Wales U20 v England U20 Scrum V

Wales U20 v England U20

Ross Harries presents live coverage of Wales u20s v England u20s from Colwyn Bay. Studio guests include former Wales internationals Robert Jones and Richie Rees.

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Good evening and welcome to Scrum V Live, from a sold-out area sparking


Colwyn Bay. Your Wales versus England England weekend starts here.


Tonight is all about the next generation. Less than 12 months ago,


on this very ground, Wales made history. Winning their first ever


Grand Slam at under 20s level. They began this campaign how they ended


the last, with victory over Italy. Next, it's England. Their oldest and


fiercest rivals. And the reigning world champions. And they arrive


here in confident mood, following a nine try demolition of brands in


Exeter. With last week's man of the match Max Malins being called up by


his club, Saracens, meaning this young man starts at ten. If you


don't recognise the face, you will recognise the name, Jacob Umaga, son


of Mike. Jason strange has made two changes to his side as they look to


build on their opening win against Italy. It's been quite a week for


Ryan Kolbe, a try scorer last Friday, birthday boy on Sunday, and


his gift from the Scarlets was a development contracts signed on


Tuesday. Good evening and welcome to Scrum V Live from a rather chilly


but I'm pleased to say raucous Park area. It's a sell-out crowd, 5500


here, hopefully to Che Wales to victory over England. My guests join


me. Initially bringing rugby here was something of an experiment. As


we can see, it's one that has paid off handsomely. Absolutely, is


fantastic for the under 20s and North Wales rugby, it's helped


develop North Wales rugby over the last couple of years. It's been a


very successful hunting ground for the under 20s. They've won the last


six, a victory over England last time here as well. It's a happy


place for them to beat, and they've developed their game here in North


Wales. Hopefully that will continue this evening. It's becoming a focus


for the players. The challenge for the coaches, under 20s, every year


you have a whole new raft of players. Continuity is not something


easily achieved. No, you are charged with the development of the future


International. Jason strange has a young group here. Grand Slam


champions last year. These boy will tell you any Wales versus England


occasion, you want to win, and as a coach you want to win. A difficult


one. They will want to win in front of this crowd. It's a very good


team. We'll talk about England in a minute. 20 of new faces in this


Welsh under 20s squad, including Ryan Cumbria. We've seen he's a year


younger than some of his colleagues, but the Iraq -- he announced arrival


last week. Last week we saw his finishing ability, we saw the


capability with ball in hand going forward, but today, I'm sure he will


work defensively against Joe. He's dubbed the full-back appeared


beautifully, got in the corners, superb, hopefully we'll see more of


that this evening. That was an acrobatic finish. Congratulations to


him on the new contracts this week as well. After that opening win in


Milan, the Wales squad were back in the more familiar surroundings this


week of their Vale of Glamorgan HQ. Wales star off with a great victory


and will be looking forward to the rest of these games in these under


20s Six Nations Championship. Really pleased not just with the results


from a young group, who have put a lot of people having a first caps,


but also the performance, calm, assured, we came away with a


convincing win. It's a good start. One of the games, it was lucky


enough the ball bounced and I gracefully took it. And I had the


pace to finish it off. I was really happy with the try. It's a new


squad, up to 20s level, but we are expecting a lot from individual


players and some of those showed on Friday and I'm sure we'll see more


of them as the campaign progresses. We have a big challenge ahead of us.


It's a great atmosphere, a good crowd, big fans. It was team


development, as we hope to develop individually and as a team through


the campaign. That's the main aim. A victory would be a real achievement


for us. Are you looking forward to going back. I don't think there will


be any magic wand apart from a lot of hard work and the performance. If


we do that, hopefully we will get a good result on Friday and beat


England. One thing that is often the case


when Wales plays England, some of these Welsh players are smaller in


stature than that in which opponents tonight. How will they need to


approach this if Wales are to prevail? Wales need to play to their


strengths. Their strengths are in their back three and the movement


they have on the back line. The tack up -- is tackling structure, the pan


they'd use, the tendency to use the big forwards and use them as decoy


runners. They created a lot of opportunities but the execution


wasn't there. If they are to beat this England team, they must pick


the right decision at the right time. We've seen the short run is


going but the spaces out the back that the Italian forwards are biting


in on and if they can create those opportunities they have to be able


to finish as they did, the fantastic try and finish here. Wales to put


wits on the ball this evening, England, as English teams like to


do, will probably truck it up a bit and with Zac burst -- with Zach


Mercer they have the ultimate ball-carrier. He's the ultimate


pedigree, at Bath, he's all action. He's good in attacking, his ball


carrying, good tackler, good over the ball, he can play six, seven or


eight. These are regular in the Bath first team. He's probably playing up


a level, expect him to have a big involvement. He looks terrifying


with ball in hand. Someone Wales will have to contain tonight. It's a


sell-out. 5500 fans. There no spare ticket for Phil Steele. He's lurking


in the tunnel. Thanks very much, I should have a


string of garlic around my neck because this is the England changing


room. They will make the long winding way down through the guard


of honour in front of the 5500. I've been talking to Dean Ryan, involves


with the development of England rugby. He says we can expect this


England team to move it. Look out for the back three, he says. Any


loose ball kicked by Wales will be utilised by the back three. Let's


look for the England back division and particularly the back three.


There is a bit of England support here. Probably coming from the North


of England, all part of the atmosphere. Back to you.


Thank you, the teams are on their way out, as you have been


describing. We have time for a quick prediction. You mentioned Wales'


record on the home ground. Can they continue with a victory? England


will be buoyant after last week, but Wales have made this a bit of a


fortress and we surprised England last year. I'd like to think we can


do the same and hopefully a good omen for tomorrow's big


international in Cardiff. What a start that would be for the weekend.


Wales have won their last eight under 20s games in a row in the Six


Nations. England's unbeaten in their last six in all competitions,


including that World Cup final victory. These two teams are used to


winning. Who will prevail tonight? Richie Rees, Sean Holley, joining


Gareth Charles for the commentary. COMMENTATOR:


Thanks very much. It's a long walk down from the changing rooms. But


it's one that has been successfully made by captains wearing red over


the last season in particular. It's always incredibly well supported


here. Will Jones has the honour of making his way through the


youngsters, who have their moment as well. There really is a family local


atmosphere about proceedings at area spark when the under 20s are in


town. The choir has been singing beforehand. The crowd being whipped


up into a frenzy. As usual, a full house, ready to cheer on the current


Six Nations champions, against the current world champions. After


convincing wins for both of them last week, at huge game this


evening. And, of course, before the anthems this evening, there is a sad


moment, just to remember, as they will be before every game this


current weekend, the loss this week of one of the best scrum-halves ever


to play this great game of ours, aged just 45, with motor neurone


disease disease. There will be a minute's silence for the great


Springbok, a brave player on the field and brave in life as well.


Ladies and gentlemen, please join us for the singing of the national


anthems. # Mae hen wlad fy nhadau


yn annwyl i mi # Gwlad beirdd a chantorion,


enwogion o fri # Ei gwrol ryfelwyr,


gwladgarwyr tra mad CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Passionate singing of the anthem from both on and off the field, just


two changes in the Welsh line-up from the victory in Italy. Both


second row is making that under 20 debut. The Osprey flanker Will Jones


is the captain. Keirin Williams rounded off the victory.


Just one new face in English pack, Justin Clegg, number eight, Zach


Mercer, and the captain Ben Earl a try scorer against France last week.


The famous rugby name at outside-half, Jacob Umaga, the other


change behind is on the wing, the rest of the three quarters all


scored last week. James Grayson, son of Paul Grayson,


another famous name on the English bench. Frank Murphy of Ireland, the


man in charge this evening. As Wales look to continue in winning ways


here. This a stern test for them against an equally young English


team. A team that scored nine tries and 50 points at Sandy Park Exeter,


against France last week. Good evening, alongside me, ... Good


evening, a fresh evening in North Wales but nevertheless a great night


for rugby. Lots of young talent on show. Two different teams, really.


Off the back of a fabulous win last week, England, supremely confident.


Ciaran Williams, the first burst through.


Straight through those Calum Bradbury. Really eating up the


ground. That's a great tackle by Tom Parton, and it needed to be, from


the English full-back. A little slip picked up by Ben Jones, out it goes


to Conbeer. Bradbury, on his debut, that was an excellent burst onto the


first penalty follows. The co-forwards, congratulations to the


Blues lock. Something I reckon the coaches might have picked out in the


training week. A real flat English line-out defence. Nobody behind in a


pick and go by second row column Bradbury. See how England spread the


field, nine is way, way deep in the back field, not behind the rock.


Well exploited. Exactly that, we've touched pre-game that Wales want to


try to play out the back and they did try to play the back. The


accuracy probably was off but they have the penalty and the chants of


the three points in the first points of the game. Five from six


successful kicks for Ben Jones last week, for his 12 points.


That's an excellent start for the Welsh team as they go ahead by 3-0.


Lovely strike by the young outside-half. That will settle the


nerves, give them a little bit of confidence. A lot of been spoken


about some of these big players the England have but a fine start by the


Welshman. Jacob Umaga with the restart. Max


Malins scored 24 points for the English team last week, of the 59.


