05/02/2017 Scrum V


Ross Harries and Catrin Heledd are joined by Ian Gough, Sean Holley, Jeremy Guscott and journalist Stephen Jones to analyse Wales v Italy in the first weekend of the Six Nations.

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The Welsh, widely written off for this Championship, a fast start here


at Rome, and then momentum will build.


Looking to work at around the fringes, and over they tell! Wales


are stunned! Jonathan Davies. It has taken some time to come. Jonathan


Davies again, and he was Williams. North heads for the posts. There


will be no bonus point for Wales. They had to scrap and scrape for it,


but they have got the win. APPLAUSE


Believe me, welcome to Scrum V. We toiled in the first half but got


there in the end. 13 unanswered points in the second at means Wales


are top of the table after Round 1 of the Six Nations. Here to the


bones of the victory in Rome, please welcome Ian Gough. Jeremy Guscott.


Rugby writer Stephen Jones. And of course our regular Sean Holley. And


a very warm welcome again this evening to me you go presenter


Katrin. Thank you, and a warm welcome to our studio audience this


evening. An excitable and rowdy bunch. Let's hear it please...


CHEERING They are excited, and it even just


up the road. CHEERING


And they got after winning start in Milan on Friday, but can they keep


their hands on the trophy? That is the big question. It is the under




It is lively here for Sunday! The ultimate game of two halves, I guess


you could call that. Now the dust has settled, what's your assessment?


The first 20 minutes I thought, positive start, didn't seem to get


anywhere. In that middle third would have been worried, but how they


finished the game, that confidence, getting those tries on the board.


They will be gutted they didn't get the bonus point in the end. But they


will be happy with that. Jeremy, just like yesterday with England, so


much to work on actually, but both coaches looking ahead to next week


have something to work on. You are hoping they have a lot of work on,


that's what you would need. I guess to win ugly takes a little bit of


edge of the victory, but they will be first of all happy they did get


the win, and pleased that they have so much to work on. 15 in a row,


confidence is still high. The positives are that they created


enough, just didn't allow to get across the line. Next Saturday year


will be much different. It has been an intriguing opening weekend. The


near upset at Twickenham, and that epic encounter at Murrayfield, the


game of the weekend, no shadow of the doubt, the tournament is wide


open. Yes, after yesterday for all four of the teams yesterday could


still content for the title. It was a fantastic opening day. What


worries me is that I don't think Wales were anything like the level


of the four teams yesterday. They will be delighted to win and finish,


but I don't think they haven't off a lot to find before they play


England. Sean, finishing well, as you mention, but how annoyed will be


be when they wake up not to have got that bonus point? I think you be


pleased tonight. It will be a sticky start potentially, Ireland under a


new resume, the finished strongly with that too many injuries, but I


agree, they will probably recover the morning and think, had we gone


for it a bit more we could have got a bonus point. It will be a lot


tougher next week. It will indeed. We will discuss all this and more in


the next few minutes. But let's look back. A few hours ago, let's see


exactly how Wales got the Italian job done in Rome a few hours ago.


Again it is Alun Wyn Jones. Samson Lee, moving forward. A couple more


earnest surges well see them there. Get it away, and that is loose. And


Halfpenny thinks he might have snaffled it. He has overrun the


ball. No, he's got it. The noise building inside the Stadio Olimpico.


Italy are reassembling. Having set up all, looking work it. Around the


fringes and over they tell! Have they got it down? The referee says


yes. Wales are stunned. Wales are earnest and pressing, and


win the penalty. A vital score, you feel. Owens again. You've got to get


outside Venditti, under the posts. That is where the movement is. Two


passes, there you go. They go wide, Jonathan Davies... In the end it was


easy! Good line speed. Really good


pressure from the Italians. Looks to go wide to Davies, Williams. And


here is Lee Williams. Try, too. Can't find the space. It falls by


Venditti. That is a decent tidy job by Sam Davies who has just waited


long enough, George North sets off. In pain or not, he has got the


beating of Luke McLean. North heads for the posts, and Wales have their


third. Lovely little kick through. Gareth


Davies is after it. This is like England in the World Cup all over


again. Gathered in eventually by Campagnaro of Italy, and maybe that


is the bonus point opportunity gone. Or not... The Italians are playing


with fire. The ball has been stolen, and Liam Williams will claim it. No,


he is short. He's not going to get it from there, easy? Easy? No.


