scotland in


trouble at the scrum. All the applause going for the


forwards, as they do these days. I think Ferguson, the loosehead, felt


he had to do something. The ball was stuck in the channel and the referee


has binned him for stepping out and wheeling around. Ben Jones finds a


safe touch. To this nearside. Just on the other side of the scrum,


he kicked his hips out. It's a clear sign to the referee he is not


scrimmaging square and a good call from the referee. Corrie Tarrant, I


use product to feed the line-out. It's the first one Wales have


bundled, really. The referee playing advantage for the knock-on. He's


done well to make a few metres over the gain line. Here's a little gap


up the blindside for Scotland. And here goes Robbie Nairn, the


replacement. Good tackle by his opposite number, Phil Jones. But him


in just in time there, used the touchline as his friend but it


looked as if Nairn had got clear for one moment. A little error for


Wales, they haven't got the short side covered. The nine is on the


floor. A great hit from Phil Jones. His come off the bench. He's had a


few nice touches. A great tackle there, saves the day.


Tarrant to feed. My state for Wales on the 22. -- a nice take for Wales


on the 22. Blacker, in steerage class at the back of the maul. Kicks


long and one, as they say these days. Getting infield, rather than


for touch. Shiel, finding Rennick. Henderson, cooking to that far side.


But it's only into the basket of Conbeer, for Wales, or rather Phil


Jones, for Wales. And he makes it onto the halfway line. He's been


outstanding since he's been on, he's been involved in everything. It's


great for these young lads. It's often where they get things wrong in


their position but Phil Jones in the right place at the right time will


stop another great break. In the reorganisation, he's gone on to the


right wing. He can play there, of course. Played there for Cardiff. As


you say, you've been very impressed with him, from what you've seen of


him, Rhun Williams. He can cover full-back, he can cover wing. That


is invaluable for some teams to have, a guy who can cover both


positions. Leigh Halfpenny can do it, it's so important for strength


and depth in the squad. There's a lot of talk about the Blues camp and


this young lad. Caernarfon Rugby football club, in North Wales, a


Banga boy, originally, Rhun Williams. This is a great


opportunity for Wales, they've got options either side of the scrum.


Virtually as centrefield as you can get, this room and the


aforementioned Williamses is looking with intent on this right onside.


Panel the advantage is being played. Dane Blacker, he's a live wire. He's


quite content to tap and go with that one. I think it's going to be


the posts, for Ben Jones. That's an absolutely fantastic scrum from


Wales, right in front of the posts. They've put the pressure on and I'm


sure on that occasion they've gone straight through. You can see the


Scottish Lucent sticking out and Wales just walking straight through


them. -- Scottish loosehead sticking out. Here's Ben Jones, he's kicked


three from four so far tonight. He's on 35 points for the


competition. Which is the leading scorer in the competition, that


makes him. This, to take it up to 38. Wales up


to 20. No mistake this time. Ben Jones,


20-0, for Wales. Some of our hardy Welsh support that have come over


from Edinburgh, a track from Edinburgh. Yes, I met a group of Ben


Jones family members at the airport this afternoon. They are so proud of


this young guy. He's come on the scene and is doing the business at


the moment. A good take as well from the restart. Wales doing the basics


right. That's been the difference between the two sides. As well as


the pace in the back division for Wales, it's the way they've done the


basics so far in the opening half-hour. As Blacker goes aerial.


Taken well. He signed a contract with Edinburgh earlier this week.


Tom Dodd has a little thrust, the number eight.


That was the ten metres line of Wales.


Charlie Shiel going banana fashion. I am not sure what he meant them. A


little bit of kicking tennis. Baldwin. One of the try scorers. On


his debut for Wales. A bit stodgy at the moment from both sides. The


Welsh defence is organised, stepping up, taking the yards from Scotland.


Coming off the line, putting pressure on and forcing Scotland to


kick. Which Henderson has to do down into the Welsh half. Taken by Jones.


Does well. That is as good a try as you could wish to see from Wales.


Absolutely brilliantly simple but simply brilliant from Wales. The


kick missed from Scotland, giving Wales far too much time. A brilliant


break by Phil Jones. He found Williams. That was a superb try.


Going up in the middle of the field, one of the second rows. Fantastic


from Wales. Defensively, standing their ground. Front line defence is


outstanding, forcing Scotland to kick. As we have seen, the Wales


back three are elusive and they will make breaks all day. Scotland are


falling into the trap at the moment. The crowd is absolutely silent at


the Broadwood Stadium. Jones adding the extras with no problem. Seven


minutes from half-time and Wales have a 27-0 lead. There is the


dummy. Ciaran Williams finishing it off. Good old Welsh flair, Andrew.


Looking so comfortable on the ball. Lovely touches. Not afraid to put


the off-loading. It comes with confidence. At the moment, they are


romping. George Thornton is on for Scotland, facing Bradbury. We said


it, you said about Jason and his rugby philosophy which is one of


skill over brawn. He promotes skill development and loves to see guys


having fun when they are training. They are learning and developing


their skills every time they take training and I hear he is fun to


work with. A shame I did not get the opportunity to work with him. He is


one for development and he has shown that with squad strength. Doing a


great job developing young lads. Getting the team to do a singsong at


the end of the game. We have Sweet Caroline last year. Culture is


everything and Jason is working hard on that and delivering it. That was


not a bad kick from the Wasps boy in the centre.