Replaced by Umaga this week. You notice the English players


really waiting for that kicking, four players back. Watch out for


this fellow, number eight Zach Mercer.


Harry Randall, looking to spread it wide, right, brought down by


Nicholas. Randall, pushing the Welsh team back. He has bounced up, away


from Ben Jones, leaves plenty of time to get clearance kick in. He


was caught in two minds. He's reluctant to get into the ball. It's


pretty good underfoot from the start of the game. The bounce of the ball


certainly suggests that. But comes the English defence


quickly, Ben Jones trying to get behind them but it's a shade too


strong. A couple of speculative kicks from both teams there. You


have to say that the Wales defence, strong and resolute here, well read


by the winger whom you know very well. Something we can expect from


the Welsh half-backs today is a lot of big kicking game. We can expect


them to put a little bit of pressure on the wings for England, because


they are not very comfortable under the high balls. Hopefully we will


see that this evening. Easy for you to say those two names! There is one


of them. A mistake into the high ball, putting England under pressure


on their own try line. He can run, if you get the chance. Great tactics


from Wales as Richie Rees calls. There's a little bit of wind,


exactly where they want England now. They don't want a fourth penalty


now, Wales, no silly penalties, and they can get a line-out -- they


don't want to force a penalty. A scrum-half educated in a


comprehensive in Wales. He should have been playing for Wales. He


looks comfortable under it, then at the last minute the technique wasn't


quite there. As you rightly say, he can run this and Wales can put him


under pressure if they get turnovers. Born in Fiji Kim came to


England when he was three. Spent spells in Brunei and Germany. His


dad was in the Army. Good play to get well over the gain line from


there. Conbeer, plenty of white shirts


around him. We saw the two props with plenty of


ball in hand last week in Milan. Started in the same vein this


evening. They looked very well-organised, the English defence.


In good shape. They are all on their feet, not really competing in the


tackle area. Wales certainly keeping plenty of ball early on. Up comes


Will Talbot Davis from full-back. They are making little headway at


the moment. Once again, the bust. Nicholas going


for the outside, the slips through the tackle. You will notice England


are not competing for any ball were just happy to have a big white line


absorbing all of these phases. This is good from Wales, very


patient play. They are trying to force England to give away a


penalty. Go through the phases, build a bit of structure and come


away with a few errors as possible. Great work on the floor. Mercer


presenting it back beautifully and on the run ghost Tom Curry. Randall


to Mercer again. A little 1-2 between the scrum-half. Butler with


a grubber kick through. Albert Davis bounces off him so. We saw last week


that Talbot Davis is very willing to join in any counter possible. Well,


again, nobody claiming the loose ball until Mercer does so. They are


finding a lot of space, a lot of grass, Wales with their kicking


game. Umaga, juggled by Isiekwe. You get the feeling of Wales can keep


their discipline. There you go. He's robbed. Just spilled forward.


As we expected, both teams looking to attack. Wales are going to have


to keep their wits about them and keep their patients, because this


defence looks very organised indeed. Very organised, he got off his man,


focused on the rug. That's all some of these players need is that space.


But tactically, very astute, both teams at the moment. England in


defence chose the want to steal by Zach Mercer and Wales in attack, go


through the phases. When it's not needed, a nice kick coming in from


the nine. They are setting the structure really well. They are


going through a few phases. It's just the winner of this game is


those who create the least amount of error in their game. Wales have


already created an opportunity, it's just turning the ball over at the


opportunities. Sean Moore, the Pontypridd lock, who got... Early


on. Nice to see there are three scrum-halves on the field at the


moment. Yes, Murphy, ex Connacht and Leicester scrum-half, he's lost a


bit of weight actually since his playing days. Not a bad player to be


fair. Looking better than it is playing days. Looking sharp, he's


done his hair as well. Unbelievable. Tom Parton, forced back into the 22.


They are having a lot of success with the kicking game, aren't they?


A lovely kick, Ben Jones collects and scores. That's a great try from


Wales. Superbly taken. Again, it's down to the kicking game, this time


a poor return from England but great, great awareness, and Ben


Jones with a super finish. Well, we talked about the tactical kicking


game. Rays have -- Wales have tried it down this left-hand corner as we


looked a few times. They put Barton under pressure, it paid off, and the


vision here, you can see the space. The full-back followed his own


kicker and a very clever kick into space. That's what you get if you


follow up. The Welsh boys, they are ecstatic. A brilliant kick from the


Welsh but Ben Jones spotted the space and he told him to put the


tick there. A lovely finish in the corner by Ben Jones. A good start so


far from Wales. A dive like Conbeer, more room than in Italy last week.


That was a great finish. At the risk of repeating myself, you know how I


feel about conversions. They might only be worth two. Trust me, for


coaches, they are massive. Oh, well, that was a brilliant,


brilliant... So he has all Wales' points so far. We see it again,


great vision. The execution is great. Lots of success behind this


right wing in the first 11 minutes of the game from Wales.


Very confident start from the Welsh boys.


Well, that's a shock to the system. Zebre leading by 20 -- leading by


10-0 against the Ospreys. I thought the Ospreys would win at a canter.


But it's early yet, of course. Check the graphics, are they the right way


round? I did! Couldn't believe my eyes. It's good game from Wales,


winning this kicking battle in the opening 12 minutes of the game and


England are failing to take any decent ball and get a new return


back within their kicking game. So again, a poor kick. It landed short.


Wales have taken it and England have given a penalty weight at the


breakdown and allowed Wales the chance of another three points. Vera


-- they are reacting quicker. You have to credit the players. This is


clearly a strategy they have gone in with, the players are executing the


strategy. Here the player who has confidence at the moment. They are


having real success at the moment, they need to keep going at least for


the next ten or 12 minutes, nearly 13 minutes into the game and a of


success where all their points are coming from. It's when I used to


coach you and you used to execute the game plan. Executes...


Are better looking strike, but it didn't have legs. The other one


judged the wind and conditions perfectly, so it remains at 10-0,


four Wales. Wales could try to go left off this.


Talbot Davis, a big lump, isn't it? He's also tactically very good. He's


in the right place at the right time. Ciaran Williams. Is a bit of


naivete. You get hit with the younger players. Even though they've


entered the 22 and it looked like a good ball carrier, it's a turnover


possession, getting the ball back to England, could have built some more


pressure on the defence there. He looks like the go to guy. Yes,


you get the feeling if he carries on like this, he will grab it by the


scruff. There is another carry from the back number eight. Harry


Randall. The pass put pressure on Talbot-Davies. The forwards are good


enough though to protect it. Dane Blacker has his winger on the floor


so someone else will have to chase this. And guess who is back there


again. He is one who is taking charge, as far as England goes,


defensively certainly. It is picked up by Cokanasiga. It is ripped


clear. A good carry by Kieran Williams. Get it back on the front


foot. Wales happy to go to this kicking game. They are putting them


under pressure. The two wingers combining defensively for England.


Will Jones goes for the steel. England get it back down the ground.


Good pressure on Harry Randall. And the ball comes clear. Sienawski


picks up and Wales are back on the front foot. Ellis Shipp.


England lying on, penalty conceded. It should be a comfortable three


points. And where does it come from? Again, the kicking game down to this


corner. The right winger was out of position. Ibitoye got caught. And


Wales are awarded with another shot at goal. You cannot afford from the


following breakdowns or set piece to give cheap, nasty penalties away


about is exactly what Wales are doing at the moment. They are


allowing England to the ball. He strips him in contact and Wales are


all over the ball. They are playing this game plan to an absolute peach


at the moment. They are holding onto the ball and getting the penalties


and hopefully getting the points. Successful kick from Ben Jones.


Wales extend their lead 13-0. A confident start from the Welsh


youngsters. He does not look like missing at the moment. He did miss


one but it was from a long way out. It is deserved reward for an


excellent tactical kicking game from his home team.


They don't look happy. They know they are under pressure. It has


probably come as a little bit of a surprise to them. They have not been


tested like this before and if Wales can just consolidate this set piece


which has been good so far, don't allow England into the game. This is


key for Wales. They have to hold their own on England ball in this


set piece. As long as they can hold their settees, stay strong and then


just go for a little bit of territory. Pressure but Zach Mercer


looks dangerous. Good play to Harry Randall. Excellent play by the


number eight. He is there again. A steel by Sienawski but offside.


Frank Murphy saying the red had formed already on top of Sienawski


as he has made the tackle. It is unfortunate for Wales but it is a


decision Sienawski has to make a bad breakdown, whether he looks to go


for the ball, maybe he should have backed out of that. Wales have been


on the front foot for the majority of this 20 minute so far. Zach


Mercer linking with his scrum-half. What the tackler doesn't do is he


doesn't realise that the ruck has been formed. The referee will be


telling him he has been beaten by the rock. A well used term for


flankers. He was warming up in his vest. And last week in the rain in


Italy. Fair play to him. No time wasted by Jacob Umaga and England


with their first points of the evening. It was a good run from


Harry Randall off the scrum. That put England on the board. Wales need


to find some position from this restart. Wales do not need to force


it at the moment. It is the first time England have been Amat


attacking zone. One penalty and they have conceded the three points.


Ibitoye is safely underneath it. Harry Randall bides his time. Good


hand time on that kick. Kisses chases every opportunity.