REFEREE: Game over. There will be no bonus point for Wales, but they have


the win. As expected, very tough 60 minutes. Scored a couple of tries.


But they will have to pick their game up next week. STUDIO: Just


missing out on that precious four try bonus point. Confirmation them,


Wales are top of the pile after Round 1 of the Six Nations. That is


how they did the business on the pitch. This is what they had to stay


fit. We know how tough it is to come to Italy. Coached by three fantastic


cultures, and we knew how difficult it was, and in terms of the


conditions, made it even more tough. I have to praise our guys because I


thought our discipline was absolutely fantastic. To go through


a game in terms of discipline and number of penalties, it is about


trusting your systems, trusting your mates, and we didn't give away any


easy penalties, which enabled them to get field position, particularly


in the first half, which was key in those conditions. We were pretty


level-headed and half-time. Even though we were under pressure. Like


I say, from our own doing, but also from a committed Italian side. When


we came out it was a case of getting the ball down the park and shutting


it down to a degree, because we knew we would get opportunities. What you


make of Sam Davies in the second half? I thought he played


particularly well when he came on. He can do what we thought he could


do. He has come on in a difficult game, created opportunities for


others, created space, showed composure. And we are fortunate on


with Owen Williams to have three 10s in training we see each other under


pressure. But Sam Warburton was outstanding today. His pressure on


the ball, and having to 7s, the ability on the park to make


decisions when we have not got the ball, certainly benefited us


throughout the first half in particular when obviously Italy had


possession in our white zone, are 22. We have some key turnovers, and


I'm delighted with the back row balance and also in terms of their


discipline. Because ultimately discipline in international rugby is


what wins you games. There we are. Rob Howley sounding pretty positive


there. Stephen, you are a journalist, tell us, tomorrow


morning, what would be your headline on that game? Just so much work to


do. You have to be done off the mark, you have to judge yourself by


the standard of the others. And I was rude is appointed with some of


the things the Welsh did. It is nice to have two 7s, I think it is better


to have one you merit seven and one 6. If you look in the modern-day,


forwards, the likes of Vunipola come they are absolutely always in the


game. They are tackling and carrying. We did not see the Welsh


front row, especially the starting front row, taking any part in the


game. Things have changed now, you want to see more from them. I think


they have to improve massively on that otherwise England will put them


away. You mentioned this at the top, but in terms of working out tomorrow


morning and assessing it in the cold light of day, to what extent does


the second half but town for the lacklustre first half? It on the


scoreboard, isn't it? These boys will tell you that international


rugby is about winning and they have done that. We'll have felt pressure


off the back of the autumn, with some injuries. Difficult conditions.


I think we would have been nervous about the game, if I'm honest. So


they are pleased with themselves, it is a good win in the end. It is a


Six Nations win, they are often running, and they have some


confidence in there. If Dan Biggar is injured... There are questions to


ask. But they had the job to do and they did it. You're going to be a


bit rusty. Scotland are the only team I think that went off the


blocks like they were hungry and wanted to prove everybody wrong but


they are good side. I think what was confident and positive from Wales,


when you have a sin-bin, you have to take advantage. Wales scored two


good tries. Yes, it was against 14, but that is what you are presented


with. Italy were always good to come out of the blocks. The always win


the first few games when they win. You have been in this position


before. Is that how the players will be, positive with that win? Yes,


sure. But we lost, are getting also to gestures at our fans. But yes,


they will be ecstatic to get that win. They finished the game was such


confidence. If you finish the game on a bad wicket, if you want, you


take that into Virginia runs, but the finish strong and took their


chances. Very clinical to get those tries. And they can pick the bones


about where they went wrong early in the game and leap forward to next


week. Someone else who was superb, someone or you are a fan of, his


introduction was fortuitous, Sam Davies, and he was the catalyst for


everything that Wales did well, he had a hand in all three tries. His


natural instinct is to go for the line, go for the gap or make a


little pass. His vision is wide. An all-encompassing. The difficulty is


he's not playing alongside the guys we can, week out. If it was a


clubmate fear they would be more in June with him. But I thought the


combination of Davis, Williams, Davis, and the beginnings of


something that could be quite special. Dan Biggar for me is a


quality player, but if you want to play to the line and test a defence,


then Sam's instinct is the way you would go. Maybe even think in the


future of the Davies, Biggar. If that is what you want to do, play a


bit wider. I'm sure we'll does just that later on. Indeed. Just


wondering, we spoke so much during the autumn internationals about


changing the style, and needed to be some soul-searching. , have you seen


any signs are that this afternoon? I think first half was all rubbish.