Scotland need to force something here from Wales and get points


before the second half. It is about staying down here, they are in the


right area, and squeezing Wales. Jason looking as relaxed as they


come. Sitting back and enjoying what his charges are doing. He would not


be relaxed? 27-0. Adam Nicol, the tighthead, almost up to the line.


One of the first real line-out malfunctions of Wales. Will it cost


them? You feel Scotland have to get something from this attack if they


are to have anything to say in this game. Not quite in the last chance


saloon but perhaps the beer garden, you might say. Still using the big


men. When they do not have the confidence in the outside backs.


Gets over the line and the pressure tells for Scotland. It was deserved.


Number eight, Tom Dodd, the Worcester Warriors lad. We said they


needed to get something from the pressure and a well-deserved try.


They worked hard. John Henderson, rather Josh Henderson, squandered an


opportunity. Williams will never stop a number eight as powerful as


that close to the line. The only blip on the first half performance


of Wales came from the last line-out. I think Scotland's


tactics, from here on, get into the corners, exert Wales and put as much


pressure on them as they can because they do not seem to have as much


flair as Wales. Josh Henderson, the radar or ride with that one. --


awry. Looking ahead to the World Cup, George, and the Six Nations, a


tournament in its own right but looking at the World Cup, do you


think you will be tempted to change things at half-time? I think guys on


the bench this evening will get a crack at this game. With Scotland


scoring the try, I think you would like to see another three points on


the board before he makes those changes. You do not want to give it


to that man is a link. -- that man easily.


Just running it out for Scotland. The Dragons losing against Leinster


at Rodney Parade, 54-22. Former Dragons captain. Leinster are very


difficult opposition, always have a challenge although the Dragons have


had a few wins against them. Fraser Renwick is directing them and


scores another try for Scotland from the line-out and all of a sudden


they may not be out of the game yet. Deserved try for Scotland. Alex


Craig with the take. They tried that a bit earlier in the game. The


centre was in the line-out. On that occasion they didn't deliver but


this time they have, another great five points for Scotland. Back in


the game. The wind will be in their sales in the second half. Second try


of the tournament for Fraser when Nick, he scored one in the heavy


defeat against France, the only try that Scotland scored -- Fraser


Renwick. Greg kick into the corner by Charlie Shiel and pressure back


on Wales. Henderson to try and improve it. Which he does. Scotland


up to 12. Renwick steering at the back. The clock has gone Met, just a


case of Wales shortening up -- has gone red. There is the whistle for


half-time. If you take away from those two tries, up until then it


was a perfect performance from Wales. Very pleasing, yeah. Wales


have been a bit disappointing but I don't think the scoreline reflects


the first half. Wales have a fantastic lead, 27-12 at the break.


STUDIO: Things couldn't have started better for the Wales under 20s, two


tries in several minutes, Lewis and Baldwin. Cabella penalties extended


the lead further, to 20-0 -- couple of penalties. Ciaran Williams who is


having a storm in the centre powered his way to the try line. Fantastic


try, so much handling, everyone getting their hands on the ball


despite the rainy conditions. As Wales appeared to be coasting, two


tries in two for Scotland have got them back into the game. Both from


the forwards, Fraser Renwick scoring the second after a sustained drive.


A very intriguingly poised game, 27-12. I guess you can say that


Scotland looked dead and buried for 30 administered and now they are


back in it. Wales dominated the game. Wales must be careful not to


take their foot off the celebrator. To be fair to Scotland, they took


their chance -- off the accelerator. Wales need to do what they did well


in the first half and hopefully they can push on and score even more


tries. One off a bonus point. We saw glimpses of how good Wales could be


in the game against England in Colwyn Bay. They were sublime at


times. The banks have been on fire, blowing Scotland away, really.


Playing on that surface and enjoying it, constructing some good tries. In


the centre in particular, Ciaran Williams is showing a lot of Mattera


teeth -- maturity. It augurs well for a good second half. We had one


eye on the Blues game and then the under 20 game. Cameron Lewis came


off quickly and Wales were camped on the Scottish line. You still need a


plan and it shows that they've been working close to the line. It is won


at the front of the line. Very good stealing. This creates the turnover


ball where Wales, live and get into position. Credit to the line-out.


Good outside clean taking the Scottish guy out and it looks like


Ciaran Williams is coming. Great flat ball. Scottish defenders


jumping in, allowing Cameron Lewis the room to get over the line. After


that he pulled a fetlock and had to go off. Shows the value of a player


like Ciaran Williams because he caused Scotland trouble, when you


have a runner like that running the decoy line. In the previous two


games he has been good, probably the best against England a fortnight


ago. You could see that was probably preplanned. Pulling the defence out


of the hole. Opening up for the try. Baldwin, we've heard good things


about him. He's been fast tracked into the Scarlets, I think we'll see


him in their jersey in the future. He took the try brilliantly. A lot


of deception, straight off the training ground. Look at Alex


Warner, peeling off, options, playing as the scrum-half. Ciaran


Williams coming short and Baldwin comes away. Still a bit to do, great


step off his effort and he looks like a good prospect. All of these


Welsh backs look very comfortable with the ball in their hands. Some


of the skills are top drawer. Yes, they've setup the dummy Druyts


though it doesn't allow Scotland to get off the back. The defensive line


is where the dogleg is going to be and that's what they did. Wales have


obviously done their analysis and it's working out well. All three


tries have been fantastic but the third was the pick of the bunch?