Talbot-Davies not quite gathering safely. It is England ball.


This looks like a forced skill pass. The ten is not quite attached to his


forwards. They have looked a little bit disjointed. Wales have got to


take advantage of this. As long as this continues interestingly enough,


that went straight to a bid to you, it is obviously something they have


singled out and they will continue going there until it stops working.


The scrum has been good to start. Chris Horseman seems to be doing a


good job. Great attacking position. The ten metre line, midfield. You


would fancy and eight, nine. Prime attacking opportunity. When he


dropped back into the pocket or will he defend the right hand side of the


scrum? Ben Jones is sat behind that he can decide which side to go. A


loose pass by Dane Blacker land unfortunately for Wales, they cannot


develop from that position. The forwards coach is with Phil. How


pleasing are these tactics? They seem to be working well? The


half-backs are controlling the game well but the kick is only as good as


the chase. The back three IRA threat but we have got to manage them into


those corners. The boys are doing it well so far. More of this until


half-time. Yes, the wind is a factor but at the moment, the half-backs


are executing the game plan and it is going well. That is a half decent


driving maul from England. English teams get a Smith of this and you


have got wingers in there as well. We were told to expect a lot of open


play from England but they may change their tactics having seen


that. With the school, they probably got a message on from the touchline.


-- score. Back for the original penalty. I think it was Will Jones


going in the side of our driving layup. They have conceded 20 metres


already from driving line-out and then Jones gives the penalty away.


If you are going to give the penalty away, give it away at source, 20


metres further upfield. Wales have to batten down the hatches and shut


England out. Yes, it is a silly penalty. It is a cynical penalty as


well. We has to be very careful in front of the referee. He should know


better than that. With that great driving maul, Umaga decides to go


for the corner. Yes, the English coaches, particularly forwards


coach, will be well pleased that last line up. But not with that one.


It is back to Zach Mercer somehow. Out of the back door but not taken


by Butler. It is not done in the process. I thought Wales had stolen


the line-out but somehow Zach Mercer got his hands on it and again got


England on the front foot. It was a poor throw in all honesty but there


he is again. He is the action man. I am not so sure you need that. Have a


word with him at half-time about that one. Take it another phase and


Wales are in trouble. 19 years old. He is one eighth Maori. Yes, his


father played rugby league for New Zealand. Also coached Glasgow.


Dane Blacker is saying, I had him anyway, it is all right. He is quite


relieved the whistle went. My man. So many options available here. It


is a really great place to attack from. Big blindside as we look on


your screens to the left. Zach Mercer has the ability to pass off


the base himself. Look at the formation behind the scrum. That


creates a block play with the first back on the left or right side.


Difficult to discern. Excellent position for England. Down go the


front rows. Interesting setup will struggle


defensively. They have also matched them with two in behind.


Zach Mercer. Harry Randall. Straightout to Will Butler. Back to


Zach Mercer once again. The centre, all England's attacks... Randall


fires it out. Umaga almost put Ollie Dawe in the gap. Anybody other than


a loosehead there, you fancy they would get through. Wales are holding


firm. Randall. Sets up another English


attack. But are under pressure. Did well to gather at the second time.


-- Butler. Joseph Morris, the English tight


head. Umaga. This time, under no pressure, England cough it up and it


is just as well for Wales because that was looking dangerous. They are


gradually getting themselves into the game and it is that man, Zach


Mercer, the amount of calories he has had already. They are creeping


back into the game. Just took his eye off the ball. Two guys on the


outside. He spotted Jared Rosser in his eye line. As he has done that,


he has taken his eyes off the ball and fortunately for Wales, just


conceded the knock-on. A few phases of great defence from Wales. We talk


about that scrum position and Wales defended it very well. It was poorly


executed by England. Yes, we touched on it pre-game on the side of the


field. Umaga has come in and he hasn't looked particularly


comfortable. Last year, he was playing a lot at 12. It is a lot


different playing at ten. You have got to look to get your hands on the


ball a little bit more often than he has and challenge that gain line. A


couple of the Welsh boys struggling at the moment. Callum Bradbury took


a bump to the shoulder. And Assiratti had a dead leg, a bit


similar to George North last week, by the look of it. Does that mean he


will go on to score a 60 metre try? Well, some of these props can run. A


big test for him now into this very crucial scrum.


Wales holding the scrum very well indeed. Very well indeed, as England


try to get the shove on. And that means a lot to that pack. Frank


Murphy does not like the celebrations. Just watch this now,


they are square. At this moment, you can see them... The tight head and


the hooker come away and that is enough. Ollie Dawe not happy. He


felt that Wales walked across. They were not scrummaging squarer and


straight. The referee out of shot was talking to the Welsh players


about celebrating winning a penalty and I totally concur with him. We do


not want to see any of that style of behaviour at any level. You do see


it with some of the Premiership teams, Saracens introduced it. I


tell you what, we saw it ad nauseam with Itoji last week. It is a


culture thing. The boys need to accept that there is a level that is


acceptable and they do not want to overstep that Mark and concentrate


on the rugby. Sienawski won the line-out but he lost it when he came


down. It is stolen. Wales need some time with ball in hand because after


the early start, it is all England at the moment. They are keeping


their shape. There is a bit of fruit on the outside. They are working


hard at the moment. Ioan Nicholas calling for more cover on the


outside. They will have to be wary of the way the ball bounces. A very


high static vertical bars. A very good kick. You can see Talbot-Davies


coming across. Tactically he is very good and the covers the ground and


he reads the body positions of the opposing nine and ten to see where


they will kick. Unfortunately for Wales, the ball bounced straight


into touch. Bradbury. Good line-out work. The second rows have done


well. They have come in and they are doing well. Having a good game in


the set piece and in the ball carry. Here we go again. Taken safely this


time by Cokanasiga. The English skipper. Baseload that


ball down very well, Wales. Umaga finds a bit of space but cannot


gather. Ashley Beck has scored for the Ospreys and they are back within


three. And it is half-time. Never easy to go to Italy, no matter what


time of year. Fancies a run, does big Joe and beating men easily. Gets


the offload. One of the Welsh boys still down after his attempt at a


tackle. Umaga. Lovely pass out of the back door and that is Butler in


a bit of space. Looking for the inside ball to his partner, Max


Wright. Umaga again to Morris. England picking up the pace now.


Good hands again by Butler. Clearing away from the tackle. Getting the


ball away. Zach Mercer with the straight drive on once again.


Sienawski with the tackle. Penalty given away by Wales. Quickly taken


by Randall and they don't need advantage because Harry Randall the


former Wales under 16 captain has got England's first try. That


passage of play tells you all about England and some of the messages the


coaches down in front of us are getting on. They started playing


short side, they have broken Wales down on the outside and as we said


earlier, Will Jones needs to be very careful with some of the silly


penalties he is giving away. Harry Randall, a young man who played for


Wales at under 16 level, he sneaks over. Yes, it was the first time


they have put a poor kick in, and it all started with Ben Jones looking


for that long left footed kick and it landed straight into the hands of


the Englishman. Another silly penalty from Will Jones, coming in


the side and as all number nine is he already has his hands on the ball


when the referee calls penalty and the defence cannot touch him. He has


dived over for an easy five points. Quickly taken by Randall and get the


rewards. Jacob Umaga adds the extras and England are right back in it.


Game on. Eight minutes before half-time, it is a real close one


now. Zach Mercer started the game very well. The other players have


got back into it now and they are pulling the strings at nine, Harry


Randall. Good carry. Umaga, and England are


full of running now. Lovely ball to Zach Mercer once again. Shows and


then gets the as to Cokanasiga. Bounces off tacklers. England have


picked up the pace and they have plenty of men going left. He gets


the past two Mullins and he get it away to Umaga and the tries comes to


Max Wright and that is a brilliant, brilliant score by England. Yes,


quite superb from England. Virtually length of the field. Great


discipline. Off-loading, in control of the ball through contact. Some


weak tackling by Wales, you have to say. The centres are really getting


into the game. And this man, Zach Mercer, he has been a cut above the


rest. Cokanasiga gets his hands on the ball and he is shrugging the


tacklers off. I thought for a moment, Isiekwe may have taken the


wrong option. But there are plenty of players there and in the end it


was easy for Max Wright. It is very noticeable the off-loading through


contact, in control of themselves, excellent play from England and that


is more like what we saw against France last week. Two more points


for Umaga. And suddenly, very suddenly, England have gone into the


lead. All of a sudden, Umaga is getting into the game. Some good


distribution. Following up, looking for another touch. He ships it onto


Max Wright and that is a superb team score. Excellent rugby, pace and


precision and power. And Max Wright is getting more and more in the


game. Yeah, a couple of clean line breaks last week against France and


he is a big unit and all of a sudden, England's best players are


getting their hands on the ball. Yes, the Yorkshire Kearney the


Centre. That changes the team talk at


half-time. Clearly wales don't want to concede any more this half. Can


they get some field position and builds pressure and maybe a penalty?