When you start talking about changing style, it is very difficult


thing to do, because the opposition or the weather or the conditions


might not allow you to play in that style. You need to be flexible,


which is what Eddie Jones is trying to do. To play in any style you can.


But the Warren Boulton, Wales must have to forget all the good things


they did. And since then it looks to me like the falling between two


stools, and it is neither Warren, nor the new style. Wales surely a


good enough as a country, and they have good enough players to play


heads up and see what the conditions in the opposition dictate. A bit of


injury news on that Dan Biggar red injury. He will be assessed


tomorrow. No information yet on whether he will be fit for next


week. And George North, that dead like, despite slightly running for


the tricolour he will be assessed. To doubt for next week hopefully


they will both come through. I want a doctor but the Italians. We talked


about Wales' deficiencies, and Rob Howley reference the weather and the


fact that conditions were more severe than anticipated. How much


credit should be give to Italy for their aggressive line speed and the


fight begins Wales no room to manoeuvre despite the fact Wales and


Italy % possession and one stage? First half, I agree. They probally


followed a bit of a game plan. They picked and went a bit. I think


second half we saw the old Italians, if I'm honest. Ill discipline. I


don't think they look very good. The middle and good in the second half


when Campagnaro came on. He hasn't been in the camp, he has been at


Exeter Chiefs, has come back from a series of injuries. But I still


think they lack quality at the American mind and new merit ten.


That is crucial in rugby. The scrum was reversed after Wales made the


changes, made a difference. Looking forward to some analysis from you


shone in a moment. Let's hear from a few familiar faces now. As expected,


a tough game. First 62 minutes are always great to be brittle. The


absorber and came back and scored a couple of tries to win quite


comfortable towards the end, and it's a shame not to get the bonus


point. A few problems in the first half, as slow ball in when


recycling. The Italian defence was organised. Didn't show a lot of


creativity. I thought Sam Davies had a good game when he came on. A good


result. I think Wales will be content with the victory in Rome.


First half they came through comfortably, and there were always


comfortable even if they were a bit shaky during that second quarter.


The thing that struck me is that we should not have to wait for an hour


before we are scoring tries. We have to be more adventurous and more


creative early in the game, especially playing against better


sites. The lesson I learned yesterday watching Scotland was that


they won the game in the first 20 minutes with the pressure and the


tries the reason. And that set the tone for the game. We will be


conservative to begin with, understandably perhaps away from


home and under pressure. Those boys got the trip out to Rome. Shone, by


contrast, spent the day in and engendered Sweet. I'm sure it's


worth it, though what do you have for us? They may rue the lack of a


bonus point, but be happy with the win. Unidentified a definite turning


point in the game. They kicked a lot early on, Dan Biggar exploding space


because the Italians were out of position, the ten and in this case


the 15 offering a lot of space to get into. But they did a little bit


too often for me in the first half, and the Italians got cute to it.


Tommaso Benvenuti scans the situation, reads it and stuff so any


threat of a try. And the Italians grew in confidence especially around


the scrum where they had the upper hand. This was a turnover scrum.


Parisse was phenomenal for the first half an hour and George North yearly


saving a try, Parisse again nearly getting over but being held up. A


huge amount of pressure, and Wales were penalised. Samson Lee under all


sorts of problems. The old Italians might have kicked three points here,


but with confidence they went for another scrum. Just watch brands


team here, brilliant in this game, an inside pass to Parisse, and he is


nearly over. But tactically, they were prepared. This group of players


are waiting for all. Luke McLean as a back, getting in there, they keep


the ball off the floor, stay on their feet, and Wales had no answer


to this. But credit Rob Howley, he made the changes when needed. Two


front row coming off, that made a difference. Italy became ill


disposed, Lovotti gets down on his knee, and when they get back up the


scrum goes around the outside. That was enough indiscretion but the


referee who had had enough giving away penalties, and he gave Lovotti


his marching orders with a yellow card. Wales had to make territory


and pressure and make the extra mankind. Sam Davies showing sublime


skills to off-load this under huge pressure. Composer from Williams,


and Jonathan gets over what was the turning point of the match full


stop. You have been in that situation, how difficult is it to


play with one man down? It is pretty the moralising. When you think the


Italians, stereotypically they are creaking around at 60 minute mark,


so to use from five forward... They had a purple patch in the middle


third, the Italians. They just didn't make it pay enough. All of a


sudden you're one man down, right up against it, and it seemed their


confidence flowed away, and Wales got that confidence on their side


and punched through. It's the same old story in that respect, Jerry,


Italian indiscipline, embarked on them. That was their 50th penalty


that led to Lovotti's yellow card. Wales are conceded two at that


point. Ultimately, you can see that many -- if you concede that managed.