Shows the willingness to counterattack. This surface makes a


difference. He shaped the kick with his left foot. Phil Jones has had a


great time since he came on. Bringing the extra defender.


Williams was going backwards. He has the work rate and appetite to get on


the outside. Well timed pass. It is no more than they deserved. What


should be read into these tries, Wales taking their foot off the gas?


It is an international game, pride is at take for the players. They are


going to stay in the fight. But Wales don't want to give them that


opportunity. Superb for 37 minutes. If you dangle the carrot, Scotland


are going to take it. It is a 15 point margin still, so Wales are


comfortably in the lead but they will want to keep Scotland at bay.


On the same pitch, the Welsh women took on their Scottish counterparts


before the under 20s. If you didn't see it earlier, here are the


highlights. The 20th minutes, Phillips into the line-out. Clay


winning in the middle. Can Wales go off on their first attack? A lot of


powerful work, Scotland are struggling to defend it. It is a try


for the skipper, Phillips. Great driving maul and a great score for


the captain. Scottish scrum will have to work out this one. In it


goes stop going a bit sideways, difficult control for Harris. Can


she pick up? Just short of the goal-line. The referee goes straight


under the posts for a penalty try. Thompson with the charge, lovely


effort from Thomson. The Edinburgh University centre goes over for


Scotland's first try of the night. Scrum on the hour. Looking for the


float to Law. A trifle Lloyd in the corner brings Scotland right back


into it -- a try for Lloyd. That is another penalty and a chance


for Scotland. Sarah Law. The most important kick of her international


career. Three minutes left, this could be the winning shot. It's


found the target and Scotland have their noses in front. The scrum


looked superior, the line-out game was good. It's just the discipline


that let us down. It is what it is. Heartbreaking for Phillips and the


Wales women team, losing by one point in the last couple of minutes.


That game was incumbent zero. Braque to the Pro12 and there has been a


belter of a game, involving Munster. Not long finished, the Scarlets were


21-6 down at one point. They have finished 30-21 winners. Didn't get


the bonus point, just three tries but what a fantastic win on the road


for the Scarlets. Tom Williams scoring last week and the week


before and he's scored another one. Not such good news for Richie Rees's


Dragons, welcoming Leinster to Rodney Parade. Turned out to be a


run for the visiting Irishman, nine tries including two for one player,


54-22, Leinster. The Scarlets, we were sitting here with the scores


coming in, 21-6, they looked up against it and they have beaten


Munster in Munster. Leinster next. We said that if they get four points


from those games they will be looking good for the top four.


Fantastic win. Going there are any time of the year is difficult and


Munster, superb. Magnificent win. I said in the Scarlets game, good


overseas youngsters are crucial. Thomson, what an athlete, great try.


Looks good, Leinster is a tough place to go. They have the belief.


The difficulty for the Scarlets, they have one more home game in


their remaining fixtures, plus Judgment Day, so that could be their


downfall, but all to play for. Six games after this, their destiny


almost certainly is in their own hands. Not such good news for the


Dragons, a thumping at home against Leinster. Is that an indication of


the difference in resources between them? Yes, huge difference in the


squad depth but at home, conceding nine tries is never a good thing.


Pride is a massive thing for the coaches and players. Conceding nine


isn't great but the strength of the Leinster squad is ridiculous, they


have Noel Reid, Fergus McFadden, Zane Kirchner, Roderick in the back


row. It is a tale of two different teams and the strength of depth. The


Dragons will do what they have always done, regroup and concentrate


on the next game. The Scarlets going to Dublin next week to face a


rampant Leinster, that will be intriguing. As you'll have seen if


you've been Chun inning from the beginning, the Blues getting away


from Edinburgh earlier with a single point victory, 18-17 despite being


17-11 down at one stage. We caught up with the head coach Danny Wilson


to get his reaction. You seemed dead and buried on 16 minutes but a


precious away victory, how do you feel? Thrilled with how the boys


adapted in the second half to the conditions, carrying on trying to


play and getting two great tries. Difficult conditions. We sold a few


problems in terms of stopping a few things. Great defensive set to


finish. Tell us about the last few phases, defensively they were strong


and good discipline after the first half. We had to be positive at the


breakdown because he was on our back in terms of the contact area but


defensively were were brilliant, we knew when to keep our hands away


from the ball. We did that really well. Credit to the boys, a huge


set, not to give away the penalty and holding on for what would be


another good way win. Congratulations to Danny Wilson and


the Blues, gutsy win, showing real character to grind it out. We can


now return to the Broadwood Stadium and second Scotland under 20 against


Wales under 20 is about to get underway.


Conor Eastgate gets this under way. Ward, number eight, taking this up


to the 22. We talk about Andrew, the former Dragons second row and those


tries scored by Scotland in the first half. What is the tactic? Just


stop Scotland getting into corners early, both times they have been


deep in the 22 they came away with tries, but the pressure back on


Scotland. Scotland's defence, you make mistakes and Wales have been


getting easy tries. Play in their own half, lots of possession and


territory. Green. Beautiful. That is a try for Wells. Williams. What a


bountiful bounce, playing on the wing, out of nothing. I am sure he


will say that was a planned move from the training ground. Blacker.


The vagaries of the rugby ball bouncing... Look at that! That was a


poacher's try. You can see that he has picked up his head, he has fined


the grass and that is all you can ask for. And on a field like this,


the ball can go anywhere. That is the bonus point as well. The first


play of the second half. Jones does the necessary. Great start to the


second half and that is what you said, they needed to do that to


nullify those Scotland tries. Settle down a little bit. Scotland had


confidence in the second half and an early tribal settled Wales because


they have been under pressure so a very nice clean catch and we will be


on our way. Alan Ward has done well. Williams. Breaking the first tackle.