Sienawski, again the line-out target. This time they get it out as


far as Kieran Williams. Yes, just a bit overcomplicated. No


conviction from Wales. I felt they needed to be direct there and get


the field position again. Safety in numbers. Maybe a pick and go, around


the corner, put some pressure on England to possibly concede a


penalty before half-time. But there is the Neva T. These are young


players and they will learn. Zach Mercer, brought down this time


by Will Jones. Umaga. Max Wright, will Butler. The two centres


combining well. Talbot-Davies gets the clearance kick in. Some of the


Welsh tackling is looking a little bit weak and weary now towards the


end of this half. Another one down. There is Mike Umaga. Born in


Halifax, Jacob, after he play with Michael came over to coach and play


rugby league. And a coach himself. A coach around the Midlands area. You


do not want to give this fella too much time and space. He weighs the


same as one of the Welsh second roast tonight. Zach Mercer is giving


them confidence. You can see he plays at a much higher level. They


are in control of themselves when they give him the ball. Great play.


He is in everything. Carried 19 times against France. He has carried


here that this half. They have just grown in confidence, haven't they?


Still only 19 years old. As you were saying earlier, his appearances for


Bath, he has had ten game for them this year and at the top level, when


you come back down to play at this level then, it is a different ball


game. Guy Mercer, his namesake, was named captain at the start of the


season and he's keeping him out of the side. That is how good he is.


Sienawski is leading the field. And Aled Ward of the Blues is on instead


of him. A lot of bruising this under 20s said. But agree upfront. --


Blues. Wales won't want to concede again in


the remaining two and a half minutes. Clegg drives on. They are


going to need to shows and discipline. They have been under the


cosh and they need to go into the half at least at 13-17. Again, Zach


Mercer gets them on the front foot. Maybe he should have held onto it.


It is Ellis Shipp who is there for Wales. They need to clear and they


need to clear well from here, do Wales. They do not want to be giving


a line-out anywhere near the 22. Now then, on the evidence of what we saw


earlier, this could be testing for Wales. I reckon so. We know what is


coming here. Discipline is so important. It looks like there is


enough time for them to go, should Wales give another week -- another


penalty away here. There is the flanker at scrum-half. But it is a


double bluff. It is a short ball to battle around here is over. England


have a third just before half-time. And that is good thinking.


Everybody, commentary team, players, the lot, was expecting the drive


with the flanker standing at scrum-half but no, a quick, short


ball and will Butler makes it three. This is a superbly mature call.


Shape up for a drive. It is a little pull-out play, through comes the


centre, Butler, who has been very influential in the last ten minutes


and it is a sucker punch for Wales. We have talked about the need to


just secure the last couple of minutes of the half and go in just


narrowly down after such a good start but England have the bit


between their teeth and they are going for the throw.


Umaga has found his kicking boots and England have come good. Three


tries in the final ten minutes of the half. And even though there will


be time for a restart, they will be extremely happy with the way things


have developed. Dean Ryan has just come and stood right in front of me.


I will not see it. He is not sitting down. I will not argue with him


mine. -- mind. Clegg. Driven on by... It has been


lost, it went backwards. England have stolen it. Well, it all started


so well for Wales. That speculative try from Ben Jones and his kicking


gave them a very, very good start but England finished so strongly,


Randall got them under way, three tries in the final ten minutes and


now there is a real job to be done in the second half. England lead at


half-time. Do we have to give England credit


for coming back, or is it something Wales stopped doing question Mark


Wii U if they gave them momentum they were dangerous broken field


runners. They have a good off-loading game as well. You have


to give them credit for some of the stuff they stuck together there, but


a disappointing second half. -- disappointing first half. You have


to change things, and in the conditions, the wind? We have to


carry more, start winning. If we can get momentum back in our game, play


in the right areas, hopefully we can do some damage. But we know we will


have to be better than what we were in the last bit. Good luck to the


boys. Thank you very much. . It was the


in the last bit. Good luck to the boys. Thank you very much. . It was


the brightest of starts for Wales. Ben Jones knocking over an early


penalty and finishing this try with aplomb. After Wales spent a good


first 12 or 15 minutes really targeting the England back three


with the kicking game. Harry Randall got back in it and then a


beautifully worked try, Jacob Umaga with the pasta Max Wright. Then on


the stroke of half-time, England duping everyone. We expected the


driving line-out, but it was the other centre who crashed over from


short range, will Butler, with the final score of the half. Wales after


starting so brightly now find themselves 24-13 down, facing


something of an uphill struggle. A real case of a momentum swing in the


opening half. Absolutely, Wales started off fantastically well.


There was a spring in their step. I think they had done their homework


on England, putting pressure on the back three with a great kicking


game. Ultimately you are talking about big men and big men taking the


stage and making things happen. Zach Mercer, England have that man, he's


got England on the front foot. As a result the ball carrying ability of


England came through. To what extent did you think the opening salvo, the


home crowd and Wales being inspired by being here and hearing the


anthems and England taking the sting out of that now? It was a tale of


two 20 minutes. Wales controlled that 20 minutes, controlled


possession, but Bryan Lewis, the forwards coach for Wales, touched on


it. They started losing the gain line and as soon as you start losing


the gain line against sides with physicality and individuality --


individual brilliance, getting their hands on the ball quickly and that


is enabled them to get their hands through contact and off-loading pass


contacts. The England back coming into the game more in the second


quarter but they looked vulnerable initially. Wales clearly targeting


them with a kicking game, which led to the Ben Jones try. That's right,


Wales had the wind advantage. It was a great kicking game by Wales.


Ultimately put pressure on them. It wasn't just the ability or the good


kicking of the Welsh side, but it was the chase as well. Putting them


under pressure. That's the case of doing and ensuring that you go out


there, identifying weaknesses and make the most of it. Wales took


advantage of that. As I said, it was Zach Mercer ultimately who started


to step back, take those high kicks and he always got England on on the


front foot. That was a disappointment for Wales, after such


a bright start. But this England side looked very good indeed. Why --


Zach Mercer, we identified him as a threat at the start of the game.


He's really come into this game. Ironically, getting himself under


some of the kicks and running them back with interest. He's been a


menace all night. Anything good for England has come through Zach


Mercer, offensively, defensively, he's played nine a couple of times,


he is carrying, clearing, enabling himself to use the footwork to pick


up a weak shoulder in defence and he's getting through contact.


Whether that be in attack and defence, he's getting involved in


everything and making the England side tick at the moment. They were


getting more and more yardage, getting beyond the gain line more


often in our first task, and ultimately Harry Randall crossing


the line when he did, it was a case of inevitability. I think it was.


When you were on the front foot, putting pressure on the opposition,


that's what happens. You concede penalties. Wales conceded a few.


Harry Randall has looked sharp. He's played 20s last year, coming off the


bench a number of times, and he looks a small but industrious


player. We see a lot from scrum-half sticking it quickly, sharp across


the first two or three yards and getting across. He's certainly got,


started English try scoring, ten or 15 minutes, but you look at England


at the moment and they starting to get on top, they are starting to


make inroads. Wales' first up tackles are not particularly great.


I just hope the team talk at half time will help stem the tide. Once


that line was breached there were three tries in the space of seven


minutes, quickfire tries from England. Max Wright was the next to


get over the whitewash, beautifully crafted. It was a 50 or 55 metre


try. They've worked it upfield. We didn't see that Guildford -- skill


sets, being able to spread the ball across the field, under the


defensive pressure that England were putting on them but as they were


getting along the gain line it allowed them to pick holes in the


defensive line and their ballplayers came into play a lot more and they


managed to get over the try line a couple more times. That's very worst


time to concede, the best time to score, the worst time to concede and


Wales would have been hoping they would go in at 17-13, and instead


its 24-13 and it's an uphill struggle.


It was a well worked try, a training ground try as well. I think everyone


thought it was going to be a case of England with a physicality they have


upfront just to take it on, drive it through, Basil -- ultimately became


off is back and put the centres through. It's not the best time to


concede, 40 minutes still to go and you have to stay positive. I think


for most of the supporters here and those, the England players, they


will be confident they can go on and win this game. What's your team


talk, Richie? You said Wales cannot afford to get sucked into an arm


wrestle, and England have turned it into an arm wrestle. Why Wales were


so successful, the kicking game, the accuracy and chase was there and


they fell away from that in the last 20 minutes of that half, now going


against the wind will make their lives harder but it means the whole


15 players for Wales have to work that bit harder. If it means we have


to bring the whole bench on the field to rejuvenate the chase line


and the defensive lines are shut this England defensive carrier down,


that's what they're going to have to do at the moment. Indeed plenty to


be spoken about in that half-time team talk. This is where the coaches


earn their money. It's going to be a tough second half for Wales, but if


they can start they did the first half they certainly have a chance.