You cannot give away penalties in good positions with the best


marksman in world rugby. It is like banging your head against a brick


wall. It was a good start, because some of these guys are not playing


the highest level of rugby, their fitness will drop off and stop it


seems to me that the home nations' fitness has actually increased.


Stephen, you mentioned Connor. He has mentioned this journey that


Italian rugby has been going on and hopes will continue under his reign.


And be going in the right direction? Very difficult to say. The Italian


team, you talk about confidence, some of those guys have hardly won a


single rugby match. I have to say, that Connor, I really rate the guy.


He's very sharp and good for them. But he is about the sixth Italian


culture that is coming to say, we are at the start of the journey. It


is not there. It is not reached a critical mass point. They are not


produced players. The fly-half today struggle terribly. I'm sure there


are better fly-half 's in this room, with respect to him. The journey is


still on the starting blocks, I'm afraid. Jean Todt about turning


point. The obvious one that game was the yellow card and the points that


were scored in the absence of Lovotti. Another one, Warburton,


vintage Warburton turnover on the stroke of half-time, and Italy had


laid siege to that Welsh line for so long. At the scored a second try


then it could have been a totally different perspective coming onto


the second half. Massively. I was twitching just watching on TV! And I


was watching with an English friend as well, thinking, I gave him stick


in yesterday's game against France, and I were starting to worry. And


Wales have big game players. We are in a little bit of an area where we


need to improve in certain areas, we know that. Not firing as we have


been over the years, but we still have world-class players and guys


who can do it when it matters. That was a real crux where did matter.


The balance is very fine, and once it goes one way or the other, it has


arrived either side. There will be disappointed not to get the bonus


point, but at one point everybody was nervous. It was terrific


elegantly balanced. Let's switch focus to the under 20s and a woman,


find and how they got on in a moment. But first, the under 20s who


are the defending Grand Slam champions. They opened their


campaign in Milan on Friday night. COMMENTATOR: Them all is set. The


number nine is organising. Everything going, good defence from


Wales. Over the line, no one knew what was happening. We see it back


on the replay. Wales have chosen not to challenge. They allow the


Italians to drive. Five metres short, Wales, can they did to them


three or four minutes ago? Looking for that first try. Organising. Arms


go up. The only armour doesn't drop is the one and you want, and that is


the chap in green. Now they have gone up, and it is the prop forward.


Good pace now, this is an opportunity. He is a finisher, he


can get it. He is in midair. If he has got that down it would be an


incredible try. It was a good turn of pace. That's a great try, what a


try. A high ball from Jones. Nothing going on there, has gone backwards?


Yes, says the referee. Williams could put this game to bed,


underneath the sticks. Wales start their campaign with a great victory,


and we will look forward to the rest of the games in this under 20s Six


Nations cabbage. Ever closer... Lovely work here, to


the try line, and of that ball has been touched down then it is a try.


Not yet. Inches short. This time it is Karen Thomas, and that is the


first try. The referee's Hamas in the year. -- the referee's arm is in


the air. Italy looking for a try here, good tackle! But the try is


there, surely? Takes it to grind. Wilkins, out to Howell, steps off


the left foot, and over as she goes. It well taken try from the Wales


full-back. 15 minutes until the final whistle. Rachael Taylor climbs


high once again. The forwards are there. Look at that expression on


her face. All the effort. Would be fruitful? The captain... Gets the


try! That is a crucial score for Wales. Many congratulations for the


wins don't come easy away from home. No, especially here, it's a tough


place to come. It was fantastic for us.


Yes, congratulations to the Welsh women. Their first win against Italy


for four years. And congratulations to these guys, the under 20s.