And that powerful burst that he always seems to be able to put on.


Always gets you off the seat the moment that he receives the ball.


Lovely touches from Wales. Lots of organisation from Ben Jones, pulling


the strings. Spilled by Scotland and Wales coming away. Passing nicely


out of the tackle. Jim Botham tidies up. Another penalty for Wales.


Again, but the ball in the air, but the pressure on Scotland and Wales


will be glad they have one that penalty. An opportunity here for


Wells. Dan the corner, maybe, and really squeeze Scotland. -- down the


corner. Pringle just going off. One of them for Stirling County players


in the starting 15 and Ben Jones deciding to ignore the advice of


Andrew and go for the goal. Always 50-50. If he kicks this, great


decision. Flip of a coin. Down the touchline, strangle Scotland for


another two or three minutes. He has only missed one all evenly. The


metronomic Jones. Great decision. You can see him, talking to his


players, telling them, control, get out here, he looks the real deal. He


will be delighted -- they will be delighted in his rugby club with a


performance. There is an urgency here, just like at the start of the


first half. The bonus points in the bag. And all this artificial


surface, they could do some real damage in the second half. You can


see snow around the outside of the field, this was covered in store


yesterday, this grant. Broadwood Stadium. The home of Clyde football


club. They are away at Annan athletic tomorrow. We expect a big


performance from them. They will no doubt pick up three points. I always


thought you were a Stenhousemuir man! What do Scotland have? Tom


Dodd. Driving. This has been their best mode of attack. Really


punishing Wales, here. The captain, Hunter-Hill, with his


hands on the ball. They look really comfortable. Almost certain, the


try. And it was the skipper, Hunter-Hill. Fair play, textbook


from Scotland, to give credit? Fantastic, up against this, under


the pump, they have delivered, great set piece. They should be very proud


of that, 22 metre Drive. Nothing better than putting your opposition


over the try line. Stirling County man, he has been their best


attacking weapon. They can get a bonus point with another try after


this one. Wales just got this wrong from the start, did not get


underneath that ball. Always tough to stop. The only way to bring this


down is illegally. Saying that, it is one of those cases, but that


down, maybe yellow card, so perhaps the wise decision. That is the


coach. You do not see that very often in


still conditions. Eastgate. Could not draw at around


enough. Still that 20 point advantage for Wales, nothing to


worry about. Again, that is just from the Wales mistake, they have


given Scotland and other striking opportunity and Scotland have proven


they can score tries there. Ben Jones with the restart. Wales


competing at the restart, almost getting possession. The referee


picking up for that knock-on. Williams doing the chasing. Getting


around the field. He is stuffing about, always when there is a try


living. Met at Cardiff University, the College of education which


produced people like JJ Williams and Gareth Edwards and so on. And


Radford, the sprinter. And a certain BBC Wales rugby commentator. Long


time ago! Picked up at the back by Tom Dodd. Great carry. He has looked


good on the break for Scotland. He has got the team into trouble. The


Wales defence holds firm the second time. And Scotland do not seem to


have the possession behind the scrum as Wales do. Baldwin gets it back


for Wales. Jones using his men on their side, Botham, Kieran Williams.


Jones, again. Tarrant, one of the Blues front row. They have managed


to keep the ball, so the Welsh line-out. Nothing lost. Nice strike


opportunity. Craig Pringle, back on. Good to see him. Fit for Scotland.


Nice take in the middle. And that is a chance for Tarrant to steady that


ball and into the 22... Blacker. Keeping the back row honest.


Williams again! He is certainly over the line! Just a case of whether he


got that down or if he was held up? He certainly seemed to make the


line. Williams opened up that gap. Josh Henderson, he had his eye on


Williams and he lost track of Blacker and hopefully they have got


over the line. He has a low centre of gravity, he is like an amalgam of


Scott Gibson and Brian O'Driscoll. With that momentum. I think you just


touch that line. He does look like a dangerous player. He just has to get


the ball in his hands. Yes or no? I think it might have touched the


white line before it comes off the floor. Do you speak French? My wife


is fluent in French. In French, that looks like held up. I think I would


agree. The referee, from France. Watching that Scottish defence, they


are worried about Williams, they have got two defenders on him all


the time. I saw him play for the Ospreys Premiership select team


against London Irish and they were outgunned. Much bigger pack. He was


outstanding in that game. And yet another of his ones coming through


the Ospreys region. The Ospreys will be looking at him after this


performance tonight. Two substitutes on for Scotland. Andrew Symonds. In


the second. -- Simmers. Williams back up and running. The change of


the scrum half for Scotland. Great opportunity for Wales. To get their


fifth try. Strange. Blacker to feed. Nice, steady scrum,


held at the back by Ward. The referee not happy. Another reset. I


would just want to get the ball away, if I was Wales. Not quite as


steady as they would have liked and when they have a 12 like Williams,


just put him on the line. And all the best to the Scotland defence. I


would be hiding behind the post if I was the Scotland centre! The


Scotland centre, the tight head. Assiratti. Lewis went off early. He


scored a try before that. Great accolade for that Rhondda club. What


have the Blues got? Will be Kieran Williams on the shorthand wrote?