We will show you some Pro12 scores, a couple of games going on this


evening. Last we heard was the Ospreys were 10-7 down to Zebre, but


I'm just hearing now, it's 21-10 up. Back to International Rugby Board


this is axed one of the Wales versus England weakened. There are episodes


two and three coming up tomorrow. Tomorrow, all roads lead to Cardiff


for a double bill of one of the biggest fixtures in rugby, Wales


against England. It all begins with Wales women, who will be plotting a


way to beat the world champions, England. This Saturday is a huge


game, just like the men, really. In this case in Lindahl world


champions. It's a massive challenge for us and a huge step up. There's a


great buzz around the team and it shows. As long as we keep winning,


we can keep singing. You can watch that game on BBC Two Wales at


11:20am. A few hours later, next door, the heat will be turned up for


a battle royal at the Principality Stadium. You were brought up to get


excited about Wales the England, to be involved in the fixture is very


special, but it carries a huge weight of expectation. I'm a fan


first, a player second, and we are all in it together. When you wear


the jersey there will be no lack of pride or effort and we thank


everyone for their support and hopefully they can see we're doing


our best. Coverage starts on one Wales at 15 PM and 4pm S4C -- on BBC


One Wales at 4:15pm. Two massive games to look forward


to. The men's game tomorrow, so much hype, so much build-up, as you'd


expect, Wales against England. What have you made of the grenades that


Eddie Jones has been lobbying all week? It's typical Eddie Jones. He's


a fantastic coach. The reality is he's a little bit concerned about


this game. England have gone 15 games without defeat and he's just


expecting more of a challenge tomorrow than any of the other


matches. They scraped through against France. Wales did a job, a


professional job out in Italy and the Cardiff factor and previous


experiences, I think, are starting to get to him. You think he's


rattled? I think he is. I thought it would be a tough battle for Wales


and we'd do well to contain him to ten points also. I feel, whether


it's a gut feeling or Welsh optimism, that we can win this game


tomorrow. I can always rely your Newf optimism, I respect that. Late


fitness tests on Dan Biggar and George North, both struggling with


injuries. Strong rumours that George North is not going to make it. If he


doesn't, who was your replacement? There's so many, we've got the likes


of Eli Walker, Steff Evans, Alex Cuthbert, you've got numerous names


you can throw up there but hopefully George North makes it. He's a


physical specimen and that's what you will need tomorrow afternoon in


the game. Keeping our figures crossed those two make it over the


line. Let's have a quick word with Sean, who is bombing back down the




Wales were men's game tomorrow. Unbeaten, five out of five including


four preseason games, they are on a roll? Yes, they are on a roll, they


are confident, fired up. They realise it's a massive challenge to


play against this England team tomorrow, who really have a lot of


experience. A lot of players I remember from Bristol ladies rugby.


They have read in the centre, Sarah Hunter, the stalwart captain at


number eight, the former world were men's Player of the Year, Danielle


Waterman at 15, but we have some fine players in Wales. The captain


and hooker is confident, scored a try last week. I'm looking forward


to it. It's going to be a keenly contested game. Only one score in it


last year and Rowland himself and the girls feel they are in with a


shout tomorrow. Excellent, enjoy that one and enjoy the rest of the


second half as well. The Welsh team were just greeted with a massive


roar from the home crowd here. Hopefully that will lift their


performance in this second half. We are about to kick off so I'll hand


you back to Gareth Charles. COMMENTATOR:


Thanks very much. Let's hope the team talk and the crowd have been an


inspiration. England are certainly fired up at the end of the


second-half and showed what a class team they are.


Black. The kicking started very well indeed for Wales. Pressure on Tom


Parton. I've no doubt the England coaching team will have had the back


row ready for the Welsh team, play through them and go through the


phases. There you go. They look very dangerous, Max Wright, scored one of


the three tries at the end of the first half. Curtis Langdon, the


replacement hooker for England. Winning the penalty for the home


side, Morgan Sieniawski. Wales are under pressure, they need to


consolidate at the start of the second, gets an territory, get some


confidence back. -- get some territory, get some ball, get some


confidence back. Mirza again, -- Mercer again. A good


game, Frank Murphy, to be fair to him. Nice to see ex-players taking


up the whistle. Never wrong as well! Rosser. The captain, Will Jones, to


carry. It's gone forward from the loosehead's grasp. Wales have to be


accurate. Yes, spot on. The chances are going to be limited. They took


in the first half, the first half of the first half, and they can't


afford to be indisciplined with or without the ball against the now


confident England team. Jared Rosser got hit off the first phase and


probably the biggest ball-carrier has taken the carry on the second


phase, but unfortunately he's just not that ball on. That's exactly


what Wales need to carry on with for the remaining minutes of the game.


His mum and dad have come to watch him from Cardiff tonight. Most of


the parents, I dare say. It's something Rob Howley has been


looking for, seeing if there is a sneaky way through.


Parton and Jones, driven off it. A very good game last week, the Welsh


captain. England have far bigger physical presence than Italy. Just a


penalty though. I was going to say before half-time that the last few


weeks we've seen a reduction, haven't we, in the number of tackles


hi, I would think. Last week in the Six Nations it was particularly


good, particularly the Scotland and Ireland game full stop it was


fantastic. The consequences with the tackle now, if you are down to 13 or


14 men, the impact that has going forward for the remainder of any


sort of game is huge. They try to go lower. Rees is a big guy and just


got above the shoulders. As he's gone down it wasn't the tidiest of


tackles, but it was a penalty, no more than that for me. Again, it


started on the shoulders and slid up and that's no excuse now. It's


covered by the law. It will be an offence.


The crowd getting behind the team. They want an early score from Wales.


Keiran Williams steps inside his man. The second line of defence


comes from Will Butler. Wales need to be careful, they don't


want the court over playing in this area of the field now. Which is why


Ben Jones puts them downtown, only as far as Tom Parton though. An


excellent kick. That was the corner, wasn't it? That sort of right hand


behind the wing that Wales had a lot of success in the first half. Parton


positioned himself lovely, lovely left foot. I think his dad played a


little bit for Northampton. Always like to have a left footed


full-back. Lee Byrne, Barry Davis, Richard Fussell, those sorts of


guys, left footers who put a bit of yen to your yang. Do you have a left


foot? Yes, ambidextrous! You have to stay up late to catch me


out! Gareth Jenkins along with Anthony McCann and Brown John. As


always Gareth Jenkins following closely, the next crop of players


coming through. Have you ever seen a picture with Anthony Buchanan in


without Gareth Jenkins next to him? LAUGHTER


Great blokes, great blokes, the three of them. Gareth has retired


now. Talking of full-backs, Dan Evans got


a hat-trick for the Ospreys, they lead 26-10. They fixed the graphics,


that is what it is! Dan Evans, was a player. He probably doesn't get the


recognition he deserves, whether for the Ospreys or Wales, but a hell of


a talented player. He's been around a bit but he's not even that old,


but he produces week in and week out for the Ospreys. If you were a coach


that is exactly who you want. Absolutely. I was lucky enough to


coach Wales in 2009 and he was capped on that tour of North


America. Unfortunately he hasn't been capped since. But you are


right. The Ospreys are good at picking up players like that, I


mentioned Richard Russell, who had a great end to his career. Unfortunate


for the England captain. A leg injury. Josh Bayliss of Basque comes


on to take his place. That's the other replacement, Curtis Langdon,


the two replacements in together. Almost a two the Welsh try line, but


they managed to hold him off. They just got away with that did Wales.


Managed to get his knees to Murphy. The referee has just called it, so


the Wales players, I think it was Will Jones, they noticed that Frank


Murphy had called that and managed to lock the ball on the floor to


force the turnover and forced the Wales scrum. Callum Bradbury departs


and Alex Dombrandt of Cardiff, who started the game last week, comes


on. His partner Sean Moore in the second row. Moore, who got those


runs early on, very early on for Wales. Seems like a long time ago


now, doesn't it? He started so brightly, dominating the second


quarter. Hold your weight, says Frank Murphy.


They've done well in the scrum tonight, Wales. They are young unit,


have a lot to learn. Might we said at the top of the show, two year


cycle. Well taken by Umaga. Morris. Right and left.


LAUGHTER Nice one, I like that! Mercer.


Umaga. Plenty of bodies in midfield, being stabbed through by Parton. It


was the replacement, Bailey's, who was trying to hunt it down on the


far side. The the two England replacements look lively. We expect


them to have some strength and depth. It will be interesting to see


the difference when the Wales players come on. They are looking a


bit tired. There's a lot more to come in this game yet. A long, long


way to go. If they can get the next score. England have their tails up


so if Wales can whether this tough patch and not concede points, Wales


will have done well. Still interesting to see England not


really competing being very selective over the tackle area. Not


wanting to give penalties away here. By doing that they are filling the


field and trying to put pressure on the kicker, as you see their Justin


Clegg and Dave Blacker at nine. It seems to have been the Zach


Mercer show, doesn't it? Quick hands, trying to get the ball


out to Ibitoye. Wales can just lock this up, then


the scrum to Wales. That's exactly what has happened. I


think all 30 players were around the ball at that point, but good tactic


from Wales. It's very difficult once you're in that predicament to get


out of it. Wales haven't been out of their half


in the opening ten minutes of the second period. Yes, they just have


to weather the storm. They are against the wind. There's quite a


bit of breeze down there on pitch side. They have to weather the storm


and then the time will come. England's defence will break a


little and that will be their time to try and get a bit of territory


and get some points on the board. Morgan Morris, the number eight with


the feed. Then the clear. Ben Jones, Rosser. Into the arms of cursed is


-- Curtis Langdon. He's put himself about in the ten minutes he's been


on the field. The he's brought some urgency. Their defensive line, to


their credit, has been organised all game. It's just the kick that have


caused them problems. I just wonder where Wales are going to get their


points from. Parton has coped with everything in


the second half. He is taking on that responsibility, rather than the


wingers, maybe. Running is their strength, there's no doubt. Can't do


it without your legs and Ryan Conbeer, holding on for dear life,


trying to set up the Welsh counter. Just slow down enough for the


English defensive line to get in position again. They are very


selective. When Wales have numbers, they will not go for the ball. Again


here, they will dump and fan. Wales are committed four guys. They have


white shirts on the line. Will they go for this one? No. Just difficult


to break it down. It's a knock-on effect it has from that, lovely


hands, but it's a knock-on effect, any sort of slow ball. You have to


work and regenerate to create quick ball in the next phase. Looking for


another run, but the interception. Oh! Knocked on by Bayliss. Wales


trying to force it and almost paying the price. Well, you almost don't


want it to be a loosehead prop as I said in the first half, but he's


clearing here. He looks like he's got a good pair of heels. It's


almost as if he said, I shouldn't be doing this. He put the anchor on,


slowed down. When you play off ten with such slow ball it allows the


defensive line to get off the line. You have prop forwards, intercepting


the ball outside of ten. There's an injury. Let's go back down to fill.