CHEERING Difficult conditions in Milan. Not


the best at, but you soon got your rhythm. We know Italy is a place to


go for the first game. Conditions did suit them. But in the end we got


the victory. Indeed. And you are defending champions, I guess you


want to hold onto that trophy, dodgy? Yes, of course that is our


aim. But player development is one of our aims as well. And hopefully


after the sternum and, whether we win or lose, we can say that we


developed individually and as a team. And Morgan, you are going up


to call and be next week. You always get some good support fair, but


England will be tough. Yes, as a team we know that England will be a


tough game. But we focused ourselves for this week, and with got things


to work on from Friday. And quick word about Ryan, great try from


them, and it is his birthday as well. Anybody greetings? We know he


is a great finisher. We saw that in the try. Younger than us, and


developing player. There is a strong team culture, that's where stars


come from. He is 18 years old, things are looking good. And


remember, BBC Wales is one place to be for all Wales matches. I will be


looking after the woman on Saturday morning, and on Friday night, you


will be up at Colwyn Bay. Always will be. Always give the cracking


welcome there, will be starting the road trip early on Friday. Back


Internet, and Scotland hosted Ireland at Murrayfield yesterday


they would all kicked off. The Scots have only beaten the Irish three


times in 17 attempts since the Five Nations became six, but they were


quietly confident going into this one.


Urged on by the Murrayfield faithful. Get it out wide. Stuart


Hogg for the line. And Scotland open the try scoring at Murrayfield. A


quarter of the match gone, still just that once call from Scotland.


But here they come again and it is Stuart Hogg. It is another try for


Stuart Hogg. Closing in on 20 phases now. Out


wide it goes. Ireland hit back. Ireland's turn to defend the five


metre Drive. It is difficult. A difficult place to defend. Both


sides have been uncertain in the line-out. It is Dunbar. Murray again


for the line. Cannot quite make it. The ball is held up. Still that


penalty advantage. Over they go for the try. Iain Henderson dives and


scores. The Scottish tackles flying up but a


chance for Rob Kearney. Maitland again the saviour. Ireland thought


they had scored but it was the tackle from Maitland. Did he get his


man into touch? The player was in touch. It is a line-out, Scotland


ball. Up to within ten metres. Jackson is


through. Jackson stretches to score. It is a try for Ireland.


The ball is still there for Scotland. A penalty to Scotland as


well. And Ireland's chances are slipping away.


It is good from Greig Laidlaw. It is great from Scotland. They have


beaten Ireland in the opening match of this 6-nations. We switched off a


bit at the start of the second half but the boys are absolutely


delighted to kick off with a win. There is no better place to do it.


Well, one member of our panel did predict a Scottish victory last week


and that was an epic Test match. What better way to open the


tournament. Yes, they were incredible. I think the expectation


has been there for a bit now. And you will understand, being a coach,


it is tough being a coach, you inherit a side and then you change


it to what you want and then you normally just let it go. But then


you are under pressure on keeping your job. And the guys have repaid


some great effort by themselves and is a brilliant coaching by Vern


Cotter and his team. I thought a few seasons ago, even last season, the


Scottish side would have crumbled under the onslaught in the second


half. Yet, they scrambled and kept them out, they came back and put


pressure on Ireland, showed great fitness to be able to do that and


put them under pressure and Greig Laidlaw has that great kicking


success rate. It was a great victory. But it will mean nothing


unless they beat France next week. Scotland very impressive but what


about Ireland? They dominated the set piece but they could not get


going in that first half. It was one of those great game for them. They


score those early tries. Again, as Jerry said, they normally


crumble at that point. But they held on. I think they miss... There was


like 15 tackles they missed in the first half, even more in the second


half. You cannot win Test matches when you are saying that many


tackles. They have a lock to work on. There have been false dawns for


Scotland over the years. We have talked them up but there seems to be


some substance to this revival under Vern Cotter and Jonathan Humphreys.


Yes, I would like to give him credit for that line-out drive but I cannot


see him coming up with that. I am pleased for them because it has been


coming. Glasgow have got over the line in terms of qualifying for the


European quarterfinals and that really sets the tournament up for


me. It was a great start to the tournament and I am pleased for


them. I am disappointed maybe that they cannot get together and have


Gregor Townsend is well and have a formidable team and really kick on.


But it is a great start and they are in with a shout.


I am worried about Wales... Let's not think about that now. At that


magnificent match at Murrayfield, it is off to Twickenham to see how


England under Eddie Jones would fare against France.


COMMENTATOR: Lopez gets away from George Ford. A


quick blast of the whistle. It is not exactly a tip tap all. To be


honest, I could not see anything wrong with that. Well, he takes him


beyond the horizontal. Will it drift in? It does. France,


two penalties from Lopez and they lead 6-3.