Holding at the back at the moment. Blacker has to play bad. Just that


head of the dummy in the Shadow of the post of Scotland, picked up by


Sean Murray. Form an orderly queue for Wales. They looked to be over


the line. TMO? Nice varied play from Wales. Scotland would expect them to


shift that out wide. They go through the patterns, they know the systems,


they go through this every week on the training ground and they deliver


when it counts. Try? That is the question. I think that is the


loosehead. I think he has got that down.


Again, look who is there, sniffing about.


You think he has got that down? It does look like the ball has shifted


between his legs. The try is given. And I think I saw their hair of


Carr. He is one of us. It was Rhys Carr. The tight head? Want to tell


the grandchildren. -- that is one to tell the grandchildren. So, the


fifth try for Wales. It does look like a nasty injury on the


goal-line. He might have hurt his leg trying to stop that, which is


really unfortunate. Daylight, N Jones, again, adding the


extras. Wales over the 40 point mark. They will be delighted in


Saint Joseph was back in Cardiff but that one. -- Saint Joseph's. Trying


to restart. He is down. On the stretcher behind the goal-line. He


is having gas and air. Credit to the lad, he has tried to stop that but


he has done something to his knee. Ben Black coming off for Wales.


Robbie Williams might replace him. -- Morgan. He does bring a lot of


experience. Let us see what impact he can have on the game. Nice flow,


that is what you want, inject some energy into the game, give him that


-- give them that second wind and hopefully Wales can get over that 50


point mark. Some people think he looks like Richard Keogh! -- Richard


Gere. Chris Coleman is on for Wales,


again. He got a try last week. APPLAUSE


Our best wishes to him. I would like to see Robson having an opportunity.


He is electric and this is his type of game, with 35 minutes to go, he


can open this up. That will be a first cap for him, the Newport


player, Robson. Wales bringing in the changes as that man, Dombrandt,


comes away again. Nine tries in the university and college league. Not


bad for a second row. Williams. By mathematics was off, 25 minutes left


to go. Assiratti is off and Coleman is on. Strange brings in the


changes. Wales open up their World Cup account against Australia on the


31st of May, that is in Georgia. They are in the pool with Australia,


England and Samoa. Tough group. Let us see what Georgette make of


holding the World Cup. It will be interesting. -- Georgia. Nice to


see. With this line-out, that was pleasing because Wales conceded


three tries in this area and it is nice to see replacements making the


difference. That man who had the try in the first half, still leading by


example. Keen to take this up whenever he can, Renwick. Scotland


showing some fire, not throwing in the towel. They looked in control in


this 22, Roger often but they have come away with a point each time.


Simmers. Getting the back division milling. Wales infringing. We will


see the line-out catch and drive. That has been their most successful


tactics over. It is really important that Wales stop this because they


have crucial games coming up. France and Ireland and that is an area


where those teams will target Wales, unless they defend better in this


area. Deliberate knock-on against Dombrandt. I said earlier, his


family are from Surrey but he plays for Wales, he plays for Cardiff and


he is in the system that way. What have Scotland got that this


line-out? -- at this. Once again, Renwick. Scotland


pushing for the bonus point. Jones, the captain, working hard to stop


the drive. Simmers. And over goes the scrum half. The try bonus point


for Scotland and well-deserved. Once again, that line-out working well


and the fourth for them. Wales seem to stop, they get on the ball but


somehow Scotland have done well to get that back. Just sticking in,


there. I bought they had done enough, wrapping up the ball carrier


and unfortunately Scotland seemed to squeeze Gladbach, somehow. --


squeezed that back. The league is cut back, you can see that snow.


This pitch was six inches deep yesterday. The conversion is taken


as well. Scotland takes the lead to 20 points again. The Scottish


coaches will be pleased. These guys in the first 20 minutes, they were


up against it, they have battled back, lots of character and acting.


Josh Henderson. -- in that team. Can Wales keep their shape and add to


the scorer in this final 20 minutes now that they have made a few


changes? It has been a second-half between


the two backs. Wales are driving more ball, I would be inclined to


get this off the top and let these guys go. Wales winning their last


four away games in the Under 20s Six Nations. In from the blind side.


Morgan Williams. Phil Jones with that little kick through. Puts his


man in well. Simmers. He does well to get up. I have been impressed


with Phil Jones, he spotted the space and has put the ball behind


and has taken off the pressure. Josh Henderson, his kick charged down. It


goes dead. Botham was the man doing the charge down. Lucky Scotland, the


indoor areas at this stadium are quite short. As opposed to


Murrayfield, at one time they had a massive dead ball area. And they


used to use that in the game plan, lots of high balls and crossfield


kick. Great work from Wells, putting pressure on Scotland and it is a


mirror image, ten minutes ago Wales scored a try so we hope to see that


again. The grand slam winner with Wales last season. What have Wales


got? Will be used about three? Williams is loitering with intent


behind Jones. Picked up by Ward. Steaming up towards the posts. The


referee awards the try. And as a certain Scotland commentator would


say, what was Williams doing there at the ruck under the post? You do


not get much shorter than that! I think he will take some stick from


the forwards. What were you doing? Get out of the way! He is having a


laugh. He showed them how to do it. He stayed low and has got under the


line. And the post was right there, fair play to him. What would you


have said if you were the second row? That whippersnapper pitches


that? Jack Dickson used to do that in the Dragons, we would have words


every game. And this conversion takes Wales over the 50 point mark.