Yellow bob bobbing the Premiership split has happened earlier last


month and it's one match taking place tonight, and the Vale 7-3 up


against a brave. -- arboretum. Tomorrow, two games. For my good


field guide, there's no club games tomorrow because of the


international hiatus, so I'm going for Pontypridd schools under 15 is


against Rhondda schools, at 10:30am. That's in the shield. It's the


nationwide competition for under 15 is rugby. It's the oldest schools


competition in the whole world. It's well over 100 years old. The Rhondda


schools, captained by a familiar face, Neil. It's the oldest


competition for schools in world rugby. Anorak off!


COMMENTATOR: Thanks, the pressure from the Welsh


scrum will allow them to get out of the 22, after they'd done it the


hard way earlier. Well, whatever happens tonight, the scrum has gone


very, very well and both props and the hooker have done well in open


play as well. Let alone the set piece. You have to give credit to


Assiratti and they went into the game thinking England would have the


upper hand in the set piece, but they have more than coped, Wales,


especially at scrum time. They've got that other hand, you see the man


on your screen, Ellis Shipp, lending his weight. Helen O'Reilly, the


touch judge on the far side. Making sure Ellis Shipp was in the right


place to take it. Isiekwe got in on it. Wales can't get in on it, cannot


build. The you are right, it's sapping. They have to convert from


area into defence and now they are stretched. A knock-on, advantage


being played. Offside in the centre, so despite the English handling


error they'll have the chance to go down to the Welsh 22 again. Ben


Jones is too keen to get out of the defensive line. As any good ten,


they want to shut the space down, but he's too keen. It's a penalty


Wales cannot afford to give away, to give England time to go for the


three points to look at the corner. They can't get a plays together.


They had an interception, then got the penalty and don't win the


line-out. They can't build. It's a message that needs to go on, a


little bit more composure. There's a long way to go in the game. England


a long way off from scoring in this half. But you can't dive out of the


line when you are short of numbers in defence. Just control yourself,


tighten up, soften up, push on the touchline and regain the wits of the


field. We saw a couple of Welsh replacements ready to come on.


An excellent kick by Umaga. The 15 minutes of pressure that England


have pretty much exerted at the second half, even though they


haven't got near the try line, they are taking points and taking the


game away from Wales. That they two score Lee Bell. You yes, they'll be


happy to do that. Umaga have grown in confidence as the game has gone


on and they are happy to take three points here and there. Wales have to


chase the game now. Cameron Lewis and Aled Ward take the


field. What Wales cannot afford to do now


is start slipping off tackles, especially when it is the first time


in a long while they have had a bit of territory. They have two front up


for at least the next ten minutes of game.


Sensible from Randall. Just pushing Wales back deep again. Brilliant


kick from Randall. He has kicked off his wrong foot, he has knocked it


left footed down the touchline and has forced Talbot-Davies to gather


it going backwards and under pressure. This gives England a


perfect attacking opportunity just 25 metres out. Smart play. England


looking to get the drive on. Ollie Dawe. In possession. In charge. Now


Randall. Under pressure from Sienawski. And Rhys Carre. Lovely


pop from Mercer. I think he has done Rhys Carre for coming in from the


side and again, giving opportunity to ban this into the corner and for


England to go to their strengths. It goes down to the Welsh discipline.


It has not been there in this second half and we can see that on the


scoreboard. Well-controlled, English scrums usually are. A lovely kick


from Umaga. Don't is that -- putting it into that five metre area and it


is trouble for Wales. Rhys Carre has been struggling. It looks like he


has a little bit of cramp. I have been watching him for the last five


minutes. He takes a lot of energy, he is a big guy. No doubt we will


see a couple of replacements in the front row sooner rather than later.


The other prop has been replaced. That was Chris Coleman we had a bit


of a glimpse of. We need a little bit of Euro magic. They did well to


disrupt that one. Pressure on the Welsh try line. Zach Mercer. He


always makes yards once he has his hands on the ball. If you were a


betting man, you would expect him to score by the time the game is out.


Harry Randall itching to get his hands on the ball. Isiekwe. To the


blindside comes Zach Mercer but over the top goes the ball. Back inside


but only as far as Dane Blacker. Wales survive. Just. Good rescue


from the scrum-half. Tracking on the inside, as he should. It is that man


again, he is a threat. Over the top. Good rescue. You have got to give


Harry Randall credit. He was the same last week. He is very


diminutive in stature. He is not the biggest guy but he is very


threatening around the fringes. Tactically he is very good. And for


once, the English line-out is untidy. The coaching team in front


of us, they will be absolutely livid because two clear-cut chances, clean


ball in terms of no contest. They have not executed. Letting Wales off


the Hook. Although, it is a dangerous place. There he is, the


scrum-half, Harry Randall, having a fine game. He has been one of the


best players on the field. Yes, pulling the strings for England.


Wales battling to get away from the try line.


Well, one feels that relief is only going to be a momentary thing.


Someone for Wales needs to grab this game by the scruff of the neck and


bring some urgency to it. Whether that is one of the guys off the


bench or Dane Blacker, somebody for Wales has got to offer something a


little bit more with a little bit more urgency. Nice footwork and


great hands from Will Jones. That is the kind of thing that needs to spur


Wales onwards. Ioan Nicholas. It has got the crowd involved as well. And


that is what you need with a full house. You need to give them


something to shout about. Defence up very quickly but that is great work


by Ellis Shipp. A lovely pass as well. Dombrandt. Penalty. A quick


tap and go from Dane Blacker. Was not ten metres. That is going to be


yellow for Harry Randall. Absolutely no empathy from a former scrum-half


to another scrum-half, taking out a quick and tough playing scrum-half.


It is one of those, if you are the opposing nine, you do not want him


to get the upper hand. He knew that was coming. He made the decision,


you are not going past me and I will take ten minutes in the bin. He


thought maybe there was no one is at home but I think there might have


been. Ten minutes in the bin. Great work by Ellis Shipp to get past that


first contact area. He off-loaded it would Dombrandt. But allowed Wales


to get the penalty. I tell you what. I think he did write for his team.


There was only Ollie Dawe back there. He took one for the team and


sometimes you have to do that. I just mentioned a moment to go down


the other end of the field, Umaga put the penalty five metres out. And


look at this, maybe Rush did a little bit. Ten metres out. It


changes the call and makes it slightly easier to defend. It has


taken them this long in the second half to get down into England


territory. Cameron Lewis adds his weight. So do the centres. There is


nobody left on the outside and they are being pushed back by England.


They have to be smart, use the extra man advantage. There will be no nine


sweeping. Chris Coleman with the pick and go around the corner.


Another penalty coming Wales' way. Aled Ward driving on.


You could just hear the forwards in the background, they want to go


again, they fancy their chances. They have been under the pen for the


whole of the second half but now Wales have a chance to make their


mark and claw their way back into this one. It is amazing what one bit


of magic can do. A good carry in the Centre from Ioan Nicholas and then


that great bit of play by the hooker, Ellis Shipp and then these


tap and go and all of a sudden, the momentum shifts. The crowd willing


them onwards. They want a score from here. He got it at the second


attempt. Did not go forward. Wales are that close to the try line.


Trying to go through the middle. They are celebrating. As though they


have got there. That guy on screen, Chris Coleman, I think it was. He


picked it up from short range and he is a big old blimp to stop from that


far out. -- big old lump. Wales were patient. It was scrappy ball. The


touch judge had a big part to play, calling no knock-on. It is Chris


Coleman who just about makes the line. Fair play to the assistant


referee. He gives the referee the thumbs up and you can clearly see


from that shot. He is pretty delighted with himself. What an


impact Chris Coleman, the Dragons' tight head, has had. You asked for


the Euro magic. That is just what Wales needed. They rode the storm


for 20 minutes after half-time and now they are straight back into this


game. They need to correct this kick-off and get a bit more


territory. What did I say about convergence? This one, certainly.


Big kick. Not this time though for Ben Jones which means England still


have a two score lead. A tough kick for him but credit the young man


coming on here. He took it upon himself and showed initiative. He


wanted to get over for his team adheres pretty delighted. It is not


over yet, boys. That is 19 and a half stone you have to try and stop


from a litre out. -- meter. Confusion between Ellis Shipp and


Lewis but it came off Lewis' legs. That is a lucky break for Wales.