Nearly a turnover for France. George Ford dummies the kick and it works


well. Beautifully done by Owen Farrell. Elliot Daly. It will go to


review. He thinks he has scored. Not in touch yet. Yes, years now.


Just. There is another high tackle


penalty. There might be better for France. Was that a deliberate


knock-on by Courtney Lawes? A couple of advantage is being


played France 's way. A try is going to be scored by Slimani. The first


try of the game. Nathan Hughes. Danny Care. Elliot


Daly. Teo'o. And England have been rewarded for staying patient. I take


full responsibility for the performance. I did not prepare the


team well enough. I got something is wrong. I will make sure that the


team plays much better against Wales.


He took full responsibility therefore that performance. What did


he get wrong? Some people saying team selection. He struggled with


injuries but the strength within the English game is deep and the guys


just were slow off the block. You try your best as coaches to prepare


them as best you can and sometimes it does not happen. But we have to


give credit to France. I said last week that they are a poor side. But


they seemed to have some are shaping their attack. Credit to England.


When it mattered, they were resilient and they got in a position


to score, that impact on the bench was enormous. And Teo'o 's try was


brilliant. A lovely lay-off from Owen Farrell. Great.


Good job you have high Northern Irishman in your ranks. There he is.


That is not photo shop. That was during the World Cup. Every side has


got their imports, haven't they? In every side. Every single side. Let's


embrace it. When it works, we have got to go with it. For all the talk


of England's lethargy, we have to give credit to France. They looked


unrecognisable from recent sides. It is not the full renaissance yet. You


could not believe how bad they were sometimes. Absolutely shocking. They


have all these great clubs, how can they be so bad that is why it was a


J great first weekend. Scotland and France are clearly better than they


were. For about an hour yesterday, England could have lost. I think the


reason why they did not and where France still have to work is


something as basic as fitness. That France team are huge. And at the


end, England had more gas and obviously a better bench. But France


have got to learn the lessons of fitness and that is why the guys


playing in the Premiership are the fittest guys out there. It is


embarrassing when you have eight substitutes and you are still


dropping off at the end of the game. We are certainly not going to see


that impact in this tournament. Gerry mentioned the injuries that


England have but they did experiment quite a bit. A few players out of


position. Did they experiment too much? It did not work to start with.


Much to my amusement for the first half watching it. And for 20 minutes


today I thought it would come back on me. But when it mattered, they


came back. That last ten minutes, they were good and they showed...


Their substitutes came on, a very strong bench and I would not be


surprised to see some of them starting next week. They really did


make that impact. That could be a big factor next week.


We have a few minutes to discuss tactics for next week 's game. You


have spent a bit of time in the edit suite analysing the English game.


Eddie Jones won't be happy but credit to the French team, they were


superbly prepared on the day. They asked questions of England by


disjoint in their defence and switching the play. They came down


the short side quite a lot and disrupted the England line. If you


look at this example, Joe Launchbury is in a situation where they do not


want him. It creates little overlaps, little bits of space in


the outside channels that hopefully you can exploit. Can Wales do this


next week? Will they be as prepared? Again, Owen Farrell is on the end of


this line and Elliot Daly is out of position. France had their guys in


the wide channels. They also exploited this setup. George Ford is


at scrum-half. If the defence commit themselves, England potentially have


their two week as defenders on the fringes of the maul. They knew this.