They have to be pretty happy with that. And still... We have only just


entered the final quarter. Scotland bring in the changes. Scott


McGinley, for Tom Dodd. Great take from the kick-off. Morgan


Williams away to Jones. Batman, Williams. -- that man. Real handful.


Jones going aerial. Taken by McDowell. Scotland do not look as


potent as Wales with the ball in hand, when they try to move it,


especially from deep. Trying a different tactic. Great take.


Pembrokeshire boy, Conbeer. He Scotland back through -- back three


do not look as dangerous, we want to play rugby but they do not seem to


be dealing with this as well with the ball behind them. Williams has


looked busy since coming on. Jones, kicking for green. Taken by


McDowell. Up to the ten metre line. Going through the motions, for


Scotland. 27 points down. Wales have got the turnover. Baldwin. Morgan


Williams. Good hands. The captain, John 's. All of the Welsh forwards


are eager to get their hand on this, if they can. Clean ball from


Williams, once more. Jones going to the right-hand side.


Look how quick it is again. Yes, Scotland just can't deal with it.


Scotland winning rucks. The props playing at the back, very difficult


to defend. And here we go. A gap opened up again. Kieron Williams


does well to tidy it up. Very, very good continuity from Wales. Race


car. -- Rhys car. Morgan Williams again. Morgan Jones, the skipper.


Still Wales. They thunder on. Gas, a great turn over there from Scotland.


Crosby just getting in there. -- yes, a great turn. Rhys involve


there again. It's there again for Morgan Williams, using his big men.


A line of Scotland in the background, Morgan Williams coming


to the blindside. Kieran Williams again sniffing a hat-trick. Morgan


Williams... One more past should do it, and it does for Wales! It had to


come! And it's that man, Jim Botham, on his debut. We are going to the TM


oh. He's done really well there. He's not a winner, he's not a


finisher. But he's done well into the corner, I think. A popular try


on his debut. Gas, clear try. Very often that you see big lads staying


up high. -- yes,. Son of Liam, son of Cardiff. The try is awarded and


that's one not to tell the grandchildren but to tell


grandfather, that! There he is, Liam Botham. Jim Botham, rather. As you


said, he kept low, got his body angle though, kept it. Well done.


He's impressed me tonight. He's been quite instructive at the line-out


time, competing really well. Had a few nice touches, nice carries. A


great finish. Here's Ben Jones. His most difficult


kick of the night, this one. Look at that. That is absolutely


slide rule from Ben Jones. Wonderful! Wonderful display of


goal-kicking. I think that's his last touch of the evening as well.


You can see Robson warming up to come on.


So he's on and that will be a popular first cap for the Newport


player. Gets his first touch by drilling it and finding green down


in the Scotland 22, forcing them back. Do you know him from Newport?


Yes, he's a special young player, very skilful. He can make something


out of nothing, like Morgan. Nice kick from him. Yes, definitely one


to watch for the future. Really nice to see him coming through for the


Dragons. Nice first touch as well there, finding green. The Welsh


replacement, Robson. Morgan Morris as well. So it just remains to be


seen whether this disrupts Wales or whether they can really turn the


screw and get over the 60 metres or 70 point mark. In the second half.


It has to be said, the performance against England was good but England


is a tough quality side and they were champions, when they? Gas, a


few mistakes letting them back into it. But when you look at the


personal England had playing on the evening, very tough opposition. --


yes, a few mistakes. As you said, a very good English side come down on


the night. Scotland giving it their all, as they've done through the


evening, particularly with their forwards. And a bit of a break for


Cameron Hutchinson. Still going, Hutchinson! And that is a remarkable


try! And in fact it was Robbie Nairn who finally got the touchdown. The


Welsh tackling might have left something to be desired. But a good


finish from Scotland. There is the start. Cameron Hutchinson, then


Robbie Nairn with a steam hammer handoff, and over he goes. A try.


It's been strange tonight for Wales, because when they are around the


midfield they are very comfortable in mid-defence. But as soon as they


get to the 22, just a couple of errors slipping in, a couple of


missed tackles, and then they concede points.


Not a bad game when you think of the amount of tries. That's the fifth of


Scotland. Conversion not successful. Max Williams is on. Nigerian-born.


There he is, number 19. And Owen Hughes on as well. And


congratulations to him, because that's a first cap for him. A


Dragons man. They will be delighted in Monmouth rugby club for Owen


Hughes. So five new caps tonight for Wales. Congratulations to them all.


As we enter the last ten minutes of a very entertaining match, it must


be said, on this artificial surface. No one making the ball their own for


Scotland, causing a bit of confusion there, but they do get away in the


end. Henderson their man. On the far side, Robbie Nairn. He looks big and


strong, our large, just brushing defenders off a couple of minutes


ago. In fact Wales have kept Ben Jones on the field, haven't they?


They have, yes. Looks like Orwell has gone to full-back. Cross kick


from Henderson. And here's a chance, over half way. Quick off the mark.