England have brought on the replacement scrum-half in Alex


Mitchell. That is at least for the time being while the sin-bin is


still ongoing. Another drive forward from Zach Mercer. Interesting to see


how England respond. They have... We have got a game on here. The Wales


boys are up for it than the replacements have brought a bit of


freshness. Tom Curry has gone through a lot of work in this second


half, the English blindside. We were speaking to Dean Ryan at half-time.


He has a twin brother and they share appearances, apparently. From a


coach 's perspective, would you roll the bench? Would you try and get


them on with 15 minutes remaining? They need a little more energy and


urgency. It is a good question. I am a cultural likes to stick with the


boys who are in the throes of the game if they are going OK. I do not


like to make changes for changes' sake. But if they are struggling or


if there are some that you think and make a significant difference, as


Coleman has, and the props have done well. They have made a difference. I


have got a former international, Mike Umaga, father of Jacob and an


England World Cup winner, Paul Grayson. England or Wales tomorrow?


Obviously England. That is enough from you. Mike, Jacob playing really


well. I have often wondered, being the parent of a player, is it more


nerve wracking watching your son or playing yourself? Definitely


watching your kids play, because you cannot do anything to help them. But


it is something you get used to. Watching them grow up. He is doing


all right. On having a son playing for England in the 20s. I will ask


you about tomorrow as well. I think it'll be a tough one. I think Wales


played really well at the back end of the game last week. England with


a few injuries, not performing too well. I think it might be a chance


for Wales. Love to hear that. Listen to that, Paul Grayson. Great to see


you both. Go for three or go for the corner?


That is the decision. Personally, it is still a yellow card. I will go


for the corner. Show your intent. You are the home team. I understand


taking three but my personal decision, go for it. On the


touchline, they are pointing towards the corner. They are barking some


orders. We will soon find out. We have not seen much of the England


winger is this half. Wales have really come back into this. Yes,


great tackle. He is straight back onto his feet. They have just got


over the ball and slowed it down and force the turnover and the penalty.


Just as well he had a word when he did. Because Jacob Umaga... It is


James Grayson coming on inside of him. Maybe he should have had a word


the other way around. They need to get closer to the line. Nice off the


top ball. It is the replacement Steff Thomas. Just slowed down by


England. That is key for Wales. Ioan Nicholas in amongst the forwards.


Lasered back nicely. Sienawski. Charging onto it is Dombrandt. This


is good pressure by Wales now. England trying to make a mess of the


Welsh possession. Certainly slowed it down. There is a lot of space on


the left hand side. Wales are having to put a lot of numbers into the


contact area. Straight through the middle again. So close. Yellow card


surely. Is this going to be a second yellow? It should be and it is.


Chris Langdon gets yellow carded. What do you go for here? Scrum.


There are still two won the Ben -- to win the bin. There will be space


all over that field. A poor decision by the man on your screen. Another


great pick and go through that breakdown. He has just gone in the


side. And given the penalty away. I find this difficult to believe, with


two men in the bin, they are going for the posts. Unless they know they


are guaranteed another ten minutes, as soon as Harry Randall... If he


does come back on, shortly... They are backing themselves to get the


try to win. Ben Jones gets the penalty and that brings Wales back


within a score. Final ten minutes and Wales need a converted try to


turn this game. England will finish with 14 men. A terrible decision by


Curtis Langdon. Wales now have the opportunity. What they don't want to


do is go through too many phases. Inside their 22. There is a chance


they will give that penalty away at the breakdown but they have got the


ball away and it is to that man Zach Mercer. He slips the tackle and he


is still going. All the way for the corner. Op. Cit. Back inside. On the


try line. This could be the killer blow for England. He reaches and


makes it. Zach Mercer gets the try that gets England a bonus point and


may well have got the victory as well. And he has been everywhere,


has the English number eight, Zach Mercer, and it looks like he has


done the job for his team. I said if I was a betting man... I like this


guy because he is a cut above the rest. He made that himself. He has


took on it upon himself to score and it is a very, very clinical score.


There were a lot of spaces out wide. We can see it here but there was


only way that Zach Mercer was going. What I like about him is he does the


flashy stuff but then he is straight back on his feet and gets the ball


again. His work ethic is second to none. He is a big, strong guy and he


just dropped over the touchline. We'll Wales rue the decision to go


for five or seven? What a great kick that is. A chip off the old block,


James Grayson. We talked about development at the top and we said


it was a mixture of trying to win and these players learning. They are


learning from their sometimes you learn that when you win and


sometimes you learn when you don't. There is only one way that these


players will get better, they will gain experience and by playing in


games like these, hopefully in 18 months - two years' time, we will


see the positive from that. Change is all wrong. That is Phil Jones on


for Kieran Williams. He is a fly-half. England back up to 14. On


replacement scrum-half has stayed on.


It is getting very chesty out there, boys. Maybe someday make coach at


Saracens, I don't know. -- something of coach.


The referee has made some good decisions. A good game. He is not


too keen to blow his whistle, even if he has... If he has not blown his


whistle at the correct time, he will come back to it. That allows the


game to flow a little bit more. We have not seen an awful lot of him


and that is what you want from the referees, in my eyes.


Well, the Welsh comeback was short lived.


Zach Mercer away again from the base. Great skills back inside.


Lovely slip from Ollie Dawe. And Dominic Morris having a run on the


left. Mitchell, Zach Mercer once again. Wales up too quickly.


Isiekwe. And in the end, Frank Murphy coming all the way back for


the offside in midfield. It'll be all about the clock for England now


and Zach Mercer just trying to slow things down. They want to run the


clock down. They have done another. They will either take the scrum or


go for the corner. Zach Mercer has called for the scrum. Your shout for


man of the match tonight? I really enjoy the game and Wales have been


in it from the start. That has made the game for me. The front row has


gone well. Ellis Shipp has had a good game. Ben Jones has kicked


well, especially in the first half. Umaga got better. Harry Randall paid


well. But my man of the match, that man there, number eight for England,


Zach Mercer. He has been absolutely immense this evening, has the Bath


number eight. It is no coincidence that Eddie Jones highlighted him in


the week. He has got that ability. He has got that quality to play


under pressure and do it time and time again and that is what we have


seen from him so far this season. He has shown everything. He has carried


and offended, lovely off-loads and has brought other people into the


game and he has taken over the captaincy and scored the


all-important try. I just wish he would pull his socks up. Interesting


decision for England. They have gone for a scrum. It is uncontested and


it gives them an easy start. Trying to weave patterns behind. I got the


approving nod from the boys in front. I think they are pretty happy


with Zach Mercer 's performance and he has been a car as much as much as


anything but let's give credit to this young Wales team. Right across


the board, they have been consistent. Yes, they have made some


mistakes. But a good performance, albeit not going to be a winning


one. Mitchell. He was on the box of both


Manchester United and Manchester city. But has now decided to


concentrate on rugby. Why? I don't know. A few more bob to be made with


the round ball, if you can make the grade, of course. A desperate late


off-load from Phil Jones. And as Wales, with Will Jones, trying


desperately to get crumbs of possession, they give away the


penalty. As the tackle comes in, the ball just spills out.


I think Wales have given the crowd enough to shout about and to come


back. It is a lovely venue. It is a very cold night but is a good night


for rugby. France were the last team to beat them here back in 2014.


England will take that crown now, the world champions, who themselves


have won the last six games. They're ringing -- and their winning run


will continue. Nine tries and 50 points against France last week.


Another bonus point tonight. Good work by Mitchell. Under pressure


from Talbot-Davies. Zach Mercer. You feel that England can play better


but maybe Ireland is going to be the sternest test now having put France


and Wales away. I think these will be favourites for the championship


now. Only one win last year for England. But they are back to


winning ways this year. Again, a long, long advantage has been played


by Frank Murphy. They are going to see the game out.


Well, they have done their job and now they are just going to turn the


knife at the end. So, the clock has turned red. And


this will be the final action. He has got a kicking style like his


dad. Can he round it off? James Grayson puts the icing on the kick


for England. First I Wales have lost here for three seasons. Started


brightly for Wales, they came back strongly and came back within a


score but in the end, England were too strong for them. Four tries for


England. They have a 100% record and Wales, after an excellent win in


Italy last week, taste defeat at the hands of England. A lot to learn


from that one. Yes, lots to learn but lots of positives as well. A


strong England outfit and they put them under considerable pressure at


the start of the game. You have to say, there is growth in this Welsh


team. Jason Strange got it tactically right for long periods of


the game but England were just too strong and too much depth and run


out deserve it win is. Three tries at the end of the first half for


England and they looked to run away with the game but Wales after being


under pressure at the beginning of the second as well fought back hard


and Chris Coleman 's try gave them hope. Ben Jones went for the penalty


and I wonder if they will rue that decision because that allowed


England back into the game and the vital try which followed immediately


from Zach Mercer, the man of the match, really rounded things off for


them and England were the winners in the end and that by 37-21 points.