And exploited it. They worked on it. These are easy yards. They knew what


they were doing. This time, and inside ball and he gets to Danny


Care. Again, easy yards. Very clever tactics. George Ford at scrum-half,


he does not want to tackle. That is why they put him there. And as you


see, Owen Farrell, a little bit spooked, he jumps out of the line


and creates a little mismatch and a whole for France to exploit. They


were excellent. What they wanted to do was switch play a lot and get to


a disjointed England defensive line and create some overlaps. It nearly


paid off for them. Our Wales astute enough to create the chances? We


will have to wait and see. Plenty to talk to the panel about


there but first let's hear some fighting talk from both camps. Can


you believe the test record, 60% of the tests have been won by Wales,


only 40% by England. Obviously, mentally, there are things that go


on, I have been to the Principality stadium and it is just another


ground. We will need to work out why the English don't play well at


Wales. I don't know what it is. Maybe it is something... Crossing


the river? Whatever it is. I used to be a geography teacher. I will look


it up. What did you make of England's opening performance? It


was a good win. They showed character in the team that they are


from the run of games they have had an success. But ultimately, our


focus will be to review this because there were parts of that game that


we feel we can have a big improvement on and then we move


towards England. The first two weeks are pretty important. The focus was


on this game to get us off to a good start. It has been mentioned many


times about our starting the campaign and as I said to the


players before the game, it is important we start competitions


well. We have not done so in four years. I am glad from a perspective


that we can go into the next game with a little bit more self belief


and confidence. Huge improvement is needed for next week when England


come, especially in the speed of the ball to the back line, intensity in


defence, and also the creativity. I think we have got to be more bold


from the start, we have too scored tries early on and also we have to


get away from too much kicking back and forth. England will certainly


counter attack if we kick straight down the field to them and we also


have to look to run from deep more. Will it be too early to start Sam


Davies in a game like England? Or is he ready to do that? He showed in


the autumn he is ready to start and we came a selection plan in terms of


experience and the competition for places, what we talked about two


weeks ago. And Sam has shown lovely touches and obviously, he has a


unique left foot. That certainly aids his tools in terms of kicking


strategy but we will have to wait and see how Dan Biggar comes out and


at the end of the day, he has come on and on really well and it puts


pressure on coaches in terms of selection. We win the Six Nations, I


will stand up here and do handstands, I will be that happy.


Records don't mean anything. You score 100 in a Test match and you


can get out for a duck the next day. It is about keeping improved on. We


want to be Six Nations champions. And that starts by beating Wales


next week. That is the only thing that matters now. There were aspects


of our game today where we had the ball and we were not relentless. The


ability to sides -- put side under pressure and we will have to put


England under more pressure than we did today.


Some fighting talk. First of all, someone needs to give Eddie Jones a


geography lesson. Next week, it is the big one. The


one we all look forward to. Both sides now have a victory under their


belt. Not the most convincing of wins. Who would you say are the


favourites going into that game? We will be underdogs. Eddie will


probably like a rocket under the English side after what he said in a


press conference after, so he will put a lot of detail on but again we


have world-class players that can stand up and can make a difference.


And we like to go into the game as underdogs. I remember watching a few


years ago when England were chasing the Grand Slam and they were looking


for it and I was talking to the people next to me... Remind us what


happened there? No, it was a fantastic second half by Wales in


that game. England got it wrong and we came out and it was a fantastic


performance in that second half. If things do go wrong, if England get


aspects is wrong, we have the players that can put scores on the


board and can make a big difference. It will be a really intense game.


Bringing up that Cardiff record, as Eddie Jones said, is that another


mind game? England have three victories in a row against Wales in


the Six Nations. You have to be aware of his flannel. It happens


daily. Sometimes he contradicts himself totally the day after. Wales


should not give him too much respect. There are only two of the


normal starting forwards saying yesterday. The rest are out and


won't be in Cardiff. Dylan Hartley, I think, I don't rate him at all.


Dan Cole is a busted flush and I think they can be attacked and also


Mike Brown at fullback, in terms of counterattack is a dead duck. I am


serious. He looks for the first tackler and runs at him. They are


short of players and Eddie with his flannel is trying to divert the


attention away from the fact. If they give them too much respect,


they will lose by a lot. Why would you respect England? It is not...


The Principality stadium is not any old stadium. It is a fantastic


arena. And Eddie will be as frightened of it as anybody. Jerry,


you have to respond to that. The audience is amazing. I think


that the flannel has 15 victories in a row. It is a big flannel. Give


credit to England where it is due, if you are not playing well and you


are winning games, in some cases Canterbury, you have to be wary of


them and they are understrength at the moment. What I would say about


England is even with those four main starters out, they still have big


carriers in their pack and that is... The only way you will beat


England is to combat that. I do not feel at the moment Wales have those


explosive ball-carriers to be able to produce the quick ball that will


enable you to get into the wide spaces. That is where England are


weak but they generally slow the ball down and they have big hitters


in defence to stop those attackers and that is where they dominate and


they build their game on that defence. It was poor yesterday. They


allowed France into the game. If they are missing carriers, so our


England. The Vunipola brothers are missing.


Until Haskel came on, they lacked that go forward. Yes, they had been


sensational and they are definitely missing them. I like Jamie George.


Should you drop your captain? The flannel makes big cause. We do not


have to worry about that. I think we have to concentrate on ourselves.