Williams again. The scrum-half, that. Fancying himself as a


scrum-half! Penalty given to Wales. So, Robson to drill it down the


touchline. The 22. That's a great kick. Deep in the corner. A real


opportunity for Wales to go over the try line again. Have you seen Robson


play fullback? Gas, he has done that a few times. Played it once or


twice. -- yes, he has done that. Again, a lot like Williams, he's a


threat running back. Slightly overthrown there by Owen Hughes. Not


quite straight either, I think. So he's impressed you with this Welsh


side tonight. It's difficult to pick anyone out in a 58.0, but anyone in


particular? Lots of boys standing out. Kieran Williams has been


outstanding. Will Jones has impressed me as captain. It's not an


easy job, he's a young lad making big decisions and I think he's got a


wise head on his shoulders, so they will be impressed, I think they


will. You've also mentioned Phil Jones a


lot of time. The ospreys must be rubbing their hands with him coming


through. Two potent attackers. Quite a young under 20 side. I know that


sounds a contradiction in terms but it's a bit of a cycle where you get


a mature group who had two or three seasons together and then you have


to drop back. Almost start again. And this is quite a young Welsh


side. It is. In fairness, they've looked quite wise to night, they've


looked older than what they are. It's difficult to drop off all the


time, trying to find new key players. But the coach is looking to


strengthen the squad and give them lots of game time and it seems to


have worked this evening. 58 points is absolutely fantastic. Five or six


changes, I think. They've looked as if they've played together for a


long time. As we enter the last five minutes,


then, we have one more Grandstand finish try by Wales. Lovely line-out


take. Yes, Owen Hughes will be very happy with that. He's delivered on


the second attempt. Morgan Williams... Danny Jones.


Max Williams. And all the subs that have come on looking to get the ball


in their hands and keen to run with it as well. Thomas that time. For


the Scarlet. Morgan Williams, too. Max Williams once more. That's the


line of Scotland in the background. The referee blowing for a penalty


for Wales. REFEREE: Offside.


Ben Jones going for the touch, I think. See if Wales can flourish at


the line-out to finish the game. The rain has kept off in the


second-half. In the first half it was awful. Sneaky bouncing down. --


sneaky rain bouncing down. Not a bad effort from both sides. 87 points.


Is been a great game and to score this many points is very


entertaining. Everybody here and back home will have enjoyed this


game. Look at this! This time at the back of the ball, sniffing a


hat-trick, Kieron Jones. Is there anything he can't do? He's lost the


ball now. It's going to be a Wales try. That was inevitable. I think is


Morgan Morris, by the look of it. Yes. Did you see Kieran Williams


walking back there? How did he end up in that? It's a well-worked try,


anyway. Yes, definitely a tactic lots of teams are using. Half the


backs now are bigger than the forwards, so not a bad idea to get


them involved. Like to get their hands dirty and they like the glory.


If there is a driving line against the try line, you are going to get


in there. Ben Jones again. He has been almost immaculate from the T


tonight. A Welsh player down as well in the middle of the field. Ben


Jones, another one for the fly half. No problem at all. And we hear that


the man of the match is the man with just been talking about, number 12,


Kieran Williams, the centre. Two tries. There he is. Max Boyce and


the rest will be very proud of him tonight. Kieran Williams.


Robson clears his lines. Into the Scottish half. Does he play out the


nice -- the last 90 seconds or so? Alex Craig bringing it up to the


halfway line for Scotland. The official man of the match, would you


have done different if you were picking? Certainly not. A lot of


good players for Wales. Ben Jones has been outstanding. Off the T he


has been accurate. But as you say, Kieran Williams has stood out head


and shoulders above lots of players. There he is again. Kieran Williams,


the official man of the match. Two tries. Might have had another two as


well. You would probably say those other two would be goal-hanging


tries? Definitely. But he's got something, that boy. Definitely has.


Lots to work on. But delighted with that performance tonight. They've


conceded lots of points but to score 65 points up in Scotland is no easy


task and Wales have been outstanding. The last ten seconds...


The Scotland scrum going nowhere at the moment. And the club goes red.


Penalty for Scotland. One last play for them. Click through from Darcy


Graham. Could just be a case of Wales... Well, you never know, they


might fancy their chances. Though they have been turned by Scotland.


Into the 22. Again at the base. Down the left-hand side. McDowell, the


fallback. -- full-back. Summers again. Looks quite lively when he


comes on. Yes, he's been picking up the tempo, looking for things. He'll


be having another go here. Scotland trying to finish with a flourish.


Bobby just denied by the Welsh tackling. -- Rob Lee Nairn. Would be


really nice to get a nice ball and finish off the park. Store the


Scotland forwards keeping it tight. Scott McGinlay on that occasion.


Will they use the backs this time? Again, the Welsh defence is firm.


Some chainsaw tackling going in first up. Robbie Smith, the hooker.


Not sure many people would begrudge Scotland a try in this last play.


Henderson, a long pass out to the right side. And over goes Rob Lee


Nairn, the replacement. In Scotland go over the 30 point mark. Which is


great credit to them. They played their part fully in a very, very


entertaining game here tonight. At last, Henderson using his backs. A


little step inside from Nairn. It's been a really good game to watch, as


we said. So often we see defence winning over the attack but tonight


we really see the attack beat the defence and it's not often we see


that at this standard. So Josh Henderson, from Glasgow, to put the


finishing touches to an excellent performance by Scotland, but not


good enough, because for their 34 points, Wales have got the 65. And


some terrific tries from Wales as well. Full of running behind the


scrum, right from the very off. And they took the lead through Cameron


Lewis, the conversion not successful. Referee's whistle goes


for the end of the match and a superb performance by Wales against


a plucky Scotland side, it has to be said. Credit to both teams but a


fantastic win to put the Wales under 20 campaign back on track with an


excellent 60 point win over Scotland.