Wales were desperate to start strongly in the second half, but


England's lead was extended early on by Jacob Umaga. The referee got


heavily involved. Two yellows for England, the first, Harry Randall,


tackling from an offside position, and Wales crashed over for their


try, Christian Coleman. But that guy there, Zach Mercer, was an absolute


menace for Wales all night. Capped his man of the match display with a


deserved try, a bonus point try, and a deserved win for England and


ultimately Wales had no answer for their power? Absolutely, Zach Mercer


was fantastic. There were a number of other ball-carriers upfront who


were great. Querrey in the back row performed very, very well, Langdon,


who was yellow carded, carried exceptionally well. It was all about


power. Wales almost came back into it but when you have big men coming


into you all the time it's difficult to contain them. Zach Mercer is man


of the match. He's with. Congratulations, your parent club


will be proud of you. Looked dodgy in the first half. Were you worried?


We were worried but we have a hell of an outfit. We have the skill set,


we did want to focus on the first 20, it wasn't there today, but I'm


proud of the last 60 minutes. Especially when Wales started coming


back but we managed to produce the goods. You have been playing a lot


for Bath's first team. How different is it playing at the Premiership


level and then the under 20s? The other 20s are faster. They want to


show what they can do. The Premiership, I'm an underdog. I do


what I do. I've really enjoyed my Premiership and I love coming back


to 20s. You've been playing a lot to Bath. What is Faletau like to be


with? By play a lot with him, I'm really proud and happy that he's


back from injury tomorrow and hopefully he doesn't play too well,


but I'll be watching and learning. Wales or England tomorrow? England.


Congratulations again. Thank you. Commiserations on the defeat, but


couldn't fault the Welsh, particularly in the second-half when


you came back. Yes, we started quite strong. We let it slip for the last


20 minutes of the second-half. There was hope towards the end in a last


20 minute period. A bit of a shame we scored a quick off the restart,


the boys' had struck to bid. We fought all the way through. I can't


fault the boys' effort. Everything went well but England were a better


outfit. Well said. It's about the relevant and learning. What have you


learned in particular from tonight? We are young squad and we learned


that we have to play in a performance. We can't have a 20


minute burst at the beginning of the game and expect to sail through the


rest of the game. The intensity has to be there for 80 minutes. Weldon


on the effort. Thanks. Plenty of spirit shown by the Welsh in the


second half. Have you ever been colder? Oh, I don't think I have!


Honest, well done. Zach Mercer was confident lad, spoke very well


indeed. It slows a prize he is risen to through the ranks as quickly as


has. -- it's no surprise he has risen through the ranks. He was


irresistible at times. How much energy has he got! . He's a class


act, he has raw power, tactical and technical now is. He knows what to


do, when to do it, when to throw the flow door hold onto the ball as try


to go through the next phase of contacts. Everything good that


England created did tonight came through that man on your screen. He


was absolutely superb. He thoroughly deserved his man of the match this


evening. At times it was like watching a school game, where


there's one kid so much bigger and better than the rest. He's been


playing at a level much higher than under 20s, in the Premiership, and


it showed at times tonight. It does and it shows that he can step up a


level again. England have some very, very talented back row forwards.


There's another one coming through. He played like a man against boys at


times out there. He showed his real qualities. It's not just about his


pace and power, it was about his understanding of the game, his


ability to off-load under pressure, constantly go across the gain line


and put it into space. We can see the Wales captain signing


autographs. He spoke well as well and at one point in commentary,


Ritchie said a Welsh player needs to step up and take the game by the


scruff of the neck and almost in immediate response to that, Will


Jones did that with key interventions. Yes, it was a poor


line-out throw. This is at a time when England were comfortable. You


want a man to lead from the front. You expect that from a captain and


he did that. His ability to chase the ball down, to get Wales on the


front foot, it ended up with Chris Coleman going across. It looked as


if Wales were back in the game. It wasn't that long afterwards the gain


England started to come back and it was a turnover ball by Will Jones.


Fantastic work. Sam Warburton like in many ways, that gave them the


opportunity for Wales to keep the pressure on. A young man with a


bright future. Not the biggest of men, certainly in comparison to the


opposition today, but he had plenty of guts and effort and lead by


example. We heard him say to Phil how the other 20s is about


development and developing players for the level above, but when you


come in front of this Bogle, passionate crowd, they will have


been disappointed to have lost tonight? Yes, they can take a lot of


positives from it. The guys who came off the bench were good, they


offered a carrying threat, a leadership played well throughout.


Asked Ellis Shipp played well throughout. Wales are very young


side and the first year in this two your progression. In two or three


years' time, the more of these group of boys that we can get through


playing regional and national rugby, the better for Wales in general.


Ryan Conbeer are celebrated his 18th birthday on Sunday, is with Phil.


I'm sure everyone at your rugby club will be proud of you. What was the


difference between the opening 20 minutes and the period when England


came back? I think we didn't really drop off, but they were very


physical and as soon as they got the first score we were down a little


bit. When we came out after the second half, we were lifted again


and we were all together. What was said at half-time? Not much, just


saying the first 20 minutes was really good, we dropped off a little


bit but came out firing and gutted we got a loss. These games are about


development and probably more so than the result. What can you take


from this game, going to Scotland? We can take a lot, we can learn from


what England have done to us, but we will come away, learn and go back to


training next week and hopefully come out then the next game firing.


Do you get to see the big game tomorrow? I will be in Cardiff, but


I'll be watching, definitely. Good man. Cheers, thank you. Ryan


Conbeer, Jason Strange, the other 20s coach has joined us.


Commiserations, that was a powerful English side you were facing


tonight? We knew we were up against strong opposition and after the


first 20 minutes our intensity dropped a bit and their physicality


got on top. Once they got speed of ball it was difficult to contain


them. Full credit to the players. I thought the second half we managed


to get quicker ball for ourselves and played some good stuff


ourselves, 27-21 it was game on. Disappointed to concede our late


try. Two purple patches. This first ten or 12 minutes when the kicking


game was targeting the back three and in the second half, when England


were camped in your half for the best part of 20 minutes, to score


the try must have been pleasing? Yes, it was a tactic to try to


isolate their wingers and it works really effectively in the first


half, but our accuracy and kick chase fed them a bit too easily in


the second half. When you have big, powerful wingers on the front foot,


they were a good side. Zach Mercer was a wrecking ball today. He was a


danger man. We highlighted him, I'm sure you did your homework on him as


well. When they have a player in their ranks on irresistible form,


how difficult is it to keep him Conte and? You can see already he's


a special talent. He was the difference between the two sides. He


had the X Factor. He's very skilful. For me, he was the difference in the


two teams. Udderbelly blowing at the end, very impressive. The Grand


Slams are out of the window this season but you are still in


targeting defending your title? Very much, a young side, we are learning


tonight and in difficult circumstances at times, they showed


a lot of courage in the second half and we have a number of players to


come back in to make the squad more competitive. We are looking forward


to playing up in Scotland now. Best of luck with that, we appreciate


your time. Thank you. Jason Strange, losing coach this evening. Pro12,


the full round of fixtures this weekend, three Welsh regions in


action. We can look at the Dragons' game, they have monster. This is one


of the Munster tries. Over the line from close range there.


One of several tries, we will update you on the score for that one. These


are the scores overall. Ospreys went 10-0 down initially.


These latest scores for Glasgow and Scarlets and Munster and Dragons.


It's a losing cause for the Dragons in Munster. Munster currently top of


the table. That will be one you will have been keeping an interest in


from the commentary box as scores were updated. Dragons being your


team. That was always a tough away trip at this time of year. Would no


matter what time of year you go to Munster, they are missing eight


Irish internationals but they get a full house there over in Ireland


every week. They have the strength and depth that probably the Dragons


haven't got at the moment. All we can do is keep building, keep


learning, and hopefully keep getting better. Shall we talk about Wales


and event tomorrow? We have a few minutes left. A pretty big game. You


said earlier you for Eddie Jones was rattled and that's why he needs to


keep chugging these bonds all week. What is it about the Wales side


he'll be concerned most about? Having Alun Wyn Jones as captain,


he's an inspirational he'll get more out of the players and some has in


the past but -- than some has in the past. Sam is still a key component


of Welsh success. Wales are side who when they are down bounce back. They


have the ability to bounce back. They were poor in terms of


performance during the autumn, but you could see signs in the second


half certainly against Italy that they are starting to get back on


their horse and making things happen. Wales are a very good side.


You don't know when they are beaten and I think Eddie Jones, coming to


Cardiff, England have struggled certainly in Cardiff for a number of


years, is a little bit concerned. But it will be a tough battle. One


area Wales seem to have an advantage as the back row. You look at the


England back row, four test starts between them, the Welsh back row,


130 caps between them, an advantage? It will be a huge battle tomorrow.


They still have the weight and bulk have England, but we have the Gyle,


the Justin Tipurics of the work Sam Warburton does defensively. We have


the work Justin Tipuric does offensively. The mixture can


hopefully work out tomorrow and become a success. Wales to win? Just


about. I'll go for Wales. That's all we have time for at a freezing Parc


Eirias at Colwyn Bay. These guys are looking forward to get indoors. It


wasn't Wales' night. England brought too much power and pace to the


party. It's the turn of the senior men's team and women's team


tomorrow, that game is on live from 11:30am on BBC Wales. Let's hope


Wales can do the business twice over tomorrow. We'll see you there. Good




Ross Harries presents coverage of Wales u20s v England u20s from Colwyn Bay. Studio guests include former Wales internationals Robert Jones and Richie Rees.

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