James Haskell has to come in. I am more concerned about us. I agree we


have got to match England but I am worried that through Rob Howley 's


press conference, he is intimating that Sam Warburton will play at


seven. Justin Tipuric is one of the best


rugby players Wales have got and if we are to get to those wider


channels, we need him in the team. That is my worry.


But again, the flannel is due to come a cropper at some point, why


can't it be next week? Our panel are very confident this


evening. Jerry, let's talk about Wales and any possible changes. You


are a fan of Sam Davies. Would you start with him? I am a fan of Dan


Biggar as well. It is horses for courses.


He does everything but run, you say. Yeah, tell me something different.


Rob Howley has been incredibly safe. There is no doubt, if Wales topline


players play as well as they can, they are going to cause England


problems but they have to find that from somewhere because at the


moment, we are not seeing it. Alun Wyn Jones puts in performance after


performance. Justin Tipuric gets better and better. The combination I


like today in the midfield of Williamson Davies, if that clicks,


England are going to have to shore up that defence that was incredibly


passive. You are avoiding the question. Who would you go for at


ten? I would go with Dan Biggar. I think he is... The connection there


with his experience will work. Sam is too inexperienced for that


occasion. Bring him on to make a difference. If you bring Dan Biggar


on, there is not much you can attack with, so start with him and bring


the influence on. I would start with Dan Biggar. He is a real winner. He


is the sort of guy that you will want to line up with. He has that


experience. He has the shirt at the moment. Sam is going well. He is the


incumbent. He will get there. Coming off the bench, it is a strategy as


well. We saw that from England yesterday. They are both still


involved. That would be my selection. You said at the very stop


-- the very top, about the number seven. How would your back row be


configured? I am a massive fan of Sam Warburton and it is hard to


leave out Justin Tipuric. I would make a straight swap, Moriarty for


Faletau. If Charteris is fit, I would bring him in as well. They


have got to make things happen. I would bring in the biggest, most


brutal pack and take them on where they don't like it. It has got to be


an enormous transformation from the rugby I have seen Wales playing in


the last 12 months. It would be a miracle win. Sorry, a miracle


performance. Nothing has suggested that they have been carrying the


ball and smashing lumps out of the sites they have been playing games


but there is no doubt that what England have to be wary of, as I


say, those Lions in that Welsh side, if it clicks, it will be a humdinger


of a game. Head on the block... I want to get Ian on the front rows.


Did Thomas Frist do enough to start? I think he did, yeah. They made a


difference. That propelled Wales into the wind. There were some tough


training sessions this week. If they did make that decision, then nobody


could argue with that. Head on the block time, what are we going for? A


Welsh win obviously? I can't say England, can I? I won't get out of


here. I feel England are going to make it 16 out of 16. I cannot see


the way that Wales are playing... It'll be a good, tends emotional


game but the confidence that England have got and there is so much for


them to improve on, I cannot see anything but an England win. I was


enjoying beanie crowd pleaser but it is over now. I think England will


win by a margin in double figures. I had better balance it up. No,


because I think Wales have a lot of long-term development to go and I


don't think we will go and win a Grand Slam. I will be honest. A


one-off game in Cardiff, why can't we do it?


A lot of other games coming up next weekend as well. Italy play at home


for the second weekend running. A wounded Ireland are the six --


visitors. Ireland will rebound big. I don't think they will lose again.


And what about France Scotland? France. If Scotland can make it


mobile, they will win. But if it is an arm wrestle, France will win that


one. If France can last the course, they will win by double figures. A


narrow French win for me. Interesting prediction. Only the one


person was right last week and I think that was Peter Jackson.


There we are. Thanks ever so much. Everybody here, can you give it up


for your panel this evening, Ian Gough... Jeremy Guscott... Stephen


Jones... And Sean Holley. Thanks to all of our amazing studio


audience as well. And thank you for you watching at home as well. There


is a Facebook live at 7:15pm. A couple of the boys are hanging about


to answer your questions. Wales are top of the pile after Round 1. Our


closest neighbours are coming over next week and it always is a


humdinger. He can make a break for himself. He


is going to score a remarkable try. Martin, Edwards. Phil Bennett. Along


the line. JB R Williams. Is he going to do it again?


Moriarty. And I tell you, this has got to be sorted out. What a star


one international punches thrown. Totally unnecessary. And that really


does disfigure a great match. The kick is charged down. A try for


Wales. What a start. It is James Hook. The Millennium Stadium is a


happy place.


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