Well, an absolute points list. Just shy of 100 points altogether. Wales


started incredibly brightly and they start of the second half exactly the


same. Just seconds on the clock as he goes over. Then Kieran Williams,


the man of the match, scored in the first half, from distance. That


couldn't have been closer to the line but they all count. And then on


his debut, James Botham Crossing over. No doubt about it. And then


Morgan Morris. Five tries in the second half for Wales, three in the


first, eight altogether, but Scotland got six in a row. So some


defensive questions but ultimately an emphatic win for Wales and


England as well. 46-0, the victors over Italy. And Ireland won 2722


over France. Neither team got a four try bonus. -- 27-20 two. Wales have


moved up as a result of that but England are right up on top. A bonus


point in each. Before we talk about Wales, I've got


to mention two tries from the French centre.


Fartasse, is that the best name in rugby? I'm hoping we don't have to


say that too many times tonight! I imagine the coaches will both be


absolutely delighted because they scored eight tries but scored six?


There is a developmental area for the coaches at this level. To


concede so many tries is disappointing. This is Wales in full


flow. An excellent game. Carrying the support line. And Kieran


Williams becomes the man of the match. Fantastic game. He's involved


in everything. Shown a lot of confidence and maturity. He was


going for the line and even driving balls at the end of the game. The


support play all night was fantastic and he epitomised the attacking


effort. This is the combination, picking up, getting close to the


post, then that man is on hand to just get over. So a deserved man of


the match. And from an attacking point of view, he was fantastic.


He's been in the Scrum V club this series and he's a small man in


stature but he more than makes up for it in performance. Very much in


the mould of Scott Gibbs. Thickset in the lower half of the body. But


what I like is he is willing to get the ball in his hands on the attack.


It's so important for guys, even if they are making errors, they are


looking to get their hands back on the ball, try to improve and keep


getting better. Plenty of contenders for man of the match. Williams,


we've known his prospects for a while. The Blues rate him very


highly. Yes, an early injury but he's played for the Blues there.


This was a difficult place in the field for the 15 to defend. He has


to make that space so the ball doesn't bounce but a perfectly


weighted kick. Has to work on his dive but took it really, really


well. Said turning into a really good night for Welsh rugby. A win


away for the blues and an emphatic win for the 20s, and if you are


tuning in earlier, you would have heard the scholars have gone away to


Munster and ended their nine-game unbeaten run. A fantastic victory as


that race for the play-offs heats up. These are the highlights from


that game. Munster ball. He goes for the break!


A flanker! Storming run from the flanker! It takes three scarlets to


follow him. Players out of the left. Oliver feeds it to the fallback. A


great score! -- full-back. Munster ball, it comes out. A floating past.


He's over in the corner. I think it will hold a second try for Munster.


Swift passing again. Goes for the outside break. The winner is on his


way. Fabulous tackle from behind by Steph Hughes. A third try for


Munster. The number eight, the academy player, in his first game,


he schools. -- he scores. Controlling the ball in the back.


Boyd to Davis. It's a try for the Scarlets! Leading by example. Lovely


little chip from Aled Davies. He feeds for scrum. Same combination.


Boyd controlling again. Feeds to Davies. Davies on a run. Outside him


is the full-back. It's a wonderful score for the Scarlets! It's a


wonderful try. It's McNicol who celebrates. Aled Davies again.


Changes direction. Dan Jones with a long floating past. It could be a


third try for the Scarlets! He great in! Is that the comeback in the win


of the season, I ask you? Fantastic rugby from the Scarlets.


Huge congratulations to them. To come back from 26 down and win like


that against Munster. Could be a real feat for them. They remain in


fourth. Currently ten points ahead of Ulster, in fifth.


Glasgow have to play ospreys away on Sunday. So that will be a tough one


for them. We can go back to the stadium. Jason has been speaking to


us in the wake of the Wales victory. Jason, how do you react to a match


like that? Thoroughly entertaining, really pleased overall. A real


pleasure. To score 65 points away from home, you know, full credit to


the players. Really pleased. What about the defensive end of it?


Obviously bits of work to do but I would rather look at the positives.


Also lots of real pluses for our defence and we turned the ball over


on a number of occasions, led to counterattack tries, so little bits


to work with our defence but really pleased. I thought after the England


game, a lot of individuals put in some outstanding performances and I


enjoyed watching it. Congratulations to them. They are


still on the hunt for this title. Wales still in the hunt for the big


-- the Six Nations. The big one comes from Murrayfield tomorrow.


Wales score! And it's Swinson under the post!


Big deception by Dan Biggar. And Rhys Webb will score!


It's almost a belter -- almost always a belter at Murrayfield. I


will ask you for your quick predictions. Can they make it?


Definitely a battle one up front, but Wales have some potent finishing


so here's hoping for a decent victory. I think we look confident


of the back of our performance against England. Scotland against


Wales, the last four times have scored 17 points on average so they


will need to score three tries on average to be Wales and they won't


do it. Two out of two. They both think Wales will make it ten in a


row. That is it from us. Thanks for watching if you followed us for the


marathon all the way through to 10:30pm. A mixed evening for Welsh


teams but on the whole, a good one. Good night.


Robert Burns. Bagpipes. Stovies. Billy Connolly, yeah.


It was such a glorious world of music and culture and connections.


In '90s Wales, confidence flourished.


What you wanted was actually happening.


Ross Harries presents live coverage as Edinburgh take on Cardiff Blues in the Pro12. Studio guests include Phil Davies and Sean Holley.

After the conclusion of the Pro12 game, the programme joins live coverage of Scotland U20 v Wales U20 from Glasgow.